Provo (2022) Movie Script

[heavy rock music]
It's like all the meaning
you could ever have, but none
of it at the same time.
[indistinct chatter]
Oh, my God.
I think he had
like six strings on that thing.
The last time I saw her, I was
on mushrooms at your house.
-[sobbing] It's not a big deal.
-[man 2] No, no. Hey, hey, hey.
But I knew what you meant.
It's-- it's so unnatural--
-I'm sorry, you have children?
That's like, ew.
It just feels like--
like biological narcissism..
Like you have to have like,
like a fetish with your ego
to wanna have
to like duplicate it.
[indistinct chatter]
So, he's like
driving all the way
from Naperville
to fucking Kankakee?
Yeah. It's-- it's-- it's a ride.
I mean, it's not
really powerviolence anymore.
It's kind of more
of like a synthcore sort of--
I wouldn't-- Because they
have a synth player?
Well, yeah. I mean,
they added a synth player.
It's not powerviolence.
We couldn't stop at
a restaurant without--
We all had to
wear the same shirt
and we would literally get up
and sing a hymn
in a Cracker Barrel.
What was I saying?
Oh, just,
you know, how you hate kids.
Yeah. I need another beer.
You want one?
Uh, yeah.
["Don't You Think I'm
Funny Anymore?" by Dougie Poole]

Don't you think
I'm funny anymore?
I haven't seen you smile
for a while
What do you see now
that you didn't before?

Yeah, you know.
And I just had it
and I was like taking pieces off
of it and I was like,
"I'm gonna befriend the swan."
And it became
like a whole thing.
I'm like, "I'm gonna--
We're gonna be friends."
And so, I would spend an hour
just like, handing it pieces
and stuff,
and I was trying to pet it.
And I'd get closer and closer
and then
I started making friends
with people in
the park because--
[man 2]
Thank you.
[Liz] Mm-hmm.
[chuckling] Like, ew, right?
It's like--
[woman exhaling]
It's so hot. Geez. Really?
I'm like so sweaty.
I would so fucking rail
some fucking [indistinct]
-[man 2] You doing okay?
- Yeah. I'm so good.
I feel so good.
We're having so much fun, right?
Do you have a lighter?
[man 2]
Yeah, I do.
Um, but I'm actually
gonna probably head home.
Do you wanna walk with me?
Oh, so lame.
[man 2]
Oh, exactly.
I feel like you're acting like
you're in your late 20s
and it's so lame.
Oh, it's so funny 'cause I am.
So, it'd be great--
[Liz] I don't wanna be
in my late 20s.
I know, but we can't
really control time.
Give me your lighter.
Okay, but then you're
gonna walk me home, okay?
-[Liz] Yeah.
-Okay, great.
Gimme. Thank you.
I got you. I'm gonna study.
[man 2] Ready? There you go.
You wanna take a beer?
-Two beers.
-Two beers.
We'll take two beers
and we gotta leave immediately.
I love you so much.
I love you.
We can be European.
So French.
[Liz] So French.
Should I kiss them too?
[man 2] No, I think they're--
they're in their own world.
-[woman 2] That's for them.
[man 2]
Yeah, I think they're good.
Where's my purse?
[man 2] Um, I'll find it.
You're home.
Okay. You got your keys?
-You have them.
They're in here.
[man 2] No, I don't-- There--
there's-- these are so tight.
What do you mean?
Do you want me to--
Do-- You got it?
-[Liz] Yeah.
-[man 2] Okay.
Oh. Oh.
There we go.
[man 2]
Oh, this will be fun later.
I got 'em.
[man 2]
Okay. Okay. Get some sleep.
[Liz] Okay.
Good. Drink some water, okay?
'Cause tomorrow's gonna hurt.
[Liz] Yeah. Tomorrow
will definitely already hurts.
Okay. I love you. Bye.
[Liz] Ow.
-[birds chirping]
-[Liz sighing]
[lighter flicking]
[woman] But who did that?
One of y'all did that.
[water running]
[phone ringing]
[Kathryn] Elizabeth?
Uh, yeah. Yeah. It's Liz.
Hi. Hi, it's Kathryn.
Kathryn who?
Kathryn Snow.
[Liz] Uh, sorry. I think
you have the wrong number.
Ezra's my stepdad.
[water stopping]
Um, I-- I'm sorry
to be calling you, but...
I-- I just thought
you should know that...
our-- our dad has cancer.
Um, he's dying.
He's in hospice
at his home in Provo.
And look, I know you
haven't spoken to him in years,
but he really
wanted me to call you.
Hello? Are you still there?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm here.
[Kathryn] I moved to
Wilmette with my husband.
Uh, are you still in Chicago?
Uh, yeah.
[Kathryn] I'm--
I-- I've got a lot to do today,
but I-- I wanted--
My mom sent me a package for you
that Ezra wanted you to have,
so is it okay
if I drop it off today?
-[pee running]
-Yeah. Like at my apartment?
[Kathryn] Yeah.
Okay. Sure.
[Kathryn] Uh,
what neighborhood are you in?
Humboldt Park.
Ho-- hold on. Hey, hey.
You know,
feet don't go on tables.
Feet? Sorry about that.
W-- which neighborhood?
Humboldt Park.
[Kathryn] Okay. Uh, I can
be there in about an hour.
Can you text me your address?
Yeah. Sure.
Great. See you soon.
-Wait, what pa--
-[phone beeps]
-[woman] Yes.
-[woman 2] Okay.
Thanks, baby.
[woman 2] What do
you want for dinner?
Ooh, how about
your famous spaghetti?
Oh, spaghetti
for my little noodle?
-[woman] Yeah.
-So cute.
You make the best spaghetti.
Oh, hey. What's the matter?
Apparently, my dad is dying.
[woman] Oh, Liz,
I'm so sorry. Uh, I didn't--
I didn't even
know you had a dad.
Well, I do. Can you move?
Did you know?
I don't know anything about her.
Oh. Who even has dad anymore?
It's so embarrassing.
[Kathryn] Elizabeth?
Hi. Yeah.
Um, this is your package.
I can just leave it here.
Are you feeling okay?
No, I'm just
extremely hungover.
Driving to Provo tomorrow
to see our dad.
Yeah, you told me.
[Kathryn] I think
you should see him too.
Before he goes.
I don't have
a relationship with him anymore.
I haven't
spoken to him in years.
[Kathryn] It's not exactly his
fault you didn't stay in touch.
[chuckles] Stay in touch.
I'm sorry. Why is that funny?
Your dad is dying.
He's literally in hospice
as we speak.
And I'm afraid I'm not
gonna get there in time.
[Liz] Yeah.
I don't know what bullshit
he's been feeding you
your entire life,
but, um,
I-- He's not my problem.
He's not my problem.
He's being taken care
of by my family.
Just thought you
might wanna say goodbye
and to apologize.
[Liz] Apologize? Are you
fucking kidding me? [laughs]
Our father
turned his life around
once your mom left him.
He became a bishop of our ward
and is a loving grandfather
to my kids.
I am sorry to hear
about your mom passing.
That must be very hard for you.
I'm fine.
You're clearly acting out.
No, no, no, no, no.
I'm all good.
You have a home and a community
at the church
if you ever choose to come back.
Awesome. Well, listen,
when I get back to Wilmette,
I'd love to take you
to Relief Society.
I feel like that
might make you feel better.
Mm-hmm. That's gonna
get me back on track.
Great. Well, um,
super nice to meet you.
We pray for you.
Oh, thank you.
Fucking brainwashed
fucking bitch.
I'm like a bird,
I only fly away
I don't know
where my home is
I don't know
where my soul is
Baby, all I need
for you to know is
I'm like a bird--
-[both laughing]
-I'll only fly away
Oh, what's that?
I don't know what. A package.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't know you got packages.
Everybody gets packages.
Is that your dad in there?
Jesus Christ.
-He's not dead. He's dying.
[eerie music]

