Punjabi By Nature (2021) Movie Script

"Punjabis by nature are chill."
"Punjabis by nature are chill."
"Punjabis by nature are chill."
I am Pipal Singh.
My elder brother Borh Singh's
son Angad Singh.
Grandson S. Jand Singh.
I got him to study, got him a course.
Owner of 25 acres of land.
He went away from the
village to do a job..
..while making the sound of
dug on his bullet.
I am Labh Singh.
Proprietor BDH Masale.
I have expanded my business so much.
I have an only daughter Avnoor Kaur
who's pursued marketing course.
She's stuck to one thing that she
will go to Punjab and do a job.
Today she's gone far from Delhi.
She's gone far from me.
I don't know what happens to
her once she reaches there.
Don't you have a habit of
seeing while walking?
Sorry? -I mean can't you see me?
You just bumped into me?
Ma'am but you were seeing
some other side.
You bumped into me.
Dad was right.
The boys here don't have manners.
Instead of saying sorry
he's staring at me.
Take your bullshit.
Your eye balls were somewhere else.
You bumped into me and I'm
supposed to say sorry?
I helped her and she shouts at me.
Good afternoon! I am Avnoor.
Hello ma'am! good afternoon.
You please wait for sometime.
I'm very sorry I got late.
Actually when I just reached here,
an idiot bumped into me.
I don't know what is happening in
the office since this morning.
People are bumping into each other.
But anyways, you just wait.
I'm going to inform the boss.
When an idiot meets another idiot,
he becomes so happy.
Just shut up!
Yeah when you don't have
anything else to..
..say then only just
shut up is left..
..and ok also.
May I come in Sir?
Good afternoon sir!
Please come.
Sir, I gave them presentation. -Ok.
Good afternoon, sir! -Good afternoon.
-Salutation sir! -What's this?
What happened to you?
Go and stand there.
Sir, one should touch elderly
people's feet.
Elderly? -Sir, elders.
See, this is multinational company.
There is no touching feet here.
Only good morning, good afternoon,
good evening. Understand?
Yes, sir.
Anyhow, can I have your
these documents please?
Please sir.
Give me.
Mr. Angad. Do you always
keep this bag with you?
You took a minute to take
out file from the bag.
You know this one minute
is very precious to me.
What is this mess?
Pick it up. Clear it.
Oh sir.
Please, take your seats.
I think you would understood that
what are you suppose to do here?
Now you can write yourself,
what to do?
Rather you want to do as a theme.
I mean mutually.
Whatever you two decide,
I am ok with it.
What I need, results!
Sir, you speak English
like foreigners.
But sir I can understand
Punjabi but English..
Sorry, Avnoor.
Translate what I said in English..
..into Punjabi and tell him.
But bit later.
Ok, sir. -Sir, will she tell me?
Yes! any problem?
No, sir. -O come on.
I've seen your mark sheet.
You secured good marks in English.
But now you don't understand?
You gave your exam yourself or..?
No, sir. I am the only one
who gave my own exam.
I don't have any neighbour
who can do this.
Sir, my writing is very good..
..but speaking not
Young man, some U.S. officers will
come here to give your final report.
So you need to improve your English
in the presentation.
Especially your foreigner English.
No, no sir.
Don't worry. All will be good.
See, your probation period
is of 2 months.
You will stay in company's
guest house for 2 months.
Together, with her?
Who did tell you this?
You're saying whatever you like?
Behave yourself.
Now you can go.
Thank you sir. -Thank you.
My salutation!
Let me tell you one thing
before entering.
Our ma'am is so strict.
She rules here.
Who tries to break any rule here then
ma'am also breaks that person.
Ram! Let them come in.
Did you hear? -Yes.
Any doubts? -No.
Ok then you go in.
I'll get your luggage.
Guests have come.
Salutation! -Salutation!
My name is Preeti.
I'm in charge here and the owner
of this property as well.
Here you have to follow my
rules and regulations.
Do you know each other?
I don't know them.
Did I ask you?
No, no, auntie.
This is our first time.
Excuse me! I am nobody's auntie.
You want to be a kid?
Call me ma'am. Ok?
Ok auntie. ma'am, ma'am.
O hello! why are you laughing?
For girls, my rules are even
more strict, got it?
Breakfast and dinner timings
is written in your rooms.
You won't get breakfast and
dinner if you get late.
Angad Singh! room no. 3.
Avnoor Kaur. Room no. 6. -Ok.
I told you no dear.
There, boys are very dangerous.
You were right dada.
They are very rough. They suddenly
get furious. No etiquettes.
Salutation uncle. Bow to you.
Hey dear Angad. How's your job going?
Don't be under control
of someone. Ok.
Are we liable to someone?
Once my master abused
me in 8th standard.
I slapped him twice.
I didn't go to school afterwards.
But don't be under anyone's control.
If someone tries to rule you
then hold him from his neck.
The honor of the family
should not be tainted.
You can even cut anyone.
Don't you worry.
I am here with you.
Uncle, it doesn't like that.
Times have changed now.
You have to listen officers too.
You better leave it. Times have
changed now? You blabbering.
Don't do job like a servant.
Your boss must know that you
can even kill someone.
Dear, they can even eat
someone after killing.
Very dangerous. You have to be alert.
..Durlab Singh has been transferred
to Chandigarh.
Once he consents..
..then my concern is over.
Oh my god! Dad I don't
like him at all.
Why is this so?
Durlab is a son of our
Rawal Pindi Walas.
It's very important to save our race.
And he is a pure race.
I've done full inspection.
Beware, if anything wrong
is done with Ram.
Who will make dad understand?
Everything is business for him.
Every time he talks about race.
Uncle believes in doing
everything by beating.
I am Dogar Singh,
head of this village.
I got to know that you came here
to tell us about types of seeds.
Do you want to have tea or something
before start? -Thank you head.
But I believe I should
about my products.
Ok. Yeah tell us about types.
Look, these are rice seeds..
..and this is used for
organic farming.
Girl, rice doesn't have seed
but Jhona has cottage cheese.
What do you say?
Cottage cheese? No, no.
I think you're mistaken.
Because cottage cheese
is made from milk.
And what is this Jhona?
I think this girl came from abroad.
How would she know that Jhona
is also called Jeeri?
I think you all are making fun of me.
Not jeeri but our company also
markets seed of Jeera.
Our people don't make fun
of daughters and sisters.
I think they can't understand you.
And you can't understand them.
You should have someone with you..
..who can talk to and
understand landlords.
Madam, I think we should go now.
If you want, I can make them
understand in their language.
Have you applied cumin tempering
to the lentils?
What's there? Egg plant! ok.
Did you add paneeri in this?
That jhona paneeri?
What is this bullshit, Angad?
Madam, Sanjeev told me..
She went to a village today.
There jatts asked her about
Paneeri and Jeeri.
She was stunned.
She forgot everything.
I was just saying that.
-Just shut up.
Who do you think you are?
You can't even say 2 words in English
and you're making fun of her?
Shut your mouth!
You should be ashamed.
Can you guys do something
else than commenting..
..bad and making fun of girls?
She got up hungry and went away.
Poor girl.
And sir is sitting with
plate full of food.
Ratiram? -Yes? -Even I can't eat.
Especially at a place where rude
guys like him sitting with?
Sardarji, it became a mess.
At least you have it.
No my friend, Ratiram.
I'm also not hungry anymore.
You should have someone with you..
..who can speak and also understand
landlords' language..
..understands landlords' language.
Who's this?
Avnoor! Angad here.
Why did you come here?
I don't want to see your face.
Please forgive me and open the door.
Angad please. Just go away.
I don't want to see your face.
Forgive me.
Keep your eyes closed and
open the door please.
I'm sorry.
-Don't do this drama now, ok?
I'm not doing drama.
Swear by God.
Honestly saying.
I'm apologising to you for that.
I really hurt you there. Sorry!
How stubborn you are.
There is a difference between
stubbornness and firm intention.
You don't have idea about
a jatt's friendship.
I'll keep standing here
till you forgive me.
Ok. I forgot you.
-Go now. Let me sleep.
Yes, sure. I forgot you. Go.
But tell me,
how would you sleep hungry?
I can't sleep.
Why? You had fully filled your plate.
I filled plate only.
But my stomach is empty.
Go and check downstairs.
Ok. This also seems to be
a part of the drama.
