Psychos (2017) Movie Script

Leomark Studios and
Sunset Blvd Films present
dont you know
remember how we used to say
Police, anybody home?
Coming in.
There's blood on the rug.
were miles apart,
youll regret someday
Take a look.
Ah, shit.
Yeah, this is rough.
Father God please forgive us
for what we may find.
What the hell's all this?
youll feel blue,
youll feel sad
- I'm gonna check the
upper floor.
Patrol, this is squad three,
we need an ambulance unit
dispatched immediately.
639 Belina Court, Pasadena.
We have a male,
possible mid-50s,
weak pulse, badly mutilated.
Send a back up unit like now.
- Earlier today,
authorities uncovered
a gruesome scene
here in Pasadena.
A woman was found
bludgeoned to death
in her bedroom closet,
and an unidentified male
was found in the garage
with a shattered skull.
The third victim, 56
year old Larry Thornhill
was dismembered and is currently
in critical condition.
A suspect is in custody
and has confessed to
the grisly murders.
Their identity is
being withheld.
And then the monkey toed girl
climbed up the tree
in the big, beautiful,
mystical Amazon jungle,
and she climbed and she,
hey, I said,
- This is my ball.
Essa, Essa.
Stop it or I'm gonna
lock you in the closet.
Okay, come with me.
What's going on?
What was that all about?
Wait here guys.
- We don't threaten
to lock children
in the closets, first of all.
That is not tolerated here.
I know.
I'm afraid it's time for you
to pack up your stuff.
No, you can't.
I mean, these kids,
they need me.
I don't think you're ready
to work around kids.
I'm not gonna let myself
be disrespected by
these little kids.
You need help, dear.
What, a shrink?
I'm running a business,
and I can't have that here.
Sorry, it's not personal, dear.
It's okay.
I understand.
I don't belong here anyways.
Thanks for everything, though.
- I'm sorry, did
we have an appointment?
- Yeah, oh, you wanted
to see me after class?
Oh, yes.
- About my performance
in anatomy.
Look, let me just say that
surgery is not for everyone.
Seriously, half the people
in this class
will be gone before midterms.
It takes a certain,
A certain what?
and disassociation.
- Um, I don't know if I
and the ability to
separate yourself
from your subject,
uh, patient.
I can do that.
I have that.
Now let me tell you what
you need to do.
You need a mentor,
someone to help you
and support you.
Is that really necessary?
I work really hard
and my lab grades are good.
And that's the only reason
I would suggest it.
So, who do you have in mind?
I would be willing to
do that for you,
if you're willing to put
in the time and the effort.
What do you say?
All right, I'll tell you what.
You think on it.
I will contact you later.
We'll have coffee,
and you can let me
know your decision.
My card.
You can stop now, all right?
- Sorry.
- I've had enough.
What's wrong with you?
You can barely stand.
You're a sloppy drunk.
Fuck you.
- Want you to take
your stuff and go.
What the fuck is this?
- Payment, for services
rendered, I guess.
Wow, you're a fucking dick,
you know that?
And you're a whore.
You better be gone
when I get back.
Bon appetit, assholes.
Did you do this?
I'm sorry, I,
I had a really hard night
and I needed to see you.
But everything's okay, right?
- I'm sorry about the door.
I'll fix it.
- It's not the door
that worries me.
I just
thought somebody had
broken in, that's all.
I'm working this new dispensary
down in Venice and
I couldn't get away.
What's up with the
fortune cards?
They're tarot cards,
and nothing.
You drinking again?
What happened to your hand?
- Occupational hazard,
it's cool.
Itll be okay.
- I can barely keep
my eyes open,
and then I have to fix this door
and clean this up.
Fine, go.
Shut up, shut up.
Shut up.
Putting insecure female
students into your trap.
It's nauseating.
Ill give you a taste of
what you missed.
You wanna see precision?
It's not a clean incision.
Hey, what's up?
young woman groans
What's that?
What is that?
- Nothing.
- Wait, hold on.
woman sobs
Who is this?
