Project E 1337 (2018) Movie Script

- Help.
- Almost there!
Are you guys ready to party?
Nope, fine.
We're here!
Paxton says that girl you're looking
for will be there sometime tonight.
I also made you guys these watches.
I programmed them myself,
and if you get close to her
then they're gonna beep and stuff.
This is really my
favorite thing in the world to do,
I really wish we could do it more often.
Maybe after this we could go
like get pizza and ice cream,
and just, you know, hang out,
because I think you're so cool
and what you do is so cool,
and I really like pizza and ice cream,
so that's why I think we should hang
out together more often.
What do you guys think?
- Listen, you gotta help me.
Please, I can pay.
- I don't know, Marco, what do you think?
- She doesn't look like
much protecting to me.
- Please, I can pay you, all of you.
- All of us?
You do realize it's 10 grand a day each,
and there's four of us.
- Not a problem.
There's enough to cover a week,
that's more than I'll need.
- It's like two weeks worth, man.
- I'd like you
guys to be enthusiastic.
- Don't worry, you got the best people
in the business working for ya.
- So who are
we protecting you from?
- I um, I don't really know.
- You don't know?
No names, descriptions,
pictures, anything?
- No, I, I--
- What the hell you paying us for, then?
- I don't know, I, I, this
woman, she's not too tall,
blonde, a-and there's
another guy, he's, I dunno.
There's three of them and
they're just really good
at killing people, okay?
They're Eyes.
They're Eyes.
That's one of them!
- Where is she?
- In our near
future, over 90% of the world
will lose their vision to an
unknown airborne bacteria.
I was fortunate to make it
to the safe zones in time.
The ones that didn't are
left to fend for themselves
outside of the walls
until the cure is found.
It's been over five years,
and they've grown impatient.
- Ex-special forces
suffered heavy casualties
yesterday from yet another
attack by the insurrectionists
outside the quarantine walls.
Reports state their weapons
are becoming increasingly--
- Yes.
I know, I've seen the numbers.
I know we're running out of time, but...
I'm checking our team right now.
Yes, I know we delegated her
team to another assignment,
but we need all hands on Oculus.
- Martinez,
do you have a minute?
- Yes, come in.
And who's this?
- This is Billy, our new analyst.
Billy, I'd like for you to meet Martinez,
one of our project leads here at MiraCO.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- Welcome to MiraCO.
- So, the board has been
getting on me for updates.
Is your team anywhere
closer to a clinical trial?
- We haven't made any
significant gains in some time.
I'm not sure we'll beat anyone to it.
- If Oculus is not worth
pursuing at the rate we're going,
what else can we do?
- Well from my standpoint, if
we choose to switch gears now
we'll probably end up pretty far behind.
- Billy, can you give us a minute?
- Of course.
- Ain't it something?
This company started curing
one of the worst killers
in the world, and pretty soon there'll
be nothing left to fix
once we're all sterile.
I don't know what's left for us to do.
May as well start making baby bottles.
- Maybe we should.
- Yeah.
So, I guess this is it, huh?
Time to hang up the lab coats and move on.
- Have you thought about other products
outside of what we do?
- You have ideas?
- Well up until now we've only looked
at fixing the human body.
We really haven't looked
at making it better.
- Oh, so, you want
us to win the next Olympics.
- During the research
for the cancer project
the teams came across
some interesting finds.
I believe we have the resources at hand
to develop something
useful for the military.
- Are you suggesting making bioweapons?
- Sort of a biological weapon.
A human weapon.
- I'm really not sure I'm
following you, Martinez.
- We could increase their
strength, their speed,
their stamina, their mental
capacity, you name it.
The world is still very much in conflict.
We'll be the only ones
exploring it from this angle.
We'd do the impossible again.
It's what will put us back on top.
- No, no we can't.
There's entirely too many
things that can go wrong,
if we pursue any kind of
development of this magnitude.
- Could be, but I believe
we've already done
more than enough work
to make it a reality.
Just think about it.
- Who would run your research?
- I think Dr. Howe.
