Prom Night (1980) Movie Script

...34, 35, 36, 37,
38, 39, 40, 41, 42,
43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50.
- Killer is coming.
- The killer is coming.
Killer is coming. Watch out, Kelly.
I hear you.
Hey, Nick! Missed you.
Here, killer's here.
Killers are coming,
killers are coming.
Killers are coming.
Killers are coming.
Killers are coming.
Kill! Kill! Kill!
Wendy, you're it.
All right, but I'll kill you all.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...
- Hey, this way.
- 18, 19, 20...
25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30...
The killer is coming.
The killer's gonna get you.
L-look, Kim.
It's Nick.
He's an idiot.
Where's my geography book? Darn.
I've got to go back for it.
Robin, you and Alex go on.
Come on.
Come on, they don't
want you in their game.
Well, I'm not waiting.
Kill! Killer's got you.
The killer's gonna get you, Kelly.
- Shut up.
Killer's got you, Kelly.
- Now you've done it.
- We know you're up here, Nick.
- The killers are coming.
Here, killers, here.
ALL: Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.
Kill! Kill! Kill!
Killers are coming.
Killers are coming.
Killers are coming.
Killers are coming.
Killers are coming.
Killers are coming...
killers are coming.
Killers are coming...
killers are coming.
Killers are coming...
killers are coming.
Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.
Kill. Kill.
Kill. Kill!
Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.
Kill! Kill!
I d-d-didn't want to p-play.
Kill! Kill!
Kill, kill!
Kill. Kill...!
Kill, kill!
Kill! Kill!
Kill, kill!
Kill, kill...
Kill! Kill!
We've got to get somebody, quick.
Are you crazy?
They'll put us in jail.
If we tell anyone they'll
say it's our fault.
Who'd believe it was an accident?
- But what if...
- Listen to me.
We'll go home now and
never, ever tell anyone.
No one but us will ever know.
- Jude, swear?
- I swear.
- Kelly? Kelly!
- I don't want to go to jail.
I swear.
- Nick? Nick!
- I'll never tell.
- Good. Let's go.
Probably the victim of
a sexual attack.
She must have resisted.
We think we know who's responsible.
We'll pick them up for questioning.
Vi. No!
No. No...
Oh, no.
Uh, Vi...?
Time to go. We've got to get back.
Oh, Vi.
Come on, now, trust me.
Have a date for the prom yet?
Hm, I happen to know
Jude's still available.
Now she is older and
very sophisticated.
Come on, Kimbo.
I may be hard up...
Alex, she's cute.
Besides, she's very funny
and very intelligent.
It'll give you somebody to
do your equations with.
Oh, great. You know I'm in charge
of the sound system tonight.
Not bad, but it isn't romance.
- Morning, Mr. Sykes.
- He's wacko.
- Alex, no man is wacko.
- He really scares me.
He's always looking
at women. I don't know.
Kelly says he spies on the
girls in the locker room too.
No, Sykes is not a Peeping Tom.
He may have been here
for just a short time
but he's been checked out.
- Jude.
- Yes?
Can you come out to play tonight?
I'll see you at the prom.
Still no date?
- Getting closer though.
- A boy?
An obscene call and not
very obscene at that.
Sorry, Mom, gotta run.
- Hey, beautiful, need a lift?
- No thanks.
- Come on, I won't bite.
- So who are you?
Seymour Crane. But, uh... they...
- ...they call me Slick.
I can see why.
- How old are you, Slick?
- Old enough.
Well, I've heard about guys like you
running over girls on the sidewalk.
For some girls, if they're...
if they're good looking,
I give 'em a ride.
I'm going straight to Hamilton High.
Straight to Hamilton High.
James' residence.
It's been a long time.
Tonight... it's my turn.
Drew, is that you?
- Kelly.
Where did you come from?
The back door was open.
I'm glad to see you too.
Oh, Drew, this horrible
voice on the telephone.
- It sounded so...
- What did you get? A heavy breather?
It was worse than that.
He turned you on, didn't he?
Maybe I should try that.
I'm serious.
So am I.
Come on.
- Come on, Nicky.
- Yeah, Dad. I'm coming.
For a guy so fast on the disco
floor, you are the slowest.