It's me.
This is a little girl.
Are you drunk?
- Kind of.
- Why?
I had some tequila.
I wanted to feel good,
I don't know.
- Where'd you get the
video from?
Somebody sent it to me.
I don't know.
Wait, Sasha, just hold,
Just wait a second.
Can I see your phone?
- I didn't know you knew
how to do things like this.
Don't give me that look.
I don't want it.
I'm not, okay?
- You know, maybe you
should just go to bed.
Do you want to be shown,
you foolish fellow,
that faith without
deeds is useless.
Was not Abraham our father
justified by his works
when he offered his son Isaac
upon the alter?
you're in my seat.
Oh, what you got there?
Oh, no, don't go.
I'm not done yet.
Can I keep the bible?
Oh, then you better come back
and get your baby.
Keep her,
um, take care of her.
I can never understand
how I mother could
leave her child behind.
Don't judge me.
You bet I will.
For the Lord gave to me
and the Lord tooketh a way,
and I was not a fair
weather believer.
The Lord has given to me again.
Oh, bless this baby.
By what he did.
Shit, shit, shit, shit.
- We're gonna go get
those videos back
so they can't see
the light of day.
Woah, what?
We'll take your car.
Let's just go to the cops.
Or talk about this.
Tell me what happened again.
Or not,
can we just think about
this for a second?
- Is there anything I can
say to change your mind?
No, there isn't.
Are you coming or not?
This is just stupid.
Let's just go to the cops.
- I'm taking care
of this myself.
Well, what, wait, hold on.
Sasha, wait.
Sasha, would you just
hold on a second.
- Look, when you went
to bed last night,
I remembered the house.
It was this like three
story Victorian style home.
Where you were tortured?
Yeah, I think so.
I don't know, I was
only ever inside.
The only time I ever
saw the outside
of the house was the day
that we escaped.
I escaped with two
other girls that day.
We were never kept in the house
in the same rooms,
but we just knew that we
had to get out that day,
we found each other,
and we escaped.
- Why didn't you ever
tell me about any of this?
I couldn't sleep last night,
so I decided to dig a little.
I got really drunk and
built up the courage
to contact these girls.
They received emails, too,
just like mine.
So I told them to come with me.
They're gonna meet me here,
If not, we're going with
or without them.
Without an exact address,
I mean, how are we going
to find this place?
Pasadena's a huge city.
This just sounds stupid to me.
Are you in or are you out
because I'm doing this
with or without you.
- You realize you could
be walking into a trap.
I mean, for all we know,
they're the ones who
posted the videos.
I saw their videos.
They were victims, just like me.
Come on, all right?
I forgot my cellphone.
- Hurry up.
- Don't leave with out me.
Okay, hurry up, go.
- Okay?
- Yes.
Um, are you?
Sasha, you must be,
You don't remember me?
- Honestly, I don't really
remember much
but uh,
it's kind of starting
to come back to me now.
I honestly didn't think
anybody was gonna show.
Well, I'm here.
You certainly look different.
I didn't recognize you
for a second.
So, uh, do you remember
how to get to this house?
'Cause honestly, I,
all I can remember is like,
a darkish yellow paint job.
I thought it was blue.
10 years, huh?
I feel like most normal
people would just move on.
Well, it's gone by quickly,
but it's not gone.
Some things can't be
hidden forever.
How much longer are
we waiting for Norma?
I don't know.
Give her a couple more
minutes, I guess.
Hopefully she'll show.
Unless she was the
one behind all this.
Never thought about that.
I'm JJ, this is Sasha.
So here we are.
Those videos surfacing
made it feel
like it happened yesterday, huh?
- It's more than just a
flesh wound.
I doubt anything can
make it heal.
- Look, ladies, we have
a long drive.
We should probably get going.
Before we go though, I
have to tell you something.
My friend Michael's
gonna tag along.
I hope that's cool.
He's a really nice guy.
He understands our situation.
What do you mean, a friend?
I was under the impression
after our conversation
that it was just gonna
be us three.
