PSV Garuda Vega (2017) Movie Script

[ Indistinct sounds from Television ]
'I have what you want'
He is trying to connect to the server.
He is in. Find him.
- Ya, Ya, Almost there
He is almost done.
- Yeah. I know. We are there
[ People cheering ]
I found him.
I am sending the location right now.
Check your device.
[ Motorcycle engine revving ]
He is on the move.
Get up.
Hey, check this bag.
[ Door opens ]
- [ Door closes ]
Sorry, I am a little late.
So, what would you like?
Coffee, Tea...
If you are done with the formalities,
we have a lot to discuss
- Can we start, doctor?
Mr. and Mrs. Sekhar...
- It's Ms. Swathi.
Divorce isnt finalized yet.
- Hmmm.
So, you are still Mr. and Mrs.
Have you followed what I said
in the last session?
Like I said, you have to soak into it
I mean... bonding is strong
only when you soak into it
You talk like we are concrete
Exactly. Concrete gets stronger
when it soaks in.
Relationship is also the same.
See what I am dealing with, Doctor...!
Sarcasm in everything...
- I know I shouldnt have come to this counseling.
Mr. Sekhar, we are all trying
to strengthen our relations here
Please dont be sarcastic.
Do something for me.
Take a dabber and start adding cement.
What the hell!
Look Swathi,
Don't you think
you are imagining this?
What are the issues that make you
think we need a divorce?
Now you want me
to mention the issues too?
Mr. Sekhar.
- Swathi.
Doctor, please dont interfere
Isn't that why the court
sent you here?
Look Swathi, We could have settled this
with a conversation at the coffee table
We don't need a court or counselling.
You have crossed the stage
of sorting it over coffee, Sekhar
Mr. Sekhar, your relationship
has reached a stage where...
All right... but did you ever
let me speak?
Did you ever try to talk?
Despite the number of times I try,
you get into a fight
Talk now.
I'm listening.
What do I talk about?
I dont have any issues with you
Look... Ofcourse he doesnt have
any issues.
He creates the issues.
There she goes again.
- Let her speak. Please...
She doesnt have a filter while talking.
- Mr. Sekhar
Please understand.
I mean... when there are
24 hours in a day,
No one knows what he does
or where he goes most of the time
Don't know when he will come.
Do you want me discussing
office issues with you?
Please, Sekhar...
Sometimes, he comes around midnight
and sometimes he disappears for days
Even for the little while he is present,
he doesnt spend any time with me
He doesnt even ask
what I am going through
But these are small issues.
- Exactly.
When he doesnt even bother
about small issues,
Why would he care about
the big ones?
Oh my god! What is this, Swathi?
Stop crying.
For Rishis birthday last year...
Rishi is...
Your son.
I asked him to be at Tank Bund by 11:30
So that we can cut the cake by 12
and surprise Rishi.
Rishi would be happy.
I told him very precisely.
But this man doesnt come.
Even his phone was switched off
I invited our families and Rishis friends
- Oh, Very good.
He doesnt help with that too.
- Wait, wait,
First of all, he is five years old.
Kids that age should crash bed by 8.
What does he have to
at Tank Bund at 12?
It's not like we only have to cut the cake
at tank bund, right?
Yeah, right... I need
a normal husband.
Doctor, Please get me my divorce.
Mrs. Swathi Sekhar...
- All right, Swathi.
Let's cut the cake at tank bund.
Thats not the issue.
- Then?
What was the reason
you gave me that day?
You said you went to catch a gang
smuggling turtles in old city.
I mean, do I look so dumb that
I will believe all the crap you tell me?
No, Swathi. Its true.
That reason was absolutely true.
I got a call the previous night.
- Ok.
My boss called.
You can go through the call logs.
Give me.
I went as he mentioned
its a high priority case.
Upon reaching there,
we understood
That an International gang was smuggling
turtles in the lane next to Charminar
Hold on, Hold on.
Why are you both dressed
in Army Uniform?
It seems you are from a secret office
like in action films
Is it? When did I say that?
Didnt you?
Oh, It might be my imagination
Please carry on.
Hold on, Hold on...
Why do you require satellite feed
to catch turtles?
Sir, if they were normal turtles,
we wouldnt bother much.
But they are star turtles.
Star, what?