Pukar (2000) Movie Script

This film is an attempt to
understand our soldiers
They're no figthing machines
they're human, like us
They have feelings of hope and
despair; joys and sorrows too
Responding to the call
of duty, however
they have always forgotten
their personal miseries
to devote themselves in the
preservation of the country's unity
Our film is dedicated to
those brave soldiers
What happened?
- Entry ahead is forbidden
The senior leader Mr Mishra
wants to visit the temple
We have orders
We can't let anyone through
What's up? Something wrong?
We have information that Abhrush
is hiding in those hills
We have sealed the area
and are combing it
Civilians are not allowed ahead
- That's a problem
I had pledged to offer prasad
at Lord Shiva's temple today
If I don't make it
It's so nearby
I'll be back in a moment
Sorry, sir It's dangerous ahead
- What danger with you here?
You could send some soldiers with me
I'll say my prayers and return
I'll talk to your seniors, too
Subedar, get into the car
Karnail Singh take four men
and escort him
Do you know who Abhrush is?
You don't!
Had you known, you wouldn't have
argued to agree to his conditions!
Abhrush is responsible for killing
800 people in 16 countries
60 lives were lost in the explosion
he engineered in Kashmir last year
12 of our top officers
have been killed
Abhrush is today the most dreaded
terrorist in the world
Our soldiers have taken pains
to surround him in Mastan valley
And you ask us to give him
free passage to save a life!
Had Mishra not gone to the temple
and fallen in Abhrush's trap
Abhrush would have been
in our captivity!
He is pressurising us only
because of your Mr Mishra!
Should we give in to them even once,
it'll set a precedent
No, sir the Minister has called
the emergency meeting only to
If you could use a safer method
than the commando operation
Mr Mishra is a senior leader
of our country
We've got to answer the public
- We've got to lay down our lives!
You're worried about Mr Mishra
We're worried about the nation!
What you say is right
But this is delicate
If the mission fails
Our mission will not fail!
It's for delicate situations as this
one that commondos are trained!
This is no time for arguments
My men are risking their lives to
save someone they don't even know!
Don't forget this has to do with
the security of the country!
We must only pray for the success
of the mission nowThat's all
Abhrush here put your
CO on the line
Abrush for you, sir
- How did he access our frequency?
You bastard! You have
gone back on your word
I was promised free passage
across the border
in exchange for Mishra's life
But you have set
your commandos after me
Not at allwhat are
you talking about?
I know where your
commandos will land
Now look, Abhrush
I will
None of them will escape
They'll all be killed
Now look, Abhrush
How did he get to know
of our mission?
The enemy knows of our mission!
They're jumping over
- Stop those who haven't!
The enemy knows of our mission
My boys have already
taken the plungel must go!
How about the C's orders?
- Tell him we got it late!
We've felled of them, sir!
We're following the other who
sailed ahead in the parachute
Find them and bury them
in the snow
Officer! Save me!
Major! Let me go!
Name your price!
I'll send it to your house!
Trying to buy me out,
you son-of-a-bitch!
I'd have buried you alive
if I weren't in uniform!
Why've you stopped, priest?
No short-cuts in the prayers
Didn't I tell you?
I'm performing this ritual
for my son's long life
Make sure you do it properly
- Sorry for the break, madam!
But I'm waiting for the fruits
- Anjali said you had everything
Where's Anjali?
- You're looking for her, too?
I asked her to sew this button again
- Where are you going in uniform?
You're looking forward to
your son's arrival, Gayatri
And I, retired Lieutenant
General Rajvansh,
am getting ready to welcome
a brave soldier
He's returning from a dangerous
mission he could've been killed
Hush! Here I am, praying
for his long life and you
But where's Anjali?
- Everybody's looking for her
Anjali! Anjali, dear
He's here, looking
for his daughter
Wait there, General!
Wow! In your uniform, eh?
Had you told me, I'd have come
in my uniform too
So how are you, lady?
How's the ritual going?
You do take pains, don't you?
I remember You did it
even when I saved your husband
You saved me, did you?
The same old yarn again!
No yarnl ran four miles,
carrying him on my shoulders
miles! Wasn't it more really?
- Everybody knows the truth!
The newspapers even carried
a picture of it wow
It was possible because I
- Skip the old yarn, please
The rituals aren't over yet
And where's Anjali?
She's my daughter, no doubt
But she stays here
Where is she?
Glory to India!
Victory to India!
You get a posting in your
home-town after years
And you haven't yet
telephoned your folks
I was about to call them, sir
- Your father called
He wanted to know whether he could
see youAnd how could I reply?
I was preparing a report, sir
- I've sanctioned a week's leave
Go home and have a good time
with the family
Have you mentioned how you
disobeyed me in this mission?
No, sir
- Why not?
You can put it in your remarks, sir
- And what reason do I cite?
You ordered the mission to be
aborted, to save our lives
But you had faith in us that
we would succeed in the mission
How could I betray
your trust, sir?
May you live long
Their daughter, Pooja
Your name?
Looks like you don't recognise me?
- Of course you're the mayor!
I'm holding a big function on
Independence Day eve
You must perform in it
- Wellwhat show is it?
We pay tributes to the soldiers who
succeeded in Operation Vijay
and celebrate our Independence
I'm roping in great artistes
Lata Mangeshkar will also attend
Lataji? In our town?
Your dance was great
- I'm glad someone liked it
Only an ass wouldn't like it
- That's the one I'm watching
Must I make him do the parade?
- No I'll be Court Martial someday
Anjali and her temper
God save Jai!
Our suspicions were right, Husain
The army intelligence report says
that it was the ISl who sent
Abhrush here, on a top mission
Seeking safe-passage after being
surrounded was also a farce
He wanted to penetrate the
country even further
What could his mission be?
- Whatever, sir it's hot air now
He's in our custody now
- No
We mustn't forget the traitors in
our country, who're helping him
and who'll try to have him released
- True
Our unit has a mole too who has
leaked out the secret of our mission
Entrust this case to the
best of your officers
Make Abhrush talk as
soon as possible
Another ugly incident and
the public will lose faith in us
The military's prestige is
at stake understand?
What're you doing out in the cold?
Why didn't you attend the party?
I don't attend parties anymore, son
- But you must, uncle
The party was a flop, was it?