I don't know if I
feel comfortable
bringing some stranger along.
- You'll understand once
you get to know him.
- No, I don't want some
random person coming in
and learning about my
troubled childhood.
Look you guys, I'm sorry
I didn't fucking tell you
sooner, okay,
but you're just gonna
have to deal with is
because Michael means
a lot to me.
Honestly, I wouldn't be
here if it weren't for him,
so fucking deal with it, okay?
- That's not fair but
doesn't look
like you can change your mind.
You wanna kill me, don't you?
- What the fuck is
wrong with you?
Oh my God, this bitch,
JJ, listen to this shit.
- You know what, you
guys go ahead without me.
You don't need me anyways.
What, you just gonna walk away
like a little bitch now?
You know, if I do
remember correctly,
you were the one who
reached out to me
when I messaged you and JJ.
You wanna find out
who did this to us
just as much as we do.
You know, Norma,
nothing gets done
sitting behind your own
goddamn shadow your whole life.
Somebody's calling out
to us with those videos,
we're not just gonna sit back
and let it go by again.
We're gonna fucking
find that house.
We're gonna find
those motherfuckers
and we're gonna end
this fucked up chapter
in our lives once and for all.
Sasha's right, Norma.
We have to do this together.
We need closure.
Let's fucking go.
girl screams
Is that?
Okay, okay.
I get it.
I'm freaking out, too,
and so is Sasha.
We have to do this as a
team, okay?
We need to find the
courage amongst ourselves,
as one side fails, we all fail.
I got your back.
So does Sasha.
We're sisters, whether
you like it or not.
Let's go.
- I don't remember
which house it is.
Okay, just keep going.
There, there, right there
on the right.
No, wait, yes, it's that one.
Are you sure?
I thought it was yellow.
No, it's that house.
Park one more down so
they don't see the car.
Right there.
- Well, this is unsettling
to say the least,
I mean, are we actually
gonna commit a crime?
Breaking and entering?
- Guys, I'm starting to
get nervous.
- All right, let's just
think of a plan, okay?
We're gonna go in.
We're gonna get the DVDs
and we're gonna get out of there
before these assholes come home.
I think it's better if I go in
and you stay out here
for backup.
- No, I think you should
stay out here instead.
Hey, he's here, let him go in.
Look, I just really want
to take care of this myself.
It's much safer if I go.
- Look, I didn't come all
the way here
so that I could just hand off
the job to you, all right?
The card said it,
the huntress goes in.
Tough as nails, aren't you?
but you're not going in
till I tuck one of
these into your clothes.
What is that?
- It's a wireless surveillance
You guys, keep focused.
Someone just came out
of the house.
So you'll drop me off
but then you'll pick me
up later again, right?
At 11:30, okay?
I'll see.
- Just pick me
up at 11:30.
You know what, I'll just
walk back.
Can you at least drop me off,
or is that too much to ask?
- Are you sure this is
the house?
I mean, those people don't
really look like the type.
What does that even mean?
Yeah, this is the house,
and we're going in right
now, okay?
Why do you have to do
that right now?
- It's the only thing that
relaxes me.
- It's okay, he's been
tremendously helpful
so don't nag him.
What, you brought him
here in the first place
knowing how he is,
so in summary,
suck it up.
Don't be like that
couple in the car
like, nagging, nagging, nagging.
We're just like that couple.
We're like what?
Guys, guys.
Ah, think we just got lucky.
Mr. and Mrs. Happy just
left the front door open.
- You didn't even lock the
front door.
You know, with all these
home invasions,
we have to be careful.
Yes, dear.
- Guess, uh, Norma, smarter
than I look.
Something goes wrong in there,
I blame you and all
these stupid gadgets.
No pressure.
It all makes sense now.
The only reason Michael's
a pothead
is 'cause it makes you bearable.
You know what,
I don't even know why I'm
doing all this stuff for you
if you're just gonna treat
me like some type of doormat.
Should have went to the
cops in the first place
instead of dealing with your
crazy ass.
