Psyche 59 (1964) Movie Script

I've had it. I feel like
the brute's been riding me.
Aye, they're a frisky pair, that lot.
Come on, girl. Come on.
Look at them. Still raring to go.
How do they do it?
You work harder than they do.
Mmm, thank you, milady.
- Nothing can save you now.
- Steady.
How about lunch?
I'd love to, but I have an
appointment at the hairdresser.
At this rate,
we'll never get anywhere.
I'm saving you for a rainy day.
- Allison, are you all right?
- I'm all right.
- I should have brought my horse.
- Oh, Madame.
Excusez-moi. C'est ma faute.
I have forgotten the valise.
I'm all right.
- Mummy, Mummy, come on quick.
- Wait, I've dropped my hat.
- Do I hear my babies?
- Daddy's back.
Look what Daddy
brought us from Ping Pong.
Oh, darling baby! Hong Kong.
Oh, silk!
Where is your hat, darling?
Didn't you get a hat?
Let's go and see Daddy.
Yes, let's see
this man from Ping Pong.
Paul, dear.
Why don't you kids stay here and we'll
play Chinese, erm... Chinese Cowboys.
It's a wonderful game.
He'll show you, won't you, Paul?
Sure, they look like good material.
Now the rules of this game
are ridiculously simple...
That's the important point.
You've got it, Harry.
Thank you Harry.
Now put Karl on the line, eh?
Hello, darling.
Oh... Karl, good morning.
Wait a minute. I have to kiss my wife.
How is your wife, by the way?
Good. Nice to hear.
So jetzt hr, mal zu, Karl.
Ja, ich mchte da du diese Sache
hchste Dringlichkeitsstufe gibt.
Am liebster wird es mir natrlich
da du diese Sache selbst ubernimst.
Kannst du da?
Na, das ist ja nett.
Harry again?
All right, put him on. What is it?
Well, I'm sorry, Harry.
You'll just have to work it out.
Yes, we are accepting
bids in the morning.
I'm counting on you, Harry.
Thank you. Goodbye.
- Hello Paul.
- Hello Eric.
Madame Valadier.
All right children, off you go now.
Prenez les enfants, hein?
- Hello, Paul, good to see you.
- You're welcome. Thank you, Eric.
- I have something for you.
- Yeah?
Yes, I like it.
Let's go and play something else.
- Watch out for the teeth.
- Teeth?
- Mm-hmm.
- Sounds like a crocodile.
- Just what I needed. How did you know?
- I asked your secretary.
- It's Indian. Twelfth century.
- Marvellous. Thank you, Eric.
- You were away longer than we expected.
- The talks kept dragging on.
Besides, I was giving you a chance
to sweep Allison off her feet.
- Oh, would you like us to be lovers?
- If it would make you both happy.
- That would make us all happy.
- And relieve your conscience?
Ha ha.
- Madame, it's New York on the telephone again.
- Again?
It's Robin. She's left her husband,
and she's in a state.
Assurement, il l'a planqu dehors.
She says he's probably thrown her out.
I knew she couldn't go
on making a fool of him.
She may as well get it over with.
They never hit it off.
Been waiting for her?
Once bitten, twice shy. Not again.
Never again.
What did Robin have to say?
- Paul gone?
- Yes. He had to go back to work.
Ah, Fleurs de Rocaille.
Oh, thank you, darling.
About Robin? Something serious?
- Would you help me, darling?
- Oh yes, of course.
Oh... thank you.
Are you upset?
She's coming home.
She has nowhere else to go.
Oh, Eric, why don't you
want Robin to come back?
So we have the pleasure
of having Robin again.
Well, this is her home.
And she'd be company for me.
You will be back squabbling over
each other's toys in no time.
Robin's going to be in and out of
marriage for the rest of her life.
Oh, Eric.
Oh, Eric...
"One misty, moisty morning,
when cloudy was the weather.
"And there I met an old man,"
"Dressed all in leather."
"He began to compliment,
and I began to grin."
Now, don't...
"He began to compliment,
and I began to grin.
"How do you do, and how do you do,
and how do you do again!"
"There was an old woman..."
Susan, are you eating your carrot?
- Yes, mother.
- No, she isn't.
"Oh tattle-tale tit,
your tongue will split."
- Bang, bang! You're dead!
- Oh, hello, children.
