Pulimurugan (2016) Movie Script

Drink it, dear!
Manikutty, stop!
Manikutty, don't run. stop.
Who is that?
You shouldn't walk alone here!
Tiger wanders in this forest.
Haven't seen you here before!
Coming from far away..
...to meet Murugan.
What is the problem?
Did the Tiger enter there too?
All that l had...
...that TlGER(PULl) took it away.
l must meet Murugan.
Well, this is my grandchild.
Give it to Uncle, dear.
Don't walk around here.
Get inside the shack
2 Year ago, this Child's parents
were mauled to death by a striped Tiger.
Before the crack of dawn,
Murugan tossed his
spear and killed the Tiger.
l have also heard a lot...
...about Puliyur Wild Hunter Pulimurugan!
lf whatever l heard is true,
then only Murugan can help me out!
The real Murugan is much more
than what you've heard!
Like Lord Krishnan for Kamsan,
Lord Rama, for Ravan,
Murugan also took incarnation
to destroy these man-eaters!
Uncle... what about this?
Murugan's weapon - not a catapult,
..but a sPEAR!
Mother..look what uncle gave me.
Lord Murugan's sPEAR!
Have gruel and take some for father also.
Take it, dear.
Hurry up.
Drop it
''O naughty cloud in the sky,''
''Don't rain, dear''
''The children in the hut are asleep''
''To sing lullaby''
''Your mother is no more''
''ln the lullaby of pain near you,
you sleep''
''With pap to eat, my breast swells dear''
''To make you sleep on my bosom,''
''My heart weeps, dear''
''With little feet toddling, you walked''
''Today my eyes fill with tears''
''My heart is full, dear''
''seeing you laugh, clapping your hands,''
''The forest and the streams laugh dear''
''Dear, you smile''
''Mother is in the sky, far away''
''Like a twinkling star''
''O naughty cloud in the sky,''
''Don't rain, dear''
''The children in the hut are asleep''
''To sing lullaby''
''Your mother is no more''
''ln the lullaby of pain near you,
you sleep''
''O eagle, hovering above''
''With an eye below''
''Let not your shadow fall on my babies
- they are alone''
''O Goddess, protect and look
after the motherless children''
''Dear, you smile''
Have, son...my little one.
Entering forest and
cutting trees illegally?
Hey you!
Muruga, run..
stand there.
l say stop!
There he is!
Murugan, run.
Run away my son.
My children!
Run away without turning back.
l said RUN AWAY.
Get up and come!
l must kill!
..Kill that Tiger!
Fasten it tightly.
Children, why are you here?
Murugan wants to kill the
Tiger that killed his father
Has set up a trap!
Tiger hunting for prey, will never ever
come in search of a Trap!
Therefore, you need to go
to Tiger's Den and kill!
That is the law of the Forest!
Quick, Murugan!
When he'd grown up,
Pulimurugan became the
protector of this Puliyur!
But...now Murugan is not here
The whole village is waiting for him.
Where did Murugan go?
lt's a big story.
A few days back, some friends of Manikuttan
(Murugan's brother) came to Puliyur.
How many more miles to go?
Only 10 - 20 miles!
-lt's a Wild Elephant!
- Wild Elephant?
For another 7-8 miles only,
this elephant menace will be there!
After that, you'll be free of elephants!
Then on, there are only tigers!
striped Tiger!
lf it comes in front, there's
no need to get scared at all!
lt will kill us for sure,!
Then why get scared?
shut up and drive.
Don't scare the hell out of me!
lt's too cold today.
Come. This is your room.
What do you like to have for dinner?
What is available, bro?
Dried fish chutney and hot gruel!
Where is the bathroom?
That one.
-Any snakes here?
- Nope!
Just check and spread the sheet
before going to bed.
There were two small
Russell Vipers yesterday!
-Oh no! Here?
Gosh! Ghost!
Oh my God! A Ghost in the bathroom!
Don't go there. l saw a ghost
near the Ventilator.
That may be Poongai sashi!
ls there a ''sashi'' amidst ghosts?
He is not a Ghost but a peeping tom
Peeping is his main job.
Let me see.
Don't talk nonsense
l was expecting some ladies!
Are there no ladies?
-Ugh! That's too bad!
Well, don't repeat this.
Forgot to introduce each other .
l'm sashi! Poongai sashi!
l'm a hunter!
l'm always a nightmare for wild animals!
Come, we shall sit and discuss.
Don't be frightened. sit down.
l don't fire at humans!
Need to arrange any bottle?
Not necessary. l have it.
Good! Get it!
Take a couple of glasses and some water
The villagers respect me a lot ...
don't know why!
Ooh! Bottle! Give to me.
Don't swallow the bottle.
Do you know one Mr. Balraman?
l see! so you are looking
for fire crackers!
He is very close to me
Balramettan's Crackers are really good!
lf you set fire to 10,
at least one will burst for sure!
Will l be able to meet him?
No point seeing him today.
At this time,
he will be as high as a Kite!
We'll meet him in the morning.
This is the great Puliyur village.
As PULl(Tiger) enters here,
it got its name as Puliyur!
Go and get married soon.
Keep ogling always!
Got scared?! Come.
Baletta! 3 Tea!
One bit strong!
Who are they?
My friends from the town.
Any family issues between
you and your husband?
You haven't been sleeping
together for 3-4 days!
shut up you rascal!
This village will never reform!
Oh God, why doesn't the
lightening srike on that guy?
Population is drastically
coming down only because of you.
Fearing him,
none let their wives sleep beside them.
Because of his prying!
What brings Moopan (tribal chief)
come down here all the way?
What is the problem, Moopan?
-Last night, Tiger entered Thookuparai!
- Then?
Took away Cheeru's wife Thenamma!
l must see Murugan.
Why meet Murugan?
The responsible ones
are happily stuffing inside!
We are helpless unless we
receive orders from the Government.
As if you will turn down the mountains
if you receive orders
Leave me, please!
Trying to hunt tiger with this lathe,
Will only ruin my family!
l have three daughters.
Only 6 more months for pension!
As you know, in this case,
Murugan has more experience
than the forest officers
Murugan only has to come to trap the Tiger
O Lord Ayyappa! Please be with Murugan!
Didn't you make the Tiger your vehicle?!
ls this a Tiger? lsn't it a Leopard?
That's for you guys!
But for us this is Tiger! striped Tiger!
Lord Ayyappan went to the
Forest to fetch Tigress milk!
ln Puliyur,
Tiger is not Lord Ayyappan's Vehicle
But Murugan
Who is this Murugan?
sshh! Come.
You are asking who is Murugan!
He's such a big phenomenon
Balaraman whom you wanted to meet,
His nephew is Murugan.
lf Tiger in the Forest enters the Village,
lt's for Murugan!
This is Balramettan's shop.
Those 4 boys are his sons.
There's one more - lnfant stage!
Child, where is your father?
Must be in some toddy shop!
Go and check there, man!
Let's not stand here anymore!
Respectful sons!
Balaramettan's mother-in-law
Bhavani runs this toddy shop.
When Balaramettan couldn't settle
his huge debts in the toddy shop,
That oldie Bhavani got her daughter married to
him and compensated those debts for dowry!
she has great concern for me.
Bhavani granny!
UGH! To hell with ''Bhavani granny''!
ls Balaramettan inside?
Must be in the work shop.
Not there. Only children are there.
-My goodness! Not there?
- No!
Oh No! Then, he must be at home.
O Goddess! Don't ditch me!
Hey, you Demon! Getting home
the moment l'm out of your sight!
Why that woman ran?
One after another,
there are 5 children now!
Old lady envious of her daughter
delivering so many children!
