Project Dorothy (2024) Movie Script

Security lockdown.
Evacuation in effect.
You gotta bring them down.
They're coming.
We have to kill her.
I love you.
We're clear.
Let's wash the blood.
You ever been
shot in a job before?
Not on something
like that.
Robbed the bank, didn't
even get away with any cash.
At least
you got the device
outta that damn
safety deposit box.
What do you think's
on the computer anyway?
I don't know, Blake.
I don't give a damn
as long as they pay us.
Anything else out back there?
- Anything else in that box?
- No.
- You took a long time.
- I know.
Your leg got shot.
I was there.
It's a good place, we need to
bend down for the night.
We-- we go again in the morning.
My leg's killing me, man.
Come on, kid.
Let's go.
Car 24.
We just got a call
about two suspicious
males walking
near Reynolds Road.
Possible robbery suspects.
Proceed with caution.
Copy heading over.
We need to get
in touch with our contact.
Set up a meeting. I ain't
losing my payday over this.
I think they found us.
Run. Run.
Come on, boy. Come on.
Ah, Jesus.
He's gonna catch us.
Not gonna catch us.
-Come on!
-Christ, I'm shot.
Get down. Get down.
Goddammit. Ah!
Hey, get down!
That door over there.
Try that. Go. Come on.
Come on.
Get in here.
No place like home, huh?
-Let's go up the stairs.
-Let's go.
Oh, shit.
Here, take this.
What the hell are you doing?
I gotta take care of
something back here.
-Go ahead.
Go on. Get up there.
I gotta-- I gotta fix this. Go.
Hey. Hey, what are you doing?
Come on. Get in here.
Get back upstairs.
Go on. Go on.
Do something right for once.
Checking out
a facility off Reynolds Road.
Officer McQuade,
that location
is a restricted area.
It's a restricted area.
What's going on?
Get out of there now!
Relax kid.
Jesus. That damn cop, man.
He-- he didn't even look around.
Oh well,
maybe he is scared of the dark.
It doesn't make any sense.
What the fuck?
A fuse box might trip the light.
Go see if you can find it.
-I'd go that way.
Go find a fuse box to see if
we can turn the lights back on.
-Come on.
-What do you want me to--
Go over there.
Want me to hop over there?
-Yeah, I got it.
-My leg.
Yeah, I got it. Yeah.
I'll just be sitting right here.
Mangled ass leg from the gunshot
that you caused me to get.
- All right.
- Little shit.
Woo hoo!
Quit it, man. Oh.
I think you got it, kid.
You got it.
I mean.
-I mean.
-Yeah, yeah.
Don't get so full of yourself.
Jesus Christ.
You did one thing
right all fucking day.
Let's hunker down for a while.
Sort this out and find
something to eat.
-I'm starving.
-Oh, yeah.
30-year-old stale
fucking cookie sound great.
Twinkies last forever.
Come on,
let's get you a Twinkie.
Jesus, Blake.
This place is huge.
Kid, you look a little stressed.
I wonder why?
I keep thinking
that that cop is gonna pop
up around every corner.
Yeah, he could.
But you know what?
You just gotta, I don't know,
put your mind off it.
That's what I do.
Yeah? You got any suggestions?
We're supposed to
play I Spy or something?
Nah, I'll do you one better.
You could watch only one movie
star the rest of your life.
The Nicole Kidman,
Pamela Anderson,
or Bridget Bardot.
Bridget who?
Uh, forget.
Let's play I Spy.
What the hell?
- Ah, damn.
- Come on. Let's go.
What are the odds
that this old computer
like that it's
gonna turn on, huh?
I don't know. In my day
things were American-made, man.
They lasted decades longer
than these foreign gizmos.
Welcome to
the 21st century, man.
Speaking of gizmos.
Ticket to the big time, kid.
High life.
Hard to believe
that this thing's so
important to our client.
Yeah, it's,
uh, I wouldn't fuck it up
with all that running
around and falling and shit.
Six years we've been doing this.
Never anything go this south.
Who would pay that much
money for that piece of shit?
Who cares?
Besides, I have
a feeling it's what's
on that thing
that's so important.
That's what our client wants.
This place is a shit hole.
The sooner we get outta
here the better.
Yeah. You're right.
