Public Affairs (1983) Movie Script

I was advised
today that temperatures
might reach 100 degrees.
And that I should
consider canceling
my appearance here.
Well, I considered
that for a few seconds
and then I had a thought.
I'm no country club congressman.
I have traveled throughout
this great state
all summer long.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this may indeed
be an election, but
I don't consider
myself a politician,
although the media
refers to me as a statesman,
that is not important.
I don't believe that
I'm some fair-haired boy
from the college of
closed door deals.
Come to the rally
for Nick stern.
Today running a government
is a business and
because of that,
I'm proud to be a businessman.
That's what New York
needs, a businessman.
Come to the rally
for Nick stern.
He's running for
the U.S. senate.
To balance the budget,
to meet the payroll.
With rapid enterprise,
specially funded programs
and foreign investments,
we can all help.
Here it comes.
Ladies and gentlemen,
your hard working,
straight talking
congressman Nicholas stern.
Think of all I have exposed.
Drug addicts on welfare,
the nursing home abuses.
The prostitution ring.
The Times Square pornography.
Ladies and
gentlemen, Nick stern.
Come on over and say hello to
your next U.S. senator.
Get ready Nick,
you're almost there.
Are there any TV
cameras out there?
Make sure there's a
crowd before we pull in.
I don't want to take a chance.
Nick, Nick, you're on the P.A.
Make sure there's a crowd there.
If there's not you just circle
the block again, okay.
They're all here Nick.
We got a great crowd.
We got the TV people,
it's terrific.
Let's go for it.
I'm sorry Nick.
Try to be a little bit
more graceful please.
And when I arrive
at Times Square,
the heart of our glorious city,
my determination
will be to rid us all
of the sexual filth.
Congressman Nicholas
stern is ahead of the polls
in his race for the
United States senate.
Thank you.
He's been a leading
advocate for women's rights
and has raised federal
monies for urban renewal.
His campaign
committee has raised
an unprecedented $3 million
for this primary alone.
The stern mobile.
A major part of congressman
stern's campaign.
Nursing home abuses,
the prostitution ring.
The stern mobile,
however, is fully equipped
with all the latest electronic
communications equipment
and is fully sound proof,
much like a modern
day recording studio.
This is elvira Lawrence.
Channel 6 news on
the campaign trail.
Citizens, together we
can clean up Times Square.
Women no longer
have to be afraid
to walk down our once
beautiful 42nd street.
With private and corporate,
and foreign investment,
we can turn these
perverted porno zones
into a fine and
glorious community
that we can all share
and grow in together.
Thank you.
And so I say to all of you,
to please remember
my years of selfless
and devoted service
as your congressman
and ask not what Nicholas
stern can do for you,
but rather ask what you
can do to help elect
Nicholas stern as your
next U.S. senator.
Together we can
do it, thank you.
It's hotter than hell out there.
Nice and cold.
Come on honey, I'm ready.
What do you want?
I need a release.
Would you like me to blow you?
You come in my mouth?
That'll be nice,
just be careful.
Don't get my suit all dirty.
Uh, Nick.
Ok, come on
make it hard for me ok?
Come on suck my cock,
get me hard.
Come on honey.
Uh, Nick, Nick?
That's nice.
Nick wait, please.
Jodi, come on!
Let me move your head, relax.
Uh, Nick?
Yeah Tommy?
Nick, Nick, wrong button.
Nick are we going back
to headquarters?
Tommy yeah, we are going to
the office right now.
What a dutz.
Alright come on, suck my cock.
Fuck me with your mouth
come on!
Get me good and hard.
That's real good Judy.
Judy? My name is Jodi!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Jodi.
Suck my cock Jodi, get me hard
Fritzie, speak english.
Why don't the servants
answer the phone?
It's Saturday, they're off dear.
Hiya fritzie.
Just called to tell
you to watch me
on the 6 o'clock news.
Elvira Lawrence covered it.
Did you speak about
foreign investments?
Oh, yeah, yeah, sure.
We covered that real well.
You take care of
tonight's gathering?
Yes, gathering.
The sheik assam
banku, he's joining us
for a little refreshment.
Oh, yeah, yeah,
Tommy's handling that.
Don't worry about it.
Is that Nicky again?
How's he doing?
He'll win, darling, he'll win.
Don't worry.
It's not so difficult
to buy a congressman
or a senator, whatever he is.
He's a congressman
dear, running for senate.
Who cares.
