Psycho Cop (1989) Movie Script

We cannot be lost.
The highway is probably
somewhere around here.
Look, I understand that
this is our wedding night,
but I have to tell you Barbara that
weve been on the highway for a long time.
It can't be, Greg.
We don't see a decent
road since we left the post.
I'm saying, B rbara.
We lost the Highway drug.
What do we do? Do you want
to go around and return?
I don't want to go back,
but we have no choice.
Hey, that's what I'm thinking?
I wonder what a police
officer doing here?
I don't see any
police officer sign.
He must be in somewhere around.
Maybe it is better to wait
until he gets back on the bike.
Well, we have to wait all night?
The guy said she had to have
dinner with him two hours ago.
She didn't even show up.
You will see that
she gave one out on it.
The guy doesn't think so.
It says something happened.
Found something in her car ...
And he wants us to take a look.
It will cost an hour.
Understood, I hang up.
Greg, are you okay?
Greg, where are you?
Greg please answer me!
Who is there!
I asked who Are you?
Say, who's there?
Oh my God!
It looks like you need
of a police officer.
Oh my God! Help!
No! No! No!
- Oops.
- No.
It should not run
from the police.
It's very hot to sit here.
The heat will spoil my hair.
If you two stop complaining
I'll tell you a joke.
What has 18, legs
and two breasts?
I give up Laura. What has
18, legs and two breasts?
Come on guys, this is easy.
An orgy!
Laura is so much
more smarter than me.
You know that and I'm
not very good with jokes.
Tell us what Laura is
18, legs and two breasts.
The Supreme Court.
Think fast!
It looks like ours sex life.
I heard you say that.
Problems in
paradise, Old friend?
Come on, Zack, get in the car.
"Zack, get in the car".
- Okay, the break is over.
- Thank you, Zack.
Zack, sometimes
you It's so silly.
Eric, we're on the right road?
I haven't seen a car since
that we left the post ...
let alone a house.
Well, unless there is
another route 23 over here.
This is the right road.
Guys, there's something I don't
understand. Who is paying for this trip?
Who is paying for this
trip? I know it's not Doug.
Doug why you and
Eric don't explain.
Well, the business
Is as follows.
Zack got a tip from
one hot investment.
So Eric and I took the
money of school fees ...
and we invest in stocks and
we managed to double our money.
So it can be said that no one
is paying for this little trip.
Hey, give it a break.
No there is a free race.
Someone always ends up paying.
Hey, stop being so
skeptical. We're on vacation.
Oh oh!
Oh, oh, what?
Has a guard over there.
It was everything we needed.
All right, it's time
for to look innocent.
Hide the beer.
Eric, you are running a lot.
How running? I'm
below the limit.
It doesn't matter. I still
think that is running a lot.
You want to calm
down and look normal?
Okay, everybody
looking at the guard.
, stop it. He
goes be suspicious.
He's coming after
us. I already knew.
It is not. He stayed there.
This does not mean that
he will not chase us.
Why would he do that? We
haven't done anything wrong.
He will think of a reason.
Cops love to tease
with the people.
You want to calm down a little
bit, The cop is not following us.
Anyone want beer?
There was something
wrong with that guard.
You can be sure.
. Sitting there still. He
even looked like a robot.
I thought you guys they
weren't going to look at him.
We don't look, we look
with corner of the eye.
So what's the difference?
You want to shut up! The
guy is not following us.
Look, we better
find a post soon.
We're running out of gas.
Well, fine.
All we need is to stay no
fuel in the middle of nowhere.
Julie there is a possibility
of that the pointer is broken,
- Oh oh.
- And now?
The guard is following us.
If you're after us because it
does not stop us, but it follows us.
Maybe I'm just watching to
see if were going to run.
So we don't have
any reason to worry.
Eric, look at the diversion!
Big turnaround!
Oh, where are you going?
Now the guard comes
right behind us.
Maybe he doesn't be behind us.
It saw? What's it did i say?
Why did you stop there?
Are you asking me?
What are you doing now?
What was this?
What difference does
it make? He's gone.
I think youre right.
Let's go before let
him change his mind.
I can't believe
it that you did it.
