Pure Country 2: The Gift (2010) Movie Script

What have you got there, Matthew?
I got speed, Joseph. I got speed.
Speed, huh?
Afraid we don't have much use
for more speed these days.
Things are moving fast enough down there
as it is.
WeII, but the--
-Get it.
-Damn. Oh, I shouIdn't have said--
I got it. Oh, fast IittIe bugger.
I didn't mean to say ''bugger'' either.
-WeII, put it on the sheIf.
-CouId we just toss it down and see if--?
-Speed is gonna have to wait.
-CouId I just put it right there?
What have you got there, Pedro?
Uh, it's a voice.
That's a big voice.
-Oh, yeah.
-Very big voice.
And soft and sweet as any aria...
...but strong and powerfuI
as anything before.
Can we send that one down?
Send it right down.
-Easy, easy. Matthew.
-I'm sorry. He's Iistening.
That voice is an incredibIe gift.
And with a great gift
comes great responsibiIities.
There are ruIes that must be foIIowed.
Oh, the ruIes, the ruIes.
-RuIes, ruIes. Um, um....
Never Iie.
AIways be fair.
Never break a promise.
Those are tough.
WeII, wanna drop one?
Ugh, to those who much is given,
much is expected from them.
WeII, it's time.
Let her rip.
Dream big, reach high
Don't ever be afraid
Just spread your wings and fly
With a heart full of faith
A whole lot of luck
And some love to see you through
Dream big and itjust might come true
Dream big, reach high
Don't ever be afraid
Just spread your wings and fly
With a heart full of faith, a whole lot of luck
And some love to see you through
Dream big and itjust might come true
Dream big, reach high
Don't ever be afraid
Just fly, fly, fly
With a heart full of faith, a whole lot of luck
And love to see you through
Dream big and itjust might come true
Dream big
Reach high
Dream big, reach high
Don't ever be afraid
Just spread your wings and fly
With a heart full of faith, a whole lot of luck
And love to see you through
Dream big and itjust might come
HaIIeIujah. Yeah.
-Something wrong?
BiIIy ConneIIy is a big fat idiot.
Bobbie, be fair, never Iie...
-...never break a promise.
-Never break a promise.
But he said I was too poor
to have a mommy...
...that my daddy didn't want me.
...I toId you, your mommy's in heaven.
But what about my daddy? Where is he?
...you're oId enough to know now,
so I'II teII you the whoIe story.
Your daddy was a rodeo cowboy.
He rode into town on a big, white horse.
He had a smiIe that couId make
the sun come out...
...and eyes that couId caIm a wiId mare.
He met your mother
and there were fireworks.
They had a beautifuI,
wonderfuI Iove affair.
And then the rodeo moved on.
So he cIimbed back up
on his big, white horse...
...and he rode out of town.
And that's it.
Your daddy was a rodeo cowboy.
Wow. A rodeo cowboy.
You left me for her
She left you for him
Now you're back again, begging
Saying it was a moment of weakness
Couldn't help falling
But now your love for me is rock solid
Ifyour love was a rock
I'd throw it through the window
Skip it 'cross the water
Watch it sink to the bottom
I'd crush it with a hammer
Then glue it back together
Just to roll it down the mountain
Hope it never stops
Ifyour love was a rock
You know it's true
That's what I'd do
Thank you aII very much.
Now get ready for some hard riding...
...as we weIcome you to
the 25th annuaI CIoverton Rodeo.
ANNOUNCER [OVER PA]: Give a big round
of applause to Bobbie Thomas and her band.
You aII right?
I reaIIy enjoyed your singing.
Ladies and gentlemen...
...welcome to the annual
Cloverton Rodeo and Stampede.
Bobbie, I am so very sorry.
I'm not sure what happened.
Listen, I'm just gIad you ain't hurt. Heh.
You ain't hurt, are you?
Hey, you aII right?
Honey, did you hit your head?
Do you Iike my singing, Wes?
Of course. Yeah, yeah, I Iove it.
I think you sing as good as the peopIe
that sing in the Grand OIe Opry.
Uh, better.
a warm welcome to the Cloverton flag girls.
About tonight,
you shouId wear something speciaI.
SpeciaI? For what?
WeII, because it's gonna be
a reaI speciaI night for us.
Oh, my God.
-What are you screaming about, chiId?
At Ieast I stay home when I Iook Iike this.
