Pulse 3 (2008) Movie Script

Beginning of the page...
the Peace is with you, friend.
- How you the work?
- Horrible.
Then yuo resign.
Insurance. And how do I do to pay
the inscription?
Allow me to see.
You might be my concubine.
Problem solved.
What are you doing?
I manage the fingernails.
Why? I never get even to see them.
God. I love your feet.
Very well, his leg.
I have not even idea of what is other.
- You use your imagination.
- If I use it. All the time.
As they say that the imagination
it is the entertaining intelligence.
This am I.
What are you eat?
and How it is taste?
Like chicken.
Shares a Little
The soybean, a little of ginger.
At least it says in the bundle.
Then it must be true: no?
Now I Am hungry.
What do you have? Do not say to me.
And six types of Tofu
and a cup of rich ice cream.
Not at all.
I cannot help you there.
victory 01
You know that I permt to do that,
because I love You.
I only love that thing about you.
tomorrow we expire
11 months of being together...
and you do not even know of that I Am afraid
- So,are you ready to come in the United States?
- Are you ready to come to Cairo?
Yes. Yes, once they are stop
to blow up Americans.
- I do not they deserve the risk?
- Well, I am going to go to Cairo.
What are your parents going to think?
Brobally,to send someone
to kill yourself, of course.
- I blaspheme.
- Yes, yes.
Why do not you come to Ohio?
And if I do not impress you?
Very well, I go to eviar to someone
to kill you, skylight is.
What pretty bottom.
Let's to make love.
I have to go to the shop.
My parents will come...
...to have dinner this night,
then I have to work at my thesis.
- It is the bedtime.
- not here.
I'm sorry but today I cannot
To synchronize my agenda with yours.
- Today, I Have very much for doing.
- and Tomorrow?
Tomorrow it is well.
Dinner and movie?
Yes, yes, Kill Bill: 1 and 2.
What is about of Amelie?
- Great.
- Well. Perfect, is an Appointment.
- I have to go away, baby.
- Oh waits, hopes.
Before going away,
to dance a little for me.
it is already late.
I know it. A belly dance,
Sweet sleep.
thank you.
Adam, looks.
Adam, wakes up.
this web page has to do.
the fact is that...
species of cult of the suicide
or something similar.
I am not joking.
We go, Adam.
He wakes up.
this has to do.
I do not know if it is real or not.
But if...
really I begin to be afraid.
It is as if they were looking at me.
Adam, seriously
I need to speak with you.
I want to extinguish it.
But I cannot.
This is your alarm clock.
It is time to get up, friend.
Hour of getting up.
Hour of getting up., Adam.
Hour of getting up, lazily...
Salwa: are you well?
What happens?
Go out... He waits.
I have to go away now, Adam.
Wait, hope.
What devils did it happen? Salwa.
It looks at too much time the abyss
and the abyss looks at you.
Salwa, which happens?
Salwa: do you hear me?
Where do you go?
He speaks with me.
Salwa, speak to me.
Jump of the street,
jump of the street.
This is a madness.
This is a madness.
What do you do?
Take the phone and speak to me, Salwa,
Do you hear me?
Listen to me.
Take the phone and listen to me.
My god,
Salwa: do you hear me?
My god.
God. No
Not please, please, please, please.
God. Salwa, not, no.
We feel it, Adam.
I am very upset.
West Texas,
And seven years later.
Members Amish have taught us that what
really they matter in the life...
he is a God, the family
and the soil under his feet.
the rest, nothing more matters.
The technology has promised us
a better future.
But the technology has betrayed us.
Who can say why?
- Zach.
- Because the technology is bad.
And why is the technology bad?
Because Satan
it uses it to touch us.
And children,
Which is his favorite weapon?
- Computers and mobile phones.
- Like that it is.
And how do they propagate the evil?
- Across Wi-Fi.
- Well.
who has a personal history
what do they want to share with us?
- I, I.
- We are going to listen to someone...
that has not spoken till now.
We go, Justine.
Of what way did the technology hurt you
to you and to your family?
We all are here to learn
of the errors of the past...
So to never do it.
We go
Tell us your history.
Mom and dad...
...they escaped easily.
...someone more?
a ninita
without hearth
With no reason to remain
What will do when
do the chords of the last rope break?