- Dr. Howe, from Schaefer's team?
Why do you think he'd
do something like this?
I mean, no offense, but his
team has already been ahead
of yours for quite some time now.
- I think if I present it
to him in the right way,
he'll be on board.
- And how certain are you
about what you're suggesting?
- The returns from this will put us past
all previous expectations.
I know Mr. Sander will
go for such a proposal.
- All right, I'll call for
a company board meeting
at the end of the week.
Present your proposal,
and we'll go from there.
- Well, well, well.
Awfully bold move to
have your friend Williams
call a board meeting for you.
- Out of the way, Shaefer.
- We've been at this Oculus
thing for how many years now?
And you think your team's track record
means a project takes priority?
- Oculus isn't going
anywhere and you know it.
We're no closer to curing it
than we were five years ago.
- I wouldn't expect
someone such as yourself
to understand our potential.
We will cure Oculus.
- Let go.
- Ladies and gentlemen, it's May 18th.
We're here to discuss a potential project
to help get us out of this hell hole.
Martinez, when you're ready.
- Thank you Mr. Sander, and
everyone for your time today.
The concept for this new
proposal is to take everything
we've learned from the
cancer research project
and expand its uses
further, beyond medicinal.
- How so?
- The injections that Dr.
Howe engineered allowed
the recipients the ability to
rebuild their genetic code,
with the ability to fight off cancer.
I believe we can modify the injections
to let the recipients rebuild
for military purposes.
Simply put, the gun is only
as good as the handler,
and we will be making the handlers.
- That's a
rather extreme proposal,
outside of what MiraCO does, Martinez.
- I know, and with Dr. Howe's help,
I believe this could work,
and we could save our company.
- Dr. Howe is working
with this company's best team
on the world's next big breakthrough.
- But the research and testing for Oculus
have not had any substantial
gain in the last three years.
At this rate MiraCO has
about two years left
before it runs outta resources.
- It can work.
- What was that?
- Um, Martinez's proposal, it could work.
- All right then, Dr. Howe.
Tell me why we should throw
away years of research
on this new vision of MiraCO.
- Her proposal can work,
but we're just gonna have
to forego the standard lab
procedures in order to test it.
- Just forego standard lab procedures?
- That's correct.
- What makes you think
that that's acceptable
to just overlook such a critical phase?
- This type of genetic
modification would require
a very specific type of candidate.
One that we cannot emulate
in standard lab procedures.
The genetic build up, they
would have to be ideal
in order to have a higher success rate.
- A higher success rate?
So you're saying some
may not even succeed?
- Or live.
- Or live?
Well that just settles it on this project.
Williams, you have some
balls calling this meeting.
I applaud your cancer research,
but you are way outta
line to suggest we start
a project by testing humans.
We're already in deep
shit with our reputation.
You think people are just gonna
stand in line to be tested?
This meeting's over.
- That, that was lovely.
- Sir, you know what this would mean
for MiraCO if we succeed.
A military contract
would save this company.
- Thought you would have
known better by now.
Seems your old habits die
hard, don't they, Captain?
- She's served?
- Martinez served in the
corps under my command,
though she was known to
play her men like pawns.
- What do you mean?
- Sacrifices.
- I can make it work.
I can make it work.
- We'll move forward with
the project no matter
what that old bastard says.
- How, he just said that--
- Don't worry about that.
- What will happen if they find out?
You know, I, I didn't sign up for this,
this is my career!
- They won't, not where we're going.
Do we have candidates from our database
that we can pull from?
- Yes we do.
- Good.
- Come on now, it's
time for you to get up.
- But it's a Saturday.
- That it is, and it's already past noon.
It's time for you to get up.
I gotta get going.
- But I have nothing to do today.
- And you would be wrong about that.
You have to babysit Bethany today.
- What?
- Yay!
- But Mom, I have stuff to do today.
- Oh really?
Just a minute ago I
could have sworn you said
you had nothing going on today.
- Anna, can we go to the park today?
- Of course you can, sweetie.
Her mom will be here
to pick her up at six.
Oh, and I left some
snack money for you, too.
