PT Sir (2024) Movie Script

Why no one in this Institution,
is questioning this?
Will this end, only if we die?
India is my country.
All Indians are...
My brothers and sisters
Hey, see how many goals
I'm going to score this sports day.
Football is a lame game?
Running race is supreme.
Let's see who will win the race.
Hey, you guys are dreaming here.
After the prayer
All the staffs are going to request
the principal not to conduct sports day.
Better concentrate on studies.
Sir, we all have discussed
and took a decision.
Definitely you must cancel
the sports day this year, sir.
Students education
must be the priority sir.
Yes sir,
Last year itself the results were poor,
Atleast this year we have to do better
Hey, why are they saying like that?
Everyone with courtesy,
All this would be Marimuthu sir's doings.
Cancel sports day, sir.
Come on guys, tell him.
Yes sir, we must cancel
the sports day for sure
Are we jobless or what?
If they went to play, how will we
complete the portions? Tell him
What to do if the Principal announces
not to conduct sports day!
Pledge my devotion, in their well-being...
The terrace is the only option.
Attention students,
Since the exam dates are close,
This year sports day...
is cancelled.
Students concentrate on your studies,
- What's this?
And prepare well for the exams.
- Do something.
Okay, go.
A garden full of lovely things,
Miss toilet?
Today they'll ask for sports day,
tomorrow they'll demand friday
We can't give everything they ask...
Did you see sir?
These guys often
form a group and go somewhere
Yes sir,
They are planning something, Sir.
You call the principal and come,
I'll catch them red-handed.
Hey, what's in your pocket?
What is this sir?
Did you all gather here to eat chalk-piece?
Stop it, sir.
Hey, why did you all come here?
Tell the truth.
Sir, look he is thinking what to say.
Sir, we came here to write on the wall.
To write?
Sir, whatever we write
on the wall will happen sir
What are you guys saying?
Sir, look how they have spoiled the wall.
How did you write over there?
I have to go to grandma's house
for this holiday.
God, please make it rain today...
I should become a cricketer like Dhoni.
No homework.
I must learn to drive a bi-cycle...
I want to become the class leader
They've written as they please
Chennai should always win the IPL.
Did you see here?
Yes, I am.
Sir, see what they had written about me.
Marimuthu sir must be
chased and bitten by a dog.
What are you laughing about?
Sir, there should be no
traces of this tomorrow
Demolish it with bulldozer, sir.
Atleast cover it with paint, sir.
They have written preposterous.
Look how are they talking.
Why are you staring at, sir?
Have they written anything about you, sir?
My mother's surgery should go well
Manoj mother's surgery should go well.
So, whatever is written
on this wall, manifests?
Sir, just cause these
kids are jabbering,
Why are you believing it?
Sir, I'll prove you it's fake.
Guys, what did you came to write?
Speak out.
Sir, I came to write that
this year sports day must be conducted.
Sports day...awesome...superb...
Sir, congrats!
Now write, what you've said, on the wall
If the sports day happens this year...
You're calling me as "sir", isn't it?
Instead call me by my name "Marimuthu".
Go on, write.
Don't look at him, go and write.
Boss has said, go and write.
I'll note down the time, write now.
Hey, now what should we do?
It's better we inform PT sir.
Vel sir...
Vel sir...
Vel sir...
Who is he?
Blowing his own trumpet.
Hey, he is crazy.
I'll call him, right now
Sir, with whose permission
did you cancel the sports day?
Leave that,
Why did you tell the students,
That Miss Vanathi, is your girlfriend?
Also, you've said that
only girls are allowed to talk,
And boys shouldn't talk with her, sternly.
Rahul has lodged a complaint.
He's screwed!
Sir, he is lying to you.
He's is the one, in love
with Miss Vanathi.
How can you accuse a kid?
Kid? Who? him?
You don't know about him, sir.
Sir, you better check with Miss Vanathi.
Let her come.
Excuse me.
Oh no, Oh dear,
She looked at me.
Oh no, Oh dear,
She flashed a smile at me.
Oh no, Oh dear,
She snapped at me.
Oh no, Oh dear,
She just hugged me.
Come dear, you come dear,
You come on dear.
The issue blew up.
Students will come today,
and leave tomorrow.
We, staffs should stay united.
Now tell who is important to you,
Me or Rahul?
It's Rahul.
I understood.
He comes in a car,
I come by bike.
I'll also buy a car.
- Kanagavel.
Can you conduct sports day, or not?
Kanagavel, please understand.
All the staffs feel that
it's a waste of time.
Waste of time?
What is waste of time, sir?
Having spent eight hours in class,
Eagerly waiting for PT period
Have you seen the gleam in their eyes?
Will you cover portions that's supposed to be
taught the whole week, just during that period?
Do you have to teach lessons, that you haven't taught
throughout the year, just on that single day?
I'll tell you now,
I'll not spare my PT period for anyone.
Sports gives discipline.
This is what Valluvar has said ...
"Propriety of conduct leads to eminence,
He's rapping.
No sir.
What's this sir?
I wouldn't've been disheartened
if someone else had cancelled it
Being a volleyball player,
how can you say this?
How do you know
that I'm a volleyball player, Kanagavel?
He swayed him...
What sir?
Can't you say by the way someone is,
Whether he's a volleyball player or not.
Sports day will happen this year,
Oh no, they began to call me in chorus
That too, Not as usual
But splendidly!
"Our town is empireless"
"But our school has
a King we celebrate"
"He manages to score without a ball"
"He is the PT sir whom
our students celebrates"
"He's perfectly fit,"
"but a crackhead"
"He's enshrined in students heart"
"Zero strict, his swag is lit,"
"XL vehicle is his bullet"
Hey, Marimuthu!
Hey, you must be punctual to school, okay?
Respect your elders, okay?
"Mischiveous Kanagavel"
"Mischiveous Kanagavel"
-Sir, not me sir
"This troublemaker is rascally"
"Willingly constructs chaos"
"Hear us perform his ballard"
"Why must you teach us Maths?"
"And bore us to death?"
"Let us go to the ground"
"Even if you scribble scrabble"
"Please study well bro,"
"I'll explain the value in it"
Hey Marimuthu,
seems like you're leaving?
Hey Marimuthu,
How's everyone at home?
Everybody is good, sir.
Your willy is dangling down,
Tuck that in, and go sir.
Look at people's eyes
and speak Marimuthu,
Don't let your
gaze wander elsewhere.
"From shoe polish, to
English teacher's flowers"
"He notices everything and never miss"
"Our sir is best and PT class is must"
"He will not lend his
class even to maths miss"
"The bell has rung,
wait here if you are late"
"Tell me the reason, don't dread"
"It's chill even I glare"
"Speak only the truth"
"Even if I punish don't be alarmed"
"What do you mean?"
"Before PT sir's sight"
"Quit being pompous"
"As per section A,B,C"
"Everyone's name is engrained in me"
"Ground is his fort"
"He will make you scatter"
"If you atone,
he'll let you play"
Sir, why are you leaving immediately?
Come and dance with our students a bit.
Miss ask him,
You guys enjoy.
"Ruckus with Tamil sir"
"War with Science sir"
"He glowers over History miss"
"And acts in HM room"
"Principal is petrified..."
"Pleading to the Lord"
"English Miss's Churidar,"
"Will alone make him grim and glisten"
Mom, its getting late for college,
Mom, hurry up...
Okay, what's the haste?
I'm starving
Chutney is enough!
Mom, why are you serving in two plates?
This is another nuisance...
Where are you taking it?
Velu, velu
It's hot,
Mom, mom, it's enough,
Eat, my dear.
I just ate now .
It's podi dosa,
I made cause you like it.
Feed him well!
As if he's a fifth std boy
And is going to school,
you're feeding him?
He's also going to school only
hey, stomach burn
Hey, get lost.
You get lost. more...
Feed your brother, hold this.
this moron just ate,
- have it yourself.
Ma, none of the horoscope is matching.
I've sent you three, pundit.
Isn't any of them suitable?
Yes, dear.
So far I've sent you around
fifty to sixty horoscopes.
But nothing is matching, Pundit.
Mam, your son's horoscope is peculiar,
You remember it right?.
Your son's horoscope has a huge loss.
Till he gets married,
For any purpose,
Don't let him indulge in any problem.
If you let him,
You should either
offer him for the town,
He won't come back alive.
Oh, no!
Till he gets married,
It's good to not let him out of sight.
How will I forget that, Pundit?
I have nurtured him as per your advice.
I'll protect him until he gets married.
Good that,
Send me next horoscopes,
I'll check, and will let you know.
Sure Pundit,
Mom, who's birthday is today?
Talk quietly.
I asked your dad
the same question this morning.
He started a fight with me,
for not knowing Mike Tyson's birthday.
What am I going to do
knowing Mike Tyson's birthday?
"Happy birthday Tyson".
On your birthday,
instead of posting reels in instagram
If there's any Bannariyamman temple near,
Go and offer prayers.
