Psychobitch (2019) Movie Script

Hell! Cock, that is!
Have you seen my English task?
It's over there.
- It was me.
- Dad's the thief.
- Sorry, buddy.
- It's fine.
I couldn't help myself.
I had to take a look.
It's been really good.
Your English is ...
That's a grown-up.
- I know a lot of English, too.
- You know what?
When you grow as big as Marius, -
- you'll be at least as good.
like him in English. Think about it.
- Why is she standing up on the roof?
- She just wants attention.
What's going on?
It's Frida. She's on the roof.
Just look.
Is it so much fun on top of there?
Does she have nothing better to do?
I've heard she go to a psychologist.
- She's been trying to kill hers before.
- Serr?
- Are you kidding?
- It's true.
Not even did she.
It's not funny!
- Must be allowed to.
- It's a pity for her.
Why are they taking Cecilie out there?
What can she do?
They're cousins. Maybe that's why.
Okay, today we're going to start.
to think about their future.
For next year
start in high school.
I'm sure a lot of people have thought about it.
Already. It's nice.
You have to think about what type
upper secondary and what lines -
- you want to apply for.
You need to find out what's required.
to get in ...
Frida, what are you going to do?
- Get out.
Now we have an appointment.
I'm not going to school next year,
so there's no point.
Of course you're going to school.
No, I'm leaving.
Wait. Frida!
What the hell was that?
Listen up.
We'll continue where we left off.
I brought brochures
as you can read ...
- Who were you going to go with?
Adrian, i'm sorry.
- And you brought...?
- Elijah.
- The prom, who would you wear?
- Trym.
Okay, thank you.
Prom, were you going to go with Lea?
Lea has been asked
by both Kjetil and Marius.
Didn't get together.
at the polonese exercise now?
Yes, but last time I went
with Kjetil and then with Marius now.
- I'm glad if you could make up your mind.
- I'll figure it out.
We need it so we can get planned ...
Relax! She said
that she should decide.
I'm relaxing, but it's not
so easy to plan a prom.
Not so easy to choose either.
What if she rushes it?
and choose errors?
Just let me know, okay?
Yes, just wait two seconds.
What am I going to do
after the tasks on the weekly schedule?
At the bottom of the weekly schedule, there is an extra
tasks you can do -
- if you finish.
with the mandatory ones.
- Yes, Marius?
- I have a suggestion.
Since this is an important time in mind
grades and high school, -
I thought about study groups.
I know they had it in the tenth last year.
You team up two and two and help
before tests and submissions.
It's a nice suggestion.
You see what I mean...
Marius? Do you have two seconds?
How nice you had time for a quick chat.
You brought this up with study groups.
It's a great proposition.
I don't know how to do it,
but I have thought that ...
That's one thing.
I want to ask you if ...
The reason I want to
to ask exactly you, is because -
- you are without a doubt
a resource person in the class.
- I don't know.
- Yes, it must be allowed to say.
What I want to ask you is-
- if you could be
group with Frida.
- Yes, i'm sorry.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Those who went in the tenth last year, -
- chose group themselves.
I know they did.
The reason I'm asking about it, -
- is that Frida is relatively new in class.
You know she's struggling at school.
and have had a hard time.
I thought that a group of study with you
would be good for her.
- Yes, i'm sorry.
- Okay?
Good, Marius.
Pace, guys!
Come on, Trym!
Don't ice in winter get a little wrong?
Ice is never wrong. That's just the way it is.
- Is that the best thing in the world?
- Ice? Yes...
I think so, or.
No better than sex.
What do you know about that?
You haven't either.
- I'll fuck before you, then.
- You think so?
- I don't think so, Sorry.
- I think so.
- At least if you end up with Lea.
- What do you mean?
I mean...
She's said she'll wait.
I heard it from Samira.
Fucking too bad for you.
She's waiting for me.
- I think she's waiting for Kjetil.
- Kjetil, yes.
Just wait. I'll get her.
Yo, guys.
- Call me when it happens.
-Should it. "Hey, Trym ..."