I swear to god. I'm not lying.
Don't you dare swear to Guru.
Ok then I swear to you.
Let's go downstairs.
Why to me? Do I have
a very long life?
Swear to your dad then. Ok, myself.
Come. Let's go there.
If sweetie ma'am comes
to know this, then?
I knew that you're hungry.
I'm very hungry.
But I think she will notice that.
So what? Am I afraid of sweetie ma'am?
Don't worry. Let's go.
We'll eat something.
After eating if we'll be scolded
then what. It's cool.
Sure? -Sure. Come.
Who's there?
Oh Cat!
What type of cat is this?
It threw my slipper back to me?
What breed of cat is this?
Seem to be thieves.
Thief, thief.
Who's there?
What's going on here?
Sorry ma'am. We are hungry.
We thought we could get something
in refrigerator.
You thought to take something
out of the fridge and eat.
Don't you know that it's
against my rules?
Sorry, auntie. Ma'am sorry.
Actually we're very hungry. So..
Did he apologise to you?
Yes, yes. I have.
Yes. -Yes, ma'am.
When did you say that?
Just now I went upstairs to her room.
You went in her room?
-No, no. I didn't go in the room.
I was standing outside. Standing
like this and said sorry to her.
You tell her, tell her.
Otherwise I'll be screwed up.
Rattiram! -Yes?
Well I'm hungry too.
Shall I break my principal today
for the sake of these two?
He broke my head.
And you break the principal.
Here is your warm food.
I think you two should
team up and work.
Angad can talk to landlords,
do sales..
..and Avnoor, you make reports.
I think manager sir is taking
test of both of you.
He wants to see if you two can work
together as a team or not?
Or you individually do
struggle which leads..
..to wastage of company's
time and money.
What do you think Angad?
Angad? -Yes?
Jatt doesn't have any problem.
I'm ready.
You please ask Avnoor.
If she doesn't have any problem
then we can work together.
Ma'am I'm very sorry.
I thought I you can speak English
then everything is fine.
But I was wrong.
It's good that you understood
it on time.
Angad! Avnoor! All the best.
-Thank you ma'am
Madam, madam.
Avnoor madam's Sardarji has come.
Myself Durlabh Singh.
Promotional officer,
Public Service Bank.
Aka Avnoor Kaur's fianc.
No! How can you become a fianc
before engagement?
The film has not started but
the promotions are on. Wow!
What's this Avnoor?
Yes, Avnoor?
-Let me show you what's this.
Yes, dear Durlabh?
Bow to you Sardarji.
Yes, I reached guest house.
Make Avnoor Kaur understand.
Yes, dear please let me talk to her.
Avu, talk to Darji.
Give it to me.
Hello! -Hello, salutation.
Who are you?
Salutation. I am sweetie.
Guest house in charge.
Do you want to send Avnoor with him?
Yeah right.
I gave Mr. Durlab permission..
..to take my daughter from
guest house to office.
In the evening, he will drop
her back to the guest house.
Alright. Salutation.
Avnoor, You father said he
asked him to do this.
It's good then.
Let's go Avnoor. I am waiting.
My cell phone?
Thank you.
Go Miss Avnoor. All the very best.
Auntie! Ma'am!
They make a good couple.
Angad! -I am leaving.
You will drop her office, my son.
You will even take her home back.
But what would you do..
..when she will be..
..visiting villages with me?
Thank god our project
manager agreed..
..to make our team and
working together.
It will also solve the field
problems, thank god.
Field difficulties will be
definitely removed but..
..I guess it removed your difficulty
as well. -Means?
I mean as you go from guest
house and come back.
It's solved. -how?
Your fianc, Durlab Singh.
Angad please,
don't take his name in front of me.
I don't like him.
But why? He's a handsome
and good looking guy.
'I don't like him'
After all you'll get
married to him soon.
It's just because of my dad
I tolerate him, otherwise..
Ok because of dad.
Angad, shall we got to
guess house directly?
Guest house?
Then what would you tell to your
fianc who is waiting for you?
Angad please, don't take his name.
Sanjeev? -Yes?
Take us to guest house directly.
Ok. We'll turn car towards that.
Sanjeev -Yes?
My bike is parked at office.
What would we do then?
I'll pick it up and bring it to you.
Let that fool wait.
Ok do it that way then.
It's too late.
It's 5 o clock and Avnoor
Kaur hasn't reached yet.
I think I should go inside
and talk to them.
Not bad!
Excuse me sister. Oh sorry, ma'am.
Yes? -At what time will Avnoor
Kaur reach office?
I've been trying her
phone for a while.
But it's off.
Sometimes network problem
persists in the field.
But you don't worry.
Mr. Angad is with her.
That's why I'm worried since that
creature Angad is with her.
Did you say something?
No, no. What can I say?
Let me wait.
Yes, you please do wait for sometime.
Yes, sir. Ok.
Come on man!
By the way, your Durbal Singh
will also be coming.
His name is Durlab Singh not Durbal
Singh. -Whichever Lab he is.
You came back?
Durlab Singh has called me up thrice.
Really? thrice?
Wow It's true love.
Angad, shut up.
Ma'am my phone's battery
has got down.
Did battery get down or you
switch off the phone?
Ma'am please save me from
this Durlab Singh.
I don't know,
what dad did like in him?
Btu what's bad in him?
He's so good looking guy.
He keeps sticky mustache.
One feels good while seeing him.
-Of course.
Angad, please.
Avnoor, if you don't like this guy..
..why don't you clearly
say no to him.
Look at me. My dad showed me 33
guys to choose my partner.
33 guys? -Yes. -Really?
Yes. I didn't like anyone.
-She didn't like. -I clearly said no.
She clearly said no. -Learn from her.
Squirrel, why?
Ma'am that's what couldn't be done.
I can't hurt my dad at all.
Get married then. Why are you tensed?
Right ma'am? -Yes.
Tell me one thing,
why is your Buda so stubborn?
You called my dad, old? stubborn?
I mean father.
In our villages,
a father is called old man?
It's him again.
Now you take his call.
True love. come-on take it.
-We should move from here ma'am.
Let them do romance.
Hello! -Avnoor Kaur.
I've been waiting for
you since long..
..outside your office.
Now I am waiting at the reception.
You didn't come?
Your turned your phone off.
Is everything alright?
Everything is alright.
I reached guest house safely.
My phone's battery got down.
So it was off.
Anything else? Good night.
Hello, Avu! Hello, hello! Avu.
What's this?
She just said good night and
disconnected the call.
Very bad,
How can she disconnect
my call like that?
I am in love with her in fact.
No problem. I'll talk to her dad.
Today the decision will be taken.
It can't b like that.
I have to talk sweetly today.
Ok dear son.
I asked you to take care of her. So?
How can I take care?
She directly went to her guest house.
I waited for her for 3 hours.
Like a donkey.
But when I called her
up to ask about her..
..she said good night and
disconnected my call.
What? She ended your call?
It's very bad. Very bad.
How dare she do that?
What kind of business is this?
I'm going to call her now.
I am not complaining
to you, Sardarji.
I am just want to make
you understand that..
..I couldn't follow your orders.
So you please don't scold Avnoor.
She may get upset.
Don't worry son.
How dare she get upset?
Don't worry.
Very good.
Good. I am sure this report has
been made by Avnoor only.
No sir, we both did it. -Really?
Yes. I give brief to the farmers.
Avnoor makes report.
Good. -I just wanted to see that..
..if you believe in team
work or independently.
Always remember this, working as
a team brings success quickly.
Keep doing your work like this.
Start the preparation
for the next week.
What happened Avu? Are you not happy?
Manager sir praised us.
I am completely filled with happiness
and you make long face?
If you were a girl then you
would understand this.
How does it feel when your life
is decided against your will?
I'm sorry, fiend.
From the core of my heart.
I was just trying to make you smile.
Angad, thanks for your concern.
So what else are friends for?
Avnoor Kaur!
I came here to see if you safely
reached office or not?
Now I've properly seen it.
You reach here very safely.
Ok I am going.
Don't mind but I'll again
come in the evening..
..at sharp 5.
What did bite him?
He left so quickly today.
I thought he'll bore us more now.
Let him go.
Our first week's work has been
appreciated very much.
Won't you get me a coffee?
You're hungry now, right?
You're hungry.
