Punjab 1984 (2014) Movie Script

Please somebody come to my rescue.
Somebody save my son.
Please do something for my son...
Where are you, father of our son?
Oh lord!
Be patient.
I can't be patient
when my son is suffering.
We have been locked up here,
without food and water for two days.
I had come here to pray
for the well being of my son.
Hurry up!
The latch is open...
Someone please go and
fetch some water for my son.
Please save his life.
Sir, please go.
Please save my son.
I will be back, my son.
Hold on.
Give me the glass.
What are you doing?
It's raining bullets
outside and you want to--
God! God! God!
God! God!
"First, Allah..."
"Created the light"
September 1986.
"Then, by his creative power,
He created all mortal beings"
"From one light"
"The entire universe welled up"
"So who is good and who is bad?"
"First, Allah created the light"
"First, Allah created the light"
"First, Allah created the light"
"First, Allah created the light"
"First, Allah created the light"
"Then, by his creative power,
He created all mortal beings"
"First, Allah created the light"
"Then, by his creative power,
He created all mortal beings"
"From one light,
The entire universe welled up"
"So who is good and who is bad?"
"So who is good and who is bad?"
"First, Allah created the light"
"First, Allah created the light"
"First, Allah created the light"
"First, Allah created the light"
"First, Allah created the light"
"O people, O siblings of destiny,
Do not wander deluded by doubt"
"O people, O siblings of destiny,
Do not wander deluded by doubt"
"The Creation is in the Creator
And the Creator is in the Creation"
"The Creation is in the Creator
And the Creator is in the Creation"
"Totally pervading and"
"Permeating all places"
"First, Allah created the light"
"First, Allah created the light"
"First, Allah created the light"
"First, Allah created the light"
Police Station.
Bhikhiwind District, Amritsar.
"First, Allah created the light"
"First, Allah created the light"
Any special news in the paper, sir?
Our leaders are so stupid.
Reacting to the incident
that happened the other day
Malkit Sigh Talwandi states that...
he will claim Khalistan
with the power of the gun.
If he is so brave
he should first try and
get his brother released from us.
He's been trying for
the last two years.
Has he succeeded?
He is a Pakistani tout!
But we have to admit, sir.
He has made his presence felt.
I've heard that even
the central government
in Delhi is ready to talk to him.
Our people hardly know how
to use the power of discussion.
In the conflict between the
gun and political verbosity
it is always the latter that wins.
The government knows it too well,
that's why it rules.
They will prefer talking
only to Darshan Singh Boolpuriya.
That is, if he survives.
But who will harm Darshan Singh?
He always tries to make peace.
He just fancies becoming
Mahatma Gandhi.
There are many revolutionaries
like Malkit Singh
who are not happy
with his politics.
Some Nathuram will kill him someday.
That will make things worse, sir.
So be it.
Mangat Ram...
when the times are bad...
both the thief and the
police reap the benefits.
This is the time to get promotions.
Let us make hay while
the sun shines.
Why bother about politics?
Salute, sir!
Mangat Ram, she is here again.
She is a stubborn old woman!
She's been after us for a very long time.
You are right, sir.
She is very thick-skinned.
She has not been absent for a day.
Our Balli's wife
is better than her.
She visits her parents every six months.
Come, come.
Are you hungry?
Do you want to eat something?
Sit here.
Greetings, Aunt.
May you live long, my sweet heart!
How are you?
I am fine.
I haven't seen you
for a long time.
Where have you been?
I thought you too
forgot me, like Shiva did.
No, Aunt.
How can I forget you?
You have scolded and spanked
me more than my mother has.
Your mother is an innocent soul.
She cannot say anything rude.
It's me, who has a special offering
of scolding for brats like you.
Here, have this.
No, I am not hungry.
Just eat it.
Or else, you know how I can be.
You are so obstinate, Aunt.
My sweetheart! Thank God you smiled.
Now tell me, where have you been?
Don't tell me you
secretly got married.
Do I dare get married
without your permission!
Why didn't you come then?
Haven't I asked you to
visit me more often?
It makes a mother very happy
to see her child's face.
Even if the child
has a face like yours.
You are a wonder!
Shiva was right...
'All of God's creation pales in
comparison to my mother.'
Let it be.
I know your friend very well.
He is just a smooth talker.
He said that he
would be back soon.
It's been a year that
he hasn't returned.
I've found out about a person in the city.
Baljinder Singh.
He has rescued many
innocent young boys
who were arrested by the
police illegally.
He is a human rights lawyer.
Lawyer for?
He fights for inalienable
human rights denied to people.
I'll come at nine in
the morning, tomorrow.
We'll go together to
meet this lawyer.
To Amritsar...
Where do you want to go?
Ma'am, please take my seat.
May you live long, son.
Get yourself together, father.
Sir has called you inside, ma'am.
Calm down.
Please have a seat.
Tell me, what can I do for you?
Nothing to assert.
Just a humble request.
Please bring me back my lost son.
The police took him away from the
village without any valid reason.
It has been more than a year,
I've been looking for him.
But not a single clue.
My eyesight's getting weaker.
I just wish to see
him before I cease to be.
Ma'am, I'll leave no stone unturned.
But first, tell me how it all began.
Bravo, Shivjeet Singh!
There's nobody like you!
What a beauty! Such a charmer!
No mother has ever given
birth to such a lovely son.
You're so boastful!
Praising yourself endlessly.
Dear, Satwant Kaur!
Let me praise you as well.
A beautiful mother like
you couldn't be blessed
with any lesser child.
Look at me and see
if I look dashing enough.
I guess my eyesight has
grown weak by looking at
a glaring beauty like you!
It was bound to happen.
My dazzling looks do that to people.
But you don't worry.
I will get you a pair of goggles.
What's that?
These are dark glass spectacles.
It will save you from the glare,
making you look stunning.
I will look blind!
Stop joking around and
eat your breakfast.
Bittu will be coming soon.
Did father go to the fields?
Yes, he left in the wee hours.
Really? Why am I keeping
the volume low then?
"I am doomed to nothing now"
"I am a love lorn and
Doomed to nothing now"
"I am a love lorn and
Doomed to nothing now"
"I am doomed to nothing now"
Bittu's here. I am leaving.
Hold on. You must eat something.
Give me.
"Hurry up, Shravan,
My child, have food"
Ta-ta, mother.
Shiva, come on.
Hurry up.
I am coming.
Have patience, I am coming.
Coming. Coming.
We are going to college,
not to your wedding.
Here you go.
Eat this and ride the bike,
we are already late.
Incredible! Your mother cooks
delicious Parathas.
Haven't I always said?
All of God's creation pales
in comparison to my mother.
What are you waiting for?
-Hold it.
Aunt, I am leaving for college.
Hello, soldier.
Stop! Stop!
I'll see you at college.
The wise folks rightly say that
a man loses all sense when in love.
You can easily ride with me to college.
I buy a ticket for a rupee and a
half to travel in a packed bus
sandwiched between
two pot-bellied men.
But when my darling
will steal a glance of me
it will set me flying and
I would reach college on wings.
I am getting a chance
to fly in a rupee and a half.
