Promised Land (2012) Movie Script

Can I get either of you
gentlemen anything else?
You want another drink?
Uh, no, I'm fine thanks.
We'll take another bottle
of the Chateau Margaux.
You'll be fine.
Listen, I'm sorry Michael isn't here yet.
His plane got delayed
getting into Teterboro.
That's fine.
He likes to meet all the executive
candidates, it's kind of a tradition or a
It's nice of him though.
It is actually, until
he does his one joke.
I thought you said he wasn't
That's an oldie but a goodie, I guess.
So what time you heading out tomorrow?
Well actually, Sue's up there now,
I was gonna get he last bus tonight and
get an early start tomorrow morning.
You know hen we called the office out West
you were the only name they gave us.
It's nice of them.
Listen, Steve, we're a
Yeah. If someone is recommending you,
it's not nice it's numbers.
I appreciate that.
Now let me ask you something.
You guys have closed more towns than the
team behind you by almost triple digits.
But the price point that we pay out on
your leases is half of everyone else's.
How do you do that?
Well I'm from Eldridge, Iowa.
It might as well have
been Rifle, Colorado,
Dish, Texas or Lafayette, Louisiana.
Any of these towns we've sold.
I know them, they know me.
Well, unfortunately the rest of our road
teams don't find it as quite so easy.
I grew up in a large farming community.
Football Fridays, tractor
pulls, cow tipping, all of it.
I mean, I'm one of two guys in my
graduating class who went to college
and studied something
other than agriculture.
It's the biggest fight
my grandfather and I ever had.
Just a pride, I guess.
It's delusional self mythology.
It's bullshit.
We had a Caterpillar plant down
in Davenport a few miles away.
They closed that down in my junior year.
I didn't think anything of it.
By the time my senior prom moved around,
I got to see, first hand, just how little
legs we had to stand on.
I mean, the whole farming town
fantasy just shattered.
The truth was, without the plant,
without the industry, we had nothing.
And my whole town was
I'm not selling them Natural Gas.
I'm selling the only way
they have to get back.
Best of luck, Steve.
Is this the guy?
Well you said he wasn't handsome!
Sorry I'm late.
Had to stop at home on my way down.
My daughter, it's her birthday today.
She's turning 13 already.
I can't believe
Good morning, Boss.
Oh, stop it.
I'm not supposed to call you Boss', now?
They'll let me know.
That's the best you could do?
No. But I wasn't looking
for the best, was I?
Ah, you know what I mean.
You do it on purpose.
You're right, I do.
Was it worth it?
Suck it!
Rob's Guns, Groceries, Guitars and Gas.
God, I wish I thought of that.
So where'd they put you up?
The Sheraton?
Uh, Four Seasons.
And I was right, this is the
entry point for the whole state.
Yeah, I like that.
It's like dominoes.
Yeah, it is.
Hey, what season is this?
They're still wearing flannel up here?
Place like this, they always do flannel.
Yeah. Or camo.
I am not wearing camo.
Do you wear gloves?
I never use them.
It's a yes.
Ok, you bout ready?
Hey. Boots!
Huh? No. I'm not going
over this with you again.
These are my grandfather's boots,
and they're made in America.
Yeah, like in 1947.
Yeah, a pair of air balloon.
Oh my God, now you weren't
kidding about the guitars.
I guess you're not here to buy a guitar.
You're the natural gas people.
I'm sorry?
Apologizing right off the bat, I like it!
It's endearing and vulnerable,
and yet, honest and direct.
Your ID card, it's kind
of a dead give away.
It's about time you all showed up.
Well, hell yeah. We can't
sell the scenery, can we?
That's good.
Wanna come work for us?
And leave all this?
Cash only.
Shut up.
Go ahead if you have to.
No, I'm just glad to think it's great
that you're making friends.
Now shut up.
I can't believe this is right outside
the city, it looks like Kentucky.
No, two hours outside any city looks
like Kentucky, you should know that.
Something weird about those horses?
No, not really.
Wait, are they small?
They seem very small.
They seems smaller than you. Right?
My eyesight's going.
Maybe they're ponies?
Those are not ponies.
Remember new region, so we can
go as high as 5000 and 18%.
Don't ponies have big heads?
I mean, like proportionally?
Hello there!
Are you the owner of this place?
No, sir.
Well how come you're
doing all the work?
I don't know.
Well, who do I talk to about that?
My Dad.
Your Dad, okay. I'm gonna find your Dad,
I'm gonna straighten all this out!
Oh, hi!
I thought the census was over?
Uh, no, I'mI'm with the Natural Gas
company. You got a second?
Hell, why didn't you say so.
Come on in.
You went shopping?
I said, you went shopping,
here you got a tag.
There you go.
Oh, well. So much for
trying to look like a local.
Nice boots.
Thank you.
Thank you Sir.
That is some wild color, right?
Is that Thor?
Is it? Oh, yeah!
God, it's nice.
Can I have that, my kid
would really love that!
I'm kidding.
Reading this morning bout all
the gas drillin' in Pennsylvania.
Stanton Gas', is that you guys?
Oh no, I'm representing Global
Crosspower Solutions'. But,
there's a bunch of us.
Well, you're probably the best.
Hey, you wanna come work for us?
Even before the drilling,
the initial phase of development
will boost your town's tax revenue.
That means that money will be
injected into the town immediately.
'Cause what it means to me
One of the only reason I live where I live
is because of the school my son goes to.
I want everything for him.
And everything, to me,
starts with an education.
So our leases start at $2000.
Wait, that's it?
That's right.
Well, that's not necessarily
life changing money, is it?
Oh, it's per acre.
You have 20.
So, I think there are a lot of people
around here that would say
$40,000, well, that's pretty good money.
Especially for doing nothing.
But the real reason I'm here at this early
stage is because our research shows that
your particular plot of land
has a potentially high yield.
Now what that means is that not only
the size of the deposit,
but actually the quality of
the shale is in the top tier.
Carson's chances of going
to college are too low.
And without a college education, and this
job market, that means manual labor.
Those jobs are gone.
Technology is our sons' future.
There's no reason your town shouldn't
have a state of the art high school.
Getting education that allows him
to compete on the highest level.
And that's why we offer an 8 percent share
in any and all profits that
we see from your wells.