You shouldn't've hit Clary that hard,
whatever it is, he's a family man.
Mom, is he talking to Mike Tyson?
When he was a conductor,
Even the bus driver will not speak to him
Nevertheless Mike Tyson
He is talking...
Someone has opened
an Instagram account for him.
From then, everyday he is sending
"Good morning" and "Good night" messages.
Are you acidic? Eat Asiatica
Sending unwanted health tips.
Tyson, "Happy Ayudha Pooja".
Tyson, do you know how much Tomato costs?
Look at this Tyson,
my wife has saved my name as "Boomer".
Isn't it right?
Tell me when you
come to India, we shall meet.
Okay, while going to school?
Should not stop anywhere.
If there's any problem around...
I must ignore and leave.
After school...
I must head straight home.
Bye, mom.
Keep pampering like this,
He'll become a coward.
Is he a school student?
He is a PT master.
Trusting the astrologer,
You're ruining his life.
Boomer daddy.
Kanagavel, come soon.
Bye, uncle.
- bye bye
Kanagavel, seems you're heading to school?
Yes sister, I'm heading to school.
Brother, just a minute.
Nandhini wants to go to college early,
On your way, can you drop her?
Okay, ask her to come.
Come here.
Hey, don't show off
that you're going by car.
Hey, don't be jealous.
I'll see you in school.
You are talking with Miss Vanathi...
You first come early to school
You can go fast, sit on the bike.
In this? Dad are you joking?
I have an important exam,
I told you I can't miss
Dad, if I go in this,
I'll only reach college for next arrear.
Dear, you better sit.
- Hop on
Wear this.
Why do I need helmet for cycle?
Hey, wait.
You said you wanted to go early,
Why are you going in this?
Why are you always
teasing me, Nandhini ?
Will this go any faster, if I don't
Thank you, brother.
No need to thank,
Instead study well
make your father proud,
They've build the school
and college next to each
and made me a driver.
To complete each period,
feels like a decade.
Marimuthu, did you eat?
No, the class is not
yet over, how can I eat?
Who called me Marimuthu now?
I'm asking you, right?
How dare! Rascals!
Aye, do it again!
Look here, Marimuthu!
Within a day he changed
Sir into Marimuthu.
Who is it?
It's me.
You decided to conduct sports day
and ruined my reputation.
Shouldn't you've shown little mercy.
Sir, can I ask you something?
Even small kids are
asking silly questions.
Why shouldn't you?
Did you see Vanathi miss?
I'm talking about my life but you're
asking about Vanathi miss.
Why dude?
Vanathi miss!
See you tomorrow.
Please listen to me.
Hello Vanathi Miss,
Vanathi miss!
Vanathi miss!
Kanagu, she's on the other side.
Thanks Marimuthu.
Hi, Vanathi Miss!
I have been calling you...
Hi miss.
You did?
Hi, Rahul!
Oh shit, this fellow.
Miss, look there is an ant.
Where! Where! Where!
Here! Here! Here!
Where dear?
You are sweet.
So I thought there must be ants.
So sweet!
He is scoring,
but I couldn't.
Oh, what's this?
Suddenly you kissed him!
That too in a public place.
Sir, he is a little boy.
You think like that.
No, You think like that but he doesn't.
Get lost.
Sir, don't hit in my head.
According to Section 17 , when
a teacher hits a student...
Get lost, you fluffy head.
Aren't you ashamed?
After seeing me, you are
running and hiding
Must I come pleading for my money
after lending?
Within a month I will
pay the interest, brother.
Hey, You're saying the
same for past four months.
I want the money now,
if not I'll thrash you.
Brother, this is school. If any
one sees, it will be insulting
When you borrowed the money,
You should have thought about it.
Or else you should've thought it
when you hid from me,
I want my money now.
I Ain't saying I wont, pay back.
I just need more time.
You don't have nerve
to pay back the money,
But you are talking
about the embarrassment.
I'll trash you.
Hey, who are you?
Why are you creating problem inside the school?
Hey, why are you behaving
rudely with an elderly person?
Do you think no one dares to question you?
Isn't it?
Hey, Why are you asking all this?
Keep your own problems outside of school.
If you get inside we will call the police.
Sir, call the police,
Yes, right away.
No, military.
He'll come out anyways,
then I'll take care
I will slam you.
Oh you will call the police,
for asking my money back
He is hitting a old man,
without any concern.
Sir, he is hitting an
old man in front of you.
How can you see
and be unbothered?
Why miss?
What should I have done?
Are't you a PT sir?
Shouldn't you've dragged
his collar and asked?
I'm just a PT sir,
Not a Hero
Seems like you watch a lot of Telugu movies.
We must stand spectate, stay away
from such problems, and carry on Miss.
In reality, if we interrupt
they will trash us.
The Chairman is calling you.
Chairman? Me?
Sir, I didn't do any mistake,
Why is he calling me?
I don't know.
I told you earlier
not to ask chairman to dance.
Now he is calling you, come.
Even his smile will look terrific.
Sir! sir! sir! Since he
looked like a dancer,
I was also in dance mode, so I asked
him to dance. Save me sir...
Please, sir.
Be quiet, Kanagavel.
You do all the mistakes
and expect me to save you?
Being a vollyball player,
don't say like this sir.
uh-uh, I pleaded infront of her
Why are you here brother?
Don't know why dear,
the Chairman called me.
It seems like he wants
to join in dance class.
Don't you have sense?
How many times have
I told you not to dress up like this?
Won't you understand how
much ever time we say ?
Roam around somewhere wearing this.
Why are you coming here?
Do you come to college to
showoff wearing this rubbish.
Don't stand before me.
Get lost.
Why do you say this harshly?
Okay, leave it, Nandhu.
Why are you here?
That's nothing, brother.
Today eveing is our culturals.
So on behalf of the students we came
to invite the chairman as chief guest.
That's why we all have come.
Mr. Kanagavel
Sir, we are poor family,
We run the family by our daily wages.
We can't pay hefty school fees.
Sir, please help us.
Oh, no! Why bother about fee?
Dear will you study well?
Yes, I will study well sir.
Go! Go to the class.
Thank you very much, sir.
Thank you so much sir.
Come this way.
Sound is not coming.
Sir, I heard that you are huge
disco dancer during your college time.
Believing that,
Without knowing why I asked you to
come, why are you talking nonsence.
You are Kanagavel right?
PT master!
Did you read today's newspaper?
No sir,
In Erode special edition, our
school's 'Magic wall' is the headline.
Since morning there have been so
many phone calls regarding this.
The reputation of the
school has gone high.
It seems we will get
more admissions this year.
That's why I thought I'd appreciate the
person who started it in person.
Oh, what?
'Magic wall' was started by you?
Yeah, how did you get this idea?
Sir, students would scribble in the
washroom about teachers who they don't like.
They will carve on the bench
about their favorite friends.
But there are many things in them
that cannot be said, but they wish to say.
By supressing all these only,
Even young kids are getting anxiety,
depression and all mental disorder.
They have to vent out all those somewhere.
For that, they need a place.
'Magic wall'
I don't know if everything
they write happens or not,
But writing in it gives them
a sense of confidence,
No one can give that, sir.
Like we go to the temple, you've
brought the students there, great!
Sir, How do you know all this?
Do you think I'm just a
Chairman of this college?
I run thirty-two institutions.
Whatever happens, wherever...
Okay, leave it.
Your idea have worked out so well.
Even our college students
are asking for permission,
to write in that wall.
I have decided to allow them.
Sir, Did you call me for this?
Thank you, sir.
Hey, PT?
Do I look like a Disco dancer, to you?
No, sir.
I swear, sir.
With a flow, I asked sir.
Sorry, sir.
Hereafter, I won't ask this, sir.
Mr.Volleyball player...
Take him carefully.
Okay, sir.
Speak aloud.
Can't talk.
I met with an accident mam.
He's acting, Mam.
Switch off the TV.
Why dad, its a good show.
Brother, my daughter hasn't come home yet.
When I call the college,
they say she has left.
She didn't even go to her friend's house.
I am very scared.
Would you please come with me?
Let's look for her.
Sure, brother.
Go safe.
I'll be back.
Brother, Nandini hasn't come home yet?
Yes brother.
Brother, you go to Thindal and
check I will go to Chennimalai.
Brother, don't worry, we will find her.
Dad, let me go search and come.
You go first.
Hey, Hey Velu!
Where are you going now?
He says Nandini is missing.
I will look for her at Chennimalai.
How many times have I said you
not to go out during these hours.
I say, you go inside.
He's saying his daughter is missing.
Why are doing this now?
You be quiet.
If his daughter is missing, let him go
to the police station and file a complaint.
Or ask someone else to search for them.
Why is he asking my son?
Why mom?
Brother, don't worry.
Nandini will be nearby, we will find her.
Towards the east of cattle market,
there is one of nandini's friends house.