Why not? Jatt uses to drink
all the bitter things.
Then what's this coffee?
-Let's go. -Ok
You saw that? She was holding that..
..weird villager creature
Angad's hand.
She just left his hand
once she saw me.
I'm not a kid.
I understand everything.
I am a complete young man.
Now I understand.
She tried to jealous me.
I'll share this incident
of her with her father.
Mr. Sukhdeva, has the supply of red
chilies arrived yet or not?
Do you know I got an order in
large volume from Rajasthan?
BDH Masale brand is crossing every
limit of popularity in India?
There was a time, people would
call me Nadu chilli seller.
But today, Sardar Labh Singh Sethi.
Proprietor of BDH Masale.
Bow to you Darji.
How are you dear Durlab?
What happened? You're talking
like an ashamed person?
What would I tell you Darji?
Don't mind.
Avnoor Kaur is completely
ignoring me.
There is a stupid friend of her.
She was very closely sitting to her.
Once she looked at me,
she left his hand.
So phoned me to tell me this.
Yes, I am very ashamed..
..of you.
I am already upset with the
supply of red chilies..
..and you are applying it on me more?
Don't call me every now and then.
Do something yourself sometime.
Did you get more order of
red chilies, Sardarji?
Yes, I started feeling the
chilies and you try it.
Angad, what happened?
Are we not going to guest house?
Where are you heading towards?
And its too fast. What happened?
I can drive slowly but..
..the bush which is coming
following us..
..your fianc Durbal Singh.
My antenna caught it.
Oh my god! Angad drive faster.
Wherever you take me but drive away.
-Wait you dragon.
Fast, fast, quickly. -Hello, hello.
Hello, hello
-What? -Hello, hello. -Quickly.
I won't take his gall
bladder out, Avu.
"Don't underestimate us"
"We've waved the flags
in the whole world.
"The blood flow in our
body is of warriors"
"We've defeated many Sikandars"
"If someone wants to test us,
we welcome them"
"See us after removing your
shades from your eyes"
"If someone wants to test us,
we welcome them"
"See us after removing your
shades from your eyes"
"They don't deceit in friendship"
"Keep a clean heart and intensions"
"Punjabis are chilled by nature"
"Punjabis are chilled by nature"
"Punjabis are chilled by nature"
"They don't neglect at all" "They
say straight on your face"
"We've done record breaking
goals in every field"
"We've done record breaking
goals in every field"
"They don't neglect at all" "They
say straight on your face"
"We've done record breaking
goals in every field"
"That's why our names are
listed in the history"
"Punjabis are chilled by nature"
"Punjabis are chilled by nature"
"We flew very high and
measured the sky"
"The world speaks of our status"
"The world speaks of our status"
"We flew very high and
measured the sky"
"The world speaks of our status"
"We have hearts deeper than seas"
"Punjabis are chilled by nature"
"Punjabis are chilled by nature"
Take hot tea.
Ratiram you took so much of time.
-Yes, it takes time.
It's hot no? -Yes it is.
What type of biscuits are these?
Don't you have quality biscuits?
But these are very tasty.
Your ma'am always use
to shout about it.
You made a good tea. Very nice.
Look here, you're enjoying tea.
And you sneaked out from the
office and made me fool.
This is so bad Avnoor Kaur.
It touched me.
Come sit. Have a tea.
Ratiram, bring tea for Durlab Singh.
-Ok, I am bringing one.
I didn't come here to drink tea.
I came to take a decision.
When these are the strict
orders by Darji..
..that you are you suppose to, sorry.
You're supposed to come and go with
me then why are you always with him?
Why this Kolaveri D, Avu?
We got free earlier, today.
So I requested Angad to take me here.
No, you don't go with him.
I'll pick and drop you.
Theses are the strict
orders from Darji.
Look how he is eating noodles
with his head bowed.
Doesn't he know Avnoor
Kaur is my fianc?
He doesn't know who we are.
Come to this side.
Who are you? tell me.
I just said,
I am Avnoor Kaur's fianc.
You're done?
Shall I tell about myself?
We are from Gurdaspur, understand?
We cut person first
then ask his name.
If someone asks humbly,
we give our life too.
I asked you humbly if you about this?
You got upset.
Yes, I know.
Avnoor doesn't consider
you as her fianc.
So the girl doesn't consider
you as her fianc..
..I won't think twice
giving her a lift.
Do whatever you can.
So you're warning me?
I'm telling you.
Now go from here. Go.
Ok. I'll talk to Darji.
He came like a storm.
He went like fire.
He didn't have tea.
What did you tell him?
I made her understand in
our Jatt style Punjabi.
What else he would do
than complaining dad.
Why are you so scared of
your old man?
Angad, please don't call dad
as old man.
Ok if you don't like then I won't
call your old man, an old man.
Bro, I swear I am feeling bloated.
May I go for it?
Ok. Stop the car aside.
Go, go. Go for it.
I'm coming.
Come quickly.
Angad, I'm so worried.
Now don't tell me you too
want to go. -No way.
I am worried about that weird Durlab.
He'll be waiting for me there.
I'll see how she won't
come with me today.
O Almighty!
Can't this Angad be sick
for a few days?
God, I was praying for something
against Gurus' teachings.
Or we can do one thing.
May you fix Angad's marriage
with a great family.
A nice family.
It's good for people.
Ok you tell me one thing.
-Yes? -Why are you scared of Durlab?
Never. I am not scared of him ok.
Are you sure?
My super duper uncle is calling me.
Let me talk to him. -Ok.
Salutation uncle.
How are you doing?
There is a good new.
You remember Nachhattar
Singh from Dharaali?
He only has a daughter.
What happened to her?
Did she give birth to boy?
Shall we congratulate them?
You fool!
What do you mean?
Do we work in clapping department?
Talk something out of young blood.
Then what's the good news?
He asked me to fix his daughter's
relationship with you.
And I just said yes.
Now enjoy all of your life.
Today, you have a drink from my side.
Uncle, uncle I saw that girl.
Her complexion is dark.
Her nose is so fatty and..
Uncle, leave it.
You stupid fool!
Her complexion will be automatically
..after marrying a handsome
guy like you.
Just think. She has 35 acres.
You have 25.
What's the total you get?
Whatever the number is. I..
Uncle, are you drunk today?
You idiot, if I come there,
I'll let you everything.
I think you're drunk.
Uncle, please listen to me.
Shut your mouth. 'Uncle listen to me'
I never got married just
because of you..
..so when you grow up, my father's
next generations will be born.
Our manor will expand more.
I'll accept your presage
this navratri.
They are giving Fortuner
car in presage only.
And you're blabbering.
Hello, uncle, uncle.
What he's done man.
Your face is like your uncle
has bond your marriage.
And that too without asking you.
How would you know?
From last two months my face
looks same like this.
What happened?
You didn't deny super uncle?
Are you scared of your
old uncle?
You first do handle your issue..
..this Durlab Shurlab.
They are coming here.
Come, come. Salutation S. Angad.
How are you? -Salutation Avu.
So you came to pick her up? -Yes.
Ok take her.
-I'll take her obviously.
Come Avnoor.
Please sit.
Shall we go?
Angad brother? -Yes.
Avnoor madam doesn't look good
at all sitting with Durlab.
Will you get milk squirts? -Ok then.
I just gave an advice.
But I think one shouldn't
give advice free of cost.
You go now, ok.
Have your warm food.
What is Angad?
He didn't come for dinner.
-I also asked him.
He said he's not hungry.
Listen. At this age there are only..
..two reasons which makes
one lose appetite.
Either he's in affair with someone..
..or his stomach is upset.
Yes ma'am, it's something like this.
It's a matter of relationship.
His uncle bond his marriage.
Without even asking him.
Then what's Angad's problem?
Is he having affair with someone?
I don't know ma'am.
We never talked about it.
Neither I asked him.
What's the problem of
this generation?
Your dad chose a boy for you.
Bu you don't like him.
Angad's uncle found girl for him.
And he doesn't like her.
After all, what's the matter?
Ma'am, may I ask you something
if you don't mind?
Yes? -You told us that you
rejected 33 guys. -Yes.
O Hello!
Ma'am did you like someone else?
Either I liked someone or not,
you better leave it.
But I know that you two definitely
like someone.
Well you take food for
him to his room.
A hungry person can't sleep without
it. -But ma'am your rule?