Looking for someone
to the one who could call
But that will not happen
It is not going to happen today
How was it you today in the school,
Your mom rose a question to you,
The school was brilliant.
It was very inspiring.
He said to mademoiselle. Guthrie
that we would be better dead.
- It is not true.
- Yes.
- Can I gather?
- No
Now, to change.
we are going to speak like a real family.
forward. Amuse.
You know that you are not alone
you are not the only one who suffers.
Can I already get up?
Forward, fondness.
You are doing it worse.
You know it: truth?
She only needs his space.
they go already seven years,
giving him his space.
Come here, darling.
Mom wants only to embrace each other.
I love you very much.
It is because I love You too much.
It is well, fondness.
We go.
All good is.
Soon the pain
it will disappear completely.
Very quickly.
And we are going to live.
to go forward.
Come and let's fly to house.
Hey, Cliff.
Can I speak a second to you, out?
I will expire, I promise it.
We understand. We understand, Cliff.
We know it.
Nobody wants
that his children spend famine.
But the rations theft
it is a crime burden here.
Some of them want to turn it
a cardinal crime the third time.
- Yes, I know, but...
- And this is your third time: truth?
Really I have the situation
under control, Gus.
I say, it has the whole world
that to manage them with his part.
- Now I know it.
- It hears, I know that you know it, Cliff. I know it.
It hears, I am not the one that is annoying.
I hope that it should have been
a constructive chat, Cliff.
- Certainly. Very constructive.
- Well.
You had an accident
with the drill.
- You broke the part: truth?
- It was my error.
We go. We go, I will take you to the tent
of the doctor so that they check you.
Insurance that
cannot you eat anything?
No, I am well.
- Only a little.
- I am not hungry.
- Does it hurt you very much?
- Not very much.
You must be careful. You are not
used to this machinery...
- Calm.
- Like that it is, only be careful.
I will have it, it adjoins.
I promise it to you.
do you always follow me?
Why do you always do things
what do not you owe?
Because in fact
it is already not important for me what I pass.
I prefer to die knowing
what is there out...
...through that to live one more day
in this shit.
With that bad things happen.
Yes, that is
what they want that we believe.
Well, it is time for you to go away,
Veto from here.
seeker4u2: hello janessa
I do not call janessa
then how do you call
Justine. And you
where are you now adam?
in the city
in what city?
nobody goes there.
I yes.
- I have more questions.
- What do you want to know?
I do not even know
where to start.
- It starts where you want.
- It is well.
How is it
so, is a network yet?
The network never fell down.
Why did not the pest give to you?
He wanted to live more than the majority.
How is it quite there?
Kept silent, without traffic, very calmed.
You go where you want
and nobody says to you what to do.
How is the place
in that you are?
Brilliant, if you like the camps
of refugees and the martial law.
Of that time is Janessa your fiance?
No, it was the user's name
of your IP.
My fiance Salwa was living in Egypt.
Where is she now?
It gave him the illness.
I am sorry about it.
I suppose that
you must miss it very much.
Although the lovers get lost,
the love will not get lost.
- That is beautiful.
- Dylan Thomas.
- Who is it?
- The favorite Salwa poet, and mine.
Was it nice?
As a princess
of Arabian Nights.
It sounds exotic.
Jet had black hair
and a few eyes incredible coffees...
...and a spot in the cheek
that was shaming it...
...but that's why it was so beautiful.
I believe that I hate it.
You might not avoid to want it.
And you, Justine?
Are you nice?
- I do not know.
- That means that yes.
- It means that I do not know it.
- How old are you?
In fact I have 17.
I thought that.
- What do you mean with that?
- I do not know.
Only I am trying to imagine you.
With or without clothes?
This would be my secret.
I hate the secrets.
The world is full of secrets.
I want to meet you, Justine.
I do not know if it could do that.
Do you have fianc?
- No.
- Then, what?
Looking for someone
Justine: where are you?
Yes, you do that
But it is not going to happen
It is not going to happen
I suppose that I have
some fear.
You risked much more
when you lit the computer.
Only that says everything to me
what I need to know about you...
...and everything what you need to know
about yourself.
One day you have felt the class of
solitude that is worse than the death?
It is as if you had a voice
inside your skull...
...that never stops shouting
because they never listen to it.
Yes, all the time I feel like that...
...except when I am with you.
Everything is based on the connection,
In knowing that we are not
alone in the universe.
