Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich (2018) Movie Script

# Every kiss I get is stolen
# From your wife, who waits for you #
# And the fire you bring me in your arms #
# Is gone by the morning dew
# Though I have no right to hold you #
# I'm too weak to say... #
How many is that now?
You need to call him a taxi.
I'm not trying to be mean.
It's that old guy again.
- Should you let the manager know?
- The guy hasn't done anything.
That's how it is with creeps, right up until
the day that they decide to do something.
- He's probably harmless.
- Nobody's harmless...
...especially a male, nobody.
Excuse me. Can I sit down?
You're allowed to sit wherever you'd like.
- Thank you.
- What would you like to drink?
A soda water...
...with lemon.
Please cut it in half.
- That's $1.
- Thank you.
Have anything smaller than that?
All my bills are that size.
I'll get you your change.
During my prior visits
to this establishment...
...you were tending the bar.
Do you really enjoy that work?
When the customers are respectful, I do.
But, uh...
...you have ambitions, don't you?
That's not any of your business.
Perhaps I'm mistaken...
...I am from Europe and do not know
all of these local customs...
...but I thought that the primary
responsibility of a bartender...
...is to serve and engage
the customers in a conversation.
Is companionship something that you offer?
Make one more insinuation,
and I'll have you thrown out.
So, where are you from in Europe?
I'm from France.
My father is French, and my mother is German.
But I lived in many places.
Well, I don't know how things are
back there, but in this country...
...people don't wear hats when they
sit down someplace to have a drink.
So, you want me to take my hat off?
I'm letting you know the customs,
since you're such a respectful guy.
Tell me something.
Are you an acquaintance of hers?
Bartender? The man here wants
to know if we're acquainted.
Disgusting homosexuals.
Mind if I turn it down a bit?
Too loud?
No. I just want to talk about something.
What's on your mind?
Well... what we talked about last week.
Having a baby?
Yeah. I think...
...I think now would be the perfect time.
Me too.
- Did you hear that?
- It came from the back.
Harrow, come take a look at this.
Maybe like a... a raccoon,
when it stands on its hind legs...
...begging for scraps?
I'll call it in.
Get ready for something different.
Hello, Dad.
- You letting yourself go?
- What?
- That stain on your face.
- Oh. I'm, um...
...working on a beard.
Thought I'd try a new look.
Well, you might want to remove some
of that jewelry you got on. It's dated.
I do not remember putting that on.
- Mom.
- Oh! How are you?
- I'm fine. I'm fine.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
- You look well.
- Don't patronize him.
- I'm not.
Divorce can be very hard to go through,
and I think you look very well...
...especially when you consider...
I cleaned up your old room.
Any idea how long you intend to stay?
Uh, well, I'm gonna look for apartments
when I'm off work this weekend, so...
- ...I don't think very long.
- I'd like that in writing.
Oh, you are a delight.
Are you feeling sorry for yourself...
...coming in here,
going through his stuff, wallowing?
Dad, if you don't want me here,
just say so, but Mom invited me, okay?
You've been at your worst since I got here,
and, also, your best is... not great, so...
Your lecture would have had a lot more impact
if you weren't holding a doll in your hands.
- You know what? I can just go stay at...
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
Your mom wants you here, it's fine by me.
- Okay.
- Any of that stuff valuable?
That box has just been sitting
in that closet forever.
Well, you wanna sell it
on the computer, keep the cash.
I don't think I'd sell any of this stuff, no.
All right. Up to you.
Home by 7:00, you can have dinner with us.
If not, we'll set something aside for you.
You know...
...I was disappointed when I found out
you and Jennifer separated.
I really thought she'd make a good mother.
She was a real good looker, too...
...especially for a guy who...
...works in a comic-book store and draws.
I'm sure that was supposed to come out nicer.
Hey. That'll be $12.
- I've got $9.85. Can you do some type...
- No, no, no, no, no, no. No charity, okay?
If you don't have enough, you can steal
from your mommy like everybody else.
- You're a jerk-off.
- Perhaps I am, yes...
...but that does not diminish
the value of my advice to you.
You want me to hold these back here
or put them back on the shelves?