- What?
It had a lot of idiots there
- Who told you?
Anjali And she
returned quickly too
And what were you doing there?
- It was a nice party, uncle
It had some great people too
- Strange
the two of you say different things
Is Anjali in?
- Sure, she is
It was a nice party
Don't laugh You ought to
grow a tail, you monkey!
What have you been up to?
You didn't sport whiskers
when you left
So I supposed
- You drew the cartoons, eh?
They're better than you!
- Okay But how are you?
Indeed! I return after ages and
you don't even come to meet me
Didn't I? I came over to
your headquarters!
I even brought a bouquet for you!
- Did you?
Ofcourse! But you played the star
Waving out to the crowds!
Don't laugh! At the party,
you didn't talk to me
You were instead dancing
around that girl!
Which girl? Pooja?
General Mallapa's daughter
I can't help whose
daughter she is!
And you were so smitten by her!
- Never mind me
You hogged the limelight at the party
They were praising you alone!
What did they say?
They said, "Anjali's a great
singer she dances so well"
Forget them, what did you
think of it?
It was nice
The song and dance
How about me?
- Face me I'll tell you
Hurry up and tell me
Dad's calling me
We'll meet tomorrow
We'll meet for a week now
- A week?
I know you have a week off
So I've planned for it
Try anything smart, Major
and I'II have you Court Martialled
Silly girl!
Know what? You're beautiful
Well, Anjali? Where are you
preparing to go?
Jai and I are going on a picnic
- Really? Jai didn't tell me
Jai himself doesn't know
I planned the whole programme
I know he has a week's leave
So I planned everything
We'll go boating, trekking,
walking a week of fun!
Gawd! I've had it!
Hurry up, Jai!
We're getting late
Don't you think Jai has changed?
But yours truly will
bring him down to earth!
Bye, Mom
- Where are you going in uniform?
To the office, of course
- You said you are on vacation!
The vacation begins tomorrow, Mom
I'm going to the office today
No tell them that
you can't make it
Anjali's all set to leave
for the picnic Look
I can understand this, Mom
But they won't!
These soldiers are very cruel
- What was that?
I said, one has to be cruel
with himself sometimes
No Just concentrate on your work
I'm leaving, Mom
We'll make it another day, Anjali
Don't worry I'll set it up
for you C'mon inside
I'm Major Jaidev
- So?
I met you at the party last night
The party hosted to
honour an officer?
Right I'm the officer
Major Jaidev
Great decor very nice pictures
- I decide everything for the family
I see
Isn't Pooja at home?
- Why?
Pooja said
- Pooja won't marry an army officer
- Yes We have decided that
We will not get Pooja
married to a soldier
Well, I
Even in Delhi, Majors and Captains
made excuses to call on us
Eventually, they all asked for
Pooja's hand in marriage
I see
- I have warned Pooja
to stay away from army officers
She's beautiful, intelligent
She will be a model in America
and tour the world
The General and I will accompany her
Away from the army life
Aren't you much too
- What's too much?
In 30 years of our marriage, the
General spent years on the front
He spent years talking
about his experiences
I won't let it happen to Pooja
- My marriage with Pooja
Actually, Pooja wanted
to go sight-seeing So
Is there a lake in town?
- Yes A beautiful lake
The doctor prescribes it too
To cure arthritis
Is Pooja suffering from arthritis?!
- Nol am
Can I have a glass of water?
It was a great film
Know Rekha? The film-actress?
Her father played the lead role
There was this other film
that had great songs too
I'll tell you the story after
I sing a song for you
What happened?
- Well this is not nice
Here! I'm here!
Did Col Husain send you for me?!
Col Husain?
I don't know any Col Husain
Well then, Col Rana
must've sent you over
Sure But he said there's no hurry
You can take your own time
Of course there is! Let's hurry!
- What're you doing, Major?!
Who'll row the boat? I'm tired!
- It's good for your arthritis!
Never trust these soldiers!
I went to the office, you know
But Col Husain sent me
to General Mallappa's house
He wanted to know about
commando training He said
"My wife's bored
Take her out boating? "
Oh yes!
Not really
do you know him?
- I do
The Beauty Queen's mom
who was looking for sambar
in Chinese cuisine!
You have a fantastic sense of
humour! I love your company!
I'm glad you arrived!
Mrs Mallappa was boring me to death!
I would've jumped over
if you had not arrived
Actually, you will jump now
- What?
- I know you're angry But
Get off my boat, I say
Go on
How will I get off here?
I'II have to jump!
So jump!
- This is what I hate about you!
Row the boat to the banks
I'll get off
You will get off here
- I'm in uniform!
Will you get off or do I scream?
- All right Okay!
No point in saving your shoes
They go in after you
What have you done?
- You asked me to jump, didn't you?
You have deliberately
dropped me in the water!
When have I done that?
- I'm drenched!
How will I go home?
- How about me, lady?
How will I go home like this?
- There's a cab just hop aboard
Everything has changed here
- Not everything
Of course Remember?
There was a tree lying here?
Do you still remember it?
- How won't I?
You ran into it and the manner
in which you hollered!
I was really hurt
All because of you
You made me bring cigarettes for you
which you smoked on the sly
You didn't buy them, did you?
You stole them from your dad
Sure, I did
I did so much for you
I stole, was scolded and was
even beaten up for you
Dad still thinks I used to smoke
- Possible
You must've smoked, given me one
- Of course what?!
Remember's Fernande's hut here?
- I saved his dog once
He gave you a cross, too
No Fernandes, nor his hut anymore
But I'm still wearing the cross
You're still wearing a cross
the old man gave you?!
I don't move away from
anything I come to love
I'd better keep my distance
You could land me in problems!
You're going to be
Court Martialled!
Aren't you a Major anymore?
Has retirement been
good for you, sir?
You can give your family
so much attention now
Or else, you spend half
your life on the front
and the other half
talking about it
So I've decided, sir I'll make an
excuse to get an early retirement
I'll start a poultry farm
I'll spend half my time
with my family and
You will breed chickens, eh?
- It's a lucrative business, sir
We in the army can't even
fulfill the wife's little demands
But I will fulfill every
demand my wife makes
I'll take her around the world
In fact, I'll take my mother-in-law
and father-in-law with us, too!