Look what Auntie Robbie
brought us from America.
Oh, that was nice of her.
All right now, go back
and finish your suppers.
- Hello, darling.
- I'm going to finish first.
No, I'm going to finish first.
Did you tell her?
No, not... not yet.
She just got here.
I couldn't tell her.
Not right away, could I?
Could I speak to Tony Blake, please?
Oh, you're Mrs Blake?
Can my husband call you back?
Never mind.
Will you just tell him that
Robin Crawford called?
Thank you.
It's fantastic.
All the men I used to know
have either gotten married
or gone queer.
- What did they do with this country?
- It's the Welfare State.
When they nationalised sex,
people began losing interest.
Not you, though.
At least, not according to the letters
you've been getting recently.
Oh, it was locked.
You once said I had
"sticky, prying fingers".
That was unkind of me.
Not bad.
But then, of course,
you always had taste.
There's something I want to say.
Come, come, we can't
disappoint Allison, can we?
Thank you very much, brother-in-law.
Since you insist,
perhaps I'll stay after all.
But I'll have my own room back,
if you don't mind.
Sorry, Robin. I would rather
you didn't stay here.
You're not afraid of me?
I don't want it to happen again.
It won't.
- Robin, why are you here?
- Allison is my sister.
We have a right to be with each other.
Sooner or later, you want
her to find out.
Is that it?
You think I might
open her eyes to you?
It was hopeless
even before she was blind.
I am sure you won't find yourself
without a roof over your head.
Your cousin Adele
would probably take you.
If you twisted her arm.
No, I like it here.
Please, ask me to stay,
Yes, I'd tell her.
In the hospital, when she
realised she was blind,
do you remember what she did?
And you think she'd do it again?
- She might be better off dead.
- You hate her, don't you?
I love her.
- His wife's related to the minister, they mean.
- No, darling, now you're being cynical.
Is the toast all right?
Ah, these things never work.
No, not yet.
Oh, here's a picture
of the Prime Minister.
- He's back from Washington.
- Oh? How does he look?
A bit tired, and about
three inches shorter.
Thank you.
- Morning.
- Oh, good morning.
Good morning.
- You have a good time last night?
- Mmm. Lovely time.
Whatever's happened to Paul?
He's really learned to dance.
Oh look, the new collections.
How marvellous.
Allison, you need some
up-to-date clothes.
What do you think she
did before you came?
- I'm sure she dressed to please you.
- Right.
- Morning.
- Paul?
Good morning.
It was late, and he was in
no condition to be driving.
So I put him to bed in the study.
Yes. Well, pull up a seat.
Oh, er... Betty, set another place.
Eric, do give Paul
some coffee, won't you?
Oh yes, of course.
Sugar? Cream?
Er, no thank you. No.
Toast? We like our
guests to be comfortable.
Oh, Eric, please.
Coffee. Just coffee, thank you.
Now, come, come.
That's not a man's breakfast.
You need more than that after a
hard night. Toast is ready, darling.
Thank you.
Eric, please, yeah?
It's a bit early in the morning.
Well, I'm sure you are
not the one responsible.
You cad.
I think I have to go. Good morning.
I'm sorry. He's just not himself.
No, he's right. Er..., I should've...
Excuse me.
Oh dear.
Eric insists
I'm a bad influence on you.
Well, he'll just have to get used to
the idea that you're my baby sister.
Won't he?
- Eric.
- Yeah?
I just wanted to check.
Can you still make it for lunch?
- I believe so.
- At your usual time?
Right. But, er... get shaved.
Now then: shoes, hats,
and a couple of spring outfits.
And don't argue, because I have
been through your wardrobe.
Robbie, about Paul...
- You fond of him?
- He's fun.
He's in love with you.
Am I taking him away from you?
He's not mine, alas.
All right, here, thank you.
Like that?
A bit Queen Mary, isn't it?
Very Queen Mary.
- What's this?
- Oh, it's a bit big.
Oh, wait a minute.
Here it is! This.
- You've been very patient. Thank you.
- You get paid, don't you?
It's going to be super!
Let's turn this up...
That's better. Now, what about that?
It needs a bit of
something, doesn't it?
Wait a minute.
- Oh look! Look at this! Marvellous!
- What is it?
A leopard scarf.
Do you have a pin, please?
