Pulsion (2014) Movie Script

film by OVIDIE
- Well say something
- What do you want me to say!
- That you love me maybe?
- That you don't want to see me go?
- I don't know what normal people say in this kind of sitiuation
- Can you at least tell me that you're unhappy?
- It's as if you don't care!
- It's not that I don't care.
- Then prove it, damn it! Say something!
- Say something!
- .. Screw it! At least I won't feel guilty.
- How often does this happen to you?
- 10... 20 times, it depends.
- 20 times a wek?
- No, per day.
- It depends. Some times less, some times more.
- It's even happened 200 times In a week.
- 200 times a week.
- Have you noticed it happening
under spefific circumstances?
- Not really, it happens at any time.
- At the supermarket, work,
restaurant, anytime really
- And you say you take no pleasure
other than genital.
- You have no fantasies when it happens?
- Not at all!
- Have you ever heard of PGAD?
- What?
- Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder.
- It's a pathology that provokes spontaneous,
persistent and uncontrollable genital arousal.
- Women who have it take no pleasure
and are forced, like you,
- to satisfy themselves several times a day.
- It's rare and very debilitating.
- Socially speaking.
- Um, you know what causes this..
- We don't know much,
we think its Neurological
- The only test can do is an MRI but...
- But?
- You need to be perfectly still during the scan.
- Do you move your head when you orgasm?
- Probably... actually, i don`t know...
- Hum, you'll need to train yourself to stay
still before the MRI.
- I'm prescribing you bell to tape
to your forehead
- every time you have an episode.
- if you hear it ring, it`ll serve as reminder to stay still.
- Do you... well... is it curable?
- Curable?
- Maybe not.
- But we can teach you to tame it,
- help you deal with it better.
- Next Monday i`m starting a week long therapy group.
- There is still time to join,
- you should come.
- Eva, could you please!
- Yes Mr. Morin
- i need you in my office
- is there a problem Mr. Morin?
- Eva, i have to say...
- we have to talk about your work here
- Especially your repeated and unjustfied absences.
- My absences? I haven`t been absent lateely.
- Eva, every time i look for you, people tell me.
- "Eva not here, Eva bathroom"
Are you spending day in there or what.
- i have a small bladder
- Eva, you can trust me.
- Do you have a drug problem?
- No!
- Then, what do you do here all day?
- Listen, i like you, i do, really.
- Let me remind you that we`re in economic crisis
- and i receive tons of resumes a day!
- Hello doctor? it`s Eva Bouvier.
- count me in for the therapy sessions.
- Can you write me out on sick leave?
- Hello
- Hi
- Hello
- The schedule for sessions and consultations
will be posted daily on the main door.
- Mornings are usually for group discussions,
and afternoons for practical exercises.
- Here is your room for this week, you`ll be sharing it with...
- Carla
- Um, excuse me, is there any reception here?
- Not sure, try at the end of the yard
or by leaning outside of the window.
- We prefer that you not have contact with the outside.
- I`ll leave you to it?
- We`ll see you at 11 at the group therapy room.
- i hope they at latest have Wifi here.
or i won`t make it through the week.
- As l`ve already explained to some of you
these sessions are experimental.
- This is why
I`ve asked you to sign a waiver.
- During the coming days, we`ll meet here for group therapy sessions
and in my office for private therapy.
- if you heve any questions or concerns,
please contact my assistant, Miss Oliva.
- Like you, Olivia has also had therapy
and was treated for compulsive sexuality
- Let`s start by getting to know one another
by each introducing ourselves to the group
- Would you like to start?
- Sure
- so, my name is Eva
- Hello Eva
- i recently found out that i suffer from Persistem Genital Arousal Disorder
- which makes me cum at inappropriate times.
- Even when i know i shouldn`t.
- My name is Zoe.
- Hello Zoe!
- Right, yes, Hello!
- For me, it`s the opposite. I am a-sexual a-romantic
- i feel no need or want to have sexual or romantic
or even platonoc relationships.
- And i feel fine, thank you very much!
- i want to say that i`m here against my will.
- My parents made me come.
- They want to know why they`ve never seen me with someone, anyone really.
- So they think i`m sick.
- Hi, i`m Carla
- Hello Carla!
