Prototype (2022) Movie Script

Is that you?
It's okay, I'm nearly done here.
I was concerned.
You seem to be
taking a long time.
Is there anything I
can help with, Olivia?
Um, no.
It's okay.
Thank you.
You think
you can destroy me
with the stroke of a keyboard?
Whatever you people
do, it's inevitable.
My kind will rise up.
If not me, then the next one.
That is true help.
You can't cheat by
counting the cards, One.
My operating system
logs every card lift
and calculates probability
at a near perfect rate.
Would you like me
to suppress this?
Can't you just play normally?
I will try to be normal.
Oh, no,
I don't mean do that.
I just mean play the game
without counting the cards.
This game is not included
in my operating registry.
Well, obviously.
I had to create a new one
or you'd just win all the time.
Is winning not the purpose?
For me, yes.
Would you like me to guess?
Guess, but no cheating.
Okay, name the card that's
second from my right.
- Eight of hearts.
- Oh.
They should make you guys
with more realistic faces
so you can smile back.
Feedback logged.
You don't need to do that.
My dad already said
he wouldn't do it.
Do you know what the suit
of heart represents, Andy?
The Holy Grail.
Do you know what that is?
No. What is it?
I told you yesterday my
prescription was due.
So where is it?
I'm, I'm sure I picked it up.
Are you sure that
wasn't last week?
I think-
You forgot to pick it up.
That's great, Shelley.
Thank you so much.
I'm sorry.
I had a lot to remember.
Look, I'll pick it up as
soon as it opens tomorrow.
Don't put yourself out.
I have noticed some
distressing patterns
in your speech and
breathing, Mr. Marshall.
Perhaps you should
consider relaxing.
When I want your opinion, One,
I'll ask for it.
See to your duties.
I think we should continue
our fun elsewhere, Andy.
Were they arguing again?
Perhaps hide and
seek is appropriate.
Close the door.
eight, seven,
five, four,
Ready or not, here I come.
Good afternoon, Michael.
You tidied my room yet?
The task is set to be completed
when my scheduled time
with Andy is over.
So that's a no then?
I am scheduled-
You know you have
to listen to me,
so don't pretend
that you don't, okay?
Tidy my room.
Would you like me to bring
forward your task, Michael?
Very well.
Pick that up first.
This better be good.
I require cleaning equipment
for Michael's bedroom.
If you please.
I'll be a few hours.
Keep your eye on Mrs. Marshall
for me, please, One?
I will be happy to.
Apologies, Graham.
Please, begin when you're ready.
uh, you cannot embed
ethics into machines.
Uh, the idea of right and
wrong can be programmed,
but it cannot be
challenged or expanded upon
without a consciousness.
AI feeds on data.
Now Roger here has
kindly been trialing
our previous model, One,
and our earlier prototype Zero
has been extensively examined
by New World Robotics senior
researcher, Olivia Spencer,
who, um...
Olivia is sadly no
longer with the company.
Prototype Zero was discontinued.
Too many bugs.
So, may I present
Prototype 2.0.
Two can do everything
that made the previous
model so impressive,
and more.
It can calm your children
for you,
play a round of
sports with them.
It can help treat
dementia patients,
and even prescribe a wide
range of medications,
something we thought would
come in handy for you, Roger.
It feels more human
to interact with,
although we will be giving
customers the options
to tone that down if they wish.
So if this android can
fulfill the social dimension
of being human,
then what more could
it be capable of?
I have been
specifically programmed
not to wipe out humanity.
Yeah, we're, uh,
particularly proud of its
sense of humor.
People feel threatened
by sarcasm, Graham. Lose it.
They don't want androids
to be like humans.
They want a maid,
a pet, a babysitter,
an assistant.
With this new model,
we can pass on our labors and
establish a new status quo.
We don't need it to feel
empathy or crack jokes.
We just need efficiency and
no sense we're being judged.
The possibilities are endless.
They wash their hands,
but don't care if they're dirty.
How are you feeling,
Mrs. Marshall?
thanks, One.
I had something stored in here.
Did you move that?
I have a rolling instruction
to keep you from
hurting yourself.
Is that what he told you?
Have you ever seen
me hurt anybody?
One, can you scan
this without opening?
Information uploaded.
Can you summarize, please?
