Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter (1994) Movie Script

can't believe this.
What about bail?
if you're charged
it'll be set pretty high.
Do you have any
relatives we could call?
My my my, ah ha!
What do we have here?
A boy wonder, graduated MIT at
the age of 15, is that right?
I got my masters at 17.
Mm, you're a real
smart guy, aren't you?
Know these people?
Yeah, the first
one's not too clear,
she's all shredded up.
Tag on her toe
says Leslie Piper.
Oh, Carlton Baker, your boss.
The phone systems say
you were the last person
to speak to him,
before they found him.
Considering my client has
not been charged with anything,
I would suggest that we...
Uh, just a minute, counselor.
Just a minute.
Rick, you did say that you
were into robotics, didn't you?
What is exactly that
Omega Systems is developing?
Uh, research and development.
Come on, Rick, you're
commissioned by Omega!
You and the kid at the hotel!
So you're trying to tell me
that all these deaths
are accidental?
You must think we're all
idiots here or something.
Alright, I have something
I want to show you both.
This film is from the camera
of Biotech Technology.
If you watch closely, you
will see Dr. Leslie Piper.
OK, that's about it.
On next turnaround,
the view is obscured
because of an overturned
desk, but uh...
you and I know how it turns
out in the end, don't we, Rick?
As I said before, detective,
since my client has
not been charged,
I'd appreciate it if we could...
Hold your horses, counselor,
you just hold your horses.
Take a look at
that picture, Rick.
Look at it, you notice
anything strange?
She looks...
Panicked, yeah.
She's about to die.
Anything else?
She uh...
Come on, huh?
Like how we can't
see the assailant?
For one?
And for two, how
she is constantly
looking down at that floor.
Like I told you, the
creatures are small.
15 to 18 inches.
You want small?
We found this in his hotel.
And that sure ain't no GI Joe.
Kind of a queer doll
for a grown boy to have,
wouldn't you say, counselor?
Until we examined
it, and we found
a mechanical system inside.
Sort of like a robot,
wouldn't you say, kid?
I'm fucked, aren't I?
Ricky Meyers, you
are under arrest
for the murder of
Cameron Phillips,
and as an accessory
to both the murders
of Dr. Leslie Piper
and Dr. Carlton Baker.
You have the right
to remain silent,
and anything you
say can and will
be used against you
in the court of law.
really didn't know
how to explain what
had happened to me.
All I knew was that
my life was never
going to be the same again.
I'd been a caretaker at the.
Bodega Bay Inn for
the off season.
Just me and my experiments.
I was researching
artificial intelligence,
trying to make my model
robots function autonomously.
I was working for Biotech,
a major
scientific-industrial concern
with Dr. Baker and Dr. Piper.
But some power was unleashed.
Some awesome power that
was beyond our control...
And after killing Baker
and Piper...
It came after me.
So you two know each other?
Oh you bet we do, we go all
the way back to the institute.
A coworker
of mine decided to visit.
Interrupting a planned
weekend with my girlfriend.
He brought along another girl.
A psychic who right away
suspected something was wrong.
This is terrific.
she ever right.
OK, mind if I sprint through
your program here, Ricardo?
I'd rather you didn't.
Come on, it's not like
I'm going to steal anything.
her channeling,
I found a trunk in a
room I'd never gone in.
Look at those.
A trunk
full of puppets.
Life-like puppets that had
been built by Andre Toulon.
He'd escaped Nazi
Germany and come here.
And his spirit was very present.
He'd been working on
the very equations
and theories that
I was working on.
He was afraid of what
to do with that power.
We found
vials of substance that,
when injected into the
puppets, gave them life.
By all accounts, real life,
and independent thought.
This is so stimulation.
It was amazing.
Somebody pinch me.
Get it off me, man!
Oh no...
the evil that was
tracking Dr. Baker and Dr. Piper
caught up with us.
We unleashed creatures
from the underworld
that were after the
same secret we were.
It was a nightmare that I
didn't believe at first.
Guys we got to
get out of here!
But as
the night wore on,
I couldn't escape the truth.
We banded
together and fought.
The puppets attacked the
creatures instinctively.
And the spirit of Toulon
guided us through the battle,
giving us courage,
and showing us
the way to defeat the beasts.
Get off her, you
little bastard!
We animated
Toulon's unfinished puppet,
Decapitron, to defeat
the strongest creature.
