Promare (2019) Movie Script

We'll put out every last fire on Earth!
Unexplained cases of human combustion all over the world...
...World Health Organization is investigating spontaneous combustion...
Burnish, a sudden mutation, that's thought
to cause self-combustion...
Governments of all countries take action to stop Burnish
Radical group Mad Burnish's terrorist blaze attacks.
Segregation policies are being implemented...
UN-appointed specialist Prof. Prometh said that oppression
of the Burnish may lead to concurrent blazes worldwide.
The Great World Blaze has come to an end...
...50% of the global population suffers...
30 years after the Great World Blaze, we must
strive more than ever to keep peace.
Fire in high-rise building.
Area B-25, Promepolis New Town Center.
Dispatch request for Burning Rescue.
Dispatch request for Burning Rescue.
Burning Rescue!
It's a Burnish flare!
Where's Burning Rescue? Where are they?!
The automatic extinguishers have failed!
We can't cope! We're doomed!
Yeah, yeah. We're almost there! Ready!!
Lots of people on the 58th floor!
Looks like the center of the Burnish blaze!
Varys! Remi!
Emergency deployment of anti-Burnish combat equipment!
Lucia! Launch while in motion as soon as we get in range.
On the scene!
It's full of Burnish Flares here.
Quick, Remi!
Here they are!
You're safe now. Keep calm.
The ceiling...!
I got it.
Let's get out while we still can!
Everyone in the container.
Rescuemobile, on the scene!
Aina! How's it going?
58th floor rescue complete. In transit.
There's still people on the roof!
Burnish lightning is causing instrument malfunction,
I can't get any closer! Time to launch, Galo!
Woah, it's burning hot!
Well worth extinguishing.
It sets my firefighter's soul on fire!
Sorry for the wait, Burning Rescue's here!
Breath easy, folks! The amazing Galo is on the scene!
Stop messing around, Galo. Now get ready,
we're launching you to the 108th floor.
I'm not messing around, I'm jazzing up the crowd.
Stop talking nonsense, you'll bite your tongue.
Never fear, Galo is
Look, rescue's here!
Where are they going?
He's dead.
Totally dead.
I'm alive!
Come on, this way!
Galo, get rid of the smoke already!
Come on, this way. Get on.
Galo! Behind you.
Strong Burnish signals coming from behind the smoke.
They're growing stronger!
Captain, it's Mad Burnish!
The flame terrorists?
Yes. Most have been arrested, but the leader
and two top brass have been on the run.
Galo, listen.
Mankind's been after them for 30 years now,
they're the instigators of Burnish crimes.
The leaders of Mad Burnish.
Your rescue gear won't do any good.
Wait for help!
So, these guys are the bosses.
Aina. Rescue has priority. Go quickly!
Don't do anything crazy!
Like he's gonna listen.
You're damn right!
A little burn never scared a firefighter.
You'll find me dead before I let those firebugs go!
You, fireball bastards!
Is that it? You're all talk!
Yeah, fireboy.
It's no use. His rescue gear's too heavy to compete with bikes.
They're too fast.
Pull that thing out then, Lucia.
It's tuned and ready to load any time.
Tech on!
Though the fire's gone, my heart's been tempered.
Matoi Tech!
I'll put you out with my burning soul!
Be amazed! Matoi embodies the heritage
of a Far East island's firefighter.
It symbolizes the spirit of the men who
fought fire with their bare hands.
I won't let you do what you want forever, firebug bastards!
Is he stupid?
He's stupid.
You fool!
How the hell!?
Here's one.
Gueira! What?!
And two.
Come on down, big boss!
Get off your high horse...
And fight me! One-on-one!
Coward! Attacking me when I was striking a pose.
Only an idiot poses while firefighting!
Lucia! What the hell is that thing?
From an idea I had, sorry.
Galo, don't get too excited. Stay calm.
I'm always calm!
Hey! Are you messing with me?!
There he goes again.
What's fun about burning people's houses?
It's not our choice.
The flames are part of us.
We must burn in order to live.
That's the way we Burnish are.
Only your soul should burn!
Your flames are a nuisance, so I'll put 'em out
With my burning soul! That's my style!
You're talking nonsense again.
Shut up!
What?! You're just a kid!
Look who's talking.
Get out of my way if you don't want to die.
We Burnish don't kill without reason.
You have nothing to protect yourself with. You're naked.
Don't act so big, ya firebug bastard!
I'm...No, actually, we're...
A rescue team.
You got it!
How do you like it?
Matoi Tech rapid cooling.
This is Special Mobile Firefighter Rescue
Unit Burning Rescue's teamwork!
Are you in awe now? I didn't get naked for fun!
I never thought you did.
