Prospect (2018) Movie Script

where are you?
I told you not have to leave.
I couldn't sleep.
I don't get help like you do.
Clean it.
Please scrub the filters.
Schedule says this is the last room.
Align is shutting down.
He didn't tell me that
we should be stranded.
have three cycles for the job before
you have to catch the sling back.
Clean the thrower.
your mom
broke her water.
Where years for this to come on.
You didn't think you could come so really?
I didn't know that time
I had you in my hand.
You will just read.
Fear is fuzzy and covered in hair.
I was born on Maui.
I thought we
were on holiday in our last the baby.
We should go back.
You can't swim.
Went back home to camera.
Camera yet.
You don't even know how to say it.
It's not our home.
It's where we lived with mom.
We're going to be out as soon.
He'd get a
gutter jobs.
Just temporary.
I'm sorry.
Tell me what
their cycles 27 42 requesting release.
I know.
I know.
Who won his dad.
We'll be back on the
other end of the slang.
What happened?
Well of course
where we are,
shit put us at a range of,
what about the instruments?
We just burned out one of the gels.
We still have an uptime.
We need to move out now though.
We'll already be late
to watch your saturation.
I need to keep hands on the thrower.
It's an old door
on my last tour in the forest
was full of these friends,
like crank teams.
Not many of them know
what they were doing.
Got Pretty scrappy.
Do we have time for this?
This is amateur work.
They might have left something behind.
Bring me the kid in the water.
Want to cut it?
All right.
Right here in the middle.
Equal parts in a squeeze for the fazer.
The blisters punctured.
It releases Karem acid.
It comes in contact with the gym.
The whole post compromise.
If the phaser touches meet,
the whole dig blows
be more careful. That would've been a solid
pull back in the rush,
but our deposit is going to
pull at least Hekaton grade.
That'll break in at least a few thousand,
maybe even 10
ten thousand ten thousand would
be enough to cover the loan.
and the police,
if we head back now,
there'd be enough time to make
sure that we don't miss the sling.
why 10,000 gets us back to park bench
for maybe half a stand and then we're
scanning boards for the next one.
I liked the pub,
you know like the bug,
this deposit that we have
pinned the queen's layer.
Is it very special
Five times this size,
maybe bigger with only
15 points on the poll.
Our net gains could
easily be in the millions.
That's back to central kind of money.
If we miss this,
this is not up for discussion.
We will never ever have
a chance like this again.
I mean we've been here too long
and we've filled the bladders.
We got to move out.
I'll meet you back on three. Want to get a chance
through when I spotted this old big,
just one last quick job.
a serious question.
I told you I just a ride.
I don't have anything you
catchy name,
to encounter another
Pretty much.
You know a little bit of
friends like I need those,
don't we all?
I told you I don't have anything
that's truly been a pleasure,
but listen to his bass.
It's time to get the fence
can be completely candid.
she'll we deserve
You understand?
so how did you get here?
you ship?
Perhaps a ship is a to two ratio dropout.
I read
this daughter.
If you don't mind,
don't make making room for Damon.
I guarantee you I would make it
an unnecessarily painful process
if I give you the kid
just going to kill me.
he's no necessarily true.
Nevertheless contained
was in the act cocoon.
He's a broad spectrum of technique.
So these doing Cindy,
she dag we ask, is this what you're getting at?
a counteroffer.
I'm not hearing a prospect.
I'm here to Howard.
Why would you be so cryptic under rails?
Do you want to look at
and not immune dean tree,
but be careful you don't
over play this technique.
I have a precise location
of a massive deposit of,
or like by my estimation,
is the largest anyone's ever seen.
You see my shirt,
the queen's layer.
I've been hired by a crew
of Merck's who've stumbled
upon what they described as
a deposit and size of a hopper turbine.
They're here on some
kind of prisoner escort,
found the queen's Leora an accident
now that came down on the site.
We needed a digger,
so I'm on contract to harvest,
harvested for a cut.
If the three of us
and that rail gun,
couldn't we just take
it all for ourselves?
I don't see any marks.
Where are they?
I'm not going to tell you,
but I can lead you there.
I like to believe you.
Admittedly more out of desire, think good sense,
but Damon
is talking to Queensland.
He can't,
when he's nobody in voluntary
even split
it's the three of us.
We split it in thirds.
That's an even split.
They should stop when they stop.
Only one shot.
We had a full crawling party when we,
was way back when Cleveland heaters
heat up all the corporate expeditions.
They were hired by Carroll claim for
when their ceremonial executions.
You friendly with these fellas,
drop it,
get back,
get back.
I ain't never seen
no my time in the green.
The little girl,
I have clearly underestimated dealer.
I must stop doing that.
Dropped the packs.
Both of you.
Sit down back there.
What does this mean?
That the plan is off.
You have me all up and bothered
over the queen's Langer,
Open it.
You can air be a fable spoils all TSL.
if you're talking to
the queen's Larry's true
can we go can do it on the screen? He should listen to him.
It's a shame.
You could have been reached again.
[inaudible] [inaudible]
you're going to
feel good.
