Pulling Strings (2013) Movie Script

Mr. Fernandez, we asked you to come
because we're worried about Maria.
She's been distracted for weeks
with her drawings or making up stories.
Well, she's a 9 year old girl.
- You couldn't expect...
- Maria...
...needs more order at home.
We're concerned she is not receiving
proper indications.
Is it because her father is a mariachi?
Let's just say a father
who is absent at night...
...is not exactly
the role model a girl needs.
We don't say
you are not trying, but...
But, yeah, I think I know
what you are saying, Mother.
- Do you see what I'm saying?
- Maria.
Are you sending me to Arizona
with my grandparents?
What...? How...?
And who's going to buy me chips?
- Good morning.
- Your documents, please.
These are my documents.
Why would you like
to visit the United States?
I want to buy some Phenom Il x6
processors for my computer.
Only four days.
Tax declaration.
Proof of residence. Bank Statement.
You are very kind.
I'm really thankful.
Take a brochure, young man. It includes
a 10 percent discount on your event.
- Thank you.
- Whatever you need.
Good environment, music.
Music, quinceaera, weddings...
We could use this
for our next child's baptism.
What's up, bro? Is it done?
Are you going to the U.S?
Did you show them the records?
- Yes.
- Did you tell them we're experienced?
One hundred and forty weddings,
70 baptisms.
- Yes, I told her.
- And nothing?
My cousin didn't even have documents.
But he was sure and confident...
...with a smile and a speech,
and they gave him the visa.
Yeah, without documents. A speech.
She didn't even look at me, Canicas.
- Because of your attitude.
- What attitude?
What did I tell you about being positive?
You have to see yourself,
decree the thing, and say:
- You'll get it.
- I'm not flirting. It's the embassy.
I won't say,
"Mamita, give me the visa. "
I won't do that
in the American embassy.
Mexican Fiesta and mariachi,
young lady.
Look at that.
What do you think?
That's Canicas marketing.
Hello, is this the ant roller skates
factory? Listen, I have a big problem.
The ants are angry
because they can't find their skates.
They're so angry
they're now getting all over the phone.
Ants don't wear roller skates, Dad.
That's because they don't have
the phone number of the factory.
Come on.
Get dressed, it's late now.
Do I really have to wear
this old lady uniform?
We've talked about it. That is
the school uniform, you have to wear it.
...why is Mrs. Chelo always
my babysitter at night?
That's because of my job, honey.
I finish very late, you know.
When my mom was here...
...was Mrs. Chelo my babysitter?
No, honey, when your mom was here...
...the three of us
looked after each other.
But now that it's just you and me, we have
to sort things out as the team we are.
Okay, but I want chips for lunch.
Okay, but you have to eat the banana
and all the nutritious things.
Look, this is what I will wear for the fair.
Do you like it?
It's amazing.
- So you will be a...
- A nurse.
Nurse? Why not a doctor, Maria?
Look what I just found.
You're right.
It takes a lot of years of studying.
You finally showed up, little mariachi.
I'm always looking for you
and I can never find you.
- I will pay you in one week, Hapi.
- You better do it, "potrillito"...
...or next time your guitar
won't be the only thing I crush.
Oh, look at that.
What an elegant uniform.
Okay, we're done, Hapi.
One week. The bus is here.
- Take care.
- You too, okay?
- Don't you touch my daughter again...
- Come here.
Calm down, asshole.
Neron, Neron.
Calm down, Neron!
Calm down, Neron! Calm down!
Calm down!
We'll give them one chance.
I think they have understood.
You have two days left.
Damn Pinky and the Brain.
Are you okay?
Yes, bro. Thank you.
I can't believe you still owe that guy.
In addition to the previous amount, he
gave me a loan to pay for Maria's school.
And then he comes
and threatens me in front of her.
- Don't worry.
- How could I not be worried?
Maria deserves the best.
I can't calm down.
She asked for her mom
again this morning.
She misses her mom, Canicas.
She needs her.
Maria needs a woman in her life.
What could I know about little girls?