I live every day to full combustion. I'm a firefighter
with a burning soul, Galo Thymos!
Remember that, Leader of the Mad Burnish!
It's Lio. Lio Fotia.
You're too cocky, rookie.
Jeez, the suit was brand new. Would it
kill you to be more careful?
You can get better data that way.
You went overboard, idiot.
And you hit too hard, Varys!
Hit him harder, otherwise this idiot won't learn.
Aina, you...
Freeze Force?!
Colonel Vulcan.
Good job, Ignis.
We'll be taking the Mad Burnish now.
Hey, you're working hard with this old gear.
Life must be hard for a low-level rescue team.
But, Burnish crimes are under Freeze Force's jurisdiction.
They're taking credit for our work!
Hey, stop it!
Was it you who caught these guys?
What if I was?
- I'll arrest you for exceeding your authority.
- What?!
The law forbids civilians from dealing with terrorists!
You could've caused a major disaster.
I can't overlook your reckless actions.
It's the Burnish's crimes that can't be
overlooked! All I did was stop them!
Make your objections in court!
We're authorized to deal with them
in case of a fire emergency.
That should apply here.
The right to decide is mine!
Is this an official decision?
You can't take a joke.
Internal power struggle? Public officials are so petty.
How dare you speak, Burnish? Take him away!
Looks like Vulcan was taking it out on you.
The Burnish suddenly appeared 30 years ago.
Large fires caused by fire-handling mutants
took a big toll on the world.
But, now the Burnish threat is being driven out.
The other day, thanks to Burning Rescue's intervention,
Mad Burnish's leader was arrested.
This marks the end of the flame terrorist group.
Hey! He said wait, damn!
It's useless.
You'll only get frozen limbs.
Looks like it.
This is...
It's just like they said.
You were our only hope, but now you've been caught too.
What...have we done to deserve this?
Let me introduce...
Burning Rescue's young hero, Galo Thymos!
He annihilated Mad Burnish, let's praise his achievement!
Galo, keep protecting Promepolis hereafter.
You bet I will, Governor.
I'll protect this town, just like you saved me.
You've always been my hero, since the
day you lost your arm to save me!
KRAY FORESIGH I'm counting on you, Galo.
Inferno Volcano Margherita Megamax!
There you go!
Ouch. It's so yummy hot from the oven!
Another one!
Cooked just right, as usual.
He's very good.
There you go!
I saw you on TV, Galo. Great job.
They were a real nuisance, those terrorists.
Mad Burnish, is that what they're called?
It's a relief knowing their boss's in jail.
I'm sure not all Burnish are dangerous like those guys.
But, they get discriminated against because of them.
You nailed it, Chief.
The Burnish are misunderstood, they're not to blame.
It's a mutation.
There's nothing they can do about it.
The question is how you use it.
Like Vary's superhuman strength.
Anyway, just count on me for any fire in town.
I swear on this medal!
You're so reliable.
We're counting on you!
But, wearing it here?
A man should always wear his medals on his chest.
And all the more, if Governor Kray gave it to me.
He saved your life, right?
Yeah, when I was a kid.
The governor was just a student back then.
He became known thanks to that rescue.
Then his research on fireproof material got
noticed, and he became a billionaire.
Now he's the president of the Firesight Foundation and city governor.
An amazing route for an upstart.
Can't you make money with your inventions?
Inventions that make money are a heresy.
A true mad scientist.
Ah, your older sister's one too.
Yeah. No idea what she's researching, though.
Warp engines? They still have a long way to go.
Will we be able to see 'em in our lifetime?
I was able to become a rescuer thanks to Governor Kray.
I gotta pay him back, no matter what the risk.
Hey Chief! More Inferno Volcano Margherita pizza!
We better not split the bill.
Gimme that!
You're eating too much!
Freeze Force?
Nobody move!
If you do, I'll regard you as a Burnish!
Bastard! Why are you here?!
You again? Shut up and watch.
Hey, you! Don't move!
Stay away!
You're a Burnish?
Please, wait! What wrong has he done?
He was only baking pizza!
Did you know?
It's okay.
But, you just wanted to make good pizza, didn't you?
You're under arrest too. Cordon off the store!
The Burnish is one thing, but the
Chief had nothing to do with it!
He violated the Burnish Protection Crime Act: Whoever hides a Burnish gets arrested too.
You should start studying law before posing as a hero.
It's true, that law does exist. But, it's
a special anti-terrorism law!
These people are not terrorists!!
That's for the court to decide!
So, this pizza was made by a Burnish?
How could he give this stuff to his customers?
Hey! Stop it!
Don't make a mistake. We have no right to stop them.
Pisses me off though.
Where are you going?!