I think
Toulon and I knew
the job wasn't finished.
I am with you, the power of
the magic has been set free.
It now needs a wise master
to channel and control it.
To keep it from evil.
I am with you, Puppet Master.
And I knew
the worst was yet to come.
Rick, hi, what's happening?
Omega came through
with the bail.
Can you come pick me up?
Oh good, yeah of course, when?
I don't know, about an hour?
I got to go through processing,
and talk to one of the
administrators or something.
It shouldn't take me
longer than an hour.
I doubt if I'll be able
stay awake any longer.
I'll see you soon!
You know where I'll be!
Thank you, I've been here...
How are you, I'm Dr.
Lawrence Jennings,
I'm sorry for the delay,
I came as soon as I heard.
Oh, no, thank you,
I appreciate it.
Please, take a seat.
My god, aren't these
things disgusting...
God, you look exhausted!
Well I won't keep you long,
I realize you want to get
home as soon as possible.
Well, they closed
off the hotel, so...
I'll be staying
with my girlfriend.
Now obviously you
heard about Dr. Baker.
Omega has appointed me
Director of Operations.
Pending the board's final
decision next month, of course.
Of course, yeah, I
read your articles.
Dr. Baker briefed
me on your progress.
So, you think I'm
crazy, don't you?
I really have no idea what
to make of your statement.
It is outlandish.
However I haven't
been able to establish
any motive behind the
conspiracy theory.
So that's why I'm here,
to ask you personally.
What happened the other night?
Please file over
to my office right away,
and then when you're
finished with that...
So, the realization of
Omega threatens this, uh,
this ancient magic...
That's why they're
targeting the heads.
Baker, Piper, myself,
probably you...
And who are these people?
I'm not sure.
Then how do you know all this?
You do see my
problem, don't you?
You are asking an
awful lot of me.
Little monsters,
an agency or cult
protecting some ancient magic?
You must admit it is
really, rather fantastic.
I agree.
Well look, I haven't
come here to debate
the plausibility of your story.
I bailed you out because I
happen to thin you're innocent.
What is it that
you're not telling me?
I mean this guy,
he's going full speed,
and you know it's high pursuit,
also right in the middle
of nowhere he just stops!
Excuse me?
Hi, I'm looking for Rick Myers.
Could you wait over there?
Alright, so how old
are these puppets then?
Oh well, um...
Toulon died shortly
after the war.
So that's got to
make them at least
50 years old, maybe more.
50 years old and the
parameters are self-generating?
Oh please, come on.
I mean how can this be?
Well, the mechanics
are actually quite basic.
From what I can establish,
the fuel is the catalyst.
And you say there are seven
of these puppets
still at the hotel?
Uh, no, six.
The police have one here.
As evidence.
They think I programmed it to
kill Dr. Piper and Dr. Baker.
Mr. Myer, there's
someone outside that says
she's here to take you home.
Thank you, tell her
I'll be there in a second.
Uh, Dr. Jennings, I
hope you don't mind.
I haven't slept
in a couple days.
Oh, really, sure, of course.
Go on home.
Talk to you tomorrow.
You look terrible.
I've felt better.
I just want to sleep.
There'll be time
for that later...
Come on.
Come on.
Sweet dreams.
Those in the up
world, remain in danger.
My watchers have been destroyed,
but Toulon has not yet escaped.
His secret will
be revealed to me,
and I will have it in my powers.
My special child, my
ultimate creation,
will be awakened
from his slumber.
Awake, my child.
Yes, that's right, mmhmm.
I hope you both realize
that I can't alter
or establish any new
agenda for Omega.
I may be replaced as Director
of Operations next month!
All I'm saying is that my power
is really terribly limited.
Well our only concern, Doctor,
is that the choices you do
make as acting director,
are both profitable for
Omega, and of course yourself.
I assume Dr. Jennings we
are secure in here, right?
Uh, oh absolutely, yeah.
Um, you do understand
don't you that
all funding from the
Pentagon has been rejected
on the grounds that Omega is
not to be used for
military purposes.
Now, uh, I don't quite
sure how you gentlemen
expect me to get around such
a restrictive precedent.
The Pentagon has no
interest in interfering with.
Omega's future applications,
however our sources
tell us that you're very close
in realizing the project.
And we though perhaps
your mainframe database
and current prototype
might somehow,
shall we say, be available?
For which, Dr.
