Puaada (2021) Movie Script

- Two and a half.
- That's it.
Jaggi, this much fat we can get
from the spit of our buffalo
and you are telling
that much from milk.
Go and get the spit then.
You are the ones
who feed hay to the buffaloes.
You have food
with clarified butter
so can't you feed
green grass to the buffaloes.
No, we feed them a lot of green grass.
I know what kind of food you put.
People like you
ask the buffalo to look there.
And when it looks that side
you pick up the grass and put hay.
We feed green grass!
Brother, you will have
to sell this buffalo.
It tells people
about secrets of the house.
What nonsense are you talking, buddy?
I will put it now.
Get ready.
What are you doing?
It will give some more milk.
Shall I increase your milk? Shall I?
Make it increase for uncle also.
He asked me to put injections.
I keep on saying anything, dear.
Don't listen to me.
Even my wife does not listen to me.
Won't you stop
from doing wrong things?
Don't you understand this small thing?
How many times have I asked you
not to do wrong things?
Wrong thing? What is wrong in this?
Injections are made
to be pierced, son.
You do not get injections
even when you are sick
saying that your buttocks pain.
Buffaloes do not experience
any tickling. It harms them.
You are not going to get
modelling done from buffaloes?
The figure of buffalo
is not going to get shapeless
if it gives a little more milk.
It is not about figure, Dad,
but it is about our Karma.
Just behave properly,
I warn you.
If on someone's insistence animals
would have turned human beings
then he would be the first one.
I became a fool through
that marriage agent.
He got a man married to a man.
We kept on asking
to whom we have to tie the garland.
I will talk about that silly man later.
But son, I will not
let this happen with you.
I will find a girl for you.
Why do you worry about me?
I will find a girl myself.
How can you find?
I will not talk to you
if you find a girl of your choice.
Just keep in mind
I will never talk to you.
Blow your mouth.
Blow your mouth.
Not so small, but little bigger.
And water comes out.
How much time is he going to take?
Here he comes.
I have got late.
Hurry up and take it out from the van.
Come on, poor people.
How are you, Jaggi?
The tea has become black.
Come on time.
Till where has your matter reached?
It is still outside the house.
It has not reached inside.
Keep quiet.
That loud speaker aunt has come
and then it will spread
in the entire village.
Paanya, I have heard
that your engagement has ended.
I have heard that head chief
has asked for more dowry.
Who said that more dowry
has been asked?
Mother refused
because the girl has buck teeth.
- You are too much.
- You are also not Gippy Aggarwal.
I know everything. This matter
is spread in the entire village.
You must have spread it, aunt.
I do not know how to
exaggerate things. Yes.
How am I going to benefit?
Jaggi, have you heard
about this new thing?
You have still not spread it, aunt.
Just like Paana
Bagail's Boota's marriage
has also ended.
- Really? - The daughter-in-law
is sitting at her parent's house.
- What have I to do with that?
- You go, aunt.
Early in the morning
you keep spreading rumours.
What have I to do with this?
She has nothing to do with this,
but I wonder why she comes here?
She just comes here to have fun.
Have you no eyes?
Why are you staring me?
- Come.
- Sir.
Jaggi, your duty
is more punctual than ours.
We might get late to duty by 5 minutes
but you reach at 8:10.
If I get late by 5 minutes
then my coming would be of no use.
Is your milk
going to curdle in 5 minutes?
Greetings, aunt.
Jaggi, come early.
Why do you come after
delivering milk to the entire colony?
I finish delivering in the colony
so that I can gossip with you
for 10 minutes.
Listen, the milk overflowed at night.
And since morning
your uncle is getting angry.
He did not get tea on time.
Aunt, you should have
married a villager.
Army men are very disciplined
and punctual.
He was a villager
but after joining army he has become
man of rules and regulations.
Oh, yes!
I wanted you to get Neem leaves.
Your uncle has a boil.
- Just tell him, where have I got it?
- It is on one side only.
Very good.
You just want someone to gossip with.
Even if you have to talk
about boils and pimples.
Look, what is he saying?
- Have tea before you leave.
- I will drink it in the canteen.
Tell Doctor Laal Chand,
what else has happened to me?
Pick up the stand, uncle.
Otherwise, you will fall
and the boil will rupture.
Aunt, please buy some extra milk.
Uncle has too much dryness.
- You talk too much.
- One minute.
What has happened?
This is cottage cheese for you.
Well done, Jaggi.
I was about to tell you
to get cottage cheese.
How much do I have to pay you?
- Bye, mom.
- I am not going to take money from you.
Bye, dear.
I will just take Re. 1 from you.
Okay aunt, I shall leave now.
I have to fulfil a marriage order.
Don't just keep selling milk
on your wedding as well.
I am selling milk for my marriage only.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Come on, hurry up and get in.
Come on. Come on, get in. Come on.
Hurry up madam, get in.
Move ahead. Hurry up.
Hurry up and move to Phuwara Chowk.
Brother I want to go nearby to
my college. Left from the crossroad.
- Will you please drop me?
- Oh no, the matter might get worst.
- It is not very far but nearby.
- Okay sister, just sit carefully.
Yes, yes... just one second.
- Have you sat down?
- Just one second.
- Okay, I have sat down. Let's go.
- No, problem.
Hey, sister-in-law is very beautiful.
- No, she is not my wife.
- Okay, she is your sister?
No, she is not my sister either.
Why did you make her sit behind you?
Ask her to get down.
Let's go, brother. I am getting late.
Let me see how you leave.
Brother, I am getting
late for college. Hurry up.
If you kick your bike,
then I will not spare you.
Brother, shall I drag it?
Will you drag me from here?
I feel like slapping you.
Come on. I am getting late.
When you are sleeping... I
get up early in the morning at 4 a.m.
after feeding grass
to all the buffaloes
milking them and after
delivering milk to the entire city
I come and stand at your doorstep.
- Really?
- So that I can drop you to college.
Do you just want to drop me
to college all your life?
Are you going to
fail all your life?
Study from a good tuition class
and pass off from college.
I cannot wait anymore.
Milkman, there is not much time left.
I have refused dad
for so many marriage proposals.
Now, I cannot refuse.
- Come on, brother. I am getting late.
- Listen to me.
Keep standing here.
This means you will say yes to anyone.
Yes. Even I feel like
wearing wedding bangles.
Just for wedding bangles
you will find any useless fellow.
Don't do this.
Only I will make you
wear wedding bangles.
This man will just pour milk.
Move aside.
- Brother, shall I leave?
- Yes.
Do you have thousand rupees
in your pocket?
I do not have a pocket.
Fasten the seatbelt then.
What should I do?
You have not talked
to your family about me.
How should I talk?
My father is looking for
an educated high ranked son-in-law.
I have passed 10th class also privately.
How can I pass a degree overnight
and become an officer?
You cannot look like an officer,
but at least look good.
Since long I am asking you
to impress my family members
and make a good image of yours.
But you never did.
I just come to deliver milk to your
house from the other side of the city.
And on top of that I give butter
and cottage cheese complimentary.
Tell me, what else should I do?
In return of this butter
and cottage cheese
they are not going
to give their daughter.
I give butter and cottage cheese!
The groom's family will come and eat
fritters made from this cottage cheese.
Good, the cottage cheese of our dairy
will become popular in your city.
Made from pure milk...
"Hey, beautiful girl!"
"Hey, beautiful girl!"
"Your complexion is so fair
and you have a cute face."
"Who is your tailor?
Who stitches your suits?"
"Every suit suits you."
"Every suit suits you."
"You seem to be an earthquake
when you come from a distance."
"Hey, beautiful girl!"
"Hey, beautiful girl!"
"Hey beautiful girl,
you look amazing."
"Hey beautiful girl,
you look amazing."
"Hey beautiful girl,
you look amazing."
"Hey, beautiful girl!"
"Will you move away after
talking with your eyes?"
"Will you move away
after killing me, dear?"
"Will you move away
after killing me, dear?"
"Will you move away after
talking with your eyes?"
"Will you move away
after killing me, dear?"
"Will you move away
after killing me, dear?"
"You blush like a Kashmiri red apple."
"Hey, beautiful girl!"
"Hey, beautiful girl!"
"Hey beautiful girl,
you look amazing."
"Hey beautiful girl,
you look amazing."
"Hey beautiful girl,
you look amazing."
"Hey, beautiful girl!"
"First she comes and walks
in the garden of my heart."
"On seeing you, I think of poetry."
"On seeing you, I think of poetry."
"First she comes and walks
in the garden of my heart."
"On seeing you, I think of poetry..."
"You seem to be like
a song of Ghalib."
"Hey, beautiful girl!"
"Hey, beautiful girl!"
"Hey beautiful girl,
you look amazing."
"Hey beautiful girl,
you look amazing."
"Hey beautiful girl,
you look amazing."
"Hey beautiful girl,
you look amazing."
"Hey beautiful girl,
you look amazing."
"Hey beautiful girl,
you look amazing."
"Hey, beautiful girl!"
"Hey, beautiful girl!"
"Hey, beautiful girl!"
I liked Shami
the moment I read his profile.
I did not like his photograph at all.
But he looks good
after meeting him personally.
- Give something auspicious to the boy.
- Yes.
Mr. Dhillon, there is no need
to give something auspicious.
I would suggest
we straight away exchange rings.
I have brought it as well.
We have not brought it.
No problem, dear. We will call for it.
You may talk with each other
if you wish to.
- Yes, yes. Go and talk, dear.
- Okay.
