Pup Star (2016) Movie Script

He's here!
Rover, over here. Rover, come
talk to us for just a moment.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It's Rover. It's really him!
I'm Sadie McSpots, reporting live with
ETV from the red carpet with Rover,
the host of the number
one hit show, Pup Star.
Tell us, do you think anyone can
actually beat Bark this year?
Bark's gonna be hard to beat,
but we're looking for a new champion
all across America right now.
Be sure to tune in.
Yippee bow wow!
Welcome, everyone, to the world's
most popular talent show.
Tonight, we're in Chicago,
where we are starting our
cross-country search
for the next pup star.
I'm your host, Rover,
and this is Pup Star!
I can't believe I'm auditioning.
I know. It's so exciting!
Now, let's go over
this season's rules.
At each one of our live shows,
we'll be giving away a golden bone
to one lucky singer-songwriter,
guaranteeing them a spot in
the grand finale in New York,
where the winner will receive a
national recording contract.
The contestants must only
sing original songs.
So, without further ado, let's
meet our esteemed judges.
Here she is. International
pop sensation, Lady Paw Paw!
Raise the woof woof,
puppy litter!
The most successful reggae
artist in doggie history,
Dog Gnarley, everyone!
Irie, man. Blessed to be here.
And now, the country-music
star with the ten-gallon hat
and a hundred-gallon
personality, it's Blake Sheltie.
How y'all doing? Y'all ready to
have an old fashioned honky-tonk?
And of course, the judge that
everybody loves to hate, Simon Growl.
- Boo!
- Hi, yes. Boo-hoo to you, too.
And as I said to
my neighbor's cat,
if you can't stand the
heat, get out of my oven.
And now, a word
from our sponsor.
On planet Earth, things
are always evolving.
Humans learned to walk, and man's
best friend learned to talk.
Good boy. Wanna chase a ball?
Right. Throw it!
You talked!
Yeah, come on, mate. Get it out there.
Throw it.
Evolution Dog Treats. Because
evolving is only natural.
Welcome back to Pup Star.
He may need no introduction,
but that doesn't mean
we won't give him one.
Let's all give a warm howl to
our two-time winner, Bark.
Chasing a dream down a lonely road
Your tail is dragging
It's a heavy load
You never whine, you don't quit
Just dig a little deeper
And scratch that itch
When you get your shot
Give it all you got
Don't just knock them dead
You gotta rock
You gotta rock 'em dead
You gotta rock 'em dead
Hey, Tune, it's about to start.
Hurry up.
Don't get your chakras in a
knot, my smelly, mangy friend.
I think I got it.
Rock them dead
Oh, I just love Pup Star!
Pretty good, right?
Oh, here we go again.
Pretty good, yeah.
Maybe a little bit pitchy, like a seagull
who's being strangled by an octopus.
Like a hurricane
Keep rocking every chance you get
You gotta rock 'em dead
You gotta rock
You gotta rock 'em dead
You gotta rock 'em dead
You gotta rock 'em, you gotta rock 'em
You gotta rock 'em dead
Thank you, guys. I was
born to rock 'n' roll.
I love you, but I love me more.
Turn that garbage off.
Oh, come on, Charlie.
It's my dream to be on Pup Star, and
I'm just, like, killing it, you know?
Like a great singer,
like Madogga or K-9-ye.
It's my dream that
Tune stop singing
and a platter of juicy
ribs falls from the sky.
As much as it pains
me to say this,
you are... better than ever.
Ah. You're welcome.
Bark, you're prolific,
handsome, magic, macho.
I know you love me.
Bark will be competing
again this year,
and will have to defeat a
talented pool of new contestants
in the hopes of becoming the first
three-time Pup Star champion.
Not if I get to you first.
Let's give a big
"yippee bow wow"
to our next contestant,
opera singer, Puparotti.
I'm so gonna win again and
not even break a pant.
Bark, what do you think about me
trying out, while we're here?
Pugly, are you kidding?
You have no talent.
As your friend, trust
me when I say, no.
I'm just protecting you
from painful rejection.
Thanks, Bark. You're
a great friend.
And I couldn't find
a better assistant.
Now, fetch me some water to lap.
Hey, Charlie, look out, look out.
Roland's back.
Cut the racket, would you?
That was too close.
- That was truly dreadful. Arrivederci.
- How'd this thing get on anyways? Huh?
You're gonna regret this.
What's that, Charlie?
Did you say something?
Doggy want a biscuit?
All right, you. Time to go.
I got a buyer for you.
Aye, my ship's come in.
Good luck to you, lads.
I'm watching you.
- I'm so nervous.
- You're gonna be great.
Just look for me in the audience and
pretend I'm the only one here, okay?
- You're up, Tiny.
- Oh, I almost forgot.
But... But these are the special
barrettes that your mom gave you.
I know. But now I have
one and you have one.
It's for good luck.
Lou, you really think
I can do this?
Of course I do, Tiny.
I believe in you just
like you believe in me.
Please welcome our final
and smallest contestant.
She's as cute as a button and
appropriately named, Tiny.
Yeah, Tiny!
- Tiny.
- Yay, Tiny! Yeah!
Oh, dear.
I'm sorry. I'm a...
I'm a little nervous.
Don't be afraid, Tiny. Everything
is gonna be all right, man.
Tell us a tiny bit about yourself, darling.
Don't be shy.
I, um... I live in Chicago with
my girl, Lou, and... And our dad.
Oh, and our Nanny Ida, too.
Ah! What a disaster. We
almost missed the whole show.
I was feeling so lost and scared
Hoping to find a home
Then you came to me
When I was all alone
You opened up your heart
And helped me truly see
That we are one big family
Nothing can break our bond
We'll always make it through
If you are by my side
If you believe in me
And I believe in you
Together there's nothing
That we can't do
If you believe in me
And I believe in you
Hand in hand
We'll see our whole life through
I believe in you
Darling, you are a
diamond in the rough.
You have raw talent,
but y'all gonna have to step up your game
and sing with emotion beyond your years.
I wanna see you command the
stage like Lady Paw Paw.
It's a toss-up, but me have a feeling
you're going to surprise us.
So, yeah, man.
I think you have the it factor.
You are cute, I
will give you that.
But, heh, you're just not polished
enough to win Pup Star. Sorry.
I understand. Thank
you for having me.
I... I guess there's
always next year.
Hold up.
Tiny, you're my wild-card pick.
Do you have any idea what
just happened, darling?
You got a golden bone,
and a spot in the final
show in New York City.
Oh, my gosh. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Bark better watch out,
'cause this little pup
could steal the show.
- Yes.
- Wow.
