Psycho Wedding Crasher (2017) Movie Script

Soft music
[Champagne cork pops]
I still feel like I'm
spilling out of here.
Are you kidding me?
You haven't gained
an ounce since college.
It's perfect.
Yeah, until my boob pops out
in the middle of my vows.
My mom is gonna
have a stroke!
This is your day,
not hers.
And you look amazing.
Glenn is gonna
be blown away.
I'm just glad you
decided to give him up.
Give him up?
We had two dates,
ten years ago.
It was hardly
an investment.
But I did know that the
two of you would click.
Thank you.
It's happening!
[Glasses clink]
No man, one
is for nerves.
Two and I'll be
slurring my vows.
Better you than me.
But if I ever decided
to get hitched,
it'd be someone
like Marci...
They would
never have you.
They have taste.
Maybe Chelsea?
Come on man, you've been
after her since college.
Just give it
up already.
I just want to
be in position
for when she makes
her next mistake.
Atta boy.
Wedding March
Please be seated.
Dearly beloved, we are
gathered here today
to celebrate the union
of Glenn and Marci.
With this ring,
I thee wed.
With this ring,
I thee wed.
With this ring,
I thee wed.
Do you promise to cherish and
love him in joy and in sorrow,
in sickness and in health, as
long as you both shall live?
I do.
I do.
I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
Upbeat pop music
Hands up, if you
wanna be free!
We'll live it up like
there's no tomorrow
Whoa oh oh
We'll live it up like
there's no tomorrow
Whoa oh oh
I'm getting tons of compliments
on the dress and the earrings.
I told you it looked
great on you.
And I got one
last gift for you.
It's in the hotel room.
I know you'd think it's
excessive to buy for yourself,
so I got you some
lingerie from Cordella.
Does it come
with instructions?
Stop it, you're
gonna love them.
He will love them.
Now, can I get you
something to drink?
Just a water.
Thank you.
Hi mom.
I just wanted to let you know
I am really glad you're here.
It means a lot
to Glenn and I.
I've come here for you.
I genuinely wish
you happiness.
I should let you get
back to your guests.
Thanks again for coming.
[Cell phone vibrating]
Auntie, are you there?
Auntie, is everything okay?
Sometimes I'm very, very
grateful that I have you.
Me too.
And that I was there to take
you in all those years ago,
because it was my brother's
dying wish to take you away
from that horrible
woman he married.
But apparently
that wasn't enough
to make you care
about me or him,
the way you always leave
whenever the hell you want to,
never doing your work!
I was running an errand
and I got, umm,
caught in traffic...
An errand?
What errand?
I had to get some fabric
from the garment district.
Did I send you there?
Did I tell you
to get fabrics?
No, it's for me.
I'm making
myself a dress.
A dress, what for?
Who are you
trying to impress?
I hope you're not
acting up again.
I'm not.
You always lie, so why
am I wasting my time?
Just finish
the alterations.
Yes, Auntie.
And be back before the
five o'clock fitting!
I will!
You okay?
You saved me.
Let's not give me
too much credit.
Thank you.
Is this the
Kravitz house?
I gotta drop
these off, so...
Yeah, okay.
Stay safe.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
Hey, it's
Marci, right?
I'm so sorry,
I'm drawing a blank?
It's Jenna.
I work for Aunt Daisy.
Your wedding dress.
Oh my gosh, yes!
Yes, of course.
If you could've seen how many
compliments I got on the day.
Thank you.
It was our pleasure,
of course.
Um, so how did
the wedding go?
Umm, oh it
was great.
Yeah, I don't know
where to begin.
It was good!
How's Glenn?
That's his
name, right?
He's fine, he's good.
Honestly, before him I never
imagined myself as a bride.
I had kind of
given up on the whole
traditional marriage thing,
you know what I mean?
Not really.
I've always imagined I'd
meet the perfect man and,
you know, have
a dream wedding.
But I don't get the chance
to meet many single guys,
especially in
my profession.
Well if you can break
away from your schedule,
my friend Chelsea
- my maid of honor -
is throwing Glenn and I
a little honeymoon luau.
There will be lots
of single guys there!
I could introduce you!
You scared me.
The only reason
a woman exercises
is she's trying to get
over a man, or land one.
