Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil (1991) Movie Script

[ Bell Tolling ]
Save them.
Save them.
Holy Father, help me.
Help me save the sluts
and the whores
from their unholy acts.
Grant me strength...
and I will deliver
their souls unto you.
Save them.
Save them!
[ Swing ]
Hey, Rick.
How's it hangin'?
Only you and Jimmy Dean
would come to the prom
alone, Brad.
You got that right.
Hi, Brad.
Hi, Lisa.
You look great.
Where's, uh--
[ Snaps Fingers ]
Yeah, good ol' Larry.
Oh, he's off dancing
with Louise.
I thought you two
were, uh, going steady.
[ Scoffs ]
No way!
He only asked me to the prom
because he thought
he'd get lucky.
Doesn't look very lucky.
Why do you think
he's dancing with Louise?
[ Laughs ]
Good ol' Larry.
So, uh,
what about you?
I mean,
who did you come with?
It's not who
you come with,
it's who you take home.
What was that for?
What do you think?
[ Slow Tempo ]
[ Laughing ]
You sure we should be
doing this? After all,
this is school property.
Don't sweat it.
We're not in school anymore.
Thank God.
No kidding.
[ Gasps, Sighs ]
Hello, Larry.
Hi, Larry.
Enjoying the prom?
Come on, sweetie.
Yeah, you don't know
what you missed.
Not much.
[ Laughing ]
Good ol' Larry.
You got a car?
Wanna ride home?
[ Brad ] Why didn't
you think of this before?
[ Lisa ] I did.
I'm crushing
your corsage.
Mmm. Do it again.
Am I hurting you?
Shut up
and take off your pants.
[ Thud ]
Wh-What was that?
[ Clattering ]
[ Brad ]
What the hell?
I'm the man.
I'll go.
- [ Gasping ]
- Br--
- [ Grunts ]
- Join your slut.
[ Footsteps ]
[ Creaking ]
[ Man ] Help me, Father.
It's a plea to save the souls
of the sinners.
Help me, Father.
It's a plea to save
the souls of the sinners.
Help me, Father.
It's a plea to save
the souls of the sinners.
Help me, Father.
It's a plea to save
the souls of the sinners.
- Merciful Father--
- We have to move him
to Saint George's.
[ Grunting ]
We did good work
last night, Father Jaeger.
Good work in the name
of the Lord.
You're an abomination,
Father Jonas.
Don't touch him.
Not there. He's too young.
Look, Father.
I'm bleeding.
I'm bleeding
for all of you.
[ Maniacal Laughter ]
[ Laughter Continues ]
[ Engine Starts ]
[ Bell Tolling ]
So, where are they
sending you?
I fly to Khartoum next week.
No second thoughts?
I've never been more sure
about anything.
As long as
you're happy.
What about you?
I'll miss you.
You've been good
for me.
You know, I always wondered
what it would be like--
Jennifer, please don't.
Good luck, Colin.
[ Bell Tolling ]
Doctors always try
to prolong things.
Silly fools.
I've enjoyed
our afternoon chats, Colin.
So have I, Father Jaeger.
You've prepared me for
just about anything.
Mm. I hope so.
I'm a little concerned.
- Why is that?
- Well-- [ Sighs ]
I-I leave next week,
and my final assignment
still hasn't come through.
In fact, my flight
hasn't even been arranged.
Is there some delay?
Colin, sometimes
we have to make sacrifices.
Of course, Father.
I've al--
I've had you taken out of
the missionary program.
I'm sorry.
- But the program needs--
- The church has greater needs.
I don't understand.
[ Coughs ]
[ Coughing Continues ]
[ Whirring Sound ]
[ Coughing ]
That is Father Jonas.
In time.
You must learn
your duties first.
The devil has taken him.
He is beyond salvation.
All we can do is keep
the demon contained.
He is evil
beyond imagination.