Why would I ride on your bike?
Do you get my point?
-Go on then!
"Why do you hide behind the books"
"Your tantrums will kill me"
"The rouge of your cheeks"
"Hair parted and styled purposely"
"The matching colours
Of your stole"
"And my turban"
"Is not a mere
Coincidence, sweetheart!"
"The matching colours of
Your stole and my turban"
"Is not mere coincidence,
"You will love me back one day"
"Love will inebriate you slowly"
"The red in your eyes conveys to me"
"You also get sleepless nights"
"The matching colours of
Your stole and my turban"
"Is not a mere
Coincidence, sweetheart"
"We will hide our
Love from the world"
"Do meet me in my dreams though"
"Craving for moments
Of togetherness"
"Your anklets ring so loud in wait"
"Yes, my love, the matching
Colours of my stole"
"And your turban is
Not a mere coincidence"
"Yes, my love, the matching colours
Of my stole and your turban"
"Is not a mere coincidence"
Did you get to fly in air?
I did.
Bittu, stop.
Let it be, Shiva.
Ignore it.
Shiva, listen to me.
Have you lost your way or
you want to go through bad times...
that you have come here.
The policeman is my friend
so I thought of showing him my land.
Your land?
Seems you have taken the
wrong kind of drug, Jaggi.
You need a psychiatrist
not a policeman.
This land belongs to
us and it will remain ours.
You are being too ambitious.
Do you think litigation in the court
will make you the
owner of this land?
Be grateful that my father
is a law-abiding person.
Had it been me, I would
have dragged you in these
fields instead of the courts.
Do you think you are more
powerful than the law?
There are two thing I do religiously, sir.
Praying and eating pure Ghee.
I am quite strong
you wouldn't want to provoke me.
Let's go, Shiva.
Look, Jaggi!
Listen if you can understand...
or else I'll give it to you in writing.
You won't get this
land as long as I'm alive.
You may befriend as many influential
people as you want, I won't let you win.
Are you a goon?
Just because we're
lenient does not mean
that you go around picking fights.
Am I picking a fight?
Someone is trying to usurp our
land and we're doing nothing.
Such things have to be kept as
secrets from such relatives.
And it's not as if we
aren't doing anything.
We have filed a case, right?
Case! Such people need to be thrashed.
I think you need some thrashing.
Look at the way you talk.
It is easier to get into trouble
than to get out of it.
Don't you dare do such a thing again.
You should've at least
let him have dinner.
Eat something.
Just a little bit, sweetheart.
Why to vent your anger on food?
Look at the Roti.
Seems as if it's pleading you to eat it.
They say, one should not shy
away from laughing heartily.
It is entirely your fault.
How is it my fault?
You made the wrong choice while marrying.
You have married such an angry man!
Couldn't you find a better suitor?
You tied the knot
with a villain.
I will beat you up! How dare
you call your father a villain!
Does he seem like a hero to you?
It's okay, son.
I may have married unwisely
but I am keen to
see whom you'll marry.
I am not going to get married.
What if I marry the wrong kind
of girl and she troubles my mother?
My darling!
Do you love me so much?
Of course.
Then what about your 'connection'
in the neighbourhood?
What 'connection'?
You are mistaken, mother.
I am not mistaken.
My eyesight is not that weak
that I can't see what's going on.
A mother knows her
child very well, Shivjeet Singh.
I got you, didn't I?
Okay, I admit it.
Mother, I have a request.
What request?
I do not know how father
would react to it
but I require your
support in this matter.
Well, you have all my support, son.
You've made me sentimental.
I would have cried if I wasn't angry.
Be a good boy and eat up.
Or else, I'll beat you.
I'm overwhelmed by your love, mother.
But why do you love me so much?
Because you are
just like your father.
Does father need a good beating too?
How dare you!
How can you say such a thing!
-Let me eat.
-You never think before you say things!
I am the result of your prayers, mother.
-You've had it now.
-You should be ashamed, mother!
Please don't beat me up! Please...
Get up and eat something.
No, Satwant.
I am not hungry.
I think you should eat a bit.
In any case,
there's just a little left.
Shiva has eaten the rest.
-Did Shiva have his dinner?
Okay, in that case, I'll also have some.
Why do you scold him if
you feel bad about it later?
What do I do?
I am worried about him.
He is too impatient.
He is just like you.
Have you forgotten
the way you were?
His anger is as intense as yours.
What you call anger
is self-respect, Satwant.
And a man is nothing
without his self-respect.
You are strange!
You keep scolding him...
and in his absence,
you say that it's his self-respect.
I am sure you would have said the
same thing to Jaggi as Shiva did.
Instead of saying anything,
I would've slapped him.
Oh god!
Shiva was right.
I did not marry wisely.
But I married wisely.
Do not flatter me.
Finish your dinner
and go to sleep.
You have to wake up early
and leave for Amritsar tomorrow.
As you say, ma'am.
I will tell Shiva to accompany
you to the Golden Temple.
He too shall pay obeisance there.
Also, going there alone isn't a good idea.
These are very bad times.
There is no need to do so, Satwant.
Shiva has hockey practice tomorrow.
Amritsar is not too far from here.
I don't need company.
Let the boy enjoy and have fun.
Let him have fun while his father is
around to look after other things.
In the wake of recent
incidents at Amritsar
indefinite curfew has
been imposed over Punjab.
And to maintain law and order
The Indian army has taken away
all the rights from the Punjab Police.
The army has appealed all the
citizens to stay indoors
and not to believe any rumours.
Our sources have just informed...
Your father has gone to the Golden Temple.
...in regards to sending the local and
the foreign journalists out of Punjab
the Home minister has said...
Don't worry, mother.
There's no place safer
than the Golden Temple.
That's not it, son.
The priest from the Gurudwara
announced on the loudspeaker
that the army has besieged the
Golden Temple with tanks.
Intervention will not be tolerated...
Don't you worry mother,
Let me inquire.
...once again.
An indefinite curfew has
been imposed over Punjab.
Keep off the main road, Shiva.
The police might have put barricades.
We have come up to the main road.
What to do now?
Let's proceed.
You all are requested to
go back to your homes.
As I said earlier,
there's a curfew everywhere.
We want to go to the Golden Temple.
Please return to your homes.
We want to go to the Golden Temple.
We've been ordered not to
let anybody go towards Amritsar.
This is my last warning
to all of you.
Please go back to your homes...
or we'll be compelled
to take a stringent action.
If the Golden Temple is damaged
I will not spare anybody.
Consider it as a warning.
-Whosoever praises the Lord...
-Is blessed!
Please go back or
we will have to shoot.
This is the last warning!
They killed my son.
Take my life, God.
Office Deputy Superintendent of police.
District, Amritsar.
What was his name, again?
Sardar Bachan Singh.
Bachan Singh Bachittar Singh?
No, son of Sardar Pratap Singh.
These army men have made a mess
and are making us clean it up.
Bachan singh... Bachan singh...
Yes, here it is.
Bachan Singh Pratap Singh
of Naarli village?
-Take this and sign here.
What for?
First, sign. Here.
This is a government record,
to attest that the police has
provided all the information
you've been looking for.