You can hold them.
- You drawing anything new these days?
- Hmm? No, not really.
You should do more Madame Lightning.
- Mm, maybe.
- She's hot.
- I think you should work on something new.
- Yeah, I will. I just, um...
...I've been very, uh...
You've been pretty distracted.
Oh, yeah, I have been.
- Eddy Easton?
- Yeah?
Do you remember me?
- I'm Ashley... Ashley Summers.
- Oh, my God. Mike's little sister.
- Yeah. You remember.
- Oh. Wow.
I know I looked kind of
different before, but...
- Are you still over there?
- Mm-hmm, yeah. But it's just me now.
Mike's in the Coast Guard.
I don't know if he told you.
And my parents moved to Florida, so...
- Oh, sorry. Am I interrupting you? I...
- No, I... I was looking at the old thing...
...'cause, um, honestly, work was bad, and...
...the idea of having dinner
with my parents right now is, uh...
You wanna join us for a walk
around the block?
Oh. You're walking a cat.
Hypothetically. Yeah.
- So, what are you doing now?
- I'm getting a sociology degree...
- ...and working at a record shop.
- Oh, cool.
I love records. I mean, when they first
came out, we called them "records..."
...before they were "vinyl" when hipster
douchebags just made them to seem all retro.
But, honestly, I'd probably agree with
any statement that contained the phrase...
"...hipster douchebags."
- Sorry.
- Oh. So...
...will Rhonda get jealous
if I ask you for your number?
- Yes.
- Okay.
But she can deal.
Do you want to go to the auction, hmm?
Jesus. Ow.
Well, you definitely seem like
a toy that a maniac would make.
Don't stab or hook anything.
Do you guys remember where you got
that puppet for James, the, um...
...creepy one with the, uh...
the skull face and the hat?
I don't. Do you?
We didn't actually buy that for James.
He found it when he was at sleepaway camp.
I would never have bought him
something like that.
He really wanted to keep it, so we let him.
Where was his sleepaway camp?
You know, this used to be
better before he could fly...
- ...back when he leapt over stuff.
- Why?
Because jumping hundreds of feet
in the air is a logical extrapolation...
...of superhuman strength, right?
Whereas flying...
...displays a flagrant disregard
for the laws of physics, okay?
Unless his body was somehow
magnetically opposed to the Earth...
...or somehow magnetically attracted
to the sun, which is ridiculous.
- He's just too powerful if he can fly.
- Yeah, but he's also bulletproof. So...
- ...what's the difference?
- He's bullet-resistant.
- Hey!
- Hi.
- You must be Ashley.
- I am.
- And you're Markowitz?
- Are you impressed?
Just don't even... don't even engage him.
That's the best thing to do. Just...
- Just look over here, so...
- What's this? You going somewhere?
I was actually thinking about going to
that convention at the end of the month.
Oh, my God. Do you wanna go?
Mm, to a convention celebrating a bunch of
sick murders that happened 30 years ago?
Things like that exemplify absolutely
everything that's wrong with our society.
- So, that's a yes?
- Yeah.
Oh, cool. Okay. I figured you'd want to.
- You okay there?
- I'm sorry. I just...
...I get this really weird cough
when I'm not invited to things. It's a...
- You wanna come to the convention?
- No.
Oh, my God, I would love
to join you two. Thank you.
That was not an official invitation, okay?
- You gonna un-invite me?
- Mm-hmm.
Your very close friend and tolerant employer?
Okay, if you're gonna come,
just a couple rules. Ready?
There's no eating in the car.
There's no drinking in the car.
There's no smoking in the car.
There's no black metal in the car...
...no thrash metal, no death metal.
- What about... wait, wait, wait...
- No grindcore. And you're paying for gas.
Hold on a second, Genghis McHitler.
You're gonna make me follow all
these rules and then also pay for gas?
These are my terms. They are non-negotiable.
Do you still want to come?
Yes, I do, although now
it's mostly just to spite you.
That's fine.
Hey, Ashley, do you know
any another 7 1/2s...
...that you could maybe... I mean,
I would go as low as, like, a 7...
- ...or a very skilled 6 1/2.