- It's okay, Dad, it's my phone.
- Why didn't you answer it?
- It's just Wendy.
She's mad. She wants me to
take her to the prom tonight.
- I thought you two broke up.
You can't tell Wendy anything
she doesn't want to hear.
Are you still going with the Hammond
girl, the principal's daughter?
God, I wish I had
your women problems.
Dr. Fairchild, we only
wanted him for routine questioning
but he tried to outrun
the detectives.
Why did they have to chase him?
The circumstances of the Hammond
girl's death are unclear.
Murch lived near the place where she
died and he's a known sex offender.
He was. Was, past tense.
It might have helped if your men
had stopped harassing him.
Maybe, Dr. Fairchild.
But I believe he
killed Robin Hammond.
You wanted to see me?
Thanks for coming over, Doc.
Been a long time.
I'm on a tight schedule. I hope
this is an emergency, Sergeant.
Lieutenant. I was promoted last year.
Great, congratulations.
What's the problem?
Leonard Murch.
This came over the wire.
Last night, Murch escaped from
the state hospital in Cleveland.
He took a nurse and her car with him.
The authorities in Cleveland
say he's violent.
I don't see how I can help.
I haven't even seen Leonard
since he was institutionalized.
- But you know him.
- Knew him, knew him. Past tense.
- You think he'd head back here?
- I don't know.
Come on. Even a guess will help.
Lieutenant, you're asking me to
comment on a catatonic schizophrenic
who was disfigured and
institutionalized six years ago.
I'm sorry, I...
Leonard Murch is an
unknown quantity now.
Lieutenant, Unit 3
has found that nurse.
- Are they sure?
- Yeah, the description fits.
- Where?
- Down at the old cottonwood.
Okay, I'll be right over.
He's back.
Do you still like to play games?
Oh, get lost, Lou.
Be home for dinner, Wendy?
How the hell should I know?
Save it.
- Hi, guys.
- Hi, Jude.
- Missed you on the bus today.
- I didn't ride it.
- No kidding.
- I got a ride.
- Who with?
- None of your business.
- Who with?
- A guy.
A guy, huh? Who with, Jude?
- Who?
- I'm going to the prom.
What? What?
The prom!
Now I know why Kim
won't go out with me.
She likes girls.
It's better than kissing an ashtray.
- Say goodbye, Lou.
- Goodbye, Lou.
Hey, listen, you guys ever
get tired of each other,
I'm always around, lonely.
Oh really, give us a break.
Good girl, must be exhausting.
Why, look how he has to hold her up.
Go sit on it, ape.
- When? I never.
- Yes, you did.
Hi, Nick.
See you later, lover.
- I told her it was over.
- Worked real well.
- That's cruel.
- Oh, no, you don't.
Nick, she's smiling.
Got a big grin spread
all over her face.
Race ya, honey blonde.
No! Women in love coming through.
- Where's the medical examiner?
- He's on his way.
I also called for the meat wagon.
Any sign of her car?
No, Murch must have driven
it off after killing her.
I got an APB out on it.
Shouldn't be too hard
to find a beat-up VW.
Hey, don't touch that.
Might be the murder weapon.
Can I take a look at the girl?
Some butcher job, huh? (SIGHING)
Well, now we know he's back in town.
Next question is why?
Your guess is as good
as mine, Lieutenant.
Against who?
You. The police.
- The whole town.
- Oh, great.
All we need is a full-scale
panic on our hands.
Lieutenant, I think it would be wiser
to keep quiet about this for now.
Come on, you mean not tell 'em
that there's a homicidal
fruitcake on the loose?
Now think about it.
Leonard can't move around
freely, not the way he looks.
Yeah, you got a point.
And we don't even know
if he's still in town.
I fail to see any good
in needlessly terrifying
the entire community.
Listen, the last thing
I want to do is...
Then keep it quiet.
If it is Leonard,
we should be able to pick
him up before nightfall.
I hope you're right.
Practicing for tonight?
As a matter of fact, I was.
Practice makes perfect.
Kim is always so perfect.
Uh, Nick likes me that way.
You are keeping in mind
that after tonight is all over,
everything's gonna be back to normal?