Congratulations, Tiny.
Tiny receives our first
golden bone of the season,
and will join Bark
in the finale.
This is Rover asking, who
will be the next pup star?
Yippee bow wow!
Hey, beautiful.
Daddy, Tiny got a golden bone.
We're going to the Big
Apple for the finale.
New York City? Honey, that's
a bit far from the Midwest.
The map says it's only
30 hours and 27 minutes.
Is that right?
We could go on a road trip...
you, me, and Tiny.
We've always wanted
to go to New York.
Maybe even Ida could come.
Sweetie, I know this is
hard to understand...
but I have to work
a lot right now.
Okay, that's not fair.
You two are ganging up
on me with cuteness.
It's time to go to bed.
Lay down, honey.
Good night.
Mommy always said...
you may as well dream the impossible
dream because it might just happen.
Let me think about it, okay?
I love you, girls.
We love you, too, Daddy.
- Good night, Tiny.
- Good night, Lou.
I love you.
I love you, too, Lou.
Mi, mi, mi, seems
That's the perfect note, Tweety.
Look out! Here comes Mittens!
Tiny! Tweety!
Leave Tweety alone!
Look at that.
Come back.
- Oh, honey.
- Dad.
- Are you okay?
- Dad, Tiny's gone.
It's true, Mr. Steven. We
couldn't find her anywhere.
- What?
- What if she's not okay, Dad?
Listen. We're gonna
find her, okay?
I promise.
Can we get Dr.
Watson to Emergency?
Dr. Watson to Emergency.
Charlie, hurry up.
Roland's back.
For the hundredth time,
I'm not a stray.
I have a collar.
You had a collar.
And if your family
cares about you,
then they'll offer a
reward to get you back.
Meet your new roommates.
Quit your whining.
Great. Another one that's
gonna keep me up all night.
Bad memories. It brings me back.
You know what I miss most
about the outside? Barbecue.
My girl, Lou... she's gone.
And it's all my fault.
Wait a sec. You're that Yorkie that
got the golden bone on Pup Star.
Yeah. I'm Tiny.
It is a pleasure to meet you.
I'm Tune. I'm a semi-professional
Stop your crying. A cute pup like
you has nothing to worry about.
Your family will put out a reward and
Roland will miraculously find you.
Two things you're
gonna learn here.
One, keep your yapper shut.
And two... beg,
or you go hungry.
Well, hello, Charlie.
Lookie here. Tomorrow's
your anniversary,
and we all know what
that means, don't we?
This is your last supper.
Oh, I can see you have
a negative karma.
Now it's your supper, sucker.
If that's the way you're gonna
be, I'm just gonna go in here.
Is this his last supper?
Can I leave soon, too?
Hey, Tiny, trust me. You don't
want it to be your last supper.
After one year, well...
It's curtain time.
Curtain time?
Like, uh, the show's over.
Oh, don't worry. Charlie
has other plans.
The show must go on.
He's gonna escape?
Shh, shh. Not yet. He's timing
it with the midnight train.
It's music night
here at Happy Ranch.
And now for your favorite song.
Oh, I wish I were a cat
A big, old fluffy cat
Roland couldn't carry a
tune to save his life.
Run around the neighborhood
Without my leash
And if I could be a cat
I'd be all right with that
'Cause I know I'd always be smarter...
Are you escaping now?
Shh. Quiet.
Sorry, but I've never seen
a real live escape before.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Wait a minute. What?
Whoa, it's really dark in there.
How did you get in there?
I slipped through on accident.
You don't get it, little one.
Praise Vishnu and Ganesh.
This is your ticket out of here.
Oh, yeah, yeah. Like she
stands a chance. Ha.
Don't listen to him. You
gotta follow your dreams.
Thank you, yeah.
- What the heck's going on here?
- You gotta run, Tiny. Go.
And remember me
when you're famous.
Mr. Charlie, I'm coming.
- Charlie. Charlie.
- Where are you?
Mr. Charlie, wait.
Huh? You gotta be kidding me.
It's me, Tiny. I'm
escaping, too.
Sounds great. Knock
yourself out, kid.
Hey. Stop right there.
My bandana's stuck.
Save yourself, pup.
But... it's your curtain time.
Well, don't just
stand there, run.
- Hey.
- Mr. Charlie, wait.
- Hey. Hey. Get back here.
- Mr. Charlie, help.
Oh, great. You're
gonna regret this.
Happy trails, Roland.
Thanks for saving me, Mr.
I don't know how to thank you.
Forget about it, kid.
You can switch trains at the next
stop and go back to your family.
I can't.
My girl, Lou, is gone, and...
it's all my fault.
I'm just a stray now.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Turn off the faucet, kid.
Consider yourself lucky.
You get to be a rolling
bone, like me.
You don't gotta
answer to nobody.
But how do you play fetch?
Do I look like the kind of dog
that plays fetch? Or any game?
I don't need anyone, you got it?
Jeez, who stole
your squeaky toy?
You don't know the
half of it, pup.
Goodnight, Mr. Charlie. Don't
let the flea bugs bite.
Oh, you had to mention that?
- Hey, what are you doing?
- Hi.
We're closed.
Um, I know it's late, I'm sorry,
but this is an urgent matter.
I'm looking for a Yorkie who
was last seen in Park Heights.
Nope, doesn't ring a bell.
This dog is very important to
my daughter, to our family.
I'm touched, really, I
am, but I'm very busy.
For her safe return, I'm
offering a $10,000 reward.
Ten G's?
Well, you know, uh, maybe you
should just leave me your digits,
and I'll keep an eye out.
Great. Um, here's my card.
My number's right there.
It's gonna be okay.
This is what we do.
Great. Thank you.
Wherever I am
Wherever I go
You will be in my dreams
Wherever you are
Wherever you go
I'll be dreaming of you
- And I will be there forever
- And I will be there forever
- Wherever you are
- Wherever you are
Wherever you are
Wherever I am
Wherever you go
Wherever I go
I'll be there for you
I'll be there for you
- And I will dream of you forever
- Dream of you forever
- Wherever you are
- Wherever you are
- There are dreams that might never be
- There are dreams that might never be
- There are ships
- There are ships
- That we'll lose at sea
- That we'll lose at sea
There are times you're alone
And cold and dark
- I will be there for you forever
- I will be there for you forever
- I'll be there forever
- I'll be there forever
- Wherever you are
- Wherever you are
Hey, you see the sign?
I was hoping to speak with
Kano, the bounty hunter?
Yeah, sure.
We're old friends.
That's funny. Kano
ain't got no friends.
We got a human here, boss. Says
he's an old mate of yours.