Hey, guys!
What is it?
Think of me.
I'm supposed to never fuck.
- What do you mean?
- Because...
- You know I'm a Muslim.
- Yes, i'm sorry.
The thing is, we're not fucking.
But we-
- love!
Make love!
- It's not.
You're just talking piss.
It's not.
Ask anyone.
- Whatever, i'm sorry.
- It's better.
You over there who eat hamburger.
Isn't it much better to love
than just banging?
- You don't have to answer.
- Why are you running away?
- That's embarrassing.
- What do you mean?
We're in a group.
We're in a group!
We're in a school.
People work and concentrate.
You shouldn't shout like that.
Do you bother to open?
Why that?
Because I want to get in.
You don't want to.
No, no, no, no, no, no
Then I'll just go.
Damn it!
Are you getting mad?
Yes, maybe a little.
Look there!
I didn't know that.
What then?
That you love dick so much.
Have I done you anything?
What's the deal?
You're just in a group with me.
because you were asked to.
Was it so funny?
I think it's fun.
when people are jugs.
Come on, i'm going to go.
I'll let you in.
if you admit that you are jugting.
Okay, all right, I was fine.
I was asked to do so.
otherwise I wouldn't be here.
I was a little happy now.
I mean, when you're jugs, -
- it means you're not just boring.
You don't know everything about me.
I think you're mostly -
- a nice boy.
One that makes -
- what you should do.
You should be a little less rapped.
The rap?
Isn't that how you said.
in the 1950s?
Maybe people had bothered
to hang out voluntarily.
You think you know everything about me.
Tell me something, then.
Tell me one of the crazy things
you're doing.
I don't bother.
to list that for you here.
- You get it, don't you?
- Yes, yes.
Because it's going to be a sickly long list.
Oh, my God.
If you can't say anything,
Can't you show me anything?
What would it be?
That's it, for example.
Au! Fuck!
All right, just hit.
Just finish it.
Hello. Are you with a charger today?
Yes. In the bag.
The bottom room.
Seriously, it didn't happen.
It didn't happen.
What are you doing?
What does it look like?
- We have a study group.
- I don't bother.
Seriously, that one
you can't tell anyone.
I can tell you what I want to do to who I want.
No, I mean it.
I mean that, too. Move!
I hope you get it.
- Who the fuck do you think you are?
- You can't.
- Let me out!
- it!
- off!
- Relax!
Fucking psychobitch!
Marius was just going to help Frida.
and be nice.
It's clearly not safe.
Suddenly it clicked for her.
- She just flew at him.
- She's pooping... Yyyy!
She picked up a sack.
and hit him in the face.
What was he going to do?
She picked up a sack.
And only ...
- Right in the face.
- It wasn't like that.
- It was like that.
- It was even worse.
She picked up the bag like that...
Right in his face.
What's the problem?
What is it now?
You never know what she's making up.
Now pull together.
Are you ready?
We're targeting our backs.
-Also, we say "Ice Age"!
- Ice age!
- Who posted it there?
- I don't know. We saw it now.
- You know.
- There's so many people who've shared it.
It's not nice to Frida.
It was just funny.
and not hurtment intended.
Everyone's seen it.
Seriously, who posted the video?
We don't know.
Who shared it?
She's having a fucking hard time.
She's been trying to kill herlife.
The caller you can't be reached...
Marius, it's your turn.
- Yes, i'm sorry.
If you're trying to turn the other way?
That's the way it is. And then you look at that.
Then you'll fix yourself a little bit.
And then it was full on the card. Sorry.
That's the way it is. Then I'm ready.
- Ready?
- Yes, i'm sorry.
Straighten up like that. Good.
Then we smile.
Real smile. There, yes.
Then we try one with teeth.
Is there anyone here?
No, fuck!
Excuse! Sorry!
Frida, it wasn't meant to be.
What the hell are you doing?
- I called. No one answered.
- Then you go straight in?
Hell... I thought maybe
you tried to kill your life.
I'm bathing.
I'm going to go now.
I'm just going to have my shoes.