We can ask there.
She will be somewhere
around here, we'll find her.
Hello! Hello!
Brother, stop the vehicle.
Hello! Hello!
To home?
Nandini has come home.
Can we go back?
Yes, we are coming back.
Come brother,
Everyone please leave,
the girl is home, right? Leave.
Where did you go dear?
Won't you inform us? Where all we searched..
Dad, I escaped from them.
They are still there,
I thought of calling
the police, but my phone died.
I said mom, but she's not listening,
give me your phone dad.
Did you listen her, she's been
saying the same, since she got back.
Please ask her what happened?
Dad, give me your phone dad.
Okay come,
Dad Dad!
Nothing happened to me, dad.
Call the police,
They are assualting all
the girls who cross by.
Let's not involve the police.
If people knew,
its shameful for us.
Dear, close the window.
Dad, what is shameful about this?
If we inform the police,
they will arrest them.
Hey, why are repeatedly
saying, police police?
If we go to the police, they
will blame only you.
They will blame us.
What would they blame us, mom?
How many times did I told you
not to wear this dress?
Did you listen?
Once a year for culturals,
I wore the dress I liked...
Is that a big mistake mom?
Yes, it is a mistake, wearing
this dress was a huge mistake.
-If we go to the police,
they will only blame us.
If you mention police one
more time, I will kill you.
Go! Go inside.
Dad, inform the police.
Please give me the phone.
No need to inform police dear,
You go inside.
Without listening to us,
Why do you keep saying that?
Take your sister inside.
Please come inside sister.
Please let's not talk about police.
Sister please listen to them.
Yesterday night when she
came home in that dress...
-even I felt shocked.
Since morning no
one stepped out of the house.
I feel sorry for Nandhini too.
What to do?
I've got lot of work, I'll call you later.
Mom, I heard
you talk about Nandhini.
Sorry mom,
In an anger that she's lost
I yelled at you.
I wont yell hereafter, Mom.
Sorry Mom.
Try speaking again?
What were you telling about Nandhini?
What happened?
That girl went missing, right?
Some guys have physically abused
her at the bus stop.
Even when she
got the dress, her mom babbled.
How can a girl roam wearing
such dress at that time?
Everywhere people are talking about this.
That family is pitiful,
they have to move out.
Brother, is this your brush or mine?
Use anything.
Why should they vacate the house?
What are you talking?
How will she step out and face others?
See, she wont even step out
of the house for few days.
Even if they don't you
will make them to vacate.
Dont talk stupidly.
Only he knows everything.
What Tyson?
- she wont even step out of the house
for few days.
What happened Vanathi?
Tell me what happened?
Vanathi, why isn't she responding?
Why no one in this
institution is questioning this?
Will only our death end this?
Vanathi Miss,
I got five missed calls from you.
You asked me to come alone to terrace.
-See this.
Why no one in this institution is...
Did you call me to show this?
Miss, Our students would've written
because of getting heavy homework.
No, sir! No one would say
our school as an institution.
After the school hours, some students
from GP women's college,
Security told some
students are writing here.
Maybe, if someone had written...
What if they wrote like that, Miss?
Why are you unnecessarily
getting confused?
That magic wall is for them
to write whatever comes to the mind.
Sir! Sir!
What happened, sir!
Rahul loves Vanathi Miss!
He wrote it.
Definitely he'd have done this!
Sir! Sir!
-He had written this for sure!
I guessed it, with you
calling him sweet and cute...
It's all because of you.
Sir, what am I talking about and
what you're talking?
I'm talking about my life.
You'll understand my plight only
if you are in my stance.
Sir! I can understand.
Just a minute, sir!
Do you how much our
parents compel us to get married?
Just a minute, sir!
- What should I do?
I will lose my whole life,
with these minute you ask.
Don't you have sense?
Are you lunatic?
You've grown like a donkey,
Don't you understand even this?
Am I following you,
without being in love with you?
Have you ever asked me?,
"Whether I love you or not?"
Ask me now.
Do you love me, Miss?
Please, Miss.
You crazy!
"All the misery in my heart flew away"
"The pain I endured is now forsaken"
"My black and white dreams
are colorful now"
"With age, now,
Two newfound wings adorn me"
"Little Rascal...Little Rascal..."
"Little Rascal...Little Rascal..."
"Enthralled by you, I became insane"
"Little Rascal...Little Rascal..."
"Little Rascal...Little Rascal..."
"Come along, and talk to me"
"Little Rascal...Little Rascal..."
"Little Rascal...Little Rascal..."
"Enthralled by you, I became insane"
"Little Rascal...Little Rascal..."
"Little Rascal...Little Rascal..."
"Come along, and talk to me"
"My soul longs to be with you"
"I yearn to share laughter with you"
"I want to experience the world
the way you do"
"Embrace it"
"I need to be reborn"
"Want to fly like a kite"
"From below"
"Like a kite's thread"
"I want you to direct my life"
Dear, do you've any problem in your eyes?
In eyes?
Yes, dear.
No, uncle!
Then how did you fell in love with him?
"In love's name, I ventured forth"
"You drove me to madness"
"Within me, in me,
"All unfolds because of you."
-He's sucha lovely guy.
"A crackhead is trying to heal me"
"While healing, it's making me go crazy"
"Within me, in me"
"From this moment, you become all."
"Little Rascal...Little Rascal..."
"Little Rascal...Little Rascal..."
"Enthralled by you, I became insane"
"Little Rascal...Little Rascal..."
"Little Rascal...Little Rascal..."
"Come along, and talk to me"
"Little Rascal...Little Rascal..."
"Little Rascal...Little Rascal..."
"Enthralled by you, I became insane"
"Little Rascal...Little Rascal..."
"Come along, and talk to me"
Is everything okay in your home?
What will your parents say?
I've only dad at home, aunty.
Then it is so easy.
Yes, You never told me about your dad.
What is he doing?
How many times should I tell you
not to do any mistake?
Sir, don't beat sir,
I'll shut you out for good.
From now on, wherever you are,
you must come when I call you.
Sir, please don't beat sir.
If you don't come for
the hearing, henceforth,
I will knock you around.
You never told me your dad is a rowdy.
Criminal lawyer!
Will your father like me?
Hey brother.
Hey! When was the policy taken?
After that you never came.
You'll only come when you need money?
I won't pay any money, leave, leave.
Dad, he is not an insurance agent.
I told you know?
I'm Kanagavel,
Working in GP Matriculation School,
as a PT Sir.
Monthly 18,000 salary.
If my daughter likes,
then I'm fine with it too.
Tell me when we shall
have the engagement?
Dad wants to talk to you.
Your dad?
- Yes sir
Give me.
Tell me, sir.
I'm elated, Sir.
Kanagavel told that you've accepted.
Is everything okay?
Do you like our son?
What do you ask sir?
I don't like your son.
Which dad will agree to get
his daughter married to a coward?
I inquired about your son.
You've brought him up very well.
I agreed for the sole reason
that my daughter liked him.
If there is any danger to
my daughter in the future...
I will have to go.
...honestly your son will not come.
That's alright, she is my daughter.
We are coming to
visit your house tomorrow.
If possible, we can fix
the date tomorrow itself.
Why he is saying like this?
Horoscope compatibility is not good, dear.
These two people should never get married.
Even if it happens,
this woman will never respect him.
Even if children are
born, they will not respect him.
She will look at him like a worm.
This is a wrong combination dear.
You unleashed a thunderbolt, Pundit?
According to this horoscope, they
have been married for many years..
How is it possible, Pundit?
Oh, Sorry Pundit! That's our horoscope.
My son's horoscope is here.
A worm?
Check well and tell us, Pundit.
A worm?
How does it seem, Pundit?
The problem has started.
What is it, pandit?
All these days you've nurtured him to prevent
something from happening,
...that problem has started.
- Hey leave me.
Leave me
They've filmed what
happened to you the other day,
- and posted it on internet.
Now this video is viral and shared
by all the meme pages.
What is she doing here, untime?
If you wear dress like this,
this is what they'll do.
Look at her dress,
Results : If you roam in such attires.
- these girls are only tempting us to do it
What is doing with drunkards?
If it's someone one from your family
- will you treat them, the same way?
She deserves this.
Should've stayed in home.
Why are you accusing her,
instead of blaming him.
Look at the dress, she's wearing.
All GP institution girls
are like this, it seems.
Fix the Engagement as soon as possible.
I will also come to the engagement.
Sure Pundit.
Have coffee, brother.
They said our brother is coward,
- You also take dear
You start now dad.
Now you see what I do.
Did you see the picture in the cup?
Its our son.
While he was in his 10th grade,
He got black belt in Karate.
Not only karate, he knows
Kung-fu, Judo and ludo.
He got black belt in everything.
I have raised him with some care
so that he doesn't go rogue.
Enough dear.
Mom, it didn't work?
You'd have expected
the house to be bigger.
After marriage we can shift
to another house, brother. did you say like this?