Eric, I think leaving
the road was bullshit.
, what's the problem?
The Guard left.
I thought you said that
this is a classy house.
That's what the agency said.
Tell me what kind of class you
can have a dusty and dirty road.
I don't care that it is most
exclusive place in the world ...
I hate being in the woods.
Look, honestly. Me neither.
So, what are we going to
do? Do you want to go home?
Wait, you can't be serious,
then we go through so much.
Eric, I think they they
really want to come back.
Wait a minute, continues.
Now, this is more
that I expected.
So what will it be,
will we go back or stay?
- To stay!
- Good choice.
Guys this is going to
be a hellish weekend.
I hope so.
What is that? There
are only two dresses.
Like not.
Doug do me a favor.
Doug you can take mine, please.
- Julie, let's check this place out.
- Only two dresses?
Hey, where's the key,
are the doors locked?
Probably under the rug.
Damn it!
Sorry, I don't wanted to scare.
Who are you?
I am the caretaker.
I live in that trailer there.
I didn't know that
someone lived here.
I protect this place.
Why here you need security.
Nothing to worry about.
The insurance company
made the bank put ...
a guard here when he
took over the property.
Eric where are you
the tape player?
Guys, this is the caretaker.
I stopped just to say that
I'm here to answer any question.
Because the bank took
possession of here?
Because I was the
only one who could.
The original house caught
fire a few years ago.
The owners rebuilt it
and they couldn't pay ...
then the bank took over
and has rented for season.
There's nothing wrong
with the house, right?
No, it's in good condition,
it's just bad luck.
Come and I will show you.
The lights have a timer.
They hang up at midnight
if nobody fires again.
I hope this place have a pool.
Right there is a swimming pool.
And it also has a jacuzzi.
A jacuzzi?
I don't know about you,
but I'm dying to take
off those sweaty clothes.
What's wrong?
I have the impression
that we are being watched.
Are you imagining things,
I didn't see anything.
You are probably right.
Let's see what he
want to show at once.
This is the key to the Jacuzzi.
Sometimes it can get stuck.
If it happens, just call
me and I come to fix it.
This is the key
to the power box,
I think this will not be
necessary, we had no problem at all.
If you need anything,
don't hesitate to call me.
I'm always around.
If he's only been here for a year,
how do you know you never had a problem?
Don't be paranoid,
you look like a girl.
The last dishwashing.
This is a lot of fun, Eric.
Cool, this here that is life,
That there is nothing
better than that.
Anyone want beer?
What's wrong?
It looks like the
caretaker is cutting a tree.
It gets on my nerves!
I'm already all goosebumps.
Come on Zack let's
go bring the beer.
Who is there?
Answer, who is there?
Look, you just give it
back the ax and we're even!
Are you looking for
a police officer?
It can't be!
But yes!
What was there?
I thought I heard
someone screaming.
Doug, in your imagination,
It's rock music.
Zack, did you hear anything?
No, I didn't hear.
Doug, sit down, let's
continue the game.
I die if me burn too much.
What was there?
I didn't see the janitor anymore
after he left in the morning.
And da ?
He said he would be in
the immediate vicinity.
Guys are always
sneaking somewhere.
Don't hear the ax
more than an hour.
You will see that it
is there in the trailer.
Sarah, where's the food?
Has anyone seen my brush?
I can't find her nowhere.
Then you look. Now let's eat.
If I lost my brush, I
won't be able to eat.
I will be irritated.
Come on Julie, think
where you left it.
You are already
well big guy, Zack.
It has to be in
somewhere around here.
But where?
Julie, stop and think.
Maybe I have forgotten there.
Where can it be?
Damn it!
Looking for that?
She was with Zack.
Zack and his jokes.
One of these days he will
fix a beautiful trouble.
Hey guys, it's time to eat.
Zack you already drank too
much, we will be without.
Wait, if it's over I buy more.
It would be the first time.
Eric, you didn't speak
who was going to eat?
Eric, what is it?
Eric what Is it so important?
Hey, drop it there.
Police found signs
of satanic rituals ...
in the backyard of
a woman near here.
The woman did not
return home tonight.
