Prodigals (2017) Movie Script

[Benny] What are you gonna
do about it, motherfucker?
[Shane] You better
back the fuck up!
[Benny] What are you going
to do about it, motherfucker?
[Man In Crowd] Benny,
kill that fat fuck!
[Female] Benny,
he's had enough!
We done?
[Shane] Fuck, no.
[Man In Crowd] Finish his ass!
(loud smacks and grunts)
[Woman] Fuck him up, Benny!
[Man] That's it, Benny,
teach that bitch a lesson!
(loud smacks and grunts)
[Man In Crowd] Benny,
rip his fucking head off!
(loud smacks and grunts)
[Woman] He's had enough!
What the fuck you gotta
say to me now, bitch?
What the fuck you gotta
say, say, say, say, say?
(video game pings)
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Excuse me.
Oh, come on in.
Assuming you're not heading
to The Soo for pleasure.
Going home.
(bus engine revving)
(melancholy piano music)
[Prosecutor] Feel free to
describe in your own words
the events that led
to the altercation.
I mean, like I
said, it was a fight.
Benny told Shane
to watch his back.
Shane came around.
What do you expect?
[Prosecutor] He should
have expected violence?
Well, it's Benny so, yeah.
[Prosecutor] So, from
your personal experience
are you saying that these
sorts of public disputes
are typical behavior
for the defendant?
[Witness] Yeah, he
had a track record.
[Prosecutor] Do you
remember witnessing
on any occasion
other public disputes
where the defendant
displayed violence?
Yeah, everyone has.
[Prosecutor] Please
walk the jury through
your personal interactions
with the defendant
on the night of Mr. Michaelson...
Hey, taxi!
Greyhound station, thanks.
[Nina] Wesley?
Wesley, is that you, you fucker?
Oh, god.
- Hey!
- Hey!
I thought that was you.
Hey, here take this.
[Nina] Get over here
city boy and gimme a hug.
Drive away.
Nina, hey!
[Nina] That's a
pretty thin coat.
Yeah, yeah bust my balls.
Alright thanks a
lot, have a good one.
You're a hard man to reach.
I sent you like 30 emails.
[Wesley] For the
record, it was six.
You just get here?
Yeah, came straight
from the bus.
You look great.
You're a fucking liar.
How are you?
How's the, uh?
You have no idea, Wes.
The lawyer doesn't give a shit.
He's only doing it to max out
the legal aid certificate.
He's not even trying.
Nina, there's a video.
I'm not saying that my
brother's innocent, but...
What, no one's supposed
to fight for him?
Where you staying?
Got a hotel, down the way.
What, why?
You could have stayed with us.
Yeah, I know I just didn't
want to put you guys out.
Okay, well it
doesn't matter but,
you go get settled
and then we'll
see you at 6:30 at Fratesi's.
Yeah listen, I don't
want a big thing.
Well, you don't have a choice.
Give us a chance to remind you
why you've been gone so long.
(chuckles) Okay.
It means a lot, Wes.
You're his only hope.
(crowd chattering)
(bluesy rock music)
[Wesley] That's true.
You missed a lot, man.
Five fucking years!
Five fucking years and
not one single visit?
My parents moved
to Florida man.
What do you want me to do?
Why, why would I come
to Sault Ste. Marie?
To see me.
Or me.
No offense, Nips, but nobody's
driving 7 hours to see you.
Hey, (smacking)
that's my dinner.
Speaking of driving, Wessy
was always a terrible driver.
He couldn't risk
running whatever
German piece of shit he
was driving off the road.
Dude, I took the bus, alright?
Big city lawyer took the bus?
What, is that more
'green' or something?
Hey man, you
can't smoke in here.
The manager's not
here, so fuck off.
Jen's gonna be
back any minute.
[Eliot] What are you
gonna do, tell on me?
[Nips] Yeah.
Okay, well what did I tell you
about smoking in front of Kyla?
She's fine, she's got strong
smoker's lungs like her dad.
Don't you, sweetheart?
Okay, fine, I guess
I'll finish this outside
because it's 35 fuckin' below.
So Wes, what's the deal?
You're here in town
to save the day?
I don't know about
saving the day,
but I'm gonna meet
with Benny's lawyer.
See if, you know, he needs
some help or something.
Oh, you've done
murder cases before?
It doesn't matter.
Now Benny has a real
advocate, a friend.
Oh, come on, Nina.
Benny's not a bad guy but
he is a fucking animal.
Watch your mouth, Greg.
What about when you and
Eliot first got together?
You see, this is
what he's up against.
What, like this
is news to you?
It's not like you weren't there.
Look man, ease up.
What's your point?
Eliot kicked the
shit out of Benny.
Yeah, of course, he did,
but that kid is mental.
We had to drag his ass
away from his own beating.
[Nips] That's true.
God, it's like he gets off
on getting his face mangled.
(door opens)
It smells like smoke in here.
Michael, I asked you
to watch the place.
Well, I made
him smoke outside.
Well, Nina did, but
I instigated it.
[Jen] Good job.
Hey, Jen.
Michael, can you
help me move the kegs?
That's funny.
So yeah, that happened.
Two years and the whole Michael
thing still creeps me out.
(phone ringing)
[Kelly] Who died?
Hey Kel, it's me,
I know it's late.
I apologize.
How's my favorite flame out?
It's two in the
fucking morning.
[Kelly] Chandra's pissed,
you better be in jail.
Please don't be in jail.
I'm not in jail.
Tell her I'm sorry.
Wes, you called
me so I'm gonna
rely on you to drive
this conversation.
I'm in The Soo.
[Kelly] Do I need
to bill for this?
I don't know, maybe.
[Kelly] Let me get a pen.
No, don't, it's uh...
I don't need legal
advice I think
I just maybe need
some mentor advice.
I'm listening.
It's this case.
He, uh, he doesn't
have a chance.
[Kelly] Right.
My friend Nina,
the kid's sister,
she wants me to
defend him and I...
I just feel so fucked up.
You haven't told her
you're not a lawyer yet?
[Wesley] I really appreciate
you taking the time...
Not a problem.
So how are you supposed to help?
I'm not sure, to be honest.
I mean, Nina wanted
me to come see you.
I don't know either.
Every defendant is unreasonable.
What, I'm putting in 14
hour days for my health?
My responsibility is to ensure
that he has a fair trial.
Not to pull off a miracle.
That video tape is
fairly compelling.
Yeah, no, I've seen it.
It's hard to argue with what
you see with your own eyes.
Am I right?
Now, if we could get
that would be a miracle.
Junior, look, it's silly
that I've even come here.
I mean, I'm not...
You've never been to trial.
Yeah, I know.
I looked you up.
Of course, you did.
[Junior] Clarify
something for me.
Look, I uh...
Which one of
these guys is you?
Not this one, obviously.
Well, I'm obviously
not a tax lawyer.
Touche. (laughs)
So, you're not a
total lost cause.
Let's see. (sighing)
Environmental law. (groans)
Well, you're inexperienced,
but your firm's track
record speaks for itself.
Jack Wilsa was
legendary at Windsor.
So, you want some
experience as a second?
Here are the terms:
You do research.
We'll talk in here,
you watch me in trial,
you work volunteer.
And if Nina has any
other concerns she can
call you directly and
you can deal with it.
Be nice to have a rest.
That's it.
If you can live with
that, welcome aboard.
The guy thinks
I'm somebody else.
Maybe it would be good for you
to be on his team
if he's that lazy.
[Wesley] I was
a great student.
Great students
finish law school.
And great minds drop out.
What's the worst
that can happen?
You can't be serious?
Well, just humor me in theory.
In theory?
It's impersonation,
no way around it.
That's an eight year
sentence, maybe more.
Okay, well just
bear with me here.
If I never address the jury.
If I don't take any money.
If I just sit behind a table,
do research and get coffee.
What crime am I committing?
Technically, none.
But why pretend to
be someone else?
Why take that risk?
(truck beeping)
[Driver] How much room
I got back there, Jen?
[Jen] Keep coming,
you got another 10 feet.