- Have it.
- Yes.
- Have it, sister.
- Yes.
I had said yes
on seeing your photograph.
I have just completed MBBS
and will start a clinic soon.
I just wanted a simple girl like you.
Sorry. Sorry.
I just laughed out
when you said simple girl.
Take her now only.
Who is he?
I don't know. Just ignore him.
What were you saying?
When is your birthday?
11-05-98, day was Saturday
and at Quarter past 7 in the morning.
Don't disturb us. Go away from here.
Yes, what were you saying?
Nothing. I just asked your birthday.
That man told me.
I also told you the day and time.
Just match your horoscope and stars.
Who is he?
He is my ex-boyfriend.
He has got mentally disturbed
after hearing about my marriage.
One just cannot forget
their first love.
Just tell me one thing.
If after getting married
and coming to your house
I miss him a lot and die
because of eating poison.
Then your entire family
would be behind bars for life.
Career over. Clinic seal.
But my father
does not understand these things.
Now we are talking about our marriage.
Go away from here.
Just give me my mobile
and I will leave.
Which mobile?
Return any of the three
that I have given you.
- One I gave you on your birthday.
- Yes.
- Second one on Valentine's Day.
- Yes.
One that Eleven Pro, I gifted
you at Aee... I don't remember the place.
- Maclodganj?
-Yes at Maclodgang.
- Sorry.
- Yes.
You go away from here.
I shall return your mobile.
Which one?
The one I gave you on your birthday
or the one I gave you in Maclodganj.
I shall give you all. Go now.
Didn't you sell two out of the three
to buy clothes from Zara?
Which clothes from Zara?
You bought clothes for me.
Yes, I bought clothes for you
along with watch.
Thank you.
He has gone now.
You need not give any answer now.
My father is going to find
another marriage proposal tomorrow.
Why don't you bring
your marriage proposal?
You can impress a girl
who has done MBA
so impress her father also.
Please take milk. Have milk.
Dear, where has this milkman gone?
Oh my God!
Jaggi, I did not recognize you.
After getting ready
you do not look like a milkman.
Do milkmen have any community?
People only become milkmen.
But I do it as part time.
What do you do rest of the time?
I think and do a lot of planning.
I do not know which
work I should do first.
Sometimes I feel
I should open brick kiln
and sometimes I wish
to do wood business.
But father asks me
to open a gold biscuit factory.
There is no factory for gold,
but it is a mine.
Uncle has very good general knowledge.
- Hold on. Wait.
- Yes.
Now to get 12 lakhs
I should come 1.5 kms behind.
No. I will take it while passing by.
I am not bothered
even if you do not give me 12 lakhs.
Okay. Aunt, hurry up and take milk.
- Yes.
- Come, dear.
- What is this?
- Hygiene.
- Bacteria enters milk.
- Okay.
Milk already has bacteria.
That is why it is boiled and kept.
I had told you that uncle has
very good general knowledge.
- Very good, uncle.
- But you are a fool.
For petty amount you deliver milk
in different parts of the city
but you cannot go
1.5 kms to take 12 lakhs.
For business
you need studies and not money.
And that you do not have.
Give me milk, dear. Give.
I had asked you to impress
my family and not to make them laugh.
The entire day yesterday father
remembered your talks and was laughing.
Thank God at least he laughed.
The entire day he remains serious.
Do you think this is a joke?
Shall I send you my wedding card?
You may come to give milk.
Why are you always so angry?
What is the problem?
You are just haughty
like your father.
No more joking. No more taunts.
You tell me what I should wear.
Their collection is good.
Wear this and come tomorrow.
Even if you have to show off,
you should do intelligently.
Brick kiln, wood business...
don't start all this.
Just wait and watch
what I do tomorrow.
You will be proud of this
young man if I surprise your father.
You mean he will be amazed.
Yes, absolutely.
- Come on.
- Anything else.
Come on. Let's go.
Hi, uncle.
Hi, Ronak.
Do you play golf as well?
Why? Do I suffer from slip-disc?
It can slip. You have to twist
and turn your body in playing golf.
At your age you should
sit comfortably and play cards.
I mean you should play chess.
The brain remains active.
What is your age?
I am 25 years old.
It has been 30 years
since I am playing golf.
Then you must be an expert.
If you don't mind
can I play golf with you?
I would enjoy defeating
an experienced player.
Inexperienced players lose
very easily. It is too boring.
- Really?
- Yes.
Come on.
You are showing off too much.
Just be careful.
Give me water.
- Good shot, dad.
- Yes, good shot.
The ball did not go into the hole.
You try to put it.
Good shot.
Now you go.
I did not know what to do.
Seems tough job.
Keep the ball.
God, please help me.
There are so many
numbers written here
and I do not know with
which number to play with.
So many sticks...
- I do not know with which to play.
- What is he doing?
This one seems to be right.
This is my lucky stick.
You cannot put the ball in the
hole by holding your lucky stick.
You have to play a shot.
This one is lucky. Take this.
Sorry. By mistake.
Lucky stick!!!
You have to put the ball
in the hole.
Just pay attention to your
goal and not on technique.
This one is luckier.
Get back.
Very good.
He is not only rural
type but uneducated too.
I don't know who has
explained golf to them.
You have made fun of yourself.
Is Kabaddi cup going on?
Let him come down.
I will just give you one more chance.
- Ronak.
- Coming, dad.
They could not digest your victory.
- Mom, taste this cottage cheese.
- Give me.
Yes, it is very tasty.
Shall we order something else?
- I am through.
- No, that is enough.
Oh no...
Oh wow! Jaggi also
comes here to have food.
He must be coming
here to deliver milk.
Greetings, uncle.
Greetings, aunt.
- Hi, Ronak.
- Hi.
Jaggi, how come you are here?
Aunt, a person comes to a restaurant
to eat food and not for show off.
Is this the way you talk to elders?
Sorry aunt, but our boss
eats food here from childhood.
Did you go to the house of
the owners of this hotel to eat food?
This hotel came up
just four years ago.
Forget it. The staff is new so
how do they know about my childhood.
Why are you eating Lentil?
Eat something healthy.
- Waiter...
- Yes, sir.
Waiter... Waiter...
What would you like to have, sir?
Indian, Chinese, Thai...
Get Kadhi and rice. Go.
Get this one which is for Rs. 3200.
Devil Crab, sir.
Yes, this one.
Okay sir.
One minute, stop.
Anything else, sir.
- Get two.
- Okay, sir.
Rs. 3200.
What is this worm
you have ordered for Rs. 3200.
The cost of full roast
chicken is Rs. 500 at Mithu's Dhaba
and they serve
accompaniments also with it.
Sir, do we have to eat
this or will this eat us?
We will have to eat it now.
Please choose your crab sir.
Is this alive?
Save me, it held my finger.
Pull it... Brother.
Pull it...
Help me.
Uncle, please save him.
Pull it... Pull it...
- Thank you.
- You are welcome.
I am through. Shall we leave?
Let's go.
Lentil is good.
At least it does not bite.
God has made many items to eat.
So behave properly like human beings.
Here, drink tea.
Nothing is going to happen
by kicking tea and snacks.
Either you stop being stubborn
or stop telling lies.
Why do you portray that personality of
yours to her parents which you are not?
Tell them who you really are, Jaggi.
It will get cold. Drink it.
Give me one more snack.
Jaggi, your work is done. Come soon.
What happened, uncle? Any problem.
Why? Will it get right if I tell you?
Are you a mechanic?
Oh! So your car has broken down.
My mood is worse than that.
You will have to set your own mood right.
If you say, I shall call the
mechanic and send the car for repair.
I have called the mechanic
and he will come to pick it.
Here he comes.
Jai Hind, sir.
Jai Hind.
What has happened to it?
You will have to tell me about this.
Am I a mechanic?
Check it.
No problem. You go home
and I will leave the car at home.
Okay, fine.
Come uncle, I will drop you.
Okay, drop me till the
stand and I will get a cab.
Why are you talking like strangers?
Sit in the car and
I will drop you home.
We had to go straight,
why have you turned.
This is a short cut, uncle.
Today's generation finds
short cut in everything.
We can save on time.
Take left from here.
I had asked you to take left.
That turning is very bad.
Every day some or the other
educated person dies in an accident.
Why educated one?
Because educated
people do not believe.
If you say I shall turn.
No, no...go ahead.
If these people do not spray
then the air of the farms
would be so good for health.
Slowly, slowly people
are getting awareness.
Slowly, slowly...
Uncle, please come out for a minute.
Where have you brought me?
This is my house.
But you had to drop me to my house.
Consider this as your house.
Sometimes you might
have to come on the way.
Do I sell snacks on the way?
Drop me back home. I am getting late.
Please come for a minute
and have a look. Come.
Greetings, sir.
Has he agreed?
Go away.
This is our dairy, uncle.
I have been working
here since I was small.
I save 20-25 lakhs per year.
By the grace of God
I have 3-4 FD's as well.
That is very good.
I have 12-13 acres land as well.
By the grace of God,
I just got my sister married.
I am the only son.
Uncle, are you looking for
a groom for your daughter?
I am not a doctor or an engineer
but I would suggest that
you think about me once.
- I...
- Lakkhe...
What did you say?
Uncle, I love Ronak.
Which girl? Which love?
Nothing, mom. You please get in.
What are you talking?
Uncle, please sit for a minute.
I have not told you
about the jewellery we have.
About our animals and other things.
By the grace of God we have enough.
There is nothing that is lacking.
There is something major lacking,
but you will not be able to see it.
