Project CC (2023) Movie Script

[children laughing]
[child 1] I'll go anywhere you go!
[child 2] Yes, it did.
I'm good at this. Trust me.
Don't move! 'Cause then
I can't put it on! Move, bruh. [laughs]
- [child 1] What are you doing?
- [child 2 laughs]
Okay, a little bit more on the eyes.
And probably here.
[laughing continues]
[machine beeping]
Why did you suggest makeovers?
I researched fun things to do
at a slumber party
and chose stuff you can do in bed.
So, pizza, manicures
[laughing] Sorry about your cuticles.
Wait, the sad movies
were supposed to be fun?
Horror movies were recommended,
but you know I scare easy.
Yeah, I know. And before I forget
So you have some extra light for tonight.
It's not the real moon,
but it glows in the dark.
This is why you're my only friend.
Who'd wanna be friends
with a high school junior
who's still afraid of the dark? [chuckles]
Paris, how old are you?
- Twelve.
- And what's your IQ?
- 150.
- You're a whole genius
who finds time to do sleepover research
on sick kids.
- And you have the nerve to be stunning.
- [chuckles]
You're too good for the dark, babe.
When we're older, we're spending
all our summers in Finland.
Seventy three straight days of sweet,
sweet, endless sunlight.
Okay, what's next on the sleepover list?
Nothing. You're usually asleep by 7:00.
I've been f-feeling a lot stronger lately.
Think I have a few more hours left in me.
[Paris] I guess you can play
that game, Celebrity,
but you'd be terrible at it
because I don't know anyone.
Ooh! We can make personalized pillowcase...
[machine continues beeping]
[Paris] Dear CC,
of all the things I can never say to you,
goodbye is one of them.
So this won't be the end.
Sleepovers aren't the only thing
I've been researching.
Best friends are forever.
And I can't risk losing you.
Thanks to science, I don't have to.
Even though you say you're feeling better,
I'm not taking any chances.
You're not going anywhere.
Not if I have anything to do with it.
[crickets chirping]
[dog barking]
[knock on door]
[door opens]
Dad and I are headed to the lab soon.
Our latest research analyzes
vitamin D's ability to boost immunity.
Pretty cool, huh?
- [barking continues]
- [dog whines]
We really need you
to go outside today, baby.
You haven't been outside since...
Well, since CC died.
There's nothing for me to do outside.
Nowhere to go. No one to talk to.
You've got your sister.
Have you even looked
at the video she sent you?
Oh, it's "Mommy Makeover Monday"
on Portia's channel. You like it?
- Ew.
- Oh.
Probably too much for a research lab, huh?
- Daddy, find your light!
- [Dad grunts]
Okay. See how good his skin looks!
He used the deep pore cleansing
overnight mask.
I'll, uh, put a before picture. [chuckles]
You can see what a hot mess he was.
- A what?
- But now, he's a brand-new man.
The link's below with a discount code.
Okay, that's it. [chuckles]
This week,
in the spirit of back-to-school,
I will be doing a Makeup 101.
Tutorials, AMAs. Whatever you need,
Pretty Portia's got you.
Think of me as your big sister.
Well, at least you've got Jerome.
- [Jerome whines]
- [Mom] He always sticks close by
anytime you're sad.
I got it.
Hey there. Come here.
Come here, baby. [chuckles]
Now, you also have the sun.
It helps the brain produce
mood-boosting chemicals.
You just need ten minutes.
Preferably midday.
All right. [chuckles] All right.
[Dad] Is being a hot mess bad?
I know that being a mess is bad,
but from what I understand,
being hot is good, right?
[Mom] Um, not quite. [chuckles]
You might have missed the point there,
[liquid bubbling]
[Paris] It's been ten days, six hours
and 12 minutes since you left us.
It is officially the longest
we've ever been apart.
I don't need to watch one of Portia's
silly videos or get some sun.
I need you, CC.
We'll have you back in no time.
[glass clinking]
[laptop beeps]
- [timer dings]
- Bones. [chuckles]
Real, live bones.
It's not CC, but we have bones.
They don't seem to appear to belong to
any known species, but it's not nothin'!
And I finally get to test
my undo function!
- [laptop beeps]
- [timer dings]
[Paris] If just the saliva gives us bones,
what if we add everything?
The saliva, the mucus and the skin,
all in one.
It's gotta work this time.
Project CC attempt number 66
has just completed,
and I already have
a good feeling about this one.
- [electricity pulsating, buzzing]
- [timer dings]
- [power shuts down]
- [Paris shouts, groans]
- [grunts]
- [barking]
Unsee! Undo!
- Unsee and undo!
- [timer dings]
- What is going on in here?
- [Jerome barking]
The Internet just went out,
and the power is going crazy.
[Jerome barks, pants]
Jerome, why does she have you
dressed like this? [coughs]
And what is all this smoke?
[Paris] No. No, Portia.
[electricity humming, pulsating]
[Portia] Whoa! [scoffs]
What in the world?
Paris, what are you even do...
Is that my lipstick?
- I didn't even have a chance to review it!
- Uh, yeah, I did borrow your lipstick...