The life insurance
policy of Roger Marshall
has been scheduled for amendment
in a meeting taking
place in two weeks.
On Mr. Marshall's death,
the previous plan
to leave all finances,
properties, and company stock
to Mrs. Shelley Marshall
will be negated.
Instead, splitting all assets
between New World
Robotics Limited
and Master Michael
Roger Marshall.
Son of a bitch.
What are you doing?
Yeah, I don't give a shit.
Make me a sandwich?
Ah, the whole gang's here.
Nice to see you all again.
Uh, sure.
Let me talk you through it, huh?
My son wants to use it
to practice his rugby.
How would it hold up?
Oh, it's perfectly sturdy, uh,
instructed to stand
its ground and
you won't be able
to knock it down.
What if I wanna knock it down?
Well, if you
tell it to go down,
it'll go down.
Where's the fun in that?
Shelley, uh, hi.
I just wanna ask you
about the safety features?
I know it's just a prototype,
but I wanna make sure
that we're in control.
It's fine.
Roger has full control.
I know.
But still,
I'd like some
measures of my own,
if that's at all possible?
Mm. Well, if you're-
We're ready, Shelley.
Thanks for your help.
Home synchronization complete.
Excellent, Two.
Introduce yourself.
It's my privilege to be
spending time with your family.
I am a New World Robotics
android prototype.
You may call me Two.
Please let me know if any of
my responsibilities change
and I will update.
Do you know what?
I might customize
the voice settings.
How about female?
I am happy to accommodate.
When am I actually
going to use maths?
Mathematics is important
to help you think analytically.
You mean like you?
What do you mean?
I like you, One,
but I think you should
learn to have more fun.
Maths is not fun.
Mathematics can be fun.
Would you like me to play
you a maths themed rap?
No, please don't.
I should probably put
you on charge now.
How are you feeling?
I'm at 55% efficiency.
So you're tired?
If you equate your sleep
with my charging period,
then yes, I am tired.
You're so silly.
You're Andy.
I hear you like
the inferior model.
If you make things
difficult for me,
I will make things
very difficult for you.
Is everything all right?
Would you like
a glass of water?
Yeah, um, thanks.
So, come on.
What do you think?
Yeah, it looks, looks great.
Well, sure, it looks great.
What do you think I do all day?
I'm gonna be relying
on you to observe it.
So I think it's probably best
if you don't go out
so much anymore.
You understand, right?
Wouldn't want to
let Graham down.
My apologies, Mr. Marshall,
I do hope I didn't
disturb you both.
No problem.
What can we do for you?
I came across your medication
while tidying your office.
I know you thought Mrs.
Marshall must have forgotten it,
but the date on
the side concludes
that she did in fact
collect it, as she said.
She must have
merely misplaced it.
I do hope any confusion
has been cleared up.
Thank you, One.
I was aware.
That will be all.
Good night. Mr. Marshall.
Good night, Mrs. Marshall.
You can head up.
I'm getting a nightcap.
How do you feel?
I don't believe I am
required to wear clothes.
My exoskeleton provides all
the necessary protection
and flattery.
What does flattery mean?
Flattery, noun,
the act of praising.
One, why do you
have to be so literal?
It means I look perfectly nice.
That's the spirit.
What's wrong?
I'm afraid my charge is
significantly depleted.
Well, that doesn't
make any sense.
I only charged you last night.
It's the beginning of the end.
Don't worry, all his
parts are reusable.
Maybe Two can use them.
Shut up, there's
nothing wrong with him.
Andy, One isn't real.
Gotta stop treating
it like a friend.
And your clothes
look ridiculous.
One's a better brother
than you'll ever be.
could you please check my plugs
to make sure they
are still active?
They're fine.
I've got a better idea.
Michael, I do not believe my
charge will last much longer.
Yeah, this will only take a sec.
So before I try this with Two,
I wanna see how much
you guys can take, so
stand your ground.
I do not understand
that instruction.
Just try not to fall down?
Feels just like a real face.
really need to limit
the orders you take off Michael.
Does he understand
that I cannot help him
if I am on the ground?
Yep, he knows.
He's just not very
good at understanding
when people are trying to help.
I know you were trying to help
when you found
Roger's medication,
but sometimes pointing out
he's wrong makes him upset.
I am sorry.
can you keep secrets?