Hey, you! Not still satisfied
of delivering so many children!!
Open the door! send that fellow out.
Don't make a scene!
Let me peep in and see
what's happening inside.
There is a hole on
the window in the back side
Bloody rascal!
send him out!
What is gnawing you, mother?
lt's for your....!!!
Call him out.
Get me some water! l'm too weary.
Cot's one leg is broken.
Tell the carpenter to repair it,
when he comes to the shop.
Make it quick. Need it urgently.
Full moon is nearing!
shut up, you demon!
Oh my God!
l am destined to raise one more!
God bestows you! Take it with open arms!
Don't provoke my anger.
As if!
Oh!! All are gathered here!
Now you got a news to gossip, isn't it?
Who are they? Haven't seen them!
They've come to meet you, Balarametta...
from Town!
We are Manikuttan's friends.
Really? Please come inside.
l'm KANJAN(MlsER). sorry, Benny!
l'm shiva!
We got something to talk to you.
Come to the point
Although Manikuttan
is studying in Mangalore,
l never contacted him over this thing!
Balaramettan Just a minute.
lt's Manikuttan.
-son! - Uncle!
-Give my phone.
- Buddy one minute please.
Your friends here.
l only sent them there
And that dark fatso is my Collegemate.
Who? This rhinoceros?
Do they admit such
creatures in the College?
They need a favour.
Only you can help them, uncle.
Come to the point, child!
There is an Ayurveda Medicine Factory
called Girija Pharmacy!
And one shiva, standing beside you,
his Father, Daddy Girija is the Owner.
strange name! Daddy Girija!!!
With the help of a scientist, they discovered
a medicine for Cancer prevention!
For medicine preparation,
And to add along with other herbs..
they also need some Ganja leaves!
Aww!! Ganja?!
Uncle, softly!
lf this medicine works out,
it will be a great achievement.
l will also get a
good job in that factory.
Daddy Girija also promised me.
For Manikuttan's better prospects,
this Balaraman will climb any forest!
You know why?
Manikuttan's happiness
is Murugan's happiness!
Murugan's happiness is
this Balaraman's happiness!
Moopan always says, in this deep forest
there are medicinal plants for all diseases.
But one should appreciate you
for making Cancer drugs from Ganja!
lt's too slippery! Be careful!
lt's nearly 2 hrs since
we started climbing the forest.
Have we reached near?
No, dear. still a long way to go!
Just eating and drinking are not enough,
need to work as well.
That's..if l say something, will you fear?
Fear? Me?!
Even my forefathers don't
know a word called FEAR!!
What is the matter?
One snake!
Ha ha, a snake?
Don't move! lt's a Black cobra!
lf you move it will bite
Even if l think, l can't move, bro.
Kill that creature!
Why? What wrong did this poor thing do!
Forest belongs to these reptiles,
birds and animals.
lntruding into their world,
it is we who are doing wrong!
lt says Yes!
Go dear! Convey my regards to all at home!
Poor creature must have got scared!
What sort of a man is he!
Hold this for support and walk.
What is the news, buddy?
What brings you here?
These are my boys!
Ask Ramayya to give some stuff!
sorry, buddy!
Ramayya never deals with strangers!
Didn't l tell you that
they are known to me?!
Let me talk to Ramayya!
Balaraman is always helpful to me
Come, let's try.
Normally l won't have
any dealings with lndia.
lt's risky!
Will send off to singapore
through Containers!
Then to Europe!
Only because Chemban told, l accepted.
But only for once!
l want two weeks time.
2 Weeks?
Plants are in the harvesting stage
Need to be cut and dried
and loaded in the sack.
We will deliver it to Puliyur!
Then, it's your risk.
Come quickly! Need to move out
of this forest before dusk.
Do we need to walk
back the entire distance?
What happened? What is the problem?
Oh it's flooded here
There is no other option
than climbing Thookupara!
Climbing rock.
Will you walk fast!
Looks like you are in some tension?
Tiger has been wandering in Thookupara
for the last 2 weeks.
And it has taken away 5 persons till now.
On knowing about tiger's entry,
can anyone sleep peacefully?
lf tiger enters the Village, then
only Murugan can help this Puliyur people.
How does Murugan identify the tiger
which enters the Village?
Won't there be other
tigers also in the Forest?
lt's because you don't have much
knowledge about the Forest!
Every striped Tiger has its own territory.
A tiger will not enter
into another tiger's territory,
except during its mating period!
Come on..Climb!
Hold me too
Are we trekking through Tiger zone Forest?
There is no other way to cross the stream!
Before dark,
we'll have to cross the forest.
Come quickly.
You don't have to fear any more, children!
The hunt begins!
What happened? Your face looks pale!
lt's a popular saying in Puliyur..
..about Murugan's shower
after a tiger hunt!
l was watching that!
What are you saying?
l'm not a fool you know!
l know you killed the Tiger!
Tiger? Which Tiger?!
Acting as if he doesn't know anything!
Don't know what all consequences
it will lead us to!
Why are you jumping into such conclusion?
No...Don't coax me!
Where were you for the last 2 days?
l was in the forest!
Didn't l tell you and go?
-Chakki my dear!
- Father!
lf Forest officals step in here
saying they recovered a Carcass of Tiger
then, you will see my true colours!
As if l've not seen your real colours,
haven't l?
Doesn't matter if l see once again!
shouldn't Chakki dear also need a company?
Get lost, you Rat Muruga!
Mother calls you RAT MURUGA!
Let her call!
Your mother very well knows, whether your
father is a Rat or a Tiger, doesn't she?
shut up and go! Before the child..!
l know my Father is
Please come!
Chakki, this is Muthumani!
What brings you all here, Moopa?
lt's been a long time since
people slept peacefully in Thookupara!
Tiger killed 4 lives till now.
You must come for our protection!
We have nobody else!
Don't worry, Moopan!
Tiger in Thookupara will
not kill anybody hereafter!
Murugan's word!
Fearing for life!
Villagers wholeheartedly call only MURUGA
having strong belief in you!
You are God given gift!
Come on Moopan! You go.
When Murugan is here, no Tiger
will enter here and harm any of you!
l'll come later, Chakki!
Were you in the reserved
forest for past 2 days?
Yes! For the trip!
l and my child are nobody to you!
Come here.
That's why you are risking
your life forgetting us!
serve me gruel!
Wild Hunter Murugan is Villagers' God!
And Murugan's gift
is Case and other problems
Do as you please!
shiva, look there!
Kasargod registration Vehicle!
KL 14R ! My goodness! shinduappan's Car!
Come, dude!
Your APPAN's(Father) Car?
Not my APPAN but shindu Appan's car!
Come here!
shinduappan's wife! Let her not see us.
But we can see her, right?
she belongs to our hometown.
Pappachhan boss's only daughter Julie!
she married a person in our hometown.
-My close neighbour!
- ls it?
Then, be careful!
Just for looking at her once accidentally,
her bloody father battered me to a pulp!
Just for looking?
Hmm..for looking into her bathroom!
Here she comes! Hide!
l don't know to count.
Driver, stop the Car!
Can't you hear?
Here! Aunty brought these sweets for you!
Whenever we come to Estate,
Madam gives sweets to that child.
Who is that child?
some child!
lsn't Madam your wife?
Being her husband, why don't you ask her?
Being her husband, till now
neither have l asked her anything,
nor has she given me anything!
Where is your father, dear?
-Gone down the Valley to pick up uncle! - Oh!
Convey my regards to father!
Who is that, Chakki?
- Manikutta!
How was your exam?
Do you think, l will fail?
Will l let you fail?
Come! You must be hungry!
No! The moment l came,
l stuffed Parotta and egg curry!