She's a mother-less kid,
So, I pampered her a lot.
If the whole family live
together it will be joyous.
Everything is okay for us, brother.
Let's fix the marriage in
the next auspicious day.
We will decide the
engagement day today.
Tomorrow is an auspicious day,
Then, since Aadi is nearing,
After one and half months,
Aavani 21 is another auspicious day.
- we are not able to
step out, because of you?
- Everyones asking your father that
he hasnt raised his daughter properly.
See, behave properly like we
say how you are supposed to be.
Only after one and half months,
An auspicious date comes is it?
Thats what I am saying you now.
Can we have the
engagement tomorrow itself?
Let's have it by today evening itself.
What are you talking?
Is engagement an easy thing?
Do you know how many works
are there like hall, food, decoration?
Let's do it tomorrow, aunty.
Tomorrow is my mothers birthday,
With moms blessings we will
do it in temple in a simple way.
I am ok with this.
If everyone is ok, then
its okay for me as well.
Tomorrow at 5:00 AM
We will arrange during
the Brahma Muhurtham.
Then what,
Let's go around surfing
stores with shopping bags.
Can you hear the
caller tune of your life?
Master is going
to become a debtor
Can you hear the
caller tune of your life?
Master is going to
become a debtor
Organize a wedding
Try building a house
Who will pay to build a home?
Will the mason chime in?
Your father-in-law with build
Your father will shout at you
Your a frayed rope
Who is it?
Our sir it is
Oh no, Look at him
You are a shredded rope
Can you hear the
caller tune of your life?
Master is going
to become a debtor
Principal asked to invite chairman,
Will you invite him, Im scared of him.
Hey Nandhini!
Time is past 10 PM,
Why is she going inside
the school at this time?
Dont you have sense?
Are you aware of what you are doing?
Why did you do
like this Nandhini?
He is asking you right? Explain.
Thanks brother,
For what?
You were the one who searched,
for me with my father for a long time.
What we are asking and
what are you talking, Nandhini?
About the video that leaked yesterday,
What do you think, brother?
What is the to think about this?
What will you do for what
those rogues did?
That one day,
Never happened in your life,
Think that way and move on.
Dont think all of this
and waste your time, leave
Everyone is saying something,
And you are saying something else.
What is everyone saying dear?
After this happened,
Everyone will see you different,
My parents advised me
not to go out for few days.
What mistake did I do?
I thought that no one
would say anything.
As soon as I came out, the
first face was yours, brother
I was so happy after seeing your face,
I thought everyone would
look at me like you did.
What' s she doing,
As if nothing happened?
You should have seen the
dress she was wearing yesterday,
Yes sister,
Even if men are behaved
these girls wont.
They broke my confidence little by little.
Seeing her our society
girls will also get spoiled.
First we should ask her father,
to vacate their house.
First we must do that
While everyone were talking like this,
the video went on social media,
If it's someone from your
family will you do this?
- all The GP institution women
are like this it seems
Why is everyone blaming me?
What wrong did I do?
The ones who commented
dont even know who I am brother.
So they were blaming me,
but even the people
Who were good to me these many
years, have turned against me.
Have turned bad against me.
Over all these,
I should have worn
salwar yesterday right?
Atlast my brother also said I was wrong.
These were the streets where
Ive been playing for 20 years,
in that street,
I am not able to walk
with respect brother.
Dont think about all this
and feel for it Nandhini.
Everything will be alright.
We are there for you.
Think of me as your brother,
Hereafter, if you have any problem,
Tell it to me,
Let's go now,
Hey, are you still arranging flowers?
Velu are you ready?
Why does a guy need this long?
Come fast.
Hey, is the bride ready?
2 minutes, 2 minutes
How many 2 minutes?
Greetings, Come, come, please get in.
Are you the brides father?
Yes, why are you asking?
Can't even understand
your daughters heart,
Are you even a father?
You brat,
What are you talking about?
Your daughter is not even
interested in this marriage,
She is in love with someone else.
You carry on Ill
take care of it.
Hey, you come here.
Who is it?
Who is she in love with?
Its me, uncle.
This marriage,
wont happen.
This is not wedding, its an engagement.
What does it mean?
It means you wont get her.
Hey, dont keep running,
Okay, okay its getting late come.
You go.
Im telling you right? its not.
I'm asking you to call the right person
and youve been calling me again and again.
Sir, do you not
understand what I'm saying?
Please call the concerned person, not me.
No sir.
Where are you going?
You keep going, I'll be back
Take them with you
(Sir, you first listen to me)
Please, call someone related to it,
Why are you repeatedly
talking with me?
What happened, brother?
You go dear, I'll take care
Tell me
No dear, you go I'll take care.
Tell brother
They are saying something, in call
Can you ask them what?
How many times, should I tell you?
I'm Karungalpalayam police
station's constable speaking,
Near river bridge
a 21-year-old girl's body
is unidentified
and the ID from her bag,
has father's name as
Rathinam, and this number.
So please talk and bring him here.
Okay sir, I'll come.
Hey brother,
It is not our girl right?
It won't be.
Yeah, that's what am also saying,
but they are repeatedly calling
me, without understanding.
The thing is,
It won't be our girl,
Can we check and come?
No brother,
It won't be our girl,
Why should we go?
Just a formality.
Come let's go, have a look and come.
See mam, with his broken english,
he secured English mam, itself.
That's true.
Dear why are you sitting alone?
Where's Kanagavel?
He's talking with brother Rathinam.
Hey, Velu
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
It's almost time.
I'll be right back.
It's your engagement now.
Where are you going?
Who are you?
Don't stop the vehicle here, move it.
We got a call from the station,
Yeah, come inside
Sir, he's Rathinam.
Come, give me your details.
Tell your cellphone number?
Are you from CTC Colony?
Yes sir.
Is he the girl's father?
Yes sir.
Nandhini won't come here and all.
Why should we go there?
Let's go home, brother.
We came this far,
Can we check once and go?
No dear.
When we searched last time,
she called us and came home, right?
Likewise, she'll come back.
They've mistaken someone else for her.
Let's go home.
Okay brother.
Let's check for once.
Come brother.
Sir, I asked for stretcher.
Yes sir, everything here is evidence.
Come here, here
Brother, no no
Don't worry brother
Sir, Are you Rathinam?
Are you him?
Come here,
I'll be here, go check
As it crashed straight into the rock,
The face is smashed.
We couldn't identify the body.
See if it is your daughter?
Sir, no sir, no
Sir no, sir no, no
Yesterday, while getting out from home
Was your daughter wearing this dress?
Sir, this is not my daughter sir.
Does she have a mole in this place?
Brother, do you know the girl?
Yes, sir.
Okay, what was written
in the letter she had?
A letter? what letter?
There was a letter in the girl's bag.
I only took it out.
The one who's walking towards us,
I gave it to him brother.
To him?
Yeah, to the policeman there.
Sir, sir
Oarsmen gave a letter...
Ask the head constable.
Sir oarsmen said he gave you a letter,
I gave it to the inspector, go and ask him.
First ask what it is, and then do,
Sir, oarsmen said he gave you a letter,
Letter? There was no letter.
No sir he said, he gave it to you.
Hey, get lost.
We are struggling here from
morning 4.30 with a dead body,
He comes to investige,
I'll come there soon, sir.
Okay sir.
Hey, Kanagu...
Where and all should we search for you?
It's getting late for engagement,
Come, sit down, let's go.
Come on,
Get down.
I'll drive.
Brother, propitious time for
engagement is almost over.
Brother, please get down,
Now, why did you come to our college?
Wait a minute.
What brother?
I'm askin...
What happened, Kanagu?
See, what happened?
Where are you going?
The police who came here,
Why did he come here sir?
In his hand,
was a cover.
That's money right sir?
Why are you talking all this?
First, with who's permission you came in?
Why did you give him money sir?
What are you talking brother?
There was letter in Nandhini's dead body.
I saw the constable bringing it,
for sure, he must've given it to you,
and got money in return.
What was in that letter sir?
Why did you give money for that letter sir?
Who's Nandhini?
Sir our college girl, which
committted suicide earlier today.
Her name in Nandhini.
Why didn't you say this before?
He came to talk regarding her.
I asked him not to mention
our college name in the media,
and to use a general name,
Why should I give him money for that?
You are talking to me
with wrong presumption.
You shouldn't stand
in front of me like this,
and talk all these.
It's okay.
No sir,
You've done some mistake.
For sure, you gave him money.
What? I've been so patient,
but you are talking too much.
Just two days ago,
You were scared to
even stand in front of him.
But today you are
aggresively talking to him.
You better get out of here.
Why are you shounting unnecessarily?
Knowing his fault,
He himself is scared to talk,
Why are you coming in between?
I'm talking only to him.
Do you think I'm talking to you
afraid of getting into trouble?
You are a nobody.
For standing in front of me,
And talking to me with that tone itself,
I must slit your throat
and throw you away.