I'm sorry, baby.
You know I appreciate you.
I appreciate you.
Okay, can we wrap this up?
We have far more important
things to deal with
than you guys making up.
- So will this camera
see everything?
I'm going to place it on
your bra,
so keep your sweater low.
As long as you look in
direction of your subjects,
I'll be able to see
everything that you see, okay?
Good to know.
All right, let's go.
Come on guys, let's do this.
Keep visible sight of the car.
If I see anything I'm
gonna honk.
Wait, let me take that back.
If I see anything, I'm
gonna text you, okay?
This is eerie.
Are you guys getting deja vu?
It's kind of surreal.
Okay the more we're in here,
the more I feel like
we're gonna get caught.
- Michael's watching
our backs, all right?
Let's just get what we
came here for
and get the fuck out of here.
Well, still, weird feeling,
what are you guys doing?
- Ew.
Look, I'mma go check in there.
You guys look in here.
dont you know
remember how
What are you doing?
Someone's gonna hear us.
you used to say?
Can't you feel that.
You feel so good.
It's called adrenaline.
It's not adrenaline, it's,
Whatever it is,
I'm gonna use it and
take back what's mine,
and if they come back,
we'll just have to take
them head on.
- You know, I hope
they fucking come back.
Those fucking assholes,
they deserve everything
they have coming to them
dead or alive.
Fuckers, you know I bet
no one would even notice.
It's been like 10 years.
Who the fuck cares anymore?
Oh, come on, ladies.
Don't tell me you've
never dreamt
about bashing their
fucking heads in.
They're the reason that
we're so fucked up.
Of course I have.
That's not how the real
world works.
There are consequences.
Oh, are there consequences?
Stop, stop, stop.
Focus, we need to find
those DVDs.
- Don't get your panties
in a bunch.
All right, princess.
Come on, let's go.
Oh, wait.
What's that?
God testing Abraham.
- That's the ram that God
sent down
to stop Abraham from
killing his son.
- What, so the sheep
replaces the boy?
It was a ram.
It's a symbol for faith.
Did they teach you that
when you were here?
- Look, there's a lot
I forget and remember
from this place, but I don't
remember shit about that.
This isn't important.
Eh, you know, fuck him.
Fuck his little son
and fuck that fucking sheep.
He should have sliced his throat
when he got the fucking chance.
Nice language.
What the hell was that sound?
I don't know,
but I definitely saw eyes
staring straight at me.
What do you mean, eyes?
It's just cracked glass.
Must have been a reflection,
but you saw it, too, right?
Why are you laughing?
- Seriously, what the
fuck is wrong with you?
You're really starting
to piss me off.
So do you have fucking
mood swings or something?
One second you're fucking crying
and the next second you're
fucking laughing in my face?
You're fucking lucky
that JJ is here.
Oh, good thing she is.
Is this bitch fight over?
Keep moving.
What are you doing?
- I'm telling Michael about
the eyes.
- Pull yourselves
together, guys,
cut this shit out.
- You know, Michael doesn't
need you to tell him
what to do at every
fucking second.
He has me for that, thanks.
Even if you were trying
to get his attention,
he would never be into
whatever this is.
- Okay, Michael's gave
us five more minutes.
- Let's go, if we don't get
out of here
before they come home,
we're fucking screwed, okay?
Michael doesn't even have
cell phone reception.
Where's the broom?
There's a third level
to this house, though.
Right, I remember that.
That's a closet.
What's behind this?
This has got to be it.
Wait, no, back off, back off.
This is it.
What are you waiting for, girls?
Come on.
I have no intentions of reliving
of what happened in that room.
- Whatever, we don't
have time for cowards.
Did you hear that?
No, what?
I think someone just got here.
Come on, dammit, hurry up.
Would you like to dance?
With me?
Yes, great, shall we,
shall we dance now?
Stopping here?
Thank you.
Shit, shit.
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.
No, I'm not interested.
Come back another time.
- Sir, I'm from the US
Census Bureau.