-How many eggs did you have? - 2!
Why only 2?
Can't you take around 5 - 6 eggs?
Come..Get in!
Have you still not stopped this service?
Murugan's Mayil Vahanam(vehicle)
is Puliyur's public property, isn't it?
lf Tiger enters the Village - Murugan
And to serve the Village also Murugan!
Amid this, do you find some time
for your personal affairs?
Mother passed away delivering you.
And Father also died
asking me to look after you!
When l stood stranded
between the shore and the sea,
you know who gave me hopes?
Our Villagers only!
When a need arises for them,
shouldn't we readily
come forward to help them?
Your friends are staying
in the Guest house here.
They don't appear to be good!
They are really good, brother!
Daddy Girija's boys!
Daddy Girija is a bigwig in Mangalore!
Preparing drugs for Cancer cure.
if this experiment succeeds,
l will also prosper.
l'll get a big job!
-ls that so?
- Yeah!
if it concerns your prospects,
then why do l give a damn!
Then, come. We shall meet them and go.
Which rascal is flashing light on my face?
My nephew Murugan!
Ooh! Tiger!
Oh my God!
You only appear like a PULl(Tiger) to me!
He is really a PULl(Tiger) You buffalo!
That is shiva! Girija pharmacy's owner!
Please sit here.
Doesn't matter! l will sit here
-When did you come, Manikuttan?
- Just now!
Uncle's Kisses!
serve Vodka to Murugan!
Foreign liquor, is it?
For this forest's coldness,
Country arrack will be better.
l have it with me. l will go and get it.
When he talks,
he seems to be so soft, right shiva?
Murugan has a childlike nature!
Can sit on his head and crawl if LOVED!
But if you resist...
Will transform into
Here it is!
Only filths will taste this! You drink!
Want a peg?
-Just a pint, buddy! - No!
What is that?
Asked whether he wants a peg!
-l will kill you.
- l will also kill you, swine!
-lsn't he a child?
- Yes, a toddler!
My Manikuttan neither
drinks nor pulls a cigarette!
Not even pulls a hand-cart!
-Got it? - How will he?
-Got it or not?
- Hmm!
Take the vehicle and go!
On the way,
unload those things in the Junction.
lf possible, go to my house
and chase away that old hag.
lf Maina asks you,
tell her, l neither partied
here nor touched the drinks!
Murugan's Mayil Vahanam(Vehicle)
apart from Murugan, if anyone else
has touched it in this World,
then, it will be only Manikuttan!
Ever since he was a boy,
l let him steer the Vehicle!
Manikuttan and Mayilvahanam
- Both are my children!
l love them dearly!
Did you come to know
about Manikuttan's job offer?
Yes, he told me!
Not in my wildest dream l thought there is
a possibility of..
..preparing such a drug out of Ganja!
lf this product launches in the market,
the entire credit goes only to Manikuttan!
As he will be the Marketing
Manager of Girija pharmacy!
Thank you very much.
l'm living only for him.
You demand..l'm also ready to
sacrifice my life for him
l don't need anything. Just stand by us.
Deer meat is ready!
Deer meat!
Deer Kutty(young one)!
What Kutty!
Calf from a Muslim's house!
Both Deer and Kutty(calf) is there!
say it as Deer Meat! Aren't we friends?
Added green pepper!
To suppress the beef's smell!
l just lied it's a deer meat
Take that away..
Turn the key like this
and doll will start dancing!
Why are you silent, sister-in-law?.
Oh my sis! Brother neither went to
guest house, nor touched drinks!
l swear!
ls that so? Let him come home!
l got something to ask him.
How will l? Will be on all fours!
-ls the Earth revolving?
- Yes!
-Then, what your uncle said is correct?
- Yes!
Where are you coming, Muruga?
l'm going to my house.
ls this your house?
lsn't your house there?
That is your house.
Will you be able to drop me at my home?
- Come..
- Today is a full moon day
l'm going to rock today.
What about that old hag?
Why reminding of her?
l lost my mood
By that time, it will dawn!
Hey, old hag!
Hey oldie...
No movements! l think oldie is dead!
Get lost!
lt is your aunt who is dead!
sleep out for tonight!
Coming at midnight!
Only my dog will sleep out.
l don't mind who ever sleeps!
6th child...l won't allow!
Let me kick this oldie to a pulp!
Don't kill her. -Take him away!
lt is you who,
spoilt him by making him drink!
Oldie, don't dare utter
a word about my nephew!
Will kick you and throw you in the river!
shall l kill this old woman?
Don't..You will go tojail!
Will l go to Jail?
l'm sparing you on my nephew's words!
shall go home and sleep! Come.
Go and sleep! Keeps ogling at him!
l shall kill her today..
Not today...Uncle...Not today.
shall kill her tomorrow.
shucks! What a difficulty!
Don't think l'm praising you!
One who is not able to sleep with his wife
is really a Coward!
-ls it? - Yeah!
-Manikutta, had dinner? - Yes, bro.
Good boy!
Where is Maina?
Putting Chakki to sleep!
You sleep. Uncle also sleep.
Where is Chakki?
Uncle, lie down here.
l already finished my dinner!
Didn't you have?
Why are you silent? Vow of silence?!
To a person who's fully-drunk
and standing on fours, what should l talk?
l only stand in twos! see two legs!
Watch there! lt is Uncle who is on fours!
Why coming along with me?
Uncle...go...go..again here!
Why you come again?
Will definitely teach you a lesson today!
What is wrong with her?
Hasn't the child slept?
Go and see by yourself!
Not yet, father!
Give those entire
chocolates to your father.
Which Chocolates?
Lovely chocolates!
Who gave this? Your Uncle?
No, aunty gave this.
Which aunty?
Car aunty!
O my goodness!
Why spitting out? To impress me?
You still got time!
Approach her if you wish!
l and my child will go and die somewhere.
l've hardly spoken to her so far.
Oh! so that is your regret now.
Then, go and talk to her. Who stops you?
l know, she must be
anxiously waiting for you in her bungalow.
Julie aunty asked me
to convey her regards to you!
Oh my baby! Please don't add fuel to fire!
Although there is access for the Car
to go up to the frontyard of her house!
she stops the Car here
and walk down the bridge!
l'm sure, she is deliberately
coming to see you!
What is all this?
l've been watching this since a long time.
l really hate her.
What is going on here, bro?
What is the problem?
-Julie aunty!
- Julie aunty?
Go and sleep. Heck with her Julie aunty!
Go to bed!
ls she your father's aunty?
Who is this Julie Aunty?
such a creature exist!
lt happened 3 - 5 years ago.
You were pursuing your studies
in Mangalore that time.
The thin stick which went past in..
lt was during the time l was loving her.
Look straight and drive.
l've been watching this since a long time.
People who have no courage to
express shouldn't fall in love.
l do have courage.
But l become feeble
on seeing her! - As if!
Get down. Get down l say.
Go..and ask her.
What, Uncle?
''Can l marry you''
-Why don't l ask her tomorrow?.
- No!
-Ask right away. - Right now, is it?
Go and ask her now.
- What?
Won't it be enough
if l ask her after 2 days?
lf l give a blow..Go!
What is it?
Then, move from the way.
Will come and block the way!
- Bash you, ask her..
-ls it enough if you hang around like this?
- Eh!
Don't you wish to marry?
Marry whom?
Oh! You quit driverjob
and took over Marriage brokerjob!
Get lost, you Rat Murugan!
-l'm his Uncle
- Oh!
-Expressed? - Hmm!
What did she respond?
she called me RAT MURUGA!
How dare she..!
Come on, dear! Doesn't matter.
You are my Pearl, aren't you?
Hold it tight!
