Project Ithaca (2019) Movie Script

The door is closed.
A basic force
dynamic expression.
The presence of two force
exerting elements.
The expression,
"the door is closed"
is force dynamically neutral.
The door cannot open.
There's a recognizable
force dynamic pattern.
The door has some tendencies
toward opening
but there is another force
preventing it
from being opened.
And what opens the door?
To open the door requires
an opposing
dynamic force.
Which is?
The antagonist.
A force entity with
the intrinsic force tendency
towards action.
Is the antagonist
always visible?
A gust of wind made the pages
of my book turn.
Okay, now you're just
showing off.
Can it be opened?
What opens the door?
Sera, what do you see?
They're screaming.
Sera, who's screaming?
Shut it down.
Shut it down!
Jesus, baby,
don't you ever get tired?
What the...
Where am I?
Son of a bitch!
Who the fuck are you?
Hey! I'm talking to you!
Well, would you say
something for fuck sake?
Oh, fuck, oh, fuck,
oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh, fuck.
Oh, just calm down.
This isn't real.
This isn't real, it can't be.
No, it's just a dream.
Just a very...
We've lost
Sera's transmission, sir.
Well, I guess that's that.
Thank you.
You're dismissed.
Sir, we've actually received
a second transmission...
coming from the same location.
They're waiting for you
down in science.
Tell them I'm on my way.
Will do. One more thing, sir.
Agent Brighton has disappeared.
So, are you gonna
at least say something?
Can you at least
tell me your name?
This wasn't part of the plan.
Who the hell are you?
I'm Zack.
Sera, do you know who I am?
Sera, it's me.
It's Agent Brighton.
The door.
Is it open?
Something about this
isn't right.
Why send her up incognizant.
It doesn't make sense.
Zack, have they made contact?
What? No.
It could indicate
a remote interface.
No, no,
that doesn't follow,
the interface
requires a hardwire.
Call me Zack Chase.
- Zack Chase.
- Yeah.
Devil got you good.
Amber, you classy gal.
I'm your classy gal.
What's happening to her?
Devil got you good.
What did she say?
- Sera, can you understand me?
- Uh, how'd she do that?
- Do what?
- I'm your classy gal!
- That!
- Sera.
I wanna know how she did that!
Zack, calm down.
Calm down?
Don't tell me
to fuckin' calm down!
Hey! I'm talkin' to you!
God. Let me out.
Let me out. Let me out!
Let me out, let me out,
let me out!
Let me out, let me out,
- let me out!
- Miss, listen to me.
You have to remain calm.
Oh, my God, oh, my God,
oh, my God!
Let me out,
let me out, let me out!
Lady, please, you're just--
You're making it worse, okay?
Too late, she's flooding.
What the hell is flooding?
Let me out, let me out,
let me out!
Lady, please,
just you gotta listen to--
No. Let it happen.
Let what happen?
- That's good.
- Good?
How can that be good?
Lady, please, just listen to me,
all right?
Just trust me on this one.
What part of let it happen
didn't you understand?
That's it.
That's it, come on.
Are you outta
your fucking mind?
Now, you listen to me.
Unconscious is a hell
of a lot better than dead.
A few seconds more
and her spine would have snapped
like a pencil, you got that?
Now, shut up,
and let me think, goddammit.
Sera, I don't know
what they've done to you,
but if you're inside this thing,
I need you to open the door.
What the fuck is going on?
Goddammit, Sera,
open the door!
I don't understand, Doctor.
I need you
to explain it to me. When?
I don't know.
Just before he left.
That was, what,
ten years ago?
Dammit, John.
How does it work?
Sera's transponder
generates a stabilized
density matrix that sends
a pulse over to John's,
telling it to generate
the same frequency.
Because they share
a confluent timeline,
even from variable
reference points,
they both could draw
into the same quantum subsystem.
It's pretty, uh, groovy, huh?
So you're saying
that they arrived together.
We set a radial distance
of twelve and a half feet,
so, yeah.