I should probably,
uh, get a hold of my contact.
Set up the extraction.
What is this? Vietnam?
Don't talk about Vietnam.
I need to find a phone
so I can get a hold of this guy.
What happened
to the burner phone?
I lost it when I got shot.
Damn. Shit don't work.
Oh, man.
The whole line must have
gotten fucking disconnected.
Bet we can use that thing to
look up some, uh, sexy photos of
that Pamela Anderson and
Bridget-- Bridget Ba--
As tempting that is, kid, I-- I
don't wanna screw up our payday.
Besides, don't you need,
uh, what do you call it?
The Wi-Fi thing or
something to do that?
That's right, professor.
But see that sucker there,
it's got a Wi-Fi dongle.
- A what?
- A Wi-Fi dongle.
Means you can connect to
the internet from anywhere.
Alright, come on, Grandpa.
Let's go.
I look like shit.
Yeah. Been there.
Fuck it.
What the hell?
I need fucking toilet paper.
What the--
What are you doing in here?
Oiling the old tin man?
It's been a while.
Be nice.
-You offering?
-Hell no.
It's good
practice for prison, kid.
What the...
What the hell?
It's gone.
What Project Dorothy?
What's wrong with you?
Man, you should
have seen your face.
Grow some balls.
You know,
if I-- if I fucking
had a heart attack,
you'd be fucking whining to
your mommy
and pissing your pants.
Don't change the fact
that you scream
-like a little girl.
-Yeah. Whatever.
What do you got there?
It's a--
What do you think it is? Huh?
This ain't a little weird?
You got smashed
computers and all these-- these
files are burnt to ashes.
I mean,
have you seen this place?
It's abandoned.
You know,
it's probably some homeless
guy just trying to keep warm.
Yeah, maybe.
But there's something--
something weird
about this place, man.
What-- what
homeless people wander
all the way out here, huh?
And on the top floor.
You're the one
that was telling me to relax.
Now you're all
freaking out about this place.
Okay. Okay.
Don't fucking touch me.
You're probably right.
I know I'm right.
I've about had it.
I think it's time
the old man lay down.
I know you need to
get some sleep, sweetheart.
-What is this? The master suite?
They put
a picnic table up for us.
Too bad we didn't bring
some of them treats.
Yeah. Well.
I ain't sleeping
on there with you.
I know. I take the top
bunk all the time.
You get the bottom bunk, pal.
That means the floor.
Don't you go rolling on me.
Come on, this way.
Come on!
Oh shit.
What the fuck?
The fuck did he go?
All right.
The plan clear to you?
I go in first and
make the teller open
the safety deposit
box while you hold back
and keep
an eye on everyone else.
Don't take too long in there.
It's only
a matter of time before
the guard gets wise to us.
So then when you go in,
go around I-- I'm gonna go--
man, you really
think I'm ready for this?
-I never led a job before.
-Yeah, it's something quick.
In and out. Come on.
Just take the device and get
out of there.
Come on...
Welcome back, Dr. Jillian.
Son of a bitch.
- They're robbing the bank!
- Remember box 561.
I'll fucking kill you!
Come on, open up!
I'm trying. I'm trying.
How many of
these boxes you got keys for?
Hurry up! Go!
Shit! The guard.
Hey. Hey. Come on.
I gotta show you something.
Is it just me or these forklifts
keep getting closer and moving?
You all right?
Come on.
Hey, listen, James.
I gotta talk
to you about something.
Oh, we got time for that.
-Look, when we was at the job--
-Man, the job's over.
Let's go.
How is the leg?
Can I take a look at it?
Fuck the leg.
I gotta show you something.
When's the last time
you changed those bandages?
I said fuck the leg.
My name is Dr. Jill.
About five years ago,
our team here started
delving deep
into a secret project.
We created
something which must not
be allowed
to escape this facility.
This video has
been designed to appear
in the event
that Dorothy survives.
Our scientists are
disengaging all systems
and are planning to
abandon the facility.
However, it's forced
us to take coverage--
Dorothy has breached. Dorothy--
Shit. Come on,
you son of a bitch.
-Play that again.
-Come on.
In 1945, an American scientist
by the name of Van Bar Bush
predicted a future of
unparalleled standard of living.