I think you are overreacting.
No, I think what Maria needs
is more safety.
And she'll get it from her grandparents in
Arizona. They know how to raise women.
They raised Maricruz and she did well.
Look, let's focus on how you're going
to pay this guy, and then...
Then I'll owe somebody else...
...and then somebody else,
and I'll get home at 6:00 a. m.
How do I explain that to Maria?
You don't understand.
I do understand.
I understand
that you are screwing things up.
First, you send Maria to an expensive
school you can't even pay for.
And now you're moving her
away from you?
Is that it? You want her away?
You're going to screw up her life.
You know why?
Because she loves you.
But the real tragedy is that
I lost my lunch standing up for you...
...and I'm starving.
Let's go to get something.
I don't want to go get lunch.
I want a visa for Maria.
The gringa from the embassy.
And you said my flyers didn't work.
And you wanted a visa.
God really likes us.
- Why did you slap me in the face?
- It was petting.
How are you today, Mr. Gus?
Hey, Alex!
- Canicas!
- Hey, Cosme. How are you, Mr. Gus?
What do you say, Alex? One match?
No, I watch my money.
I came to see if it's ready.
It's more than ready.
You should take better care of it.
Wow, this is amazing, Mr. Gus.
What did you do?
It's better than new.
We'll break the tie later, Mr. Gus.
- Sure, Cosme.
- Good to see you, Alex.
Don't leave, Cosme.
Canicas, I'm glad
you are still growing up.
Just look at you.
Somebody stole a taxi from you
around the corner.
Let's go.
Is that one of yours?
It's one I'm composing.
He's been composing it for two years.
Alex doesn't want to compose anymore.
Since Maricruz...
No, no.
Let's give this guy a chance.
And that's how inspiration works.
It comes when you least expect it.
No, Mr. Gus, inspiration exists...
...but it always finds you working.
And my friend doesn't want to do it.
He has a block.
And he's a great composer,
but lately he's just a drama queen.
Come on.
Hello. Good morning.
Let's do it!
Canicas, that's the gringa
who denied my visa.
The blond?
She stared at me.
Pretended she didn't know me.
Like they deal with so many people
at the embassy.
You have to go there and sing.
Shine. You have to shine.
Make her regret denying your visa.
You know something?
I have something to tell you
And I don't know how to start explaining.
What I want to tell to you.
Maybe with a rose
I can convey this to you.
When will you bring me my black woman?
I want to see her here.
With her silk shawl.
I thank the heavens.
For letting me meet you.
For letting me meet you.
I thank the heavens.
The beautiful feeling.
I felt.
Canicas, boss, with an S.
Canicas with an S, as in "stupid. "
This thing is over. Let's go.
I'm Canica for you.
You can call me whatever you want.
Look at this.
You look so serious denying visas
and now you're all drunk in the streets.
That's right.
Let's go!
- Like a dog?
- Let's go!
Come on. Like a dog!
Denying visas and I try to help her.
Damn, bro.
Thank you!
Could you take me...?
Hey, guys, good night.
She drank too much.
She drank too much.
We come from Garibaldi, from work.
Damn, come on.
If your girlfriend pukes in my car,
you'll pay for the car wash.
- Yeah, sure.
- Where are you going?
Don't shake her up.
I guess you're having
an international guest at home tonight.
Who's this?
Is this the ant roller skate factory?
I have a problem.
My house is full of ants...
...and they all want their roller skates...
That means "oh, my God," Dad.
You better get ready for school.
- In a case where the...
- I brought some bread. Oh, sorry.
The door was open.
I didn't see anything. I'll go now.
- Well played, bro.
- No, I...
That's the gringa that didn't look
at you at the embassy, right?
She says she lost a computer.
- Mac or PC?
- It doesn't matter.
Mac. A Mac.
Life can change in a minute, right?
It could be around here.
Did you look back there?
Do you want some bread?
Gross, she's throwing up.
Yes, we know that.
Go get ready for school.
Okay, this is strange.
Or something like that.