O hello!
That day you were feeling
hungry so you..
..two came to kitchen
in the midnight.
Maybe today you take him here.
Yeah right.
After all my head will be injured.
I'll make sandwich.
Who is it?
Ratiram, go.
I don't want to eat food.
It's not Ratiram, but Avnoor.
Avnoor, you are here. If ma'am
says there will be a problem.
Don't worry. I know everything.
You are hungry,
but you are sleeping here.
Come on, Angad.
You have given up eating,
just because of your uncle's verdict.
Just look at me.
Durlabh Singh comes everyday.
Don't I put up with him?
Avnoor, you don't know my uncle.
He is very adamant.
What will he do? Beat you.
Thrash you.
I don't know what he will do.
But I have no courage to
talk in front of him.
You don't need courage.
You will come to know how
easy it's to give advice.
Let it be.
I want to ask you something.
If you don't mind, can I?
Yes. Ask.
Are you sure?
Come on, Avnoor. I don't mind it.
Angad, why are you so upset about
your uncle's decision?
I am sure you like some girl.
Is there someone?
By the way, why are you asking me?
Just like that.
Avnoor, close your eyes.
Why? -Please do it. Trust this Jatt.
Close your eyes. -Okay.
May I open it:. -Wait.
Avnoor, extend your hand.
Come on, Angad. What is all this?
Give me your hand. -Okay, here.
Avnoor, this is my mother's souvenir.
It was always with me.
Avnoor, I want to give
it to you, for ever.
If you like it and if
you give consent..
..then take it.
Or else, keep it down here and leave.
I will close my eyes. Your wish.
"Come, my beloved."
"Come, my beloved."
"Come, let's write new saga of love."
"Our first of love,
our names will be mentioned."
"Come, my beloved."
"Come, my beloved."
"You are the one who
dwells in my heart."
"My eyes too don't like
anyone other than you."
"In the cold night,
the eyes share feelings."
"They share feelings."
"Nobody should be in your life,
besides me."
"Our first of love,
our names will be mentioned."
"Our first of love,
our names will be mentioned."
"Come, my beloved."
"In this world.."
"..you are my Romeo,
and I am your Juliet."
"Don't be scared when in love."
"Don't be scared." -Really?
"Love just happens, O sweetheart."
"Our first of love,
our names will be mentioned."
"Our first of love,
our names will be mentioned."
"Our first of love,
our names will be mentioned."
"Our first of love,
our names will be mentioned."
Sardar, will you shine it?
I will shine your face, you fool.
Hello. Ma'am. Where are you going?
It's not a scooty, but a Bullet bike.
Sit quietly.
Ma'am, it's very difficult to ride.
There will be problem if
you break your limbs.
Have you ever ridden it in life?
I just said sit quietly.
I wonder what's up.
Oh dear.
Call Avnoor.
Avnoor Kaur went out
with Angad on bike.
Fool. What do you mean?
Avnoor Kaur on the front seat.
And Sardar on the back seat.
They went on motorcycle.
I enjoyed a lot.
I think you have lost your mind.
What are you saying?
A boy is sitting close to
a girl on the bike..
..and you enjoyed it. Stupid.
Get aside.
I enjoyed it more.
Wow. You are a good bike rider.
Where did you learn it?
-From my college friends.
But my dad doesn't know.
Your dad will find out soon.
Your fianc, your lover..
..is following us.
Oh my God! Angad! Hold me tight.
I will go fast.
You are going very fast.
What is the matter?
Sorry, sir. We were in a rush.
You are in a rush.
Don't you love your life?
Pay up fine.
Hold on. Sir, I will tell you.
Sir, it's not our fault.
We were coming slow.
But that guy in red shirt
was following us.
Sardar, at least if you not of
yourself, think of this machine.
You are going so fast.
What is the matter?
Have you fought at home?
You won't understand.
Should I call a translator?
I was going after them, for honour.
You are follow a Bullet bike
on this delicate scooty..
..you won't just lose
honour, but life.
Show me license.
Will you gouge out my eyes. Give it.
Inspector, he is coming
in between us lovers.
We have heard a lot about the police.
Sir, we beg of you.
So it's a love matter.
Yes. -Fine. I am just letting
you off with warning.
But next time,
ride within limits. Okay?
Go now. I will handle him.
Go. -Zila Singh, what does he say?
Sir, his license has expired.
So what? But it's real.
And it's from Delhi.
You will have to pay the fine.
This is not fair.
You let them go.
And you are fining me.
Sardar, it's not right
to chase a girl.
Inspector, you are mistaken.
That girl is my fiance.
Fiance? -Yes. -Yours?
Yes, sir. -But why is she
going with someone else?
No reason.
I am leaving you with
warning this time.
But next time ride within
speed limit.
Go now.
They would have gone very far by now.
What a police!
You stopped the fianc and
let the goon leave.
I will talk to Darji.
I will talk to Darji.
Sir, who is Darji?
Is he some officer?
Why do you want to know?
I know that family very well.
I know his father.
Just listen to me. Don't back answer.
Uncle, she is not a graduate.
You are trapping me.
Fool. The girl is rich.
I am telling you.
There is a queue for her
in front of her dad.
Thank God he agreed for us.
Jatt can do anything for the land.
I just want to get you married.
Uncle, I like a girl very much.
What? Come again.
Have you lost your mind?
To hell with the job.
Catch a bus,
and return to the village.
Uncle, it's not so easy to leave it.
It's a bond of 5 years.
I have to either pay 5 Lakh rupees,
or work for 5 years.
Huh? 5 Lakh rupees?
Is this fair?
You don't have to do the job.
Is it a compulsion?
Never mind. I am coming.
Durlabh was right about you.
I wonder in which affairs
you got involved.
You didn't care for your father.
Dad, please. Listen to me.
What should I hear?
The day you started calling
me dad instead of Darji..
..I should have understood that you
have not just left the house, but..
I don't want to hear anything.
I am coming here.
He is coming. -He is coming.
Dad. -My uncle.
He is very angry.
He is against love.
Hello. What is going on here?
Who is coming?
What are you doing here?
Ma'am, my uncle is coming.
He is very angry.
Ma'am, my dad is also coming.
He is also very angry.
But what is the matter?
Why are they coming?
Well, ma'am.. actually Avnoor and I..
I know all that. Tell me the rest.
Ma'am, do you know? What do you know?
I may not have been married..
..but I have been to many weddings.
I was neither in love, nor married.
But I know when I see lovers.
Ma'am, well.. -Be quiet.
The way you look at each
other with love..
..I understood you will
have an affair.
Ma'am, that's fine.
But what do we do now?
You can help us.
Ma'am, they both are coming.
They want us to quit job,
and go with them.
Ma'am, what do we do?
Never mind. Let them come.
You have to give 5 Lakh rupees
before quitting the job.
You are from probation.
That money can be waived off if..
..you request to the project manager.
But ma'am, what will be the use?
It will take 7-10 days.
And what will you do in the meantime?
I will make those two
oldies good friends.
You just wait and watch.
Sorry, sir. Sorry.
What a misbehaviour!
That is not misbehaviour, this is.
Fool. What have you done?
What is this business?
Uncle, I will tell you something.
It will come in handy.
What will you tell me?
You are a very mean fellow.
Hey, what is the meaning of Cuppa?
I don't have time.
I will tell you when we meet again.
Meet again?
May God never let me meet you again.
What is the meaning of Cuppa?
Ratiram, take sir's bags.
Hello, sir.
Sir, I will go to the bus stand.
I have to receive sir from Gurdaspur.
If you had told me,
I would have come to receive you.
Never mind.
You couldn't come to receive me.
But you can drop me.
Sure, I will do it.
Wonderful. The people
here are strange.
The air here isn't as
polluted as Delhi.
I have a week.
Morning and evening,
I will take a walk in fresh air.
Fresh air. That too free.
Hey. Are you riding bike
with a blindfold?
Hey! You have come here also, killer.
Uncle, what have I done?
-I was coming so slow. I even honked.
But you and that dog came in front.
Dog? Am I a dog?
That dog.
It's your mistake,
and you are blaming me.
Did I say I didn't hear?
You already broke my back.
You are breaking each of my bones.
Forget that. Just think it was
my mistake. I am sorry.
Don't just think,
it's 100% your mistake.
Okay, it's my mistake.