I do when it's my
money you're using
to buy his election.
Would have been cheaper
to marry Nick I suppose.
That's good. Alright
keep me hard
keep me hard, but don't make
me come.
I got something else in mind.
I'll take you back to
the office.
Anything Nick, anything,
you name it.
I'm gonna take you back to
the office, and fuck you in the ass.
If it will help you, will
it hurt?
Well, that's up to you honey.
I'm a little bit scared
to try it Nick.
That's good, sort of grace
under pressure
is what hemmingway called
he's here.
Good job girls, good job.
Y'all do a real fine job.
Tommy, isn't that right?
That's right.
You did a good job, we had a
great day today.
Jodi, won't you park
yourself right over there.
Take your things off.
Let me see what's underneath
that pretty dress of yours.
There we go.
Here honey, why don't
you use this on me?
Nick, can't we make
this someplace else.
A romantic hotel room?
We can take it nice and slow.
Listen Judy, Jodi,
I haven't got all day.
I'm missing myself
on the 6 o'clock news
so that we can do this.
Look, if you don't want to,
I can find someone else.
Today in downtown Manhattan,
congressman Nicholas stern's
campaign for the senate
stops new yorkers to listen
in the sweltering August heat.
Elvira Lawrence was
there for the story.
Congressman Nicholas stern
is ahead at the
polls in his race
for the United States senate.
He has been a leading
advocate for women's rights.
Now you aren't going to make
a sound now, right?
Right Nick
Fuck your ass, fuck it good.
The New York post revealed today
that stern's massive
campaign financing
has been organized by
the real estate king
Fritz Von hollenvall.
Von hollenvall made
society headlines
by his third marriage to
Texas oil heiress Mary
Beth butterfingers,
who in 1969 announced her
engagement to Nicholas stern,
which was subsequently
broken off,
leaving congressman stern
one of New York City's
most eligible bachelors.
You like your ass being fucked,
Oh Nick
you love it right?
It's ok, yeah, yes!
Tell me you love it
I love it!
Oh, not so deep please
tell me to fuck your ass
fuck my ass, real good
It's wonderful
it's what? - Wonderful
you love it? - I love it
tell me you love it - I love it
I came in your ass
who is it? - Tommy
come on it Tommy
Nick, you should have
seen yourself on TV.
You were great.
We got it recorded.
Tommy, we gotta get a move on.
Make some of your special calls,
get some of your
girls over here.
Stick around, we're
gonna have a party.
Nick, it's a
little short notice,
you know what I mean?
Yeah, I know it is Tommy.
Fritz is coming to town
with one of his sheiks
who has a particular
fondness for me
and was very generous.
One blow job from
the right bimbo
is worth $100,000.
Nick, I'm sorry, I just
don't know who to call.
Tommy, you got a talent.
You really got a talent.
Anybody can call a hooker Tommy.
You call these,
you call these college girls.
They're amateurs and
they got a certain
sense of, well, they
got a certain sense
of social responsibility
and a duty
to their country
and I like that.
What was that political
science major,
what's her name?
She's out of town.
Yeah, that's too bad.
Well, Fritz's people love
that kind of treatment
and you and only you
can give it to them.
All right.
You got style, Tommy
and don't forget it.
I got style?
Yeah, now make some calls Tommy.
Goodbye darling.
What time will you be home?
Late darling.
Nick and I have much to do.
I'll be waiting for you.
That's right darling, I try.
But, business is business.
So I said to the
speaker of the house,
I said if I knew a girl
who acted like that,
I would see to it that she ran
for three terms, three terms.
Herr stern, will you please
explain to the sheik
exactly what you did
in congress, yeah?
Sheik, you see,
our government passed
a disclosure act, which
requires all non-resident aliens
to register all
land ownership with
the United States government.
I passed an amendment which
would nullify this legislation.
May Allah bless you.
Congressman stern,
you are a good friend
of our people.
I would like to purchase
more American land.
Very good.
Would you like a country
house in Virginia?
A beach house in south Hampton?
What did you exactly
have in mind?
Rhode Island.
Yes, yes.
Nick, see what
you can arrange, huh?
And for you your honor.
For your campaign expenses.
May I propose a toast to
our guest sheik assam benku.
Oh, Nick, you're the greatest.
Oh, my goodness.
Where'd you get these girls?
Have you ever had a young
lady pleasure you before?
No, I'm surprised.
I've always thought that you
were somewhat sophisticated.