Feel good.
he's going to shoot
you killed my father.
That is technically true.
but weights girl.
Shoot her help.
Just make a move.
Here's what is going to happen.
You will lead me to your ship and fly
him into connection orbit for the fetish
thing back.
Exchange for this.
I will not kill you.
This is a good deal.
You killed my father,
so I'm being very generous.
I suggest you take it because
I will kill you otherwise,
and don't think that I won't
hit me again.
We can cock.
You're offer is indeed generous.
I know it'd be more than
happy to sign and seal.
So you for one glaring slip.
I'm going to ship.
You don't have a ship.
I did.
Then there was an event with my
crew concern in a bit of our lacking
words and metal flu.
I don't. We're in the same trough
you and I can see.
I was pleased to find you or Merrill
black and Kuk ways is she was supposed to
meet my redemption as well.
Just slow down a beat there.
That'll burden
at least wait for the counter offer.
I don't think I should listen to you.
Who is it you intend to get home?
That is the goal.
Am I right?
I'm not telling you the Mercks.
They're real,
aren't they?
And the Queen's layer.
You are making a run for them.
I know.
the Laura Vengeance,
I myself
frequently indulged,
but I have not often found regret.
And then this right here,
I'm afraid for both of our sakes.
I must repast how say we go to your marks.
I play the prospector and
together we ravaged the queen.
You're trying to trick
me and they help you.
How can harvest,
how can offer protection?
A girl your age,
a child wanders into a camp,
a fringe,
Lumeris overall at the end of tour,
what happens? You appealed to their sympathies.
They have none.
They are ruthless profiteers.
You must have something to offer where
they will find something to take from
Why should I trust you?
You stole from us.
We did nothing.
And that's the French girl.
If you are wanting to
point fingers at extortion,
well there's not much I can say.
You killed my father.
The hold on,
I'm kingdom make.
The case of Daymond killed himself.
We were trying to escape
strand is John my trophy cases.
What he was trying to do,
a man's work is no pity thing.
Do you?
His daughter,
I truly apologize for my
contribution to his passing.
But he was stealing my entire harvest
actions like these from the
threat of appropriate reactions.
Your father knew that
and if he didn't,
then he had no business in the green.
Your killer.
I am indeed.
What are you?
It was all in the name of
self preservation Birdie.
It was nothing personal.
I'm just safest route
and we'll both be rich. Even split
There's one more thing.
I'm a field there.
Spent going to need a hook up.
Take a look.
No about
these marks.
When did they arrive?
How many are there?
I don't know.
She didn't tell you anything.
It's been tracked is
keeping her in the dark.
If you ask me why?
Because it doesn't suit you.
Deep partnership has only made so like
candid discourse like what's your mucin
number two was more of a
utility then the park man.
It seems like your father
treated you the same way.
Stop talking about my father.
What is your name?
I have to call you something.
Number three.
Well actually I girl straight finger.
If you don't know the
thing about 10 oh rats.
What makes you want to,
they excrete a hormone stuff since
I don't remember what it's called.
electrics and it smells exactly like,
but significantly more potent.
Didn't steal human urine.
Could you stop anyways?
We Strip
club dues red Bevis today to the time he was at toil,
some marathon,
the carnage and it would just find them.
Eventually you're going
to have to trust me.
medical supplies.
A wound
and then due to inadequate treatment,
no pink.
I was hoping you had some juice.
Thank you sir.
We are tremendously grateful.
might be interesting for trade.
why is it understandable measure?
We shall stone him at our
discretion in return shortly.
Is that acceptable to
you and your colleagues?
I was once a man like
you came with the mind.
It's like all that,
but that man died down there in the green.
on a new amongst friends,
bonding delays beyond the
ability to and this to proceed
and now son will play for you.
That was beautiful.
It's good for you.
Cleanses the dust.
Thank you for your kindness.
As you can see,
I have sustained a trauma to my shoulder.
It would much like to flush it with your magic juice and to keep straight.
We would also be very much
interested in proper dressing
and filter the first as if you
have them and can spare them
in return for your gracious offering.
We are prepared to compensate
with generosity in equal measure.
Here is our offer.
I'm sorry,
I don't understand.
Put a go.
That is a bulk offer.
It has been determined.
you can see it cause all like fills your
eyes but it is inevitable and all the
same that she will be reborn just like me.
That is a reason why
you were brought here.
Not though.
What do you need her for?
We lost our mother
in the West Past.
It is time to rebuild.
The comments have felt that loss and I
pulled you here to be clean and balance.
[inaudible] [inaudible]
look like shit.
I need your help.
You left though.
Say That one too keen on helping me out.
So I had to treat myself.
I wasn't able to clean
and scrape the blackness.
If I don't lose my arm,
it'll kill me and I can't perform the
procedure by myself.
Where are you going to give me to them?
you have to use one of these before.
It's easy.
Prime it like this.
Then five levels.
Low intensity Tilford flesh for football.
Got It.
Thank you.
won't be Loosing headache away.
Quick confidence strokes.