And we definitely know
it's not the former.
So, what's the story?
I'm just, just trying
to stay healthy.
We sit hunched over
at our desks all day
and the last
thing I want is--
--is to become
like me. Hmm?
I didn't say that.
You think you can
just find a man
and get me out
of your life
and take this house
away from me, huh?
You'll always
be in my life.
I bet you're counting
the days until I'm not,
but guess what missy?
My genes, all the women
on your father's side
always live to be
octogenarians, okay?
Well then, I
should be thankful.
Except you're too
much like your mother,
too confused in your head,
so I wouldn't count on it.
Face it, nobody would
ever put up with you.
Especially a man.
The only thing that you
can count on is your work.
So change your clothes
and get back to it.
So I was at
the gym today
and I ran into the girl who
helped make my wedding dress.
I thought you said
she was kind of old.
No, not Mrs. Kravitz,
her niece who works
with her, Jenna.
She's about our age.
She's really nice, so I invited
her to the party on Saturday.
She's kind of shy, so I thought
about introducing her to Scott.
You know, someone like him might
help her break out of her shell.
You're just asking for trouble
if you want my humble opinion.
Speaking of which, did
your mom make it home okay?
Did she say anything?
About your dad
not showing up?
Hey, it's his loss.
Yeah, his loss...
You know maybe if I had just
forgiven him for cheating
and gotten my mom
to follow suit, but...
but he just
devastated her.
We are not
your parents.
I love you.
I love you too.
Face it, nobody would
ever put up with you!
Especially a man.
You're too much
like your mother,
you're too
confused in your head.
You being you...
You can't get me
out of your life!
Why thank you, Glenn.
It's good to see
you again as well.
Just a few
more curls...
and then we're perfect.
Yes, that's right...
the 12th, it'll be
ready, don't you worry...
That sounds fine.
We'll see you then, okay?
You made it!
I did, yeah.
It took some convincing,
but Auntie finally
gave me the day off.
You call her Auntie?
That is so regal.
Yeah, I guess.
It's just what I've
always called her.
The bartender is making
a helluva daiquiri.
Can I get you one?
A wine, please.
Strawberry's the best.
I'm getting you a
strawberry one. Come on!
Cute dress!
Where's that from?
I did it
myself last night.
Now that is certainly a
talent that I would love.
So, I know
you're single
and I think I found
the perfect guy for you.
His name is Scott, he was
Glenn's best man at our wedding.
He's super cute,
the life of the party.
He's standing
right behind you.
He seems busy.
I'll give you a proper
introduction later.
That was Chelsea, right?
She was with you when you
came in for your measurements.
Yeah, but she's
totally not into him.
It's so nice of her
to throw this party.
Her house is beautiful.
You all seem so close.
I need to go
say hi to someone.
Are you okay
here for a minute?
I'll be fine.
Okay, I'll just
be a minute.
Don't I know you
from somewhere?
The dressmaker!
How's married life?
You know, it's not exactly
what I thought it would be.
You two seem so
perfect together.
Sometimes I feel like
we're putting on a front
for our friends
and family.
That we're not
really soul mates.
I'm so sorry to hear.
You know, I think
about the moment we met.
Maybe we missed
an opportunity.
I've been hurt
in the past
when I tried to
get close to someone.
I'll never hurt you.
Then how
would this work?
Anyone that might
detract from us,
you'll just have
to do some things.
Unpleasant things.
Do you think you
can do that for us?
I do.
Do you need a top up?
Uh, no thank you.
So, how do you know the
lovely wedded couple?
I'm friends
with Marci.
I'm Jenna.
Oh, you're the girl
from the golf course.
Marci told
me about you.
She was not kidding.
What did she say?
That there was this
woman I should meet,
who's smart
and attractive.
But that she needed a
little help believing that.
So uh, do you
want me to help you
so you can understand just
how attractive you really are?
I think I'll
go find Marci.
It was nice
meeting you...
we'll talk later.
What is it you
wanted to show me?
It's in here.
We won't be
long, honey.
We can't ignore
our guests.
Come on, this is
what newlyweds do!
We're on our honeymoon.
Hey, I was
looking for you.
I was looking for
you too, actually.
Yeah, I feel like I was rude
earlier and I'm sorry if I was.
Not at all.