[Waitress] The trial's
still going on, eh?
Yeah, looks like it.
Awful that it's taken so long.
The victim's family
deserves justice.
(door opening)
Sit anywhere you like.
[Jen] And whoa,
you're good right there.
[Greg] And two boxes of
the powdered mashed potatoes.
[Wesley] Dude,
I cannot believe
your mother eats this stuff.
I remember she used to cook
everything from scratch.
[Greg] Oh man, she's
instant everything now, buddy.
It's like she gets off
on tricking her guests.
Oh, you like those
mashed potatoes?
Well, they're instant,
like it's some wicked burn.
God, old people are the worst.
Nina's kid.
Oh. (sighs)
She's an actual person.
I was expecting, like,
an infant or something.
Kyla's almost two now, man.
And you were missed at the
wedding, by me, at least.
Overall the event was a
six and there's no excuse
for a cash bar, even at a
shotgun wedding.
But I was on E, so it was fine.
Well, there you go.
But actually marrying
Eliot, could you imagine?
I know he's the dad and
everything, but still.
Do you?
I'm not so sure.
At least Nina hasn't changed.
That's a bad joke, I
shouldn't have said that.
She's going through a hard time.
No, she's keeping it
together and Eliot's manned up.
He's taking care of
her and that kid.
Miserable or not.
So, Nips and Jen?
Oh, you are so
predictable, man!
I've been waiting for this.
What are you talking about?
You do this whole off
topic lead up thing.
What off topic lead up?
Yeah, in this case some
Nina and Eliot bullshit,
but then it's right to Jen.
I'm genuinely interested.
Yeah, I know you are.
I mean, I just can't
say I ever saw it coming.
Yeah, it's retarded, man.
I mean, she's willing
to lay under Nips,
it means I at least had a shot.
So how do you explain it?
It's a classic Soo love story.
She pity-fucked him.
Been together ever since.
[Television Reporter]
Losing their son,
Doug and Rita Michaelson
have been searching
for answers as
they look to rejoin
the community that
they hold so dear.
Gotta get here before eight if
you're gonna beat
the trial rush.
Lots of extra
newspapers, though.
They can't use 'em.
Yeah, but Junior said
he wants your help.
Ah, that's not
exactly how he put it.
Look, it's complicated
and, to be honest,
there's not a ton I can do.
I mean, I can't speak at
trial, he can't pay me, it's...
Okay, well, if
it's about money,
we can try and scrape
something together.
It's not, I don't need money.
(speaking French)
Hey, Liz.
(speaking French)
Is she okay?
Yeah, she's okay.
She's been staying with us.
We switch off Benny/Kyla duty.
It's been hard.
Nina look, about all this...
I'm only hesitating
because, um...
I just don't wanna
get your hopes up.
You know, I'm kind
of inexperienced
and Benny did
actually kill somebody
even if it was an
accident, alright.
Yeah, I know.
(door opens)
I thought your mom
was watching Kyla today.
What are you doing here?
It's nice to see you too, man.
Do you have to be so rude?
I just finished a twelve.
[Wesley] You working nights?
Oh, are you a detective now?
Hi, sweetheart.
Ooh, gotcha!
Did you ask Pierre
for an advance?
I just got home.
The party's next weekend,
I still have to go shopping.
Yeah, well, use
the credit card.
(speaking French)
I work hard.
Oh, yeah?
Your shift finished
over four hours ago.
It's my Friday.
I had a couple beers
with the boys, sue me.
Helps me sleep
through your racket.
I saw Jen.
She says hi.
But look at how
excited he is, though.
Well, nothing lasts forever.
At least the beer's better.
Yeah, I'm with Nips there.
Craft beer?
More like crap beer.
[Wesley] That's very funny.
Did you come up
with that yourself?
(laughs) Yes, I did.
Why should I have
to acquire a taste?
And who gives a shit about hops?
Does it have alcohol?
[Nips] Yeah.
Can I drink six
beers in 30 minutes?
These are the
important questions
and Northern breweries
checked all of those boxes.
Oh man, it sure did.
So many memories.
You know, not everything
changes for the better.
Guys, I'm freezing.
[Greg] Oh, I've
got you covered.
[Wesley] Ooh!
- Yeah!
- Ooh!
No, I'd better not.
I gotta pick up Jen.
You don't have a
car or a license.
Okay, I have to go meet Jen
so she can give me a ride home.
Nips, that's not for an hour.
Don't be a dick,
drink the whiskey!
When was the last time the three
of us were out here
drinking like this?
Here's to you, Wes.
[Man On Television] I don't
think there ever was a car.
No Mercedes, no farm.
What are you doing?
Man, this never gets old.
He's gonna piss
your chair, dude.
It's totally worth it.
I'll flip the cushion.
I've dreamed of this day.
Get the fuck outta here!
(television chattering)
Yo, how accurate
are these shows?
I don't know, they're
pretty accurate.
You know what I never got?
Why the lawyers don't
go and mess with
the jury when they get
in a pickle like this.
What are you talking about?
Find the jury on
their down time.
I don't know, lunch or whatever.
Bias them against the defendant,
case gets thrown out,
chance to regroup.
You can't do that, then
the lawyers go to jail.
No, no, no, cops
do it all the time.
You remember my Uncle Freddie?
Who, the plumber?
The made man pretending
to be a plumber.
Jesus Christ, Greg, come on.
Do the math, Wesley.
You've been a
plumber for 27 years,
can't unkink a
friggin' garden hose,
yet somehow he has
a three car garage?
You sound so much more
Italian when you say 'friggin'.
The point is that
cops always find a way
to smoke outside the
courthouse when jurors
are smoking outside
the courthouse.
And I know this for a
fact because this is
straight from Freddie's
mouth, and they talk.
The thing is, is
that they don't want
the case thrown out, so they
keep it all under wraps.
But if you're back's up against
the wall like this dude's,
mistrial's way
better than losing.
Am I right?
Admit to me that
you're impressed.
Admit to me that
you're impressed.
I'm impressed, I'm impressed.
You clearly thought
this through.
I'm also very tired.
I'm gonna call it a night.
Oh, can I show you
something before you leave?
Alright, alright.
[Greg] Come on,
come on, come on.
Bring your jacket,
bring your jacket.
[Wesley] Okay, alright.
[Greg] It's a dick.
You gotta be kidding me.
[Wesley] Can we talk?
Where's Michael?
He's passed out at Greg's.
What are you doing?
Come on, don't do that, don't.
What are you trying to do?
You think I'm gonna
listen to you?
I miss you.
Blow me.
This is Nips we're
talking about, right?
He's passed out, Greg's probably
drawn a full beard
on him by now.
So what's your plan?
Show up here in the
middle of the night
and suddenly I just fall
back in love with you?
I don't have a plan.
I'm sorry I hurt you.
Ugh, don't do that.
Don't condescend to me.
You and Nips, huh?
That's real?
Oh my God, Wesley.
You're right.
Now that you're here I've
realized I've been living a lie.
Let's get back together.
Listen, I regret
the way I left.
Wesley, do me a
favor and hear me.
Really listen.
I never think about you.
You are someone that
I used to be with
and now you're
back in my life for
a temporary amount of
time, and I'll go back
to not thinking about you again.
Quit posturing, alright?
Who buys an insulting cake for
somebody they don't care about?
You think I'd
order you a cake?
Who else?
I came back for you, Jen.
Hey, you think I give
a fuck about Benny?
Like Nina's suddenly my best
friend in the whole world?
Oh, that's nice.
You are so incredibly selfish.
That is a person's life.
Are you listening to me?
I came back for you!
- I miss you!
- What do you want me to say?
Toronto was a fucking mistake!
- What do you want me to say?
- I don't know what I want...
- You to say!
- You left!
- Say something!
- You left!
And you didn't say goodbye
and I called and I called.
All the embarrassing, teary
fucking messages and now you...
Fuck you, I'm not having
this conversation.
- Get out of my way.
- Jen!
Don't touch me!
I didn't mean what I said
about not caring about Benny.
Yes, you did.
Still feel privileged
that I took you on?