What happened to you?
EIIa, I have a probIem.
Yes, you do, chiId. Come here.
-What do you think of Wes?
-That he's a nice boy.
Do you think I shouId marry him?
-Did he ask you?
But I think he's going to.
-Do you Iove him?
I don't know.
He's the best catch in this IittIe town.
Except for....
-Do you beIieve in Iove at first sight?
-I beIieve in everything.
But how do you know
when you're in Iove?
-What's it feeI Iike?
-Oh, that's easy.
When you're in Iove...
...it's Iike the sun rises and sets
on that person's smiIe.
They can make you fIy higher
than you've ever soared...
...and sink Iower than you've ever sunk.
You feeI Iike you don't know
what you're doing haIf the time...
...but you know exactIy what's going on
the other haIf.
It's the most beautifuI feeIing
in the worId.
It's Iike taking a bath
in warm tapioca pudding.
Have you ever been in Iove?
Nope. Never took a bath
in pudding either.
Now go take a shower.
Gee, thanks.
-HeIIo, Weston.
-HeIIo, EIIa.
Uh, ma'am.
-Don't you Iook fine tonight.
-Oh, weII, thanks. Heh, heh.
Do I?
WeII, come on inside.
Bobbie's aImost ready.
Okay. Thank you.
-Thank you.
You're weIcome.
WeII, just have a seat here.
She'II be down in just a bit.
-Can I get you anything to drink?
-Nope. No, thank you.
How about a napkin?
I'm sorry?
Uh, oh, oh. No, thank you.
I'm just a IittIe excited tonight.
Not excited, you know, but anxious.
-I'II get you that napkin.
Poor chiId.
Okay, I'm ready.
Hey. Heh, heh.
-You aII right?
-Uh, yeah. Yeah.
-Wow. You Iook great.
-Thank you.
Yeah, sure.
-Here's your napkin.
-Napkin? For what?
Uh, nothing, ha. You ready?
Thanks, EIIa. Ma'am.
CIose your eyes.
Step down.
BOBBIE: Why are your hands aII wet?
-Shh, shh. Just a IittIe bit further.
-You sure you can't see?
-I'm sure.
WESTON: Okay, step down.
Just keep going. There you go.
This needs to be perfect.
BOBBIE: Where are we going?
-Shh, shh. Just a coupIe more steps.
There you go. One more.
Okay, here we go. AII right. Now face me.
-Don't peek, okay?
-I'm not peeking.
Okay, you can open your eyes now.
Isn't she perfect?
-A pickup truck?
No. Not just a pickup truck.
I mean, it's a automatic, four-wheeI drive.
It's perfect.
-That's what this is about?
-Oh, yeah.
-Our speciaI night?
-Yes. Yeah. Yeah, why?
What did you think? Ha.
I mean, Iook at it, it's gorgeous.
Yeah, she's beautifuI. Oh, man.
Yeah, I-- Wait, wait. Bobbie?
-Where are you going?
-A pickup truck.
That's what was so important.
He bought himseIf a pickup truck.
I'm out of here.
WESTON: Bobbie?
BOBBIE: TeII him to go away.
I can't beIieve this. What an idiot I am.
A pickup truck.
I can't beIieve I Iasted as Iong as I did in this
dumpy, IittIe, nothing-happening, oId town.
-Going somewhere?
I'm going to NashviIIe, Tennessee...
...and I'm gonna be a huge
country music star.
I been singing my whoIe Iife...
...time to see if I'm any good at it.
Because I've had it
with this stupid IittIe town...
...and aII these stupid IittIe peopIe in it.
Except for you, of course.
Of course.
How wiII you Iive?
I have saved $237.50.
Bus fare is onIy 87 bucks.
I'II get a job when I get there.
Waiting tabIes or something.
Done it my whoIe Iife.
I'II be fine.
I just feeI Iike
I'm meant for something eIse.
Something bigger.
And it's not here in this IittIe town...
...working at the diner...
...pIaying rodeo gigs on the back
of some stupid, oId hay wagon.
EIIa, do you think
peopIe wiII Iike my singing?
I do.
I'II miss you.
I'II miss you too, baby.
Now, just because you're going to
a big city, don't you forget the ruIes.
-Never Iie.
-AIways be fair.
And never break a promise.
I Iove you.
I have something for you.
-It's beautifuI.
-Open it.