I'll see you at home for dinner, okay?
- Yes, Mom.
- That's my girl.
Have fun you two.
- Bye Mrs. Marie.
- Miss Anna, Miss Anna.
- Anna, Anna, Anna!
- What?
- I wanna go to the park.
- You wanna go to the park, really?
Do you like monsters?
'Cause I think I'm a monster!
- Come on!
- Yeah, just one minute.
- You should arm yourself.
- Miles, it's
just a game, I don't,
I don't wanna hurt anyone.
- Are you sure about that?
- Yeah.
- Finally.
- Mom, what happened?
You said you'd be home three hours ago.
- I'm sorry honey, work kept me late.
I'll make dinner right away.
Would you like beef?
Good, 'cause we're having chicken.
So, Bethany's mom said she had
a good time with you today.
She also said you spent
more time on your phone
than playing with her.
- I was still watching her.
- Next time you play with
her a little more, okay?
Little Bethany likes you,
and she looks up to you.
You need to set a good example.
- Yes, Mother.
- I don't think it's
asking too much for you
to put your friends on
hold for a few hours.
- Whatever.
- Keep that up and you won't have a phone!
- Test subject
number seven, Caucasian,
female, approximately 16 to 18 years old.
- Who are you?
Where am I?
- Testing for variant type C,
injection number five seven seven.
Please restrain her.
I said restrain her!
- Well she's not moving, is she?
- Yes, but do you understand
that if she's unconscious
it makes my job that much tougher?
God, I don't have half of the
things that I need around here
to make this experiment work.
No, we need her alive!
- Fine.
- What have you done to me?
What did you do, you bastard?
- Seven?
That's a bit more than you
previously stated, isn't it?
Don't tell me you need more.
- I'm not.
The formula is ready
for the prime candidate.
- Prime?
Were these not prime?
- They were close, close enough for me
to secure the formula, but
just, just not perfect.
- These are
all perfect candidates
we can choose from.
- Yes, the question is is how many
are gonna take the injections?
- Three.
We'll need three.
If you don't mind, I'd like to stop by,
have a look at the progress?
I thought you said these
were only injections.
- They are.
- Well they look half dead.
- Unfortunately this is what we have
to do for the injection to take.
- I see.
How long's it been since their injections?
- About 36 hours.
- Sounds promising.
Let me know if anything changes.
What's going on?
- No, it shouldn't happen like this again.
- What the hell is going on?
- It's okay, it's all right, it's okay.
- Boss, boss, you okay?
- What happened?
- I don't, I don't know.
- Are they dead?
You need to tell me what's going on, now.
- I don't know, they were
perfect, this should have worked.
It should've.
They're stable.
Their wounds are gone.
They did it.
- Boss!
- What the hell are you doing?
- Just wait.
She healed.
- Are they
gonna remember any of this?
- Their brains are like
blank slates right now.
They won't remember any of it.
- Good, take care of them.
We'll start them in a week.
- Hello?
- It's been awhile, Sergeant.
- Captain?
Surprised to hear from you.
- I need you in Levec
for another training assignment.
- I thought you retired?
- We're both coming out
of retirement on this one.
You'll be well compensated.
- Why me?
- Because you're
the only one that made
it out of Sector 8 alive.
- Them?
What do you expect me
to do with these guys,
they don't look like much.
- Does it really matter?
You weren't much when you came in.
- Hey now.
- One month, Johnson.
Make them the best they can be.
- One month?
You gotta be joking.
- Get it done, Sergeant.
- Captain!
- Get it done.
- Well then, let's get to it.
- For the next
month it was up to me
to prepare them for the worst.
They weren't much at first,
but that changed after a couple of days.
Drive, drive, drive!
Hurry up, get a move on!
Light a fire under that ass!
Holy crap, what're you doing back there?
All right guys, go take 10 laps.
Well, you were right.
They are indeed a special group.
- Yes they are.
How's civilian life been treating you?
- It's all right, I guess.
- You don't sound too sure.
- What can I say, nothing's
quite brought it on like
what we did back in Sector 8.
