Psy (1992) Movie Script

In the 12 Polish cinema festival
Gdyna 1992:
Awards for direction, main male and
support female parts, music and editing.
from the Polish cinema association.
Award from the Youth Film Academy
in Warsaw "Silver raft".
ZEBRA company presents
We have here before the committee
Lieutenant Franciszek Mauer
Age 37, married, one child.
Graduated in Law, Cracow,
with distinction.
Immediately started work
in Ministry.
Married 1980
to Melina Korzepa,
daughter of the then
vice minister of the Interior.
Immediately promoted
that same year.
31 reprimands,
18 commendations.
Two at the recommendation
of the Interior Minister
of the Russian Republic.
Fired and reinstated
three times.
No details available.
Mr. Mauer, what did you do
to Captain Nowakowski,
who wanted to establish
Solidariy in the service?
I shot him in the head
with a 7.8 mm Mauser.
Can you explain that?
He killed his wife, had
his daughter on the roof,
threatening to kill her.
What did he want?
Registration of Solidariy
and a pay rise of 2,200 zlotes.
I climbed a central heating
and shot him in the head.
Got it?
You've got a medal for that...
I hit him in the temple
with one shot from 250 yards.
Someone has been pleased by that, and
since than, they've invited me hunting.
Did you know Captain Nowakowski?
We studied together. Witek...
Captain Nowakowski was my...
He was my friend.
Also starring
Screenplay & Direction
Jerzyk, up you go!
Were there that many informers?
This is only for two years.
And from two districts.
Take this.
Well, Lieutenant,
how's it going to be now?
Nothing. The same...
Or even better?
Careful, Granddad.
Go easy.
Burn it all!
I remember that
I almost got him.
It turned up in the end
in a shop in Hamburg.
The church bought it back.
Through that...
Right. Hold this.
what happened to him?
- He got a stroke.
Last winter.
Into hell!
What you're doing is
breaking the law.
We've informed Knita's
Senate committee.
He's checking this Firm out.
What did you say?
- Don't play games with us.
Stop burning those files!
You'll be up before
Senator Wencel soon.
He's from the Christian Union.
- What about the Otwock case?
Hang on, Olo.
Mr. Wontecki.
I'm simply obeying orders.
Ask my superiors.
Do I throw this away?
Please wait in my office
Irenka will show you the way.
I know it by heart,
I'd find it blindfolded.
Blindfolded, there and back.
You're a great lay,
and I know you want me.
I'll call the police.
I am the police.
The priest from Otwock.
- Close it. No evidence.
Just like that?
No. Question his daughter.
But we're going to burn the file.
Question her first.
We've got to do things properly.
If she is says something...
Heard this one?
A water skier is drowning
and the lifeguard gives
I've heard it.
They're taking my flat away.
It turned out to be the caretaker's
I have to move out
or clean the block.
Big block?
- Question her for me.
I have to talk about the flat.
Talk to that bastard
you wanted to kill once.
Call her in tomorrow.
Better to go to her.
The case is closed anyway.
Where is she?
In a home. He couldn't
keep her at the church.
- Why not.
Angelica Wenc!
Get up!
The lieutenant wants to
talk to you.
Hi, Franz.
Good morning, Lieutenant.
You are looking good.
We have to discuss Bazylak
sometime. He's on remand.
We won't disturb you. Bye.
Who's that?
- Arms dealer.
I'm full. You can fuck me now.
Grabek asked about you.
- I'll find him.
Don't you want me? You
won't take me back there?
I don't know what I'll do.
Why'd you get me out?
- To stop him fucking you.
You're 22 days too late.
You got a house? Family?
My father's supposed to
be a priest.
My wife's in America.
She left me.
Silly bitch.
She took my son.
My brother's in New Zealand.
So why are you here?
Talking about my brother or my wife?
- Your son.
I'm tidying up loose ends.
I like your car.
It's my wife's.
It's not a cop's car. What
else did she leave you?
Nothing. She took a lot.
Why did she leave?
Simple. She's a bad woman.
And you're perfect?
I'm a saint.
Want any more?
The sons of bitches sent
the Building Committee to
pull my house down to see
if the materials are stolen.
They want invoices.
Who holds onto bills that long?
You said you had them.
- Fuck off!
They only fired 20% of the
Lodz staff.
70% in Krakow.
We should have killed
them when we had the chance.
Right. A few lads,
a few spades,
a lot sacks.
I can't eat this!
Third-class dog meat,
minced with the kennel.
And a bitch.
