Promises (2017) Movie Script

- SARA: What are you doing?
Do it somewhere else.
I can beat you.
Sara I don't think he's here.
No shit Sherlock.
Hey you wanna play soccer?
How come we never go to your place?
JOE: Not some place you wanna go.
Why not?
He's not nice.
Tell mom I'll be with Joe.
JEREMY: Doesn't care idiot.
No shit Sherlock.
Hey there momas boy.
Wanna cigarette?
Joe I told you.
I don't see a snake.
Oh I'll show you a snake.
You know what Joey boy,
you can kiss my ass.
You leave him alone.
Man you're gonna pay for that.
I missed you.
You want some of me?
Josh, catch.
- Joe let's go.
- Shit.
You okay?
How'd you find this place?
It's where I hide from Jeremy.
JOE: I can't believe you did that.
Did you see his head?
Yeah, well somebody's
gotta look out for you.
How did you know about them?
This is a pretty good hiding place.
Yeah my dad's shop opens in a week,
and I guess I have to be there.
I'm sorry.
What's he gonna do?
The store, what's he going to sell?
I don't know.
You'll write me right if I write you?
Joe promise?
Okay I promise.
Who's going to look after you?
Who's going to listen
to you Sara Macdonald?
Stay away from jerks.
Don't be a jerk.
I wanted his pancakes.
GERI: Zach well this
is Geri at the bank,
Terry's not returning my calls and well
there's a committee
meeting on Tuesday and I
well you need to call me.
I hope your mom's doing well.
Hey Mom.
MOM: Zach?
Oh so good to hear from
you honey, I miss you.
Mom what's this call
from Geri all about?
MOM: I don't know.
They won't give me my prescriptions...
The banker Mom, not...
Wait what do you mean your prescriptions?
MOM: Well they won't
give them to me without...
There's not enough money in my account.
I thought things were great at the shop.
I thought business was good.
MOM: I think they are, I
mean every time we drive by,
they all look so busy.
Then what's the problem, Mom?
MOM: I don't know honey.
I need my meds.
I know you do.
Look just relax, I'll be there okay?
MOM: Thank you honey.
JACK: Jack here.
Hey Jack.
JACK: Yeah.
Listen I can't make it in tonight
but I think Rickie's ready to
run the kitchen on his own.
So let's give him his break tonight huh?
JACK: No, you're the reason we got
the Bluebells annual banquet.
I've been after that for years.
You are not letting me down.
I know I'm the reason.
Look I'm telling you
Rickie is ready to do it.
Let's just, let's give him his break.
My mom,
she's got some problem with her meds
and she needs a prescription,
so I've got to go take care of this.
JACK: I need you to show
up when you're scheduled.
Zach dammit, he's a kid and not a chef.
I'm counting on you.
Just let him set everything up
and I'll be there as soon as I can.
- Dammit Zach.
- Okay?
- Sorry Jack.
- Yeah.
You only have two packs
of handkerchiefs left.
Do you have anymore in the back?
It is $365.
It's a 1095 without insurance.
They're pulling out the
big guns on this one.
Two, three, four, five.
I think that was 360,
hold on just a minute.
That's 365.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
10, 20, 40, 60, 80.
Zach honey, thank the good lord.
I'm afraid I'm not feeling so
well without my medications.
Here Mom.
Take it easy.
Mom I, I don't understand.
I thought you said things
were going great at the shop.
They are.
At least I think so.
They have a really cute new girl mechanic.
Look I'm not here to
meet anyone Mom, okay?
I've gotta go back.
- Tonight.
- Oh.
ZACH: Sorry.
I still don't understand your boycotting
your own father's funeral.
Yeah that's about right.
MOM: He was your father.
Mom I gotta.
I just gotta go check.
See what Terry's up to this time.
No, no, no, no,
Terry's doing a fine job.
Derrick would have told me if
the men weren't getting paid.
So it's probably just
some foul up at the bank.
Go talk to Geri, she'll straighten it out.
No I'm sorry.
There's not much in any
of the shop accounts.
The reserves are gone Zach.
They're tapped dry.
There hasn't been a payment
made on that business loan
since your daddy passed.
ZACH: Well what's
in the house accounts?
Well this is odd.
That doesn't make a lick of sense.
Every time I drive by that place
it's busier than a bee hive.
It's busier than it's been in years.
You have until Monday,
to change their minds.
I'll see if I can't get them
to back off on foreclosure.
You're so much like your dad.
We sure miss him around here you know.
He was always there,
for anybody that needed anything.
- Okay.
- So Wednesday?
- Wednesday, Wednesday.
- Thanks.
But all my friends are going.
- No, no.
- Please Uncle Raph.
- No, no.
- Please.
MAC: It's history like case on.
You just can't do anything about it.
This ain't going to go well.
MAC: This full fricking stinks Captain.
I know somebody has to report it,
it just doesn't have to be me.
- Hey Mac.
- Look I gotta go.
How about next time I call you.
TERRY: Hey there beautiful.
What do you want?
Sorry I interrupted your call.
I got you something.
You didn't need him anyway.
MAC: It was a her, and
for once you're right.
Don't be that way girlfriend.
The sales lady said that this bottle,
was the best thing in the store.
MAC: Then give it to her.
Come on sweetie.
You know you want me.
MAC: In your dreams Terry.
TERRY: Hey clean this place up.
- Hey.
- Hey terry.
Is my car ready?
