Prom Night II (1987) Movie Script

Forgive me, Father,
for I have sinned.
It has been three months
since my last confession.
I've disobeyed my parents many times.
I've taken the Lord's name in vain.
Many times.
I've had sinful relations with boys
at my school.
Many boys.
Many times.
My child, these are great sins.
You must prepare yourself
for the consequences.
Father, there's one more thing.
What is it, my poor child?
I loved every minute of it.
Tutti frutti
All over rootie
I got a girl named Sue
She knows just what to do
I got a girl named Sue
She knows just what to do
She rock to the east
She rock to the west
But she's the girl
that I love best
Tutti frutti
All over rootie
I got a girl named Daisy
Thanks for the ring, Billy. It's really cool.
You look really beautiful tonight,
Mary Lou.
Could you get me
a glass of punch, please?
Sure. Don't go away.
I won't.
Tutti frutti
All over rootie
Hey, Nordham, neat prom, huh?
Yeah. Have you seen Mary Lou?
She went behind the stage with Cooper.
- When'd you guys break up, anyway?
- We didn't.
Bud Cooper strikes again.
What do you go out
with that square for anyway?
'Cause he treats me right.
And his daddy's rich.
Rich enough to make Billy cool.
So why do you go out with me?
Because it's a big free country.
God bless America.
You shit!
Hey, Nordham.
Be cool, Billy. We weren't doing anything.
Speak for yourself.
We've been petting for a year
and you never went this far.
A year! You want to shake?
It's just as close as you're gonna get.
Tutti frutti
All over rootie
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
You came with me.
It's not who you come with,
it's who takes you home.
See you later, alligator.
- How much did you put in?
- Enough.
It'll stink up the whole place.
Romero's coming! Hide the stink bomb.
Enjoying the prom?
Not much. You?
The music's too loud.
This rock and roll will never last.
Well, it's time to announce
the prom queen for 1957 at Hamilton High.
The winner is... Drum roll, please.
Mary Lou Maloney!
She took my diamond ring
She took my watch and chain
She took the keys
to my Cadillac car
Jumped in my kitty
and she drove a-far
All right, let's hear it
for Mary Lou Maloney,
the 1957 Hamilton High Prom Queen.
Never mind the stupid cape, bonehead.
Just give me the crown.
Told me she was sorry
that she hurt me so
I had a '55 Ford
and a $2 bill
When she took a-that, a-man,
it gave me a chill
She took my diamond ring
She took my watch and chain
She took the keys
to my Cadillac car
Jumped in my kitty
and she drove a-far
Well, she jumped in my
kitty and she drove a-far
Somebody help her!
Mary Lou! Somebody help her!
Dear Lord, bless this food
we are about to receive.
In the name of the Father and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
I'll be late after school today.
I'm going to go the mall to buy
a new dress for the prom. Okay?
What's wrong with your green one?
It's just...
It's the senior prom, Mom.
Only happens once.
I suppose you're still going
with that Craig Nordham.
Will he be getting a sidecar
for his motorcycle?
Or will you be taking the bus?
How much do you think you'll need?
She won't need anything.
I still co-sign the checks.
Your green one will be just fine.
There's Craig.
Bye, Daddy. Bye, Mother.
Some punk on a motorcycle
and she jumps for him.
It's young love. Remember?
I guess not.
Good morning, prom queen.
Hey, your mother's gonna find out
when you win.
I'm only nominated. I'm not the winner.
Not yet.
I got my tux.
I got my green dress.
Didn't work, huh?
Daddy was okay, but you know Mother.
- That stuff will kill you.
- Really?
- What's this?
- Open it.
Go ahead.
It's beautiful.
I love it. Thank you.
My mother will never believe this.
- More coffee?
- Oh, no, thank you.
I love you.
Is it a fruit?
No. Is it a vegetable?
No. It's a radio.
Yes. When I began this experiment,
they laughed.
Just as you're laughing now!
They said, "Josh, Josh, a potato?
It'll never work."
- He likes you. It is so obvious.
Use something conventional.
Something proven. A kiwi.
- Forget it. He's a jerk.
A mango.
- He dresses like a wino.
I wanted something radical.
So I developed a guacamole radio.
But that was no good.
All I could pick up was stations in Mexico.
Well, you can't go alone.
It's the senior prom.
The potato! The potato.
Nature's perfect vegetable.
Rich in AM, FM and carbohydrates.