I don't think I
ever said those words.
And these eyewitness accounts
are completely contradictory.
Look at this, it's
amazing how memory works.
You got one guy says
he was five foot one.
Six foot one, five foot six.
White jacket, no jacket,
possibly Hispanic.
Okay, well, you
go ahead and knock
yourself out looking
through those.
But it doesn't
make any difference
because they all
identified Benny
as the person
they're referring to.
None of that matters if
they point at your client
and say, "He's the
guy who did it."
You'll see, it's gonna
be the same thing today.
All we can argue
is intent to kill.
See if we can get the Crown to
come down from
first degree murder.
But believe me, Benny
did us no favors
by going around telling
everybody that he was
gonna kill Shane the
next time he saw him.
Come on, that's
a figure of speech.
Is it a figure of speech?
He said it, he did it.
[Prosecutor] Did you know
the victim, Shane Michaelson?
Yes, I did.
[Prosecutor] And are you
acquainted with his attacker?
Can you point him out
for the court, please?
Were you present
at the altercation
between the defendant
and Mr. Michaelson?
[Witness] Yeah, I was.
Can you describe the events of
that evening for
the court, please?
[Witness] Sure, um, Benny
was wasted, we were at the bar.
I was expecting
something to happen
as soon as Benny showed up.
[Prosecutor] What led
you to that expectation?
You just let him say
all that shit about me!
Keep your voice down.
Look, you're a scrapper.
It's nothing the jury
hasn't already heard.
They keep hearing it because
you don't object to shit!
That fat fuck followed me
around all fucking night!
This is why I can't
put you on the stand.
How come nobody's
talking about
how he was all
over my sister like
a fucking rapist
the weekend before?
Alright, look, we will get
to it when it's our turn.
We've been over this.
Just do yourself a
favor and calm....
Don't tell me to
calm down when you only
let everyone only hear his side!
What's the matter, Wesley, huh?
You got nothing to say?
He's right, we
have to be patient.
I'm so glad Nina
brought out the big guns.
I'm so fucked!
My sauce as good as
you remember, Wesley?
Anita, this is really
delicious, thank you.
(laughs) It's from a jar.
You're kidding!
Why is that so funny to you?
You're Italian, it's a disgrace.
Hey! (smacking)
The only disgrace in my life is
a son who doesn't go to work.
I'm on modified duty.
I'm maxed out at 18 hours.
Don't put on a show for Wesley.
You realize he's
still a retail cashier
at The Beer Store?
Yeah, it's the best
job in the world.
[Wesley] Come on.
What, I've just been calling
in sick since you've been here.
Same work ethic
as his bum father.
Here we go.
Probably working
that poor woman
to the bone in Smith Falls.
Please, take me
with you when you go.
Tell us about
your life, Wesley.
Let me imagine how
it feels to be proud.
Well, you know, there's
not really that much to say.
It's just same old, I guess.
The trial?
Can't imagine what
Liz is going through.
Well, maybe you
should call her then.
What would I say?
She could never
control that boy.
Oh yeah, she's
got her hands full
taking care of Nina's
daughter right now.
You believe they're
still having a party?
Ma, we talked about
this, you're going.
I better not.
How are your parents?
They're alright, they're good.
Yeah, I don't talk to them
too much, but they're...
You know, they're
enjoying the sun,
working their way through
their inheritance.
Golfing, the usual
retirement stuff.
I bet they don't
miss this place.
No, not when
it's this cold, no.
Oh yeah, please,
I love your dessert.
I baked all day.
Ma, Wesley was with me
when we did the shopping!
[Wesley] Greg!
Would you stop the charade?
President's Choice makes
the most delicious cheesecake.
What's the matter with you?
Just let her...
You are so lucky
your grandfather
had money when he died.
I wish my mother
would move to Florida.
You could just move
out of her house, man.
What, why?
I'm gonna inherit
this place anyway.
Not if I sell it first.
She's bluffing.
(crowd inside chattering)
("Time and Time Again"
by Good for Grapes)
Dancin' round
Two a.m. is the hour
We're sweeping out
The words that bother you
I'm barely hangin' on
You're already gone
Time and time again
We sing ourselves to sleep
And I know it hurts
Just give me something real
Just give me something real
(cell phone buzzing)
[Greg] Good morning,
Sleeping Beauty.
What the hell, man?
[Greg] Come on, man,
it's game day, durd.
What time is it?
[Greg] What time is it?
It's time to get
on the ice, bitch!
("Hold Your Fire"
by The Gay Nineties)
From the sidelines
to the headlines
You're never on time but
you're always on point
Come on, get him!
You're the crime
before the scene
Stuffin' that high society
Got it!
Yet you say that
I want you
So hold your fire
Hold your fire
Hold on, hold on
(laughs) Whoo!
[Wesley] Watch
it out there, huh.
This is gonna be fun.
Hey, wait!
(men chattering)
[Nips] You're so fucking
funny, you're so fucking!
(all chattering)
You know you've
snapped off a good one
when you don't even feel
the puck leave the stick.
And it feels even better,
especially good, when...
You're the third
person he's told this to.
I know, you're right.
The story gets better.
It gets way better, I promise.
Can I talk to you
about something serious?
I never anticipated losing
so I'm a little short.
Don't worry about it.
Then one of these is for you.
No, scotch, your
shittiest, a couple rocks.
Comin' right up.
This doesn't have to be weird.
I'm not making it weird.
Can we just talk for a second?
- I already said I'm sorry.
- Stop.
Stop what?
Okay, you have to
accept that I, me,
this person standing
in front of you,
is not interested in burying
the hatchet with you.
I just don't get
how we can go from
being best friends to
not even being civil?
We're not friends anymore.
Sorry, that's what I want.
Don't let him go
too crazy, alright?
I'll settle up tomorrow.
Maybe I'll finally
crack open that bottle
of Dom that Fratesi got for Y2K.
Hey, guys.
Morris out. (guys laugh)
Morris out?
I'm trying something new.
Yeah, fuck you guys!
[Eliot] Yeah, go, go, finally!
(water bubbling)
Excuse me, sir.
I'm gonna have to ask you
to leave the pool area.
The jury wants to take a dip.
The pool is now court property.
But we will not make
exception for children,
of course, because
that is just crazy.
(cell phone buzzing)
You can't let people
go running around
like little dictators
doing whatever they want.
You have to set boundaries.
So I tell them,
you know, my custom
(cell phone buzzing)
is like a work of art.
Kelly, what's
wrong, you leave?
This better be important.
I guess it's a bad time?
Perfect time.
You just saved me from
the world's worst story.
What's up?
Okay, listen, I just got
four witnesses who claim
Shane got up and walked
away from the fight.
[Kelly] Shane's
the victim, yes?
Yes, I even got a witness
who claims they were worried
Shane was gonna drive away drunk
when he headed for his car.
Wes, stop, I know
where you're going.
Okay, let's assume for
a moment that that's true.
He died after taking a beating
from your friend's brother.
I'm not contesting
that, I'm not.
What I'm saying is, maybe
the beating didn't kill him.
Alright, maybe he slipped.
During the fight?
No, after the fight.
Look, according to
this one witness,
Shane got up from the fight
and then he walked over
and he slipped and
he fell and he hit
his head on the ice
over by the car.
So what I'm proposing is,
is that it's reasonable
that the ground
supplied the fatal blow.
It's definitely interesting.
So you think we got a shot?
If the original
video supports it,
it could certainly serve
as an alternative theory.
So, yeah, you have a shot.
Thank you, I love you.
Have a good party, bye.
(sighing and laughing)
This is good.
We just need to get her in here,
get her to agree to testify.
Already on it.
Do you think we can get
the others to corroborate?
We'll see.
Your witness.
Do you remember Mr. Michaelson
getting up from the fight?
Did you stay outside the pub
until the paramedics arrived?
No, I went back inside
right after the fight.
So, it's possible that
Mr. Michaelson got up
after the fight, slipped
and hit his head?
I'll rephrase.
Is it possible that
Mr. Michaelson got up
after you went back in the pub?