I mean, Nick is King of the Prom
and you just happen to
be Queen of the Prom.
But that's as far as
it goes, Hammond.
You really ought to tell him that.
I'm telling you, okay?
You seem a little anxious, Wendy.
By the way, who are you
going with tonight?
It's not who you go with, honey.
It's who takes you home.
I'll try and remember.
You wait and see. Just wait and see.
I can't believe they
got it ready on time.
Yeah, that disco floor
looked fantastic.
- Know how much it cost?
- How much?
Don't ask.
Here's the incredible hunk himself.
Mm-hm, looks like a party.
Yeah, I don't think he's gonna
be too good for my diet.
Thank you. What else?
- How about a muffin?
- No, cookie...
Like me better now?
It's an improvement.
Well, if you like it so much,
why don't you taste?
- No...
- Come on, be nice.
No, let go!
Get off of him!
Get off!
Get off of him! Alex!
No, no!
- Alex!
Cool it. Cool it!
That's it, Perano,
this time you're out.
Look, man, he started it.
He was just trying to help me.
You better come along with
us to your father's office.
Are you okay?
It just didn't work out, Wendy.
Why can't we just leave it at that?
Well, because I don't
want to leave it at that.
I do.
Well, you blew it.
I got this appointment.
I'll wait.
Vi, I have to go now.
Now, we will be there
within the hour.
- Well, if you...
You again?
Brawling in the
cafeteria, both of them.
All right, thank you.
I'll handle this.
Look, I was just fooling
around with this girl.
And this... your son, he belted me.
Is that true, Alex?
- Huh, I knew it.
- You knew what?
- Well, it just figures.
- That I'd play favorites?
I'd take it easy on Alex because
he's my son? Well, you're right.
You have been nothing but a disgrace
to this school and this community.
You're suspended indefinitely.
Now get out.
I'll see you around.
Go and have the nurse
take a look at you.
And come on back.
The same place
he killed Robin Hammond.
Why back here?
What's he trying to prove?
Against who?
He has to be hiding somewhere.
I've got to get that bastard
before he butchers someone else.
NICK: You don't seem very excited.
KIM: I am. It's just...
in some ways, it's such an awful day.
It's Robin's day.
My mom's all upset.
Dad is too. He's just
too strong to show it.
You know, she would have
been a junior this year?
Would have been her first prom.
But the Queen of the Prom
must maintain her...
I love you.
You know that?
I love you too.
I want you to know,
Robin's death, I remember it.
I've always been
really sorry about it.
I mean, I know what you're feeling.
Listen, Kim...
- I, uh...
I got to go.
See you later.
- It's a nice car.
- Gets me around.
Thank you.
- You ready to order?
- Yes. What would you like?
- Well, I'm a little short of cash.
- WENDY: You can owe me.
Yeah? Oh, well, I'll have
a couple of burgers,
large fries and, uh,
what kind of beer you got?
Come on, man,
this is a drive-in, not a bar.
All right, don't get nervous.
Just bring me a Coke
and bring her the same.
No, a small diet cola, please.
That's it?
Yes, that's it.
I'll buy you one for
Christmas, all right?
How do I know you're
serious about this?
What do you mean, serious?
Man, I hate that school, Hammond
and his whole fucking family.
Okay, okay.
Listen, I don't want anyone hurt.
Not badly.
I'll take care of it.
Don't worry about it.
You'll be in the gym promptly
at 3:15 for rehearsal, Kim?
All right, girls,
let's try this again.
Mr. Sykes...?
This is just for you.
Vicki! Come here this instant.
- And you too, Jude.
I'm not like the others, Kim.
Drew needs somebody like Vicki
who'll give him what he wants.
Vicki's sex life is
more talk than action.
Besides, Drew wants you.
I dunno. If I don't do it with him,
I know he'll find somebody who will.
- So? Let him.
- I'd die if he did.
- What about you and Nick?
- What about me and Nick?
What happened when he asked you?
Maybe I asked him.
Come on. Come on, Wendy.
I've got a thousand things to do.
So? You think I don't?
What's this? Is this
supposed to be funny?
- I didn't do it.
- No.
You're all idiots.
- I didn't.