Josh, please, I'm sure Einstein
didn't take this much time.
Mr. Craven, boys and girls,
this moment will be inserted
into the annals of scientific history.
And I think we all know
how painful that can be.
It's alive.
All right,
everybody. Just keep it down to a dull roar.
I can't believe this. I'm 18.
And I'm stunningly good-looking.
The prom is like a week away,
and I don't have a date.
Excuse me, Monica.
Could I speak to you after school?
Get lost, asshole.
So why don't guys ask me out?
Thank you.
- You forgot breakfast.
- Morning.
What do I have to do, hire a nanny when
you go to college to make sure you eat?
Hey, Dad. About college...
I got a copy of your paperwork.
They've got you in a dormitory
on the north side.
I'm not going to college.
I want to take a year, you know, get a job.
Live my life.
- You serious?
- Yeah. Yeah, I am, Dad.
All of a sudden you think
you're mature enough to make decisions
that are gonna affect the rest of your life.
Well, shit, Dad, I've been going to school
for a hundred years.
This frightens me, Craig.
What are you afraid of?
I'm afraid you're gonna throw away
your whole future.
I'm not going to throw it away, huh?
I just want to juggle it for a while.
Hey, look, I gotta go back to class.
Try not to forget to eat lunch.
There's no way she's gonna let me
buy a new one.
It's this really ugly green dress.
It makes me sick.
- So, what are you gonna wear?
- I don't know yet.
I thought I'd take a look at some
old costumes in the prop room, though.
- Oh, yeah!
- Yeah.
Maybe when I get back from the doctor's
I can make something really wild.
So, what are you going
to the doctor's for anyway? You okay?
Of course, I'm all right.
It's nothing serious.
It's just some dumb checkup.
My mom makes me go every year.
- Okay, see you.
- Okay, see you.
See you later.
I have to tell you guys about my dress!
Oh, it is awesome. It is totally awesome.
It's... It's sort of Spanish.
And it's red with, like,
black polka dots all over it.
And it's got this bow on one shoulder.
And the lady at Sears said
it's the same dress
that Liz Taylor wore to the Oscars.
I am going to look so hot.
- So, everything's okay, right?
- Yes.
You really wanna use this stuff
for our prom?
It's very classy, real glass.
1957 was not a good year for capes.
Wasn't that the year the prom queen
died in the fire?
Nice touch, Vicki.
The last person that wore this stuff died.
Oh, I really hope you win, Kelly.
Well, you'd better clean that crap off
if you expect me to wear it.
Who gives a shit?
What's wrong?
There's this guy...
You know, and I really liked him.
And I thought he really liked me.
And I...
And I've been trying to call him
and he doesn't answer.
Doesn't answer, and I've left messages,
and he doesn't call me back.
He sounds like a jerk.
Look, Jess, I mean
if he doesn't call you back, then...
Yeah, I guess I've got
some choices to make.
Well, if I were you,
I would choose to forget about this guy.
The only problem is, is
he left me something to remember him by.
I'm pregnant.
Oh, God.
What am I gonna do?
I've finished
cleaning the floors, Jess.
I'm going home,
so lock up when you leave.
See you.
I'm going to tell you
a story about a Mary Lou
I mean, the kind of a woman
make a fool of you
- What happened?
- It's Jess.
She killed herself.
We can take comfort that she is
with the Lord, resting in a better place.
And let the violence of her passing
remind us of the dangers,
of the violence we see
so much of every day
in our streets, on our television sets
and in the movies.
What's the matter?
I don't know.
It feels weird they decided
to have the prom anyway.
It doesn't seem right without Jess around.
No. On the case,
where everybody can see it.
- You got it.
- Hi. How are you doing?
Bell for Kell.
I didn't know we could advertise.
Don't bother.
Oh, that's fine, guys. Just fine.
Looks pretty well hung to me.
Don't touch the queen.
He'd be the first who didn't.
The competition seems to be dwindling.
You two should take the hint from Jess.
You shut your fucking mouth, bitch!
All right.
Going to the prom?
Ring a bell for Kell. Hi! Ring a bell for Kell.
Nope. I'm not that desperate.
Still no date.
Well, I don't see a line-up
for your company.
Well, I'm planning to go alone.
I'm gonna drink too much beer
and throw up in the can.
It's my duty. I'm a teenager.
I love you, Mary Lou.
Leave me alone.