But where is my father?
This is a government list.
It has the names of the terrorists who
were killed during the operation.
But my father is not a terrorist.
He's just my father.
Look at the official stamp,
it is a government document.
The government never
gives false information.
-Yes, Sir.
Check the list of pilgrims.
See if Ujagar Singh's
name is in it.
He is the brother
of my friend here.
I will do it right away, Sir.
Please have a seat.
And his body?
The body of the deceased.
The government burnt it...
along with the corpses
of other terrorists.
Why are you still here?
Go home.
I have to talk to
other people too.
What was your inquiry about?
What are you doing, Aunt?
I told you that I shall do this.
Let me knead the flour.
It's okay, sweety.
Almost done.
I am not hungry.
I'm doing it for Shiva.
Leave it to me.
Why didn't you call me?
I need to be occupied
with something.
There's not much to do as
there's only two of us now.
When my husband was alive
both him and Shiva used to order
me to cook different things.
One would demand sweet rice.
While the other used to
demand rice cooked in jaggery.
One day, I gave up and asked
them to cook for themselves.
We had to eat terrible food that day.
And now...
I don't know how
to console you, Aunt.
There is no remedy for loss, dear.
There's no control over fate.
An old person like me
has seen enough to learn...
how to cope with
the vagaries of life.
But Shiva has not learnt it yet.
Where is he and why is he not back yet?
He leaves for the fields at dawn
and doesn't return till evening.
He has dropped out
of college and quit hockey.
He used to listen to
the radio all the time
and now he doesn't
even look at it.
It seems as if Shiva has
forgotten to smile.
Shiva, what are you doing?
Shiva, what is wrong?
Why are you smearing soil?
What is wrong?
Listen to me, son.
What is wrong, Shiva?
What is wrong?
This soil comprises of
my father's sweat, mother.
I want to hug my father.
What do I do?
What do I do?
What do I do?
Shiva, you're never home.
You're always in a hurry.
I need to talk to you.
Tell me.
I've been telling you that my
eyes are getting weaker.
We will consult a doctor.
Only saying so won't help.
If nothing else, get me those
dark glasses you were talking about.
It's the court's hearing tomorrow.
Come along, we will see the doctor.
Mother, why have you kept the radio here?
You don't listen to it anymore.
It is of no use.
I thought I should
give it to a junk dealer.
I won't have to clean it anymore
and it will get us some money too.
Is that okay with you?
It's okay, mother.
"To adore a mother is to adore God"
"Mother is another name of God"
"To adore a mother is to adore God"
You're playing alone?
"I entreat you"
"No child be motherless"
Go home, eat your food.
And bring my lunch to the field.
"I entreat you"
"No child be motherless"
"I pray to you, Lord"
"Mothers should never die"
"Or else, children become destitute"
"There is nobody like a Mother"
"Mother is the true joy of life"
The situation reported is quite critical.
The recent violence by the terrorists near
Tarantaran has claimed 15 lives.
No terrorist organisation
has claimed the responsibility
for this incident.
The police has assured that
it will make thorough inquiries
and the accused
will be arrested soon.
What's the matter, Titri?
Where do you want to take me?
I am working.
What happened?
Do you have a picture
of your son?
I do, but I did not bring it along.
Jassi, bring the album.
Yes, sir.
This album here,
has the pictures of the boys...
who got killed during
torture or encounters.
Please have a look.
Jagjit Singh.
Village: Khuban.
Saroop Singh.
Village: Takhtchak.
Hardeep Singh.
Village: Wadali.
Saroop Singh.
Village: Vakya.
Manjeet Singh.
Resham Singh.
Village: Umang Nagar.
Satinder Singh.
Village: Wallah.
Taren Singh.
Village: Shampur.
Avtaar Singh.
Village: Saroopgarh.
Allam Singh.
Village: Gadli.
Nadotar Singh.
Major Singh.
Village: Khalra.
Nirvair Singh.
Village: Nijjarpura.
It does not have the picture of my Shiva.
Alright, ma'am.
Please visit me again after a few days.
I know a few cops.
I shall talk to them.
Son, please help me find my Shiva.
Almighty shall bless you.
All we can do is try.
Rest is in the hands of Almighty.
You may also do this.
You should meet...
Sardar Darshan Singh Boolpuriya.
He's a peace-loving leader.
He always tries to help people.
The bullet may be fired from any side...
but it claims the
lives of our own people.
So, what is your opinion
about the recent events that took place?
Take him.
Come here.
I support the demands beings made...
but I am against the means
adopted to fulfil them.
The young men who have committed
themselves to this cause...
are our own children.
Their spirit is true but
the bullet is not the solution.
Hundreds have lost their lives...
and thousands are missing.
I beg everyone to think about
them and their families.
Therefore, I request everyone...
to stop violence and
win this fight through reasoning.
So that we can bring peace...
and joy back to Punjab.
Sir, they're here to meet you.
Baljinder Singh has sent them here.
Please have a seat.
We have come from
the village, Naarli.
Yes, Baljinder Singh
had told me about you.
You have suffered a lot.
Tell me the name of
that police official.
Deep Singh Rana.
Deep Singh Rana...
Bhikhiwind police station?
Yes, the same.
Do not worry.
I will try my best to help you.
With God's grace,
everything shall be resolved.
Okay, Aunt.
What's the matter, dear?
Aren't you going to come inside?
No, Aunt.
I should go home now.
Now-a-days, mother
worries a lot about me.
Its not your mother's fault.
The times are as such.
Go ahead.
Please take care.
May you have a long and happy life.
God's name is the only truth.
I will be right back, Aunt.
Aunt has come back from the city.
Let me give her some curry.
Come in, dear.
How have you been?
I am fine, Aunt.
Let me pump water for you.
Did you find something?
If there had been any news, I'd have
come rushing to your house as excitedly
as you have come here.
Stop pining for him.
How long will you wait for him?
How long will you
wait for him, Aunt?
What else can mothers do?
A mother gives birth to an eternal
wait along with the child.
Earlier too, I used to wait
for him to get back home.
And it remains the same.
Never mind.
What have you got for me?
Aunt has cooked some curry.
It must be the same. Your aunt doesn't
know how to cook anything else.
Oh, great Lord!
I don't understand what's
happening all around.
What horrors are we yet to see?
I suggest that you worry about
what's happening inside the house
rather than outside.
Why? What happened?
I don't think there's
anything to worry about.
I am worried about Jeeti.
Since we are not her birth
parents we need to be
extra cautious about her.
If something bad happens
people will accuse us of
not taking care of her.
She is crazy.
We shouldn't expect
anything from Satwant Kaur.
Doesn't seem like her son
is ever going to return.
So you finally got the
time to come home!
I think you have forgotten
that this is your home
and not Satwant's place.
At least let him eat first.
He's just come home. Don't nag.
He must have eaten
at Satwant's place.
Why are you wandering
everywhere with her?
I've been trying to make you understand.
What's wrong if I help
Aunt in finding Shiva?
Who's going to help her if not me?
Be wise and think
of your own safety.
The times have changed drastically.
We have been childhood friends.
We've shared happy times together.
We have been beaten up together.