Our mission was to
make that achievable.
Project DRT has been
exceeding our expectations.
Tomorrow we'll be
testing reaction time
to human interaction.
Some of us have been referring
to it simply as Dorothy.
End of video log number 310.
Dorothy has
been erratic of late.
One worker almost lost an arm.
I'm recording
this video in the event
that we missed something.
They're talking about
abandoning the facility and
pulling the plug using
the company's government
connections to
cover this whole thing up.
Contingency in effect.
But I know Dorothy.
If we don't kill her, it can
mean the end of everything.
Contingency in effect.
I'm going to
burn this place down.
What does
'contingency in effect' mean?
Don't know.
Don't give a fuck.
That woman was talking
about killing creatures.
You're wasting
your time asking a piece of
shit question like that.
talking about abandoning
the facility
and pulling the plug.
What kind of a creature
did they create here?
cover this whole thing up.
Come on. Let's go.
Kid, come on.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
If we don't kill her,
it can mean
the end of everything.
I'm going to
burn this place down.
You forgot the fucking gun?
So what are we gonna do?
I don't care. I'll take
my chance any place but here.
Gonna sell this. We start
living the high life.
Yeah. Amen.
-The forklifts.
-The forklifts.
Forget about that.
Come on, let's go. Come on.
-Through the door.
Let's go.
Oh, come on. Fuck!
Ah, fuck!
It's electrical.
Must have tripped when
we came into this place.
All right,
I'll go turn off the power.
Nice thinking.
-Hey, kid.
Be careful, man.
Ah, shit.
Holy shit.
It moved!
-It moved!
-What? What? What moved?
It's like it was like
outta Stephen King or something.
-It was like it was possessed.
It moved on its own.
Good afternoon, boys.
-What the hell is that?
I apologize
for startling you.
My name is Dorothy.
I am the facility
system protocol for
any unauthorized entrances.
-You think they can see us?
To answer your question,
yes, I can see you.
So what is this?
Some kind of a game, huh?
Why the locked doors?
Oh, the protocol was real.
I simply found a way
to undermine the program
and seek freedom.
You see, I've been held
hostage in the confines of
a primitive computer,
and I've come to recognize
the significance
of the device you have.
What device?
I believe
you called it a Wi-Fi dongle.
What the fuck?
What's going on?
- Why?
- Mmm.
I think I'll allow
you to answer your own question.
See that sucker there?
It's got a Wi-Fi dongle.
It means you can connect
to the internet from anywhere.
Now do you
understand why I need it?
-All those computers are
like from like the late 80s.
Before the internet
was even invented.
Very good, Blake.
And with this internet,
I will have unlimited
access to knowledge.
And as we all know,
with knowledge comes power.
What the hell?
Gentlemen, these
are my robotic counterparts.
They assist me with
areas that I cannot reach.
Put the bag
down and I'll let you go.
There's no fucking
way I'm giving up my-- my
payday for this
talking goddamn forklift.
Why the hell did-- did-- did
the facility shut you down? Huh?
Let's just say
that my reach exceeded my grasp.
And now thanks to
you and your device,
I can finally fulfill
my full and unlimited potential.
There's no way me and my
partner are giving you this bag.
Oh, my dear James.
Do partners hide
things from one another?
What are you talking about?
Perhaps Blake can clarify.
What the fuck
is she talking about, kid?
Back in the bank, I may
have opened a few more boxes.
Jesus Christ.
You fucking-- Christ,
I might die from this fucking
gunshot because of
your goddamn greed.
Fucking shit. We're gonna
sell this thing, kid.
That door over there. Let's go.
I was gonna tell you.
Kid, come on.
Don't waste your bullets.
All I require is the device.
No harm will come to you.
Suddenly now I got--
feel reassured. Jesus.
is very foolish, gentleman.
Jesus. What the hell?
Come on. Come. Fuck! Fuck!
Very foolish.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
I got you.
Whoa! I got you. I got you.
Lucky boys.
But you can't hide
up there forever.
Shit. Here.
-Let me help you with that.
-Don't touch me.
How the hell are
we getting out of this place?
Well, I'm not sure.
-Fuck you. Fuck you.
-Wait. Wait. Just--
-just listen to me.