I don't understand,
why did it take so long
to pick up his signal?
She's been gone
for more than 48 hours.
But the transmissions
were in phase, sir.
It wasn't until the frequency
dropped an amplitude
that we even realized
that there were two.
I mean, it's been ten years,
and to be honest,
I wasn't even sure
it was gonna work.
Back engineering
isn't an exact science,
especially with technology
this advanced.
It's ironic, I know.
Keep me posted.
Goddammit, John.
What the hell
have you gotten yourself into?
Sera, I don't know
what they've done to you,
but if you're inside this thing
I need you to open the door.
What do they want, Sera?
Why are they here?
It's obvious
they need something from us
otherwise we'd already be dead.
What the fuck?
I wouldn't do that
if I were you.
You're only making it worse.
And who the fuck are you?
My name's John.
Well, John,
when I want your opinion,
I'll give it to ya! Yeah?
Fuck. Fuck.
What the hell are these things?
Perhaps you'd like
to give me my opinion?
It's an auto-response mechanism.
So if you like the idea
of spending the last few minutes
of your life
minus your extremities,
by all means,
keep doing what you're doing.
- You what?
- Of course,
it all depends on how long
it takes for you to bleed out,
and my guess is
you've got high blood pressure,
not to mention
all that straining.
Anyway, its fine by me.
You've barely
been awake a minute
and you're already
giving me a headache.
Who's the poofter?
The name's Zack, asshole.
Oh, is there a difference?
So, where the fuck are we, lads?
Don't look like no shovel
and pick I've ever seen.
Yeah, I'll bet
you've seen a few.
As a matter of fact I have.
Busted out of half as many
I've been in, pleased to say.
Let's start again.
My name is John.
You are?
What's the last thing
you remember?
I don't know.
Pukin' my guts out I reckon.
Did you bring the doc?
Mr. Bulmer.
You gotta help me, Doc.
My guts feel rotten.
Open your mouth,
please, Mr. Bulmer.
I was sick as well.
Clearly a side effect
of transport.
What do you mean transport?
It means this is some
right fine magic.
Right, magic. Hilarious.
Roger that.
Of the extra-terrestrial
Everyone who agrees
with Dumbledore over here,
raise your hand.
Huh? Anyone?
Take a good look around.
You find me one single thing
that looks like something
we could've built.
You see, my old man was
in tool and die
for near 50 years.
So I know machines.
I know machines as well
as I know thieving', boy.
And believe me,
I know thieving'.
One man's magic
is another man's genius,
and I ain't never seen
no genius like this.
if it ain't built by man
and you don't believe in magic,
then something else
must have built it.
Come on, dude.
What, you're saying we've been
abducted by, like, aliens?
Nah, nah, don't be daft.
You fucking twat,
of course, fucking aliens.
Jesus Christ,
I think the transporter's
leaving brains behind.
We've know about them
for some time,
but why they're here
and what they want,
I'm afraid that's still
part of the mystery.
Well, now,
I knew there was more to you
than meets the eye, Johnny boy.
What? You think
I was born orange?
There was a time
when certain organizations
found my particular
set of skills quite useful.
I worked with lots
of blokes like you, Johnny boy.
If I was blind,
I could smell ya.
Hmm. So, what's your poison?
how long they been
doing this?
Taking people?
We believe a long time.
My team allocated
considerable resources
into tracking
bona fide abductees.
Wasn't easy.
People go missing
all the time.
Fuck. Shit, this is--
This is like Fire in the Sky!
D.B. Sweeney?
He got home okay.
That's good, right?
Though they did
fuck him up first.
That's not so good.
We thought, if we could
isolate commonalities,
that might help us understand
what we're dealing with...
help us to stop it.
Okay, so, what,
we're talking, like,
little green men here, right?
They're not green.
And they're definitely
not little.
Miss, it's incredibly important
that you listen to me
and remain calm.
I can't.
Miss, I know you're afraid,
but if you do exactly
as I say,
we can get through this,
do you understand?