They're at the porch.
You mean, Tuesday's drunk?
Gotta watch out.
- There's Marius!
- Hey, Marius.
Talking about the sun, it shines.
Come and say hello.
We make sushi. Come with me.
No, I'll eat later.
I'll let you hang on without me.
Have you beaten up?
What is it?
- I fell on the ice at the bus shelter.
- Let's see, then.
It's nothing bad.
It wasn't hurting.
Pl has bragged about
how good you've become in English.
Maybe you've beaten it.
out of your head?
No, I think most of it is in place.
It wasn't that hard.
"So you still understand us?"
"Yes, I understand you perfectly."
That's nothing.
You're going to hear the vocabulary he has.
What was the word I didn't think of.
as you could?
- Chandelier?
- Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Okay, what's called "dryer"?
It would have come in handy.
You can?
-"Tumble dryer."
- Very good.
- Agriculture.
- Here our farmer woke up!
- Okay, come on then.
- Can you?
It's hard!
"Stock broker."
"Bunk bed."
And on a resume we also have
called "other experience."
There you can type
about something you've done-
- or something you've experienced,
as an addition to all the other.
Yes, Frida?
If I've experienced
that someone breaks in with me-
- and come into the bathroom
where I lie naked in the bath.
Is there anything I can write there?
No, it's going to be something a little bit different.
What they're looking for here,
is work experience.
Then I think we've been through.
the most important thing.
What the fuck is your thing?
- What do you mean?
- I'm not a fucking browser!
- No, i'm not...
- No, no, no, no, no, So in the world!
- Yes, i'm sorry.
- Yes, i'm sorry.
I was wondering one thing.
What do you think?
You saw me naked, like.
I just-
- wondered if you think I looked good.
Or not.
I don't know. What I saw ...
It was ...
I don't know. I didn't see that carefully.
Can we quit now, please?
Okay. It's just you
that breaks you in, but ...
Excuse me, okay?
Sorry for ... Alt.
But can we just quit now?
I mean it.
But I have to see you naked, then.
You got to see me naked,
Then I'll have to see you naked.
No. It's not happening.
All of it?
Yes, that's what's naked.
Come on, then.
Yes, all right.
Turn off.
What were you really thinking
you were going to do?
If you found me dead in the bath?
I don't know.
I was hoping to come before that.
I'm not naked for long.
You don't have to.
How stupid do you think I am, really?
I don't think you're a jerk.
That's good.
Who do you think had won
if the two of us had fought?
If all was allowed, then.
And you were sickly pissed off.
And there was a fight on life and death.
Which of the two of us had survived?
Both, I hope.
Are you sure about that?
I don't know.
Are you sure?
Let's see how strong you are, then.
- Have you become a rapist? What's going on?
- No, no, no, no, no,
I don't get it.
What exactly is it?
I'm just a little restless.
I haven't trained.
Just that.
Shall we continue?
Are you going to get ready soon?
- Yes, i'm sorry.
- Good, i'm sorry.
Marius, I'll go and drive out the car.
Yes, yes.
Marius! Are you coming, or?
Yes, yes.
Is that me you're looking for?
It looked more like
that you were the one who looked for me.
I had to see how you looked.
in that condom suit.
- What do you think?
- It looked cramped.
Are you just going to stand there?
- High, that is.
- Yes, i'm sorry.
Oh, damn it!
You can't do that!
Don't keen on a swim now,
I know.
You never regret a bath, then.
Shall we swim in a cape?
What do you mean?
Are you ready?
One, two ...
- Yes, yes!
-, that is.
Grattis, then.
You let me win.
- Or I'd have crushed you.
- Then we'll do it again.
Now we're going to be underwater.
- Underwater all the way over there?
- Halfway, at least.
OK, you start to change
on the rules of winning?
- Yes, is that a problem?
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no
That's good.
- Shall we start under the water?
- Yes, I'll count to three underwater.
Can you move aside?
We're going to have training here now.
- There you are, yes.
- Yes, i'm sorry.
Can't you make him play for us?