Don't. No. Leave me alone!
This came for you this morning.
Your forms from Western University.
Well, thanks for opening it for me.
I beg your pardon.
I'm not going.
I'm gonna stay home for a year.
Maybe work.
What are you talking about?
- Vicki, is there a problem?
- No.
Craig's gonna work for a year
before he goes back to school.
Craig is not the reason
you're going to college.
Mother, I'm a senior this year.
I think I can make my own decisions!
Not as long as you live under this roof.
Then maybe I should move out right now.
Maybe we should all think
about this first and talk after dinner.
Bless us, O Lord, for thy Son,
Jesus Christ's sake, and forgive us...
So, did you get a date for the prom?
I didn't either, but I'm still gonna go,
'cause I gotta be there
for the computer vote.
I had this idea.
What if we met at the prom, you and I,
and since you're gonna be there,
and I've got to be there anyway...
You and I? At the prom? Together?
No! No way.
Well, I guess we could be
at the same place at the same time,
- and no one's gonna think anything.
- Yeah?
But they might think it's a date
if they saw us kiss or something.
That wouldn't happen.
We better forget it.
We might get tempted in the heat of
the moment and sometimes that happens.
What if I were to kiss you now
and it would be so awful
that we wouldn't be tempted later?
Hey, listen, if it's a problem,
we'll just deal with it tomorrow night
under the hot lights
with everyone watching...
Is there anything else you wanna
get out of the way?
It's Vicki's serve.
The ball, Kelly.
- Mary Lou. Mary Lou. Mary Lou.
- Mary Lou. Mary Lou. Mary Lou.
- Mary Lou. Mary Lou. Mary Lou.
- Mary Lou. Mary Lou. Mary Lou.
I'm not Mary Lou. I'm not Mary Lou.
No! Mary Lou!
I mean, why is it when guys see things,
they get put away?
When girls see things,
they get put on Phil Donahue.
Are you all right?
I'm fine, Mother.
What happened? The secretary told us
you fainted, you were hurt.
Vicki thinks something was...
We were playing volleyball in the gym
and I fainted, that's all.
I probably have the flu or something.
Well, maybe we should take her
to see Dr. Perlzeig.
She's not sick. She just needs
to spend time with the Lord.
Father Cooper can hear
her confession tonight.
Will you stay for dinner, Craig?
Vicki doesn't need guests tonight.
In the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
I have had sinful thoughts
about my boyfriend.
And I've been angry with my mother,
and disobeyed her wishes, and...
There's something else.
I've been seeing things.
Hallucinations about Jess.
And Mary Lou Maloney,
that girl who died at our school.
Your friend's death hurt us all,
but you must always keep self-control.
Pray fervently, my child,
to be preserved from all evil.
For your penance,
pray a decade of the rosary now,
make an act of contrition now,
and I will give you absolution.
Hey, Dad. Dinner's ready.
Go away.
This is my room.
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! No! No! No!
Leave me alone!
What's going on in here?
I dropped the radio.
It broke.
What do you want?
- Vicki.
- Father Cooper.
What are you doing out here?
It's cold.
You'd better come with me.
There's something happening
at my school.
Something about Mary Lou Maloney.
Do you believe in ghosts?
You're tired.
It's late, and the mind plays strange tricks.
It's not my mind, God damn you,
it's Mary Lou Maloney!
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
Demon, depart.
Be gone! Depart this mortal coil.
The Body of Christ compels you.
The Body of Christ compels you!
The Body of Christ compels you!
The Body of Christ compels you!
The Body of Christ compels you!
The Body of Christ compels you!
The Body of Christ compels you!
The Body of Christ compels you!
Hey, Dad, pass me the wrench.
There's something wrong
with this goddamn shock.
Sorry, Father Cooper.
- Scotch?
- Please.
I'd appreciate a double.
Aren't you on duty?
- I'm not a cop.
- What are you, Buddy?
We're in trouble, you and I.
What are you talking about?
Don't jerk me around, Bill.
I'm as guilty as you are.
She was beautiful, wasn't she?
If she'd jilted me, maybe I would've...
Buddy, that was another life.
We're different people now.
So, why don't we forget about it, okay?
I wish it was that simple, believe me.
Mary Lou Maloney
has come back.
Please, listen to this.
"If a person dies violently,
unfulfilled in a life mission,
"the soul wanders purgatory for eternity
waiting for the opportunity to return."