What do I owe you?
- Thank you.
- Thanks terry.
- Hey you bet.
- So great to see you again.
Great seeing you too.
- Alright.
- Alright.
- Have a good one.
- Take care.
Thanks so much.
Hey, so uh.
Terry man.
What's it been man like 10 years.
Yeah at least that long.
So how is the chef business?
It's really cooking Terry.
I just went by Mom's.
She says that she hasn't
received a payment from you
since you took over.
There's a recession going on man.
Hasn't anybody told you?
Yeah I get it but you know,
wow there's lots of cars here man.
TERRY: What are you saying?
We're friends.
Yeah I remember it,
I was passing you man.
I won the championship.
You remember those days?
Working with your dad.
Getting ready for the races.
Yeah I remember the old days.
But my mom needs her meds man,
and I don't understand why
are the payments so late?
Dude, this is my place now.
- Really?
- Yeah.
He owes me.
Owes you?
You were a kid, you needed a
job, and my dad gave you one.
It's time to find out
what you've been up to.
Oh shit.
Hey, hey, hey.
I was gonna file that.
All three copies, even the customers part?
What else have you got in there Terry?
Hey, hey man, I know
we're friends with...
Look at that.
Lucy you have some explaining to do.
Here's a little down payment.
Really, that's the best
they have in the store.
Get outta here.
This ain't over.
I can't believe you did that.
I enjoyed it more than you did.
I'm Mac.
I'm Zach.
Nice to meet ya boss.
And this is for betting against me.
Are you kidding me.
Ow pretty.
Are you okay man?
Yeah I'm good.
What are you doing here?
I don't know Raph.
I don't know.
So is he, gone?
Yeah, yeah he's gone.
So um...
That makes you boss?
Hey Jack, how's rookie doing?
Yeah see I told you he could handle it.
Look there's um...
I've got a few problems here
and I'm gonna need a
couple of days before...
No Jack you can't.
Jack you...
Listen Jack!
7,933 Wednesday.
- Uncle R and D.
- Yes.
How you boys doing?
You mind locking up when I go?
- Sure boss.
- Okay.
Will you be back tomorrow morning?
Yeah, yeah, I guess so.
It's good to have you back man.
You're right, yes it is.
Later D.
I ain't taking that man, nu uh.
I have a transmission
that I need to replace.
Just help me out with this.
Yeah just call me.
I should have taken that one man.
Hey Zach.
There was just a guy here needing his car.
Okay, send him in.
Hey Mac.
Thanks for saving my bacon yesterday.
No problem.
I've been known to like bacon.
Hi and welcome to Frank and Sons.
Yeah, where's Terry?
ZACH: He's not in today.
I'll just come back tomorrow.
No, hey stay here man.
What's your name, let's
get you back in your car.
It's Grabenski.
ZACH: Oh you've got a blue Focus.
Those are great cars.
Looks like we,
we fixed your timing belt
and it looks like the
rest of the car's okay.
Raphael did this one, he's great on Fords.
It looks like his estimate was perfect to.
It's 482.50.
He said it was gonna be 300.
Oh is that your signature right here?
Is that you?
- Yeah.
- Well then it's 482.50.
It's right there.
But the cash discount?
Cash discount?
Yeah like, everyone knows
y'all have like a discount.
No, no we don't.
Look it's 482.50.
It's just like the estimate says.
Man I don't got that much.
Okay look.
It's $30 a day storage.
The first two days are free.
You guys get your money,
you call me, you come pick up your car.
Have a nice day.
WOMAN: Whatever.
- Cash discount.
There's no cash sales.
Not one.
You talking to me boss?
You ever take any cash sales?
Naw, no.
I don't mess with the
money, that was Terry.
Hey Geri.
Hey Zach.
Hey Derrick.
Hey Geri.
I don't have one cash sale
recorded in here in five months.
Sounds like you've got
a fox in the hen house.
I'm sorry to here that.
Yeah well I can't prove anything.
You know I'm sorry Zach,
but bank examiners they really don't care.
And your dad,
he would be fit to be tied.
The question is can you do it?
I don't know I just...
And I've got to have eight
grand by the end of the month,
or we'll have to foreclose.
You have until Wednesday.
No one's to blame
She knows the shame
You'll never be the same
Your whole life's changed
Like the turn of a page
You'll never love the same
Well all you can take
Your love is just fate
Hey boss.
Come on D.
This place is filthy man.
Yeah I know.
It got slow this afternoon
so we cleaned out the back.
I will get this in the morning.
I promise.
In the morning.
- Yeah, alright.
- Yeah, alright.
Get some rest.
In the morning, I'll get
it in the morning Zach.
Just let it go man.
Who's moma showed up?
Want some coffee?
You look like hell.
That's nice of ya.
Try that.
I could look worse believe me.
Could be worse.
So you're Frank's kid?
This your place now?
For the moment.
I'm really a chef.
That's why it looks like
you could eat in there.
Thanks, I'm pretty good at cleaning.
Oh come on, this tastes so good.
And coffee.
You know what, I just wanna make this
perfectly clear however.
I don't clean or do dishes,
for sure don't wait tables.
So if you're planning on
turning this into some kind of
fancy garage restaurant thing,
I'm outta here.
No you're a mechanic, I get it.
But look I wasn't going for fancy.
I was thinking along the
lines of the Greasy Wench.
You know we get waitresses
in short shorts,
we sell deep fried everything,
and we let you fix cars around the back.