Why don't you let this
beautiful young thing
over here thrill you.
Anything you want Nick.
Jodi lean back in the chair,
just relax.
Good, that's good.
Fuck her with your tongue
You like that Jodi?
Yes Nick, I love it.
By the way, Fritz
how is Mary Beth?
Oh very well, I bought her a
villa in majorca
you give her my best regards.
Yes I will, I will.
Have you set a date for
your marriage yet?
No but we are going
to announce it very soon.
Ah good, you know you made
a very good choice.
She's going to look wonderful
on television you know?
And she comes from a good family,
one of our kind of people!
Thank you, I think it was a good
move. It will illustrate
not only my enlightened attitude
towards women
it will show my public I am
very sensative to romance
put your finger in her asshole, play
around it
stick your finger up her ass!
I love that, Jodi do you
like that?
Does it feel good?
Tell me
Joyce you have gorgeous hair
yeah, she has nice hair too
suck me Joyce
Beautiful hair, gorgeous
You like that?
You like them both?
You'd like to fuck them?
Be my guest
I would only be a good host
that would invite you to partake in
our bountiful goodies here today
so have at them
Beautiful hair, fuck me with your
golden hair
Fuck her in the ass!
Both of you fuck her in the ass,
and you fuck me with your hair
oh god,
I hope you are satisfied, since the
mayor endorsed me
who wants to come first?
Se = == ege et
I'm gonna come in your hair
I'm gonna come in your hair
your beautiful golden locks
around my cock
Don't stop, nobody stop
You like that Fritz? Huh?
It's alright for a beginning.
Congressman Nicholas stern,
while on the campaign trail
for the United States senate
is announcing his
engagement to be married.
Well, I was up
very late last night
trying to find the proper words
to express to you
all of my excitement
over recent events in my life.
I'm very proud and
pleased to announce
my engagement to
miss nanette Collier.
And so, congressman
Nicholas stern
running hard for the
United States senate
has announced his engagement
to socialite nanette Collier.
Is it love or is it politics?
No, no, we haven't
set a date yet.
But we're both romantics.
Thank you, thank you very much.
I'd say sometime next June.
We got some good stuff.
You like it.
Nick stern is not
what you think he is.
Well, that's politics.
Please listen,
it's a conspiracy.
About what?
The land.
Fritz Von hollenvall is
getting Nick lots of money.
One hand washes the other.
He does bad things to women.
Jodi, Jodi, I'd like
you go back to the Van
and edit the congressman's
speeches please.
I'm the congressman's
advance man
if you have any questions,
I'd like you to ask me.
Well, answer me this.
Why didn't you let
her talk to me?
She works for the
campaign doesn't she?
Yeah, yeah, she
works for the campaign.
But she records the
congressman's speeches.
Her job is not with the press.
Records his speeches?
Yeah, well, we feel that
his speeches in congress
someday will be recorded
significantly in history.
Look, look, look,
here's my card, okay.
You got any questions,
give me a call all right.
Yeah, I'll do that.
Elvira, go to the
office and find out
anything you can about
Thomas h. Corona.
I'll go through the files
on the public officials.
No, no, no, check
the police records.
This guy corona, I don't know.
It just doesn't fit.
Tommy corona, please.
You said that if I
had any questions
that I should give you a call.
How did you get into this Tommy?
To what?
To change society,
to serve the public.
And how did you hook up
with congressman stern?
Started out as the coordinator
of volunteer services.
But that was a paid position.
You're good with girls, then?
Yeah, yeah, I'm good with girls,
but that's part
of my background.
Yeah, right.
Well, I've been doing
a little investigating
into your background.
You did six months for procuring
and before that you did a year
for breaking and
entering apartments.
You spent both terms
at rikers island
where you met congressman
stern while he was
inspecting the penal system.
You started working
for him a year ago
on the work reform
project, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, but listen.
The congressman and
I happen to share
the same views when it comes to.
Procuring Tommy.
You're a pimp.
No, I'm no pimp.
I just happen to be
good at getting people
to work together, that's all.
Through common goal.
Sounds like a pimp to me.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I never thought
of it that way.
This happens to be an
excellent wine.
Yes, it's a German
wine, a mosel,
a sweet German wine.
Yeah, yeah, you know I
think I've had it before.
I've had Fritz bring it in.
Isn't he a generous guy?
Sure is.
He knows how to repay a favor.
Yeah, it's the land isn't it?