I guess it's possible.
Yeah, I guess it's possible.
[Witness] I guess it is, yeah.
[Junior] That's not
what you told the police.
So you don't actually remember.
Would that be accurate to say?
[Male Witness] It was
really icy in the parking lot.
Actually, yeah, I do
remember him getting up.
[Male Witness] To be honest,
I don't remember him
getting beat up that bad.
Thank you, that's all.
Because Shane slipped
and hit his head
after Benny punched him,
it's not Benny's fault?
No, that's not what I said.
Look, if you punch somebody
and they hit their head
and they die because of that
punch, then that is your fault.
Or if somebody's
injured and you hit them
and they die, that's your fault.
Basically, if you hit
somebody you gotta take
responsibility for the fact
that you might kill them.
Which is why I'm a pacifist.
If you beat somebody
up and then afterwards,
separate from the fight,
they go, they hit their head
and die, then maybe
you didn't kill them.
Hey, look who's a
badass lawyer, huh?
Stop it.
I mean, what are the chances?
Well, that that little
shit would beat the
living crap outta
somebody and then
that guy would turn
around and kill himself.
When you say it like
that it sounds ridiculous.
Ugh, it never ends.
I'll see you later.
See ya.
(cell phone buzzing)
[Greg] Ugh, Ken I love
you, but you're killing me!
[Benny] What the fuck you
gotta say to me now, bitch?
You fucking gotta say,
say, say, say, say!
[Video Announcer] Yo,
thanks for watching!
What do you mean,
what do you mean?
I need the original.
The video's
clearly manipulated.
It hasn't changed since it
was entered into evidence.
That's true, but
that was also before
the alternate cause of
death was suggested.
Do we have the person
who shot the video?
[Prosecutor] I have
some unfortunate news.
The judge is asking the jury to
- disregard the video.
- It's out.
[Prosecutor] I know
you're disappointed,
but our case is
still very strong.
It's a technicality.
This alternate theory
is flimsy at best.
I believe that with
what we've already
presented the jury
won't be swayed.
(all chattering)
Look, I know it was thrown
out, but it's still a video.
I mean, we all saw
what happened in it.
Come on, Nina, I'm not
saying it's not a good thing.
It's just, I don't get it.
It's pretty
straightforward, actually.
The video was edited.
It was uploaded
anonymously which means
we don't have anybody to
attest to its integrity.
We don't know if there's
anything that happens next
or if something was taken out.
So legally, it can't
be used against Benny.
Well, that's great, I guess.
Yeah, that is great
because up until now
everything has been
blatantly against Benny.
This kind of evens things
up, it's only fair.
Hit the lights.
Who's ready to blow
out the candles?
Happy birthday to you
[Nips] Okay, okay,
that's enough about that.
Can we just play cards?
I don't wanna talk about this...
How have you never
heard this story before?
[Nina] I don't know.
How have I never
heard this story?
Well, you were off
playing at godknowswhere.
There's no time for
us with all that
'Oreo cream cookie' in
the Junior-A locker room.
Eh, bud?
That is a myth.
Okay, swear on
Kyla's life you've
never jerked off on a cookie.
I'm not gonna swear
on her life, okay?
That's my daughter.
What, why would you do that?
That's gross!
Were we not
talking about Nips?
[Nips] The story's not
that interesting, guys.
Dude, it's the best
and it explains so much.
Wesley, you tell it
impeccably, please.
Oh, great.
Spin us a yarn.
No, come on.
Alright, fine, fine.
But only because it's
an amazing story.
I apologize Nips, but I've
been silent long enough.
Alright, so it goes like this.
We're in Eliot Lake and
we're visiting whatshername.
What's her name?
What was her name?
Marina Vojtek.
The girl with the,
yeah, Marina Vojtek.
We're visiting Marina
Vojtek and it's a rager.
There's keg stands,
there's guys stripping
to the "Full Monty" soundtrack,
everybody's doing shrooms.
Nips decides it's a
good idea to go for
a little wandering, so
he goes up the stairs
and down the hall
he hears splashing.
So he makes it to
the end of the hall
and he puts his ear against
the door and there is giggling.
So what does our hero do?
He gently pushes the door open,
looks around the corner
and there she is,
Marina Vojtek, with her
very well-endowed friend.
- What's her name?
- Oh!
(spitting and laughing)
Oh, Missy.
Yeah, Missy, of course.
Yeah, well, you know, Missy.
Marina and Missy
sitting in the bathtub
and they are splashing and they
are petting and they are
rinsing and they say...
What do they say,
what's the line?
(sighs) We could
use some help in here.
Could you get us some soap?
(all laughing)
And what does our boy do?
[Greg] Yes.
He tosses the
soap and he leaves!
[Nina] Why?
How, why?
[Greg] Wait, wait,
wait, wait for it.
I didn't know
which one to face.
- Best!
- Oh my, God!
What is that?
You've been saying
that for years.
- What does that mean?
- I didn't want
to hurt anyone's feelings!
Someone needs to
take his dick away!
Are you kidding me?
If I sit in the middle,
I've gotta choose one,
it's awkward,
somebody gets my back.
What, no gentlemen
points at all?
No, I'm sorry, Nips, no.
(door opens)
[Jen] Hello.
[Nina] Hey!
- Love you.
- Hey.
Sorry I'm late, study group
went way longer than expected.
Did I miss the birthday girl?
Yeah, my mom just
put her to bed.
This is for her.
[Nina] Thank you.
[Jen] What'd I miss?
Nips was telling us why
he can't bathe with you.
You should have just
picked one of them.
(all laughing)
You know that story?
[Jen] Doesn't everybody?
Okay, so there's
leftovers in the fridge.
Make yourself a plate
and then you can
partner up with Wes
and join the tourney.
Uh, I don't know.
Come on, Jen.
Come on, it's grownups only
and Eliot has the
day off tomorrow.
(sighs) Okay.
Well, yeah, but you
guys can't be partners.
Uh, uh, I refuse.
Come on, man.
You cheat, you have codes, no!
[Jen] I'll just
play with Michael.
Ah, ah, no, no,
no, no, no couples.
Besides, Eliot
and I are on a roll.
Guess that leaves
you and me, kid.
Let's school these bitches.
Did you just say, let's
school these bitches?
[Wesley] Yes, I said it.
You know what?
Not everything I say lands,
sometimes you just
gotta go with it.
[Nips] Morris out.
[Eliot] Morris out.
[Greg] Pass.
[Jen] Pass.
[Nina] Pass.
Yo, it's to you, Wes.
Let's go!
That's what I'm talking
about, table talk!
[Jen] No, I
didn't say anything!
You made a little heart
shape with your arms.
No, she didn't, I didn't see.
No, no, no, no,
give it a break, Wes.
This game is officially
under protest.
It's alright, fine, go.
[Greg] Okay, spades alone.
You're so predictable.
(all laughing)
Goodness, I have
all fucking red.
What did you have?
Fuck you guys!
[Nips] Oh, nice game, bro.
[Jen] Greg!
[Wesley] Next!
- Thank you.
- Oh, come on!
That was pretty sweet.
[Greg] Yeah, take your uh...
[Jen] Good game, Greg.
(all chattering)
("Skipping Stones"
by Good for Grapes)
But I've made enough of
my old mistakes on my own
And I'll make enough of my
own mistakes when I'm old
But I've made enough of
my old mistakes on my own
And I'll make enough of my
own mistakes when I'm old
(all chattering)
All the girls I've known in
my life have told me the same
My heart is gone,
I'm a useless name
Oh, yeah, Wes, could
you do me a favor?
It's not for this case.
What's going on?
It's a library trip.
I need these items pulled.
You know how to use
a microfiche machine?
Microfiche, those still exist?
Yeah, strange but true.
Unless you have
other plans tonight.
You almost look
like a real student.
Fuck off.
Can I?
Unless you're on a roll
or something I can...
No, sure, sit.
What's this?
Business classes?
Business management.
Whoo, fancy.
Are you gonna make a sarcastic
comment every time
I answer a question?
No, I'm sorry, I'm
actually interested.