Nothing more matters.
You are the only one
that understands me, Adam.
My adoptive parents are
so busy surviving...
...that do not realize
that in fact are already not alive.
Alone they continue the movements.
And why?
He would prefer to die to live like that.
Mami, mami. I love my mami.
I love my mami.
...aba to Speak
I saw a tree with human bones
hanging like adornments.
The meal is scarce.
Some persons do
the unthinkable thing.
I am afraid, Adam.
The fear is good,
it keeps you alive.
I do not see the hour of seeing you, Adam.
You loaded the battery
of the computer before going away?
Her use little from now on.
It is getting dark.
I will stop in a farm.
It seems empty.
Be careful.
I am not going to hurt you.
Even without the people around
it keeps on cultivating cotton.
This is what I do.
So you escaped
of a refugees' camp?
Not too bad.
- Good...
- And where do you go, exactly?
- To the city.
- You know that you should not.
- The city is prohibited.
- This was not what I heard.
Who said the opposite to you?
A friend.
And how does your friend know
how are the things in the city?
It is there now.
Do you continue in contact with him?
- More than everything with text messages.
- What?
Do you have a phone?
Computer? Bluetooth? What?
No, not, not, please not. Please,
please, do not destroy it. I will go away.
I will go away already same.
I will not cause him any more problems, I swear it.
I cannot throw anybody like that
in the middle of the night.
to a youngster as you.
This remains here.
You will have it again in the morning.
And do not try to get here
to extract it.
I have two good ears.
There is a guests' quarter
for the corridor to the left.
It is not elegant at all,
is it well?
Thank you very much, mister Wilkie.
I forgot to mention...
...that there is another ridge-tile
in the closet if it gives you cold.
The bath is
for the corridor to the right.
You know...
...since he died
my wife Sarah, I...
I have not had the custom
of raising the lid.
So be careful.
That you sleep well.
- Are you?
- I need you, Justine.
Adam, show me your face.
I need you so much.
Why do not you show me your face?
- Do you promise not to leave me?
- Yes.
- I promise it.
- Never?
Excuse me, Father.
I will not be weak.
No, no.
God, the solitude.
It has spent so much time.
I will take it.
No, not, no.
I will not be weak.
God, I ask you for force.
Coffee and oats, when you are ready.
Very well, it is better that I go away.
Very well, yes.
- If oste a little yesterday evening...
- No.
No, I slept like a baby.
Very well, if me oste speaking, it is...
Very well, it is something that I do
because I am a lot of alone time and...
Yes, no. I understand. I also
I speak alone, you know, all the time.
Very well, I have a few conversations
you miss in my head.
On the good and evil.
The sin.
And the death.
It is not healthy.
To have all that
in my head like that it is...
Simply it is not healthy.
- Good.
- Yes.
Is she sure that you want to do this?
- What do you mean?
- To go to the city.
Yes, yes. It is...
I do not know, it is difficult to explain.
It is one of these things
that one has to do.
Yes. It is well.
Look after.
You also.
Veto already.
Saint Biblia
Damned he-goat.
You must not have returned, Justine.
Remain with the computer,
please. It is his, but allow me to go.
- You are a charming girl.
- Please, allow me to go.
You look alike greatly to my Sarah
when I knew it.
- Do not do this.
- What thing?
- To violate me.
- No. God, no.
It might never touch another woman
that way. Do not you understand?
I love my wife.
She it is quite for me.
I miss it so much.
My beautiful Sarah.
My sweet, beautiful Sarah.
I have thought about her
every minute of every hour...
...of every day from the moment
in that the devil took it from me.
I thought of committing suicide very much.
But I know that the Gentleman
he hates the suicide...
...as much as he hates
what we did to him to his world.
Finally I realized
of that there was a form of revivirla.
But it was too much late.
By that time,
there was already no electricity.
All the devices
of telecommunication...
...they were damaged or without battery.
Or I was thinking that...
...until you came.
It cannot revivirla, mister Wilkie.
It cannot do that.
And this way be able to do it,
it will not be what you believe.
As this friend of yours.
- My friend is alive.
- And why are you so sure?
I will say to you why.
Because in fact it does not matter
for the people as we.
We need what we need.
Allow me to go,
he does not need me for this.
I believe that perhaps yes he needs you.
Because famine gives you to them.