- A leopardey scarf.
- Oh, that's fun.
Brown and yellow. Thank you.
- Now then, what about that?
- How is it?
- I think it looks marvellous. Marvellous.
- I'll take it.
This is three-quarter length, and it's
covered in jewels on the front.
The material's sleazy.
- Not very special. Oh, there's a better one.
- Oh? Let's see it.
It's a Nina Ricci copy.
It's a black sheath.
- Ah, silk.
- It's cut very low.
It's not a copy.
- It's not?
- No.
Don't tell me the price.
Let's try it on.
- It's very beautiful.
- Try it on.
- Me, try it on?
- Yes, you.
It's your birthday present,
in advance.
Only three months.
- Oh, it's far too expensive. I don't need it.
- Can I help you madam?
- No.
- Yes!
- I'm your bossy sister, and I insist.
- You win. Thank you.
There's a chair.
Be back in a minute.
What a charming hat.
- Did you get it here?
- Yes. But I'm afraid it's the only one.
Looks lovely. Just needs shortening.
We can do that at home.
- Good. Shall we have tea?
- Mmm, that's a marvellous idea.
Oh, I saw a belt that would do for
your new suit. I bought it for you.
Thank you.
Now we're even.
What about the doctors? You hear of
these fantastic operations nowadays.
Corneal transplants?
There's nothing wrong with my eyes.
My trouble's in the head.
What do you mean?
My brain won't accept the
images that my eyes make.
- You mean, you're not really...
- Blind?
I'm blind as a bat.
But not for physical reasons.
- But you were hurt. The accident?
- There was an accident.
I fell down the stairs and I hit my
head, and after that I was blind.
A pressure on the brain centre
from a small haemorrhage,
complicated by post-natal reaction.
A hysterical blindness after
childbirth isn't impossible.
It happens. Anything happens.
You mean you could see
if you wanted to?
If I wanted to?
Aren't people marvellous?
There's one of my
children I've never seen.
The colour of her hair, her eyes.
Only words to me.
Other people's words.
- Do you want some more tea?
- No.
But why?
I can tell you what
the psychiatrist said.
I'm afraid to see.
There's something
I'm afraid to look at.
That's the way
the psychiatrist put it.
Have you any idea what it is?
I've searched my brain
a thousand times looking for a clue.
I lie awake at night, listening.
I think maybe it's a sound,
a footstep, that'll turn the key.
It's close, close. Sometimes I
can almost touch it going by.
How do you know?
Because it hurts my eyes.
- Allison?
- Just a minute.
- Yes, Eric?
- You have a letter from the country.
Your grandmother says the
repairs aren't coming along.
Oh, damn. I knew we shouldn't have
left it to her. What does she say?
Listen: "Dear Allison, I'm sure everything
is going well for you and the children,
"because the conjunction of Neptune and
Mercury has always favoured the family."
Oh, she's mad.
"Unfortunately, the plumbing repairs will
not be finished in time for your visit,
- "as I was compelled to send the workmen away."
- Why?
"Mars is in the negative
sign of Scorpio,
"so there is no use
your paying for repairs.
"They will only have
to be done over again."
Another summer without
a decent hot bath.
Perhaps you ought to go down a bit
earlier with Robin and the children,
and see if you can't
straighten things out?
I don't care that much about plumbing.
And I'll try to get off
earlier too, and...
Oh, excuse me. I just wanted
to show you the dress.
- Oh, it's a beautiful dress.
- It fits perfectly.
- Oh, I'm glad we got it.
- Will you do me up, please?
- Thank you.
- Zipped?
That's all. Carry on.
I'm sorry, darling.
I broke something.
Clumsy of me.
- What's the matter?
- Nothing, darling.
Here now is the weather forecast.
The general situation:
pressure will remain rather low
over the southern and northern
areas of the British Isles,
and during tomorrow, it is
expected to remain mainly cloudy.
The rest of tonight there will, however,
be a tendency for the rain to clear.
If this tendency continues,
there may be a chance
for a few hours of scattered sunshine
tomorrow, especially in the late afternoon.
Isn't it incredible?
Cloudy, rainy, but sunshine.
Predominantly cloudy weather,
with a little rain in places,
will persist for the rest of the day.
It's all right now, darling.
Let me help you, hm?
This is a job that needs a pair of
large, clumsy hands.