Anyhow, it's a
pretty innovative
course through Sault College.
Eight months, but it'll take
me twice that with my schedule.
I've been putting money away
and I'm, I'm looking to buy in.
Buy into?
[Jen] Yeah.
So you're really
putting roots down here?
I already run the place.
Better than doing all the work
and being someone's employee.
I remember you used
to want to travel.
I'm not settling.
I didn't say that.
Your tone.
There's no tone.
I'm not giving you tone.
You, I...
You used to want to
build houses and travel.
That's all, I don't know,
that's all I'm saying.
Things change.
Yeah, they do.
I've actually been going through
my own transitional time.
I've been having sort of a,
a hard go of it in Toronto.
For a while now, actually I
can't stand that place anymore.
But you're doing so well.
Well, not as
well as you think.
The faux-modesty
it's so played out.
I'm not downplaying anything.
I've been lonely.
It's just, you
know, really lonely.
Sad, I guess you'd call it.
I guess I haven't really found
a way to adjust to the city.
But, it's what I
wanted, so, you know.
Boohoo, first world problems.
Who cares?
But, it sucks.
You know?
And it makes you think about
what the future might hold.
You have to.
At some point.
Well, it looks like you
got it all figured out.
So is uh, is Nips
part of that plan?
(laughs) You
can't help yourself.
I'm just asking.
I didn't say anything.
I didn't move.
I know you.
He's a good guy, there's
nothing more to say.
(lights clicking off)
Shit, is it really that late?
Yeah, I guess it is.
Drink, food?
I could eat.
What are you doing?
Nothing, just getting a bite
with you maybe, hopefully.
That's all, just a meal.
So he's working at his
cousin's call center?
[Jen] He's running
it, actually.
[Wesley] Oh, wow.
[Jen] Yeah, he
likes it for now.
[Wesley] Yeah?
[Jen] It's better than working
nights at Essar Steel Algoma.
[Wesley] It's a
union job, though.
He mentions wanting to go to
cooking school at some point.
Who does, Nips?
Well then, hire
him at the pub.
Are you kidding me?
He can't cook for shit.
You don't wanna
talk about Michael.
No, we can talk about him if
that's what you
wanna talk about.
Thank you.
Hey, what?
The way you're looking at me.
I wasn't, I'm trying to
be on my best behavior.
(laughs) This is so dumb.
I'm sorry.
It's fine, it was
a long time ago.
All these big feelings.
I don't know, I was a
kid, I barely knew you.
Jesus, I promised myself
I wouldn't do this.
So don't.
Don't do anything.
You don't have to do anything.
I mean, I'd be lying
if I said I didn't
come to town to sweep
you off your feet.
You know where I stand.
Thanks for clearing that up.
Okay, good, because I was
worried I was being too subtle.
This is what I
was worried about.
That I'd let you off the hook.
Jen, it's like you
said, we were kids.
You know, it was
a long time ago.
Well, we can just let it go.
And just be friends.
Be adults.
Adult friends.
Fuck it.
(bottles clinking)
I can't believe how
little has changed.
Oh, come on.
What, oh, come on?
Look around!
These are the exact
same storefronts.
Everybody's dressed
the same, the prices,
the restaurants.
There's almost eighty
thousand people here,
but it's like the
town that time forgot.
(laughs) How boring.
We must be so boring to you.
I don't mean you.
I mean The Soo.
I know you mean The Soo.
I've offended you.
I have.
I'm not offended, I just...
You seem so judgy, I
thought you hated Toronto.
It doesn't mean I
have to love here.
Well, I love it here.
So watch it.
Where did the good times go?
They were never as
good as you remember.
I don't know if
I believe that.
It's true.
It's like you can look
back and see old photos
and wonder what
you were thinking,
but you never
really know because
you weren't thinking anything.
Look for meaning in
this wondrous stare.
You give it context, some
importance in the eyes,
but really someone
is just pointing
a camera at you and
you're wondering how long
you have to keep this
forced smile on your face.
There she is.
It's so weird.
I mean, it's my house,
but it's not my house.
You haven't lived
there in years.
Yeah, I know, but now that my
parents don't,
it's just so final.
Come on.
No, Wes!
Come on, Wesley.
Maybe it's not even
here, it's freezing.
No, it's down
here, it's gotta be.
(Jen laughs)
(grunting) Get it.
You got it?
Oh my, God.
Alright, man, I got this.
It's actually frozen.
I thought I
left, it's nothing.
Remember this?
[Mr. Bouchard] Hey, hey!
Oh, shit.
I see you!
Don't move!
It's fine!
I'm calling the police!
No, it's okay, we
were just leaving.
Hey, Mr. Bouchard.
What are you doing?
Uh, nothing.
How's your mom and dad?
I actually had a
really good time.
I miss this.
I know, I won't say
anything about tonight.
It's not a secret.
Well, goodnight.
("Time and Time Again"
by Good for Grapes)
You can't turn out to be
Another faded memory
Another crack
in the pavement
Sprawled beneath me, please
'Cause I'm barely hangin' on
And you're already gone
Started movin' on
And you're already gone
And time and time again
We'll sing
ourselves to sleep
I couldn't risk leaving
this in the ground.
(Jen laughs)
I needed something
of yours close to me.
You're coming back to me
And I know it hurts
Just give me something real
Just give me something real
(both laughing)
Good morning.
It's time to get up.
I don't want to.
It's almost eight o'clock.
I don't want to!
Oh, come on.
It's almost eight o'clock.
Call in sick.
I can't.
You can't, the trial.
I'm volunteer.
Please stay.
There's nothing for me to do.
I have to open.
There's nobody else?
I'm never gonna
let you go again.
We've already
wasted so much time.
[Eliot] I'll see you tonight.
Have a good sleep.
Door's not open?
It's almost 11 o'clock.
Where's Jen?
She's not here.
I texted.
Text here again man,
I need a nightcap.
You think I should
go by her place?
Hey, you hear from Jen?
She's sick.
(slamming door)
Making me work a double.
(cell dinging)
Oh, here she is.
She sick?
Yeah, she's sick.
Well, let's go inside.
My cock is frozen to my leg.
Alright, it's
gross when you say...
Okay, bye, love you.
Is that fresh coffee?
Yeah, there's a pot.
[Eliot] Thank you.
Wesley wasn't in court today.
Mm-hmm, I hope
everything's okay.
[Eliot] Huh.
El, the minimum payment
this month is really big.
I'll talk to Pierre
tonight about it.
Yeah, but...
I know, I'll talk to him.
Where the hell
were you yesterday?
I don't wanna know.
We started calling
witnesses from our side.
It would have been nice to have
had a hand with the briefings.
I called you.
What good does that do me
once the day's already started?
How'd it go?
They're reeling.
They offered
manslaughter, six years.
He could get out
in two and a half.
That's great!
Yeah, well, we
could do better.
It's the first offer.
What's the rush?
[Kelly] I haven't heard
from you in forever.
What, like I only call
you when I need something?
Yes, and never
within office hours.
The Crown made an offer.
[Kelly] But the ambulance
chaser won't take it?
Don't be surprised.
They'd whip their
dicks out on the table
if either of them had
more than a handful.
So what, I do nothing?
What can you do?
It's not your case.
Just let the cards
fall where they may.
You keeping busy?
No, no, no.
I am not waiting for small talk.
You hear that?
Chandra's wearing
her angry face.
- Ooh, this is my angry face.
- Yeah, I hear.
Hey listen, (Kelly laughing)
I've been thinking
of coming back,
maybe finishing law school.
Goodnight, Wesley.
[Chandra] Goodnight.
Are you the stupidest
idiot on the planet?
This guy's my fucking lawyer.
Can you believe he
talks to me that way?
Look, I gotta
protect myself in here,
not that you'd understand that.
We are so close but this
thing can turn at any minute.
Don't you understand that?
How, with no evidence?
Fuck, you guys are
such good lawyers,
I could probably kill anyone
I wanted if they deserved it.
It's a joke, okay?
The guy is fine.
You broke his orbital bone!
He came at me!