We'll give her a lift.
Us? Let's see.
Did you score yesterday?
Nobody scored.
Then there's no obligation.
She can ride a cab.
You're very rude.
I've got a plan. Listen.
She denied my visa.
- Yes.
- If I keep her close to me...
...I could convince her. It's for Maria.
You are really stubborn.
Does Ninel work today?
Ninel always works.
If she's calling to the United States,
she's going to finish her credit.
Feel her vibe.
She's going to give bad vibes to Ninel.
I don't speak English
but she doesn't speak well.
Bro, what's that thing
of seeing yourself?
- Decree.
- Yes, but in English.
You go over to my car. Go over then.
Calm down, bro.
Let me guess. She's buying beer
and then she'll give you the visa.
Relax, she's coming back.
You scared me.
- I'm sorry.
- God.
Hi, how are you?
- Fine.
- Good.
I was here last night for the party.
- Last night.
- Oh, yeah.
You were really drunk.
- S, yeah.
- Yes.
I wanted to ask...
...do you have a black computer?
A computer?
- Yes, is it here?
- A briefcase?
You're lucky, blondie.
- I have it right here.
- Is it here?
It's very, very important.
Don't tell me you have a plan.
Of course I got a plan.
While I help get her computer,
I'll show her I deserve the visa.
I fill all the requirements.
Solid income...
...land, family links...
...professional success.
- Yeah, nice plan.
- I know.
And how are you going
to demonstrate that?
What do you mean?
What are friends for?
Here it is.
- Give it back then.
- Okay.
Cosme, it's Alejandro.
How are you?
Hey, Alex!
How are you?
Sure, whatever you ask.
Just in the taxi?
Oh, Alex, you're a mad man.
You know it. Just tell me.
See? Drafted.
We have no money and now...
We're not paying, stupid.
They're friends.
This is strange, Alex.
You're forgetting...
...that girl never asked for your help.
She never said that. Never.
And I think...
I think she's not coming back.
Who are you waving at?
We're not here to flirt.
Not for being polite
I'll stop being horny.
And she's a fine lady.
What are you doing? Canicas!
It's rude not to say hi.
I know...
Where should I drop you?
I have an appointment
for a relaxing massage.
I'll see you later.
Is Cosme coming?
Two tingas, please.
And two horchatas, please.
Thank you.
How's your business?
- My dear partner. It's going great.
- Partner.
- It's going great.
- I'm glad.
I'm even wearing my suit.
- Hi.
- Hi.
It's a pleasure. It's a pleasure.
The pleasure is mine.
Are you a mariachi?
Me? Mariachi? Thank God I'm not.
Hey! We're considered world heritage.
Please have some respect.
And I have good news for you.
I talked to my contact
from the Reforma-Downtown route.
They found your unit.
- That's good news.
- And the driver found a computer.
A computer.
A Macintosh with blue cover.
And who has it?
I have bad news.
What do you mean?
The driver gave it to...
To somebody.
- Did he give it to Margarito?
- Yes.
I don't want to get involved with police.
We're good, Cosme. She has a plan.
Sit please, Cosme.
Hey Alex, can I order tostadas?
Sure, order.
Can I have one of chicken
and one of meat?
And two tingas to go.
Is that all?
Okay, Canicas, La Bikina then.
- La Bikina?
- Is that fine?
- Okay.
- Let's do it!
Alone, La Bikina walks.
And people start to murmur.
They say that she has a sorrow.
They say that she has a sorrow
That makes her cry.
Haughty, gorgeous and proud.
She doesn't let anyone console her.
She shows off her beauty.
Passing by looking at us
But she doesn't mind.
La Bikina.
Has a sorrow and pain.
Calm down, girls! Calm down.
Calm down, please.
Calm down, ladies!
Make a line. Prettier at the front.
Alejandro! Alejandro!
The pretty ones,
only the pretty, lady.
Make a line. One by one.
The pretty in the front.
- Only the pretty, lady.
- Alejandro!
He has to rest his hand.