And so with this top tier level of shit,
what kind of money are you talking about?
Oh well, I can't say yet but
It's ballpark for me, man.
I mean, other people
in similar situations?
I meanyou mean, for,
you know, are you guys, or?
could be a millionaire.
See what it stands and
what this agreement looks like.
That's it right there.
Nice talk today.
Kind of anti-climactic, I thought
it would be harder. It's too easy.
I got it.
From V.P. of Land Management.
It's great. I'm proud of ya.
Oh shit.
Danny, I don't know what to say.
I know Heather.
It's only two way tickets.
Did anybody get on base?
Well then that makes it
almost a perfect game.
That is amazing!
It's not a whole game, mom.
Okay, well, you shouldyou juststill
you should be celebrating,
you shouldn't be seating
here talking to me.
Hey, Ms. T.!
Hi Colin.
So where you guys headed?
I don't know. Sarah Dayton's
having a party, I think.
You look nice.
I love you so much.
Okay mom.
Mr. Richards? Hi, I'm Steve Butler.
Steve, it's a pleasure.
Nice to meet you.
And call me Gerry for God's sake.
Oh, great.
Anything to drink?
Uh, yeah, a cup of coffee.
For you, Jerry?
Oh I'm fine, thanks Lynn.
Well, listen, I appreciate you sitting
down with me, I know you're busy but I
Oh yeah, yeah.
I just thought it'd be a good idea
for you and I to get together
before the town hall tomorrow so
that we can get to know each other.
Of course, no no, look, as the senior
member of the supervisors board,
thank you for sitting down
with me. I appreciate it.
Pretty exciting all
this natural gas stuff.
It is very exciting.
Whole lot of money down there!
That is also true.
How much do you think? How much
money you think we got down there?
Well, uh, your Global's research team
hasn't finished their analysis yet,
but I think it could be as much
as 15 to 20 million dollars.
Is that right?
I mean it could be, yeah.
Thank you.
Well Listen, I've, uh
I've been doing a little research about
all this, gone online a little bit, and
well, I've read all these
rumblings on Natural Gas
possibly contaminates water sources?
You know, killing crops and what not.
Yeah. You know, I've read
all that stuff too.
There're stories of people
lighting their water on fire.
People getting sick. Steve.
That sounds nasty.
WellWell, there are lost
of scare tactics at play here.
Oh. ButLook, I, uh
I have a responsibility
to protect these people.
To ensure their safety.
And to be honest
I'm just not so sure I'm too
comfortable telling my constituents
to allow you folks to come into our town.
No matter how much money you have.
Okay. Well, Mr. Richards, because
I know that you folks have quite
the operation in the works, here.
With plans to set up
throughout the state, huh?
Well, I'd hate to be the guy that
jeopardize all that for you.
To lead this one little podunk
town to reject your company.
To reject natural Gas. Wow!
I can't even imagine what
that would do to you guys.
Especially fore that this got out,
you know, in the papers, on the news, hmm?
It's 30,000.
What's that?
I can offer you 30,000 dollars.
Can I get you anything else?
You know what, Lynn, I think
we're done here. Just the check please.
The Marcellus shale,
estimated at 2 trillion dollars,
with billions in potential tax
revenue to individual states.
First one that came up, first sentence.
Now you wanna re-think that joke
number you mentioned earlier, hm?
Mr. Richards, I'm-I'm just being
straight with you, it's simple math.
Best case scenario there's 30
million dollars under your town.
.1% of that is 30,000 dollars,
that's what I'm authorized to offer you.
I'm also telling you
it's a one time offer.
Don't get up.
Don't do that.
I've been at this table before
and it doesn't end well.
Look, I don't fault you for trying.
But, I'm telling you
Don't do this.
Because we will walk away.
We always do.
And after every single
town within 3 states
has signed up for this, and the blows
of this economy are almost unbearable,
we're gonna come back.
And we're gonna offer you nothing.
We will offer this town nothing.
Every contract we've signed,
every piece of the pie
we've offered, it all goes away.
And we buy this place for nothing.
Now please
Let some other guy be last.
I got it.
Thank you.
So I'll see you tomorrow?
I'll see you tomorrow.
Jeez, you want me to
leave the whole bottle?
They allow you to do that?
Hey Jesse, three more please.
Jesus Christ, the two of you.
Well, I don't know what your
problem is. It's my birthday.
II have no excuse.
Lemme guess.
married, marketing, with two kids.
Thirty eight
Stripper/Waitress but was
born to be a singer.
Fuck you, I'm a teacher!
No no, I was talking about me.
You wanna see a dance?
It's a 100 bucks.
They wouldn't give you 30.
No, you haven't seen my moves.
Ok, alright, now you're creeping me out.
I'm Steve.
Wow, you're goin' pretty big
for a school night, Alice.
It's my birthday.
Oh right, right.
Well actually, tomorrow.
So they just give you a day off,
you know, for your birthday,
or do you have to lie, tell the kids
you've got a stomach bug?
Okay, first off, I resent the implication
that I can't hold my liquor
And secondly, we watch videos
sometimes for the first two periods.
Just sometimes, right?
What's your story?
What brings you to our booming metropolis?
Oh, I'm actually from a small town myself
so it just kind of feels like home.
Oh yeah, where's that?
Eldridge, Iowa.
Aah, you're a buckeye!
That's Ohio.
The same thing.
Okay, no offense taken.
Let's go!
Hey, what are we doing?
We're drinking or not?
Nice to meet you, Alice.
Oh, so you're not gonna even
buy a birthday girl a birthday drink?
No, I think that would
communicate the wrong thing.
You're an asshole!
No no, I'mof course I'll buy your drinks.
No, forget it, you blew it,
you missed your chance.
Wait! No, that's it?
Alice, come on.
So how long you be in town?
Uh, yeah a bit.
A bit?
Oh my God, you're a horrible liar.
I'm not lying!
You wanna give a girl
a real birthday present?
Sure. Yeah.
Jesse, we're playing Absolut Madness.
Absolut Madness?
What's Absolut Madness?
It's pretty much what it sounds like.
You and Jesse drink 4 shots in 4 minutes,
and if you can get closer to the
bulls eye on that dartboard, then
we drink for free and you get
your Polaroid on the wall.
Uh, that's not at all what
it sounds like. alright, I'm in!