- Has he brought anything with him?
- Yeah, he's got a stash.
See him in.
Don't say I didn't warn youse.
Uh, hi, Kano.
I brought you these.
Uh, I know how you and
your posse like them.
We like them.
What do you want, human?
Well, I need your help
tracking a couple of dogs
that escaped from my pound.
Who's this guy?
Oh, that's right,
you're that dogcatcher.
Well, I like to think of myself as more of
a doggy foster care and wellness center.
Okay, let me get this straight.
You want my help tracking
down my own kind?
You must be even
dumber than you look.
- Who's this guy think he is?
- He's a dummy, that one.
Please. Please, don't. Don't hurt me.
Don't hurt me. I'm sorry.
Let's see him roll over.
Roll over.
You big chicken.
- Good boy.
- I'm just messing with you.
Come on. I'm a bounty hunter.
It's what I do.
What's the price?
Who's the target?
It's an old friend
of yours, Kano.
- Charlie.
- Charlie.
I still owe him a thank you.
You know what they say,
an eye for an eye.
- What's the take?
- Fifty bags of Evolution Dog Biscuits.
And you can have the
bounty on Charlie.
I'm just interested in the
Yorkie that he's with.
Uh, you know, for a friend.
She's useless to you. But
she has to be unharmed.
Okay, as long as she doesn't
get between me and Charlie,
I think she'll be just fine.
Good morning, Mr. Charlie.
Did you sleep well?
Other than that
racket last night.
It's called singing.
Lou's mom sang that
song to us before bed.
I decided I have to go to New
York City and win Pup Star
in memory of my girl, Lou.
It was our dream together.
Pup Star, huh? You got
stars in your eyes, pup.
It ain't all it's
cracked up to be.
Dogs lie, cheat, and steal.
The quicker you learn we're
all alone, the better.
- Are you hungry, Lou?
- No thanks, Ida.
Great. Thanks, Pete.
Did you find Tiny?
Not yet. That was just work.
I talked to my partner.
I told him I had a family emergency
and I needed to take some time off.
So... I was thinking we could
look for Tiny together.
- What do you want?
- Bad news. He got out.
You said that wouldn't happen.
Human error.
You double the bounty, I'll
take care of him myself.
He won't get near you.
Whatever it takes.
Just get it done.
Where are we now?
My guess by the looks of it,
the outskirts of New Orleans.
New Orleans? The
birthplace of jazz?
Are we gonna hear some jazz, Mr.
We? We aren't going
anywhere together.
But I... I don't
have anyone anymore.
I'm not your puppy-sitter.
I'm like a rolling bone.
I walk alone.
Don't look back, don't look back.
She's gonna be doing that face.
It's like a Jedi mind trick.
Oh, Charlie, you're
such a sucker.
All right, all right.
You can tag along with me for a bit
until we figure something out.
Oh, thank you, Mr. Charlie.
On one condition, no more crying
and no more asking for things
while you're doing that
puppy-dog eyes routine.
That's actually two conditions. But okay.
You won't regret this.
I already do.
Psst. You there. Lassie.
Are you talking to me?
Of course I am. If your
dog's gone missing,
well, then, surely that dogcatcher
Roland had something to do with it.
But why?
Are you daft? So he can collect
the reward, of course.
You'll find her at Happy Ranch.
You did not hear it from me, though.
Good luck to you, lass.
- Dad, Ida.
- What, honey?
Mr. Charlie, are we going
to see your family?
I told you, pup, I
don't do family.
There it is.
That's right.
Well, look what the
dog done dragged in.
Good to see you, Charlie.
Y'all hungry?
How about some of my ribs?
No thanks, Angus. Just
looking for Big Ears.
Oh. There he is over yonder
stage, right where he always is.
Always lead my heart astray
Let the good times roll, baby.
There's something about you, baby
Lead my heart astray
Yeah. Yeah.
Well, thank you, thank
you, thank you.
You're listening to the musical
stylings of the Hound Dog Diggities.
And of course, y'all
know who I am.
I'm Big Ears, baby.
Now, I'd know that
scent anywhere.
Could it be?
You still got it.
The most soulful voice
in all of New Orleans.
Charlie? Hot diggity dog.
What you doing back
in the Big Easy?
When Big Ears sends a howl,
heh, what else am I to do?
Who's that you got with you?
I'm Tiny.
That sure sounded great, Mr.
Big Ears.
She's not really with me. She got
caught up in my, uh, travel.
Don't you mean escape?
Escape, huh? Well, where
you heading to, young pup?
I'm supposed to be on Pup Star.
Pup Star, you don't say.
You think you got the soul
to be on Pup Star, Tiny?
I think so, Mr. Big Ears.
Tiny, have you ever
really been sad?
I am now.
My girl went to heaven, and...
And it's all my fault.
Then you need to channel that emotion.
Come on up here.
- Show Big Ears what you got.
- He gonna teach you the blues.
The hound dog blues that is.
Had the blues so long
My blue sky turned to gray
I haven't felt the sun
Since you went astray
My tail ain't wagging
And you're the reason why
My tail ain't wagging
You're the reason why
I'm gonna get some wings
I'm gonna learn to fly
Gonna find a new place
Where there's blue, blue sky
Now, come on. Let me hear
what you can do with this.
Had the blues so long
Come on, now.
My blue sky turned to gray
You're getting there.
Haven't felt the sun
Since you went away
Wait, wait, wait. Come on now, deeper.
From your soul, sister.
Tell your story.
Since I lost my girl
Now you're getting it.
- My blue sky turned to gray
- Mm-hm.
It's a lonely world
When your best friend's gone away
- Hey!
- My tail ain't wagging
And she's the reason why
- I'm gonna get me some wings
- Get your wings, girl.
- Gonna learn how to fly
- Take off.
Gonna find my way back home
- Where there's blue, blue sky
- Blue sky
That wasn't half bad.
All right, let's give it up
for our special guest, Tiny.
Kind of reminds me of
someone else I once taught.
Well, come on, cats. The cool
kind, not the feline kind.
It's time for this old dog to head down
to the doghouse and catch some Z's.
- I'll see you tomorrow, boys.
- Good show, Big E, as always.
- Yeah.
- That was so good.
Last night in Minneapolis, the dog
that makes you want to dance,
I like to keep it tight
Don't let the fleas bite
I like to keep it fresh
Like dog breath
You gonna get that?
Dad, it's Tiny's collar.
All right, guys, stand back.
- Oh, my God. Dad, are you okay?
- Yes.
Mr. Steven, there's always
a key under the mat.
- What?
- Oh.
That's right, poochy. We gonna
see you in the Big Apple.
