Prophecy II, The (1998) Movie Script

"Lord, blind my eyes|to these visions...
and deafen my ears|to the screams.
For I have seen legions|of God's army fall...
and heard the dying cries|of 10,000 angels.
Guide my hand, Lord,
for what I see is the coming end|of the Kingdom of Heaven.
Protect and keep these pages|in Heaven's darkest hour.
And watch over us, Lord.
For Heaven's war|has come to Earth".
Thomas Dagget.
It's five past the hour,
and that means a quick look|at today's weather.
This morning, San Fernando valley|residents got a surprise...
when they found frost|on their windshields.
But things will be|warming up this afternoon.|The gusty winds will be dying down.
- We'll have clear skies,|good to moderate air quality.
Temperatures... seventies in|the valleys, sixties at the beaches.
As far as traffic is concerned,|the SIG alert we had this morning,
reported northbound on the 405|at Sunset, is still backing things up.
- We'll have to wait|while authorities...
- What time is it?|I'm coming. I'm coming.|- investigate that situation.
Southbound on the 405 has normal|slowing. However, it has snagged up...
quite a ways past...|- Aah!
- What do you got?|- Hit by a pedestrian.|Car accident. EP: 90 over 60.
Contusions to the head|and neck. Clear this hallway!
People, get out of the way.|Are you okay?
Yeah, I will be if... Jesus!|I don't know what happened.
- He was just there.|- How fast were you going?
- Twenty, thirty.|- All right, prep four.|I'll be in in a minute.
- You got it.|- Get the door!
- Don't be afraid.|- What?
Don't be afraid.
We'll take it from here, Val.|Thanks.
- He's coming!
Gabriel's coming!|He's coming!
He's coming for me!
- What's going on?|- I don't know, Father.|He just started screaming.
- I tried to open the door,|but he locked it.
- Thomas?|- Thomas?
- Thomas? Step back!
He's coming for you.
It's time for you|to go, Gabriel.
- This is not my war,
and Hell isn't big enough|for both of us.
How are you feeling?
Look, I, um...
I don't know if you remember me.
I just wanted|to apologize.
- I could've killed you.|- Take a lot more than that to kill me.
talk to me.
The monkeys|never did get that one right.
It's not "willing servants of Heaven".|It's "winged".
So, you found me.
This place looks lived in.
What about these visions,|Thomas?
What do you do?
You write them down|on a-a scroll...
and stone tablet.
I know you prophets|enjoy doing that.
Or... maybe a picture?
A certain someone?
I know you've|seen her, Thomas.
Who is she?
Ironic, isn't it?
An archangel needs a monkey|to get a vision from God.
That's a small step|from prophet to mortar.
Can you take it?
- Dr. Parson said you'd sign these.|- Can we do it later?
- Yeah, sure.|- Thanks.
One, two, three.
See that?
Do it again.
Do it again.
Be well, guys.
That was|a pretty great exit.
I got waylaid.
Well, I hope you don't mind.|I had this dry-cleaned.
I figured it was|the least I could do.
You don't have to keep|apologizing, Valerie.
Yeah, well, you don't have|to keep forgiving me either.
It's in my upbringing.
Well, guilt's|in mine, so...
How would you feel|about seeing me again?
- Most of the kids|in the ward are terminal.
I mean, I used to spend|a lot of time hoping and hoping.
And then I just stopped.
It makes you wonder|what the point is.
And what do you think|the point is, Valerie?
Right now?
- Four hundred and seventy-two|dollars a week, plus benefits.
- Makes me sad.|- Hmm.
Wonder if it should|make me sad too.
Maybe it should.
What, you just don't like|talking about yourself?
Not much to tell. I think you're|the more interesting one in this pair.
- You think?|- Mm-hmm.
I don't know.|That looks pretty interesting to me.
Just something I got|when I was young.
- Yeah?|- You were married?
Uh, yeah.
What happened?
Um... Well, we lived together|for three years,
- and then we were married|for three months.
And when he wasn't running up my|Visa card, he was home watching that...
You know that|real-life cop show?
He wasn't exactly the most|employable soul on the planet.
Where is he now?
He left.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. I mean,|it's probably for the best.
I was miserable.|I just didn't know it.
He was a fool.
I thought you were|just walking me home.
Would you rather|I leave?
I'm not sure.
- It's not a good time.|- Yeah.
I know.
You all right?
I'm fine.
Do you accept me?
- What? What?|- Do you accept me?
- Be well, Valerie.|- Valerie?
Is it done?
It's done.
It took you|long enough.