Now, I want you
to close your eyes.
I'm claustrophobic!
Miss, I need you to trust me,
close your eyes.
My name's John.
What's yours?
- Rhonda.
- Rhonda, I want you
to take a deep breath.
And release it slowly,
you understand?
That's good.
No, no, no, please.
- Rhonda.
- Please let me out.
Rhonda, love.
Listen to me.
I know
what you're going through.
Believe me, I do.
I've spent a lot of years
in cells
not much bigger than myself,
so I understand, all right?
But you've got to calm down.
We all want to get out of here
alive, now, don't we?
You need to close your eyes
and breathe.
Come on, now,
trust me on this one, love.
All right.
Now, I want you to imagine
your most favorite place
in the whole wide world.
Maybe it's a real place,
maybe it's not,
maybe it's a little spot
you got tucked away
in the back of your mind.
But either way, and this is
the important thing, Rhonda,
this place is yours
and yours only.
And when you're there,
you're completely
and utterly safe.
No one and no thing
can ever get ya.
It's your safe place.
Everything else
just disappears.
You got that place now?
Good girl.
Now, if you don't mind,
I fancy carrying on talking.
- Is that all right with you?
- Mm.
So what's a lovely girl like you
do for a living, Rhonda?
I'm-- I'm a teacher.
- You don't say.
- Mm.
My mom was
a primary school teacher
in South East London.
Fucking tough gig that, eh?
- High school.
- Oh, Jesus.
You deserve a king's
commendation for bravery
for that, don't ya?
What about yourself, love?
You got any little'uns
of your own?
A little girl.
Hannah. She's eight.
Ah, that's a lovely age, innit?
- They still need ya at eight?
- Mm.
My oldest is, uh,
nineteen now.
When the blokes start coming,
it's a different story, innit?
in a couple of seconds,
I'm going to ask you
to open your eyes, all right,
but you've got to be able
to create a strong tether
to that place in your mind.
Because whatever happens here,
you need to be able
to get back there
as quick as you can,
you understand?
All right.
Go on then.
Open your eyes.
All right, keep looking at me,
I'm right here.
All right?
There you go.
All right, now, listen,
I reckon we're a long way
from home,
but I promise you
we are gonna get back.
But you got to keep strong.
Keep your wits about ya.
Yeah, you think
you can do that?
Okay. Now, the first thing
we need to figure out
is what's the
common denominator.
Why us?
Well, maybe we're just lucky.
Rhonda, what's the last thing
you remember?
I-- I-- I don't know. I...
No. Wait.
I... I was on my way to work
and I just dropped off
Hannah at school,
and I started to feel nauseous,
and I felt this
really horrible pain,
then here.
But how
is that possible?
Miss, listen to me.
We're all alone.
What are these things?
They're auto-responsive.
I don't understand.
What he's trying to say, love,
is if you struggle,
it'll rip your arms off.
Subtle. Nice.
Who the fuck are you?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm Father Christmas,
these are me elves.
Oh, and that one there...
He wants to be a dentist.
Fuck you.
I know you.
you know this woman?
Know her?
How would I know her?
She just said she knew you.
so what's your point?
Oh, shit.
You're Zack Chase.
Zack, what's going on?
Look, it's just the way
it is, all right?
Just because somebody says
they know me,
it doesn't mean they know me.
Wait a minute.
You have absolutely
no idea who I am,
do you?
Uh, Zack Chase.
Mossy Ledge?
It's a band.
Don't look at me, mate.
Do I look like I do boy bands?
It's a rock band, you shithead!
You were a famous popstar
when I was little.
Rockstar, and what do you mean
when you were little?
You died.
Okay, yeah,
and you're obviously still high.
I'm not fucking high!
- Do I look dead to you?
- Hey, get off my ass,
I'm just saying
what I know, okay?
- When a big popstar...
- Rockstar!
...gets murdered
by his fiance,
uh, people talk about it!
What the fuck
are you talking about, murdered?
