Pudhu Pettai (2006) Movie Script

Is anyone here?
It's very quiet
It's too quiet
I can't bear it
Who is in the next street?
Can you hear me?
My name is Kumar
'Kokki' Kumar
What does 'kokki' mean?
Who knows?
Kokki Kumar was happy
studying in a Govt school
- See you, ma
- Take care, son
Hey, Kumar
Why are you hitting me?
You are dancing here
without going to school
Why are you hitting
such a big boy?
Just like his father
Don't hit me like this
Then I'll run away somewhere
Go, get lost!
I'll go to the school
You go home
If you don't go to school,
don't come back home
- Listen to your mother
- Mind your own business
Kanaka, have you attained puberty?
"Jobless jerk"
"'Kokki' Kumar"
"Educated dumass
Don't come near us"
"This is our area; don't come in"
"This is our locality; don't enter"
"This is our terrain; don't step in"
"Don't come in; this is our center"
"Pudhupettai, Kasimedu, Ennore, Vyasarpadi"
"Our area"
"Anna Nagar, K.K Nagar
T. Nagar, Boat Club"
"Your area"
"Educated jackass
Don't come near us"
"This is our area; don't come in"
"This is our locality; don't enter"
"This is our terrain; don't step in"
"Don't come in; this is our center"
"Skin so fair; accessories black"
"You're a big wig
on the left cheek you hit"
"Educated girls will see only you duly"
"Girls in our area will hit on only me"
"Post box trousers
Boys like to wear"
"Ladies cat-fight gory
poking ribs at the water lorry"
"Daily tanked the oldies go
to heaven or hell I don't know"
"Boys wear 'dhoti'
with temerity"
"We extract salt from the sea
under torrid heat daily"
"Pinch of salt you insist
to curd rice you eat"
"We live next to
a cemetery, dude"
"You clamp your noses
when a corpse passes"
"In an air conditioned loo
how can you crap, dude?"
"At the railway track we huddle
to crap without any hassle"
"Scent of fish gravy
makes us hungry"
"Even in jasmine's scent
the smell of fish present"
"A man dies one day"
"He comes again in another way"
"As one dies, another is born
Each day is a woeful dawn"
"This is our hub; don't enter"
"Don't come in; this is our center"
"We run to the sea for our livelihood"
"You rush to the sea for mere food"
"By amassing money
why be Uncle Scrooge, tell me?"
"What do you gain in this world
by the ill-gotten wealth you hoard?"
"This is our area; don't come in"
"This is our locality; don't enter"
"This is our terrain; don't step in"
"Don't come in; this is our center"
Don't be scared
- Jump
- Dad, don't
Kick your heels
Yes, I am having an affair
What will you do?
Wretched man!
Will you prosper?
You lay a finger on me
I'll slice you into two
Ma, I'm going for a movie
Take care
Will there be a lot
of fight scenes?
What, pa?
Has mother slept?
Why did you call me so late?
I slept early
Oh my god!
You killed her
I thought this would
happen one day
I didn't do it intentionally
She came after me
with a rolling pin
What to do?
Your wife is rough too
What, Selvam?
Your son is crying
Bring him along with you
Shekar, why is he crying non-stop?
Not a good sign
He was mother's pet
Tomorrow he will promptly
tell everyone you killed his mother
As it is there are enough people
waiting to see us go down the drain
- What do you want me to do?
- I'm not giving you ideas
But you think properly
You already have
another family in Korattur
Now do you get it?
This is only for
your own welfare
Don't leave the boy out
- What do you want, Kumar?
- Water
Hey Kumar...wait
'Please help'
Please help
Throat operation
My throat needs
to be operated
3 'dosai'
'Throat operation'
'Throat operation'
'Non vegetarian food 15 rupees only'
John, I want chicken for dinner
Anna, can you
give me some food?
I'll pay you tomorrow morning
Serve me an omelet
Throat operation
Give me some money
Do you who I am?
If Anbu comes to
know about this-
Don't make a fuss
- Don't make me hit you
- Try touching me
Brother, call Anbu
Hey, come
If my shirt tears-
Come out
I'll teach you a lesson
Take your hand off me
This chap also
Take them in
Take your hands off me
I'll come
Hey, go man
Sir, I didn't do anything
Your face gives it away
Sir, I'm just a beggar here
I don't know them at all
I'll fall at your feet
This is the limit
I don't want to hit you
Get in
Get in
Who is he?
Throat operation fellow
He is a beggar
Sir, don't hit me
I didn't do anything
I was only begging, sir
He is too tall
Send him back
Not you
Try to look sad
'20 drug peddlers arrested
Police on a rampage'
My hands were tied, Anbu
DIG gave strict orders
to beat them up
But I made sure
they were fed well
Yes, bro, he bought us
'biryani' thrice
Shut up, hog of a mongrel!
Shanmugam, are only my boys selling?
What about Murthy's boys?
Get your palms alone
greased well from both of us
Anbu, a retired judge in
that area complained
Murthy thinks no end of himself
because he is favored by the Govt
Tell him it will be
our turn one day
Murthy is a royal pain
in our areas, boss
Who is this chap?
Bro, when the police arrested us
he was also brought in by mistake
The Inspector beat him up
black and blue
Big joke!
You could have told him
Do they even listen to us?
Only their 'lathi' speaks
But all 3 meals
they fed us 'biryani'
Useless fellow
Who are you, boy?
'Throat operation' fellow
He is a beggar
Stop ridiculing him
Clear out
Don't come here
Please give me a job
I feel ashamed to beg
Haven't had a decent meal
for the past 2 days
I'll do any kind of work
- Are you educated?
- 12th grade
What do you say, Mani?
His story is true
He is a beggar, I know
Okay, let me think about it
Apply ointment here
Inspector's wife will
come to our market-
Who the hell is that?
What is all this?
Bless me, brother
If we come into power, I vow
we will uproot all these atrocities-
"Girl who brings the water
It tastes more like liquor!"
"The water-bearer lassie"
"Will you come away with me?"
"Shall we go away separately?"
"Lay it thick!"
"Take her quick"
Go easy
First you had a fix
Now booze
Wonder what will happen?
He will just get the runs
He seems to have collapsed
Weak body
I feel like laughing at him
I feel like laughing at him
But I'm crying inside
I feel like crying out loud
Mani anna, would you mind if I cried?
Promise me you won't laugh
He is in high spirits
Who know what his problems are?
Turn on the taps
But why do you want to want to cry?
My mother died
My father cut my mother's throat
Such a small throat
Half of it was missing
She was lying down
like this and staring at me
I just couldn't see her lifeless
Blood every where
It was my fault
If I had not gone to watch a film
I would have saved my mother
Mani anna
give me a sickle
Like my father used
I'll kill him with 1 blow
He is laughing at me
I know why you are laughing at me
Taking a dig at me, wondering
how on earth he will kill?
Anna, ask him
not to laugh at me
I feel awful
Just shut up, will you?
Don't spoil for a fight
Sit down
Listen to me
He is too tanked to know
what he is saying!
Kumar, you love your mother?
Who won't?
Even cats and dogs do
My mother will beat me
black and blue
But I won't feel the pain
When I open my eyes
wondering why...
...she will be hitting
the floor and bench
Not a single blow on me
But still I'll act
as if I am hurt
By mistake if I do get hit
her eyes will start watering
My precious son,
will I ever beat you up?
You should go to
school everyday
Study properly and become
a bank official or a Govt officer
She will falling at my feet
literally pleading, Mani
I'll get goose bumps
You want me to go
to school, that's all, right?
