Public Relations (2010) Movie Script

Sara. Its Genevieve.
It's 6 in the morning here.
I know. But you never believe
what Candice did last night.
Page 6 is already all over this shit.
Hey you reached Sara's. This is
Mark Rosenbloom. Leave a message.
Hey Sara, this is Genevieve. The
screening is tonight. We need Mark's...
Hey sorry I missed your call, I had to run over
to their house to get Mark's wife a cappuccino.
Hi Sara's answering machine. Why
are you helping his wife so much?
I'm taking off early.
Don't call my cell in the evening.
Hey stranger, happy birthday!
I'd invite you on, but then I
would actually have to meet you.
Thanks for calling Rosenbloom productions.
Hey we sent you the prints tomorrow.
We need the approval from Mark.
I'll have him see me for the press releases
as soon as he gets out of his bed at here.
No way.
Yeah. Total mess.
Morning Sara.
Hey kevin.
You look nice
Thanks. Again. For last night.
The other night.
- When can I take you out again?
- Uhm. Ahem.
I'm really busy these days.
Got a lot on my plate.
Sure. Well eh ... here's Mark's stuff.
What am I doing?
Gen? Are you there?
What do you do?
Very pretty eyes.
- Thank you.
- Mm-mm.
Where the fuck is my assistant.
New York is vicious.
It is cool.
And more importantly, it is over.
Going out to LA.
Find my roots.
Feed my soul.
Be with my family.
Candice, your sister in law is on line 2.
Tell her to fu...
Well I think it's wonderful.
She's such a strong woman.
- It'll be a great influence on Jessie.
- Yeah. Sure.
Hey Mom...
can I borrow some pantyhose?
Of course.
Wait? What?
It's for the audition.
Mom, the enrolling date for
Cumont was due three weeks ago.
They take me outta class today.
Jessie, sweetheart. You don't need a tutor.
Youre just 16 and you have an A for calculus.
Thanks mom.
Doesn't anyone in this family care
if I go to an Ivy League university?
What the fuck is Cumont?
Mark could I ...
talk to you about your 9AM meeting.
Were heading out to a charity event.
Something to raise money to buy
hybrids for refugees in Darfur.
Darpoor is more like it. Hah.
The grocery list is on the fridge. Mark.
And don't forget to reschedule my therapy appointment
to friday afternoon, because I've got a massage.
And that's on Sunday?
But today is only Thursday.
Where's the telecar?
Your driver is loading your luggage right now.
She has to leave tonight.
There's nothing else?
- Only...
- Oh Jesus Christ, Genev.
I'll show you how it's done.
You're moving to LA with me.
But I haven't packed anything.
Thats fine I hate your whole wardrobe.
We can buy you something new when youre there.
But I was supposed to meet
up with a girlfriend tonight.
Ooh. Which girlfriend?
- Ooh.. Real tall. Nice legs.
- The booby one?
Genevieve I try to look out for you.
That girl was just a Petrie dish.
And she punched our receptionist. And
that's just paperwork I don't want to file.
Genevieve. Youre a pussy magnet. Okay.
Send her a text and be done with it.
We gonna go to LA...
and you will get more ass than a toilet seat.
Come on let's go.
Now all I need is a cat.
- I'm moving to LA with Candice.
- What?
I'll explain when in LA,
we only have a minute now.
Where are you.
Eh... At the bookshop.
At the airport.
Ok. So I have talked to you on the phone every
day for 2 years. And I finally get to meet you?
This is colossal.
Yeah. And I am colossally
unprepared for this trip.
+ Jiddish text +
It's a Jewish thing. Kevin taught me.
Save travels, okay.
Okay. Bye.
Kids. Seriously. I have an appointment with
my guru on the other side of the hill at 9.
Let's go.
Ronald, I have ecology club before
class, you're gonna make me late.
Dont rush me, it'll blight my digestion.
Aunt Candy!
Leave your aunt Candice alone.
I'm sure she's exhausted from traveling.
We are so thrilled to see you. Really.
But we are running absurdly late. Make
yourself at home. The guesthouse is all yours.
That's my room.
Jessie don't be selfish.