Get out.
We're transferring you.
Let's do it.
We Burnish are free.
I won't let the Foundation do what they want.
We'll take back our hurt brothers and sisters.
Free the others.
But don't kill anyone.
We Burnish don't kill without reason.
I know!
A wall of flames!
Come on. We're breaking out.
Breaking a freeze ring is a piece of cake for the Boss!
Now come on!
You're a nuisance.
Come on, this way! Quickly!
I didn't know about this place. What is it?
You don't know?
I found it by chance one day when I was
riding around to burn off steam.
Since then, I come here whenever I need to cool off.
Jeez. Only someone with so much spare
energy like you would come out here.
You really went out of your way, just to cool off.
Then why are you here?
Why? The way you took off, I thought
you went to raid Freeze Force HQ.
Oh! You wanted to help?
I wanted to stop you.
You really think I'm an idiot, don't you?
Hey! It could break!
No worries. I dug down 5 meters, and there was ice all the way.
You dug 5 meters down?
Yeah. I was curious to see how far down it went.
Come on. You can skate on it~
Well, I'm relieved.
You've got enough sense to come here and cool off.
I can't give Governor Kray trouble.
All the higher-ups know he saved my life.
If I did something wrong, they'd think I'm abusing
our connection and misusing his authority. you can be sensible.
I guess, I can understand how you feel though.
It's the same for me.
I've always been, "Heris's sister," not, "Aina."
She's always been very smart. She was a child prodigy.
I see.
I'm proud of being Heris Ardebit's sister!
She's the core pillar of Foresight Lab now.
You're working hard too.
You're you, Aina.
Ouch! Hey!
Where are you going?!
You call HQ!
He's always like that.
You! You're the leader of Mad Burnish!
Lio Fotia.
You should remember it, Galo Thymos.
Be quiet. We're having a meal.
Do the Burnish eat food too?
What do you think we are?
We Burnish are human beings. If we don't eat, we die.
You're right.
Hang on in there, Thyma. The truck'll be here soon.
A truck?
A helicopter'd be too conspicuous.
Gueira and Meis went to get a truck.
But, she won't...
Let me do it!
She's hurt because you guys captured her.
I'm a rescuer.
I've had emergency medical care training,
and my bike has medical equipment.
No need.
From flames to ashes, from ashes to earth.
Rest in peace.
She turned to ash?
It's our fate as Burnish.
The flames burn our body, but they also
give us the power to regenerate it.
While we're alive, our body is eternal.
We'll recover no matter how much we burn.
However, once our life is over, we turn to ash.
You're serious?
It shouldn't be surprising. All humans die.
We feed the flames and burn out.
This certainty is like a blessing.
You live for the flames?
We can hear them. We hear their cries.
"I want to burn more! Hotter! I want
to blaze! Stronger and hotter!"
They're alive.
Granting their wish is the destiny of the Burnish.
But we don't kill people.
When Mad Burnish attack a town, we
always provide an escape route.
We pride ourselves on that.
Boss, the truck's ready. There's room for everyone.
Okay, let's go. It's dangerous to stay here too long.
Running away again?
Yeah. As long as the Foundation's after us.
Can't you stop starting fires?
You could live like normal people that way!
You wouldn't have to run.
Do you really believe that?
You're an idiot.
Why do you think she died?
Because of Foresight Foundation's experiments.
You really didn't know?
What a simpleton.
Not just her. Kray Foresight tried to kill all of them.
He cuts us up and dissects us for his research.
Even though we're humans too.
You're lying!
The governor would never do something like that!
Keep living in denial.
Hey, wait! Hey!
Galo! Are you okay?
You want to return it?
Lio's escaped.
Nobody's reported that to me.
I met him by chance in a mountain cave.
He said he escaped from prison.
Even if that's the truth, I don't see the need to return this.
Medals are made to be awarded to and
from people who deserve them.
But I don't think either of us is worthy.
What do you mean?
Is it true you're doing human experiments on the Burnish?
You're my hero.
You saved me, started the Foresight Foundation,
and founded this amazing city.
But, you're doing such a horrible thing?
The Burnish are humans.
They get hungry, they get sad if they lose a friend.
Of course it's bad that they cause fires,
and you can arrest them for that!
But you can't just kill them for no reason!
I see.
Follow me.
When the Burnish appeared thirty years ago,
magma in the Earth's core began to rage.
At this rate, it'll overflow and cover
the whole planet in six months.
It'll be a greater catastrophe than the Great World Blaze.
The earth will become a dead planet.
No way...
There's so many doors...
This is the Parnassus Project. The last hope for mankind.
Is that...a spaceship?
There's a planet very similar to Earth,
four light-years from here.
Omega Centauri.