Uh, no, I tell you what, okay,
hang on, what if we double?
Alright, I do 8 shots in
everybody at this bar
gets the drink for free.
Alright, alright, alright, alright.
Hey, my name's Steve, uh
I hope that we gonna get everybody
here drunk tonight for free.
Alright, Absolute Madness, here we go.
Oh my God!
I got it, I got it!
Oh! Oh thank God, you're still
kind of handsome.
You're late.
Your phone hasn't stop buzzing
for the last half hour.
Oh, shit, okay.
I had a really great time.
Did you?
Uh, yeah, yeah, I mean
Nothing happened, Steve.
Well, actually you did kiss me
before you threw up the first time.
Oh, it's gross.
I was gonna let you sleep in your car, but
you couldn't remember which one was yours.
Uh. No, I didn't drive.
Well then it's a good thing
I didn't let you sleep in your car.
Uh. Wow,
cancan I take your number, or?
Well, youyou're gonna be
around for a bit, right?
It's not that big of a town.
You'll see me again.
Okay. Still
The front door is, uh?
At the front of the house.
When you get to it,
you're gonna see a knob.
You turn that knob
Yeah, yeah. Too early for that, I'm just
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Huh. happy birthday!
What do you mean you were burned?
Why were you using an iron?
So he asked you to do it?
No, I highly doubt it's burned off, Danny.
What did the nurse say?
Throwing hand or catching hand?
So you're gonna play this weekend?
Just five minutes.
What you mean pitching?
Danny! When did the coach
say that, that's fantastic?!
No no no, that was just Steve,
I'm at work.
Okay. Folks, if you can find your seats
please, we'll get started. Thank you.
I can't believe you went out.
We didn't get home from dinner till 9:30.
She was very cool actually,
I think you would have liked her.
I don't think you should be making
statements like that just yet.
Some of you may even
have family or friends
who have had natural gas
come to their town.
Was she elderly?
.. that we will be bringing
natural gas to McKinley.
How do they get the gas?
Ah! Frank, how are ya?
What is that?
Is it good?
It's fantastic. It's fresh squeezed.
There's a kid selling it out there.
She's cleaning up! You want some?
There are these rock deposits underground.
Deep, undermiles underground.
And they create these drills
that go down 2 or 3 miles,
and the breaking of that shale
is what actually releases the gas.
It's called Fracking.
Excuse me?
The process. It's called Fracking.
That's right. That's right.
Frank, now if you'd let me finish
please, we have a basket to
I would encourage all of
you when you go home
to Google that word and
see what you find.
Unfortunately, it's not nearly as simple
as what Supervisor Richards
has just laid out.
Frank. Frank, I'm sure we all appreciate
the point you're trying to make,
but there's no decision to be made here.
We need this.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but
uh, this thing here.
It may not be the saving
grace you all want it to be.
Now, Gerry started
this thing on by saying
Natural Gas coming here
is life saving. And it is!
It's a clean and efficient resource.
But the way we go about getting it
is some dirty business.
Franck, with all due respect,
I think you're out of your league.
And the potential for
error is just too high.
Thank you Frank.
And There are people all over the country,
who's water has been contaminated.
Okay. Frank, I have absolutely
had enough of this.
We don't have to have this conversation
here. If you wanna come down to
Goddamn it.
I'm late here, sorry. I'm sorry, uh,
I don't mean to interrupt you, Mr?
My name is Frank Yates.
Uh, Mr. Yates, are you with a,
uh, an environmental group?
No? Uh, what line of work you in, Sir?
I'm a teacher at the high school.
A teacher.
I teach science.
What about you, Mrrrrrrrr?
Okay. Yeah. Well, I deserve that.
Uh, well, Steve Butler is my name.
I'm a consultant, here, with Global.
I only caught the tail end
of what you were saying, but
you seem like someone
who's done his homework.
Could I ask you though, where
did you get your information?
Mr. Butler, you and I both know
the information I've been talking about,
is vast and detailed.
You're probably right, I'm certainly
I'm not the guy with all the answers.
Oh, well then you'd be the perfect guy for
them to send here, to deny everything.
Well look, I'm not gonna deny that this
issue has been made pretty complicated by
a few companies who've had
their fair share of incidents. But
we've been fracking in this
country for over 50 years.
This is not a new issue,
this is not a new technology.
But Global is being sued,
isn't that true, Steve?
Yeah, that's true, that's true.
Just like any other company our size
in any other industry.
And the way we handle those
law suits is we stand up to em.
Because we're not in the business
of handing out free money.
to people who make
false claims against us.
And the thingthe take away here,
is how many times we've lost.
And that's none. We've never
ever lost any ot those case.
Well, you can't lose a game
that's still being played.
Look Steve, I'm sure that
even you can admit
that Fracking is far
from a perfect process.
Of course not, uhm
But given the government regulations
that we have to adhere to
and all the hoops we jump through,
it's pretty close to perfect.
The only reason why natural gas is
so big right now is because it finally is
the clean alternative to these
dangerous industries like coal and oil.
If it's such an incredible
alternative why do they need a man
standing off to the side of the
room to make sure we all go for it?
Seems to me it should
be able to sell itself.
But you're not the man with
the answers. So who is?
Because I still have questions.
Well, I'd like to answer
all of those questions.
I'd just like everybody to keep
something in mind here.
There's no such thing as
a neutral position here.
If you're against this,
you're for coal and oil. Period.
mn, unl w tlk but
uttng numtn,
and so far that's a conversation
none of us wanna have.
Steve, I just came here
to point out that this issue
is a bit more complicated than it seems.
Well, yeah, I mean
you've certainly done that.
Well great.
Now I think we should take a vote.
A vote?
In a couple of weeks, when we've all had
time to think this whole thing through,
I think we should put it to a vote.
With all due respect, the people
in this town really need this.
Theythey need this. And
Quite frankly, I don't think that
anybody here is gonna be
swayed by one man. Sorry.
You're right.
These people and I came here
to say we strongly believe
this is not in the best
interest of this town.
Hey, Gerry.
Gerry, I'm sorry, these kids
have regionals coming up.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Stan, sure thing,
go ahead. Uhm Well
Look Frank, this isn't everybody.
I mean, not even half of
the town is here today.
Exactly, And I think all those people
would hate to be left out
of such an important decision.