- Why don't you stay around for a bit?
- What for?
- The patron you deserve.
Stay in Levec for awhile,
I've got some work.
I could use your assistance.
- It only took them two weeks
to become combat ready.
Regardless, we continued
for the full month.
Each day the subjects
became stronger and faster,
even though their bodies
never seemed to change.
They became increasingly
unique from each other
in temperament and skill sets,
possibly a genetic trait.
Despite being such a small team,
Sergeant Johnson believes
that they will be capable
of handling larger missions on their own.
Martinez was right, this project
will save MiraCO's future.
Well, they're all clear.
Physically and mentally,
they all check out.
So, now what?
- We'll need to field test them somehow.
- That'd be
the best case scenario.
- Do you think they're
ready to be deployed?
- What do you mean?
- Sending them out on a mission,
do you think they're ready?
- Well, whatever they were
taught by Sergeant Johnson,
they should have no problems
replicating that in the field,
so they're ready.
- Williams, please, come in.
- Thank you.
Dr. Howe, surprised to see you
on this side of the building.
- Well you know, I, I
thought I would just stop in
and say hello, you know,
we are on the same team.
- Yeah, well, about that.
The board told me today
that your team's resources
will go over to Shaefer.
As of next week you'll
be under his direction.
- That's funny, I was
just about to call you
to have you set up another
board meeting for me.
- Another board meeting?
May I ask what you plan
to present this time?
They weren't too happy about the last one.
- They'll be happy this time.
You're gonna be a rich
man again, Williams.
- Oculus, did we get a breakthrough?
- We have.
- You have?
- Yes, we have.
We just need one more week
to confirm our results
before we present to the board.
- I can't believe it, we're
going back to the top.
- We're going back to the top.
- I knew I could
count on your team, Martinez.
I'll go arrange for a meeting right now.
To the top, to the top.
To the top, to the top, to the top, ha!
Good work, people!
- Idiot.
- Did your team have a
breakthrough with Oculus?
- We're not presenting Oculus.
- Wait, what?
- We're not presenting Oculus.
- Good morning, Martinez.
- Good morning, Larry.
Where's Mr. Sander?
- Mr. Sander won't be
joining us this morning,
he's actually on a last
minute conference call
with one of our suppliers, so
I will be the acting chairman
for this presentation today.
- I see.
I look forward to your thoughts
on today's presentation.
- Thank you.
- May I begin?
- You may begin.
- Martinez, what the hell is this?
- What you're about to
see is a demonstration
of what enhanced unit soldiers working for
the future of MiraCO.
- Martinez,
don't tell me that you--
- I did, and you will not be
disappointed by what you see.
- That's not the point!
You went behind the company's
back and sanctioned this?
You sanctioned your own experiments?
Go get security.
Martinez, you're fired,
get the hell outta here.
- Spencer, Carlos and Jack
are the first three candidates
to receive the injections.
Today they'll be demonstrating
their effectiveness
by performing a hostage mission.
- A hostage mission?
- Their objective is to rescue
a high ranking drug lord
that's been running Levec's territories.
- Martinez, I order you to end this.
You're not authorized to go
saving any drug lord kingpins.
- It's too late now, they're in route,
so sit down and enjoy the show.
- Do you
realize what you're doing?
- I know perfectly well,
I'm saving this company
no thanks to any of you.
- There'll be people on my
ass if word spreads of this.
- I assure you, when word spreads
this will be in the company's favor.
- Martinez, Martinez.
- Oh no, let me go!
Let me go!
- Target's on location, we're standing by.
- Hey, who're you?
- Spencer, do you copy?
- This is four three zero to five,
we caught an intruder at the perimeter.
- 10-4, bring them in.
- Wait.
- What's going on out there, Carl?
What's going on down there, Carl?
Talk to me, Carl.
Unit three, come in.
Unit three, what's your status?
All units, report your stats.
What the hell's going
on out there, goddamnit?
- You have someone we're looking for.
- Like hell we do.
Who is this?
All right, this is it.
I want this place locked
down now, let's go.
