Project 12 The Bunker (2016) Movie Script

Everybody off!
This could be Russians.
Don't worry about that, get off the bus.
Where are we going'?
Somewhere safe.
GO, go!
Today is a very special day,
for everyone that has been Working
with John Henderson.
He is a tireless leader
that has made the arms industry
in the United States the most
powerful industry in the world.
Mojito por favor.
Now the annual budgets
were presented
at the last stockholders meeting.
And they included a special entry
for we were all convinced
will be the project,
the Warranties,
the future of our great company.
He is the father of this project,
and no one better than him
to explain to us all about it.
Ladies and gentlemen,
with all of you,
Mr. John Henderson.
I didn't know I was so important.
It has been over thirty years since
this dream opened its doors.
And, like all big dreams,
it must come to an end, even for me.
Good evening.
how do you like my club'?
It's not bad.
I think its a little bit more
than that, no'?
Well I ah, it's a matter of taste.
Sit down.
It wasn't easy to find him.
But we located him,
in Syria.
Syria is a big place.
That information will cost you more.
Put two hundred thousand
in this account,
and come back.
And now I'm sorry, I'm too busy.
It's not the Way to talk to a lady.
Easy my friend.
That wasn't the deal,
you've already been paid, so please
just tell me what city he's in'?
Before I leave the company I began,
I will leave my final research
behind as my legacy.
And Legacy is a big word.
Legacy, it means so much.
There in thirty seconds.
I got it.
Okay my friend. Have a nice day.
Nothing personal.
I look at my wife,
and I see someone who has spent
all these years
fighting along side me.
Thank you darling, I love you.
Without her and my daughter...
I love you too, baby.
I would never have come this far.
Hey, did I show you a picture
of my little girl'?
- That's your baby?
- Yep.
Well, thank God there's more
to life than beauty contests.
You cheeky fuckin' bastard.
Bugger off.
Thank you all very much.
I am very flattered
and I will remember this every day
for the rest of my life.
Thank you so much.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we are now all been waiting for
the files you all had from the project.
So we kindly ask you for
a little bit of patience.
Thank you.
That's the last time
I fuck the mark on a job.
What about the cameras?
I took care of it.
You earned it.
I earned the million dollars.
I'll take that as a down payment.
Don't scare me.
What do we know
about Balanosvky'?
We're going to try
and kill him tomorrow.
On the bus.
Alan has all the information.
He's taking too long.
Take it easy, relax,
you want some wine'?
I'm going to go get dressed.
Too bad.
Anything yet?
That's him.
That was unbelievable.
Can I smoke in your house?
Everybody smokes in my house.
We got a location.
For both of them'?
Yeah, for both of them.
I need the tests.
Well, we are leaving
for Tenerife in two hours
and they leave
for Syria in the morning.
So, we'll have all the information
in forty-eight hours.
The Russians... want him dead.
Don't worry about that.
We've got it under control.
Here's the money.
You can count it if you like.
We trust you.
When you have Belinovski,
please... let me know.
All right.
Excuez moi!
Good evening gentlemen.
Said you trusted him'?
I lied.
You owe me the full package.
I'm going to count this.
You should.
Okay, I'm going to take the car,
take care my friend.
- See you later.
- See you.
Hey, start packing.
You speak Arab?
Have you got the money'?
Yeah, he's seen it.
Thanks for coming.
Take it.
You just sealed your fate.
Drugs don't interest me.
Tell me, ah...
you recognize this'?
Take a look.
You're the one next to Baumgartner,
Mr. Kranz.
I want those coordinates.
I won't ask twice.
- Coordinates are useless Without...
- We have Balanosvky.
You don't know
what you are getting into.
All right.
Where are we going'?
Somewhere safe.
Go, go, go!
Who are you'?
We saved your life.
If you collaborate...
we may save it again.
End of the line.
You were a hard man to find.
Mr. Balanosvky.
Can I see your wallet?
There's always trouble
to steal my Wallet.
Very funny,
yeah very funny.
Robert Michaela.
You look better in a uniform.
Don't you'?
Don't worry, we won't hand
you over to the Russians.