You called me "Cuppa". Right?
What does it mean?
Why do you want to know the meaning?
I have no time.
He says something, and wants me to
ask someone else the meaning?
What weird people are around me!
He is going to the guest house.
Who is he?
Sir, I have kept your
luggage in the room.
I have also informed
Avnoor ma'am. -Okay.
He is so strange!
Hello. Are you Avnoor's dad?
Thank God I found someone nice here.
Yes, but I didn't recognize you?
My name is sweetie.
I am in-charge here.
Hello. -Hate.
Please take a seat. Be comfortable.
How can I sit in comfort?
I have lost peace of mind.
Hello, dad. -Hello.
I have met your manager.
Just pack your bags.
Once we get papers for refund
of 5 Lakh rupees..
..we will go back.
But dad..
Oh, sir. You must be tired.
Rest for some time.
Then we will discuss it.
Angad, come here.
Let me introduce him.
He is Avnoor's dad.
Hello. -Son, what is the matter?
Why are you hiding your face?
What wrong have you done?
O God! He is Angad?
He keeps hurting people.
His name should be a Butcher.
No, sir. He is a very decent boy.
If decent boys are like him..
..then I wonder how wicked boys are.
He is a big bane..
Who are you..
..to criticize my son.
So this clumpy guy is an
heir of your family?
Don't talk about my family!
I will take you to task.
Our uncle was handicap.
Still he whacked five men.
I will teach you a lesson.
He is my nephew. Pipal Singh's.
My brother Borh Singh's son.
And Sardar Jand Singh's grandson.
O Lord!
Is it a family or a forest of Assam?
Uncle is Pipal Singh.
Father is Borh Singh.
Grandpa is Jand Singh.
Why did you name him anything Singh?
He should have been named
after a fruit.
You shut up!
Angad, why are you standing there?
Should I teach you a lesson?
He is like a raging bull?
What can he say?
I will introduce myself.
I am Sardar Love Singh.
Son of Sardar Jaswant Singh.
Grandson of Sardar Barkat Singh.
We are from lineage of proprietor.
You called us forest.
Did you see your family?
You are uncouth and uncultured.
Please. Stop it now.
Both the families are great,
in their places.
Your children are so nice.
They are so talented.
Talented? If they are talented,
who are worthless?
Hello? It's enough.
You both go and freshen up.
I will arrange for refreshments.
One more thing.
Today very few rooms are vacant.
You two have to adjust
in the same room.
You will have company.
With him?
With him?
Please. Don't behave like kids.
Or else, I will have to become
like a principal.
Go and freshen up.
See you at the breakfast
table after 15 minutes.
Sardar, come this way.
Sweetie, if you don't mind,
can I ask something?
What's Cuppa?
Never mind.
I will ask some other time.
This is the real thing.
Don't try to scare me with this.
I am a Sardar. Singh.
Woe to you!
I feel like throwing you out.
What's there to be offended?
Didn't you suffer from
gas problem before?
It's a natural process.
We are honest people.
Whatever we do, we do it openly.
Those who do it silently,
are very dangerous.
Instead of sharing room with you,
I prefer to be in jail.
Dismiss it.
Ma'am, what can we do?
We started on the wrong foot.
You wanted them to become friends.
But they have become foes.
Angad, tell me something.
What did you talk about with my dad?
Did you already meet him?
I didn't meet him.
I just ran into him.
Your whole family keeps butting head.
I think they can never compromise.
You understand listen to me..
..and get married in court.
You are adults.
Later both the old men will agree.
Avnoor, you are my life.
If you take any step
without my wish..
..I won't be alive.
I can tolerate anything..
..but if you humiliate me some day..
..then either I won't
be alive, or you.
What are you thinking?
No, ma'am. It's important
to convince my dad.
My uncle is like my father.
It's important to convince
both of them.
Ma'am, please think of a solution.
Wow. Fresh air.
Totally free.
Sardar Labh Singh Sethi.
He is of my name.
He may be from Pindi.
I should meet him.
You want to marry that
man's daughter.
Have you lost your mind?
Fool, how will I face our community?
I will be as good as dead.
Uncle, please listen to me.
Don't touch me.
Uncle, we don't have to get
our relatives married.
Tell me something.
Does the girl lack anything?
Boy, we should respect every woman.
Why would I find flaw in any girl?
We aren't equals.
You will get married to her.
But I have to bear her family,
all my life. Right?
Uncle, I don't even know Nakshattar
Singh's daughter.
How can I marry her?
Listen. Did your father
know your mother?
Did your grandpa know your granny?
She is a gem of a girl.
Nobody can match her.
Don't talk rubbish.
Uncle, times have changed.
To hell with time.
You should know the status,
not the woman.
I have fixed the date.
Thank God the girl is fine.
Don't get involved in other stuff.
You will get lots of dowry.
Don't be ridiculous!
It's fun.
Sardar Lal Singh stays
in the vicinity.
I met him.
What a standard!
He has a dog, of pure breed.
Now tell me.
If I want a son-in-law
of pure breed..
..what's wrong?
Oh dad. One keeps a dog,
but one marries a groom.
What a comparison is this, dad!
No, daughter.
I am trying to explain to you..
..that breed is very important.
Dad, our scripture says
we all are equal.
That's fine.
But our identity is also
important. Right?
This is last and final.
If you think of marrying that boy..
..you should forget your dad.
Forget me!
Hello, Angad.
Uncle came in the morning,
and took me for a walk.
Dad too came. -Really?
What do we do now? -Angad,
I think we should talk to boss..
..to not send the letter to
waive off 5 Lakh rupees.
You said, I shouldn't
ask for the letter.
Avnoor's father told me to
get the letter quickly.
And you say, I shouldn't.
What is the matter?
Sir, our lives have changed
in the past one month.
Actually we both..
I understand.
Her old man..
Her dad and my uncle are against it.
You are educated.
Such alliances are difficult.
Sir, my dad has chosen a boy for me.
But I don't like him.
Even my uncle has chosen a rich girl.
Sir, the problem is that
we don't want to revolt.
Since my daughter loves me a lot.
My uncle too loves me a lot.
His life dwells in me.
What a love this is!
They don't understand the feelings
of their children.
Sir, we both are trying
to convince them.
But we need some time, and your help.
My help? How?
Sir, if you stop the
5 Lakh rupees bond..
..then it will be very helpful, sir.
I understood.
Look. I can do this for some time.
But not for long.
No problem. We will solve it.
Strange. You are wiser
than the elders.
Sweetie, you look very cute.
You are wearing beautiful clothes.
I am sure there is something
special today.
Thank you.
Sweetie, I think I should also settle
after Avnoor's marriage.
What do you think?
There is one more important thing.
Angad's uncle has evil
intentions about you.
Old man!
Hey! Whom do you call an old man.
You would be old.
Just look at your face.
You are an old man.
Young, my foot!
First restrain your daughter.
Trying to act smart.
You explain to your nephew.
Your nephew is nothing in front of
my daughter. -There is no match.
What does my nephew lack?
He is from a well to do family.
We live a decent life.
You are boasting so much.
Is this called living a life?
Addicted and indebted.
You have made a mockery of culture.
You keep on praising yourself.
Jatt has done this and that.
Liquor and drugs.
Weapons and illegal squatting.
What have you done to Punjab?
Is this called living a life?
You have lost your mind.
I will tell you.
You just know how to
sit and make profit.
We grow food grain for
the entire country.
Our boys fight in the army.
Our boys are also gems.
We use our brains.
We are of pure breed.
Sir, I am Durlabh..
..promotional officer,
public service bank.
Hello, sir.
Don't say hello to me.
Go and greet your old man.
He is not old man,
but my to-be father in law.
I was just greeting.
Very well. You are greeting me.
I am Angad's uncle.
I am Avnoor Kaur's fianc. -I see.
So you are the gem,
whom he has given his daughter.
Brother, I beg of you.
Get married as soon as possible.
I will do what sir say.
If there is any emergency,
I have no problem.
Let's pick up Avnoor
Kaur from office..
..go to Gurudwara,
and get married. Right?
Right now, first come to the room.
I want to talk to you about
something important.
What an item!
So weird!
Ignore them, Pipal Singh. Sit down.
Pipal Singh, you are very wise.
And Avnoor Kaur is very virtuous.
And Angad likes her.