[ Coughing Worsens ]
[ Bell Tolling ]
[ Dog Barking In Distance ]
Sorry I'm late. Took Jeff's
car this morning, and, uh,
well, I kinda
needed it at lunch.
Can I have
a sandwich?
Where's your lunch?
Jonathan forgot
to make me one.
I got another
detention yesterday.
Another one? For what?
Leaving school
at lunchtime again.
How can you stand that place?
It's like a prison camp.
I know. Today I had to
sneak out the side door
and run for the fence.
- Oh, boy. You better
go to confession.
- I will.
I don't believe you.
The nuns make me.
They think
I'm being corrupted.
- Corrupted? Yeah, right.
- It's your fault.
My f--
I ain't even started yet.
Hey, come on.
You don't really believe
that stuff, do you?
[ Bell Tolling In Distance ]
[ Father Jaeger's Voice ]
The church has chosen you
to succeed me as guardian.
The care of Jonas
will be your life's work.
Protect the church...
and reveal his existence
to no one.
If you notice any change--
if Jonas begins to awaken--
you must contact
Cardinal Truent.
Sister Amiel says
she found you two--
during the lunch hour--
in the backseat
of your car.
It was your car?
Yes, ma'am--
I mean, Mother Superior--
I-I mean, Sister?
And was it during lunch?
Yes, Sister.
What exactly were you doing
on our school property?
Well, I-I came
to see Laura and--
I'll tell you
what you were doing...
in the parking lot,
in your car...
in the backseat.
You weren't driving. No.
You were--
You were--
We were fucking, Sister.
I can't believe
you said that.
Who cares?
It was stupid.
You shouldn't have said it.
Don't call me stupid,
and don't tell me
what to do.
Okay. Okay.
Look, she's not
going to do anything.
I mean, the worst
that'll happen,
I'll get six demerits
for being on
school property...
out of uniform.
Was it worth it?
Yeah, it was.
Look, Mark and Meagan
are going to the prom.
Do you want to go with me?
We got a really cool
surprise cooked up.
Yeah, I'd like that.
Hey, hey, hey.
The ride.
[ Starts Engine ]
[ Father Jaeger's Voice ]
The church is very forgiving
of its own.
We tried to help him at first.
But nothing worked.
He became catatonic
soon after we brought him here.
The exorcism, the drugs
and the treatments,
they are the only ways we know
to keep him that way,
to keep Satan
from awakening within him.
We've been watching over him
for 33 years.
There is no other way.
[ Door Closes,
Lock Clicks ]
Hey, thanks for
letting me sleep over.
No problem.
When are
your parents back?
Day after tomorrow.
You think Mark would be
going out with me
if I still looked like this?
No. But who cares?
He likes you now.
- Thanks a lot.
- Well.
Well, I think I need
to lose another pound or two.
Oh, yeah. Right.
Where were you
this afternoon?
Oh, I had another
crisis of faith.
Oh, yeah?
Did you skip mass again?
No. I fucked Jeff,
didn't feel guilty.
Oh, well.
I'll pray for you.
Oh, don't bother.
Dear God, please forgive me.
I only pretended to enjoy it
for Jeff's sake.
Oh, yeah. I was pretending
the second time too.
You're awful!
Watch it, Megs!
[ Laughs ]
Jonas? My name is Colin.
I want to help you.
Can you hear me, Jonas?
Motherfuckin' priests.
You should have married
that whore, Jennifer.
You fucked her enough,
didn't you? But you
weren't the only one.
Jonas? Jonas?
[ Line Ringing ]
[ Woman ]
Is anyone there?
Jennifer? I--
Who is this?
Colin? Is that--
[ Receiver Clicks In Cradle ]
[ Father Jonas
Talking In Latin ]
[ Woman Moaning Softly ]
[ Whispering ]
Okay. Now put your hand
on her leg.
Oh, yes.
Okay. Okay,
now take her shirt off.
Undo the buttons.
