Project Eden: Vol. I (2017) Movie Script

I can only just remember
what the sound of silence is like.
Not the deafening
roar of nothingness.
But the silence we associate with
the natural world in harmony...
The silence that comes from
trees swaying in the breeze,
the trickle of water as it makes
its way down a flowing stream,
a single leaf falling after a
bird has rested on its branches,
are the fact that ultimately, nature
is what it is, unapologetically.
That silence is beautiful.
There are two sounds in particular, that
will haunt me for the rest of my life.
The first, being on the day where
the world changed forever.
And then, there
was the second.
Five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten, good. Push!
I can't.
Yes, you can. You're a strong woman.
You've got this.
Evelyn, Evelyn...
Do you know what you're having?
We didn't find out, we...
We always thought it would be a boy.
We always wanted a boy first.
Okay, Evelyn.
- Good. Push.
- Baby's right there. He's right there.
There's the head.
It's a boy.
And he's here, it's a boy.
You have a boy just like you wanted.
- What's wrong?
- Go, get the doctor right now.
No, can I hold my son?
Adam should be here!
I want my son!
- Who's Adam?
- Adam is her husband.
He died about
six months ago.
Still not sleeping?
Have you been taking
your medications?
When your last batch was delivered
the nurse noticed unopened bottles.
Isn't that on my file, too?
How is your religious
consultation progressing?
I've decided it's not
really for me.
It's a mandatory part
of your course.
As I said, it's not for me.
Are you still visiting him?
You know I am.
Let me explain something
to you, just listen, carefully.
No matter how much medicine
you're prescribed,
no matter
how many sessions we have
where you choose to sit in complete silence,
nothing is going to help you move on
with your life until you
sever this connection.
Now let me explain
something to you.
Apart from the fact that it is
unethical for you to tell me
what I should
and shouldn't be doing,
at the end of the day, I will never
leave him, so stop wasting your breath.
Time's up.
And, they attacked...
You can see pandemonium here.
We are seeing a national guard
and, you can see
that they are...
Main resistance
camp has stopped...
I brought
you something.
I know you didn't
have this one
and I thought you could
add it to your collection.
Do you want me
to sing you the song?
Round and round the garden
Like a teddy bear
One step, two step
Tickle you under there!
Mrs. Green we have been
monitoring the boy's condition
for going on, six years.
I'm sorry?
My sons name is Thomas.
Of course.
Thomas' condition, hasn't
changed in quite some time.
We've run hundreds of tests, consulted
some of the best doctors and scientists
in the world, regarding
motor neuron study.
We just don't think there
will ever be... a change.
You need to start focusing
on your future, Evelyn.
So, what are you saying?
Like I've said before,
if there's nothing you can do,
then just let me
take him home.
You know that's
not an option.
What are you
suggesting, then?
Mrs. Green, we are running
out of options.
Have you considered
This isn't
a life for him.
You should put him out
of his misery.
He's a lab experiment locked in a
cage, Mrs. Green, he deserves better.
You deserve better.
Evelyn, are you all right?
No, leave me alone.
You heard what I said,
We will give you 10 minutes
to gather your thoughts.
Any longer than that, and I will
have security escort you out.
We will have to finish this
conversation at some point, Evelyn.
You still have it?
It's one of the only
things I have left of you.
I can't do it anymore.
I have tried
so hard for so long.
I feel like
I have no purpose.
He is your purpose.
You heard them.
They want to kill him.
They're going to murder
our son, our baby.
What's it like?
Not having to feel anymore.
Please don't do this.
Can I help you?
Look, I know you don't know
me but you can help me.
Evelyn, my name
is Ethan Varick.
I have something very important
to talk to you about.
- Go away.
- Wait, Evelyn, please.
I don't know you, please go
away before I call the police.
It's about your son.
What do you know
about my son?
May-may I please come in?
No, you can't come in. Tell me
what you know about my son.
I'm really sorry to make contact with you
like this but I had to wait until now,
it's far too dangerous
during the day.
You're not making any sense.
They're covering it up. They're
hiding the truth from us.
Who is? From what?
Them, the government.
I had a daughter, she has the same problem.
She had the same problem.
What are you
talking about?
Tomorrow, you will be visited by
the FBI, they're looking for me,
don't tell them anything.
You never saw me.
- I thought this was about my son.
- It is.
Meet me tomorrow
at the Stone Arch Bridge, 9:00.
Make sure they
don't follow you.