- Oh, shut up!
She's out of her mind.
I think I'll let Drew do it.
Let him? Oh, that'd be interesting.
Oh, you know what I mean.
KIM: Well, I can't believe it.
Who did it? Did you see?
Who was here?
I don't know.
Let's find out. Come on.
Come on.
- Who would do that?
- I don't know. Why?
- Kelly...?
- What?
Careful, Monty. A little higher.
- Sorry I'm late.
- Oh, I'm glad you could make it.
Yeah. If it isn't the literary
Miss Hammond.
Let's get started.
All set, Miss Ransom.
Just updating all the tapes.
Oh, wonderful.
You can be Mr. Hammond
for the rehearsal.
Nick and Kim, onstage.
George, could you close
the curtains, please?
Now, you'll wait here.
Nick? Nick?
- Scary place.
Look, you are gonna be standing
up here tonight and not me.
And if you don't know what
to do, you'll look the fool.
Come on.
Over there.
Can you both hear me?
- Can you hear me, Kim?
- Mm-hm.
All right, Davy, start the tape.
King and Queen
of the Alexander Hamilton
High School Junior
Senior Prom for 1980,
Nick McBride and Kim Hammond.
These two seniors were selected
by their fellow students
as the most popular boy
and girl in the class.
Nick is a three-sport letterman
and president of the Key Club.
He plans to attend State
University in the fall.
'Cause he couldn't
get in anywhere else.
Kim is the head of the Dance Club
and an all-around athlete ranked
number one on the girls' tennis team.
- She hopes to become a teacher.
- If she ever graduates.
Now, Alex.
That's it, Alex. Now kiss her.
- It's my sister.
- Alex.
Good. Now the king.
- Kiss the king?
- On the mouth.
Shake hands.
Now step back, Alex.
All right, Kim and Nick,
move to the center of the floor.
Now wait for your spotlights
and your music cue.
And dance.
It'll be beautiful.
Jude, look.
Yeah, we've done that, Lieutenant.
We got checkpoints
at all the main roads
and the other units are
covering all the streets,
plazas and garages around here.
If that blue VW is still
in town, we'll find it.
One more thing, Sayer,
I want you to make sure to
double check the whole...
the whole area around
the high school, okay?
- Will do, Lieutenant.
- See you later.
Hm, what am I wearing now?
Oh, tonight?
Yeah, well, you'll see soon enough.
- Yeah, I guess.
- Okay, now listen, is it all set?
It better. I don't want her
ever to forget this night.
- Don't worry about it, Wendy.
- Okay.
Bye, bye.
- Kim?
- Yeah?
Do you remember that dark
red lipstick that you like?
- Did you take it?
- No. I haven't seen it.
Why does everything have to
happen at the last minute?
Mom? Mom? You look terrific.
I remember putting it
on the dressing table.
I saw it on the dressing table,
I know it was there.
I'm sure you did.
You look lovely, dear.
Thank you.
- Amazing.
- You like?
You look almost like a woman.
Oh, thank you.
You're welcome.
Are you gonna help me with these or are
you gonna just stand there and leer?
You're my sister. I'll leer.
You're gonna get over here.
Thank you.
Oh, you've done this before, I see.
- Stop it.
- No.
Stop it! I smell like
the ladies' room.
How would you know? Oh,
of course, you know everything.
- He's here.
- Better hurry.
Would you get the door for me, sir?
- Yes, Milady.
- Oh, thank you, sir.
Good evening.
God, you're beautiful.
Thank you.
Thank you for the corsage.
It's perfect.
It's no match for you.
- Shall we go?
- Yeah.
Good Lord, what was that?
My date.
What the hell is this?
Where's your suit?
It's in the trunk.
Listen, don't worry about it.
Look, the guys needed a ride, okay?
Couldn't the guys have got
a ride with someone else?
It's better like this.
- Come on, we're gonna party.
- No.
Look, this whole thing
was your idea, right?
- Anyway, you look terrific.
Dancing in the moonlight...
Dancing in the moonlight...