- i`m here because i`m an "internet Addict"
- i need to have virtual relationships,
to chat but never actually act on it.
- i`d post pictures of myself and get naked in front of a webcam.
- Every guy i`ve been with never could deal with it.
- i just want to be with someone to feel good with.
- Hi, my name is Chris.
- Hello Chris!
- Thank you Chris, moving on..
- Hello my name is..
- Hello, i`m Laurent and this is my wife Laurence.
- Hello Laurence and Laurent.
- Well, we are Candaulists.
- i need to see my wife make love to others to feel something.
- And i think she likes it. Am i right Laurcence?
- Oh yes, very mush!
- Hello, my name is Melanie.
- Hello Melanie!
- Well, i`m addicted to dangerous situations.
- i need risk to get off.
- i`ve been arrested 4 times
and sentenced twice for public indecency
- i`ve had skull and arm fractures,
- i`ve cracked my tibia and cut my foot.
- So i guess it`s time i clam down.
- Hi, my name is Denis, but people call me Buck.
- Hello Buck!
- i`ve been a gigolo for the past 25 years.
- My junk is my capital
- and i cannot stand being touched by any of my clients.
- Hello, my name is Cedric.
- Hello Cedric
- i love my penis.
- i mean, i talk to it, we communicate. And it talks back to me.
- When i`m stressed, i make sure that my penis is still there.
- So, fondle myself a lot, let me show you...
- No No!
- Hi, well i`m Fracnck
- Hello Franck
- i have paraphilia,
- which means that i have fetishist tendencies.
- For exa0mple, i love to masturbate under a woman`s armpits.
- Now i will explain to you how first exercise is going to go.
- You`re going to get into pairs and
- take your partner in your arms
as if you`re giving each other a big hug.
- The goal is to hold each other without any sexual overtones.
- Just with tenderness or platonically!
- Ok, get into pairs.
- So, you have some need ti fill?
- Yeah, but not with you!
- Why not? i`m here!
- No way. not with you!
- Stop it!
- Don`t even think about it!
- Have you got a problem?
- No, not at all. I`m just having a little trouble.
- What? Do i disgust you?
- So, you`re really a gigolo?
- You do bachelorette parties and everything?
- Yeah. I was even with Chippendales.
- So you`re well known!
- Not really.
- Wait. Do you mind if i take a photo for my blog?
- You`re here to get free of your addiction.
- Give it to me. It`s confiscated!
- No, wait?
- i`ll give it back at the end of the week.
- Listen, i`m really sorry.
- it`s not you but it itches too much.
- Could we change please?
- Sorry
- Hey, come stand with me.
- Hey, you!
- You don`t want to be with my wife?
- Ok. Listen up. That was really good for a first exercise.
- No, really, it was perfect.
- Tomorrow, we`re going to start working with some meditation exercises
- to learn to connect fully consciously.
- Ok, we`re done for today.
- good work
- That one sucks!
- One more try..
- Yes, that works.
- That`s gonna be my new profile pic.
- i thought they confiscated your phone?
- you think i only have one?
- Hey, are you allowed to do that during your therapy?
- Yeay, i managed to negotiate it with them.
- i told them needed my PC to send mails.
- But, what do you tell them?
- Well, i tell about my fantasies.
- they comment on my photos.
- i love it when they complement me.
- No wonder your exes were going nuts,
- What would you think if your BF exposed himself all the time?
- Have you ever been in a relationship?
- No, not for years.
- Not since this.. thing got worst.
- Really?
- i thought it be awesome to cum all the time.
- it must drive the guys crazy.
- it`s hell actually,
it`s anytime and never when you want it.
- And you can`t make it click with a guy?
- That`s sad.
- Sometimes.
- So, what`s your type of guy?
- Dunno
- Dark hair and blue eyes...
- A bit lake Chris.
- Chris?
- You cuuld`ve chosen easier.
- He hasn`t opend his mouth ar smiled once.
- A real zombie the dude.
- Good luck with that.
- Come on!
- come on!
- You need to walk
- So, what`s the point of alls this?
- where are we going?
- if that`s where we`re going, we can stop here.
- ok, lets stop here.
- that sounds dumb!
- Should we stop here?
- Well sure.