- This is grindcore.
You heard about it
your whole life. This is it.
Very good. Carry on, driver.
- It was your brother's, right... the puppet?
- Yeah, he, uh...
...he found it at sleepaway camp
the summer before his, uh...
I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to bring up anything sad. I...
No, no. Look, we're...
...we're selling one of James's toys. It's...
...bound to come up.
You know, grindcore
would help us avoid this topic.
Also, uh... I don't know... toplessness?
But you're only an A-cup.
Maybe a B.
Might you try being polite
to you boyfriend's boss, Sugarbat?
No nicknames for Blondie here.
Fine, Mussolini.
- You wanna...
- Nice.
Enjoy your stay.
Hi. Welcome to the Brass Buckle.
- You here for the convention?
- Yes, we are. Yeah.
Perfect. Uh, what names
are your reservations under?
Uh, there's two. One's under, uh, Easton.
One's under Markowitz.
You must be Markowitz.
Why? 'Cause I look like a Jew?
- Are you Markowitz?
- Yes.
Then there's nothing to be
upset about, now, is there?
All right, here's this.
Please, if you could just... thank you.
- Mm-hmm. Okay.
- Sign right here. Thank you very much.
- Right there. Thank you.
- Okay.
- There's one key, and your second key.
- Okay.
You're all checked in...
102 and the other one.
Um, I'm Howie, if you need anything.
And these pamphlets right here have
the entire convention schedule on them.
Also, there's a coupon to the Toulon
Mansion Tour, if you'd like to go.
- There's one more today at 5:30.
- Thanks, Howie.
Thank you. Enjoy your stay.
- It's good.
- Yeah.
- Let's do this.
- Okay.
Wait. Aren't we meeting
Markowitz in like 10 minutes?
- We'll do it twice, then.
- Mmm.
Mmm. Not bad for a comic-book guy.
Remind me your name.
You're an idiot.
I wasn't able to find you a 7 1/2...
- Oh.
- ...or a skilled 6.
But, uh, I appreciate
you sharing Edgar with me.
- I'm happy to.
- Thanks.
Who knows? I might be able to pick up
a rural 7 1/2 in the hotel bar.
It is very depressing in there.
It might give me the edge.
Hey, have you, um... you checked out
Madame Lightning yet, the comic Edgar did?
No. I mean, not yet.
Of course, I will, but, uh...
- You should. It's really good.
- Yeah.
Yeah. I'm sure it's great.
Let's get started, shall we?
My name is Carol Doreski
and I'll be your tour guide this evening.
I'm a retired police officer...
...who was part of the team
that raided this mansion 30 years ago.
Yes, I was one of the shooters.
Andre Toulon... note the pronunciation...
...was born in Paris, France, in 1907.
Not much is known about his life in Europe,
though from a very early age...
...he was involved with the family business.
That was manufacturing, selling...
...and performing with puppets.
We had three of his puppets
in that display case over there...
...before they got stolen.
And this...
...is one of only
two surviving photographs...
...of Les Fantoches Magiques de Toulon.
Translated, that means,
"The Magical French Puppets of Toulon."
...Andre Toulon was imprisoned in Paris...
...for three years in the late 1920s...
...and twice for shorter durations
in Norway and Luxembourg.
After his third incarceration...
...Toulon moved to Germany...
...where he remained
until shortly after the war.
Somebody fled to Germany?
During his time in the Fatherland, Toulon...
...resumed his puppet show.
Blueprints for this mansion
and bars of gold...
...were sent from Germany
to the Unites States by Toulon...
...as World War II
turned in favor of the Allies.
Four weeks after Germany
surrendered, Toulon...
...along with his wife, Madeline...
...boarded an ocean liner
bound for the United States.
It was during this journey
that Mrs. Toulon...
...jumped from the ship...
...and committed suicide.
The walls of this chamber are soundproof.
On the day that the police
entered the premises...
...these four cots were occupied by women.
Three of them were alive,
but in terrible shape.
...eyes had been gouged out...
...and their bodies were covered
with burns and lacerations.
All of them were insane.
And the two who were eventually identified...
...were both Jewish.