That's not Why we are here.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
We have the old man.
Yeah well,
we have the coordinates.
But ah,
I think we're being followed.
Then split up.
We can't take any chances.
Got to go.
It's all there.
If this, go out...
You're on your own.
That goes without saying.
You have seventy-two hours.
You ever eat cat'?
Them dirty face cat eating
yellow-faced Chinese bastards...
fucking out of me.
Little dicks, fuckin' cunts.
They're Korean you English fuck.
They don't eat cats,
they eat dogs.
I think you should see this.
How did you find him'?
We have the coordinates;
You have the codes...
now we all need the key.
Who is behind this,
Who hired you'?
Looks like old times, Comrade.
Your Rudolph died thirty years ago;
I am a respectable
American citizen now.
Yes, I've done quite well for myself.
Look, I hate to put
you guys through this,
but you know how
persistent I can be.
I had to fake my research
being stolen
until I came up with the formula.
You're out of your mind.
Well, in today's times,
you have to be out of your mind
if you have my kind of ambition.
I want Project 12!
You will deliver it to me.
Hes the only one who could move
freely through the facility.
He knows it like the back of his hand.
We have all the time in the world.
This, this is Sector 2.
You need a key
to move to the next Sector.
Baumgartner died two years ago.
I see you are well informed.
How do we get the key'?
I have nothing.
I think it's time for the round two.
You know,
she really looks exactly like you, huh'?
Where is the key'?
Alright, I know Where it is,
and no one else,
no one else needs to die,
This facility is over nine hundred
thousand square feet of corridors,
tunnels, all designed to make you
go around in circles without realizing.
You... will never find what you...
you want without me.
That's Why you're coming with us.
Bring me the Project
and you'll be a very rich man.
Nice to see you again, Comrade.
You're late!
My flight was delayed.
Sorry about Carl.
I know the two of you were close.
Did you see his body'?
How did they find him'?
They had eyes on him.
What do you guys think,
that we're the only after this Project?
Okay, plane is waiting, let's go.
I got to go change.
You think he's fucking her'?
No, the President of the United States.
- Yeah, Tabel.
- There's no fuckin' way.
He's not.
You know,
shoot San Carlo's wife,
his share of the money.
It would have been right
for you to keep it.
The key is inside.
Okay. Oh, oh.
He's got nothing around his neck.
There's nothing here.
Where is the damned key'?
I already told you,
it's inside.
Inside Where?
Nothing in the pockets.
You don't understand...
it's inside Baumgartner.
Are you sure'?
Oh, absolutely.
Hey, you don't have to ask me twice.
You want to stick around, huh'?
Yeah, enjoy it.
They used to blindfold us when
we went in and out so we...
we never knew exactly
where we were.
When they decided to ah,
suspend the Project,
the Soviet army decided to ah,
alienate us, bury the bunker.
So we ran.
I took the access codes.
Kentz took the coordinates
and Baumgartner took the ah,
the key to the facility.
What was Henderson's role...
in all this'?
Oh, he ah, he worked
with us on the Project.
One day,
we were informed he was ah,
a plant.
From the United States
and he planned to...
Project 12... what was it about?
That's all we ever cared about.
I'm just going to be
in the back, stretching.
What is'?
I spent my whole life hiding,
never got a chance
to know my own daughter.
I was really surprised
of the photograph
they took of me with her.
Don't worry.
Nothing will happen to her.
We're not that mean.
To children.
So, what's the difference?
You want to see them grow up.
Stay away from this Project then.
The mission.
I need to piss.
Don't go too far.
What do you think?
I don't like churches.
I'm going to go take a shit.
Ain't much of a house of God, is it'?
Like I said, the Soviets
buried the bunker.
This is the only Way in.
I hope you can make it down,
old man'?
Get the gear.
Go on!
The key.
I go first, you go second.
It's safe!
Bruno, help Belinovski.
Your turn, old man.
It's down that way.
Well, I'll trust the map for now.
Well, looks like
Balanosvky is right.
Oh yeah?
Well then, guess what,
you can lead the way, little man.
Smells like the inside of
a bush pigs ass down here.
