Puppet Master 4 (1993) Movie Script

It is known
that those in the upworld are
close to discovering our secret--
the secret Andr Toulon stole
from us those many years ago.
We must send our children
to protect it.
They will punish those
who try to uncover our world...
our secret...
our power.
Those who discover our secret
must be stopped.
The power is ours...
and ours alone
it must remain.
Well, I'll be damned.
It did it.
It works
Dr. Piper,
I have a delivery for you down here.
It looks important.
You want me to bring it on up?
Um, sure, Stanley.
That'll be just fine. Thanks.
Advanced Technology.
Dr. Baker,
Phoenix Division, please.
- Baker.
- Carl, it's Leslie.
I think we've got a breakthrough
on the Omega Project.
Well, I've been running some tests
based on our newest data,
and, Carl, it works.
The robots actually solved the problem.
Guess I should've expected this.
Jennings was ecstatic with the results
his division's been getting.
So, when can we see
the completed prototype?
Uh, we're working on that now.
Any news from our boy wonder?
Eh, not since he handed in
that last set of data.
Hm. Well,
it would speed things along
if he could have the sequences
to the next level.
Oh, he's working on it,
but you know how Rick is.
Unless he needs some feedback
or some little piece of equipment,
we won't hear from him
'til the problem's solved.
Must be nice to be a wunderkind.
Me, I'm just happy being
a garden-variety
scientist with a job.
You and me both, Carl.
Thanks, Stanley.
Just put it, I guess, right there.
I'll be closing up soon.
Come on, Doc.
You say that every night.
Ugly little thing, aren't you?
Where'd you come from?
Come on.
Great. Just great.
Come on.
Yes, take her power.
Draw her energy into us.
Hey, Wonder Woman.
How you doin'?
What a coincidence.
I was just sitting here
with a hot iron in my hand
thinking about you.
No, no.
Just some minor surgery on Hermes.
So, what time are you coming over?
You know, if the storm comes in,
you're gonna have to spend the night.
You know that.
I'll see you later.
All right, gentlemen.
You know the rules.
I want a good, clean fight.
Standing eight counts are mandatory.
No sucker punches.
Now go to your respective corners.
Let's get ready to rumble!
All right.
No more kiddin' around.
Gentlemen, this will be
a random number sequence test
based on the gamma pi
code series 000/3
All right.
Gentlemen, don't make me
want to kick your butts.
Come on, guys. This is too easy.
And we're down
to the last 30 seconds
as Richard Myers continues
to dominate the field.
Wake up, boys!
That was pathetic, guys.
I mean, I'm not a track star
or a basketball player, for Christ's sakes
I'm a scientist.
Not a good one.
Using a random number sequence
generated by the gamma pi
code series 000/3
has met with the same results
as in previous trials.
Once again, although the robots
reacted with speed and efficiency...
their behavior was
utterly predictable
and stayed within the parameters
of their programming.
They showed no signs
of initiative or original thought.
We're left no closer
to the creation
of artificial intelligence...
that could stimulate life.
Sorry to disturb you, Doctor,
but you have a package here.
- What is it?
- I can't tell, sir.
It's a shipping crate.
Bring it up.
He shoots...
he scores.
What the hell is this?
Hello, Bodega Bay Inn.
This is Dr. Baker.
You didn't send me
anything today, did you?
No, sir. There wasn't anything
worth sending today. Why?
Well, I just received
something unusual, that's all.
You know,
everyone in the Phoenix Division is
awaiting your results, Rick.
Uh, when do you think
you'll have something?
Sometimes I feel so close,
I could just taste it, but...
whatever's gonna make the robots
transcend their programming
and think for themselves
just isn't happening.
Uh, listen, Doctor,
um, I've gotta go.
There's some clown
outside ringing my doorbell.
- Okay, I'll call you back.
- Okay, Rick.
How'd you get here?
- What?!
- Rick.
- Susie.
- Who were you expecting?
I don't know, sorry.
Some guy was screwing
with my buzzer before.
Never mind.
I'm glad you're here.
Uh, Rick,
this is my friend, Lauren.
- Oh. Uh, hi.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
You don't mind
that I brought friends, do you?
No. Friends?
Hug, no kiss.
So you two know each other?
Oh, you bet we do.
We go all the way back to the institute.
Susie, how can I begin
to thank you?
What's a place like this doing
out in the sticks, anyway?
Doesn't even look
like it's open.
Actually, it's off season...
and I'm the caretaker.
So, Mr. Caretaker...
I'm starved.
Where's dinner?
Haven't changed a bit,
have you...
- No, that's fire.
- Let's take a vote on it.
There I was
in my senior year,
point of the highest grades
in the school's history,
and what happens?
Along comes
little Ricky Myer.
The kid's got
this mega-huge IQ,
and in two months he's blown away
every record I ever set.