Looks like someone's here to save ya.
Stop, stop right there!
- How you doing there, sir?
- You, you bitch!
- I thought you would be grateful.
- Let me go, you hear me?
- What do you think?
- Complete, simulation complete.
Simulation complete.
- Not bad.
A bit unorthodox, but not bad.
The general will be interested.
- Well, we're ready to talk when you are.
- Captain Miller, come in?
- Go ahead.
- We're picking up
insurrectionist movement.
We believe they're meeting
with their new weapons contact.
- Get the Phoenix Team ready.
- Be advised, sir,
there's not much left
of Phoenix Team, and we're
picking up heavy radiation
signatures in that area.
What are your orders?
- Do they play well with others?
We could use the help.
- One second.
Yeah, okay.
Gear them up.
- Attention, attention,
other teams moving up
have been issued to senso level one.
Attention, attention--
- What's going on?
- We've all been assigned to a mission.
- This doesn't seem like a simulation.
- It's real this time.
There isn't much left in their armory,
but use what you can, make it work.
- And await further instructions.
Attention, attention,
other teams moving up--
- It looks like you've been
assigned to an escort mission.
- Great.
- I know this isn't ideal,
but you're gonna have to do your best.
- Has been issued
to senso level one.
Report to your stations--
- Listen up.
This is the first time we'll be attempting
a land operation outside these walls.
The risks are high, but we have no choice.
The insurrectionists
are currently in route
to an off-grid location
that has been emanating
radiation signatures
for the past few hours.
We have every reason to
believe that they will use
the weapon to breach our walls and more.
- But sir, can't we
just send in the pilots
and be done with it?
- That's a negative, Corporal,
our flight guidance systems were damaged
during the innies last assault.
You'll be dropped off at FOB number two
on the eastern wall.
From there you will proceed on
foot to the radiation point.
Let me remind you that
by this point and time
if you are not wearing your goggles,
you will go blind within a few seconds.
Your objective is to neutralize the weapon
and bring one of them back alive.
We need to know who's making them tick.
Lieutenant Bennet will be in
command of this operation.
You special science turkeys,
you listen to him, 100%.
Is that understood?
- Yes, sir.
- Very well, get to it.
- Is she on her way?
- Yes, and she's bringing
the doctor with her
in case you have any questions.
- Very good.
- Do I have something on my face?
- Oh, uh, no.
It's just--
- It's just what?
Well, what are you guys, exactly?
- It's none of your business.
- Oh come on.
You guys are obviously not normal.
Not with the way you moved
through that simulation.
- Don't poke the bear, Corporal.
- Do you have any idea how much I've lost
because of those selfish idiots?
We're out there dying trying
to defend these walls,
and then you guys show up
with your special treatment.
You know what, I'm not
gonna ask you again.
Now I said what the--
- That's enough!
You all right?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
- What's your name?
- Mason.
I'm a bomb technician.
- Mason, huh?
That's Spencer, and that's Jack.
- Nice to meet you.
- Sorry to hear about your loss.
Can't lose focus out there,
you're gonna get us killed.
- So, what are you guys, really?
- Couldn't tell ya, exactly.
Not because I don't want
to, we honestly don't know.
- That doesn't bother you?
- Not really, no.
- No?
How does that not bother you?
- Do you question your purpose
in defending those walls?
- No.
- Exactly.
Our purpose is to help you any way we can.
- Get your goggles on, boys,
we're nearing the drop off point.
- All right team, weapons check.
Little Lady?
- Four mags.
- Three mags.
- Sir Speaks-a-Lot?
- Two mags, and a class 2 EMP grenade.
- What's that exactly?
- If I have to disarm the bomb,
this will cut out all circuits
within a two mile radius
for about five minutes.
This is our last resort,
so don't touch it.
- Let me be clear.
We're to bring back one
of these innies alive.
So conserve your ammo,
don't spray and pray.
We don't know how many we're gonna
be contending with out there.
Now for this mission, we'll
be breaking up into two teams.
- Three.
- Well good
lord almighty, it speaks.