Some fucking bullshit
turf war like he's proud.
I don't wanna
fucking be in here.
Well, you're doing a
pretty good job fitting in.
Fuck you!
Oh, this is fucking
funny, right?
This is fucking hilarious!
I'm gonna knock that smirk
right off your fucking face!
Sit down, sit!
What, you think you're
making friends out here?
You gotta keep your
nose clean, pal,
because there is still
a jury of your peers
who are gonna find
it very difficult
to forget what they
saw on that video
if they find out you're
beating people up in here!
What did they see?
Because as far as I
recall the guy fell
and hit his head on
the ice near his car.
Right, Wes?
(door opens)
[Guard] You can't go in there!
(smacking) You
fucking little shit!
[Junior] Hey,
whoa, whoa, whoa!
Nina, don't, calm down!
(speaking French)
You don't give
a shit about me?
You don't give a shit about mom?
[Junior] Enough, enough!
Are you trying to
fucking kill her?
You called my sister?
- What the fuck?
- Get him outta here!
(Nina crying)
[Television Reporter] Shifted
in favor of the defense.
Which might be a fear shared
by the victim's parents.
It seemed like a slam dunk for
the Crown less than a week ago.
At least appears
like potentially
a nightmarish result
for the Michaelsons.
Back to you.
Jesus, Jen!
When is your guy gonna come
and fix the dart board?
There's no guy,
it's a dart board.
Well then, get a new one!
Does she seem
different to you guys?
Who, your cheap ass girlfriend
who won't fix the
fucking dart board?
[Nips] Yeah.
[Greg] No.
I'm taking a Mulligan, BT dubs.
God, this is garbage!
[Wesley] I'm starving.
[Jen] There's nothing here.
I might have some fruit.
I don't want fruit.
I want something gross.
I want nachos,
Jamaican patties.
(Jen laughs)
Something processed.
No, no, no, wait.
I'll go and you
regain your energy.
My treat, then, take this.
Minimum 50 bucks.
Don't come back with
less than too much.
Be your most disgusting self.
Oh, no problem.
Give me that. (both laughing)
And candy!
[Jen] Yep!
Jen, what are you doing here?
One sec.
I'm hungry.
What are you doing here?
That's a lot of food.
What, are you
pregnant or something?
I got laid off.
Holy shit!
Nina's gonna kill you.
Promise you
won't say anything.
I can't, I can't promise that.
Oh, please!
Please, please,
please, Jen, fuck!
Only if you tell her yourself.
I will, I will, I promise.
Look, it's not as bad
as it seems, okay?
I just need a
little bit of time.
My union rep is working on it.
Maybe I get my job back.
If not, severance.
When did this happen?
A couple of weeks ago.
A couple of weeks ago?
Just remain calm,
I am handling it.
So you've been pretending
to go to work all this time?
What do you do,
just hang out here?
Most nights, yeah.
Or I jump on a cash crew
if they're short laborers.
You have to get another job.
If I have to I will.
This is just
temporary, of course.
Please, please, please,
please, do not tell her.
[Cashier] Sorry, wrong PIN.
I won't.
There you are.
I was about to send
out a search party.
You wouldn't believe it.
What, what's the matter?
Hydro called and
we're two months behind
and then that was just the bank
and said our mortgage bounced.
Must be a problem
with my check.
The direct deposits, yeah,
these are automatic payments.
I had to borrow
money from my mom.
You didn't have to do that.
We have $87 dollars
in our account!
I told you I would
take care of it!
Yeah, you did say
that, but you didn't!
You also said you would
get us an advance.
Yeah, you're putting a
lot of pressure on me, okay?
Maybe you shouldn't
have quit the
dance school without asking me.
I have to be there
for my little brother.
It's always something
with this little shit.
This fucking trial!
[Nina] You think I like this?
It's fucking 9 a.m.
What are you doing?
I work nights!
Wesley's on his way over here
to brief you for your testimony.
Oh, can I not get a break?
[Nina] You go on
the stand tomorrow.
Well, he doesn't
have to come over.
[Nina] What is your
problem with that guy?
He's just so fucking smug.
He blows into town,
expects everyone to
stop and take notice.
What, what are
you talking about?
With all his bullshit
talk about Toronto,
like they don't have their
fair share of fuckups.
Trust me, he's still
a piece of shit.
He's here to
help your wife, me.
Why are you chopping him down?
What, are you his
fucking cheerleader?
Why don't you ask him for money?
Okay, maybe I will.
At least he's not
a fucking failure!
A fucking failure?
I'm the failure?
Yeah, well this
failure could have
left you high and
dry like any of
the thousand guys
before me, but I didn't.
I fucking married you!
And now I live in
fucking Sault Ste. Marie!
You're welcome.
Yeah, cheers.
I'd feel a lot better if
we went over the main points.
Oh, would you?
I'm fine, I'll just
answer the questions.
But the way you answer can...
Yeah, I'm not
an idiot, alright?
You don't have to feed
me every sentence.
Listen, I know
this is stressful...
Yeah, yeah, it's stressful.
Yeah, why don't you
fuck off, Wesley, okay?
I didn't invite you here.
I get that, but Nina did.
She asked me to coach you.
She did?
Well, that's just fucking great.
I'm gonna go out
for a quick dart.
Unless you wanna
coach me on that, too?
[Junior] Were you present
when the incident occurred?
No, I was not.
[Junior] And had the
defendant, your brother-in-law,
mentioned any intentions
he had that night?
Not to me, no.
Well, was there any discussion
regarding Mr.
Michaelson before that?
Yes, but I'd ask him about it.
Would you please tell the jury
what that conversation
was about?
Nina was upset.
He said that Shane was all
over her the night before.
He asked me if I was going to do
anything about it and I said no.
And did the defendant say he
was going to do
anything about it?
Not to me, no.
Hey, this is good,
it's almost over.
Your brother-in-law
never indicated to you
in any way that he planned
to harm Mr. Michaelson?
No, he did not.
Thank you.
Your witness.
I'm sure he wanted to
teach him a lesson.
I'm sorry, did he say that?
Well, unless you want to go
on the record as a mind reader.
He didn't have to, it's Benny.
See this?
That guy right there?
Yeah, that's a souvenir from
my first date with his sister.
I'm surprised you don't
have a dozen guys up here
who got sucker punched
or jumped for some
nothing that they
don't even remember.
Please do something.
[Eliot] I mean, I got quite
a few more stories myself.
I'd be happy to share.
[Junior] I really
don't see how any of that
is relevant right
now, but thank you.
(crowd chattering)
How are things at home?
Didn't hear me?
I'll repeat the question.
How are things at home?
Things are fine.
Do you have any reason to want
to hurt your wife
or her brother?
Are you sure?
Objection, asked and answered.
You're right, I'm sorry.
Allow me to rephrase.
You know what?
I'm gonna ask you a
different question.
[Eliot] Good.
Are there pressures that
you are experiencing at home
that might cause you
to misinterpret facts
and influence your
testimony here today, Eliot?
Where are you
currently employed?
Are you currently employed?
My union rep is working on it.
Alright, so that's a no.
Is your wife aware of this fact?
Answer the question.
Would you say this trial has
been a burden to your family?
[Prosecutor] Objection.
So this trial being
over, with any verdict,
would be a relief?
Okay, how are
we to assume that
you have your family's
best interest in mind?
And I want to talk to you about
your relationship
with the defendant.
(water splashing)
What the fuck were you
trying to do bringing that up?
What am I trying to do?
What the fuck are
you trying to do?
Your fucking testimony, man!
Fuck, Benny!
You don't give a shit!
This is all about you
wanting to be a hero.
Oh, praise the Lord,
fucking Wesley's home!
And that's worth ruining
your brother-in-law's case?
Yeah, maybe that piece
of shit would learn
something if he spent
some time in prison.
Oh, that's rich, man, you
should go tell Nina that.
Why don't you tell
her, huh, you prick?
She needs a wake-up call!
This is on you, man.
I never lied to your wife.
(thudding and grunting)
I never fucking liked you.
When have you ever
had to struggle, huh?