Michael said|not to force her.
Michael didn't say|take your time.
Long time, Danyael.
Nice to see you again.
Good-bye, brother.
- Aah!
Take a deep breath,|Danyael.
It's not too late|to fix this.
Come back. Now.
As far as I'm concerned,|nothing happened.
She was a momentary lapse|of self-control, Danyael.
But I'll find her.
Don't walk away!
They don't listen|these days.
You're no kid, Rafayel.
The monkey. Hmm?
Who is she?|Where is she?
Why couldn't you have just stayed|in the basement, Gabriel?
Why couldn't you stay out of it|and mind your business?
This was my fight.|You made it yours.
My enemy's friend|is my enemy.
How many more worlds have to burn|before you're satisfied, Gabriel?
Just the one.
This one.
I'm not greedy.
I'm wondering if you could help me.|I have a friend...
and she got herself|in a bit of a situation.
And I was wondering if maybe|she might've been in to see you?
We have a very|broad-based clientele, sir.
If this was her, um...
- Claim check.|- Exactly. Claim check.
If this was her|claim check,
could you find her name|and where she lives...
in that, uh,|whatever it is?
- Of course.|- Thank you.
This laundry's already been picked up.
So I can't give|that information out.
- Oh, she wouldn't mind.|We're family.|- You just said you were friends.
Caught me. Very good.
Martin, don't ask me|how I know. Shh.
- Uuh!
Your head.|It hurts here, or it hurts here?
- Here.|- Mm-hmm.
And your belly... la panza...|it hurts up here...
or down here?
Kind of... here.
Well, I'm making|you some eggs.
No, the cereal was|just fine. Thanks.
But you love eggs.|I'm making you eggs.
Nana, gross.|No eggs.
- No eggs, please|- Every morning, you ask me for eggs.
- Na...|- I am making some eggs.
- Nana, I don't want eggs.
- I don't wanna be skinny.|That's not what this is about.
Pr... I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant.|I have a cold. I have a cold.
Every time I skin my knee,|you're telling me that I'm pregnant.
- Jesus, that's why I wanted|to become a nurse:
to prove to you that people|don't get pregnant just because|they've scraped their knee.
I'd like to know where your|grandmother went to medical school.
There must be|a mistake.
There's no mistake, Vally.|You're pregnant.
That's not possible.
Kath, I've been|with one man.
And that was just|a couple days ago.
Um... You know,|you're not just pregnant.
According to the test,|you're in your second trimester.
- Hey.
It's done.
Oh, it's incredible.|It is.
I can't think of a better night|to do it,Julian.
If it's the only way|I can have you,
then I won't have it|any other way.
I put that in the note.
That's just beautiful.
Are you ready?
- I'm ready.|- I'm ready.
I'll see you|in Heaven, baby.
Meet you there.
Show time.
Anybody home?|Huh?
Hmph.|That's too bad.
Intensive care.|My favorite.
Izzy. Izzy.
Isabelle.|Come back.
- Come back.
- I know you're in there.|Come on back now.
Back it up.|Back it up.
Nice hair.
- Julian?|- He's gone. He's dead.
He's taking|a dirt nap.
- Julian.|- Look, I need your help.|I'm short-staffed at the moment.
Don't start.
- Don't start. I hate that. Please.
- He's the cold eye. He's spilled milk.|- Ju...Julian.
- Julian.|- Come on. Come on, kiddo.
Come on, kiddo.|We got work to do.
- Didn't I kill myself?|- Yes and no.
The answer to that|is up to me.
Oh, my God.
How do you know|he did it?
A witness saw your friend rip the guy's|heart out with his bare hands.
Plus, he left this|at the crime scene.
Somehow, he managed to check in and out|without leaving his name.
But we traced him to you|through that patient I.D. number.
So what can you tell us|about the man?
Nothing. I...|I barely knew him.
It's not surprising.
Does that ring a bell?
Well, he had a,|um, like...
- You Val?|- Yes.
- You the nurse?|- Yes.
- You done with her?|- Yeah. Take her.
Come here.
- I don't know what to tell you.|- Yeah. Shut up.
No. Really listen.|Both ears.
Nod to tell me both ears|are listening. All right.
I've dealt with a thousand bodies in|this office. Floaters, crispy critters,
bunk bait; bodies you wouldn't|even know were bodies if it|wasn't for a driver's license.
- Yes, well, I don't see|what that has to do...|- Don't talk, Val.
Bodies chopped and minced and skinned|and used as table decorations.
- That's your job.|- You're talking again.|Yeah. No. Listen.