What do you think?
I don't know, what do you have on tap?
Whatever you want.
Maybe I'll come back for lunch then.
I'm not gonna turn the place
into a restaurant okay.
MAC: Good to know.
Not yet.
Next time you get your panties in a wad,
will you just like scrub a
toilet, bake a cake, anything.
This place was a mess, I mean
somebody had to clean it up.
Well you can sweep whatever you want,
just do not touch my tools.
You had them laying everywhere.
They were laying around exactly
where I need them to be,
and now I'm wasting all
my time looking for them.
Okay, yeah,
I've gotta clean but,
I'll clean around them.
Thanks boss.
Here ya go.
Get outta my way.
This is between me and Zach, they owe me.
Look, look, look, look, alright no.
RAPHAEL: Sorry man,
you have to clear out.
They owe me.
Look I don't know what happened.
I don't wanna know but you've gotta go.
RAPHAEL: You steal from
this place, you steal from us.
- What about me?
- Sorry.
What he stole from me.
Sorry Terry.
But he's gone.
What does he mean?
Stole from him?
In here?
It looks like you took
quite a bump out there.
It was a bad wreck, is anybody hurt?
Oh no.
I did crack the glass in my cellphone.
Well your swing arms are probably okay,
'but your frames bent,
and we'll put in a special kit
so we can get that aligned for you.
It'll be good to go.
And you're gonna need
a couple of new tires
to match the old ones and an old rim.
Unless you wanna swing for a new one,
but it's going to be quite a bit.
Oh man.
This stupid tax is costing me a fortune.
What's your cash discount?
ZACH: No cash discount.
I have to pay cash,
and Crystal said that
you had a 30% cash money discount.
You're a pretty girl okay,
but we do really good work here
and we stand by it.
The shop's been here for 20 years.
You ask anybody in town.
And you can pay cash but you're gonna have
to pay the full price sweetie okay.
No pretty girl discount?
No, no, no pretty girl discount.
Alright uh...
Oh man I just...
Alright your father was a
good guy, alright fix it.
Fix it.
When will it be done?
Today's Thursday so,
why don't you come back Tuesday?
I will see you then.
You wanna take my card?
Call back and check on it?
I'll call you.
ZACH: Call me.
- Bye.
- Bye, bye.
Mister G-R-A-benski.
You here for your car?
Yeah but I can't...
Can't, what, why?
I don't got that much.
Okay Mister Grabenski
I'll tell you what I'll do.
This isn't right for either of us, right?
You didn't do anything wrong.
The guy you made a deal with,
he didn't have the right
to make the deal that he did.
So I'll knock a $100 off.
Make it 382.50, I don't
wanna take your car.
I don't know what I'm saying man.
I'm not gonna take your car so can ya,
can ya just, meet me halfway on this one?
Yeah brother.
How much was it?
Okay, okay.
Here bro for your trouble.
There you go man.
- Thanks man.
Yeah, then you can keep this too.
Oh shit.
Where'd it go, okay.
- Thanks man.
- Have a good day.
Mister Grabenksi.
Shit man.
You might need these man.
Yeah right.
Drive safe.
It's this one right.
You just...
Oh I got ya.
- Sweet angel
- Help me out here.
Give me a um...
Light of my day
Wish he'd just stop messing with my stuff.
Sweet angel
Derrick, can I borrow a torque wrench?
Yeah sure.
Yeah moma cleaned my room.
Yeah it's right over there.
Just an old beam wrench though.
Never could spring for
one of those clicky ones.
Yeah me either.
I used to have one at Yamoto, sweet.
Italian Motorsports?
Lambo's and Maserati's.
Yeah I worked in the tuning shop.
Fit bit Parker's ride last year.
The regional qualifier.
Damn girl, how come you not still there?
Got complicated.
I bet.
Mac, no man isn't gonna look at you.
Now think about it.
We can't help it.
I don't care if you think about it.
Just keep that to yourself.
I just had it up to here
with bosses and captains
that just think that they can...
You were in the Army?
Yeah the Marines you
brown prone bullet sponge.
It was armored stuff with diesels.
Gas turbines.
Jarhead, yeah that explains it.
We used to tune racers in the old days.
And we were good to.
Yeah everybody figured,
if we could do that,
we could for sure fix their car.
So, where were ya.
Why'd you stop?
RAPHAEL: Somebody forgot
to smooze the drivers,
and get him in the door.
Yeah when Jo...
Zach left.
The old man he just...
He didn't have the heart for it anymore.
RAPHAEL: What is this?
I don't know.
How'd the busboy miss this?
What's that?
One of terry's trophies.
Oh leave me the hell alone.
Don't scare me like that.
Are you okay?
Why are you here so late?
Rene Hursock, she deploys in two weeks,
she'll be gone almost a year.
She wants to go on vacation
with her kids on Monday.
It's just a rack and pinion
change, what's the rush?
I rode with her the
other day, it wasn't good.
I told her she wasn't driving 2,000 miles
across the desert with her kids.
It had to be changed.
Driving all wobbly
for 2,000 miles is hard.
Why didn't you change it sooner?
She just inherited it.
It was her dad's and she
didn't own another car.
So it seems,
some people wanna hang onto
their dad when they're gone.
Yeah I've heard that.
Yeah I never really
got it myself either.
What happened over here?
Here in this room.
I dragged a mattress to the
dumpster, it was so nasty.