I'll take my bag and leave
If only my mother was alive,
I won't be begging
Not land up here
I might have even become a doctor
Why are you provoking him?
As if he is the only one
with a mother!
Were we born with drugs
smeared head to toe?
Even I had a mother
I asked her 1 question
When my father has gone out
why do you make out with the tailor?
She poured hot water
straight from the stove all over me
I was totally scalded
I was in the hospital for 2 months
Today she is coming
and asking me for money
I said, 'Get lost, you itch
with a B in front!'
Everyone here
has a story, Kumar
Ask Jeeva his story
It is truly funny
Is my life a joke to you?
Your story is interesting
Go ahead, share it
Let Kumar hear it
Why do you hassle me like this?
My father was a lorry driver
He went somewhere, got AIDS
gave it to my mother and conked off
'She suffered a lot'
'My sister and I took care of her
by doing some menial jobs'
'One day, she committed suicide
by self immolation'
'Praise be to Lord Ganesha'
Thank you
Don't you want me to do
anything for you this time too?
If you are scared
let me know
- I can
- No
You work your butt out every month
Why do you give it to me?
Can I leave?
Do you have some other
job to attend to?
Did you enquire properly?
Why are you tense, bro?
They are all busy
with their own stuff
No one is around now
This is confirmed news
Why does our boss conduct
meetings in only Murthy bro's area?
Sticking these posters
is a painful job
We should show our power
only in their area
When they see our poster
in morning, they will die
Is that Murthy?
Yes, bro
I asked if you had
enquired properly
What can I do?
His program must have changed
'Murthy M.L.A., Ruling party'
Only 5 of them
We can always
finish them off
If Murthy is somewhere
in this area...
...there are at least
100 thugs around him
He can kill 10 men
single-handed for sure
And if he's watching us
paste posters in his area now-
Hey! Stop it
What to do now?
Start the car
Run over anyone
who blocks our way
Boys, run as fast as you can
Hold on
Run to the left
Grab them
Look at this useless henchman
Drive slowly
Turn and wait
Don't stop
They are sticking
posters in our area, bro
Some of them escaped in their car
Our boys have gone
in search of the rest
We got hold of
only this chap
Who is that?
Looks like a pencil
He is one of the underdogs
We didn't get any of the biggies
Kill and throw his body in the market
Let them know the repercussions
of sticking posters in our area
Did you take your medicine?
Coughing all the time
And your dream is
to become a hero!
For the sin of being your brother
I'm forced to produce a film for you!
Wait and watch
what a roaring success I'll be
Remove your damn coolers and go
Oh yes! And you'll dye your hair
They are playing
a cat and mouse game
They will take their own
sweet time to kill him
As if their memory is short
to what we did to their goon
Delhi, Anbu here
We came here to stick
posters in Murthy's area
We are in a soup
Can you send some boys here?
More than 100 goons here
Shall I let go?
That seems right too
Let's go
Come on
Bro, Kumar
That's all
It's his fate
Let us at least see
what they do to him, bro
You think we should?
That seems right too
As if we won't get hold
of his boys someday
- Enough, huh?
- No, bro
Don't you remember the way
they murdered our Krishna?
Don't keep comparing
I'm panting
Finish him off
Hit him elsewhere
Why are you dilly dallying?
Isn't it getting late?
Bro, almost over
Let go of him
He is on his feet
Not bad, bro
He is still able to move
Move aside
It's getting late
Bro will lose his patience
Come on, I say
Hit me
Hit me if you consider yourself a man
You want to hit me?
Go on
Bash me up
How long can you hit?
I don't feel the pain
Not even an ounce of pain
Hit me, you sissies
I am burning inside
I'll kill all of you
I can't believe this
I swear, Delhi
I saw him
Just a punch
Like this
The sound still rings
in my ears
His ribs are broken it seems
Only him
Like a lion
100 men around him
Murthy was also there
You know Murthy's track record
We are the talk of the town
They are searching
for us with a frenzy
The thug who died
is quite topnotch
It will take a while for
things to cool down
He is safe
only at your place
Why don't you sit
at the table and eat?
He's still in a frenzy
Your friends are here to visit you
Let's go, sister
You carry on
I'll be with you
No, forget it
Not in the mood
Don't interrupt
when he is talking
If you keep talking-
What is the final conclusion?
You know all of us
inside out, bro
If you bring in novices
who have killed only once...
...it will be a major hassle
We have a respect to maintain
Send him on an assignment
We will see how he performs
Don't be scared of this test
We should know your ability
Never lock your bike
on the side
You can't getaway
in an emergency
Come, we need to walk
a little distance from here
You isn't a big job
Just chop a man's hand
Right hand
Note it down
Okay anna
That's the house
He will come to
this house at 10:00 p.m
And leave by 1:00 a.m
She is his mistress
Look, that's his car
He has to walk this
distance to get into his car
That's why we are
standing here
Look if he is inside
If you look for so long...
You should peep a little bit
and then pull away
All you'll get is 1 second
Note down everything
within that span
Is that clear?
Now look
What did you see?
There is no one there
What else did you see?
Why do you stress me out?
There is man walking on the street
A female is looking out
from her balcony
2-3 kids are playing
hide and seek
2 dogs are roaming around
3 houses have their doors open
Take a look
I was right?
Eye should capture
everything like a camera
Not miss a single detail
Here, take this
Your weapon
Keep it safe at home
invoking God's blessings!
Hold it
Your hands are shivering
Hold it steady
Keep it like this
It shouldn't be seen
And easy to handle
Take it out
Shove it in
Do it once more
Shove it in
Not bad
Only 5 minutes left
He will be here any time
Be alert
Keep your hands
on your hip
Are you scared?
Don't lie
Aren't you scared?
Even I'm scared
It isn't wrong
Fear will protect you
Only when we fear our life
we can take another life
He is coming
Don't even breathe
Keep your hand
on the knife
Go, man
Go, I say
You would have
got me killed too
I am stuck with you
Get up
It's okay
This is how it will be
the first time
Don't get tense
I've chopped half
You chop the rest
Only then you will understand
Let's go
Don't worry
I'll certify you well
"To one side of the mouth, fire flickers"
"In both eyes however, a knife glitters"
"The stride of a man is a give-away
The whole town will at once give way"
"What is this, oh God?
I have no clue, my lord!"
"Uprooted trees surround
Jungle razed to the ground"
"Spying neighbor
Road-side informer"
"At the market stares daggers
Dying to kill me, follows orders"
Whatever happens
never express your fear
"He follows me like a puppy
Like Lord Yama, he tails me"
"Many faces, different sides
When our eyes meet, he hides"
This is your problem, Kumar
You killed Murthy's brother
So they are after you
If we come in between
then it will become a gang war
"Will he make the 1st move?
Or will I attack to prove?"
"If tomorrow night, dude"
"...he comes, I'll tell you"
"Clouds burst and break into rain indeed
A ball when kicked quickens its speed"
"What is this, oh God-"
Hey, no
Stay like that
He's twirling his weapon so fast!
Chop his head
Chop his head
Aim for his head
Come on I say
Saroja, is Krishnaveni there?
She has gone with
a customer to Mahabalipuram
She will be back tomorrow
Is it urgent?
Can I send someone else?
No need
I'll give you her number
Want to talk to her?
Call for you
Why are you giving
this number?
Wherever we go
we should give the number
Bloody fool!
Did he beat you?
Did he hit you?
What's the matter?
I want to see you
I'll come tomorrow morning
Okay, see you
I'll call you later
Don't imagine the worst
and get tense
I'll see you tomorrow
Bro, for my sake
That brothel survives
thanks to her
Krishnaveni is the main attraction
How can she be spared?