- Why that?
- We need waiting music.
- Hey, i'm sorry.
- Hey, i'm sorry.
Could you please
to do us a little favor?
Playing a little for us?
No, I have to go now.
- Just one song?
- No, I can't.
What the fuck?
Is that the best thing you can do?
- Hey, i'm sorry.
- Hey, i'm sorry.
You'll get 10 kroner if you play.
I'm going to have 100.
- You get 20.
- No, no, no, no, no, 100.
That's what it costs.
I'm good, you see.
You're good, yes.
I've actually got 2000
once to play.
- Wow, i'm sorry.
- Yes, i'm sorry.
How much is your hat worth? 100?
Get the hat!
- You'll get it back if you play.
- Frida...
- Come on, i'm going to go.
- Yes, come on!
- Get the hat.
- Give him the hat.
Don't you want music now?
Yes, but ...
What the fuck?
Do you have to be a jerk?
Do you have to be nice?
He's ten, sort of.
Get the hat, then! Fuck it!
- Get the hat!
- Let go!
- you!
- You're ruining it!
- You took it, so fuck in.
- Let go!
Let it go!
Is it true that you're leaving next year?
I thought about it a little bit when you said it.
I'd be hot, then.
No, here. Hello! India.
They have sacred cows there.
You like cows too, so it's a great fit.
- Is there anything wrong with that?
- No, no, no, no, no,
Maybe cows are
much kuuuler than I think.
It was seriously bad.
Made you laugh, then.
- No, no, no, no, no,
- I see you smiling.
- I don't.
- Not that, no!
Now it was just before
your bathroom-ass image smoke.
Now you have to watch out.
Damn it!
Come on!
Come on!
I'll quit.
Can I ask you one thing?
Why -
- Did you want to kill your life, really?
I don't really know, so ...
Everyone's going to know the reason.
How and why did you do it?
Who hit you when you were a kid?
It's not just one thing.
I get it.
Sometimes -
- I wish I wish.
that there was only one thing.
It would have been sick much easier.
Just say that:
"My uncle drinks and beats me."
Actually, it's just very messy.
Most of all -
I started to think I was bad.
Or unsuccessful, more than everyone else.
I don't think you're a failure.
I mean, you beat me in swimming.
But I don't think
you're unsuccessful anyway.
You're different, in a good way.
You are ... Cool.
- Like a cow?
- Yes, i'm sorry.
I'll show you a video.
Which shows how cool cows actually are.
Look now.
- It's a good dance move.
- Yes, i'm sorry.
A little out of step, just,
but otherwise it's good.
You, have you tried it once?
- What then?
- Dance out of step.
No, I don't think so.
Okay, first we dance to this one.
Then we keep beat, -
- and eventually I'll change songs.
And then we have to keep the pace of the song.
So we're going to dance to this all the time,
keep the rhythm?
Come on!
Ok? And then I change.
I came out of it completely.
We'll try again.
Let's do it.
And then switch.
Wait a minute.
I just have to think about the other one.
Okay, think of the other one.
- Yes, i'm sorry.
- Now we have it!
Are we like those cows now?
Is there anyone there?
Oh, fuck!
It's locked.
Fuck that, then!
It's the guard.
Yes, what's your plan?
Jump down?
There must be another way down here.
It's open.
- Do you need help?
- No, it's all right.
Yes, we're running out! Came!
What are you doing?
Stay here.
Wait! Come back!
How did you get into school?
- It was open.
- It was open?
What's your name?
Eh... Martin.
Do you have credentials, "Martin"?
- No, no, no, no, no,
- No id?
You're not Martin.
Come on, then!
Damn it!
Oh, my God.
That's the sickest
I've been a part of it.
Yes, but, you ...
I'm really going that way, I, so...
I'm really going there.
We'll talk, then?
Excuse. I'll just put it here.
- Yes, i'm sorry. Thanks.
- That's it.
- Have you gone to bed?
- Yes, i'm sorry. I was a little tired and tired ...
Oh, you're not bad?
- No, no, no, no, no,
- You look hot.