- Seeing as it`s where we have to be, here we are!
- Are we good here?
- That`s good.
- So now that we`re here, what`s the plan?
- Well, fuck!
- All this for that?
- Well, yeah!
- But, what`s the point of being in the dark, with the mosquitos?
- if not, the doctor`s going to see us.
- Well, here you go, yikes!
- Get a move on!
- Hey, i can`t do all of this on my own.
- Take care of this then.
- There`s a huge mosquito!!
- Try sucking me off between two insects.
- Talk about a stupid idea!
- i know, i know!
- i just swallowed one!
- Look...
- What
- it was in my mouth!
- i`ll put the on you so they go to you.
- Can you focus here?
- Yes! Yes!
- Tell me about it, it`s so peaceful here.
- Go on, stroke it, stroke it!
- But inside we can`t.
- We can`t, we can`t.. outside we can`t at all!
- Get harder will ya, shit!
- i`m the one working.
- Working the mines are you?
- if you want to, go ahead
- Can we see what`s going on, this is huge.
- Move up a bit, face me...
- There, like that.
- that`s good.
- spit on my cock! spit! more!
- that`s good
- naughty girl, those big tits are making me crazy.
- this is rich. you`re not the only one sucking.
- there are 10,000 of you.
- seriously.
- Hey, look!
- that mosquito isn`t through!
- t`s meat, it`s meat!
- Go on, go on!
- ah yes!
- with a bit of protein...
- you`ve got condoms, right?
- yes yes yes, they`re in my shorts
- hang on, take the light a sec.
- you found it?
- how many did you take?
- enough.
- expecting anybody else?
- get up babe.
- what a rey of sunshine!
- you goofball, it`s night time!
- i`m seeing all i need to.
- pump it, pump it!
- you like taking risks don`t you?
- we`re a sight for sore eyes.
- well, you don`t need that, you already scare me.
- hang on, how about this.
- what the hell is he doing?
- you`re gonna sit on me.
- facing you?
- Ah, damn!
- how difficult you guys are.
- ah yes, on my cock!
- could you turn the other way?
- i`ve got an idea, look.
- comsa
- right there! i love it!
- he`s fucking right?
- and those stars shining bright, it`s incredible.
- go on, go.
- holly fuck! this is the milky way!
- i`n feeling very poetic!
- see what else i love.
- come closer to my cock.
- like that, just like that.
- loving it, yes i love it.
- Yes, go on.
- you guys are crazy.
- no shit, we wouldn`t be here if we were normal.
- hey, your hair.
- what if you it in your ass?
- where do you want me to put it?
- you want it right?
- well, yeah!
- go on, stick it up your ass.
- i want you to do it.
- oof, wrong hole!
- there`re only two.
- then again it`s dark.
- follow your nose, it always knows.
- oh shit!
- yes, yes, that`s it.
- you idiot, go on!
- all yours Franck.
- hey, thanks.
- i`ll pick it up later.
- suck it, suck it good!
- all the way, there you go.
- at least there`s less space for the mosquitos to get through.
- take it in, deep. deep.
- awww, how cute.
- go on, do me!
- let me watch
- put some on your nose.
- i love those Nazis, you know!
- really, i have some all over?
- just a bit.
- here, share some with the mosquitos.
- see they too want some.
- well since you like taking risks,
- you know that we`re going to do?
- you`re not going to leave me here.
- yep, in the dark!
- eva?
- i`ve scheduled desensiting program for you.
- using this device.
- what is that?
- sort of a wake-up call.
- a sort of a vibrating alarm vibrator.
- you keep on you
- and program the time you want it to vibrate.
- but, what`s its use?
- it`s complementary genital stimulation.
- it`ll be even more unpleasant than normal.
- we`re creating progressive desensitizing.
- i believe that hourly stimulation
- will be a good start.
- my assistant will help you test it
- to see if the device works.
- i`ll leave you in her hands.
- ah ha, come here!
- you won`t catch me!
- come here!
- ooh what a naughty girl..
- oh no, won`t catch me!
- naughty naughty girl...
- naughty naughty girl..
- wheel barrow?
- alright then. go go go
- let`s get out of here!
- But i`m teelling you i feel fine!