Dear Muruga! Are you the actor
Jeyan in sharapanjaram?
Flat tyre?!
Hmm...will surely go flat! You watch!
-Watch there..
- Where?
Watch the swing!
- Watch the swing, you fool!
Watching me?
Then, me?
Pappachhan boss's only daughter.
Can see a lust in her eyes!
lf you hold it, then you will
be the future boss of this estate.
And l will be the Manager!
Good stuff! Don't miss it.
Come this side. Move
Uncle, that thin stick is enough for me.
That one!
Hello, get me some water.
Please get me some water.
l need that dried stick only
Get away! Go and do your work.
Hell with her water!
He doesn't want a Teakwood!
Wants only stick!
Uncle, see...she is bringing Water.
Bringing water!!!
Maina, give. l will give to him.
Ugh! Messed up!
she is really smart.
Estate is popping again
You are Puliyur's Hero,
Pulimurugan, aren't you?
lf you need water,
drink and get away, you bull!
l wish to see you..
seems she wishes to see you alone!
Then? You saw Julie?
No, l didn't!
That door will not be open again
Take. You sleep on the Cot.
l will sleep beside Uncle!
Take it bro!
My dear nephew!
You know something?
One who is not able to sleep
with his wife is really a Coward!
Uncle! Please don't hurt me!
l will do!
-Uncle! - Hmm!
-Why is she like this?
- Who?
That Julie!
Why triggering problems in my life?
What do you normally do
to ones who create problems?
Will hit and sort it out!
-sort this also like that.
- Come on Uncle!
-Don't hit me, please!
- What happened?
l thought you were coming to hit me!
-Has your anger subsided?
- Hmm!
Would l get angry with you, my dear?
You are my darling, aren't you?
Lamenting in sleep!
Your anger subsided?
lt's because l lose my cool seeing her!
Who else is there in
my world apart from you?
Bro, am l not there?
You are my dearest little bro, aren't you?
And me?
You are my loving Maina!
Who is saying bad words in the morning?
Uncle, Maina!
Then, who is that?
she is my sweet little pearl!
Not Landslide! lt was Maina who bursted!
You lie down, uncle!
Let me go and beg her pardon.
''O Anklets,
adorning the forest, forest Mynah,''
''The rose apples are ripe won't you come?''
''With dreams overflowing,
l drenched my wings''
''l hid in play in the whole forest''
''O Anklets,
adorning the forest, forest Mynah,''
''The rose apples are ripe,
won't you come?''
''The forest trees touching the sky,''
''The deep valleys and brooks,''
''l will juggle in play
like the Kunni seeds, girl''
''The redness of clouds
coming down the hills''
''And chillness and dew coming at dusk''
''Are the darlings here in the hut, dear?''
''lsn't it the redness
of small hot chilli?''
''lsn't it the laughter of forest stream?''
''When coming stealthily before me,
why are you like a deer?''
''l wandered about
l melted in your smile''
''My body awoke like a tender feather''
''O Anklets,
adorning the forest, forest Mynah,''
''The rose apples are ripe,
won't you come?''
''O cloud, you too danced in darkness''
''On top of the high hill''
''Didn't you give me honey
in the leaf of my heart, dear?''
''ln the temple of Goddess Kali,''
''The festive time has come''
''Don't you want bindis and bangles, dear?''
''O wind, rushing somewhere like a tiger,''
''Don't speak to the cute girl''
''Who comes before you''
''My heart is filled with happiness''
''The waves in the river rippled''
''You dissolved in the
rain this whole night''
''O Anklets,
adorning the forest, forest Mynah,''
''The rose apples are ripe won't you come?''
''With dreams overflowing,
l drenched my wings''
''l hid in play in the whole forest''
Mayilvahanam (Truck) got a 2-weeks
work in the Reserved forest!
-You must also come.
Hi, bro!
stuff will reach in 2 days' time.
-stuff?- yeah our medicine!
Ganja for preparing medicine!
To take it out of the forest,
only you can help!
Oh no, l have taken up the work
in the reserved forest.
lt's just a matter of a day.
Also because it'll
be helpful for Manikuttan.
Bro, please!
Muruga, l went home looking for you.
There is an issue!
Forest officials recovered striped Tiger's
carcass near Thookupara.
They are pretty clear
that humans have done this.
But that is not the issue now.
New ranger has taken up charge
for the continuance enquiry.
Our old RK!
He even said that if the dead is the tiger
then the killer is definitely Murugan!
Don't take up a chance!
You go and hide in the forest!
Ranger must have not forgotten the past.
lf he takes this as a chance,
then things will go haywire.
You go.
Will it land us in trouble?
l shall sort that out.
Listen to me. Don't gape. Move.
Come l say.
lf Murugan gets into the Forest,
then only God can find him out.
Who is this RK?
What is the problem
between Murugan and him?
That happened 4 - 5 years ago.
During that time,
Tiger entered Hanumankunnu!
Tiger had taken away
4 people including a child.
Murugan entered the Forest
looking for the Tiger.
RK, who was the Ranger then with
PCCF order also entered the forest.
Wild meat and Forest Woman!
People who relished both will not
leave the Forest.
Oh sir! Please forget that Maina!
she is an orphan poor girl!
she is not your daughter, is she?
Even otherwise,
l will not back out of this.
she has been slipping away
from my hands since a few days.
Today l must satiate my desires!
What happened? Where is Maina?
We chased her inside the forest.
But missed at a hand's distance.
-No chance of going far away!
she must be somewhere near. We'll find her
stop there.
stop !
Why did you jump?
l have something to tell you urgently.
Over here?
Yes, even if you hit me here,
nobody will notice
What is the matter?
l wish to marry you.
ln this ravine?
No..Not in this ravine but
in Mariamman temple!
But l need your acceptance here.
Don't you have any other business?
First, try to find out
the way to escape from here!
First tell me, that you will marry me
That will not happen.
We'll stay here then.
Here, nobody else will marry you!
suppose any Wild elephant accidentally
slips and falls on our chest at night,
Won't we die?
lf l marry you,
my plight will almost be the same
Don't keep gaping. Rescue me.
First tell that you'll tie the knot!
ls it me who has to tie?
lt's you who should
tie the knot to me, right?
The fact is, all women in the village
are behind you only.
WHAT? l didn't get you!!!
Hell! Marry me and keep me happy.
lf you try to ditch
me...l'll lance it in you!
shall l carry you?
Let the rocks not hurt you...
l'll carry you if you want!
Wasn't l walking on these
rocks all these years?!
That's also true. Carry on.
sir, she is my girl, Maina!
l'm going to marry her.
Even your shadow...
shouldn't fall on her body!
lf it does..
Murugan's spear which is pierced into the
tree will pierce your heart.
Later, Ranger got transferred from here.
With that,
we thought all problems had gone!
Now that he is back again...
Maina...Hey wild Maina!
Where is your husband?
l don't know. He is not here.
How can you say like that?
shouldn't wife know
about husband's whereabouts?
Tell me, dear.
Where is he?
''Velayudhan'' who throws Vel (spear)
and attacks people?
No sir. Please leave her.
Ask me what you want to know!
l want her. Will you give her?
Move away!
l want to interrogate you in detail.
No, sir. Listen to me.
Although a mother of
one you still look young!
sir, no.
stay there.
Leave me.
A tiger crouches, not to hide but to leap!
This is the final warning for you!
lf your dirty legs step into
this Puliyur bridge again,
l will sever those legs
Get away.
This Moopan only can give a proper
treatment if one is whipped by Murugan
Or he will never walk again
shut up.
lt's your luck,
that you got your life back
Murugan went into the
den of the striped tiger,
weighed 400 kg and
struck at its vital point!
sir, how foolish you are,
to misbehave with such a man's wife!