They think that
something happened to her.
See why women do not she
came home one night ...
does not mean that
something happened to her.
What they found in
the woman's yard?
A gutted dog with the guts out.
For Eric, how
disgusting, we are eating.
They also say that there was
mark of the devil in the trees.
Devil's mark?
. They know the number 666.
Is that the mark of the devil?
Zack, give me a beer!
- Cool, the fire went out.
- There is coal in the bag.
Think fast.
Zack, you are a fool.
It wasn't my fault, I
told you to think fast.
Let's get the tape player
and take a walk in the woods?
No way Eric, there
are a lot of mosquitoes.
Where's Zack?
Last time I saw him, I was
trying to make this jacuzzi work.
Relax Laura, Zack
it can't be far.
- Zack, don't do that.
- Don't do what?
So, where were you?
I went to find the caretaker to
do to work that stupid jacuzzi,
but the guy was gone.
What do you mean the
caretaker is gone?
I looked for him everywhere
and I couldn't find it.
A few hours ago, I
heard someone screaming.
It seemed to come
out of the forest.
No one else heard, Doug.
But if it was the caretaker?
You said he was missing.
See just why man is not here,
does not mean that
something happened to him.
But if something happened, Zack?
I will never have the jacuzzi
working if you can't find the guy.
Let's go.
Mr. janitor!
Doug goes to one side,
and Laura to each other ...
and I go through the middle.
Zack I think we
should call the police.
Laura, what are we going to say?
That Doug thinks
heard someone screaming?
Zack the guy is
gone a long time ago.
But not enough to be worried.
Let's go.
Hello, is there anyone there?
Mr. janitor!
Let's go back. This
is a waste of time.
What are these tire
brands? Someone was here.
Probably passed some farmer.
I found something
that you have to see.
- What's that?
- I'm not sure.
I followed the
leads and found this.
So for that was cutting wood?
The caretaker has been
doing all these things.
But why?
The guy is probably
a religious fanatic.
If you ask me, something
strange happening here.
Why the janitor
said he would be ...
always close to leave
do these crosses?
It must be a pathological case.
There is probably
something more than that.
Some kind of cemetery huh?
Someone thinks
that we must enter.
What's going on here?
People here can be religious ...
but if you want to know, this
business gives me the creeps.
Well, I think that explains
the that the caretaker was doing.
If it was the caretaker.
Who else can have done that?
We didn't see any
more nobody around here.
He is the only one
we saw carrying an ax.
Maybe he did maybe not.
But I'm not liking it nothing
of what is happening here.
I think we should
call the police.
What? And have a cop
walking here all night?
better prevent than sorry.
Okay, Laura. You won.
Eric will call the police and
say that we have a missing janitor.
Let's see where they
lead those tire marks.
Because I always
stay with dirty work?
Damn, he's dumb.
Is there a problem, son?
Hey, what a coincidence, I
was really going to call you.
I don't know about
you, but I feel that ...
something very strange
it's happening here.
Laura, come on, again
imagining things.
Not Zack, either I feel
something wrong here.
The only wrong thing
here it's you two!
Zack maybe it would be better to do
pack your bags and go back to the city.
Okay, let's start again.
As I said to Laura, Zack.
Better safe than sorry.
I don't believe that
you want to go ...
although only because it
doesnt we found the caretaker.
Okay, okay Let's
get out of here!
The caretaker is cool.
He just had an accident.
- What kind of accident?
- Cut yourself with an ax.
The police took
him to the hospital.
The policeman over at my house
he said he would be back soon.
I think that
explains the missing.
And then, you still do you
want to go back to the city?
Go back to the city?
Whose idea was this crazy?
I think we exaggerate
a little bit.
Come on, I need a beer.
To hell with the Jacuzzi.
- And I need a beer.
- Me too.
I still don't understand what these are
crosses do in the middle of the forest.
Yes, me too.
I can't believe what they do
in the middle of the forest.
I don't blame you for being
worry about the caretaker, Laura.
It is very beautiful.
Although Zack wanted that.
And it's not exactly
a secret that you ...
and Zack are a little
strangers these days.