Hey, don't.
Only scientists are allowed to
touch that stuff, not makeup people.
- Put it down.
- Okay,
not until you tell me what Project CC is.
I'm gonna clone her.
[Portia scoffs]
I'm gonna clone CC.
Okay. Look, you're kinda smart
or whatever, but human cloning?
You're, like, ten.
Did you see the video I sent you?
I'm 12, Portia. And why would I watch
anything you send me?
I don't need beauty tips
from the Internet's big sister.
- Get... How do I get into your email?
- Portia, wait...
- [timer dings]
- [Jerome barks]
[both] Jerome!
[dog barks]
You're okay. It's okay. You're okay...
- [Portia] How many are there?
- [Paris shouts, yelps]
- [dogs barking]
- [Paris] Don't touch that!
[Portia] They're going downstairs!
- [barking continues]
- [toys squeaking]
[Paris] Get off the bed!
Clones! It worked!
I mean... [grunts]
They're not human, and they seem to have
duplicated themselves multiple times,
but I just need to adjust the formula.
[Portia] They're getting away!
Paris, get down here.
Wha... Sit! Stay.
[Portia] Hey! Come back here.
Get out of there!
Jerome and two of the clones got away!
This is exactly why you're not allowed to
do science when Mom and Dad aren't home!
It's not fair that you
create content all day,
but I can't do a few little experiments.
My content makes the world better.
Your experiments ruined our aquarium.
I didn't ruin it. I just shrank the fish.
They eat less food now.
It's cost-effective.
[dog barking]
[Paris] I can't believe
you left the gate open, Portia.
[Portia] You're the one who closes it.
- [birds chirping]
- [flies buzzing]
[Paris] He has to be here!
- [dog barks]
- [Paris] Got him!
[dog barks]
[Portia] Jerome would never
cross the creek on his own.
[Paris] That's definitely a clone.
Hey, baby.
We're gonna get you home.
Come on. [grunts]
Just one more and Jerome.
[Portia] They have to be here.
You look over there.
I'll check this side.
Don't worry. I'm sure we'll find them.
[Paris] The clone!
Hi, babe.
I got you.
Let's get you.
[dogs barking]
[Portia mutters] Oh.
- There you go. [sighs] Okay.
- [Paris] Well, we have all the clones.
They kinda look like Jerome, but...
Their vibe's way off. Yeah.
They're not giving Jerome.
[Paris] And no goggles.
Uh, but come on.
Mom and Dad will be home soon.
You might have to pick one...
I need the real Jerome.
[Portia sighs]
I need the real CC.
[dog whines]
Well, like the dogs
it wouldn't be the real CC.
another version.
A clone.
I had to try.
CC wasn't just my best friend.
She was my only friend.
It's not like high schoolers
wanna hang with a 12-year-old
who's better than them in every class.
And I'm fatter than most,
which of course shouldn't matter,
but not everyone is
as body posi as CC was.
But now she's gone,
and I can't bring her back.
What am I supposed to do?
What am I supposed to do without CC?
I think you're supposed to do this.
This? I'm supposed to cry on the floor?
Pretty much.
You can't just science
your way outta this.
I mean, your best friend just died.
It's okay to feel sad.
I'm gonna miss CC too.
I've known her just as long as you have.
This is awful.
Yeah. But you don't have to
get through it alone.
- [Jerome barks]
- [both] Jerome!
[Jerome whines]
- It's 'cause we're sad.
- [Portia] Come on. [clicks tongue]
Jerome always comes when you're sad.
- [dogs barking]
- [Portia] Yes. Come on. Let's go.
- Yes, come on. Come on. Let's go.
- [barking continues]
All right. Let's "de-clone" some dogs.
[Portia] Have you ever had trouble
"de-cloning" before?
Not with the bones or the butts.
"Butts"? Like more than one?
It was, like, a pile of butts.
I don't wanna talk about it.
- [laptop beeps]
- [timer dings]
First cloning and uncloning a canine.
Can't wait to get started on the analysis
of what happened.
Paris! [sighs]
Just watch the video.
Look at me making videos in my bedroom,
looking flawless.
[chuckles] Who do I think I am, Portia?
[inhales deeply]
Paris [sighs] I just wanted to tell you
I'm so glad we met.
[inhales sharply]
You've been my best friend
since the very first day of school,
even though the next day
you were skipped three grades,
and it wound up on the news.
[breathes shakily]
Even after I got sick
[inhales deeply]
you've always been there for me.
[cries] I'm excited for everyone
who will get to be your friend.
And I promise you're going to have
so many friends, Paris,
because you're the best, babe.
And [sighs]
just because I can't call or text
or scream your name from my window,
- [sniffles]
- it doesn't mean I'm still not with you.
And I can't wait to see you again.
Maybe not in Finland,
but I promise it'll be
someplace with endless light,
where the sun never sets.
[breathes shakily]
Thanks, Portia.
[Portia chuckles] Come here.
[whispers] Okay, get off me. Go away.
- [Portia laughs]
- You're so annoying.
- [high-pitched ringing]
- [barking]