[ Whispering ]
Yes! Thank you, God.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, don't stop.
Please, just one more button.
One more button.
- Damn it.
- I'm sorry, Mark.
I'm just not ready yet.
It's okay.
[ Sighs ]
Want a soda
or something?
Yeah. Thanks.
Jonathan, you little weasel.
What, are you spying on us?
Yeah, what are you gonna
do about it, big brother?
[ Slapping Sound ]
[ Groans, Coughs ]
[ Coughing ]
[ Dial Tone ]
[ Dialing Phone,
Line Ringing ]
[ Man ] Hello.
Give me Cardinal Truent
This is Father Colin
from Saint Anthony's.
One moment, please.
Cardinal Truent speaking.
Cardinal Truent,
this is Father Colin.
You must get over--
[ Grunts ]
[ Cardinal Truent ]
Father Colin? Hello?
Are you there,
Father Colin?
Speak to me.
What's happening there?
What's going on?
Father Colin?
Hello? Who's there?
Who is this?
Hello? Speak to me.
Father Colin.
What's going on there?
Answer me! Hello.
Thanks for
letting me borrow this.
Oh, sure.
I knew it was too big
for me when I got it.
Besides, it's more you.
Wow, you're gonna look great.
Jeff will just die.
You're gonna
look great too.
[ Exhales ]
I'm too fat.
You're perfect.
What are you doing?
Mark's a lucky guy.
Do you like me?
Of course. You're my friend.
Are you...
attracted to me?
Well, I'm attracted
to you.
- Laura, don't.
- Don't you feel anything
when I do this?
Nothing at all?
You must feel something.
Even a little bit.
I bet you do.
Laura, stop it.
[ Giggles ]
I'm sorry.
I read an article
in some woman's magazine...
about how to tell
if your best friend is gay.
You're so innocent.
I couldn't resist.
[ Laughs ]
Got the booze?
Okay, got the hash?
That's everything.
No. Let's just
check on Jonathan.
Oh, that's right.
We'll make it quick.
We have a long drive.
I heard we might
get snowed in up there.
Yeah, if we're lucky.
You just wanna
fuck her!
- [ Grunts ]
- [ Jonathan Coughing ]
How you feeling, Jonathan?
You gonna be okay?
Uh-huh. Yeah, I'm fine.
No, really. 'Cause I could
cancel my plans still
if you want me to hang around.
No, no, no.
No, I'm feeling much better.
Don't worry. You go right ahead.
All right.
You sure now?
Okay. Take it easy.
Later, dude.
[ Engine Starts,
Vehicle Drives Away ]
[ Man ]
My God. What should we do?
Take him to his room.
Make it look as though
he hanged himself.
[ Father Colin's Voice ]
I tried to contact Jonas.
I did not administer
an injection today.
I can't believe we finished
12 years of high school.
- Now that calls for a drink.
- [ Mark ]
Sure does. Here.
Here's to prom night.
To prom night.
Prom night.
To Jamie Lee Curtis.
[ Laughing ]
[ All Laughing ]
So, where you headed tonight?
Your car break down
or something?
I can take you
as far as Meadow Falls.
That's where I'm going.
[ Snickers ]
I'm gonna get me
some pussy.
Kitty, kitty, kitty,
kitty, kitty.
[ Chuckles ]
I like to get laid
on Friday night.
Sort of leaves
the rest of
the weekend open.
Jesus, I love Fridays!
I'm not Jesus.
[ Chattering ]
Quite true. Do it, Jeff.
Come on. You gotta do it.
Do it, do it.
They're gonna love it.
Come on. Come on.
Go ahead. Do it.
They're gonna love it.
Do it, man. Come on.
- [ All Whooping ]
- Hey, Jeff,
how's it going?
[ Laughing ]
Jeff! Mark, make him stop.
Come on. He's just
expressing himself.
Exactly. That's what
I think of Hamilton High
and their prom.