What happened?
Sarah. It returns to me, Sarah.
My god.
I missed you.
I missed you so much.
I did not change anything.
I left everything as you like.
Here it looks, looks.
I even kept
all your small stone bric-a-brac...
...in the china cupboard.
No, Sarah.
That is not necessary.
Already not.
Here I am.
Now I am here.
I will not turn to go.
Never again I will return
to leave that you suffer.
I know it hurt that you are.
I brought to you something from mitigation, if you need it.
This time I did not act well with you,
No? No, not, not, Sarah.
Sarah, Sarah,
you do not have to do that.
Again not, never again.
God, no. God, no.
God, not, no.
I do not support it.
- God, no.
- Wilkie.
Extinguish the computer.
- God, no.
- Wilkie, extinguishes the computer.
Extinguish the computer.
- God, no.
- Wilkie, extinguishes the computer!
Wilkie. Wilkie, care. Wilkie.
Wilkie, care.
Wilkie, move away from her.
Wilkie. Wilkie, care. Care.
Where is it this place?
It cannot be.
What do they want?
Why she?
Alone is a girl.
It escaped. He is not anybody.
he looks for adam
Who are you in fact, Adam?
I need to know the truth
right now...
...or I cannot
to go forward with this.
Not later
from what I have just gone on.
Everything will be revealed.
I hate to criticize your bullshit to you,
Adam, but fortune teller what...
...I am not your small fanatic
or disciple...
...or what you create
that you found in me.
I am ready to go away to house
right now.
Where is your house?
What is your house?
Lump it.
You need me
so much how I to you, Justine.
At least let's be honest.
The fact is that I am afraid: is it well?
A lot of, a lot of fear.
You do not have why to be afraid.
That does not console me, I feel it.
I have just seen a man to whom his
dead wife started the entrails.
If they loved you,
they would have already taken you.
- How do you know it?
- I know it.
And you also.
Do you control them?
The battery is finishing you.
Do you control them?
I will be waiting.
Street Five with Olive.
- Do not change the topic.
- The time is finished.
- Time that we do not have.
- What do you mean?
Only you can save me
Adam. Idiot.
Adam: where are you?
I cannot already do this.
It cannot be.
Really are you?
It has spent so much time...
...but I never forgot.
I spoke to you...
...for years...
...as if you were always there...
...it surrounds.
Did you listen to me when I spoke to you?
And always...
...I was trying to imagine your face...
...but finally...
...I came to the point in which
it could not even already do that.
And you simply...
...you disappeared...
...except in my sleep.
It still saw you in my sleep.
And it was rising the same question to you
repeatedly. Why?
Why did you do what you did?
And you never gave me an answer.
And he hated you that's why, hated you.
Why did you do it?
Why did you ruin everything?
It hurts me
And was not it hurting me?
What can I do, mom?
What can I do to arrange it?
How can I detain the pain?
It finds Adam
How do you know of A...?
Mom, please do not go away.
Mom, please.
Come, child.
Take it.
We go.
That is. We go, forward.
It is well.
I understand.
I also am afraid.
We go,
the company would come to me well.
Since you want.
...you set off especially
designed for...
...engineers to hold the missile and
used to re-calculate positions.
Many rockets explosive charges
they were prepared to shoot...
...in and about the area
of detonation of weapon, information...
...on fundamental physics
of the first phenomenon.
We will examine the effects
of the ambience of...
...nuclear detonations
to 50 kilometers, 100 kilometers...
...and 250 kilometers of altitude.
In another sight, a wave of shock
it seemed to run towards out...
...of the radiation front
to a temperature...
...of approximately 10000 grades.
The miscellany enfriadora of fire and
debris, which it is already not luminous...
...it keeps on increasing and expanding
between a 40 kilometers diameter...
Do not touch that.
What do you want?
I meet you. Seven years ago
you kidnapped our car.
- What?
- You did that dad was stealing...
...an electronic shop.
- For God.
Chatty Cathy.
- Where is Adam?
- Adam?
Yes, Adam. It gave me this direction,
he said to me that it would be here.
Who is Adam?
I do not meet Adam.
You have to know it.
I know whom I meet
and I do not meet any Adam.
I don't understand.
What are you doing to her?
It is his turn to suffer.
You cannot do that,
it is not well.
It is inhuman.
This is a war.