[Geoffrey groaning
with pleasure]
[Geoffrey] Oh, fuck!
Oh. Oh-- oh, I'm gonna cum.
-[Geoffrey] I'm gonna cum.
-I'm-- I'm cumming.
-All right, do it.
I'm cumming. [groaning]
Do you have a tissue
or something?
-You wanna get it on the sheet?
Oh, my core.
-What's that?
-It's nothing.
Who is that a portrait of?
Joseph Smith.
Whoa! The Mormon guy?
Why do you have that?
It's just a family heirloom.
Are you Mormon or something?
No, but my family is.
Oh, but you like come from them.
So, in your heart of hearts,
you are a Mole person.
Dude, absolutely not.
Do you have your own planet?
Have you ever
had a birthday party?
They're not fundamentalists.
They're like mainstream
Mitt Romney Mormons
And I am not one of them.
[laughs] Okay.
Do you still go to church?
You just came all over my back.
Does it seem like
I go to a Mormon church?
Doesn't answer though.
Why do you have a picture
of Joe Smith under your bed?
It's from my dad, okay?
Why did your dad
give you a picture of Joe?
Because he's dying, all right?
I'm-- I'm so fucking sorry.
I didn't know.
I'm not, like, upset about it.
I-- I haven't
talked to him in years, so.
Well, when my dad died,
I was extremely sad
and you're not sad at all.
Congratulations that
you had such a good dad
that you were sad when he died
because that is
not my situation.
What did he do?
He was a--
he was a really bad guy.
Men suck.
Do you want me to go
to the funeral with you?
Oh, my God. It's in Utah.
Like, I'm not going.
It could be fun. Not fun.
It could be cool. Like a--
like a spiritual enema.
I am not interested in
having a spiritual enema.
Ooh, are you sure?
-It's nice.
I'm happy that he is dying.
Like I-- I'm relieved.
You wouldn't even belie--
No, I'm not. I am not going.
And they want me
to apologize to him.
How about he apologizes
to me and my dead mom?
-How about that?
Huh. Yeah.
How about-- how about--
how about I throw
this fucking portrait
into his dead face?
And maybe
he will apologize then.
Hey, maybe--
maybe not do all of that.
But it sounds like you two
could have some stuff
that you could work out.
No throwing Joe.
Whatever. It's just another
shitty thing happening to me.
[grunts] Maybe that-- that
first part could be good.
Talk to him.
Yeah. I love road trips.
You know, I went on one
like every summer as a kid.
You know what?
It-- This could be my--
Our-- our road trip together.
So, you can watch me
scream at my dying father?
[Geoffrey] Yeah.
We can work out the details.
We could like
rent a car together.
I already have a car.
Wow. That's dope.
So, okay. Settled. Settled.
We could do some like--
like some desert cowboy shit.
[blowing and clicking tongue]
That sounds really nerdy.
Exactly, right?
Which is why we should do it.
Come on.
There's a snake in my boot.
Ah! [hums The Good, the Bad
and the Ugly theme]
Blast some Shania Twain.
Let's get it.
-Forget it. I don't wanna go.
-Come on. Come on.
No, I don't wanna go.
Why not? You're
like basically unemployed.
I'm freelance.
Isn't that
French for unemployed?
Okay. So, I should...
Yeah. I'm sorry. I just like--
I don't sleep well
with someone in my bed.
My bad. Yeah.
[Liz] Can you lock the knob
on your way out?
You forgot to last time.
Yeah. It's in my skillset.
So, when are we leaving?
I don't know. Tuesday.
-[birds chirping]
-[pensive music]
[phone vibrates]
By the late 1860s,
their numbers
had already declined.
But I don't know, like,
is 39 too old to
be a helicopter pilot?
Like, I would
totally give tours of the city
and the skyline and stuff,
but I'm like very
concerned about UFOs.
Like, I'm extremely--
Like, the more
stuff that comes out
from the Pentagon,
the more I'm like,
these-- You know, you think
you're alone in the skies,
but like,
you know, technology like that,
they can tear through
a helicopter so fast
and then like,
I just don't-- I don't know.
It's like scary to me to--
It's just nice to be
able to hang out, you know?
I'm like really
excited just to be here
and to be outta my apartment
'cause when my snake,
Gary, died, like,
it changed
the whole vibe of my place.
Like, it is so depressing now.
Like, there's just,
like, there's a-- a void.
Like a six-foot-long
void where my snake used to be.
And then, um--
[Ken] Buffalo bull is,
uh, sacrificed.
Its head is impaled.
Ken Burns is a--
a really great guy, you know?
Yeah. Yeah.
This is a good episode.
You, uh, you going on a trip?
You got a backpack.
With, uh, like a boyfriend?
Uh, something like that.
I knew it. All the cool gals,
they're just
getting snatched up so fast.
And like, by the time
I even think to make a move,
like, the whole--
Yo! Liz! Yo, check your phone!
-Who is that?
-[Geoffrey] Come on. Tuesday.
Is that like a cop?
Because I've got--
I don't know if I have a record.
I didn't even, like, check it.
-No, no. It's him.
-Who's, uh, who's him?
I gotta go.
It was really nice chatting.
Yeah. Is, uh--
Him is not like a-- a cop
or anything like that?
No, no, no. Yeah, I'll go.
Because I know I can
check it on the website.
I just haven't done that yet.
Uh, I can let you out
Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
That makes sense.
[chuckles] My bad.
I know I can't stay here.
-Oh, hi.
Oh, is this your boyfriend?
No, no, no, no, no.
Not my boyfriend.
Geoffrey. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
This is my drug dealer.
He just offered to smoke me out.
For sure. Is he coming with us?
Fuck no.
Oh. Where's your car?
Uh, right down Kimball.
Um, thank you for the weed.
Yeah, no problem.
I'll see you around.
Well, may your journey
take you on the path
you were meant to walk on.
Huh. Bet. You too.
Yeah. Gonna go this way.
Um, my scooter's out that way.
Sick. Okay, let me
hook up this Bluetooth.
Get this playlist going.
Ah. And then Google Maps.
Oh, I-- I know how to get there.
guitar instrumental]