Note the holes in the middle
of the mattresses and the drain...
...on the floor below them.
It appears the war did not end
in Germany for Andre Toulon.
The swastika in the center
is more than eight feet tall.
Actually, when I grew up in Germany, we
never said "swastika." We said "Hakenkreuz."
You have anything else you wanna add,
since you're the expert?
Is that a... "nein"?
Follow me downstairs.
This is a partial collection...
...of Andre Toulon's extensive library.
In total, the library
has volumes on biology...
...astrology, numerology...
...eschatology, and demonology...
...among other more esoteric subjects.
These were written
in 38 different languages...
...not including the papyrus scrolls
in that case over there...
...which are in two languages
yet to be identified.
Yes, we checked the Internet.
...I'd like you to pay
close attention to the volumes...
...prominently displayed in the case.
Those are from the private library...
...of Adolf Eichmann.
Eichmann is credited with organizing...
...the "Final Solution."
It sounds like Toulon
deserved worse than what he got.
You're quite right, my friend.
This cellar workshop is where Andre Toulon...
...manufactured puppets
for his mail-order business.
It is unclear how many of these puppets...
...were made and sent around
the United States Europe, and Asia...
...though 60 or so of them
are expected be in Postville...
...by tomorrow for the auction.
This room...
...is where we found Andre Toulon...
...on the day that we forced our way inside.
...raised his gun...
...which was a Luger.
And we shot him...
...four times.
He fell to the ground and died...
...taking a single shot.
I've often wondered...
maybe he wanted to be executed.
At least, I hope so.
Andre Toulon's body was claimed
by a distant relative and laid to rest...
...in that mausoleum.
What are the rods
coming out of the... the top?
Oh, uh, no one's really sure.
Speculation is that it has
some sort of occult significance.
His library was full of that stuff.
Because they don't go with the rest
of the architecture, you know?
No, I guess they don't.
Well, this is the end of the tour.
Feel free to look around
for a few more minutes...
...and ask me any additional questions.
Cool. Thank you.
- You guys need a jump?
- Thanks, but I already tried that.
- I'm not sure what could be wrong with it.
- Good luck.
Hey, there's one right there. Right there.
Oh. Hi.
Sorry. We probably knocked it over
when we were rushing earlier.
Think somebody who works here took him?
I think that a lot of very valuable
collectibles all arrived in a small town...
...at the same time and I was
a fucking moron to trust a hotel lock.
- Hello?
- Yeah. This is Edgar Easton...
...and I'm in 336. Um...
Rester dans l'ombre.
- Yes?
- Hello?
- Hello? Hello?
- Hello? Hello, sir?
Hi... yes, this is Edgar Easton. Sorry.
There was some interference on the line.
Yeah, I'm... I'm in 336.
Something of mine is, uh, stolen.
- Okay. I'll... I'll see what I can do.
- Okay.
Did that voice say, "Rester dans l'ombre"?
I think so, yes.
Why? What does that mean?
It's French.
It means, "Remain in the shadows."
Something just went under the bed.
Like what? A cockroach? A mouse?
- Jason.
- Yeah?
Our Kaiser's gone.
You know where it is?
Yeah. Hold on a sec.
He's down here.
How'd he get over there?
I don't know. Housekeepers, I guess.
Well, after what we saw today
in the Toulon Mansion...
...I wouldn't have minded if it got stolen.
Having something like that
makes me really uncomfortable.
Lots of Jewish people
collect Nazi memorabilia...
...medals, pamphlets,
posters, stuff like that.
My Uncle Shelley does.
Where'd this guy go?
Is it to remind him
of what happened back then?
It's a reminder, sure, but there's also
a feeling of empowerment there, you know?
Like saying to the Nazis...
"...Your big plans of genocide
and world domination didn't work...
...and now your symbols are nothing
more than trinkets for us to collect...
...souvenirs of your failure
and our survival."
Hang it up in the closet.
- You ever worked at a strip club?
- No.
You could.
And that's supposed to be a compliment?
I bet you don't have any tan lines.
I was right.
Fuck! What the fuck are you doing?
- Fuck! What the fuck?
- Shit.
What the fuck?