Her best tried to go full
circuit on the first cut.
Easy Seretse before
I was like,
Oh shit.
Oh Shit.
keep going.
You're doing great.
Keep going until you hit bone.
I'm going to miss him
being with me my whole life.
No job.
Too Greedy,
too intimidating.
done this before
we've spent a season
processing Jay to follow.
Once they chopped all the big meat cuts,
they had me cleanse the body cavity to
click the Oregons cause like you get the
eggs out.
That mangling numb.
Took an hour to wash the
blood off my hair every night.
This is pretty straight compared to that.
Spoken like a to slow down. What's that book do you carry around?
It's extreme rigor.
He wrote a novel.
I'm just writing it out.
You really don't know the stream or grow.
There's not a lot of
literature in circulation 88
that's so good.
It's about this group of friends
that grew up together at the bouncing
conservatory in the afraid of falling
spread advice to school graduation master
My savers,
they end up,
I shouldn't tell you in case Rita,
some day
it's my favorite.
I lost my copy and flight prep so I spent
the freighter on working on a new one.
Not done yet,
memorized it and not the exact
but I know every scene.
Sometimes I imagine that
I live in the frame.
I like to think about what happens in
between what's already been written,
so I had new scenes sometimes just then
I get to spend more time in their world.
It's like they're more real to me.
Like I can have conversations with them.
You must think I'm strange.
Not at all. Quite impressive and I lost it.
he said that it was for the best
can you said that it was a and
that I was wasting my time.
We reading the same book and that I
needed to focus on cultivating skills
relevant to my field.
Maybe he was right.
Maybe if I had dinner he wouldn't be dead.
can't think like that.
You done that passage.
Someone to blame you.
Blame me.
I need to think about your next home.
We all know Frader and your tick.
My name is c.
nice to meet you.
All right.
Can you talk us through
and you can change the Gig.
I need you to mark.
Have you feed one handed before?
Can You keep it creamy and you'll be fine?
for the dig,
did you leave the timing that we had
Guinea and wholeheartedly apologize for
being late,
this hop mark,
we were already a cycle back.
You late.
I wholeheartedly apologize.
You wouldn't even believe
you ready to dig?
Well actually,
uh, floor we get stronger on freedom.
Must seem to Jack,
I hadn't been completed
candy with you yet.
Cast to a name and land toilsome correct.
There's one more significant
detailed to our story.
One that forces us to leverage on
Carolyn's for a little bit more than the
agreed upon price.
15 points [inaudible] were
asked it employing more than
adequate payment for the
two of us.
Rather it's amines,
the transit we lacked.
We need a writer or a friend or
kid helped you.
Then we're not going to dig.
Well No.
What she means to say is wow,
transporters requisite part of the deal.
We are willing to forego two points
each by any reckoning is exorbitant
compensation for a happy dog.
I see [inaudible] take go Forwardi Pete,
we ain't swinging your waiting low.
come now and a prize grab.
We'll over the weight of a
passenger and a half cargo breaches.
That's 101 30 be right there.
Raises already been good.
What about the water is where
sheer rock,
juniper, bare bones engine skirt girl
named 30 g boss converted.
Probably going to be,
if we know convert
my father once squire despair,
battery and Punch the orbit
squares in the hand pads,
so the Pod,
newer ships
Dollar and Kathy.
Dose away from the free
to you looking at torch
key job has he changed?
So keep your 15 to get to dig it
before we miss the last train home.
Wales isn't our problem.
You're not understanding me.
Everything changed.
If you're not willing to scrap payloads,
grab crew for all I care,
but you will find a way.
If you want that buried treasure
any more than he has been
looking for way else's.
Says Day.
can you best team too?
If you trying to keep
your day and your girl,
I am the gatekeeper tomorrow
wealth than any of us.
You been wasting the green.
She far too long to let that slip away,
News to the successful energy.
The terms have changed.
13 plus a ride for me and my partner on your hands from craft
or no deal.
Find a way.
I do not intend to bring to my station,
that's the secondary hydrogen for offers
a viable solution at a stalemate when
that will keep us all in PE.
I think a little backup
through us and easy drop on it.
Why don't you say boss?
Oh boy.
All right.
This way?
And women.
Strange benefits.
One execution.
What are these fellow due
to land them in the box.
Don't know.
James was,
Pete had a slog all the way out.
He just to leave with me
today apparently is tradition.
How convoluted.
Don't need to tell me,
but the pay is good.
Santo Ms. Care as she is,
somebody ought to give her a go.
Founded digging for China.
I boy dog fish first it eight his on.
So we called you in.
I suppressed for dry breach.
And my camera come the Brown.
Hello Sweetheart.
Not to worry.
We go again.
Oh dude is difficult to Krav weekend, which was very, sounded like you said you can't do this. No, hold on. Oh right. You can't get your shit. Oh sure. I'll bring the rest of them all. What are we do? I don't know. [inaudible] greedy fool. Could you help yourself took a storm? We're getting a closer look and the time pressures. I am going to need assistance. Are you sure? Hmm. Hi. Yeah, yeah.