Starship Parnassus will be the new Noah's Ark.
It'll carry 10,000 chosen individuals,
who'll migrate to Omega Centauri.
Only 10,000 people?
That's the maximum number of passengers it can carry.
No way...
Aina's sis?
Why is he here?
It's okay. How's the project coming along?
We're about to start the final test now.
That's the pizza maker.
What are you doing to him?
Just watch.
Start the test.
Starting the test.
Activate Prometech pod.
Activate warp.
Warp activated.
Stop Prometech pod test.
Stop test.
The test was successful.
The implementation of the warp engine is in sight.
I told you.
We should've used the Prometech engine from the start.
It's a valued sacrifice for the survival of mankind.
We can't build the warp engine without the Burnish.
There must be some other way!
If we stop the magma, we won't
need to go to another planet!
I've already considered that, but we can't stop
the magma with our current technology.
Migration's our best bet.
So, you'll sacrifice the Burnish for that?
Do you understand what I'm doing now?
Yeah, I do.
But I can't accept it!
Then what would you do?
I'll extinguish the Earth's magma!
I knew you'd say that.
We're short on time, and I can't have an idiot making a fuss.
Why, Governor?
Don't call me that!
I've always hated you calling me that.
You've always been an eyesore to me!
Take him away.
What the hell? What's going on, Kray?
Begin final tuning.
We'll install the Prometech engine on the Parnassus.
Biar, call the car.
Yes, sir.
Hey! Open the door! Open it!
Hey! Anybody there?
I'm begging, please open the door! Open it!
Why, Kray?
You were my hero.
I was against it.
Pod production is already complete.
You were planning to use the Prometech
engine from the start?
Yes. I was only waiting for you to make the decision.
How could you...
We'll have to abandon most of mankind to its fate.
You couldn't live with it if it wasn't your own decision.
How's the Burnish crackdown going?
Freeze Force has already been deployed.
Checkmate. We'll be busy.
We're almost there. Give it your all!
Who knew they were hiding here.
"The darkest place is under the candlestick."
Didn't notice with all these volcanos around.
Wait up!
Run! Freeze Force's here!
Careful. We don't want 'em dead!
They're precious fuel.
How did you find us?
Who knows? Take a wild guess.
Be careful, Lio.
You bastard!
I was waiting for you, Mr. Vulcan.
You told him.
Get 'em!
We implanted a tracker in the old man's body beforehand.
That was foolish.
You're the fool!
We're no match against the Foundation!
The shorter the time you've got left,
the more you think about yourself.
Thanks for your hard work.
Resources are limited, can't let him go to waste.
Even an old man should make himself useful.
You bastard!
Absolte Zero Chain Freezing Bullet.
It freezes by absorbing your body heat.
Good luck burning through that!
I knew you got caught on purpose to free the prisoners.
Thought you outsmarted us, huh?
We saw you coming a mile away, brat!
No dice!
You've even gathered all the Burnish
in one spot, saving us time!
Gotta thank you for that!
How dare you hit the boss!
How dare you hit the settlement!
You'll pay for it!
Stop it! Run away!
Forget about us! Burnish's flame will
burn so long as you're alive!
Your flames are invincible!
You bastards!
We did it!
You smart asses.
Where was Lio shot out to?
Inside Fennel Volcano.
We don't have the right equipment to go in there.
Oh well, it doesn't matter. Absolute
Zero bullets'll surely take his life.
The test was a success.
Yes, I confirmed it from here too. Well done, Dr. Heris.
Commence the Parnassus Project now.
Yes, sir.
We'll start contacting selected citizens
in accordance to the simulations.
Did you find him?
No. He wasn't even at the frozen lake.
All we know is he was last seen going to see the Governor.
It's been a week already.
Jeez, where'd he go?
There's so much new stuff I wanna test.
I'd like both you and Galo to refrain
from acting so selfishly.
My inventions aren't selfish!
They're a precaution, you never know!
Yeah, yeah.
That idiot!
I heard from a friend at the city office. Galo was arrested.
What? How come?!
They say he's a terrorist.
He got arrested trying to shoot the Governor.
No way!
What do you think, Captain?
The part about him being arrested is true.
Hmm...sounds kinda fishy to me.
Aina! Where are you going?!
Wait outside. Don't worry, I'll shout if I need help.
Are you sure?
You're not the kind of guy who'd attack an unarmed person.
Aina often told me you're honest idiot
and straightforward to a fault.
Now, eat. It's your last meal.
You really okay with this?
Aina told me she's proud of you.
Does she know about the migration?
And about the Burnish?
It's none of your business.
You haven't told her. If she knew,
she wouldn't have kept quiet.