Changing times do not change
my bond with them.
I do not need such
wisdom that makes me
betray my friendship.
How can there be a friendship
if the friend is not around?
Terrorists are already
threatening Hindus.
I do not want the police to target you
because of your
allegiance to that family.
Try to understand, boy.
Can't you see that the
times are bad for Hindus?
Is it a good time for the Sikhs, father?
Is she not here yet?
There she is.
That's her?
Yes, she is the one.
Greetings, ma'am.
I am a journalist from
the newspaper, Navi Lehar.
I am an illiterate woman.
You should find someone
educated to sell the paper.
No, I haven't come here
to sell newspaper.
I want to ask you a few questions
to publish in the newspaper.
I am not a leader.
Words of wisdom are
published in the newspaper.
Why would the words of an
illiterate woman interest you?
I want people to know
what you're going through.
Perhaps, it will help you find your son.
Tell me, why have you been coming
to this police station everyday
for the past one year?
Okay, my darling,
I'll see you in the evening.
-Yes, Amarjit?
A man is talking to
that old woman outside.
He looks like a journalist.
-Jai Hind, sir!
-Jai Hind.
How are you doing, Rana?
Everything is good,
by your grace, sir.
Seems like you don't want
to be graced for long.
What do you mean, sir?
It will be better for the
both of us if you understand.
Baljinder Singh,
that human rights lawyer
has been asking
about Shivjeet Singh.
You had arrested him, right?
Yes, sir. I did.
Your ambition has led you to climb
atop of a mountain of explosives, Rana.
Keep sparks away
from those explosives.
you will have to bear the losses.
Yes, sir. I understand.
Nip this trouble in the bud
or else you will be in trouble.
You don't worry, sir.
I will handle it. I'll--
Is there anything else
that you'd like to say?
Nobody has ever listened to me.
May God bless you.
Stupid journalist! How dare you!
What are you doing?
Please don't.
I will teach you how to publish the news.
We face bullets to save you all
and you're trying to
defame us in the papers?
Get lost otherwise
I'll break your bones!
And you!
Let me give you a piece of advice.
-What are you doing?
-Let me counsel you today.
-Please don't do this...
-You have lost it.
I'll bring you back
to your senses today.
How dare you complain against me!
How dare you call the reporters here!
How dare you!
You bitch!
Torture me, beat me as you wish.
Take my jewellery, land or whatever.
But please, give me back my son.
Not just your son, I will make
you meet all your ancestors today.
Where's my cane?
You stubborn woman!
What are you doing, sir?
Please come back to your senses.
If anything happens to her,
we'll be in great trouble.
Go and die somewhere else.
We don't want your blood on our hands.
Throw this woman out!
Let it be, sir.
If you ever try to
mention this to anyone
I will come to your house and kill you.
If I ever see you here again
I'll shoot you, you old hag!
Don't you ever come back!
She will not, sir.
Please, control your anger.
She won't be seen again.
I'll make sure of it.
Don't you ever come back.
Give him some water.
"She becomes a shade shielding"
"Her child from the scorching sun"
"Be in a mother's skin for once,
Oh cruel ruler!"
"In the dead towns, cemeteries breathe"
"In the dead towns, cemeteries breathe"
"When the pyres extinguish..."
"In the ashes, she traces the way
For the dead to come back"
"Come back, beloved child,
Mother awaits!"
"Come back, beloved child,
Mother awaits!"
"Come back, beloved child,
Mother awaits!"
Who are you?
Are you out of your mind, old woman?
You will get yourself killed
and get us into trouble.
Why do you come to the
police station everyday?
I came here just to warn you to not
to come to the police station again.
Your son is not there.
You tell me the same thing
everyday at the police station.
Why you have come here,
at this hour to repeat it?
I have never seen a
stubborn woman like you.
Stubbornness will claim your life one day!
Do you know how Rana Sir can be?
I have come here to tell you
the truth about your lost son.
But I will tell you
only if you promise me...
that you'll never show up at
the police station again.
Your son was brought
directly to the...
interrogation centre
after we picked him up.
After keeping him hungry
and thirsty for the whole day...
we began to interrogate him.
Shivjeet Singh Maan...
The boy who worships
the Lord and eats pure Ghee.
Shall we see how
much strength you have?
Have you arranged for a wrestling
encounter in the station?
We do organise encounters,
but not the kind you think.
Your tongue wouldn't wag so audaciously
if you knew about these encounters.
I can use my hands too.
But I am no mood
to try my strength today.
But I am in the mood
to use my strength today.
First, let me talk about
the important things.
If you wish to return home safely...
then listen to me very carefully.
Answer carefully because
I will only ask you once.
What do you mean by "no"?
Even if you ask me a hundred times...
I will not give my land to Jaggi.
Don't you feel scared
to say no to me?
Are not you aware
of what I can do to you?
You will have to do
something to scare me.
Mere words won't even scare a fly.
Alright then.
I thought I'd let you go once we
settle the matter of the land.
But now, not only will
you hand over the land...
but also take responsibility for
the violent incident at Tarantaran.
You can keep as many you wish.
You have no idea.
I will make you scream like
a cheap prostitute in ten minutes.
In that case, let us bet on it.
I am not my father's son
if I scream under torture...
and if you don't make me scream
then you're a bastard.
You bloody shit!
What a hard nut to crack.
the wise say that after defecating,
you should take a step forward...
instead of going back.
You piece of shit!
Get up, brother.
Okay! Bring them out
and make them run.
Bring them out!
Come on, fast.
Stand still and behave!
Stand here!
Why are you scared?
It is the day of your freedom.
Go on... run away.
Don't waste time.
Run away before I change my mind.
Run fast.
This one is going to
make me a Sub Inspector.
Okay now... fly away.
You piece of shit, run away!
Here is my next promotion.
He will make me a DSP.
Alright then...
run away.
No, I won't take the bullet in my back.
If you want to shoot me,
shoot while looking me in the eye.
No problem.
The last wish of a dying man
should be fulfilled.
It's an act of kindness.
Praise the Lord.
What the hell!
What's wrong with it?
What happened, sir?
What happened, sir?
Catch them!
Don't let them escape.
Get hold of those scoundrels!
They shouldn't escape.
Shoot them at once.
Run fast.
Catch them!
Search properly.
Don't let them escape.
Look for him, Sukha.
Don't let them escape.
See to it, Mangat Ram.
Yes, sir.
Where will you all go?
You'll have to come back to the village.
And when you return,
you'll find me standing in your way!
Search for them!
Don't let them escape!
Don't move!
Where were you running?
Don't move or I will shoot you.
Don't let them escape.
Two boys ran away with your son.
One of them was
from the Balarhwaal village.
His name was Pinda.
I've heard that Chabaal Police had
arrested him three months ago.
He might still be there.
And that's all I know.
I request you not to come
to our police station again.
If you want to look for him,
go to Chabaal.
I'll take your leave now.
Wait a minute.
You must be hungry.
Have some food.
Eat a little, son.
You should not disrespect food.
I don't understand you.
I just told you
what we did to your son...
and yet you are offering me food?
I don't know who's good and who's bad.
