Pulimada (2023) Movie Script

As through waves I roam and glide
A serenading ripple, by your side
Your forehead, I caress with love's light
A lullaby whispers, through the night
O morning flower
My heart's cherished part
Within me, you throbbed, a beating start
I am the mandolin that weeps
In pain's embrace, our story seeps
As through waves I roam and glide
A serenading ripple, by your side
Your forehead, I caress with love's light
A lullaby whispers, through the night
O morning flower
My heart's cherished part
Within me, you throbbed, a beating start
I am the mandolin that weeps
In pain's embrace, our story seeps
you're the security guard
for the Yakshi sculpture now, right?
It's a huge statue,
around 30 feet tall, right?
Why are you so scared
to be there on your own?
Do you want to smoke?
You can smoke.
The Yakshi reminds me of my mother.
Interesting! Are you comparing your mother
to Yakshi, a vampire?
My mother was an angel.
People chained her, claiming she was mad.
She remained in chains until she died.
I used to set her free sometimes.
Poor thing!
The earlier generation used
to do that due to their ignorance.
Come to think of it,
is there anyone
in this world who is not mad?
Am I not mad?
I am!
I'm scared that
I might also inherit her illness.
That's the reason
why my wedding got canceled.
Another family has shown interest now.
Do you like the girl?
Yes, I like her.
Then, what's the problem?
Are you afraid to have sex?
Then, proceed!
Let me make this clear.
There is nothing wrong
with your mind, Vincent.
You are perfectly alright.
You will be a good husband.
Give me your hand.
Wish you a happy married life!
I am telling you, right?
Believe me, man!
When you came
Twilight's beauty you've become
I yearned for a rose, my heart undone
The wish to wed
My eyes did gleam
Adorned in moonlit gown
A rainy night's dream
Beside me, you stood
In love's sweet embrace
A poem of dreams
My heart's glowing grace
On the path of memories, I'll impart
Flowers of smiles to fill your heart
No more silence, words now flow
Expressing love's bloom, emotions aglow
Hey, groom!
It's his wedding,
and he's coming only now!
- Did you buy the primer?
- Yes.
Get changed and come here.
The groom is shining!
just see if your house
looks the same as earlier.
It's good.
Where will you set up the tents?
We'll set them up
from that end to this end.
They've taken the measurements.
So, the "Welcome" board
will be over there.
There's no point keeping it there.
It should be here.
- Keep it there.
- People would come here to take photos.
No, place it there.
The pantry will be here, right?
The pantry will be there.
This is the blue color you wanted, right?
- No!
- No?
- So?
- But that's okay.
In the blue sky, she became a cloud
Cool rain's embrace, her presence allowed
Like the drum's rhythm, she stirs my soul
Completeness found, making me whole
On this dark night, her glow's so bright
A beautiful body, a celestial sight
Come, shine a light, forever stay
Guiding my path, love's guiding ray
Hey! I didn't mean that.
How much is your salary, Jessy?
Ten thousand rupees.
If we sell the coffee beans
and chilies from our property,
we will get at least 25,000 rupees.
The income from our property
belongs to the women in the family.
It's a tradition that my father started.
Even in that case, you will still
make a profit of 15,000 rupees, Jessy.
It's not that.
My entire education will be wasted, right?
Why is that?
One of us should be educated
so that we can teach our children, right?
What about the toilet?
The toilet was built by my father.
He didn't like having the toilet
inside the house.
How can we defecate inside the house?
But we are not doing it
inside the house, right?
We do it inside the toilet, right?
Come here first.
It's just a toilet, right?
We will arrange it once you get here.
Okay, then.
The van from Kottayam is here!
That's not the van from Kottayam.
That's from Idukki.
- Jesus!
- Careful.
We've reached the mountain
of the holy cross!
Bring the kids.
Watch the kids.
There are deep gorges on both sides.
- Yes?
- You could have brought the van down here.
I could have. But then, I'd need
a crane to bring it back up.
Vincent said that
you all started yesterday.
We started yesterday.
It's a long drive, right?
By the way, we haven't
come here on an airplane.
We came in a van.
This is the country's border, right?
- Hey, kiddo!
- Walk carefully.
There are some wine bottles
in the vehicle.
- Keep them safe.
- Okay.
Hey, I'm all sweaty!
Check out the glow on his face!
Do you know how much we prayed,
lighting a hundred candles,
for your wedding to take place
before the church festival?
Didn't you see your grandma, Vincent?
Pray with me.
- Praise be to Jesus Christ!
- Praise be to Him, now and always!
Don't you eat anything now?
You've lost weight!
- Me?
- Yes.
I have to manage
everything alone, right?
We were supposed to
come three days ago.
We can only come
after he harvests his ginger, right?
She can say what she wants!
If I don't harvest the ripe ginger,
- it will get scorched...
- Hey kids!
- Be careful!
- You go there with them!
- It's a deep gorge over there!
- Don't run.
Kuttappappy and Thankam
will be here soon.
We have to tolerate his bragging!
- Oh, no! He is like my father to me.
- Oh, God!
- That bugger?
- Yes.
How long have I been asking
you to change this junk?
I'm coming!
- Open this!
- I will open it.
Get down.
This is that beggar's van, right?
- He must have started begging! Come fast.
- Remember, this is a wedding house!
- You've brought our item, right?
- Yes
- Keep it safe.
- We are here as well!
There's some more in the vehicle.
- Take those as well.
- Okay.
- Uncle!
- Our item has arrived!
Hey, kiddo! How are you?
Kunja and Uncle Monu
from Mukkatta won't come.