Talk softly. My wife is inside.
someone help, please!
What happened, Vasanthi?
someone was peeping into the bathroom.
That must be Poongai sashi!
Don't watch! Go and catch him!
Don't catch me. l couldn't see anything.
she is simply screaming!
Who are you tojump across the vehicle?
l'm just a passerby, sir!
l came asking for the way.
stop there!
No need! l will go by myself.
l am lype Zechariah ACP!
l got the information!
Expected you would
arrive tomorrow morning.
l landed Puliyur this evening.
Only then l knew that you had an accident!
This is not just an accident, Ranger!
lt's an attack of a tiger, right?
Don't worry! l came to know everything.
Even l came here for hunting Puli(Tiger)
But l need your help, Ranger
What is your name?
Then, you leave and take this
Vaithiyar(Physician) along with you
l got something personal
to discuss with Ranger.
lt's not a child's play, Murugan!
Be careful!
so far, not a single police officer came
climbing this mountain to enquire about you!
This is for the 1st time!
But what wrong did Murugan do?
lt's because you are
ignorant about the issues.
lf it is for killing a Tiger,
then it is a non-bailable case!
Any evidences against
me for killing the tiger?
Please understand, Murugan!
lt's RK who is writing the FlR!
No need of evidence!
Not even a Witness.
lf the case is for killing
a wild animal in the forest,
A ranger can also become the self witness!
This will be sufficient for the Court!
Besides, the Case for assaulting RK!
What Diwakaran says is right!
lt's better to move away from here!
What for?
l never kill the tiger
after it enters the Forest.
l admit l had killed...
But only the man-eaters who kill
and eat the Puliyur villagers!
l don't think there
is anything wrong in it.
No police case if Tiger kills the people.
But if Murugan kills the Tiger who
killed the villagers, then it is a case!
Even if l'm hanged to death,
l won't run away, leaving my family
as a prey to this vulture like Ranger!
Load it quickly
Cover it well!
What are you doing?
Without asking a word to my bro!
What can we do if they
deliver the stuff at night?
Where can we store them?
Your brother said he'll help us,
then what?
What bro said is true!
But, now the situation is different!
ln such a circumstance, brother
will not go anywhere leaving his family.
l will talk to brother.
He will arrange you another vehicle.
Okay! But till then, let the stuff
remain in this vehicle.
lt's also your responsibility!
We take this risk for your good too!
Don't forget that.
Last night Police nabbed shivan!
Ramaiya's right hand.
shivan knows where the stuff is kept!
What shall we do now?.
Move the stuff to Puliyur!
There is only one option left
Forest officials and Policemen
will reach here soon!
ln Puliyur, only Murugan can drive
as fast as lightning through this forest!
How is that possible?
Didn't Manikuttan say Murugan
will not come anywhere leaving his family.
That l don't know.
ln this short time, only Murugan will be
able to help you.
We enquired well!
Ranger got admitted in the hospital.
Attempt to murder case filed against you!
And...another case too,
for killing the tiger!
The jeep you said is
enough for us to leave,
but our heart doesn't allow us
to leave you in the hands of police!
lf nab you now, they'll charge a
non-bailable offence against you.
We've no time to think.
A fleet of Police have already started
Take your family and come with us.
You only have to cross this forest!
No police will dare touch you then.
l'm sure!
Hubby, if police nabs you,
then we'll not be alive.
There is nothing much to think.
l will take care of the things here.
Take Maina and child and escape from here.
Be quick!
Police will reach here any moment.
Oh!! Let them come!
Not even a single policeman will come here
crossing that bridge.
Go via forest road!
Get going! Don't waste time.
Till now, neither for
anything nor fearing anyone,
Murugan has gone anywhere
leaving this Puliyur soil!
lf all of you feel this is right.,
l will come.
Come fast!
Balaramettan, save me.
What happened?
A fleet of Police vehicles
is coming to nab me.
What for?
Unknowingly, l looked at the bathing scene
of Ranger sir's wife!
Come on!
You run!
l'm going to blast this bridge!
l'm also coming!
Murugan bro! Let's move quickly.
Oh you already kept the vehicle ready
-lt's him, is it?-Yes, sir!
They are planning to
escape through Koup road.
lf go by Estate road, can catch them
before they cross the forest.
Then, don't waste the time, move fast.
Here he is! Don't leave him!.
-Follow him.
- Yes, sir.
speed up! Don't give up for any reasons.
lf we're caught, then that
is the end of everything.
We're carrying Ganja in this truck!
somehow help us to cross this forest.
Then l will take you
to my Daddy Girija's world.
No one can dare touch you there.
Please trust me.
Don't leave him.
Take reverse
Murugan and family who left Puliyur then,
are now in the protection of
Daddy Girija near Mangalore.
Daddy Girija has promised Murugan
to absolve the case here.
Don't worry. He will be back.
l'll convey your matter to him.
He will definitely help you.
Hello.. l forgot to ask.
lf Murugan asks who's come,
what should l say?
Daddy...Daddy Girija!
''45 days before, Kasaragode''
Though we've come this far,
not even a single policeman
stopped the vehicle
When loaded a heap
of straws on this truck,
l thought you'd gone mad!
Later on only l understood
You not only can hit but also wit!
Go slowly.
Haven't you tied the straw tightly?
lt won't fall on the road, right?
Hope this is not fed
to the cow in this form!
What did Kayikka say?
supervisor, try to make him understand.
Debts must be repaid at any cost!
Knowing your plight,
Kayikka waited in patience for so long.
Entire Mangalore knows you
are financially sound now!
What is wrong if Kayikka asks
for his repayment of debt now?.
At the time of dissolution
of partnership deed,
The money, you said that Daddy owes
to Kayikka is only in Kayikka's account!
Don't ever think you will get
a single penny of it from here!
lf this is your decision
later don't say l didn't warn you.
Kayikka will change the game then
Don't you know about Kayikka?
lf you lock horns, then you will regret!
Only after Daddy established
an identity in this Mangalore,
Cherkala Kader saw this Mangalore!
Then, only he became Kayikka.
Go and tell him.
lf he is brave enough, let him
get back the money from me!
Basheer, get up and go.
Please come, bro.
Daddy, this is Murugan.
- lt's inside.
He has some problems in his hometown.
Hence moved here with his family.
Don't mistake! That's Daddy's nature.
Murugan and family can stay
in our out-house, can't they?
Open the house and
put on the lights quickly
This is your new place to stay.
This? You mean this house?
No! This will not work out!
lsn't there any tiny
house for humans to stay?
l see! What l thought was..
Bro, as you've come from the forest,
you feel so.
After 2 days, you will get used to it.
Untie me, please!
Are you still alive?
Please untie me.
Come on! Jump!
This is really a deceit!
lt's your punishment.
What for?
For peeping into the bathroom and
getting into vehicle without my consent.
-l need to pee!-What am l to do?
-Where can l pee?
- lnside this
-lnside the house?
-Hey there is toilet inside the house
l'm used to pee only in the forest.
see! lt's raining inside the house.
Rain? Must be the shower!
l don't know.
You don't talk to these ignorant people.
-Pour one more glass to this brother.
- Hmm.
Already your brother has begun tojabber!
Don't give him anymore!
l want! You know?.
No, l don't.
You know what, Manikuttan..
Once a lady palmist
looked at my palm and said,
''Muruga, you are destined
to live in a royal place''
Now, it has become true!
Ask that Palmist whether you
are destined to go to Jail also.
lmagining certain things,
we have no peace of mind ...
Ranger whom you assaulted
is in a very critical condition.
lf l get another chance,
l will hit him again.