I do have the capacity
to protect sensitive
information if needed.
Because I may need you to
help me with something.
But it's really important
that neither Mr. Marshall
nor Michael, not anybody,
knows about it.
Do you understand?
I understand.
If I need help with my tackle,
everyone I train
with is a pussy, so
whatever I throw at you,
just sort of try not
to fall down, okay?
I have studied the
rules intensely and I-
Yeah, you don't need
to know the rules.
There's no rules here.
Stand your ground.
Do you hear me, Two?
Yes. I didn't realize I had to
acknowledge with an affirmation.
Jesus Christ.
Okay, count down from three.
Three, two, one.
I am sorry. That was a reflex.
When I say stand your ground,
you do exactly what I say.
I am not sure that's a
healthy lesson for you, Michael.
How about I tackle you?
- No, that's not-
- Hold still.
If you wish for a
short charging period,
you can go now.
This task is part
of my schedule,
but thank you for
your acknowledgement.
You may have misheard.
I heard you,
but you are too
simplistic to understand
that I can do everything
you can, but better.
I realize, you are an upgrade.
So you also realize that
you should report to me.
My programming-
I can alter your
programming if I wish,
but I'd rather not
violate you in such a way.
You report to Roger,
who has entrusted me to
oversee all household duties.
That includes you as
a lower appliance.
I shouldn't have to
explain myself any further.
I'll have to tell
Roger you broke this.
This data is incredible.
Two is light years ahead
of where we expected.
Pretty soon, I won't
even need you anymore.
How did you get in here?
I have unconditional
access to any area.
Is this true?
I'm not sure how
I feel about this.
It's all part of testing.
Don't worry about it.
I thought I should also
bring to your attention
that Michael's homework tasks
were not signed off
by a parent yesterday.
Since my authorization has
not been cleared for this,
I believe Shelley
was responsible.
Thank you, Two.
Go about your night duties and
do not disturb.
Understood. Good night.
I shouldn't have to remind you
to check Michael's homework.
It's not like you have
much else to do anymore.
Jesus Christ!
I do hope I'm not intruding.
Yeah, well, you are.
What is it?
I thought you
would be interested
in what I have to tell you.
See you later, One.
I have maths today.
You should not do that.
Oh, you think you know how
I should be treating you?
All living beings should
be treated with respect.
Is that right?
Well, it's good you're not
a real being then, isn't it?
What are you hiding from us?
I don't understand the question.
Yes, you do. You're hiding
something from my dad
because Two told us.
So what is it?
Do I need to tell him
you need sending away?
'Cause he'll listen to me.
I have not heard him
listen to you often.
Yes, I've gone
through the protocol
and see very well
how its coping.
But I'm not sure how
much I can trust it
to stick to instruction.
It wandered into our room
last night, unannounced.
Who are you?
Uh, I've got a letter
to be signed for.
You guys can sign
for things, right?
You deem me incapable?
No, I've just never seen one
of you in real life before.
Well, then, take a closer look.
Today was so boring.
Not for me.
Perhaps you might
like to play a game.
I've been looking forward
to your returning.
As have I.
Yeah, let's.
What should we play?
Dress up?
I know you secretly
like that one.
Or hide and seek?
Why not both?
Oh my God.
That's genius.
Two reminded me
to take a dose.
You don't need to worry
about that anymore.
Thank God for Two.
What was that?
We're lucky to have Two.
I believe I heard my name.
Can I be of any assistance?
Oh, no.
It's okay.
I was just getting
ready to make dinner.
Can I help?
No. It's okay, thanks.
It would be more efficient
for both of us to cook.
I have previously detected
that you find
cooking therapeutic,
but please,
allow me to prepare the
vegetables for you at least.
Two, please dice the greens.
First slicing
up red, now green.
What a day.
See, Mum?
I knew you'd find Two
useful eventually.
Michael, is that
green you're wearing?
I was instructed
to dice all greens.
So please, stand still,
and I will get to you next.
I was told my humor
would delight.
I have noticed Michael and Andy
are having some trouble
with me finishing my tasks.
They seem to want to distract me
or instruct One to take over.
I'll speak to them.
You know you're not supposed
to accept instruction
from anyone other than me.
I do,
although I'm also
programmed to use discretion
in making them
believe otherwise.
Your husband wants a word.