Just as you have brought me here,
now drop me back home.
And yes, no short cut. Come on.
- Jaggi.
- Wait.
I will just be back.
Jeeta, who is this man?
He seemed very angry.
I think a complaint has come for Jaggi.
What have you to do with that?
I have come to take buttermilk.
Give me if you have made it.
Stop peeping into other's house under
the pretext of wanting buttermilk.
One day you will be hurt.
I do not have the habit of peeping.
But you have the habit of spreading
rumours, sister-in-law. Believe that.
He is joking with his sister-in-law.
I never talk about others.
Look at Lambar's son. He does
not go to study but to woo girls.
What have we to do?
Let Jaggi come back.
I will teach him a lesson today.
We already have milk in the house
and the milkman would have
come tomorrow morning.
I have asked the milkman
not to come from tomorrow.
He had fallen in love with Ronak.
That stupid fellow wants
to marry our daughter.
Even I want to marry him.
So now our worry is over.
What did you say?
Are you out of your mind?
Do you want to marry that milkman?
Have I got you highly educated
just to wash drums of milk?
What is the problem in this?
This is Jaggi's business and passion.
What kind of passion is this
going to every house to deliver milk?
Ronak, since when have you
started hiding things from us?
Mom, I have not hidden
anything from you.
Dad always finds a
highly qualified boy for me.
Jaggi is not of that sort.
I was just waiting for some time.
So that you also
see his other qualities.
That's all.
Is he has qualities like filling
cylinder with his mouth?
Or with time you will get
him the post of general commander
and I will like him.
Dad, trust me.
Jaggi might not be well educated
but his thinking is far
ahead of educated people.
And he is very loving and caring.
You will really like him.
Dear, this is the pain.
All this English that
you know will go waste.
I kept you away from rural atmosphere
and brought you here in the city.
And you again want me to get
connected with those villagers.
What are you talking
about villagers?
Were you born in Germany?
Dad, life partner should be good.
There is no problem whether
he is from the city or village.
Please meet his family once. Please.
Meet them once.
These children are good
that they are telling us.
Do you know about the children today?
They do not listen to their parents.
They settle matters outside.
Let me be very clear.
Yes. Just meet Jaggi once.
You are not going to
get me married tomorrow.
Please dad, agree
to what I am saying.
Call them
but tell that milkman
not to be very hopeful.
I have told you once.
Can't you understand?
Just refuse them. We are not
going anywhere. Just say no to them.
Tell me what the problem is, mom?
She is an educated girl.
Her father is also educated.
He came to our house but
did not reply to my greetings.
He was standing with pride as if
there was an iron rod in his back.
He did not even sit.
He has a boil on his buttock.
He drives his scooter while standing.
Don't fool me.
While going back he sat quickly
and comfortably in the van.
That time his boil didn't rupture.
A person does not realise in anger.
Maybe it got ruptured.
Your name is Gajjan Singh, dad.
Just be brave and shout at her once.
If I shout at her
she will pounce on me.
You are safe, so you talk to her.
I am not going to listen to anyone.
How will that girl be good,
whose father is such?
I am not going to
keep her in my house.
Don't keep her in your house. We
will have another house in the fields.
Look at this. Now you are
talking about fields, then city
and then you will talk
about going abroad.
So you have thought of staying
separate even before marriage.
Will I let you make
a separate house?
I had told you earlier
to pray for a daughter.
At least we would have got
her married and bid her farewell.
What is to be done of him?
Dad, don't exaggerate the matter.
Mom, do you think
I will stay separate?
If you think this way
then I will not get married.
But honestly they are nice people.
Just stay firm on
what you said earlier.
Oh God, I am firm
on what I said earlier.
But if an educated daughter-in-law
will come home
then your grandchildren will speak
English as soon as they are born.
They are not going to speak
English when they are born.
Jeete, he is fooling you.
So what?
Why are you getting agitated?
Stay calm and quiet.
I shall handle him.
Satisfied or you want anything else?
Blow your mouth.
You forget that girl.
Mom, blow your mouth.
Now it does not blow up.
I have damaged it. Move aside.
Her mouth will not get blown up today.
No, it does not get blown up.
Here flows the water out.
But I will not fall for it.
First I will go and look at the
behaviour and attitude of those people.
And then I will talk to them.
Absolutely right.
"My heart sings a song."
"Your earrings dance to it."
"Your earrings dance to it."
"My heart sings a song."
"Your earrings dance to it."
"You pierced with your eyes."
"You pierced with your eyes."
"Our pair has been accepted."
"Just like a braid on the hair."
"The nose-ring has many colours"
"That I bought for lakhs, dear."
"Just for your one bangle..."
"Just for your one bangle..."
"I searched many markets."
"My heart sings a song."
"My heart sings a song."
"Your earrings dance to it."
"You pierced with your eyes"
"an arrow of love in my heart."
"I dance around happily."
"Come on Mom, take rest".
"After coming to your
house I will manage"
"everything dear."
"I just want to eat with your hands.."
"I just want to eat with your hands"
"whether you serve hot or cold."
"My heart sings a song."
"My heart sings a song."
"Your earrings dance to it."
"You pierced with your eyes"
"an arrow of love in my heart."
"I will tie a turban of orange colour"
"and fight with the Sun, dear"
"Even you count properly"
"and make proper turns in your lehenga."
"I twist my moustaches and see..."
"I twist my moustaches and see..."
"When you look at me with your eyes..."
"My heart sings a song."
"My heart sings a song."
"Your earrings dance to it."
"You pierced with your eyes"
"an arrow of love in my heart."
"My heart sings a song."
"Your earrings dance to it."
"You pierced with your eyes"
"an arrow of love in my heart."
"Arrow of love in my heart."
"Arrow of love in my heart."
"My heart sings a song.
Your earrings dance to it."
I am going to meet a girl for Jaggi.
What is there to meet, Gajjna?
Just go, perform the ceremony
and get her home.
Nowadays people do not
take time in interfering.
Look at what happened with Paana.
- Don't tease, dad?
- Everything is in front of you.
Nowadays the youngsters
are very lucky.
No one interfered at our times.
Okay then.
We are very late. It is 10 o'clock
and we have to leave at 10:15.
Quarter is lucky.
I also left at quarter.
Everything turned out bad.
Say something good while leaving.
No one likes hearing the truth.
Where is the lock?
Has anyone seen the lock?
Why do you want to put the lock?
No one is going to steal
your bedding kept in the house.
Lakkha is here so just latch the door.
My sister gets her
husband here every third day.
How are you, brother?
- Greetings, sister.
- Greetings.
- Greetings, brother.
- Greetings.
Just sit for two hours.
We will back in two hours.
- Let's go now.
- What are you saying?
They will also come with us.
Greetings, mother-in-law.
Why? We are just
going to meet the girl.
We shall take them with
us when we go for a ceremony.
- Shall we leave, Deepi?
- How can you go?
In our times 20 people
used to go to see the girl.
Even after that they
selected wrong girls.
Come on now everyone, sit in the car.
Don't start getting ready now.
I will have to comb my hair.
My hairstyle has spoiled
while coming on the motorcycle.
Come on, you are not Jasmine Sandlas.
Hurry up and sit in the car.
There is no milk today. Come tomorrow.
The dairy is closed today.
Come tomorrow for milk
and I shall serve you
sweets as well. Come tomorrow.
Hello, where are you all?
So you are going with a marriage
proposal for Dhillon's daughter.
- Yes. Why?
- Does the girl have an affair?
They seem to be the girl's lovers.
From where have the lovers come?
Since the last two years she is with me.
Two years?
Since last two years
you were cheating us.
Rascal, now I will not go at all.
Come on leave, buddies.
So many guns? Dear,
do you have license for them or not?
Don't just get trapped in any mess.
We have got trapped in mess.
Since long I was asking you to leave.
Now this problem has come up.
- I saw a very bad dream last night.
- What?
Dad has fallen at the gate, mom
doesn't have a head and Jaggi you....
Keep quiet, brother-in-law.
What do you want?
Where have you come from?
We have come from that side.
From that side? You have come so far.
You go to the next village and wait.
You know that we are
going to meet the girl.
- You may go.
- Let's go.
But we will go with you.
After going to your in-laws we want to
click photographs of air force station.
We are going for a good work.
Why are you spoiling it?
Hey brother, if your work gets
spoilt then how our work will happen.
You go and see the girl.
Just leave behind a person.
If after going out anyone tries to be
smart then he will not remain alive.
Tell me, who will stay back?
they do not like me and so they
will not come back deliberately.
You choose anyone from them.
Choose? They are not going to be
our relatives. They will just shoot.
Jeete, you stay back.
The bullet will not pass through
you and so you will survive.
Keep her here.
No, no uncle. Leave behind that man
who is weaker then them.
He is my younger brother.
Keep him here.
Yes, I am the owner of 6 acres land.
Isn't it Dad?
No... Brother-in-law,
instead of ring we will give you
a golden bracelet. You stay back.
As per the situation I think
you will make me wear a garland.
- Let's go, Deepi.
- Yes.
You are in a hurry?
Shall we keep him?
"There is always an interruption
in his work. His luck is strange."
"His luck is strange."
"There is always an interruption
in his work. His luck is strange."
"He is friends with
interruptions and problems."
"It is difficult that
his work gets completed."
"It is difficult that
his work gets completed."
"Now which side should
this poor young man go?"
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
Is your work done?
Shall we go back home now?
We will go to Mr. Dhillon's house.
Let's go.