Four years ago, a body came in here|tattooed like those;
crushed like those;|eyeless.
But hey, I'm a sport.|I play along.
I tried to determine|what had rolled into my office.
But the questions just got deeper.|No sign of growth,
no white cells,|no optic nerves.
I realized what was there before me|had never been born.
- That's not possible.|- That's what I thought.
And then it was gone. Burned up in|a flash one night. All the records...
Everything to indicate that|it had been there disappeared.
Everybody that had anything|to do with that body...
has either died...|or gone mad,
- including my friend Thomas.|- Who's he?
A detective.|Became a monk.
- He used to send me cheese wheels|every Christmas.|- Where can I find him?
You can't. He's dead.
Burnt to ash up at|St. Gregory's Monastery.
What do you mean,|"burnt to ash"?
You look like|a nice person, Val.
Take my advice:|walk away.
Don't get involved|whatever you do.
Get the lights.
Thank you.
Miss Rosales, I really don't know|what else I can tell you.
His death shocked everybody.
Thomas was a fine member|of our order.
- I understand he used to be a detective.|- Mm-hmm.
Well, did he ever talk to you about|any odd cases that he had?
Anything dealing with cults|or gangs or anything?
- Miss Rosales, I really can't|disclose anything more.|- I know, Father.
- Now, if you'll excuse me.|- It's just that...
he was involved with|something a while ago...
and it's something that I|may have stepped into as well.
It's, um, angelic script.
According to the old Hebrews, God marked|all his angels with such a sign.
Or so Thomas told me. He was|a bit of an expert on such matters.
How so?
All right.|Uh, listen.
This is not something|I would normally discuss, but, uh,
since it seems|so important to you.
Thomas was obsessed|on the subject of angels.
So much so that he claimed|to have had visions about them.
According to him,
some angels became jealous that God was|giving too much attention to mankind.
So they tried|to wipe humans out...
under the archangel Gabriel.
- Please, have a seat.|- Thank you.
The problem was,|to do that...
they had to contend with other angels|that were still loyal to God's will.
It caused a kind|of civil war up there.
It tore Heaven apart.
Thomas believed...
there was to be|a final confrontation.
And if the good side wins,|great.
And if not?
If not...
What does that mean?
"Then ash from|a burning Heaven...
will cover the Earth".
Well, if this guy was|so good at prophesizing,
did he bother to say|how it ends?
It gets metaphorical. It talks about|the union of Heaven and Earth.
- The coming of a Nephilim.|- A what?
A Nephilim.|A child born...
of an angel|and a human woman.
It's talked about|in Genesis six.
I, honestly, don't know|what to make of it.
"When humans began|to multiply on the face of the Earth...
and daughters were born to them,
the sons of God saw they were beautiful,|and took wives for themselves.
All that they desired.
The Nephilim were on the Earth|in those days.
When the sons of God went|into the daughters of humans...
and bore children to them,
they were giants,|men of great and terrible renown".
So, you're keeping me alive|because you don't know DOS?
What was the number?
Wait. What's that?|Something's happening.
- Is that her?|- Bingo.
And folks,|up next, a very special item to|make a bright day even brighter.
- This beautiful, soft|white and lavender gown...|- Nana?
will compliment a new bride|as she walks down the aisle...
on that most special of days.
This fine quality linen,|cotton and silk dress...
will surely become|a family heirloom...
- that will last for ages.|- Nana?
That's right, Jim.|And notice the fine...
satin applique|around the neckline.
- Isn't it beautiful?|- Karen, it's really...
craftsman work throughout.
They don't make them like this anymore.
- Nana?
- Nana?|- Nana's gone, you know.
Nana didn't have much time left,|in any case.
In the end, it wasn't gonna be|something you'd wanna witness.
Look at it this way.
You two can|hook up later.
You have no idea|the trouble you got there.
What's going on here is not personal.|It's business.
- It's what I do best.
Get out!
Monkey wannabe. Wanna dance?
You'll have to learn|a modicum of respect.
Remember who|did this to you.
This is good.
Step on it.
- Stop!
Back it up.|Back it up!
Drive much?
Try not to hit the dog.
You didn't say anything|about me killing anybody.
Do it... for Julian.
Or forever wish you'd had.
Just do it.
Atta girl.
I'd get the fuck out of here|if I were you.
Valerie. Shh.
- Who are you?|- I think you know.
You didn't answer me.
I'm sorry.|That's the best I can do.
The best you can do.|Well, guess what?
Your best is not good enough!|I don't know...
what they taught you|in kindergarten, but your best|does not cut it here, okay?