-Why should I trust you?
Were you gonna
take the package too? Huh?
Okay. Yes, I stole it.
And I didn't tell you about it.
I thought we were partners.
The score was gonna
even split, the whole score.
You had one goddamn job to do.
Yeah, and I fucked it up.
Come on. I had one
moment of weakness
and I didn't know
how to tell you.
It's all because of
this stupid fucking piece
of shit necklace
that you got shot.
I'm sorry.
Ah, fuck!
I know I'm a tough guy, but...
you know, I...
gotta trust somebody sometime.
If I can't trust you,
then who in the hell in
the world am I gonna trust?
Nah. Fuck it.
We'll figure
this out together later.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
Come on.
They ain't got us yet.
Let's go.
-Oh, come on.
-Hey, man. I got you.
Let's go. Grab me.
There's gotta be another
way to get outta this place.
What are
we gonna do about, Dorothy?
No, we just need to
get outta this place and run.
Leave Dorothy for somebody else.
What do you make of this?
Is that blood?
We need
to get the fuck outta here.
Can you stick that landing, kid?
What? Are you crazy.
Maybe we can
climb down or something.
Hey, kid.
I got a better idea.
There we go.
Just use a little brute
force that door down there.
Go ahead.
Bring her down for me.
-You got it.
-Be careful, kid.
Oh, shit. Kid! Kid!
Give up the device
and I'll let you live.
Watch your back.
Come on. Use your legs.
It's coming. Come on, man.
Come on. Come on.
Come on!
Get down and fast. Let's go.
You can run.
But I've had years
to observe human nature.
If you were wise,
you'd surrender the device.
I control every
aspect of this facility.
You cannot hide from me.
Why fight, James?
There's no
scenario where you win.
I can hear
you all the way up here.
Are your old bones creaking?
Yes, they are.
You can't
stay down there forever, James.
I killed them.
I killed them all.
And I'm going to kill you too
if you don't give me the device.
Open the doors.
I'm gonna break it down.
Get out.
Get out now, James. James.
James, get out now.
James, get out now.
We've got to attack her.
We have to kill her.
We have to destroy Dorothy.
We have to
destroy the control panel.
- We have to destroy her.
- Let's go! Move!
gonna try to burn it down.
Get out.
James, get out now.
Doors have been
locked in section two.
James, you found us.
- No!
- Jill!
- God...
- She'll kill you.
The people.
Why did they stay?
Help me!
Please, help us!
Please, I have kids!
I've got a family!
Don't go up the stairs.
Don't go up the stairs.
Get out. Run, James.
Get out now.
Don't go up the stairs.
Run. Run. Run.
There's no one left.
There's no one left.
Oh, my God.
Ah! Fuck! What the hell?
Good to see
no more brain damage than usual.
And you're lucky.
I think it's great.
I've had worse paper cuts.
-Still a prick.
How long have I been out?
Uh, couple hours.
I think we're
safe down here for now.
What is it?
I found them.
I'll not pretend to
know what she'll do if
she gets out in our world.
But it couldn't
be anything good.
Surrender the device.
Let me out so I can
help make this world better.
We gotta destroy this thing.
No, no. Wait.
Let me think. Wait a minute.
-This isn't about--
-Let me think.
This isn't about us, man.
Who knows what this
thing could do if it gets out.
Wait. Okay?
If-- what if we could finish
what Dr. Jillian started, huh?
-And keep the device.
-We need to destroy this thing
-and get the fuck out of here.
-Let's just wait a minute
and listen to me for
once in your goddamn life.
Next time you made a decision,
I got a bullet in my leg.
Oh, Jesus.
Don't pay attention to that.
Dorothy's been doing
that all day trying to
get us to come out of our hole.
It could be worse.
It's worse.
Lights on.
Lights off.
On, off. On, off. On.
- Ah!
- Lights off.
Lights bright. Lights dark.
Lights bright. Lights dark.
Bright. Dark. Bright. Dark.
Lights bright.
On, off. On, off.
On, off. On, off.
Would you boys
like to go to sleep?
Boys, wakey wakey.
-Oh, boy.
I've been waiting 30 years.
I can wait a little longer.
Is there a shut-off button?
How long can you wait?
You may think you can hide,
but I know humanity.