It's been sealed
for the last forty years,
what would you expect?
Wow, huge!
How many people worked here'?
Six hundred.
It was built during
the Second World War
and used during the cold war.
A good old...
Spare us the history lesson.
No what?
Oh, you see this.
They've taken down the signs.
It's like ah,
exploring the New York subway
without a map,
in the dark.
There's a fuse
box three hundred meters down.
Let's hope it still works.
Let there be lights, eh'?
Is there electricity
in the whole bunker'?
Each section was independent.
Well, according to this...
we're near the track entrance.
Well that's down there.
Excuse me.
- Get Walking... Tiny.
- Hey, relax.
You get your nose
any further up his ass...
we'll have to pull
you out by your ankles.
We're going to kill him anyway.
That's up to me.
Fuckin' Russians had
quite a setup, didn't they?
It's dead.
How many exits?
This is the main exit.
There is another exit
three floors down, but ah,
but it's too small for the prototype.
Has to be this one.
No problem.
Why don't you guys
go ahead and I'll help Alan'?
This way.
Okay, go.
So, it faces south...
So, what do we do'?
You go inside and locate the signal.
Got you. I'll be right back.
All right.
What Sector is this'?
Still in Sector two.
The lights are out.
Just about.
I've located the entrance.
Oh my God,
it's completely, barren.
I'm setting out...
the explosion.
You're lucky, exactly as we left it.
As if time itself has ah, stood still.
What the hell were you doing here'?
You don't want to know.
And this'?
That the Prototype?
No, that's ah...
it never made it past
the testing stage.
Well, where's the one
we're looking for'?
they may have moved it.
Okay so, we're going
to need explosives to...
What did he say'?
He wants to see our papers.
You're fuckin' kidding me.
That was our last warning.
The Russian is rusty.
What's going on'?
Alan! Irena!
Go to see what's happening?
I'll keep an eye on the little guy.
What the fuck'?
He's dead.
- Are you sure'?
- Yeah!
Tell Bruno to bring Balanosvky here.
Bruno, read me'?
- Was he Wearing a vest'?
- Bruno, are you reading me'?
Bruno come in, Bruno!
Bruno, fuck.
Okay, I'm going to go get him.
be careful.
I emptied the chamber,
he just kept walking.
I shot him in the face
and he kept on walking.
Bruno, are you here'?
Where did he come from'?
The hatch opened.
You have to find a Way
to get the door open.
We need to hurry up.
We have to find the Prototype
and get the hell out of here.
Sure thing.
- They're gone.
- What?
They're not in the infirmary,
and his radio is not working.
Okay, this guy is not alone;
I'll go find them.
Stick together, okay?
Let's go.
Irina, finish this up,
I'm going outside to set it up.
Okay, check the parameters.
I'll call you when it's ready.
Sounds good.
Bruno, can you hear me'?
I found the door.
I'm setting up explosives.
Outside explosives activated.
I'm going back in.
I repeat, I'm going back in.
Ten seconds to detonation,
I repeat.
Ten seconds to detonation.
Got to get the fuck out of here.
GO, go!
We got problems Tabeel...
There are more soldiers.
I'll see you at the main chamber.
I want to know what is happening?
The army.
Don't be a smart ass.
Tell me about your experiment.
I don't have time to explain.
And you wouldn't understand anyway.
Go on, kill me if you Want.
You'll never get out of here alive,
without me.
You're going to take me
to those documents.
Right now!
- They are friends,
- These people are my friends.
North Koreans are my friends.
Now, move!
What about the door'?
We left the detonator.
The body, it's gone.
Move, go!
- Go, go, go, go, go!
- Go!
Where are the documents?
They're right here.
You're making a terrible mistake.
That's the bunker,
where's the Weapons?
I told you we shot the son-of-a-bitch
and he wouldn't go down.
We need more weapons.
In Tangier, I added explosives,
I still got six in my bag.
We must get out, there is
the exit on the third floor.
The question is how do we get there'?
Holy shit!
Holy shit!
Oh, this is my favorite.
Oh baby, baby, baby.
You're in the right hands now, baby.