Great dinner, Rick.
Thank you.
I didn't know I was
gonna be cooking for four.
you've barely touched your food.
Are you training again?
I'm always in training.
Susie's incredible.
She's placed in the last
three ironwoman competitions.
Lauren's field is metaphysics.
Really? Who with?
I've got a grant from the Hughes
Foundation for Psychic Research.
Uh, this must be
a good up, then.
So, what do you specialize in?
I'm a channeler.
How interesting.
And, naturally,
I'm working on something
that may change the course
of modern civilization as we know it.
Dare I ask
who you're working for?
I doubt you've ever
heard of them before.
I'm working
with the Omega Project.
Sounds interesting.
- Care to talk about it?
- Love to. Classified.
I mean,
I can't tell you much, but...
All right.
I'm working in what's called
the Phoenix Division.
My team logs in data
that's sent over
by some hotshot over at Biotech...
some broad named Pepper.
- Piper.
- What?
Her name is Leslie Piper.
And how would you know that?
Because the work
she's testing is mine.
Great wine, Cam.
I am here.
I am with you.
So if you're working
with Baker and Piper,
what're you doing up here?
I needed some place private
where I could spread out and...
not have anyone
looking over my shoulder.
I'd go crazy working in a lab.
And, when I can get him
to come up for air...
this place has
the most heavenly view.
Well, then...
how 'bout...
showin' me your set-up?
We are still...
colleagues, right?
Sure, why not?
Rick, I don't mean
to be rude or anything,
but I know Baker
and Piper are paying you money.
Maybe you can take some
of that money and we could--
Guys, wait.
- Where'd you find him?
- How cute.
He was down there,
by the table.
- What is it, Rick?
- I don't know...
Some kind of mechanical doll.
I found him in my room,
when I moved in.
Come on,
come on, you guys.
Rick, how can you pull enough amps
in this place for your set-up?
It's so old.
I've got my own generator.
Hey, hey, hey, now.
This is terrific.
Mind if I sprint
through your program here, Ricardo?
I'd rather you didn't.
Come on, it's not
like I'm gonna steal anything.
I'm sure of that.
What's this?
Oh. Um...
It's, uh...
just one of the robots
I've been running tests on.
do you still have the box
this puppet came in?
Yeah. Um...
Uh, actually,
it's over here.
I found it up, uh, here
when I moved my equipment in this room.
No, this can't be right.
This isn't what
the puppet came in.
That's where I found it.
But that's not
where it belongs.
There's a storage room
down the hall.
Knock yourself out.
Hydraulics, maybe...
or an old-fashioned
wet cell battery.
- Actually, I took a l--
- Oh, my god!
- Hey, is she okay?
- I don't think she's hurt.
She'll be okay.
She just fainted.
This ever happened before?
Yeah, every time I give her
a hot oil massage.
So she's okay?
Yeah, she'll be okay.
Stay away from it!
The trunk!
Stay away from the trunk!
What's wrong with the trunk?
That's okay.
No, don't!
Cameron. Cameron!
Gimme something
to bust open this lock.
Do I look
like Bob Villa to you?
How 'bout this?
Will it help?
Guten idea.
Any plastic explosives?
Yeah. I keep 'em right next
to my Scud missiles.
What're you doing?
- Would you stop it?
- Hey, it's a fifty-year-old trunk.
He's not gonna ruin it.
- Please.
- Lauren, what happened to you?
Hey, let me take
a whack at that. Come on.
Come on.
Stop it, Cameron.
Not until I see what's
inside this fucking thing.
Lauren's terrified of that trunk, Cam,
or don't you care?
Yes, of course I care.
what the fuck are you
so scared of?
I just can't stand here
and watch you guys do this.
People are afraid of the unknown.
When she sees there's nothing bad inside,
she'll be fine.
You guys play macho.
I'm taking Lauren into your room.
Wait, Suzie?
can't live with 'em...
can't shoot 'em.
I am here.
Concentrated muriatic acid.
Yeah, and what do you want me
to do with it?
- Don't touch it.
- Jesus.
It should be loose now.
- Voil.
- Okay.
Okay. Let's open it.
- Jesus.
- Look at those.
Cool, huh?
I'm a little disappointed.
I was hoping
we'd find L. Ron Hubbard.
Well, we found something.
- What?
- Look at who owned this.
A Nazi?
I hate those guys.
take a look at this.
Looks like some kind
of a game board.
See, the trunk's not evil.
It just belonged to some evil guy.
It looks like a Ouija board.
I used to one have when I was a kid.
Except the markings are
a little different.
Maybe there's something
about it in this diary.
Listen to this:
"With the death of Krauss,
"the murder of my beloved Elsa
has been avenged.
"For the moment, the secret
of my magic and my puppets is safe.