Poor thing, bro
She is not interested
As if we do our job
with great interest
It's our profession
Kumar, you are unaware of
behind the scene activities
We have rules to follow
I won't ask whom
you intend killing
They same way don't
ask me to spare this girl
You shouldn't even be
asking me in the first place
I was the one who
took you there
Don't talk without knowing
the history behind it
Why this deviation?
You are doing
well for yourself
Everyone is raving about you
Why trespass into unwanted space?
If you want take her out for 2 days
Be happy
Instead you are trying
to reform people!
No, bro
Poor girl
Leave her
Are you threatening me?
You are not talking
Your desire for her is talking
Because you enjoyed
what she offered you
You are blinded
What did she say?
Did she say you are a big shot
and we will be frightened of you?
Your are a toddler!
How much I would have seen?
Just because I know you
I'm trying to be patient
I've been there
Felt all this
- Bro?
- Then what?
Does he really know me?
From tomorrow
she won't come to work
Put it back
You don't need that
to kill him
Take him away
Thinks he is royalty
to order us around
Do a good job
of polishing it
Not the same place
Why are you glaring at me?
I'm telling you and
you are still glaring at me
Bro, listen to me
Don't get tense
He is a novice
Let him go
Go and don't act stupid
If our boss hears about this
it will become an issue
Let's go, anna
What the hell?
Are you sending
a messenger?
Looks like both brother and sister
have forgotten your past
I'll chop you
You don't need me anymore?
Are you fed up with it?
That bloody mongrel
is defending you to me
You lured him, huh?
Is he the knight
in shining armor?
You should be like this
for a week now
Saroja, lock her up and
starve her till I tell you
Did she ask you
to defend her?
She was leading her own life
He will kill her
He has ordered
his goons to kill you too
They are looking for you
Go hide somewhere for a week
We will try and plead
for your life
If you stay here
he will kill you
Clear out
You should know your place
Not think you are
Lord of all you survey!
Can't get into the bad
books of Anbu, Kumar
The message will reach our boss
Find some other place to stay
How is the gravy?
Your mother prepared it
I searched for you everywhere
You ran away that day
though I kept calling you
My boys came and told me
You had joined Delhi's gang
and become quite notorious
I just couldn't believe it
I was so happy
I threw a party for the boys
and tipped them 1000 bucks each
Why do you feel shy?
He is your brother
Come and serve
Look at her feeling shy
Don't worry, Kumar
You can stay here for
as long as you want
We aren't as big as you
Still no one can sneak into
our area without my knowledge
How much do they pay you?
Tell me only if you want to
Around 30 to 40000
God exists, Kumar
You were worried
we were suffering
My son has come back to save us
For the past 6months,
no proper income
I'm living on
borrowed money
I'm not even sending them to school
I didn't have an option
but to picked pocket yesterday
I was totally disgraced, Kumar
Keep it in, Kumar
Why are you suddenly
taking out your money?
Now we are all one family
Just felt like sharing it
with my son, I did so
Do something
'A few days later'
Behave properly, Kumar
I've told Anbu bro everything
He is in a good mood today
Don't get me wrong
How could you rub
our boss the wrong way?
Don't be scared
We are here with you
The girl looked up to me
like I was her hero
In that temerity
I lost my cool
Forgive this dog, bro
Ask your thugs not to kill me
You are everything to me, bro
Bro, don't, please
Ask these boys
I'll praise you sky high
daily to them
He is such a fast learner
He will reach greater heights
within 5 to 6 years
How dare you talk
to me like that?
What did you lack?
I looked after you
like my son, didn't I?
Why fall at me feet
after being so audacious?
Decision once made
can't be changed
Get up
Don't kill me
You scoundrel!
Think yourself to be a rowdy?
How much did they pay you?
Who sent you?
Did you come here to kill Anbu?
You non-sense
Sir, don't
Don't get tense
Anbu is dead
Can't you see?
Who will look
after that locality?
At the beginning of every month
he will give me 10 million bucks
He will place it at my feet
and get my blessing
He worked like
a dog for 30 years
Why did you bring him here?
Why didn't you dissect him
and throw him into the Cooum?
Son of a mongrel
I spoke to him
2 nights ago
Told him the elections are nearing
He asked me not to worry and
promised to arrange for 50 million
Such an unfair untimely death
What to do with him?
Erect a statue in the beach
Get lost!
He has set a bad example
Others will follow
Will it turn out well?
Hey Delhi
If we spare him,
will he be of any use to us?
If you spare my life,
then I'll let you go
Are you acting over-smart?
Can't you see our men around?
If you create a scene
I'll show you my prowess
Then what is the use
of your boys chasing me?
Did you have this knife hidden
and let me beat you?
What if you had
killed me in anger?
I was almost tempted
But you might be of
some use in the future
Hey, what's your age now?
Hey Ram
Times have changed
They are growing up so fast
What do you know about Anbu?
He was in politics
for the past 30 years
Do you know there is
a big gang behind him?
Do you think they will leave you?
Can you survive 1 night?
If you are alive till dawn
you are brave indeed
Anbu's area will be
under your control
- Take it, go
- Boss?
Hey, I know Anbu's men
better than any of you
Hey Ramu
E.M.M follower Kumar is dead
Give this as news to be printed
Your parents will take
the room downstairs
Our room is upstairs
Mani and Jeeva will stay
in the next room
For security
I need some money
There is no provision
in the house
Can we postpone this for tonight?
Not angry with me?
1 minute
Here, I can only give this
That too not for you
For the sake of my leader
Don't know what is happening
A greenhorn is seated with
crossed legs and dictating terms
You are silently watching
He will tell us it seems
How much we should
supply in each area
And we should obey I believe
I can't be treated like crap
What will he do
if I don't give?
What will you do?
I'm asking you directly
Will you finish me off?
You're going overboard
Oh my God!
Don't make this worse
Take him away
I might kill him in anger
Father, you wait out
I'll handle this
Kumar, you are a novice
Listen to me
If necessary call us
We are waiting out
Your area collection
is 2 million
I should get 8 lakhs
Next month, I need 15 lakhs
Increase the price of
drug and alcohol
We have to pay our leader
Can you hear me?
This applies to everyone
I just now said
I cannot give
But you-
I'll solve your problem later
I'm talking to them
Listen! You need not
pay any money today
We will discuss and
come to a conclusion
Go now, I will
meet you tomorrow
I'm trying to be polite
You're behaving like
a heavy weight, huh?
Do we look like
pipsqueaks to you?
Inform our boss
to change this dog
Otherwise he will not get
even 10 paise from any area
Bloody pigs playing with marbles in
the street trying to order me around
He was given this posting
because he killed 4 thugs it seems
We have been at this for years
shedding blood and sweat
I'll be here tomorrow morning
I shouldn't see you
anywhere in this city
If I see you...then-
Come to my area tomorrow
Hereafter I call the shots
You are doing well for yourself
All the best!
Your man Sethu spoke to me
You wanted me to
forget my brother's death
And become friends I heard
That isn't possible
1 minute
Sethu wants to talk to you
Don't send these sissies anymore
3 more days
You will be dead
Only after your die...
...my brother's wife has vowed
to don the widow's attire
Why are you making
a mockery of this?
I'll send you
Sethu's body
Bye, dear
We are leaving now
I thought we can stay together
But looks like we will
have scant respect
My son is doing well
I'll admire him from far
Mani, bring it here
Selvam anna, take this
What is this?
Share this 2 million
amongst yourself
I'll look after my father
You leave
You need not work anywhere
Live peacefully
Take this
You are indeed blessed, Shekar
Your only son is
helping the entire city
See you
Don't sulk, father
There should be only
1 spokesperson
You love me a lot
What if you act rashly?