Miss Green.
Oh, pardon me, ma'am.
I'm special agent David Roth
from the Federal Bureau
of Investigation
and this is Agent Greisen.
Is there something
I can help you with?
I sure do hope so, ma'am.
May we come in?
I apologize about the mess,
I've been rather busy lately
and haven't been home much.
No, not a concern at all.
We, of course, apologize for
interrupting your day, Mrs. Green.
We were wondering if you
have ever seen this man?
No, I'm sorry I've
never seen that man before.
That's unfortunate.
We have a witness who placed this
man in this building, last night.
I'm sorry, I wish I could be
more help, Mr. Roth.
Please call me David.
He's a very dangerous
man, Mrs. Green.
I have a warrant
for his immediate arrest.
You know, I'm always fascinated by
how much neighbors like to talk.
Gossip caught at its origin
is a very useful tool
when hunting people
who belong behind bars.
What will little Thomas do if he
doesn't have you, Mrs. Green?
Call me, Evelyn.
Okay, Evelyn.
You don't mind if we have
a little look around?
If you'll excuse me for a minute, I'm...
just a little distressed.
Of course, please take your time.
We aren't going anywhere.
"Behold, the day is coming
"when I will raise up
for David a righteous Branch
"and he will reign as king."
You tell me exactly
who you are
and why the hell I have two FBI
agents searching my apartment?
Were you followed?
I am only here because you told me
you knew something about my son.
No, I am not getting dragged into
whatever trouble you are in.
I know about
your son's condition,
it isn't an isolated case like
they have kept you believing.
How would you know that?
My daughter was born
the same way.
They convinced us
it was a rare disease,
something that prevented her brain from
communicating with the rest of her body.
I did some digging,
there are more cases like this
around the world than you think.
Hundreds, possibly
thousands by now.
Have they suggested
euthanasia yet?
I am innocent, I was set up.
And, those men do not
work for the FBI.
Get in the car and I'll
tell you everything.
Our doctors suggested
euthanasia too.
They're trying to cover
all of this up.
They wanna
keep us quiet.
They murdered my wife.
After serving my
country for years,
they dishonorably discharged
me from the military
and now I'm wanted
for treason.
When I did nothing more
than try to protect my family.
I can't do this without you.
I wanna see, Thomas.
You can't,
it's too dangerous, that's the
first place they will look.
No, no, I need to see him,
if all of this is true then I
need to say goodbye at least.
This is Lily.
She was five.
Right now,
your son exists.
According to the rest
of the world,
my daughter never did.
Here are the breaking news,
local police are on the lookout
for a young woman who they
believe is aiding a man that is
wanted by the FBI for questioning.
She is believed to have last been seen
fleeing her downtown apartment this morning.
Anyone with any information,
please contact...
We're out of time.
I promise you, I will
help you get your son back.
I may know someone
who could help us.
Hi, Aidan.
Come on in.
Come on in.
Jeez, what a mess!
So, how have you been?
I've been getting by.
You know, I tried to come visit you in
the hospital after Thomas was born.
I actually
came a few times
but the doctors said... doctor's
said you didn't wanna see anybody,
let alone me, I love dad,
I'm like a son.
I needed to let
you know that...
You don't have
to explain. I know.
Jesus, where are my manners?
Would you like some coffee?
- Something to drink?
- No, thank you.
Let me get you some
coffee, coming right up.
You know, I've been seeing
your face all over the TV, son.
I mean...
Your hair is different,
definitely got different hair.
But it's nothing a trained eye can't
spot and I never forget a face.
They murdered my wife, sir.
I know how it sounds but
they're covering it all up.
- "They"?
- Yes, they.
Our government.
I know it sounds
crazy, sir, but...
Nothing too crazy when it comes to the U.S.
government, son.
They put as much effort into
education, medical sectors,
helping out vets as they do into
conspiracies, we'd have the most functional,
progressive government
on the whole goddamn planet.
They have always said that
Thomas was an isolated case,
but Ethan had a daughter that was
born with the same condition.
Listen to me, carefully,
if you get caught
and my name is dropped,
I'll have to turn my back.
- I won't be able to help you.
- No, of course.
We understand.
Now I can't... I can't confirm
any of this, of course,
but I've heard whispers,
of a government program up north,
something to do with children.
I don't know the details,
they are all... vague,
but could be nothing.
Or, it could be something.
I wouldn't count on it, son,
and I don't need to remind you
that you're stepping into some very dangerous
territory here, I would reconsider.