Since so many days we were not
following you so that you escape now.
We had to make a lot
of efforts to find you.
Now onwards we will enter
air force station with your help.
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
Go now or you want
to see the girl here.
Brother, with great difficulty
my father-in-law has agreed.
I hope there will be no problem.
Same to you.
If you try to do anything wrong
then your sister's husband's
life would be in danger.
Keep quiet, sister, otherwise
your makeup will get spoilt.
I hope you had no problem
while coming here.
If six people will sit in a five seater
car then we will have some problem.
Who are these people?
- She is my sister.
- Okay.
They both are my aunt's sons.
Of one aunt or different aunts.
Do you want to make
their Aadhaar cards?
We did not tell about
our meeting to the neighbours
and you came with relatives.
We did not invite them
but they came forcefully.
They are my cousins after all.
Her husband did not come.
No, dear.
When did he die?
No. He is still alive.
Deepi, keep quiet.
While leaving the house
my brother-in-law's hand
got stuck in the door.
That is why she is crying.
Aunt, Ronak is not to be seen.
Is she making tea inside?
No son, Ronak's dad makes tea.
She is getting ready.
She shouldn't have got ready.
We will not be able to see
the exact face if make-up is on.
She is right.
What of face, mom?
She is just like her mother.
Exact copy. She is so beautiful.
I want to go to the washroom.
You go.
- Greetings.
- Greetings...
Brother, the girl is more
beautiful than her mother.
She is studying MBA.
Can you cook food or
will you fry books and serve us?
Aunt, I will not fry books but will make
something after reading from books.
She is just joking.
She can cook everything.
How did you like our house, sister?
Leave it. It is a government house.
They will take it away
once he retires from the job.
Sister, after retirement,
officers get very good pension.
How will you know? There
has been no officer in your family.
You are right.
After retirement we will
be putting up a house in Chandigarh.
That is of no use.
Shall I give you a suggestion?
If you trust me buy 8-10 buffaloes.
There is a lot of profit in milk.
I was thinking about you, Ronak
but they want your mother
to look after the buffaloes.
Before we talk further shall
Ronak and I talk for a minute?
For last two years you have
been talking. Is still anything left?
Tell me if you have any demand.
As it is we are going
to give a car to our daughter.
Don't buy it on installments. I had got
motorcycle in dowry on installments.
Father-in-law died but installments
did not get completed.
The company people took it away.
We do not want anything. I just want to
talk for a minute with Ronak. Get up.
Where are you taking me?
Where are you coming?
Just wanted to call brother-in-law
as he is alone at home.
There is no need to call.
We are about to leave.
Quiet. I don't need to talk.
You all elders talk.
Let's complete the engagement ceremony.
Tomorrow we shall
come with Ronak's uncles.
Then we will decide.
Okay, you may come tomorrow.
Not tomorrow.
Tomorrow we have to go somewhere.
Mother, how can you forget?
You had sworn that when I get engaged
we all will go to make an offering.
I shall go.
I shall go to make offering even
if the engagement does not take place.
We had thought about
another marriage proposal but
- now it is her destiny.
- What are you talking, dad?
Jaggi, we will come
day after tomorrow.
Day after tomorrow....
No.. Day after tomorrow we have to
go to doctor for father's consultation
as he had hernia's operation.
It must have happened?
You tell me when we should come.
What is the hurry?
We will think about it in
a day or two and get back to you.
What do you mean by
saying that you will think?
It is matter of marriage and we will not
say yes just after seeing the girl.
We will go home and discuss about it.
This is too much. Jaggi,
you are taking my parents for granted.
I was just taking some time.
What the heck?
It has been two years.
How much time do you need?
Give an answer right away.
This is our answer.
We cannot get married forcefully.
Force? I have not
forced you in any way.
It was you who always wooed me.
When did I woo you?
You asked me to impress your
father so that we could get married.
That is why I asked you to stay away
from these villagers.
Why? Will villagers bite your daughter?
This is your daughter
only who was chasing my son.
- Surinder...
- Yes.
Just ask everyone to leave.
If I lift my gun then
no one will be able to go.
Even we have not come empty handed.
Show it to them, dear.
Mom, we have not
brought anything here.
We don't want to stand here anymore.
Let's go from here.
Okay. Do not stand
waiting for me anymore.
- I will not stand. Let's go from here.
- Go away.
They will follow us on seeing the boy.
Go. Get lost from here.
- Let's go.
- I am not leaving these boxes here.
Let's go.
Get lost. Don't consider
yourself as Tom Cruise.
Good bye.
Get lost. I will thrash you hard.
Manner less.
I will teach him a lesson.
If you had just come
to click photos
you could have done it
on the day of my marriage.
My marriage procession
had to come here.
No way. My son's marriage
procession will go to a palace.
Even if I have to find another girl.
We will have to look
for another one, mom.
Ronak is calling.
Please let me talk to her once.
I will have to convince her.
She will accept
another proposal in anger.
Quietly drive the car.
Let me talk to her, brother.
Thank God, we got rid of this problem.
I knew something of this sort
is going to happen.
I did not understand anything.
Jaggi looked very good.
She will get married
where she is destined.
Now I will get her married
into a good family.
These villagers
did not behave well in our house
how would they behave
with Ronak in their house.
They were like people
from the jungle.
Where are you going now, dear?
To teach these villagers a lesson.
Ronak, dear. Ronak.
- I wonder how he is.
- Have patience.
- Wait!
- Leave me.
Get inside. Come on.
Leave me. Please, leave me.
- Thank God, he is alive.
- Hey...
The phone is switched off.
Do you think it will get
charged if you hold it to your ear?
Charge it.
The phone is switched
off from that side.
That is since morning.
What should we do now?
We have to wait and do nothing else.
Why the hell has she come here?
Why have you come here?
I have come to set you right.
Earlier you used to wait for
me for the whole day while dating
and now you do not
even answer my phone.
Neither I nor my mind is in senses.
Please go away from here.
Why should I go, rascal?
For two years you were with me
and now when the time
for marriage has come
you are asking me
to leave from here. I will not go.
"The problem has come up."
Get aside.
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
I cannot get married.
Please go from here.
I am not going to understand anything.
Not I, but you will go behind bars.
- I will call the police.
- Oh, God!
People like you
understand it this way.
Ronak, what will my aunt's sons think?
Why are you insulting me?
Even you have not behaved
properly at my house.
You also insulted my parents.
I will not forgive you.
I will call the police.
Hey... shut up.
- What?
- Oh, God!
So now you have shown your
rural standards by taking out guns.
I am the daughter
of an air force officer.
I am not scared of guns.
I am quiet
because they are your aunt's sons
otherwise I would have set them right.
- Keep quiet, you fool!
- Brother, she knows nothing.
Please spare her.
Quietly, drive the car.
What the hell?
I request you, brother,
please release her.
I assure you that she
will not say anything.
Please be kind and release her.
I will explain everything to her.
Someone ahead will see her.
Please tell him. Say it.
Open her.
- Rascal, idiot...
- Tie her. Brother, tie her...
What was the need to come behind me?
Now you have got trapped.
Look, these people
have come from that side
and have made my family captive.
They will release you
only if you co-operate.
Will you co-operate? Will you?
Untie her. She will co-operate.
Untie her. Untie her, brother.
- Untie it.
- Please.
Thank you.
Be good and release her hands as well.
- Please untie them.
- Untie it.
Thank you, brother.
Answer the call.
Hello. Where do you want to meet?
Janta Petrol Pump. Okay!
On which road is this?
One minute. Which one? Tangra Road.
We are reaching.
- You just keep your phone on.
- Hey, hey...
- The girl ran away.
- Stop!
Hey, you girl, stop.
"I met a crazy girl."
"She is the only child of her parents."
"I met a crazy girl."
"She is the only child of her parents."
"I got trapped in her plan
and she too got trapped crazily."
"She too got trapped crazily."
- Stop or I will shoot.
- Please don't shoot.
She is very weak
after doing so much dieting.
She cannot run till far.
- I will catch hold of her.
- Come on, go and catch.
You go and stop them.
- Stop. - Ronak stop,
otherwise he is going to shoot.
If I stop, it is not going
to obstruct the trigger.
As it is he is going to shoot.
Stop or I will really shoot you.
I am not with them.
But they are with you.
"The problem has come up."
- Ronak, stop. They have come closer.
- Come on. Stop her.
Catch hold of them.
- "The problem has come up."
- Stop.
"The problem has come up."
- Catch hold of her.
- Stop, dear. Stop.
Stop, dear.
Why are you pushing me?
I am saving your life.
You are not saving my life but
you are keeping me out of your life.
I am not that dumb.
Your relatives are also a part of it.
Stop it. What is her fault?
Why are you slapping her?
I will kill you.
One minute.
I will not call the police.
5 minutes earlier... you could
have said it 5 minutes earlier.
Now give me your hand.
It is still switched off.
So many times the girl has asked you
to get power bank from the canteen.
But you never listen.
Because of you someone has slapped me
for the first time in life.
They have thrashed me with their feet.
They kicked me after I fell down.
They have still thrashed you less.
The person who cannot explain such
a simple thing has no right to live.
Simple thing?
Those people entered
our house with guns.
I should have been engaged by now,
but now I am in trouble.
Couldn't you give me
any signal with your face?
Could you understand any signal?
You were sitting with your veil down
as if elder brother-in-law
was sitting in front.
What will we do now?
Now they have to
do what they wish to do.
What are they doing?
They are making us run the entire day.