See? Here it is.
Shh, shh. Roland's back.
How can we be of service
in helping you?
If you're looking for Roland,
uh, we have no idea.
If you're looking for a dog,
however, I'd recommend me,
unless best-in-show
isn't your type.
I'm looking for Tiny.
She's a Yorkie.
Yes, Tiny. Cute little
pup, sings like a Shiva.
That's her.
She hopped on a train with a
grouchy old dog named Charlie.
Very upset because her
girl, Lou, is gone.
But I'm Lou. I'm okay.
You're alive?
Oh, dear Vishnu.
What train? Where to?
Charlie mentioned a friend with
the great big ears of Ganesh.
Somewhere, uh, big. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Big and easy.
Big and easy.
- New Orleans?
- And Tiny went with him?
- Okay, come on, guys.
- We have to go.
No, no, no, don't go, don't go.
I can sing. I can dance.
I can recite poetry.
- Don't go. Hey, come on, turn around.
- Do not leave us, we beg.
We can't just leave them.
We are the mostest alone.
And, personally, in a
hurry for some curry.
I think I'm gonna regret this.
We are totally road-tripping.
Oh, drive me to some barbecue
sauce, will you, pal?
This will prove to be an exceptional
scene in my Bollywood biopic.
I have never felt so alive.
Mr. Big Ears, if you can't see, how
do you know where you're going?
Well, you know us bloodhounds,
we all nose and ears.
We're gonna have to
go one at a time.
See, it's a booby
trap for intruders.
These docks can get pretty
darn rough at night.
Follow me.
Welcome to my crib.
Make yourselves at home.
Good night, Mr. Charlie and Mr.
Big Ears.
Don't let the flea bugs bite.
Oh, you just had to bring
that up again, didn't you?
Ah! Oof.
Good night, Lou. I miss you.
I'm sure you heard by now. Pup
Star has made Bark a huge success.
It makes me growl every time
I hear him sing my songs.
Have you talked to her?
Who? Emily-Rose?
She's sick. The vets say she
doesn't have much time.
- Oh, no.
- You know she'd never burden you.
- Where is she?
- She's in Nashville.
Hold up. I found them.
I don't smell anything,
except fish.
I can't wait to see Charlie's
goofy face when he opens his eyes
and sees me standing over him.
Wake up, we got company.
Huh? I'll check it out.
Just remember, that Yorkie's
worth 10 G's to me.
And he's with Kano the bounty hunter?
I gotta get out of here.
Don't worry, Charlie. Big
Ears always has a plan B.
I owe you one, Big Ears.
- After you.
- Humans first.
Wait for the splash.
Follow the river as far as you
can until you hit the bridge.
Good luck in Nashville.
- All right, let's go.
- You want me to come with you?
I got no choice. They're after you, too.
Come on, pup.
But what about you?
Don't worry about me.
I'll hold them off.
Thank you, Mr. Big Ears.
Just stand up, you imbecile.
Mr. Charlie, wait up.
Howdy, boys.
To what do I owe the
pleasure of your visit?
Where's the Yorkie?
Where are we going, Mr. Charlie?
There's our ride. Up you go.
I'm P-Diggy, wonder mutt
But you already know
I steal your lunch
I steal your heart
Then I steal the show
I represent the Motor City...
Now, that's a stack.
Maple syrup, please.
Way back to the front row
I run this rap game
I'm going off the chain
What kind of establishment
doesn't have a basic curry?
P-Diggy what?
P-Diggy ruff
Yo, dog.
Digging the rhymes
you throw down.
Man, for a little dog, you
pack a powerful punch.
I have to ask, been bugging me all day.
What does the P stand for?
Well, hot diggity
dog, Puppy Diggy.
Y'all just got yourself
a golden bone.
- Where are we, Mr. Charlie?
- This is where we get off.
Why are they after you, Mr.
It's complicated. It's
best you don't know.
Why are we going to Nashville?
What is this, 20 Questions?
I love 20 Questions.
Okay, I'll go first. Is
Nashville where you're from?
Someone you care about is there?
That will qualify as one
question with a follow-up.
Nope. And why?
Wait, that's not how
20 Questions works.
First, you can't just
give one-word answers,
and you can't answer a
question with a question.
Okay, your turn.
Why are you so nosy? Can
you ever stop talking?
The word is "inquisitive."
And I don't talk in my
sleep, as far as I know.
I think we just found
our next ride.
Hey, you. Is this your balloon?
We need a lift to Nashville.
The name's Murray.
Hay is what cows eat,
and ewe is a sheep.
Wind's up.
So, the only trip I'll be going
on is the one inside my mind.
Please, Mr. Murray, we have to
get to Nashville in a hurry.
Baboom! I recognize you.
You're Tiny from Pup Star.
Outrageous, man.
There they are.
Bummer. I'm sensing some negative
vibes coming your way, dudes.
You got that right, Einstein.
Can you help us, please?
Tiny, hop in the basket.
Old dude, untie the ropes.
Move over. Give me the wheel.
Look out, Mr. Charlie!
That was heavy.
Thanks for sticking your
neck out back there.
I got two rules to
balloon flying, okay?
Number one, stay in the basket.
Number two, heh,
have a groovy time.
Okay, we scour the area, see if
anyone has seen her, all right?
I got some beads in case
a parade breaks out.
Wait a minute. I
smell something.
You think you could help a
dog out with some barbecue?
Yup, I sure can.
You ever had any of my
double-smoked honey-barbecue ribs?
Oh, that is music to my ears.
Come on, then.
Follow me in here.
Call me crazy, but the one
with the very humongous ears
might be Big Ears.
Oh, barbecue, how
I've missed you.
Hey, cats, what's your trouble?
You looking for something?
I'm looking for my pup, Tiny. She's
lost with a dog named Charlie.
Tiny and Charlie are headed to Nashville
to find Emily-Rose right now,
but they got company
on their tails.
Let me guess. Roland?
And that bounty hunter, Kano.
Thank you, universe, for bringing these
two souls into my hot-air balloon.
Tiny is an amazing spirit, and I
am blessed to be in her presence.
The crotchety old dude seems
agitated, like he was playing fetch
- and the stick got caught in his butt.
- Hey.
We don't judge.
I know there is a big heart trapped
deep, mega deep inside somewhere.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Thank you so much for your hospitality.
- Hey, my house is your house, anytime.
- Guys, we need to get going.
- Oh.
Hold on a second. I wanna
say goodbye to Angus.
This here dog got
Creole in his bones.
Hey, maybe you stick around and see
how I make them ribs you like?
- Really? You mean it?
- Yeah, buddy.