Yeah, the alien
land purchase act
or the land purchase
alien act there.
It sounds like legislation.
I didn't know you
were involved in that.
Sure, sure, Nick and I
worked the whole thing out.
Hey, look, that's how we
get our backing, you know.
Sure, yeah, I got that.
You've come a long way
in your career Tommy.
Yeah, well, you
might say that I have
a certain understanding
of the world
and Nick needs that.
Well, as a newswoman,
I have an appreciation
for the few men who can
see the big picture.
Yeah, yeah, well, thanks,
but I've paid a lot of dues.
I believe it.
This is elvira Lawrence.
Please leave your
name and number
and I will get back to
you as soon as possible.
Elvira, this is
Henry, call me at the office
as soon as you get in.
Eat my pussy Tommy.
I don't do that
why not?
I'm Italian
That's it, that's it.
That's it. That's Italian
oh suck on it.
Oh suck on it.
Oh suck on it and just
use your tongue
at the same time, harder, harder
oh suck harder, put your mouth
all over my pussy
Oh, that feels good
Tony you learn fast
Slower, do it slow
Fuck, that feels so good
Oh that feels so fucking good
Nick stern for senator.
Thank you very much.
And when I arrive on 42nd street,
the heart of our glorious city,
my determination will be
to rid us once and for all
of the smut and the
sexual degradation
that offends decent
women everywhere.
Nick stern for senator.
Come visit Nick stern, right.
He's gonna be right around
the corner here, follow me.
Hello, Nick stern for senator.
What do you mean?
This is Nicholas stern
we're talking about.
Nick stern graduated with honors
from the university of
Virginia's law school.
He was decorated for
bravery in the Vietnam war.
When he's not dancing
with some debutantes,
he's visiting nursing homes
and reading to the blind, okay?
Haven't you ever heard of
the alien land purchase act?
No, uh-uh.
Stern sponsored
an amendment to it,
which changes the
registration requirements
for foreign land ownership.
That's interesting,
but it's not TV news.
It also overrides
any state legislation
that might try to limit
foreign ownership of U.S. land.
Now I've done some
digging on it.
Give it to the new
York times, please.
Give it to the times.
That's great, that's great.
Fritz Von hollenvall,
king maker.
He's going to buy a senator.
What you know about
this elvira Lawrence
channel six news?
Nothing to worry about Fritz.
I don't know, every
time my name appears
in the New York times before,
it's always a problem.
I read the article.
It's nothing.
The press people will handle it
if it becomes a problem.
The press people.
Your publicists, your
lobbyists that you pay them
to keep your name in the paper.
I pay mine to keep them out.
Fritz, you got
nothing to worry about.
Uh, Nick, Nick,
the woman's here.
- Yeah.
- What woman?
The woman from females
against obscenity.
The lobbyist.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah,
Priscilla Hasselhoff.
Oh, god, Fritz, now you
got something to worry about.
How's that draft coming on,
legislation against obscenity?
Yeah, legislation
against obscenity.
Yeah, yeah, the stern
act, right, the stern act.
Right, the stern act.
You promised to sponsor
a top national law,
one that would break the balls
of every sleazy
man that degrades
and dominates women.
Right on Priscilla.
Men try to control women
because they think
what they know
that women are the superior sex,
but men should be punished
by the women they
try to dominate.
Oh, god.
Women of world should
strap on their dildoes
and bugger their assholes till
they cry with mercy.
And tie cinder
blocks to their balls
and drain their juices dry.
Priscilla, you're magnificent.
This is the true secret power.
This is what motivates
men's dreams and ambitions.
What do you
think of Nicholas stern?
Nick, yeah, he's it, he's it.
He's what?
He's got class,
you know, he's got class.
Unbutton my blouse.
Take my skirt off.
Take her skirt off
yes, I'll take your skirt off
you sure you don't do anal?
Got a live one
you come into this office and give
orders huh?
Kiss his fucking mouth,
come on, come on!
Stroke his cock
What do you think of Nicolas stern?
Oh he's it.
From the real estate king,
Fritz Von hollenval
Von hollenval made society headlines
by his third marriage
to Texas oil heiress
Do what he says
and has raised federal monies
for urban renewal
Ask not what Nick
stern has done for you,
but rather ask what you can
do to elect Nicholas stern.
He's going to win.
You're late.
Darling, why are you late?
Come and sit down.
What darling?
The cunt.
Who Fritz?
Elvira Lawrence,
channel six news.