[ All Laughing ]
[ Chattering, Laughing ]
So what did you tell
your parents?
We were going away
for a weekend fuck.
Is that what you
told your parents, Meagan?
I said Laura and I
were going camping.
- Dressed like that?
- Well, they weren't home
when we left.
I hate lying.
So, uh, where is this place
that we're going?
It's about
an hour from here.
My parents' summer home.
Not that they're ever
home in the summer.
Oh, it's great.
It's right in the middle
of nowhere.
Sounds romantic.
Thanks, Ray.
See you Monday.
Just kidding.
[ Chattering, Laughing ]
Come on.
I'll show you guys around.
What's that smell?
It's just musty.
The place has been
closed up all winter.
Oh, great house.
Looks old.
- Used to be a monastery.
- Which order?
- Order of what?
- Monks.
Beats me. All I know is
the place used to be
some kind of church retreat.
It was abandoned.
when my parents bought it.
- Wonder why it closed?
- Maybe the species died out.
Monks don't reproduce.
They must have died here.
And recently too, man.
Yeah, this place stinks.
Let's check it out.
[ All Gasping ]
- Oh!
- Oh, what is it?
- Meat.
- [ Mark ]
I don't believe this.
Somebody stole
the goddamn freezer!
Wonder what else they've taken.
Oh, shit!
Okay, they got the stereo,
the CDs, the televisions,
the VCR,
the stove, the fridge,
the microwave and the freezer.
- We got a problem here.
- Oh, it's not so bad.
- Yes, it is.
- Maybe we should
call the police.
We can't call the police
because we're not supposed
to be here, remember?
Look, Laura's right, man.
We don't need any
of that shit.
We're here to celebrate,
so let's celebrate.
I wasn't planning
on watching any
television anyway.
Come on. We're here.
Let's make the best of it.
All right.
We'll improvise.
Let's see, some dried apricots,
carrot and tomato juice,
Chinese noodles,
uh, dried mushrooms,
can of asparagus
and some spices.
Look pretty fresh.
How'd you do?
Two cans of tomato soup,
couple cans of Pepsi,
some fossilized onions
and a bag of rice.
Just like home.
We'll whip up
a feast for the guys.
Oh, how domestic.
What? I like to cook
for someone.
[ Scoffs ]
Makes me feel like
I'm married.
What's wrong with that?
You really
like Mark, don't you?
[ Disgusted Sound ]
[ Door Opening ]
[ Loud Breathing ]
I'm never gonna
eat again.
Oh, yeah?
Guess Laura'll be disappointed.
[ Both Cackle ]
Well, uh, I take it back,
you know.
Well, you'll have to introduce
Meagan to the experience.
She's gonna think you're God.
[ Exhales ]
Aw, man.
My parents
are going to kill me.
Hit the light.
What a bunch of idiots.
They didn't take
any of the wine.
It's worth more
than the house.
You mean they didn't
take anything... yet.
Uh-uh, no.
Forget it.
We'll never get
another chance like this.
My dad'll kill me.
He'll never know
it was you.
He's insured, right?
We'll start with a '57.
- and then we'll
work our way back.
- Yeah.
You sure you know
what you're doing?
Leave it to me.
I'll go get some wood.
[ Owl Hoots ]
[ Loud Breathing ]
[ Clattering ]
[ Creaking ]
[ Loud Breathing ]
Look what I got.
For me?
You shouldn't have.
Hands off,
it's for Meagan.
No kidding.
Figure, you know,
since it's her first time,
she'd wanna feel sexy.
Think she'll like 'em?
Like what?
Uh, well, it was--
It's supposed to be a surprise.
It is.
No, Meagan, please,
don't be mad. I'm sorry.
I'm not mad.
I'm going to try them on.
Yeah, eh?
[ Chuckles ]
[ Loud Breathing ]
[ Knocking ]
Mark's idea.