I can handle rejection.
Did I reject you?
You walked away, so...
Technically you never asked me
a question I could say no to.
What are you
doing right now?
I was umm, thinking
about leaving.
Me too.
Wanna get out
of here together?
Now that's a
rejection, right?
Why don't you
follow me to my place?
Here we are.
And right through here.
After you.
Thank you.
You got it.
All right, you ready?
Here we are.
Chateau Scott.
This way.
You umm, have
a nice place.
Very manly.
Some are not
into my taste.
Well, I hate
judgmental people.
Me too.
Please, a wine
would be fine.
You'll like this,
trust me.
What is it?
It's bourbon.
For Glenn's bachelor
party, we toured some
Kentucky distilleries
and this was my favorite.
Anything less harsh?
Usually I'd
consider this a sin,
but it'll help take the
initial sting out for a rookie.
Well, I hope I'm
not offending you.
No, it's fine.
It's good.
Dad said it would
put hair on your chest.
Do you feel like
playing a game?
I'm horrible at games.
No, no.
This way.
This is a game
where even if you lose,
we both can still win.
See, it's not
just about
being the one to not
knock over the tower,
because certain
pieces have a dare.
A challenge for the players.
For example...
Player One, please remove
one piece of clothing.
You think you
can handle this?
I think I'll need
another first.
No ice.
You never
answered my question.
Can you handle this?
The game?
It's just...
I've never done
anything like this before.
Don't worry.
We're just having
a little bit of fun.
Ladies first.
Read it.
Player One must
kiss another Player.
Oh no, darn the luck.
I guess that
has to be me.
Close your eyes.
I won't bite.
Unless you ask me to.
What happened?
What's wrong?
I think I need to leave.
I think I've done enough.
I need to leave.
Whoa, wait.
Did I do something
to offend you?
I said I need to leave!
Hey, Jenna!
Help me!
[Phone ringing]
He wouldn't let me leave!
I wanted to go, but he
wouldn't let me leave.
Jenna, slow down.
Who wouldn't let you go?
Where are you now?
In my car.
You're safe?
I think.
I don't think he followed me.
Okay, I want you to
come over to my house.
[Camera Snap]
Other side.
[Camera Snap]
Thank you.
Do you want to
talk about it?
I'm just so embarrassed.
I was so stupid.
Don't be, this
isn't about you.
This is about him.
I know I shouldn't have,
but I went over to his place
after the barbecue
thinking we'd just...
relax and have a drink.
You know, it was
innocent enough
until he wanted
to play this game.
This game where if
you remove a block--
I know that game.
That stupid-ass ploy.
He's been doing
that since college.
I can't believe
he's still doing that.
And I had to kiss him, but
when I did and pulled away,
he said, that's not
the rules of the game.
Why are you being so
weird and such a prude?
Why are you
being so uptight?
Hey, it's okay.
The game saved me.
If it hadn't fallen over when
we struggled and distracted him,
I don't know what
would have happened.
You have to go
to the police.
But he's your friend.
No friend of
mine does this.
He needs to get
what he deserves.
I'm so sorry
I suggested that
the you two of
you should go out.
[Door opening]
That's Glenn.
He was returning
some party rentals.
Oh my god,
what happened?
Someone beat up her up.
I can see that.
Scott beat her up.
Are you serious?
They went out tonight
and he assaulted her.
Okay, I know Scott, he would
not do something like that.
Well then how do
you explain it?
There must be some
other explanation.
It just doesn't
make any sense.
It's not that
far fetched.
You know how
aggressive he gets.
He probably
drank too much.
Aggressive doesn't
mean violent!
So you want to blame her?
Blame the victim?
No, I am not
saying that!
Then what're you saying?
Just let me
go talk to him.
He can't know
that she's here.
He'll start stacking
up the sandbags
and she's already worried
about pressing charges.
He doesn't
believe me.
He's angry...
When someone is so
close to someone,
it's hard to
face the truth.
I hope so.
Come here.
It's okay.
What's this?
Can't sleep?
I was looking for a
glass for some water.
Are you feeling better?
I think I'm
gonna leave.
it's in the middle
of the night.
I have work,
a lot of work.
I think you need to
take care of yourself.
Work will help.
Yes, I think
it'll help.