What do I have to do here?
There is a report from
your real estate agent.
Do I have anything left?
A bit. You might even be able
to feed your children next week.
- May I join the family?
- Thought you already had.
But try not to get
nail polish on the carpet.
Yes, Daddy.
Robin, do you want to go to the
country with me and the children?
We're going a little earlier this year.
There's nothing to do down there.
I'm going to stay in
town and irritate Eric.
Well, how?
By trying to seduce him?
Well if I did, it would
only be to teach him a lesson.
He's too sure of himself.
Oh, so you'd be
doing me a favour, naturally.
When I gave him back to you, he'd know
he was mortal, like the rest of us.
When you gave him back to me?
How very kind of you.
Now listen, Robin, about the summer.
If it makes any difference to you,
Paul may be spending the holidays with...
Would you help me, dear?
Did you hurt yourself, darling?
It went under the sofa. Here it is.
What are you wearing?
- You frightened me.
- I'm sorry. I forget.
That's all right.
You really shouldn't have
flounced out like that.
would you close the door?
I want to ask you something
about my accident.
When I was going
to the psychiatrist, um...
he asked me what happened before.
Just before.
I couldn't tell him.
There's a hole in my memory. I...
thought perhaps you could help me.
Oh, I was in my room.
I didn't know anything was happening
until I heard you falling downstairs.
Did I?
I remember. You were crying.
I was asleep, and something woke me.
What woke you?
Suddenly, I knew the baby
was going to be born.
I started to wake Eric.
He wasn't there.
I had to find him. I...
I got up,
started down the hall,
and then I heard you crying.
And then?
It's a blank.
Next thing I remember,
I was in the hospital.
You were crying, weren't you?
Yes, I...
I didn't want to go to America
and get married, and...
and it was too late to back out.
I shouldn't have let you go.
You were crying.
There's something else.
It's in here.
Trying to remember
gives me a headache.
I think I'll take a pill
and go to bed.
I've changed my mind
about going to the country.
I'll come with you.
Oh, we'll have
a summer like we used to!
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Get a good rest.
- Yes.
You are comfortable now?
- Oh, presents!
- Sweets!
There you are.
Cost me an arm and a leg.
All right.
Guess what?
An arm and a leg.
And here, this was washed up this
morning. It's an extra-special fish.
Look. Now you, mustn't pull
this until you reach the beach.
All right? Don't pull it until
you reach the beach.
- Don't forget to stop the milk, darling.
- I'll take care of it.
Have fun.
- What about Auntie Robbie?
- Bye.
- Thank you, Daddy.
- Goodbye now.
Goodbye, kids.
- Goodbye, Uncle Paul! Goodbye, Daddy!
- Bye, ladies. And goodbye, Auntie Robin.
Look what's happening!
- I didn't touch it.
- Yes you did. You pulled...
Hey, you can't leave us with this beast.
- Punch a hole in it!
- I'll buy it a ticket!
You beasts!
We must be near the marshes.
We just passed them.
Coming to the old windmill soon.
Still turning.
Nothing's changed.
There's a factory there now.
Don't protect me, Robbie.
Don't make up windmills.
Did you have a good journey?
Oh, I'm awfully glad to see you, ma'am.
And you too, Miss Robin.
Hello, Derby.
Wipe your feet,
close the door quietly, and
don't make any noise!
Never changes.
You know, she still
gives me the creeps.
Oh no.
You're not afraid of
"astral vibrations", are you?
Mind the light.
- Is the girl with the pussycat still there?
- Still there.
- Aunt Emily and Aunt Charlotte still there?
- Yes, unfortunately.
Shh! Shhh!
I'm all right.
Be quiet! You'll disturb Granny.
Your darling Granny.
- Allison.
- Hello, Grandmother.
I hope I'm not disturbing you.
I didn't hear the car.
Come and sit down, my dear.
I, er...
I wanted to talk to you.
I suppose you're upset
about the repairs?
No. It's something a bit serious.
- You're not pregnant, I hope.
- I think not, Grandmother.
- Venus is on your descendant you know.
- I'm not pregnant.
I'm trying to find...
I wanted to talk to you about Eric.
Eric's a decent husband,
and he stood by you.
Don't be afraid, Grandmother.
I'm not going to make any problems.
I was only thinking of your welfare.
