PTU (2003) Movie Script

Now the headlines
at North Point this morning,
4 gunmen robbed 18 million dollars
from an armored car.
Please turn it up.
One police officer
was shot in the head
and pronounced dead 15 minutes ago..
Another funeral to attend.
Stupid! Should've waited for backup
I've partnered with him.
In one of the operations last year
he was too nervous to use the gun.
Where did he get the
courage this time?
Should've save it for girls.
We'll finish the job for him!
An officer is dead.
What if people hear this?
What if his family hears this?
Anyone wearing the
uniform is one of our own.
Whatever happens, nothing beats
returning home safely.
Ponytail, 5 people?
Here's a table.
I'll bring you beer
and take your order
2 bottles.
Sorry kiddo, please move.
I'm sorry, Ponytail.
Screw you!
You should know better
I'm sorry, what's wrong?
Water is leaking from
the air conditioner.
I'll bring your food right away.
Parking, sir? Out of my way.
Who do you think you are?
What about you?
My big brother is Mad Dog!
Mad Dog?
You're nobody.
Sorry Sergeant he
doesn't know better.
Give me 50 push-ups.
Sorry, sir.
Don't you know he's Sergeant Lo?
He's the head of the
Anti-Crime Division.
Better wise up!
Screw him!
He's a real asshole!
An arrogant bastard!
Hurry... Move!
Move it!
Mind your own business!
Sit, Sergeant Lo.
Your table will be ready.
Sorry kiddo, please move.
Sorry, I'll bring you a beer.
Ponytail, have some beer first.
Over here!
Put it down.
One beer.
your dish will be right over.
Yes? Understood.
Be right there.
Go check on Star River.
Your beer, Sergeant.
Inspector Chan?
Be there in 10 minutes.
Keep the change.
Thank you, Sergeant.
Sorry kiddo,
your table will be ready.
Damn. I'm hit.
The Hospital.
He's here!
Why is he here?
Now what?
What else? Do what Ponytail ordered.
Go to hell!
He asked to see you.
What happened, Lo?
Said he fell.
That's how I got the bruises, okay?
I'll call the Superintendent.
Need an ambulance?
No, I'm fine.
He's fine. There's no complaint.
It's Personal Accident Injury.
Where's your gun?
Those punks..
Ponytail's boys stole it
I'll take care of it.
Station, PTU sergeant 26316, over.
Next month is my promotion.
A gun is missing
I'll help him to find it tonight.
We shouldn't do this.
You're such a coward.
Your mother is a..
What did you say?
If we can't find it by dawn, I'll
explain it to the Superintendent.
PTU sergeant 26316 calling station?
Testing. 123, 321.
Loud and clear!
Lo? Where are you?
Sorry, Inspector
I can't make it to Mahjong tonight.
Forget about Mahjong.
We have a murder case at Hanoi Rd
I don't feel too well.
The victim is Ponytail!
I'm on my way.
Do you have the kind CID uses?
It's all here.
What you see is all I have.
Do you have it with black handle?
It's all here.
Like I said, it's all I got, sir!
Open up. What's wrong, officer?
Business registration.
Here, sir.
You're welcome.
Tell them to leave.
What's wrong with you?
Tell them to leave.
Why don't you bite me?
Got a minute?
Is this really necessary?
Come here.
Move it.
Play your game, you're dying.
What's this mess?
Rub it off.
What now?
Call your cousin Ponytail.
It's urgent.
I'm busy right now. Leave me a..
No answer.
I'm busy right now.
Leave me a message.
It's Matt, call me.
He'll call back.
Identify yourself.
Sergeant #7647.
Was he stabbed to death?
Any gunshot wound?
No gunshot wound.
Inspector Chan!
What happened to you?
You look like shit.
Bad luck. That's all.
CID is taking over
the investigation.
What're you doing?
Could be Ponytail's boys.
What's it to you?
We may get a lead.
Why help them?
Leave it.
It's the coroner.
CID will be here soon.
Just wait.
Doesn't look like Lo
will play mahjong tonight.
Ask Bill.
