Psycho Storm Chaser (2021) Movie Script

(intense music)
(thunder rumbles)
(wood creaking)
(thunder rumbles)
- Who's there?
(foot steps)
(intense music suddenly stops)
- I didn't realize anyone was
still left inside this house.
I'm here to film the storm.
It's getting pretty
bad out there again.
- Can you get me out of here?
- Well, most of the back
roads are completely flooded.
My vehicle can handle it,
So getting out of here
won't be a problem.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
I thought I was
gonna die down here.
- Wait, I know you.
You're on tv.
- Just occasionally.
- Yeah. Yeah.
You're on the think big channel.
Your dr. Carl, the storm guy.
I love that show.
- Storm chaser.
- Right. Sorry.
I just, I can't believe
that I'm getting rescued
By dr. Carl, the storm chaser.
- Is that what you
think is gonna happen?
(lightning cracks)
- Dr. Carl?
- You chose to ignore
all the warnings.
You chose to stay behind
Even after being
told to evacuate.
Now you just expect
to be rescued
Because you realize
you made a mistake.
How utterly arrogant of you?
- I mean I-
- What is your name?
- Anna.
- Right, anna.
You will be a lesson to others
When they are forced to choose
Between their own
narcissistic pride
And the warnings
of mother nature.
After all, if that
window were to break
While you were
standing underneath it,
I mean, you could
be seriously injured
By heavy falling objects
Or lacerated by glass.
I mean, anna, people,
They need to know how
dangerous these storms are.
And you,
You are gonna be another person
Who's gonna share
that with the masses.
- Yes.
Oh my goodness, yes.
I mean, I made a huge
mistake staying behind
But I'll never ever make
that mistake ever again.
- No.
You won't.
(intense music)
(water running)
- Hurricane season
in full swing.
And with jonas currently
wreaking havoc,
Coastal residents
are living in fear
Wondering when the next big one
Will hit the brody peninsula.
I'm here with local, abby fields
to see how she's preparing.
Abby, how are you gearing up
for this hurricane season?
- Well, I'm good to go.
The usual extra supplies,
food, water, et cetera.
But I won't start worrying
until we hear otherwise.
- [reporter] what about
the mandatory evacuation?
Would you leave?
- Well, as a medical
My first priority
is to my patients.
So if I'm gonna keep them safe
And that means evacuating,
Then that's what we'll do.
- The bulk of the storm
is proceeding offshore.
A category 2 of monster storm
Is just waiting to move
in and level this town.
That lightning, it could
split a tree in two
Or turn a man to ash.
And over the course
of only a few minutes,
Literally hundreds-
- [voice on radio]
the hurricane friction
Has passed through the area
And the search for
survivors has began.
The death toll
crept up to 30 today
And authorities are
concerned it'll go higher.
- Oh, it'll go higher.
A lot higher.
(phone vibrating)
- Hey, hank.
- [hank] carl, my man.
That storm footage
is just killer.
I love it.
- Yeah, I'm glad you like it.
But you know,
It's a storm that's really
doing the heavy lifting, hank.
- It's great.
This season is really shaping
up to be one of the best.
Now, get back here so I can
get my hands on that footage.
- Yeah, look, hank,
I'm tracking the storm
Off the brody
peninsula right now.
- [hank] where's that?
Never heard of it.
You there?
- It's remarkable.
- [hank] remarkable?
What's remarkable?
- The storm cell is
remarkable, hank.
It's velocity,
it's air pressure.
- [hank] yeah, yeah,
yeah, that sounds great.
Get down there, give me
more footage, you know-
- Okay, I'm on it.
The storm's coming
at (indistinct)
The storm is coming.
(intense music)
(intense music stops)
(gentle music)
(phone vibrating)
(inhales deeply)
- Hey tony, what's up?
No, the indomethacin is in
the cabinet next to her bed.
And don't forget, it's
your turn to change report.
Oh, and remind me to
talk to the doctor
About glycerol levels
in coma patients.
Yeah, I've read an
article about it,
And I just want to
see what he thinks.
Wait, last thing, I swear.
Brush your hair.
My mom always said,
look good, feel good,
So, who knows?
Maybe hannah will feel
so good, she'll wake up.
(soft music)
(sharp exhale)
- I specifically said that
if she were to be read to,
It should be
something stimulating.
We want her brain active.
We want her to wake up.
Were you aware of what tony
here was reading my sister?
Cut curbs and 50 other
ways to blast your abs.
- I just felt t. S.
Elliot wasn't giving us
Enough workout tips.
- There are dozens
of studies that say,
If you read a coma patient
the wrong type of information,
It can do irreparable damage.
- This is a printout from
natural healing data work.
- From a doctor.
