Project ISISX (2018) Movie Script

Alpha Team in position
One hostile at the back door, over.
Bravo Set - one single guard at the front entrance
Delta Set - one guarding the back door armed with a long gun
No night vision. Charlie Set - roof is clear
Echo confirming one guarding the front entrance. Roof is clear.
Delta we move on your mark. Call the Ball. Roger.
Echo, you have the sentry guarding the front door, I will take the one guarding the back.
Charlie, continue overwatch in case of any response.
Confirm when ready. Set. Set.
On my mark..three...two...
Target down. All clear.
Alpha, Bravo, you are clear to move. Move.
We have a squirter Target down.
Alpha team clear. Warehouse clear.
Clear. Clear. All clear. Barnes!
How is she? She's a little dazed, but otherwise okay.
I think she might be drugged too. The DEA can come in now, it's clear.
Let's see what these bastards have been up to.
Check that box.
What the hell?
Something's not right here.
Is it just me, or does that wall look a little out of place here?
It's definitely hollow.
What the hell?
Alpha, there's a girl in here walking toward us. Copy, we found some in here too
checking it out. Hon?
Are you okay?
Excuse me, um...I...
I'm here for the interview...
I didn't know this company was a startup
Not that it challenge
Please have a seat and put these on.
Ah ha cool...
Is that what your company does? Because...if...
so, this is my peanut butter and jam.
I'm definitely on board. Uh, and who is that dude.
He is a man on a mission
that must be the boss. Good morning Mr Martin.
I find it more convenient to conduct my meetings
this way. This won't take much of your time. Or mine.
Okay...I completely understand...mister.... may call me Mr Smith. Okay, Mr...uh...Smith
You're the one conducting the interview?
Quite frankly, this is not so much of an interview as it is an offer.
I get the job? Your brother is under investigation by the securities and exchange commission.'re with the SEC...right?
Yeah, okay then...this interview is over until I can get my attorney.
No, Mr Martin...I am not with the SEC
May I continue? That securities and exchange commission will find your brother
guilty, of that there is no doubt. He has been dealing with
some extremely shady people. As a result, your brother
and his family are in for some very difficult times...
in the near and distant future. How did you... This is where my offer to you comes in.
Mr Martin, you possess
a certain skill set. Skills of which my organization
is in need. You mean my programming...
Perhaps I should have said skills possessed by your alter ego...Mimir Interesting choice for a hackers pseudonym...
Mimir...the Norse God of Wisdom.
I do hope you possess the wisdom of Mimir.
As I possess certain skills that my organisation
is in need of. If you accept my offer, we will ensure that
your brother's investigation with the SEC will be concluded in his favor.
I thought you said you weren't with the SEC I'm not.
I'm simply to effect the influence of a great many things.
Your brother's investigation is one of them
if I reject your offer? As I said,
your brother and his family will be in for a very..hard...time...
I get the bargain...I, uh...
I become your hacker slave and...
you fix my brother and his
family's problems. No, in fact, Mr Martin, we will only require your services
for this one assignment. After that you may go back to your life
hacking away, as normal, except you will have
a very large stipend as compensation for your services.
How many laws would I have to break? Considering the number of laws you've already broken,
I wouldn't think that would be a consideration for you.
But, you will be doing a service foryour country.
Ah're with the government
No, I am not with the government...on the contrary we provide
extra-governmental oversight...preferring to work outside the contraints
of the political agendas of most countries...opting to work for our own country
and it's citizens.
You needn't make a decision immediately. I'll give you the rest of the day to think about my office. Tomorrow at precisely
noon, you will receive a text. We will expect your answer then.
And do keep in mind, Mr Martin, we will not make this offer a second time.
Good day.
He'll work...he's a much better programmer than even he realizes.
His hacking skills are off the charts.
There will be some growing pains...for all of them.
But in the end I'm positive he'll mesh well for...whatever you have in mind.
CLICK completely understand
Thank you for everything you're doing for my father
According to this note, you're the last one
Seven people
So...are you the one who's going to tell us what the hell we're going here? None of these idiots know anything.
All I know is...
What I was told during my interview...
I'm just here for my hacking skills.
Well, well...the mysterious "Mr Smith"
My kind of meeting, right to the point
Well, you've certainly pulled together quite an interesting group.
Military...military - maybe police...
I'm going to guess you're our token geek...And you...
No clue...but you have a very seedy look to you.
We're all waiting to hear with baited breath.
Who's rumored to be the next Republican
candidate for President of the United States.
She's very active in the women's right movement in the Middle East.