I just need to ask you a few
- Look, I'm very busy,
- Sir.
- Come back another time.
- My job's on the line, sir,
- Look, I'm not interested,
- It'll just,
- What the hell was that?
What was that?
You know what it may be, um,
pipes, your pipes in these
older houses?
They tend to expand and
create noise,
like that, you know.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
So I think I can get somebody
out here
to help you. hit on
Michaels head
Oh, shit, the door.
Fuck you, man.
You should rot in hell for
the things you've done.
- For the things
I've done?
What have I done to you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Fuck you.
I know what you've done you
sick bastard.
You don't know what I've done.
You don't know what I'm
capable of.
No one knows
what I've done.
Michael gasps
I will enjoy getting rid of you.
I smell a rat.
I see you.
The cops are on their way.
Im well within my rights
to protect my property.
Best thing we can do
is just wait for the cops.
Cops aren't coming.
He's playing mind games with us.
- It doesn't matter,
be quiet.
I hope Michael's okay.
- We just have to hope
he's fine.
The police are coming.
The only thing coming for us
is a fucking psychopath.
You're here.
I know you're here.
Norma sobs
- Get up.
- Stop.
What are you doing?
Stop, stop, stop.
Stop, stop, stop.
- Fuck it, three stories,
we can't make it.
- Go to the bathroom,
find something,
find a weapon.
No intruders in my house.
This is my place.
Don't get to do that to me,
no one.
- For fuck sakes, get the
fuck up, Norma.
Here, take it.
Stop, stop.
Papa Bear said,
someone's been sleeping in
my bed,
and then Mama Bear said,
someone's been sleeping in
my bed.
Baby Bear said,
there you are.
Larry laughs
Get out.
women scream
women scream
- Hey, Larry,
did you hear that noise?
I almost called the cops.
You can never be too
careful nowadays
with all these home invasions.
- We've got our rats in
the walls,
but everything's fine now.
Norma sobs
Irresponsible bastard.
What the?
What happened?
What's going on?
Look what I found.
- Oh, baby, we thought
we'd lost you again.
Where were you?
I had to.
They came to rob us?
She didn't come alone.
I've got em in the basement.
What happened to your hand?
Oh, it's nothing, I'll live.
Let me handle this.
You go along and take care
of that blood before it sets in.
Mom, please untie me.
- Why did you bring
strangers into our home?
I didn't want to.
What did you want, eh?
I wanted DVDs from upstairs.
They came to rob us.
They want our mementos.
- No, no, no, I don't wanna
rob anybody.
I just want to take back
what's mine,
please believe me.
Believe you?
You're a liar.
We said we're sorry for all
those things in the past
but you just keep harping
over them
like they just happened.
Haven't you punished us enough?
I had my hands full
so I couldn't pick you
up like I promised.
I'm sorry, Rosie, dear.
I see.
Why don't you go get that
bucket and mop?
- Why don't you have a
cup of tea and relax?
It's a lot to take in
all at once.
We have lavender, your favorite.
- Mom, please don't
leave me alone with him.
Please, I beg you.
Yes, dear.
- No, Mom, don't leave me
alone with him, please.
Come on.
You need a little bit of rest.
Mm hmm?
I got fired yesterday.
Why'd you get fired this time?
I told one of the kids
I'd lock 'em in a closet.
He kept misbehaving.
They overheard it,
didn't like it.
They fired you for that?
Don't they know kids
need discipline
and order
and control.
I knew in my heart it wasn't
a good idea to let you go.
You weren't ready.
I am ready.
you'll never be ready.
Are you disappointed?
You're just too fragile
to go out there in the
real world.
You're right.
I'm a loser.
- Even the weakest of
God's creatures
has some ability of some sort.
Then what's mine, Mama?
I don't know.
You're gonna have to find
that out for yourself.
But um,
I think you really need to
lay down
and your father and I will
figure out a solution.
Mom, I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
Hey, surprise.
How you been?
You know, I just thought
maybe I shouldn't die yet,
'cause your job isn't
quite done.