Go and hit!
When l hear about RANGER,
l get mad with anger!
Because of those demons
my father got killed by the Tiger!
l'll assault him again!
They won't hang me to death, right?
He is never going to reform.
Pour him more drinks!
Let him drink and die.
No! There is a point in what she says.
Bro shouldn't drink this and die.
l'll drink the rest.
Don't touch.
Or else l will chop your hands.
l don't know how to cook in Gas!
Arrange some firewood outside!
l will cook gruel
-l shall light the stove for you-Then come!
Father, come here.
What's it?
Come here, father.
Child is calling you, go.
-l'll kill you!
- Never!
Touch it...and you'll...
For this matter, when l don't listen
even to my father, then...
-What is it, Chakki?
- Did you see this?
Get fully drunk and you'll
begin calling Maina, Maina!
- What's it?
- You lie down here.
l am really sick of you!
Too soft! lf l lie down here,
l won't get sleep! Go and bring a mat!
What if l lie down there?
l will lie down here;
you and your family sleep outside.
lt's true, bro!
l had seen many couples
lying in such a fluffy bed
l was not destined to lie
down in such a bed till now.
Who asked you to come here? Get out.
-l know you are joking, right?
-Get out l say!
Where do you look and walk?
l must not see you anywhere here. Go back!
lf we send him back, won't he inform
the police about our whereabouts?
Yes, you're right!
Don't run! stay there.
Let it dawn. l'll leave in the evening.
l'll leave tomorrow.
..Day after tomorrow.
Will you restrain yourself here?
-Then, don't go.
And your other business, that
will not happen here.
Then l will..
l swear on Goddess, from now onwards
l will neither watch bathroom scene
nor will l take bath!
Or let your head smash into smithereens!
A problem!
What's it?
stuff in the vehicle
must reach pharmacy tonight!
Where is the pharmacy?
Nearly 3 - 4 hours journey from here!
You please drive the vehicle.
Oh no! l will not.
-Why?- l'm drunk!
Mayilvahanam will get
angry if l drive while drunk.
l've been screwed up a couple of times.
We'll go tomorrow morning.
Not possible! Load must reach tonight.
lt's quite risky in the day.
How is that possible?
Ok, then give me the keys!
l'll take the vehicle.
Oh sorry...No!
Lorry will be back in the morning.
As there is no other option..
Please brother!
My Mayilvahanam....Drive carefully.
lt's not keys. But it's my life.
l will be careful.
-Be careful!
- Okay, bro!
Don't worry.
He goes taking away my life!
Unable to bear it.
Pour a drink, sashi!
l drank the rest!
No plans of bathing in the morning?
l will take bath.
Tell me when you take bath?
l'm a free service provider.
lf l need your help, will let you know.
No ownership l think
ls your name, Janu?
No, sumathi! What is the matter?
Normally the sweepers name will be Janu.
Will you get away from here?
What is happening there?
Nothing bro! she tried to flirt with me.
she tried to flirt with me! Will l?
Where do l lie and
where does that maid lie?
As said, where does she lie down?
My vehicle hasn't come!
still not reached?
Would it have fallen in the gorge
and burnt to ashes?
lf you cast your evil eyes..
l just said a possibility!
Always sashi!!
Mayilvahanam is not yet back!
l mean, my Lorry hasn't come!
Oh! Don't worry; your lorry will be back.
One finds difficulty in getting up
and others are simply watching it!
Can't they help him?
What if we help him to get up?
He does exercise!
Yes, Murugan! Want to compete with me?
No, sir. You will only lose!
Nobody can defeat him in this.
-He's a Tiger.
-You please shut up
Do you have any suitable job to give me?
-l'm not used to sit idle!
-Me too!
l'm only used to sit idle.
Then l shall wash all these vehicles.
Why don't you rethink your decision?
Then you wash it! l will point out
where the dirt is!
Get some water quickly.
Oh God!
What happened?
What is the problem?
Daddy, everything turns to a big mess
We almost reached the factory,
Couple ofjeep cornered us.
And took away the lorry!
They shackled shiva!
Who are they, supervisor?
lt was the game of Kayikka
Demand is 1.5 crores!
We will fulfil their demands.
Let's not play with your son's life.
He is important to us
Besides, they are not aware
of the stuff in the Lorry.
Before they come to know..
What is the problem?
lt's an old score! Needs to be settled
As his son's life is at stake now,
he is keeping quiet.
You have only seen Daddy in white attire!
ln black attire..he appears like Yama!
He will return only after seeing its end.
Go and give it.
Daddy is only used to take.
And not give!
l know how to take this back.
Go! Not even a speck of dust
should fall on my son's body.
Where is my Mayilvahanam?
That's what l've been telling.
Both your lorry and his
son are in their custody.
Take the Car.
You also come.
Wait, l'm also coming.
My Mayilvahanam!
Don't go.
Do l have to wash all the vehicles alone?
Didn't you say Daddy will not
give back the money?
Now what happened?
Didn't you see cash reaching my feet?
You go and tell Daddy Girija,
He doesn't have the measuring stick
to measure kayikka's braveness!
He knows that well.
We are old friends, aren't we?
Get the cash from him.
Bring his son.
Untie him.
l would like to offer
black tea but no sugar
Keep going then
Keys are not there in the Vehicle.
Yes! Keys are not there.
Keys are in my pocket.
-Please give to me.
-No! l will not give.
Didn't Daddy give a
kick in Basheer's chest?
That hurt me a lot.
As a pay back, l'm taking this lorry.
Oh no, it is not possible.
Lorry belongs to me.
lf kick is your issue,
then kick me on my chest.
And give back the keys.
Will you go away only with the lorry?
Then what? l need my Lorry back.
Dear, can't you see the big dogs here?
lf he unleashes the grip..
Then these dogs will dance on your chest.
Get away quietly.
Will go only if l get back my Lorry.
Boys, settle whatever he needs!
shukur, batter him to a pulp!
- Unfortunately it's in my pocket!
still have relationships?
My 5th marriage just got over.
Muruga, you saved my honour!
smart boy! Very very smart!
lf Daddy puts his hands
on someone's shoulder and praises him,
Then, it is a history. You know that?
sorry! l don't know what
CHAARlTRlAM(VlRGlNlTY) one and the same?
What do you want?
Ask me whatever you wish for?
Just assume God Himself has appeared
before you! so ask!
Will it be enough if l ask?
Will he transfer this house in my name?
lf l get it,
then l can sell it immediately, right?
Ask, Murugan bro!
shall l ask?
Go ahead!
-l will ask
- Hmm!
l can ask, can't l?
Please give ajob to
my little brother Manikuttan!
Did l ask anything wrong?
Tell him tojoin our pharmacy tomorrow.
salary Rs.40,000/- per month! Enough?
Enough?!!! l've no words to express!
sir, God will bless you!
Manikuttan got a good
job - salary Rs.40000/-
l feel as though l fulfilled all
the commitments that father entrusted me.
l don't know. l feel scared!
Why? Even though his looks and nature
appear to be a monster,
he is good at heart!
His name itself sounds gigantic!
He loves me a lot!
Beware of people showing overwhelming love
and people who love when a need arises!
shut up and sleep!
No use of talking to
a woman born in a forest!
As if you were born
at the Centre of the City!
Don't talk to me.
Even you don't talk to me.
Rat Murugan!
Thinks as if l won't understand anything?
l'm a fool, right?
sleeping like a buffalo!
Only now l understood everything.
Acting as if he doesn't know anything!
Cheating me and sleeping peacefully!
Get up, man!
For coming to this town,
and looking out for
an adjacent house here,
you took so much pains, didn't you?
Hmm! Eh!!
No! Why?