All I know is that everyone
feels hungry and needs to be fed.
Maybe, if I feed
somebody's hungry son...
then someone, somewhere
will also feed my hungry son.
Eat it.
I've already told you.
We've never arrested or
released any person by this name.
Why are you wasting my time?
But there was a report
in the newspaper...
that you had arrested this person
for attacking SSP Jagat Ram.
That was somebody else.
And everything published
in the newspapers is not true.
If you don't believe me
you are welcome to stay in
the lock-up for a few days...
and see for yourself if that boy is here.
I'll be glad to make the arrangements.
Okay. We'll take your leave.
Chabaal Police Station.
District: Amritsar.
We understand what you're going through.
But we are helpless.
Our suffering is as same as yours.
Did he ever
come to meet you?
Did he ever talk about my son?
Do you remember
anything about it?
No, Pinda never came here.
It's been a year and a
half since we saw our son's face.
We don't know anything.
Tell us if we can
do anything else for you.
No, it's okay.
Thank you for your help.
Dear one...
If your son ever visits you,
do ask him about my son.
That's my only request.
Don't lose hope.
God witnesses everything...
he will surely bring your
daughter's brother back.
-We'll take your leave. Greetings.
Was your son really with Pinda?
Yes, they say...
that when the police tried
to kill them in a fake encounter...
they had escaped together.
Come with me.
Please forgive us.
We got him released after
mortgaging all our property.
The case was very serious.
The officer we had bribed...
had warned us...
that if this news gets leaked out,
they will put my son back in jail.
This is all that is left of my son.
I am just consoled...
by the fact that he's alive
and in front of my eyes.
Yes, son?
Pinda, they have come
from the Naarli village.
She believes that
her son was with you.
Greetings, Aunt.
May you live long, son!
Do you know her?
All of God's creation pales in
comparison to Shiva's mother!
After escaping from the police,
we reached Beas.
We hid at an isolated piece of land that
belonged to some relatives of Taari.
We were there for two days.
Taari, how did you end
up being arrested?
Have you heard about
Sukhdev Singh Sarhali?
The head of
Khalistan Fighter Force?
We belong to the same village.
We joined this movement together.
But, my pen was my weapon.
I used to write articles and
poems for the movement...
which got published
in several magazines.
Sukhdev would come to the city and
spend the night at my place sometimes.
Somebody informed the police
about this and I was arrested.
I thought they wanted
information about Sukhdev.
But the first thing they
did was break my hand.
So that I won't be
able to hold a pen again.
Those bastards don't know that
a poem is not written with a pen...
but with the fire that
burns within.
And my fire still burns
as brightly as ever.
Are you Jagtar Singh Taari?
Did you write the poem,
'A mother awaits'?
What is that?
Taari's poem.
I had recited it at my
college get-together.
You may ask me as well.
Why were you arrested, Pinda?
I got arrested because of love.
What do you mean?
I really liked a girl in college.
One day, a guy teased
her so I beat him up.
I was unfortunate that he turned
out to be a cop's son.
Next day that cop came
to my house and arrested me.
They first tortured
me at the police station.
When my father pleaded him...
he said that he will let me go...
only if I apologise to his
son in front of all the students.
I agreed.
The next day, I went to college to do so.
But, the boy asked me to
accept that girl as my sister.
So I thrashed him again.
Then I was arrested
and tortured for a month.
I don't understand this. Even though
I have been through the same torture...
why does my story sound so comical?
Laugh out loud if you wish to!
Let me confess this.
Although I joke about it...
they had tortured me
ruthlessly in that one month.
They used to get drunk and
beat me up, every night.
It continued till the next morning.
I used to be so scared.
I felt like an impotent.
Sometimes, I wished for death
so that all my pain would end.
I even attempted to kill myself once.
It's okay, Pinda.
There is no need to get embarrassed.
Their torture is so painful,
that death seems like a relief.
I want to go home.
Mother must be worried.
It's been so long.
Everyone's mother
must be worried, Pinda.
But we can't return now.
The police must be keeping
a close watch on our homes.
Can't we go back at night,
in the darkness?
Not in the night.
Why should we go in the night?
Are we thieves to go back in hiding?
Shiva, Pinda is right.
We can only go back in the dark.
It's nothing to be upset about.
Why shouldn't I be upset?
We're being treated like criminals.
They killed my father,
saying that he was a terrorist.
Is that justice?
This is my home, my village
my land and my country.
Why should I be hiding?
There is a thin line
between bravery and stupidity.
Maybe I am being stupid.
But going home in the dark would
mean that I am a criminal
and that I am scared of Rana.
I do not agree to it.
My self-respect is important to me.
They may break me
physically, or kill me
but they cannot
kill my self-respect.
Go ahead if you wish to, but I won't.
Not like this.
Good that you didn't return home.
You'd have been killed.
Rana has submitted the report...
that he killed two terrorists
in that encounter.
While three terrorists...
Shivjeet, Jagtar and Parminder...
ran away after injuring a constable.
I also heard that...
Rana is going to be promoted
for this act of gallantry.
They are thriving upon
other people's misery.
Does it mean that we'll never
be able to return home?
Why not?
We'll all go to our homes once
we achieve the power.
However, power demands sacrifice.
When I chose this path...
I told my family to forget that I exist.
It has been three years...
my children don't know
if I am alive or dead.
I'll go back home only when
we have earned Khalistan.
The rest depends on God's will.
But there's nobody at home
to take care of the family.
I have to get my sister married.
If Bhagat Singh had
been selfish like you...
we wouldn't have earned freedom!
Stop thinking about yourself.
Think of the nation.
But what can we do?
You are the pride of our community.
If you're determined,
nothing is impossible.
Don't you want to return
home fearlessly?
Don't you want to write fearlessly?
Don't you want...
to claim justice for your father's death
and seek the right over your own land?
How do you know this?
I know this because I can
listen to the wails of my people.
Our ruler is deaf and
he can't hear us.
He can only hear the sound of a gun!
This is not a weapon but our voice.
It is the voice of your poem, your fear
and your father!
It's the voice of the innocent and
the downtrodden of our community.
Make this voice so loud and powerful
that nobody can ever suppress it.
Nobody! Nobody! Nobody!
Look... I can make you a
part of my organisation.
But this movement
demands sacrifice.
If you are ready to sacrifice...
I can send you across
the border for training.
Be firm on this...
because this agitation needs no cowards.
I've always been ready.
Just tell me what to do.
I've also decided...
I'll go home only
if I can go there fearlessly...
or else, I won't go home at all.
I am also ready.
Alright then.
Get ready.
''I am a backpacker now''
''Sojourner of the alien lands''
''I am a backpacker now''
''Sojourner of the alien lands''
''The shaft I worked with in the
Fields has become my gun in the war''
''Your lover, dear beloved''
''Your lover, dear beloved,
Is a recruit now''
''Your lover, dear beloved''
''Your lover, dear beloved,
Is a recruit now''
''Your lover, dear beloved''
''Our blood that was spilled
Has sprouted into explosives''
''Why is death more
Desirable than this life?''