You tell Tiny that I'll be
howling for her, you hear?
- Bye.
- Bye, Mr. Angus.
Thank you, Mr. Big Ears.
Hey, any friend of Charlie's
is a friend of mine.
Hey, how about a drum circle?
Murray's my name and
bongos are my game.
I've never sang at a
drum circle before.
- Well, you got the beat?
- The beat?
I think so.
Every journey has to start somewhere
There's a rhythm
That will take you there
Find the beat that's within you
And stay in the groove
- This is ridiculous.
- Come on, Tiny.
- Every journey
- Every journey
- Has to start somewhere
- Has to start somewhere
- There's a rhythm
- There's a rhythm
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What?
- Now, Tiny, you gotta find the pocket.
Here's group lesson numero uno.
It's like surfing
When you're catching a wave
You've got to time it just right
Or it slips away
Find the pocket, ride the tube
And stay in the groove
Come on, Tiny.
- Every journey has to start somewhere
- Every journey has to start somewhere
- There's a rhythm
- There's a rhythm
- That will take you there
- That will take you there
- Find your groovy attitude
- Find your groovy attitude
- And stay in the groove
- And stay in the groove
Over to you, daddy-o.
- Find the beat that's within you
- Find the beat that's within you
- And stay in the groove
- And stay in the groove
Outrageous, man.
Rise and shine, folks.
We're here.
Wake up, Mr. Charlie.
I'm putting her down.
Hang on tight.
All right.
- Whoa.
- What...? Whoa!
That was so fun.
Oh, that was gnarly.
Who gave you a license to fly?
You actually don't need a license
to fly a balloon, old dude.
But there are two rules
to balloon flying.
Is one of them maybe,
stay in the basket?
Whoa, you got it, daddy-o.
All right, number two rule?
Let me guess. Have
a groovy time?
Whoa, pops, did anyone tell you
that you're, like, psychic?
Come on, kid.
Thank you, Mr. Murray. I'll be
sure to stay in the pocket.
Tiny, don't give up on your dream.
I'll be howling for you.
Arrivederci, buzzkill.
Once and for all,
the name's Charlie.
Roger that, Chucky.
We're going to see Emily-Rose?
I love her.
Watch it, or you'll make me
deaf in the other ear, too.
Stay put and try to
keep out of trouble.
I can't just sit here with my
idol right inside those doors.
Whoa, hey.
I do apologize, old fella, but you
cannot be admitted through this door.
Owen, it's me, Charlie.
Charlie? For real?
It's a long story,
for another time.
I wanna hear it. Come on in.
Good luck, old feller.
Maybe just a peek.
Now, that's what
I'm talking about.
You're just as beautiful as the
first day I laid eyes on you.
Hi, Emily-Rose.
Hey, y'all, this is Charlie.
And you remember Sally, my
manager and my best friend?
I didn't think I'd see
you again, Charlie.
Let's give y'all some privacy.
Em, you're on soon.
Okay, come on, people. Shoo.
It's Emily-Rose's cowboy hat.
I'm sure Miss Rose wouldn't
mind me trying it on.
I always knew you'd be a star.
Where did you disappear to?
You just vanished.
It's a little bit big.
Can't really see.
I'm sorry.
Oh, my gosh, sounds
like my opener's on.
- That's not my opener.
- Oh, no. Not again.
- Is she with you?
- Yes... I mean no. Tiny's not with me.
Tiny? Y'all mean that sweet
little thing from Pup Star?
Y'all, let's give a warm Nashville
welcome to my special guest, Tiny.
- Miss Emily-Rose, I'm so sorry, I...
- It's all right, darling.
I heard you on Pup Star.
I know you can bring it.
Oh, Miss Rose, I wanna be
as good as you one day.
You're my idol.
Country music's all about
singing from your heart.
Why don't you help me out? You
know my hit "Broken Hearted"?
Of course. Every pup does.
- Y'all ready?
- Yeah!
They're gonna sing
"Broken Hearted."
This song goes out to anyone who's
ever lost someone they love.
Hit it, boys.
I remember when I first met you
You were like a dream
A dream come true
Every day was better
Than the day before
We were best friends
And a whole lot more
Then things got crazy
And I couldn't get back
First, I lost my way
Then I lost your track
Now I'm all alone
And I'll tell you true
- Every moment I spend
- Every moment I spend
- I spend missing you
- I spend missing you
You got this, Tiny.
Never knew that love could hurt
- So bad
- So bad
Never knew that I could feel so sad
- Why'd you leave me so broken-hearted?
- Why'd you leave me so broken-hearted?
- Why'd you leave me so sad and blue?
- Why'd you leave me so sad and blue?
Why won't you just come
- Why won't you just come
- Running back to me?
- Running back to me?
- Why'd you leave me so broken-hearted?
- Why'd you leave me so broken-hearted?
- Baby, anyone can plainly see
- Baby, anyone can plainly see
That I'll be broken-hearted
Till you come on home to me
Well done, sugar.
Y'all, let's give a
big hand for Tiny.
What part of "stay put"
translated into going on stage?
It was on accident, Mr. Charlie.
- Billie's Towing.
- Hello?
- Howdy.
- Yeah, we need a tow truck.
- I'm about 30 miles outside of Nashville.
- I'll send someone in the morning.
- Is that the earliest you can do?
- Afraid so.
Howdy, partner.
I refer to my being as Owen.
How may I be of service?
Well, we were
wondering if, uh...
Well, we're friends of Miss Rose.
Isn't she...? She's just great.
Is she playing tonight? We...
Gosh, we hope so.
Oh, humble apologies.
Emily-Rose is already on the road
to her performance in New Jersey.
New Jersey?
New Jersey?!
Whoa, friend. Hey, hey, come here.
Calm down.
Breathe. Release. Relax.
Good karma to you...
and blessings on your
onward and inward journey.
A gift.
- Good night, darling.
- Good night, Miss Rose.
Poor little pup's been through quite
an ordeal. She's plum tuckered out.
I can't believe you
saved these old duds.
I guess I never lost faith
that someday you'd come back.
Not that you deserve
her loyalty.
Sally, you promised.
You sure you should still
be performing? I mean,
shouldn't you be
conserving your energy?
I take it Big Ears told you?
It's not the illness that hurts.
It's the broken heart.
I'm sorry. Really I am.
Whatever happened to
forever come what may?
Living with no regrets?
I'm gonna get even with Bark
if that's what you mean.
Well, not exactly.
I'm Sadie McSpots bringing you
tonight's headlines with ETV.
Country Sensation Emily-Rose had a
surprise guest on stage with her tonight
in the form of Pup
Star finalist, Tiny.