She's been using her father's connections to work with the Afghan government
to build schools and provide education for young Afghan girls. And it hasn't made
her very propular with some very nasty people from what I hear.
You seem to know a lot about her. The middle east is my specialty...
I'm guessing that's why I'm here...
How many dead?
How did they manage to keep that one quiet?
Who claimed responsibility?
How is someone "accidentally" rescued?
Because, we didn't know they were there.
We were working with the DEA...doing what we could
to interrupt the flow of drugs coming out of Afghanistan. We had a lead
on a large of stash of high grade opiates supposedly being stored in a warehouse...but instead of finding drugs
we found five women chained to a wall. Who is "we"?
Captain Dale Swanson...
currently assigned to first special forces, operational detachment delta.
This is a military operation? I guess should have figured...with...
looks of you guys...but I thought you said we weren't going to be working with the government... I'm no leave...
After the ...incident...
at the warehouse, I was told to take all the time I needed.
Finding give women chained to a wall effected you that much... No...
It was the suicide bomber that took out half of my team and the entire DEA contingent.
Three days into my leave, I was contacted by Mr Smith...
I have a feeling you all know the rest of the story.
(you are to search for an rescue Miss Thurman, and any other young ladies who might
Do you want me to use my own computer equipment or is there something
that you'd like me to use?
I guess he meant that literally
Okay...first thing I'd like to do is figure out who we are...
what we can do...what we can't do...
I'm not used to working with a team I don't know. That's as good a place to start as any.
I'm Julian...but only my mother calls me Julian...
Everyone who knows me calls me Jules...
and I've a feeling before this is over we'll know each other quite well.
You were pretty spot on...Miss...
Ankita. Ankita...
A lot of people refer to my profession as "seedy"
I tend to move around in the dark underbelly of society
I'm in the business of finding and procuring anything my customer needs
by any means...whether they be legal
or illicit... Black marketeer...I can definitely see the benefits of you on our team.
My specialty includes profiling
and deprogramming. I'm guessing I'm here in case Miss Thurman needs deprogramming
after the ordeal. FBI?
At one point...let's leave it at that.
Well, what do you think?
I think you've put together a good group of individuals
Let's see if they can operate as a team. You know the history some of them have.
We have Lilah to thank for bringing them here. Another good choice.
Now we have to see if Captain Swanson can bring them together as a team.
There's the question mark.
The incident in Ankara hit him pretty hard. Hopefully it doesn't effect his leadership
of this team. We can't afford for him to be overly cautious.
My real concern is Larry.
we've created a pack of Alpha Wolves and tossed a sheep in their midst.
I just hope he doesn't get eaten alive before this is all over.
Time will tell.
Folami...I'm an engineer.
But I cut my teeth in the Legion Etrangere.
The French Foreign Legion.
Koa...Royal Thai Army...Special Warfare Division.
But you're not Thai...Laotian? Yes...
My father worked with the American CIA during the Vietnamese War.
When the American forces left the country, they left him. So he fled, taking all of us to Thailand with him.
I'm going to guess "Ivan" over here
is also Spec Ops...probably Spetznaz
when I was young and stupid.
Now I work as chief of security for a Russian businessman in Moscow.
So you're an enforcer for the Russian Mafia.
Da... I knew you looked familiar...I've done some work
for your boss on occasion.
I think my main reason for being here is to soften the testosterone level of the group
No...that's probably me
My specialty is the middle eastern affairs with a focus on fundamentalist terrorism
Formerly with the RAW, now I work in the private sector. So you're a spook!
Watch out...she'll take your teeth.
And...I'm your IT guy.
IT guy...well's time to earn your money.
That goes for all of you...enough chit chat...let's find this girl for the boss
If you so much as move
You'll end up with a Russian Bowtie
Anyone curious enough to know who he is, or should I just-
Let's not get crazy
Now I AM curious. I'm just delivering the supplies you requested.
You don't look much like a delivery boy.
Curiouser and curiouser.
Start talking. I'm Clark...
your handler...your's my number that's on your phone
Why the hell you sneaking around in the middle of the night?
This lot needs their beauty sleep
This isn't a nine-to-five...things get done when they need to get done.
Even if it does interfere with your beauty rest.
So, now that you're all awake you can help me bring in the rest of the stuff.
I got some extra special toys for you.
I bet computer
You need all of this? Geek!
For what it's worth, thanks for all the gear
So what's inside this thing anyway. That case you're carrying has the latest intelligence dump
for the area. It'll give you a good starting point in your search.
We managed to narrow it down to just a few groups who might be responsible. And I'll be able to contact you any time we need something.