I don't talk to chickens!
Go ahead and laugh Okay
Be my guest!
Your Mom called me a pigeon
Your dad said, I was chicken!
Mom hates the army and dad
hates everything but the army
So how could they be married?
They formed their opinions after
marriage and are firm about it
And what's your opinion?
- I haven't decided yet
No? But the time has arrived and
you mustn't delay such decisions!
You must think on your feet!
- Actually, I agree with Mom
Hey! Don't make haste
It has to do with your life!
By the way, soldiers
aren't all that bad
you must meet them and
give them a chance
That's okay But how, when and
where does one begin doing it?
I'm on leave for 6 days
- Pardon me?
A day's enough to decide about me
But I have 6 days to spare
You said nothing about tomorrow
- Why tomorrow?
I stilI have 2 days of leave
- So?
You were forming an opinion
on army officers
I have
- What?
You were right
Army officers are
pretty interesting
I like it when I'm with you, too
I've never before
I feel as if
I've never felt like this
Have I said something wrong?
- No Give me a call tomorrow
What is it?
- It's pretty cold
Your Dad is awake
I can see the lights
That's Mom actually
She was asking about you too
It's sugar-cane that has
to be chewed it takes time
So chew it while we walk!
You wouldn't know, It's really fun
when one sits down and has it!
You're sitting here! Anjali!
I shouldn't have come with you!
You're doing me no favour, Major
Those books are meant for your dad
You must take me home Okay?
- We have the books Now let's go!
No hurry The show begins at
- Show? What show?
An English film"Only You"
I've got two tickets already
I can't watch a film today!
I've got to meet Col Husain at 430!
It's 400 already!
- Wrong Your watch is ahead
Okay look at the tower clock!
- That antiquated clock is wrong too!
Mr Khan has the clock
ever shown the wrong time?
Never It's the only kind
of clock in the country
It has never stopped and never will
- Hear that? Now let's go
You deserve a bloody whack!
I want you to watch a film
and you're avoiding me!
Relax, Mom! Spare me today!
The day that clock stalls
I'll be your slave!
My slave? Promise?
- Absolutely
You don't appear serious?
- But I am!
Looks like you've been
practicising a lot
What d'you think of Abhrush?
- He's no human; he's a monster
Which is why, I'm personally
handling his security
We move him to a new place every week
and change his security officer too
Only the High Command
and I are told about it
This is my case, sir
I have kept senior officers
away from this case, Jai
You need passion and capability
to crack this case, sir
So you possess the passion
and capability, do you?
You think so, too
Or you wouldn't give me his file
This torture can stop, Abhrush
Answer just two questions
What plan were you going to
execute in this country?
Who are the people
in cohorts with you?
Speak up! I ask you this
for the last time!
Silence will not get you anywhere!
Your mission is ruined!
Have you forgotten our
booming tanks in Kargil?
Your dead soldiers were taken out
in processions in every city
You are still using pictures of
dead soldiers to raise money!
You are begging!
We killed so many that you panicked
and had to start recruitment again!
This is only the beginning
Once we're through with your nation,
you will tremble in your souls!
Yours is a pea-sized nation
With just a nuclear-bomb
you think you are very powerful
And we have a nuclear bomb
in each of our soldiers
It's only our decency that we have
never crossed the Line of Control
The day we do that
in the name of India
we will pull you out of
your houses and thrash you!
You engage us in a proxy war!
Like eunuchs, you fight us
in the purdah!
Declare a war openly
if you're men enough!
In just a matter of a week
your nation will be wiped out
from the face of this earth!
My hands are tied, Major!
I will give you an answer some day
What some day? Let's have it
out today! Undo this hands!
Let him go, sir
Separate them!
Our next meeting will spell
death for you, Major! Death!
Mr Mishra's an atheist, and has
never visited a temple for years
So what made him suddenly go to one?
- Lord Shiva appeared in his dreams
He woke me up at 3 am and
announced he was going to the temple
There's no saying when
God will summon you
Those who abducted Mr Mishra
certainly knew
- Yes
The kidnappers had taken up position
a night before his visit
You said he dreamed of visiting
the temple but his wife says
he was planning the visit
for atleast 15 days
Not really no wonder!
Mr Mishra was somewhat restless
before the kidnapping
He probably had a premonition
But he did call me that night and
set out in the morning That's it
When did you meet Kamla?
- Who's that?
Mrs Mishra, of course
- I haven't met any Mrs Mishra
I simply asked a question
How's Mr Mishra now?
What was that?
- How's Mr Mishra?
He's okay he was all
praise for you
He spoke of rewarding you
He even spoke of a promotion
- I have no time for rubbish
I want an appointment with
Mr Mishra, the day after tomorrow
As I said
- You may leave now
Let's go and have some lunch
- Go ahead, sir I
Anjali? How did you get in?
The guards tried to stop me
but I dodged him
- So I am
So this is why you were avoiding
me for lunch, were you?
No, sir I didn't even know
Anjali was bringing my food
Please join us, sir
- Yes we might manage
Jai it's Pooja
No I'm about to eat
What happened?
- A glass broke
Nothing much we broke a glass
Your food's getting cold C'mon
What was she saying?
- Nothing much
She wants to learn riding
She wanted me to suggest a trainer
She could go to the riding club
Why call you?
Have you cooked this?
- Yes
It's terribly pungent
- Why, of course!
After all the sweet nothings,
you're bound to find my food hot!
It's hot and nice
What brings you here?
I came over to see the photo session
- Pooja won't marry an army officer
I haven't come to marry her!
- So?
I've come to see Pooja
- Why?
She's busy She has bagged
a major modelling assignment
From our agency
- The contract is ready
She has received the contract
- She must've signed it too
She's going to Europe
with me And my husband
He has nothing else to do
he's always chasing you
Get rid of him soon
- Don't worry, mom
We'll be back soon
Jai! You speak Tamil!
- We've got to learn in the army
So you're going to Europe
- I won't get such a chance everyday!
That's okay but do you know
how they treat us Indians?
We're treated with contempt!
- I'm going to be their guest
I'II have no problems
As far as I know you, Pooja
you won't be able to adjust
to their fast-paced life
In fact, I feel as if life has
- Come to a standstill?