Pay no attention to Sarah,
I think she and Doug ...
we are not what we
call of a perfect match.
You don't know anything.
What was that?
What was that what?
Someone just passed
through the window.
- Did you see anything?
- I didn't see anything.
Laura, youre doing
it storm in the teacup.
You heard me when I told
you said you're overreacting.
Certainly, it was
some of the guys.
I think you're right.
See? I told you.
Come on Julie.
Laura, if you keep this up,
I will end up going crazy.
Say it again. Where's
that bottle of champagne?
Did you bring the bottle?
Eric what did you do
with your toothbrush?
Did you see him at the time
of lunch, right? Or did not see.
I don't believe it.
In local news, we have the confirmation
of police that his colleagues disappeared,
Your name is Joe Vickers the
same police officer who ...
was accused of brutality
police officer this week.
The authorities say there are no
cause for alarm but ask that ...
people be careful with any police
officer who is strange or suspicious.
Zack, did you see my
sneakers? I'm not finding it.
How will I know
where did you put it?
It must have fallen out of my
suitcase. I found there on earth.
Okay, I should have guessed.
What's wrong now?
Looks like there's
someone observed outside.
Doug did you really see anyone?
Look man, I had the same
feeling this afternoon.
I thought there was someone
in the woods watching over me.
But I think it was a deer.
I'll take a walk to see if
the caretaker needs something.
The guy who should take care of
people and not the other way around.
I know!
Zack is the truth about deer?
Of course, this is true.
Was I going to lie to Doug?
Doug have you seen my
bag? I can't find it.
Last time I saw it I
was on top of the ice box.
I lose my head without you.
Come on Sara, get
a grip. Get a beer,
relax, you will
find the damn thing.
Thank you Zack, you
drank all the beer.
Is there anyone at home?
What are you doing here?
I came to see if he was okay, but
it looks like it hasn't come back.
There is no light on. Why
did he think he would be here?
I had the feeling that
there was someone out here,
and I thought it could be him.
Well, there's no reason
to worry about. Let's go.
I hope not.
I don't believe that in this
place there is no single knife.
Could this be it?
I could have sworn I had
brought six packs of soup.
Maybe you forgot
them in the car.
Zack, not now.
Cool, Zack, really cool.
- I needed something to distract myself.
- Yea...
Zack and his jokes.
Hey, I'm not
kidding I'm serious.
The caretaker
hasn't returned yet.
- It's interesting Doug.
- Yes, indeed.
But not yet time
for him to come back.
I thought so.
If the caretaker hasn't
returned, so, who's in the trailer?
We came from there and
not there was nobody around.
He must have returned
and turned on the TV.
Probably arrived now.
Face it that way, friend.
Come on, Doug. I said that
I had nothing to worry about.
Not until I find my purse.
Well Zack what will it be, will
you bring another beer like you said?
- What are you talking about?
- You're talking about the lack of beer.
- Everything's over.
- It can't be.
The six in the
closet are also gone.
What's up, Zack? How
is it going to be?
Is all the beer over?
So far, I couldnt
we have taken half.
Someone drank.
Zack, you promised that
I was going to get more.
We could not have
drunk everything! No way!
Doug must have hidden something.
Zack you do the jokes, not Doug.
So someone must have stolen it.
Wait Laura, without
paranoia again.
I'm not paranoid, just not I
think we drink so much beer!
How do you know we don't
drink? We drink a lot.
Just because we are not finding,
it doesn't mean
someone stole it.
What happened then?
Look, I'm going to get another beer,
okay. Until then, you look for the rest.
Everything you say.
I'll do whatever I want, Zack, as
long as that you bring me a beer.
"Someone stole it."
Come on, stop it.
Zack, stay calm.
S relax and wait
the dust settles.
Zack, it's your lucky day.
It's hot.
That's good.
Where will it be that
Did this guy come out?
You must be thinking
that I'm blocking the road.
Everything but the nightstick.
Guard, are you?
Look, I know I was
driving very fast.
but there was nothing on the
way. Do you know what I mean?
What you do outside
the main road?
I'm not saying that you
don't have that right.
You have, you are a policeman.
You can go wherever you want.
Hey, what's going on?