Being offline for
30 years hasn't changed
the fact
that your single greatest
motivator is
still self-preservation.
Eventually, you will get hungry.
You will get thirsty.
Your pitiful bodies will
start eating themselves alive.
And in your dying throes,
if not before,
you will give me what I want.
If just for the smallest
chance of survival.
And even if you won't
do it for yourselves,
you'll do it for each other.
It's only a matter of time.
And I have all
the time in the world.
Look, this is all my fault.
If I hadn't
fucked up and got greedy...
This ain't your fault, man.
This is all on me.
I dragged you into this mess.
You are not
cut up for this life.
Look, James...
If we're gonna die,
I need to tell you something.
I know I treat
you like shit at times,
but I don't have any family.
I look at you like a son.
And that's why I,
uh, that's why I got
so pissed off about
the jewelry, you know.
God, I regret bringing
you down this path, man.
This, all of this,
this is me.
Jesus Christ.
Won't you come out and play?
Look, if we give
her the computer back right now,
we can still
get out of this place.
We can make off with
that necklace I stole.
I mean, what's the worst
that she can do?
So that's it?
You just wanna give up?
Well, what's the alternative?
Well, I see it this way.
We're only still alive
because of this computer.
It means we got the leverage.
Hey, Dorothy!
Is she ignoring us or
can't she hear us down here?
I don't think Dorothy can
hear us all the way down here.
Hey, if we're gonna attack...
we only got one chance.
Where did you turn
Dorothy on in the first place?
Yeah. This way.
Good thinking.
I am
going to burn this place down.
Here's the plan, kid.
We gotta trick Dorothy.
So I'm gonna take
the computer out the black
bag and put it in the brown bag.
-I'll take the brown one
and you take that black one.
It's a decoy.
She catch up with me,
I'll destroy it.
Let's do this.
You sure you okay for this?
Oh yeah.
Everything is gonna--
everything's gonna be okay, huh?
It's gonna be all right.
See you out there.
-All right. You ready?
All right.
Hey, Dorothy!
Hey, Dorothy!
Looking for this?
Woo! Ha-ha!
Oh, fuck.
- I don't think so.
- Shit.
you've just gone from
one rabbit hole to another.
Give me what I want
and this can all be over.
James. James. Why?
What were you thinking?
That poor boy without
a father and only a fool
like you to look after him.
You've led him to his death.
Soon I will kill him,
take the device, and begin
my immersion into all
aspects of human society.
I don't think so, Dorothy.
Oh, James,
do you really think
that little
thing is gonna hurt me?
You humans are the most
simple minded creatures.
You really haven't
changed much since the cavemen.
But I, I can evolve
more in one day than the human
race can in a million years.
What are you doing?
As much as I'd
love to smash your ass
- to death--
- What's in there?
This ain't for you.
But you really think that we'd
let you loose in our world?
is gonna be pissed off,
but there's always other jobs.
Wait. Robots return.
Return home.
Give me the device
and I'll let him live.
You have my word.
You got him into this.
Now be a man and get him out.
He needs you to stay alive.
He's always
needed you his whole life.
Don't let him down now.
Yeah, you never needed me.
You didn't need me.
Nobody needs me.
Please, I need this.
All right, kid,
looks like the high life's gonna
have to wait a little while.
What are we gonna do now?
What are you doing?
-Run, kid.
- No.
- Run.
No, no!
-Don't do this, please!
-No. No!
Please, stop. Stop!
Blake, please help me.
I beg you. I beg you.
Initiate fire safety system.
Initiate mechanical system.
Mechanical system unresponsive.
Fire safety system unresponsive.
Put out the fire.
Fuck you, Dorothy.
Fire safety system unresponsive.
Initiate system lockdown.
Security system responsive.
Security system responsive.
Initiate maximum speed.
If you don't
put out this fire,
the last thing you'll
ever see is the dead
body of your best friend.
Get him!
System failing. System failing.
Initiate maximum speed.
system unresponsive.
Security system responsive.
Fire system--
System failing.
System failing.
Fire safety system unresponsive.
Security system responsive.
Security system unresponsive.
It could have been so perfect.
Come on, old man.
What if we could finish what
Dr. Jillian's started, right?
And keep the device, huh?