So I asked you to stay out
But you have a point
Don't stay with me
They will pin you down
and kill me
Besides this is our den
for all our activities
Not good to have
sister in her teens around
We have 3-4 houses
Take a look
Choose whichever house you want
Each house is worth 1 billion
It's not about money, Kumar
I prefer to stay with you
We are anyway close by
I'll visit you on Sundays
Relax, father
Why do you want to suffer?
When you need money
let me know
I'll send it over
They are going
to the new house
Take them shopping and
buy whatever they want
What will they do
with an empty house?
Let's go
Make a list of things you want
Mani, take my father and
show him Anbu's houses
Give him the keys
to the house he selects
Set right all the items
he will need to live comfortably
Go, father
I'll call you in the evening
Hurry up
How long will you
take to get down?
Mani, I don't like this house
Too congested
Should I stay all my life
in a street house?
How about the Neelangarai house?
Come in
They seem to have
started the party?
Hey Jeeva
How come you are here?
Kumar anna, wanted to
know if everything is fine
Come...don't feel shy
This one?
See you
What is this?
This is the house
Here, huh?
We have to walk a little
Street is too small for a car
A house in this place?
Take a look
With a garden and grove
You will definitely like it
Get into this pit
Will you shut up or not?
Who is it?
They won't even let me
to relax for a while
Who are you?
Did Kumar send you?
Is this your way of showing
you don't want me in your gang?
You know what will happen
if Kumar gets to know?
I'll go and-
Let go of me
If my son comes to know
he will chop you to pieces
Let me go
Kumar, Mani here
Father wants to talk to you
Kumar, they have dug a pit for me
Mani is forcing me
to lie in there
- Do you know all this?
- Give the phone to Mani
Tell him
He is acting smart
I got scared
I thought you were
avenging your mother's death
I'll talk to him
Hey, my son wants to talk to you
Okay, we will be there
We have another
assignment at 10
He is asking us to come early
Quick, lie down
It's getting late
Can I talk to you
for 5 minutes?
- Take it
- No need
Kumar will be looking for us
We must leave now
Give Kumar my regards
Tell him to spare me
I'll go somewhere else
I'm too old to harm him
Please ask him to
forgive me once
I didn't kill his mother on purpose
Mani, what will happen
to my wife and daughter?
I'll fall at your feet
Please don't kill me
If you make a fuss
I'll beat you to death
Just obey implicitly
Mani, ask them to stop
Don't throw sand on me
Tell Kumar you have buried me
I'll escape somewhere
You don't know your son at all
He will come and dig
this pit in the morning
Please don't bury me alive
I won't spare you
Even I'm a big rowdy
I'll finish you off
like I did your mother
Everyone has paid up the money
No problem
Good morning
All is well
- Good morning, sir
- Greetings, sir
Boss is in a meeting
but you can go in
Good morning, boss
Duraiswami, wait out
How can I?
In front of the boss
Show him
You trusted me and
gave me that area
Whatever I could collect
2 Billion
'Kumar Imports and exports'
(Holy chant)
God, bless us all
Give me the garland
Bless me, boss
May you live long
with name and fame
'Jewelry shop owner was
attacked in Egmore'
'K.E.M.M party member
murdered in Egmore'
'Chief minister expressed disappointment
regarding mercenaries'
We work in
an export company
We are being harassed
by the manager
He blatantly asks us
to sleep with him
If we don't comply,
he will fire us it seems
Only you can intervene
They have arrested my son
We are starving
My father drinks daily and hits
my mother and me brutally
Provisions in the Govt ration shops
are being sold to hotels
If we question them
they beat us up
Inspector is asking me to
wash his wife's inner wear
They are forcing me
to sell my house
'In North Chennai
is it 'Kokki' Kumar's rule?'
'You have to pay up promptly'
'Murthy's area'
'Kokki Kumar's area'
'In north Chennai there was a clash
between Kokki Kumar and Murthy's men'
'In Egmore Kokki Kumar was
arrested and released after posting bail'
'Kokki Kumar has joined
the E.M.M party'
Why have you called me
so late at night?
Come, Kumar
Let us go and talk inside
What happened, boss?
Hello, madam
How are you?
Go to bed, my dear
Kumar is here
He will handle it
Go and sleep peacefully
Sir, what happened?
Why is your daughter crying?
Thenmozhi is studying in a college
She has a whole load of friends
Both boys and girls
She used to come home late
at night attending parties and disco
I didn't bother because
this is the new generation
2 days ago she went to
her friend's birthday party
Somewhere in a guest house
near Mahabalipuram
They all drank
Got tanked
She fainted over there
3 guys took her to a room and
raped her continuously, Kumar
Sir, I understand
No, Kumar
I can even stomach this
But they have shot a video
Now they are asking me
to cough up 2 billion
Otherwise they will
upload the video
Money is not a problem for me
What if they go back
on their word?
Don't know
whom to ask a favor
I know all the cops in Tamil Nadu
Ministers in the ruling party
are all my friends
But if I ask them...
...then my daughter's life
will be spoilt
How can I get her married?
Hello, can you move?
I have to take my car out
Won't your parents be worried?
Wandering around so late
Hey! Don't mess with me
Girls from Tamil Nadu!
Can you leave?
I need to talk
to your friend in private
Hey look
Okay, you must have
lured her with drinks
I understand
Just 10 minutes
Charmi, you go wait there
I'll come
Come soon
We are here
to get that video
Don't get it?
Thenmozhi's video
You played with a girl
in the guest house
Show it to him
Where is Thenmozhi?
She will come
You saw the money, right?
Now give me the cassette
Do I look like a fool to you?
If I show you the cassette
won't you snatch it from me?
Leave the money and go
Cassette will reach you tomorrow
You need some more practice
He is shouting
Put him in the trunk
Where is the cassette?
Do you know who my father is?
I'll kill you, rascal
- This is better
- Thanks dude
Put him in the trunk
Where is the cassette?
Not gone to bed as yet?
If you give me a job
you can sleep in peace
Just this
No other copy
Your money
Kumar, what would I have
done without you?
Thenmozhi should pray
to your picture daily!
Only now I am at peace
Kumar, do girls from
such a high class drink?
She was drunk
These girls will
let the guys trespass
Boys were also drunk
Sooper rich
They showed their might
Who can be blamed in this?
Will it work if you compete
with men in all areas?
He gave us the cassette
Can we let him go?
Won't the place where we buried
my father be deserted now?
Raji, drive towards
East coast road
Kumar, you keep burying like this
you'll create a small graveyard
Yes, of course
I've killed so many times
But all that is so insignificant
The 1st murder
That is really a big deal
You take a knife
Pierce it into a body
And see blood splatter
A rush of temerity
in every nerve
2 horns grow
out of your head
It happened to me
After that, we can kill an army
We won't feel bad at all
It's me
A kind of intoxication
Poisonous high
As it hits the head
we slide into our world
What I think is right
I am God
Welcome, Kumar
Leave me
I was worried whether
you will come or not
How are you, Veni?
Hey, you have always
been very generous
It's okay
If you put it in this offering plate
the notes will get wet!
Okay, come in
This is my sister, Kumar
She was all along in Madurai
So you would haven't seen her
What's this bad habit?