I'm already in dangerous
I'm not going down
for something I didn't do.
Yeah, well, you just don't
take her down with you.
What's this?
It's the name and number
of an old friend up north,
he's gonna tell you
what you need to know.
Thank you, Aidan.
Well, I guess, this is where
I say, "Good luck."
This will do.
Are you sure
you can trust him?
He won't turn us in
if that's what you're asking.
Our biggest problem is gonna
be getting across this border.
Ever since marburg hit, every
border has become heavily fortified
with tight security
around the clock.
We need to figure out
how we're gonna get across.
I have an idea.
But you're not
gonna like it.
What is this place?
I suppose you would
call it a hangout spot,
but more for criminals
who like to keep a low key.
Drug dealers,
dirty cops, lawyers.
A friend of a friend runs this joint.
Just stay close to me.
Wait here.
Where you going?
Will be back
in just a minute.
Anyone can count the seeds
in an apple.
Only God, can count the
number of apples in a seed.
Wouldn't pick you as a supporter
of Christian televangelists.
Never judge a book
by its cover, my friend.
Let's cut to the chase,
shall we?
Evening, Mrs. Green.
I wouldn't have expected to
see you in a place like this.
Special agent David Roth. We met earlier
this morning at your apartment.
Please, have a seat.
You know,
I was a bit concerned
the way you rushed off this
morning, without saying goodbye.
Are you here alone?
Yes. Just me,
having a drink.
I had a bit
of a rough morning.
Well, it's a peculiar place for a
woman to have a drink by herself.
Since we're here,
let me buy you another.
Two whiskeys, neat please.
We're still searching for that man, we
talked about this morning, Ethan Varick.
You haven't seen him
since then, have you?
No. No, I haven't. Sorry.
Let's play a little game, shall we?
A drinking game, if you will.
Pick a number between...
Say one and 20.
I'm not very good
at those sort of things.
It's pretty simple, just pick
a number, anyone can do it.
Oh, so close. But no.
Drink up.
Let's try again.
Very good, you got it.
Let's drink anyway.
An interesting fact,
did you know that 20 is the minimum
number of years you can go to prison
for harboring
and assisting fugitive.
Is this man
bothering you?
No, it's okay.
Everything is fine.
Special agent David Roth, FBI.
Do you think
I care about FBI?
If you're bothering one
of our customers, you get out.
Women get enough shit
from men in this world,
without needing to be
interrupted when having drinks.
Fair enough, but I am
a paying customer.
I don't care,
I don't like you.
You see, my brother and I, we decide who
drinks and doesn't drink at this bar.
So, don't let the door hit you
in the ass on the way out.
This way.
Let him go.
Get the car,
get the car, move.
Evelyn, get in! Quick.
Who are you and why is the fucking
FBI snooping around my bar?
It's a long story.
You better start
talking quick
before I squeeze this trigger
a little too hard, my friend.
All you need to know is, those
men are not from the FBI.
And, it's in your best
interest to help us.
Are you chipped?
I'm not.
- Give me your arm. Give me your arm.
- What?
They found us because they're tracking
a chip. We need to take it out.
- No.
- Evelyn, please.
If you don't, I slit your throat
and throw you out the back door.
No, no.
Hold her still.
Lose them.
Get out.
So, I take you across
border for $50,000.
You failed to mention you're a wanted
man and the FBI is all over your ass.
So, that's the price.
Take it or leave it,
my friend.
The rest when you get
us across the border.
Deal. Get in van.
We leave now.
No. No, I'm not getting
back in that van.
We're getting closer by the minute. You
don't have to trust them, but at least
try and trust me. Remember
why you're doing this.
Think of Thomas.
License and medical papers,
Please present your microchips
for routine identification scan.
Why are you crossing
the border today, sir?
Local farmer, selling our
produce at market tomorrow.
You have clearance papers
for the produce?
Of course, we do.
We're gonna have to take a look
at the back of this van, sir.
Best fruit
in the metropolitan area,
good quality.
Very expensive.
I let you have
one for free.
Suit yourself.
Thank you for your time, sir.
You may proceed.
Let them through!
That was close.
Tough times never last, my friend.
Tough people, however, do.
It's literally just across the border, you
can at least take us to the next town.
That was not part of the deal, my friend. Next
time, you best being a bit more specific.
I want my money.
Come on. Come on.
What the hell was that,
back there?
Jesus, I need a cigarette.