Free for Mahjong tonight?
How do you pronounce x-y-I-e-m?
Check the internet.
Son, daddy will call you later.
How big are we playing?
UP To you.
We'll play cash.
Of course.
Let's play.
Who's calling?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who's this?
Who is this?
It's Mike. What happened?
His boys may use my gun for revenge.
That would spell trouble
I'll call you later.
CID is here
I know.
Who's in charge?
CID Inspector Leigh.
What's the progress?
We took witness statements.
We've searched the area.
There is no one.
All the shops are closed.
Check again.
Yes Madam.
Check again.
Where's the taxi driver?
He checked himself
into the hospital.
Is it all here?
Everything's here.
Make sure everything
is accounted for.
Please sign here.
A mobile is missing.
Is it a mistake?
Right. I'll delete it.
You sure it's a mistake?
Are you sure?
Come on..
Trying to help him?
Give him time to think.
Bill, you dropped this.
Always so clumsy.
It's all here. Please sign.
Satisfied now?
PTU officer 26316 calling
station, over.
We located a private
car on Ga LAN Rd.
So far...
Roger, so far.
A car window is broken.
The Driver is not present.
Requesting nearby
patrols for backup.
PC53467, please go to Ga LAN Rd.
PTU needs your assistance
Roger, PC53467 is on the way.
Last position Tsat Ham Wai Rd.
PTU officer 26316 calling
station, over.
We located another
car with broken window.
The location is Cameron Rd
Not with the Superintendent?
What is it?
I'm looking for Mike.
He's busy.
Orderly is here.
What happened, Sir?
We did nothing to you.
Sure. I've had asthma all my life.
You know Ponytail's boys?
The 4 punks?
Where are they?
They have a place
over at Min Den Rd.
You're not messing with me?
No way... No.
You know I'll find you.
You always have.
Feeling better?
I'm fine.
Need to go to the hospital?
We're not responsible
for your asthma attack
I've had it all my life.
Don't mention my name.
You all right?
I'm okay.
Are you sure?
I'm fine.
Still feeling dizzy?
Can you drive?
Okay... Drive safely
Got an order from
the Superintendent?
I'm bored at the station
I want to learn from you.
You should go to Kat's team.
The Superintendent
approved my request.
Did he send you to check on us?
Of course not Mike.
Let's drop this.
Tell Lo to find the gun himself.
No need to risk our jobs for him.
Besides, Orderly is here.
You make your own decisions, okay?
If we can't help Lo by
dawn, then so be it.
Where have you been, fat boy?
What's up, Uncle Chung?
Eye Ball is looking for you.
He's been calling you.
My phone never rang.
The battery is dead.
Got a spare one?
Everyone is looking for Eye Ball.
Saying he killed Ponytail.
He has nothing to do with it.
His men acted on their own.
Not my business.
CID took over the investigation.
What Eye Ball wants
is for you to turn
him over to the police
on the condition that
he won't be mistreated.
Bald Head lost his son.
Police protection is useless.
Just do it.
Call Eye Ball when it's ready.
Remember to return my battery.
Wrong number.
Any news on Eye Ball?
Call me as soon as
you hear anything.
Yes, madam.
Better clean yourself up.
We can't protect you forever.
Being an undercover
cop gives me no choice.
Police. Freeze!
Drop the knife.
Drop the knife!
Wipe if off.
Wipe if off!
I thought it was those bastards.
Where are the punks?
Those bastards took them away.
Who are they?
How should I know?
How long have they been gone?
Just now.
You need to call the police?
You need police assistance?
This is Lo.
I can't answer your call.
Leave a message.
Wrong number
I said wrong number!
Is this 99272127?
No, I'm not Lo.
Give me.
Who is this?
Check who owns this phone.
Yes, madam.
Wrong number.
What Ponytail? What number did you..
Everyone said you're dead..
Who are you?
I got your son's phone?
What Bald Head?
You're Bald Head?
I'm looking for Bald Head.
You came from the restaurant?
The punks are here.
Why are you looking for them?