David Starr starts in Toronto
with the superkick to the face.
- Oh! What elevation on that...
- Kill the bastard son of a bitch!
...nearly jumped out of the building!
- This is lucha libre rules...
- Total bullshit, man!
Although not spent a lot of time in Mexico...
...maybe not super familiar
with lucha libre rules.
David Starr not endearing himself
to this wrestling crowd.
Another beer?
What do you want from the Cuddly Bear?
I want to buy that woman a drink.
What's she having?
Need a moment to figure your strategy, cuz?
I'd like to have a tea bag
of whatever she's having.
This will just take a few seconds.
No rush.
I would like you to deliver this tea bag
to the bookish blonde over there.
Cuddly Bear can do that.
From the tall gentleman at the end.
- Want another martini?
- Yeah.
Uh, and I think I might order some food, too.
All right. Nerissa, wants to order.
How much would it cost me to, uh, drop
a laxative in the bookish blonde's drink?
- $750.
- That is a very high and specific price.
Cuddly Bear don't wanna hurt nobody...
...even a hater...
...but Mrs. Cuddly Bear
wants herself a new hi-def TV.
Cuddly Bear's got principles,
but he also got priorities.
- Markowitz.
- Cuddly Bear.
Yeah. I heard. Hey, have a drink on me.
Thanks, cuz.
- I'll be right back for your order.
- Thank you. Wait, wait. Wait a second.
- Is that an Empress Asayuki pin?
- You know Empress Asayuki?
I have every manga and DVD.
Well, good to know. I'll be back very soon.
Postville P.D.
Edgar Easton? You're the one that
reported your doll missing, correct?
I did. And it's a puppet.
- Is she with you?
- Yes, she is.
- Name?
- Ashley Summers.
- Your girlfriend?
- Uh...
...we're dating. Right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Did she know about the doll,
what it was worth?
She did. Uh, I don't understand
what that has to do with anything.
When did you first tell her about the doll?
I don't understand
what that has to do with it.
You don't have to understand. Just tell me,
when did you first tell her about the doll?
I don't know.
A little over a week ago, maybe.
Was that before or after
you two first had intercourse?
- None of your business.
- No, it's my business because...
Edgar told me about the puppet
exactly one week after...
...we'd had intercourse for the first time.
We did it 3 more times that day
and approximately 11 more times...
...the following week.
Need any other stats, Gramps?
No, you told me more than plenty.
Now, when did you first notice
your doll missing?
Please don't say, "Doll." And if you saw it,
I swear you would never say "doll."
It's a doll. It's a doll. Ma'am?
Ma'am, Postville P.D. Do you speak English?
- Yeah, I do. Of course. Yeah.
- So, what's all the commotion?
- Well, someone stole mein puppets.
- How many puppets do you have?
Five of them.
And two were in near-mint condition.
Five puppets?
This incident is starting
to turn into a happening.
Mom, just want to take some
time and re-evaluate things...
...you know, not rush into
anything like I did last time.
Yeah, and the gallery is taking up
plenty of my attention now.
No, not once since New Year's...
...not even a little sip.
Thanks. It was hard at first, but, uh...
...now I don't even miss it.
Yeah, except maybe a little bit at openings.
Yeah, well, we'll see.
There's at least eight others
that are up for auction, and...
...the condition of mine... you know...
...it isn't the best.
I'm hoping to get like $3,000 for it...
...maybe $2,000.
Okay. Yeah. Go enjoy your bridge game.
Say hi to Betty for me. Bye, Mom.
Bye, Mom.
Okay, here it comes. Yes, Jonathan...
Anne? Was that you?
Anne, you making that noise?
Hey. You fall asleep, babe?
What the fuck? Babe!
Oh, fuck! Fuck! What... babe!
What the fuck happened to you?
Hey, wanna go to a strip club?
- You're a genius.
- Totally.
You're a genius.
You already forgot about
the strip club, didn't you?
No, man. No, I didn't forget.
You see those things?
What things?
The three little guys
that just ran under the van.
That sounds "doobie-ous."
Howie, I'm gonna need the first and last
name of every guest in the hotel, okay?
What are you looking so nervous about?