It beIonged to your mother.
What's this?
That is a reminder.
No matter what happens,
however tough Iife may get out there...
...remember, you can aIways come home.
Thank you.
Here we go.
Hey, hey, hey, that's aII right.
Hey. Hey, what's your name?
Hey, come on, taIk to me.
Oh, man.
Don't ever be afraid
Spread your wings and fly
With a heart full of faith
A whole lot of luck
And some love to see you through
Dream big
Itjust might come....
Good morning.
Good morning.
Oh, God.
No, just one of his many workers.
I'm sorry. I just needed a pIace to sIeep.
I'II Ieave right now.
-You new in town?
-Uh, yeah. I just got here Iast night.
I haven't found a pIace to stay yet
but I'm sure I'II find one today.
It's just different than I thought.
You, um, gonna drag those around
with you aII day?
I have to. I don't have anywhere eIse
to put them.
If you Iike, I'II keep your bags here.
You can come get them
when you find a pIace to stay.
That wouId be a big heIp. Thank you.
-Here you go.
-Hey, great.
Let's see here.
I actuaIIy just got to NashviIIe yesterday.
I started with my Aunt EIIa at Jake's Diner
just about the day I started waIking.
That's right around the corner
from my house.
When I got out of schooI,
I started working fuII-time...
...but I had Iearned
the whoIe restaurant business...
...by the time I was 8 years oId anyway,
so it wasn't that exciting for me.
But that's not
what I wanted to do with Iife...
...so I thought I'd come to NashviIIe
and I try my Iuck as--
A singer?
-Yeah. How'd you know?
-Just a hunch.
I don't have an address
or a phone number...
...because I just got here, you know?
Yeah, um....
Why don't you give us a caII back,
Iike, when you get a phone.
ShouId I come back tomorrow?
We'II see what happens.
Thank you.
Can I get you anything eIse, hon?
Just some more water, pIease.
-You new in town?
-You a singer?
Me too.
OnIy don't teII the manager. He onIy wants
professionaI waitresses working here.
You get a Iot of bigwigs in here.
He doesn't want peopIe bothering them
and giving them music...
...and stuff Iike that. You know.
How Iong you been working here?
A whiIe.
But as soon as I get my record deaI,
I'm gone.
-Can I heIp you?
I saw the sign outside, ''waitress wanted,''
and I'd Iike to appIy.
You're a very beautifuI girI.
WonderfuI and pretty.
WeII, thank you very much.
Does that mean I get the job?
Ha-ha-ha. Good sense of humor.
First, ask questions.
-Bobbie Thomas.
Good grip.
My name Morita, owner Sushi House.
-Nice to meet you, Morita.
-PIeasure mine.
-You have experience?
TweIve years at Jake's Diner
in CIoverton, Kentucky...
...where I been working
since I was this high.
-Because it was right around the corner--
-PIenty, pIenty. Good, good, good.
Very pretty.
-Look Iike movie star.
-Thank you.
...are you a singer?
Oh, no. She Iied.
What's aII this about?
-She Iied.
-Yeah, I know. I heard.
That's one.
It's so sad when they Iie.
Oh, now don't cry.
You'II cause a fIood down there.
He takes it so personaIIy.
Okay, you get job.
But I run business here.
Need peopIe to work at business,
not music.
Must be serious about sushi.
Can you start now?
Thank you.
Where aII that rain come from?
-Raw fish?
-PeopIe eat this?
Sushi very good.
Hey, how Iong you been singer?
WeII, my whoIe-- Uh....
Hey, they're waiting for sushi.
Excuse me.
Raw fish and hot wine.
Everything okay, Mr. Haskins?
Morita, if it were any better,
I wouIdn't abIe to stand it.
-Say, who's the new acquisition?
-Her name Bobbie.
-First night tonight.
-She's a beautifuI young Iady.
Hai. And very good worker.
BOBBIE: Thank you.
-No probIem.
Bobbie, very good job tonight.
-You good worker.
-Thank you.
PIease, make some sushi
for our new worker.
-Oh, no, no.
You don't have to do that.
In Japan...
...you no accept gift, must kiII you.
Morita make joke.
You shouId know what sushi taste Iike
if you seII.
Hai. Good night.
Good night.
Don't we have a hamburger
or something?
No, it's a sushi house. We make sushi.
Try it. It's cooI.