What happened?
We will get the material
later in the afternoon.
What should we do now?
Let's go now.
How are you, Jaggi?
What are you doing here?
Nothing. I am a little busy.
We will meet later. You go now.
You don't have to put
petrol in the vehicle yourself.
Greetings, sister-in-law.
Greetings. Go now.
You have still not got married and
have started to avoid your friends.
What friends?
I need some privacy. Go now.
Who are they?
- They are my brothers-in-law.
- Greetings, brothers-in-law.
Are they deaf and dumb?
Don't they intrude in your privacy?
You have changed, brother.
Sister-in-law, look when he needed us
he used to keep us close to him
and now that he has got engaged
he does not have time for us.
We do not have time.
Our time is not that bad that we ask
for your time. Go away from here.
Please come and sit. We will
get late otherwise for the movie.
You are just standing
there and staring.
Is this our friendship?
The movie is 'Tadapti Jawani'.
Will they watch together?
Times are changing, Paanaya.
Who has come?
Did they go to take her?
Jaggi. Jaggi.
What has he come here for?
Jaggi, please go and handle him.
Please go.
There is no milk. Come tomorrow.
I have not come to take milk.
Open the gate.
What you have come to take,
there is nothing here. Leave.
Open the gate. I am Dhillon here.
Even if you are a chief minister
there is no milk.
Shall I give milk now? Go now.
I am Ronak's daddy here,
Air Force Officer.
Greetings, uncle.
Shall I make tea for you?
Open the gate first. I am in hurry.
The gate has got rusted and
it will take time to open. Look!
I know Ronak is at your house.
Open the gate.
Why would Ronak be at my place?
We have not made
arrangements of marriage.
Don't try to be smart.
Ronak went behind you.
If she is not at your house,
then why don't you open the gate?
I know officers' value time.
You may leave if you are in a hurry.
My house and I are not going anywhere.
We are here.
I think you will not listen this way.
Wait! I shall call the
police and then you will open it.
Just wait and watch what happens.
If I do not teach you a lesson,
I will change my name from Dhillon.
I shall make a call now.
Okay, uncle.
I shall try to open the small window.
Open it.
- Ronak...
- Greetings, uncle.
- Ronak!
- Uncle...
Where is my daughter?
Greetings, dad.
What is this, Ronak?
Water. Take it.
But, what are you doing here?
Practice of staying
at my in-laws house.
Dad, I am very happy here.
Don't worry at all.
I will come on my own. Go.
Oh! But you left the house saying that
you are going to teach them a lesson.
And you made them your in-laws
after coming here.
These people have misbehaved and
spread dirt in our house.
Dirt? Did we eat
groundnuts in your house?
You had invited us to your house
and now you have come
to our house uninvited.
Look at this. These are their
manners to behave with their guests.
Dad, such petty matters
often happen between relatives.
No problem. Dad, we are
the bride's family so no problem.
Dear, are you out of your mind
that you are speaking the language
of these villagers?
Doesn't the language of villagers
have signs and vowels?
Keep quiet, mom.
Why are you talking in between?
Dad, we have reconciled.
How can you reconcile?
Uncle, it does not
take years to reconcile.
We husband and wife have reconciled.
Husband and wife?
- Yes.
- He is talking about us.
He was not ready to invite us home
and now you have accepted him
as your husband. Very good.
Look dear, if they have threatened you
then please tell me.
- No, dad.
- Threatening?
Are our arms going to
pain without your daughter?
You may take your daughter away.
I am taking her because she cannot live
with people like you. Let's go, dear.
Oh! Hooliganism.
I knew there is something wrong.
Not only Ronak
but our entire family was
saying wrong things in your house
under the fear of guns.
They have come from the other side.
But you said that
they are your cousins.
I called their mother
my aunt so we were saved.
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
Wait. One minute... get aside.
- What happened?
- I will tell you. Move.
- What are you finding?
- Where have I kept it?
What happened, dad?
I have found it.
First time your father-in-law
has come to our house
- so let me welcome him by putting
oil at the entrance. - Stupid.
He is so different.
Welcome. Come in.
Make him sit comfortably.
Please be seated.
High class people.
Uncle, you deposit
your mobile with them.
Take it, brother.
When will you all leave?
In this way whoever comes to
our house, you will keep them captive.
Gajjna, where are you?
Who has now come to die?
Gajjan Singh!
Come out and give me sweets that
you brought from your relatives house.
Nobody is to be seen.
I want to go to washroom.
Don't think that because of fear,
I want to go to the washroom.
I have diabetes so that is
why I need to go again and again.
Dear, let him be in the bathroom.
He will be at ease.
No. Make my bed near the buffaloes.
I am not going to run away.
Sit down comfortably.
It may leak, dear.
It is your wish.
What happened?
I am feeling hungry.
Mom, I am hungry.
Give me 3-4 chapattis' to eat.
Shall I burn the tandoor?
There is no need.
- Everyone sit.
- Why? My son is hungry.
I had already made some chapattis.
And vegetables?
I shall fry you instead.
We left for your place
in the morning only.
I will eat with pickle.
You will eat with pickle
but this man from the city will
not be able to eat with pickle.
He will have to stay hungry then.
If there is a glass of buttermilk
then I will be able to eat.
I like buttermilk with mango pickle.
Where will you find buttermilk
if not at a milkman's house?
How could you say such a big thing?
Come on get up.
Jaggi, that...
That is poison.
Put it in the buttermilk.
I don't want to die so soon.
If we want to die after having poison
then we will have it together one day.
I am not asking you to commit suicide.
Put it in their glasses.
No, those poor fellows will die.
Then you die. What is going
to happen with a small dose?
They will just vomit. Put it.
Shall I put it in all four glasses?
No? Put it in the
glasses of the entire family!
Give me.
No, first to the guests.
Is he a stranger? He is also a guest.
He is not a guest,
but a family member.
Yes. Give it to brother.
Take it, brother.
Drink it, brother.
- Mother...
- Madam, take a sip of buttermilk.
No mom,
your chest gets congested in winters
and then we will have
to spend on your treatment.
You leave it.
You drink it, dear. Hold it.
Jaggi, I have never
had cough and cold.
How will my chest get congested?
Give it to me.
I don't have cough and cold.
Don't drink buttermilk
if Jaggi is saying.
Look, now only she
has started to give orders.
Don't you have any sense
that you should give chapatti after
applying clarified butter on it?
You know that chapatti gets
stuck in the throat of old people.
Okay, now it is my daughter's
fault that you have hiccups.
Did she ask you to eat the
entire chapatti by rolling it?
A person should eat it slowly.
When did you see me
eating half a chapatti?
I just took two chapattis
and half of it is still in my hand.
Jaggi, good that
these people came home.
At least we could see the habits
of father and daughter closely.
I thank God that I have
still not accepted this proposal.
I had refused it earlier.
Whatever you did is good, uncle. They
do not value their son-in-law
how will they
value their daughter-in-law.
They have one son-in-law and they
left him to die with these people.
Don't talk too much. I will cry my entire
life and ask brother to shoot you.
My parents' have valued you
enough for which you were capable.
You left me here to die,
so is that respect and value.
Dad, stand up.
Uncle, do not get suppressed.
I am with you.
All this will continue.
You serve buttermilk to brother.
- Take it, brother.
- No, I have had chapatti.
Leave it. No one will drink it then.
No one will drink.
Jaggi, come.
You all have eaten food,
let us at least eat food.
Come on brother, we will make you
eat better at the wedding. Come on.
Get the girl as well.
She is a mental case
and is totally shaken.
She will be after our life. Let's go.
Try to understand. If any one of them
troubles, then the other one we will...
- Shoot.
- Yes, with the bullet.
Aunt, there is no one in our house.
Go and gossip in the neighbour's house.
Have I come to gossip, dear?
I have come to ask about
your engagement. Are you engaged?
- Yes, done. It is done.
- Jaggi, listen.
I have heard that the girl's father
is very troublesome and irritating.
Aunt, the entire village hears from you
from where did you hear
about her father.
I don't have the habit
of talking about anyone else.
Leave it, aunt. I think you
gave Laden's address to America.
Go away from here.
You are teasing your aunt.
Who is this girl? Tell me.
She is your future daughter-in-law.
Okay. She roams around with you.
There is no drawback.
Everything is done.
What have I to do with it?
Give me sweets for your engagement.
- Do you want to eat sweets?
- Yes.
- Do you really want to eat?
- Yes.
- Do you want to eat sweets?
- Yes.
Shall I go and give her sweets to eat?
Come on.
Come on.
Mom, give sweets to aunt as well.
- Welcome.
- Congratulations, sister.
Congratulations to you too.
It seems to be marriage
of someone special.
Yes. Come on.
Hello...this is a no parking zone.
Can't you see?
- Remove your car from here.
- Yes, yes.
Jaggi, park the car at a proper place.
One minute. Do others give you
payment for whose cars you look after?
First ask them to remove their
cars and then we will remove it.
- Keep quiet.
- Isn't it?
What did you say, sister?
- Nothing, nothing...
- Did I say anything wrong?
She is little tensed
because of tension at home.
Tension at home?
She will get tensed from outside
as well if I put her behind bars.
Teach some manners to the girls
of the house. Make her understand.
Manners? I did not curse
you or say bad words to you.
Those who tried to teach me manners
have left this world. You get lost.
Wait. How dare you misbehave
with a police officer?
Just wait and watch
now I will make madam
go behind bars for a month and a half.
Just one and a half month?