It was all over the news.
I was just a kid,
but I remember my sister
really loving your shit.
Anyway, it was a big trial,
your fiance
was found guilty
and they put her in jail
for life.
She made up
some bullshit story
about you disappearing
in a big flash of light.
You had to be fucking crazy
to think anyone
is going to believe that shit.
they never found the body.
Yeah, well, obviously
there was no body.
Alex, how long ago was this?
I don't know, uh...
Maybe fifteen years.
- Cut the bullshit!
- Alex, what year is it?
Alex, the year.
See? What'd I tell ya?
Out of her fucking mind.
I'm not an idiot, asshole,
I know what year it is.
Here's a little tip.
Lay off the scag.
Oh, and Alice Cooper called,
he wants his makeup back.
Well, for starters, love,
you're about thirty years out.
What are you talking about?
It's 2050, innit?
Okay, seriously,
is everyone losing their minds?
Why, what did I say?
- It's 2001!
- Bugger off.
That's not possible, it's 1977.
You guys, this isn't funny.
John, c'mon,
tell em' what year it is.
Oh, and we're fucked.
It's gonna get a lot worse
And just how could it get
any worse than this?
Oh, fuck, it's worse.
No! No! No! No! No!
What is this?
H-- How-- How is this possible?
Safe place.
What's it doing to her?
Is she breathing in that thing?
It's me.
Offspring, one.
Slight abnormality
in the right atria.
You have functioned for
12,589 days.
you will cease to function.
You don't belong here.
Whoever you are, please,
I have to get home
for my daughter,
she'll be waiting for me.
I'm afraid you won't
be seeing Hannah again, dear.
Please, I have to go home.
I can't leave my little girl.
No, please.
I have to go home,
she'll be waiting for me.
Please, whoever you are,
I'm begging you, please.
Let me out.
No, no, no, no.
Please. Please.
Sera, what do you see?
What people?
They're screaming.
Sera, who's screaming?
Shut it down.
Shut it down!
Come on, Sera,
stay with me.
Stay with me!
They're coming.
Fuck me.
What... the... fuck!
What the fuck
was that thing, Johnny boy?
I honestly don't know.
Alex, listen to me.
Alex, look!
Look around you! Look!
It's fear.
I think it's harnessing energy.
I swear,
I'll never do drugs again.
Are you kidding?
We get out of this,
the first thing I'm gonna do,
drugs! Lots and lots of drugs.
Zack, remember when Rhonda
first gained consciousness?
Her claustrophobia put her
in a completely different class
of fear than the rest of us.
The electrical activity
behind her chair was enormous,
but it waned
when she hyperventilated
and then stopped completely
the moment she passed out.
This last surge
was most aggressive.
When Rhonda was most afraid.
And then just now, with Alex.
I'm not afraid, okay?
I'm just pissed.
You hear that, motherfuckers,
I'm just pissed!
There it is.
I'm on to you, dammit.
That's not a coincidence.
This whole time I assumed
it was coming from the ship.
It isn't.
It's coming from us.
So, what,
you're saying we're, like, fuel?
That's precisely
what I'm saying.
It wants us to be afraid.
It needs us to be.
We're feeding
this son of a bitch.
We're fucking fuel!?
We knew they were
harvesting us for a reason,
we just didn't know
what that reason was.
Until now.
Who are you?
I work for the War Department.
At least I did.
Twenty-two years ago,
we uncovered the remains
of an unidentified
flying object
just outside
of Roswell, New Mexico.
I was called in ahead
of the first response team.
Fuck me, it's true.
We managed to recover
most of the craft,
including the occupant,
who died in the crash.
We surmised early on
that the E.T.
had a technopathic link
to his vessel.
There was no throttle
or steering mechanism
that we could identify,
and when we dissected
the propulsion system
we were unable to identify
an energy source.
You see,
the creatures mind
didn't just control
the craft,
it powered it.
It was hardwired
into the vessel.