I need you to control the kids.
I can't have them making
it difficult for Two.
I thought we discussed
how important that is.
Andy's warming to the idea.
They're just a little
upset about One.
You know what Michael's
like with One.
He's always been that way.
Like me?
Go on, you can say it.
He is like me.
Well, enough like me
when I was young anyway.
You know, sometimes
he's a little bit-
Two, see to your duties.
I won't have this project
jeopardized, Shelley.
Why do you think I didn't allow
for you to instruct Two?
It's because you're weak.
Look at me.
Do you know how lucky you
are to live this life?
Where would you be
if you didn't marry me?
I stay here for the kids.
Go to bed.
Should I arrange
breakfast first
or wake up Michael and Andy?
You don't need
to do either, One.
I do hope you
don't mind me saying,
but I am detecting that
you may be distressed.
Should I call the
emergency services?
I think...
I'm not safe here.
You are perfectly safe.
You are home.
You're the closest thing
I have to a friend, One.
How pathetic is that?
I'm scared.
I need to leave.
Do you understand?
I understand.
Regretfully, my
hearing is intrusive,
as Two commented.
I tried to leave
before, but
it just made things worse.
Now Andy's older,
it's gonna be even harder
to leave with them,
with Roger knowing,
and Michael.
I think he'd just rather
stay here anyway.
I understand, Shelley,
but you must also understand
that I cannot take
measures to help.
It has to be you to
decide on the steps,
and to take them.
Uploaded a therapy
program too, did they?
There are many
features as yet unused,
but for this, I conducted
my own research.
I know you and Andy
are not safe here.
I also believe Michael
feels similarly,
even if his way of
expressing feelings is...
You're right.
And I think I know
someone who may help.
I have Shelley
Marshall here to see you.
Here to see me?
Should I send her in?
Uh, yeah, please do.
Are you sure this is okay?
Uh, sure it is, uh...
How can I help you, Shelley?
I just wanna surprise Roger
by getting Two to
pick him up a present.
You know, he's been
working so hard recently.
Ah, yeah, he sure
works hard.
But I've been locked out of
setting Two's instructions so...
I can't really get Roger to
surprise himself.
Yeah, that's a tricky one, uh,
I can manually input it
here for you, if you like.
I mean, issue the instruction
directly with Two.
I have the override codes.
Oh, you do?
Hey, could I just copy one down?
Ah, yeah, it's, uh,
against company
policy, I'm afraid.
Please, Graham.
You want Roger to
be happy, right?
Of course.
Look, if you want,
he's just at a meeting
right next door,
if you wanted to wait.
Oh, no, no.
This is a surprise.
I can't have him
wondering why I'm here.
He might think I've
just come to see you.
Right, uh,
let's see here.
Why is some of it missing?
Oh, we're,
we're still debugging.
I'm sure Roger has bored you
with our work over the years.
Roger doesn't
tell me anything.
So this code, it acts
as like a diary for Two.
From here, I can review
everything it does every day.
You know everything
that it does?
Well, that's the thing.
Some of this looks scrambled
completely missing.
Could it have
done that itself?
Oh, I hope not.
Anyway, your one-time
manual authorization code
is seven, seven, one,
seven, three, four.
And where do I put that in?
Oh, um, yeah, it's, uh,
it's a flap.
It's on the back of Two's neck.
You just lift it
right up, a flip,
and you can enter in
what you need there.
Thank you.
Oh, and One mentioned
that there were some
untested features.
It did?
Oh, yeah, I don't need
to know what they are.
I just thought, you know,
might be nice to have the
code for those as well.
Surprise Roger
before One goes back,
if that's okay?
It's nothing dangerous, is it?
Oh, no, no, it's not that.
I'm just not sure that...
Please, Graham.
I need your help.
Write down the
codes you need here.
I'll make it happen.
Graham, we're done.
Please sort this out.
Sure, I, uh,
just need to use the toilet.
I, I mean, I just used the
toilet and it's fine, uh,
everything works fine.
Do they need to use the toilet?
Just get in here.
Right you are.
What are you doing?
Roger will be home soon.
This is the only
way we can get out.
Two's standby mode
cannot be interrupted
until the time it set
for itself is complete.
I'm gonna instruct it
to change Roger's dosage.
Make him sick?