You were thinking of your
own comfort, as usual.
You can always tell a Gemini.
Gemini, you can always tell a Gemini.
Grandmother! You...
Help me, if you can.
You never let anyone help
you, even as a child.
Did you try?
You wanted your own way.
I was too old to fight.
You wanted your own way.
I was too old to fight.
You even took Robin from me.
It was Robin I was sorry for.
She grew up under your thumb.
She waited on you.
Anything of hers you wanted,
you took.
Like what? Her teddy-bear?
You were jealous because
we loved each other.
Do you remember how you met Eric?
- Who introduced you to him?
- It was an adolescent crush.
The first time he took
you out dancing,
she locked herself in her
room and cried all night.
She locked herself in her
room and cried all night.
You didn't hear her.
Did you?
She locked herself in her
room and cried all night.
You didn't hear her.
Did you?
- Did you?
- Oh, I heard.
Oh, stop snivelling. You're no
worse than a lot of other people.
Neither am I.
- Been waiting?
- No, I just got here.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
By the way, my holiday is about due.
Yes. Allison said you
might be coming down.
It wasn't definite. I could
buzz down to Cornwall.
Nonsense. They're expecting you.
You're almost a member of the family.
- Alors, plus de discussion.
- D'accord.
- Your table is ready now, gentlemen.
- Thank you.
- I'll be right with you.
- I'll bring the drinks if you like.
- No, allow me.
- Thank you. salads. And, waiter,
bring me my usual bottle of wine, will you?
- And you?
- I'll have the same, I think.
Yes, for two, waiter, please.
- Scotch broth.
- May I suggest roast leg of lamb?
No, I think, um...
chops, underdone,
and, um...
and peas and boiled potatoes.
Thank you, sir.
How is it going with Robin?
Oh... I'm hopeful.
These Crawford girls have something.
As you know.
Do I?
- Well, you're married to one.
- Oh yes, of course.
But then you've been cultivating a
taste for Spain lately, haven't you?
That's over. And, by the way,
she was Peruvian.
And please, don't talk about women
as if they were wines.
- A sign of youth.
- Thanks for the tip.
- All right, I'll have the same.
- Very good, sir.
I've got half a notion...
- When would you be leaving?
- Er... Saturday.
It would be quite a surprise for
Allison if I showed up with you.
What do you say,
we drive down together?
- Hi, Robbie.
- Hi, Charlie.
- What's this then, eh?
- It's a seal, silly.
- Is it a boy seal or a girl seal?
- Why don't you find out?
Doesn't he know the difference
between a girl and a seal?
I'll show him!
She's with those animals again.
Oh Granny, she's been married,
off to America, and back again.
Why a girl her age should
be keeping gigolos?
They're not gigolos. They
just don't have any money.
- She's typically Sagittarius.
- Can't you keep off her?
Well, you stand up for each other.
I have to say that.
- Robin, how about a bite to eat, eh?
- Solo. Just you and us.
I'm sorry, I can't. I promised Allison,
my sister, we're gonna go for a walk.
- Well, bring your sister as well.
- How old is she?
Allison? You must be joking.
She doesn't go out with types like you.
She's, er...
she's kind of square.
Well, we could round
off her corners for her.
Hey look, I'll take you to lunch
tomorrow. I promise, okay? Lobster.
- Great. Okay.
- Ciao.
Ooh! Ah! Whee!
Me next!
Any news from Allison?
The roof leaks.
Susan's learned how to swim.
Did she say anything about Robin?
Mmm, she's amusing herself,
but nothing serious.
It never is.
- Maybe you ought to get tough.
- How?
Beat her.
Use your hand, use your belt.
When she's had enough,
make love to her.
- Did you and Robin...?
- Mmm.
Long time ago.
Were you in love?
A bit of a blackguard, weren't you?
- Good morning.
- Super, sir?
Fill it up, please.
How old was Robin?
She was living with you
and Allison, wasn't she?
Only on holidays.
She was at school.
And you helped her with her lessons.
She probably idolised you.
She never knew her father.
That was part of it.
I watched her grow up.
Her skirts lengthen.
Her hairdo.
- The little apples filling out.
- And finally you picked the fruit.
When a man is beginning
to count his grey hairs,
that sort of flattery
is hard to resist.
Besides, you were
educating her, weren't you?