[ Exhales ]
That stuff just drives
Jeff wild. God, you're
so sleazy. It's great.
[ Sighs Loudly ]
So, uh, are you still
a little bit scared?
About what?
Uh, the big event.
Not really.
Well, maybe a little.
Don't worry
about it.
I think Mark knows
what he's doing.
Don't tell me that.
I do not want to hear
about how many girls he's
had sex with. Thank you.
You should get down
on your knees and thank Jesus
that one of you is experienced.
There's nothing worse than
two virgins trying to fuck.
Trust me.
Forgive me, Father,
for how much fun
I'm going to have tonight.
[ Radio Static ]
[ Man On Radio ]
Thought it was spring?
Well, I got news for you,
we're still looking
at snow in some parts of
lake country.
Maybe some freezing rain
by tomorrow.
[ Channel Changing ]
Here you go.
Lucky boy.
[ Laughs ]
[ Radio ]
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Let's play a game.
Like what?
[ Chuckles ]
No. Confession.
We'll all tell each other
our deepest, darkest secrets.
I don't even
tell priests that stuff.
Oh, no?
What do you tell them?
- Lies.
- [ Laughing ]
Laura, you shouldn't
do that.
Well, it's easy for you
to say. Priests fall asleep
during your confession.
I could get into
real trouble.
Come on. You don't
really tell them about--
My sins?
But you wouldn't really
tell 'em about tonight?
Yeah, but what about,
say, what happens--
or might happen...
later on-- you wouldn't
really tell them about that.
- Yes, I would.
- Don't worry, Mark.
She won't mention your name.
If you're good.
No matter what I did,
I mean,
even if it was
something really terrible,
I'd tell a priest.
I'd have to.
Well, amen to that.
Amen to that.
Come on. Just one
little secret. Anything.
I'm pregnant.
[ Laughing ]
Just joking.
Oh, very funny.
I'm gonna go
get some more wine, okay?
[ Whistles ]
[ Screaming ]
It's okay.
It's me. It's Mark.
[ Sighs ]
Oh, wow. You okay?
[ Chuckles ]
Oh, damn it.
I'm okay.
[ Moaning Softly ]
Let's go upstairs.
[ Creaking ]
Kinda looks pretty bad.
I'll be right back.
[ Ringing ]
Yes, hello.
I know who you are.
I saw what you did.
You're all the same.
Who is--
You're a cocksucker
and a fucking whore!
It's too late for you now.
[ Line Clicks,
Dial Tone ]
What's wrong?
I just got
an obscene phone call.
Yeah? It's probably just
Jeff goofing around.
No, it wasn't Jeff.
It was really strange, Mark.
I'm serious.
Don't worry about it.
Just some crank.
[ Grunts ]
[ Jeff And Laura Moan ]
Boy. This is gonna be
worth a fortune.
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming Continues ]
That feels better, Mark.
It'll be okay.
Sorry, Meagan.
Make it up to me.
Jeff, you're not asleep,
are you? Come on.
We only had sex once.
It's not like you.
[ Door Rattles ]
[ Gasps ]
Who's there?
Meagan, is that you?
[ Heavy Breathing ]
[ Growling ]
Wake up.
[ Knocking ]
[ Growling Continues ]
Wake up.
[ Rattling Stops ]
Who's there?
[ Rattling Continues ]
[ Mumbling ]
Laura! Laura!
Laura, open the door.
[ Mark ]
This is not a goddamn
spectator sport, Jeff.
Yeah, well, you should
see it from up here.
Look, Laura locked me
out of the bedroom,
all right?
your technique.
Oh, you're hilarious.
You got a key?
- No. Now fuck off.
- Thanks.
Maybe there was
something wrong with her.
All right.
I don't understand it.
I went downstairs
to get some wine.
When I came back,
the door was locked.
I don't know
what gets into her
sometimes, you know?
What the hell's
the matter with you?