For revenge!
Somehow, her spirit has come back
from the grave,
and she will come after you and me.
Jesus Christ, Buddy.
You've been celibate too long.
She can't touch me. I'm a priest.
But she will enter your body
and possess you, her murderer.
You must take communion
to protect yourself!
Don't touch me.
For God's sakes, Bill, she's gonna kill you!
This, this is the only thing
that will protect you.
I don't need protection from something
that happened 30 years ago.
Now, I've heard enough of this crap.
Get out of my house.
I'm warning you!
Get out of my house. Out!
All right.
- You can't shut the door on the past!
- Watch me.
Hey, what? No straitjacket?
- Shit, you look awful.
- Thanks.
I'm tired.
I didn't get much sleep last night.
So, are you gonna tell me?
- What?
- What's wrong?
- You won't understand.
- Well, why don't you try me, huh?
Look, I don't understand it myself, okay?
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I don't know what's real
and what isn't anymore.
It's like I'm not in control of myself.
I am afraid I might hurt somebody.
God! I might hurt you.
It's okay.
- I wanna talk to you.
- Hey.
- Alone!
- We are alone.
Let me in, Josh.
I'll have to frisk you for weapons.
Okay, you're not here on a social call.
We don't go to the same parties.
I want you to fix the computer voting.
Get serious.
Well, I'm gonna win anyway.
But I'll pay you $100 to make sure.
You come down here slumming
to talk to me,
you think you can get me to do
whatever you want.
You're right of course, but...
It's very insulting. No!
Come on, Josh.
Look, if that's not enough,
name your price.
You bastard.
Life's a joke. Then you croak.
Sorry, big guy.
It's out.
I mean, she was acting really weird,
she was really spaced out, sort of.
And then, she screamed and she fainted,
right in the middle of the gym.
Little Miss Perfect is losing it.
Another prom queen hopeful
bites the big one.
Maybe we can take our own seats now,
thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
Very nice shot. Can we settle now?
Let us begin another wonderful adventure
into the works of William Shakespeare.
Here. I found it in my father's underwear
drawer behind Miss September.
What are you looking for, anyway?
I'm sure you'll all recall
Juliet's speech.
- What do you want?
- "Deny thy father and refuse thy name."
- Poor Vicki.
- "Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn..."
Cracking up?
She slugged Kelly?
She's stuck in detention until 5:00.
She said you should just go home.
Well, what were they fighting about?
I don't know.
Vicki's been acting strange all day.
Is she sick or something?
Maybe she's possessed.
Your mother sews socks in hell,
Father Karras.
You know, there could be
a lot of advantages
in a girl whose head spins around.
Your parents did a lot of acid
before they had you.
Just leave it in the office.
In the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
I have done terrible things.
I have hurt my friends.
I have given in to sexual desires
with my boyfriend.
I don't know what's happening to me.
We all stray from the path of the Lord
sometimes, child.
But with penance,
you will find your way again.
- Will you help me, Father?
- Of course, child.
- Will you pray for me?
- Yes.
Will you fuck me?
Come on, Buddy.
It's a big free country.
Right, Buddy?
Dear God!
Be gone.
Depart this mortal coil.
Demon, be gone!
Be gone?
- Come on.
- Our Father, who art in heaven...
There's no God, Buddy.
And there's no heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread...
And do you know
what pissed me off the most?
No fucking wings.
Have you seen Vicki today?
No, I went to pick her up this morning,
but I guess she just decided
- to go on without me.
- Craig, there is something weird with her.
You've got to see the way she's dressed.
Hello Mary Lou
Goodbye heart
Sweet Mary Lou
I'm so in love with you
I knew Mary Lou
We'd never part
So hello Mary Lou
Goodbye heart
Wow, fashion crime. What did you do?
Beat up the bag lady?
They're my clothes.
If you don't like it, lump it.
Hey, and where were you this morning?
See you later, alligator.
Hey, guys, wait up.
Craig's with me. Scram.
Get the other side.
Pull it together, bonehead!
Craig, what is wrong with her?
I don't know. She says it's her new look.
She looks like she's in a fashion coma.
And she talks like
we're in an Elvis Presley movie.
Hey, give her a break, guys, huh? I mean,
she's only trying to be an individual.
I'm telling you guys, she's possessed.
Linda Blairsville.
All right, get the center.
Yeah. Okay.
We take care of the chemicals
and the chemicals will take care of us.