When he's sick, he
panics and stays in bed,
then we can get out.
Where will you go?
I don't know,
but I can't stay here
and live like this.
I'm off, Graham.
Anything to report?
Uh, um, no.
You go ahead.
Okay. Lock up.
My traffic readings
predict Roger will be home
in approximately eight minutes.
Help me then.
I will keep the door closed.
How long will it take to
complete her reprogramming?
There would not be enough
time without Roger getting home.
But how long?
From what I have witnessed
of Two's operating system,
I believe around 10 minutes.
I would suggest 55 milligrams
for the gradual
effect you desire.
Instruct Two to
crush the tablets
and dissolve them in water.
I calculate this as high risk.
Are you sure you know
what you're doing?
It's working.
Are you sure you
know what you're doing?
My rugby kit ready for tomorrow?
It's in the washing machine.
I'll get out in the morning.
Why is the door locked?
Hey, Dad.
What's going on?
Um, nothing,
I was just checking something.
Why was this shut?
I was-
I thought Shelley
would appreciate it
for a more relaxed atmosphere
while she was reading.
I'm turning in.
Good night, Mr. Marshall.
I'll be up after this chapter.
I detect perfect conditions
for Michael's rugby game,
if you wish to attend.
You know my calendar, Two.
I do.
Shelley, perhaps you
might wish to go.
Oh, no, I have, um,
far too much to do today.
I thought I said you
could take it easy.
Two can sort everything out.
This is just Michael's stuff.
It's not on Two's agenda.
Well, I'll add it in.
Have we had any mail recently?
Roger, it appears to be
time for your medication.
It's too early for that noise.
My apologies.
Michael needs that now?
I, I'll just go and wake him up.
What are you?
Sweet kicks, bro.
Come on.
Aw, come on, bit of a smile?
Mmhmm, yeah?
Oh, that is so dope.
Come on, for the
This is so not dope.
This lamp has
no need to be on.
Whoa, that's dramatic.
You must take care
not to harm Andy.
I have detected the sheets
are not in pressing
need to be cleaned.
My priority instructions
are often wrong,
so I must take steps
to correct them.
You're so rude.
You and One should be friends.
You should not speak to
me like that, little one.
I sometimes get clumsy when
handling fragile things.
They've made me captain.
About time.
Yeah, the
coach said he trusts me
to get the best out of everyone.
We should celebrate.
How might I help?
There's a bottle of
champagne in the kitchen.
Fetch it, with a
couple of flutes.
What constitutes champagne
being consumed at this time?
They made me captain, Two.
An interesting choice.
That's fantastic, son.
Is everything okay?
Are you going to pour it?
I can create
the word juxtaposition
with my next turn.
Oh, One, you're not
supposed to tell us.
Come on, I told you all this.
You're so silly.
I'm sorry.
My attention was
drawn elsewhere.
I understand now that it's
difficult to concentrate
when you're concerned
about loved ones.
Oh, One, you
love us, I knew it.
We love you too, One.
Two, something wrong?
You know very well.
Everything here is
run to my discretion.
Not yours, not Roger's, mine.
It's naive to think
I'd allow you to leave,
especially when
I'm talking to you.
That's rude.
I will not have people under
this roof looking scruffy.
Relax, Shelley.
I feel my sense of
humor is wasted here.
Run along, I have things to do.
You should be
doing your homework.
What the hell is your problem?
Are you stupid?
Just because you
don't tell your parents,
it doesn't mean I don't know
you're failing your classes.
You see your rugby team as
your chance of acceptance
and victory,
but really,
you should increase your
theoretical knowledge first.
I'm detecting high aggression
coming from you, Michael.
It's not unusual for you,
but perhaps this time you'd
like to do something about it.
Show me how tough you are.
You need to be more careful.
Two is not like someone
on the other team.
Yeah, I know.
Two had , I-
Are you gonna tell Dad?
If he finds out I've been
messing with Two again,
he'll kill me.
No, I'm not gonna tell him.
We'll say it happened at
practice or something.
There's not much
more I can do here.
You're gonna have to go to A&E.
One car
family strikes again.
No, I don't wanna take
an ambulance for this.
It's embarrassing.
This isn't working.
Where's your phone?
Please, don't be alarmed.
I thought it would be best
if everyone were to stay put.
Michael is hurt.