- Where am I gonna ...
- We are running late.
Mark's assistant will get you settled.
Oh. Don't worry. He he.
Whose that?
I brought my own.
So you broke it off with that
nice guy from your office?
Mm mm. He was very sweet.
But I felt sort of lukewarm about it.
I don't know.
Well he's really hot.
How do you know what he looks like?
We're friends now. I poked him.
Mom! You're on Facebook?
Take this all down. It creeps me out.
Hey. Tomorrow is her birthday.
So do you want me to pick something up?
I hear cupcakes are all their age here.
It will pale in comparison to Magnolia Bakery.
Well, I can have an intern overnight then?
Just drive around until you find something.
and after that you're free until tomorrow.
But tomorrow is Saturday.
I own you until I fire you!
Yeah. I just gave you
the night off, so get yourself laid.
Oh, before shift it, drop me by Mark's.
He's gonna help me find
some potential clients out here.
People in LA are so fucked up.
It's great for our business.
I thought we were taking some
time off to find yourself.
Do I look like a hippie?
I survived the time-jump. I'm
alive and well in Los Angeles.
Congratulations. It means there's
actually one person in the city I like now.
Oh Stop it. I know you have a
thing for that mail-room kid, Kevin.
Oh No!
Not Kevin.
God ... no.
Oh, I'm obsessed with the right kind of cupcake.
you're even cuter in
person than over the phone.
Eh.. so youre going to
show me the town, or what?
Uhm... actually I'm free
tonight, if youre not busy?
Oh yeah?
Hi, youve reached Genevieve.
Leave a message.
Hey Gen. It's Sara.
I know I'm supposed to
take you around town...
but it occurred to me that
I never actually go out.
So. I wouldnt even know where to start.
Do you have anything?
How about the time I had to take their cat
to the vet and it scratched my cornea.
I wore an eye-patch for two weeks!
Why dont you just quit?
Why dont you quit?
Youre as miserable as I am.
Yeah. Well Candice is the only
stable woman I ever had in my life.
And she keeps me on my toes.
So, I guess I like that.
Wow, there's a lot of girls here.
Yeah, that is kind of the point, isnt it?
Eh... this is the gay bar...
I'm such an idiot, wow.
How did we wind up here?
You ...
Are you ...?
Look I name not but central Sara, but yeah...
I'm sorry, I made an assumption.
Hey, now you know.
I guess I made an assumption too.
I just thought you were into this sort of thing.
Do you want to ...
with me?
Alright. Yeah. Yeah.
I need a shot though.
Like ... right now.
We'll just take the whole bottle then.
I dumped her with a message.
Four actually. Four messages.
It's harsh.
Eh h.. She was straight anyway.
They always are.
You tell me.
Do you want to get out of here?
Genevieve ...
you sound drunk.
Yeah listen. Write this
down so you dont forget.
Tomorrow morning we're checking
into the Peninsula Hotel.
Thats right.
Good night to you.
My head ... hurts.
Did we?
Oh my God.
It's Jessie's birthday. I have
to tie the bow on the car.
yeah I'm on my way.
I got the bow, I'll be there any second.
Wake up my sweet girl.
It's your birthday.
Your present's waiting for you...
in the driveway.
I'm getting to old for this shit.
- It was supposed to be the hybrid one.
- What?
Do you know what kind of gasses
this car puts into the air?
I just heard Lexus.
Didn't want a normal one.
- We'll get you one.
- Whaaah.
Happy birthday Jessie.
I might as well be drinking
carbon-monoxide out of a juice-bottle.
Thought she wanted the hybrid.
Sara got her the wrong Lexus.
Care of miss Rosenbloom?
Oh, I hope you dont mind. I had
to have some stuff shipped out.
Looks like work is picking up in this town.
Where do you want to put these?
Just go around the back to the
guesthouse, be careful with my shit.
Okay, and my assistant will, ehh ...
Where's Genevieve?
Where's Sara?
She needs to clean up this mess.
Not that I remember it, but...
last night was the most fun that
I have had since I moved to LA.
Me too.
And, ...
we did.
Oh shit, I'm gonna get fired. Oh no.
Come on.