Who is speaking Russian?
Hey, hey, God damnit!
You better run little man,
I don't need you.
This bunker has been taken over...
by Capitalists.
That voice!
He must have followed us
to the bunker.
These soldiers were designed
to eliminate anyone
and anything
that endangers this facility.
Do you understand me'?
The documents you have stolen
will never leave here without me.
On the thirty-one point six
of the Soviet
military code has been violated.
The intruders have stolen Project 12.
Prepare for battle.
Exterminate the enemy,
and recover those documents.
Where are you, copy?
Guys, Where the hell are we'?
In a fucking maze.
Just keep going.
- Okay, go, go!
- Go, go, go, go!
Intruders, located in Sector three.
Get them out, get them out!
More soldiers on the right.
We're surrounded.
What the hell are those things?
Are you helping them'?
We need to help each other, huh'?
Your friend has the documents.
If he escapes from this bunker,
he sells them to North Korea.
He was an agent,
just like Henderson.
I never liked him.
Now you seen the Project, so...
Are they human'?
To kill them, you need to,
you need to burn them,
you need to chop them to pieces.
You'll need weapons.
Look out.
He's heading for the main exit,
I want those documents.
No problem sir.
Come on, guys.
Let's go, move, move!
You know What,
you can't shoot for shit.
You gentlemen got a light?
Go, go, go-
Guess you do.
It's a dead end.
What the fuck do we do now'?
We can't go back there, it's suicide.
Bring me the file;
I'll get you out of here alive, huh'?
Well, what about Henderson?
I'll take care of Henderson.
How much explosives are
you going to leave by the door'?
- You know what to do'?
- Yes.
Good luck!
It's over, Rudolph.
You're still a romantic;
That was always your mistake.
My mistake was allowing
my medical research
to be used for military purposes.
But you did!
Your vanity got the best of you.
Look man, illness
is a billion dollar business.
There's not enough room in the world
for everyone Balanosvky.
There's no room for the weak.
If they get out of here no one
in the world would be safe.
So, take me to Project 12.
We have to go down.
Oh man.
After you, pal.
Oh, shit.
Hey, Tabeel!
You want to come out here and play'?
Hey Tabeel!
I didn't know I'd be hunting
a scared little rabbit.
You did it.
He was never tested,
Let him out.
Let him out.
You look like an Indian woman.
Or a funny old man.
Look it boy.
Don't you want to play'?
Actually, at my age,
it's easier if I just shoot you.
Are you sure you don't want
to have some fun with me'?
If you think getting your
ass kicked is going to be fun'?
Why not?
That's what I wanted to hear.
Look what you did to my shirt.
That hurt.
You don't look pretty anymore, huh'?
Are we related?
Cause you hit like my sister.
Come on tough guy, come on.
Watch it!
Come on.
You know, you could have shown up
a couple of minutes earlier.
They call this...
a hard good-bye.
Goddamn it.
GO, go!
Identify yourself.
Zero, zero twelve.
Order immediate formation.
Sector two, Area one.
No, that order must not be executed.
No, no, no, no!
Looks like we're not the only ones
who know their way out of here.
What are you waiting for'?
Tell me something.
Did you fuck him'?
Wouldn't you like to know?
Ladies first.
Oh shit!
Where is the girl'?
With Bruno,
she was Working with him
the whole time.
Woman, huh'?
Give me the documents.
I don't have them.
We have a problem,
This is the exit on the third floor.
This is a short out;
It's the only Way out.
You must find the documents;
Destroy them,
we'll never have another chance.
I have a daughter,
and I want to see her
grow up, you know.
I wish you all the luck in the world.
Watch your back, okay?
I always do brother.
So, you are my bodyguard
again, huh'?
If I don't make it,
you'll have to do it.
That's Why I'm here.
Soldiers, stand down.
Right, ladies.
You, we are creators,
to surpass mankind,
designs to survive anything,
but incapable of reason.
The created
must not surpass the creator.
Don't do it, Colonel.
The creation has surpassed
the creator.
The system can't cope.
The human race must be eliminated.
One look through the eyes
of a single man.
Kill the Colonel.