I thought you took
care of Charlie.
We're hot on his tail. He may have gotten
this far, but he'll never get to New York.
You have my word. Kano
always gets his mark.
You said that last time.
Just get that dog.
Now I've lost my appetite.
- Hi.
- How y'all doing?
Well, we have a flat and
I don't have a spare.
Looks like more than a
flat tire, my friend.
Afraid you got yourself
a broken axle.
- Really?
- She's a cute little rig though.
Uh, thanks. You know how
long it'll take to fix?
I can have this puppy
fixed by tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Tiny will
be gone by then.
Do you know how to get to
the Nashville Music Hall?
Sure I do. Practice.
Whew, that's a good one. Now,
let's get y'all into Nashville.
I call shotgun.
I like the sound of that.
I said a shotgun
- Let's go.
- Okay, let's go.
That is the prettiest
barrette I've ever seen.
It was my girl, Lou's.
It's all I have from her.
You must miss her
something fierce.
Every day I think of her.
I'm going to win Pup
Star in her honor.
We gotta get Charlie to
give you some pointers.
Mr. Charlie? He hates singing.
Actually, Charlie has
one heck of a voice.
We have an old demo around here somewhere.
Sally, do you mind?
I'll find my way back to you...
It's Mr. Charlie.
I'll be on my own
And Bark?
They used to be best friends.
Just two street dogs with
a passion to make music.
Charlie was an amazing
That's when I met them.
I'd just won Pup Star, and
encouraged Charlie to try out,
but he thought it was too commercial.
He's pure rock 'n' roll.
One day, Charlie disappeared.
Bark went on Pup Star...
My fur is cold
Turn that off.
If Tiny's gonna win Pup Star,
I thought she could learn
from the best rocker I know.
- Shut it off.
- You're so good, Mr. Charlie.
You could win Pup Star and get
a big recording contract.
That's not who I am.
The only thing I'm getting is
revenge on that lowlife, Bark.
Charlie, you're better than that.
We have a chance to start over.
That's easy for the
queen of country to say
from the comfort of her
beautiful tour bus.
Mr. Charlie?
- I'm so hot
- I'm so hot
- So hot
- So hot
You're one heck of a singer, fella.
Almost as good as me.
I was just gonna say that about you.
You're better.
No, you are.
No, you are.
No, you are.
I am terribly sorry to inform you,
but you're both equally horrible.
Excuse me, mister.
Did you see a Miss Emily-Rose here?
It's really important.
Oh, my, little one.
I'm afraid her life's journey put her on
a path to the Garden State last night.
- New Jersey?
- Yes.
Did you see a Yorkie?
Oh, I am sorry, young one.
I have encountered many souls and
cannot recall of whom you speak.
Allow me to introduce myself.
I am Raj.
She was traveling with an older
dog with a grouchy demeanor.
You mean Charlie?
And upon further reflection, maybe
there was a Yorkie with them as well.
- Tiny?
- That was her name. Yes, I do believe.
Thank you so much.
Oh, I am practicing
yoga in Hoboken,
and it would be my honor to
guide you on your journey.
- That would be great.
- It would please our karmic bond.
I gotta go and tow to
make the dough, you know.
Hey, wait. You can't break up the band.
We're a duo.
Heck, it does get lonely on the road,
especially singing all by my lonesome.
- I could use a copilot.
- No, you don't want me to stay.
- Sure I do.
- No.
- I wouldn't pull your tail.
- No, you don't.
Really, we do. I mean... I mean,
she does, want you to stay.
I said
- Shotgun
- Shotgun
- Let's go, partner.
- Oh, please. Come along, my friends.
Okay. Come on, guys.
Thank you for
everything, Miss Rose.
Now, you go wow them. I'll join up
with y'all after my show is over.
Hold on, darling. Here we go.
Just keep going. You
don't need anyone.
You're a rolling bone.
You walk alone.
Yes, you do. Come
highway or byway.
Here we are.
There we go.
Can I really do this?
Emily-Rose said the same thing right
before she went in and won Pup Star.
What did she do?
Well, she knew she couldn't give up.
It was her dream.
I won't give up. I have to
do this for my girl, Lou.
It was our dream together.
Good. Now, go in there and
knock them dead, sugar.
Thanks, Miss Sally.
Hi, I'm Tiny. I'm one of
the top six finalists.
Oh. Oh, sure you are, pup.
Then where's your golden bone?
Look, mister, I know you're
just doing your job,
but I've been through
a lot, okay?
I got thrown in the pound
where I lost my golden bone.
I've crossed the country by
train, balloon, bus, and hog.
My family would vouch for
me, but my girl's gone.
It's been a long hard journey,
and I am not giving up now.
So, you best get on that walkie-talkie
and talk to someone who can say yes
before I unleash a can of
puppy woof butt on you.
Calm down, all right?
Okay, everybody, we are gonna start
with a run-through rehearsal.
Yeah, we have a Yorkie
here with serious swagger
and a little dog
attitude to match.
She claims to be Tiny.
Tiny? Yes, send her
in here now, pronto.
All right, tough pup,
you're good to go.
Thank you very much.
And by the way,
I'm sorry about that part about
unleashing a can of puppy woof butt.
I was just kidding.
Oh, yeah, I was
shaking in my paws.
Tiny, there you are. Where have you been?
You're gonna miss rehearsal.
How did she get in here?
Must mean Charlie is nearby.
What are y'all doing in here?
Howdy, ma'am. I'm, uh...
The name's Kano,
the bounty hunter.
I'm looking for a fugitive named Charlie.
Does that ring a bell?
- Never heard of him.
- Nice try.
Please, ma'am. Don't make
this hard on yourself.
This belongs to that Yorkie.
You know I don't take
kindly to liars.
The Yorkie's here, which means
you simpletons should be, too.
Tiny's in New York at the
Pup Star rehearsals.
- Let's go.
- Oh, no.
If this pug could only be heard
Then I'll finally be seen
Oh, what a world it would be
To just be me
Oh, I'm sorry for
interrupting you.
Oh, no. Please, don't tell Bark
that you heard me singing.
- Why?
- He gets really upset if I sing.
I don't understand. You have
the most beautiful voice.
- Do you really think so?
- I don't think so, I know so.
No one's ever believed
in me before.
I remember when I first met you
You were like a dream
- Em.
- Charlie.
How'd you find me?
Whenever things get too much,
y'all head for the rails.
I'm glad you came. I
wanted to say something.
I didn't leave you that day.
Bark hired Kano the bounty
hunter and his posse.
They threw me in the slammer.
I had no idea why until I saw Bark on
Pup Star singing my original songs.