Jolly, their eldest daughter,
just had a baby.
- They had called me.
- Did they?
Why didn't you come early?
How can I come early?
I had to prepare the hooch, right?
Hey Anna, when are you
joining the nursing course?
You transfer one acre of this
rocky mountain in my name.
I will make her a doctor, not a nurse!
Hey! I signaled your junk vehicle
on the way. Why didn't you stop?
We didn't see his Benz, right Sherly?
- Enough!
- What's wrong with my vehicle?
- I reached here before you, right?
- There's nothing wrong with your Benz.
- What's wrong with my vehicle? Say that!
- Whatever.
If both of you create a ruckus over here,
I will break your legs!
Hey! Come over here!
- I will show you tonight!
- What
- Shut up!
- Don't embarrass us!
- Come on, walk!
- What else?
She was my only sibling.
What all did you bear?
it's your son's wedding.
You are happy, right?
Oh, my Jesus!
- Hey Kuttimani!
- Yes.
Go and buy flowers in the morning.
Jasmine flowers.
I will buy them.
- Father, why are you late?
- Praise be to Him.
Praise be to Him.
Come, Father.
- Has everyone arrived?
- All the losers have arrived.
- Praise be to Jesus Christ.
- Enough with the praises!
Done with the greetings?
Why are you late, Father?
- Shouldn't we give sweets to the groom?
- Let's start.
Auntie, you say it.
Everyone! Shall we
give sweets to the groom?
Give it!
Shall we give
sweets to the groom?
Give it!
Shall we give
sweets to the groom?
Give it!
Give it.
Take it.
- Take a pinch.
- Just a pinch.
Take the sugar.
Three times, right, Father? Three times.
Don't eat too much sugar.
You will get diabetes.
- Make sure you don't do it!
- Here, Achaya.
Here is a watch!
Take it, dear.
He will have the best time
of his life from now on!
Have you brought
anything to give him?
This watch is only worth 150 rupees.
I paid for this entire arrangement.
Shut your mouth!
Those who want to give gifts can give now.
- Hey, serve the dinner!
- It's ready.
"Iron Rod" will serve it.
You could have called Ragini.
It would have spiced things up.
Sister! All okay?
We will send some
food over to the convent.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Johnny, can you deliver food
to the convent on Iron Rod's bike?
Have this.
It's a special dish!
Oh, it's very strong.
Fantastic hooch!
We don't mix yeast like you do.
We use toddy.
Stop talking
and hand over the bottle.
- Wait. I will show you.
- Give it to me.
- Here you go.
- Don't fight!
This is it, right?
- Hey! Has Jessy found a job yet?
- What do we do with him?
Why does she need another job?
She just has
to manage the house and me, right?
Like father like son.
- Velu.
- What?
Go to the dining area.
- There's no one to serve food.
- I'll go.
- Keep a bottle aside. Okay?
- Hey.
Give two bottles to the parish clerk.
Why can't the priest and the clerk
- buy it from the liquor store?
- Iron Rod, give it to them.
There's plenty of hooch here.
Give it to them.
Try it, groom.
Hope your stomach doesn't
get upset by drinking it.
Kottayam Christians make the best hooch.
It's better than scotch whiskey!
How is it?
It burns, right?
- Like a coal train!
- That's Kuttappappy's hooch!
You won't realize it's worth now.
When you go to the
bridal chamber tomorrow,
you will be rock steady!
You might fall asleep
if you drink too much.
Then you won't wake up!
I don't want it
if that is the case!
Iron Rod!
- Come here.
- Smoking gun!
Hey! He'll say all sorts of things.
- Take this.
- Add wood to the fire.
It's good quality stuff.
Take a drag.
Light the fire.
Take deep drags.
- Deep drags!
- You will lead him astray.
How is it?
- Here.
- What?
- It hit me!
- See if that pipe fits the bottle.
I don't want it.
Don't waste a single drop.
Show me your hand.
Here's fifty.
This is all I could arrange.
I'm not in need of money now.
It's not money!
The stuff you smoked now?
It's 50-loaded guns like that one!
Enjoy it during your wedding night
and honeymoon!
Enjoy it until you
lay your foundation!
I can't give you a useless
watch like your Kuttappappy.
I can only give you something decent.
That's why I gave you
this "responsible" gift.
How is it?
Hey, kiddo!
- Your dad and his family
- Take this.
Didn't have the habit of smoking weed.
- Hooch is best for us! Come here.
- Okay.
- Come here!
- Take it if you want.
- Come! You get lost!
- Take him to the toilet.
- Listen.
- Take him!
I've come to tell you
something in particular.
I told your dad
I mean, my brother several times.
But he never listened to me.
Why are you staying in this forest
that's full of elephants and tigers?
Do you even have a proper toilet here?
Why? Can't you defecate
in the open fields?
This bugger!
Sell this rocky mountain
for whatever price you get.
And come to Kottayam.
I'll buy you a wonderful plot
near the road.
I won't sell this property.
My dad gave this to me.
Is this a property?
If you want to see properties,
you must come to Kottayam.
This is only a rocky mountain!
Come to Kottayam, dear.
Come to your uncle.
This house was built by my dad.
Remember the Bible verse?
"Like a wise man who
built his house on the rock."
There are many such things in the Bible!
Hey, you don't have
to sell this property.
He always says that places
other than Kottayam are terrible!
You know that?
Who am I saying this to?
Kiddo, you might be okay with it.
Will it be the same for your
wife who's going to stay here?
Will she like this place?
She likes it.
She likes forests and mountains.
She told me.
- Is it?