"I must escape Germany
before the Gestapo finds me
"and the formula falls
into the wrong hands.
"Von Kersting, the printer,
will forge me a passport."
So this Toulon wasn't a Nazi.
The Nazis were after him.
They wanted to know
how he animated his puppets...
and he was afraid of what
they'd do with that power.
There you are,
Uncle Fester.
Looks like you, Cam.
His name is Pinhead.
That's Tunneler.
Yeah, e's Six Shooter.
Appropriate enough.
That's cute.
What do you think this is?
Maybe this is the formula
Toulon wrote about.
Wait a minute.
How can liquid animate these guys?
Maybe they just need a little gas.
Come on, come on.
This is so stimulating.
Somebody pinch me.
Get it off me, man!
Let go of me.
- Cameron!
- Oh, hey, wait! Don't! Don't! Don't!
I warned you guys.
Let's just wait. Just wait.
They're amazing.
- Shit!
- Cameron, don't do that.
I don't think they want you
getting personal, Cam.
Ho, whoa, easy there, Tex.
He wants me
to pick him up.
Hi, bud.
They're responding spontaneously.
No. No way that a toymaker 50 years ago
figured out how to do this, no.
Do you realize
what this means?
That puppet master guy may have had
the answer to the entire Omega Project.
Everything we've been
working for could be standing...
right here.
What Toulon stole from me...
we must recover.
Everyone around him...
must die.
They must die, die, die.
Listen to this.
"I'm making that,
which is inanimate, animate.
"The metaphysical ramifications
of this stirs my soul.
"To be as God,
a creator of un--
Eh, this is a personal journal.
There's no formula in here.
Well, it must be
in there somewhere.
Okay, here you go,
little guy.
It's not!
I'm telling you.
I've looked 50 times through this
whole thing, and it's not in here.
Come on,
just use your imagination.
Look for something
that might be a code...
a clue.
Think about it...
the secret
to artificial intelligence.
If you're so sure
that the formula's in here,
why don't you use your bigger-than-huge,
mega-superior imagination IQ
to find it?!
Will you guys grow up?
Not again.
Swell. Mood lighting.
The lightning knocked out
the power.
It'll take a while
before it comes back up.
Don't you have a generator?
Yeah. It's hooked up to my computers.
You're telling me that this is
the only light we have?
What'd you mean, "we"?
Your room...
is downstairs.
Guys, why don't we
call it a night?
Yeah, okay, fine, good.
Lauren, honey?
I think you need your rest.
'Night, you guys.
He got awfully sweet
all of a sudden.
I should be so lucky.
- Dammit!
- Just don't worry about it, okay?
Besides, you always take
everything so personally.
"Use your imagination"?
Fuck him!
We all can't be child fucking prodigies.
Some of us have
to settle for being
ordinary, typical run-of-the-mill-type
geniuses who have to work for a living!
I mean, who does that little prick
sack of shit think he is?
And he thinks he's
so fucking smart!
I don't think he means it.
Well, he won't let me
look at any of his data.
Practically accused
me of planning to steal it.
He never said that.
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna find the secret
to those little swine-puppets.
The answer's gotta be in the formula.
I'm gonna take it to Omega.
And then...
and Piper, and all the rest of them
are gonna have to kiss my ass.
But those puppets
don't belong to you.
Bullshit. Rick's had 'em lying around here
for months. He's hardly even touched 'em.
I mean, you're the one
that kept asking about 'em.
You're the one
that found the right box.
If it wasn't for your gifts...
he'd still think
they were just...
He's been laughing at you...
all night...
and me, too.
Don't you wanna help me
get what I deserve?
Okay, guys,
let's see what you can do.
What're you doing?
Not every scientist adheres
to standard methodology.
Oh, really?
And what is your methodology,
Professor Myers?
the standard litmus test...
tends to be...
is it fun?
All, right. I can hear you, guys.
Stop your mumbling.
No ganging up.
Every man for himself... or puppet.
Okay, guys.
On three.
Not bad!
you can do this.
I know I can.
I just don't want to.
All I want...
is to talk
to this Toulon guy.
And I don't.
Look, you don't know the forces
we'd be summoning here.
If you could've felt
the intensity of evil I sensed here...
the only evil is in your mind.
I thought
you believed in me.
I do believe in you.
I do.
That's why I want you to do this thing.
Come on.
Por favore.
Por favore.
Fast, huh?
Get the door!
Someone's at the door!
Whoo! Damn!
Whoo, wow!
Sure, I'll come and find out!
Lauren, what's going on?
- Oh!
- Talk to me.
- Oh!
- Shit!
Sweetie, you all right?
Whom do you seek?
Whom do you seek?
Andr Toulon.
Ah, the puppet master.
And what do you seek
to learn?
The formula?
The elixir.