- Chiropractor.
- Ms. Banks, the passion you
have for hannah is commendable.
Tony and I respect that.
But you can't just come in
here and yell at us like this.
- I'm not yelling.
I am simply airing
my grievances.
That's what I pay you for.
- That's what you
pay a therapist for.
- You pay us to take
good care of your sister,
Day in and day out,
And that's what we're doing.
- Fine.
But if you're going
to read to her,
Can you please make the
material a little more engaging?
I have a library
full of classics.
I think that's fair.
Since I have you both
here, I think now is a...
- Now as we just reported,
The national weather service
Has issued a warning
for all coastal counties
That hurricane carey has
rapidly shifted course,
- And will make landfall
by 4:00 pm this evening.
All residents are
encouraged to find shelter,
And all peninsula residents
Are urged to evacuate to
the main land immediately.
- Hurricane carey is
projected to be a category 3,
Causing massive
destruction with a 300.
(audio muted)
- Fantastic.
Exactly what we needed.
How do we handle
something like this?
- Okay, hang on.
Let me just, I'll
call the hospital,
I'll see if I can get
us an ambulance, okay?
- So, should I start
prepping hannah for a move?
- And?
- It was busy.
Which means they're overwhelmed.
They have hundreds of
patients to evacuate.
We are low on the
list of priorities.
- So we have to
wait it out then.
- Miss banks-
- There is a generator out back,
This house was
built in the 1800s.
It's had much worse.
Come on.
You know that I am right.
It's the only thing
that makes sense.
Look, you're both welcome
to leave, that's fine.
But I'm staying with my sister.
- I can't let you do-
- You can't let me do what?
- I can't let you do that alone.
- Cool.
Let's make a night of it.
- Tony, if you hurry, you can
still get to the mainland.
- I don't have a car ab.
And plus I doubt I can
catch an uber right now.
Peninsula's evacuating.
And I think I'd be violating
my hippocratic oath
If I left early.
- Okay. Well, if you're sure
that's what you want to do.
I guess it would be good
to have another nurse here.
- I guess.
(phone rings)
Are you gonna get that,
Or are we meant to delight
in its incessant ringing?
- Yeah, I should go
check the generator.
- Is this your
original crown molding?
- We need to refuel.
If the power goes-
- Well, why is this empty?
Why aren't you keeping
an eye on this?
- I'm not your
housekeeper miss banks.
You'll need to talk
to your other help.
- How long does hannah's
equipment have on battery?
- 30 minutes.
- Well, then we need to
send someone to town.
(thunder rumbles)
- Do you want me to explode?
- Excuse me.
- You're asking the guy that
just got off a 14-hour shift,
Who hasn't slept in
probably 20 hours
To drive into town,
To pick up five gallons
of unleaded fuel
During the early stages
of a category 3 hurricane.
So I'm just gonna ask you again,
Do you want me to explode?
'cause I'm definitely gonna
crash one of your cars
And you know, explode.
- A simple, no,
would have sufficed.
- Okay. No.
- He's right.
I'll go.
- If he's too tired to drive,
He's too tired to
take care of hannah.
- You can wake him up if
something major happens.
Tony, are you up for that?
- Of course.
- You should get some
more supplies too
if you're going out.
You know, snack up.
- Good idea.
Just nothing frivolous.
- Oh, s'mores.
- Got it.
- You can have carbs
during a hurricane.
(waves roaring)
(thunder rumbling)
- Please.
Please be leaving.
Let's hope you don't
make the same mistake.
- Well?
- Well.
- Well, we have
preparations to make.
- I just finished my shift,
So I was hoping I
can take a quick nap.
- I'm thinking you can
start with the batteries
For the lanterns
and the flashlight.
And then I'm going to text
abby to see about shelf-
- Take it easy.
One thing at a time.
- One thing at a time?
There are a million things
that need to be done
Before this thing lands.
- Oh my god do
you need to relax.
Hey, you're not gonna
get anything done
If you have yourself
a heart attack.
- I don't think you are
grasping the severity of the-
- Oh, oh.
Deep breaths.
(deep inhale)
That was close. Look at me.
Don't get lost in there.
Deep breaths.
You can do it.
(deep inhale)
(slow exhale)
Isn't that nice?
See, now you're starting to
act a little less like a robot.
- You can start with
hannah's medical inventory.
A log was off last week.
- Miss banks, I didn't mean-
- Just see to it.
(dramatic music)
(phone vibrating)
- This is redford.
- Jack?
- Abby.
- Did I catch you at a bad time?
Are you busy?
- A missing person case.
- Oh, I'm sorry to bother you.
You're in the middle of
something way more important.
Just to call me
back when you're-
- Ab, it's fine.