Why don't you tell her, if you have nothing to hide?!
I'd do anything in the world if it meant her survival.
I don't think she'd be happy.
Is it true that Galo was arrested?!
There must be a mistake, he's no terrorist!
Please, talk to Governor Kray!
Calm down, Aina.
I saw it with my own eyes, he tried to assault the Governor.
Listen to me, Aina. You have to think about yourself now.
I'll contact you shortly, come here as soon as you get my call.
I love you, Aina.
I won't forgive you.
I'll make you pay
Kray Foresight!!
You'll bear the brunt of the Burnish's fury!!
What happened?
Unexplained fires in all areas of Promepolis!
A huge Burnish Flare is coming from the ground!
This is a warning for Kray Foresight.
Free all captured Burnish immediately!
Otherwise I'll burn Promepolis to
the ground! I'll show no mercy.
Lio? Is that Lio?
That flame...
Is crying?
Lio Fotia, I'm surprised you're still alive! You're a bad loser.
You're an eyesore. Get lost!!
Don't mess with me!
Stupid eyelid!
Enough with the cannon fodder!
Come out and face me, Kray Foresight!
The fire's moving fast!
Captain, this is endless!
Captain, all Freeze Force interceptors have been shot down!
Varys, go to area C-5, the most damaged.
We'll keep the fire under control!
Captain! The fire! A big fire's moving!
On your ass.
Oww! It's hot! Ow!
Ow! Ow! Ow!
I'm coming too, Captain!
But, you're...
I'll explain later!
The fire's first priority, am I wrong?
Did you escape?
I'm Galo Thymos, a firefighter with a burning soul!
Where else would I go!
I serviced it. Under Captain's orders.
Leave it to me!
I'm here, Mad Burnish!
Kray Foresight!!
Bring it...
Mad Burnish!
Ow! It's hot!
Stay out of this!!
Your spiteful flames aren't hot at all!
My burning firefighter's soul is a million and ten times...
It's cold!
So be it.
You again, Galo Thymos!
I understand your anger.
I was betrayed by Kray too!
Having said that, I can't let you hurt
and kill innocent civilians!
You're the ones that are using innocent
Burnish in human experiments!
Didn't you guys pride yourselves
on not killing without reason?!
You two, try to cool off a little!
Ow! It's hot! It's hot! Hot!!
Did you calm down a bit?
Hey! What's that?
What is this place?
The building's not wet.
It was in a cavity under the ice.
Welcome, Galo Thymos and Lio Fotia.
How do you know our names?
Who are you?
I need to talk to you. Come with me.
Wait a minute
You guys!
We managed to contain the blaze.
Incredible, that dummy's attack worked.
Fight or flight response.
No man, it was simply a dummy's response.
And Aina?
Can't reach her since she went with the dummy.
We have no time to worry about them.
We've got rescue work to do.
Governor, the fires in town were extinguished.
The transport network is going back to normal.
Good. Bring selected citizens on board and
keep the others away from the ship.
Parnassus is taking off.
Activity in the Earth's core has intensified.
There's no time left.
What is this place?
Some kind of research facility?
So, you're not going to announce the Prometech pod?
No. It's an evil invention that sacrifices Burnish lives.
I see. You've kept it secret, right?
Only the two of us know.
Same for the Promare?
I'm relieved, sir.
Someone has to shoulder the fate of mankind.
If you won't, then I will.
No. I should be the one regardless research...
Yes. I'm taking it all.
Was this your plan all along?
Maybe it was.
The Governor's a murderer.
The victim was the guy who brought us here.
Exactly. Kray killed me.
Who are you?
Deus Prometh. I was a Burnish researcher.
Instant freezing agent, fireproof armor. These are all
anti-Burnish patents belonging to the Foundation!
They're all my inventions.
Kray stole them and registered them in his name.
So, what are you?
I backed up my consciousness into this computer.
So that I could come back to life after my vital signs ceased.
Of course, I made sure Kray didn't find out.
A virtual personality...
How did you know our names?
I've been hacking Promepolis's network.
I stay informed on whatever happens there
in order to keep a close eye on Kray.
What's that?
Volcanic eruption in South-West Promepolis.
How's magma activity?
Within projected calculations.
Good. Get ready for departure.
Boarding is complete.
Please wait, Governor!
What is it?
Aina's not back yet.
We've issued the order, but we couldn't reach her.
Don't take off until she's back!
What are you saying?
It'll all be meaningless if she doesn't survive!
I'll wait as long as we can, but we
can't postpone because of her.
You should know that.
Go back to your post, Dr. Heris.
What's that?
It's a spaceship.
Kray showed it to me at the lab.
Soon Earth's magma'll overflow and the planet'll go
So they'll run away to another planet, but the max
amount of people that can board is 10,000.