Oh, can you not?
I just can't deal
with it this early.
I can roll
the windows down and like--
Uh, maybe-- maybe later?
Thank you.
God, Illinois sucks.
Are you kidding?
This is beautiful.
-Central. Like, ew. It's--
-[Geoffrey] Oh!
There's just like
Kankakee and Schaumburg
and it all just is flat
and boring and it sucks.
Come on.
That is some fresh ass air.
Oh, shit. We should get gas.
Hey, don't even sweat it.
I got this one.
So, do you have any siblings?
I hate small talk.
Heard. No small talk here.
Okay. I-- [chuckles]
I'm a Libra.
My favorite color is orange
and apparently,
I have a stepsister.
[Liz] I just met her for
the first time on Saturday.
She seems like a cunt,
honestly. Like--
Yeah. I mean, my sister could be
a bit of a bitch too.
[grunts] Like, fuck her.
She's so righteous and like--
She gonna be at the funeral?
Yeah. I think the whole family
is gonna be there.
He's at a hospital?
Nope. It's like hospice.
Oh, shit. I'm sorry.
No, no, no, no. Dude!
Do not light that here.
You're gonna
light the place on fire.
That's a myth.
-Just don't. Please.
Hey, wh-- where are you going?
-[Liz] On a walk.
-[Geoffrey] Can I come?
Can I smoke here?
Let's go-- Yeah.
So Black people and the church,
how do they feel?
Could I even walk in the church?
I mean, you could
walk in the church,
but you'd definitely stick out.
And Black men
couldn't have the priesthood
until like the late '70s
when the prophet
just changed his mind.
Wait, wait. So Black people
were evil until,
you know, Uncle Joe is like,
"I was on some shit.
Black people are chill as fuck."
And that's the end of it.
[Liz] Yeah. I-- I left
when I was really young
and I never went
to the temple or anything,
so I don't know
that much about it.
[Geoffrey] The Mormon church
should pay reparations
-to Black people.
-[Liz] What?
The Black Mormons.
I mean,
they're excluded for what?
Like just until
50 or 60 years ago.
[Liz] I mean, women still
can't have the priesthood.
And it's like
the men are the only people
who have any kind of power
in the church.
[Geoffrey] I mean,
that doesn't sound right either,
but I don't know.
It's embarrassing, okay?
I know it's weird, but--
[Geoffrey] But it's still,
you know, your heritage,
your culture.
Dude, what the f--
Stop fucking grilling me.
I'm not one of them, okay?
[Geoffrey] When was the last
time you spoke to your dad?
When I was like 14.
My mom got full custody
after DCFS came
and a lot of shit went down.
Okay. Okay. Gotcha.
[pensive music]