The first rule of the war
it is to meet your enemy.
What can you learn on having had it
shut up that way?
Very well, first that quite...
...they feel pain.
- That is useful.
- Basting.
- Basting.
- Do not touch me.
Unless he asks you for it.
- Do you understand?
- It is well, is well.
You should be dead
walking round there this way without protection.
Since I it am not, obviously.
And I am afraid that that
it needs a big reconsideration.
Perhaps be wrong
with all this...
...and I am the test.
- Of what?
- Of that they try of hurting us.
- At least, already not.
- Indeed?
After killing four fifth ones
of the planet do they want the peace?
I will say to you what I believe.
I believe that they are using you
to come to me.
- Nobody is using me.
- No?
Who is this Adam?
How do you know it?
For seven years
they could not touch me.
This was going to happen sooner or later.
You do not believe that you are
little paranoiac?
The paranoia is the only thing
that keeps me alive.
Why to bother so much
to come to you?
Because I can give them life.
Not only it empties it and
cruel imitation of the life.
I speak about the life really.
And what stops them?
The barrier, the red color.
It is the frequency
that cannot penetrate.
- And can you arrange that?
- In fact, already I arranged it.
- What is that?
- A program to cancel the red one.
Then you they go
to help to cross?
So that the dead persons
be able to repopulate the Earth?
That would not be good.
This is for me.
This is my return ticket...
...if the worst thing happens.
...this way I pray so that it never happens.
- What are you doing?
Protecting a few crucial assets.
It enters.
Forgive me if I made you think
that was asking for it.
It enters.
They are not the enemy,
you do not have anything of that to be afraid: truth?
I will take that. Thanks.
We will continue this conversation
Assuming that exists
one later.
I need water.
1 speaks Zebra: does it copy me?
Mister colonel: does he listen to me?
I copy you, Zebra 1, forward.
I found the problem
in my group of numbers.
It was right
with the reflex ionosfrico...
...but I did not think
in the inverse dispersion.
Once I connected the coefficient
correct, everything went out well.
Insurance? Alone we have 24 hours.
Is it well?
I say to you that only we have
an opportunity.
I am sure.
Everything is clear
for this side.
- Are you well there inside?
- No.
It lasts.
It is not missing a lot of time.
What must I do?
Of: Stranger
Of the side whom am I?
I need to go out from here.
The atoll Johnston was the center
of throwing and experimentation...
...for the rocket of 1962...
- Allow me to go out.
In any moment,
in any moment.
you do not know how many times...
...I have thought of paying
the maximum sorrow.
It might end with everything
right here...
...a shot in the head,
end of the history.
The problem is that immediately
it would be out of this door...
...crying like a wet cat
to enter again.
And this is the problem.
But to solve problems
of theoretical nature it is mine.
He remembers, these things,
these bogeys, for this way saying it...
...there are products
of electromagnetic transmission.
That is quite,
glorified problems of radio.
Inseparable of his way
of delivery.
So it is logical, it is a fact...
...a conjecture
or since you want to call it, that if...
...you disorder all...
...the forms of transmission
electromagnetic simultaneously, ours...
...small bogeys would stay
prevented for saying it less.
And if this disorder was
sufficiently big, very big...
...and here it is where
the thing becomes ugly...
...you can finish them completely.
Like that it is,
an electromagnetic pulsation.
A PEM...
...along such a wide area
that guarantees that there is no way out.
Do you continue well there inside?
Where was it?
Depression fakes the suicide...
...PEM, yes, yes, the point.
The real point is this:
You must cause
the electromagnetic shock...
...more possible concentrate.
And this would be a nuclear bomb,
prostitute's children.
With megatonaje sufficient...
...it will eliminate well-known forms
of electromagnetic transmission.
Hiroshima, mon amour, the big one.
Stoop and cover you,
but it becomes better...
...or worse depending on your appetite
for the Apocalypse.
You might not leave with yours
only with a nuclear bomb, no.
No, you would need merry many
to guarantee an entire covering...
...what the army one day
it called functional disorder.
About the world
up to the eternity.
And for that...
...you would need and like a dear
quite conservative...
Here it is.
...87 heads, detonated
one for one every 60 seconds...
...with a production
of ten megatons...
...and a 400 kilometers height
on the soil...
...that of course is...
...to receive the big event
thermonuclear global...