Using the number Smith sent us, correct? You'll be able to contact me any time you want
just by looking over and talking to me. I'll be with you permanently...for the rest of the mission. Excuse me?
I was under the impression I was going to have full control of the team, not have someone staring
over my shoulder micromanaging the whole time.
I'm simply a liaison. A resource for you and the rest of the team. I'll be operating as a member of your team.
You're in command. No need to worry about me getting in the way.
If nothing else, we can still use him to keep Koa in line.
Any more surprises? That is all Captain.
Then you're dismissed.
This is some next generation
I had no idea this gear even existed
The trade mags say this is at least ten
years away.
Haha...terrorist network hacked
bucket list checked!
You don't think this is going to put me on some terrorist hit list do you?
That would suck...
So what's your take on Clark?
He doesn't appear to be just another corporate bean-counter type.
There's more to that book than just the cover...a lot more than he's telling us.
Koa here is a force to be reckoned with and Cark handled him as if he was a school boy.
He caught me offguard.
My point exactly. I'd love to hear his story.
But I doubt we'll ever get it.
They're doing well together so far.
If the death of his team is weighing on him, he isn't letting it show.
And if he resists?
Yes sir.
There...what is that?
It seems to be...
Detailed files of every girl they've kidnapped.
Down to daily schedules...this one...right there
We have Mary Templeton...
She's a vegetarian...she goes to the local farmers market
every Saturday morning...wait...
How many girls
did they saw had been kidnapped...27?
Swanson! Yeah...
OH, yeah...I've-i've discovered a local server that the
Islamic State is using and I was able to hack into it and found-
What am I looking at? It appears to be detailed files of thirty young
women...27 of whom have already been kidnapped.
You're telling me we have a list of women they're still planning to kidnap. Possibly.
Any clue on a timeline or who's next even?
Uh... Look...I thin we've hit a lucky break.
someone's put out a call for bids...someone wants to place an order for a large quantity of C-4
Okay...follow up on that. Print out that list for me and dig deeper into the server.
The rest of you guys over here...we got a plan to work out...Pronto
How the hell did Smith
get ahold of a Predator?
Yeah...probably best we not know how he does what he does.
out...out of the car!
out...out of the car!
Out or we will kill you where you sit and
leave your body for the crows.
electrical crackling)
They're finally waking up.
Glad to have you both join us again. We're looking for some answers.
Maybe you can help us and I don't have a lot of time.
Looking for this girl. Hey! Looking for this girl!
I need you to tell me everything you know.
Names...locations...tactical data...
I don't think you appreciate the gravity of this situation.
Either you give me the answers I need
and prove yourself useful or I'm going to put a bullet in your head and dump your body over the bridge!!
Does he speak English? You won't do that.
You are American military and you have to follow the rules.
Well, I'm not...
I said I'D put a bullet in him.
are you going to be more useful?
Or am I going to have see if your buddies have more to say?
The ones who are supposed to be capturing the other girls?
Yeah...that's good...
Wait...did he just...
This is definitely quite a large order
In addition to the large quantity of C-4 they're looking for burner phones
and tactical vests...detonators...
someone's going to be making a lot of bomb vests...
from the numbers I'd say...fifty or sixty of them.
Well, it's not like they don't have volunteers for a trip to paradise
and their 72 virgins.
Well, I placed a bid for everything on the list.
Purposely lowballed so I should easily win the bid.
See...that didn't take long.
They've already accepted my bid...given us delivery instructions.
Let me see that.
See what I can do to, uh
to track that email down.
Probably not likely they've used anything we can track but you never know.
Uh, let me know if you
uh...get anything else...uh...the more information I get
the better. Yeah...sure.
It appears the car that left
as we were arriving is the only one. Nothing back here.
No lights showing except the one next to the back door.
Deploying laser.
Let's see if someone comes out to check it.
Three girls on the floor near the bed. No bogies in sight.
Too easy.
Blow the door.
Get off!
Stop! Get off!
Miss Thurman! here...NOW!
Miss Thurman, we're here to help you.
There really was no other choice.
What would we do with them all afterward?
we extracted the information we needed? I don't know...turn them in?
To who?? The local police? The FBI? The military?
How would we explain it to them? can't just show up at the local police precinct
and say, "Hi, I'm with a secret non-governmental agency who's tracking terrorists...
"we killed a few of them, but here's the ones we didn't."
Yeah...I know...I get it...
Doesn't make it any easier though...I've never seen a dead body...
I've never even been to a funeral, much less watched someone killed in cold blood.
Believe me, that was not in cold blood.
The blood on those terrorists hands was still warm...
and imagine how many others they were planning to murder.
So why do you think they took these girls.