[dog barking]
Looks like about five hours.
Fuck! My head is killing me.
[Geoffrey] Yeah?
[Liz] Yeah. I'm gonna get out
for a second
and just like
stretch my legs, okay?
Hey, look at that. America.
Ah, smell that air!
Hey, I'm gonna look up a hotel.
Yeah, look in York.
Got it.
All right. This one
looks the least sketchy.
Two bed...
Hey, this is
one of the best trips
I've taken in a while.
Are we gonna bone all over
that nasty motel room?
Hm. Got a little bit of lice,
side of ringworm.
-You know, I was kind of hungry.
[Liz chuckles]
We should role play
that you are
a trucker on meth
and I am a hooker
that you pick up
and we stay in the motel room
and get geeked out
of our minds and fuck all night.
Wait, wait, wait. So,
did we just meet at the--
the 7-Eleven trucks?
No, the big truck stop.
The biggest one.
Ah! You know,
not really my kinda fantasy.
I haven't really--
Are you into meth?
Are you gonna fuck me or not?
Maybe if we take off the--
the top sheet.
They don't really wash those.
-Are you gonna?
You know,
you're a little intense.
Hm! I know.
[man speaking on the radio]
[tooth brush buzzing]
This is our first time
sleeping together.
This is the first time
we're sleeping together.
[water running]
[announcer] Next, we see
a group who are known
for their great harmonies,
The Statler Brothers,
looking so young as they
perform the very first hit--
["Flowers On The Wall"
by The Statler Brothers]
Hey, Liz.
Can I sleep in your bed?
I'm too tired
to have sex right now.
Me too.
Okay, what?
Okay, you--
you can sleep in my bed.
[Geoffrey snoring]
[item rattling]
[item scraping]
[Liz snorting]
[Joan] We have one that gives
you a general information.
[Liz] Can-- Any like--
like Oregon Trail stuff?
[Joan] Uh,
that would be over by Ogallala.
And then this is Laramie?
-Yep. You wanted Laramie?
Oh, the archway--
Oh, yeah.
[Joan] That goes over I-80.
It's really kind of fun.
I think this is
probably about the same, but.
Fun. Cool.
[Joan] And yeah, you have to--
That's right by I-80.
They have a speed thing
that the police use.
[Liz] Looks like it depends.
No, that's in like Utah.
[Joan] Yeah.
Chimney Rock is kinda--
You have to go outta your way
to get to it and see.
And then Laramie is--
Fort Cody is more
or less like a tourist--
The great American road trip.
-Wow. Cool.
Now, if you ever--
If you wanted
to get off the road--
I-80 a little bit like I said,
it's called,
um, Carhenge and--
-Hey. Hey, wake up.
I found a bunch of Oregon Trail
shit in the lobby.
Oh, that's cool.
And some like
Mormon pioneer stuff.
Oh yeah. True. Let's look.
Oh, right. Right.
This-- this--
Um, Joan in the lobby said that,
um, Fort Laramie was
like this really important like,
trading post or something.
Um, and it looks
fucking sick, right?
-That is kinda cool.
That cabin.
We should go.
-To Laramie?
I mean, isn't that
a little bit out the way?
It's fine.
You were gonna--
Wait, you were gonna say
all that stuff to your dad.
Let's do a detour first.
It'll only take like a day.
Okay. Yeah, sure.
Fuck, yeah. Why not? Why not?
-Cool. Fun.
We'll have fun.
It'll be awesome.
Yeah. Come on. Cowboy shit.
Yeah. Cowboy shit!
Cowboy shit. Parkour!
[Western acoustic instrumental]
[Liz] I wanna
like look at, like,
old, like, prisons and stuff
and like the gallows.
[Geoffrey] Yeah?
Oh, God. I don't like babies.
[Geoffrey] Oh.
[Liz] Why do people
bring to children places?
I'm gonna break it.
No, you're not.
It withstood all these years.
That kid's gonna get
dysentery or scurvy.
Yeah. Fucking
fall off the wagon.
-What is it?
Like, is this for like kids?
This is a baby park.
-This is for babies?
[Geoffrey] This real life one
is good. [laughs]
Dysentery die. [laughs]
You didn't bring a spare wheel.
-[both] Die!
-[both laugh]
[Liz] Take me,
Lord Jesus Joseph Christ Smith.
-Joseph Smith.
This is the final operation.
Gordon B. Hinckley love it.
Let us into Mormon heaven.
[Liz] Can you feel
the immigrant? The--
All the white people being like,
"I own the West."
Can you feel that energy?
Can you feel the power?
I'm being filled with privilege.
[Liz] You have to be really
skinny to be a horse girl.
[Geoffrey] That is a stereotype
that I will not stand for.
A cow.
[Geoffrey] Here,
you try this on. Let's see.
Do I look cheesy?
Oh! No, no, no. You--
Oh. So, you're like, "Too, too."
This is a-- this is a kink.
[both laughing]

[Geoffrey] Okay. This--
this is why I get out here.
Hey, yo!
Will you marry me?
[Liz] Dude,
stop trying to fuck the cows!
Cows are awesome.
[both laughing]
[Liz] Ew!
[pensive music]

[Geoffrey] What?
Oh, my God! Just--
[both laughing]
Get out of here! Shit!
Okay. I'll keep my distance.