Jennings, we would be
gladly willing to make a
sizable donation to the project.
To be allocated Dr.
Jennings, of course,
by you, the Director
of Operations.
As you see fit.
You do understand our
position, buddy boy?
Oh, absolutely.
Yes, and I appreciate
your interest, gentlemen.
And I'm sure your contribution
can be made use of.
We appreciate you
giving us a call, Doctor.
It's comforting to know that
there's still businessmen
like yourself,
open to assistance.
We'll be expecting
to hear from you.
Oh, you can count on it.
Thank you, Dr. Jennings.
I think he's had
it up a nostril.
What do you think?
Don't touch me.
Ah yes, this is Dr. Jennings,
get me the Phoenix division,
would you, Tom Henry.
Thank you.
Tom, Lawrence Jennings.
Listen, how busy are
you at the moment?
I've just got a little
proposition for you.
Oh it's quite painless,
and very profitable.
Greetings, Puppet Master.
How'd you get here?
Dumb question.
The others?
Are they still in the hotel?
They are.
All right.
We got to get them.
All right?
You and me.
Something's not right.
Hey there, it's me, Susie.
I told you I'd be back to visit.
The nurse tells me you've
been coming in and out today.
It's good.
Tom, thanks for being
here at such short notice.
No problem, glad I
could help you out.
This is Scott.
Mr. Henry has assured me
you gentlemen are trustworthy,
I trust his recommendation.
Now the only thing illegal
about tonight's work,
is we're going to have to do
a little bit of trespassing,
nothing serious, I assume
that's not a big problem!
No prob.
Easy money.
Oh yes, yeah.
Very easy indeed.
Oh lord of darkness.
Master of the underworld.
Prepare to rise, my child.
Breathe, my child, and
live to kill, my child.
Your life will be my life.
My blood will be your blood.
Your power will be my power!
We will share the same thoughts,
the same rage.
What Sutekh hath created,
let no man cut asunder.
Drink deep, my
child, drink deep.
Now once we're inside,
what we're looking for
are six string-less puppets.
It shouldn't take us
more than about an hour.
On second thoughts, maybe two.
Now come on, what
are you waiting for?
Go ahead, smash it,
don't cut yourself.
We'd better find Myers'
room, start from there.
Hey, you want to
get paid or what?
Let's go.
This must be it, Tom.
I ain't real here, chief.
What is it we're
looking for, exactly?
Like I said,
they are string-less,
they're between 30 and
40 centimeters high,
and they all have internal
hydraulic mechanism.
Hmm, mechanisms.
Just pick up anything
that looks like a puppet, OK?
Come on, get it open.
Ow, OK.
There we ago.
OK, you good?
All right, I'm sorry
buddy, I just don't
want that cabby to see you.
Don't stick me!
Little puppets in here?
Come on out, put your hands up.
Hey boss, what do
you got over there?
Is that one of them?
No, I don't think
so, it's too crude.
You know it's
possible they may have
been moved during
the investigation.
Yeah, we're going to
have to widen the search.
Scott, you check
out the basement,
see if there's any
sign of them there.
Jason, you start on
the second floor.
Anybody see anything, you
come and get me immediately, OK?
I'll keep searching up here.
You got it, boss.
Prepare to take my power.
To become me.
You are growing alive.
I am growing inside you.
Receive the power.
Drink in my evil.
Become me!
Is that you, Scott?
Hey, knock it off guys, come on!
All right, it's obvious that
you don't know who
you messing with!
You goin' get it now.
You goin' get it now!
Come on, I see you, I got you!
Hey, any luck?
Kid probably is crazy.
Hey what happened with
the game last night?
I don't know man, I
fucking hate baseball.
Hey you guys!
I think I got one!
Come here, god damn it!
We should go.
Oh I got one here!
I bet he ain't found shit.
Hey, I
got one, hey guys!
I think I got something!
Wait, you little bastard...
Over here!
Over here!
Something was following
me, so I chased it
around the corner, and then
it disappeared into the vent!
Fast little bastards.
Looks like they're
still active.
They're probably travelling
through the vents.
We should each take a floor.
You think those
things are dangerous?
Oh please, don't be ridiculous.
OK Jason you take the fourth
floor, I'll take the third.
Scott you should check
out the dining area,
and Tom...
Well maybe you should
just stay here.
Hey at least we know they're
still in the hotel, OK?
