Profesor Zazul (1962) Movie Script

- It's ready.
- Hallo.
Is anyone here?
- Must you make so much noise?
- I am sorry.
But you know... Storm, rain.
My name is Tichy.
- I know, I know. Storm, rain, wind.
This is the only shelter for you.
- Indeed. Perhaps here, in the lobby,
I can wait through the worst?
- Yes.
- I will leave soon.
It only has to calm down.
- Tichy, there is no other option.
The only place where
you can sit is in the laboratory.
You must see it all.
Come on, go inside!
Sit wherever you like.
And don't talk too much.
Have a try.
Don't be afraid.
Be calm Tobiasz, calm.
Hush, hush.
We have a visitor.
- You are Professor Zazul!
- Are you certain?
- It would be hard not to recognise
such a prominent scholar.
What is this... ?
- My only friend in this isolated place.
- Zazul! What is this?!
- I've told you...
Of that I assure you.
Sit down and don't disturb me!
I don't see a reason
why I should tell you anything.
- If you won't explain yourself,
I would have to take steps,
which will cause a lot of trouble...
- Mr. Tichy, how does it look?
There is a storm, it rains,
you bang at my door.
You enter uninvited, and now
I have the honour of hearing threats!
I am a scientist, sir,
not a bandit!
- This is a man...
- By all means.
Tobiasz! Come here, come.
Come here, my little one.
- You killed him!
- In any case I put him in there.
Do you think that one can live
in a 96% concentration of
formalin and spirit?
That there is still a hope?
Of course you know
about the twins, don't you?
- Yes. But what that has to do...
- Perfect.
An impregnated ovum,
in the case of twins,
divides into two halves
from which two neonates are created.
Two organisms, perfect reflections.
If we have an adult, alive,
it is possible, with the
precise examination of his organism,
to create the second half of the ovum,
from which he was once born.
One can, given enough time,
create from this man his twin.
- But this embyro you create,
it would immediately die!
- Perhaps others. Not mine.
You are the first man,
who shall see it.
My biggest secret.
- But those are devices
which can be found
in any university workshop.
- Yes, indeed.
But the whole secret, is this trinket.
A regulator of radiation.
Take a look for yourself. Please.
I put the embryo into an artificial
nourishment solution.
When inside the incubator,
under the effect of radiation,
I trigger its metamorphosis
into the foetus
at a rate that is ten times
faster than normal.
- Fantastic!
- Thirty years of research.
Under the influence
of subsequent procedures,
this second organism, after a year,
is ten biological years old.
And after four years
he is already a forty year old man.
And so...
That is exactly what I have done!
- So you state...
If your story is even true...
That creating this man
also gave you the right to destroy him?!
- But that is not everything!!
I have prepared far more
interesting experiments.
That is why you are here.
- He did kill him.
Was he a half-wit?
- Do not insult me!
There was full mental development.
It is something more
than creating a twin.
It is a copy,
but one more perfect than the original.
Professor Zazul surpassed nature.
Surpassed! Do you understand?
An artificially created man,
even the creation of
Professor Zazul, is mortal.
His survival was at stake,
he needed to survive as a monument.
A monument to unbelievable,
great scientific achievement.
However, you must know Tichy,
that a fundamental disagreement
occurred between him and me.
Because of that, not I,
but he found his place into the jar.
He. Professor Zazul.
And I...
I am...
- Let me out.
Let me out!
- Sir.
It's ready!