A girl like her should
remain behind bars for 3-4 years.
If you give me permission then shall
I slap her hard? Shall I slap her?
There is no need.
Just wait and watch what I do.
- Yes, tell me.
- Brother, listen to me. Come here.
- What?
- Come here, listen to me.
Sir, she is a silly
girl and is tensed as well.
Take money and finish the matter.
Take it.
I would not have agreed
if you would have given Rs. 100-150.
- Get her treated.
- Yes, we will get it done.
Park the car on the side.
- Do it. Good.
- Yes, yes...
Bilal, we cannot take the risk.
Fix her first.
What are you saying, brother?
Why are you worrying about her?
I am with you.
Why are you worried about her?
She is not tensed about
her father who is in your custody.
And because of her,
you kicked me. You are...
Sorry. Go and do the work
you have come here for, brother.
Brother, he was so rude to you.
Now we will be rude to you.
You tell me, why did
you bring her here with us?
I am surprised at myself.
How did I spend two years with her?
Brother, I am with you.
Don't worry and do
the work for which we have come here.
- You first park the car at
the right place. - Okay.
Dear, money hasn't come yet.
You will get the material
once the money comes.
Strange. They have not sent the money
then why did they ask us to come here.
Sir, I will talk.
Go ahead. We have lots of time.
You don't have it.
- Keep it spicier.
- Why? You already speak so bitter.
What did you call me?
Selfish, manner less.
You know it is not the truth.
They were about to shoot you so
I said whatever came to my mind.
As it is a person speaks
the truth when he sees death.
Even I have heard this, sister.
Keep quiet.
What have you to do with this?
As it is you have
created so many problems.
Hey brother, give some snacks
here as well so that she keeps quiet.
I am going to break your mouth.
Dad is right in saying
that whenever an illiterate
person speaks he speaks senseless.
Madam, illiterate people
were already in this world
and all the educated
people came later.
What should I talk to you?
You have no brains.
Yes, if I had then would I choose you?
Woo as many as you want.
Go and sit there. Let me eat snacks.
I don't think you
both will get along well.
Sit and sort it out.
What have you to do with all this?
Come that side.
Sit and insult me as much as you want.
I will not feel good
by insulting you here alone.
You will be at peace once
you pierce the rod in my stomach.
If you did not mess up
then I wouldn't have spoken.
Messed up? I was helping you.
Help is to be done in saving life
but you were doing in losing life.
How ungrateful?
Hi, Ronak. Hi, Jaggi.
Have you also come
to attend the wedding?
No, we came to pay the DJ.
We were given invitation
card so we had to come.
You did not tell me that
you were to come to this marriage.
Would you have spread a red
carpet welcome if I had told you?
- Go from here.
- Okay fine.
Do not show attitude in front
of your boyfriend. I am going.
Go, go...
Did you see?
This is the right way to talk.
By insulting so much.
You have also insulted me so much.
But you did not feel.
You just sat in the car.
If you had not come,
I would have handled him alone.
Forget it. At least after coming
I found out what is in your heart.
I do not know about my heart but I have
come to know about your brains.
It is totally empty.
Only garbage is filled in.
Go to hell.
Brother, you just
told her that she is dumb
and now after marriage you
will have to suffer because of this.
Aunty, I met Ronak at the wedding
and she is talking very irritably.
Ronak is getting married?
No aunty, she is not getting married
but is attending a wedding with Jaggi.
At Diamond Marriage Palace.
Okay, okay fine.
People are always
eager to do backbiting.
If Ronak has gone for the wedding,
then where has Mr. Dhillon gone?
"Why are you flaunting and
tell me what are you angry at?"
"This should not happen
between doctor and patient."
"Why are you flaunting and
tell me what are you angry at?"
"This should not happen
between doctor and patient."
"Just reconcile with your heart..."
"Just reconcile with your heart..."
"Come on dance, beautiful girl."
"Come on, young man sing."
"Come on dance, beautiful girl."
"Come on, young man sing."
"Come on, dance beautiful girl."
"Seeing the slope in his village."
"Girls go away waving their hands."
"Girls go away waving their hands."
"Seeing the slope in his village."
"Girls go away waving their hands."
"Just shoot and show once."
"You shook my heart..."
"You shook my heart.
My feet had to dance."
"The young man is singing a song.
My feet had to dance."
"The young man is singing a song.
My feet had to dance."
"The young man is singing a song.
My feet had to dance."
"If someone dances
without any closeness"
"then young men lay
down their heart on ground."
"Then young men lay
down their heart on ground."
"If someone dances
without any closeness"
"then young men lay
down their heart on ground."
"Then you can step on my heart."
"My feet had to dance."
"The young man is singing a song.
My feet had to dance."
"The young man is singing a song.
My feet had to dance."
"The young man is singing a song.
My feet had to dance."
"He looks totally different
from others sitting there."
"He matched his turban
with my pink dress."
"He matched his turban
with my pink dress."
"He looks totally different
from others sitting there."
"He matched his turban
with my pink dress."
"He matched his turban
with my pink dress."
"He picked and gave
me the veil that fell."
"He picked and gave
me the veil that fell."
"Come on dance, beautiful girl."
"Come on, young man sing.
Come on dance, beautiful girl."
"Come on, young man sing.
Come on dance, beautiful girl."
"The young man is singing a song.
My feet had to dance."
"The young man is singing a song.
My feet had to dance."
"Come on, young man sing.
Come on dance, beautiful girl."
"Come on, young man sing.
Come on dance, beautiful girl."
Can't you see?
You go away.
Your work is done now.
Your payment has come.
Has it come, sir?
So give us our things.
Your RDX have reached the right place,
at air force station.
Now you can do the blasts
that you had come to do.
Car number PB 35 CD 3060.
My song will play here.
The things are in
which officer's car? Sir.
"Jatt Fair Karda"
- The things are in which officer's car?
- Wait. I'll tell you.
Not Jatt Fair song,
play the song of Mussa.
DJ, play my song.
My "Fair" song will play.
How will that play?
Stop it. Don't do this.
Payment has come, so tell me clearly.
Oh, my God.
Brother, brother...
Hello! Hello, the things are in
which officer's car?
The things are in
which officer's car?
He will tell only if he survives.
Call the ambulance.
Brother, brother...
Hold this. I am going to toilet.
Dear, what work do you do?
We make bombs.
Is this your permanent job?
Or you do this work as freelancer.
Tell him, brother.
Uncle wants to do partnership
with you. Tell me.
I think they must be
giving some percentage.
Do you wish to make bombs?
Make one and give it
to me before you leave.
Of size of a small ball.
I want to keep it
in the mouth of my wife.
I shall punch you.
Chilli powder
has gone into my eyes.
- No, no....
- My eyes...
Hey, mom.
Hey, what has happened?
Nothing, nothing...
They just fought with each other.
He put chilli in her
eyes and she thrashed him.
- That's it.
- Really?
My eyes are burning.
- Water...
- What do you want?
- I am going to die.
- Give water to mom.
Deepi, give mom water.
Where are you?
- I will not spare you.
- Why are you hitting me?
- I am your husband.
- I will not spare you.
- Don't beat me.
- Someone throw water on her face.
I will not spare you. Go to hell.
- Aunt, its me.
- I will not leave you.
- Mom, water. Water!
- Throw water on mom's face.
- Splash water on your eyes.
- Throw water on her face.
- Splash it.
- Father...
Blow air in her eyes.
Are you okay?
- Get okay first.
- I won't spare you, Dhillon...
Oh, gosh! My eyes!
- Hurry up and bring. Hurry up.
- Come on. Come on.
- Hurry up.
- Be careful.
Follow them. Come on.
If she is attending
a wedding with Jaggi
then to which party
did Mr. Dhillon go.
Where are we going now?
- Did he say anything about the material?
- It's in a car.
PB 35 CD 3060.
PB 3060...
Ambulance is left behind.
We shall go ahead and do
all the paperwork formalities.
It is about a life of a person.
Ronak! Their material is in your car.
Is my dad with them?
Listen to the matter completely.
You just start speaking louder.
Just to get your dad to my home,
I had spoilt your father's car.
That mechanic had
put material in your car.
Great. So now all this
has happened because of you.
Lower your voice.
What is it?
Do both of you have any shame or not?
Boy and girl have to talk
something private as well.
Rascal! Idiot!
Because of you my dad and mom
have got trapped in this problem.
Only your dad,
mom will get trapped soon.
Look at the rear-view mirror.
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
Where are you going?
The ambulance is on the other side.
Brother, this is short cut. We will
reach before the ambulance reaches.
Jaggi drives very fast.
He turned so fast.
Anybody would have come
and banged from behind.
- Tariq, our material is on the road.
- Where?
- The car that has the material.
- Turn right.
Jaggi, I asked you to turn right.
There is cremation ground on
the right and hospital is on this side.
- Do you want to save
the man's life or not? - Yes.
Brother, just follow the car.
If we lose sight of the car,
you will lose your life.
"The problem has come up."
Why have you stopped the car now?
There is a crossroad ahead.
You tell me where should I go?
We can go to the left
or to the right.
We can go straight as well.
Only back is left.
How can we go to all sides?
Do one thing. You keep my milk van.
Listen carefully.
Our material is in the car.
You will have to find
the car even if from hell.
- Mom, come I will apply medicine.
- Put it on this side.
- Open it for a minute.
- Oh my God...
Enough. That's it.
- Are you fine, mom?
- Oh, God.
Let me open my eyes once
I will make sure his eyes
are closed forever.