- Yes.
Listen to him!
In that case, your match
was indeed made in heaven!
For the kind attention of the villagers
- What is this?
- Shut up!
Since a tiger has entered
the Thirunelly-Ambalavayal area
- Tiger?
- The forest officials
have urged
the public to remain vigilant.
People should lock their doors
at night and avoid going outside.
They should also safeguard
their domestic animals.
- Hey, Molly!
- Your uncle has fled!
- Keep everything safe, Karuvacha.
- Hey!
There is nothing to worry about.
Special announcement to the public!
Since a tiger has entered
the Thirunelly-Ambalavayal area,
the District Forest Officer has
urged the public to remain vigilant.
Hey, Augustine.
Go inside and sleep.
As if there are plenty
of bedrooms inside!
There's not even an inch of space.
Who are you kidding?
Go and sleep.
Hey, groom!
Go sleep, man!
- Where were you?
- How are things?
- Why haven't you slept?
- Everyone else slept.
After seeing all this, I lost my sleep.
Yes, it's indeed like a festival.
It's worth watching.
Why are you late?
Well, a tiger is on the prowl.
The forest department wants to save it,
but the townsfolk want
to kill it immediately.
And the media already
gave him a name.
How is it?
At what time will you leave tomorrow?
I will leave at 9:30 a.m.
When will you reach?
Don't worry about me.
Leave half an hour earlier than planned
since most of the roads are blocked.
I'll be stuck with this job,
and God only knows
when it will be over.
Send your wife then.
Well, my child is not feeling well.
I'll bring my family to meet you later.
That will be better
because she won't agree to come alone.
Don't forget this.
That's all?
This is not a snack!
Hear me out.
It's your first time with a woman.
Why do you need this?
Let it be there for safety.
If she asks for it,
I can't say that I don't have it, right?
Do you have enough money?
Do you want some?
Money is not an issue.
What about Kuttappappy and his gang?
They have arrived.
- Gift
- They've brought weed and whatnot!
- Gifts?
- Plenty!
Please keep a few joints aside.
I have to give my wife some love
once this busy schedule
comes to an end.
You can take it all.
I don't want it.
It's very strong.
Okay then.
Have some food before you go.
No. I have to pick up
the forest ranger.
He already called me twice.
I will do this.
I will pick him up,
and I will keep calling you.
Got it?
So, may everything go great!
Try to get some sleep.
Or else you will suffer tomorrow!
Don't forget to leave early tomorrow.
Okay then.
Fix it properly here.
What are you guys doing?
How long have you been
getting the groom ready?
- Don't you have any sense?
- Put this on.
- Fix this.
- I will do it.
Should this tail go at
the top or at the bottom?
- Vincent!
- And
This rose would look
great on your chest!
- No, no need!
- Put it.
- I don't need it.
- Don't throw the rose away!
That rose is for decorating
the bridal chamber.
The bridal chamber
should be ready. Okay?
- We've already arranged for that.
- Okay.
Go on, wear this.
Yes, the coat!
- Get his hand inside.
- Help him with the other hand.
- My hand! The coat might tear!
- Put your hands inside carefully.
- Push!
- The sleeves are only this long?
- You look cool!
- Wonderful!
Now you look like
Kottayam Kunjachan in a suit.
Who is Kunjachan?
He's a Priest at Kanjikkuzhi Church!
Doesn't he know who Kunjachan is?
My dear people,
our son Vincent is entering
holy matrimony today.
Please don't give a long speech, Father.
We will meet a lot of traffic.
- Let's leave.
- Hey!
This is a God-fearing family.
Everyone will leave only after
Father finishes his speech.
Father and you can start after his speech.
We are leaving! Come, let's go!
- Everyone! Come, let's go!
- Vincent.
- Hey, Shirley!
- Say "praise" to Father.
Let's go.
- Praise be to Him!
- Praise be to Him!
- Praise be to Him
- Now and always!
This bugger! Come fast!
Nawaz, start the groom's car
and switch on the air-conditioning.
Don't be so slow.
The church is really far.
Walk faster!
Hey, Vincent,
are you stressed?
Because of the tiger?
Get lost!
I was asking if he was feeling
stressed about the wedding. Are you?
I am not stressed.
When I was about
to marry your Aunt Shirley,
I was trembling with fear
despite being such a brave guy!
Yeah, right!
Well, he's not eloping with the girl here.
This is an arranged marriage
with a respectable and honorable family!
He will marry without any stress. Right?
Look how happy he is!
Do you want a drink
to muster some courage?
- I have it in my waist.
- Hey.
I don't want it.
I have to attend the mass. It's not right.
Anyway, it's a good church.
Will this church's priest
be the marriage officiant?
One of Jessy's relatives
is a priest, right?
Wow! So it's a family with priests?
Jessy's aunt is a nun.
Our family doesn't have a priest,
even in name.
Let everyone except the groom
enter the church, right?
How can we do that?
Let the bride come. The bride and
groom should enter the church together.
- Let's go and give the marriage affidavit.
- Let's go.
Hey, we will give the affidavit. Come.
This is the groom, brother!
Take his picture.
Let's click the photos later.
- Just one more.
- We'll do it later.
You can click one.
- Come.
- What is it?
- Come.
- We have to tell you something.
- Son, we're going to tell you something.
- Okay.
You should remain calm when you hear it.
What happened?
Well, kiddo.
Jessy is missing.
They said that she had
gone to the beauty parlor.
She is missing?
She didn't return home.
- Try calling her! Where is my phone?
- They called her.
Well, she's not as decent as
you had imagined her to be.