When I'm dancing with you, baby,
I see your body move
Your eyes have got the rhythm
and your feet are in the groove
I just move a little closer
and feel you moving right
There's nothing more exciting
than dancing in the moonlight
With you, baby
Ooh, dancing,
dancing in the moonlight
With you, baby
Dancing in the moonlight
It feels so good,
watching you, baby
And it feels so right
I'm so in love with you, honey
You turn me on
each and every night...
This is Seymour.
We've met.
- Hey, I'm Slick.
- So I noticed.
A token, nothing more.
I'm sorry we missed your
grand entrance, Kim,
but Vi's been very upset.
I took her for a walk
to calm her down.
She's probably just nervous.
Yeah, I hope so.
- Come on, Daddy, relax.
- Oh, I'm relaxed.
Principal by day,
disco king by night.
Thanks for the dance.
- Do you believe her?
- Let's show her what we can do.
Prom Night
No more feeling uptight
Come with me tonight
Tell me you will love me forever
- The feeling's right...
- It's right, now
And I know things will get better
Come and fly me away
To a place where
we can be together
If for only a day
We can face reality forever
Something's in the air
I can feel my body move
Tonight is the night
for me and you...
Prom Night
Everything is all right
Prom Night
No more feeling uptight
Prom Night
Everything is all right
Prom Night
No more feeling uptight...
Prom Night
Everything is all right
Prom Night
No more feeling uptight
Prom Night
Everything is all right
Prom Night
No more feeling uptight
Prom Night
Everything is all right
Prom Night
No more feeling uptight
Prom Night
Everything is all right
Prom Night
No more feeling uptight
Prom Night
Everything is all right
Prom Night
No more feeling uptight...
McBride, anything?
No, still nothing, Lieutenant.
I'll check in later.
I thought she'd explode.
- It that dress, it wouldn't take much.
- KIM: She looks great.
Listen, if you need a
ride home afterwards.
- Hi.
- How are you, okay?
It'll be okay as long as we
stay on the dance floor.
- It's tough in the trenches.
- We'll be around if you need support.
Or an extra pair of hands.
Ready? We don't want
to keep Preppie waiting.
He'll never miss me. He's seen Wendy.
It's really no big deal, Kelly.
It's like getting a shot.
Listen to the instant expert.
One date, and she's a sex counselor.
- I know what I like.
I'm going through those changes
I'm going through those
changes since I met you
Oh, baby
I know you never
really loved me, baby
Even though I love you
And now I hold on to you, darlin'
Got my whole world turnin' blue
Got my whole world
turnin' blue...
No, I can't, Drew.
Kelly, I want you so bad.
You know how I feel about you.
What are you,
some fairytale princess?
Drew, please.
"Drew, please."
If you don't...
I know plenty who will.
Drew, you bastard!
You'll be back.
Now, Kelly.
Something's going on here
I don't know what is
happening to me, oh yeah...
God, I want you
You got me going
through some changes
Got my whole life turned around
Now I'm going through
the paces, baby
And I don't know
what's coming down...
I believe this is our dance, Monty?
We've had every man looking
for some sign of him
or that car all day.
Damn right I'm upset,
and I need some results,
and soon, okay?
Oh, oh.
- You okay?
- Mm-hm.
- Oh, shit.
- What?
My glasses.
You going somewhere?
Nature calls.
Don't go away.
- Was it, uh...
- was it okay?
- Oh, God.
Yeah, ha, me too. The best.
- Ever?
- Well...
You're my first too.
Wow, there's a million
stars out there.
Yeah, I figured
that's what they were.
Can't see a thing without my glasses.
Oh, yeah? Well, why don't we
take a walk along the bluffs?
Very funny.
Why don't we do it on the bluffs?
On the bluffs?
Come on, it'll be fantastic.
Ah, I can't see.
What was what?
What was what?
Somebody's out there.
Why don't, uh, why don't
we go back in the van?
I think I need another joint.
I think you do too.
Follow me.
I'll just fold this up.
I can hardly believe it.
This morning, I didn't even know you.
And I figured I was out of luck
as far as going to the
prom was concerned.
And now...
Yeah, me too.
Funny how fast our life changes.
Hand me the history book.
You think this is the time to study?
You know, I'll remember this night
for the rest of my life.
- Of course.
So will I.
- No!
Now! Now!