Don't play me. You know why
I know you had a fight with my son
I know you have his mobile
I know Eye Ball ordered the kill
I know Big Eye is your
friend, right?
I'm not involved
I'm only trying to find my gun.
I can't handle this.
I just want my gun back.
If you help me to put Eye Ball down
I'll give your gun back.
You want me dead? I'm a cop!
Why did my son have to die?
Why not you?
Why did my son have to die?
Why not you?
My son have to die..
Mike, it's Lo.
What's wrong with your phone?
The punks didn't know
Ponytail was murdered
I know.
Where are you? We need to talk.
Let's meet at the diner.
See you there.
Got it.
The phone really belongs to Lo.
Eye Ball, it's Lo.
It's all arranged
I'll take you to the station.
Don't worry.
We're closed.
Later... 4 am.
Kat, what do you want?
Lemon coffee.
What is it?
Don't patrol Canton Rd. At 4.
Can you sign in at 4:30 instead?
Found your gun?
It's 2 already.
Everything will be over after 4.
Help me.
We're closed.
Have you seen the driver
of the yellow paint car?
He's upstairs.
Good thing your car
was easy to spot.
Why do you have Ponytail's mobile?
It's a mistake. I answered his phone
but there are no leads.
Eye Ball has called you.
What's Lo up to?
Don't know, madam.
We ran into him here.
What's Lo up to?
Don't know, madam.
We ran into him here.
What's Lo up to?
I really don't know, madam.
Anything happens to Lo,
you'll all be held responsible.
Bald Head, it's Lo.
Eye Ball will be at Canton Rd. At 4.
Can you break this?
No need.
This is May. Sorry I can't
answer your call right now.
Madam, it's me.
Got something?
Tail Bald Head if you
want to find Eye Ball.
Bald Head will make
his move tonight.
This is May..
I'm sorry.
It's me.
Eye Ball said he
didn't order the kill.
His men acted on their own.
What if I were to tell
you I don't have your gun?
Eye Ball is mine.
You'll get your gun back.
Nothing will matter after tonight.
Better keep your promise.
The car key.
Boss, I'll have the
boys to go with you.
Don't you dare!
Eye Ball has to die tonight,
or I'll lose my reputation!
Follow him
Mike, time to sign the patrol box.
It's 4.
Go check on that kid.
We'll sign in from here.
Don't forget you're not an officer.
Why are we skipping Canton Rd.?
Give the Superintendent a call.
Go back to him.
What will I tell him?
That Lo asked you
to skip Canton Rd.?
Anything you want.
Anyone wearing this
uniform is one of our own.
We're on the same team!
You know this isn't right.
We'll all get into trouble for this.
It's not too late to stop him.
Big Brother
ls the boat here?
We're just around the corner.
Answer the phone!
I'm here. I see you.
Screw you, Lo!
You killed my son!
Big Brothers.
Screw you, Lo!
PC 28371 calling station, over.
We need ambulance at Canton Rd.
What's the situation?
There was an Open Fire.
6 Chinese men were shot.
Everything is under control.
How many are wounded?
6 What's their I.D.?
Don't know yet.
We'll check and
report in later Roger.
PTU B2 commander,
Orderly calling, over
I read you.
How's everyone?
They're fine, sir.
I'm on my way.
Fire a couple shots, Madam.
It'll look good in you report.
I found my gun in the back alley.
I'm Police Sergeant #7366 Mike Ho
of the PTU B2 Unit
I'm #56472 Leigh Cheng
of the Criminal
Investigation Department
I'm #7646 Sergeant Lo Sa
of the Anti-Crime Division B.
On September 15th, 2000
I was investigating a murder case..
Around 4 AM...
when my team patrolled
through Canton Rd.
We saw 4 suspicious Chinese men.
We decided to approach them.
They resisted our
questioning and opened fire
I was off duty when
I drove by Canton Rd
and witnessed the gunfight
I backed up my colleagues
and fired two shots.
During the gunfight,
one gunman attempted to flee
I pursued him to a back alley.
When the gunman
pointed his gun at me
I was forced to fire back twice.
All 4 gunmen were
shot dead on the spot.