''I have submitted myself,
To these obscure ways"
''Your lover, dear beloved''
''Your lover, dear beloved,
Is a recruit now''
''Your lover, dear beloved''
''Your lover, dear beloved,
Is a recruit now''
''Your lover, dear beloved''
''The cruel ruler is to be snubbed
With the power of the gun''
''Bullets are eager
To pierce their hearts''
''The passage laid with
Thorns and pricks''
''The passage laid with thorns
And pricks is my destined path now''
''Your lover, dear beloved''
''Your lover, dear beloved"
"Is a recruit now''
''Your lover, dear beloved''
I am glad to see...
that you're now trained
with arms and ammunition.
It is all because of you.
You have turned us into lions.
So, are you ready to hunt?
Have you heard of SSP Jagat Ram?
The one posted in Tarantaran?
Do you know him?
I know him pretty well.
He has the reputation
of a barbarian.
He became an SSP through fake encounters.
Rana is his protege.
If we kill him, it'll be
a great victory for us.
Earlier, a few boys had attempted
to kill him but they failed.
He's got a tough security.
It is difficult to get to him.
So how do we get to him?
He's going to visit the
Golden Temple, next month.
But this won't serve your purpose.
What do you mean?
I think you want to create
an example by killing him.
That's why he should be killed in
his head-quarters.
Nothing can be more
terrifying for the police
than an officer being killed
right in his office.
This way, they will get to know...
what happens when a farmer drops
the plough and picks up the gun.
-Stop. Who are you?
-We're from the DIG's office.
What brings you here?
I've come from the DIG's office.
I need to get a
signature from the SSP.
Okay, leave the file here.
The DIG had asked me to
get it signed personally.
Give the file to me.
You are not getting my point.
It is a confidential file.
It concerns the
Central Government.
If I give you the file, I'll lose my job.
You and your boss
may also lose your jobs.
But if you wish to, you can get it signed.
Wait a minute.
Come here.
You stay here.
Which file is this?
The encounter file.
But DIG didn't call
me regarding this.
It couldn't be talked
about over the phone.
It is a sensitive case, Sir.
He asked me to personally get it
signed from you.
Alright, show me the file
and tell me where to sign.
Something is fishy.
Run away, Pinda!
Does that mean that Shiva is in the jail?
he was shot many times.
I do not think he is in a jail.
I think he has been freed forever.
No adversity can touch me
in your shelter, oh Lord!
His grace surrounds me.
No sorrow can touch me.
No adversity can touch me
in your shelter, oh Lord!
His grace surrounds me.
No sorrow can touch me.
No adversity can touch me
in your shelter, oh Lord!
His grace surrounds me.
No sorrow can touch me.
No adversity can touch me
in your shelter, oh Lord!
His grace surrounds me.
No sorrow can touch me.
No adversity can touch me
in your shelter, oh Lord!
His grace surrounds me.
No sorrow can touch me.
No adversity can touch me
in your shelter, oh Lord!
His grace surrounds me.
No sorrow can touch me.
No adversity can touch me
in your shelter, oh Lord!
His grace surrounds me.
No sorrow can touch me.
No adversity can touch me...
God! God! God!
God! God! God!
"I pray to Lord,
May you get my life"
"May I die on your behalf"
"May you enjoy longevity,
My precious!"
"Where do you hide?
Where have you gone?"
"Not asking for shredded
Bread to bite anymore"
"Whom should I pamper now?"
"I begged God,
I implored him"
"To bless me with you"
"Don't go away"
"Leaving your mother alone"
"If I don't see you"
"The world seems
Like a barren place"
"Where do you hide?
Where have you gone?"
"Not asking for shredded
Bread to bite anymore"
"Whom should I pamper now?"
"I pray to Lord,
May you get my life"
"May I die on your behalf"
"You enjoy longevity,
My precious!"
Jagdev Singh!
You shouldn't have done this.
What did I do, Sir?
You made me drink while on duty.
Rana Sir!
I owe it to you.
It is because of you that...
I have been able to
grab the land.
I am celebrating on two occasions today.
Both the case and my enemy
have been dismissed.
Keep it in the Jeep.
What are you waiting for?
There is no need.
This is for after duty hours.
Okay, as you wish.
Okay. Thank you, Sir.
I'll take your leave.
He is a shameless fellow.
He is talking nonsense.
The case stands dismissed now.
You were so sure of winning!
Now I will plough those
fields tomorrow.
You already have everything
you need, Jagdev Singh.
Of course, I do.
But it is my principle...
that I will claim anything
and everything I can own.
That is how I am.
Satwant has been left
alone in this world.
So what?
If you wish, you can plough the fields...
but you should not brag about it.
I will do as I wish.
Nobody can stop me.
Who are you to advise me?
Get lost!
-Yes, brother?
Play some songs on the loudspeakers,
so that the whole village knows it.
"The boy of the farmer ploughs the filed"
"Early in the morning"
"A beautiful face floats in my eyes"
"I don't feel good anymore
Without you, my love"
"The world looks empty without you"
"My beloved calls me Ranjha"
"You are mine, Heer"
"When I take you in my arms,
You feel like a flower to me"
"Though I had thought..."
What are you doing here?
Do you want to kill me?
Get lost or I will crush
you under the tractor!
Get away or I will smash you.
Didn't I tell you, Jaggi?
I will not let you plough the
fields as long as I'm alive.
The police is investigating the
crime scene. You cannot go in.
Please let me see my son.
It is so unfortunate.
You have to reconcile with it.
I took everybody's statement, sir.
Nobody saw anything.
I'm sure you know who did it, old woman.
What are you saying, Inspector?
She does not--
Did I ask you?
Did I?
This boy is right.
Jagdev had many enemies.
Perhaps, one of them has killed him.
What are you doing, Titri?
Keep it aside.
What are you doing here?
Are you hungry?
Should I bring you food?
Wait here, I will just be back.
Poor child! I don't know if he has
eaten anything since morning.
His mother is long gone so
nobody takes care of him.
And his father is drunk all the time.
Some people are oblivious
to the riches the Almighty
has blessed them with.
Sit here.
Look, I brought you this.
It tastes good, right?
Why have you been
grinning since I entered?
What is the matter?
What is this?
Who gave you this?
My dear, you have no idea how
you have repaid my love.
May God bless you!
May you live long!
You eat, I'll be right back.
Should I wear it?
God Bless you, my child!
Please come in.
Come in.
You have arrived at
an auspicious moment.
This is Sardar Baldev Singh
and his family.
They have come to fix Jeeti's
marriage with their son.
Their son is a police officer.
She is Satwant.
She lives right across our house.
She is very close to Jeeti.
I will come back later.
No, please have some sweets.
Please come in.
No, I will come back later.
Is it anything important, Aunt?
No, dear. Nothing important.
Look at this. This is green silk
And this one is maroon.
This is pretty.
Do you like it, Jeeti?
Please make up your mind.
Or else you'll complain that I
didn't let you choose anything.
Seems like the girl did not like it.
We have enough stock with us.
I will show her more.
-Please show her some good ones.
-Yes, I will.
What is the time?
It is five minutes to three.
Oh God! I completely forgot.
You choose some clothes for yourself.
I'll go and get your
ornaments from the jeweller.