- They can't get rid of everyone.
They have to have some
sort of securiy service.
The Jesuits?
They'll choose a few of their own.
We'll be the beat.
Wouldn't be so bad...
It's fine for you.
You're young.
What about me?
On the street.
What can I do?
I'm only an interrogator.
Go on TV. A quiz show.
Drink up and go home.
Before tonight.
How much?
- Three truckloads.
Officer Morawiec from the
Police Academy.
Got your papers?
I'm glad you're here.
And so on.
But I've got plenty of
good men and no work.
What's wrong?
Start a business.
A gun shop.
Or a sex-shop.
His dad's a prick.
- Do something about him.
Let's go.
Franz, you've drunk the
least. Come with me.
The rest of you, to bed!
Get up, Police!
- Security Police!
Tonight, we're burning the past.
You know each other.
Captain Stopczyk questioned
me eleven times
in fifteen years.
What are you lighting up?
Me? Polish cigarettes.
But Franz has Camels.
Don't fuck me around.
What are you burning at the dump?
Trash. The health service
is taking the building.
Burning bills
for clothing, stationery.
No one buys wastepaper now.
Major, that was a secret.
Don't fuck me around!
No more bullshit!
These gentlemen reckon
that you're burning files.
What files?
Major, are we supposed to
believe this farce?
Waldek, tell us what you
heard downstairs.
Captain Stopczyk arranged
with his drunken officers
to burn files tonight.
What do you say to that, Stopczyk?
I don't believe it.
Neither do I.
What do you say?
Olo. Smell anything?
Mmm, not shit, more like...
Dead meat.
How does informing
usually end?
In cemetery.
- This is outrageous!
That was a death threat.
I demand the immediate
dismissal of these men!
You're dead and buried.
They'll sling us out.
No worries. We'll open a gun shop.
That bald guy would give us a license.
He had two strokes and retired.
Well then, a sex shop.
I'll never forget his face.
Any trouble?
I couldn't open the door.
I'd like you to meet each other.
Hi, Olo!
Hi, Angela.
Nice guy, that Olo, isn't he?
Known him long?
- Long enough.
Not too vain.
He's as old as you,
maybe even older?
I didn't mean it like that.
Jesus. You're beautiful.
Franz, let's go to bed.
It's stupid to sleep apart.
Don't be like this.
You won't be disappointed.
Come on, just once!
Why not?
Somehow I don't trust you.
Somehow I don't love you.
God, it's only sex.
Don't be such a saint.
Leave it.
I disgust you.
Because I've slept with
so many men?
No, I'd disgust myself.
Got it?
Sometime... in 10 years,
Will you love me?
- You'll find out.
Go to sleep.
Nice camera.
From the Firm?
- A friend lent me it.
You've got friends?
- Yes.
Careful. It's expensive.
- Expensive?
You bastard!
Are you crazy?
You're all fucking mad!
You should be locked up.
You threw it away!
You little prick!
You think this is a game?
Office politics?
This is the real world.
What do you want to do?
Kill 50,000 informers?
You want blood, you little shit?
When you grow up, you'll
understand. This is no game.
This is real politics, here.
We leave it here, or stay forever.
Are you mad?
Do you fucking understand?
You missed at that range?
What are you looking at?
There's noone here.
I guess I'll be off.
Lonely here, alone.
Did you see Lt. Zwirski
fire at the new officer
at the dump?
I don't know anything
about it.
Ask Olo. He knows who he killed last.
It's not funny.
You're on trial, not me.
Times has changed, but you're
always on the Commission.
Are you prepared to
enforce the law
in the new Poland?
To the bitter end.
Poland's or mine.
Did I ever put you away?
Take a backhander and let you down?
You're looking at me like
I'm one of yours.
They threw you out?
They threw me out.
They kept the others on
and slug me out.
But I could still have you
put away.
Can I help you?
Whisky and coke.
Got a gold watch?
Then I will have you
locked away.
You can't. I outranked you.
Hang on -
From Lublin - Major Gros.
Cunt! Fucking Cunt!
We haven't got whisky.
Will vodka do?
I've got a job for you.
What sort of job?
Why don't you ask how much?
Tell me the job and
I'll tell you how much.
After a year on the dole
you'll be different.
I'm mechanic. I'll find something.
None of ours ever got a job.
As muscle
I've done worse.
Where's Franz Mauer?
He's serving the New Poland.
They kept him on?
Fuck the priests.
Fuck them all.
Priests and Reds.
Fuck them all!
I'll drink to that!