You need
to be in bed.
That's okay.
Thanks for everything.
Okay, well...
let me know if
you need anything!
Where have you been
all day and night?
With friends.
Ha! You don't have
any friends.
I do, too.
If you stopped criticizing me
for once and actually asked me
about my life, then
maybe you'd know.
Oh, I know.
I know, you're
doing it again.
Otherwise why're you
dressed like that?
I'm not doing anything!
It's just a dress.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
What're all these
bruises from?
Who is it?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Is it one
of my clients?
Just leave me alone!
You don't
fool me, missy!
You better watch out because
you're skating on thin ice!
[Doorbell ringing]
Alright, I'm coming,
I'm coming.
Damn, man...
You wanna tell me
about last night?
Good morning
to you, too.
What the hell are
you talking about?
Oh, yikes.
So you guys did
get together?
Not really.
What's not really?
She came over,
had a drink,
I tried to get her
to play the game,
she kinda freaked
out and left...
What would cause
her to freak out?
Hell if I know.
We're making out, suddenly
she got cold feet and ran away.
That's it?
Yeah, that's it.
What's all this about?
She came over to our place
after she left here last night.
Somebody really
did a number on her.
That's horrible.
Yeah, she said
you did it.
I mean she's
lying, making it up.
I barely laid
my hands on her.
Laid your hands?
No, not like that.
We were going
at it, making out.
When she stood up,
I grabbed her hand,
she pulled it away, knocked
over the game and then she left.
That was it.
C'mon man, you know I
couldn't do something like that.
I didn't know I had
to convince you, buddy.
You should see
the bruises.
It was somebody
else, not me.
Is Marci believing
this garbage?
You should probably keep
your distance, all right?
Jenna's not sure if she
wants to file a report.
And you just want me
to wait until she does?
No way.
She's lying!
What're you gonna do?
I won't let her
get away with it.
I'll fight it.
Jenna, you have
a visitor!
Why are you lying?
Why are you saying
those things about me?
I'm not.
You know what you did!
I didn't touch you!
Oh yeah?
Then how do
you explain this?
Maybe you did
it yourself!
Oh sure, blame the victim.
That's what you
men always do...
If you don't quit
claiming this BS,
I will sue you for
defamation and for slander!
If you don't leave,
I'm calling the police!
Go ahead, I have
nothing to hide.
Then the world will see what
a complete psycho you are!
What's going on?
Nothing, I'm outta here.
I warned you,
I warned you.
But you don't listen, you go
behind my back and do things...
And now this.
More trouble.
You're just like your mother.
I told my brother, I
said: watch out for her.
But he went ahead and
married her anyway.
And then she killed him...
she killed him...
Daddy deserved it.
What did you say?
He was a monster,
just like you!
Don't you dare talk about
your father that way...
Mama and me, we
barely got away
and then she died and
all I had left was you.
But you're no better!
Am I supposed to stand
here and take this?
From an ugly, pitiful,
ungrateful little
child like you?
Who has nothing!
Who is worthless!
And now you're bringing
evil on this house...
I won't have it.
I want you out now!
You can die in the
street just like
that piece of trash
you called Mama!
Stop it!
Stop it!
I can't thank you enough
for being here today.
It means the world to us.
But now we
must be going.
He's sweeping me off
to Hawaii for two weeks.
Yes, it's all very much
a dream come true.
You ready honey?
Yes, yes I am.
There's no need
to be nervous.
Who said anything
about being nervous?
I love you.
I love you.
[Repeating herself]
I love you!
[Front door opening]
I didn't expect
you home so soon.
You talked about a
day full of errands.
I know.
I was in the
middle of it.
I just-- I just feel terrible
about Jenna and Scott.
Listen, why don't I take
you out to an early dinner?
We can just talk
about everything.
That actually sounds great.
Hey, I got this.
You go do what
you need to do.
Okay, thank you.
What's this?
You tell me.
Are you going on a
sleepover somewhere?
Do not make a
joke about this!
About what?
I don't know
what this is.
This is lipstick.
On your pillow.
And this is not my color.
I would not wear this shade.
There's some cheap
scent on these sheets.
Can you explain
this please?
I can't.
And I don't like
what you're implying.
Listen, I know we're going
through this thing and you may
have grown up with
some trust issues--
Oh, that's not fair!