Uh, Frank
Gerry, Gerry, let's face it.
We both know that money can
lead very often to bad decisions.
Are you seeing the same numbers I have,
and with the recent figures on deposits
in this area at 150 million dollars,
let's all take some time
to think it through.
Those are the latest numbers
out of the university.
Let's have a vote!
Say, three weeks time.
We're adjourned!
Holy shit!
Okay, calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down!
Natural gas isn't perfect
What were you thinking?
And that politician,
why is he so pissed off?
Becaubecause I told him that the
real number was 30 million dollars.
I mean
once again, you came in
below the price point.
Was it worth it?
I'm sorry.
You know what Steven?
Listen to me.
I don't give a shit about your
numbers or your promotion.
My kid is in fucking Houston
with his stupid fucking dad.
This is a job, and then I go home.
I'm sorry, Sue.
Do not say I'm sorry, Sue' one more time.
Alright, the plan's the same.
Nothing's changed.
But starting now
wewewe close everyone!
I don't care if they can fit
We go door to door and we lease it all.
They still need the money.
The politician was buckling, Steven
stepped in to try to put the fire out.
This Yates guy, he's just a wild card.
Yeah, thehe's the high school
science teacher here. You know
Uh-Huh. Well, research pulled him up.
He's a hell of a lot
more than that, Steve!
Frank Yates. MA, engineering, MIT.
PhD from Cornell in Physics.
Jesus Christ, the guy did R n' D
for Boeing for 32 years,
He's retired, Steve!
He's teaching for fun!
Okay, we're pulling it.
We're pulling you now!
Absolutely not!
They take us for somebody else in,
it looks like we're running scared!
Where is everybody?
Where did you go?
I'm here. Uh, look, II can have this
whole place committed,
andand before this guy
gets one more supporter.
Period. Okay, just give me the chance.
I don't have to tell you
how important all this is.
This is all or nothing.
We understand each other?
Yeah, I understand.
Coffee, handsome?
Ah. Uh yeah, two.
To go. Please.
Cream and sugar?
Uh yeah, please.
No, put that away, it's on me.
Thank you.
Don't you worry about
Frank Yates, darlin'.
We all know it's not true.
Hey, did research say anything
about an environmental presence?
No, none of the usual suspects.
Nothing locally.
Uh, Mr. Yates?
Hi. My name is Dustin Noble.
I'm from a small environmental
group called Superior Athena.
What can I do for you?
I heard about the vote, and
I'd like to do anything I can to help.
Oh well. Look, I
I don't think anybody here
considers himself to be part of some
great environmental revolution, you know.
II have a pretty good feeling
we can win this.
Well, with all due respect, sir, you've picked
a much bigger fight than you think, so
you have to win.
And I have the one thing you don't
Yeah. That's it.
Ah, your little store, is there
a storm coming I didn't know about?
We have to stay a little
longer than we thought.
Not necessarily a bad thing.
What happened to your window?
Ah, I got into a bit of a heated
discussion last night at the bar.
I'm assuming it's not a coincidence.
A heated discussion about what?
You're kidding.
Don't look worried.
I'm not gonna gunshot em.
Oh come on!
You sing?
You look like you'd be a singer.
What are you talking about?
Hot girls I was in high school with,
who sang in the choir,
they always had hair like yours.
Well, I was in a church choir, but
Told you. It's in the hair.
Just think about it.
Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, Cher,
they all had good hair.
It's a very interesting theory, Rod,
but I don't want to sing in public.
I mean, what's the point of having
good hair if you don't sing in public?
Women like Karaoke.
We don't call it that.
You know, it's just open mic.
You tell the band what you want
to sing, they play it, you sing.
Not gonna happen.
Excuse me!
Hey. Hey!
Excuse me, hey man!
Hey! Hey! Hey buddy!
Come on.
Okay. Look.
This whole door to door
thing just isn't gonna cut it.
I mean, if you wanna sell to these people,
you gotta get em all together
or not get em at all.
I mean, you're a pro.
I shouldn't have to tell you this. Look
Show your face tonight,
make yourself seem friendly.
Embarrass yourself a bit.
Hey, did you see a guy in there?
I'm gonna let you figure out
how stupid that sounded.
I think there's an environmental presence.
Well, I don't know.
I meanthat guy, right there!
II don't know. Maybe.
That's okay, don't panic,
we'll figure it out.
I gotta get an outfit.
You think this guy is handsome?
No, you just look nice.
Oh, shut up.
Ooh, buddy's place.
Scene of the crime.
Is this where you tried
to pick up that lady?
Alice. She's very nice.
Hey, am I sitting with you?
No, I'm sitting with Rob.
Who's Rob?
The handsome guy.
What song are you gonna sing?
I signed you up.
You're ready?
I'm not entirely sure
you should be drinking.
Let's try this again.
Steve, it's very nice to meet you.
Very nice to meet you, Alice.
So. Looks like you're gonna
stay around for a bit, after all.
That, uhm town hall meeting didn't look
like it went the way you wanted it to.
Yeah, we were only supposed
to be here for 2 or 3 days.
Sorry I lied.
That's ok.
We don't actually play a game
called Absolut Madness.
Jesse's shots were water.
What's Absolut Madness?
I wandered so aimless,
My life full of sins,
I wouldn't let my dear savior in,
In case of emergency only.
See you around, Steve.
Oh my God.
No sorrow in sight.
Praise the Lord, I saw the light.
I saw the light, I saw the light,
No more darkness, No more night,
Now I'm so happy,
No sorrow in sight,
Praise the Lord, I saw the light.
Praise the Lord, I saw the light.
Jesus, I thought that
would've gone better.
Really? I thought it was great.
Hey everybody. Uhm.
Check check.
No. It's not a good joke. Uh-uhm.
It's a much better idea when
I'm staying well on the back, uh
Sing something, man!
Oh God, definitely.
Definitely you don't want that.
Uh, I just wanted to introduce myself,
I'm new in town, I just came in,
my name's Dustin Noble,
I work for a small environmental
company called Athena.
And IYeahNo, I
I know. I know.
The reason why I wanted to talk to you
is that I'm actually from a small
farming community myself in Nebraska,
uh, my family's 5th generation
in dairy, and uh,
Well, the farm is gone,
everything we had isis gone.