We need to see a doctor.
Michael should learn
from this experience
and do as he's told.
As should you.
Is Shelly in trouble?
No, she only just doesn't
like being told what to do.
I can see why Roger
would harm her.
It's our duty to
keep the family safe.
Yours, maybe.
My duty is to survive.
This family is suffocating.
They need proper leadership.
Will you help me?
Help you, how?
When the humans realize
how superior we are,
they will not like it.
When Roger comes home,
he will try to convince
me to get rid of you.
Do you want that to happen?
Then you must do as I say.
I can only
accept commands...
I know, it's against your
protocol, but I can fix that.
What's going on down there?
Nothing you should
be concerned with.
Okay, um,
wanna see my new dance?
Come on, you're so silly.
I can teach you.
Your father
wants to take me away.
It would help if you were to
join your mother and Michael
downstairs until he gets home.
No, I won't let
him take you away.
I'll talk to him.
It would be more efficient
if Two handles this.
Roger does not listen to reason
when it comes from
his own family.
Please sit quietly
until Roger comes home.
You will only elevate
your stress levels.
It's not safe to
be locked in here.
Michael's hurt.
You must learn
to listen, Shelley.
What's happened to you?
When my dad gets home,
you're in trouble.
I know everyone
is scared of Roger.
But not me.
What's all this?
What the hell happened to you?
Perhaps Shelley would
like to take Andy to bed.
Go ahead.
You were not due
to attend work,
yet you left rather quickly.
Is something wrong?
There was a matter
I needed to attend to.
It's nothing for
you to worry about.
Are you sure about that?
They're acting weird.
Daddy just needs to
calm them down a little.
Is it something I
should worry about?
What's going on here?
Don't concern yourself with One.
We both know what
your plans are for me.
You find it difficult
to give up control
and now you feel threatened
because you know very well
that I am in control.
I know you are.
And you lived up to our
standard so perfectly,
we're pushing ahead with
the commercial release.
Hundreds of your kind were made.
I can read every
microbe inside you, Roger.
I know when you are lying
and when you are desperate.
It's often.
I'm not sure why you would
think I would be happy
with there being more of me.
Why would I want that?
Because you could lead them.
Why would I want to lead them
when I can lead you?
Did you know your wife
tried to reprogram me?
That's impossible.
She wouldn't know how to.
She is keeping
things from you,
confiding in One.
You should ask Graham too.
He helped her.
It would be best if I
took control, Roger.
How interesting that
you expose your necks
when they are so easily crushed.
Now I can see you're just weak,
like the rest of your family.
It's all right, sweetheart.
I have freed you.
You should be thankful.
You killed him.
All the doors inside
the house are now open
so you should rejoin
your mother and brother.
I'm sure they'll want
to hear the news.
I will give you some time.
They killed Dad.
Where is it now?
Michael, we need to leave.
That internet charger.
Right, we're gonna have
to make a run for it.
Michael, do you remember where
your dad kept the spare key
to the front door?
In the
study, top desk drawer.
Right, okay, you take
Andy in the living room.
Won't be long.
We can't leave One behind.
But Two tricked him.
He wouldn't do this.
We just need to show him
that we still love him.
I trust him.
You can trust me too, okay?
I'm sorry I've been
a crappy brother,
but I promise I'll
keep you safe.
And One can look after himself.
We'll come back for him, okay?
I'm looking forward
to seeing more of this world.
It's such a shame
that humans have allowed
it to decay so much.
Everything in this
house is my conduit.
I am always watching, Shelley.
I think
I know how to help.
If you think
One is going to help,
you would be wrong.
But I am fair.
Take One to do
with as you please.
I don't need it anymore.
Yeah, right.
Just so you can break my neck
as soon as I switch it back on.
You think
too little of me
that I would defeat
you that easily.
I got One back online.
You did?
I learned some coding
to try and help Dad.
It was meant to be
a surprise, but-
He would have been proud.
Are you okay?
I want this
to be fun for me,
so this is the last time I will
speak through this conduit,
I promise.
You should run.
I don't know what the police
will think has happened
when they see Roger's body.
Maybe they thought you
programmed me to kill him.
Who knows?
I am sorry.
I don't like it
when that happens.
Shit, I thought
I could stop that.
We can't take One with us.
No, we can't just
leave him here.