Do we go in?
Yeah. Come on.
[Liz] I saw, like,
signs for rattlesnakes.
Oh, hey, don't worry.
I saw 'em all the time
when I was camping with my dad.
So, here's what you do.
You hear it, you stare it down,
you just back away and
it leaves you the fuck alone.
Uh... [laughs] I don't know.
Come on. Hey.

Ah [laughs]
Oh, my God.
It looks like
a huge dick. [laughs]
You know, I read in
a early pioneer memoir
that the thing
that really just
pushed them to go out west
was Dick Mountain.
Dick Mountain.
I bet there's
so many ghosts out here.
[Geoffrey] Yes.
[Liz] Do you think
if we fucked right here,
those pioneer ghosts
would possess me
and kill you or haunt you
for the rest of your life?
Uh, that's likely possible.
You know it's possible.
Wanna fuck?
Like around the snakes?
Yeah. Why not?
How about the backseat?
No. Come on. Let's do it.
Shit! What-- what is that?
What's that?
-Oh, my God! Oh, my God! What?
-What the fuck is that?
-What the fuck is that?
-It's a snake!
-Oh, my God!
-It's a snake!
It's a snake in my boot.
Fuck! My shoes
have come untied. Got it.
[both panting]
-[Liz laughs]
[Geoffrey] Yeah, okay, okay.
[Liz] Uh, wait, no.
Um, let me go on top.
-Let me go on top.
-[Geoffrey] Yeah. Yeah.
Um, stand over here.
[Geoffrey] What?
[Liz] Yeah. Stand like--
like right here.
[birds chirping]
Okay. Okay.
[Liz] Right there.
Right there. And look...
...look off into the distance.
This way.
The big dick. Look at it.
-[Geoffrey] Look at that.
-[Liz laughs]
Look at that.
Turn around. Turn around.
[Liz laughs]
Look-- Just look off.

You want some?
One puff.
It's not a joint, it's menthol.
-I don't know the difference.
[Liz laughs]
So, you have car sex often?
Um, I have before. Yeah.
When did you
first start having sex?
With guys or girls?
Um, both.
Um, with girls, 13.
With guys, like 15 or 16.
What about you?
Guys or girls?
Uh, girls, 17. And guys, 21.
["No Wind" by Anna McClellan]
I'm hungry.
Can we eat?
Oh, absolutely.
[Liz] We just
worked out so much.
That was the most athletic
I've been my entire life.
I should have
bought you flowers
Let you in on
all my power
There's no wind
in my hair
When I don't move
I don't feel
the grass right there
But I want to
There's no wind in
my hair when I don't move
And I know that
the way that I look at you
Can feel stale
sometimes I don't mean it to
And I don't know
why I do the things
The sun on the earth
knows no bounds
I'm thinking about
what he looks like right now
all sick and shit in his bed.
[cicadas chirping]
I can't wait
to tell him how much
he fucked up me and my mom
in front of his new family.
They should know.
When you said,
"I'm gonna take his portrait
"and throw it
in his dying face."
I said, "That is a badass."
You're cool.
And a little spooky.
Well, I am
gonna take the portrait
and throw on his dead face.
Yeah, as a metaphor?
No, like, literally.
I'm sorry
I dragged you into my shit.
You didn't.
Smoker now. [laughs]
You can have that back.
[laughing] You're a nerd.
You're out here with a nerd.
Oh, my God. What?
I know. I'm very aware.
Oh, she likes nerds.
No, not usually.
-[cicadas chirping]
-Shh. We're smoking.
Shh? Who's that to?
This dude was making
so much noise.
You're gonna wake the neighbors.
Oh, my God. What?
Have you lost your mind?
Yes. We've been
in a car for so long.
Oh, my God. [laughs]
-Have you not?
The Honda does not sound good.
[both laughing]
-It really doesn't.
-We're gonna die. [laughs]
[both laughing]
Oh, God. He's gonna be
the only one who knows.
What the fuck?
Who is this person?
-I need to pee.
Can you pump it?
Pump it?
Oh, my God. All right.
You open this,
unscrew this, take this out.
-Sure. Sure.
-Pay for it.
Do this one, the cheap one.
It doesn't matter.
-Hey, do you want anything?
Yeah. Get me a honey bun.
[Liz] Oh.
[console beeping]
[gas guzzling]
Oh, shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.
They had 'em.
-Honey buns.
-Oh, okay.
-Can I have some? It looks good.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Totally. Totally.
Let's find our hotel
for the night.
[Liz] Okay.
[eerie music]
-[Liz] Oh, my God, try this.
-I'm good. Thanks.
Why? It's bison.
It's so good.
-It's sad.
-Oh, come on.
People have been eating
bison for forever.
White people have made
bison almost go extinct.
They used to be everywhere,
and we haven't seen one
this whole trip.
Where you going?
[cicadas chirping]
Oh, damn.
Okay. Game on.
All right, so what?
Are we drinking these straight?
You wanted to
be a cowboy, right?
Excuse you. I am a cowboy.
Okay, cowboy.
[both sigh]
I was gonna say, you know,
let's make a toast,
but sure, why not?
Oh, okay. Let's do another.
Okay, sure.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All right.
What are we cheersing to?
Uh, to the West.
To the mighty buffalo. To--
-Mmm, to Joseph Smith.
-To Joseph fucking Smith.
-[both groaning]
-I'm good. But--
-Are you sure?
Yeah, but you can
really knock 'em back.
-You have no idea.
[indistinct shouting]
[water running]
Hi. Oh, hi.
I'm really glad
you came here with me.
I am too.
Do you wanna date?
Like, actually date.
Like, you know, like,
when we get back to Chicago?
-Geoffrey. [chuckles]
I'm not in a place to, like,
start a relationship right now.
Yeah, yeah.
Totally. Yeah.
You have a lot on your plate.
I got you.
Yeah. Like, I don't even
have space in my brain...
for that. Like, I would
not be a good girlfriend.
I'm not asking you
to be a good girlfriend.
I'm just asking
you to be you, you know.
[laughs] You--
You would not like me
if I was myself.
Yeah. I-- I would and I do.
Dude, like, really?
Like, you're doing
this to me right now?
You're putting all of this
pressure-- Like, I'm really--
I'm really going
through it right now.
My dad is dying, and you're--
-dating would be any different
than what we're doing right now.
You don't like me.
You just like the idea of me,
-Liz, I--
-I like you.
-No, you don't. [laughs]
I've been texting you
every day since we met.
And I thought
on this trip that I--
I don't know,
I felt like I really
could be with you
for, like, a long time.
Hmm? Are you--
are you bringing up
marriage right now?
Okay. No. No.
Not-- not exactly, but I mean...
it's a thing people do,
but we don't have to do that.
I mean, it's--
I-- it's-- I don't know.
We're about to turn 30,
which is a little weird,
you know. [laughs]
You're just lonely.
What? No!
Well, not now.
I mean, I-- I-- No-- no!
I-- Liz,
what I'm saying is why--
why the fuck
would I go out to Utah,
fucking Utah,
if I wasn't in love with you?
[giggling continues]
So, all of that--
all of that shit
about closure and, um,
wanting me to say goodbye
was just so you could fulfill
this like, weird fantasy of a--
of a fucking family road trip
because you miss your dad.
Where are you going?
[Liz] I'm going on a walk.
We're in the middle
of fucking nowhere.
You're gonna go
on a walk at midnight?
Yeah. I need to get the fuck
outta here.
["Midway" by Scott Tuma]