He said that it will
be ready by 2:00 p.m.
I will be back soon. You stay here.
Please show her some good clothes.
Yes, of course.
Look at this one! It's bright red!
Please show me the
saffron coloured turban.
What are you looking at?
The colour of your turban is beautiful.
Saffron stands for the martyrs.
You have chosen a colour
for yourself, Shiva...
but what should I
choose for myself?
I waited so long for you, Shiva.
I pleaded to God, day and night...
but he did not answer my prayers.
Why didn't you come earlier?
How could I have, Jeeti?
I was unconscious for
two months after I got shot.
When the wounds healed
I got to know from Pinda
that my mother had visited him.
But you aren't here
for long, are you?
Jeeti, even I want to stay back...
but it will take time.
In that case, take me along with you.
I can't do that, Jeeti.
Please understand--
Take me along with you, Shiva.
Please understand, Jeeti.
I can't drive you to
peril, along with me.
Do you think I will be
happy marrying someone else?
there is a huge difference between
just breathing and living as one wants.
This way, I'll at least be
relieved that you're alive.
Earlier, you used to
yield all my tantrums...
and now you are indifferent
to my pleading.
You have become stern like God.
Jeeti, did you like something?
Which colour have you chosen
for your wedding dress?
"The colour of henna has faded"
"In rags and tatters I lie"
"Stop my boat, oh boatman"
"I am not destined to sail through"
"I have chosen those
Colours for myself"
"Which you can identify with"
"You are the reward of my goodness"
"Destiny has brought pain"
"To whom should we
Complain about it, my love?"
"To whom should we
Complain about it, my love?"
"This is the fate of true love"
"You are the reward of my goodness"
"Destiny has brought pain"
"You are the reward of my goodness"
"Destiny has brought pain"
Come on. We'll be right back.
My dear, you look so beautiful.
The colour of the henna is deep as well.
It foretells that you'll have a loving
relationship with your mother-in-law.
Please keep me here with you.
I couldn't even keep my son
whose beloved you were.
"Only good luck brings"
"Deep colour in the palms"
"I wish you joy for life"
"I will see"
"What my fate has in store for me"
"You are the reward of my goodness"
"Destiny has brought pain"
"You are the reward of my goodness"
"Destiny has brought pain"
Your eye sight is very weak.
-You need to wear glasses.
will it help me see
my son's photograph clearly?
Of course, I am prescribing you eye drops.
Put them every night
before you go to sleep.
Take this.
The spectacles will be ready in 4-5 days.
You may come and collect it.
-Stop! Stop!
-Shiva, what are you doing?
What are you...
Give it to me.
What's wrong with you?
Are you alright?
You did the right thing, Shiva.
Thank God, there was no casualty.
It's my fault. I shouldn't
have sent you on that route.
Anyway, forget about it.
We should think of our next move.
Both of you leave for Jalandhar.
I shall send a message
through Pamma in two days...
and let you know which bus
has to be blown up.
No, brother...
I will not be able to do this.
What did you say?
I don't feel right about it.
What will we achieve by
killing innocent people?
Were those people guilty
who got killed in 1984 riots?
Was it criminals who got
killed in fake encounters?
What was your father's fault?
What crime did you both commit?
Mind you Shivjeet Singh, this is war.
It's not concerned with
innocence or guilt.
I thought this
was a revolution.
Words like revolution
only look good in books.
One can write poems with
emotion but not fight a war.
War is fought only with weapons.
But how can we do something
that feels wrong?
I had told you in the beginning that
this movement demands sacrifice.
And sacrifice means not
only giving you own life
but taking it too.
Ask me to kill a criminal...
and I will not
hesitate for a moment.
But please don't force
me to do this.
Is that so?
Have you become so wise
that you are disobeying me?
It is not about being disobedient--
We need some time to think over it.
But do ponder upon what I have told you.
Take care.
What's the news, Sukh?
The task wasn't completed.
Why? What went wrong?
These boys are useless now.
They have started
thinking independently.
They're talking about ideologies.
Have they grown wise?
I think they will be of more use now.
I don't think so.
One shouldn't throw away
the quilt due to the fear of bugs.
I don't understand.
You will understand, gradually.
For now,
call Jinder to help you out.
Okay, brave Sikhs!
Bring out all the Hindus.
-What's happening?
-What is your name?
Stand up!
What is your name?
Come here.
What is your name?
What is your full name?
Come out.
Get out! All of you!
Come out.
Stand straight.
Brother, why are you killing them?
They are innocent.
Go inside.
Listen to me, brother.
Please let me go.
Why should I?
Are you my relative?
I know Shiva. Shivjeet Singh from Naarli.
He too is a terrorist...
I mean, a revolutionary.
We're childhood friends.
I had gone to pick up a pair
of spectacles for his mother.
Calm down.
My Bittu!
Oh Lord!
Enough! Please get yourself together.
This evil woman has
killed my son.
Please be calm, Savitri.
Don't say that.
What's her fault?
One day, you too shall suffer like me.
You too shall see your
son's corpse like me.
It is a war of ethics.
We have never run away
from making sacrifice.
Many of our boys were martyred.
Come to the point.
Since it's a conference,
we should also be heard.
Our contribution to the mainstream
politics of Punjab is being ignored.
Your contribution is
more for your own profit...
than the welfare of Punjab.
First, make this movement successful,
then claim the credit.
Power has made you ignorant.
They don't pay any heed to us now.
Why would they care for us tomorrow?
Please be polite.
Have a seat.
Please sit, brother.
This is a conference.
We have not gathered here
to fight amongst ourselves...
but to direct this movement
in the right direction.
My apologies, Gyan Singh...
but future gets its
orientation from the present.
I strongly condemn the killing
of Hindus after pulling
them out from the buses.
This incident has brought
shame to all of us.
Didn't you feel ashamed
when Sikhs were killed in Delhi?
No accused has been punished till today.
But you never complained against it.
We also regret
this act but mind you...
when a giant tree falls
the earth is bound to shake.
What happened in 1984 was not
done by the people of any religion...
but by the politicians and
the people instigated by them.
If we do the same...
there would be no difference
between us and them.
We can fight this
war without weapons...
by talking to the
Central government in Delhi.
Now you are talking about
what really interests you.
The Delhi government
that you're depending upon...
is friend to none.
The government has too many hands and
it wants to shake one with us too.
But unlike you,
we cannot be friends with murderers.
Be warned, Mr. Boolpuriya...
the spirit of revolution treats
a traitor worse than the enemy.
Why don't you both say something?
Your suspicion is justified...
but so far, it is nothing
more than that.
Talwandi has not claimed
responsibility for this act.
In fact, he regrets it.
He is lying.
Who else could have done it?
People like Shamsher, Gyan Singh...
and Boolpooriya are not like that.
Only the daredevils can do it.
I agree to what Shiva says.
This massacre was carried out by Talwandi.
What are your orders?
Such people are not
good for our movement.
I got your point.
I'll send two more men with you.
You might need them.
Okay, brother.
I am with you, Shiva...
but only for the sake of our friendship.
Not for revolution.
I knew I will die some day...
but I didn't know that my
own people would kill me.