It's fine.
- Oh, my God, you're totally sweaty!
- No, I'm fine.
- Have you slept with open windows?
- No, they've been closed.
Here it actually draws properly,
it blows right in.
- Mom...
- Pl, can't you come here for a minute?
- I'm just going to ask him to look at it.
- Does he have to look at it now?
You, feel along the window there, it's
cold right there where he sleeps.
- Have you fallen ill?
- Feel there.
No, not really.
- This isn't that dangerous.
- I thought it was so cold there.
- Here, you know, here it's cold.
- There it is, you know.
- What are you doing?
- Marius's so cold.
- Are you cold?
- We have to take that now. You can not freeze ...
Yes, but hello!
Damn it!
- I'm sorry.
- No, it's all right.
Yes, but then say it!
Yes, what is, is that ...
I really want to
to go to prom with you.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes.
- Yes, i'm sorry.
Yes, that's good.
Yes, were you happy?
- Yes, very.
- That's good.
We can't have anything like that.
We can't have it like that.
- that people come here in the evenings
and engage in violence and vandalism.
If anyone has seen anything,
you have to tell me.
- either to me or to inspector.
Then we'll leave it alone, and then you can
continue with the self-project.
Yes, it's one, so...
Just go, you.
I got a little like that.
- bad now really, me.
Oh yes.
Yes, but did you get sick?
I don't know.
I think it was the pizza.
Just got a little like that...
The little ugg.
How boring.
Yes, it's shit, but...
- It's all right?
- Yes, i'm sorry. Or...
Got really the ugg like that.
I almost think I'm just going to be
should tussle home.
Yes, yes.
You can't go home alone.
when you're sick.
I can follow you well.
To? Yes, but you don't need that.
Yes, I want to.
All right, all right.
But -
- You don't live-
- Really there?
The. Course.
- I'm totally sour.
- Oh, i'm sorry. It's not good.
I hope it'll pass soon.
Yes, I'll just have to go home and go to bed.
This will be the last exercise we get
for polonese before the prom.
On the day itself, we're going to go ...
And then we start the polo nose here.
and goes ...
There, family and friends shall stand
and take pictures, so it's important to smile.
We share the pairs drill test,
and then we walk in a circle.
But you can.
We've gone through this a lot.
We are very excited
and hope you do.
Can we wear shoes inside the gym?
We've brought it up with the principal.
and the management ...
Hello. Let's start now.
Yes, you'll have fun, then.
It's the last rehearsal before the ball,
so you should be in it.
There's a certain chance I'll drop.
the whole amazing ball.
It's mandatory.
You have to join us, if you don't get an absence.
Absence? Shit! Fuck! Hell!
Thank you who says that.
I didn't know ball was a subject.
- I told you Krokan. I guess you heard that.
- You should have told you before.
- I'll tell you now!
- You've eaten almost the whole ice.
Damn it!
There is a difference between -
- Krokan and the almonds!
Are you still sick?
No, relax, it's fine.
I got the wrong sprinkle, okay?
He's just mad.
because he's not allowed to fuck Lea.
I see there's something that bothers you.
It's just that ...
You're going to think
that I'm weird.
Get sharpened up, tell me.
I mean, the thing is...
I sleep fucking badly about then.
I'm just stressing with everything, sort of.
With school and training and ...
Hello. It's ten minutes.
until the store closes. Come on, i'm going to go.
- Yes, come on!
- I'm coming.
Yo, you're sure
that there is nothing else?
I... think you're so nice.
But you're too, then.
Marius, now the others are here!
- I'm just going to change, and I'll come.
- I'm just going down.
- It was nice.
- Look at Catrine!
She is the daughter of Karsten and Grete.
Guri, she looks like it! Great.
- The school photos have arrived.
- Yes, Marius!
You will certainly see the picture of Lea,
where did we have it?
That, and it ...
Incredibly beautiful date you've got yourself.
Great picture, Lea.
Where were we?
Here was Catrine.
You're sitting that way, are you?
It was because of the wound. I had to
sit that way, it became too clear.