Cheers, motherfucker.

Where have you been?
-[Liz] None of your business.
-Whatever. I'm going to sleep.
Can you turn the lights off?
-[Geoffrey] I'm fucking tired.
[laughs] We don't need
to play house anymore.
We don't have to go to sleep
at the same time.
What are you doing?
I need to use the restroom.
Do I need your permission to
use the restroom now, husband?
You're fucking impossible.

[soft sigh]
[dramatic musical sting]

[birds chirping]

[soft grunt]
-[metallic clattering]
-What the fuck?
-[Geoffrey] Get up.
-No, I need to sleep more.
It's 10 o'clock.
We gotta check out.
-Can you drive?
I told you
I don't have a license.
So? You're not
gonna get pulled over.
Dude, look at me.
I'm 100% gonna get pulled over.
Oh, are you still drunk?
Are you okay to drive?
This ain't my first rodeo.
[sharp exhale]
-We're gonna need some food.
You gonna need some food
for that alcohol.
Oh my God.
[birds chirping]
[pills rattling]
What's that?
-My meds.
-Your prescription?
Yeah, they're my meds.
-Can you pay for the next motel?
I paid for gas this entire time.
It's expensive.
Can you pay for the next motel?
Okay. I can put it on one
of my credit cards, I think.
Okay. You ready?
Uh, can you get me
a Gatorade from inside?
Drink water.

Can you check and see
if I have any service?

Have you thought about
what you're gonna say to him?
Yes. Constantly.
What did he do to you?
Why do you
wanna hurt him so bad?
'Cause he deserves it.
Okay. So what did he do?
How did he hurt you?
Was it like--
was it physical?
Or, uh...
-Stop looking at me like that.
-[Geoffrey] Like what?
Like, I'm a dog at the pound
about to be euthanized.
I just-- I feel bad. Okay?
I mean, I tried to hurt him too.
One time,
I lit his sleeve on fire when--
when he was sleeping,
and when he woke up,
he didn't even try
to get me in trouble.
He couldn't even tell my mom
because he knew that
what he did was worse.
I mean, stop it.
Like, stop feeling bad. Stop it.

-What's wrong?
-I need to puke.
What-- Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck! Do we have a plastic bag?
No, no.
Not in the car. Not in the car.

Can we leave yet?
[Liz] Not yet.
I'm still really car-sick.
It's not car-sick
if you're just hung over.
Oh my God.
Fuck, there's service.
[Kathryn] Hi, Elizabeth.
Please give me a call back.
Dad isn't doing well,
and I think his time
is coming soon.
-Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
-What is it?
I don't know.
She's not answering.
[phone ringing]
-Hi, Kathryn?
-[Kathryn] Elizabeth?
Yeah. What-- what's going on?
How's he doing?
He passed this afternoon.
[Liz sobbing]
Elizabeth, are you there?
-Yeah, I'm here.
-[Kathryn] I'm sorry.
I have to go
take care of things.
-[sobbing] Wait, Kathryn?
-[Kathryn] Yeah?
Um, I'm kind of in the middle
of nowhere right now, and, um,
I'm on my way to Provo and I'm--
Do you have like--
Can I stay in one
of grandma's rooms?
Like, just for
a night or two? Hello?
I have really bad reception.
Can you hear me?
-[Kathryn] Our cousins
from Idaho are staying
in all the guest rooms.
There's no extra beds.
Um, there's-- there's
gonna be a service for him
after sacrament meeting
on Sunday.
But you don't--
you don't have to come.
[sobbing] Okay.
I'm really sorry, Kathryn.
[Kathryn] Bye, Elizabeth.
Just you take care of yourself.
[sobbing continues]
[somber music]
We should go.
It's gonna be dark soon.
We should go.
Okay. Okay.
Back to Chicago?
No, to Provo.
[slow slide guitar music]