Please give me two minutes.
I want to say my last prayers.
Those who have prayed
in the name of the Lord...
and departed after having worked
by the sweat of their brows.
Only the name of the Lord is pure,
only He is the conqueror.
The name of the Lord is the only truth.
Thank you, young man!
What are you waiting for, Shiva?
Shoot him.
Hurry up.
Shoot him.
I wanted to shoot Talwandi
with my own hands...
but I don't know
why I couldn't do it.
It means that you still
retain some nobility inside you.
Some inalienable good.
Noble people do not
go around shooting people.
When did it become so easy for
us to kill people indiscriminately?
The gun is like
an addiction my friend!
It gives you the
illusion of being God.
We didn't come here to become Gods.
We came here to fight for our rights.
The right to live with dignity,
to plough our fields freely.
The right to write,
to sow poems fearlessly.
The right to wear the saffron turban.
The right to keep
our mothers happy...
to return to our
homes fearlessly.
should we go home once?
I want to go there too.
We might reach home...
injured like Pinda.
But we'll at least be home.
We'll take a dip in the river...
and sit under the shade of the old tree.
Just like you had written in your poem.
'Someone convey my message to
the river that flows to my village...'
'I will return to
dive in it once again...'
"Someone convey my message to
The river that flows to my village..."
"I will return to
Dive in it once again..."
"I will be back"
"Reduced to an urn of ashes"
It is a wonder. When the time
is good, everything works out.
No, it's not that easy.
One has to manoeuvre and manipulate.
If good things could
happen just like that...
it would've happened
for Talwandi too.
See how I got rid of
the bishop using a mere pawn.
This pawn has become presumptuous
and has started thinking too much.
Do not worry, son!
These idealistic and passionate...
people like Talwandi and Shivjeet...
make great terrorists
but terrible politicians.
People like us,
who live in reality are true politicians.
And the reality is that...
there is no chance for
Khalistan to ever be created.
And even if it will be created...
it will also need a government.
There will be a battle
for votes over there too.
And who'll win?
Politicians, of course.
-That is...
I think Jinder's back
after finishing the job.
Ask him to come in.
I will open the door.
So this is what you actually are,
Sukhdev Singh Sarhali!
You pretend to be a saviour
of the community, yet...
you're a mere pet of this politician!
Listen to me, son...
What did you do, Shiva?
-Don't be crazy, Shiva.
-You have said enough.
Now it's our turn.
Let me make you listen to the
powerful voice of the community.
Didn't you tell me...
that the movement demands sacrifice?
Shiva, please listen to me.
It's time for sacrifice.
Shiva, please listen to me.
Listen to me.
Hello, who is it?
Your promotion.
You could not become the DSP that day.
So I thought I should
give you another opportunity.
Shivjeet Singh?
You're still alive?
I challenge you, Rana.
I am going to my village,
stop me if you can.
Dare you come back.
I will not let you enter.
Then let's bet on it.
If you succeed,
I am not my father's son and...
if you aren't able to stop me,
you are a bastard.
Bloody hell!
Let's go, Mangat Ram.
There is going to be one
final battle with Shiva today.
Please excuse me this time, sir.
What did you say?
God is not going to forgive the
sins that I have committed in the past...
I do not want to commit any more sins.
I just request you...
to leave me out of this.
You're responsible for your own acts.
I will deal with you later.
Get the Jeep out!
Jeeti, this is for
your mother-in-law.
-Give it to her
This is for your husband.
"Suchha committed eleven murders
And was sentenced to death"
"The day was fixed
And spread among people"
"Just before he was to be hanged,
Suchha said..."
"It is my last message friends"
"If someone comes at your door and
Seeks something, don't deny him"
"The enemy troubles you constantly,
He should not be spared"
"The enemy troubles you constantly,
He should not be spared"
"First he murdered the arrogant Kukar"
"All five sinners..."
"Were ripped apart"
"Ahmad Pathan was
Also smashed mercilessly"
"The enemy troubles you constantly
He should not be spared..."
Stop! Where are you going?
Climb up and check.
Why are you hiding?
Come out!
Beating up your mother was
more pleasurable than beating you up.
You hurt my mother!
You hurt my mother!
You hurt my mother!
Whosoever praises the Lord...
Whosoever praises the Lord...
Is blessed!
Whosoever praises the Lord...
Is blessed!
Whosoever praises the Lord...
Is blessed!
Whosoever praises the Lord...
Whosoever praises the Lord...
Is blessed!
I am back, mother.
Open the door, mother.
I am here.
I am here, mother.
I am hungry.
I've been waiting for you, son.
Come in,
I will get you something to eat.
Bloody terrorist!
People like him have
turned Punjab into hell.
Shiva, my son.
Yes, my son.
"Be strong, mother
Don't grieve my death"
"Leaves fall inevitably
Trees don't go barren, however..."
"Nowhere I felt the peace,
That I felt in your lap, mother"
"I crave to be your child
In every life time"
"The 'Ganga' to me is embodied
In the feet of my mother..."
"Dip my ashes in its water,
I beg you"
"I will be back
Reduced to an urn of ashes"
"I will be back
Reduced to an urn of ashes"
"Poor death looks at me clandestinely"
"Like a newly-wed girl
Awaits consummation of love"
"She adorns my hearse and
Decorates it with flowers..."
"She waits for me like an old friend"
"Convey this message to the
Breeze blowing there..."
"I will merge in it one day"
"I will be back
Reduced to an urn of ashes"
Dedicated to all mothers,
who are still waiting for their sons.
Joginder Kaur Her son, Makhan singh
was picked up from a tea stall
near Tarantaran bus stand. He
never returned home. He was 20 years old.
S. Kundan Singh.
Killed in 1991 in a fake
encounter in front of his house.
He was innocent.
S. Sarwan Singh.
Son of Kundan Singh.
Joined the movement
for revenge.
Killed in 1992.
S. Balkar Singh.
Son of Kundan Singh.
Joined the movement for revenge.
Killed in an encounter in 1992.
Jagir Kaur.
Her son, S. Balwinder Singh was killed in
a fake encounter.
His body was not handed
over to the family.
S. Balwinder Singh was working in the
fields when he was killed.
He was 16 years old.
S. Dalbir Singh.
He left home for work one day and
never came back.
His ashes were handed over to the family a
few days later.
Bhagwan Kaur.
Her son, S. Jaswinder Singh, was shot dead
in 1990, while on duty.
S. Jeevan Singh.
He left for a walk one evening.
His dead body was
found the next day.
Mother: Gurnam Kaur.
Father: S. Mohinder Singh.
Satpal singh was shot dead in 1991 while
drinking tea a tea stall.
Surjit Kaur.
Her son, S. Dilbagh Singh was shot dead by
gunmen on a motorcycle
in front of his house.
S. Kabal Singh.
He was working in the fields
when unidentified men
picked him up in a vehicle.
He was never seen again.
Pooran Kaur.
Her son, S. Dhalwinder Singh
was killed in an encounter in 1992.
She is mentally unstable and
is cared for by the neighbours.
They don't keep any photograph
of her son because
she gets agitated on
seeing it.