[ Mark ]
You know what those two
were up two.
Everything was going fine.
Just relax.
We'll find her.
She's gotta be
around here someplace.
She can't leave.
No car, right?
Yeah, I guess.
I don't understand this.
We'll check downstairs.
I'm sure she'll show up.
All right.
I'll look around up here.
She's crazy.
What does she think
she's doing, hiding?
I don't know.
- Go check the wine cellar.
- You're coming with me.
- No way. I'm not
going in there again.
- Come on, Meg.
Forget it.
We've got to find her.
Just go.
Okay, okay.
Be careful, Mark.
Laura? Are you in here?
- Find anything?
- Just a sec!
- Mark, are you okay?
- You wait there.
- Laura.
- [ Creaking ]
You had me worried there
for a while.
It's nice up here.
I like the candles.
It's kinda cozy.
Are you okay, Laura?
Laura. Laura.
We gonna fuck now, Jeff?
Repent, he said.
Our Father,
who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done
on earth...
as it is in heaven.
[ Screaming ]
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses...
as we forgive those
who trespass against us.
[ Screaming ]
Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil,
[ Screaming ]
[ Bones Cracking ]
for thine is the kingdom
and the power and the glory
forever and ever.
- The candle's still warm.
- Maybe Laura was down here.
Yeah, right. She hacked
a hole in the door
without us hearing it.
How could she possibly know
about this place? I didn't.
It's blood, Mark.
I don't like this.
Something's happened to her.
[ Wood Creaking ]
I wonder
if Jeff found her.
Hey, Jeff!
Where are they?
I don't know.
And who was walking around
upstairs when we were
in the basement?
Like I know.
Maybe somebody's
playing a joke on us.
Not like this, Mark.
Laura wouldn't do this.
It may be about
that call.
This is
really weird.
Okay, let's check the attic.
What the hell are
all these candles doing here?
- Mark--
- Shh.
There's blood everywhere.
What's happening?
I'm scared. Call the police.
No. I have to find out
what's going on.
Don't-- Mark. Mark!
I'm going to check
the woodshed.
- What are you doing?
- I'm coming with you.
- No, you're not.
You're staying here.
- I'm not staying alone.
It's probably nothing, Meagan.
[ Owl Hooting ]
What the hell's goin' on?
Doesn't look like
there's anybody
out here.
Mark, come here.
[ Meagan Screaming ]
Oh, my God!
Laura! No!
Damn it!
We have to get help!
This is the only place
in 20 miles!
We gotta do something.
I'm gonna call the police.
[ Line Ringing ]
[ Woman ] I'm sorry.
There's no 911 service
available in your location.
Please try your
local police department.
[ Line Ringing ]
Come on.
Yes. Get me the police.
What area are you
calling from, please?
I don't know what area. Um--
Christ! Near Turbin.
That's it-- Turbin.
I don't care.
Just get me the number.
[ Screaming ]
Meagan, run! Get out!
Get the hell out of here! Run!
Get out of here!
Run, damn it!
Get out of here!
[ Rattling ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Footsteps ]
[ Yelps ]
Mark! Mark!
[ Creaks ]
[ Screams ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Screams ]
Mark! Mark!
[ Crying ]
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
[ Screaming ]
My boots.
[ Glass Crunching ]
[ Glass Crunching ]
- [ Yells ]
- [ Screams ]
[ Jonas Screaming ]
[ Phone Ringing ]
[ Ringing ]
[ Ringing Continues ]
This is Officer McBride.
We got an emergency call
from this number.
Can you verify
there's a problem?
Yes! Yes, I made that call!
[ Jonas ]
It's out of
your hands, Officer.
It's in the hands
of the Lord now.
[ Loud Whisper ]
[ Screams ]
[ Crying ]
Forgive me, Father,
for I have sinned.
The penance is death!
[ Screams ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming Continues ]
[ Crying ]
[ Siren Wailing ]