Mmm. She was an eager pupil,
I must say.
What really happened?
Ask her.
Got the message?
Oh, it's in there. I just can't
make out the words.
Robbie, when I married Eric,
were you in love with him?
I hated him.
He was taking you away from me.
And you were all I had.
Oh, it's funny how
differently we see things.
I mean, to me you were the one
who had everything. Everything.
It's what people always said:
talent, beauty...
And you?
Oh, they admitted I was pretty, but...
you were ravishing.
You never knew how your
ravishing sister was ravished, did you?
On your wedding night.
What were you trying to do?
Get even?
Oh, it didn't work anyway.
I had made a date with a man
I picked up on the beach.
He was middle-aged, and balding,
but he had a great sports car.
I took him to our "secret place".
He had sand in his shoes, poor man.
I remember, I cried a little bit.
Not for what had happened, but...
because I wanted to come
home and tell you all about it.
And I... I couldn't.
Oh, we have visitors.
Duck again.
All right?
- Bravo!
- Well done, well done.
Lady Godiva,
can I help you down?
- She's jumped Derby over the hedge.
- She's a witch with horses.
Come back here!
Come on, quickly!
Hey, what you got there?
Leave it, leave it!
Come on!
Hey, what you got there?
Quick! Come on!
I see you finally got the bath fixed.
All I had to do was make mad,
passionate love to the plumber.
Come back here!
Bloody young rips,
pinching my blackcurrants.
Oh, Mr Jackson, calm yourself.
- I'll be right down.
- It's all right.
I'll take care of it.
I'll have the law on you
if it's the last thing I do.
All right, all right, all right.
What are you...?
You aren't going to pay him? Don't
be so ridiculous! You silly old man.
What do you mean, chasing children
over a few worthless blackcurrants?
Well, go to the police if you like.
I could tell them a thing or two.
All the country knows what goes
on in your barn. You dirty old man.
What's all the shouting about?
It's Robin again. She's had the
children out stealing berries.
- Oh, is that all?
- Is that all?
What must she do before
you find fault with her?
She is irresponsible.
She has her reasons.
Such as?
Things that happened to her.
Things we did.
What did we do?
We took her for granted.
She took us for granted, too.
But she was young.
And you think she's
still our little Robin?
Let her grow up, Allison.
We pushed her out once.
I'm not going to do it again.
Cut yourself free!
Think of yourself, for once.
She needs me.
Eric, don't go.
It... it's cruel.
It's the cruellest thing you can do.
What do you want me to do?
I can't help myself.
Did you find this place?
Allison and I
used to come here to hide.
Who was looking for you?
That's why we hid.
Do you want some jam?
Why won't you marry me?
Because you don't love me.
You need proof?
Do you know what it is to want?
To really want someone?
A want beating against your brain,
until nothing else exists.
Other people's lives.
Is that how you want Eric?
He told you, didn't he?
He warned you.
Naturally. He's your friend.
I guessed, if it matters.
You still came, didn't you?
Love is humiliating, isn't it?
I learned that a long time ago.
From Eric.
I worshipped him.
Finally, he took pity on me.
He gave me a crumb.
He was kind.
- It's me, Paul.
- Oh.
- Hey, you're smoking again.
- I just felt like it tonight.
- Can I swipe one?
- Mmm. Do.
- What do you think about us, Allison?
- You and Robbie?
I'm in love with her, but
I'm afraid it's hopeless.
But you keep hoping.
It's absurd, isn't it?
Cut yourself free, Paul.
Love has to stop
somewhere along the line.
Otherwise it's like...
like committing suicide.
Who are we...
who are we talking about, Allison?
Shall we have rice or potatoes?
- No Agnes?
- She went to market.
She waited for you till ten.
Where is everyone?
The children are at the beach.
Eric and Paul have gone skin-diving.
- They'll be back soon.
- Skin-diving?
You disapprove?
Yes. Men ought not to be
allowed to do things together.
Unless they do them with you.
Has the thought ever crossed
your mind...
about them, I mean?
What thought?
Well, they're so friendly, they
tell each other everything.
You're marvellous.
If you can't poison my marriage one
way, you'll try another, won't you Robin?
I was only trying to open your eyes.
Eric told me you'd be helpful.
He thinks all women are bitches.
Objects of pity.
Like you.
- Cut your finger?