He has to rest his hand.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Alejandro, I want to have your baby!
"I want to have your baby"?
When did I tell you to say that?
I just wanted to make it seem real,
Uncle Canicas.
Things will get real
when I tell your mom.
Thank you!
You calm down,
take your little friends, and thanks a lot.
Damn, Stephanie,
you said it was "El Potrillo. "
Rulo, how are you?
I'm good, Alex.
- Rulo.
- Canicas.
Where's Mr. Gus?
Your manager? He left this.
That's for last night.
Your manager, right?
- Yes.
- A good night, huh?
- Tuesday was better, remember?
- Of course.
Sure. Sure.
Rulo, where's Mr. Gus?
He had to be here. Where is he?
He is not here.
- About your thing...
- Yes.
He said you should talk
to Margarito back there.
What's with that check?
It's fake.
I know it's fake.
And now Mr. Gus is our manager.
Come on, bro, you're getting
everybody involved in your lies.
Look at that poor gringa.
You'll have bad consequences.
I'll leave you.
I'll go make some public relations.
Mr. Margarito.
Cosme and Mr. Gus sent us.
Thank you.
My friend here lost her computer.
Right? And we have to find it.
It is very important.
Order two more shots of the good one.
You want...? Yes, sure.
Are you gringa?
Here's the good one.
You are Alejandro Fernandez, right?
- Yes.
- You are the good one.
- There you will find what you want.
- Thanks.
You need to stop being afraid.
Your destiny is to return.
We're leaving now. Thanks!
Order two more.
The good one this time, cheap bastard.
- We need elephants.
- I know, right?
Where should we put them?
Not next to the lions.
They would eat them.
Lions don't eat elephants.
And our lions eat chocolate,
or they would have eaten...
- ... the weird jellyfish...
- Chocolate.
...that horrible monkey...
...the owl, and of course the ladybug.
I have to sign this, right?
What's this? Another report?
- What did you do now?
- I pulled Susie Rosa's hair.
Why did you pull Susie Rosa's hair?
She called me "Maria chis"
because you are a mariachi.
Awful joke. But, Maria...
What? You hit a guy
with your guitar the other day.
Wait a second, young lady.
I hit him with the guitar...
I know, I know...
...it was the one who came
to request money the other day.
And I was thinking...
What's this?
All my jewelry. You give it to him
and you don't have to break your guitar.
But if he keeps bothering you...
...we kick his ass,
like Uncle Canicas says.
Antique Store - My White Illusion.
Good morning.
Good day.
Welcome to the "maxestor. "
I'm Max. How can I help you?
Max, we're here because
we heard you're good with computers.
So? Yeah, I'm good. I know it all.
If it's got keys,
I know how to play them.
My friend here lost a computer
near Cuauhtemoc.
They sent us to you. Mr. Margarito.
Mr. Magos.
He's my godfather. PC or Mac?
Of course.
Yes, of course.
It's a MacBook...
It's a 13 inch MacBook Pro.
- Yes.
- Blue polycarbonate cover...
- ... and it comes in a briefcase, right?
- Yes.
- Yes, that's it.
- Yes, I have it.
- But it's not here. Not here.
- What?
What did you want?
This place is just for service.
- What? - It's in the warehouse
with the luxury stuff.
But my cousin Proton
is the warehouse manager.
I can call him and tell him to bring it.
When will your cousin bring it, Max?
He's not there now. He went to a fair
to install light and sound.
We have to go. Max, I'll see you tonight.
- Okay, gracias.
- Cool, Ale.
...for this great impression...
...of Michael Jackson.
To continue with our show...
...we'll present...
...Alejandro Fernandez!
Alejandro Fernandez...
...is Maria Fernandez's dad.
She's form third grade.
He is going to sing...
...a great melody.
Excuse me.
Where's the auditorium?
Excuse me.
Where's the auditorium? Thank you.
...Alejandro Fernandez.
- You should take care.
- Hi, miss.
- This is the auditorium, right?
- Not so fast.
We sent out a memo asking
you to be here 15 minutes before...