She's finding things out.
She's speaking to people.
Finding what out?
Things like why I would like to
contribute so much money
to one asshole politician.
I've been waiting
up for you Fritz.
Go in the back.
What Fritz?
I said dear I am
absolutely delighted
that you are waiting up for me.
Good night.
Rub your cunt! Rub your cunt!
Oh fritzy, you are so romantic
So beautiful
my beautiful love, in deutsche
Suck my cock!
Suck, suck
How am I doin?
Suck me, just suck me!
Suck my cock and rub your pussy,
Make us both come together
I feel silly
Please Fritz!
Politics, make such strange
Nick wants you to
start editing the tapes
to his speeches, okay.
We're gonna send
them to Washington
and he's gonna start an
historical archive there.
He wants what?
Listen, some of
the greatest speeches
in modern time are
recorded on that box.
And I say to
you my fellow Americans,
now is the time to
renew our commitments.
We're turn America's porno zones
into proud meaningful
With your help, we can do it.
Thank you very much.
It's hotter than hell out there.
Come on honey, I'm ready.
What do you want?
I need a release.
Would you like me to blow you?
You come in my mouth?
Yeah, that'd be
nice, just be careful.
Don't get my suit all dirty.
Would you like me to blow you?
You come in my mouth?
Yeah, that'd be nice.
Just be careful, don't
get my suit all dirty.
Okay, come on.
Make it hard for me, okay, good.
I'll take you back
to the office.
I'm gonna fuck you
in the ass Jodi.
I'm a little bit scared
to try it Nick, will it hurt?
It's absolute proof.
There's no way that he can deny
that that's his voice.
Are you sure?
This will nail him at least.
I had to do it.
Yeah, yeah, well you're stupid.
Because you ruined
the best thing
that's ever happened
to me to be somebody.
Where's the tape?
1 gave it to the TV lady.
Which one?
Elvira Lawrence.
I want you to give
me just one reason
why you fucked it up so good
for everybody,
including yourself?
I don't care Tommy.
He's a bad man and so
is that Fritz character.
He's hurting you, too.
What I don't understand
is how you can see
all of the facts right
in front of your face
and you still don't seem to get.
Look, what I'm
telling you is I want
the tapes, all right.
I'm gonna get them
from your boss
or even your boss' boss,
but I want the tapes.
You're not.
They're not at the studio.
I've got them.
If you had seen
what he did to her
in the stern mobile,
you would see that
he has to be stopped.
No, you have no
right to interfere
with Nick's personal life.
I do when he's campaigning
for women's votes
while he fucks them up the ass.
Haven't you ever heard
of consenting adults?
That's not the issue.
And neither is his
personal sex life.
It's his rampant
hypocrisy that is.
He's a liar and a phony.
Surely you can see that.
No, no, no, see
Nick stern happens
to be the best thing
that's happened to me.
No, Tommy, he's not.
And if you think he
is, then well, I feel
really sorry for you, you know.
This is elvira Lawrence.
Please leave your name
and number and I will
get back to you as
soon as possible.
Here we go.
Yes, we managed to get
congressman Nicholas stern
in, shall we say, a
compromising position.
You mean you've got
something else on him,
like that alien
land purchase act?
That obscure piece
of legislation?
It made page three
of the New York times.
Doesn't make one hoot in hell.
He's still ahead in the polls.
One of Nicholas
stern's campaign workers
contacted me to tell
me all about his.
That, um, that information's
yet forthcoming.
Hey, I don't know why
you're out to get this guy.
What he does in his private
life may be immoral,
but it's not illegal.
That's a question.
It's a fact.
Hey, I'm gonna take a shower.
Take one with me, come on.
Hey, honey, elvira, I have
a 10:40 train to catch,
baby, come on, please.
Right, right.
You shy all of a sudden.
Leave your panties on.
You wearing anything?
Are you protected?
No, I am not protected from
Ah, shit.
I'll be better next time elvira.
I'm sorry I have to
rush out like this.
You better get out of
those wet things, you know.
Wipe the cum off
your ass, you know.
Ah, shit.
Baby, look, I'll see
you tomorrow, okay.
You okay?
Everything's all right.
I'll see you tomorrow
hun, all right.
Thank you.
Get me hard,
but don't make me come.
Don't make me come.
I got something else in mind.
I'm gonna take you
back to the office.
Anything Nick, anything.
You name it.