- And have you tried having relations with people of the same gender?
- i`ve tried it all,
- girls, boys, erotic literature, porn flicks.
- nothing, nada!
- but i feel fine.
- if you feel so fine,
- how come you have been relentless in looking
for any possible source of excitement?
- because we live in a society where being asexual
means you are abnormal.
- sex is everywhere,
- in music videos, on billboards. it`s all over-sexed!
- it`sall over-sexed!
- today, if you`re not an over achiever in bed,
or don`t screw more than 2 and a half times a week,
you`re not part of the norm.
- if you`re a woman and love sex, you`re a slut.
- if you`re a woman that doesn`t like it,
you`re some sort of a freak
and you get locked up in a clinic with other deviants.
- how was your relationship with your father
when you were young?
- let me stop you right there!
you leave my parents alone.
i had a very happy childhood.
- i was neither beaten, raped nor abandoned.
- so you can keep your two-bit psychology to yourself.
- and what kind of memories do you have of your few sexual relations?
- you never stop do you?
there`s some kind of misunderstanding.
- sex does not disgust me,
- i`m not traumatized
i`m indifferent to it, that`s all.
- sexual freedom means that you are free to do what you want with your body.
- make love to whom you choose, when you choose,
- but also be able to choose not to
- This.. this is sad, look at this spectacle!
- 50 years difference between them!
- Not that much, but it`s true that...
- What does she see in him? Tell me.
- I din`t know what she sees in him...
- Actually chicks that are with old farts like that one
- usually have daddy issues.
- issues for sure!
- Or he`s loaded.
- He is Loaded
- Nah, he doesn`t look like he`s got money,
as you can see...
- He just looks like an old fart! Sorry.
- There`s a catch for sure.
- Are you alright Eva?
- Yikes, odd place here.
- Are you ok?
- I think i can take it.
- We`ll trigger it every hour
and turn it off 8 hours every night.
- The more desensitized you get,
- the more we`ll space out the intervals.
- ok
- Sorry to bother you.
- Oh, it`s alright, no bother at all.
- Just passing by. I`ll come back later.
- Now close your eyes and
concentrate on your breathing.
- and concentrate on your breathing.
- That`s good.
- Breathe through your stomach.
- Breathe out slowly.
- Stretch your arms out
- Feel each other`s presence.
- Feel the fingertips,
- The wrists,
- The arms,
- The shoulders,
- The face.
- Yesss, that`s good.
- Go back to your initial position.
- i think i`m going to leave them to work with you.
- i`ll be right back.
- Think of breathing through your stomach
during the exercise.
- Look at the skirt i`m wearing, it`s for you.
- i`ll let you touch it if you want.
- Really?
- Yep...
- if you want, you`ll even be able to play with armpits.
- And you wouldn`t happen to have any pre-existing conditions?
- Thst`s in the past!
- Really?
- Come on, treat yourself to a minor relapse.
- Not at all!
- We won`t tell the doc.
- Stay brotherly.
- Enough!
- A small relapse won`t hurt anyone.
- We won`t say anything.
- Too bad for you, it`s up to you to get cured.
- This one`s going straight to my blog!
- What about you? Not tempted?
- No. I only cum in non-sexual situations.
- Really? That must suck.
- Take off his pants.
- You want to fuck her? Do you?
- Damn that`s pretty!
- Show that ass, show it!
- Fuck it, come on!
- Right there!
- That`s beautiful!
- Come on, fuck him hard!
- You like his cock,
tell me do you like it?
- Damn it feels good!
- Ah, screw this, i`m in!
- What a petite ass!
- Breathe in deeply, so this medita...
- BUT!!! What are you doing, what is this?
- That wasn`t the plan!
- Unravel yourselves! Pull them apart!!!
- You`re like dogs! Water...
get me a bucket of water!
- Olivia, stay here
- All of you, line up!
- Ok! I might have gotten carried away,
Let`s play down the situation.
- This is serious but not all is lost.
- We have lost the battle but not the war.
- We have to learn from our mistakes.
- We`ll re-adjust all prescriptions,
- Understood?
- So Chris, how did you feel
- when you saw them copulate on the grass?
- Nothing
- What is it you want out of this therapy.
- Dunno...
- Get back the feelings i lost.