Yes, the elixir.
The secret is
within the pyramid.
What does that mean?
Listen, and you will learn.
What the fuck is that?!
Lauren? Honey?
I think it's working.
Oh, my god!
Aah, fuck!
You guys give up yet?
- What's wrong?
- Listen.
- That.
- Shit.
Come on.
You guys, we gotta get out.
There's something evil in here.
- Fuckin' A-right, there is.
- Yeah, I'm terrified.
Where you going?
I'm gonna go see what's up.
Psychic... next.
Did you guys come here
to protect me?
Fuck this thing.
Why don't you tell me what happened?
I'll fax you, babe.
You and Rick can't stay here.
- I can't make him leave.
- Then it's his goddamn funeral.
If you wanna come with us,
that's fine, let's go.
If not,
I'm taking the goddamn keys.
Hey, Cam...
when did you start carrying a purse?
Fuck you, Myers.
You wanna commit suicide,
that's okay with me,
but I am gone.
Suse, come on.
You guys are
in real danger here.
Thanks for the warning.
Sorry about the evil spirits.
Nice girl...
for a psychic.
Get out and push.
Get out of the car
and push!
Lauren, get out of the car
and push!
Let's go. Come on!
Open the door!
Open the door!
Open the door!
What in the fuck is this thing?!
Oh, god!
- What the hell is this?
- Oh, my god.
I didn't open it.
It was downstairs
at the front door.
I brought it up
when you were working on the puppets.
- Susie? Susie!
- Lauren!
It got him.
- It got Cammie.
- What are you talking about?
- It was in the car with him.
- What got him?
He locked the door.
- He locked it in with him.
- Okay, sit down.
He got him. He go--
He got him. He got him.
Okay, I'm gonna check it out.
It's all my fault.
can you hear me?!
Get away from me!
My friends,
I am with you.
The magic must prevail.
his time has come.
A little rumble, huh, guys?
Way to go, Tunneler.
he scores.
Can she walk?
I doubt it.
She could remember then.
Where's Cameron?
- We gotta get her out of here.
- What happened to your arm?
Come on, we gotta go!
What are they doing?
The storm.
They're using the power
from the storm.
Lauren, don't!
Let's go!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Come on.
I am with you.
The magic that gives
my puppets life...
was stolen from a tribe
of ancient Egyptian sorcerers...
who pledged their allegiance
to the demon lord Sutekh.
He and his watchers--
his followers--
will stop at nothing
to guard their secrets.
They are committed to your death
and the deaths of all your followers.
Project Omega.
You have discovered the magic.
Use it to protect yourself.
- Guard the secret.
- What secret?
- The frequency.
- Wait, wait! What-What frequency?
Numeric sequence.
The energy of life.
You are very close.
The magic is in the formula.
Where is it?
The vial...
the rest of the formula?
Have you guys seen it?
Stay away from me.
- Oh! God! Oh, god, you're okay!
- I guess.
- What happened? What happened?
- Slow down. Slow down. Slow down.
Where's Lauren?
I'm really scared. I can't find her.
She'll be okay.
I got the sequence!
What do you mean?
The sequence-- the numeric sequence.
Toulon spoke to me.
Okay. Go up to the attic.
The puppets are there.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Wait. Where are you going?
- I'll be back in a minute.
Get off her, you little bastard!
Come on!
Oh, my god.
Come on, you little bastard.
Come on.
Come on!
Oh, shit!
Come on.
What happened?
Is she hurt?
No, but she was attacked.
I had to kill it.
- How many more could there be?
- You're bleeding.
I'm okay...
but I'm not so sure about Lauren.
Rick Myers,
you must animate the Decapitron.
Who are you?
The puppet master.
Is this the answer?
The Omega Project-- this is
what I've been searching for, right?
Only the Decapitron can
defeat the beast.
Create an electrical field.
The formula will generate
the projections.
Projections? You mean--
You mean linear projections?
My god,
that's what I've been experimenting with.
You must transcend linearity.
And that's the fifth button
from the top.
Let's boost the generator.
Come on,
come on, come on!
I'm back.
Puppet, don't hold back.
Come on!
All right, guys.
On your marks...
Ten, nine, eight...
seven, six, five...
four, three...
Stay back.
Come on!
Come on!
No, no!
Oh, come on!
Shit! I thought you just
killed that little shit!
I thought I did!
Oh, yeah!
That's it, come on.
Oh, no!
Go! Go!
- Come on! Come on!
- Do it!
Susie? Susie!
Lauren, answer me.
Let's get her outta here.
The power of the magic
has been set free.
It now needs a wise master
to channel and control it...
to keep it from evil.
You have been chosen,
Richard Myers.
Protect the magic
from those who seek to abuse it.
It is time to begin anew.
I am with you,
Puppet Master.