- No, I saw you die,
right in front of me.
Oh, you did?
There must be something
wrong with your head.
Maybe you should go get that
looked at?
But you know, it got me
there's been something I
haven't liked
about you this whole time.
Now I realize what it is.
You know you never told
me about your daddy.
Daddy's little girl, huh?
Norma, Please.
Please what?
Don't do this.
I'm your father.
Father, huh?
You sent us those videos.
- No, no, no.
You led us back here,
you sick little bitch.
No, he's not your father?
No, you didn't lead us
back here?
Which one is it, bitch?
No, he is my father, but,
- Oh, so that cunt is
your mother,
am I right, am I right?
Yes, yes,
don't use that word.
- What the fuck is wrong
with you?
You thought you could
just reel us back here
and then fool us?
No, you don't understand.
I blacked out yesterday
and I got fired I,
please understand that job
was my only key of
getting out of this place.
They think I'm nothing.
I am something, goddammit.
So fucking what?
You're a snake.
A devious, slithering snake.
You brought us here
just to remind us of
the chunk of our lives
that we had taken from us.
You saw it with your own eyes.
They cataloged everything
like it was fucking CSI.
This next question,
you better answer truthfully.
Why did you bring us here?
I needed your help.
I needed your help out of here.
Is that why you ran away?
Because the calmness of
your mother
drinking tea haunted you?
I'm sorry that she
liked to watch
her husband fuck her daughter.
Boo hoo.
You weren't the only little
girl that it happened to.
Let's finish what we came
here to do.
The tapes are upstairs.
Destroy them,
then we'll have our fun.
Larry groans
Okay, here, here, look.
Here's yours.
Here's mine.
- I have mine.
- Now what?
I don't know, we leave?
- What?
- You think we just leave?
You wanna just leave?
He's downstairs.
Ow, ow, ow, ow.
That hurt?
Does it hurt?
Why are you fucking laughing?
Oh, oh.
Mama, please don't go, Mama.
- Enough, do you want
your father
to come up here and share
a few words with you?
- No,
I'm sorry, no, please,
please don't go.
Don't leave me here, please.
- Enough of your tantrums.
I'm exhausted with this baby.
I don't need a second baby.
I can't take this.
- I can take care of him,
please, please, please.
- You're not fit to take
care of him.
You should be praying
God to give you guidance.
You're lost.
- Please give me guidance,
- I can't help you.
- Help me.
- Just,
Mama, please.
- I'm gonna get your
father up here,
I don't have time for this.
- No, no.
- I really don't have
time for this.
I'm getting your father.
He'll knock some sense into you.
Where's the baby?
- I don't know what you're
talking about.
This is a mistake.
I have to go, I have to leave.
You've been through a lot,
but that doesn't give you
the right
to pull us through your shit.
- I'm sorry, I have to go,
I have to,
Why do you have to go?
Is there something that
you're not telling us?
You better speak up now, bitch.
You're not gonna outsmart us.
I suggest you behave.
You've exhausted my patience.
Where are you going?
- I wasn't done talking
It's rude to walk away
in the middle of a conversation.
Look at this.
Look at this.
I like to cut into things
that still have a pulse.
I'm gonna really enjoy cutting
into you.
No, I'm sorry.
I genuinely wanted your
guy's help, please.
- I'll get that axe from
- Hmm, what should we
do with him?
- I can do them both at the
same time.
You guys stay away from me.
- Don't say another
fucking word.
If you had the guts to cut
his dick off
in the first place,
he wouldn't have come after us,
we wouldn't be here.
I'm finishing this shit
once and for all.
- No please,
I can't, no.
I can't, please.
I beg you, I have to get
out of here.
I am.
Do you want brisket?
Or chuck roast?
Who are you talking to?
Shut up.
He's nothing but rotten garbage.
- Don't listen to him,
he's trying to trick us.
Norma, please.
- Don't pay attention
to him.
Come on.
You don't get to talk.
The jury had a verdict,
and you are found guilty.