- You stand out well.
- You do.
Is that so good then?
Isn't that a little silly?
Everyone else sits one way,
and then there is one that ...
Did she apologize at all?
- Yes, i'm sorry.
- What was that?
- If Frida apologized.
- What would Frida apologize for?
Because she beat Marius.
Was it hurt there that Frida hit you?
Yes, it was absolutely sick.
It's not the end of the world,
it's fine.
- But it's going to have consequences.
- Consequences?
That you have to sit the other way
and hide half your face.
- Oh, my God!
- It was violent, was it?
I guess it doesn't matter if I
sitting with your head facing here or there?
- No one wants to see it.
- I see it now.
Are you going to order all the portraits and
hang them in a row and row on the wall?
No. I thought so.
Let's go.
Hello, what's going on?
- I see there's something.
- Yes, he just left.
Why that?
I don't know.
He doesn't usually be so.
- You know what's going on with him?
- No, no, no, no, no,
You know what's the thing, right?
Marius, it's Lea.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Just two seconds.
We can do it well.
If you want.
What then?
We don't need that.
I will.
I want to.
I just want you to be happy.
But i.e. ...
Trym going to play now ...
Can't we just wait then?
Just take it later?
I've bought a big bag and shape grease.
Lea, wait!
Trym, Trym...!
You were good.
- You were.
- How long have you gone to the piano?
- Ten years.
- Going to the piano?
- You're taking piano lessons.
- Yes, you go to the piano.
Why don't you want to have sex with Lea?
Why don't you want to have sex with Lea?
Do you hear yourself now?
Lea thinks you don't like her anymore.
What the fuck?
Do you?
Yes, of course.
Is it so fucking weird she thinks so
when you reject her that way?
- What are you talking about?
- You didn't want to fuck her.
Trym was going to play.
"Trym was going to play"?
Is that the one you're going to fuck?
- Hello!
- Fuck, it was on the shit, okay?
- Yes, yes, yes, yes.
- Yes, i'm sorry.
What's the problem?
Is it forbidden to think that it is a little -
- Strange to fuck that lady here?
- Is that the only reason?
- Yes, i'm sorry.
It was Lea who wanted to wait.
No more.
No, okay.
That's good then.
I'm home alone, so ...
I've changed sheets, so everything's clean.
Shall we see ...
There's music there if you need it.
- Are you going to get help?
- Oh, my God, get sharpened up, go out!
Isn't this a little like that.
- Strange?
It's okay with me.
If you want, then.
- Yes, i'm sorry.
- Cool.
Enjoy yourself.
It's going well.
- Here it smells waffles.
- Yes, i'm sorry.
- Before dinner?
- Don't blame me. Cecilie's idea.
- Hungry?
- Stop!
Are you all right?
Yes, yes.
- It doesn't hurt?
- No, no.
It's going well.
Do you think they're doing it yet?
We need to hear then!
I don't think they do.
- Oh, my God, that's private!
- We don't hear anything.
-I don't think they do.
-It's probably just so bad.
Leave them alone.
It's private.
- They're fucking!
- Come on, Trym.
The boy's grown up!
Lea, details, now.
Was it delicious?
What happened?
- It went smoothly.
- Was he good?
It sounded better than just fine.
Did you get an orgasm?
At least someone in there had an orgasm.
What the fuck?
- Was it painful?
- Did you push her?
What the fuck is your problem?
She just pushed me.
Was it hard?
Did you get hurt?
A little, but it's fine.
- You didn't get scared?
- No, no.
I guess it's really her.
it's most sorry for.
Yes, I agree with that.
Who's that sorry?
There's only one girl at school.
who pushed me a little.
Why is it a pity for her
if she pushed you?
Because she's a little sick.
inside his head, so ...
Then I understand.
yes, he's sitting here.
What? Vandalism?
This is certainly not
the Marius I know normal.
I didn't think it was true when the guard was
recognized you in the class picture.
Yes, are you going to say something?
What is it to say?
Tell me what you said to me.
I can say that.