It looked like it been
used, you know what I mean?
Hey can you get me a
20 millimeter socket?
Get me a 20 millimeter socket.
ZACH: Yeah.
Excuse me.
I said a 20.
ZACH: Yeah but you mean a 22.
What will you just try it.
What do you know.
MAC: How'd you know that?
I've done a lot of these cinches.
Well I didn't know you were a mechanic.
Yeah it was another life.
With your dad?
Another life.
So you had dinner yet?
MAC: No.
Burgers from Bubba's.
With the sourdough bread?
ZACH: Sure.
And a strawberry milkshake?
ZACH: You got it.
Okay but I'm buying.
Okay Mac.
You ready to drop it?
ZACH: It looks good.
What's in this?
Just a bit of this.
Obviously didn't put enough in.
This is yours.
you're looking for new business right?
We have got to do something.
I had three cancellations today.
A lot of racers would
bring their cars in here.
Just tell them I was here.
I worked for the best.
We are not working on race cars.
You can afford that?
Who's that this late?
Who is that?
Terry's truck.
Can I help you with something?
What the hell are y'all doing in here.
What am I doing in
here, this is my place.
Hey you left man.
You didn't want anything
to do with the old man
or this place.
Why did you leave huh?
That's got nothing to do with you man.
I suppose this is yours now too?
Yeah you want some of me now Terry?
Still living with your momma?
Gotta sneak in here to get
you some you little pussy?
ZACH: Get outta here!
Get outta here!
Get off of me!
I'm not leaving.
You're dangerous.
I can't believe you did that.
Somebody's gotta look out for you.
What happened here?
I was just working late on Hurzog's car.
Saw a rat.
And would this rat be,
I don't know about six foot
tall, brown hair, ugly?
How did you know?
Yeah trying to break into the office.
Yes he was.
- A big rat.
- Yeah.
He sure wants in this office bad bro.
Hey guys.
Hey boss.
We're just checking
the latest needle work.
I don't know how great it is but
Yeah what's he want anyway?
Who cares.
Let's get to work.
We got banks to pay guys.
Come on.
- Hey Mac.
- Yeah.
If you really wanna
help drum up some business
there's a chamber meeting in town tonight.
Will you go with me?
What for my people skills?
Yeah, no.
I just really think
it's time we put a face
behind our name you know.
You want me to wear a low cut dress,
some heels.
You have heels?
You're an asshole.
Look I don't care what you're wearing,
just wear what you're
wearing now, just go.
You want me to wear what
I'm wearing right now?
I don't know, wash
your hair or something.
Yeah you heard that part
where I called you an asshole?
Shut up.
You coming?
MAC: Maybe.
Hey, hey.
Is this what you had in mind?
I mean yeah.
Honestly I had no idea.
You look amazing.
Stop please.
You do, you look great.
I mean really great.
I got you this.
What's that for?
I thought you'd show up in coveralls.
I just wanted you to look nice.
I mean you look nice.
It's just so people can see
you like I see you, ya know?
You guys are are alike.
To hell with your chamber
meeting or whatever it is.
I told you I don't want
anything to do with that suit.
Yeah I know it's just not me.
Yeah well you can take your lousy suit
and I'm sure you know what
you can do with it ma'am.
This guy's going to kick our ass.
Hitting that track at the
same spot in number five.
I don't know.
I mean right up until the straight away,
and then (SNAPS FINGERS)
he just takes off.
I just can't stay with him man.
I don't know.
I done tried every trick I know.
I'm sick of this shit,
and every since Tadge ponied
up to get tuned at that
that high dollar place, what's it called?
- The Italian Motorsports.
- The Italian Motorsports.
He's just kicking our ass.
Baby we are not losing that bad.
I mean do we really have to
waste money on that bookie.
Yeah we can always afford
to send you to your boutique.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Excuse me are you talking
about Tadge Rizanipol?
MAN: Yeah you know him.
Lime green Vette?
- That's it.
- Yeah that's the one.
The horses are not the
only thing killing ya.
How do you know about that?
I did that car.
Oh yeah honey I don't think so.
No, bring it to Frank's,
I'll put you back in the race.
What Johnson place?
They don't work on racers.
Hell he's dead.
Well his son Zach owns it now.
What the hell kind of name is Zach.
I thought his name was Jack
or something like that.
- No.
- Who are you?
I work for Zach.
- I'm Mac.
- Hey Mac.
- Mac.
- Gerald Painter.
Yeah nice to meet ya.
And you are?
Hey come with us.
We need to talk to you.
Yeah, no, I'd love that.
You've been to Frank's?
$800 plus parts and another
800 if you win this weekend,
and you better win.
What are you doing?
You don't know me.
How's things going at your shop?
They're okay.
I heard about old Terry
and that cash discount thing.
Yeah, yeah, I think so.
What are you doing in my office?
It's okay, it's okay boss.
You know this kid.
Yeah she's family.
Well what's she doing?
- Just give her a minute.
- Okay.
- Ew!
- Ew?
They're my handkerchiefs.
ANITA: Really.
There's nothing down there.
- You sure?
- Yeah I'm sure.
Well see, there's this.
ZACH: Where did you find that?
The asshole had it
in a hole in the floor.
What is it?
I don't know.
Well whatever it is, Terry
wanted it really bad.
So this is what he was after.
Go ahead, open it.
- Holy cow.
- Son of a bitch.
So who's this little lady?
She's my niece, Anita.