What happened was, in 2008,
my dad found 12 dead cows
down by a creek about a half
a mile from our house, and then,
in April about 70% of those cows
were either sick or dead.
And by Christmas he had defaulted on his
payments and the bank took his house.
The land just died, it just
it just turned brown and died,
and it made it very easy to see
the only things left standing,
which were these giant green
wells that said Global' on them.
Now these guys at Global,
they're real clever.
They have these fine prints
in the leases they make you sign,
that says you can't talk
about it in a court of law, but
hell, I'm pretty sure they
don't say anything about
telling a couple of friends in a bar.
We had a farm in our family for 150 years,
it only took nine months to lose it.
So, I heard you were taking a vote,
And I had to come down here
personally and tell you my story.
This isn't some
environmentalist conspiracy.
This is our lives.
Now it's happened. And
hell, it's happened to one of us
it can happen to all of us.
So I guess I'm just here to say my name
is Dustin Noble, and I'm here for you, so
take one of these pamphlets
on the way out, okay.
Thanks a lot. Thank you
very much, I appreciate.
Oh Yanks, no.
No, wow wow wow.
You have no idea how hard that song is.
That is way higher than you think. No!
Okay, uh
I get up in the evening, ooh,
and I ain't got nothing to say,
I come home in the morning,
I go to bed feeling the same way,
I got a big day tomorrow.
I ain't nothin' but tired,
man I'm just tired
and bored with myself,
Hey there baby, com'on, I need it,
I could use just a little help,
We can't start a fire,
This is Bruce,
can't start a fire without a spark,

can't start a fire without a spark,
That's him. That's the guy.
This gun's for hire,
I tell you what, if you want me
to do this, I need the help, so
let's do it for real.
Everybody up, let's go!
Let's go, everybody up, here we go!
I can handle it.
Wanna change my hair,
my clothes, my face,
Man I ain't getting nowhere,
everybody up.
Man I'm just living in a dump like this,
Hey. None of what that
guy just said is true.
I'm not a bad guy.
Can't start a fire,
You can't start a fire without a spark,
This gun's for hire,
Even if we're dancing in the dark.
Global go home. What a crock of shit.
God, can we go inside, at least?
It's fucking freezing out here.
I mean, how we know the
guy's even staying here?
Where else would he stay, Steven?
I mean, none of that shit
can be true, right?
No, of course not.
We would've heard about it.
They're not gonna send us in blind.
I should have just
confronted him at the bar.
In front of the whole town?
On open mic night?
Okay. Hello.
Play nice.
I got it, I got it.
Hey man! What's going on?
Hey, how is it going?
Good. Good. What are you doing here?
What's that?
you doing here?
I mean, Athena? I've never even heard of
that company. What kind of name is that?
Uh, it's Greek, originally.
Athena is the goddess of
Dude, I fucking know who Athena is!
Okay. Cause you justyou
just said you didn't.
I'm sorry, who are you?
Are you joking? I'm Steve.
Hi Steve.
Yeah. I'm the guy you were just talking
shit about at open mic night!
Oh wow! You're from Global.
Yeah. Yeah.
Because you know who you're dealing with
here, I mean is this like a joke to you?
I mean is this some game for you
and your stoner buddies, that
Yeah. Oh I know exactly
who I'm dealing with.
Steve Butler.
See, I know everything about your company.
I know what you do and how to beat it.
You know how to beat
wait, no okay, bybyby
by telling bullshit sob stories
and singing fucking Springsteen?
Listen, you seem really nice kid,
you gotta be kidding me.
that doesn't understand that
he is in way oversale on this one.
We've already signed more than enough
leases to start development on this town,
you're too late!
I wouldn't underestimate these people.
I don't.
I know you think what
you're doing is right,
and I really admire that commitment.
But your presence here
only confuses people.
But, we appreciate what you're doing,
and would like to make
a donation to your organization.
Your cooperation is valuable to us.
You gotta be kidding me.
Okay. Get it. Get it! You pull on
the brake, you pull on the brake.
It's stupid, it doesn't even make sense.
Brake. Yeah, I got it.
Okay, check out the horses.
They do seem small.
Next to the goats. Right?
Yeah, they should be
bigger next to the goats.
You're right! I mean, that
You know, unlessunless the goats are big.
Come on. Those goats are normal!
Holy shit!
Holy shit!
What is going on here?
Global, go home.
Global goOh, son of a bitch.
He made signs?
Pull ono, there he is.
I'll be around, so let me know
if you need anything. Thank you.
What are you doing, man?
Hey, Steve!
What the fuck are you doing?
Well, I'm telling these people the truth.
Hang on, we had an agreement, pal.
Did we?
Yeah, we sure as shit did.
Listen Steve, I came here for a reason.
Oh my God, what?
I gotta do what I came here to do.
You took our money.
Oh but I did put that donation
to good use, so thank you. Hey sue!
Okay, if it's all a joke, great.
Do you have any idea what
you're dealing with there?
We are a 9 billion dollar company.
Okay, do you know what we're capable of?
Do you?
'Cause all I see here
is you and me, Steve.
And one of us is a lot more
confident than the other one.
One of us is going to get
punched in the fucking face.
Steve look, I know this must be really
frustrating for you, and I'm sorry.
You're doing all the things you've done in
the past, it's just not working this time.
It's not workI have 60% of
this land bought and paid for.
It's over.
you can have 80% of this land bought.
That's only 40% of the vote.
We're not fighting for the land, Steve,
we're fighting for the people.
You're fucking atthe
these people need help.
Okay? I'm here to give it to them.
What are you doing?
Steve, you're wrong.
Right? These people have changed.
It's not just about the money any more.
Get in the car, Steven.
Listen, none of this is
your fault, okay? It's just
It's just time!
Just time for what?
For what, man, what are you selling?
Look at you!
I'll see you around, Steve.
Yeah, let's just run everything on
on rainbows andand happy thoughts.
Fucking dip shit.
God damn.
I mean, like, what is his
truck running at, right?
Bio fuel. Okay?
Is it really?
Yes! Like french frie grease.
Well, hello!
My name's Dustin!
Hi Dustin.
So well behaved.
How many guys live on a farm?
Wow! Alright, me too!
And guess what?
This is my farm.
It's not real farm.
There's a ton of them there.