Asking me?
Damn it! Don't provoke my anger.
What is the problem, father?
No idea, dear!
Your mother's nut has become loose!
Come, let's check!
l must be blamed for coming,
relying on him.
About whom are you talking?
What is the problem?
l also need a black tea.
Nothing for you!
What is happening? What is wrong with you?
lt's me who made a mistake!
lt happened when you decided to stay here!
Tell it clearly!
l will tell you.
Problem is with our neighbour!
Last night, by chance
l saw the light in their bathroom.
What is the need of light at that time?
Electricity is precious, right?
l got excited when l thought of that!
To find out the reason, l peeped in!
l was shocked!
-You know who was inside?
- Who?
Guess who could that be!
Tell who is that!
-A very intimate person of yours!
- Means?
Means...a person who
is very very close to you.
Tell me who is that?
lf l show you the person,
you will surely kiss me on this cheek
Come bro! sis also can come.
Get lost! Damn it!
After you see the person,
You and sis will give me a kiss.
You will surely like it! Look there.
Not JU JU Julie but JULlE!
No, later!
Will say later! Oh my goodness!
-Why are you here?
- Eh?!
-No...Why am l here?
- How?.
Oh God! Why is she here?
l also ask you the same thing.
Why is she here?
l don't know.
You don't know, is it?
Are you both playing a drama?
l'll show you!
-Move away!
- What did l do?
so it's true that you
both have an illicit affair.
l only asked for the Kiss!
And l got its Principal!
Don't you have to go to work?
Have bath and get ready!
Why are you shouting at me? What did l do?
Wasting time over unnecessary things!
l finished praying!
lt's enough if l take bath!
Get inside! shiva is inside
Come brother!
Recheck it properly and send feedback.
-Do it faster!
- sir, in 5 minutes.
Okay, carry on.
Hello, welcome!
sir, Mr Manikuttan,
our new Marketing Manager.
And his brother, Mr. Murugan.
He is Dr.subramaniam! Our scientist.
Oh! The Researcher!! Researcher, bro!
l have only heard of Researcher!
Only today l'm seeing directly.
ls this Researcher preparing
Cancer drugs from Ganja..
Hush! softly!
Don't tell the word Ganja loudly.
However the Researcher,
has a head full of brains, right?
That's the reason his hair turned grey!
That's your cabin.
Yes sir!
Please take him.
- Come brother!
Manikutta, is this your cabin?
Yes, bro!
Brother, that is ''Marketing Manager''
l thought it was Manikuttan.
You sit on this revolving chair!
Let me have a look.
What happened?
ln the place of parents,
only you are there to bless me, brother.
You go and sit.
lf l..
lf l stand here anymore,
it won't look good.
seems Daddy called me!
He is inside. Come.
Come Muruga! Please sit down.
No thanks! l will stand.
Pour a peg for Murugan.
No! Not necessary!
-Don't you drink?
- l do.
He is a binge drinker! He feels shy!
l will pour for him.
lf he begins, even if you all lose your
composure, he will still stand like a rock!
Come on, gulp it!
He will gulp it at one go!
Do you know him?
Might have heard of him!
He is Ramaiya!
Ramaiya?! Hold this, please.
l've not seen even the forest
brigand Veerappan personally.
Let me have a clear look!
Heard a lot about..
..Puliyur forest Pulimurugan!
You know why Ramaya came
all the way to meet Daddy?
He wants a favour from you!
A favour, which only Murugan can do!
Vanathadi Forest Ranger Raghu Chandran
Never content with however much he gets!
A greedy cheat!
Because of him,
my consignment worth
4 Crores lies in the forest!
What is the Consignment?
Now, he has dumped heavy logs
on top of my sandalwoods
And deployed forest officers
with rifles to guard it!
Really impossible to move them!
somehow get my consignment
out of the forest.
lf you do this favour to Ramaya,
ln return, Ramaya will supply me the
best Ganja for medicine. What do you say?
such things are too simple for bro,
isn't it?
ls it not?
- No!
l've not indulged in such things so far.
When you ask, how can l refuse?
l will try!
l might need Uncle's help also.
Consignment is worth
4 Crores in the Market.
Give me just 2!
There is nothing to think over!
l will get the consignment out
of the Check post. Enough?
What is the problem?
someone plundered our sandalwoods
No doubt! lt's him only..that Ramaiya.
search everywhere!
surround the entire forest!
and all the Check posts!
Consignment shouldn't go out
of the forest for any reason.
To reach sandalwood factory,
crossing the river is the only option!
Officials have surrounded
the entire forest.
How to carry the sandalwoods
out of the Checkpost!
What day is today?
Can't you see people going to Paithamala
with Cross and offerings?
Today is Good Friday!
Then, why do you fear?
Lord shall be with us!
''Climbing the Malayatoor hill,
crores of people reach there
to see you Lord Muthappa with Gold cross''
shouldn't go out of the
Checkpost evading our sight!
''Climbing the Malayatoor hill,
crores of people reach there''
''to see you Lord Muthappa with Gold cross''
Few of our people passed this way!
l hope they are not lost!
No..They just went past us!
Please offer Rs.100 for the Lord!
May your sins be forgiven if any!
Oh! Rs.500?! so you have plenty!
Leave them.
''Climbing the hill''
Hell with his offering!
sandalwood was cut and
transformed into Wooden Cross!
Painted it with tar
and changed its colour!
For suppressing its fragrance,
Lemongrass oil applied!
O my goodness!
Don't miss him! Hold tight like this.
Only 1 among lakhs,
you will find such an item!
No kidding, please!
After Panathadi Range deep forest,
lt's Karnataka!
some stuff of Ramaya's lies there.
Cut and dried ones!
Reach it to our factory immediately!
stand steady! she will find out.
see you, good night!
ls Maina not there?
lsn't Maina inside?
Am l not Maina?
Why have you dressed up like this?
seeing this glitter,
bro mistook you to be Julie!
l only praised her!
Who give this new dress and
doll for you Chakki dear?
- Julie l suppose!
- Get lost!
Her uncle!
-l got my 1st salary! - Give to me then.
- Dhothi and shirt for you.
see! Manikuttan got me a dhoti and shirt.
Uncle, for you also...a shirt bit!
No ready-mades available for your size.
l've kept the dresses
for aunty and children also.
Nothing for me?
Why not? Take it!
ls it a Pint?
Not a drink! lt's a body spray.
Foreign liquor?
scented perfume! see!
Oh l see! if l'd consumed this, my stomach
would have reeked with fragrance!
What the hell are you spraying?
Let the wild smell disappear!
Leave me, l'm not coming.
What are you upto?
Uncle, look at us.
Our fight is over!
How is this?
Looks decent!
-You look good only in that old wild attire.
- You!
What happened, Uncle?
shall l go back?
Why all of a sudden?
Are you not getting sleep
without hearing the screams of that oldie?
Not that. l wish to see my children.
-For seeing the children
or for increasing their count? - Hush!
Don't you wish to come back?
lsn't that our soil?
How can l come without getting out
of Case and problems?
- True!
- Daddy promised to solve all my problems.
Okay, Uncle!
Who are you? Leave me!
Run away and escape.
-Run quickly
- Leave me l say.
-Try to escape!
- Who are you, guys?
Leave me, please.
What happened?
Who is there to save lives from
a striped tiger in the absence of Murugan?
Lost too many lives!
At last, abiding the Government's order,
Ranger has gone to hunt Tiger!
Government has not sent us
here with rifles for Murugan to hunt!
l'm enough for this! Come on search!
Get inside! Quick!
shut the door fast!
Hey..Don't get down. Look down!
Entire Puliyur inhabitant, including
Children, have only one Prayer - MURUGAN!