Only 10,000?
Yeah. On top of that, it's human-powered.
They'll use the Burnish's flames to power the warp engine.
And that'll chip away at their lives.
It's horrible.
Galo, is that what my sister's been working on?
It is, right?
Kray, that fool. Doesn't he realize?
The moment he ignites that incomplete
engine, the Earth will perish.
If he hurts the Burnish with the Prometech engine,
the Promare in the Earth's core will go berserk.
The planet will be doomed.
What do you mean?
The flames the the Burnish use are not regular flames.
They're a fire life form from a parallel universe.
"Fire life form?"
I called them "Promare."
Yes. Together they form a sentient
fixed star in a parallel universe.
In other words, it's an aggregate of living organisms
achieving life through nuclear fusion and
consciousness via electromagnetic field.
What's seen as flames is but a fraction of energy
seeping through a space-time rupture.
What's this old man saying?
Thirty years ago, there was a distortion of space and time
that connected Earth's core to the Promare Universe.
Humans prone to resonate with the
Promare can use their power.
The Burnish?
That's right.
The voices that push us to burn stronger...
It's the fire life forms.
If that's the case, what have we been...
Using the Promare's interdimensional energy,
teleportation is indeed possible.
But, the Burnish's nerve signals reach
the Promare they're synched with.
The Promare feel the Burnish's pain.
If those incomplete Prometech pods
cause the Burnish enough pain
the Promare in Earth's core will spiral
out of control, destroying the planet.
So, they're at the center of the Earth?
That's where the space-time rupture is,
it's where they live.
Galo Thymos.
Lio Fotia.
I want you to stop Kray Foresight.
Yes. With the real Prometech engine I've completed.
With this!
The super weapon I've created in
the event of Promare disaster.
Deus X Machina!
They're already on board.
The completed Prometech engine doesn't cause pain.
It uses Lio's body as a gateway to harness Promare energy.
You just concentrate on synchronization.
But, why us?
Why did you choose me and this guy?
I didn't choose you. You just happened to land here.
I had to stop Kray, but I couldn't do anything by myself.
Then you showed up.
Mankind's still got luck on its side.
What if they didn't come?
Meh. Kray would've just doomed the Earth, I guess.
This guy...
I am no "guy," I'm a computer. Now, the rest is in your hands.
My job here is done.
Professor? Professor!
Feeling conflicted?
I guess you are.
Your flames are aliens, that's a hell of a surprise.
What would you know?
Nothing, but if there's a fire, I'll put it out.
That's the only thing I know.
So you burn out too.
Show off your Burnish pride, that's what I mean!
Let's do this. We'll save the Burnish and the Earth!
That's it!
We're ready for departure.
Start the Prometech engine.
Prometech engine.
The warp gate. Keep going, Dr. Heris.
Behold, the door to mankind's future opens!
What's that?
Weird. There are eruptions happening
simultaneously all over the world.
The time has come.
Large unidentified machine ahead!
Inbound and unresponsive.
That machine!
Attack with all weapons!
Shoot freezing missiles!
Use regular munitions too.
That's an order!
Collision on deck. Target halted.
Is it dead?
Jeez, what are you doing? You're the pilot!
My bad. I just can't get into the zone.
What do you mean?!
Must be the way it looks.
I mean, look at how lame this design is,
my firefighter soul can't burn in that.
You insist I come and this is the crap I get?
So you want me to improve it? Fine. How's this?
Oh, now we're talking!
That's the stuff!
This is my jam!
Extremely strong Burnish signal.
More pure than our Prometech engine!
Even if the ideals you look up to all fall
to the ground, hope will never break!
A burning firefighter and a cool flame,
oil and water as one!
Absolute Firefighter, Lio De Galon!
And with this, we'll put out every last fire on Earth!
What's that nonsense?
"Deus X Machina" doesn't have enough impact!
Lio De Galon is a way better name.
You should praise my modesty for
not calling it Galo De Lion.
Shut up and pilot.
As I thought, that's Deus X Machina.
I didn't know it was completed.
Was that Galo's voice?
What's he doing?
What's that robot? Where did he
get it from? Who made it?!
What the hell is going on, Galo?!
Can you hear me, sis? It's me, Aina.
Aina! Where have you been?
I'm okay. More importantly, look at this!
If you start the Prometech engine,
the Earth's core'll go out of control.
You mustn't fly that ship!
Prof. Deus!
The Governor killed him?
This is...
It's fake footage, made up by the rebels.
Don't let it get to you.
Is it true? Did Kray really kill Prof. Deus?
No doubt about it, Deus told me personally.
Anyway, Kray's engine is incomplete.