I've got a second.
How are you?
I'm just returning your call.
- Right, of course.
That storm is coming.
It's gonna be a bad one
And we're evacuating everyone
we can off the coast.
I just wanna make
sure you're okay.
Are you off peninsula yet?
- I'm fine.
- That didn't
answer my question.
Tell me you're evacuating.
- Listen, I appreciate the
concern, jack, really, but I'm-
- So you're staying?
- How can I leave?
- You get in your car
and you drive to safety.
It's not rocket science.
- It's not that simple.
I'm sorry I can't just tell
you what you want to hear.
- I'm coming to you then.
- Absolutely not.
This is my job, jack.
It's what I signed up for.
- Why do you have to be so damn-
- Headstrong?
Yeah, I was about to say
the exact same thing to you.
I'll be fine.
I don't need a white knight.
- That's not what
I'm trying to do.
- Promise me you won't come.
- There you are.
- Huh?
- Sorry, I just solved
my missing person case.
I've got to run.
This the right one?
Now, we had a deal.
I find your dyno,
And you joined your
parents in the bus.
You ready little lady?
Come on.
- Sorry.
Didn't mean to frighten you.
- Almost gave me a heart attack.
You can't just do
that to people.
- My apologies.
You look like someone I knew.
I wanted to help you
with your groceries.
- Well, I'm all done.
But thanks.
I know you.
You're that guy from
the think big channel.
- Yeah. Yeah.
Carl highstrom.
- Well, if they're sending
carl the storm chaser out,
This must be a pretty bad one.
- I've looked at the satellites
And they call this a
hundred year storm.
Well, that would be
under selling it.
You're not staying, right?
- Why does everybody seems so
concerned about that today?
I'll be fine, but thank you.
- You looked...
It's uncanny.
You look just like
someone I used to know.
She's gone.
She stayed behind in a
storm just like this.
You really should
leave the peninsula,
You know, set an sample.
- I appreciate the advice
But I've responsibilities,
storm or not.
- We all have responsibilities.
But please, do your very
best to not be here.
I'd hate for something
bad to happen to you.
- Of course, he
drives a creepy van.
- Hospitals all over the region
Are moving patients
by the hundreds
Off the peninsula before
carey makes landfall.
Officials seem to be overwhelmed
At the sudden change of course.
And people are demanding
answers as to why the state
Was not better prepared for an
emergency of this magnitude.
- Need help?
- I'm good, tony.
Thanks for almost asking.
- S'mores?
- I got you chocolate, graham
crackers and marshmallows.
You can make your own.
- Oh, too much work.
- You good?
Ms. Banks.
- This was our parents' house.
I wanted to sell it, make
some money, reinvest.
What was I gonna do
with all this space?
But hannah,
She thought our families
could vacation here one day.
She was always so much
more optimistic than me.
- Is.
- Excuse me.
- She is more
optimistic than you.
She's not gone.
Plus her doctor said she's
likely to wake up anytime.
- You don't really
believe that, do you?
- You don't?
All of her doctors
seem really hopeful.
- Hopeful?
There's been no change.
She just feels further
away than ever.
- You want to hear
something silly?
Every morning before work,
I say a little prayer,
I'll walk in here and find
hannah cooking breakfast.
- If my sister wakes up
an ab blaster over there
Lets her make her own breakfast,
You'll have a new coma patient.
- Got it.
- So it begins.
(dramatic music)
(rain pounding)
- Dammit abby.
- Bridge is shut down.
Oh, hey.
You're a little out of your
jurisdiction, aren't you man?
- Yeah, my...
An old friend of
mine is stuck there
Looking after her patient
And I don't want
her to be alone.
- I can't let you through.
Bridge is officially closed now.
Sorry man.
- Listen, I can really
use the favor here.
I'm worried about her.
- There's no other way
to get on the peninsula.
And don't even try to go
three miles in that direction
Down the road
And over the old
railroad bridge.
It's big enough for
a car to get over
And there's no cop
in front of it,
But it's illegal
and a little stupid.
Got it?
- Thanks man.
And one more thing.
- What?
- You got anyone still
on the peninsula?
Can you call it in.
Check on the banks' house
over on vaughn street.
- I better be getting a
christmas card for this,
This year.
- If you're ever in hooperton,
look me up. I'll buy.
Need a wellness check on
"banks", 109 vaughn street.
(indistinct voice on the radio)
Hope she's worth it pal.
(waves roaring)
(wind blowing)
(thunder rumbling)
- Meanwhile on the
brody peninsula,
Winds are beginning to
register at 100 miles per hour,
Threatening to cause
significant amounts of damage.
And while surfers in
the quince cove area-
- Looks like you
mastered the strength.