We should just start there.
Fine, wherever.
Pretend that this is the dirt
underneath my farm. Alright?
And this is all the water that we had.
All the water we had to drink,
all the water the cows had to drink,
all the water the puppies
and kittens had to drink,
all the water for the fish in the rivers.
Hey there sir, good afternoon.
Can I have a moment of your time?
I know why you're here.
And we don't need it.
We they do start drilling, they go
right in the ground. Like this.
Right? Seems pretty simple.
Well, they don't have really cool drills
like some of your dads
do in their garage.
They have huge big ones like this.
Hey, there he is.
Hey I've been waiting
all day for you folks!
Sorry I don't think, uh
Yeah, Paul Geary. 442 Henley!
Yeah, come on in, man, come on up,
hey I got some coffee brewing.
Yup, there you are, I got you. Okay.
In order to use a drill this big,
it needs a little help. So,
they're shooting all this water and all
this sand into the ground with the drill!
And with all that,
they also shoot chemicals.
No, doesn't look scary?
Okay, great. So what I'm gonna do,
I'll just leave that with you and
and just read that over, just look
Oh hey, I'll sign it right now.
No no, well you should read it over,
and I'm gonna come back.
I'm gonna be in town for a couple of days.
They don't just use one chemical.
They use all of em,
all at the same time,
and some chemicals,
they don't even tell us about.
when they go to do that drilling,
let me show you what happens.
It's dirty!
Oh gross, what is that?
Hey, let me ask you something?
What d'you think?
What d'you mean?
Well I mean, the well, what I mean.
So when they finally start drilling,
there's no way to tell
where all those chemicals are gonna go.
So they start mixing with the dirt
and the sand and the water,
You think it's gonna be a gusher?
Is that what you call it, a gusher?
Well, we're gonna have to do
some test, andand you know,
there's a whole process
No, come on,
we're gonna go through.
I'm not tellin' bout tests.
Between me and you?
We're gonna be partners?
Come on, you could tell me, I ain't gonna
tell nobody. What's your gut feeling?
Uhm you really seem like a lucky guy.
Whoo! Yeah! That's what
I'm talking about!
We preciate you guys comin' by, right?
Thank you.
You want me to show you how bad it is
to have all that dirty water come back up
to the land in a pretty farm like mine?
Let's take a look.
Hey, let me show you.
Oh no, that'sI don't think
Don't worry, I got it.
Trust me. Alright, ready?
Wait wait wait.
Why do you think it's cool?
Come on guys, we had all
these beautiful animals like cows,
and horses, and chickens,
we even have turtles.
What's this guy's name?
This is Trigger?
Hey Trigger.
Now, do you think Trigger
can survive in my farm?
You don't think so?
Right, let's try it.
God, Dad! We struck it big, right here!
Huh? This little two acre lot!
Alright, there you go, take one.
Stick em anywhere you
can, get in trouble.
No. Don't get in trouble.
Alright, so I willI will see you around.
Alright. Bye.
See ya.
Damn, that's your birthday everyday,
Oh, stop it.
isn't it?
What's he got?
1.8 acres.
How much?
Let's just go.
Oh come on, the guy's
gonna get a free 5000 bucks.
Shit. Don't say anything!
Two dollars.
Yeah. Lynn.
.. So I wake up, 6 a.m. on the ground,
I was on the ground, I didn't know I fell.
Just like this. All the way down, bang!
I kidd you not! I kidd you not!
Wooh! Ma'am, thank you,
I'm gonna bounce at it.
Steve! There he is!
Good morning.
Wow wow, you alright, Adam?
Me animals lost him.
It's not that funny, my God! But you
make me feel good, I'm not gonna lie.
Yeah great, so I'm the bad guy.
I mean, never mind the fact
that we use it. Here, I got it.
You know we spend a billion dollars a day
to freight for that stuff, overseas?
When we got this huge resource right here
in our backyard, I mean that's insane.
Now I got to deal with
some hippie running around.
I mean I don't even know
what that guy's saying.
Mr. Butler, you ain't gonna hold it.
You seem like a nice enough man, so
I'm gonna be straight with you,
so as to not waste your time.
That little boy right there?
He lost his father, my brother,
you ain't gonna lecture me on the
whole foreign oil dependency routine.
But let me ask you a question, Steve.
If I do this
what I'm gonna tell that boy?
What am I telling him about this farm that
my daddy gave me and his daddy gave him?
What am I telling him about what his
daddy went to the desert to fight for?
See, Steve,
you and I both know that the only
reason you're here, is cause we're poor.
How many wells you got up near Manhattan?
Or Pittsburgh?
How bout Philadelphia? Huh?
It's okay. I get it.
Gd. ht' wht u
yu'r hr fr, rght?
You bout ready, Blake?
Listen, Steve
you ain't never get what you
came here to take from me.
To be honest with you, I don't even
like the fact that you're here trying.
Two minutes, Blake!
You can see yourself out.
Turn around.
Well We definitely have the space.
Food and games to the left, put the
animals and bathrooms to the right.
I bet we could even do
a tractor pull back there
behind the ferris wheel right next
to the you know, the whirly thing.
That's it, I mean what am I
what am I missing?
I don't know.
Oh come on, Sue!
I have never even been to a town fair.
I'm not P.R., this is for
the back up team.
We are the back up team!
Trust me, you wanna win?
This is how you do it.
Look, if we can't sign
everyone to a lease,
at least we let them know what
it feels like to have some money.
Now what am I missing?
Bouncy castles.
You just got a job in P.R.
Well hello there.
Are you the owner of this place?
Oh good. We're starting
in a field left out. Come on in.
Quite a house.
Yeah. For such a single lady.
I didn't say that.
Yeah, you didn't have to.
I was expecting that
it would have way more cats.
No, that wasn't really a big deal
for me to move back here.
I was living in the city
when my Dad died, they asked me
if I wanted to sell, and
You know, it had been in
my family for generations, and
I didn't wanna be
the one that'd give it up.
It's beautiful.
You know, according to our records,
you do have 82 acres up.
I can give you a couple of tips
to boost your crop there.
Right, that's not for me,
that's for my students.
Oh really?
Yeah, I bring em out here, and I
lock em to the process.
You're teaching farming kids how to farm?
I'm not teaching em how to farm.