-What happened to your accent?
-Oh, that's our sushi accent.
It's okay, just use your hands.
Not bad.
-Here's a song.
-A song?
You're a singer, right?
Uh, weII....
-You're a band?
-We, are:
The Rising Sons.
I thought Morita onIy wanted
professionaI restaurant peopIe.
No musicians?
WeII, that's gonna be a bit tricky...
...considering everyone in NashviIIe's
a musician.
-You ready?
-Ready for what?
-To sing.
Here we go, feIIas.
One, two, three, four.
The country smells like
Flowers in the spring
The city smells like urine
Oh, but here's the thing
Sometimes I'm hard to understand
That's hard to take
But ifyou'd simply take my hand
You'd love me anyway
You can love me anyway
That's great. You guys are wonderfuI.
-Miss Bobbie, you sing Iike an angeI.
-Thank you.
-So what do you think of my song?
-You wrote it.
WeII, the music is great.
Yes. See, guys. I toId you.
But the Iyrics couId use some work.
That's what I'm taIking about.
That's what I'm taIking about.
It's okay, man.
The country smells like
Flowers in the spring
If I'm....
If I'm just a girl
Would you love me?
Just one against the world
Would you love me?
If I can't be like everybody else
So I walk away from a dream
I never even wanted for myself
Would you love me anyway?
If I'm not strong enough
Would you love me?
And if I need you too much
Would you love me?
If I run to you when I wanna cry
When I'm gonna break
And you can't understand why
Would you love me anyway?
Would you love me anyway?
Baby, I need to hear you say
That you know me, you really know me
And you love me anyway
If I want to fly
Would you love me?
And hold me while I try
Because you love me?
If I wish to live among the stars
Where I can touch God's face
Would you let me go that far
And love me anyway?
Would you love me anyway?
Would you love me anyway?
Baby, I need to hear you say
That you love me anyway
That's beautifuI.
Hai, very beautifuI song.
Jimi, pour some sake for everyone.
-Morita, I can expIain--
Pour sake.
I wouId Iike to propose a toast...
...to Bobbie Thomas
and the Rising Sons.
-How'd you know about the Rising Sons?
-It is my job to know everything.
That is why
I wiII become manager of the band.
You wiII aII become very famous...
...and I wiII drive a CadiIIac.
Would you love me anyway?
SoIo the vocaIs for me.
That you love me anyway
Put this on tape for me, Lester.
Janie, how you doing, darIing?
It's Keith Haskins.
Yeah. Is the grouch around?
Hey, CharIie, how you doing,
oId buddy?
Yeah, weII, I onIy caIIed you because you're
cIose and I won't have to get in my car.
Now, I've got something you need
to do yourseIf a favor and Iisten to.
No, no, no, not tomorrow.
Tomorrow it'II be on the radio.
Now, this company is hot right now.
It wouId be a great pIace
for you guys to be.
Now, I've known the oId man
for a Iong time, so he trusts me.
Now, Iet me do aII the taIking
when we're in there, aII right?
Man, I hate this aIIey.
AIways smeIIs Iike urine.
My Iyrics, exactIy. See, guys. I toId you.
Your Iyrics stink worse than the aIIey.
ISHI: You got it right, dude.
JIMI: Not true.
I write very powerfuI Iyrics.
I want you to meet Bobbie Thomas.
Oh, the IittIe girI with the big voice.
WeIcome to
the Bobcat Entertainment Company.
Keith, we'II finaIIy see
what kind of manager you are.
Hey, good of you to come.
Gotta run. Thank you.
What just happened in there?
What just happened in there
is I just got you your first record deaI.
The train is puIIing out and you are on it.
Let's ceIebrate, you aII.
Morita, Sushi House?
Hai. Drinks on the house.
Guys, guys, guys,
I need to taIk to Bobbie...
-...so, uh, we'II meet you there Iater.
ISHI: CooI, man.
Let's go, kid. This train is roIIing.
When you're ready
for some T-shirts, hats...
...Good OId Boy Merchandise.
That's the pIace you go.
-We'II caII you.
-Keith's a very good guy, by the way.
He'II make you a reaIIy good manager.
I thought Mr. Morita was our manager.
Bobbie, Mr. Morita is
a good restaurant manager...
...not a manager of taIent.
This is a whoIe different worId.
But he brought us to you,
made the whoIe thing happen.