Somehow his species
had discovered a way
to convert thought
into a viable form
of kinetic energy.
I was to learn later
that Roswell wasn't the first.
And it certainly
wasn't the last.
A similar crash had occurred
in Pinos Altos
a couple of years earlier.
That discovery launched
the most comprehensive
research program
ever undertaken
by the U.S. government.
Truth is, we didn't even know
what we were looking for.
But what we found...
changed everything.
There was widespread
sporial contamination.
Not just at the crash site,
but throughout
the surrounding area,
including a local
mining community.
We tested everyone
in the town,
men, women, children.
All under the hospices
of possible contamination
from a nearby
chemical spill.
Not a single person
any signs of illness.
No physical
or psychological illness,
no mutagenic effects,
We detained them
for as long as we could,
a town that small,
it's easy to raise suspicion.
In the end,
we had to let them go.
All but one.
Turned out one of the miner's
wives was pregnant.
A blood sample
taken in utero
revealed a hemoglobin
we'd never seen before.
The child was confiscated
by order of the War Department
and sent to Raven Rock
for further testing.
What's Raven Rock?
It's a top-secret
research facility.
Like I said, mate,
wasn't born orange.
Was it a boy or a girl?
It was a girl.
What happened to her parents?
We switched it out.
With a baby whose mother
had died in child birth.
Her parents never knew.
The hemoglobin abnormalities
were only the beginning.
Brain scans showed
electrical activity
so far off the charts
they had to create
new systems of measurement.
Visual and spatial acuity
were beyond anything
we'd seen up to that point
or since.
When the child
was 12 years old
she manifested
an extraordinary ability.
We called it
The ability of the human brain
to interface
with electrical based systems.
No doubt
a mutagenic response
from sporial
Of course, we didn't know
half of what we know now.
Reverse engineering
their technology was slow
and rather difficult.
Later, the mutagenic response
to the spores
enabled the child
to communicate
with the vessel
in the same way.
What did she do?
She opened the door.
That was the term
our team used
for initializing
the vessel.
She only did it once.
Never would have
believed it
if hadn't I seen it
with my own eyes.
But for a few seconds,
she was in techlopathic
with an alien technology.
One that nearly
killed her.
What she saw...
that's anyone's guess.
She wouldn't talk about it.
Apparently top brass felt
I was too close to the project.
Too emotionally invested,
they said.
They were probably right.
Sera, I need you to tell
me when you can see the door.
I see it.
Sera, I need you
to open it.
I know.
I know, everything
is going to be okay.
- I promise.
- Afraid.
Sera, honey,
listen, I need you to--
Jesus, John.
She's not
your goddamn daughter.
She's a weapon.
Our weapon.
The only one we've got.
Activate the vessel, Sera.
The world
is counting on us.
Do you understand
that, Sera?
The world.
Now, activate
the goddamn machine!
Do it.
- General.
- Again.
- That's enough.
- Belay that order.
General, look at her.
God damn it, Allister,
you're gonna kill her,
that's enough.
Go home.
Don't come back
until you have
your priorities figured out.
I'm sorry about what happened
to your family, John.
I am.
But I've got a family too,
we all do.
And I'll be goddamned
if I let those bastards
take them away from us.
I'm sorry.
I was transferred
to Washington shortly after.
But I made a promise.
I wasn't about to let them
send a 12-year-old girl
all alone
into an alien vessel.
A colleague of mine
had reverse engineered
the alien technology
and so before I left
we made certain
of one thing.
If Sera went,
so would I.
Do you have to leave?
Yeah, I do.
Will you come back and visit?
I'm afraid
it doesn't work like that.
I don't want you to go.
Hey, have I ever told you
how blue whales communicate?
It's pretty amazing.
They can actually send
each other messages
across the ocean.
For real?
Oh, yeah.
And I'm not talking
half the ocean,
I'm talking the entire ocean.
They send out
this little frequency pulse
that travels
for thousands of miles.
Anyway, the nanites
in these transponders
do kind of the same thing.