Hi Anita, thank you.
And where did you learn to do this?
You know, find people's stashes?
ANITA: My dad.
He does it for a living.
Oh I'm sorry.
Naw man.
He's a locksmith.
But she's a genius.
Last year old man Simpson died,
and he left his wife with nothing.
She found 300 grand all
squirreled around the house.
It was nothing.
How's it going.
I've counted it twice.
It's still not enough.
Well are you close?
Yeah, close but,
we're gonna need 1500 by 5:00.
Well maybe this'll help.
Gerald's car one last weekend
and it's 1600.
Well that...
I mean if you want it, take it.
I mean if you've never
seen a cash sell, here.
Good job Mac.
Oh hey honey.
ZACH: Hey Mom.
How'd things go at the bank?
Whatever Mac did to
Gerald's car it worked.
I just wish I could have
done it some other way.
Terry isn't,
he's not going to get into
any kind of trouble is he?
You honestly I don't
have the energy mom.
- Joe.
- Mom.
Alright, Zach,
can we talk?
What's up?
That's what I wanna know.
What do you mean?
What happened between you and your dad?
You used to love everything.
Yeah I did, you know.
I loved testing.
I loved tuning.
I loved racing Mom.
MOM: Yeah, so.
But I...
I loved racing mom.
MOM: But?
But not uh...
I loved racing Mom.
You can't keep avoiding this honey.
Yeah I know Mom!
Please believe me
When you see me
Well I'm just an ordinary guy
Nu uh, I'm not taking that man.
I get in touch with everyone
Gonna make me number one
Gonna make you love me
I've got the answers
to all you're questions
'Cause like you I'm just an ordinary guy
I say the things you want to hear
Seems so perfectly clear
What, it's a torque wrench.
No shit Sherlock.
Don't buy me presents.
It won't get you anything.
It's not a present anyway, it's a tool,
and you need it.
The shop needs it.
You want me to take it back?
But you get what I'm saying.
Sure, yeah, no presents.
Hey Raphael.
You hear that?
That sounds like one of those fancy
clicky torque wrenches.
I always wanted me one of those.
Screw you, the both of you.
You going home.
I'm done.
Mac, you know that Terry and Zach
both used to race for the
old man back in the day.
- Really.
- Yeah.
They had a fierce competition.
On track and off.
Sometimes even coming to fisticuffs.
Some things never change right.
Hey, we're going to the
VFW for a beer, you coming?
Yeah that sounds good.
One sec, hold on.
I'm gonna have to call you.
I'll let you know if I can come okay?
- Okay, alright.
- Okay.
Good night.
- Night boss.
- Night.
- Yeah hello.
You can't put me in that position.
She'll do fine without me.
No you can not just expect
for me to show up and...
Oh God.
Is everything okay?
Peachy boss.
What are you doing?
I'm walking.
Well could you do it somewhere else?
I'm okay, I don't need a baby sitter.
I know that.
Then what are you doing here?
I can't just leave you alone like this.
I'm fine.
You can't keep avoiding it.
Oh shit.
Well someone just said that yesterday,
said the same shit to me.
And I get it, I got pissed off,
and I just wanted to be alone, so yeah.
I'm just trying to figure out your game.
ZACH: I don't have a game.
Yeah, everybody does.
So I could be ahead?
Go on into the number five,
and by the time we line up, he's even,
and what I just can't understand,
is he keeps pulling away right.
I ain't never seen nothing like it Mac.
Gerald he just guns it.
He looks like a pig on ice.
Tadge, it looks like he's on rails.
Tadge, what kind of name is Tadge anyway.
Tadge Rizanipol, he's Indian.
That ain't no Injun name.
Sitting Bull, now there's an Injun name.
I'm sorry to interrupt you but
is that the only turn it happens?
Yeah only on that turn on that track.
I looked at the numbers.
He's heel and toeing like
Michael Jackson's chimp on a school night.
He ought to be able to keep up with him.
Mac the regional
finals are this weekend.
We've gotta figure this out.
You guys talking about the
fifth turn at Devil's Knife?
Just get the camber in the rear outside,
and adjust to your steering inclination.
You'll make up for it.
That doesn't make any sense.
That turn it's almost always off camber.
You're gonna roll no matter
how stiff the bar is.
You just hang in there and you use it.
Crazy enough to be
Einstein, you know that.
You don't wanna try
that on any other track.
Man it gets a bit touchy even there.
Look I don't envy you man.
I hated that place.
That boy's smarter
than his daddy ever was.
That's some crazy shit there.
- Sounds good.
- Alright.
It worked like a charm Zach.
I mean at first I didn't
shim it out enough.
And then I thought what the
hell, I put in everything I had.
Oh no.
No, no, we didn't do too much damage.
Dialed it back.
Gerald is completely pumped.
He wants us at the race.
I can't.
Why not?
I mean it'll be fun, good for business.
It's just I'm busy.
I've got a meeting at 6:00.
It's important.
Well what night is your meeting at 6:00?
Then good, 'cause the race is tomorrow.
I'll pick you up at 5:00.
If you're worried about
my driving, you can drive.
No I,
I don't wanna drive.
Well good, 'cause nobody drives my car.
God I love this sound.
What, what is going on?
What is it, are you okay?
- I can't.
- You can't what.
I just can't.
What do you mean you can't?
Oh God I can't.
I think I'm having a heart attack.
Just hang in there, hang in there.