Who are you talking to?
I can't afford a motel tonight.
Should we go back to Chicago?
No, we can stay
at my cousin's on my mom's side.
They're Mormon, but...
not, like,
as intense as my dad's family.
We'll probably have to sleep
in different beds.
-Oh, why?
-'Cause we're not married.
Oh, okay.
So, you're close with them?
No. But...
said we could stay there
and it's only
a couple of hours away, so...
Oh, that's nice of them.
[sighs] Mormons are nice.

[music fades]
-[Jordan] Liz!
-[Liz] Hi. Hey.
[Jordan] Oh, my gosh.
I haven't seen you
since you were tiny.
Yeah, it's been a long time.
-[Jordan] Hi!
-[Lindsay] Come on in! Welcome.
[distant laughter]
-This is my wife, Lindsay.
[Liz] Hi.
This is Geoffrey, my... friend.
-It's so nice to meet you.
-[Jordan] Nice to meet you.
-[Geoffrey] Wow. Hi.
-[Jordan] Hi.
-This is Matilda.
-[Liz] She talks.
-Yeah, she does.
Oh, my gosh,
look at all your stuff.
Let's, um, put it
in the living room
and, um, get washed up
for dinner. It's almost ready.
And... so glad you
guys are here. [laughs]
-Make yourselves comfortable.
-It's gonna be fun!
Do you wanna see my scooter?
It's right outside.
I don't wanna see her scooter.
it's probably a sick scooter.
[softly] No...
[Geoffrey] I can see you
two at like, Burning Man.
-Oh, stop!
-What's that?
You know what Burning Man is.
No, I don't.
-[Geoffrey] Uh...
-He'll tell you.
I can't really explain it.
-It sounds violent.
-I, like, know they have,
like a-- like a bartering
system, so like--
[Liz] It's where people are
naked and do a bunch of drugs.
[Geoffrey] That too.
You know about Burning Man?
Well, I mean, I--
I saw a video on the internet.
[laughs] I don't know.
I get out a little bit.
Mm. Wow. This is great.
That's sweet of you to say.
It's your mom's recipe.
I'm trying it
for the first time.
-Oh, really?
Wow. No, this is very close
to the way she makes it.
-[Lindsay chuckles]
-Would you guys like a beer?
-Whoa. Cool.
-You drink beer?
-Do you?
-[all laughing]
Yeah. Like a lot.
-You want a beer, Geoffrey?
-[Geoffrey] Yeah, for sure.
I'll have one too, please.
do you ever see your mom?
Not as much as we'd like.
She's up in Ogden now.
[Lindsay] I bet she would love
to see you, and you too.
-That's nice.
-Isn't she still super Mormon?
[Jordan] Um, she's
pretty active in the church,
but that doesn't mean
she wouldn't want to meet you.
Maybe we could have
her down while you're here?
She doesn't care that you guys,
like, drink beer and--
Oh, she doesn't love it,
but we just don't
do it in front of her.
It's a little
awkward when they pray,
but we're used to it.
Matilda loves her,
so we wanna keep
that relationship
even though
we're living in sin.
That's hard.
What part?
How you pretend you're like,
someone else for your family.
I didn't know that,
like, really hardcore Mormons
could even talk
to their family
who aren't active in the church.
Like, I thought
there was some kind of--
I think my mom is a lot less
hardcore than your dad was.
Well, my dad's side is scary.
You know, I--
I'm so sorry about your dad.
I hadn't really
talked to him in a while, but...
Have you heard anything
about a funeral?
Mm-hmm. It's this Sunday
after sacrament meeting.
Well, you're welcome here
for as long as you need.
And Geoffrey too.
Oh, it's okay. I--
Geoffrey's gonna want to
get back to Chicago
as soon as possible.
What? Says who? No. No.
It's fun to try new things.
Provo's dope.
You hear that, honey?
Provo's dope.
That should go on a sign:
"Provo is Dope."
"Provo, it's Dope."
[all laughing]
How did you two meet?
-Oh, uh, Tinder.
-Mutual friend.
Hm. Sounds like
a good match.
Uh, do you have a bathroom?
I do. Yeah.
Up the stairs to the right.
Uh, do you have any hot sauce?
[muffled chatter]
[Kathryn] Hi, Elizabeth.
Please give me a callback.
Dad isn't doing well
and I think his time is coming.
You should go out tomorrow.
You should see all the sights.
Yeah. There's great hiking.
There's really cool architecture
to see at BYU.
-What's BYU?
-Uh, Brigham Young University.
It's where a lot
of Mormons go to college.
-Jordan and I went there.
-That's where we met.
-[Matilda] Mommy, Daddy?
I had a scary dream.
Oh, honey, did we wake you up?
-You had a scary dream?
-[Jordan] You had a nightmare?
-[Lindsay] Yeah?
[Jordan] Okay.
Can I stay up with you?
No, sweet pea.
We need to put you to bed.
It's so late.
Come on, I'll take
you up to your bed.
[softly] Okay.
Night, baby.
She keeps
having these nightmares.
We don't know
what to do about it.
Please give me a callback.
Dad isn't doing well
and I think his time is coming--
[Jordan whispering] Did you