I would never leave you.
I know that now, Charlie.
Kano and a human, Roland, paid us a
visit, looking for you and Tiny.
Tiny left this for you.
But that little barrette's all
she's got from her girl, Lou.
- Right now, I think you're all she's got.
- Where is she?
- New York City.
- We don't have much time.
Let's go, y'all.
And I keep roaming straight and true
Till I found my way back to you
But until that day, I'll be on my own
Like a rolling bone
Okay, Bark, levels are sounding good.
Thank you.
Thanks, Bark.
- Okay.
- We've gotta move that way back.
Surefire hit, if you ask moi.
Good you are,
modest you are not.
That was great, Mr. Bark, but that's Mr.
Charlie's song.
I don't know what you're talking about.
It's my all-new original song.
Tiny, you're up.
This is a big problem.
- Where are you?
- Don't worry, we're almost there.
Charlie comes near this
theater, and he's ours.
It's not just Charlie now. The
little one knows too much.
She's threatening my win.
Now, listen up. I have a plan.
Okay, everybody,
get some rest and be sure to be back
in Fur and Makeup in two hours.
We're live tonight for the finals.
This is gonna be great.
There you are. Our mutual
friend is here to see you.
Mr. Charlie?
He's in my limo. Follow me.
Make yourself comfortable.
Well, hello there, Tiny.
I am Kano, the bounty hunter.
And you might remember me.
Oh, no. Help! Someone help!
Help! Somebody help me!
I've been dog-napped! Help!
Please, help me.
Yeah, good. Keep
yapping for Charlie.
You have to let me go. Please.
I still don't get why
I have to sit here.
I have a reward
pending, you know.
Tiny is our bait, and
the job isn't finished.
Until we get Charlie,
you will do as I say.
- But I wouldn't...
- Now stay, like a good human.
Okay, we got Bark,
P-Diggy, Chiquita,
Furrell, Winston, and Tiny.
Wait a second.
Where's Tiny, guys?
Has anybody seen Tiny?
Well, one less dog
to obliterate.
Tell me you don't have anything
to do with Tiny not being here.
Of course I do, you talentless mongrel.
I did what I had to do.
But she's just a pup.
And she's really nice,
and really talented.
Talented? What do you
know about talent?
Excuse me, is Miss
Emily-Rose here?
I'm looking for Tiny.
She's my Yorkie.
She's headed to New
York for Pup Star.
New York?
It is here that our
paths must uncross.
There's a small curry place that
I go to every time I'm here.
I have a reservation
I must keep.
You should join me, friend.
Hey, not to worry. I'm
heading there now.
Thank you, Mr. Owen.
It's not about the destination.
- It's about the journey. Namaste.
- It's about the journey. Namaste.
- Now, hop on.
- Let's go.
Welcome to New York City.
I'm your host, Rover. And
this is the Pup Star finale.
From east to west, north to
south, the dogs came to audition.
Throw me a bone
I am Chiquita
P-Diggy what?
P-Diggy ruff
I like to keep it fresh
Like dog breath
If you believe in me
And I believe in you
And the question on
everyone's mind is,
can anyone beat Bark,
the returning champion?
You gotta rock
You gotta rock 'em dead
So you can rock 'em dead
All of these golden-bone canine
crooners had just one thing in common.
They were all dogs looking
to make a dream come true.
In just a moment, our contestants
will sing an original song
in their own musical
styles, for your votes.
And the winner will go home with
a national recording contract.
First up, it's the
precocious Pup Star rapper
that goes by the name P-Diggy.
When I walk by all the butchers
They throw me some meat
They love this alpha bad boy
Coming from the city street
I'm signing autographs
I'm marking trees
I'm spinning lyrics
Turning pit bulls into piggy meat
I'm gonna go water
a fire hydrant.
Watch for Charlie.
Stay awake.
And now, sashaying onto the stage
to steal your heart and your votes,
it's Chiquita.
I am Chiquita
I came to party
We'll dance the rumba
You won't be sorry
Come feel the rhythm
Do the doggy wag
Hi, Roland.
- Miss me?
- Holy crab cakes.
Mr. Charlie.
Let her out now.
Singing for your
votes, it's Winston.
Puppy love
Was it all just a dream?
Open that cage.
She's unharmed.
Lou's barrette. But...
But I left that for you.
You gave me a lot more than
you'll ever know, young pup.
You taught an old grump
to believe again.
Now, you. Cover your eyes and
count backwards from a thousand.
One-thousand, 999,
998, 997, 996...
And here from the Windy City,
the lovable Yorkie, Tiny.
Tiny's still not here.
We have to move on.
Unfortunately, ladies and gentleman,
dogs and cats, Tiny has gone missing.
And according to Pup Star rules,
this means she is officially
disqualified from the competition,
- so we're moving on without her.
- Boo!
So, uh, next up is the tail-wagging,
paw-stomping, Furrell.
Hey, pretty pup
Come put your paws up
...188, 187, 186...
I didn't do anything. It
was all Kano and Bark.
You idiot. It's me.
With "Rolling
Bone," here's Bark.
Miles from home
And I can't retrace my steps
Hurry, Mr. Charlie.
- Oh, no.
- Why, hello, Charlie.
Miss Rose.
- Tiny.
- Mr. Charlie, I'm scared.
It's okay, kid. I'm not gonna
let anything happen to you.
- What time is it, Roland?
- Uh...
I've got 5:37.
Revenge time.
Funny, that's what originally
brought me here today, too.
You know what they say, Charlie.
An eye for an eye.
- Puglay?
- Tiny, quick, in here.
What the...?
I keep rolling straight and true
Till I find my way back to you
But until that day, I'll be on my own
Like a rolling bone
No, he will not. "Rolling
Bone" is your song.
Bark stole it from you.
Let me at him.
No need, pup. The song is
mightier than the sword.
It's time to do battle my way
and set the record straight.
Walking boulevards
Till my fur is cold and wet
- Come highway or byway...
- Or byway
- You.
- I've got to do it my way
Until that day, I'll be on my own
Like a rolling bone
Who is that dog?
I'm a rolling bone
And I walk alone
I'm a rolling bone
And the road is long
Yeah, I'm a rolling bone
And you know it's true
I'm a rolling bone
Rolling back to you
I was born a stray
All I owned was the music in my soul
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Had to find my way
Living on my dreams of rock 'n' roll
Oh, like a rolling bone
I've been rolling, I know
And I keep rolling straight and true
Till I find my way back to you
Until that day, I'll be on my own
Like a rolling bone
Oh, like a rolling bone
Call security. He's a no-good
stray trying to steal my song.