This is not a heart attack.
Just breathe.
Zach why didn't you just tell
me you didn't wanna come?
Would you just call 9-1-1 please?
Just get out your phone,
something's happening to me.
Alright, just do not throw up in my car.
Call 9-1-1.
You're going to be fine.
- Gonna be fine.
- You're gonna be fine.
You're not gonna throw up are you?
- No.
- Okay.
Hey this isn't the ER.
The hell it's not.
Try this kid.
If you keep that down, I'll
get you something stronger.
ZACH: It's a deal.
Thanks Gloria.
Zach this is Gloria, she
was an Army nurse in 'Nam.
She takes care of us now.
Gloria, this is Zach, my boss.
Nice to meet you boss.
Nice to meet you.
You got something stronger?
Oh, how 'bout we just give it a minute.
You come here a lot?
You know when things get...
Did you have it rough over there?
It was okay.
It's not as bad as some.
Maybe I should get another one.
I think we should get something to eat.
They got food in this place?
No not really.
How's the pizza tonight?
Hey it's your life.
All my life
There's something
I've been searching for
I was just the skinny guy.
They had the buff guy and I
was the skinny sexy shady guy.
Skinny sexy?
So what the Hell
happened to me back there?
I mean I felt like I was dying in the car.
I don't know.
Yeah you just...
Got over clamped.
That's just how that starts.
Your chest tightens up, you
feel like you can't breathe,
heart starts to pound.
I mean I've seen it worse.
Hell I've done it worse.
You, you did okay.
Well seen what worse?
What was it?
It was panic.
You're telling me I had a panic attack.
You should have seen your face.
You were truly like as white as a ghost.
I mean why did I not have a camera?
You think that's funny?
I mean, no, I mean.
Seriously I really do know.
- Mean girl.
- I know how it feels.
I do.
Maybe it was panic.
Gerald's going to be pissed.
He'll get over it.
Is it...
Is it something about your dad?
I mean is it racing?
It's both.
Can we get outta here.
MAC: Yeah, yeah.
- Sorry.
- No.
I'm really sorry.
I just felt.
I'm sorry.
Do you have somewhere where we can go?
Is your mom still up?
I always wanted to sneak.
Well somebody's gotta be the grownup.
You're having way to much fun with this.
Not yet.
- Hey.
- Morning boys.
Hung over.
You got the shocks yet for the old truck?
Yeah, yeah.
Any of you guys seen Mac today.
- Mac?
- Mac?
DERRICK: She was just...
Hey boss.
I didn't know that you...
It's nothing, nevermind.
Get back to work I guess.
Hey Mac.
MAC: Yeah?
I got a water pump and
coolant reservoir for you.
MAC: Okay well just put it on my bench.
Hey Mac.
About last night.
I just...
I just wanted to say thank you.
I don't mean thank you for that, shit.
I'm sorry.
I meant thank you for understanding.
It's been a long time since...
Just, you know, seems
like you've been there.
Yeah well.
I don't normally share that information.
And Zach I don't normally
share my bed either.
So I don't even know what happened.
Just, I mean it was alright...
Oh no, just the one night.
- Yeah.
- Yeah totally.
What do you mean it was just alright?
I felt, I felt like,
I don't know I...
Zach, it was better than alright.
It was better than alright.
There's a concert
tomorrow night, downtown.
You wanna go?
Really, as friends, we'll go as friends.
- As friends, friends.
- Friends, friends.
- Hi honey.
- Hey, it's good to see you.
It's a perfect night for a concert huh?
Yeah those free concerts
downtown are great.
Frank and I used to go all the time.
Sounds fun.
You must be Mac.
- Yeah.
- Elaine, an old friend.
Zach the lawn chairs are
under the camping equipment
in the back.
Is this?
Holy Jesus.
Did you drive this?
Yeah she's mine.
Well she is pretty.
Okay this is amazing.
Yeah she was a real
daredevil in those days.
And all of us used to love racing.
I sure miss those days.
The noise, the excitement.
Feeling like a family.
ELAINE: We can't get
her behind the wheel now
to save her life.
What happened?
I didn't mean to pry.
No, no, it's alright honey.
I don't have anything to hide
at least I don't think so.
Zach, Zach, he used to love racing.
Is this Terry?
Zach and his dad used
to stay up all night
working on cars together.
Some mornings I'd find
them asleep at the shop
on an old mattress they were so close.
Then it all changed.
Zach was so angry.
He wouldn't have anything
to do with his dad.
I never did find out what happened.
And now Frank's gone and...
I'm sorry, Zach doesn't talk about it.
I just wanted to know.
Yeah me too.
You ready to go?
- Yeah.
- See you later Mom.
I don't know what time I'll be home okay.
Don't worry about her, we're
having a girls night out.
- Bye.
- Nice to meet you.
Think you'll ever drive again?
Those guys were amazing.
They were alright.
There's that word again.
Just alright.
Then maybe it's just the company.
Yeah could be.
I'm thirsty, you want something?
What am I in your way?
You got any iced tea?
Of course.
That's nice.
I left a picture to
sun brew in Iraq once.
Next day there was nothing
but sand and a tea bag.
- Really?
- Yeah.
God that's hot.
No, just my jerk CO.
He was always messing with me.
How many cubes do you like?
MAC: Just a couple.
One, two.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10.
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
I'm just uh,
cleaning up.
My kitchen.
I was just uh...