And how are you doing, Vicki?
Everything looks good from here.
This isn't working, Mr. Craven.
Well, you need a little more
The heat will make
the molecules move faster...
- Vicki.
...thereby brewing the catalyst,
our two chemicals.
And making the experiment complete...
She makes a young man
groan and an old man pain
The way she took my money
was a crying shame
I watched you in science class today.
You did something to Craven, didn't you?
Of course not.
It was an accident.
Look, Vicki, you need help.
I'm gonna go find Craig and tell him
and maybe he can get it through to you.
God, Vicki, can't you see
what's happening to you?
Everything's swell.
Nobody says swell anymore.
- I'm sorry, Vicki.
- That's okay.
Vicki, what are you doing? Vicki!
Just stay away from me, Vicki!
Will somebody help me, please?
Tutti Frutti
All over rootie
It's gonna be a hot prom.
Last one.
I don't know if I'm ready
for the real world yet.
How about some fantasy?
What's the matter, Nordham?
Don't you know how to use this thing?
You turning into a fag, drag?
What's wrong with you?
Don't you want to fuck me?
Looking for something, Billy?
Good body.
Not as good as mine was, though.
You knew I was coming, didn't you?
Didn't you, Billy?
I remember prom night.
I was ready for the world.
I could've been anything.
Only you wouldn't let me
wear my crown, Billy.
Mary Lou?
That's my name.
Don't wear it out.
Craig is so cool.
What did he want to be?
See you later,
You look beautiful.
Your mother and I thought we were
the best-looking couple at our prom.
I had my first job.
I was repossessing cars.
Spent my first paycheck buying
your mother a corsage and a ring.
And I had to wear my father's tux.
You'll remember tonight forever.
I hope so.
Hold me, Daddy.
What are you doing?
What have you done?
Jezebel! Harlot!
You must repent your sins.
Pay your penance.
Father Cooper's busy right now.
You're not leaving this house.
Whoa, son.
I gotta find Vicki, Dad.
What happened?
I don't know. She went crazy
and attacked me. I gotta find her.
No, son, you just lie back.
I'll take care of it. I started this.
What are you talking about, Dad?
You know something about this,
don't you?
- Please, now, you just...
- No, you gotta stop controlling my life!
I gotta find her.
All right then, you just be careful.
All right. Where are my shoes?
Right here.
I'm sorry, son.
She's dead.
I saw her burn. I went to the funeral.
You stupid bastard.
Oh, Buddy.
Hey, Vicki!
You look great.
Seen Monica?
Hi. Mary Lou speaking.
Sorry I can't come to the phone
right now but I'm busy at the prom.
Places to go, people to kill.
Don't bother leaving a message.
Vicki doesn't live here anymore.
You have a drinking problem.
I drink. I get drunk.
So, what's the problem?
I spent $64 on my hair today.
If you mess it up, I'll kill you!
Young love.
Then you croak.
The winner is...
Who won?
I'm not supposed to tell.
It wasn't you.
You knew my price.
This is so sudden.
Put your hands on the keyboard
and start entering.
- Where have you been?
- Come on, I want to dance.
Hey, got any more of those mints?
Your breath smells great.
Sorry, Vicki.
And the new winner is...
Quiet please.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we're gonna pick the prom queen now.
Absolute silence, please.
Mavis, push the magic button, please.
And the winner is...
Vicki Carpenter!
Hey, Kelly. How did you blow it?
Somebody call an ambulance.
Call a fucking ambulance!
It's Mr. Nordham. He's got a gun!
You're really starting to piss me off.
- Hello, Craig.
- No!
You're in deep shit.
Craig, are you there?
It's me, Vicki. Let me in!
She's at the door.
Please, please, let me in.
Oh, God.
I was so scared.
I couldn't find you anywhere.
Craig, what happened to me? It hurts.
Oh, God. Vicki. Vicki.
- Sucker.
- No!
See you later, alligator.
No! No! No! No!
Mary Lou.
Little girl, all the world
will be yours tonight
My queen of the senior prom
And some day you'll recall
Being belle of the ball
In your beautiful gown of white
It's Vicki.
You take sugar in your coffee?
No, that stuff will kill you.
Oh, Vicki.
I don't know what we got here.
Something strange.
You okay?
It's fucking cold.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
I'm going to tell you
a story about a Mary Lou
Hey, kids.
They're playing our song.
Let's cruise.