- Yes, I cut myself!
We're finished, Robin.
He likes you blind.
He likes me what?
What did you say?
Well, that's why
you're blind, isn't it?
It's the only way you can hold him.
Oh, if I could see you!
Let go of me!
What's the matter?
What happened?
Oh, I'll get you something.
I'll take you away.
The children are supposed
to visit their cousins tomorrow.
We'll drive off together and
spend our anniversary alone.
I can't leave.
It's Robin, isn't it?
It's over.
Then come with me.
I'm not going to run away.
Whatever happens.
No, I didn't think you would.
I suppose I've always known.
I love you, Eric.
You'll break his leg!
Your sister's on that horse again.
Get back!
- Robin, stop this nonsense.
- What is it, Eric?
Get out of my way!
Robin! Get off that horse! Get off!
Shut up! All of you!
I'm all right.
Don't touch her!
Better get a doctor. Hurry!
Whoa, whoa!
Whoa, boy! Easy!
Easy, boy, easy!
Easy boy! Easy boy!
- We'll send for the doctor.
- Where is she?
Eric's taken her into the house.
Al... Allison?
Allison's all right
No thanks to you.
Eric, don't send me away.
He wants to take care of you.
He loves you.
It's going to be a new country.
New people.
Please don't send me away.
There is no other way now.
We've got to end it.
Please. Please.
Allison, I think
you'd better go to your room.
She'll be all right.
The doctor's coming.
I'll manage it.
Let me be alone.
Let me go!
It's not going to be as it was before.
'Cause I'm not going to
be second best.
And Allison?
Tell her!
Tell her that you're leaving her.
You're leaving everything.
You're leaving the children.
For me.
You tell her.
What am I going to do?
Where have you been?
I was walking,
and didn't notice the time.
- There is some dinner in the oven.
- Thank you. I am not hungry.
"A is for Allison,
"tall and fair.
"R is for Robin,
"with long, red hair.
"One misty, moisty morning.
"Cloudy was the weather.
"There I met an old man,
dressed all in leather.
"He began to compliment,
and I began to grin.
"How do you do?
"How do you do, and
"How do you do again?"
Come in.
Please, Madame, the taxi is here.
Oh, is it time?
All right, off we go.
Now, don't forget to eat your carrots.
- Who cares about carrots?
- Why do I have to eat my carrots?
Because they're better
for you than sweeties.
I'm ready. Are we going now?
- Now, children, have you got everything?
- Yes.
Well, you must say goodbye to Mummy.
Car's here. Will you wait for us?
- Be my good girls.
- Goodbye mummy. Goodbye.
Come along.
Come along, off we go.
Madame Valadier.
You will be kind to them?
Of course, Madame.
- Why must you always forget things?
- Because!
Don't forget your bags.
Come along.
Hey! Wait a minute!
- Have a nice trip.
- Au revoir, Monsieur.
- Faites attention, hein?
- Oui, oui, certainement.
- Goodbye then.
- Goodbye. Bye.
Lunch is nearly ready.
Bye! Bye!
Allison, where are you off to?
I have a headache.
I want to lie down for a while.
Lunch is almost ready.
- If you'll excuse me, please.
- Nonsense, it's already prepared.
I'll read us another chapter
of The Red Sands of Mars.
Here. Do something useful.
"Chapter Four.
"Beyond the twin moons of Mars,
"the ion pulse drive sent
the craft into hyperspace.
"The Martian at the controls set the
coordinates for the green world,
"the Earth."
"The Viz-Eye plates revealed
the vast sphere of the Earth.
"Thinking of his own distant red
sands, the Martian wondered
"Whether there was life on
the alien world below."
All right Grandmother, that's
enough. I'm going to my room.
How's lunch, eh?
Is it nearly ready?
It's time for a drink, isn't it?
You can if you like.
We shall have to wait for Robin.
- Anyone join me?
- No, thank you.
Happy anniversary.
Those are my roses. Ha.
Why didn't anyone tell me?
Because he's forgotten it.
Haven't you, Eric?
- Shall we go in to lunch?
- I...
I have a little announcement
to make first.
You don't mind if I tell them, do you?
Go ahead.
I'm asking Paul to be my next husband.
He says "Yes".
I hope you'll be very happy.
Happy anniversary, everyone!
Aren't you going to kiss the bride?