(gentle music)
Tony's asleep.
So I got an extra
s'more if you want it.
- Thanks.
You're getting a raise
for the armageddon snacks.
- Well, technically
tony made this one, so-
- I take it back then.
- Oh, okay.
Well, I'll just go burry
this one in the backyard
And then make you a
fresh one then, okay?
Hey, there's a smile.
See, I told him you were human.
- I used to smile all the time.
I used to be fun.
Even more shocking, I
used to be laid back.
That was before everything.
- I'm sorry miss banks.
I didn't mean anything by it.
- It's fine.
You know I'm not
normally someone
Who second guesses herself,
But I'm starting to wonder if
we should have tried harder
To leave.
- It's okay.
We're gonna be okay.
(lightning cracks)
- This is where the storm
will begin it's rampage.
This is where the storm
will begin its rampage.
Two, one.
This is where the storm
will begin its rampage,
Off the brody peninsula.
It will ravage
everything in it's wake.
Monuments, places of
worship, people's homes.
This atmospheric phenomenon
does not discriminate.
It will breach their
homes like an angry god.
An angry god.
Like an angry god,
searching for sacrifices.
The ultimate question then.
The ultimate
question then being.
The ultimate
question then being,
Will they know the storm is
upon them before it's too late?
Unfortunately, many of
these older coastal towns
Tend to be in the
same power grid.
So if the storm chooses
to knock out one,
Well, there goes
the neighborhood.
When will they learn?
- Why are we doing
this in the basement
Surrounded by all the
Halloween decorations?
And by lantern?
The power is still on.
- Because candlelight in
the storm is romantic.
- Honey, that's not a candle.
Also won't be romantic
if the roof rips off.
- The roof isn't going anywhere.
The house is more than fine.
They used to really
know how to make them.
- You know there's a puddle
in the middle of the room,
- You want me to turn
on the sump pump?
- That wire looks super sketchy.
I'd rather not die
by electrocution.
- It's for the generator
if the power goes out.
Totally safe.
- I can't believe you
talked me into staying.
I must be crazy.
- Crazy enough to
have said, I do.
You're a barrett now.
- I still feel
weird to hear that.
- My family has been
on this peninsula,
Rain or shine for 120 years.
I'm not about to mess
with perfection now.
- Oh, is that what it's
called? Perfection.
- Well, let me make
it better for you.
(squeaking sound)
- Did you hear that?
- Yeah, it was probably
just a squirrel or something
Trying to stay dry.
(loud bang)
- That's a pretty big squirrel.
- Maybe some muskrat.
I'll go check it out.
(wind howling)
Just in case he's
a mean muskrat.
Anyone there?
Not that you would answer.
(thunder rumbles)
(foot steps)
(lightning cracks)
(carl shushes helen)
- I don't like there to be
screaming until the end.
Is this your boyfriend?
Husband. Yeah.
I see.
I had a wife once.
She's gone now.
Stupid people.
You think this is fun?
Staying behind in a storm.
It's what? Romantic?
- Sir, please don't do this.
- It's already done.
I didn't do anything.
The winds, the
rain, they did it.
You stayed behind and
nature took its course.
Don't you see?
I'm nature.
I'm the storm.
- Please. Please. Please.
- I'll give you this though.
You cried a lot less
than your husband did.
(bat thumping)
- So many machines
working to keep her alive.
- Doing a great job of it.
Remember walking around, making
breakfast anytime, right?
(ella gasps)
It's okay. She
won't feel anything.
(ella gasps)
Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- You're afraid of needles.
- No, I'm not afraid.
I just don't like them.
Get on with it.
- Okay.
- See, perfectly fine.
- The eye of the storm hasn't
even come to shore yet,
And already the winds
are strong enough
To rain down shards of broken
trees like ancient spears.
But this isn't some greek
soldier throwing a lance,
No, it's mother nature herself.
And her strength is such
That she can shatter your ribs
Or pierce right
through your torso
In a matter of seconds.
(rain pounding)
- You'll probably
yell at me anyways.
- You okay?
- I was doing so much
better with them.
And now here I am hiding in
my room, shaking like a leaf.
- Well, if it makes
you feel any better,
I used to date a
cop twice your size.
Every time he'd give blood,
he'd go out like a light.
- Sounds like he should've
stopped giving blood then.
- I said the same thing.
He said he would.
He said he would when
people stopped needing it.
- You should've seen me
When hannah was still
in the hospital.
Nurse would come
in with a syringe,
And I'd wake up on the
floor looking up at her.
- Probably you
should've have just left
When you heard them come in.
- I couldn't leave.
Not then, not in the beginning.
I just kept thinking,
Any minute now
she's gonna wake up.