The police make me nervous.
Where were you...
That's unbelievable. Where?
All right. I'm on my way
with the hotel manager.
- What's that?
- What's going on?
Uh, just, um... there's...
Oh, my God.
Huh? What? Both of them? The Gottliebs?
Ah. I'll... I'll tell the police.
Just keep the door shut
and don't touch anything, okay?
Detective Brown, uh...
...two more bodies
were found by housekeeping.
- We should leave. We really... yeah. Okay.
- Yeah, we should go. Get your stuff.
Hold on a sec. What is that?
- Edgar...
- I just... I...
- Wait right there.
- I wouldn't, um...
...go in there.
And a dip lock! He's so strong.
Has he flipped anybody as big as Moose?
Hey, Howie!
There's a lot of blood down here!
Uh, Dete... Detective Brown? Detective Brown?
We need you out here, please. This is...
- What now?
- I don't know. Just come this way.
- Who's staying in this room?
- Hezekiah Buckland.
Hezekiah Buckland...
what kind of name is that?
It's a gypsy name.
I Googled it.
These are hate crimes, Detective.
A gypsy, a lesbian, and a Jewish couple
have all been murdered.
Please let me do my job, all right?
This is my job.
Howie, I want every guest
in the hotel downstairs...
...in the lobby of the convention center
right now. Attendance is mandatory.
- Yeah.
- If they're not dead, they're suspects.
Walker, you know the drill.
Tape off the room. Nobody gets in.
Come on, Howie. Let's go.
- Edgar, what's happening?
- Hi. Um, we're gonna text Markowitz...
- ...and see if he's okay.
- Okay.
- Have you ever been to Dallas before?
- Um, twice.
I liked it there,
but it was pretty expensive.
Well, not if you know
the right spots to hit and, um...
...have a place to stay.
- You didn't hide it from me.
- What?
Your password. Most people hide it from me.
Uh, my last boyfriend did.
Well... I trust you.
And, plus, Empress Asayuki
is a woman of honor, is she not?
Yeah. Yeah, she is.
No, no.
Okay. I got to tell you,
this is just technically fan fiction...
...but I prefer it significantly to, like,
the last two or three theatrical releases.
- That's cool.
- Yeah.
- You're selling one at the auction?
- One what?
That's not mine. Actually,
I don't really know how that got here.
Mm. Maybe it walked.
Looks like somebody
ripped off one of his arms.
This one doesn't have any hair, either.
I don't think this Edgar's.
This is the police department!
Every single person is required
to go down to the lobby right now!
This is an emergency!
Everybody go downstairs!
Everybody go downstairs right now!
Oh, uh, snag a jacket, love.
Who knows how long this will take?
I thought you gonna keep me warm.
Don't stall.
This one?
Hurry, love.
- I'm gonna text him again.
- Okay.
Actually, no. Wait. Look.
- Hey. Markowitz, hey.
- Finally.
Hey, I'm glad you're okay.
Uh, hi. Sorry. Uh... is everybody...
can everybody hear me?
Fuckin' cop's looking right at me.
We should fuckin' leave.
This is Detective Brown
from the Postville Police Department.
He's going to explain what's happening
here. Um... Detective Brown?
Okay. Now, as many of you already know...
...there's been multiple cases of theft and
murder at the Brass Buckle this evening.
The police department is here
to investigate those crimes...
...and we're gonna have to interview each and
every one of you before the night is over.
- We'd like to prioritize anyone who...
- Detective, do you think it's safe for us...
- ...to be here, given the circumstances?
- Hold all questions until I'm through.
No one's leaving the building unless
authorized by the police department...
...and that's not going to happen
in the near future, so...
- What?
- What?
- You got backup power?
- Yeah, we should.
Okay, now, in the event of a power failure...
...the backup generator will kick in,
so we won't be left in the dark.
Now, does anybody think he
or she may have seen something...
It isn't safe for us to stay here. I mean,
there have been murders and thefts and...
No one is leaving this building until the
police have completed their investigation.
Get the doors. And from now on...
...anyone who interrupts me
will be charged with obstruction.
You can't lock us in.
Stay where you are!