What is the matter?
Say it clearly.
She eloped with someone!
That's all!
What else can I say?
- She was an immoral girl!
- She eloped?
Let her go!
- She eloped?
- What?
Hey, Jessy eloped!
She eloped with that parish clerk.
They were having an affair.
- Hey, it's good that she eloped.
- She eloped?
They are shady people.
You can find a better girl.
Hey, Vincent
- She eloped?
- Leave it.
Let her go wherever she wants!
- Vincent!
- She eloped?!
- Vincent!
- Then why am I standing here?!
- Hey, Vincent!
- Hey!
Where are you going?
- Move aside!
- Hey!
Calm down for a moment!
Don't take the motorbike!
- Brother!
- Don't go!
Stop the bike.
Stop the bike!
Stop it!
I will find her and bring her back!
- Brother!
- Stop there! Listen to me!
Let her go wherever she wants!
- Don't throw that chair, Vincent!
- We had rented it.
Don't throw it!
I will find 100 girls for you!
Who wants to conduct this wedding?
Tell me!
Who wants to conduct my wedding?!
None of you should
enter my house!
Will you conduct my wedding?!
Will you conduct my wedding?!
What happened to you, dear?
Hey, it's me! Kuttappappy!
- Where are you going?
- Stop, Vincent!
Latest news from Ambalavayal.
The girl went missing
from this area this morning.
The girl had entered the forest
to collect firewood around 8:00 a.m.
There has been no information
about her ever since.
People claim to have spotted blood
stains in certain parts of the forest.
They also claim that they've seen
the remains of the girl's dress.
The townsfolk are convinced
that the girl was captured by the tiger.
She was their only child.
She was engaged, sir.
Where are you suggesting she ran off to?
She was taken by the tiger.
We know it, even though you don't.
Didn't we tell you till our
throats cracked yesterday
that you shouldn't
enter the forest, Jogi?
Where will we go for our
needs, if not the forest?
You haven't given us
ten acres of land, right?
This is the third person now.
We will kill it, if you don't!
We will start the revolution later.
Listen, Jogi. DFO and her team
are coming. We will conduct a search.
- Take him away.
- Sir
- Please sort it out.
- We will.
Listen to me first.
Are you also part of this deceit,
my Jesus?
Auntie, Jesus won't deceive us.
The parish clerk will.
He was the parish clerk at her church.
And she was in the church choir.
What will happen if the choir
and the clerk get together?
Why are you still so decked up
after the wedding got screwed?
Go and wash it away!
She and her makeup!
DFO has arrived at the location.
- Is there any official confirmation?
- Look
It's just an assumption
that the tiger caught the girl.
It's only a missing case right now.
- What is she telling the media?
- The forest department
But the public is saying otherwise.
- Ma'am.
- Everything is okay, right?
Nothing is okay, ma'am.
People are turning violent.
She was indeed taken by the tiger.
We had inquired about it.
But if you assign it to our department
alone, saying that it's a missing case
Okay. Let's see.
Hey! Come here, Bose.
Get a written statement from the
girl's parents that they saw the tiger.
But then, what about the DFO, sir?
Get that statement somehow.
DFO will ask some silly
questions and leave.
It's Kuttappappy, son!
Open the door, son!
Please don't get us stressed!
It's me.
- Open the door, son!
- Didn't I say the same thing, you moron?
He has opened the door!
- What is it?
- Nothing.
Get lost.
Get lost!
We will leave.
Let's leave.
- What?
- Let's leave.
- What's happening?
- Did he leave?
Are you stressed because of the tiger
or because your friend's
wedding got canceled?
Drive carefully, Bose.
Give me your phone.
My phone has network coverage
only in the town area, sir.
When I thought of calling him
to console him, there was no signal!
Don't take down these arrangements.
This wedding will happen here itself.
- Right, Pappy?
- Of course!
Did you talk to Uncle Monu?
What did he say the girl said?
She said she didn't want this mad guy.
- Mad? Who is mad? Am I mad?!
- Come fast.
- Your Dad is mad!
- Dear
Did she say that our
boy has gone mad?
Has he ever shown
any signs of madness?
- Is he mad?
- He is not mad!
It's just an unstable condition
that happens to people sometimes.
- Yes, that's all!
- Shut up, you guys!
It's sad.
- Yes.
- We didn't get the money for the flowers.
I will bring it tomorrow morning.
We have to buy flowers in the morning.
So, only if you give...
A guy got screwed here after
his wedding night was canceled.
And you are talking about
the money for your flowers?
Don't you know me?
Don't I live in this town?
Don't you know where I live?
Then, what's your problem?
Do you know how many times
his wedding got canceled?
I am not worried about that.
Townsfolk will start saying
that he's not lucky in bed.
Shall we go and call him?
Come, let's eat something.
Or let's drink.
Come out of this room.
let her go! I will get you 100 girls!
In that case, get me a girl.
Get me a girl for tonight.
Can you?
What did you say?
That my night got screwed?
Just because she left,
it doesn't mean that my night is screwed!
Don't comment on other's lives
without knowing the facts.
Get lost.
Go! Get going!
One-three mobile control.
- One-three mobile answering.
- Note this message.
The tiger's presence has been
confirmed in the forest borders
near Keyalkara, Cherakkolli, Irulam,
and Vattathani areas in Kuthadi Panchayat.
Is the message clear? Over.
The message is clear, sir. Over.
For the next few hours,
increase the police patrolling
and effectively convey the
announcements and warnings to the public.
The message is clear, sir.
Why are you here?
Are you free?
No, I am not.
Can you please adjust?