But I didn't expect to
be accused of cheating
in our first month
of marriage.
Especially since I
didn't do anything!
You know what?
Let's not worry about
going out tonight.
I'll find my own dinner.
Come in, it's open.
Hey sweetie!
If you're here to see
if I'm free for lunch,
I don't think I
can sneak away.
I have a client coming.
Yeah, I bet you've done enough
sneaking around all week.
Excuse me?
You found it,
thank god!
I thought that
I lost this.
I was dreading saying
anything to you.
I found it in
Glenn's pants.
What? That's weird.
Is it?
Were you at our
house yesterday?
With Glenn?
Are you really suggesting that
I'm having an affair with Glenn?
With my best
friend's husband?
You tell me.
I know you still
had a thing for him.
No, I haven't.
I handed him off to you.
Oh, handed him off?
Like sloppy seconds?
You better take a breath,
before I really get upset.
Recognize those?
I found them in our bed.
Where were
you yesterday?
I don't know
what's going on here.
Answer the question.
If you think that I would risk
our friendship for an affair
with Glenn, that
says a lot--
Answer the question!
You need to leave.
Come back when you become
a little more rational.
I think I am
quite rational!
What are the odds
that another woman
has the same earring
and underwear?
Maybe your husband
has a panty fetish.
And maybe he's a thief!
[Doorbell ringing]
[Doorbell ringing]
Please come in.
You didn't have
to do this.
It's just a
small thanks.
So after I stormed
out of Chelsea's place,
I gave Glenn a
chance to come clean,
but he denied it.
So I asked him to leave.
And he did...
The wedding just
seems so distant now,
with everything
that's happened.
You know, it's not
much of a consolation,
but I'm really grateful
that we became friends.
Me, too.
I can't stop
thinking about my mom...
for the past 20 years she
knew my dad was cheating on her,
but she didn't do
anything about it.
She couldn't leave
and I thought,
what self-respect
does she have?
But now that I'm
in this situation,
I don't know what
I'm gonna do.
Do you think you could
ever trust him again?
I know I couldn't.
My darling Glenn, I guess it
was only a matter of time.
After our fun little afternoon
escapade at your house,
we were bound
to be discovered.
But now that we are,
we can tell Marci
how much we've been in
love since grad school.
No more hiding, no
more sneaking around.
It's our time.
With all the love
in my heart,
Eternally yours,
What the hell?
What are you doing
in my house?
On my computer?
She sent me.
You were sleeping
with Glenn.
And she wanted
hard evidence.
So she sent me.
I'm calling
the police.
[Keyboard typing]
[Phone vibrating]
Be right there.
[Door knocking]
No foreplay?
I'm glad you finally got
tired of playing hard to get.
A Detective Moreno
called me?
You Glenn Cooper?
Right this way, please.
Hi there.
Thanks for coming.
There is no next of kin,
but you were listed
on his cell phone
under favorites.
Can you tell me
what this is about?
Your friend is dead.
Where's Chelsea?
I'm afraid
she's dead, too.
I don't understand.
Can I get you some
water or something?
This is gonna
destroy Marci.
Yeah, she's my wife.
She's Chelsea's
best friend.
Can you tell me
what happened?
It looks like Ms. Allen
invited Mr. Harrison over
for some adult activities.
There was an altercation.
He stabbed her
and she shot him.
Their relationship,
was it volatile?
I didn't even know
they had a relationship.
I mean, he was
always hitting on her
and she wanted
nothing to do with it,
or at least
she acted that way.
She had texted him
to come over here.
She had even composed
a love letter to him.
That doesn't
make any sense.
This whole thing, it
just doesn't make sense!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I have to go.
When I'm finished here, I'd like
to come by and talk some more.
And your wife.
You always know
how to kill a mood.
Ashes to ashes...
flush to flush.
Bye daddy.
Honey, the
detective's here.
I'll be there
in a minute.
Can I get
you something?
I'm fine, thanks.
I appreciate you sitting
down with me like this.
Whatever we
can do to help.
My first question:
have either of you
ever known them
to be violent?
Nothing like this.
Tell him.
Tell me what?
Scott was--
Let her speak.
Scott had an
incident last week.
He beat up a woman
that we know.