I'm gonna take
you back to the office
and I'm gonna fuck you
in the ass Jodi
if it'll help you.
Will it hurt?
Well, that's up to you honey.
Yeah, well you see
babe, the problem is
I'm afraid you're gonna
meet the same people
on they way down as you
do on the way up, mm-hm.
So what I'd like
from you is a little
better support on
my legislation now.
Yeah, I know you're gonna
jump on my bandwagon
after I'm elected,
but I need you now,
I really do, you understand.
I knew you would, good.
I want you to say hello
to that lovely wife
of yours for me, okay,
bye-bye, take care.
Ah, what a jerk.
Honey, I'm gonna have
to go, I'm sorry.
You're doing a good job.
Keep it up, you hear.
Tommy I need you!
Son of a bitch.
Oh, he's gonna win.
Traffic around 59th street
is congested today,
bumper to bumper.
Police officials say that areas
around carnegie hall are blocked
with Nicholas stern
supporters and campaigners
who are already
gathering in preparation
for the candidate's arrival.
Back to you Jim.
Nicholas stern's campaign
for the senate stops
new yorkers to listen.
Elvira Lawrence was
there for the story.
And so Nick stern,
well ahead of his
opponents at the polls
continues in his campaign
so heavily financed.
Don't stop Mary Beth.
When I come we stop ok?
Feels really good
No, Nicky, I can't, it's wrong.
Come on.
Just finish me off.
If it's no big thing, come on.
Mary Beth, I really love you.
I really do, you know.
I wanna be married
well, I'm gonna
finish law school
and I really love you,
you know that I do.
You're sweet, but you're
just wasting my time
you know when you're
talking like that.
What do you mean?
Nicky, you know I'm from Dallas
and my family is the
epitome of Dallas society.
I can only marry a
man who's registered.
What's registered?
Society registered.
I have to think of my family.
I thought that you loved me.
I thought you loved me.
Nicky stern, if I loved you,
I would have gone all the way.
As it is, I didn't
even finish the thing.
Which proves my doubts,
which means I don't love you.
My parents would be
proud of me right now.
It's droopy, isn't it.
Oh, sugar, don't be cross.
Mary Beth.
You're a first class
bitch Mary Beth.
By Fritz Von hollenvall
and his wife's fortune.
Channel six news will
continue coverage
of the congressman
as his campaign Van
approaches carnegie hall.
This is elvira Lawrence.
Tommy, this is the
big one, carnegie hall.
But I want you to take the
stern mobile around the block.
When you get back here,
I expect that the
streets will be jammed,
but if they're not, go
around the block again.
How do I look?
You look good Nick,
you look real good.
Good, good.
I'm counting on you Tommy.
You're doing a good job.
Hello Nicky.
Mary Beth, what
are you doing here?
I figured this is
the one place you'd be
and Fritz wouldn't.
We gotta go up to carnegie hall.
For that big debate you know.
Yes, I know all about it.
You look wonderful on TV.
Thank you.
You look good, too.
You always look good.
Do you know that you
are the one thing
in my life that
I've always wanted?
And you always
treated me like shit.
Let's forget about
the past, okay,
and concentrate on the present.
Like where my campaign
funds are going to.
So my husband is
like playing around
with little bimbos of yours.
Are you happy with Fritz?
What a strange question.
I'm content.
You should have married me.
What for?
Suck you off.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Raise your skirt.
Higher, I want to see your cunt.
Do you want me to make it
wet for you too?
Come over here.
Come here.
Suck my cock.
Oh yeah, suck me.
Suck my fucking cock.
I've waited so fucking
long for this
you want me to suck you? - Yes
suck my fucking cock.
You've learned something in
fifteen years
in a few minutes,
congressman stern
will be arriving to attend
the election press conference
and there certainly seems to be
a landslide victory
awaiting the congressman
at the poll.
It's your own congressman
Nick stern
Hey don't just stand over there,
come over and meet your congressman
right over here, the next
U.S. senator, Nick stern
Now, I am finally gonna fuck you
I'm fucking your hot pussy
how am I doing?
How am I doing you bitch?
Oh Nick, oh Nick, fuck me!
Say please fuck me, please fuck
me congressman stern
please fuck
me congressman stern!
Make that senator stern
you bitch
oh yes, please fuck me senator
Spread your cheeks
spread your cheeks wide
I'm gonna come on your ass
oh yes senator stern
I'm gonna come all over your ass
right in your asshole
you fucking cunt
I've waited so long for this