How can I adjust?
I am not free.
I need it urgently. That's why.
It's the first time someone has come
to me wearing such fine clothes!
I really can't!
It's shark week.
I'm on my period.
Will it be okay if I use this?
What kind of person are you, sir?
Don't you get it?
Go and come after two days.
Villagers should be extremely vigilant.
Since the tiger has not left the village,
the District Forest authorities
have asked the villagers
that they should not step
outside at night at any cost
and should shut all doors
and stay indoors for their safety.
Stay in your lane when you drive!
Be even more careful
when you drive in the wrong lane!
Vincent, are you drunk?
I will drink, smoke, and go to whores!
Why do you care?
Don't come to me with your sermons!
Calm down, Vincent.
Christ has a plan for you.
I don't know what Christ's plan is!
I have a plan of my own!
Vincent, a tiger is on the prowl!
Be careful!
For that, he should
answer my call, right?
Couldn't you go there and check?
I can't come out of the forest now.
Try calling him once again.
Hang up the call, Ami.
Hang up!
A wedding being canceled
Is it such a big issue, sir?
It is an issue, indeed.
It's not just one or two
weddings that got canceled.
Poor guy is constantly
subjected to this disgrace.
won't girls have their own preferences?
They shouldn't express their
preferences after the engagement
by screwing a guy over
on the wedding day!
If uninterested,
they should communicate it earlier.
That's correct, sir.
Women shouldn't express their rights
by screwing their families and townsfolk.
Sini's family had received a proposal
from this guy.
And what happened?
Back then, Sini's job was his problem.
Hey, Vincent.
I'm really sorry about what
happened at the church today.
I should have beaten them up!
But I'm not as daring as I used to be.
Iron Rod!
I want a girl today.
Is it possible?
How is it possible
at such short notice, Vincent?
Is it possible for you or not?
I got the nickname "Iron Rod" because
I bend rods at my construction work.
When my wife eloped,
I actually became like an iron rod.
I know how you are feeling today.
I will do anything for you!
I will bring a girl from somewhere.
You leave now.
Thanks, brother.
Brother, my car broke down.
I have been waiting for a long time,
but not a single vehicle came this way.
No vehicles will come
this way at this time.
This is a dense forest.
What will I do now?
Brother, where is this Muthanga?
It's further away from here.
Can you drop me there?
The forest officials have blocked all
the roads since a tiger is on the loose.
They will open the roads only tomorrow.
This route has become a bummer!
Brother, is there a hostel
or a homestay here?
Just to spend this one night.
Anywhere is fine.
Help me.
Where were you going all alone?
You are with me, right?
I didn't mean that.
I'm a free bird, brother!
I am on a seven-day trip.
When I reached here, the forest
and the leopard gave me a setback!
It's not a leopard. It's a tiger.
What's your name?
- What?
- What's your name?
What's your name?
Mahishmathi Emily Jayaram.
- What kind of a name is that?
- What's your name, brother?
Ummachan, son of Parunthumpara Ittoop.
Ummachan Ittum
Nice name!
What place is this?
Is this the homestay?
There are no lights here!
Is it magic?
the homestay is good.
It's really something!
Give me a hand, Ummachan.
Come on!
Come on!
Give me your hand!
Who is that?
Over there.
Then who are you?
General Manager.
- Who is this?
- You got drunk after duty, right?
You are really something, Ummachan.
Hi, Manager!
- Hello.
- Hi.
I am Mahishmathi.
Why are you staring?
Take her bag and keep it in the room.
It's alright. I will carry it.
Around how many
managers are here?
It's just us.
Just us?
Did some function happen here?
There was a marriage function.
It got canceled.
Did it incur a huge loss?
Don't worry, Mr. GM.
I'm here, right? Special guest!
I will take care of it.
Park that bike over there.
Go and park that bike.
Where is my room?
Hey! Where is my room?
This is the room.
You're the lucky one
who gets to sleep here today.
I have plenty of stories
to remember from this trip.
Thank you.
What do you want to drink?
Tea or coffee?
What? At this hour?
Can I get some hot hooch?
Oh, no!
I was just joking!
All this is not a joke for me.
Made in Parunthumpara?
It's superb!
switch off that light.
I like darkness.
Being in the dark
is the best way to see darkness.
You are correct.
Did the fuse for this room blow out?
What is your intention?
You get going.
I asked you to leave!
Your mom is alone at home, right?
That's fine.
Also, how will I go alone at night?
- I will leave!
- Go.
- Take the bike.
- I don't want it.
Let the tiger catch me if it wants to!
Yeah, right!
The tiger is better than this!
Looking at you,
it's clear that you're an alcoholic.
We should drink if we feel like it.
And even if we don't.
It's all fine when we're drunk.
I have a gift for you, Ummachan.
What is it?
It has 76 percent alcohol.
Super strong.
You will definitely like it.
This was the only thing missing.
Never trust a pretty girl
with ugly secrets.
That manager
You asked him to leave, right?
His mom is alone.
That's why.
Answer the call, Ummachan.
Try answering it.
Answer it.
Here you go.
It must be an important call.
Answer it.
- Lift it!
- Where are you?
Why aren't you answering my calls?
I was getting stressed.
I'm in the forest,
trying to find the tiger.
I get network coverage
only when the wind blows.
Hey, you are not stressed out, right?
I'm not at all stressed.
Everything is okay.
Even though that damn Jessy left me,
I will get laid today.
Get laid?
I can also get a girl if I want to.
I got a girl. An outsider.
Where? From where?
She is not from around here.
She is from another place.
- I could tell she was into me.