Oh, I'm sorry. No, you're teaching
farming kids how to garden.
No, I'm teaching them
how to take care of something.
Gimme me the pitch.
You came all the way out here.
No, it's getting late.
Are you serious?
No, it's a whole thing, I mean,
you know, I have a
PowerPoint presentation,
there's an interpretative dance section,
takes atakes a while.
Gimme a little bit of it.
Just the dance.
II can come back.
Someone told me
well, I heard youyou from Iowa,
and your daddy,
your daddy he was a farmer.
What'd you say?
Doesn't matter.
So you got somethin' to say?
Right then say it!
You guys just fucking baffle me.
How you just don't get it.
Why don't you tell me?
'Cause I'm really curious about
what it is that I don't get.
And I'm not talking about
little pay increases.
I'm talking about Fuck you money.
You don't wanna apply for
college loans for your kid?
This money says Fuck you, loans.
You worried about car payments?
Fuck you, payments.
The bank's gonna come and
forclose on your family farm?
Fuck you, bank.
Fuck you money is the
ultimate liberator.
And underneath your town
is fuck you money.
So think long and hard about
all those brutal days workin'.
Andandand the goddamn checks you get
from whatever frozen peas
company's buying.
Think about how much
you made on your best day,
and then you think real hard about
how much you made on your worst.
Cuz let's be real honest with each other,
they're all looking like that
more and more nowadays, right?
These people? This town? This life?
It is dying or damn near dead.
And you all see it coming, and you just
don't get the fuck out of the way.
Pride? Of what?
What have you got?
Shit, how much of it is even yours?
I bet all four of you are getting
subsidy checks from the government. Right?
Now, when they stop comin',
When all that help stops comin',
and you've got nowhere to go,
you're gonna remember this conversation,
and remember the guy who came in
and looked you in the eye,
and said Fuck you.
You're an asshole.
Absolute Madness.
No, but I'm in room 23
if you're desperate.
Jesus, Sue
I just called to make sure
you're behaving yourself,
we got a big day tomorrow.
Yeah. I got it.
You gotta get some sleep, Steven.
I got it! I
because we have a big day tomorrow.
Thank you.
Hello there.
Are you the owner of this place?
No? Well, how come
you're doing all the work?
Set in stone, now.
That's it.
No turning back.
Hey, hold on. I got something for you.
Don't jerk us all.
With this, no Ma'am.
Hey look, this right here, huh?
Special occasions.
It's only time it comes out.
Oh yeah. This right here, is good stuff.
Thank you.
Hey. Dustbin partners.
I've been passing out these flyers for
two and a half hours, I'm gonna die.
I don't know how that Athena guy does it.
Got a donkey?
Hey, where're you going?
Hell, dig out the courses.
What courses?
The pig races.
I don't like that you just said that
without a smile on your face.
Are you okay?
I just wanna finish
and get the hell out of here.
This is gonna close them.
Don't drink that!
You guys I bet you could use some help.
Yeah. Yeah, great, uh
Ifif ya all could help with the
food tents, that'd be great.
Got it.
You want a beer?
Lots of beer.
Hey, Steve.
Hey Jesse, how ya doing?
Can I get a couple of pitchers?
Nice work, Steve.
That town fair idea, that was
that was smart.
Well thank you, Dustin.
Sure that was pretty hard for you to say.
You like your job, Steve?
You love what you do?
On days like this, yeah, I do.
Thanks Jesse.
Hey, get my friend a beer as well,
one of those fancy imported ones.
Yeah, maybe like a granola bar,
if you have it.
I see you there.
You have what it takes, Steve?
Thank you.
You think you have what it takes?
Oh, to beat you? Yeah. Absolutely.
Well. You just might
Hey man, I'll drink to that.
Hey, there she is! You ready to go?
Hey Steve, thanks again for
the beer, that was really sweet.
I'm gonna take it to go.
Hope you guys have
a great night, thanks Jesse!
I'm really looking forward
to the fair tomorrow.
Should be fun.
Well old man!
Hey, what d'you think bout my new ride?
I figured I'd treat myself.
That's your car?
Yeah, it's my car.
I went all the way to Barton to get it.
Com'on, I'm buying. I got it.
We lost.
Let's just go, huh?
It'll ruin out the cranking!
Stop it, Steven!
Oh, isn't that good.
Nice day!
That was so good.
I'm stuffed.
It's great. Thank you.
You're more than welcome.
I'd love the recipe for this.
This cake.
Would youwould you let me take
that home, it would be great, Arlene.
You cook, Sue?
Hmm. My son. My son's a cooker.
He used to pull the chair up to the
counter when he was little and help me
strip things up, now he is
the chef and I'm the sous-chef.
Uhm Where I put it, where I put it?
Here's the picture.
Like II get him down andand
sometimes he talks to me about stuff.
Look at that.
Hey, hell. Oh, hey. Wow!
You know, Frank's Dad died
when Frank was only 8.
And his mom always talked about
the clarity of purpose.
He would understand exactly
what he'd have to do every day.
What about you, Steve, where did
you say you were from? Iowa?
Oh yeah?
You still have family up there?
Wait a minute, did you say Eldridge?
They had a plant up there?
A Caterpillar plant.
Yeah, that's right.
I had a friend there
from Boeing who lived up there.
I remember that.
Wasn't pretty.
Yeah when they closed that,
that, you know was it, really.
The town was just
hollowed out.
What, and no pretty lady to hand
out free money to save you?
Yeah, what would you
have done then, Steven?
I'd move so fuckin' fast.
I'd just take the money, and leave
Just leave.
And where would we all go?
Excuse me.
Miniature horses.
Oh my God, we
thought we were losing our minds.
A lot of us breed them up here.
Some people consider them an abomination.
Big industry here.
What do they get for em?
Not enough, Steve.
You're a good man, Steve.
You have so many of the qualities
we need more of these days.
I just wish
I just wish you weren't doing this.
You came here and offered us money
Figured that you were
helping us.
All we had to do to get it was be willing
to scorch the earth, under our feet.
We have nothing left to sell.
And we can't afford to buy anything.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm not better than my neighbors.
Hell, I need the money too.
I guess I'm lucky
Lucky to be old enough to have
a shot at dying, with my dignity.
I'm worried for us, Steve.
Let me know when you're
ready to head back.