It's time to turn around
Get your feet back on the ground
Find out what's going down
Time to turn around
Time to turn around, baby
Get your feet back
on the ground, baby
Find out what's
going down, baby...
I wonder what they're scheming now.
We've got to show 'em who's boss.
Look, I thought I told you
I didn't want anyone hurt.
Stop telling me what to do.
Hey, have you got any mascara?
Have you got any mascara?
What are you doing?
- Lou?
- Now!
It's time to turn around
It's time to turn around
Get your feet back on the ground
Time to turn around
Time to turn around...
Now! Now!
I had to tell you myself. We got him.
Where? When?
Well, actually the state patrol
got him, out near Alderson.
That's over 50 miles from here.
Yeah, he must have left town after
he killed that girl in the convent.
Well, I can start enjoying the prom.
See you in the morning, Sayer.
Good night, Lieutenant.
Hey, Drew. Have you seen my Dad?
- Kim, where's your father?
- I was just looking for him.
It's almost time for
the Royal Procession.
Who's to present the bouquet?
- Mr. Weller?
- Oh, no.
Of course, Monty.
Why didn't I think of that my...
Loose... there's a killer loose.
There's a killer loose.
Poor guy's had too much to drink.
I'm calling for the patrol
car to take him in.
We'll be right back, Nicky.
Come on, let's go.
- What did he do?
- Just drank too much, I guess.
Hm, fits right in with this crowd.
All right, everybody,
the excitement's over.
It's time to get ready
for the Procession.
Break a leg, Your Majesty.
Oh, thank you, Maid of Honor.
Are you all set, Davy?
Well, let's go.
Don't ever let me go...
For worse or for better
Our love should grow
Love me
till I die
And keep me satisfied...
It's time.
- What about Wendy?
- Screw her.
I'll just have sweet
Kim all to myself.
So if Wendy don't get here,
we let the Hammond girl go?
You got it.
Any questions?
No, Buddy'll take care of Kim.
Take off.
Okay, it's parade time.
Hold still.
- KIM: Real cute.
- You look fine.
Now don't forget to
start on the trumpets.
Love me... until I die...
Something deep inside tells me
I'm bringing you down
What can I do, darlin'
To keep you around?
Ever since I met ya, baby
I never want to let you, darlin'
Out of my sight
Out of my mind
Love me till I die...
Love me, love me,
love me till I die
Love me till I die
And keep me satisfied
I'll tell you why
Love me, love me,
love me till I die...
Don't panic! Don't panic!
- My leg.
- KIM: Come on, get up.
Come on, get up!
Now, it's my turn.
Something's going on here
I don't know what is
happening to me, oh yeah...
God, I want you
You got me going
through some changes
Got my whole life turned around
Now I'm going through
the paces, baby
And I don't know
what's coming down...
I'll tell you why
Love me, love me,
love me till I die...
This is the police.
- Killers are coming.
- Please calm down.
Other police units are on their way.
Please calm down. Move to one side
so they can get through
when they arrive. I repeat...
Killers are coming!
- Everything is under control.
Kill! Killers are coming.
- Watch out, Kelly.
- I hear you!
Oh, my God!
- Hey Nick.
- There's Jude.
Here, killer's here.
- Kill!
- Don't shoot him!
- Kill!
- Kim, get back.
Halt, or I'll shoot.
What are you doing?
Kill, kill, kill!
- Kill!
I... saw it. Saw it all.
They... they killed her.
They... killed her.
Robin, Robin.
Imagine something deep inside
That fear and logic cannot hide
The memory never leaves your mind
Your greatest enemy is time
It's been buried for so long
You must right that hateful wrong
Justice must be paid its due
Make your life be up to you
There never was a turning back
And now it's time
to fade to black
Seasons pass but
time stands still
Rivers flow and always will
Nights are long and days endure
The pain inside must have a cure
And the reason for the call
Is the hardest part of all
This special night
has set the stage
To release the hateful rage
There never was a turning back
And now it's time
to fade to black
You can rest your mind at last
You've resolved the horrors fast
You set your course
And now you've won
And it cannot be undone
Hurts us 'cause the
nights are gone
There never was a turning back
And now it's time
to fade to black.