I see
That chap is a trouble-maker
- Don't worry!
Why have you crossed this out?
- You know the reason, Mom
Sure I do understand
- I don't undertand this, madam
What do I do with their advance?
- Simple, mom Return it
How about me?
Your girl refusesnow what?
- Even her Mom will agree!
We want the girl; not the mom!
The agency's paying for her!
Why didn't you say you weren't going?
- And why didn't you stop me?
How could I?
- Like everybody else does
Will you now? Or do I call Mom?
It still isn't cancelled
That's not the way, Jai
- So what's the way?
Say it as everyone in love does
- Well? I see!
Will you worry only about those
plants? Think about your son too
What happened?
- Ajay's leave is getting is over
He might be transferred But he
could marry Anjali while he's here
Anjali could live with us
and I'd get some help
Talk it over with him!
- But you discuss it with Jai
Why me?
- He has grown up, no doubt
But he still doesn't see me
in the eye He respects me
He won't be able to discuss
his marriage with me
But he'll feel shy with me too!
How will I discuss it?
You must do it
there he is!
But now
- He's leavinghurry up!
As your Mom said
- Your Dad wanted to say something
We want to discuss your
marrage, my son
Thank God you've brought it up!
I was going to talk to you too
It's on today's agendalook
Discuss the marriage at 300
I have everything planned out
How and when the marriage
will take place
It should be a simple ceremony
- Listen, son
Dad will discuss the rest
with her dad, Mom
Give up that bicycle, Anjali
Prepare for the palanquin now
Palanquin? What for?
- Stop pretending
Jai just spoke about your marriage
Go and talk it over with her father
Had you called the Major, Tiwari?
- No
Is Mr Mishra in?
- In that room, sir
It's him, all right
Here without an appointment
Watch how I treat him
I'II have him sweating!
Welcome, Major
- Sorry, I think
I'm a film writer, Awasthi
I pen his speeches nowadays
Must you always speak
Go and sit in the verandah!
He's mere translator
- Sit down
Sorry, you have no appointment
and Mr Mishra doesn't have the time
SO please finish with your questions
in just 5 minutes Hurry up
You were stopped by the
security, Mr Mishra And yet
What democracy is this if you
stop people from going to temples!
You are
- I know what you will ask!
Tiwari has told me everything
I was the one who was abducted
I went through all the trouble!
And you want to harass me now
While the terrorists go about
scotfree, in the entire nation!
That I was an atheist and
turned a believer
and visited the temple,
is my personal affair!
I don't owe any explanations!
- You do owe an explanation!
Your abduction in the temple
the death of several officers
in trying to rescue you
and Abhrush's involvement
in the conspiracy
is not your personal affair
It has to do with national security
Don't raise that head
too much, Major
This is the house of a senior leader
of the country It's not your office
As far as the nation's
security is concerned
we see no difference
between thieves and leaders
You call Mr Mishra a thief?!
Go onget out
You have slapped him!
This slap was actually
meant for you, Mr Mishra
You must remember this
Don't you ever raise your hand
on a soldier in uniform again
Really? Let me see how long
you wear this uniform
Whether I remain in uniform or not,
the day I find the traitors
I'll hack them!
Why did you say sorry, sir?
- It was a slip of tongue
We had great expectations
when we joined hands with you
We paid you whenever you sought money
and wherever you asked for it
We have always understood
your needs
But you do not understand the
pressure I am under right now
I do, of course
- You understand nothing!
You have no idea what money
and risks we have invested
in infiltrating this nation!
Our friends are attacking army
and civilian targets as planned
We are waiting for
our chief, Abhrush
so we will blow up the main target
and declare a new war!
It's 28 days and you don't even
have the code!
We don't know where Abhrush is moved
and when And who moves him!
What can I do? This case is being
handled by that bastard, Jaidev!
He's the one who receives the
code-number, directly from the HQ
You have a man in his unit
Why don't you get him to do it?
No That's impossible His unit
is already looking for the traitor
We can't compromise him and
put our mission at risk
You must accomplish this job
- How many things will I do?!
I got myself kidnapped
so Abhrush would be released
But that bastard not only rescued
me, he arrested Abhrush too!
I'm scared he might have me
thrown in the cell, too
I find myself in mess
for no reason
All right I'll deliver you
from this mess, Mr Mishra
Thank you
Hold itI'll do it for you!
- You must hurry
If Abhrush isn't a free man in
a week, you'll be finished
You won't need to
do this, Mr Bakshi
I've been following Jaidev
for some days now
I'm looking for the opportunity
The day it clicks
I'II have killed two birds
with one stone
You've changed for the better, Major
You've started buying flowers now
But you're an idiot
I like roses
Those flowers, Anjali
- Never mind
I'll alter my tastes for you
"It's your smile that makes
these flowers blossom, Pooja"
"Yours, Jai"
What insolence is this?!
Why must you give flowers to Pooja?
She's clung to you like a lizard,
ever since you've returned!
Not a word against, Pooja!
Mind you!
What does she mean to you?
- I'm in love with her
And how about me?
You're a friend, Anjali
Of course, I love you
but as a friend
You're a very dear friend
- I don't want your friendship
Now listen, Anjali
You're looking smart, dad
Nothing much I wanted you
to meet General Mallappa
Why? Why must I meet him?
- How else will you finalise things?
Not him He's a chatterbox
He bores me to death
Never mind that Look at this list
we've prepared for your wedding
I'm talking about my wedding too!
- Anjali! Come on in!
Sit down it's your marriage
we were talking about
This is wrong, dad
- What's wrong?
We've accepted Anjali long ago
Nothing wrong in talking before her
He's a smart cookie, dear
He has already drawn up his list
Go ahead and make yours about how
you want the wedding to take place
I'm marrying Pooja, dad
not Anjali
Wait sit down
Which is why I wanted you
to meet General Mallappa
What's wrong? Have the
two of you had a fight?
There's nothing of the sort, mom
Anjali's a dear friend
We have played together as kids
and have grown up together
I we have never thought
of each other as life-partners
I'm in love with Pooja
And she loves me too
We want to get married and
her parents are willing too
What are you talking about?!
How's this possible?
How will Anjali and we always
took her for our daughter-in-law
I just can't figure out
how you could think this way!