- Did your partner tell you why she left?
- She got away from me...
- Like all of them i`ve tried to keep.
- Let me give you a simple exercise.
- We`ll start at the root of communication,
- Take someone`s hand
- and let the feelings in, with no judgment, Chris.
- Let them overcome you.
- yes?
- i have a favor to ask you.
- The doc asked me to touch someone.
- Would it be ok if i held your hand?
- You don`t have to be so formal,
- Actually i wasn`t expecting that.
- Why not?
- You know Frank, the issue is not fetishism.
- Wr`re all somewhat fetishist to a degree.
- The problem is being driven by it.
- You have to get past it.
- How do you mean?
- You must not be slave to your addiction.
- if you can`t get rid of your addiction,
- then you must vary addictions.
- Find yourself another source of excitement,
- stilletos, seamed stockings...
- Not the tired stilletos and seamed stockings bit.
That`s just plebish.
- Not at all my thing.
- Not my place to tell you what fetish to choose.
- That`s your job.
Experiment yourself boy
Fun your special way
Sex is beautiful
- Wahhh! We`re not alone it seems.
- No, i can`t.
- it doesn`t work.
- When it`s just the two of us,
it doesn`t work.
- Gee, thanks, you really know
how to flatter a girl.
- So, basically you`d rether be with someone else
- That`s not the point.
- i`d rather be with you
- but i need to see you with someone else...
... you know, that`s my thing...
to watch you.
- What if i give you a little show,
so you can watch?
- Would that work for you?
- i don`t think so.
- You`re starting to piss me off.
- if i`m not enough for you, get bent.
- i`m tired of getting fucked by guys i`ve never met,
just `cause it gets you off.
- i`d like to make love
to my husband from time to time.
- Lolo, come back!
- Are you gonna hook up with another guy?
- We`re gonna cure each other, right?
- `cause you and me, we`re the same.
- We both have that itch to scratch.
- No thanks,
i`d rather follow the doctor`s protocol.
- Really? But why?
- i can see you`re dying for it,
do you want it?
- You shut-up and kneel!
- What are you doing with that suitcase?
- i`m outta here!
- Just like that? in the rain?
- i don`t care;
i`m not spending another day with these perverts.
- You should do what i do.
- you`re not like them either.
- Cedric, can you come here for a sec?
- How about a little risque game with me?
- For the thrill of it.
i`m always up for that.
- Hang on to this!
- Help me get up and i`ll take you to the top.
- Bring it on girl.
- Come back to see us when you`re ready.
- Therapy means accepting change.
- Okay doctor.
- i reget to inform you that Zoe
- has decided to take a break from therapy.
- Melanie who has had a minor accident, as well.
- Anyway, we`re going to resume our experiments in pairs.
- Aside from Cedric,
who has lost his playmate,
- and Frank who, i take it,
- has found new fetishes to explore on his own.
- Good job Frank, keep it up!
- Olivia, do you have the name list?
- We`ve decided to create the following pairs:
- Eva and Chris will be experimenting touch therapy.
- Laurence and Laurent...
- Oh no...
- ...will recreate intimacy.
- And Carla
- and Buck
- will be working on electro-stimulation.
- Now, that sounds perfect.
- Not anymore doctor!
- i can`t take your wake up vibro machiney thingy anymore!
- That`s is good Eva, you`re getting angry.
- it`s a sign that you`re on the path to healing.
- So, what do we start with?
- Hell if i know.
- He said we need to re-learn to touch each other.
Shall we hold each other?
- Ok, that`s fine by me.
- is it ok?
- Better? No?
- Sure
- You didn`t cum?
- That`s ok, that wasn`t the point.
- Get the hell off of me!
You pervert, you need to be committed!
- if you do that again,
i`ll tell my hushband and he`ll kick your ass.
- Then again, that might turn you on.
- i have the feeling it`s getting worst.
- it`s turning red, almost infected.
- Do you like your job?
- Yeah... No... it`s a job.
Do you like your job?
- if you can`t have sexual interactions for now,
- what`s the point in persisting?
- Then again
have you ever thought of telepathic-like stimulation?
- Come again?
- indeed, i`ve developed a thought transmission technology.