- Come on, let's just get
this started
before I change my mind.
Don't, don't, don't.
- Just hold his head.
Ladies, we gonna get this show
on the road anytime today?
- No, wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Is this not what we came
here to do?
- Yeah, but he's still
my father.
Do you love him?
You owe him nothing.
And what about her?
She do anything to you?
Your mother.
She was just jealous.
- And what about the baby,
- You don't know anything,
- You wanna come help me
wash my baby?
Can I?
Want to wash fishies?
is that hot?
And who's that?
Mr. Fishy.
Look, sweetie,
and look at this book,
oh, little dog, look at the
little dog.
Oh, come on, sweetie,
we have to finish up.
Sit down, such a darling.
Oh, look at these guys.
Who are these?
Can I try?
- Just stay here while
I go get the towel.
Sweetheart, I'll be right back.
there's no clean towels again.
Stay there,
stay put.
I'm gonna go get
some clean towels.
I'll be right back.
Watch him carefully.
Hi, baby.
baby cries
Don't leave
him here with those animals.
Well, I cant, this is my baby.
Don't, you can't leave
him here to suffer.
You don't have much time.
Hurry, she'll be right back.
Do the right thing, Norma.
Norma sobs
What are you doing,
what are you doing?
Stop, stop, what are you doing?
- Norma, you need
to go now.
- He was my
baby, what did you do?
- Norma,
stop acting scared.
You need to go now.
I don't care.
She'll be right back.
Norma, I brought some,
no, no!
What happens to us now?
I don't.
Wait, I still need you.
What for?
- I don't know how to
chop 'em up.
I don't want to kill him.
- Obviously.
- And you can go,
I don't need you.
Oh, is that what you think?
This was my idea in
the first place
and I'm gonna stay here
till the bitter end
and do it my way.
- He's waking up,
he's waking up.
What do I do, what do I do?
Buy yourself some time.
But you're ready.
Don't disappoint me.
We're back.
We're back.
- No, I got rid of you guys.
- You don't like to be
on your meds, remember?
Ooh, I wouldn't do that.
- I have to take revenge
for my baby.
If anyone deserves to
be here, it's me.
I mean, I have an actual path.
I'm not a pathetic victim
like you two.
So what if you're pre-med?
What do you have in your
little lonely apartment
beside your precious rat traps?
- Both of you shut up,
shut up, shut up.
Shut up, shut up, shut up.
My God, you guys planned
all this, didn't you?
No, you did.
You getting this?
I brought you here.
You're not real.
You're not real.
You need a pair.
It's why I'm here.
It's why we're here.
To exact revenge on the
people that deserve it.
Not some lab rats.
Mama was right.
I'm not ready.
- Or you could just
face the truth.
You need a personality upgrade.
To a more beautiful,
stronger version.
- Or a smarter,
confident version.
You choose.
I think not.
Coming, sweetie.
Hi, baby, hi.
Mama's here, oh.
Oh, baby.
That's a good boy, yeah.
Mama loves you.
Nothing bad is going to
happen to you ever again.
Find anything?
Found more DVDs with
different names on 'em.
- We've got a dead
body in the cellar.
Unidentified male,
probably in his 20s,
and I found this.
Video feed is still live.
Well, here's the camera.
- Let's find out what's
on these.
Copy that.
I don't want to.
Take off your top.
Look into the camera.
- No, Daddy,
I don't want to.
Take your top off.
Come on.
You're still Daddy's
little girl.
- Found a dead
female in the bedroom closet.
Might be the mother.
She's alive.
We need something
to cover up with.
You're all right?
Right here, right here, come on.
Get her up out of here.
Come on, sweetie.
Let's go, let's get
up out of here.
Oh, my goodness.
You're all right.
- It's the girl from
the videos, yeah.
I'd better tell those nurses
that they're over
medicating you.
It's not very attractive
to frown so much, dear.
Lunch is in 10 minutes.
We have a couple of options,
chicken fried steak or
eggplant Parmesan.
I love murder.
whispers.. murder.