Sorry, sister. Even you
did not tell before attacking.
By getting me scolded from my wife,
he is now apologizing to her.
You hit so hard that there
was darkness in front of my eyes
and chilli got into your eyes.
Look, alone we cannot harm them.
We will have to work like a team. Yes.
- Jaggi, where are you?
- Who is it?
Mom told me that father had gone
to Gajjan's house to eat sweets.
They have gone somewhere else.
- Aunt!
- Yes?
Did you see the Sarpanch anywhere?
I saw him during voting
and not after that.
No, aunt. He had come to eat sweets
because of Jaggi's engagement.
I wonder where they have gone.
- Do you know where they have gone?
- They did not tell me before going.
Then what is the use
of being a neighbour
when you cannot keep
a watch on your neighbours.
This job is of speaker aunt.
Ask her as she knows everything
about the village.
I came from her place only.
She is also missing since afternoon.
Hope she has not got
trapped with the Sarpanch.
Your father seems to be kind
but is actually very smart and shrewd.
Oh no, people really
exaggerate things.
I did not understand one thing.
If Jaggi has gone to watch movie
then what has his family gone to see.
They never lock the
dairy in the evening.
Jaggi was also talking strangely.
There seems to be
something wrong, Paanya.
We will have to investigate.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Has he gained consciousness or not?
Has he been hit by a ball on the head that
he will regain consciousness so soon?
He has been shot in the stomach.
How can he gain consciousness so soon?
The surgery is going on. I will
call once he gains consciousness.
If we do not find that car
then none of your family members
will remain alive.
Why do you threaten at every moment?
We will find the car.
It is not going to fly to Canada.
- It must be somewhere
here in the city only. - Is it?
We are not going to stay in this city.
I request you. We have
to look after our families also.
Tariq, my younger son does
not go to school without me.
- You...
- Shall we go home?
My mom must be worried.
The car must be at
the air force station.
I have been going
to deliver milk alone.
Early in the morning
I will do this work first.
My dad must know
to whom the car belongs.
- He will find it. For sure!
- Yes.
Tariq, let us go and trap the officer.
As it is boss has said that it is
not safe to go on the road with weapons.
I think your boss has had an
experience with Punjab Police.
Punjab police interrogates very smartly.
Don't talk nonsense. Come on.
I told you that they are
intelligent and agree easily.
I know.
Let's go.
Paanya, you are breaking the lock.
You know well about Jaggi's mom.
She will file a case
of theft without any hesitation.
That is why I have brought you along.
- For the case to be filed.
- No, sir.
You are an Village administrator
and I am upcoming Sarpanch.
We are respectable people.
We are witnesses.
What will we get after breaking
the lock? They will not be inside.
We will get to know something.
Tell me,
where has my father and his wife gone?
Don't break the lock
because of my wife.
I am very happy that she is missing.
I wish that she is never found.
This is what I pray to God.
It has broken. Come inside now.
Let's go.
These buffaloes seem to be hungry.
All lights are on too.
If Jaggi was at home then
would they lock the door from outside.
You are right.
That is open. Come.
- Sir!
- Yes.
Don't you feel someone just
got up from here and went away.
Has Gajjan's son
started selling mobiles?
- Really?
- Damn it!
This is my dad's mobile.
This seems to be of your aunt.
Not that, but this one
made in China belongs to aunt.
If all the mobiles are
here then where are they?
Take this, sister. The floor is cold.
You may fall sick.
Stop it. They won't shoot you.
Don't talk unnecessarily.
- We are in Jaggi's neighbour's house.
- Why?
There was no water in Jaggi's
washroom so we came here.
What nonsense are you talking?
The villagers got suspicious
so that is why we came.
Okay, fine.
What happened?
Has my dad done anything
wrong or made a call?
Jaggi, we have to take
the car to the neighbour's house.
I am not going.
They have mischievous kids.
They will scratch the car.
They will just scratch, but we will
shoot you. Is it acceptable to you?
Okay, fine.
These shoes?
Bought it from Muktsar for Rs.1500/-
I brought it for
my grandfather from Bhatinda.
Sister, what are you doing?
Team work!
Team work is with
everyone and not solo.
Keep quiet.
Give me the stick. Give me.
Yes, we will do it
but I will be the
Sarpanch of the team.
A team does not have
a Sarpanch but a leader.
I think you have passed
without any effort and with bribe.
- I will lead the team.
- What have we to do?
Teamwork. It has been told.
Teamwork is understandable
but what is to be done.
Light has to be switched off.
Have you to do it individually?
It is just one button
and I will do it.
Okay, do it.
It is disturbing so
I will not be able to sleep.
I have got a boil so cannot sit.
Do you need oil?
Thrash him. Beat him.
- Oh, brother...
- Here, take this.
- Here, take this. Take this.
- Don't beat me. Please...
- Here, you go.
- Oh, God!
Oh, God!
We have been given
training that hide in corners
whenever there is an attack in the dark.
Why weren't we given training?
Even if it was given, no one
remembers it in haste and tension.
Sorry, brother.
If I would have stood up
then I would have thrashed alone.
Oh God, it is paining.
- What has happened?
- I didn't come to know.
I got banged against the
wall 2-3 times from here to there.
Dad, are you okay?
Yes, dear.
Tariq, they are trying to be smart.
Set this lady right.
Why her? This idea was mine.
Why are you becoming a mastermind
and making my mom do silly things?
They will kill all of you.
Should we die because of their fear?
Whatever Mr. Dhillon did was right?
Whom are you calling now?
I will have to call the headquarters.
Why headquarters?
As of now we cannot
handle the villagers.
And people from the headquarters
will come and hug the villagers.
Tariq, we will have to do it.
They don't even answer the phone.
Till when will we handle?
Till we do not find
the car with the material.
Gajjana, the groundnut is raw.
I bought it for grand father's
funeral ceremony in advance.
That time the truck came and
I bought as they were cheap.
Today mom would have got trapped.
Their material is in mom's car.
- What?
- Yes.
Very smartly Jaggi saved mom.
Yes, completely safe.
They cannot reach mom
and she will not come here.
Jaggi, Ronak...
No one is listening.
Oh, God! The material
has come here by itself, Tariq.
Jaggi! Sister...
Aunt, how come you
are here at this time?
I am looking for Ronak.
She is missing since morning.
She is missing, his wife is missing,
his father is missing...
Is there some season going on
of getting lost?
No, sir.
Ronak was with Jaggi
along with your two sons.
Did my two sons grow from a flower pot?
I just have one daughter.
- Then who were they?
- Who?
The two boys who were with Jaggi.
Jaggi has left the mobile at home.
Why did they leave the mobiles here?
Along with them, the mobiles
of many villagers are also inside.
Ronak... What are you all doing here?
Come with me to the police station.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
- Let's go.
- Oh, God!
The material is going to
the police station, Tariq.
Come on.
Jaggi, get up.
Father and daughter are here and I...
Why did you come here, mom?
I mean what made you come here?
That is what I am asking you.
What are you doing here?
- We had gone to see Jaggi's fields.
- Yes.
First you were not interested
in seeing each other's face
and now you came
to see his fields. Why?
He is telling lies.
Jaggis' fields are here.
No immigration is
required for a round.
We took a round and came here.
If you had not come
for another five minutes
we were going to the police
station to file a report.
We still will have to go, aunt.
Your family members
have been found, not ours.
- Where is my father?
- Where is he?
I asked you and you are asking me.
He had come to your
house in the morning.
What will he come to do here?
He is not here. Go.
If my father did
not come to your house
then did people from Oppo
come to give his phone to your house?
Yes. Even your phones are there.
What is happening?
Aunt, these phones are
the root cause of everything.
Mom, Jaggi is right.
Because of these phones
no one has time for anyone.
It is so bad.
If the mobiles were with them
then would you have let him
spend so much time here?
You would have given him a missed
call and would have called them back.
I would suggest to you
to give the phone inside
- and then life is very peaceful.
- Yes.
- Have you gone mad, sir?
- Hey...
- You broke it?
- Sir!
Sir, are you so fed up of the phone?
Shall we go, Mr. Dhillon?
Yes, we can go. Let's go, dear.
- Get in. Come on, sit.
- Dad, listen.
Stop them, Jaggi, otherwise
your family members would be killed.
No! Uncle, how can you go like this?
Let us go, Jaggi. Try to understand.
Aunt, how can you
go without eating anything?
- My mom has made Saag for you.
- Yes.
I will eat Saag and then leave.
I will thrash you. Just sit inside.
- Uncle...
- Dad, what about Jaggi's parents?
Dear, to save them it
is very important we get saved.
But, dad...
What are you whispering?
Explain it to me as well.
Are you going to do a surgical
attack after understanding?
What are you doing there?
You are always ready to shoot at me.
- Come on.
- What are you doing there?
- No. No. No.
- Come this side.
- Take them all.
- No.
- Come on. Get in.
- Come here.
- What is this?
- Come on...
- But...
- Hurry up and get inside.
- I am the Headman's son.
- Hurry up and get inside.
"The problem has come up."
Because of you
the entire planning got spoiled.
Uncle, you should be planning
to save someone
but you were planning
to get all of us killed.
Dad, Jaggi did not know
about your strategy.
You should have asked me.
In half an hour I would have
gone to the headquarters
and set everything right.
Uncle, we did not have half an hour.
They would have shot immediately
and my parents would have died.
And souls are not even stuck in traffic.
They get confidence
because of this fear of yours.
Remove your fear.
Then remove your fear.