That's not possible, mom
- Why not?
She knows you and understands you
You will be happy together
How can you say
such things, dad?
I'm in love with Pooja and
I'd be happy only with her
Listen, son we won't find a
daughter-in-law like Anjali
And no wife for you like Anjali
Anjali's a very nice girl
- Pooja's a nice girl too
You know General Mallappa
They're such a decent family
They move around in
elite circles
Pooja's intelligent and beautiful
You'll be happy to meet her, dad
You aren't thinking about Anjali
What happens of her?
Anjali will get married too
I'll find her a nice bridegroom
Please meet General Mallappa
He wants the engagement
solemnised this week
Are you leaving?
- Yes
Why? What happened?
- Nothing
I hope, I am not disturbing you?
- What's this farce for, Anjali?
My dance? You know the manager
of this restaurant, Mr Daruwala
He insisted that I present
a dance at this hotel
I was in a good mood today
So I did it
Didn't you like it?
Pooja must've liked it, I'm sure
The high-society girl, after all
Well, Pooja?
- Yes, it was nice
Great style! Your Miss India
does use her charm, Jai
Does she pack the passions too,
or is it just
Why must you get angry, Jai?
I asked because I see
nothing great in her
What have you seen in her?
What spelI have you cast on Jai?
I don't talk to
cheap girls like you
Oh get lost, plastic fool!
Wait, Jaiplease listen to me
Ever since I've grown up,
you're the only one I have loved
People are watching
- I don't care!
Just don't fall in her trap!
Listen to me
Ask yourself, Jai
you are in love with me
What do I lack, Jai?
What do I lack?!
I'll give you the pleasure
and joy, no other girl can
Don't touch him!
- Anjali!
That was a terrible way
he treated you
How could he behave so badly with
a girl who loves him so much?
- Who are you?
Jai is blinded by arrogance
He can't see how much you love him
He will understand your love
only when you break his pride
You'II have to do
something small for that
- Go to Jai's office tomorrow
You will find a brown envelope
in a red file placed on his table
You will find a number on
the rear of the envelope
Just get me the number, dear
- What number is it?
Nothing much, a number to do
with a road contract proposal
A contract Pooja's father
wants to bag
Should I get the number, dear
I will get the contract
And you wilI have Jai
- How's that?
The moment the number is lost,
Jai will be suspended for some days
And General Mallappa
would rather die
than let his daughter marry
an officer who's suspended
Jai's arrogance will be shattered
He will then understand your love
And Jai will belong only to you
I'll wait outside the office near
the telephone booth tomorrow evening
Who is it?
May I come in?
It's enough that you have
realised your mistake
Forget it
Pooja's coming here anyway
You must apologise to her
I badly wanted to talk to you
I couldn't sleep all night
I haven't even eaten anything
I don't know what happened
Calm down
Can I have a glass of water?
- Sure I'll get some coffee too
Have you got the number?
What number was it?
- Jai won't be harmed, will he?
You wilI have Jai
- But
We don't know each other
We will not meet again, okay?
That would be best for you
Major Kartar Singh will move
Abhrush tomorrow morning
The route is the Kulin pass
Watch out!
Don't anyone open fire!
Else, you'll take away
his corpse!
We caught with such
great difficulty!
How? How could they get to
know of Abhrush's movement?
Abrush's escape proves your
security wasn't fool-proof, Major
What do you mean?
- Only you had the code-number
You're the only one who knew
about itnobody else
The code-number was either stolen
from your office, or you have
What are you getting at?
- I have names of everyone
who called on you after you received
the code-number last evening
Tell me, if you suspect
anyone of them
That envelope lay in my personal
fileand it was before my eyes!
Nobody could have seen it!
I didn't leave the room, sir
I put it in my locker before locking
up my office It's still there!
I can't understand why Col Rana
is asking me such questions!
Captain Kashyap just got some
important documents signed and left
She's like family!
Major Mehta?
- He delivered some papers and left
You're the only one left
- What's happening, sir?!
Such questions amount to aspersions
on my capability and integrity!
You're thinking only
about yourself, Major!
Abhrush's escape is a blot
on our unit's reputation!
It's a setback to the
nation's security!
I'm part of the unit, too!
I equally regret what has happened!
The code-number could have been
leaked, even before I received it!
D'you know what you're saying?!
- I know there's a mole in our unit!
A bloody traitor!
Who's leaking our secrets!
No one is doubting your
abilities, Major Jaidev
But the dice is loaded against you
By losing your cool, you're only
worsening the case for yourself
It's a grave mess up
investigations are inevitable
You will preside over
this enquiry
Major Jaidev will not be
allowed to attend office
till this enquiry is completed
He will not leave the unit-line
without permission from me
A team of intelligence officials
is arriving from Delhi
I expect you to respect
the army's traditions
and extend your whole-hearted
support to them
I can assure you I will not let
any injustice be done to you
This is no ordinary enquiry!
You forget the Desai case?
It was like this one
He killed his own children
and committed suicide
This isn't an enquiry into
corruption or theft
it has to do with treason!
And you know how serious it is!
Treachery against the country
What if we were already married?
- Thank your stars, you're not
People would spit on us too
I will meet Jai and stand by him
You will not meet Jai
That's final!
Your father is right, Pooja
You're being naive
Jai can't get out of this quicksand
Don't do something we will also
have to regret all our lives
Look at General Mallappa
Someone asked him at the club
what he thought of the
enquiry against Jai
Strange man! He turned his face away,
as if he doesn't even know Jai!
Won't he get his daughter
married to Jai then?
To hell with him!
I'll tell Jai not to get
married into such a family
Jai won't be harmed in
this enquiry, will he?
Nothing will happen to him Nothing!
The truth will surely emerge
He will come to no harm
But curse be on those who have
hatched this conspiracy!
They will rot in hell!
They will die a miserable death!
They will be destroyed!
There's someone at the door
and you're just standing here?
I know who it is
Jai mustn't step into this house
I've been knocking for a long time
I thought
How are you, Jai?
- All right
There's this enquiry being conducted
But everything will be okay soon
I called you twice yesterday
Didn't your Mom tell you?
She didbut I came home late
And I was busy even today
There's something I want
to talk to you about, Pooja
We're expecting some
important guests, Jai
I've got to make preparations
and Mummy's terribly tense
You know how Mom is, don't you?