You want me to tell you?
It was like that.
- that it was she... Frida
who is having a little mentally tough.
She was the one who did this right.
and delete, and who pulled Marius along to it.
Wasn't it?
Is that right? Because we know it was
a girl who was in too.
You, now you have to answer.
I nod.
Yes, it was Frida.
Ok. Good.
So I had to tell you a little, -
- but At least I think
We've saved your grades.
Then we'll have to take everything else eventually.
and hope that it works out.
I think it must be said that it is very
good how you've taken this, Marius.
You regret what you've done.
Not everyone had the ability
to walk in itself that way.
Oh, my God, Dad!
- I've snitched and done vandalism.
- You haven't snitched.
I have, and then maybe it's not
praise what you should come up with now.
Was it bragging?
- You're bragging about everything I do.
- No, I don't.
Yes, you do.
- It's pretty sick.
- Marius!
It's not good to get bragging
all fucking time.
No, I understand that.
That's great, then.
You're right about it.
It's not good to get bragging all the time.
I didn't see it that way.
It's good that you point it out.
- It's impressive adult of you.
- Fuck you, you're bragging again!
Don't you hear that?
I just meant to say you saw something like
not I saw. It wasn't meant to ...
Is it possible?!
- Can I go to the bathroom?
- Yes, i'm sorry.
- You...
- Don't touch me!
Can we only talk for two seconds?
What are you going to say?
I mean...
That you were gossiping
and that you are cowardly and...
I know that from before, so...
It's so easy for you.
Obviously hard for you,
Maybe so,
but now I'm not like you.
I can't just fly around and be ...
What then?
Psycho? Or?
That's what you want to be, too.
"Will be"?
Yes, isn't it?
No? You know what? There are
Damn what you want!
You want to be the one there like no one.
i understand, who's got it shit and dark.
Damn it, damn piss it is!
You want to be the one there-
- that everyone feels sorry for,
which is sour and angry and weird all the time.
You love to be different.
You love being a psychobitch.
I mean, you could have tried to be normal.
See how easy it is in relation.
Normal? That's what you are, right?
- I can't shit everything, like you.
- You can't shit anything!
That's just the way you are.
You don't even dare talk to me!
- Now you have to learn to stay away.
- You need to shut up a little more.
- Have you forgotten to take your pill today?
- Yes, I have.
You have to take that.
He's not in love with you.
It's a little weird,
because he's kissing on me.
Now you can go!
Relax, then.
Fuck, that is,!
Go away.
Yes, it's all right.
Yes, you're absolutely sure of that?
For I can also exit
and take it in the morning, but ...
No, but it's fine.
Because... Cecilie's here,
and we eat waffles, so ...
Oh! No, so cozy, then.
Yes, but it's nice.
-Then we've solved it.
- Yes, i'm sorry. Ok. Bye
Come to rest.
Now we have something-
- very sad and serious
to tell you.
That's why
that I brought my nurse, Tone.
Maybe I can just say that.
right away.
Yesterday we were told-
- that Frida had tried
to take your own life.
What is important to say,
is that it went well.
Luckily, she couldn't do it.
But it's very painful-
- to think about frida
have had so hard.
I think it's important.
that we spend time together today -
- and talk about
how we really have it.
What I think is a little nice, then,
is that both Frida and her mother ...
They are the ones who dare to open up,
which are the ...
Marius, just come and sit down
on a chair here.
Make room for him.
We've just begun.
to talk.
Trym, you can't say what you said
again, because it was so nice.
I said -
- that they are the ones who dare to talk about
how they are doing, which is the toughest.
Being able to vent what may be
painful and difficult, -
- it can also be very good.
Often when I'm sad and sad, -
- it's only getting worse.
if I don't talk to anyone about it.
Then it's very nice.
being able to say it here now, right?
I went to a psychologist once, -
- and I'm considering doing it more,
because it was delicious in a way.
I also think it's very good
that it is not -
- so much pressure that boys don't either
should talk about emotions.
I think so, too.
It's actually very important.
Before, I didn't want that.
people should know if I had a good time.