Fall at his feet and
take his blessings
No need
- Keep quiet
- No need
Listen to me
Keep quiet
No need
Get his blessings
Without your help as if I could
have conducted such a grand wedding
God bless you
See you
We'll take leave
I have some errands to run
Please eat
I've arranged for a party tonight
at the beach, come without fail
"Grass and flowers vocalize
Puzzled, fire tends to verbalize"
"In ignorance lips publicize"
"Blowing hot and cold
high spirits will hug and hold"
"A girl's glance casts its net
Her look hits like a tempest"
"Eyes ignite desire
with no barrier"
"Her third eye kumkum
Hot glance kindles a welcome"
"With a little passion
With a thirst for gratification"
"This is life's essence
Why be cloaked in pretence?"
"One side is hot and sultry
The other is cold and wintry"
"I can see my previous birth, dearie"
"Time twists and twirls me
in the 'circle of life' theory"
"Reflection said 'welcome' warmly
Heart said 'stop, stop' warily"
"An illusive image of you and me
Chase the ghost away religiously"
"If you fall into the pit of intoxication
I swear there's no inhibition"
"Rivers that roll into a hollow
cannot flow to hills above"
"Even if it is God's decree
tigers won't live on any tree"
"As per the season's dictum
leaves fall off branches in autumn"
"With a little love in tow
Tad disappointed also"
"This is life's experience
Why this disguise nonsense?"
"I'll take you on a shopping spree
I'll get you whatever you fancy"
"Come home with me, honey
Wherever I go, stick next to me"
"I didn't see you yesterday
I didn't sleep a wink today"
"What will happen in the morning?
Who will be the groom in the wedding?"
"What does tomorrow hold for me?
Who will get married is destiny"
"Will my senses awaken anew?
Will the moon become a square too?"
"Will my high spirits affect my head?
Will the moon be a square instead?"
"Once corrupt why seek enlightenment?"
"Is righteousness in lust an endorsement?"
I don't know how
to wear this damn thing
Where have you
kept the flowers?
In the room downstairs
I've been looking
for it for so long
Has Lakshmi akka reached?
She came long ago
Oh God!
The door is open
Close it
(Holy chants)
It has fallen down
Keep it in the tray
What kind of priest are you!
Give the sacred thread
to the priest
You should be
the one to give
Listen to me
The marriage will take place
only if you give
I've informed everyone
Give it with your blessing
No, you go
- Don't play
- Give it
What is all this?
'Imagine feeling shy
for all this!'
'What a disgrace!'
Selvi, he has ruined your life
Idiot! Why did you invite
this dog for the wedding?
Is this a wedding
or a funeral?
Why are you lamenting like this?
Mani, why can't I marry your sister?
In what way am I inferior
to the groom you chose?
Who is he?
After all that dog works for
pittance in some random office
We begged him for a year
just for 1 sovereign of gold
She will get new clothes
for only Diwali and Pongal
Do you want her to suffer
in poverty all her life?
I can't watch her suffer
Don't you know about me?
Don't you know how well
I'll look after your sister?
You mother can cry
Your father can cry
But can you cry?
I'm sad
I'm very sad
You have known me for so long
And you are letting me down
I'm ashamed
To be honest,
what should you have done?
You should have garlanded me
Got me new clothes and
escorted me with respect
What kind of a friend are you?
Go and do whatever
you need to do
Make arrangements
for our wedding night
Sir, go get the flowers, fruits
and the necessary paraphernalia
My dear lady
please go
You will kill me
with your tears!
Please go
Go, Mani
Won't I feel like getting married?
Understand my view point
You're such a big shot and
you don't know to wear a 'dhoti'?
I'm not used to all this
This has nothing
to do with my job
Use this belt and
it won't fall off your waist
Spray this too
She is an educated girl
She will expect all this
Don't know what she expected
She loved that guy so much
Who on earth imagined
this kind of atrocity will happen
What did you say?
No, nothing
You have decided to speak
your mind, you might as well finish
That girl is a graduate
She would've married
someone on her wavelength
And led a peaceful life
I think you messed it up big time
I know it was
wrong on my part
I didn't do it purposely, Ravi anna
Somehow I fell for her
I'll tell you something
Everyone has a childhood dream
About the kind of girl
he would want to marry
But rarely does one get
the girl of his dreams
If you happen to see
someone like that by chance...
...and if you can make
your dream come true
...will you take it or not?
Instead of dying
yearning for her lifelong...
...better to make a mistake
and regret for 5 minutes
I'm human after all
Not Gandhi
In spite of wearing a belt
it refuses to stay on my waist
I heard you plan
to kill my brother
Is it true?
I'll comply to
every wish of yours
But leave my brother alone
Were you very close to
the man my brother killed?
How close is he to you?
He is like my brother
He taught me everything
You claim he is
like your brother
He died just a few minutes ago
You're not even grieving for him?
You are intent on
removing my jewelry
What is her name?
I have married her
without knowing her name
What you said is true
Ravi is close to me
Like my own brother
He is dead
I'm not feeling sad at all
I want to cry
But I am unable to
How will I know
what is in your heart?
Can I tell you what I feel?
Then you shouldn't feel bad
I feel-
I feel like sleeping with you
If you don't agree...
...I'm thinking of threatening you
by saying 'I'll kill your brother'
Don't get me wrong
Our first night together
Such a beautiful wife
What else will I think?
Should I switch off
the light or let it stay?
I'm okay with both
Your wish
Don't agree thinking
I'm threatening you
I told you what I felt
I won't harm your brother
Then...what's news?
Who has come
so early in the morning?
Tell them I can't
meet anyone today
Office is closed today
I've been invited for lunch
at my sister-in-law's place
Mudaliyar asked me
to give this to you
I thought he won't give me
but he has changed his mind
Proves my new wife
is my lucky mascot
Go and give this to Selvi
Tell her I asked you
to give it to her
Are you married?
Wretched fellow!
Get married soon
It's sheer undiluted pleasure
Yesterday was my wedding night
She touched me
Something melted inside
Above all, the scent
The scent of a woman
Mixed with sandalwood
and vermilion...
...I could not figure out whether
it was the scent of her body or tresses
What a rush of adrenalin!
She placed her head here
I felt giddy and slept for hours
When I woke up in the morning-
What is that film in which
Saroja devi will sing a song?
What is that song?
"I heard the temple bell ring in my ears"
She's a clone of Saroja Devi
Hot coffee
In the bed itself
So clean
Unlike the tea our boy brings
with his fingers dipped into it
I wonder how I drank
that horrible stuff day in and day out
Once I drank my coffee...
...she requested me
to brush my teeth
I went inside the bathroom
and undressed
She followed me and I wondered
if she wanted a quickie in the morning
She said she wanted
to scrub my back!
She scrubbed my body
Shampooed and dried my hair
It feels soft as silk
First she used shampoo
and then conditioner
She rinsed my hair thoroughly
I feel clean head to toe
What's wrong with all of you?
I'm talking and none of you
seem to be happy for me
What is the problem?
I'm asking you
Is there any problem?
What happened to Mani?
Mani joined Murthy's gang
Bloody scumbag! Rogue
Don't you have a better time
to give me bad news?
I spend half a night
with my wife
And then come back
in 'cloud 9' mode
You pile up bad news
into my ears
Why are you making
my life miserable?
Why couldn't this news
have waited till tomorrow?
You should tell me
everything now
And I should take
a knife and run
My shirt should be bloodstained
There should be no fragrance of
sandalwood or turmeric on me
I should smell like a butcher
Isn't it so?
Now what is your bad news?
What next?
Not that-
Krishnaveni has come
I'm going back
to my home town
I thought you would marry me
one day and we will have babies
It's my fault
Whatever said and done...
...I am not a virgin
I'm leaving
I came to tell you
before I go
Do you need money?