- I can understand
Could we take a small walk?
I won't waste too much of your time
Noguests will arrive any moment
I have so much to do
All right
I'll call you tomorrow
NoI'll call you
The door's open Come in
May I come in, uncle?
- Do come in, son
Sorry to be disturbing you
so late in the night
I've had one too many today
I saw the light in Dad's room
and you know, he's angry with me
I came here, because I don't
want him to see me in this state
Maybe I'm disturbing you?
- Not at all! C'mon in
Sit down
I've disturbed your reading
- Not at all, son
How far have they got
with the enquiry?
They're still at itYou know how
it is with the army's investigation
It might take time,
but it's going to be all right
Tongues will always wag, uncle
but I don't care
But it does hurt when someone
close, starts avoiding me
and becoming indifferent
You feel it
Am I boring you?
- No, son
Actually, I went to
see Pooja recently
But she wouldn't come with me
She refused
I wanted to talk to her
I don't know why she turned me down
But she loves me very much
And I love her a lot, too
You know we're getting
married soon, don't you?
But she refused to see me
It must actually have been
her motherWhat do you think?
Parents do tend to be a little
more strict in such cases, right?
But I wonder she didn't
even telephone me
Mr Dave has arrived from Delhi
for the investigation, son
What does he think?
- I don't know
But I've answered every question
he asked in the last 3 days
I didn't even take offence to
something he asked time and again
I was afraid he'd find
a clue in my statement
which would lead him
to the real traitor
I have a feeling they don't
want to get to the truth
They have already decided
that I'm guilty
They've engaged spies to shadow me
They're following meme!
As if I were the traitor!
As if I'd sell the code!
How are you?
- How are you, Jai?
Okay The enquiry's still underway
I got emotional with your dad today
I must go
- It's late Eat before you leave
They must be waiting for me
- Eat before you leave, I say
Sit down here Or I'll
- Have me Court Martialled?
I'm really disturbing you folks
And Anjali
She's right, son
Have something to eat
She's very stubborn
What's this?
- Some vegetable rolls
I like you being stubborn today
I haven't eaten properly
in the last many days
Let's go, driver
What happened?
Well, Major?
She has gone away, has she?
That was Pooja Mallappa, right?
- Want us to call her back?
Go and bring her back, Tiwari
- There's no need for that
They're waiting for you, sir
Don't lose heart, Major
She mustn't have heard you
She heard him, did you say?
No one stands by you in
your bad times, Mr Mishra
I will stand by him! I'll talk to
her and bring them together
I have some duty, too
The Major has saved my life
That's not necessary
Welcome, Mr Mishra!
Everyone's waiting for you!
Thanksone is enough
- Could I have one, too?
You? Go ahead and garland him
Please come You're being awaited
- Go ahead I'll get my friend
Why're you bothering him, Mr Mishra?
I hope it doesn't misfire on you
Write just my speeches, feller
Don't tell me what to do in life!
Go and sit in the jeep Go on!
Join us for some snacks, Major
He doesn't seem to be in the mood
What's wrong with his mood?
- Abhrush has escaped
and he has lost the girl too
Are you going to hit me?
Once again?
You slapped this cheek then
Slap the other one now
He's really slapped him!
I warned him not to
mess with that chap!
You wanted the garland, didn't you?
So enjoy yourself!
The garland's gonna kill you!
Go and help him!
- I'm a writer, sir I'm no fighter!
Where are you going?!
Don't cover your eyes!
He's being stripped!
Don't look back him!
He'll beat you up!
Where to?
- In the boot then?
Let me get in too!
Let's get out of herequick!
What isn't right, Col Husain?
Every evidence the enquiry has
unearthed, is against Jaidev
There was a transaction of
a huge amount of money
Their papers were found
in Jaidev's drawer!
We can't ignore all this evidence
- I'm sorry to say this
but evidence could even
be planted, sir
What are you trying to say?
- Jaidev would never do this, sir
It's impossible He's the
best officer of my unit
Service to the nation has been
a tradition in his family
Jaidev could never do
such a thing, sir
I can understand your
feelings, Col Husain
Remember the officers who were caught
in the Godhra and Karnal spy cases?
They were the best of
the officers too
Who could have suspected them?
You can never say when
or what pressure
a soldier will sell out
or succumb to
Which is why we must
overcome our emotions
and go by the book
in such cases
Here are the convening orders
for Jaidev's Court Martial
What madness is this, sir?!
Will you arrest me?!
Will you Court Martial me?!
Why don't you understand?!
This is Abhrush's ploy
to get me out of the way
so his mission can succeed!
He has implicated me
with the help of the traitor
who is in our midst!
Do you hear that?
What's all this? You see
these medals, don't you?
Are they given to someone who
sells the nationto a traitor?!
I have worshipped this nation
and this institution!
I have placed the army before
my family and self
The whole of my lineage has been
dedicated to this institution
I have always staked my life
to uphold the dignity of the army!
And this very institution today
rubs my face in the dirt!
It is out to crush me!
Phone for you, sir
Jai? This is Pooja
I'm calling from the airport
I'm leaving for Australia
I've accepted the contract
for modelling, Jai
I wish things had worked out
the way we wanted them to
Why have you come here, Anjali?
I've been wanting to meet you
But they wouldn't let me
With difficulty
- Go away
Now look, Jai
- Go away
I want to tell you something
It might help you
Nobody can help me anymore
My soul is dead
it's charred!
And what can you do?
Pray to God?
So ask Himfor what sin
am I paying such a heavy price?
Who is the one who has
ruined my life?
If I could get my hands
on him onceJust once
We're delighted that you want
to donate money for our library
We have several priceless books
in this library
The moment I get your cheque,
I will first
get the electrical fittings
in the building completed
What's that round thing there?
- Part of the old drainage system
We had to cut it when
we made the basement
It's not being used anymore
- Where does it lead to?
Across the road, it flows
into the big drain
Listen carefully There will be an
assembly of atleast 10,000 people
Have more sets of RDX brought in
and plant it in this place
- 10 in this VIP area
- Greetings!
Greetings, Mr Abhrush!
- Greetings
You look in good health
But you had weakened before Jaidev!
Look! A model of the Town Hall!