Do not attempt to leave the building!
Doreski, stand down!
Come on.
Hey! Travis! Open the door! Travis!
- What are you doing?
- I'm trying to start...
- Start the fucking car!
- It's not working!
What the fuck?
Oh, my God!
Now I know what killed my brother.
Kid! Come on!
Come on! We got to go in.
Stay behind the Cuddly Bear.
Hold on to my silk tight.
- These doors are staying shut.
- Everyone, come on.
Let's regroup in here. We got to make a plan.
I think we can defend ourselves
better in the Easy Comfort.
Fine. Let's regroup
in the Easy Comfort, then.
Stick with him. I have to get something.
Everybody should take one of these
so we know what we're up against.
You're saying a puppet killed
little cuz, a goddamn toy?
I know it sounds insane, but we all
saw what we saw in the parking lot.
Some of us did more
than just see these things.
- This is crazy.
- We've called for police assistance...
...the two nearest towns, but they're not
gonna be here for at least two hours.
- Two hours?
- Fuck. Double fuck.
Right. So we're gonna have to figure out
a way to defend ourselves right now.
Anybody have any idea
how this is happening...
...how these puppets
are doing what they're doing?
All right.
Then we catch one
and figure out how it works.
You and your blue buddies seem to be
the only ones with the guns.
Yeah, and that's a good thing...
...considering the terrible judgment
some of you have exercised so far.
So, we catch one, we take it apart,
we figure out how it works...
...how to stop it, how to kill it.
Any idea as to how many there might be?
63 were to be auctioned off
tomorrow, so maybe 40, 45?
- Biscuits!
- Okay.
The next logical question is, "Why?"
Because they're Nazis.
Think about it. They've targeted
a Jewish couple, a gay woman...
...a gypsy, and they were made by
a guy who worked for the Third Reich.
I don't think that's a coincidence.
They were attacking pretty
indiscriminately in the parking lot.
Okay, that's different.
That's when people were trying to flee...
...and they were fighting back
so they were just pissed.
- Why would a guy like "Too-lon"...
- It's "Toulon."
Why would anybody create a Nazi puppet?
Because a puppet would be a very good spy.
They're little. They're fast.
They can go around unnoticed...
...find undesirables, okay?
If Anne Frank was hiding in your attic...
- ...a puppet could find her.
- What do you mean, like a bloodhound?
Exactly, except one that you would
give to a kid for their birthday.
What exactly do you do, Mr. Easton?
I write and draw comic books.
And that makes you an authority on this?
- Nazi puppets?
- I have an imagination.
I also have an asshole cop for a father,
so this whole bit doesn't intimidate me.
Why now? Why here, Mr... Mr. Comic Book?
I don't know. I don't know.
But I happen to think that you're right.
We have to catch one...
...take it apart.
I'll do it.
My great-grandfather,
he had the numbers on his arm.
The stories that he told us, uh...
If these Nazi puppets want a Jew,
then I'll be the bait, okay?
But you got to promise me that after
we find out what we need to know...
...that you will let me kill the fucker.
You have a plan?
You got a menorah in storage?
Markowitz, stay back.
Fuck! Ahh!
Come on, kid. Go! Out!
Grab that puppet!
- Okay. This one's called Mechaniker.
- Yeah. That's German for "mechanic."
Thank you.
I think we could've figured that out.
This purple thing... what is this,
a hard drive, a motor?
What the hell activated it?
- Maybe it's something local.
- Like what?
It's Junior Fuerher.
- All right, all right, all right, all right.
- Kill that fucking baby!
- Nice shot.
- Thanks.
- I think he's dead.
- Yeah.
Give me that fucking thing.
Let's see how you like it.
Get behind me.
I got a first-aid kid in the office.
Yeah, come out of there.
Come on. Let's go. Let's go.
- We got to hide somewhere else.
- Okay, everyone, go up to a room...
...or an office.
Seal it up till help comes...
...'cause what happened
in that parking lot...
...is about to happen in here.
Let's go.
- Okay, wait here.
- No, no, I'm armed. I should...
- No, no, no, no. I'll go first.
- Take this.
Get... get back.