Are you all right?
Let me see.
It isn't too bad.
It'll be okay.
Does it hurt?
It's not that.
I don't know what happened.
I just blacked out.
What am I doing, Ethan?
Thomas is alone.
He is probably wondering
where I am.
I'm sorry I dragged you
into all this.
I care, Evelyn.
I promise you, I do.
I know this is important.
I've just been so used
to my routine.
My life.
On the positive side of things,
you just saved me $25,000.
Okay, you rest here
for the remainder of the day.
I'll make sure we're safe.
- Can you walk?
- Yeah.
So, what's next?
From what I can tell,
we stopped a few hours
after the border-crossing,
around about here.
So, if we're to avoid
the interstate,
we should try to catch a ride on the
interior road which eventually cuts back
and over this bridge
and into town.
What the hell are you
doing on my property?
I'm sorry for trespassing, sir.
We were just looking for shelter.
Take a step back, boy, or I'll blow
a hole right through your head.
I'm well within my rights
to kill you where you stand.
Sir, if you will just
let me explain.
You got five seconds
to get off my property.
Five, Four...
We're going.
Three, two...
Stephen Joseph Erickson, what
did I tell you about that gun?
I was just escorting these
trespassers off our property.
You best stay
out of this, woman.
Every week, it is something
with the damn guns.
They are just lucky, I didn't stick the
dogs on them. Haven't fed them yet, today.
I know you're not speaking about Koby
and Jeremiah because they would just
as soon be man-eating guard dogs as I
am president of these United States.
You folks, all right?
We're sorry, our car broke down
a few miles back and then,
we're exhausted, w-we just
needed a place to stay.
- Well, come on in.
- What?
You just need a good meal and
a nice warm bed to sleep in.
Stephen, you come too and feed
the guard dogs on your way in.
Don't mind me, dears.
I've got you some nice, big
spare blankets here,
just in case, it gets cold during the night
and there are some extra bandages here
for your arm.
Thank you so much for
your hospitality, Margaret.
Oh, there is nothing better than
doing good deeds, I always say.
I do hope that you sleep
well tonight.
This used to be my son's room.
Before he went off
and went to that
damn war, leaving us
make ends meet.
I'll see you in the morning.
Good night.
The world is so focused
on violence,
no wonder
it's falling apart.
"In war, truth
is the first casualty."
Winston Churchill.
My husband
used to say that.
He didn't like war but he wanted
to fight for this country
and he was prone to defend
the people he loved.
It was a bitter-sweet
difference in our marriage,
I despise war.
You remind me of him,
more than I realized.
Lets re-wrap your wrist
before you go to bed.
My wife was the fan
of Churchill, not me.
She used to quote him to me,
each time I was recalled.
I think she hoped it might make
me change my mind and stay.
Now, I wish I had
listened to her.
When Adam died,
I was three months pregnant.
He left me alone to fight
a meaningless war.
Your wife was right to hope.
Sometimes that's all
we have left.
Evelyn, we have to go.
- Get dressed. They're here. They found us.
- What?
Thank you for coming.
They're upstairs, asleep.
When do I get my reward?
Soon enough,
Mrs. Erickson.
Your government thanks you.
They're coming.
We aren't going
fast enough.
They're going
to catch up with us.
Come on.
Don't lose them.
Stop making this harder
for yourself, Varick.
There, that's it.
You see that phone booth, you go
make the call, I'll keep watch.
Yes, my name is Evelyn Green,
I'm a friend of Aidan Woodrow.
Right, yes.
We're here...
we're here now.
Okay, sure.
What did he say?
He said, he's in town
right now.
He'll meet us in half an hour
and he gave me the place.
Let's not keep him waiting.
Hello, I'm Evelyn.
I'm here with Ethan Varick.
Thank you for meeting us.
You like this song?
I'm sorry to have contacted you
out of the blue like this.
Pretty necklace.
You and your friend
in some kind of trouble?
You could say that.
Aidan said, you might be
able to help us.
My son, he's sick.
They say, they don't
know what it is.
You might wanna be paying
attention to the radio.
Big announcement coming soon, supposedly,
it's gonna change the world.
- On the phone...
- I can already hear the whispers.
It's coming, sooner
than we all think.
You'll understand what it
really means, though.
You're not a pill swallower
like most of the world.
I can tell from your eyes.
The men that are after you, they
aren't who they say they are.
It's much bigger
than you think.
I'm sorry, I...