Look, sweetie. Family also matters.
Secondly, I have already
promised someone.
I can even sacrifice my head,
but I can't go back on my promise.
Not even if I request you?
Ma'am, tea powder is over.
Get it for me.
It's kept in the cupboard. Get it.
I can't find the key.
You find it.
Ratiram, you are the limit.
You fool! Why did you interfere now?
I was just joking.
I know everything why you
were joking with me.
Sardar, Avnoor Kaur is very innocent.
You should explain to her.
Be quiet. You talk too much.
Avnoor doesn't know..
..what kind of people they are.
Actually, did you see his uncle?
It seems as if a monkey
was wearing clothes.
Did you see his eyes? -Eyes.
Those aren't eyes but bulbs.
He tries to scare me with his stares.
Son, I won't be scared.
If needed, I will gouge out his eyes.
I too am not scared, sir.
But you see, I have a government job.
So I have to control emotions.
Don't worry, son. I am with you.
I have promised your father.
Sardar, you are so nice.
I wish, I could serve
you all my life.
I hope you have no problem.
There is one problem.
Son, you have been here
for three days.
You would know.. -What?
What's Cuppa?
Pipal Singh,
what did you think about the kids?
The girl is very nice.
But her father is very lowly.
Pipal Singh, for the children's
happiness, we have to tolerate a lot.
When I hear you say my name,
I lost my anger.
Or else, I feel..
Pipal Singh,
think about the children.
I think I should think about
myself first, sweetie.
Ma'am, where have you
kept the keys now?
Oh! Ratiram, the keys are there only.
I can't find them.
Hello. You are nag me a lot.
I found the keys.
Ma'am, your father is
a very nice man.
When he found out we were
from his village..
..he gave me a tight hug.
I really liked it.
That's the problem,
I am not from Rawalpindi.
The country was partitioned
almost 70 years ago.
But dad doesn't forget Rawalpindi.
Never mind. You won't be single.
You have Durlabh from Pindi,
pure breed.
Really. So you have
raised your hands.
You have decided to leave
me for Durlabh Singh.
You are talking to Angad Singh. Okay?
Not to Durlabh Singh.
Avnoor Kaur. Avnoor Kaur, sit down.
Now that I have held your hand,
I won't leave for ever.
This place is fine.
Now we can sit and talk in peace.
Or else, that wild cat follows me.
Labh Singh, I was looking for you
there. What are you doing here?
What are you hiding?
I see. Imported liquor.
Not liquor, it's medicine.
Doctor has advised me to take
some sips during winter.
Why were you hiding it?
I was not hiding.
You too take a sip.
Okay. -Take it.
You roam with a glass.
Take this. Here.
The sample was fine.
Where is the bottle?
You gulped it one sip.
This is not the way to drink.
This is finished. How do I get more?
You don't have more?
No problem. I will get it for you.
It means, you came to drink
stealthily. -Labh Singh..
..I didn't come to drink stealthily,
but I came to look for you.
Take this. Drink a peg.
This is from the first consignment.
What do you mean?
You just drink it.
If you don't get high,
you can change my name.
Your name is already going to change.
Never mind. Let's get high first.
It's fun, younger brother!
Saw your elder brother's style?
You will get married to Avnoor ma'am.
Really? Then take it.
If Durlabh meddles.. -That fool!
I will rip him apart.
I think he is high.
No, brother. No.
Brother, I don't get high on liquor.
Listen to me. -What?
You can't solve all the
problems with strength.
This world understand only
the language of baton.
Might? -Yes.
How? -Look.
In school, the teacher
uses baton. -Right.
On road, police uses baton.
Right. -At home first father,
and then wife uses baton.
You are absolutely right.
In old age,
son and daughter-in-law uses baton.
Durlabh is becoming a villain.
And your brother Sardar
will use baton.
Even my uncle will wield baton.
I will wield baton in such a way..
..that my nephew won't take
your daughter's name.
Pipal Singh, first tell me..
..what are we two fighting about?
I don't know what the matter is.
Think about it.
What to think?
Just think..
..I don't want my daughter
to marry your nephew.
Right. -And you too don't want your
nephew to marry my daughter.
Yes. -So what's the fight about?
Just think.
I don't think.
I have left the job to
thinking to others.
I have decided.
You take Angad to your house..
..and I will take my daughter
to my house.
Go from here.
You have spoilt the mood
with your bickering.
Pipal, talking doesn't
spoil the mood.
It happens because of breaking wind.
Shall we go to meet sweetie?
Then let's go.
Labh Singh.
It was really fun.
Oh my God! -What are you doing?
Didn't I say the liquor was pure?
Pipal Singh.
Tell me..
..what is Cuppa?
Ignore it. Just think
we both are that.
Totally cuppa.
You aren't telling me the meaning.
Till now, you were fighting.
Now you are friends.
Thank God, you have compromised.
Very suddenly we learnt..
..that we have no point
of contention.
Ma'am, friendship when high
breaks when they get sober.
Ratiram. -Sorry.
It will be fun, if we get some water.
Yes, why not? Ratiram.
-Yes? -Serve food.
Where is Angad?
He has not returned yet?
What's your name?
Hello, sir. Greetings.
I didn't drink local drink..
..but imported liquor.
The whole bottle.
Understood? -Sit down.
That's why I said I will drive the
car. -Don't you want to come?
Let's go, brother.
Hey, stop! -Those idiots left.
Zila Singh, did you note down
the number? -Yes, sir.
What's the number? -001V.
Sorry, sir.
I thought you would have
noted down the rest.
You can't even note down a number.
They were high,
but you were sober. Right?
I am sorry, sir. -Never mind.
Avnoor Kaur,
I will come exactly at 5 O'clock.
Sardar has ordered to directly
go home. Okay?
Anything else?
The scooter is in no parking.
I may be fined. I have to rush.
Saved 5 rupees.
Let me see Angad.
It's a matter of just few days.
Durlabh Singh, are you scared?
Are you feeling dizzy?
Is this the way to startle anyone?
Thank God my heart is strong.
Had it been someone else,
he would have suffered heart attack.
What's there to be scared of?
As if you owe me something?
Are you hiding something?
What can I hide?
You are stealing from me.
Angad Singh never steals. Understood?
I take rightfully whatever is mine.
Go and take it from far.
I have the right over Avnoor Kaur.
Listen to me.
Avnoor is not an object for us
to have a right over her.
She knows what's good for her.
Really? Then do what you want.
I will do what Sardar says.
We will go to Delhi with Avnoor Kaur.
You are talking as if Delhi
is out of the country..
..and I will need Visa to go there.
Delhi is nearby.
I will be there.
Do you see this thumb?
This is very straight.
Elders says,
a man with straight thumb..
..surely runs over someone.
Are you threatening me?
No, dear. I am not threatening.
First of all, I will thrash you.
After that, I will drag you.
Then, I will break your bones.
Then, you will be hospitalized
for 4-6 months.
You can't do anything.
Where are you going? You fool!
Wait. I will take you to task.
Zila Singh. -Yes? -Someone's scooter
has fallen down. Pick it up.
Okay, sir.
O God!
Sir. Save me.
He will kill me.
Who is after you?
I think you didn't recognize me.
You look familiar.
You had fined me.
-He is the same man, sir.
I see. We fine many people everyday.
There are many loafers.
Look, I am not a loafer.
He will kill me.
He has a straight thumb.
Kill you? Straight thumb? -Yes.
What are you saying?
Who is it? Where is it?
He was here only. He was chasing me.
I wonder where he disappeared.
Listen to me. -Yes.
Come with me. -Where?
To PG.
Why? -To treat your mental disorder.
Oh my God. It's better..
..to let him chase me.
Never mind. Talk to you later.
I will tell him. -Whom? Darji?
No, uncle.
Sir, now who is this uncle?
I told that fool to stay
away from the girl.
You are talking about
going to Sandur.
He says he will go to Delhi,
after Avnoor.
Look, uncle. Whatever you are,
please do something.
Your nephew is very dangerous.
More than you.
What do you mean?
You are a very nice man.
But your nephew is very lowly.
Third class.
I just escaped from his clutches.
You mean we are lowly. Huh?
You escaped from my nephew,
but I will break your legs. Get lost.
Won't you go?
By the way,
I am not scared of you, uncle.
I am just respecting you.
Or else, my girlfriend..