And I had to be
there when she did.
- You're a good sister.
- Doesn't always feel that way.
I know I'm not the easiest
person to get along with.
- No, you're-
- You don't need to be polite.
Let's just say, difficult.
- In a good way.
- That's sweet.
It's just, this
house and hannah,
There all that I have.
After the accident,
my boyfriend left.
And our parents are gone,
So I've just been here
alone, waiting for a miracle.
So if it seems like I
don't appreciate you.
I do.
I'm really glad
you're hannah's nurse.
I might fire tony
next week though.
(both chuckle)
- There it is.
(door bell rings)
- Can we help you, officer?
- I guess you folks didn't
hear about the evacuation.
- No we heard, but-
- My sister is in a coma
And can't be moved
with anything less
Than a full medivac by air.
If you're offering one,
We'll be more than
happy to take it.
Until that time, I urge
that you watch your tone.
- Well, someone asked me to
come here and check on you.
And now that I have,
And I see that you are
just super pleasant,
I guess I'll be on my way.
- Great.
- Officer, just
out of curiosity,
Who asked you to check in on us?
- Some cop from the mainland.
I don't know his name, but
when I find out who it was,
I'll be sure to let them
know just how happy I was
To drive all this way.
- Sorry.
Thanks for coming, officer.
- Greek soldier
throwing a lancet.
It's mother nature herself.
Or should it be itself?
No. Herself. Yeah.
Oh gosh.
Oh, I don't know.
I'm feeling like maybe I should
shoot that last commentary
What do you think?
No opinion?
It's a pity.
- Hello?
Dispatch, I'm gonna
need you to send...
(thunder cracks)
This is the police.
If you're down
there, say something.
Drop what you're holding,
hands on your head.
- There's a window, right?
Hadn't broken the window yet.
And that's how you knew
that something was wrong.
It's clever.
You would have gone far.
- Stay where you are.
- Look, I have to say,
I really do respect
first responders, I do.
Yet, I'm surprised
that you took a risk
Of coming out here in this storm
Without rubber sole shoes on.
I mean that's very dangerous.
You should have known better.
I mean, sure, it's gonna
be an odd looking scene,
But I'm sure they'll
piece it together.
- This is your last chance.
Drop it.
- Okay, officer.
If you say so.
(electric shock)
- It's okay.
That's what the generator's for.
Just give it a second.
Three, two, one.
(generator roars)
It worked.
I'll have to refill it soon.
Which means going
back out in the storm.
- Sounds like a job for
tony when he gets up.
(dial tone)
(phone vibrating)
- Hey.
- I believe you sent
someone to check up on us.
I told you I had it covered.
You really didn't
need to do that.
- Doing well. Thanks for asking.
My knee is acting up a
bit and mild swelling,
But otherwise-
- This isn't a
time to joke, jack.
Listen, I appreciate
the concern,
But I need to know that you
are not coming out here.
- What are you so mad about?
Of course I'm concerned.
I'm a cop.
I did what I do.
- I can't help but feel
like you're using the storm
As an excuse.
I thought we both agreed
that it would be better
If it was a clean break.
- One, you said that, not me.
And two, just because you
care more about your job
Than you do me,
Doesn't mean I stopped
caring about you.
- Don't act all
sanctimonious with me, okay.
That's a two way street.
You can't have two people
more dedicated to their jobs
Than each other.
- Okay.
Well, maybe you're wrong
what I care about most, ab.
- Tell me, where
are you right now?
- Emotionally, pretty lost.
- Physically.
- Oh, that.
Pretty lost.
- You're impossible.
You better not be
coming out here, okay?
It's not worth putting
yourself in danger.
- I think I'm the one
who gets to decide that.
- Not everyone needs
to be saved, jack.
- Yeah?
Tell that to everyone
you and I have saved.
(lightning cracks)
(phone beeping)
Well, that went great.
(car ignition goes silent)
Come on.
- Abby?
- Sorry about that.
- Was that the blood donor?
- Yeah.
- Come on.
(car ignition rattling)
- He sent the cop
to check in on us,
And he won't tell
me where he is.
So part of me is worried
he's coming out here too.
- Sounds monstrous.
All that caring.
- Yeah, he's a pretty great guy.
- And the problem is?
My ex said the thing that drew
him to me was my ambition.
And then when that drive got
transferred over to hannah,
He lost interest.
You and her can be a
pretty nasty thing, huh?
- Yeah.
I just wish mine would stop
crawling onto my sleeve.
- Life is too short.
I don't care about the fights
we had over this stupid house
Or that she got mad I drank
out of the milk carton.
I know for a fact I'll
regret every moment
I didn't spend with her,
Every time I put work first,
Do you know why I hired you?