Sure about that, guy?
You don't want a spot or anything?
- Don't need one.
- Well all right then.
- Little Lady, you're with
Techy, keep him alive,
Carlos, you're with me at point.
If shit goes tits up well,
we'll be counting on you, Gunny.
And still an asshole.
- Guys are late.
- Sorry, do we really have to
come out all the way up here?
- Yeah, but I guess it'll be aight.
Here, you guys look like
you could use some of this.
- All right
everybody, stay frosty,
we're near the radiation point.
See anything up there, Gunny?
- Just arrived at
the vantage point, stand by.
- Yeah all right, copy that.
- Hold on.
There's three targets
ahead of your position.
One of interest, about 100 yards out.
- We visual on our targets,
just keep scanning in
case there are others.
- Copy that.
- Tastes good, doesn't it?
Tonight's the big day.
Need you both at your very best.
- What's the plan?
- It's simple, really.
Just need you guys to
get up that wall tonight,
set it up and set it off.
- Looks different.
- Eh, it's a little bomb that we saved
for this special occasion.
Be more than enough to blow up the wall,
even in a 1/4 mile radius.
- Where's the remote?
- Remote?
You think we have that type of stuff?
You have to manually set this puppy off.
- What?
- What, you think things
would be any different?
One of you still must die.
- What kind of bullshit is this,
that wasn't part of the deal.
- Nobody
ever said it wasn't.
- This was supposed to be it.
- Don't--
- This was supposed
to be it for me and my family.
- Stop it.
- You can't keep doing this
to us, you motherfucker.
- Oh, I believe I can.
- Where in the
hell did that come from?
- Are you guys seeing this?
- Where did these guys come from?
That's not, how is this possible?
- Settle down,
Techy. We're fighting blind
unless you can get them outta that camo.
- She had a family, you
didn't have to kill her.
You made a fucking promise!
- And I plan to keep that promise
as long as you finish out the mission.
- Fuck you.
- I think you'll see things my way.
- The fuck?
- How, how, we
gotta get outta here,
we gotta get out--
- Shut up.
- What's the matter, you look surprised.
- How did you?
- We've had
this for awhile now.
- Why didn't you--
- Share it?
Well, that's something that you don't need
to concern yourself about.
But what you need to concern
yourself about is this mission,
so your families can live like we do.
Now let's get ready, shall we?
- What is that?
- Just a timer.
Set it and get out in 20 minutes
and you'll be with your
family in a safe sector.
- That's impossible, it takes
40 minutes just to get there.
- Well I suggest you start running.
- I need more time.
- What?
- I need more time.
- This is not how it works.
- Okay, I could just stay
here and blow all of us up.
- You could, or I could
easily execute your wife
and two kids while that happens.
- Take the shot, now.
- It's not your call, Little Lady.
Everybody stand down.
- Gimme that.
- No, no wait!
- If he fails, proceed to kill all.
- What do you think
you're doing, Little Lady?
Get back here.
- Come on, come on!
- Quit your crying
Techy, and get up here.
- Shit.
- Go.
- Hell Techy, you got
a cramp, get up here.
Damnit, Techy, come on.
Carlos, stay here with him.
Carlos, Carlos?
- What's going on?
Jack, Jack, is that you?
Spencer, do you copy?
Can anyone hear me?
- Loud and clear.
Looks like the EMP wore off.
- Need status on the target now.
- I'm still in pursuit.
- We've also
lost contact with Jack.
Someone may have taken him down.
- That cocky son of a bitch.
He's gonna let that inny get away.
- Standby.
- Oh, you talking now, asshole?
- Which way did he go?
- He's west bound,
2,000 yards from last.
- At that distance
there's not much I can do.
There's too many trees in the way.
- Well you better
think of something quick,
because at this rate the
blast radius will hit
the walls when the timer runs out.
- You have clear
sight of the target?
- Yes.
- Keep him in sight.
Call out your position from
him every couple of seconds.
- Do you want me to do the same?
- Do you have sight
on the target as well?
- Negative,
but I can see Spencer.