Get up!
You're not the one who makes it.
You're not the guy who
leaves a small town
and makes it big,
that's just not you.
Oh, is it you, huh?
Oh, man.
Yeah, I used to think,
wow, Wesley's got it all.
Lives in Toronto,
going to law school,
drowning in pussy, never
had to feed a family.
But now when I look
at you (laughs).
You got nothing.
And I realize how much of
an absolute loser you are.
What, you think
that's funny, huh?
I'm a loser.
I'm somebody who squandered
his lucky breaks.
Well, we make our own luck, pal.
And here's your wake-up call.
Your life sucks because of you!
The fact that you're
stuck with Nina.
The fact that you lost your job!
The fact that you are
a pathetic Soo nobody
that's your fault!
Your whole shitty excuse
for a life, you chose that.
You did.
[Eliot] I know
you're fucking Jen.
I told you that in confidence!
What would you want me to do?
- Come on.
- Oh, my God.
How did I get here again?
We're not anywhere again.
Not we, I let
myself trust you.
You can trust me.
You betrayed me!
I didn't betray you.
You put yourself first,
whatever the situation,
you can't for once do what's
best for somebody else.
You just tore a family apart!
I didn't do that for
me, I did it for Nina.
Alright, fuck Eliot.
We need to cool it for a bit.
I don't wanna cool it.
I feel bad.
You make me feel bad.
[Wesley] Don't.
Nips is a nice guy,
he doesn't deserve this.
- No, come on, don't do that!
- What?
Don't make this about
him, don't pity him.
Well just, we'll tell
him, he'll be fine.
Actually, you know what?
Fuck him, too.
I mean, come on,
we can't undo this.
And I don't want to.
Who cares how he feels
or what he deserves?
What do you deserve?
What do you want?
You're right,
it's not about Nips.
It's about me and
I know you, Wesley.
And you will burn me
- again and again.
- Oh, no.
You think I'm unstable.
You want commitment,
the whole thing?
I can do that.
I don't think you can.
That's why I'm here.
I want that.
I don't care what you want.
I don't want that with you.
I don't want this anymore.
So what are you
gonna tell Kyla?
She's two.
Fucking Wesley.
Fuck fucking Wesley.
This isn't about him.
You know what?
It kind of is.
I don't deserve this.
It's the last chance
to let me stay.
Don't blame me if
I never come back.
She'd never do that to me.
When was the last
time she slept over?
Dude, my lease, my lease.
he's fucking her.
So, I was thinking,
maybe I could get some
new furniture and it would
cheer the place up a bit.
Your place is fine.
Yeah, but I thought that
I could maybe use the
space a little better.
You know, like what if a
second person was living here?
Are you asking me
to move in with you?
Are you?
Well, it makes a lot of sense.
I mean, you're here
all the time, usually.
Yeah, but uh...
[Nips] But what?
(stammering) I
don't know, Michael,
there's just a lot going
on and I don't know
if I'm in a place to
make a big decision.
Well, it doesn't have
to be a big decision.
You love me, right?
Of course, I do.
But you don't wanna, but
you don't wanna live with me?
Lots of couples
live separately.
[Nips] Like who?
I don't know.
You don't wanna live with me?
Are you sleeping with Wesley?
Just tell me that you're not.
I can't.
I'll go.
No, don't, okay?
I just need a minute.
We can get through this.
Okay, it's gonna be okay.
It's not gonna be okay.
We can't just drop it.
I'm not dropping it.
If it's over with him
then we can move past it.
Is it over with him?
Are we over?
You wanna continue?
So, if I didn't ask you
you just would have
kept pretending
like everything was normal?
How does that make any sense?
It doesn't.
It doesn't.
And everything is not normal.
This isn't who you are, Jen.
[Jen] I know it's not fair.
I can't fucking believe this!
I shouldn't have lied to you.
I'm sorry that I hurt you.
And I'm not proud of it.
So two years, just like that?
Don't go, please.
Please, Jen, please.
Look at me, please?
I'm sorry.
I'll call you.
(phone ringing)
[Jen Voicemail] Hey, it's Jen.
Leave your name and number
and I'll get back to you.
[Junior] Who's Ciara Rajaram?
I don't know.
You don't know?
Okay, how about Bernard Vivker?
Lesleigh Evert?
No idea.
Would it surprise you
to find out that these
are the senior partners
at Wilsa and Associates?
No, don't you say
another fucking word.
You have any idea the
kind of fool I looked like
when I called up Jack to let
him know how you were doing?
I'm so sorry.
You're sorry?
You addressed the fucking jury!
I could get disbarred.
You realize that?
You think the Crown's gonna let
me just walk away from this?
Alright, you're gonna get up,
you're gonna walk out this door,
you're gonna get on a
fucking train, a plane,
a bus, a fucking rocket
ship, I don't care!
You're gonna get
the hell out of town
and you are never
gonna come back.
You are not going to
ruin my career, pal.
And I promise you
this one thing.
You say one word
about this to anybody,
I will make sure that
you serve every minute
of an impersonation
sentence, so help me God.
(dramatic music)
(glass shattering)
911, you get a verdict?
[Wesley] I fucked up.
I spoke to a
witness on the stand.
We can't continue
this conversation.
Who knows we've been speaking?
Come on, please, I
just need a friend.
I can't be that
for you right now.
Goodbye, Wesley.
What the fuck
are you doing here?
You entitled fuck!
What the fuck are
you doing here?
Just calm down, man.
Don't you tell me to
calm down, you prick!
That one's free.
How could you
fucking do that to me?
What do you want
me to say, man?
Shit happens.
Oh, shit happens?
It happens!
(glass shattering)
I'm gonna thump you!
Don't do this Nips,
I'm warning you!
Is this what you fucking want?
(Nips crying)
Hey, hey, hey, stop it!
Wesley, get off him!
Michael, goddamn it!
Wesley, get out of here!
How could you do this?
[Wesley] I love you!
[Jen] Get out of here!
I love you, you want me!
Shut up, get the fuck out!
Get out, Wesley!
Oh God, Michael.
Oh my, God, Michael, let me see.
(dramatic music)
(phone ringing)
[Jen Voicemail] Hey, it's Jen.
Leave your name and number
and I'll get back to you.
I'm just gonna.
I don't want you to
see him ever again.
You don't sound
very convincing.
I said okay.
Don't push me, it's
not that simple.
Promise me.
If I don't see him
again it's because
I don't want to, not
because you say so.
I know I'm not Wes.
Everybody calls me Nips.
Why don't you call me Nips?
Because you're
embarrassed of me?
Do you want me to call
you Nips from now on?
Will that make it better?
You have to tell
me what I'm missing.
I'm being serious.
I'm really asking you.
What am I missing?
How could you choose him?
- What is wrong with you?
- Jen.
I don't wanna see you.
Leave with me.
- Don't come here...
- Just leave with me, please.
Right now.
I was wondering when
you were gonna take off.
It's not like that.
You're out of
your fucking mind.
Oh, God.
Yeah, you're right, I am.
I am out of my fucking mind.
You know why?
Because I keep picturing
you in the future.
Coming home to your family,
and you're putting
your kids to bed,
and you're going on trips
and you're so happy,
and I am utterly gutted.
Because I'm not there.
Those are supposed to our kids,
those are our trips.
- That's our life, Jen.
- We don't have a life.
Stop lying to yourself.
No, you stop
lying to yourself.
You don't really want
all those things that
you're imagining.
Not really.
Not with me, not with anyone.
I don't know if I
want them either.
You can't still
be mad at me for
going to school and
for trying to make
- something of my life.
- Give me a break.
I just wanted a fresh start.
Haven't you ever felt like that?
Like you just wanted
to just go somewhere,
just leave everything behind?
Just start yourself
new as somebody else?
You never asked
me to come with you.
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry.
I'm asking you now
in this moment.
I am asking you now, please.
Really, that's your future?
Jen, look at these
people, they are drunks
and they are trash
and if you stay
here that is gonna be your life.
Ask me again to
leave with you.
You're five fucking
years too late.