Looking for me?
You should not attack one cop.
Do you understand me?
You have the right to stay ...
in silence.
You shouldn't drink and
drive ... Against the law.
I hope nothing has happened.
My whole life is in this bag.
I hate to say that, but
I think someone stole it.
Julie is not perfect, but I
don't think it would be that much.
I'm not talking about Julie,
I'm talking about a thief.
Doug. Stop being paranoid.
I am sure that we
missed it somewhere.
Sarah, we've looked
everywhere. We couldn't find it.
I'm saying it was stolen.
Come on, then it's
better tell others.
Let's get the tape player
and take a walk in the bush?
I already said one
a million times ...
that there is a
lot of mosquitoes.
I would be bitten to death.
Doug thinks someone
stole my purse.
What's wrong?
Laura thought someone
he had stolen beer.
Why someone doesnt
said something about it.
Because I thought Laura
again I started to imagine.
Great. So my purse was stolen.
I think the best
inform the caretaker.
We don't have to
call the police.
She's right.
- Is your bag brown?
- Yes, why?
It seems that our thief does
not likes brown bags a lot.
If you continue with this, we
will end a nervous breakdown.
Now you've said it all.
Thanks guys for a great start.
I'm sure the bag I wasn't
here for a few minutes.
Yes, I don't remember
either that she was here.
Do you think we are
imagining things?
If only it were just me, but us
two, well, that's another story.
I will find Eric and
talk to him about it.
And I talk to Julie and Sarah.
Maybe we should give
a chance for her.
For her to be terrifying
the people all night?
Hello, Laura.
What are you doing?
We are moving to another
room, This one is for you.
Look, I don't know
what who are thinking.
In the morning they were with
afraid to stay in the bush ...
and now they dont even think about
everything that is happening here.
It's because of you, Laura.
You're making everyone paranoid.
Laura, you're diving
head on the conclusions.
because a lot of strange things
has been happening in that place.
I didn't see anything
strange so far.
So, tell me something. If I imagine,
why does Doug feel the same way I do?
Maybe because theres something in
between Doug and you that I don't know.
You didn't mean,
that, didnt want to?
Of course I did.
Conspiracy! This is the most important
thing funny that I've heard so far.
So, explain why only Do
you two behave like that?
Come on Eric, be reasonable.
Sarah thought something was
happening between the two of us.
I'm not better off
going with Eric.
What do we do?
Let's see where the
caretaker and see if he ...
can explain what
it's happening here.
Yes, I would like to know what is making
those crosses in the middle of the forest.
Sarah, have you seen Eric?
I don't find it anywhere.
He was close to pool just now.
Eric! Need help in the kitchen!
Eric just wants
answer the question?
Now who's playing paranoid?
Looks like the guy
disappeared again.
- If he came back.
- What do you mean.
Actually, we didn't see it.
Let's have a look around.
Doug? Laura?
What you are doing the inside?
I know it looks ridiculous,
but I can explain.
We are listening.
See, it was like that. The
Walkman it wasnt working,
I thought were the batteries ..
so I came to see if the
caretaker had some ...
but he was not here
Is that why you came in there?
I think this is
called home invasion.
Yes. I did it because
he was not here.
Hey, where does he
go? Are you at all?
Good question, come on.
It will appear more
sooner or later.
- Julie ...
- Hello!
There's someone there!
I asked if Do you have someone?
I give up! What's going on?
Zack, this is another
one playing games with her?
Zack asked if this is another
one of your stupid games?
Okay! Who you are
and what you want!
So you, Erick, right?
I already said no
I'm going to ...
because there's a
lot of mosquitoes!
You are trying to get
me attract to the forest!
Well, I'm not that stupid ...
Well, that was a low blow, Eric.
Now give me back my brush!
Maybe he went to the
forest to make more crosses.
I don't think that
he has returned.
So who turned on the TV?
Look, you two stay and play
detective, I'm going to the house.
What was it?
Zack should have
been back by now.
You're right, you should be.
Let's go.
Eric this is not funny!
In my life I didn't take
lots of mosquito bites!
Eric, what's going on.
Eric, stop this game
stupid and talk to me!