And you are telling me that I am scared?
I bribed the police who came,
What the can you do?
I have the letter she
wrote before she died,
She wrote, I'm the reason for her death.
What do you want me to do?
He gave the letter, and took the money.
You spoke all this for the letter right?
Oh, where, where are my eyes wandering...
Oh, where are the eyes I saw here...
Do whatever you can.
Heart, heart...
You are suspended,
I must never see you again.
Sorry sir, he did it by mistake
- Get lost.
Get lost
Oh, it's gone astray...
Take him away
- Come dude, please
Oh, it's crying...
Are you aware of what you're doing?
You are speaking against him.
You are merely a PT Sir,
He's the chairman of this institution.
Why are you creating these
many problems with him?
No brother,
It won't be our girl.
I must never see you again, get lost.
The roaring waves
The surrounding troubles
To take completely out
To leave nothing behind
The waste roots
To remove them all
The usual sinners
To destroy them completely
To tame the wicked
To end the mistakes
To subdue the armies
To give the sacrifice
To tame the wicked
To end the mistakes
To subdue the armies
To give the sacrifice
Glory to victory's God
Glory to valour's God
Glory to victory's God
Glory to Kanagavel
Kanagavel is our protector
He glances at us in an instant
He helps us overcome obstacles
He destroys sins on sight
Kanagavel is our protector
Hail the ones,
who died fulfilling their purpose!
Hail the ones, who came with a heavy heart!
Let the eyes that float in tears, dry!
Peace, Let peace surround this place
My sweet angel!
Birth on Earth is nothing new
Sir, this is a postmortemed body,
There isn't anything as old as death
Can't keep for long, it won't withstand.
There isn't anything as old as death
Hurry up, and do the deeds.
There isn't anything as old as death
There isn't anything as old as death
Without both, there is no nature
Nature's command is the limit of wisdom
Righteous girl!
She gave up her life,
when her esteem was strained.
Where are the eyes that gazed with love?
Where are the hands that explored with zeal?
Where are the feet that roamed the nation?
I repeatedly told you,
Not to go!
Did he listen to me?
You'll always ask me know,
Why I am coddling him?
See what he did?
In the final moment,
the engagement was disrupted.
What will I say him?
How will he give his daughter, after this?
Hey, why are you talking irrelevantly?
He won't think like that and all.
First you shut your mouth.
Don't decide anything now.
Who is he?
After all a PT teacher.
Instead of looking after his job,
for a random girl, he hit a
big shot and is standing casually.
When he does this much for a random girl,
How much he'd do for my daughter.
Whatever happens, he is my son-in-law.
I'm there for you!
Let's see what they can do.
I'll see you people around.
Velu, get inside.
I said go.
He came this far, but
isn't getting down from the car?
It is big of him to come this far
will he come to our house and all?
Sir has come.
Sir said he can't see you mourning.
You lost a daughter, don't stop
the other one from studying.
After completing her schoolling,
Sir said, she can join
our college without fees.
Here's two lakhs.
Sir told to give you.
Come here.
Here dear,
Take this.
What happened to the case?
The case has been closed, sir.
The four guys harassed
and put out a video,
That's the reason she did like this.
We imprisoned all four of them, sir.
Don't leave them.
Kill them, inside the prison itself.
Savithri, tell them Savithri
Sister, please calm down.
Ma, don't worry, GP sir
will take care of everything.
No one will escape,
they'll surely be punished.
Okay, let's go.
Kill them inside the prision itself.
Sir, I have thoroughly checked.
No evidence related
to us is on the spot sir.
I'll imprison those four guys,
And will close the case.
Even her phone is with me, sir.
I'll handover if you say.
No need to give that,
It might even be useful
to us in the future. Keep it.
The girl's father
isn't aware of anything.
Even if he comes to know,
That cheapskate won't open
his mouth against us.
Even if we admit it ourselves,
He will lick your foot for
mere two lakhs.
But that PT sir
I have informed the local guys,
They're already on their way.
By the time we reach home,
We will recieve good news.
Throw the ball towards me
What are you doing in a death house?
Who are you?
Get lost.
Pass the ball, pass it.
This is not out.
Can't you see, you are out.
First of all this is not in the rules.
Where you are, talking about rules?
Hey, what do you know about rules?
What do you want now?
You just want to know the rules?
Why are we quarrelling?
Let's ask our PT sir itself.
Let him come and tell.
Mam, please call PT sir.
Come and clarify the rules.
What happened mom?
-Are they calling me?
First listen to me.
Come inside.
- let me go, talk to them mom.
They are not here to talk.
You come inside.
-If I don't go out, they will come inside.
Oh, no! I'll take care of it.
Listen to me Velu.
Okay, leave my hand,
Just a minute! Just a minute!
Just a minute!
-You come...
Please don't.
Listen to me Mom,
Please tell him,
Fear I have not, Fear I have not
Fear I have not, Fear I have not
What is happening, sir?
Nandhini's death is suspecious.
The chairman is not a good person.
He's fighting with rowdies,
The chairman is the reason behind.
Fear I have not, Fear I have not
Fear does not exist in me
Even if all the world opposes me
Fear I have not, Fear I have not
Fear does not exist in me
Even if they think us
insignificant and mock us
Make those who belittle you tremble
Roar like a tiger, step into the world!
Make those who belittle you tremble
Roar like a tiger, step into the world!
Fear I have not, Fear I have not
Fear I have not, Fear I have not
Fear I have not, Fear I have not
Fear I have not, Fear I have not
Even after I cremated my daughter,
I sensed her blood in my home,
It has emanated from here, sir.
Only in our nation, we respect and obey
the one who pay and teach us
But only now we understand,
How you all treat us.
In the rage I had, I wanted to
drag your collar and ask,
but I forgot that and
am calling you "sir".
You've trained us this way.
I lost my daughter,
I thought of leaving this problem.
But you came to my house,
and asked to send my another daughter,
I will not let you free, sir.
Complaint against whom?
GP Institutions chairman,
Guru Purusothaman.
Take it.
Come behind.
Sit here for some time
Please sit, sir.
I'll be back in ten minutes.
Okay, sir.
How dare he!
He will stand like a coward before sir.
He's threatening us today...
and moreover had he
complained in the station?
Make that cheapskate sit there all night.
Another guy will come looking for him.
Make him also to wait.
I'll end this tomorrow once and for all.
Sir, in station...
Whatever happens, Ill take care of it.
Let's end this.
Okay, sir.
Will do it.
What happened, sister?
Heard that brother isn't home yet?
Yes, Savithri.
Don't know where he has gone.
I'm scared a lot.
His phone is also switched off.
Okay, You don't worry,
I'll ask Kanagavel to look for him.
Dad, mom told me
to give you this key.
She've kept dal rice
and pickle for dinner.
Don't forget to eat.
Okay dear.
There is pill for tonight.
don't forget that too.
Hey, the Inspector has arrived.
Sir, I'm waiting from last night for you.
Take this complaint, sir.
Is it?
Sir, why are you in hurry?
Be patient, I'll take it.
Sir, I plead you,
please take this complaint.
Brother, what are you doing here?
We were looking for you the whole night.
I was here the whole night.
I came to lodge a complaint
but they are not taking it.
Hey, why are you bring a closed case?
Don't we have other job?
Sir, how could it be a closed case?
Please take the complaint.
Brother, why are you coming here?
We have to talk to people
whom they'll subdue.
To whom?
To whom?
To whom?
You tell me.
-No, sir.
Sir! Sir!
Why are you hitting him?
He came for my sake,
Don't hit him, sir.
-Leave it, brother.
These people will show their valor
to downtrodden like us.
Hey, take him.
Sir, leave him...
Drag him away.
Leave him, sir!
Sir! Sir!
Greetings sir.
Leave now.
Leave now.
No one should come inside the station
for next half hour.
He seems young,
He may die.
Hey, go away.
Please sit, sir.
Do you know who you have touched?
The icon of this town.
If you look into the fate of
anyone in this town,
The name GP will only be there.
And you dared me?
My PA, standing here,
He writhed in pain when you hit me.
But that night, do you know what
he would've said his wife?
The PT slapped GP strongly...
Sir, I didn't say like that, sir
I swear on God,
I didnt say like that, sir.
Sir! Sir!
I didn't say like that, sir.
But I feel like that.
Hereafter, even if he just smile
I'd feel this might be the reason.
If I kill you in this room,
Would anyone dare to smile before me?
Sir, is it eight O' clock yet?
No, sir,
My watch is not working.
Is it eight O'clock now, sir?
What's going to
happen at eight?
You came for Nandini's death.
Let me see who will
come when you die.
Is it eight O'clock, sir?
What's there about eight O'clock?
What will happen?
Sir, this have
made a huge mess.
What happened?
Sir, knowing that we
won't accept his complaint...
...yesterday itself he've given complaint
to CM cell that you've murdered Nandhini.