[Salesman] Here are your
keys for your one-way rental.
[Wesley] Yeah, thanks.
You can drop it off at any
of these Toronto locations.
You said you're
declining the insurance.
Yeah, my credit card
covers it, so we're good.
Most credit card coverage
doesn't actually cover it.
Okay, it's fine, so
I'll take the risk.
(glass shattering)
Whoa, hey, hey!
Stop it, stop it!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, stop it!
You're not a fucking lawyer!
I can explain!
I don't want you to explain.
I wanna fucking smash
your fucking car up!
You fucked me!
I didn't fuck you, Nina!
It's a crime.
It's a fucking crime, Wesley.
You made me an accomplice.
Oh, come on, who are
you getting this from?
Tell that Junior then, he
threatened to throw me in jail.
I have a kid!
What about Kyla?
What about Benny?
What about Benny?
Nina, wake up!
Your piece of shit
brother killed somebody!
That kid's not coming back!
Why does he deserve
another chance?
Why the fuck did
you even come here?
Because you came
looking for me!
It wasn't the other way around.
And I never made Benny get in
that fight for fuck's sake!
I should have never
reached out to you.
Well, I'm leaving,
so you're never
gonna have to see me again.
Well, that's perfect.
That's just like you,
you fucking pussy.
Just skip town when
shit hits the fan.
- Right?
- What are you talking about?
I helped him.
Alright, he's gonna get off
without having to do any time.
What shit am I leaving him in?
The person who shot the video
just came forward, Wesley.
Not that you give a shit.
We done?
[Woman] Fuck him up, Benny!
[Man] That's it, Benny!
Teach that bitch a lesson!
(crowd yelling)
(punching and grunting)
[Woman] Stop it,
he's had enough!
[Woman] Fuck him up, Benny!
[Benny] What the fuck you
got to say to me now, bitch?
What the fuck you got
to say to me, huh?
That's right, fuck you!
I fucking told you to stay away!
Fuck you, I will fucking kill
you if you ever come back!
[Woman] Stop it, okay?
He's had enough!
(Rita sobbing)
(melancholy music)
[Rita] Finally, our
son will get justice.
I just wish that I could say
that my heart was up for it.
It's been a long day.
And a long time coming.
My heart goes
out to his mother.
So that's it, you're just
gonna throw in the towel?
I'm not throwing
in anything, man.
They're gonna convict
him, it's inevitable.
I'm not talking
about the trial.
Me, bro.
You can come down to
Toronto whenever you want.
Yeah, okay.
And catch SARS?
No, thank you.
You really think he's
gonna get 25 years?
I think it's normal
for first degree murder.
Yeah, but it was an accident.
Junior embarrassed the Crown.
He turned his nose
up at a great deal.
It's all ego now, the
being vindictive.
Plus, don't forget, the guy
actually murdered somebody.
- So there's that, too.
- By accident.
25 years, though?
That's his whole fucking
life, that's not fair.
Tell that to Shane's parents.
Oh, come on.
I get it.
Okay, I get it, he killed a guy
and that guy can't come back.
I understand that, but man,
that could have been any of us.
The amount of times that we
drove drunk or got in fights.
Are we just not criminals
because we didn't kill someone?
You fucked up Nips pretty bad.
You're exactly the same
except Nips didn't die.
Fuck you, by the way.
You have no idea
how jealous I am
that you're the one that
got to beat up Nips.
So what are you saying, man?
Benny kills somebody and in
your version he just walks?
No, that's not
what I'm saying.
The point I'm trying
to get at here is that
sometimes the punishment
doesn't fit the crime.
His life is over.
What the fuck is
Benny gonna do when
he walks out of prison
at 50 years old?
[Benny] What do you want?
What am I doing here?
That's a good question.
I know you're scared.
I know what it
feels like to feel
trapped by your own mistake.
What the fuck do you know?
Aren't you sorry?
That you killed somebody?
Alright, Shane's dead.
I know.
[Wesley] You killed him.
I know that.
You think I don't know that?
You think that that's
somehow news to me?
Do you wanna know how I feel?
Is that it?
Okay, Wes.
I don't know how
to fucking feel.
This is fucked.
I know you feel alone.
And I know you feel
like there's no way out.
And you feel shame.
And I know how good it feels
when everything's really fucked
to just, to really
ruin it for yourself.
To take responsibility
for the destruction.
And you just watch it all burn.
Because I did that.
Honestly, Wes.
You have no fucking idea
what you're talking about.
I'm not you.
You think I want this?
You think this was my choice?
I can't run.
You're a fucking joke, bro.
I was supposed to leave
for Fort Mac the next day.
In less than eight
fucking hours.
You get that?
I was eight hours away
from making mad money
from getting out of
this fucking shithole.
You think I would
have even shown up
if I knew he was gonna die?
If he was just a little
bit tougher, right?
If I let up just a little bit.
If I didn't do five
fucking lines that night.
If Nina would have
stayed at home
like a real fucking
mother that weekend, or...
If I just listened to her
and I stayed at my mom's
like she asked me to, none
of this would have happened.
We wouldn't be sitting here.
I would have forgotten
you fucking existed.
I've been in a million
fucking fights, man.
I've been beat up way worse.
I've beat up guys way worse.
It was just a fucking fight.
And bad fucking luck.
That night, (sighs)
we were two of the unluckiest
fucks in the whole world.
[Jen Voicemail] Hey, it's Jen.
Leave your name and
number and I'll get back.
Toronto, please.
One way.
(kids arguing)
Glad I never had kids.
This place, what chance
they got?
How much?
One thirteen.
(melancholy music)
What are you doing here?
I was just waiting for you.
I swing by your place every
morning for two weeks.
How was your trip?
I went to Chapleau
to see my folks.
How's it going?
Well, the trial's over.
You're still here.
Strictly speaking, I'm not
exactly allowed to leave.
Turns out somebody
tampered with the jury.
Toronto, please, one way.
Glad I never had kids.
This place, what chance
they got?
It's funny, you know,
nobody ever thinks
about the advantages of the jury
admitting that they're biased.
But a mistrial?
Better than losing.
A pissed off prosecutor.
Eliot's testimony.
That grieving family in front of
the TV cameras all the time.
The entire Soo was against
him and I contributed to that.
But a change of venue,
a whole new jury,
anything can happen.
This way he gets a
chance at a clean slate.
Are you kidding me?
You could get real jail time.
If I was a real lawyer,
yeah, eight years, minimum.
A cop, nothing, apparently,
according to
Freddie the plumber.
But a civilian,
two years, maybe?
It'll get decided at trial.
Jen, it was an accident.
If Benny's a piece
of shit, so be it,
but at the very least he
deserves a fair trial.
Is this your grand gesture?
It depends.
Did it work?
Look, this isn't a play.
Alright, I'm just, I'm really
trying to make this work.
Will you visit me?
I hear Soo prison's pretty cozy.
We'll see.
We can do this.
Even if it's an hour
a week at a time.
Just one hour a week at a time.
(melancholy music)
(men chattering)
[Guard] Lights out!
(men chattering)
[Radio Announcer] Months after
the mistrial of their
son's murder case,
Doug and Rita Michaelson
can finally take their
first steps to put the
nightmare behind them.
Though they declined to comment,
friends of the
family have said that
the Michaelson's
appeared satisfied
after news broke
that the defendant
had pled guilty to a
manslaughter charge
and is expected to serve
a minimum of four years.
For in depth analysis
of the trial,
(people chattering)
(somber music)
("Disappointed Mothers"
by The Meligrove Band)
See the night,
she's singing to me.
Oh, my love
Screaming at the lightning
Turn back to me
All these drugs
Oh, no
Disappointed mothers
Call the ugly older brothers
We believe in you
Disappointed lovers
Call the ugly and the others
We believe it's true
Call them off
Call them off
And we will follow
Don't leave it
up to them again
Don't leave it
up to them again
No, no, no, no, no
Into the dark
I'm disappearing
Where have I gone
When I close my eyes
am I still living
Or am I dust
Just dust
Disappointed mothers
Call the ugly older brothers