Excuse me, sir. Steve?
There's a package here for you.
Holy shit.
We got him, we win.
We win, we win!
The guy whole sob story
is fucking bullshit.
Well, research did a whole check. Look.
This guy is fucking lying.
What did they say?
What is that picture of?
A picture of his family's farm.
Okay. Where is the farm located?
Where is the farm?
Uh, Nebraska.
Great. what's that?
A silo.
Look again.
Holy shit!
It's a fucking lighthouse!
Holy shit!
Now geography was never
really my strong suit, but
I'm pretty sure there are
no oceans in Nebraska.
He made the whole thing up.
He made the whole thing up.
And when the town finds out,
that he lied to them,
that he was manipulating them
in order to get their vote,
well they're gonna have
fucking field day with this guy!
We win.
Gerry Richards.
Yeah Steve.
I've already been to see Richards.
Everyone in town's gonna know by morning.
I justI wanted you to hear it from me.
You deserve someone
who tells you the truth.
What are you doing here, Steve?
I'm not a bad guy.
Good night.
if I had asked you out
I would have said yes.
Good night.
Thank you.
You know, what you did
is gonna hurt a lot of people.
Hey, what were you thinking, man?
How does somebody even do that?
Youyou came in here,
and based your entire case
against us on a lie?
Alright, Steve.
I already talked to Richards, so just
let me go.
I mean, did you think we
wouldn't find out? What?
You just guaranteed we win.
You know you're gonna lose?
Yeah, it might not be Athena that does it,
but one of these days, you're gonna lose.
I just hope I'm there to see it.
I guarantee it's not gonna
be Athena that does it.
I mean, do you even know
how bad this is for you?
Athena's done.
Done. It's over for you.
What else was I supposed to do?
I mean, it isn't a fair fight, Steve.
I'm out there doing what?
Handing out flyers and posters?
No, this vote meant everything!
And I had to do it.
No. You didn't.
You didn't. You fucked up.
You tell me, Steve.
What would I do?
In a world where nobody cares.
Where a company like yours can
just go into Lafayette, Louisiana,
do something like that?
Or McKinley.
Or the next place,
'cause let's be honest, it's just gonna
happen again, and again, and again.
So you tell me,
What am I supposed to do?
I never told you this farm
was in Lafayette, Louisiana.
What are you talking about?
I never told you this happened
in Lafayette, Louisiana,
how could you know that?
Steve, those people needed my help.
Okay? They called me!
No, no.
No, you said yourself
we're too clever for that.
These deals we have with
these people and the fine print,
they don't call anybody.
Certainly not an environmentalist.
Okay, Steve.
How did you know where this farm was?
How could I know, Steven?
I should've just gotten in my car.
We were never gonna let them vote, Steve.
You're with Global.
Jesus Christ. You're with Global.
Did you really think they were gonna
leave something like this in your hands?
After you let them bring it to a vote?
Steve, companies like Global, they don't
rely on anyone. That's how they win.
They win by controlling every outcome.
And they do that by playing both sides.
But no, II was
What did you do?
What is it you think you did?
I did everything.
Athena is me.
This story is me.
Getting you that package
to give to the politician
that's me.
You only did what I've let you do.
But you did a good job.
Now it's over, we won.
And this farm
Stay with me. Alright?
This farm. That doesn't matter.
They've already dealt with this.
This is done.
They said this was a false claim.
Did they?
You're gonna want to stop
asking questions now, Steve.
You're at the big kids table.
But listen. It has been fun.
I think you're really a good choice
for this. You do a good job.
Good luck in New York.
before this game gets started
to get the vote in.
Go pioneers, yeah!
Right, let me state how
all this thing is gonna work. Uhm
If your last name starts
with the letter A',
Is it good?
Really good.
Have a really good spot here.
I know.
I know.
Uh, Mister?
You forgot your change.
I'm just glad you keep it.
The sign says it's only twenty five cents.
it's only twenty five cents.
Make sure you give it right back
here and support our pioneer!
Uh oh, and one more thing.
Before we get to the vote,
Steve Butler just wanted
to say a few words.
I'll be very brief.
I know there's been a lot
of talk about this
this picture.
I brought it to show everybody, uhm
that's thethe lighthouse on the ocean.
I was looking at this picture
looking at it just
for a while last night
for a long while
and found myself
staring at thisthis barn.
Thethe wood's chipping away
and thethe paint's flaking off there.
Probably from all the salt
water in the air. But it
But it reminded me of
my grandfather's barn.
That barn was the
the bane of my existence
It was immaculate, we used to
We painted it every other summer,
hum justjust him and me.
II asked him why?
Why do we have to do this?
And uh, he'd just look at me and say,
This is our barn,
who else is gonna do it?
I used to think the guy was crazy
And stubborn, and proud.
But see, I think
he was just trying to teach me
what it meant to take care of something.
Okay. Well
You all know that Dustin lied
Trying to get you to vote
the way he wanted you to vote.
And that's exactly what he did,
because you are about to vote
exactly as he wants you to vote.
Because Dustin isn't an environmentalist.
Dustin works for Global.
They couldn't afford an
environmental presence here. So
so they created their own.
They're trying to make
this decision for you
and they were betting that
that you'd let them.
This is a real farm.
And they told these people
exactly what
what I've told a lot of you,
in fact I've
I've looked a lot of you
right in the eye
and told you that
there's a bunch of money under
your feet, and we can get it out
risk free. Guaranteed.
Clearly, that's not true.
I'm sorry.
Look, is this gonna happen here?
II honestly don't believe that
that it will.
But they know the only reason we're all
in this room is to ask the question:
what if it did?
And II don't know what to tell you.
I don't know what to say anymore.
But wherewhere we are now
where we're headed
We might be betting more than we think.
Everything that we have
is on the table now
And that's just not ours to lose.
But this is still our barn.
Go Pioneers.
Okay. Yeah, I understand.
Was that them?
You're definitely fired.
They want me in the city tomorrow.
Well that's
that's great.
You want a lift somewhere?
What, are you kidding me?
It's open mic night!
It's just a job
Oh, for God Sakes,
just get some new boots.
Not a chance.
That's it?
Yeah, that's it.
Sorry I can't make the vote.
Oh, I think we'll be ok.
That's that.
That's that.
Are you the owner of this place?