- Right! A replica!
We're holding a big function at
this place on the 15th of August
I will deliver a speech
from this place!
A combined celebration of the
Independence Day and the success
of Operation Vijay
- You're wrong
You won't be in town that night
- Why not?!
One moment!
Is this your main target?
Your big mission?
Nonot this one
It'll be devastating
This is my constituencyspare it!
Please drop this mission!
You want to kill people, right?
You can do it anywhere else
You have the nation for yourselves
- With such a large population!
I have always killed
And will continue to do it
This time, I am here
not only to kill
but to strip your nation
of its pride
The Town Hall is the
pride of your city
The occasion is the celebration
of the Independence Day
and the success of Operation Vijay
After a great deal of thought
have I chosen the occasion
and this place too
We will turn your celebrations
into mourning
We will prove that the success
of Operation Vijay is a farce
We never retreated We have only
gotten further into your country
into your homes
I will pile up so many bodies
that people will forget the horror
of the Jalianwala Bagh massacre
No more will the Indians raise their
heads with pride on August 15th
They will hang their
heads in shame
The blowing up of Town Hall
will only be the beginning
We will then unleash such
terror in this country
that the people will wince
in pain in horror!
They will go down on their knees
and appeal to the Government
to settle the matter with us!
"Give away whatever they ask for,
so we can breathe peacefully!"
The government will then be compelled
to listen to the public
and Kashmir will belong to us!
God willing!
What do you think of my plan?
Someone says something and
- Not someone They're all saying it!
There's a silence the moment
I step into the club
A deafening silence
Even my friends are avoiding me
- No It can't be
Whenever I hear someone laugh
I feel as if they're laughing at me
What am I to do?
My son is a bloody traitor!
Jai is not a traitor!
You must have faith in your son!
We must not lose hope
No! What are you doing?
- Let me go!
Your food, sir
- I must go home
- I've got to go home
Where are you going, sir?
- I've got to go home
Be bravethe doctor says
the General is out of danger
Jai has arrived
- What happened?
What happened, uncle?
Your father shot himself
Your mother's with him
Go and start trouble
Don't just watch
Join him!
Go on!
I have been ruined!
My family was killed in the war
so how can a traitor like you live?!
I'II have your blood!
Why are you following me?
- Liar!
You lied to me that the number
had to do with a proposal!
You said nothing would happen to Jai
after a minor enquiry!
Didn't you say that?
- Now listen!
You're responsible for all this!
You have betrayed Jai!
It was you who stole
the code number! You!
No! I did nothing! Nothing!
You were the one who did it!
It's your bloody conspiracy!
It's you who's responsible
And this is only my profession
As for you, you did everything
so you could be happy
You wanted revenge from Jai;
you wanted to hurt him!
You wanted to see him suffer!
Don't deny ityou're the one
responsible for Jai's plight
You have betrayed him
You have devastated him!
I promised you Jai
and he's all yours
No one wants him anymore
go ahead and claim him
And listen, don't utter a word
about your dirty deed
Or else, they'll spit on you
as they're spitting on Jai
You will lose the man
you have always pined for
Major Jaidev is guilty of
betraying the country
and escaping from custody
Under Section AA 71
and Section AA 51
the President of India
hereby withdraws the rank of
Commissioned Officer
He is also being handed over
to the civil police
to undergo years of
Rigorous Imprisonment
Excellent! Wonderful!
Anjali's still alive and
she cornered Tiwari today
But Tiwari said he would
- To hell with Tiwari!
She should have been killed the
moment we got the code number
Negligence of this kind can upset
our mission We may all die
Tiwari too?
- D'you have something to say?
We've made a mistake anyway
So why not drop the mission?
D'you want to die with Tiwari too?
- No! Dispatch him, as you will!
Anjali and Tiwari
must be killed today
Jai's innocent
I know
- He's not a traitor
Sit down, Anjali
- It was I who stole the code
What?! What did you say?
I went to Jai's office that evening
I sent him out
and read the code-number
on the documentin the red file
It was I who stole the code number
- Why? What for?!
Jai said he wasn't in love with me;
he was in love with Pooja
He said he wanted to marry her
I thought if I got the code-number,
Jai would be suspended
His engagement with Pooja
would be severed
And I could have him for myself
How could youdo you know
what you have done?
D'you know?
- No! I don't!
I thought it was some number
of a road building contract
That's what I was told by the man
who sent me there
Who's that? Who was he?
- The one who's always with Mishra
The chap Jai beat up
- Tiwari? So Jai was right!
The police will take
Jai to Delhi in two hours
Before that, I will
deal with this bastard!
I'm the guilty one
I want to die! I want to die!
What? You want to die?
You want to die now that
you have ruined Jai's life?
Should you really be ashamed
of what you've done
you must stand by Jai! You must
fight to prove his innocence
If you're killed in this battle, your
death wilI have some justification!
What can I do if the
flights are delayed?
Your chap hasn't turned up
with the money yet
I think he's here
I'll call you later
You've come here, have you?
Didn't I tell you
not to follow me?
She's lying!
She's lying, sir
They're all hand in glove with
Abhrush, Mishra and Rana too!
I'm only a slave!
I'll tell you everything!
Abhrush's going to blow up the Town
Hall at the function tomorrow
There's going to be a huge
blast, sirit'll kill many
I can help you, sir
I don't need a worm like you
to avert that
I feel like snuffing you out
right here
But I must keep you alive
to prove Jai's innocence
Come with me
Save me, sir! Please!
Open that door, Anjali
Get out of here!
Howwho was it?
- It was
Abhrush and his men are going
to blow up the Town Hall
at the function tomorrow
- But
Rana's in cohorts with them
Thousands of innocents
will lose their lives
Think of nothing else now
You're a true soldier
Just do it!
Undo the handcuffs! Quick!
Go away Take that rear exit out
- No!
Are you okay?
We have done all we could, son
But she's critical
She must survive this night
So pray to God
Do not leave me, Anjali
Relaxlie down
I'll send someone in here
Stop the jeep!
Where are you going?
Are you okay?
I've got to stop Abhrush
I will return soon
I will go with you
- No, Anjali
I've spoken to David He will
take you to a safe place
But I want to be with you!