...going on the stage.
- Well, I'm here now.
- Magician, you're on.
But I go after the sunflowers.
- My tricks aren't ready.
- Change of plans. Go!
Alejandro Fernandez?
- Why is he not here?
- What a nice person.
You should be the English teacher,
who sends all of Maria's reports.
Okay, come here.
Now, I'll present...
...from second grade.
I'm here, Mother. Mother, I'm sorry.
Well. Alejandro Fernandez.
This song is for Maria...
...my daughter. I haven't played
it in a while. Hope you like it.
Watch me cry and wake up.
To the truth from the heaven.
Watch you live, grow and feel.
I still believe in the mystery.
From your kisses and your peace.
That's the strength you give me.
I ask for more in silence.
Of your hypnotic eyes.
I'll be faithful to your love.
Inside of you I'm hiding.
I wanted to float in your soul.
Give you heat
Take the pain away.
Get drowned in the sea
Of your innocence.
And if time helps to forget.
And your dreams save.
Look into your breathing.
You'll have me next to you.
You're mine, my love.
I want to give you the whole world.
When you bring the universe.
And give it to me with your heart.
You turn into a child again.
Come and embrace my existence.
I will never lie to you.
I'll be yours forever, my love.
I love you, Dad.
I love you too.
Go with Mrs. Chelo, please.
Excuse me, sir.
Do you know Alejandro Fernandez?
Who doesn't know him?
He is the best.
Yes. Thank you, sir.
- Pablo, how are you?
- Good day.
- Good morning.
- How are you?
Hey, bro. Can you help me
with this level of Angry Birds.
Damn pigs.
You can laugh now.
Not now, Canicas.
I will give Rachel's
computer back, right now.
And what about the plan and the visa...?
Yes, but that's not the way to do it.
Maria, needs the visa,
but Rachel doesn't deserve my behavior.
- Why did you let me do this? - Me? I was
the first to tell you not to do this.
I'm not doing anything.
It's the right thing to do.
So now I'm the bad guy.
It will be hard to give it back like this.
Really, damn Neron?
It's the third time this month.
Where are my things?
- Look at that. So now you show up.
- I told you I will pay what I owe you.
But that's my house.
Respect my daughter's house!
Calm down, fatso.
I'll smash your face
and you'll lose your job.
You could have thought that
before not paying, little mariachi.
You took a black briefcase.
How much do you want for it?
Twenty thousand pesos.
Twenty thousand pesos, Hapi?
And that's just a little part
of what you owe me.
Tomorrow morning
comes my brother, Anubis.
He was deported from McAllen.
I can give him your stuff to get started...
...if you don't pay
the 20,000 pesos you owe me.
Your call.
You have three hours left.
Do you really have
a brother called Anubis?
Yes, Hapi is an Egyptian name too,
you ignorant...
I thought he was Hapi
because he was happy.
No, it's Egyptian.
My father said that some people
asked the life to hit them.
I told you...
I know, Canicas,
but I do it all for Maria.
- I can take money from the ATM.
- How much?
- Like 320.
- No. Come on.
The thing is there was a post card in the
briefcase form Rachel's father in London.
What am I...?
I tell them.
Now the palito is upside down.
I'll show you later.
This girl is wild.
I don't know if I like this girl,
but I'll take that "what" face from her.
- What did she say? - If you chill out,
she'll show you her boobs.
Mariachi. Mariachi.
- Manolito wants a serenade. Urgent.
- Yeah, now.
- And what happened?
- I'm here to apologize.
- Okay.
- We'll sing:
I'm sorry.
No, something deeper.
So, Deja que salga la luna.
What's that song?
Don't ask.
Manolo, you step here.
Don't worry.
They never throw things.
Hold on here.
- Come on, guys.
- Deja que salga la luna.
Let the moon come out.
Let the sun set.
Let the night fall.
So that our love can start.
Let the little stars.
Fill me with inspiration.
To tell you things
Shut up. You'll wake my neighbors up.
Do you want me to call the police?