Fuck them all!
I did steak for supper.
It's probably cold by now.
We were drinking,
we're on the crime squad now.
Expect Olo.
Bad news?
- Only for Olo.
You should be going to school.
They'd only all fuck me again.
A point against school.
Get lost.
How do you like my
17-years-old body?
Old enough.
Why did she leaved you?
My wife? I told you
she's a bitch.
I think I like you for
your smile. Smile!
What is this? Request Spot?
- I don't feel like it.
I'll never leave you.
Can you wait? I'm eating?
Police, is it?
And you're Stasi.
You've confused me
with someone else.
You want to meet the
Slaby brothers?
Marian and Zenon.
To introduce the new connections.
The last one was eliminated.
Between you and me
the next one will be too.
Calm down.
This is provocation.
You're boring me.
The Slaby brothers have
25 kilos of amphetamines for you.
You'll lost the goods, the
money and the connection.
200,000 Marks.
Didn't you?
And your friend?
Is he as wity as you?
My name is Major Bien
My rank: Major.
You are under my command
as of yesterday.
I'm your direct superior.
You're in the real police now.
You used to be well paid
for doing nothing.
Now it's going to be lots of work,
and hardly any money.
No one here gets 30 reprimands.
You would be after 2, even
if your father is general.
Waldek, the map!
Maurer, shut the door!
Tonight, we'll stake out the
hotel for car thieves.
Stolen in Germany, sold in
Russia for big money.
If anyone takes a bribe,
I'll kick his ass so hard,
he'll taste shoe polish.
The doors...?
I could stand maybe a day or two.
But you?
This'll do. Won't?
Where and when?
Do you pick the drugs up?
Talk! Where and when?
Talk! When?
When and where?
When and where?
What if he doesn't speak German?
He should fucking learn
languages then!
Nice place for a summer house.
When we take over the connection,
you'll be able to buy it
all, to those chimneys.
You're sure he wasn't lying?
No one lies with a car
battery wired to his balls.
Tough bastard.
He won't float?
They never float.
Franz, this is Jerzyk. Over!
Franz here, over.
Nothing new. He's smoking
his tenth cigarette.
Bloody cold.
Get me a relief.
Ask the new kid.
It's his operation.
Over and out. I don't
ask an informer for anything.
He can kiss my ass.
Taking in the school kids
was the best.
They were so scared.
One word, and they'd run.
The girls were different cheeky.
Boys knew they'd get hit.
The girls...
I don't know...
Maybe they thought they'd
get away with it.
Fucking weather.
Ever fucked in this kind of weather?
I remember weather like
this once...
I got you some coffee.
Lieutenant, it'll go cold.
You scared me.
Don't shout!
- It'll go cold.
Do you remember taking
the Solidariy radio down?
In '82, weather like this.
You switched to Crime.
That wasn't work with
your lot. See old friends
in cuffs. I couldn't look
them in the eye.
So pull their eyes out.
Keep shouting, and you'll
be directing traffic.
Not bad...
Bastard! I'll kill him.
Said he had a Ph. D in Politics.
His dick was hanging down
to his knees.
Come on!
- It was...
I've never seen bigger.
- You haven't seen much.
Franz, what a mess!
- Fascists...
Shit! I thought the war was over.
Check it out.
Maybe your men are up to something
at last.
What's up?
He's left, or put the light out.
Check it!
I'll get them together.
Fuck this for a job.
I grabbed her cunt in
the hall...
She pulled free when
she saw my cap.
Let's get him.
- And the others...?
Move. Jerzyk's up there alone.
What's up.
- Get Mauer. We're going in!
He went to the phone.
Get him! Where's Junior?
Getting burgers.
Here he is.
Drop them. Get Franz!
I'm hungry.
Now! That's an order!
It's an order, is it?
After he's had our booze.
Student, where's Franz?
He went to phone.
You go and get him.
Open up. Police!
Don't mess around. Open up!
Don't make me wake
everyone up!
Open up or I'll get the
keys from reception.
On holiday?
- We' re working, you prick.
You couldn't afford it.
Don't go away, girls.
Let me do it, son.
Open the door!
Or we'll break it down!
I couldn't get through
all day.
My gun's in the workshop.
Let's go.
I haven't got a gun!
I haven't got a fucking gun!
What's a code?
Fuck knows. Give me the gun.
Let go. Shut up.
This is Motel One. Junior!
The magazine?
What do we do?
How do I know?
Where's the room?
Hang on... 2nd floor, round the corner.