Only they travel a lot further.
How much further?
Far enough that if anyone
ever tries
taking you away from here,
they'll have to deal with me.
And trust me,
they don't want
to deal with me.
You go, I go.
It's ready, sir.
That was the last
I saw her.
Until now.
Specialized Extraterrestrial
Reconnaissance Agent.
Sera for short.
God knows
what they've done to her.
Still, she's here.
Which means
they know something I don't.
They wouldn't have sent her up
if they didn't think
she could destroy
this damn thing
or work her way
into its programming.
Corrupt it.
It's been our contingency
since the beginning.
We called it Project Ithaca.
Maybe they just got desperate.
Who knows what happened
after you left.
What I do know is,
that pony there,
Odysseus she ain't.
we're all from different times.
What year is it?
It's impossible to say.
We don't know if we've been
lying here in stasis
or if this ship exists in some
kind of temporal anomaly.
I think we have bigger problem.
Oh, shit.
Her burns are severe, John.
All we can do now is watch her,
see how she responds
to the treatment.
But she's a fighter,
If anyone
can pull through this,
it's Elizabeth.
Of course,
you know that everything
I'm saying
is a lie.
Elizabeth is gonna die, John.
And even if there was some...
she would wish,
each and every day,
that she had died.
Because survival
means the worst pain
you could possibly imagine.
Not to mention
living without a face.
Such a pretty girl.
It's a damn shame.
And it's all because of you,
isn't it, John?
Because you're a selfish,
stubborn, son of a bitch.
Maybe you wanted
to stop at a motel.
Do you remember?
"John, stop, it's getting late,"
but, no,
you had to drive,
you had to keep going.
The world
according to Agent Brighton.
Mr. Big Shot!
Mr. Government Man.
No. No.
Well, now.
Happy Christmas, love.
And who the fuck might you be?
Dad, it's me.
It's Sammy.
Listen to me, you dumb cunt.
I ain't your father,
and you ain't my sweet pea.
So if you're trying to get
inside my fucking head,
you can fuck off!
I put that demon to rest
a long time ago.
If you really wanted
to fuck me up,
you'd have shown up
as my ex-wife.
Bulmer. Perry Carrol.
You have functioned
for 18,988 days.
You are a primitive life form.
Go fuck yourself!
Fucking is irrelevant.
Ah, see, that's
your first problem, innit?
Are we done now?
Soon you will cease to function.
Right then.
Well, in that case,
I might as well
get some shut eye.
Seeing as though
I can actually lie down.
You're not real.
It's me, John.
It's Sera.
I isolated a channel
in your pre-frontal cortex
so we can communicate
without them knowing.
The sensation is odd,
I know.
What is this place?
An echo.
Why here?
It's Rhonda's safe place.
A powerful memory.
I can see why she chose it.
Now that she's gone,
it's no longer
important to them.
They won't think
to look for us here.
I know what they want, John.
But we don't have much time.
What did they do to you?
What they had to.
General Borland
wanted assurances
that his plan
to destroy the vessel
wouldn't be uncovered
by an alien technology
of reading minds.
Erasing my memory
was the only way
of ensuring I wouldn't
be perceived as a threat.
Once aboard, it was hoped
that the sporial nanites
would automatically interface
with their corresponding
and repair the damage.
It was a calculated risk
that seems to have worked.
Even now I can feel
my connection
to the vessel growing stronger.
What is it?
A biomechanoid.
by a highly advanced
super intelligence.
And the door?
You were right, John.
They're harvesting energy.
They're protecting
a digitized life form,
suspended in an electrified,
plasmic matrix.
It requires
a unique energy signature.
It's tapping our emotions
as a food source.
That's not all.
Their secondary purpose
is to harvest enough energy
to open
an interdimensional portal.
They're transferring ships?
Not only ships.
Their bodies.
This ship was designed
to create a stabilized
density matrix
allowing it to exist
along multiple points in time.
That explains things.