If it takes off, the Earth'll
Aina? Aina!
You cut off external communications, Kray!
It wasn't me.
It's because of that robot's attack.
Killer Move
Kick! Kick kick kick!
Captured Burnish! Where are you?
We're coming for you!
Don't mind the small fry, Heris.
Engine to full power. We'll warp at once.
You don't care about the Earth?
Sooner or later, it'll be destroyed.
Just concentrate on the migration project.
You knew, didn't you?
That using the engine would cause the planet's destruction.
It's either now or in six months.
Right. I got it.
Prometech engine, full power.
Oh no! They're about to warp!
Tell me! Where are the Burnish?
We can't go head. They'll smash the bridge!
All personnel move to the second bridge.
Transfer the ship's main system to the second bridge.
I'll get rid of that.
Biar, you lead takeoff procedures.
Yes, sir.
Damn Galo. Don't push your luck!
What's that?
Your futile struggle...
Is over now!
That's Kray!
Free the Burnish, Kray!
Filthy terrorists, how dare you?!
Take this!
The buildings turned into dirt!
Genocide Cultivation Beam: It destroys
mountains turning them into farmland!
One of the terraforming tools we'll use on our new planet.
I wasn't expecting to use it here!
And the people inside?
They're all in underground shelters, obviously.
Damn you!
Why don't you use your science to
bring the magma under control?!
I can't. That's why we're migrating!
Do you want to destroy mankind so badly?
If you know it's gonna be destroyed,
you just have to stop it!
And think about the rest later!
You hopeless fool!
I won't let you commit any more atrocities!
Our Lio De Galon, vs. your Krazor X!
Let's see which is more powerful!
You stopped Lio De Galon's flames,
true to your name, Krazor X!
Take this, Krazor X!
And your...!
Pulverizing Pile Driver: Designed to break through
hard bedrock to reach water veins.
Against this, your armor's paper!
That robot's bad news!
We can't win like this.
I wish I had my matoi gear.
That weird decoration you wore?
It's not weird!
It embodies the heritage of a Far East island's firefighter!
Like this?
Matoi really fires me up!
Gaze in awe! Lio De Galon Matoi Decked Out!
Doctor! The engine's out of control due to over-fueling!
At this rate, the central pod will overheat and explode!
Heris, what happened?!
I've destroyed the central pod by overloading it with energy.
The engine won't work anymore.
You did it intentionally?!
I was wrong to trust you.
That idiot, she's been blinded by her love for her sister.
Call Colonel Vulcan!
Looks like the ship's crashed.
The warp gate must have closed.
We can no longer stop Earth's destruction.
This ship and its passengers are
the only hope for mankind.
And it's Kray Foresight who'll create that future!
Absolute Zero Heat Death Cannon: The ultimate freezing weapon
created for protection from Promare attacks
and solar flares on the new planet!
Why don't you use that to save the Earth then?!
You must reach the core for that.
This machine will not withstand that.
You just wanna migrate no matter what. Why don't
you cool that hard head of yours instead!
Do you think two fools like you can beat me?
Go to absolute zero freezing hell!
Galo, you didn't even try to avoid it!
What's your strategy?!
Grin and bear it! That's my strategy!
Are you an idiot?!
Yeah, the world's #1 firefighting idiot!
I'll put 'em out now. Both your flames
and your stupid ambitions!
All right!
Try it if you can!
Did we win?
Wait. Look.
Do you want to save your brothers that much, Lio Fotia?
But you can't. The Burnish are destined to die.
Just listen to their death throes!
If you hate me, attack me. Fire-spitting fool...
Lio Fotia!
I'll never...
Stop it Lio, calm down! Stop, don't kill him!
Did you really think...
You could burn me with those pathetic flames?
You Burnish are just a bunch of fools!
Don't tell, me you're!
Ah, indeed!
I've the same ugly mutation, which is why I understand
just how hard it is to have a strong enough will
To control the flames and fight the urge
to burn everything down to the ground!
The Burnish are controlled by the Promare!
They're slaves to their instincts!!
You make it sound like you're different.
Because that's the truth!
You can't move, can you? Even my Burnish
power's stronger than yours!
But, your power will be enough to
restart the Prometech engine!
You'll be the engine's core!
Thank you.
Let Lio go, Kray!
Good grief.
You've been an eyesore from the moment I met you.
When I was a student, I had my first Burnish spasm.
I tried holding back the flames, but I couldn't.
So, you didn't save me?
No, I took care of you by chance. It was a good
opportunity to build my reputation.
No way...
I made you a Burning Rescue member because
it had the highest mortality rate.
I wanted you to disappear, but you just kept
coming back even after getting injured.