- My skills with the needle?
- You're the only person who
asked what hannah's name was.
It showed that you
cared, just immediately.
So maybe there's something
To that heart being
on your sleeve.
I wish I could show it more.
Most people assume
that I'm cold.
I'm not.
I just have trouble-
- Showing it?
- Yeah.
I wish I would have shown
it a bit more today.
You are the most capable
nurse I've ever met.
It's incredible watching
you care for hannah.
And you never once
threw an iv bag at me,
Even though I am sure
you have wanted to.
If you can show that to me,
Then I don't see why
you can't with...
- Jack.
- Listen, I am gonna
try and get some rest.
You have some time, right?
Before I hand this next shot?
- Yeah, until nine.
- Okay.
Then I don't think it'd be
a total dereliction of duty
To have a little drink.
I'm pretty sure there's an
absolutely no drinking section
On like page seven
of my contract.
- And I'm pretty sure staying
overnight during a hurricane
Is not mentioned once.
(abby chuckles)
- Perhaps I'll rewrite
that thing in the morning.
- Thank you for the talk and-
- Just don't wake the boss up.
She can be kind of cranky.
- I'll save you for later.
(lightning cracks)
(sharp exhale)
- If you woke up
right now, hannah,
Would you think we're all
nuts for staying behind?
I'll be right back.
(rain pounding)
- (indistinct)
- Is this why you
stayed stayed behind?
That's very touching.
(lightning cracks)
- Come on ab, keep it together.
- They should have had a
plan to get you out of here.
How very irresponsible of them.
But you will be the easiest one.
The kind of people who
wouldn't find a way
To get you out of here
Are the same kind,
sloppy people,
Who don't do the little things.
Aren't they?
(lightning cracks)
(thunder rumbling)
(lightning cracks)
She'll have to wait.
You'll do for now.
(thunder rumbling)
- There a leak?
- [tony] abby?
- Evening sunshine.
- We didn't die.
So, I'll get a cup of coffee
and then start my shift.
- It's okay.
I'm good to stay on a
little while longer.
- Okay.
Anything I can do
in the meantime?
- Yes, actually.
Can you refill the generator?
It got low. I got more gas,
But the can is
still in the garage.
- No time like the
present, I guess.
- Thanks tony.
- Yep.
- Appreciate it.
Did you go outside already?
- Huh?
I don't know.
Maybe it's a leak or something.
Ab, it's a crazy
big storm, okay?
Maybe it's the wind.
- Did you hear that?
- What?
- Just go fill the generator
and come right back, okay?
- Yeah.
Hey, hey, you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine, I
just, I don't know.
Something feels off.
Maybe the storm's
just getting to me.
- Yeah.
- Just be quick.
You don't get to be
struck by lightning
Or drowned in a puddle.
- Okay, I'll do my best, okay?
- Okay.
Go. Hurry.
- Too close.
There's too many of them.
Not yet, not yet, not yet.
Why did you stay behind?
God, you're smarter than this.
How could you do this to me?
The eye.
- Can I help you?
Wait, I know you, don't I?
(machine beeping)
- Hannah.
- Tv or something.
You're like a preacher or an
infomercial guy or something?
- Storm chaser.
- All right, awesome.
Fernando, right?
- Carl.
(machine beeping)
- What's going on?
- I don't know.
She's just crashing.
- Are you here for
the storm, carl?
- Actually, I want
someone to help me film.
- What do you mean, why?
- I don't know.
- What do you mean
you don't know?
- Miss banks, I'm gonna
need you to help or get out.
Do you understand me?
- Yes.
- Good. Do you know cpr?
- I really gotta get inside.
- No, no, no, come on.
It's just gonna take
a moment of your time.
And then you can
tell your friends
That you are a storm survivor
With carl highstrom.
- Tony, he's just-
- No time. Do you know cpr?
- Yes.
- Good. Start.
(intense dramatic music)
- One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
- I've never used
a camera like this.
- No, no, no, it's simple.
Look, just point at me and hit
that little red button, okay?
That's it. Easy peasy.
- I don't know about this, man.
I really got to get inside.
- It's just gonna take a minute.
Maybe two.
Come on.
We'll go out,
we'll shoot a take.
Yeah? What do you say?
- All right.
- Awesome. All right.
- On the count of
one, two, three.
Right there.
- What the...
- It's the eye.
It's gonna give us a couple
of moments of silence,
Which is what we wanted.
Okay, let's do
this. Camera on me.
Red button.
And, action.
- Oh god.
- What? What is it?
- Her iv has been detached.
- What?
- It's fine. We'll
worry about that later.
I'm gonna need you
to take this needle.
- No, I can't do that.
- You can do this.
- No, abby.