But I don't understand,
why would it do that,
- the energy expenditure alone--
- They're looking for something.
- What are they looking for?
- Me.
Sera, I don't understand,
why are they looking for you?
Something's wrong.
Thought we could use
a moment alone.
She's a bad seed that one.
You'd do well
to stay away from her.
What are you?
Oh, Atticus.
We are old.
Tired of fighting,
tired of traveling.
Some of us just
wanna go home.
Isn't that what you want?
What all of yous want?
To go home?
How do you know my name?
Brighton, Atticus John.
Oh, we know plenty about you.
For instance,
did you know
that you've been functioning
for 18,537 days,
four minutes and ten,
eleven, twelve...
Well, you get the picture.
You know, we seen all kinds,
and in the grand
ol' scheme of things,
humans ain't nothin' special.
Well, we don't mean that
in no disparaging way,
just is what it is.
In fact, most yall ain't worth
the sack of skin ya came in.
But you, Atticus,
you're different.
We got our eyes on you.
Yes, sir. We sure do.
What is this?
Why, Atticus,
this is our moment.
You see,
some of us understand
that sometimes
you gotta break the rules.
for the greater good,
you even gotta go up
against your own kind.
Help the helpless.
In our case,
that means helping you.
Once activated...
Ever since your wife
and daughter died,
you been chasin'
Isn't that right, Atticus?
Chased it all the way down
to that there little girl.
That's good.
Sera needs you.
And you need her.
You go, I go.
Now, there's
a lovely proposition.
But, you see, technology's
a funny thing, Atticus.
Imperfect machines
made by imperfect men.
All them scientists
so pleased with themselves.
That unbeknownst
to y'all,
a power surge goes
and blows it all to hell.
Your transponder failed,
Isn't fate
just the damnest thing?
You should know by now
that struggling
isn't in your best interests.
You're talking?
As are you.
Like a normal person.
We all thought you were, uh,
you know, batshit crazy.
- Batshit?
- Crazy.
I'm fully cognizant
of our situation.
What did they do to you?
What they had to.
- Did it hurt?
- Yes.
But it was necessary.
I'm sorry.
I wanted to say thank you.
I was only 11
when it happened
- and my mother, she--
- You're welcome.
You know, I always fantasized
about doing that.
So is it true?
What John said?
That, uh, you can really speak
to this thing?
The nanites provide
a stabilized neural interface,
So you can get us out of here?
I don't know.
I don't understand.
I thought you just said that--
- They severed the link.
- But...
They sent you up here
to help us, right?
I mean, uh, isn't that
why they sent you up here?
I don't want to die, you know?
I know I spent
my whole bloody life trying,
but I don't, not really.
You're not going to die,
Alex Gauthier.
- You just said you can't.
- Look at me.
You're not going to die.
Not here.
Not in this thing.
How do you know?
I just do.
John. Are you all right?
Sera, they know
about the transponder.
What transponder?
Then you know
it shouldn't have worked.
- What?
- I saw it, Sera.
My transponder
was never calibrated.
It was never initialized.
What transponder?
Jesus, mate.
C'mon, just a couple of seconds.
Shut your gob.
It wasn't initialized.
No, that's impossible.
You go, I go, remember?
There was an accident.
Human error.
They knew about you.
About Ithaca.
They knew about everything.
So much for your Trojan Horse.
Don't you see, Sera?
They brought me here.
They brought me here.
Back at Raven Rock, when you
initialized the craft...
what did you see?
Rhonda's death.
- What?
- Fuck me.
You saw the future?
In a manner of speaking.
In a manner of speaking.
You saw a woman's death 10 years
before it happened, love.
What other manner is there?
And what about the rest of us?
I didn't see anything else.
Listen, if what Johnny boy says
about you is true,
then I think now would be
a brilliant time to prove it.
So how about you do
whatever it is you do,
and, um, I don't know,
get us the fuck outta here.
I can't.
They severed the interface.
Um, slight problem.
We're on a ship, right?
In outer space.