You see anyone with a gun,
shoot to kill!
I've never shot anyone.
Kill them or I'll get
fucking killed.
20 years service.
The boss gave me reward -
Outstanding service.
I wanted to work in the office.
I can type.
I want to work in the fucking office!
I'd be good at it.
I know the printers.
And the connections.
And the Oppositions.
The Opposition is in charge now.
They killed Granddad.
Fuck this!
What's happening, fuck it?
So I must die for 200 fucking bucks?
They shot at me!
What are you staring at?
I didn't go to college
to be shot at.
What the fuck is this?
I've had enough!
What's going on?
They shot at us!
They're here. Out.
Halt or I'll shoot!
It's not all bad. Jerzyk
only broke his collarbone.
He's been given blood
and he'll come to soon.
You'll be able to talk to him.
Kazek lost part of his ear -
he cant hear much.
The specialists reckons
he'll be out of shock soon.
Junior is worse off...
They are doing their best.
I'll kill you,
you son of a bitch!
Calm down!
Fuck it, I'll be calm, when I'm dead.
You know why they're dead?
Grandad, Student - why?
The bastard had to phone.
He had to phone.
He wasn't there in time.
Fuck! They're dead.
Shut up! Fucking shut up!
Don't say fucking word!
Noone else is going to
die because of this bastard.
Fucking noone!
I'll report you!
I'll ignore it. We don't
report each other.
I'll deal with all of you.
Will you stop if it hurts?
Don't be silly.
- But will you stop...
Let me in.
Is that it?
Squeeze me.
Not with your arms.
I don't know how.
- Squeeze me.
Like this?
Make love to me, Franz.
I like it.
What's new?
Grandad and Student are dead.
Junior will die soon.
Kazek went mad.
Jerzyk is badly hurt.
We were supposed to take
in car thieves at the Max.
They weren't car thieves.
We were like target practice.
The guy we were watching...
They cut him in pieces -
pulled his eyes, tongue out.
They knew we were police
and they shot to us.
Olo, they're dead.
What's the Firm doing?
Bien wants to relax the
firearms rules.
In any normal country
they'd already be dead.
What do you want to do?
I'm out. Wladek reported
that's my fault.
This is your chance
to get back in.
Who are you watching?
A Dutch drug dealer.
Used to be an East German citizen.
A Stasi agent.
Remember Jaworski.
Went to East Germany
a lot. They fired him too.
I'll ask him.
The Slaby brothers produces
drugs in demand in the West.
Now the Stasi are gone,
they've got a monopoly.
Who set them up?
Jaworski. Know him?
They said he was on the
take from drug dealers.
Same as they said Franz
shot the Pope.
Ask him yourself.
Olo doesn't believe
you took bribes.
I can't believe it myself.
12,000 bucks a year.
Now, I want more.
This is the price of an
ounce in Berlin.
Clean business; clear profit.
Will they let you in on the business?
- They're having bad luck.
They lost their connections,
money, goods.
The Slabys' backers
are losing patience.
Reliable people.
They're in Moscow now and
they'll be here soon.
The Slaby brothers...
how much can they make?
As much as we want -
20 or 30,000.
Dirty business,
clean profit.
Dirty in here.
You could do with new flat.
You will go to Cracow with
Prosecutor Nowrocki
and meet Prosecutor...
- Chaplinski.
I'm Nowrocki.
You'll sell Chaplinski a
lottery ticket.
For how much?
- Face value. 50 cents.
How much will he win?
Ask him to let Chemist go.
Before the end of the month.
Does he know what's going on,
like that flat?
Go on then.
Nice car, isn't it?
Gross will sell it cheap.
300hp, turbo, goes like a dream.
They are in hurry with Chemist.
Generous... twice the going
rate for letting someone go,
or losing files.
I was softhearted.
Hold on to the wheel!
Don't worry.
Rush job. The controller's
coming in from Moscow.
They' re afraid the Slabys
will be first.
Good money, eh?
I can't imagine even a
bank having that much.
Let me onto the investigation.
And who are you?
You and your mates?
Try treating me like
a policeman.
They didn't treat you as
Police. They shot at you.
No one shoots policeman.
You are just a thug,
who lost all his red support.
People like you and Olo
used me for 30 years.
People spat at my uniform.
Now you can't even lick my boots.
Go sleep, Franz.
Bien, we'll be fucking back.
Olo and me.
What about the mortgage?
- I don't know.
I'm glad you're back.
They're from America.
They went to buy your house.
Is this yours?
My wife's. I'll put the kettle on.