This is a total disaster.
Are you kidding? The
ratings are gonna be huge.
Please, hear me out. I
know I'm just a stray,
but if that was Bark's
never-before-heard song,
how did I know all the words?
The dog has a point.
You did win the
battle, paws down.
Maximum respect, man.
How do you know the lyrics?
Bark was my back-up singer.
I wrote "Rock 'Em Dead"
and "Rolling Bone."
He came on your show with my
songs pretending they were his.
Seriously? Now,
that's far-fetched.
It's true.
He's telling the truth.
Don't listen to her.
She's just a poor loser.
News flash, you're disqualified.
I'm only late because
Bark had me dog-napped.
Pugly, my main man.
Back me up here?
My name is not Pugly.
It's Michael Puglay.
I can't back up a bad dog, but
I can backup Tiny and Charlie.
They're both telling the truth.
Be quiet, you talentless half-wit.
You have no proof.
Yeah, prove it.
But I do.
- It's Emily-Rose!
- Emily-Rose!
What is going on here?
Yeah, come on. Let's see it.
I have the footage to prove it.
Hit it, Sally.
Till I find my way back to you
- But until that day
- But until that day
- I'll be on my own
- I'll be on my own
Bark is a thief and a copycat.
Bit of a sticky wicket, Bark.
Bark, it pleases me to say, you're
disqualified from Pup Star.
Security, get him out of here.
Uh, Charlie, is it?
We'd be totally honored if
you'd come back next season.
Oh, boy, man. You just ooze
rock 'n' roll, brother.
You are the real deal, man.
Thanks, but I'll be on the road with
the queen of country, Emily-Rose.
Under the circumstances, Tiny
is back in the competition.
Everyone, let's give a big
"yippee bow wow" for Tiny.
Whoa, where do you
think you're going?
Uh, we're with Tiny.
We're her family.
Oh, really? Yeah, so where's your
VIP pass, like the other families?
We don't have one.
You know what? It doesn't matter
'cause Tiny's not here anyway.
She's not?
Come here.
Wait, wait, wait. You never
told me you had a golden bone.
It's Tiny's.
Hey, girl, what song
you gonna sing for us?
A song for my girl, Lou,
who always believed in me.
Well, what are you waiting for?
Get in there.
There was a time
When the road was dark
All my dreams were torn apart
Then I found my soul, made a friend
Started on my way again
You lifted me up into the sky
Found my groove and I could fly
- So don't lose hope when love's away
- There she is, Dad.
'Cause it'll come back to you someday
Found a new road home
But I'm not there yet
Been a long journey
I will never forget
If I lose my way
Let my heart be strong
And love will surely carry me
Right where I belong
Is this a dream?
No, honey. You believed,
and your dream came true.
You helped me break away
When all my skies were gray
Someone pulling me through
Yeah, yeah
I know the way from here
'Cause I know I'll persevere
I know I'm headed
Where the skies are blue
It's a new road home
But I'm not there yet
Now, that's what
I'm talking about.
Made some good friends
That we'll never forget
- Yeah, man.
- If I lose my faith
Let my heart be strong
And love will surely carry me
Yeah, yeah
Right where I belong
Back right where I belong
I can't believe it's you.
I thought you were gone forever.
OMG. All I wanna
do is call my mom.
Poochy, if my dreads weren't
covering up my eyes right now...
you'd see they was
full of tears, man.
Now, I know cowboys don't cry,
but that song made me feel just like I
do after I eat my grandma's apple pie.
I'm full of something
that was made with love.
How do I say this? Um...
That was worth the wait.
Will the finalists
please join me on stage?
Who will it be, America?
Who is your season ten pup star?
Judges, do you have a winner?
It's unanimous.
Yes, aye. We be jamming
with the champion.
And the newest pup star is...
- Tiny.
- Tiny.
- Tiny.
- Tiny, man.
I won.
Yes! Tiny, you're
the new pup star.
This is amazing.
All right, Tiny. It's time to
take us home with one last song.
I'll need the help of the
finalists and all my friends.
Lou, Mr. Charlie,
Miss Rose, you ready?
You betcha, pup.
I was trying to find my way
Feeling so far from home
Then you came to me
When I was all alone
You opened up your heart
And helped me truly see
- All the things that we could be
- All the things that we could be
- Nothing can break our bond
- We'll always make it through
- If you are by my side
- If you are by my side
When you believe in me
And I believe in you
Together there's nothing
That we can't do
When you believe in me
And I believe in you
Hand in hand
We'll see our whole life through
I believe in you
And you learned
How to sing with feeling
Then you learned how to sing with soul
And you learned
That when you sing from the heart
- You can follow your dreams
- You can follow your dreams
'Cause friends are always there
For you
- Tried and true
- Tried and true
When you believe in me
And I believe in you
Together there's nothing
That we can't do
When you believe in me
And I believe in you
Hand in hand
We'll make it through
When you believe in me
And I believe in you
Together there's nothing
That we can't do
When you believe in me
And I believe in you
Hand in hand
We'll sing our whole life through
I believe in you
I believe in you, just
like you believe in me.
And you might remember me.
This dog is very important to
my daughter, to our family.
Mr. Steven, there's always
a key under the mat.
No need, pup. The song is
mightier than the sword.
Come on, I'm a bounty hunter.
It's what I do.
I'm so gonna win again and
not even break a pant.
This song goes out anyone who's
ever lost someone they love.
Oh, drive me to some barbecue
sauce, will you, pal?
I'm your host, Rover,
and this is Pup Star!
Y'all know who I am.
I'm Big Ears, baby.
No, no, no. Don't go, don't go.
I can sing.
I can dance. I can
recite poetry.
Maybe a little bit pitchy, like a seagull
who's being strangled by an octopus.
Whoa, pops. Did anyone tell you
that you're, like, psychic?
P-Diggy, what? P-Diggy, ruff
Don't be afraid, Tiny. Everything
is gonna be all right, man.
Raise the woof woof,
puppy litter.
You're just not polished
enough to win Pup Star. Sorry.
My name is not Pugly.
It's Michael Puglay.
Oh, boy, man. You just ooze
rock 'n' roll, brother.
We got a human here, boss, says
he's an old mate of yours.
Wait, wait, wait. You never
told me you had a golden bone.
Are you daft? So, he can
collect the reward, of course.
You gotta believe in yourself
first before anyone else will.
This two-legged one, he's the mastermind.
He's like a genius.
No, I'm not.
I'm not smart enough
to be the mastermind.
You know you're going to jail?
Whatever happens, make sure the
mug shot gets my good side.
You don't have a good side.
Because you're two-faced
And both sides are ugly