You seduce me! You knock me up!|My grandma's dead!
And some freak comes to my house|and he tries to kill...
I mean, who... who was that|trying to kill me?
I must've missed|the trumpet.
Valerie, please.
- You don't understand.|- I understand fine.
You are psychotic.
You don't know how|important you are.
Let me tell you|a secret.
It was revealed to us that|there would be a child.
A child born of|my kind and yours.
The child that would unite my brothers|again and bring an end to this war.
That child has been|given to you.
Certifiable.|You're certifiable.
You... You...
You're probably one of those guys|who, like, goes around...
door-to-door selling bibles,|and you and your brothers... You have to believe me.
probably all wear white and|you probably have a Web site somewhere.
And you probably bake brownies|on the weekend...
and you sell them to raise money|for your cause or your cult...
Don't be afraid.
Sir, did you notice any unusual|activity in the neighborhood tonight?
- I got a wrecked car|in the alley back there.|- No, sir.
So you didn't see anything,|hear anything. Is that about right?
The fact is, officer,|I wasn't paying much attention.
See, I was with|my woman.
7-Charlie-63. Come in.
- Dorfman, come in.|- Yeah, this is Dorfman.
63, report to|Rosales residence.
- May I ask, you fellas use that|to what, talk to each other?
- Yeah?|- What, are you high?|It's a radio. Yeah.
It's a miracle.|Shh.
Do you read me, 63? 63, come in.
Dorfman, where are you?|Come in. 63.
Checking on the DMV report on the, uh...
- Okay. Pop quiz.|How do you make that work?
How do you use that?
- Hmm?|We have nothing showing yet.
Uh, Roger, dispatch.
Are we having|a communication problem?
What? Take it easy.
Come here.
It's all right.|Come here. Come here.
Don't be scared.|Here.
I want to be with Julian.
Please. Why can't you|just let me die?
Let's understand|each other.
I sang the first hymn|when stars were born.
Not that long ago,|I announced to a young woman...
Mary... who it was|she was expecting.
On the other hand,|I've turned rivers into blood.
- Kings into cripples.
- Cities to salt.
So I don't think that I have|to explain myself to you.
You have the child. You'd raise it.
Maybe on his first|morning of school,
you'd put him on a bus|and he wouldn't come back.
Or maybe as a teen, he'd dive into|a pond and he wouldn't come up.
And I was just supposed|to accept that?
It's how you live here,|isn't it?
Doesn't give you|the right to use me.
- It wasn't my decision.|- But it was your choice.
I never had a choice,|Valerie.
Listen, I have to|get you to Michael.
- Michael?|- He can protect you.
He's gone somewhere|with the others.
I don't know where,|but we have to try to find him.
There's a book that|a priest gave me.
It had... It had prophecies|about your war.
It might help you.
Where is it?
It's in my car.
At my house.
Can I ask you something?
- What are my chances?
Be honest.
I don't know.
But stay here.|He won't kill you in a church.
Respond to Trinity Church,|2222 West in. Silent alarm tripped.
All available units.|All available units.
- Please respond.|- Wow. That's where I'd take her.
- I love this thing.
Come on.
- Come on. Come on.|- 2222 West in. Trinity Church.
Dispatch, this is 1 -Adam-19.
Responding to the call|at Trinity Church.
Roger that, 1-Adam-19.
As soon as the coroner's through.
- Can I get an I.D. on her?|- Yeah. It's Rosales.
Nina Rosales.
- Sir, please go|to the other side of the...|- Shh.
- It's okay.|- You wanna help me|out here? Thanks.
Be careful.
I know you're here, Val.
I smell you.|I see you. Yeah.
Why hide?
I'm doing you a favor.
What did Danyael|tell you...
about your rug rat?
1 -Adam-9.|Units 20 and 30 are responding.
- 35-Adam-9.
5-Lincoln-22.|Report to Vermont and Sunset, code 9.
We've been through this before.|My kind, your kind.
It's not a good mix.
The power of an angel.
The free will|of a human.
The mothers love it|at first...
until the birth.
I've seen women rip themselves open|trying to get these things out...
'cause they knew they were|carrying bad kids, Val.
Nobody liked them,|not even you-know-who.
It took a big flood.
I think we have to...
So, since you're here...
- Confess. Say you're sorry.
- Drop it!|- Drop the weapon!
- Freeze!
Help me! Help me!
- Drop it right there!
- Gabriel!
- Hold it right there, sir!
- Freeze! Right there!
He's got a weapon!
No, wait.