My life had always gone as planned, but once you
showed up you constantly messed up my plans.
You're really an eyesore of an idiot!
Kray, you bastard!
But this is the end for you, fool.
You monster!
Of mankind!
You can't run away!
It was foolish of you to go against the Governor.
There's no where to go now!
So she chose to die?
Cheeky bastards!
We made it. I'll go get Galo!
Your brothers are inside the surrounding pods.
You'll fly us all over the stars, shouldering
your people's screams.
Eventually you'll become the myth of mankind.
An undue luxury, for a Burnish fool.
You won't get away with this!
Come on, get angry.
Your rage will power the engine.
This is Kray. Restart the countdown.
We'll warp in five minutes.
Parnassus, five minutes to warp!
Galo! Galo!
He's still on fire.
Are you okay, Galo?
Lio protected me.
The ship's gonna warp!
How? I destroyed the engine!
He said Lio would be the new core.
Doctor, where's the engine?
What's your plan?
I'll go save Lio!
How? Don't say you'll just crash into
the core's engine with your drill!
Yeah, I'm a Burning Rescue member.
Rescue and firefighting's my job.
I'll save Lio and put out
Hand over the doctor and that punk,
or you'll be treated as traitors too!
I refuse!
You've got some guts defying Freeze Force.
It's an emergency, I've authorized them to fight!
All of you'll be purged anyway!
I strongly refuse!
Firm refusal.
Got it!
I put new drill gear on the spare Matoi
just in case, because you never know.
What? A drill?
Yup, the ultimate in armor-piercing tech!
I sent you the ship's data.
I'll calculate the angle and send you straight to the engine.
I appreciate it!
No time to announce yourself. Just go!
I'm coming, Lio!
This is...
How long must this go on?
There's no time left, methinks.
Promare activity has increased!
Lio, are you okay?
Oh no!
Are you still alive? You're so annoying!
Don't mess with rescue operations. Back off!
I'll extinguish you!
Your struggle's useless!
Same thing as earlier. Lio's fire protected me.
This shielded me from your flames.
I'll save him. And the Earth. And you, too!
Shut up and watch.
Hey! Don't die!
Lio! Lio!
Damn! Don't disappear!
All right, I've got no choice!
You made it, Lio.
Did you save me?
Damn! For the first time in my life, I lit a fire, because of you!
What are you going to do about this? You jerk!
Then let's just burn the Earth to the ground!
Inside the pod, I synched with the Promare
in the core and now I know.
Their combustion's incomplete.
We need to let them burn completely once.
You can't tell a firefighter to do that, you idiot.
We need your firefighter's soul.
Let's use it once again.
But, this time it'll be Galo De Lion!
Wait, what are you doing?!
Going firefighting, of course.
We'll put out the core's fire and your ambitions!
We need all the Burnish's help too!
Our flames'll burn the whole planet!
Got it, Boss!
Let's do it, Boss!
I'll show you my burning firefighter's soul!
Oh no, oh no! I'm burning!
Damn Galo, he didn't make it in time?
But, these flames...
Yeah, that's right.
They're not hot.
It's the same as Galo earlier, they're protecting us!
Yes. The Promare synch with the humans' will.
When my urge to burn everything...
And my will to save lives from fire...
Join as one...!
...our flames'll burn out the Earth!
Complete combustion of the whole planet...!
I'll put you out with my burning soul!
What did you do?
We satisfied the Promare's primal drive to burn
sent them back to their universe, and
closed the dimensional rupture.
There are no Promare nor Burnish in this world anymore.
That was uncalled for.
Man, it burned like a dream!
This is the beginning.
This city's new beginning!
Let's clean up after the fire. Lio, you're gonna help too!
We're short of hands.
We'll get your buddies to help too.
Don't worry. If the haters give you heat, I'll put 'em out.
Through spark and flame, I got your back.
You really are an idiot.
Yeah. The universe's #1 firefighting idiot!
Trails of fire, you always knew
They would carry me home, they'd lead me to you
Though you can't see the sun, a new day has begun
And I fall out of bed, to a siren call
In the frame on the wall, see you in fire
You guys are smiling at me, and you inspire
I down a coffee, grab my ax and then I'm out
I got a rage inside that's making me shout
I get high on the fighting, you know?
Inside my heart feelin' the Inferno!
Barely catchin' my breath, Lay my eyes on the crest
Gonna square up to all of the heat that is left
So, I carry the torch to inferno, Inferno!
It's out of the park, and I'm smilin' again
Here we go, I know I know I know
I know I will be here for you, wherever you go
Yeah I know I know I know I know
I know I will be here for you, Wherever you go, yeah I know
Trails of fire, you always knew
They would carry me home, They'd lead me to you