Leave my daughter alone.
Relax. Relax.
There's no problem.
I know the sector police chief.
- Relax.
- What did you do to her?
- Nothing, I just forgot her birthday.
- What?
- Sing something hot for the old lady.
- Hotter than this? There aren't any.
Hey, play one of yours.
- What?
- Play one of yours.
Come on, bro.
That one of yours.
The nice one.
Okay, hold on.
Something in you.
Awaken something in me.
Without the intention.
You healed my heart.
I understood.
Life is like that.
Simple and easy.
There's still a future.
To conquer.
And there you are.
In every step.
In every dream.
Confirming it all.
And I'm on my way.
Finding my destiny.
Holding your hand.
The hope comes back.
And I feel alive.
With your love I'm back.
And I feel alive.
Lolo, I love you!
I love you too, honey.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Thank you, guys.
- Just hurry up with the cash.
- Oh, yeah.
Come with me to the ATM
to give you an extra bonus.
- You don't have money.
- I do, it's for a bonus.
Okay, then.
I'll be back, bro.
I'll go to the ATM.
What's up, bro?
I have the money.
I have more over here.
Ms. Carol said...
She's very tired and...
- ... she has a Mexican now.
- How much is this?
Sixteen and something.
Sixteen? We need more, Canicas.
Canicas, take care of her.
Stay here, blondie.
He knows what he's doing.
According to himself.
Tell Hapi I brought his money.
You're late, little mariachi.
- It's late but you better have my things.
- Hey, hey, calm down.
Your things are here
just because I'm nice.
Where's my money?
- It's missing like 2000 pesos. Take it.
- No.
- No, no, I want my 20,000.
- Just the computer, keep the rest.
If you don't bring it, it's over.
I think this didn't work, blondie.
Wait, blondie.
Those are not my things.
I have to give them back.
- Understand.
- What did I tell you?
What's with the gringa?
- She got out.
- Yes, I can tell.
This gringa.
This gringa is the one from the visas.
This blondie gave me my visa, Neron!
When I went to Disneyland
with Jamillette.
And she didn't give it to...
But this little mariachi
is in debt with me.
Wow, it is a nice watch.
Why is the time wrong?
Jamillette will really like it.
Okay, mariachi, go get your stuff.
Neron, go help them.
And you, go away now.
Thank you, sir.
Hey, Trucutru.
- What?
- What do you mean what?
I told you. See?
That's for doing wrong things.
Thank you, sir.
Where's the computer?
- The computer.
- Which computer?
I would have kept it.
I wouldn't have to tell you.
You think I'm afraid?
Have you seen Neron?
- Please.
- Come on.
- The briefcase, Hapi.
- The briefcase was always empty.
That's why every time I wondered...
...what you wanted,
but all the mariachis are crazy.
Like the song.
Hold on, hold on.
This thing is heavy.
- Come on in.
- Over there, right?
Here it comes.
Hold on.
The computer.
Look, look.
Bro, please, put it in the briefcase.
Please. That's the last favor I ask.
- No, no.
- Please, that's the last thing.
- Okay, okay. This is the last time.
- The last time, I promise.
Bro, here's something from Max.
With this note.
I'll be somewhere else.
- Maybe I could find more computers.
- Okay, you may go now, bro.
Thank you.
Now it is already impossible.
Being together, you and I.
Go down the road.
That luck has given to you.
By my side, don't deny it.
You were very happy.
But you don't understand it.
Because you were born mean.
And there's nothing good in you.
But I already knew.
That all of this would happen.
How the hell did I fall for it?
Sadness carries me.
What a disgrace and what a foolishness.
What a way to lose.
But anyways, we loved each other.
You leave and I leave.
I win by losing you.
Go see what you can find.
And may God bless you.
You also cry.
Being a drama queen again?
Why is it so dark in here?
Haven't you seen my bro,
Count Dracula?
A little bit of light isn't bad for you.
Let's get some fresh air in here.
It smells like depression in here, bro.
For you to dig out of the hole...
...you only need...