Well maybe I like the
way my kitchen looks.
Yeah well maybe this is
the wrong time to suggest
a spice rack.
I'll stop.
I'm sorry.
I'm going to go take a shower, okay?
God you're beautiful.
- Go.
- Okay.
Get away from me.
I'm sorry.
Look what the cat dragged in.
At least you look better than him.
He's here?
He was.
He's gone.
All my life
Something I've been searching for
Get this to army pats, and
I'll start working on this.
Alright, okay yeah.
All my life
Hey boss, be right back.
All my life
You finished?
- Hey.
- Hey.
You think you could just take a minute
and come into my office?
Yeah, it'll just be a minute though.
- What is it?
- You're hurt, did I.
I've been beat up by worse than you.
I'm kidding.
I'm fine.
You don't look so great.
Raphael and Derrick are
having fun with our injuries.
Yeah I bet.
What's this?
Birds nest on the ground.
Customer couldn't really pay their bill
and I had to take this.
It just happens to be in my size,
with the tag still on it.
And the receipt with today's date.
Was there a receipt in there?
I can't take that.
Will you just, Mac will
you just look at it please.
I went.
Just look at it.
It matches your eyes.
I just wanna see you in it.
Just for me.
Is this what you want?
This is it isn't it, right here.
No, my God.
It's not abut that.
This is what it's all about.
It's not about that Mac.
Then what is it about, what?
I just wanted to take
you to dinner tonight.
I thought...
I can...
Take it back.
Don't be a jerk just take it back.
I mean what is it you want Zach?
I mean what do you want?
I don't know, I don't know
what happened to me back there.
Sorry Mac, I just want you
to let me make it up to you.
You could take me dancing.
I could.
You know, to Victoria's.
But you'll probably
have to carry me.
Thank you.
You don't love me baby
Like you used to do
You don't hug and kiss me
But I still love you true
I'm gonna love you
I'm gonna love you
I'm gonna love you
Yeah I'm gonna love you
You don't look at me with those eyes
Like you did
How'd you know to do that?
Let you dance, move you around?
No, how do you know how to do that?
It's a secret.
MAC: It's unfair.
You don't seem to slowed down.
You know by our wreck last night.
Better living through
chemistry, a couple pills,
several of these.
I'll be fine.
I'm sorry.
About what?
It's okay.
Really it's okay.
I hope you can work in the morning.
I here your boss is a little hard ass.
No shit Sherlock.
Earth to Zach, what's up?
Nothing I'm sorry.
I just thought I would've
had my own restaurant by now
you know?
Instead of working at that shit garage.
Anywhere but there.
Be right back.
Come on baby let's get right
No reason to fuss no divide
You about ready to go?
Who's Kristin?
Kristin Webster.
Oh no.
Yeah she seems to be
sending you all kinds of
romantic text messages.
Okay that one's just downright slutty.
She's nobody Mac, she's just
a girl that I used to know.
She won't leave me alone.
That seems to be
missing your body at night
and your breakfast in the morning.
I never stayed until breakfast.
It's over.
Well maybe I'll go through
and I'm sure I'll find a
Sharon Painter.
Who else may would be in here Zach.
I mean how many do you have really?
Let's go ahead and get it out in the open.
Maybe it's best that I know now.
How could you do this to me?
Mac it's not fair.
It's not fair.
ZACH: Mac I came to apologize
and you're digging through my wallet now.
No I just paid the bill.
ZACH: With my money?
ZACH: You pulled this out if my wallet?
You're digging through my phone,
what's wrong with you Mac?
I know who you are.
ZACH: How?
MAC: I'm Sara, Joe.
I mean I used to be Sara.
You never wrote me.
No you promised me.
Go, go, go get her, go
I knew you'd be here.
Jesus Mac.
Keep it.
Well that is better.
You know I don't get it.
Why does the payroll say your
name was Michelle Macdonald?
Because my middle name is Sara.
Michelle Sara Macdonald.
I see why you have
everyone calling you Zach,
since Zach is much sexier than Joe.
I mean it does make sense now.
Look the shower.
It was your dad wasn't it?
I'm sorry.
Well what do we do now?
I had a pretty good idea earlier.
I mean yes but later.
How much later?
Where have you been?
MAC: Hi.
Oh God I got a bug.
I mean whose idea
was this to sleep here?
Yours probably.
I don't remember.
Maybe we should go someplace else huh?
Yeah, you want your shirt back?
What's wrong with it, you're
afraid of a little snot?
ZACH: Ew, don't touch
me with it, it's gross.
You're such a boy.
Are you coming?
You're coming in.
That's what your dad is isn't it?
Is this okay?
How's that?
Yeah that's good.
Thank you.
For what?
For not destroying
another shower curtain.
DERRICK: Just help
get this thing on there.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's that?
It's a bag.
I told you I don't want any gifts.
It's nothing, it's something for work.
That's it okay.
No big deal.
You'll like it.
Open it.
Let's get all over that.
My goodness.
It's not gonna bite you.
I'm gonna die of old age
waiting on you, come on.
Open it.
Very funny.
Stop I'm just
curious that's all.
- Me too.
- Okay.
Now open it girl.
That's so sweet.
Get out, both of you out.
RAPHAEL: Let me see.
Hot moma.
What now?
CAPTAIN: We need you Sara.
We have to have your testimony.
Her case just isn't
strong enough without you.
Look I already told you,
it's an occupational hazard.
It's like IEDs.