I mean, even if we get out
of this, then...
Then what, 'cause, you know,
it's fucking space.
She does have a--
Beautiful, isn't it?
Hard to believe
all of those horrible things
could be happening
just a few feet away.
Strapped down
in those ghastly ol' things.
But they are.
Yes, Miss Sera,
they most certainly are.
What are you?
Well, dear...
I've always maintained
that what we are
isn't anywhere near
as important as who we are.
Stop what you're doing.
Let us go.
Oh, I couldn't do that
even if I wanted to.
Tell me, Miss Sera,
how many people you reckon
are aboard this vessel?
You can feel them, can't ya?
All those souls,
crying out, suffering.
Just like your friends
are suffering.
I used to always wonder
why you cared so much.
You ain't never been treated
well by nobody.
Except John.
You don't owe these people
But I know you now, Miss Sera.
Yes, ma'am. I sure do.
Oh, we're coming on
dreadful times, Miss Sera.
Dreadful times.
Of course,
you already know that.
Was it just some accident
that your momma was infected
by those spores that
made you what you are?
I don't rightly know,
but I've been around
a long time.
A long time.
Long enough to know that fate
is one fickle bitch.
Is that it?
Is that all you fucking got?
You fucking wankers!
What the hell are you doing?
Stop provoking them, man.
Oh, sweetheart,
I didn't know you cared.
We've been going round
and round and round
with you, Miss Sera.
A good many of us
are just plain tired.
We just wanna go home.
You're not making any sense.
Why are you here?
Why, Miss Sera?
To help ya.
You got power in you.
Real power.
More than they care to admit.
You make em' afraid.
And they ain't used
to being afraid.
You can get out of here
if you want to.
Save your friends.
Always could.
Tell me how.
Well, now,
only you can answer that.
All you have to ask yourself,
Miss Sera, is
what opens the door?
You are different
from the others.
Like us.
But not like us.
Tell us...
what are you?
Leave her alone.
You will die.
They will die.
Your entire species...
will die.
We'll fight.
It'll make no difference.
We might surprise you.
You are...
Here I thought you knew
everything about us.
We're human beings,
you murderous son of a bitch,
we're anything but ordinary.
The world is counting on us.
If you're inside this thing,
I need you to open the door.
She only did it once.
You got power in you.
Sera, I need your help.
Sera, what do you see?
I see...
So is it true?
What John said?
You can really speak
to this thing?
The nanites provide
a stabilized neural interface.
They sent you up here
to help us, right?
I mean, uh, isn't that
why they sent you up here?
We don't know if
we've been lying here in stasis
or if this ship exists in
some kind of temporal anomaly.
- It's 2050.
- It's 2001!
- It's 1977.
- 1969.
The ship is designed
to create a stabilized
density matrix,
allowing it to exist
among multiple points
in time.
What opens the door?
We do.
They're coming.
Sera, what was that?
What did I just see?
You have everything you need
to stop them.
Sera, I don't understand.
Goodbye, John.
No. Sera, don't.
You go, I go. Remember?
You go, I go.
It doesn't work like that.
No, Sera, don't.
You can't do this.
Goddamn it, Sera, no!
They've been
taking us for years.
They take us
against our will.
From our homes...
and from our families.
But there are those
among us
with the ability
to fight back.
To level
the playing field.
Until now,
we were unknown to them.
Until now, they thought
we were helpless.
We're not.
All this time
I've been haunted
Haunted by the day
That you won't come
and save me
Save from me
from disdain
I've turned my back,
I'm tired
Can't look
with eyes of hope
I've lost all that
once inspired me
I'm ready to go
And I turn
And I walk
And I move
into the wind
I walk until
The winter's with me
I stand here waiting
in your power
I stand here in the corner
of your love
And I turn
And I walk
And I move
into the wind
I walk until
The winter's with me
And I turn
And I walk
And I move
into the wind
I walk until
The winter's with me
And I turn
And I walk
And I move
into the wind
I walk until
The winter's with me