Got any money?
Almost $500.
How much do you earn?
$400 a month, with overtime.
A fortune.
Enough for two. Or do you want more?
Shame about the car, though.
I'll miss it.
Don't cry, silly.
I never liked that house.
It'll be heaven.
Fuck it, we were so good together.
Do you want to leave me?
Do you love me?
So what's the problem?
The Slabys are here,
on shorter than the other.
When will Chemist be out?
On the 26th.
Something's up.
Follow him.
The big one we can
convince, Zenon's tougher.
What do you mean?
Zenon, Slaby is stubborn.
Hard to get through to.
But if we get rid of him,
the big one is softer.
Who'll do it?
Whoever's taking the stuff
to Amsterdam.
How much of it
will be there?
25,000 units.
Want me to do it?
Stop here.
Ever killed someone
from close up?
I'll do it.
Keep the car. The papers
are genuine.
Take Chemist from the
hotel on the 27th.
He's got to be in perfect
If Slabys get him, it'll be a mess.
They took my car.
I'm always late.
I had to take Angela
to a friend.
Keeping an eye on her?
Keeping an eye on her?
No, taking care of her.
After Milena, I never
thought I'd care
about a woman again.
I really love her.
That child?
I'm sorry.
Take my car. I don't
need it any more.
Thanks. What happened?
Tonight, the Chemist
Jaszczak checks in.
He'll give the name Blusz.
Take him in. Quickly.
Hold him for a week.
Long time.
Joblonski can keep him
under arrest.
Not for free...
If they find out you were
in the Firm, you're dead.
Take Chemist in. I'll do the rest.
Line them up.
We don't know enough yet.
We'll deal with them.
Both of us.
Now, the Chemist vanishes.
I'm not setting myself up.
Who was your father?
Read my file, smart-ass?
He got Marchwicki. So...
He was the best detective
in the country.
You won't get me like that.
You won't get round lead
us to these bastards.
Coming? Or just waiting?
I understand.
Nice place.
You can always ask for a
transfer to Archives.
You could get fired.
I won't cover for you,
I don't want to.
- Shut up.
This is it.
Who the fuck you are?
And who the fuck, are you?
Where the hell are you going?
Blusz? You should be in jail.
I have heart trouble!
Call an ambulance!
You don't have a heart.
You had your brother killed.
Let him go. He's ill!
A doctor!
An ambulance!
It's a stroke.
You'll kill me!
So die.
Stop! He's having an attack.
I can wait. You can't.
Who got you out?
Who got you out?
If I tell, I'm dead.
- If you don't, you are dead.
Who got you out?
- You can't do this!
Prosecutor Nowicki, ask him.
Good morning.
Good morning.
May I speak to Prosecutor Nowicki?
He's in the hospital.
Heart attack.
Please don't smoke,
you're bothering the birds.
I'll leave him a summons.
When he's better, tell
him to call in.
To the Animal shelter?
Not exactly.
You're late.
Chemist was taken last night.
Get him out.
Who took him in?
I heard it was Franz.
Give him $10,000.
He might not be able to...
He's here.
Which one?
The one with the flowers.
Don't tell them,
or the Slabys
about Chemist.
I'm talking to you.
Tell Franz that he frees
Chemist or dies.
Is Franz a friend?
We get along.
Rewizor talked to the Slabys today.
They don't know about
Chemist but can't wait.
Here he comes.
Who's the girl?
Nobody. Some little whore.
He's fallen for her.
Fallen for her?
You mean he loves her?
Know her well?
Met her few times at the place.
Talk to Franz and clear
the Chemist thing up,
or we'll have to kill Franz.
Meet the girl.
If she loves him, she might help.
When the Reds left
the priests moved in,
and this mess turned into a circus,
With dancing dogs.
Than I saw Student's body
with two bullets in the head.
And Student had the guts to quit
to be an ordinary cap.
Another one.
Ever thought about money?
Big money?
To get it...
A million, for example.
If we don't stop these bastards,
we really are shit
and we belong in the sewer.
Are we good for anything?
If we're not policemen,
we're nothing.
Some are born priests.
Some whores, some thieves.
That's good, because you
can spot them.
I'm not a whore.
No, of course not.
What do you want?
I want to speak to the man
with the gray suit.
The one with his back to us.
How's Franz?
Did he let Chemist go?
No. But I'll talk with him.
My turn to talk with him.
Hi. Who are you purring for?
You know.
No, I don't. Tell me.
Just say it.
I'm a big boy now.