Now come on, go.
Why do I have to stay here?
No seriously, I mean
why is it always me?
Lauren, Lauren,
it's me, Susie!
Lauren, Lauren!
Take it easy, miss!
It's all right!
It's all right!
Be still.
Come on, Rick.
Come on.
Where did you go?
All right.
Let's go find your
friends, Blade.
But be quiet.
Hey guys!
Where the hell are you guys?
OK you.
All right, you go find them.
You are now ready to
receive the final power.
To accept the ultimate
evil from our lord.
Take the power.
Take the very life
force from me.
The very essence of evil.
The fountain of rage.
Drink deep from the
fountain of evil, my child!
Drink it in.
And let it flow
through your body.
You will now have the power
to travel through the portal,
and go to the up world.
To destroy those
who have the secret.
You and I are twins of evil.
Go forth and destroy!
What's going on?
What's going on...
Help me?
What a night.
Come on, come to papa.
Get out of here,
you little bastards.
Come on.
Come to papa.
No, take it off, please!
Get off, get it off me!
You fucker!
Get off!
Help me?
Life force, Rick?
Life Force Rick?
Life force, Rick...
Life force?
What, wait...
Wait wait wait,
what's happening?
I've got company.
You find anything?
No, not so far.
You know Myers said
something about an
unstable electrical current
affecting their mechanism.
Who knows, maybe the
storm shut them down.
Look, uh, you go
find the others,
I'm going to make another
sweep of the upper floors.
See if something's
turned up, OK?
You got it.
Come out, come out
wherever you are!
Come on now.
Son of a bitch...
Stay right where
you at there, boy.
So you what all the
fuss is about, huh?
Somebody been feeding
you steroids there, boy?
You sure are an
ugly piece of shit.
Ah god!
Cracked my jaw,
you little bastard!
You better run!
Life force...
life force...
you must kill the beast.
There is a fault where you are.
Kill the beast.
You must kill the beast!
There you are,
where are the others?
Who else is here.
Four of them?
Well, OK.
Let's find the others and
get the hell out of here.
Now what?
Oh where are you,
you little buggers?
Hello, hello?
Oh, well well, what
do we have here?
Something heavy has
been dragged in.
All right you little
asshole, I know you're in here!
I know you's hiding.
Yes, that's pretty damn funny,
you hitting me like
that in the jaw.
And I was laughing
my ass off there.
Yeah, you stay right there boy,
I won't hurt you.
Now take you to live
with this nice family
out in the country.
Yeah you going to like it.
Yeah, you're going to
have all kinds of fun!
You tough guy, huh?
You tough, boy?
Tough guy?
Yeah we'll see how tough you are
with a hunk of
lumber up your butt.
Pucker up.
Kiss your achey,
breaky ass buh-bye.
Come on, guys, are we
on the same team or what?
We're on the same team
guys, remember that.
Where are you guys?
Hey, cut the crap, answer me!
Wow, wait a minute!
Wow, yes!
Oh you are beautiful...
You're a work of art!
What do they call
you, little...
I didn't do anything!
Leave me alone!
Hey, little guy.
Where's Rick?
You stay here, OK?
Oh shit!
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
Oh shit!
Where's Pinhead and Jester?
OK, we got to find them.
Blade, take Tunneler, and you
work your way to the attic!
Six Shooter, Torch,
go downstairs and
meet in the lobby!
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
Dr. Jennings?
Rick we got to get
out, there's something
deadly in here!
Where's Susie?
Hold on, I'm coming to get you!
What did you do
with the puppets?
Fuck the puppets, are
you out of your mind?
A man has just been killed!
Whatever killed him
is after the puppets!
What are you doing here?
Lauren became
hysterical earlier
and told me you were in trouble!
I tried calling you!
We got to find the puppets
and then get out of here.
What's going on?
God damn it!
What's happening!?
Now what do you want?
Those things aren't
back, are they?
Come on!
What is it?
The formula!
the formula Rick!
Help me kill beast?
Force is Rick!?
What does this mean?
Kill the beast!
Oh my god!
Oh, you're incredible!
You are incredible,
and worth staying for!
Definitely worth staying for!
Is this Toulon?
Help me?
Who are you?
You must
destroy the demon!
The avatar from hell!
Come on, get the
puppets together,
we're getting out of here!
What do you mean, no?
We can't.
You don't understand.