You've given me a lot already
I didn't want to tell you this
But I can't hide it from you
I fainted last evening and
the doctor congratulated me
He said I'm pregnant
I was only able to laugh
I haven't decided as yet
to go for an abortion or not
If you were with me it's fine
If not...
...people will malign him
as a prostitute's son
Don't know if my hometown
is equipped with abortions
I'll manage
What else to say?
I only feel like crying
I want to go alone and cry
I anyway have to go
a 1000 kilometers alone
I can do my crying in the bus
'Hey! Look how happy Jeeva is'
'He got his sister married'
Would you have married me
if I was not pregnant?
Selvi, I did not do it purposely
Poor girl!
If you keep sulking
won't I feel sad?
Isn't one girl enough for a night?
Take your tablets properly
Look at him
My dear?
Doctor, will my son look like this?
What did the doctor say
at the hospital?
Boy or girl?
You have changed a lot
It seems you are taking
very good care of her
You take her to the hospital
The old rowdy in you has vanished
Are you so fond of babies?
I am myself clueless, Selvi
This seems to be
a new kind of joy
There should be a purpose
in making money, right?
I've been thinking a lot
I became like this because
my father was not a decent man
Then how should I bring up my son?
He should be oblivious
to a place like this
I'll send him abroad
Think about it
He will come back
and talk to me in English
I won't understand a word
I'll just say okay and listen
Are you aware your boys
are gossiping behind your back?
Whether the baby is really yours!
Why get angry?
Her profession is such
As if you married a virgin
Anyway if you are
convinced it is okay
Nobody should laugh
behind your back tomorrow
Who knows, maybe one of
your henchmen could be the father
'Kokki Kumar arrested for 30 murders
Statement by his own assistant'
There is no connection
between Kumar and my party
I've never met him under any
circumstance nor any reason
I can swear on
my mother tongue
I'm convinced it is an attempt
to slander my party
You took the bribe
Not fair
I've even gone to
his house to check out
They swear our boss is not in town
They are making up stories
he is in Madurai and Dindugal
They will make use
of us till their work is done
Once their work is over
they will ditch us
We can't believe them
Poor thing!
Krishnaveni is also inside
She is pregnant
Wonder how she is
Only if you surrender
they will let Veni out
How dare you attack Murthy anna
I won't spare you
What is that noise?
Get inside
The lawyer says
the case is very strong
Why should I stay in
for his misdeeds?
I don't know what you will do
I have to come out soon
'They will kill me if I stay
2 more days in here'
Mongrel! You betrayed
your own sister's husband
Hey! Move aside
Please sit
What is your name?
What is your name?
If something happens to me
my wife will die, sir
If you punish an innocent man
like me, my wife will self-immolate
She loves me so much
Why are you blabbering
without any relevance?
To the concern person
it will be relevant
'You cannot talk
like this in court'
'Answer to the point'
Mani, where are you going?
The judge is waiting for you
Mani, listen to me
Judge will be annoyed
Kumar, they belong
to various parties
Don't you understand?
Since Tamilselvan ditches us...
...they want to know
if you will join their party
They are ready
to give you a posting
'Can't you hear us?'
'Clear out'
'Step out'
Kumar, they are not
letting me come inside
He hasn't received
the payment for this month
Our leader wanted to know why
Am I in town?
No, you have gone to
Madurai or Dindugal
Not in town it seems
Come back later
Don't make a blunder, Kumar
This is not wrong
So many days I worked
like a dog for you
Only that is wrong
Do I look like a foo-
Only now I know about you
When I had a problem
all of you ran away
Go and tell your leader
We don't need his party
We will stay alone
Kumar, as your friend
I am cautioning yo-
I'm hopping mad
Just leave
He kicks me now and then
Nothing, don't worry
You sit
I'll see
What is it, dear?
What is happening?
We have seen
all kinds of castes
There is a black smudge
under my eye
Hello, Kumar
What a surprise!
Have you finished visiting
Madurai and Dindugal?
Don't taunt him!
Why did you throw
a bomb into my house?
Bomb, huh?
I don't know anything
Why are you acting?
Didn't you throw
a bomb last night?
I swear on my mother
I don't know anything
I don't know anything
Don't be evasive
Either accept or refute it
Someone who felt good for me
might have done it
I don't know anything else
If anything happens
to me or my wife-
They dropped the bomb
only in your house, right?
Not on your head
So you are the one
who did that
I don't know, Kumar
Suddenly you said
you won't give money
Members from other parties are
coming to your office it seems
May be one of our volunteers
must have got angry and done it
Do you know
anything about this?
- No idea
- We don't know
For those who claim
they don't know anything
And those who are sniggering
let me tell you this
Whoever put the bomb
will be headless tomorrow
Why are you over reacting, Kumar?
- What do you want?
- I don't want anything
Just leave me in peace
That's enough
Ramu, come here
Immediately make Kumar
secretary of Egmore region
Sir, why select him for-
I know what to do
Kumar, you won't
face any problem
Even the ruling party members
will not harm you
If you still have any problem...
...our party will support you
If they arrest you,
whole of Tamil Nadu will protest
I assure you chaos
in every nook and corner
I am the kind to elevate
and admire from far
Fall at my feet, Kumar
Go ahead
'Leader of E.M.M party Tamilselvan
elects 'Kokki' Kumar as regional secretary'
Kumar, this is the 1st step
in your ladder to reach the stars
One fine day you might
even become a minister
- It's getting late, sir
- Wait, I'll come
Make arrangements
for the money
Kill the men in the list
They are my men
Don't ask any reason
This is politics
That's all
You should work like
a tongue of flame
Only sacrifice will elevate you
Yov! Let's go
If you ask for money...
...this dog had better give
Why are you lowering yourself?
Patience is the watchword
In politics patience is very important
We should be thick skinned like buffaloes
Whatever should happen
will happen of its own accord
Don't we need him
till the election?
Don't you know even this?
One of these days
I'll peel your skin with a belt
I'm a classical poet
I am the son of
Mother Tamil
Aye, what is it?
Why did you wake me up
so early in the morning?
What is so bloody urgen-
Congratulations, sir
I am DSP Ganapathy, sir
Feel free to call me
Whatever reason
Whenever you need me
All the best sir
Congrats, sir
Next you'll become MLA?
Move aside
Given a chance
you'll kill my boss
Come one by one
Bro, Dhanasekhar
Divisional secretary
When I read the news
in the paper this morning-
Bring the garland
I'll take care of everything
You need a personal assistant
I'll accompany you
All the industrialists
in the area are here
Hereafter you don't have
to threaten people
Money will flow
of its own accord
Move...move, man
How long should we wait!
Come in line
Who is that?
Do you know who he is?
He grew up here
His mother has come to see him
Let me see if any dog can stop me
The women's wing, bro
I know you will go places
I know you'll soon become a minister
Sky is the limit
Then he will forget us all
Kumar, he is Ezhumalai
Our caste union's leader
We are proud that someone
from our caste has made it big
From now on, our caste
should be given priority
Tender, contract, everything
Keep this in mind
Long live
Our leader!
Long live
Our future chief minister!
Who is this?
Should I open an auto shed?
1000 autos?
On the 8th
I'll come
You are older than me
and you're falling at my feet?
Get up
Who is this?
Your father?
You have come to bless me?
Then why are you
falling at my feet?
I should attend your meeting?
I'm busy talking to someone
and you are interrupting
Am I a father now?
Kumar, he looks just like you
Do you mean that?
Kumar, can't you see for yourself?
He is a carbon copy of you
Look properly
You are jobless, huh?
The baby is ditto Kumar
Forehead, nose
All the features
Ask the baby's uncle to sit here
Aren't you his uncle?