I won't slash my wrists.
You know...
I don't.
I won't shout. Don't worry.
I know. You never do.
Who is it?
- You know...
I don't feel like talking to you.
Something important, Tadek?
Very important. Get in.
You wanted to talk to me?
I haven't got much time.
- We'll manage.
One on one.
I don't understand.
- I work for Siwy.
We'll have to frisk you.
Rewizor can't deal with
two at once.
He'll prefer Siwy.
Siwy offers a better
margin, safer transport.
And the best product.
Siwy hid Chemist somewhere.
I've got Chemist.
How much?
- A million.
I can get the best
experts for $10,000.
A million for his eyes,
not for his work.
My brother won't agree,
but I'll talk with him.
I afraid you'll have to
decide by yourself.
I'm ill.
- Where is Nawrocki?
He didn't show up?
Must still be in the hospital.
What are you up to, Franz?
- Not much, why?
Never seen a dead body?
Put him in the car.
They're already talking,
he must have been important.
We're here.
Franz, we're here.
Want a drink?
Just joking.
Maybe we should go back?
Franz was... strange.
Take me home.
If it bothers you, go
back yourself.
Go on!
So, Mr. Nawrocki, still alive?
What, another check-up?
No, not worth it.
I'll call the nurse!
You're breaking my finger!
Not here. Somewhere better.
This'll do. Do you know Blusz?
I didn't let him go.
Some mistake.
I got a summons.
I sent it.
You 're a policeman?
I'll file a complaint.
What's your name?
Show me your ID.
It's your last chance to use it.
Brezhnev is dead, and
so is your system.
You're way out of line.
Who got Blusz out?
I'm saying nothing under
these conditions.
- This is abuse of power!
- You were only ever thugs!
Olo Zwirski brought the money.
I was only the driver.
Ask Olo.
I'm dying.
- Good.
On the 30th of this month,
once again
Franciszek Mauer has
been brought before us.
His record indicates
that he is not prepared
to guard law and order
in democratic Poland,
and that he is unfit to
serve as a policeman.
And so his employment
is hereby terminated.
Mr. Maurer.
Please wait!
I haven't finished.
There are still charges
against you...
A present.
I don't have a player.
Listen it, when you get out.
I'm sorry you got fired.
Thanks for coming back then.
We the dogs have to stick together.
I'll clear it up after you.
Put me on a new shelf.
You're late.
You're looking good, Franz.
A drink?
Sorry you lost your job.
But it's one cop less.
I need a gun.
I had to hand mine in.
Trying to set me up?
Don't worry. I'm just an
ordinary bandit now.
You are a stubborn bastard.
Get in!
- I'll call the police.
I am the police.
I'll break your head!
In broad daylight?
With a hundred witnesses?
You don't scare me.
I'll kill you if you don't get in.
You wanted to talk to me?
I've got urgent work to do.
I'm making a coffin for my
brother. Now talk.
They've got an edge on you.
Contacts and experience.
They know how to hunt,
find, plan and kill
well trained, secret policemen.
They were in the best run
mafia in the world.
This is routine for them.
And they'll take your boys apart.
What do you advise?
Employ the same people.
So why did you bring me, Chemist?
You don't have to kill him.
Buy him.
He's too afraid of them.
I'll take care of them.
For half a million.
How do you aim to that?
I'll kill them all.
Evening. What's up?
Hello, Sasza. Got a gun?
What do you think this is?
A hoover?
Who is it?
- Two men. One with a briefcase.
For Daddy.
Daddy, there's a man with
a briefcase to see you.
We'll open the case.
Dress up, we've got guests.
I don't have anything.
You should get me something.
What's up?
Rewizor wants to see
the factory.
Noone here.
Not very welcoming.
Not Polish syle.
Let's get out of here.
It's a police trap!
We didn't pay this much
to set up for the police.
For my brother!
I don't have time.
My plane leaves at six.
You've got guests from Moscow.
Wielki? Don't make a fool of me!
Fuck off!
Dead... is dead.
Franz, don't be stupid!
We've been friends for 20 years.
You think I shot at you?
It was that psycho!
I got rid of that bastard.
Please! You're the one
Who said we had to clear up.
You think I betrayed you?
I never betrayed you!
They wanted to kill you.
I stopped them.
I did the same as you. I
couldn't wait for the court.
I wanted to bring them down.
Don't fuck around.
I swear I'm telling the truth.
Don't fuck around with my woman.
A matter of principle,
you son of a bitch.
It's me.
I've got nothing to say to you.