That I murdered?
At Erode district...
In Karungalpalayam,
Student Nandhini's corpse...
Was found below Odapalli garage...
A complaint has been lodged by GP institutions's
PT teacher Kanagavel claiming it a murder.
We cannot do anything to him now.
It's better for you to leave too.
You're doing everything
just to humiliate me, isn't it?
It's my grave mistake to
think of you as small fella.
Yeah, I'm a small boy sir,
But if crisis arise...
Sir! Sir!
You've lodged a complaint
that GP sir has murdered Nandhini.
Do you have evidence for it, sir?
Instead of lodging
complaint in the police station,
Why did you complaint to CM cell?
Tell us, sir.
You've lodged complaint
against a big shot,
Do you think you can win, sir?
The girl's father had come,
And lodged a complaint,
The police department
without any fear,
The accused, who claims
himself as the Patron of Education.
Dragged him by collar,
and brought him for investigation,
Are you talking about GP sir?
Has he come here?
Look there,
Patron of Education is
running from the back door,
Catch him,
Sir! Sir, please stop.
Did you murder that girl, sir?
Move away, move...
Sir! Sir!
I'm asking to move aside,
Please don't distrub, move.
I'm asking to move aside
Why are we all leaving now?
Tell me, mom.
Yes, he is my son,
hang up the call now.
Eswari, why are you getting ready in hurry?
You don't interefere in this, leave it.
What's this?
-you tell her dad
Aunty, we can handle this.
I'm also talking for your sake.
Mom! Mom!
Mom, why are you over reacting now?
Total colony is gathered here
like a funeral house.
Everybody is standing here,
that's why I said, mom.
Mom! Mom!
Mom! I'm not coming.
Why won't you come?
Are you a thug?
How dare you lodged a
complaint with the police?
Even the girl's parents are quiet,
Why do you bother?
I don't know what else to do, mom.
Hello, yeah
Kanagavel is the one in the TV
Why? can't he file a case
for the neighbourhood girl?
Look, he is in trouble because of you.
He isn't bothered,
it's only a problem to you.
How can I be quiet when something like that
has happened to Nandhini?
What happened to her?
I've been patient enough, with you.
What happened to Nandhini?
Did something unusal happened to her?
This is what is happening to everyone.
All of us, who are born as women,
- are experiencing all this.
Didn't this happen to your sister?
Ask her.
Yes, brother.
Like mom is saying,
it is very common.
While commuting to college by bus,
they would come and fall over us.
How much ever we move away,
they'll come closer and
will stand grazing us.
Check a working women's dress,
you'll know how many fingerprints it has.
Don't mistake me for saying this, brother
In our garments, our supervisor
in the name of teaching,
is harassing everyone daily.
No one complains in
the fear of losing their job,
Nobody says this out.
It has become our routine now.
How many times have I asked
you to go to the ration shop?
but you,
consider it a disgrace, and won't go.
When I go there, each
time while taking money
he feels my hand and only takes it.
Do you expect me to tell you that?
Someone is touching my hand,
So you go the shop?
We are used to all this.
We learned to tolerate and live with it.
In the name of saving us,
Don't create anymore
problems for us, please.
What, dear?
Is it wrong if someone
touches you here? Uncle
Why dear?
No, our auto driver uncle,
on the way to school,
will stop at a shop,
buys a chocolate,
Will touch here, here, here and all, uncle.
He's also doing the
same with Srinidhi, Uncle.
If I say this to mom,
he said, he won't take us in his
auto anymore, Uncle.
Are you happy?
Are you happy now?
See where it starts and ends where?
Tell now, mom.
Tell that child everything you told me.
Tell her, that auto driver
will touch you like that,
Ask her to tolerate it, Mom.
It will be like this even when you grow up,
Ask her to learn, Mom.
You tolerated it, fine
Why are you asking your
daughter to tolerate it too?
Okay, mom.
You tell me,
What should I do now?
Why should an Astrologer
instruct how I should live?
You say it mom.
Hey, you don't see all this, go.
Let him stay, sister.
I don't know whether in future
he will be like your son
But he shouldn't be a womenizer like him.
Let him see this.
If you take a step forward
Many steps will fall upon you
Dude, I drew the cartoon as you said,
But the Editor wont
accept it, it's difficult.
Send your editor's contact number
I'll talk with him,
Who is he?
Threatening me on phone
If we publish news about GP
He says he'll burn our office down
I'm publishing it in the front page.
Let's see what he'll do?
Strike hard, with force
Now its fireworks, a grand display
Strike hard, with force
Now its fireworks, a grand display
If we say it's suicide,
GP will escape easily, brother.
If only we say it's murder,
We can actually know what happened
Even when troubles come near
You must not give up
Arrest GP
GP...Down! Down!
GP must be arrested.
How can we leave him?
We will not leave him.
We are struggling for our
children's studies. Is it to die?
No one should die like her again.
If you take a step forward
Many steps will fall upon you
The sins you committed yesterday
Will burn you tomorrow
The public has to know the
complete truth about such case.
Why do you bother?
The one who have money will win.
Even when troubles come near
You must not give up
Hey, what's happening there?
The journalists are
tearing you part by part.
You're roaming around
like you know nothing.
He is doing all these to know
what is written in that letter.
First, try to save the name you ruined.
or else, in future to identify your college
they'll say
'the college that murder happened'
No girl will join your college.
The only way you have now
is to win this case.
Can downtrodden people
like us win against the rich?
We'll win tomorrow.
I'll be there for you, brother
I'll take care.
Okay brother.
Dont lose to a small guy.
To get stay order only I charge,
you are getting a stay order to pay
And then you will blame me
First arrange the payment, go
We can do it sir.
Tell me sir,
Why have these many law
college students have come?
What's the matter?
Nandhini's murder case
is starting from today
For that chennai law college
have sent students for training.
You know who is appearing
for this case, right?
Have all this people gathered to see him?
Do you know who appears in opposition?
Aathirai Arunachalam.
Aadhiram madam?
Isn't she supreme court's lawyer?
GP sir has requested her
specially for this case
Isn't she the one until now have,
Never lost a case.
Why dear?
You are saying this much,
But you haven't mentioned the judge who's
going to issue the judgement for this case.
About the judge,
Who is this guy?
uh-uh sir,
Good morning sir
uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh,
Say more, tell more about me
Sir is the judge who gave the
highest number of judgement in a year.
Tell him about the MP case,
the one which got famous
Which MP case?
Even when many people threatened,
He wrote the judgement fearlessly.
Also the granite case,
even that got very famous,
In that granite case you know...
Sir, it's time for lunch.
Is that so?
Yes sir.
See what time it is.
Okay, tell him.
I'll come later and will listen
uh-uh Okay sir.
Aah okay, uh-uh
Please, sit down.
After court's judgement only
Any case will be
Published in paper as news
The case we are starting today,
Has already
Been in paper and news,
And is very familiar
As much as possible
Don't get into fights
And argue
You can start now.
Your honor
In GP college, pursuing B.Sc, final year is
19-year old girl named Nandhini,
She jumped from
Karungalpalayam river bridge,
And is dead by suicide.
Two days before this incident,
In the bus stop, four men
have sexually assuaulted her,
They've also filmed a video
and leaked it on the internet.
Due to that distress
She committed suicide.
Any girl who have self-esteem
will do like that only.
Now suddenly,
Claiming this is not a suicide,
but a murder,
Without any such proof,
And accusing an honorable man like
GP, who is highly respected in the society.
With the sole purpose of shaming him,
This case have been filed.
As this case have been
filed without any evidence,
I kindly ask you to dismiss
this case, your honor.
Let's hear their side of the arguement.
Mr. Manickavel
How are you claiming this as a murder?
Your honor,
On the day of the incident,
Only after that, the case was filed.
If in case we've had
that letter in our hand,
There would've been no
need for this case to be filed, your honor.
For a letter that do not even exist,
they are spinning these many
stories, your honor.
Okay, as he claims, let's
assume the letter exists.
If a girl writes a letter and
dies, isn't that a suicide?
How are they claiming it as a murder?
That makes sense.
Who's the person who took the letter?
Ask him to come.
I did not take letter, your honor.
You didn't take?
Recall well and tell.
I did not see any letter sir.
This brother is only
talking unnecessary things.
I do not even remember
seeing him on the spot.
On the day of the incident,
I was fully on the spot sir.
I did not go anywhere.
He's just spinning stories.
First we must admit the Psir in a good mental hospital.
And get him checked sir.
Your honor, daily morning around
4.00 A.M. I'll be in college for gardening,
and our chairman sir,
Will come sharply at
5.00 A.M. to the temple
On the day he mentioned,
neither the constable,
nor the PT sir came.
Your honor, there's some
fraudulant in this story.
They've threatened and
fabricated the witnesses.
No one threatened anyone sir.
There is no evidence to prove
there was a letter in the body.