He denied it.
Was this reported?
No, she was
struggling with that
after he came
and threatened her.
So no, she did
not report it.
All right, so
who is this she?
We're here to help, so if
you have any more questions.
I appreciate it.
I'll just see
myself out.
I can't believe
this is happening...
Neither can I...
I lost a best man and
you lost a best friend.
Yeah, who was cheating
on me with my husband.
We were not
having an affair!
What do I have to
do to prove that?
Yeah well, explain the
lipstick and the sheets.
And the earring
and the panties.
Maybe it was a joke or
they were pranking us?
If it was a stupid prank,
she would have told me
when I went to confront her...
You're right.
I just don't want to
go through this alone.
I promise you this...
We can get through this,
we can clear up this up.
Just let me be with you.
I love you.
[Door knocking]
[Door knocking]
Good morning.
Good morning.
You're Jenna Kravitz?
Detective Moreno.
Everything alright?
Yeah, yeah, I was just
rushing to answer the door.
Well, I'm here to talk
about Scott Harrison.
Mind if I come in?
Oh yeah!
Thank you.
Thank you for coming out
here today, Detective,
but I'm not
filing a report.
So something happened
between you and Mr. Harrison?
I'd rather not
talk about it.
Security footage in front of his
place shows you crying for help.
Look, I don't care
whether you file or not,
I just need to
know what happened.
He made an inappropriate
advance and when I said no,
he went into a
rage and attacked me.
I think he was
frustrated about
what happened
earlier in the day.
What was that?
This woman, Chelsea, had
rejected him at her party
and I don't think it
was the first time.
Maybe mine was one
too many for him.
So he took it out on me.
So Scott and this Chelsea,
they have a history?
Oh yes!
I haven't been
friends with them long,
but they seem to have
this weird game going on.
I think she really
enjoys toying with him.
I don't think she realizes
how much it drives him crazy.
So you haven't heard?
Heard what?
I've been stuck in here
the last few days working.
I think that went
well, don't you?
Despite the fact that you
were being such a snoop!
How you doing?
I'm good...
Is this some sort of joke?
What are you doing here?
No! No! No!
[Phone ringing]
I'm sorry to bother you.
No, it's no bother.
I'm assuming you
talked to the police?
Listen, I'm sorry but...
I had to say
something because,
well, two people
are dead...
No, it's okay.
I would have done
the same thing.
Frankly, I'm more
worried about you.
I mean, Chelsea was
your best friend.
I'm still trying to
make sense of it all.
Nothing makes sense to me.
Me neither.
And I don't know about you, but
I keep having these nightmares.
I keep thinking about Scott
and how that could've been me.
You know, he
could've killed me.
Listen Jenna, he's gone.
He's not gonna
hurt you again, okay?
I just wish these
feelings would go away.
Do you want me
to come over?
It would do me
some good to get out.
As long as it
doesn't cause any trouble.
Yeah, for you and Glenn.
I know he's mad at me
about what I said about Scott.
No, don't worry
about him.
This will just be
between you and I.
He's got enough
on his mind.
Oh, and before I forget,
why don't you bring
your wedding dress?
My wedding dress?
Yeah, it's for the
preservation process.
It's part of the package.
Auntie told me
to remind you...
Right, okay sure.
See you soon.
Okay, bye.
[Door knocking]
Let me take that.
I've set us up in here.
Is your aunt around?
I would like to thank her.
Oh, she's out.
Her weekly bridge game.
A friend comes
and picks her up.
Yeah... tea?
Tea is fine.
It's a beautiful set.
It's Auntie's.
Like everything.
So, how's
Glenn doing?
As good as anyone can in
this situation, I guess.
And you?
Not as well.
You know, I must admit
I was a bit surprised
that he moved
back in with you
after our conversation
the other day.
How did you
know about that?
Uh, you mentioned it
on the phone earlier.
I did?
My head has just
been really twisted.
So how are you
and Glenn doing?
Well, he's swears that
nothing is going on,
so I'm starting
to believe him.
And given the fact that Scott
and Chelsea were found together,
there has to be another
explanation, right?
Maybe she was sleeping
with both of them?
I don't think so...
Your best friend dies and
you just give him a free pass?
I'm not giving
him a free pass.
Can I just be honest?