Come and sit down
Sit down, 'mama'
I was in the hustling trade long ago
Doesn't mean I'm still one
Jeeva, aren't you his uncle?
Sit down
Give him the baby
Don't cry, dear
Don't cry
Sir, I'll kill you
if my baby's ears bleed
'General Election'
It's a question of life or death
If they regain power
they will destroy us
Chennai is your responsibility, Kumar
All the walls must have
only our posters and our symbol
We must come back to power
Otherwise we must
immolate ourselves
Murthy, only our people
should win in the whole of Chennai
When this election is over
either we should be alive
Or they should be alive
When they come to our area
chop them to pieces
Kill them
The handle is too small
Make it big
Shouldn't the boys be able
to hold it properly to kill?
What is it?
Tomorrow they will be
announcing the candidates' list
People are so sure
you will get the MLA seat
We will start all our work
the day after tomorrow
"Do desire recede?
Do senses pay heed?"
"Till the dying day
fate's hand at play"
"Wind, water, earth eyes perceive
Mind says it's all yours I believe"
"Will desire take a backseat?
Will senses retreat?"
"Till the dying day
fate's hand at play"
"Wind, water, earth eyes perceive
Mind says it's all yours to thieve"
We will do it
Trichy district
Lalgudi area
Chinna Sivalingam
Trichy 1
Next Madurai District
Madurai Central
Shall we make Sivakumar
stand in T.Nagar this time too?
No need
His reputation is in tatters
Even our own party members
speak ill of him
Then we can opt for Krishnan?
Okay, no objection
Only problem is he has
a weakness for ladies
Twice or thrice his name
has hit the headlines
But people would
have forgotten this
He'll definitely win
Next Egmore
Kumar, your area
Select Kumar
No second thoughts
People will cast their votes
out of fear for him
We lost last time
This time we should
be on our toes
Who has a good reputation
in this area?
Why not our Selvaraj?
That is the right choice
If we select Selvaraj
we will surely win
He works 24x7
On his feet all the time
Are we unanimous on this?
Next Thousand Lights
Sir, give me a chance
Let me stand in Egmore
The people in this area
know me very well
I've done a lot for them
If they know I'm standing
they will vote for me surely
If you decide
we will definitely win
That was just a joke
and you took it seriously
Kumar, are you tired
of killing people?
You want to change your job?
Most of the murders
were at your request
I think he is really serious
And you are sitting quietly
Whenever I asked
you gave me money
So I made you
Regional secretary
If you aspire for more
things will turn unpleasant
To come to this position...
...you should have served
the party for at least 10 to 12 years
People who have done so
are standing outside the gate
Just because you have gained entry
you're asking this shamelessly?
Don't you know
what to talk and when?
Stand there quietly
They will be annoyed
Wait for another 10 years
Then I'll think about it, okay?
What if they kill me by then?
Can we worry about all that?
That's how you should see
Don't I have to
settle down in life?
I have a wife and
a child to take care of
Can I keep checking daily
if I am alive or not?
Don't I need protection
for my boys and me?
You come and stay
with us for a day
You will know how
difficult my life is
You will casually say
kill this person
Or kill that person
And I should comply
Then you'll ask
for 10 or 20 million
I should bring it
You will roam all around Tamil Nadu
I should carry a knife
and guard you with my life
How many streamers have I tied?
How many poles have I erected?
And how many stages?
I've followed you like a dog without even
a proper meal night and day tirelessly
When I ask for a seat...
...you ridicule me
Touch your heart and tell me
Haven't I saved
your family's reputation?
When I have the energy
and I am affluent enough...
...and the party is still afraid of me
I should settle down in life
Whether the others win or not
...I'll win and show you
Our leader respects you
And you're being so rude
In every area we've placed a man
like you whom we have trained well
If we have to give you all seats
should we end up as barbers?
You are talking as if you are from
Gandhi and Kamaraj's lineage?
You were also rowdies once
You think I don't know
the number of cases piled on you?
Hey coal-face! Do you know
whom you are talking to?
I will chop you to pieces
Let me go
Please sit
How dare he talk like this!
Stop it
Why are you also
arguing with him?
Arumugam, sit
For Heaven's sake
sit down, I'm here
Wait out...go
No, tell me right now
Will you give me
a seat or not?
Don't be scared
of these damn dogs
What's your problem?
What will you do?
This is the money which
I've set aside for the election
This is the money
for my posting
I'll wait down
My name has
to be in the list
Otherwise I'll go and join
the party which accepts me
Already with open arms
they are inviting me
Keep that in mind
Silence...silence please
Listen to me
Chennai district
T.Nagar constituency
1000 lights
Egmore constituency
Represented by Selvaraj
Perambur constituency
Hey Selvaraj
Do you think you can win
in my area by ignoring me?
If you dare step in-
Kumar, don't
You're a dog who pees
in his pants seeing me
And you get a posting?
Listen to me, Kumar
What kind of justice is this?
How dare you treat our leader
with scant respect?
Who has the guts
to face me?
You are too impulsive, Kumar
You're trying to threaten us
with that knife?
Shove it back in
Know who I am?
66 murders
I'll cut you into pieces
If you show us the knife...
...are we the police
or the public to be scared
If I point the knife at you-
Why waste time talking?
What can you do
with your knife?
Kill...go ahead
I'm telling you
I'm asking you to kill me
If you don't kill me
I'll kill you
Come on, kill
This old man thinks
a murderer gets a seat
You dare show us the knife?
Shall I pour this on you?
It will corrode your bones
Bring water at once
Hey Ganesha
Why are you pouring it on me?
I didn't aim it at you
Sorry, it was a mistake
You poured very little
and his hand is scalded
If you had poured
the whole stuff...?
His face would be a mess
It's acid, right?
I've brought it
Look here
Don't do something
you'll regret
Stay calm
Our leader wants to speak
Why waste time talking?
Just nod your head
We will bury him right here
According to the rules of the party
...I dismiss Kumar for being
involved in unjustified violence
I'll ask the police force
to take action on Kumar
Law will do its duty
Are you telling us
to let go of him?
I'm saying 'not here'
Don't you understand?
The press is waiting outside
You can retaliate later
You are asking us to let go
of the fellow who threatened us
This is not my habit
But I have no choice
Leave now
Go, I'll follow you
Kumar, let us go?
Where did you buy this coffee?
Not in 'Hotel Udipi'?
Our leader said
no violence here
Let him go
Hey! Clear out right now
Everyone is boiling mad
Get lost
Unfaithful bloody mongrels
Stabbing me after using me!
Half of them have left
Security is less at home
If we go with full force
we can kill Kumar
Dance without touching the CM
They have ousted Kumar
from the party
Now we can do anything
Why are you fighting like this?
He is a very good servant
Pull him to our side somehow
If you both work together
...imagine the fruit of your labor?
You will become a Chief Minister
He will also settle down
Will my brother return?
Or will I walk?
I was like a lion
Look what he has done to me
My children are asking me why I'm not
spending time with them like before
My brother's wife who is
just 20 years is crying even now
We won't get a better
opportunity than this
You will reap your rewards soon
Don't interfere
with my plans
Can I ask the commissioner
to 'encounter' him?
Give him the order
I'll tell you when
He shouldn't have an easy death
News has spread all around
Random strangers
are spying on us
Our strength has
lessened drastically
If they attack is in a gang
then we are finished
Take them home safely
Call me once you reach
your home town
Why are you wasting your time?
Go now
Please understand
It isn't safe here
Everything will get back
to normalcy soon
I can take care of myself
You go peacefully
Can't you come along with me?
Should the whole city
call me 'sissy' Kumar?
