Project Hope (2015) Movie Script

(eerie music)
- There you go.
Thank you.
Here, drink this orange juice
it'll make you feel better.
Thank you again for your help.
- Oh, with the recent tragedies
it's the least I could do.
- We've all lost someone, haven't we?
So have you donated yet?
- I give my time not my blood.
- Well not to lay the
guilt trip on too thick
but we need to bring in
30 pints of blood per day
for Project Hope.
I'm up to twice a week.
(eerie music)
- Jesus Mary that's not healthy.
- It's the least I can do.
To help save lives.
You know what, why don't
you take this to the truck
and count our total?
- Okay.
(blood splattering)
(eerie music)
(door clatters)
(eerie music)
(eerie music)
Damn it what a waste.
(dramatic chord)
Open up.
We can't afford to be wasteful.
Remember what happened last time.
(eerie music)
(dramatic chord)
(eerie music)
(water splashing)
- Hey.
We good?
- I think I will donate.
- 'Atta girl.
(eerie music)
- Talos I wanna be rich, I
wanna be really, really rich.
- Hey maybe you shouldn't.
- Dude bite me.
(eerie music)
Why'd it do that?
(crying out)