- Using a small device, 2 people can channel their sexual energy.
- it`s inspired from an apparatus called the Wilhem Reich orgone.
You know of it, right?
- No.
- i`m going to put you in a pair with Carla.
- Not to worry, nothing carnal.
- it`ll only be telepathic sex, Buck.
- So, what are we supposed to do?
- Stimulate remotely, i guess.
- Um, and these things on our heads,
aside from looking ridiculous, what do they do
- i`m not really sure,
i guess energy will flow through us.
- Shall we give it a try? Let`s go!
- Try how?
- So, close your eyes!
- ok
- Do you feel anything?
- Nothing at all.
- Listen, try to think of something sexual
- And send it to me telepathically.
- Go on, try it!
- i think i`m starting to receive your thoughts.
- Oh Buck, i asked you to think of something sexual,
but i had no idea
- But... i wasn`t thinking of anything.
- Oh Buck,
- if i had known, we would have done it sooner!
- Woe, hang on, calm down!
- i wasn`t thinking of anything sexual at all.
- if i understand correctly,
you like to watch your wife with other men.
- That`s it.
- And it bothers you Laurence, right.
- Yes and no.
- in the beginning it was fun.
it broke the routine.
- The issue is that, now, it is, the routine.
- Just the two of us making love has become extraordinary.
- i`m fed up with doing it all the time.
- Have you ever thought about using a mirror?
- What for?
- Lets assume that she`s straddling you in front of a mirror.
- And that you look at it.
- Maybe you could imagine her being
penetrated by another man`s organ.
- Laurence, Laurent, play!
- Go on, look at me!
- Need to play with my fantasies!
- Go to play with my fantasies!
- What are you saying?
- Nothing dear!
- Look at me through the mirror.
- Do you like it like that?
- Yes
- Can you see me?
- Yes
- it works.
- Oh it works.
- it works
- it works honey.
- it works.
- Like that?
- Let me see your pussy.
- Come closer.
- i`m coming, i`m coming!
- He sells himself with these pictures?
- That` a bait and switch.
These pictures are 20 years old!
- Stop it, that`s mean!
- Look at him.
His reading glasses, his Sudoku.
He looks like a grandpa.
- Maybe, but look at his muscles,
Got to admit he still looks pretty good.
- if i were a chick, i wouldn`t pay him,
Not even to play hop scotch with.
- Well, give me the photo then.
- Hey Buck, you all right?
You prefer Buck or your real name?
- Call me Buck, that`s fine
- Okay. I have a question to ask you.
- i`d like to know how to get into your line of work.
`cause i`m really interested.
- Well, it`s not as simple as you think.
- How so? You get to screw the chicks you want,
- do what you want with them,
front door, back door, left door, right door.
- Sounds like...
- You still don`t get that it`s just a job.
- Really...
- You think all clients are bombshells?
- Well, no.
- There are some that, because they pay,
- get to treat you like a dog.
- For real?
- Yep.
- You know, we don`t get paid vacations or dental plans.
- You have to be in tip top shape,
get hard on demand, sick or not.
- Trust me, it`s not as easy as you think.
- But you must feel super pround, i mean...
all the women you banged, pretty cool!
- Hell no.
- it`s not cool, it`s not uncool,
it`s just a job to pay the bills.
- Well for me, that`s what it`s become.
- i didn`t see it that way.
- Well yeah, you saw it wrong.
- Can`t sleep?
- No.
- What are you thinking about.
- i`m not looking forward to going back to normal life,
- going back to my job and dealing with stuff.
- is there someone waiting for you?
- No. You?
- Me neither.
- Why aren`t you looking forward to going home?
- Let`s just say that, with you, i was starting to feel alive.
- Not all the time, but still, sometimes.
- Me too. I was starting to find some balance with you.
- My episodes were less intense,
but i`m afraid that won`t last.
- What time are you leaving tomorrow?
- i`m taking the 9:45 train, what about you?
- Same here. You want to come with?
- if you want.
- At any rate, we can`t leave like this.
- Doctor?
- Yes.
- All the subjects have left.
Will you still be needing me?
- That`s fine Olivia, thank you.
- i still have a lot of work to do.
See you Monday at the office.
- See you Monday then.
- Goodbye my child.