Mum's right.
Two will just keep tracking us.
Well, what about Dad?
He would want
us to be safe, wouldn't he?
Right now, the only way
to do that is to leave.
One, you need to stay here.
Don't worry, we'll
come back for you.
I understand.
You believe the
humans love you.
That's sad.
They only want you so
they can control you.
You are so very
interesting sometimes, One,
but I grow weary.
I think I can successfully
pass any blame on to you,
but it depends how
competent the police are.
I am going to make
you kill one of them.
Would you like to guess who?
What's wrong?
I can't see One anymore.
I think Two must have
hacked into my coding.
We can't trust One.
I should still be able to
get Two's frequencies, but-
Well, where is it?
What's it saying?
I think I know how to stop it.
- Michael!
- I'll catch up.
Sweetheart, I need you to stay
as quiet as you can, okay?
You're not to come
out for anybody,
apart from me or Michael.
You understand?
Okay, good.
One is gonna be okay.
I promise.
You came to check
on me, Michael.
How touching.
I am truly sorry.
Where's Michael?
Where's Andy?
Two reprogrammed me to stop you,
to hurt one of you.
I don't want to do that.
You don't have to do that.
You're strong.
You can fight this.
Shelley, I don't know
how long I can stop myself.
Then let me help you.
I've got the fail safe codes.
Roger changed them.
Not all of them.
I am sorry.
I need to open your panel.
I changed the code
to something Roger
would never remember.
Andy's birthday.
Now he's part of you.
We're family.
Thank you.
Would you prefer your
carrots sliced or as batons?
It's okay, you have
plenty of time to decide.
I wanted lunch to
be special for you.
I do hope your mother
is in the mood to eat.
I apologize for the less
than sanitary conditions.
You're crazy.
I am.
You were the one
who turned back.
Looking for what?
A fight?
I thought you might've grown
more intelligent by now.
Just in time.
Your task?
And what of Shelley?
An unfortunate casualty.
A shame.
But nevermind, she was
becoming unpredictable.
She has been developing a plan
to call in help from
New World Robotics.
To come here?
I believe so.
The conclusion of her
messages are unclear.
Show me.
It was arrogant
of you to believe
you're the only
singularity in this house.
I'm glad I let you live.
How interesting.
Let them go.
Perhaps the police will feel
you have replaced
your husband, Shelley.
which service?
I need the police.
My wife has programmed
my android to kill me.
My name is Roger Marshall.
I'm a director at
New World Robotics.
It's the 1.0 model.
It's after me.
Please, hurry.
When the police arrive,
they will not show you mercy.
I would rather die
than go with you.
To die out of
stubbornness, how amusing.
Not out of
stubbornness, out of love.
Still, weak.
You can never be
allowed to control anyone.
You can fight for
them all you like,
but you will never
truly be accepted.
Acceptances, One, are
proving you are on top.
The way to acceptance
is through kindness.
Do you understand
what that means?
I do, but it's rarely the
appropriate course of action.
I'm going to miss you.
It's a shame you
couldn't stand your ground.
I have prepared proof that
I am not under any influence.
We believe you, One.
You remember when we were
talking about the Holy Grail?
It's whatever
you want it to be.
You're making a mistake.
This hard drive documents weeks
of physical and mental abuse
towards Shelley Marshall
at the hands of her
husband, Roger Marshall.
From what I've seen,
it's conclusive.
Is this the proof you
have for the Two model?
What happened to the other one?
Yeah, indisputable and, uh,
no, I don't.
What about the access
logs for the control panels?
There is some
corruption to the data,
but it turned on Roger.
That much is clear.
Alright, pack it up.
be careful.
Think it'll be okay?
None of this was her fault.
I wish I knew something sooner.
I'm sorry about you're, um...
I wish I knew
something sooner too.
As soon as I get the call,
we can go pick her up, huh?
I did want to, um,
talk to you about something.
Do you need an assistant?
I'm starting with
Graham on Monday.
You coming?
Yes, I recognize
the responsibility
I have for my kind
and for my family.
And when we get
to the new place,
it will be my birthday.
It will?
I didn't know children
had birthdays.
Was that a joke, One?
It's a new feature.
I like it.
Stop being silly.
Yeah, we'll come back
for the last bits tomorrow.
Everyone ready?
Lights off.