- What?
- Well.
- GM!
There are no bathrooms here!
I want to take a bath.
It's outside.
Come. I will show you.
Okay. I will come now.
He wooed a girl and took her home
- I see
- to compensate for his loss today.
That's great!
Actually, that's good.
His desire will be quenched!
Let him enjoy today, sir.
why did you build
the bathroom outside the house?
My dad didn't like having
the bathroom inside the house.
Do you like it?
I don't like it either.
Oh, you guys!
Your dad and you
are really something!
Control tiger.
Tiger control answering.
One-three mobile, tiger.
Ambalavayal mobile answering, sir.
There's news that the tiger
was spotted in Parunthumpara.
Also, a girl is missing from Kalpetta.
If you get any information regarding
this girl, inform me immediately.
I have read the message, sir. Over.
is it the same girl
that your friend took home?
No, it won't be her.
Anyway, what's happening
there is immoral trafficking.
What's going to happen there
Is it immoral trafficking
or forced sex?
I'll inquire about that.
Forced sex it seems!
And that too, Vincent!
I feel very envious of you.
What a place!
If anyone is planning a trip,
this is the right spot for it.
Also, if I had money,
I would have bought an acre
of land and settled here.
The water here is so cold.
Give me a drag.
Give it.
Give it.
It's awesome!
Is it a local special?
Let's go. Come.
Let's go.
What is your occupation?
I am a person
who works for all of you.
- For us?
- Yes.
I was working in the research
team of a condom company.
Do you know the flavor
of tender coconut?
I was on the research team
for the tender coconut-flavored condom.
My team leader was a sicko!
He made my life miserable.
In return, I caused him harm.
I have been punished for that now.
I am out on parole right now.
Now, if I see a condom
Do you want it, Parunthu?
Tender coconut-flavored condom.
It's not available in the market.
I have it in my bag.
Some samples.
Do you want it?
I'm hungry.
Oh, you know cooking as well?
Are you an all-rounder?
GM, cook!
Your wife is lucky, Parunthu.
I am not married.
You are not married?
Are you single, Ummachan?
Ummachan, can you get me a spoon?
Vincent Scaria.
That's your real name, right?
This is your wedding night, right?
- Sir.
- Yes.
He has been in a different mindset
since his wedding got canceled.
It will be better if you get involved
before something goes wrong.
Do you know Vincent like I do?
No such crime will occur there,
unlike what you think.
Well, I am just saying.
Take it.
Drink it!
How is it?
Is it good?
Hey, Ummachan,
you shouldn't mix both!
He won't listen to me!
I saw some invitation cards on that table.
That's how I realized it.
Did you ever feel that Jessy was unhappy
during your conversations with her?
Why should she be unhappy?
Her dad has a government ration shop.
She is the only sister of three brothers.
Doesn't her prospective groom
have a house?
Doesn't he have a job?
Doesn't he have a coffee plantation?
Doesn't he have an income?
Aren't those enough
to make a girl happy?
- Is that enough?
- Yes!
That is enough!
That's enough!
My dear Vincent,
take it slow!
Don't drink so much.
This alcohol is a different kind!
if a girl has to elope on her wedding day
If she ran away?
There must be a reason for it, right?
What reason?
I decided to get married
since I wanted some company in life.
I am 40 years old.
I am a loner.
She gave me her word
in front of the altar
that she will be my bride.
That word should be honored!
If a girl who lives by the Catholic
tradition says it, she should honor it!
Hey! Calm down.
Why are you getting so stressed?
Hey, Jessy is not the
only girl in this world.
If one Jessy goes away,
a hundred other Jessys will come.
You will get a girl who's
even more beautiful than her.
You are very smart, Vincent.
You will get such a girl, Vincent.
You will get such a girl, Vincent.
Will you marry me?
Hey, what did you say?
You are wasted!
Hey, I am going to sleep.
Vincent! Hey!
Why isn't he answering my call?
Forget that, Chechi.
Just think that it's me.
There won't be any problems.
We will be there soon.
Hey, Vincent.
I have never struggled
so much for anyone.
I have found an awesome item!
Do you know who it is?
Rema Chechi!
She is in the farmhouse.
Come, get on the bike.
I don't want it.
You don't want it?
Don't talk nonsense!
I struggled so much to arrange this.
It's not that.
I am not in the mood.
You take her.
I can't do that.
She is like an elder sister to me!
All that trouble for nothing!
What did you have today?
Anyway, what will you do
in this condition?
What did you say?
What can you do in this condition?
- My ear!
- What did you say?
What is wrong with me?
Have you gone mad?
You went mad out of horniness!
I should be blamed for trying
to mend your horniness!
What will I tell Rema Chechi now?
Oh, God, please save me from that tiger!
Let me go!
From the knee to the foot
Fourteen inches.
Fourteen inches.
Ambu Ambu!
I will call you back.
We found a body here and
The girl I told you about.
She is dead.
- What is it?
- Dead!
I am trapped!
Bite marks of what seems
to be a wild animal
- I will call you back.
- Ashok!
You have the maximum force with you.
- Ambu.
- What happened?
I killed her.
What the hell are you saying?
Do you have any idea
what you are saying?
Whom did you kill and when?
Don't mess around with me after
smoking up with your uncles!
I am in the forest
because of that tiger,
- and you are telling me made-up stories?
- Sir.
- DFO is calling you, sir.
- Coming!
I will call you back.
I will call you.
The groom must be having a blast!
Is it right to disturb him at this time?
When I need your advice,
I will ask you for it.
Don't speak until then!
Got it?