Where is he now?.
Got any news of him?
l don't know.
No news of him.
He will surely be back!
lf Puliyur's heart wrenches,
Murugan will be able to sense it.
Don't keep worrying like this.
Your problem is my problem too!
Wherever he may be,
l will get back your Manikuttan.
From Manjeswaram to Bandadukka,
no gang is aware of this issue.
Or could that be any
outsider from Mangalore?
Manikuttan is taken to a Cashew factory
in Mulleri route, Cherkulam!
Workers who went to
deliver the load saw this.
so it's HlM! Cherkulam Kader!
lf Kayikka has abducted Manikuttan,
then it must be an avenge against Murugan,
..for thrashing him in his territory.
Take our entire people!
l want Manikuttan before dusk!
No need.
l will go.
They want only Me, right?
Tell me the spot!
Oh! Welcome Muruga!
We were interrogating
Manikuttan in detail.
Please leave him! You want only me, right?
ln the presence of forest officers
and everyone including me,
This Puliyur bravo, sped away
with Ganja like a hurricane!
Please be seated, Muruga!
sit down, man!
You did all these crimes,
only for his sake, didn't you?
Then, how will l spare him? Drink water!
Manikuttan is innocent!
He doesn't know anything.
lt's true he doesn't know anything!
And you?
For the one, whom you're ready
to take any risk and love so much -
Daddy Girija!!!...
What do you know about him?
l've been running behind
him for the past 14 months!
Daddy who grew
after extorting money and goondaism,
are you aware, for what business,
he settled in sitagol
crossing Manjeshwaram?
ln the Veil of Ayurvedic Factory,
he started preparing
Narcotics brewing Ganja!
No.1 Hash Oil!
ln the Veil of Ayurvedic products,
he smuggled these drugs,
crossing Mangalore and Goa,
this Girija Pharmaceuticals,
conquered the foreign Market also.
That Company's Marketing Manager
is your brother Manikuttan!
sir, we are really not aware of anything.
He told us,
it's for preparing Cancer drugs!
Cancer drugs?!
-ls it?
- Yes!
Even they gained the trust of a MBA
holder Manikuttan with their fake story!
When l reached Puliyur
forest the other day,
you believed that l came to arrest you
for attacking Ranger.
Made you believe so!
That was their trick! Deceit!
ln fact, that day l was
actually behind a Ganja lobby,
and not in want of you Murugan!
lf l file this case now,
you and your brother
won't even get a bail!
But l will rescue you.
ln return, you must do me a favour.
ln the Veil of Ayurvedic Factory,
no one is aware where Daddy Girija
concealed the narcotics!
Don't l need foolproof
evidence while arresting?
Hence find out where
he has concealed the drugs!
Only you can do it, Murugan!
lf you do me this favour,
Both of your names
will not appear in the FlR.
We are mistaken.
Kayaikka's boys didn't abduct Manikuttan.
lt was Police!
Murugan knocked the Policemen
and rescued his brother!
l enquired
Two policemen are admitted
in General Hospital.
Waiting down with his brother!
What happened, Murugan?
When l went there,
full police force were there.
Talking rubbish and senseless things,
they were bashing him!
They say, we are not preparing
any medicine in our factory.
Brewing Ganja...something
else is prepared!
What is that called?
some Hash Oil!
But l told them it's cancer drugs!
But they didn't believe!
At last l battered all of them
to a pulp and brought him.
Will it land us into trouble?
No. You go!
l will deal this.
What are you saying, Daddy?
lf you ask me to move the stuff
immediately, where shall l move?
Police are still not
aware where the stuff is!
lf they had known it,
Not before Manikuttan,
Police would've stood in this front yard
Good that stuff wasn't
stored in the Factory!
lt's dangerous to keep
it in our hands anymore.
l spoke with Englishmen
they will land before
noon to Mangalore from Goa!
By then, the stuff
should reach Mangalore...
send it in Murugan's lorry.
You don't go along with that.
Can smell a deceit somewhere!
Murugan shouldn't come to know this!
shall give you one more chance!
To whom did you send those visuals?
-Hi bro!
- Where is the supervisor?
What is all this, shiva?
No forgiveness for this
alone in this business!
What betrayal?
He is my friend!
Then, ask him to whom
he'd sent the visuals!
l will never disclose!
Please listen to me, shiva.
l will make him spill the beans!
No shiva! Manikuttan got into this
only because of my words!
Come, Muruga! sit down.
l've parked the lorry down.
Ayurveda medicine packets will be
loaded in your lorry.
Reach it to Mangalore immediately.
Our boys will be there.
This is product details!
and this is sales paper!
-show it in the check post. - Ok!
suspect there is a betrayer in our group!
shiva is dealing with him!
Will be back now.
Kill him.
Oh no...Brother..
Don't leave him.
shut down.
Drop your gun down.
shucks! Catch them!
l will take care of that.
You flee to Puliyur immediately.
What happened?
l learnt whatever l wished to know.
Let him be back, Daddy!
l will finish him off in front of you.
Why all of you..
..sent me away from here?
Fearing that my life will be
in danger in this forest!
Now l realized, Uncle!
lt's not the animals in the Forest,
But the humans who are the
most dangerous enemies!
We can identify the enemies in the forest,
confront and defeat them!
But we need to fear human beings here!
They will love us..
..lncite more desires in us.
But while loving in front,
their intention will be to backstab!
l never thought like this, Murugan.
Let Maina not know anything.
she thinks Manikuttan
met with a Jeep accident.
O my Muruga!
Where were you for these many days?
Tiger entered the Village again.
striped Tiger took away
7 lives within a month!
We searched for you intensely!
How to inform you without
knowing where you were?!
My grandchild Muthumani..
My eyes aren't content of seeing her...
Last night, tiger took away her also.
l didn't inform you purposefully
lf you'd known that the
Tiger entered the village,
you won't have peace of mind!
What are you thinking about?
Again decided to kill the Tiger?
see, l and my child have
nobody else besides you.
Please heed my words!
How could you talk like this, Maina?
she was only Chakki's age...
... Moopan's grandchild!
lf it was for our child,
will you be able to tolerate it?
No, l won't let you.
-Tiger attacked sashi!
- Eh!
lt was a narrow escape!
Now l can understand, Muruga.
To kill the Tiger, Forest department's
rifle won't be enough.
Exactly, sir! This rifle is not enough.
To hunt a Tiger, one should be
aware of the Forest!
should be able to track
following its footprints
lf ears are sharpened,
the distance of the Tiger can be measured!
The one and only MAN capable
of doing it in Puliyur is..
Now l understood why
people praise you so much!
This is the PCCF Order for
the hunter to Kill the Tiger!
You must protect this village!
Only you can do it!
Daddy..Daddy Girija!
Took us saying your life is in danger!
Chemba, don't confuse us!
Tell us. What is the problem?
l don't know.
Ramaiya asked me to bring you.
Balaraman?! Murugan's power!
Like Balaraman to Lord Krishna, isn't it?
But your life is too short, Balaraman!
l want you!
Murugan must know Daddy's arrival!
You are the invitation for him.
A messenger!
He too!
What you said is right, Moopan!
An enemy..
..Tiger or Human - whoever it may be!
should go and kill in its Den!
That is the Law of the Forest!
With brains on all 6 heads and power,
he is six-faced Arumugam!
He will come in search of the prey!
To smash all his 6 heads into smithereens,
l hired thunderous hunters from outside.
l know, Murugan!
You're on a hunt for rescuing
dear ones' lives, isn't it?
l didn't kill your son.
He dug his own grave.
l'm the Loser!
You should also feel its pain, Murugan!
Don't waste time!