The awakening isn't
happening quick enough.
There's too many obstacles and not
enough time. They aren't going to win.
You need to know...
What the hell are you doing?
That wasn't part of the plan.
Plans change.
You better know
what you are doing.
You had your chance, Ethan.
They feel you're
deviating too far,
that you may no longer have
it in you to do what it takes.
I'm here to make sure you do.
Good morning, careful.
What happened?
You've been
unconscious for days.
You've been burning up, I've just
been trying to keep you cool.
Where am I?
It's okay, you're in a camp.
My name is Alice.
Ethan. There was a man
with me, where is he?
I don't know,
I wasn't there.
There was a fight and we rescued
you and we brought you here.
What's your name?
It's a nice name.
Welcome back to the land of the conscious.
How are you feeling?
You are safe now, that's
what you need to know.
everyone going?
We're getting ready
to leave and head home.
All will be revealed in due
course, I promise. I'm Michael.
Alice will take care of you and
help you with anything you need.
We're a couple of minutes
from heading out.
Arvid and the rest
will all continue on for us.
Here, this will make
you feel better.
It can get quite
cool on the way up.
Where is your home?
It's not far
from here just,
half a day, across the other
side of the mountain.
It's very unusual for them
to send for someone.
You've caused quite a bit
of trouble but they told us
- that it would all be worth it.
- Alice.
I don't understand.
You will.
Don't worry yourself. Where
we're going is really safe.
Michael and I have
been there for a while now,
ever since we had
to leave our last home.
Because there ain't
a place in the world
that I would ever consider
raising a child now.
I'll be right back.
It's our first wedding
anniversary, next week.
We're celebrating in the same
place we got married,
which is not far
from we're going.
It's gonna be so beautiful,
just like the wedding
and fairy lights strung up
on the trees and everything,
just like how I imagined
it as a little girl.
- It's nice.
- Alice.
I'm taking a small team and
breaking off from the main group.
You continue heading home, but, I
will regroup with you, later on.
Why? What's wrong?
Just a precaution.
Or I can come with you,
I can help you.
Not this time. Not with groups
A and B off-site as well.
Do as I say, please.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Look at what we have
here, Mr. Varick.
Your little friend
is doing us proud.
You're not having any second
thoughts about this, are you, Ethan?
I'm not.
Because I would hate for us
to have a problem again.
They're breaking up.
They know we're here.
Keep an eye on the girl,
we still need her.
The others
are on their way.
Williams, go with Greisen and meet
them at the rendezvous point.
Ethan and I are going
to say, hello.
Williams, make sure
the asset's in place.
So, you're the one. He's been
waiting for you. Come with me.
Hey, let me out.
Hey! Hey!
I've been
waiting an eternity,
for this moment.
There's no one out here, Michael.
We should just start heading back.
What is it?
Get down,
get on your knees.
Do it, Ethan.
I said, "Do it."
Pick him up.
Horrible habit, I know.
Spend a few days with a couple of eccentric
minds and you walk away with an addiction
lasting several lifetimes,
give or take.
Given all you've been through, you
look surprisingly well, Evelyn.
How do you know my name?
Do you know why
you are here?
Who are you?
I've been known by many
names through the ages.
The Devil incarnate,
the Beggar on the street,
but, people here simply
refer to me
as The Shepherd.
Regardless of who
I was or am,
it's you, who are of
the utmost importance.
What is going on here?
What do you see
in your dreams, Evelyn?
They're just dreams.
"We are such stuff
as dreams are made on
"and our little lives
are rounded with a sleep."
But, you know this as well as I, you
see it every time you visit Thomas.
Welcome back, Michael.
It is Michael, right?
No! You see, I wouldn't
do that if I were you.
Where are my men?
Oh, you mean the boys
he has playing soldier.
They're dead.
My friend and I here,
exterminated them.
There's less of your
kind in the world now.
You know what I've been
thinking, Michael?
It's time for us
to play a little game.
What do you know
about Thomas?
Whether one chooses
to believe it or not, Evelyn,
there is more to life
than flesh and blood.
Call it a soul
or a spirit within us
that not only determines
who we are in this lifetime,
but also the next.
Reincarnation's not
a matter of fate, Evelyn.
The ultimate
expression of free will.
It's happening over the centuries,
more and more souls are choosing
not to return.
Thomas is one.
- So, he's not sick?
- No.
But, he's not
as he should be.
The boy you call your son
is just an empty shell.