- Then call out
your position from Spencer.
- Roger that.
- 385, 350.
- Please God don't let them hit the bomb.
- 1,300 yards, zero degrees.
- Move off to your right, Carlos.
- 370, 335.
- 1,280, 340.
- 360, 335.
- 1,270, 335.
- Your shot was too low.
- Shit.
- 352, 335.
- 1,250, 335.
- 340, 325.
- 1,247, 335.
- 335, 325.
- 1,244, 335.
- 332, 325.
- 1,242, 335.
- 329, 325.
- 1,239.
- Did we get him?
Did we get the bastard?
What's going on over there?
Has the bomb been secured?
Does anybody copy?
- Target's alive, bomb acquired.
Looks like the EMP fried the
timer, but it's still armed.
- Very good, guys.
Jack, go find some intel,
we'll meet ya there.
- Roger that.
- Let's go.
Get up.
- Wait, what're you doing?
- I'll tell you later.
- Wait, can you see?
- Shh.
- Where are you gonna go?
- He's back there.
- Copy that.
- Here.
- So he's the lucky
one going back with us?
FOB two, this is lima,
bravo, beta one requesting
immediate evac, echo, whiskey, plus one.
- Roger that, lima bravo--
- Find anything?
- No, nothing.
- What the hell took you so long,
this bastard almost got away, hey!
Next time you're getting a
damn spotter, you hear me?
- How could you put them out there
without consulting me first, Martinez?
- You said they were ready
for a field test, did you not?
- I did, but, they were
ready by themselves,
just the three of them.
We never took into account
how they would interact
with other team members.
- Well doctor, considering they
all came back in one piece,
I think they did just fine.
- Aren't you a bit underdressed, sir?
- You know very well why that is.
Come on, Captain.
This must bring back some
old memories for you.
- Indeed, it does.
- You did a good thing, doc.
They're exactly what we needed.
- Lieutenant.
- Yeah?
- You seem like you wanted
to say something else.
What exactly happened out there?
- Well let's just say they
aren't exactly cooperative.
- Who, which one of them?
I'd like to know this.
- All of them, doc, all of them.
- You guys wanna stick around?
Where's Dr. Howe?
- He's checking on the kids,
he'll be with us shortly.
- Shame, he's gonna miss all the fun.
- You know, back in the bad old days,
there used to be methods for getting
information outta prisoners.
But I'm in a generous mood today,
so I'm gonna ask you nicely.
Who's giving you the weapons?
Now, now, we know that you
guys aren't out there building
makeshift, handcrafted nukes, so please,
who's giving them to you?
You selfish motherfucker,
do you realize that we're
in here trying to find a
cure for you people, huh?
We're already running out of resources,
and you have the audacity to come up here
and try to destroy our walls?
You son of a bitch!
And what'd you think was
gonna happen after that?
Everybody gets infected,
mission accomplished, asshole.
All right.
Who is giving the weapons to you?
- You all disgust me.
You're not gonna help us anyway, right?
- I'm here to tell you you're wrong.
- Bullshit!
You and Beufits are fucking the same.
You and your goddamned lies!
- Beufits?
- What does Sector 8 have to do with this?
- You didn't know?
Vas was giving us the weapons.
They used us.
They promised as soon
as Levec got breached,
we get in, we'd be safe.
But that was all a fucking lie.
Now that we know, both of
you already had the cure.
- We don't have the cure.
- Yes you do!
You lied to us.
I saw a girl without the goggles.
She didn't have the goggles on.
- What is this inny talking about?
- I don't know about the girl,
but we definitely saw a supplier out there
without his goggles on, sir.
- Are you sure?
- Is he sure, yes he's sure!
- What the hell did you
bring me in on here?
- I don't know.
- Looks like the war he resolved
isn't quite over yet, Captain.
No one is to know about this.
If what he says is true
about your special soldiers,
we don't need to waste
resources letting those innies
in when we've got a war to fight.
- Shall I draft up a contract, then?
- You guys can't
tell anybody about this, got it?
- We're gonna need MiraCO to make more.
A lot more.