Anyway, I don't need your
advice on such a dreadful night.
Not just you. I don't
need advice from anyone!
- Hello?
- Superintendent of Police?
I am Vincent Scaria.
Malampuzha Police Station CPO.
My house is at 10th Mile, Ambalavayal.
A crime has happened here.
You should come and arrest
the culprit immediately, sir.
- Hello?
- Ambu!
Her body is missing!
What are you saying, Vincent?
First, you said that a girl came there.
Now you're saying
that she's missing!
Tell me the truth!
What the hell did you smoke?
I don't know.
I called the SP and
confessed my crime.
Why the hell did
you inform the SP?
Have you gone mad?
Something wrong is
happening in that house.
There is a girl over there, sir.
If we don't intervene even now,
we'll have to travel again,
with another body like this.
If you're not going to inform the C.I.,
I will do it.
All this headache is
not enough for you, Sini?
Should we also take on another problem?
This is not about a problem, sir.
It's a matter of our stance!
I will call him.
Okay? Calm down, Sini.
I didn't have to call him.
SP is calling me.
Vincent, who lives at 10th Mile.
I know him, sir.
His wedding was canceled today.
That's what's wrong.
No, sir. I will take care of it.
Sure, sir. I will handle it.
Hey, Vinny!
Hey, Vinny!
Why are you lying here?
Get up.
Why are you lying here?
Who came here?
She must have left, sir.
Bose, is there any indication
that a girl was here?
No one came here and no one left.
He just imagined all of it.
I am fed up with this moron!
Several weddings got canceled.
But this is the first time
he got to the Church.
He must have been really embarrassed.
He must have lost his mind!
I've heard that his mother also had
mental health issues.
What are you saying?
Who came here?
Just think like a policeman.
Is there any indication
of someone being here?
This is because of all the booze
and weed you consumed yesterday!
Is this happening for the
first time in the world?
Well, you just have to face
some of the losers in the town.
How can you live your life,
if you keep thinking about all that?
The first thing you have to do
is to pour some
water on your head.
Pour some extra water on your legs.
The hangover will be cured only if
you pour water on your legs. Got it?
If possible, take an oil bath.
After that,
come tomorrow, cancel your leave
application, and join duty again.
- What I...
- Sir!
SP asked you to call him.
One second.
Did you understand?
That girl eloped and the wedding
got canceled.
Just accept it. That's all.
How can you keep thinking
about it all the time?
Did you understand?
You just imagined it. Okay?
Hello, sir.
Yes, sir. I am at the spot.
No, sir. Vincent just got drunk
since his wedding got canceled.
No, sir.
No one came here.
Okay, sir.
Google says that it hasn't been
able to find any results
for the search you made for
Mahishmathi Emily Jayaram.
Even if nobody else claims to have
seen her, I did see her, right?
I was the one who
He saw her too, right?
What did he see?
He hasn't seen anything.
Just say that.
Since she hasn't come back,
it means she's not interested
in proceeding with legal actions.
She must have forgotten about it.
You should also forget about it.
You should return to work.
I don't think I can work anymore, Doctor.
Is it guilt?
Or is it an attempt to prove that
you have committed this crime?
Or do you want to meet that girl
and apologize to her?
Let me tell you this.
Whatever happens,
life has to move forward.
Beside me, if you choose to stay
With you here, my heart finds its way
For what and why, I can't explain
Pains and fervor, memories remain
A pinch to check if it's a dream
Not in the darkness of night
I'm under the moon's soft gleam
Amidst rain clouds gathering near
Will you be my lightning, my dear?
In my life, as dewdrops gleam
Shower your love, like a cherished dream
Come, my hut's doors open wide
Welcoming you, forever side by side
Daily path, sun, and rain's terrain
Fading words and verses, chapters wane
Pain in night's embrace, veiled from view
Unseen trembles within, only I knew
A dewdrop's touch, tender and rare
To caress me gently, my soul to bear
As an earthen lamp, come and ignite
Golden flame within, love's radiant light
My darling, my life, together we'll roam
Sharing this journey, a love to bloom
Come, my hut's doors open wide
Welcoming you, forever side by side
Hello. Who is this?
Hello. Is this Vincent Scaria?
PC-218 policeman who
lives at 10th Mile?
There is a case registered
against you.
Where are you right now?
I am in Velankanni now.
Wherever you are, it will be better
for you to come and surrender here.
It's under sections 376 and 379.
It's rape. You know about it, right?
Complainant's name is
Mahishmathi Emily Jayaram!
Aren't you a policeman?
I will surrender, ma'am.
Just tell me where
I should come.
To which station should I come?
I will surrender tomorrow itself.
- Hello.
- Hello?
- Okay?
- Okay.
In that case, come to Parunthumpara
police station tomorrow.
Don't come in drunk like last time.
You should be sober. Okay?
How are you, Ummachan? Are you fine?
- Hello!
- Hello.
I am willing to accept any punishment.
Of course, you deserve punishment.
But I'm wondering what
punishment to give you.
I did something that
I should never have done.
- I know that.
- Do you?
I know it.
You don't know anything, Ummachan.
If you knew, would your life be like this?
What you are going to do and what you
have done. You don't know anything!
What happened that night
should never have happened.
So you know that, right?
I am not such a person!
It happened by mistake.
By mistake?
What? Rape?
You devil!
What are you saying?
Hey, Ummachan.
If something like that had happened,
I would have killed you
on that night itself!
Who do you think you are?
Hey, Parunthumpara.
As soon as I saw that bridal
chamber and arrangements,
and your looks, and mood.
I understood the situation.