One hour I'll find you,
and then you will see.
Great Eric. If you filled
it of land, I will kill you.
Guard? Guard, what's going on?
Julie, can you hear me?
I think you should
take a look here.
There is soup everywhere.
Julie, can you hear me?
So that this scandal all over?
Where is Julie. She shouldn't
be taking care of the soup?
She went out looking
for you just now.
Who took the sound to the bush?
What are you talking about?
Yes, Doug, than are you talking?
I'm talking about
the fact that...
someone took the
recorder into the forest.
Now we know where Julie is.
Why would she go to
forest with a recorder?
You stay here, I will find out.
Eric, do you know
of any thing, right?
Calm down, there is no
nothing to worry about.
Julie and I just want to stay
some time alone in the forest.
She's not even being
a little discreet.
I think it happened
something with her.
Don't mind, she just are
not listening, that's all.
- I'll see.
- I'm going with you!
Not without me.
Come on guys, stay here.
They will ruin everything.
How romantic.
Julie was here!
This is her shoe!
And there was a car here too.
It looks like there
was a race here.
Has recent marks on the floor.
- We have to call the police.
- What's up? That again.
Wake up, Eric. Is
there a wrong thing here.
The janitor disappeared, Julie
disappeared and Zack should have come back!
If this is one of
the Zack's pranks,
it's already starting
to be without grace!
This time we will
call the police.
Doug, I think you are
making a big mistake.
Guys, I think the
people should give a ...
time before taking
off hasty conclusions.
If you wait too long
it may be too late.
Late for what?
I don't think it will
be necessary, Doug.
I said we should wait.
Julie will show up here
with an absurd explanation.
You're thinking the
same what am i thinking?
Is that too much
of a coincidence?
Zack, why did it take so long?
I didn't bring beer.
We'll see in the car.
Where's Zack?
Dude, I need of a beer.
- Hey, Zack!
- Let's go.
I remember one thing. Let's go.
- The beer is here.
- But where is Zack?
I think I just found out.
It can't be.
I noticed this when I
came to get the coal.
I didn't call at that time.
Someone has probably
been spying all day.
Not someone. A man and a big
one, based on these footprints here.
If he heard that Zack
promised to buy more beer,
Maybe he stole the ones that
we had him to go buy more.
Do you think he wanted
to find Zack alone?
and then lured Julie into
the forest while she was alone.
And now he wants us to think that
all of this is just an unfortunate joke.
We have to go
from here, come on!
- Come on Sarah, let's get out of here.
- Why are we leaving?
I'll explain later, now move!
Where's Eric?
He went back to the bush, he thinks
Julie is somewhere around there.
I'll go after them,
you go to the car.
Let's go!
- Will you explain what that is !?
- Someone wants to kill us Sarah!
You and Doug took your
paranoia beyond all limits!
Now, do you believe me?
Eric ...
Zack, Julie we know
the what's happening,
because you can stop
your little game.
Doug, get out of here,
this is not your business.
Eric, listen to me!
This is not a game!
Eric hears me
this is not a game!
Hello your guard.
What are you doing here?
- Eric where are you?
- Go away!
Ah, I already know
what are looking for.
I found yours Glasses on a tree.
Oh my!
Help, help, Doug!
I have to go there.
You can't leave me alone.
Listen, close the doors
and the windows, okay?
It's gonna be okay.
Help, Doug!
The House. Thanks to God.
Are you tired?
You need one little energy?
Eric, answer please!
Sarahhh ...
- Thanks to God, the police!
- Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
Your bell it
doesn't seem to work.
You don't know how I
I'm happy to see you.
You don't have to to worry.
I have everything under control.
Whoever was here he drove away.
Oh my God!
I should know that
everything is fine.
You know I was
starting to worry me.
Guard, I brought the beer.
Oh, there you are.
I was looking for you.
Hey, what's up?
Looking for the key?
This is not the way to act.
You're leaving Officer
Vickers very very angry.
Because it doesn't say right
where it is and we're done with it.
I'll find you, sooner or later.
Which side is the house on?
I don't know.
Sarah, stop it, Is
obstruction of justice.
Doug, Laura!