We know the terrorists are using every method they can do fund their activities.
We know that they are trafficking drugs.
Human trafficking is just another revenue source.
Yeah, but why these girls specifically.
Imagine the value of the daughter of a wealthy influential American on the Black Market.
The bigger, more important her father or mother is, the greater her value.
Huh...well they do say
that Madeline's father may well become the next
Imagine what she's worth...
They're gonna be pissed that they lost her...
Well, this was quite a surprise, Mr President.
If I had known you were coming to dinner tonight
I'd have had something a little more substantial than pizza planned...
Are you kidding? Do you know how often Margaret lets me have pizza?
This is a treat. I'm glad to hear it.
So, what brings you to our humble abode
this evening, Mr President?
Well, I'm actually here to ask you a favor on behalf of the Republican Party. Oh?
Don't act like this is a surprise do you.
You know that your name is being bantered around as the party's top choice to take my place
next year when I leave. We need someone who is going to continue
to be hard on terrorism...and Madeline's kidnapping
is still on everyone's mind.
The American people are angry...they want revenge.
And they believe that you're the man to make that happen. Thank you Mr President.
Everything okay hun? Yeah...
Friend drama. Ah...friend drama...
Well, when you got girls, you got drama.
I have three of them and it's nonstop drama.
Allahu akbar.
Come here a sec...
Swanson said he, uh..
His team was killed in a drug raid gone bad...
Yes, they raided a warehouse looking for drugs used by a terrorist organization to fund their activities.
They didn't find any drugs and one of the terrorists managed to set a
bomb vest off, killing half his team.
I think it was a set up. What do you mean?
I managed to utilize the information
that Jules gave me to dig deeper into the terrorist
network. I found some CCTV footage
of the warehouse where his team was killed.
Alright...found this...
This where the team is moving
into the warehouse....and...
right here....
you can tell everything is over...
they're standing down...and...I think these are the
DEA guys coming into the warehouse...
Then...this guy...
He notices something wonky
Yes...and the other's too...they've all gone tactical again.
Is there audio...can you hear what they're saying?
No, just video...but watch.
This is right before the suicide bomber set off the vest.
Why did they relax if there's an unknown approaching them? I don't's dark in there...
you can't see much...but... before the best goes off
We get a clear look at her. Sally Ranson... of the missing girls we're looking for.
Swanson...I'll go over the details
in how we know later but right now you just need to go with what I'm going to tell you.
The terrorists aren't just kidnapping the girls..
They're brainwashing them and turning them into suicide bombers...exactly
And each time we rescue one and bring them home
we're bringing another potential suicide bomber back into the country
You see...we all think that based on the publicity... What they hell??
Bomb!! Don't shoot...that's my daughter...
Madeline...what the hell is this?
The enemies of God must be struck down
wherever they are. By killing the leader of the Crusaders, I am
the hammer that strikes a blow for all Islam.
Good call on hacking into the cell system and deactivating the phone.
on her vest. Do you think I got it in time?
If you hadn't, it would already be on the news.
Oh, man...
Rankin's with her
He's good...she's in good hands.
He'll get her stable and then give you a list of people you can call who can
continue her deprogramming. Seems they did a really good job on her mind.
Are you people going to tell me who you are? I'm afraid not, Mr Thurman.
well I guess I will have to win the Presidency
in order to find that out, huh?
I'm afraid even that wouldn't help.
Okay...I got your kung fu right here...uh...
We... Oh...Crap!!
Lost him...
How close were you? Uh...
No telling...could have been the next tower...
There could have been a thousand more...
zero way of telling. Any thoughts of where the call originated? door...or...
the moon...or anywhere in between...
Whoever did this...
really good...
She's finally dozed off...there's a Secret Service agent outside her door
but I think she's down for the count. She's going to need a lot of help to get through this.
For now, I think rest is the best prescription...for both of you.
I think that's our cue...
Mr Thurman...we'll see ourself out.
Thank you gentlemen...thank you very much
Police say they don't have a motive yet and the investigation continues
The race for the White House takes a turn today
with Langston Thurman throwing his proverbial hat into the ring
The Republican candidate is now on the ticket in the Presidential race for this November
Thurman made the announcement this afternoon at a news conference
attended by supporters and his family...his daughter Madeline at his side
as he spoke to the crowd of hundreds of people. Thurman says he
vows to keep his campaign "clean but aggressive"
He didn't expand on what he means by that
and no comments from Democrats regarding their new challenger. Still ahead tonight
Answers to why a teenager opened fire at a Friday night football game
and the fight against the nation's police departments
are teaming up to fight terrorism in our own country.
Stay with Eyewitness News.