...vitamin T.
T as in "taco," as in "tamale. "
T as in...
Are you okay?
What is it, mate? Cheer up.
Don't stay like that.
I've already seen how you
broke down because of Maricruz...
...I'm not going to stay watching
how you become a river of tears.
It's better to have a fake smile
than a real sad face.
I'm going to be here for you
until you overcome this, huh?
Because I'm your friend
and I care for you.
And because I don't like it
when you're like that.
Cheer up.
Yes. You're right.
I have to be there for Maria.
I need to get her out of here.
Let's go to work.
Get her out? No.
I didn't mean that.
He never gets me.
I thought I wouldn't find you.
I almost had a heart attack.
You need to help me.
Alejandro and Rachel
need to be together.
Get up. Get up.
Alejandro love Rachel,
Rachel love Alejandro.
We need to save the love.
Jump over us!
One more time, okay?
Pedro has three apples...
...each one is worth 20 pesos.
If he sells all three of them,
how much money will he make?
Nothing. No one's going to buy them.
Pedro sells too pricey.
We're not talking about...
Can you open? It must be the store.
It's probably the milk.
What up, hon.
Let's go, bro.
Look, another gringa.
They must be from the same pack.
- Show some respect, kiddo.
- She said "pack," as in a bunch of animals.
What's with you? Let's go where?
Don't ask questions, just follow us.
Bro, Rachel is leaving, we need to catch
her before she gets onto the plane.
- Why is she leaving?
- Because your dad is a moron.
But Canicas is going to fix it.
- Let's go.
- Can we all just calm down? Seriously.
If Rachel wants to leave,
I wish her the best of luck.
Besides, she was gonna be better...
Yes, that same thing.
Put yourself together, bro.
Start making decisions.
Maria doesn't need an expensive school
or to go to live with her grandparents.
She needs a dad who takes care of her,
a happy one, not a dad...
and with a constipated dog face.
Look, it rhymed.
Come on, wake up.
Daddy, if you go get the blondie,
are you going to be happy?
I think so, Piojo.
Go get her then, Dad.
- I can't leave, who are you staying with?
- No, sir. Take me with you.
Let's go.
Come on, bro. Please!
Okay, okay.
Let's go.
See why it is called
the killer marshmallow?
We're not going to make it, Canicas.
- Move. Move!
- Move!
Jump over them, uncle.
Jump over them.
Hold on to your seats!
Get out people.
Keep it for me.
You just can't.
These are not luggage,
these are mariachis.
Besides, you don't have...
- Don't you know who she is?
- No.
Miss, call Obama.
The ticket to London costs 18,359 pesos,
including taxes and fees.
Hey, eighteen thousand?
We're not taking the flight attendant.
I need to go anywhere,
what do you recommend?
Officer, here's my ticket.
- Move along, people.
- Sorry.
Family emergency.
Yes, it's fine.
Just take off the jacket.
Okay, let's go.
Don't let her go, bro.
Show her what are Mexicans made of.
Bravo, bravo!
Come on!
It's because of your pants.
The flight to London.
- The flight to London.
- Over there.
Ana Belen de la Paula.
Hi, Paty.
Maria Fernandez, please.
Maria Fernandez, you're out.
- How did you go?
- Well, Dad...
- ... the teacher gave me a star.
- That's awesome, good for you.
Are you happy in here?
Yes, I don't need to dress
like an old lady.
Old lady?
Is not like that, it's a uniform.
Maria, could you set up the table?
Dinner is almost ready.
- Yes, Daddy.
- Thanks.
You made me my favorite, I can smell it.
Enchiladas for the queen of this house.
Here is your rival, Dad.
Your dad has no match.
Please. It must be something for...
It's the blondie, Daddy, come!
Come, bro. Look what came from London.
Something has woken up in me.
Without even wanting it.
You healed up my heart.
I understood.
That life is like that.
And you are in every step.
In every dream.
Confirming it all.
And I'm on my way.
Finding my destiny.
I fall in love with you.
The hope comes back.
And I feel alive