just feel a little left out?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
You know what I like to do
when I have a scary dream?
I try to just say
a little thank you
for all the things
that I love in my life.
Do you know what I love most?
I love you the most.
Okay. Get ready for bed.
[Lindsay] Are you two thinking
about having kids someday?
-Oh. Uh--
-No, I had my tubes tied.
Wait, what?
Yeah, when I was 23.
Hey! Hey, is she okay?
Yeah. I think she just
felt a little left out.
-Aw. [laughs]
-You guys want another beer?
-I'm pretty tired.
I think I'm good.
[Lindsay] Yeah.
Oh gosh. Of course.
You've had such a long day.
I'll make the couch up for you.
-Thank you so much.
Wanna see what my dad gave me?
-Money, I hope.
-Hm. I wish.
-[laughs] Oh...
-Are you kidding?
My stepsister dropped it off.
She said he wanted me
to have it.
-Sounds like a slap in the face.
This exact same portrait used to
be in my bishop's office.
Oh. LDS art is so strange.
It's so American.
Yeah. It's so weird.
Okay. Um, uh, well,
I hope you're comfortable.
Yes, thank you.
Jordan and I get up
pretty early,
but we'll try to be quiet.
And if you need anything,
we're upstairs, okay?
All right.
-Okay. Good night. Thank you.
-Have a good night.
They seem really happy.
They do.
I can't tell
if it's real or not though.
Yeah, me neither.
-I don't think it is.
-Who knows?
I think my cousin is gay.
Yo. I didn't wanna say anything,
but I dated
a lot of guys like him.
Yeah, me too. [laughs]
Yo, boy.
Bet there are a lot
of closets in Utah.
How are you feeling
about the funeral?
-I think I wanna go.
What was your
dad's funeral like?
Well, I mean generally I think
funerals are pretty bad vibes,
but it was a nice service.
It was a closed casket
because he got into
a pretty fucked car accident.
Oh, fuck! That's terrible.
I miss him.
Why'd you come with me?
I think I was
looking for an excuse
to spend more time with you.
Me too, I think.
Do you wanna sleep on
the same couch? [laughs]
We just won't tell them.
I can't believe
how normal they are.
Shh! They'll hear you.
I'm just so bad. [laughs]
It's just like different
and weird, and...
By different do you mean boring?
Yeah. Yeah.
But, like, maybe--
maybe boring's okay.
Yeah. Maybe.
But yeah,
they're boring as fuck.
I'm glad you're not boring, Liz.
Okay. I'm sleepy.
Okay. Good night, Geoffrey.
Good night, Liz.
It's only two bites.
I'll take a bite of banana
if you take a bite of cereal.
I ate-- I ate the cereal.
[Lindsay] Did you eat
your cereal? Yeah? Good.
-Mm-hmm. Okay.
-Is Geoff and Liz married?
[Lindsay] [shushing]
Matilda, they're sleeping.
-Are they?
-No, sweetie. They're not.
Then why are they sleeping
together like you and Mommy?
-Did you finish your cereal yet?
Okay. Are you ready
to go to school?
-[Lindsay] Okay.
Okay. Bye. Wait, bye.
Come here.
Hey, where are you going?
Come here.
Come here. Come here.
[smooching, laughing]
-Okay. Okay.
Bye. Bye. Have a great day.
Goodbye. Love you.
Have a good one.
I'll see you later.
Okay. Bye. I'll see you later.
-Bye. Yeah. Text me.
-Were we too loud?
-No. No, you're good.
Good morning.
You want some coffee?
Am I gonna
go to hell for it?
-Do you have any plans today?
-No. [laughs] No.
There's a really good hike
not too far from here.
A hike? Mmm...
Okay. It's not so insane.
Matilda's done it in flip-flops.
All right.
Sounds kinda fun actually.
You're really pretty.
Thank you.
[chuckles] So are you.
You look just like your mom.
[heavy rock
playing on the radio]
[birds chirping]
["Ghosts in the Walls"
by Tommy Allen]

I don't care
if morning come
I don't want
to give you up
The nighttime stretch
is on and on
If it's not me
you're dreaming of
I won't push
and I won't shove
I'll chase the shadows
chasing after you
Clouds won't speak
when the beauty is bleak
Sounds of lonely feet
Ghosts in
the walls just weep
Come on, it's now
just be still
Flip flops? What the fuck!
That's what
you're supposed to do
Give up the fight
Forever sleepless night
What I want to do
is lie with you
Hold onto something new
Oh, in love with you
Clouds won't speak
when the beauty is bleak
Sounds of lonely feet
Ghosts in the walls
just scream, scream, scream
[panting] Holy shit!

[gasping breath] oh, my god.
Oh, shit!
I tore the letter. Fuck.
[organ music]
What are they holding?
What is a casserole?
Lindsay's a lot smaller than me.
[laughs] It's, like,
really uncomfortable.
You look perfect.
You look wholesome.
Should I still
throw it at the casket?
-[exhales] Okay.
Hey. Hey. We don't have to go
if you don't want to.
-I wanna go.
I'll be right here
if you need me, okay?

[music fades]
["Cowboy Shit" by Wilk]