You were quietly removing
your family out.
This is cheating.
Mr. Dhillon, you were escaping alone.
This is not team work.
Jaggi, dad was helping us.
I don't need such help.
I had saved the entire family so well.
I don't know why they came.
They would have definitely come
because their daughter was missing.
Did I message their daughter
to follow me?
Everything was set
but all of you came behind one by one.
Because of you, my parents got trapped
and still you are arguing.
My parents are not safe either.
They are also trapped.
What should I do?
What should you do?
You just think about yourself.
That day I told you I was unwell.
You did not call once to ask
whether I am dead or alive.
You just had cough.
A snake had not bitten you
that you would die.
Will you call me
when a snake will bite me?
Don't change the topic.
Not the topic,
but I am changing the man.
I don't want to marry you.
Don't marry me.
Just leave and take them along.
What decisions are you taking?
I cannot understand.
Sometimes you agree
and sometimes you disagree.
You fight in the morning
and see fields in the evening.
And now you have
again started fighting.
Mom, keep quiet.
The mistake is entirely mine
that I got trapped in his talks.
Are you a kid to get trapped in talks?
I don't want to get married to you.
Jaggi, what are you saying?
Earlier you tried to mend relations
between both the families
and now you are fighting
with each other.
Mom, keep quiet.
You do not know anything.
Thank God, she only refused.
Why don't you want to get married?
The family is good
and the girl is beautiful.
What do I have to do with her beauty?
If she could not support
me in my troubles
then how can she support me in future.
Aunt, say yes to
the girl from Bhatinda.
She is a squint eyed.
I am not going to ask her
to aim somewhere. Just say yes.
Girl, just tell me if
you also want to get married.
There is a boy in neighbouring village.
He is a government accountant
and in two years he would be the head.
- No.
- Keep quiet, Banto.
Brother, we are not going
to stay here with them.
Give us a separate room.
We have not captured a five star hotel
that we give you a separate room.
- Bilal, get the things from the car.
- Nonsense.
Brother, shall I come along with you.
I am the Headman's son.
Sit quietly.
Tariq, the material is ready.
Get that man ready.
Hey, so your time is up.
- Jaggi.
- Come on. Come on.
- You cannot take him.
- Leave him.
Leave him. What are you doing?
Leave him.
- Jaggi.
- Brother, brother...
Get aside everyone.
Sit down everyone.
- Quiet everyone. Sit down.
- Come on. Come on.
- Quiet everyone.
- Sit down. Come on, sit down.
Sit down. Quiet.
What are you doing?
I am putting batteries
in the remote.
If the button gets pressed in the pocket
then we will not reach the station
and the blast will happen on the way.
Put it after reaching there.
Why are you taking this young man?
- Fight with me and you
will come to know. - Get aside.
- Get aside.
- Dad.
- I fold my hands and fall at your feet.
- Mom.
What are you doing, mom?
Why are you falling at their feet?
What have we done?
So what if I will die.
One of us would have to do this.
Nothing will happen.
After I go,
don't make dad do much work.
Order Lakkha to do all household works.
Come on, blow your mouth.
I lived the life king
size with the grace of God,
now I have no tension of death.
Come on.
Come on, blow your mouth.
Bid me farewell smilingly.
Otherwise if I die,
I will roam around as a ghost.
You will not be able to see your son.
Come on, blow your mouth.
Come on.
The water flowed out.
Okay, bye.
Where did he go?
He must have gone to offer prayers.
He has not gone to offer
prayers but has escaped. Catch him.
Dad, come on let's
go and save Jaggi.
- Now again Jaggi.
- Wait, even I am coming.
"They will die after
reading the mantras of death."
"They will die after
fighting with destiny."
- Come on, let's all go.
- Come on.
"They will die after reading
the mantras of death."
"They will die after
fighting with destiny."
"They may escape if they
try but will die troubling me."
"They will die troubling me."
"An arena of guns has been
put up in the village."
Come on, follow me.
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
I have seen your husband
running so fast for the first time.
He always keeps drugs in his pocket ,
must have consumed it.
Listen to me...
My wife should not escape.
- Take her.
- Okay.
Uncle, what have you given him?
- I have asked them to kill your aunt.
- Good job.
There is an attack
by terrorists in the village.
How dare you?
- They are coming!
- Catch him!
Don't thrash my father.
- Leave him. They have escaped.
- Leave me.
- Don't thrash him.
- He escaped.
Congratulations to you.
To you as well, aunt.
I have heard that the girl is
divorced and has children as well.
What have I to do with that?
they have gone this way.
Why are you sitting here? Come on.
Shadeya, men have attacked the village.
Tell me, when women attack.
Boys, spare my son
and put bomb jacket on me.
That jacket is not going to fit you.
- Come.
- Stop.
"The problem has come up."
Hey, stop...
Hey, the entire village
is sitting on a bomb
and you are having
a bath for marriage?
Jaggi, stop or I will shoot you.
Don't spare them.
Tariq, run.
Don't spare them.
They escaped.
Let's go.
- Leave it.
- Catch.
Very good, brother-in-law.
- "The problem has come up."
- Brother-in-law, shame on you.
Get first aid.
You might have got hurt.
Stop or I will shoot.
We don't have so much time.
- This is the way how to hit.
- This is the right way.
Fools, surround them.
Brother, this is cheating. All
weak persons are on my side. Let's toss.
You come this side. Let's go.
- Come on.
- Follow me.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
God's pure one, victory to God.
Villagers are requested that village
has been attacked by terrorists.
All brave men are requested
to reach village outer road with weapons
so that they can be surrounded.
God's pure one, victory to God.
- Stop!
- Oh, God.
Ronak, will you marry Jaggi now?
- Yes, if he survives.
- Then let's run.
Come. Tomato at Rs. 10 per kg.
Ladyfinger at Rs. 5 per kg.
- Come, come...
- Give me the mic.
Jaggi, run.
You think I am having juice?
Left, left...
Give it to me.
Hello! 1, 2, 3, 4 check...
Jaggi, right, right.
A little left.
I am not posing for photographs,
they will shoot me.
Hide in the fields of Chari. Run...
It is not Chari but mustard fields.
Whatever it is!
Jaggi, hide in the mustard plants.
Come on, hide.
Get in, hurry up. They are behind.
Run fast.
Jaggi, get into the mustard
fields and hide down.
Jaggi, they are very close to you.
Keep hiding.
Oh, God!
Very good.
Keep running, Jaggi.
- Keep running.
- Hold this.
Hold it.
Buy tomatoes, ladyfinger, ginger...
Bilal, take out the remote
and put the batteries. Blast him.
"The problem has come up."
Tariq, the batteries are with you?
I will slap you. They are with you.
Catch them. Come on, catch them.
Run, run...and surround them.
- Run, run...
- Surround them.
Catch him, catch him...
There they are.
- Come on.
- I have found them.
Catch them.
Catch them. Come on.
Catch them. Come on.
Go and catch him. Come on.
- He ran away! Catch him.
- Go and catch him.
- Catch them! Don't leave him.
- Surround them. Catch them,
- Tariq, the remote got lost.
- Find it, find it.
I have found it.
- Catch them.
- Follow him.
I was just kidding. I don't have it.
Catch him. Come on, catch him.
Hit him!
Come on Jaggi, run.
You will run! Take this!
One minute.
Pick it up.
Pick it.
One minute...
- I'll show you.
- No, no...
- Come on, pick it.
- No, no...
You will beat me.
- Did you tie the bomb to suck?
- Yes.
- You had tied to kill.
- It hurts.
Uncle, don't hit.
- No, no...
- Uncle? Call me, dad.
Call me, dad. Come on.
- Dad.
- Dad.
- No, dad.
- Call me Mr. Sarpanch.
Mr. Sarpanch, don't hit me. No.
Give me your hand. Come on.
- One more.
- Give me your hand.
- One more.
- Wait for a minute.
One minute.
Get aside. It is my turn.
Rascal, you troubled us so much.
Now pick up.
Mom, pick up the remote.
"The problem has come up."
- He has escaped.
- Catch them.
- I got the remote, Tariq.
- Jaggi...
- I have got it. Got it.
- Catch him.
Press the button of remote.
Catch them.
- Jaggi.
- Stop.
Mom, what happened?
You did not tell me that
you have thrown the bomb.
I did not have to take care of it and
make it large. I had to throw it.
Since one hour I am shouting.
Am I mad?
Yes you are mad? In a minute
you change your life partner.
In a minute you change your mood.
I have said yes to Bhatinda girl.
I cannot go back on my words.
Tomorrow morning I will catch a bus
to Bhatinda, kill her and come back.
Don't try to be Amrish Puri.
What do you think of yourself?
- Sanjay Dutt.
- You...
To hell with you. Get lost.
Brother, is there any bomb left?
Tie on me and kill me.
Why you? Tie the bomb
around me and kill me.
Okay, tie on her. Get her.
Get lost.
They have fought again.
We shall pass our life
together by fighting.
Blow your mouth.
I asked you to blow your mouth.
This doesn't look good.
Sorry, sorry...
Blow your mouth.
And the water flowed out.
Sister, before they create
any other problem get them married.
That would be great.
"The problem just got
solved with great difficulty."
"And now the problem
of marriage has come up."
"And now the problem
of marriage has come up."
"The problem just got
solved with great difficulty."
"And now the problem
of marriage has come up."
"The entire village says that the
boy will now only listen to his wife."
"Sometimes I feel God is there with me."
"Now spare me God from these problems."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."
"The problem has come up."