..in Pindi, used to..
..slit man's throat
with an inch tape.
Get lost, or I will whack you.
Such blazing eyes.
I think he may incinerate me.
Never mind. I will talk to Darji.
I will talk to Darji.
Get lost!
What is the matter, Sardar?
You look very angry.
Who was it?
Never mind. Ignore him, sweetie.
Your name is so sweet..
..they after seeing you,
all my anger evaporates.
Will you have tea?
Sweetie, you don't have to ask.
Ratiram, bring tea for him.
Sweetie, at day we never
say no to tea..
..and at night..
-You don't say no to whiskey.
By the way, last night you and
Labh Singh were too high.
Never mind.
At least you became friends.
Sweetie, if two people
want the same thing..
..then there is no fight.
Labh Singh too doesn't want his
daughter to marry Angad.
I too want the same.
But I thought..
-You thought we had agreed.
Sweetie, I am doing it for
Angad's well being.
Children don't know what's
good for them.
But they are.. -Sweetie.
You aren't married,
so how would you know?
Even you aren't married,
so how do you know..
..when a boy and a girl are in love,
what do they go through?
Sweetie, do you think
I don't understand?
I didn't marry to raise Angad.
I think there is no age
for getting married.
What do you think?
Yes. There is no age. You are right.
Now you don't have Angad's
Now you can get married.
With good luck,
what you say may come true.
Ma'am, don't you want to go to bank.
-The bank will be closed.
Oh my God. I forgot.
Sardar, drink tea.
I will go to the bank.
Tea. -Do you have to meddle.
I think I will have to break
your skull some day.
Do it.
But you can't.
I am not madam's servant,
but also her brother..
..Pipal Singh.
O God, why do you sent such moron
with every beautiful lady?
We will leave day after tomorrow,
Pipal Singh.
Thank God. The problem will end.
Angad, we will leave
day after tomorrow.
You will go on your way..
..and then we will never meet.
Maybe not.
I can't live without you.
Our only mistake is that we can't
break our elders' hearts.
Someone's heart will
be broken, Avnoor.
We may tolerate it, but they may not.
I love you very much.
"O beloved! What do I do?"
"Don't go."
"May we don't separate."
"May the heart not break."
"May we don't separate."
"May the heart not break."
"O beloved,
I am scared every moment."
"Will be able to talk
tomorrow or not?"
"Will we meet again or not?"
"Will we meet again or not?"
"Will we meet again or not?"
"My world is with you."
"I want to be in your arms."
"Don't make me yearn more."
"Don't abandon me in the rain."
"You are my life."
"Don't break this bond."
"Will we meet again or not?"
"Will we meet again or not?"
"Will we meet again or not?"
Let's go, dear.
So you are going?
We have to go, sweetie.
I have not met such
adamant men before.
You don't care about your
children's happiness.
You want us to ruin our reputation
because of them.
So stupid!
Do you agree to kill their happiness?
Sweetie ma'am, we have to think
of community and society.
These children have not
seen anything in life.
Just shut up.
Sardar Pipal Singh, you didn't ask my
religion before flirting with me.
You didn't ask for my caste.
Uncle, you?
Well.. -You forgot everything
when you were in love.
I too noted it.
He had evil intentions.
Hello. You too are no less.
Me? -Yes, you.
Sweetie. Let Avnoor
get married once..
..I too want to settle down.
What do you think?
Didn't you say that?
Sir, you too? Very bad.
Daughter, she is mistaken.
Yes. It's misunderstanding.
Hello! Do you think I am a fool?
From a man's gaze,
I can know if his intentions are..
..good or bad.
Let's go. We have been
humiliated enough.
Avnoor, I will go and meet
Labh Singh Sethi.
Son, let's go.
There is time for your bus. Sit down.
Sanjiv will drop you to
Gurdaspur bus stand.
Sanjiv, ma'am scared with her brawns.
But she didn't help Angad.
You fool. Did you see
those two oldies?
One is Avnoor's father..
..and other is Angad's uncle.
I accept, both the oldies are wrong.
But we can't touch them.
You bully me..
..but you scared of them also.
Ratiram, look how Labh
Singh is walking.
Like a lost cow.
One Labh Singh has gone to
other Labh Singh's house.
By the way, what's your name?
Labh Singh Sethi.
And he is also inside..
Labh Singh?
-Yes. -Come. -Hey, rogues!
What are you doing? Leave me.
Who is abducting the old man?
Let's see.
I think there is something fishy.
Go and call brother Angad.
Go quickly.
Ma'am. Labh Singh has been
kidnapped. -What?
Yes. Sanjiv has called brother Angad.
Don't worry.
Hello. Police control.
Sardar, call up your family and say..
..if they talk to the police,
you will surely get the seat.
The seat is given for
some good work, son.
Tell me, what have I done?
What you have done?
You have big jewellery shop.
That too in main market.
Sardar, where will you
take all this money?
So we thought of unloading
your burden.
Oh no!
Aren't you ashamed? You are laughing
after spreading stink.
Death is in front of you.
Son, I feel you are new
in kidnapping business.
Right? -Sardar, dial the number.
Do as I say.
Phone them. -Do it.
I will do it. Oh God.
Dear, don't worry.
You have to be worried.
If you inform the police..
..then prepare for his funeral. Okay?
What is the matter, Avnoor?
What did they say?
What happened?
Yes, Avnoor. Okay.
Don't worry.
Sanjiv, the kidnapped phoned and
said not to contact the police..
..or they will kill uncle.
I wonder where they took him.
Boy, tell me,
where are you taking me?
You will find out. Don't worry.
You create problem with
new slang words.
What do you mean, dear?
This road leads to the city.
This is the highway.
They can't go to the city.
Let's take the highway.
-Where will we go?
There are many routes from the
highway. -Where did they take him?
Pull over.
We will wait for their
next phone call.
If they ask for ransom,
we will know the address.
We will do that.
Yes, sir. We have kidnapped
Labh Singh.
What? Okay, sir.
Sir, give your phone.
You have my phone.
When you took it, did you return?
Oh yes.
Yes, ma'am.
Actually if you want to
see Labh Singh alive..
..arrange for one crore rupees.
I will tell you later where
to deliver the money.
They are demanding one crore ransom.
How can I arrange it?
If they call again,
try to talk for a long time.
Please brace yourself.
We will try to trace the call.
They have threatened that if we call
the police.. -Ma'am, don't worry.
We will do our work.
Yes, Avnoor. What's the news?
They have demanded one crore rupees,
Angad. How will I arrange it?
Don't worry. Okay?
Just keep me updated.
I am very scared, Angad.
Avnoor, have courage.
We have to face the situation
with courage.
Don't worry at all.
Just keep me posted.
Avnoor, where you informing someone?
Very bad. Risky for your dad.
Sir, tell me, who are you?
What do you want?
Sardar, you will know everything
when we reach our boss.
You have a big jewellery business.
One crore is no big deal for you.
Son, you are worthless.
I understood that you are
new in this business.
You fool. The Labh Singh
whom you had to abduct..
..is in his house, in peace.
Look, Sardar. Don't act smart.
You said you are Labh Singh.
You have no manners.
Explain to him.
But can't two people
have the same name?
You had to kidnap Labh Singh jeweler.
But you have kidnapped Labh
Singh Spice seller.
Stop the van.
Boss will kill me.
He will directly shoot
in the forehead.
It means your funeral is final.
Police on one side,
and your boss on the other.
Shut up. Now that we are in trouble,
what do we do?
This is not fair.
You have made a mistake,
and you are scolding me.
Sardar, be quiet, or I will shoot.
Shoot me. No problem.
But only one man can
save you this time.
Who? -Who?
How old is your father?
Around 55 years.
Avnoor Kaur, will you heed my advice?
In our country on an average
people live for 70 years.
It means, 1 crore for your
father's 15 years.
It's a losing deal.
Forget your father.
Durlabh Singh, will you just shut up?
Sweetie, I am a banker.
It's our duty to advice
about profit and loss.
Rest is up to Avnoor Kaur.
Can you arrange for 10 Lakh rupees?
We will use fake notes
with real ones.
Durlabh, you arrange it please.
We are government officer.
We don't have it.
I will get 5 Lakh rupees
in my account.
Pipal Singh, you arrange for 5 Lakh.
Don't worry.
I will arrange the money right here.