- For your sister.
- Okay. Okay. Okay.
- Just tell me
what I need to do.
- When I say,
exactly when I say,
I'm gonna need
you to inject her.
- Do I need to hit a vein?
- You can.
But I'm not asking
for miracles here.
Just get it in her.
- I stand here in
a moment of calm
In an otherwise
devastating storm.
Which is a metaphor of
what I have gone through
In my own life.
Moments of pause in between
- Now
- Raging storms.
Earlier this evening, I too
paused just like the storm.
Unsure of whether I should
continue with my mission.
- It's not working.
- It'll work.
- Or float off the night
like a wayward cloud.
- Are you okay?
Carl? Dude?
Are you okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Keep on, please.
Some storms dissipate
into the air.
And then there's others
that rage uncontrollably
Until all of their
energy is spent.
Tonight is one of those storms.
Cut. Yeah.
- That was intense.
- Yeah?
Too much?
- Yeah.
This isn't shakespeare,
it's a storm.
You gonna creep people out.
All right, I'm
gonna head inside.
Killer death storm and all.
- I don't think you're gonna
have to worry about that.
- Really? Is it over?
- Well here, let me show you.
Take a look at the
scene on the camera.
- All right.
(carl tsking)
- You know it actually happens
more often than you think.
Someone was out in the storm.
They slip, they fall,
get knocked unconscious
And end end up
drowning in a pond.
It is a pitiful way to die
But it's believable.
Right on time.
- Come on.
(ella sobs)
- I think we're in the clear.
Are you okay?
- Why was the iv detached, abby?
- Miss banks.
- You were the last
person in this room.
- Miss banks.
- You made a mistake that
could have killed my sister.
- Ella!
I think there's someone
else in the house with us.
- What?
Tony is-
- No, I mean someone else.
The backdoor looked like
it had been broken into,
And there are wet footprints
all over the house.
The rug next to your
bed was soaking wet.
I make mistakes,
I'm not perfect,
But I am positive that iv
was secure when we left.
We are not alone.
(lightning cracks)
- Why did the power go?
- Tony, I sent him to refuel.
We've 30 minutes to get the
generator back up and running.
Otherwise hannah's equipment
will stop and she will die.
- Okay.
Okay, what do I do?
- I need you to stay here,
Lock the door
I'm gonna go outside,
Find tony and get the
generator back up and running.
Once that's done, I'll
come back to help you.
29 minutes.
- Go.
(upbeat music)
During the bowl of a dull,
dark and (indistinct) day
In the autumn of that year,
When the clouds hung
oppressively low in the heavens.
- Tony?
(thunder rumbles)
Here we go.
(rain drops pounding heavily)
(melancholic music)
(wood crackles)
- Abby?
(door knob clanking)
Whoever you are,
get out of my house.
- Hey, ab.
Are you okay?
- Jack?
- There's a body
on the front lawn.
- Thank god you (screams).
- Why did you stay?
We should probably talk
this out, you and me.
I'm not the villain here, ab.
That is what he
calls you, right?
That's cute.
That's cute.
I used to call my wife, beaches.
Her name's sandra.
Sandy, sandy beaches.
It was cute.
Just like you two.
She died, you know, in a storm,
Just like this one.
You want to know what happened?
I was working out of town,
I got a call from
a friend of mine,
Works for the weather service.
And he said, beaches,
sandra, who's home alone,
She's gonna get hit by a storm.
A big one.
Worse than this one even.
Oh, I was worried, of
course, and I called her,
And I said, "honey, you
gotta get out of there."
She told me she would,
So I was relieved.
And the next day
in the afternoon
When I was at the airport
waiting to go home,
I get the call.
She died.
She stayed and she died.
She was with a neighbor.
Do you understand me, ab?
She was with a neighbor,
A man,
In my house,
In my bed.
In my bed.
She stayed because she
wanted to be with him.
But I realized, after
every one of these storms,
These disasters,
There's always a tragic story
About the people
who stayed behind,
Even for good reasons.
And there's the others,
you know, like my wife,
Who wants to think that
it's okay to stay behind.
They're not gonna die.
That they're stronger
than the storm.
Nobody ever questions
the blunt force trauma,
The suffocation,
The electrocution.
No, they just attribute
it to the storm.
Never to me.
Do you know what I think, ab?
I think that everybody
deep down subconsciously,
They agree with me, yeah.
'cause nobody
investigates too hard, no.
Because they know,
They know that people who
stay behind deserve to die.
They know that the
storm has to kill them.
You understand, ab?
The storm has to kill.
(upbeat music)
(generator roars)
- Yes.
(watch beeping)
Oh, god.
Please be okay, please be okay.
Oh, god.