A vessel in which only
shadows of his soul reside.
Why would he choose
not to be with me?
Think of the events that have occurred
over the past few decades, in particular.
Acts that have tripped new
waves of fear and terror.
In order to ratchet up the levels
of chaos like never before.
Make no mistake.
Life is and always has been a
battle between order and chaos.
And the reason chaos is thriving is
because they have effectively blocked
the pathways to order, which is
through calm, rational thought.
Some highly conscious spirits believe,
should they return they would be overrun
by the powers of chaos
and lose their souls, forever.
Who's behind the chaos?
Like me, they have been known
by many names through the ages,
the Brotherhood of the snake,
the Freemasons,
and in your time
the Illuminati.
Call it in.
Roth, it's Williams,
come in.
We've located the entrance.
Coming into position,
ready to move in on your order. Roth?
let's try this again.
Is your Shepherd
hiding up there?
Or are we just wiping out
one of your hideouts for fun?
Why are you making this
so difficult on yourself?
All you have to do is tell
us if he's up there.
Then, we can all get on with
what we need to do today.
Roth, it's Williams. Come in.
You're a fool if you
think you could stop him.
He's one step ahead of you
at all times.
You're already dead.
Roth, can you hear me? Roth?
They seek
to control the planet
and prevent the human race
from finding the truth.
About the children?
They are using the children
for their own evil purposes.
Their main priority
is to stop the awakening.
What is the awakening?
Well, quite simply, it is
the unlocking of one's true potential.
You have to understand this,
it's very difficult
to comprehend.
I understand more
than you know.
You said
we've met before.
We have, indeed.
Nearly, 5000 years ago.
You were one of the oldest
souls in the universe, Evelyn.
The first, in fact.
Your necklace has been
drawing you to me.
That's why they
are after you.
This is a family heirloom.
My mother gave it to me
and her mother to her.
I gave it to you.
We must fast track your awakening, Evelyn.
We don't have much time.
I can't finish it.
It can only be you.
None of this is making
a difference, David.
We should be sticking
to the mission.
"The mission"?
When the hell have you
ever stuck to the mission?
You're lucky you're
even still here.
What's that
supposed to mean?
Hey. Look who I
found sneaking around.
Where the hell
have you been?
I've been trying
to reach you on the radio.
I think that we found the sanctuary,
the woman's in there with them.
Everyone's in position. We're
waiting to move in on your signal.
before I go and kill
your almighty Shepherd,
there's something I would
like to demonstrate for you.
You see, it's just easier
that way, Michael.
Death is inevitable
and all of us...
the war has gone
on long enough.
what are you doing?
Shut up.
Now, hey.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
Now, is it a boy
or a girl?
Is it a boy or a girl,
Clearly, it's neither.
Alice! No!
What the fuck
are you doing?
Put the knife down
and back away.
Do it, David.
Who the hell do you
think you are?
We took you in as one of our
own, you swore an oath.
And, how do you repay us?
Not by murdering
innocent people
In the name of a war
that started so long ago,
nobody even remembers
what it's about.
My God. She's gotten
to you, hasn't she?
Hand your gun.
You're pathetic.
This is bigger than them, Ethan.
It's bigger than you and me.
How did my wife
really die?
We need to go
warn them.
No. She's dead
because of you.
Everybody else that you love will be
dead, too, if we don't warn them.
You're all
that they have.
Don't let her
death be in vain.
You can still
save your people.
Groups A and B are off-site.
We're not protected.
We'll come back for her,
I promise you.
We need to get moving.
Is there another
way in? Think!
Other side of the rail.
We're moving in!
I said, now.
This way.
She'll be in the room
on the second left.
What about you?
We'll meet again.
Open the door.
I can't do that, my purpose
is to protect them.
You hear that?
They're coming.
I don't give a shit about
your orders. Open the door
or we're all dead.
I need to get you out of here.
They're coming.
Do you even have a daughter?
Everything I told you about
my family is true, Evelyn.
My wife, my daughter,
they were my world.
I promise I will tell you
everything but we have to go now.
Leave me alone.
Well, doesn't this
feel surreal?
Eighteen long years,
I've been searching for you
and here you are.
Not such a needle
in the haystack, after all.
Six down, one to go.
Bring him in.
You see,
you can't win.
This is the future.
I've been waiting
so long for this.
Where is the key?
Evelyn, run.
It all ends here.
You're wrong, I'm
not important anymore.
Things have already been set in
motion and you're one step behind.