I can't leave, it's just going
to keep on coming back here!
Jennings, take Susie and
get the hell out of here!
What about Lauren?
I don't know!
Where's Decapitron?
Decapa who?
Where is it?
They hid him.
Gimme that, gimme.
OK little guy, get comfortable.
We've been through this before.
OK, what I need...
Susie, hook up those
wires to the circuit!
Rick, can we just take
this one and go, please?
That won't do anything.
We have their magic!
They're going to keep coming
until they get it back,
or until they're stopped.
Now, are you going
to help me or not?
Yeah, forgive me Rick, but
I would really rather not
stick around here and wait
for that thing to find us.
Call me nervous, but I've
lost one man already,
I don't even know where
the other two are!
Look, I need your help!
You're a scientist,
for Christ's sake.
Come on!
Aren't you curious?
What's it going to be?
What do you want me to do?
Alright so the main
fuse panel is over there.
It's hooked up to the generator,
we'll need a steady current.
Their fuel acts as a
conduit for raw electricity,
allowing autonomous parameters.
Basically, life.
Jennings, get over
by the fuse panel.
The fuck happened?
Dr. Jennings?
If the fuel lines are
up, we should be OK.
Now, up on one!
Just like old times.
Is this right?
OK, up on two!
No, no, up on two!
No, we haven't got
it yet, turn it over!
They're on Rick, they're on!
Nothing's happening!
Turn it over!
Like I said, they're
all on, nothing!
OK, we got it!
Oh my god.
Come on, come on.
This is Omega.
There it is!
Where the hell are you guys?
This is just...
My god
Sutekh has come to
reclaim his magic.
You are in great danger,
leave this place.
The puppets and I will see
that the Dark
Pharaoh is destroyed.
Go, whilst is time.
OK, we're out of here!
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
We can't leave them...
What are you talking about?
I am talking about
the future of robotics!
The realization of Omega!
You cannot leave
those puppets, Rick,
who knows what's going
to happen to them?
Those puppets can
take care of themselves!
For Christ's sake,
all we want is one!
If you take just
one of those puppets,
just one of them, that thing
will eventually hunt you down!
This is the second time this
has happened in
less than a week.
I'm not pressing my luck.
Dr. Jennings?
Hey this ain't funny anymore!
Guys, where are you all?
Heraldo wouldn't even
believe this story.
Hey, wait for me!
You were right about
those puppets, Rick,
we'll leave the bloody things!
Get away from me
you motherfucker!
What are you doing!?
Go, Susie!
Rick, no!
Uh, hi guys.
You going down?
Oh shit...
Three lives have
been lost tonight,
to your senseless greed.
Well I mean this is
ridiculous, you're just puppets,
for Christ's sake!
Hey, no, no, no, come on!
Please, no.
Wait a minute, come on now!
Rick, are you all right?
Let's go!
Hey hey, come on, please!
Guys, come on, I never
did anything to you!
Don't do this to
me, come on now!
Oh no, no no no, oh please!
Rick, come on,
wake up, let's go!
Rick, come on!
Rick, wake up!
Sutekh exists
in our world now.
His powers will be
hard to overcome.
Sutekh is after the Puppet
Master, we have no time.
Damn you!
You should not have entered
through the portal, Sutekh.
Your powers have diminished.
You have made
yourself vulnerable.
I will always have the
power to destroy you!
You and your coven can no
longer control the power.
The magic has changed over.
You are no match for me!
But the magic is!
Come on!
Run, Susie!
Sutekh, you will be destroyed.
You will not defeat me!
You have mastered well
the secrets of the ancients.
And my powers here are
spent, but for one, behold!
Even you cannot
prevent my escape!
For once I summon the
portal to my world,
no power can prevent
my returning!
Escape from this dimension
cannot be permitted, Sutekh.
Nor can it be prevented!
Your reservation's
just been canceled.
Oh, uh, hour and 22.
How many miles?
15, even better
than yesterday!
So, how are all my
boys this morning?
Well, those guys are
OK, as you can see,
but Decapitron
needs a little work.
I'm going to take a shower.
And no peaking,
All things have their
time, and mine has passed.
The future is yours, Rick,
as well as the magic.
Guard and protect it
and keep it from evil.
I am with you, Puppet Master.
know that the spirit
of Toulon will
always be with me.
But I also know there will
be more evil to fight.
At least I'll have a few friends
to go into battle with me.