...that we all have tried to avoid
desperately for 60 years.
It is well, this is the worst part
and yes, it is quite serious.
It is well, it is not possible to do...
...of pretty rose that,
but there are encouraging points...
...that do that everything seems
almost possible. At least in the role.
Very of course...
...our country still has
a ballistic capacity with missiles...
...that can send nuclear warheads
to specific targets in the world.
And these attacks would be realized
with little or no opposition...
...because, good,
who is going to defend himself, truth?
But waiting, this is the good thing.
We are speaking
from explosions to big altitude.
His radioactive rain stays in
the current in jet, without hurting.
Then your civil victims in ground
they limit themselves to thousands, not to million.
It is like a cake
of chocolate without fault.
The whole diversion,
none of the calories.
This way I explain it to you in girl language.
Also, you receive
an additional benefit, this way it is.
All these simultaneous detonations
they would take us to a nuclear winter.
Finishing the global warming...
...that we know
for the next hundred years.
In fact it is something with what
they all win, if you think it well.
So you do not create
that I have been seated here...
...extracting dirt of the bellybutton to me.
I am going to arrange this...
...of one or another way.
You are much kept silent there.
Am I boring you?
Certainly, there is a problem
of implementation.
This is the big obstacle,
am I right?
That's why, I have been in contact with
a major general Haywood Spitz...
...of Colorado Springs
using this small device.
A simple transmitter
infrared recipient...
...which, by the way, your dad...
...it helped to obtain
the key piece.
Then it works
in a frequency of red.
It is basically
to test of fucked.
I am sure
that the military high places...
...they thought that he was crazy
at first...
...but then
they changed opinion.
Seven years shut up in a bunker
they do that to you.
Certainly, also it is difficult to question
what 50000 volts per meter...
...they can manage in a fresh air
in the autumn morning.
You know, lately
I have had the mind so clear.
It must be the absence of sex.
Although perhaps a little of less
clarity now does not come to me so badly.
Since the big bang
it must be to the return of the corner.
Perhaps be still able to convince me
of that I allowed you to go out.
What shit did it spend?
Where is it?
What did you do?
Impertinent Perrita,
do not you understand?
I am trying to save the world,
and do you allow her to go out, tongue is?
Really you are going to be sorry about this.
This is a Delta 7,
Zebra 1: does it copy me?
Zebra 1: does it copy me?
Zebra 1, answers.
Zebra 1, speaks Delta 7.
Zebra 1, speaks Delta 7.
I did for what you asked.
Do you refer to this?
The drummer is dead,
do you remember?
I have to load it
It is like a miracle: truth?
- Justine.
- Yes.
Finally I can be with you.
Finally I can touch you.
- It worked.
- It worked.
Then we can re-live in whom
let's want, to my mom and to my dad.
To anyone, whom let's love.
To anyone.
What feels?
- Adam.
- God.
I have waited for this
so much time, tongue is.
- Adam.
- What?
How was it...
...to another side?
Why do you ask me about that?
I want only to know.
But they always speak about the light.
- I say, when you are dying and...
- There is no light.
Only here.
Only here.
Who are you?
What did you do?
You would not understand it.
What did you do?
Do you want to know it?
Indeed do you want to know it?
It is like you I said.
He wanted to live...
...more than the majority.
Too many survivors,
very little meal.
In this moment
it was looking like a good idea.
How did you can?
How could you kill all of them?
Everything stopped mattering for me
after Salwa died.
I stopped worrying for everything,
except for myself.
- Like that is the life.
- No.
I suppose that nobody more
it can cross without this.
So you do not get with me.
He enjoys your new life, Adam.
As well as it is.
Come, come.
The world is very big, Justine.
You do not have me to me
so that it protects you. To me?
I will be well.
Call of...
High place.
God, I cannot return.
God, no.
No, no.
God, no.
l believed that the invasion
it would stop...
...and that the radioactive rain
it would never come to the soil.
Perhaps it was right.
In fact I already do not know what to believe.
I suppose that I envy
to anyone who knows it.
Everything what stays now
there are the memories.
The memories of others,
not mine...
...of a world
that I will never know.
They say that the amish believed...
...that what really it was importing in
the life was a God, the family and the ground.
In the end, nothing more matters.
Neither I am sure
of being ready to believe it.
At least still not.
But I have to admit...
...that is a good beginning.