Boss has called us to the old
ruins in Jakala village.
Son, how did you get involved
in such work?
I feel pity for you.
Uncle, we are educated.
We have no job.
So we got trapped in Jagtar's ruse.
He is in drugs business.
He has old enmity with
Labh Singh jeweler.
He promised to give us 10 Lakh
rupees for kidnapping him.
Now he won't forgive us.
Let's go.
I will see who he is.
If you stay here,
your family may be in danger.
Let me see who is Jagga Jagtar.
I will put red chilies in his eyes.
Avnoor Kaur's father's phone call.
Yes, sir. Yes?
He says to reach to an old
house in Jakala village.
Is there a Jakala village?
Jakala village? Yes.
It's 15 kilometres away.
But how did he reveal the
location so easily?
There is something fishy.
Durlabh Singh, come with me.
Do I have to come with you?
Yes. Come.
Why are you looking at
me like this, uncle?
You fool. Woe to you!
Go and hide in your mother's lap.
You are asking me,
why are you staring?
Daughter, don't worry. I am there.
Inspector, let's go.
Do you recognize Sardar Labh Singh?
-Yes, sir. -Let's go.
Avnoor Kaur, don't worry.
I am here. -Just shut up.
Go and sit there.
Why are you getting upset?
Okay. Okay, fine.
Let's go.
Pull me.
Come on. -Don't leave.
Where is Jagga?
Labh Singh.
I was waiting for you. Come.
Whom did you bring?
We made a mistake, boss.
His name is also Labh Singh.
His family is ready to
give 1 crore rupees.
Fine. Take him there.
It's enough, Jagga!
Hands up, or else..
What will you do? Shoot.
Shoot again!
You fool. It has blanks.
This has real bullets.
Now tie him. And I will tie you up.
Come and tie everyone.
This is the van in which
Labh Singh was abducted.
Okay. Then let's go. -Okay.
Hey, moron.
Where do you think you are going?
You make a mess.
Be quiet, you fools.
Jaga does everything alone.
On his own.
All the evidence will
be finished with you.
Sir Goon.. sir Jagga,
I have lived my life.
But these boys are still young.
Let them go.
You can kill me if you want.
Be quiet. How can I kill you?
You are my jackpot of
one crore rupees.
You don't worry. When I get the
money, I will kill you with them.
First let me deal with him.
There are 6 bullets, but only 5 men.
Very good. One bullet will
be handy for you.
A man may need to commit suicide.
Be quiet, jerk.
I feel like killing you first.
If you kill me,
who will give you one crore rupees?
We need him to fire his 6 bullets.
Come on. Close your eyes.
You will feel less pain.
Hey. Who is it? You scoundrel.
Whom did you bring along?
You betray Jagga.
Fine. First let me deal with them.
I will kill you later.
Uncle, I made a mistake. Forgive me.
Son, it's the mistake
of our society..
..which can never inculcate
values in you..
..nor give you job.
I am the only son in my family.
Son, pray to God. We will be saved.
If we are saved, make a promise..
..you won't do anything
wrong in life.
We promise, we won't.
Sanjiv. Come here.
Oh no!
Should we shoot him?
Give it to me.
Nab him. -Hey, idiot.
Thank God we found you.
Raging bull. You are here also.
All the bullets.. where is Jagga?
Uncle, if you hadn't
been Avnoor's dad..
..I wouldn't have come
here to risk my life.
I know why you are doing
this business.
Every work isn't for business
or for greed.
There are many more things in life.
-What else can there be in life?
A man is born to do business..
..and make profit.
You want to shoot me. I will tie him.
Tie him up.
Uncle, you are here?
He is hale and hearty.
Inspector, come. Everything is fine.
And you thought Labh Singh Sethi is..
Thank God my nephew saved you.
Your nephew saved me,
and I say thank you to him.
Thank you to you too.. and..
You should thank God..
..that you didn't have
to commit suicide.
What is in the bag?
Money. What else?
I knew Durlabh Singh will send
a big sum to save me.
Where is Durlabh Singh?
Durlabh Singh, my foot.
He is sitting in the guest-house.
Oh. I didn't realize about Cuppa.
Now you are using a new slang word.
What's "Mok"? -Arrest him.
Who are these boys?
They had.. I mean I called them.
They are my business partners.
When we were discussing, Jagga came..
..and at the point of gun,
brought us here.
Don't talk rubbish.
These boys were with me.. -Really?
Are these boys with you?
He is very dangerous and liar.
Beat him up.
Inspector. -Hey, shut up!
How do you know them?
I called up my friend in Delhi.
He sent these boys..
..for franchise of spice company.
I needed agents for business.
If you want, I can get you talk
to my friend over the phone.
No, sir. A man like you won't lie.
Let's go. Take him along.
Are you going? Bye. -Shut up!
Son, let's go.
Labh Singh, let us leave first.
Or else someone may abduct you.
You can mock me. Its your days.
But I am thankful to you all..
..for all you did for me.
Think again.
This is your last chance.
What's there to think, sweetie?
I have said thank you.
If you want, I can give some cash.
They have saved my life.
Woe to you!
You can't think of something
else besides money.
We have done for your daughter.
You fool!
I know everything. I know everything.
But I won't be fooled by you.
Hello. Stop your rambling.
At least don't fight while leaving.
You may never meet again.
Sweetie, don't be offended.
Every parent want well
being of its children.
If I am doing what's best for
my daughter, is it a crime?
Durlabh Singh is from our community.
Pure breed.
You are right, sir.
Who told you to interfere? Idiot.
Stupid fool.
He has a permanent job.
He has two houses. And business.
Forgive me, Pipal Singh.
You are farmers.
Is this business?
Really? Farming isn't a business?
Then why do you eat food?
I agree. But relatives like you.
So dangerous. With wild eyes.
And short tempered.
I will take you to task.
Stop it now.
Sardar, you have spoken your mind.
Now don't rub salt on wounds.
Sanjiv is here.
He will take you to bus stand.
Am I rubbing salt on wound?
For the last 8 days,
they did so much to me.
This Angad broke my back.
He broke my plates.
I didn't break anything.
Avnoor and I could have eloped
and married in court.
But we didn't do it.
Only because we respect you two.
And you.. how can I break
anything of yours?
You have broken our hearts.
I will slap you.
He is ruing his broken heart.
Kiddo, I have said thank you.
But should I give you my daughter
for such a small thing?
Sir, don't be fooled by
his film dialogues.
You don't worry, son.
Today I will vent out all my anger.
You said so much to me.
And Angad treated Durlabh so badly.
Durlabh has a permanent job.
He has house and car. Every luxury.
And he is from Rawalpindi.
I have made up my mind.
My daughter will Durlabh Singh..
..never get married.
Not at all.
Sir. I think it's a slip of tongue.
It's not slip of tongue, but I have
braced myself from slipping.
Now I have realized.
Durlabh Singh has everything..
..but he doesn't have
a heart like you.
He has no courage.
I can't get my daughter
married to a coward.
Pipal Singh, please don't refuse.
Look, you will make a loss by
marrying your nephew to my daughter..
..but for the children..
-You are really smart.
Do you think I am a fool?
You think I will listen to you,
and let go of the money.
Stupid. Let's go, son.
Uncle, listen to me, please.
Uncle, my foot. Take the bags and..
..keep them inside.
Today I will get you two
engaged before leaving.
Labh Singh,
you can consider me a foe.
But now Avnoor Kaur is
my daughter-in-law.
I can tolerate you for her.
Pipal Singh.
For this gem,
I too will tolerate you.
Father. Avnoor's father.
I won't call you father now. Uncle.
Sardar Labh Singh,
are you sure about it?
Shall I go now?
Get lost.
I will apologize to your
father. -Sardar.
Should I get him out..
I mean, walk him out.
No, Durlabh Singh.
Now it's time to party.
You can't go now.
It's a happy occasion,
I will arrange for a party.
Not bad.
We are now ready.
"We are Sardars. This is our turban."
"We are always optimistic
with God's grace."
"We are always optimistic
with God's grace."
"We are Sardars. This is our turban."
"We are always optimistic
with God's grace."
"Our lives is actual thrill."
"Punjabis by nature are chill."
"Punjabis by nature are chill."
"Punjabis by nature are chill."
"Punjabis by nature are chill."
"Punjabis by nature are chill."