That is
completely misguided.
You can't let him back in,
or you'll lose 20 years
just like your poor mama.
Thank you for
your concern.
I thought this visit was
about you and your fears?
Oh, yes.
Thank you so much.
What? What's wrong?
Your perfume?
It's very distinctive.
What is it?
I've used it for years.
Thank you very much for
the tea, that was lovely
but I have to go.
You're leaving?
But I'm not done talking.
I haven't told you
about all my problems.
I know, there's
just some...
some arrangements
that I have to make.
Well you can't leave.
I'm not done talking and
you're being quite rude.
I have to go...
So you can ruin
What are you
talking about?
You were never good
enough for Glenn...
It was you...
Shhh, just go to sleep.
Good girl.
[Phone ringing]
Oh, look!
It's your lover.
That's okay...
he's mine!
Leave a message!
Call me as soon
as you get this.
No, it's not ready!
[Muffled noises]
I'm here!
I'm here!
I'm here, I'm gonna
get you out!
It'll be okay, Glenn.
It'll be okay.
Looks like somebody needs
some more of Auntie's medicine.
Oh don't worry,
he'll be alright.
I'll make sure he gets
a happily ever after.
Okay, come on.
Bye-bye, Marci.
What the hell?
Oh good, you're
finally getting up.
We have a big
night ahead.
Where's Marci?
What did you do to her?
Sadly, she's gone.
The loss of her best friend and
the inability to reconcile
with her estranged husband
led her to take her own life.
Please somebody help me!
Anybody, help!
It's just us.
Nobody can hear
you way out here.
But don't worry, I've
taken care of everything.
Just like we planned.
I didn't plan
anything with you.
Of course you did.
You think I could've put
all this together on my own?
I love you.
I want you
to be my first.
I want to be your wife and I
know you want to be my husband.
You're crazy.
Why do men always say that?
Men always demand so much
and then when you show them
just how much you love
them, they call you crazy!
I don't know how you could think
I would agree to all of this--
Because you love me!
You told me how much you want
us to live a life together.
Just wait.
I'll be back in jiff!
Oh, stop!
Stop, you gotta stop!
Geez, are you okay?
You gotta take me
down this hill.
I gotta call the police,
my husband's in trouble.
Just down this hill.
I hope you're ready for me!
Wedding March
This is insane!
Shhh... it's starting.
We do.
Can we please stop this?
It's okay to be nervous.
Everybody gets nervous.
It's just pre-wedding jitters.
This isn't jitters!
I don't want this!
But you said that you loved me.
I never said that!
I love Marci.
Don't say her name.
I could never love
someone like you!
Don't say such things!
Marci is my wife!
Stop! Stop!
Not you, not some
pathetic dressmaker!
I thought you
were different.
I thought things
would be different.
But you're
ruining everything!
I didn't mean to, okay?
You just need some help.
I need you.
I love you.
But you tied me up, you're
forcing me to marry you.
Do you know what it's like
to know that there's someone
out there you love but
doesn't love you back?
I can't live that way.
We can talk about this.
But you made your choice.
In fact, you made
it quite clear.
Just calm down, okay?
Maybe I can learn
to love you.
That's not love!
I'm sorry, Glenn.
It's just the way
it has to be.
No, please!
[Door knocking]
If you say anything...
What do you want?
What do you want?
She's coming.
Get out of here!
It's okay.
We're alone now,
it's just us.
Now, where were we?
Where is she?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Maybe this will
draw her out.
It's over.
I've called the police,
they're on their way.
Auntie said it'd never
happen, but it did.
I've had my
great love story.
What're you talking about?
He never loved you!
For a little
while, he did.
And you can never take
that away from me...
Where is she?
She was right here!
Come on, we've gotta get out.
Oh my god...
[Police sirens]
How are you
feeling, honey?
Just happy to be home.
You know, after
we got married,
I never carried you
across the threshold.
You know, ancient
cultures believed
it would prevent bad
luck and evil spirits.
Oh really?
Well I guess
we'd better do it.
Yeah, you've gotta
turn and look at her.
Yeah, ugh.
Karen, I need the fifty mil.
Karen, snap out of it.
I need the fifty mil.
All right, let's go again.
Lots and lots of love now.
Like that!
[Camera Snap]