Everyone will demean me
Don't I have self-respect?
No one can harm me
I'm worried something
will happen to you
Do you get it?
Take care of our child
Someone go to Selvi's house
Mani is there, right?
Send someone along
just to be safe
How many of you are there?
We'll send 2 more men
along with Veni?
She has left?
I'm fine with just 5 of you
guarding me here
Is there anyone upstairs?
At the gate?
You've positioned one of
our men at the rear side?
Why are you staring
blankly at me?
The entire city
will be here to kill me
Are all of you equipped?
I should also carry a weapon
Are you scared, Kumar?
A tree has fallen
across the road
They are clearing it up
Hey! Don't do anything
Don't kill him
Someone has to report
the news, right?
Hey Kumar
They conspired against us
They followed us and
kidnapped your baby
We tried our level best
They were 50 of them
Veni refused to part
with the baby
They attacked her
We have admitted her in the hospital
Kumar, the baby is
with Murthy it seems
Our boys found out
Before we go in
they will kill the baby
Murthy, Kumar speaking
Let me know, if you want
I'll surrender completely
Do whatever you want with me
But spare my baby
See your baby
for one last time?
Even we have a conscience
If you take one more
step forward...
...I'll drop your baby
Cry whole night through
'For what he did to me, let him
at least cry one whole night'
Murthy has kidnapped
my baby, dear
Call Mani and ask him
to bring my baby back
Whatever problem arises
I'll handle it
Don't harbor a grudge
and play with my baby's life
What sin has the child committed?
You haven't seen
the baby, Selvi
He's such a bundle of joy
I can see him in my mind even now
He means the world to me, Selvi
I wonder what they are doing
Please call Mani
There is no time to waste
Step a little forward
Looks like water
near your eyes
I can't see properly
Come closer
Your eyes are watering
Are you crying?
'Kokki' Kumar is actually crying
The other day you said
you can never cry
Your baby, right?
Natural reaction
God knows when and
how to punish wrongdoers
Without an iota of shame
...you forced me to sleep with you,
or else you threatened to kill my brother
Wretched fellow!
Every time you touched me
...can you see how I am now?
I feel ashamed when I look
at myself in the mirror
I feel dirty
Whatever I do
I'm unable to peel it off me
But do you know something?
I never thought
it was you beside me
I always thought
it was him
You want the baby?
You won't get your baby back
What will he achieve
by surviving?
He will become
another 'Kokki' Kumar
And ruin 4 more families
Good riddance!
It seems the police will
kill you in another 3 days
My brother informed me
I have a lot of work to do
First I should marry him
He has asked me to come
as soon as I can
He has promised
to marry me
I want to live the way
I dreamt I would
Your baby is lying
in your backyard
Go and take a look
"You'll now understand life slowly"
"When the time comes surely
even stone will speak sincerely"
"With eyes open widely"
They asked me
to kill the baby
But I didn't have
the heart to do so
They are already upset with me
I wonder what they will do now
It's okay
Instead of killing
a baby and being alive...
...I'd rather die
You ruined my sister's life
Doesn't matter
Take your baby and go
Treat is as my alms to you
Every time you look
at that baby's face...
...you should be
reminded of me
Will I survive?
It hurts real bad
I can't breathe
Won't you ask even now
if this baby is yours?
Deep inside don't you
have that thought?
So much faith in me, huh?
Come we will leave
Murthy's men are in search of you
Have you booked the tickets?
Call us if there is any problem
Don't know how you will manage
with a new born?
As a friend I'm telling you
Instead of you bringing it up
Leave him in an orphanage
Don't mistake me
The situation is like that
They will not leave you alone
The knife which is aimed for you
might even touch the child
I never said anything wrong
I'll leave
Take care
We will leave
Don't forget us
'What will we do without Kumar?
We should go back to our native'
Don't cry
Greetings brother
How come you are here?
Are leaving out of town?
Are you wondering why your father
has left you behind here?
I wanted to bring you up
in a proper manner
I can't
Everything is gone
You should be alive
You should be alive
That is important
Appa, will die
You don't get scared
Some good person will come
To take you away
You will definitely come up
You are my son
Can I take you with me?
No appa, let me be alive
That's right
I've not even heard you call me 'appa'
One shouldn't be head weighted
This is what will happen
Maa, look here a baby is crying
Who left it here?
I don't know
They will give birth and then
get rid of the child
Ants all over
Don't cry, dear
Maa, see there is money
Money ah?
Yaa, they have kept money
to bring up the child
Take it
Spend it on the child
Why do I need money?
I've 2 kids
I'll bring this baby along with them
I can work in 4 houses
And I can bring them up
Why do I need this?
So scared to see so much of money
Take it and go
You can bring up the child
There will be a lot of problem
behind this money
Someone will follow me home
We should always be satisfied
with what we have
If you are greedy for
so much of money
Then we will have to face
so much of problems
You have a child
what more do you need
How beautiful this child is?
Oh see, it's smiling
How did they ever think of
putting it in the dustbin?
Will you take care of the child?
Why are you asking?
If your husband was a drunkard
and beat the children up
Why unwanted problem for you?
Mind your own business
Why you fussing like it's your child?
Even I've brought up kids
Maa, careful
It's a baby
Educate the child
Don't send it to work
When you see his face
You will know he will come up in life
Take him to the doctor
Don't leave him like that
What's your name?
For what?
Just wanted to know
Not necessary, get lost
Please, don't harm him
Let him go
Just leave
Go I say
Don't harm him
Cut here
Cut on the nerve
I'll die quickly
As it is I've gone through a lot
Don't make suffer
Cut here
Kill me
You are losing your aim
Hold it properly
Your hands are shivering
Can I kill myself?
If you can't then leave
I'll accept you in my...
Will give you a MLA's posting
It's a big wound
Listen, I can't cut properly
I'll try my best
You have to adjust
It will take an hour to die
They came
Even I'm going to die
Police man
Are you going to hang me?
Famous thug hung himself to death
Which party send you here?
Are you going to shoot me?
Kumar who tried to escape shot to death
You will not believe
if I tell you something
I can my father and all the other's
whom I murdered
Why are you taking me out?
Are you going to drop me in the sea?
Like how my mother was killed
I'm okay with it
Throw me as to where you they threw my mother
Who knows my mother might be there?
It's a testing period for us
My brother, friend, reputed lion
Murthy has been murdered
You should know who did this
We will not rest
until get rid of the evil powers
Our foundation has been demolished
My followers don't worry about anything
Don't crumple down
To strengthen and uplift our
Kokki Kumar has come
Leader, welcome!
Lion-king who is
our beacon of light
My leader
Tamil Nadu's today's chief minister
Tomorrow's chief minister also
All time chief minister, my God
My greetings for you
''Kokki' Kumar, MLA thrice, Law minister twice
heads many educational institutions now'
'Tamilselvan at age 75, retired from
politics and is now settled abroad'
'...with his daughter and grandchildren'
'Selvi married again, 2nd month after
the wedding her husband disappeared'
'She is now a patient
in a mental asylum'
'Despite numerous efforts, no one
has been able to trace Kumar's baby'
Murthy is no more
My heart is bleeding
Chief you command
I'll bring all the head's
and put it on your feet
We live in Gandhi's land
That 1 reason has bound me up
My dear Murthy
What pleasant memories we have
Murthy means love, affection, motherhood
After his death
Leader came and requested me
to take Murthy's place
I was shattered
How can a rabbit replace a lion?
Lack of time
The affection the leader has for me
For the people who think great of me
Here for you all
I take up the posting
Who is Tamilselvan?
I'll tell about that rogue