On the incident day,
This is the video footage of the college
from morning 5.00 to 7.00 a.m., your honor.
in this neither constable
nor Kanagavel comes.
Your honor, the report clearly states that,
She've been killed by being
hit in the head with an iron rod.
After murdering they've
thrown her off the bridge.
Even though, opposition
lawyer has all these reports,
I don't know why she's talking like this.
Your honor,
We need permission to
re-examine the body, your honor.
How will the body be stored
these many days, your honor?
As soon as the postmortem is over,
They've handed it over to the parents.
This is their plan your honor,
Staging an ordinary suicide,
With fabricated postmortem reports,
Falsely claiming it as murder,
And if we were to re-examine the body,
Fearing that we'd prove that it was suicide.
They've hastily disposed
the body, your honor.
Why did you give up the body hastily?
Sir, we were pressured
by the parents, your honor.
Let alone that,
Even before I gave
the postmortem report,
Inspector closed the case,
concluding it was suiside, sir.
Why the hell did you
close the case hastily?
Can't you wait until the
postmortem report arrives?
This is definetely suicide your honor.
These people are only
playing some games.
The report should say whether
it's a suicide or a murder.
Henceforth, you shouldn't follow this case.
I'm appointing another inspector.
( sir, sir )
Mr. Manickavel
Do you have anything else to say?
Your honor.
All the details and video they
presented are fake,
If you give me some extra time,
I'll prove it.
Proving all their evidence
are fake is for later,
To prove GP is the murderer,
Have you submitted
atleast one evidence?
The only witness you
brought was also against you
What other evidence do you have?
If you do not submit any evidence,
the judgement will be in two days.
I can only tell this much, Manikavel.
Let's meet tomorrow.
I came to your house and told
You blatantly lied.
Did you get money from them?
What happened brother?
Did they kidnap your
wife or your children?
They didn't kidnap anyone, brother.
And they don't have to,
Just knowing who it was, was enough.
We won't testify against them, brother.
We are scared to even set foot
in the street, he roams in his car.
How will we testify against him, brother?
Go brother, you can't
prepare any witness for this.
What dear?
I don't want to go to
school for a few days, dad
What happened dear?
Knowing Nandhini is my sister,
The press people are following
around to interview dad,
I'm scared dad.
Sir, I'm Nandhini's schoolmate,
I came to ask around?
Come inside brother.
Greetings sir.
Sit down.
How did this happen to Nandhini sir?
Everything is gone, brother.
With so much dreams, I made her study.
Did you study 10-th std with her brother?
Yes sir.
What do you do now?
I'm a student reporter in News-M sir.
Exactly how did Nandhini die sir?
What is the issue between
GP sir and Nandhini?
First, is it a murder or suicide?
Your honor,
If I remember,
In hollywood there's a
movie called Hollow Man,
in that movie the villian
has a special power,
if he wants he can
vanish from people's eyes.
If I have to tell it in a
way you'd understand
like the hero in jithan's movie.
I also watch hollywood movie and all.
You speak like,
You are the only person
who knows 'Hollow Man'
Leave that,
Why did you mention
that here, tell me that first.
Coming to the point, your honor.
Please ask them to play the
CCTV footage I've provided.
On the incident day,
these are the footages from nearby stores,
At 5.15 A.M. Kanagavel,
following the constable is recorded here.
Your honor.
They've deleted the
footage recorded on saturday.
And forged it with another footage.
Here is the record for that.
Greetings sir.
I was only in the spot,
I didn't go anywhere, you said.
Now with the vehicle,
Where did you go this fast?
Sir, that's
I went to buy tiffin sir.
You bought the tiffin,
And ate it near the dead body, right?
Get out.
Another important evidence, Your honor.
On the night Nandhini died, around 9.30 pm.
She've recieved three calls.
And one of those calls,
Lasted 20 seconds.
And that call is from the same tower
signal where chairman's guest house is.
If the signal is from the
same area he resides.
Does that mean he is the suspect?
In that area a total of
10,000 people resides.
Does it mean all 10,000
of them are murderers?
First tell, in who's name
the sim is registered?
Big shots like chairman GP,
Do not get sim in their own name.
It is registered in a
dummy name called Sethu,
but with what I firmly
say it is him is, cause,
from this number, in this month,
three swiggy order has
been placed around 10 p.m.
And that've been delivered to
chairman GP's guest home.
Here is the record for that.
We need some more time, your honor?
When they get a good point,
You need extra time?
Take your time.
Let's meet tomorrow
How many times did I ask,
Did you called her from
any other number or not?
Chairman sir,
Called her drunk.
From our house help's phone.
How did the word murder get
into the postmortem's report?
Madam, we didn't murder her.
They are scamming.
I'm aware of who's telling the truth,
Who's side justice is on,
I did not take this
case without knowing it.
If I take the case, I must win.
I'll give you two minutes,
Within that tell me all the tru-
It is the same as I told before, Madam.
Our chairman is the
sole reason for her death.
Even in the letter his
name was only mentioned.
If the press got hold of that letter,
It will completely turn his life
upside down, so he burned it.
To just know what
was written on the letter,
they are doing all this.
The girl is dead,
They want to know what happened,
they don't have any witness,
So they are working to
make us spill the truth.
Ask the house help to come.
Forgive me, PI got angry when you hit this old man.
I sent thugs to kill you.
I feel ashamed to even see your face.
Later when I thought only, I understood.
Is it that a big deal to
kill you and your family?
No, it seems.
I'll just mix two grams of
cyanide into the insulin your father buys.
The temple offering your mom recieves,
The bottle from which
your sister drinks,
In the whistle you blow,
I can kill you.
Do you know why I'm saying this now?
This case will end tomorrow.
Everything I told now will also happen.
and when that happens,
you shouldn't be wondering how it happened.
You don't know what
will happen tomorrow right?
Greetings sir,
Who are you guys?
Why did you guys surrender in the police?
We are the people who killed Nandhini sir.
No, no your honor.
They are lying.
No, your honor.
Stop Manickavel.
Please, sit down.
Let us listen to what they are saying.
Say guys,
Why did you guys kill her?
My name is Sethu,
I'm also studying near Nandhini's college
Nandhini and I were
sincerely in love
Only after few days I came to know,
Nandhini didn't just love me,
but many guys like me.
What are you saying?
Your honor, he's lying.
Silence, please sit down.
Sit down.
We three figured it out sir,
We asked Nandhini about this,
She told she'll not do that again,
Then she started fooling us again.
We couldn't bear the pain,
That's why,
we decided
to kill her.
We made a plan,
to make her come there
hit her with a pipe and killed her.
What is happeneing?
It was me who
brought Nandhini there.
When he hit her,
It was me who held her hand,
It was me who threw
her body off the bridge.
We've brought the iron
rod we used to hit her.
The blood sample has been confirmed sir.
This is Nandhini's blood sir.
And that is the report for it sir.
Everything is right,
how can I believe that
you are telling the truth?
In this phone
there are messages
that Nandhini sent me,
Let alone that,
In order to not get caught,
When we killed her,
We took her cellphone with us.
Give that.
This is her cellphone sir.
We didn't expect for
this case to blow up.
We are working in GP sir's guest house,
on part-time, for salary.
When we came to know GP sir is in trouble
We decided to confess the truth.
You are,
the sethu who's working
in GP sir's guest house.
Is it right?
Yes mam.
Is this your number?
It's my number mam
from this phone only all the
calls were made to Nandhini.
So, were you the one who made those?
While working in GP sir's guest house,
Do you often order food in swiggy?
Not often mam,
Monthly twice or thrice.
What they told is true sir,
they brought the letter,
In that,
Sethu's name was written,
If GP sir knows about
this he'll get furious.
I only burned the letter down sir.
I only replaced the CCTV footage sir.
Not just that your honor,
While they were in relationship,
there are few people who
saw them roaming around.
Those witnesses,
One day in the park,
Inside a bush,
This guy and that girl...
Then I scolded and sent them away.
Often during late hours, she'll
come to our restaurant with guys,
Her dress will be a bit glamours only.
Isn't that normal these days sir?
In our theatre,
Sitting in corner seat,
This guy and that girl,
I've seen her come to the
clinic with a guy a couple times.
I've seen sir.
I've seen sir.
Based on all the evidence, Nandhini
has cheated many
people in the name of love.
So, the people who loved her itself,
Planned and executed
the murder, your honor.
So for me,
the case is closed.
Do you want to say anything, Manickavel?
Your honor,
They are creating a complete drama.
Nothing is true in this.
If you give me some extra time,
How much more time
do you expect Manickavel?
I've also seen from the beginning,
Whatever evidence they provide,
you are only trying
to prove them wrong.
But for the case you filed,
You have not submitted
even one solid evidence.
Hey, hey brother
Stand up
With what nerve did you file this case?
You know to gather the
press outside, and talk rubbish.
Here, where it's necessary,
Why are you sitting mute?
They've filed defamation case against you,
If you can't prove
your innocence,
Do you know how
much years you'd get?