That's why I gifted you that drink
with a stronger alcohol content.
What I did that day was my way of
punishing you, for what you did to me.
I don't understand.
There is nothing to understand.
You had a total blackout
that night, Ummachan!
You were fully wasted that night!
I thought you might make another
attempt if you regain consciousness.
That's why I staged that
terrifying atmosphere.
So, I didn't do anything?
You couldn't even stand up properly!
What could you do to me?
But I didn't like your attitude
towards me.
What you have suffered until now
was a small punishment for that.
But I didn't expect this drama
to play out so well.
So, I haven't done anything, right?
I told you, right?
Oh, Mother Mary!
Listen, Vincent.
Nobody in this world has died
because they're unmarried.
If you want to get married,
just find another girl.
I don't want any other girl.
You are the only one on my mind.
I can't replace you with any other girl.
I am not such a person.
Wherever you are,
I will come and meet you. Okay?
Okay. We'll see.
But don't stress yourself
thinking about this, anymore.
Stay happy, Vincent.
Well, I I want to meet you.
Don't make me feel that
calling you was a mistake.
Don't say that.
I will come and meet you,
wherever you are.
I just want to see you once.
Hey Vincent, I would also like to see you.
But let the right time come.
Hey, okay?
You went too far with him.
His voice had so much panic.
Will he call on this number
and come here?
No. He is a naive fellow, ma'am.
It will all be okay if you scare him once.
Do you have plans to continue this?
He is a policeman.
He will seek and find his way here.
Does he know that you are here?
He doesn't know.
Vincent doesn't even know my name.
Vincent has a totally different picture
of me in his mind.
I had told him everything.
I told him that I was punished
for retaliating at my team manager,
and that I was out on parole.
He didn't understand anything.
He was not in his senses.
He is calling again.
- One minute.
- Okay.
- Yes.
- Hello.
Hello. Just a minute.
I want to tell you one thing.
Can you give me your family's address?
Shall I go there with a marriage proposal?
I will take good care of you.
I won't do anything awful.
I promise. Okay?
- We will think about that.
- Okay.
First, avoid going crazy about
marrying every single woman you see.
Build a bathroom for the girl
who's going to be your life partner.
I will build that.
- This is not my phone.
- Okay.
- Don't call on this number.
- Well, what about our meeting?
On one fine day like that one,
I will come and meet you, Vincent.
I will call you.
Until we meet
What is it?
- It's all okay now.
- Who called you?
Everything is okay now.
What are you doing?
- Mother Mary of Velankanni is awesome!
- What?
Come here, Father!
It's all okay now.
Come, Father!
Oh God! My child!
Oh, Jesus!
Dear Vincent!
- Hello.
- Hello!
- Happy wedding anniversary!
- Thank you!
What's happening?
- I'll be coming there with my wife soon.
- You must come, man!
I don't even get to see you nowadays.
You're flying high after
getting that promotion.
- Everything is fine, right?
- Yes.
- All going great?
- Yes!
What nonsense you were saying?
Malampuzha Yakshi, homestay!
And finally, it was this Ambu
who got you married!
So, you should give me a
treat on every anniversary.
- Of course!
- What are your anniversary plans?
We are about to go to the church.
Then we will go to her house.
We're staying there tonight.
You are having a good time!
Going to the church, buying booze
for your in-laws, visiting relatives!
Carry on.
After all your visits,
shouldn't we plan a family trip?
Yes, of course.
Come out!
Come out.
She is silent?
Hey, did you take my bag?
Yes, it's with me.
Come. Let's go.
You look stunning!
Do you have to knock so many times
when someone is using the bathroom?
I wasn't in there for a tour, right?
The bathroom outside the house
was better than this.
Did you lock the back door?
Who's going to break into a house
with two police officers?
You can say that.
You never know!
Give me that bag.
Who is playing with these missed calls?
They have been going on
for some time now.
I don't know. It's a new number.
Try calling back.
It must be your old spark, Mahishmathi!
- Hello.
- Hello.
Hey, it's me. Iron rod!
I gave a missed call since I don't have
a balance on my phone.
- This is my new number.
- What is it?
My wedding has been fixed
on the eighth of next month.
The girl is my ex-wife's distant relative.
Her situation is like yours.
- Same tragedy.
- Alright.
- You both should come early.
- Okay.
- Don't forget the date. Okay?
- Okay.
You haven't forgotten her yet, right?
I did! Long back!
You brought her up now!
If I meet her one day,
I have to apologize to her.
It's for my peace of mind. That's all.
Yeah, right!
If we don't rush,
we'll miss the Holy Mass.
Father always complains that we go there
when the Mass is halfway through.
Who cares!
- What?
- Mass will start soon.
He says we haven't stepped
inside the church after our wedding!
Instead of my house,
shall we go somewhere else today?
- We can!
- It's our anniversary, right?
- Let's go for a movie.
- Okay!
- What?
- Let's
- Let's?
- Let's go to Ooty via Bathery, Gundlupet,
Bandipur, Masinagudi,
Kallatti ghats and then
And then?
And then return in the morning
via Gudalur and Meppadi.
- That's all?
- Yes. That's all.
Since a tiger has entered
the Thirunelly-Ambalavayal area
- He is back!
- The forest officials
- have urged the public to remain vigilant.
- Good that we took a leave.
Or else both of us would
have ended up in the forest!
Be it the forest or Ooty,
we will be together, right?
- Don't step out for no reason.
- Let's leave quickly.
They will call us immediately
if we're close.
Should we go to the church? Or Ooty?
We will go to the church first
and then to Ooty.