But it's pretty stupid,
so I stopped doing it.
- If I feel like i'm doing it now, I'll tell you.
- That's good.
Damn it...
Is it about doing
to have the worst possible time now suddenly?
- No, no, no, no, no,
- It seems a little like that, then.
What is important today is that we are
a little open about how we're doing.
You should try it.
It seems like you're struggling a little bit.
Struggling? Isn't that good, then?
Now I think we should calm down a little bit.
Is it bad to have a bad time,
or is it good?
People are sitting here.
and say they're in a bad way, -
- because it's right and good to say now.
- Get sharpened up.
- You want me to sharpen up?
I'm sure you'd say you're fucking sheep.
if it gave you a crow.
- What the fuck is the deal now?
- My thing? What's your thing?
Why do you get mad
every time we talk?
I don't understand your thing!
- What's going on with him?
- I don't know.
You want me to take you to training?
Is that it with -
- she Frida you're thinking?
I understand you think it's
very difficult. I get it well.
With everything that has happened and ...
Thinking that this is your fault,
you just don't have to do.
- That's it.
- No, no, no, no, no,
It's very complicated stuff, that is.
There are many reasons why she is like that.
and do the way she does.
It has nothing to do with you.
- Yes, i'm sorry.
- No, no, no, no, no,
She's sick, Marius.
I think you should get out into the track.
and get your thoughts a little air.
It doesn't help with a fucking ski trip!
I feel guilty, okay?
- But you don't have to have that.
- Yes, i'm sorry. Can I just be a little at peace?
- I'm just trying to help you.
- But I don't want it!
Don't you get that?
I don't want any more of it.
Can you go?
Yes, but ...
I'm going to lie here.
and have a hell of a. Do you get it?
- Get out of here!
- I can help you.
But, damn it, is it possible? Out!
Get the fuck out of here!
Ski heel vete..
Fucking shit!
Not... No, go.
Out! Go out!
- Wait a minute. Can we talk for two seconds?
- Go! No!
- Get out of here!
- Wait, then.
Seriously, come on.
No, get out.
Damn it, wait!
I'm not afraid.
to call the police, that is.
No, then do it.
Yes, is that what you want?
No, but ...
Yes, here you go.
She's going to do it.
- All right, all right.
- I don't bother to stop her, so...
I don't know that.
Have you been so tough now all of a sudden?
Marius, can't you just go?
We were actually doing something here.
Why don't you just go?
- What then? Try dresses or?
- Yes, i'm sorry.
I didn't think you were going to the prom.
I kind of thought.
that you were going out and going out like that.
Weren't you going to India.
and look at those cows ...
Stop! Go -
- get out of here! Go!
I'm in love with you.
No, you're not.
- Yes, i'm sorry.
- No, no, no, no, no,
- Yes, I mean it.
- No, no, no, no, no,
I mean it.
I'm not in love with you.
You have one more chance
to go now.
You mean that?
Don't go.
What's going on?
No, I don't know.
What's going on?
Lea's pretty scared now.
Why that?
Because you behave strangely,
if I can say it that way.
Is Lea somehow afraid of Marius?
Actually, it's not funny.
You're shity and you're going to fight with Trym,
then she gets all the questions afterwards.
"What happens to Marius?"
How much fun is that, sort of?
I've apologized to Trym.
We've been swaying up.
How about apologizing to Lea?
You behaved.
? It was lovely!
If it's lovely that Lea may not
will go to the ball with him longer, so!
Let's talk to her, then.
What are you going to say?
That you have behaved "lovely"?
What the fuck?
I think Lea needs to hear.
that you should sharpen up.
I just wanted to say-
- I'm sorry I-
- acted like an asshole.
Yes! Damn ready!
Welcome to prom 2019!
You look amazing,
all of them.
In here, family and friends are waiting for
to see you as beautiful and nice as you are.
So we'll do the way we've been practicing.
Now first we go in there for the polo nose.
After that, we go up to the cafeteria
for food and even more fastening.
... Marius, just stop, please.