- Now who's the white knight?
- Okay, come on.
(jack groans in pain)
- Sorry.
Could have been here sooner
But my car flooded.
- Never been happier to see you.
Does your radio still work?
- No idea.
(jack groans)
- Okay, come on.
- What is going on?
Oh, he hit me.
- I need your hand.
(jack groans in pain)
- Listen, I just
wanted to say...
- No!
(carl groaning)
(upbeat intense music)
- Stop!
Don't you move.
- How are you gonna
make this look natural?
Or are you gonna blame
this on the storm?
Bullets don't fly
through hurricanes, carl.
I thought about that.
How's this?
The bullheaded cop ex,
He can't handle the pain
of the woman that he loves
Not being with him.
So, in a jealous rage, he
drives to where she works
And he murders her young lover
and everyone in the house
Before committing suicide.
Of course the people in
the house, they fight back,
But he overcomes them all.
(sarcastic laugh)
- Only one problem.
- What's that?
- I called the police
five minutes ago, carl.
(carl screams)
- I said, get out of my house!
You okay?
- Tony's dead.
- What?
- [carl] you're
not safe in there.
- He's not gonna stop.
Police will be here
any minute, just leave!
(carl laughs hysterically)
- You think yelling at
the storm scares it?
Do you?
You can't stop the
wrath of nature.
- This is it.
- Is he walking away?
- Hannah.
No, ella, wait!
- We've done this dance
before, you and I.
This time I'll be sure
to squeeze up tighter.
I squeeze, and I will separate
the skull from the vertebrae.
- What do you want?
- Want?
What do I want?
I don't want anything.
It's the storm.
The storm wants you dead.
- Is this is what your
wife would have wanted?
- What're you doing?
Don't you talk about my wife.
Don't do talk about my wife!
- Doing this won't
bring her back.
- You don't think
that I know that?
That's not the point.
The point is to set an example.
To show people,
So that this never
ever happens again.
You see, I'm the good guy here.
- Carl! Carl!
- You look so much like her.
I hoped you were
smarter than her though.
But you weren't.
And you had to stay behind.
- For her.
We stayed for her.
I know I should have left,
But then I'd be the coward that
left everyone in harms way.
I knew dangers, but
I did it anyway.
I'm the good guy, carl.
- No! No!
You should have had a plan.
Everything that's
happened is your fault.
Now you all have to die.
- The storm is over.
- I was driving home
And then I was having
the most awful nightmare.
There was a man whose...
He was talking to me.
I could hear him talking to me.
And then I woke up and he
was trying to hurt you,
So I had to save you.
What's going on?
- We have a lot to talk about.
- No!
- Freeze!
- Jack.
- Ab, cuff this son of a bitch.
(gentle music)
- [paramedic] got two over here.
- Hey, what else do
you want on these?
Whipped cream, syrup, butter?
- How about all of it.
Here, let me help you.
- No, no, no, no.
You stay put.
- This looks so good.
- Thank you.
Great. Okay.
- Ella, thank you,
But I think I can do it.
- What else do you want?
How about a muffin?
- How about you relax,
And just enjoy this
breakfast with me.
- These look pretty good.
You did a good job.
- You did a great job.
- I'm not really much of a cook.
- I know.
(both laugh)
- I'm sorry, jack.
I'm sorry for everything.
I don't wanna be away
from you anymore.
There is room in my life for
all of the things I love.
- I'm sorry too.
I love you, abby.
- I love you too.
- Oh!
- Oops!
Sorry, did I hurt you?
- Worth it.
Where do you think you're going?
- With you. I'm going with you.
- We both know where
you need to be.
- But I can-
- Ab, we'll have plenty
of time together later
At the hospital.
- Go see your patients.
Bring me some burgers
when you come visit me.
- Okay.
(jack groans)
- Hi, do you want
some breakfast?
- Told you.
(police siren)
- I know you.
- I'm sure you do.
- You're on that think
big channel, right?
- Yep.
Storm chaser.
- Man, I watch you all the time.
That's crazy.
Hey, nic, you know that dork
on the think big channel.
He's handcuffed back here.
- Who?
- This storm chaser guy.
He's always running
into 'em like a moron.
- That's cool.
- Crazy.
- [voice on radio]
you've been listening
To the kjws with jeff jaime.
Now let's go to (indistinct)
for our weather update.
- [woman voice on
radio] residents will
only have mere weeks
To assess the damage done by
hurricane carey before another-
- Hey, could you turn
that up a little?
- [woman voice on radio]
chance of severe thunderstorms
Tonight with the
possibility of tornadoes.
Citizens are asked to
take shelter to avoid-
- That's it, sir.
I just needed the weather.
(upbeat music)
(gentle music)