Oh, shit.
Check everywhere.
Nothing. There's nothing.
Someone help me?
Shouldn't we help her?
I just think that going outside
right now is not a good idea.
So we're just gonna let her die?
There's a pretty big pile of dead people
right outside of that door right now, okay?
If the puppets find out
where we are, it's over.
What is she saying?
She's saying the Shema...
...which is the prayer
that Jews say before they die.
Goddamn these fucks, these fucking Nazis.
- All right, that's it. Give me the gun.
- You can't go out there.
No. What I can't do is just sit here
and let this happen to us again.
You changed your mind because she's Jewish?
- Yep.
- Why?
I got about six million reasons why.
I'm not gonna fight you on this one, all
right? I'm going out there, armed or not.
- Let's do this.
- What?
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Take this. Just... just take it.
- Thank you.
- Edgar.
...don't shoot Markowitz, okay?
Oh! Fuck it!
Guys? Guys?
- Oh, my God.
- All right.
Yep. Got you.
All right.
- It's about time I woke up from this dream.
- Yeah. We all should.
What about the woman?
We were too late.
Oh, buddy, buddy, buddy.
Open the window and jump down.
Dedicate your next comic to me...
...to a great...
...Jewish hero.
Shalom, amigo.
...do you think you would have slept with me?
You know, if I'd, like...
...took you to some
nice restaurants and didn't...
...say anything too stupid?
60% chance.
That's good to know.
We need to jump. It's our best option,
unless you think we should go up.
I'm sorry.
Nerissa, we gotta go! Come on! Come on!
- Check for keys.
- Okay.
Sorry. Sorry. Sorry, man.
Are we just gonna leave everyone back there?
- I think I have an idea how we can help them.
- Toulon's Mansion?
My guess is that's what switches them on,
maybe even controls them.
I hope you're right.
- It's me they want.
- Why do they want you, Howie?
Because I'm...
- I'll go in. I'll go in. I'll go in.
- Howie, no! Howie!
Howie! You're no hero, so don't even try it.
Now, don't get the sniffles.
Your Cuddly Bear helped
kill some puppet niggas...
...and can handle hisself just fine.
Just do what I asked you
to do until I get home.
Okay. I'll take a bubble bath.
That'll give Cuddly Bear
something real nice to think about.
Now go get yourself effervescent.
I will.
- Bye, Lady Bear.
- Bye.
Oh, shit.
- What?
- Oh, my God. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
It's okay.
- That was really brave back there.
- That was really brave of you, too.
Not bad for a comic-book guy, right?
So, I've been meaning to say
something to you for a while.
I just want to explain
why I didn't read those comics...
You don't have to explain that.
It doesn't matter. It...
Madame Lightning's based
on your ex-wife, isn't she?
...the thing is...
...I like you...
...a lot.
And those drawings felt like love letters
written to somebody else, and...
- It was that obvious?
- Yeah. It was to me.
You don't have to be jealous, um...
...'cause the truth is...
...I'm falling in love you,
and I only didn't tell you...
...because I thought
it would freak you out. So...
Let me drive. Let me drive. Let me drive.
Did you just say... I heard that you love me?
Is that correct?
- Yes.
- Yes.
I just wish I could remember your name.
We're here.
- Remember that creepy old building?
- Yeah. The mausoleum.
Put on your seatbelt.
- You have a plan, right?
- I do...
...but I can't tell you the whole plan
because I think...
- ...you will probably panic.
- Panic? Why?
Looks like the nigga's out of juice.
Bitch-ass puppet.
Aw, shit, kid.
Oh, shit.
It's okay. Just try again.
Oh, my God. You okay? You okay?
You okay? Oh, my God.
- Was that Andre Toulon?
- I don't know. I think so, yeah.
I wanted to tell you that I think
the new Madame Lightning's...
- ...even better than the first one.
- I agree.
And, man, this issue's really messed up.
Lots of terrible shit happens
to people who don't deserve it.
I, uh... I try to mirror
reality in my work, so...
Are you gonna do some more?
Um... yeah, probably.
I don't feel like things are fully resolved.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Uh, just one?
Don't ask. Don't ask.