You can be straight with us.|Come on.Just tell us who he is.
The angel of death.
I'll get some coffee.
Nice coat.
So what was he up to|in the church?
Trying to kill|the savior of humanity.
Just ask him.
- What the...|- Shh!
Loose lips sink ships.
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
What is that?
That's tomorrow's newspaper.
Huh? Come on.|Bad monkey. Come on, come on.
- I don't know...|- Hah?
- You don't even know where they are.|- Yeah.
- But, I know where they're going.|- Where?
- Where?
I'll go get another car.
Here.|Just take my hand.
This is it?|This is Eden?
What man|has made of it.
Just her.|Michael wants to see her alone.
It's all right.
Don't be afraid.
It's your tradition too, isn't it?
Lighting candles|for the dead?
What a dump!
Gemayel.|Long time no see.
Would you get|the big guy for me?
Don't eat that!
Trust me.
I've lit far too many|in this war.
Is that one for me?
It could be...|for all of us.
Danyael said you|could protect me.
If that were the case, this war|would have been over a long time ago.
Are you telling me that I've come|all this way for nothing?
If that's what you|want to believe, then yes.
I can't believe that.
Then don't.
Ah... ah.
You've done wonders with the place,|I have to say. I hardly recognize it.
Talk to me! Why fight?|I'm not here to argue.
We're family.|You know what I want.
What you want has made you|a walking tragedy, brother.
Even Lucifer|wouldn't have you.
Surprising, since the two of you|have so much in common.
What have I done? You speak to me that|way... How do you compare me to him?
Everything I've done|has been for us.
I don't want this.|I don't want this!
I want it back the way it was,|when... when He loved us best.
- Then submit.|- To what? A talking monkey?
Obey, Gabriel. Or you'll be|called to a stricter punishment|than any of us ever known.
I don't think so.
And, uh, it seems to me,|the numbers here speak differently.
One way or the other,|this war ends tonight.
You think you can take her,|Gabriel? Then come.
But your brothers|stay behind.
No one will lift a hand|against you. I promise.
Michael. Please,|you can't let him have her.
Whether she lives or dies|is her choice, not ours.
I'm not going to let her|die like this.
Even if it means|disobeying me?
This way.
- Valerie!|- Danyael, Michael let him in.
This way.
- Go ahead.|- What about you?
It's all come down|to you. Just go.
Ah. The honeymooner.
The price of freedom.|You know what to do.
Come on!
It's not that you slept with|that monkey-skin suit that gets me.
It's that you liked it.
What are you, in love?
What do you know about love, Gabriel?
It's wrong to go|against your family.
You chose them. I want it back|the way it was. You want them?
I'd rather be|one of them.
- Aaghh!
It's too bad.
- Hmm. Oh!|- Thanks.
It's about time.
Nice move.
I'll say hello|to Julian for you.
You have no idea|what you're in for. Shh.
Val, we don't have|to do this.
Fuck you.
- Uuh!|- Now you're gonna get hurt.
Val, it's time to go.
If He wanted me to die,
He would've let you|kill me a long time ago.
This isn't about you.
This is about|what you got there.
The power of an angel,|the free will of a human being.
All I want is what's mine.|Heaven. Have you been?
It's paradise.
One thing.|I'll let you go easy. Say it.
You know He's not with you.|Say it.
When was the last time|that you and He spoke?
Not lately.
It's not that He doesn't talk|to you, you know.
It's just that|you don't listen.
How do you know?
I can hear Him.
What's He say?
There is your answer,|brother.
So you'll become|what you loathe the most.
Good-bye, Gabriel.
So, what happens now?
I can't see into the future,|Valerie.
You're gonna take my child|when it comes, aren't you?
He was the only one|of you worth anything.
He was the only one|who cared.
His child deserves|better than you.
I'm keeping him.
I'm raising him.
And maybe one day,|he'll get on the school bus,
and he|won't come back.
And maybe one day,|he'll dive into a lake,
and he won't come up.
I'll take my chances.
It's not yours to decide,|Michael.
Mom, when's vacation?
Well, you have one month,|and then you have the whole summer off.
- Can we start now?|- No, you can't start now.
- Oh, I never like leaving her.|- They'll be fine.
You just|gotta have faith.
Oh, honey, just let me give this.
- There you go.|- How are ya?
I'm fine.|You stay warm now.
- Thanks a lot.|- Take care.
Why you always so nice to that guy?
I think he's sweet.|He says he used to be an angel.
Phone's gonna ring.
It's gonna be|you-know-who.
Everything's gonna|be made right.
Phone's gonna ring.