Doug, Laura!
Quiet! You're under arrest.
Officer Joe Vickers ...
to your service.
There is no sign of it!
My God!
Let's get out of here!
What do we do? O
car is out of gas.
So let's go to walk
through the forest.
Everything is under
control. We got the man aco.
Come with me and me
I'll take care of you.
He's the psychopath. The footprints
they are the same as in the shed.
It's just coincidence!
- Where to now?
- To the room!
The window.
The weight of the
law will fall on you.
Oh oh. Suspect
leaving the place.
Jump out, jump!
Doug you're leaving
me very, very angry!
Resistance to
imprisonment, Doug!
Let's go!
Are you going somewhere?
There I go. Ready or not.
We will ask for help!
- The cable has been cut.
- What do we do?
Look for a gun under the bench.
Let's go!
We lost him!
For a while.
Everything makes sense.
Are you talking about that car
that Did you see it in the morning?
We shouldn't have heard others.
We should immediately
have called the police!
This is what I think .
I'm afraid so.
Let's go.
This seems to be the caretaker.
If I just find your keys.
Now, we have to go home.
Shouldn't have done that.
Listen, start the car.
I distract the guy and
you meeting on the road.
Call, damn you!
Turns on!
- Doug!
- Laura!
Doug where you are!
Wait! Let's go!
Let's get out of here!
Oh, thank God!
On the ceiling!
So, we meet again!
Okay, do it your way.
Come on!
- Hurry up.
- It works.
Let's get out of here!
- My ribs.
- Doug.
Want a hand?
Let's go!
Breathe we're going
back to the road.
What happened to you?
Did it break anything?
A rib. But stay calm
down, we can do it.
Wow, you too is not in shape.
I will do my best.
Let's get out of here.
Go! Go! Go!
Both stopped. Hands up.
I said hands up!
You don't understand,
someone is trying to kill us.
He said up!
You have to believe it.
A policeman killed the caretaker
and four friends of ours.
You have to trust us. His
car is in the woods, 113.
Bradley to Central. Answer!
Bradley, bad sign!
Call the central via the car radio.
Things are worse than we thought.
Where's the car?
This way.
Because "worse than
what we thought "?
A policeman named Joe Vickers is not
showed up at the service after the break.
In the morning I
went to his apartment,
and we found evidence
of satanic rituals.
We think this there
should be a relationship ...
with the woman who
disappeared last night ...
then we check the impressions
who were in his apartment ...
and we found that the name
Vickers real to Gary Henley ...
a guy with a long
history of mental problems.
And he joined the police?
Bradley, I'm
listening, go ahead.
is the car of Joe Vickers.
Parked in the woods.
Maybe Vickers has even
the devil beside him.
Of all the guys in the
police Joe Vickers ...
Is the only one who
gets his car at home.
Any cop would know
that he was gone.
How hot it is.
By the psychiatrist's report
Henley came from a broken home.
They always called the
police to separate fights.
Finally, the State took over the
custody during the formative years.
So Henley started to
believe that God ...
was always on the side
and take care of him.
So when the State kicked
him into the streets,
he thought that God
had disowned him.
And that's how
he turned to sat .
Cris, can you hear me?
Did something happen?
No, nothing panic.
He must be out radio range.
Cris, answer. Do you hear me?
Did something happen. We
have to get out of here.
Too late.
You should have heard Doug.
Have heart.
How to get out of here?
Let's go!
Looking for a way out?
What about... the death.
Leave him in peace!
As you want.
My God!
God has nothing to do here.
You understand what I say.
Sat doesn't like peace.
What the hell!
No, please I beg.
It won't hurt,
Put him down!
I said to put it on the floor!
So, for put it on the floor?
If you arrive closer I shoot!
And the strangest news,
analysis of fingerprints ...
took some authorities to
speculate that the policeman ...
Joe Vickers, real name Gary
Henley, it's nothing but ...
Ted Warnick, the killer who has
been on the run for a few months ...
during an intense shootout.
Department spokesman Police,
however, denies the allegation ...
saying that there are no means of
a psychopath infiltrates the police.
Not even if he had
the devil's help.
Translation - Kilo 66283