7 years.
You'll only understand
if you go to jail.
Wasting all of ours time.
Judgement will be in 10 minutes.
Sir, what happened?
Sir, did you actually kill Nandhini?
Or anyone forced you to accept the fall?
I loved her truly, sir.
I couldn't bear it.
That's why I killed her.
With these type of girls,
boys should be more careful.
Let her be an immoral girl.
For that?
Must they kill her?
I'll not leave this,
until I get her justice.
These girls does all the mistakes,
but in the end blame the guys for it.
Not just Nandhini,
All the girls in this
generation are like that.
Why do you people
dishonour a dead girl like this?
Over the past week,
The Nandhini case which
shook the entire Tamil nadu,
is expected to get it's final judgement.
Huh, Rathinam
We can get the stay order.
I know the judge well.
I, myself will go in-person,
Thank you so much brother.
Why are you thanking us, brother.
Both of you have helped me a lot,
and for that I don't know
how I'm going to repay you.
Why you talking like this brother?
What are you saying?
Are you aware of what you are talking?
Yes, your honor,
I'm talking with all my sense.
Everything they say is true.
I've seen my daughter
roaming with those guys,
With my own eyes.
Now will you announce
the judgement soon?
Please announce it soon sir.
Already my daughter's dignity,
Is being sold as the headlines.
I have another daughter as well,
I must take care of her life atleast.
Please, end this once and for all.
We can't face anymore disrespect sir.
Sir, one minute.
I want to tell something sir
Yes, come
Was not murdered sir.
Nandhini commited suicide, sir
Your honor.
Isn't he the one who filed a complaint...?
I think he still has something to say
Don't you?
I want to question someone sir?
For all the questions he wants to ask,
It is not necessary for GP sir to answer.
Is GP the one you want to question?
No sir.
I want to ask Nandhini's parents.
Please, stand.
When Nandhini was harassed by four people,
and came home crying...
What did you tell her in return?
Once a year,
for culturals,
I wore the dress I liked.
Is it a big mistake?
It is a mistake.
Wearing this dress was your mistake.
How much painful
would that have been for her?
She came to you hoping
you'd be there for her,
Afraid of losing name and
honor you've lost her now,
What will you do
with that name now?
Parents gave up,
People around her gave up,
Then she turned towards you, her teacher
whom she respects equally to her parents.
What did you do sir?
I adviced her to be careful from then on.
You adviced her?
Is what you did advice?
Can I tell what you adviced her?
We have spoken to all other members sir,
and board meeting date has also been fixed.
Come in dear.
I heard that you wanted to meet me,
Yes sir.
Everybody is blaming me.
Our staffs are saying,
the reputation of our college
is spoiled because of me.
Regarding the video being released,
What is my fault with it, Sir?
I can understand dear.
But it is the management's decision.
They've decided to dismiss you.
What mistake did I do sir?
No, nothing like that dear.
Come, sit down.
My father have borrowed money for interest
So that I can get education, sir.
If you dismiss me from
college he might die...
Can your father cope with your
education being interrupted?
Your whole life will be spoiled.
Your family will be on streets
unable to payback the debt.
Education must be the priority dear.
You must not stop your
education for anything.
Okay, you do one thing.
Tonight at 10 P.M. come to this place.
Keep this card.
I'll see who dismisses you now?
If I say this out,
I know nobody will believe me, brother.
Because everyone has
decided I am the one at fault.
I understand one thing brother,
When something like
this happens to a girl,
The pain she endures
during the inccident is less,
Than the pain she endures
living in the same town after.
If she dies when such thing happens,
They will protest on her behalf for justice.
But if she is back alive,
They'll kill her with their words.
They have prepared the dismiss order, dear
Then, only I fought with them saying,
"don't spoil the life of a studious girl"
Her father might die knowing that,
And had stopped them.
Don't you worry, dear.
You come here.
All right?
Okay sir.
Now, I only have two options brother.
to continue my studies
I have to do everything he says,
to save my dignity
be a burden to my family
causing distress to my parents.
At a time like this
What will a girl think brother,
To leave this world, Brother.
That's why
I thought I'll write
this in the magic wall
and decided to die.
What are you talking Nandhini?
Will everything be resolved if you die?
We will do whatever
we want do with that dog,
but, that's for later.
First, go home
Your parents will already be panicking.
Tomorrow we'll come home and talk dear.
Now, go home.
Hearing this, even I feel
disheartened, your honor.
What I feel is,
He should leave this PT sir job and
Persue a career as a cinema director.
Out of all the claims they made,
Have they provided
atleast one piece of evidence
Just to postpone the judgement,
They keep making up stories, your honor.
Everything you say-
is fair and virtuous.
The court doesn't just
need fairness and virtue
It needs evidence.
Whomever the judge might be
Will only provide judgement with evidence.
From the beginning
You were just blabbering this
happened and that happened,
Atleast for a single
claim I thought you'd
provide an evidence and
waited and waited and waited
hun hun
till the end you gave no evidence at all
I lost faith you in you, kid.
After this,
Only if the dead girl Nandhini comes alive
and testimonies this case will stand.
Will it be fine if late
Nandhini testifies, sir?
Should leave this world, brother.
For someone's mistake
why should we die Nandhini?
I will decide what
happensd henceforward
Hey, what are you talking about?
Are you brave enough to do all this?
If he has the audacity to
ask a astudent to
Surely I can find strength to oppose him.
To finish this matter, without any crumbs,
We need to involve a few more people.
Already the face has been damaged too much.
We can alter two or three
things and can match it.
Just ask Nandhini her birthmarks.
I wrote everything in
this letter as you told.
Thank you, sir, bye.
I've informed everyone in the press.
Tomorrow they'll be sharp on time
Hmm hmm
Vehicle is ready sir.
Fear I have not, Fear I have not
Even if all the world opposes me
Fear I have not, Fear I have not
Even if they think us insignificant
and mock us
Doctor is with us
Even if they think us insignificant
and mock us
Uncle is asking to register murder case.
What I murdered?
If the press got hold of that letter,
I thought it would blow up,
but that dog burned it down.
After this I think we have
to stir this up ourselves.
Only if they says it's a
murder all of the media will gather.
Hence they planned to
acquire a huge sum of amount
They won't find the body, will they?
I've done around 4000 postmortem.
Not even her mother will identify.
Sit down.
Fear I have not, Fear I have not
Fear I have not, Fear I have not
Fear I have not, Fear I have not
Hey there,
You did all this hiding her?
I've inquired about evidence time and again,
If you'd've brought her here by then,
This case would've ended long back.
Wouldn't have ended for sure, sir.
They would've easily broken the case.
Only when a girl died
the case came this far.
Who gives a damn about harassment case sir?
When the girl dies,
They degrade her, how
much ever they could,
To try and end the case, sir.
They made her own father,
Tell that his daughter lacks morals.
If someone like GP makes a mistake,
To prove that,
The dead girl has to
come alive to testify sir.
Like Nandhini,
There are many people,
Who daily dies sir.
"Women are
Flying planes,
and driving trains"
We list their achievements,
and speak about women empowerment
but we are also the same people,
Who never addresses when a rural side girl
is hesitant to talk about being harassed.
82 out of 100 people doesn't say this out.
The record says, sir.
Do you think it is because they
fear the person who harassed them?
If they say this out,
How everyone will see them?
What will the people around
them talk? Is their fear sir.
Sir, this case should reach everywhere.
You asked me to
talk repeatedly,
Now let me say, Sir,
On behalf of everybody,
If you are harassed,
the mistake
is not yours.
This court finds,
Guru purusothaman
Even if it was done with good intent,
For wasting the court's time,
Under criminal division,
Section 417
Is imprisioned for six months.
The complicit,
Advocate Manickavel,
Is to be teriminated temporarily
by the bar council,
as recommended by the court.
Atleast after this case,
If any woman face injustice,
Let's hope they would speak it out bravely.
Those were the streets I ran around
and played for 20 years,
But I couldn't walk with my
head held up in that street.
Fight on, oh wings!
Can't you see the light around?
Why is the night so endless, dear?
What is your fault in this?
Come on dear!
When you cry, won't
the sun blow a breeze?
When you lift your head,
won't the crowd stand with you?
Life may go on,
but will the spirit lose?
No need of outward disguise,
Come adorned with your essence!
Come, bravely speaking your truth.
The streets we played on!
The sitouts we heard tales!
I tossed away my sorrow,
fling it to the clouds,
And came to celebrate!
Hearts that find faults!
People who are pedantic!
Through a thorny fence,
Pushing forward,
This jasmine flower blossoms!
Even in pouring tears,
If you smile,
A new life will be born!
Fight on, oh wings!
Can't you see the light around?
Why is the night so endless, dear?
What is your fault?
Come on dear!
Stride ahead, oh beauty!
The pride that your heart holds!
I will rage a war for you!
Today, the town will chant your name.