I want to be with you, too
lyou have
I have hurt you so much
I've never understood your feelings
And last night, when
I thought I was going to lose you
And I realised how much
you mean to me
If I return successful
I will marry you
No! I can't do this!
I can't!
D'you still think I'm?
No I'm not guilty
I have not betrayed the country
It's I who has betrayed
I have let you down!
I have betrayed you!
I don't want to sin again
by keeping quiet now
Under the pretext of an apology,
I came to your office that day
and stole the code
I gave it to Tiwari
He said it had to do with
a road contract
That you would be suspended
for a few days
I had just one intention
I wanted to hurt you, Jai
I wanted your engagement
with Pooja, broken off
I wanted you at any cost!
I'm your culprit, Jai
Punish me! Kill me!
David! Take her away
Take her away!
Let's go
Stop crying, dear
I have sinned! I want to die!
God will forgive you, dear
You have confessed your guilt
We found this girl and
the man in the forest, sir
What did Tiwari reveal
before he died?
What does Jai know
about our plan?
She won't speak She'd rather
die than open her mouth
I see the obsession in her eyes
Till we have Jai in our custody
it's necessary for us
that she lives
She will lose her life with
the completion of the mission
Jai! How are you?
Where have you been, my son?!
How are you, mom?
How's dad?
Okaybut he's embarasssed
He regrets what he has done
I've got to know everything, mom
Anjali has told me everything
This is Abhrush's conspiracy
He has the help of some traitors
Anjali was used as a tool
to implicate me
I won't spare anyone of them
no one
He's going to trigger off an
explosion at Town Hall
where we are going to celebrate
the victory of Kargil
What?! What are you talking about?
It's true
I've got to stop him
Even if I don't return You must
know that your son did his best
You will surely succeed, my son
Your Dad and I will be
at the Town Hall
to share your success with you
- But
I have faith in you
You will succeed You will!
Yes, I'm going to
Switzerland next month
We can square up
the accounts there
Is Susan coming there too?
Step on it! Drive faster!
Are the passports and visas ready?
- Yes, I've given them to Rana
But where is Rana?
It's him Where are you Rana?
Rana's at my feet, Abhrush
Surprised, aren't you?
We were equally surprised when
you called our Head Quarters
This dog you had planted
in our unit
I've made him squeal about you
It's your turn now
- Come to your senses, silly boy
and run for your life
It's not me alone Your own
government is gunning for you
You have your government on your
side, don't you? So call them
Call all your brothers!
I'm coming to the Town Hall
all by myself
The celebrations today will be
incomplete without your death
What will you gain out of
killing me, Jai? So join me!
I have a lot of money!
I'll give you as much as you ask for!
Whom are you
fighting for anyway?
For a country that has stripped
you of your uniform?!
My loyalty to my nation
lies not in my uniform
it runs in my veins!
But you won't understand that
You could even sell
your mother for money
Can you die for the country?
The country needs your life today
Let's go to the Town Hall
No! I've got to go to Delhi
to deliver a speech!
Abhrush has planted explosives at
the Town Hall with your help!
Thousands will lose their lives
and you will deliver a speech
in Delhi, will you?
My wife and kids are at
the Town Hall, sir!
You work for a traitor!
No, sir! I didn't know he's such
a scoundrel and a traitor, sir!
Only you can save
my wife and children!
I will do anything
you say, sir!
Please believe me, sirPlease!
- Bring him along
You bastard! Traitor!
You betray the nation!
Please let me go!
I will do as you say!
The explosives on his body are
connected to this remote control
This bastard will be blown up
the moment this is opened
Keep this
Listen, we're using you to gain
an entry into the function
If you try to get smart
I'll open iteven if you take
a deep breaththis opens!
I will do nothing of the sort
I'll take you to the function!
Start laying out the explosives
in the basement and the library
And listen carefully
these are the three points from
where Jai can get into the function
The three of you will keep vigil
Kill Jai, the moment you spot him
At 1145, use the tunnel to get
out, having checked the points
I will connect all the explosives
to the Tower Clock
and come out at 1150
At midnightwhen the
clock strikes
Wait, sirno one is
allowed inside
I'm the caretaker of the Town Hall,
Amanullah Khan Here's my I-card
Go on
- Thanks
Back off
A security check for Mr Mishra!
- This is an insult!
A security check for me?!
Who's this?
- My speech writer
And thisis the one the PM
has sent for my security
Everything okay, Jabbar?
- Okay
I'm going to connect the bombs
in the Clock Tower Watch out
I must leave, Awasthi
Keep an eye on him
This goes off, if he
even breathes deeply
The message of this function
if peace and bravery!
We have a built a memorial
towards this end
which will be inaugurated
at midnight
At the strike of 1200
a message of peace will
spread all over the world
No one went in, I hope?
- No, sir
Except the caretaker, Mr Amanullah
He's the only one who went in
I know you're hiding somewhere,
Major Come on out
I'm holding Anjali captive
Come on out!
Call him outGo on!
You love him more dearly
than your life, don't you?
I want to see if he loves you too
Will you step out or
do I blow out her brains?
Hold it!
Drop your pistol
I had told you Our next meeting
would spell death for you
Bombs have been planted
all over the basement, sir!
The bombs will go off if you
disconnect the wrong wire
Abhrush said all the bombs have been
connected to the Tower Clock
The bombs will go off, the moment
the clock strikes 1200
There's no time to stop the clock!
We must defuse the bombs here!
Anjali's hanging from the clock's
pendelum That has stopped it!
Thanks to her
it gives us more time
A back-up plan 0 seconds after
the clock stops, the bombs go off!
Go to the power-house and
unplug all connections!
I have defused the bombs
I'm now going to the Tower Clock
Give me your hand!
Go on!
Don't do something silly!
I hold nothing against you!
Believe me!
I know you did everything, only
because you blindly loved me
I also know that no one will
ever love me more than you do
I can't live without you either
I can't live without you
For the sake of my love!
Give me your hand!
We had to stop the clock
Because there was a conspiracy
to blow up this place
at the stroke of midnight
But Major Jai of my regiment,
and his friend Anjali
have averted a catastrophe
Victory to India!
Give me the remote now
- Let me have some betel first
He has fainted!
This is a fake bomb, Mishra!
Wake up! You've got to
testify in court!