CAPTAIN: I know that's
what they told you Sara,
but they're wrong an you
can put a stop to it.
I said no.
CAPTAIN: We have to
have your testimony.
Absolutely not, no.
You okay?
Yeah you're wearing it.
I got the right size, it looks great.
You know the good news,
things are backing up.
We've got so many jobs and...
Leave it!
ZACH: Jesus what's your problem?
- You.
- Me?
- Yeah you buying me this.
And you,
you messing with my work.
Look I was just, I was.
What are you going to do next huh?
You're gonna order me to...
Make another joke or
something Mac, I'm just kidding.
Hey, what is up with you?
We're just gonna have to cool it.
ZACH: Why?
Because I can't handle this.
ZACH: Handle what?
You and me Joe.
ZACH: You're just saying that.
- Zach.
- Hey I just need one minute.
One minute.
What the hell are you doing Zach?
I'm making you breakfast.
That pan is clean.
Zach I told you not to come here.
Yeah you told me but I don't agree.
So here I am.
You're not going to eat?
Well suit yourself it's gonna get cold.
They're not great cold.
What do you think you're doing?
Making you breakfast.
- Breakfast?
- What?
Do you know how hard it is for me
not to smash that plate over your head?
Jesus Sara, it's just breakfast.
No it's not Joey boy.
It's you buying me shit,
messing with my house,
and telling me what to do.
I'm sorry but Joey boy?
- Quit struggling soldier.
- No.
Sara I said quit struggling.
Sara, Sara.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I'm sorry.
Hey look at me.
Joe, it's Joe.
It's me, look at me.
Look at me.
Oh my God I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What happened to you?
Did somebody do this to you in the Army?
It was the Marines.
And you can go now.
Sara you've got to face this.
Says who, you?
Well what have you faced Zach?
We're not talking about me.
Yeah well I'll talk about
whatever I wanna talk about.
Yeah well what am I supposed to do Sara?
My dad's dead, okay,
what am I supposed to do?
- There's nobody here.
- Tell your mom.
She has nothing to do with it?
Your mom was there the whole time.
So you kept her completely in the dark.
She didn't even know what he did.
And you walk around
like everything is perfectly fine.
Just like me.
So you really don't have
any room to talk Zach.
Why don't you just come back
when you have something else to tell me.
Oh Joe.
You're here to take your
mom to the store, good.
Listen my schedule is just
terribly tight this morning.
It's my grandbaby's
birthday this afternoon.
I gotta get my nails
done, the balloons blown.
Can you help?
Joe's gonna take you to the store.
Thank you dear, I'm totally swamped.
You okay?
Yeah Mom, can we uh...
Look I need to...
Mom why did you stop racing?
I don't understand what...
Here, here, here.
Come on another please.
Hold on, I'll get you some water.
Now why are you so afraid of driving?
You used to be a race car
driver for God's sake.
I mean me, I know why I don't want to race
but you, what's your reason?
Did you know?
Did you?
I drove into that shop after
a really great practice lap.
They were on that,
that mattress.
Your dad,
and Terry.
It was me Mom.
It was me.
What, no.
No honey he loved you.
He would never do such a thing.
ZACH: No he did.
He did.
Just like my mother.
Mom stop it.
I let him.
No it wasn't you, and it wasn't me.
It was him.
I used to drive around the
curves of that race track
and I used to hope,
I used to pray that I would just lose it,
and you...
But it wasn't us Mom.
It was him, it was that bastard.
I'm sick of it Mom, I'm
sick to death of this town
just telling me what a great guy he was.
He was.
He was.
Damn him.
You remember when I
borrowed that go-kart
and I crashed it?
I thought he was gonna ring your neck.
I was scared to death Mom.
But he didn't.
He rebuilt it with you and
built you a better one,
and taught you how to drive.
It was awful Mom.
You're such a good boy.
You did not deserve that.
God it just makes me feel so...
Hey honey.
maybe it's time,
that we both stopped hating him.
It's killing us both.
You have a lot to live for.
Yeah well so do you Mom.
You don't have to spend the
rest of your life dying.
Maybe not.
You did it.
- No shit...
- Sherlock.
I should have told her a long time ago.
And Mac it wasn't just me.
MAC: Usually isn't.
It was Terry.
He got him too.
Well that makes sense.
That's how he took over the shop.
Are you okay?
I have to testify in two days.
Is that him?
MAC: Yes.
I'll be there with you Mac.
Someone has to look out for you.
Try her now.
Don't worry I'm not going anywhere.
I promise.
But I gotta pee.
You better not be.
Because I want pancakes.
A promise made as childhood friends
A song almost that never ends until
The shadows flee
The shadows flee
A picture torn
Held close to heart
And fate stepped in no longer apart
Until the shadows flee
The shadows flee away
The winter of our days has past
The rain is finally over at last
The springtime of our lives is here
Together forever it is so clear
It is so clear
Our destiny's dance has just begun
Our promise kept for
years to come you are
My cherished whole
My best friend
My love, my life
The winter of our days has past
The rain is finally over at last
The springtime of our lives is here
Together forever
It is so clear
It is so clear
A promise made as childhood friends
A solemn oath that never ends
Until the shadows flee
The shadows flee
The winter of our days is past
The rain is finally over at last
The springtime of our lives is here
Together forever it is so clear
It is so clear
It's so clear
So so clear, so clear
So clear
So clear
So clear
It is so clear