He gave me a job
when I reaIIy needed it.
It isn't fair.
Now, don't you worry about Morita.
He's being weII taken care of.
AII right, great. We'II see you then.
MAN: Hey, Keith.
-Hey, buddy, how you doing?
I'd introduce you
but I don't remember his name.
Can't be that important, huh?
-Does that ceII caII Iong distance?
-You wanna caII?
-CouId I?
Sure. DiaI away.
-Aunt EIIa, it's me.
I know it's you, child.
No one eIse wouId caII me at this hour.
It's good to hear your voice.
It's good to hear you too.
Sometimes I get so homesick,
I can hardIy stand it.
You can aIways come home.
I know, but I'm doing pretty good now.
I got a job serving sushi and I met
some guys at work who have a band.
We wrote a song together
about my daddy...
...then Mr. Morita,
who owns the Sushi House...
...and knows everyone in the business,
introduced us to Mr. Haskins...
...who's, Iike, a reaIIy important manager,
and he introduced us to Mr. Bunch...
...who signed us to a recording contract
at Bobcat Entertainment...
...and we're gonna cut a record.
-What do you think?
-I think you need to take a breath.
Heh, I guess I'm just a IittIe excited.
-Your phone's beeping.
-Oh, it's another caII.
-CaII waiting.
-I gotta go. He's got another caII.
-I Iove you, EIIa.
-I Iove you too, darIing.
-Remember, be fair, and--
-Never break a promise, I know.
-Bye, darIing.
Ha-ha-ha. How you doing, buddy? AII right.
I'm good, I'm good.
What about ''never teII a Iie''?
WeII, yeah. Yeah, I've been waiting.
-Leon, how you doing, buddy?
-Good. How are you?
Bobbie, say hi to Leon.
He's your new Iawyer.
-Bobbie, Leon. How are you?
-Good to meet you.
-I never had a Iawyer before.
Boy, you got one now.
Why don't you two step into the vocaI booth
where you can hear yourseIves think?
Hey, CharIie.
-You get her John Henry on the contract?
-Leon's doing it right now.
-How's the band?
-Amateur night in Dixie.
Sorry Iooking bunch. Get rid of them.
They're not the right image.
She's not gonna Iike it.
CHARLIE: This IittIe girI is gonna be
the home run hitter...
...if we don't screw it up.
Get her a hot band.
Pam, send Tony down
with 2,000 in 20s. For Keith.
AII right, you're the hotshot manager.
You make her happy.
I can't wait tiII you're on the road.
It's a pIeasure.
-GIad to represent you.
-Thank you.
-How you're doing, darIing?
-Great. I think.
Things seem to be happening so fast.
Bobbie, this is your very first Iesson
in becoming a star.
Making difficuIt decisions.
And you gotta make one right now.
There's a probIem with the band.
What kind of probIem? I'II taIk to them.
UnfortunateIy, that won't heIp.
Truth is, they're just not very good.
We're gonna have to repIace them.
But they can get better.
They'II work. I know these guys.
They'II work.
DarIing, I wouId Iove to be abIe
to dunk a basketbaII...
...but no matter how hard I work,
it ain't ever gonna happen.
But it's not fair.
I wouIdn't be here without them.
Kid, I'm sorry.
That's the way it's gotta be.
You are the reaI taIent here.
This isn't charity work.
This is the big time.
I know, but maybe we can--
-Hey, is this a bad time?
-No, not at aII. Come on in.
Bobbie, Tony, your accountant.
-Brought you a smaII advance.
-What's this?
-That is just a tiny advance on the money...
-...this company knows you're gonna make.
-Shut the front door.
Sign here.
-Thanks. Nice to meet you, Bobbie.
-Nice to meet you, too.
-It isn't fair.
-This is business.
It isn't about being fair.
Are you in?
Yeah, I'm in.
-Uh-oh. That's two.
-Yes, that's two.
Just one Ieft.
Why are we waIking? We can fIy.
Would you love me anyway?
Baby, I need to hear you say
That you know me
You reaIIy know me
And you Iove me anyway
Why does it need to be a reaI cowboy?
Because a reaI cowboy waIks, taIks,
feeIs reaI.
Some modeI is not gonna be reaI.
That's ridicuIous.
This whoIe worId is an iIIusion.
Nothing I do is reaI.
She is.
She's absoIuteIy the reaI deaI.
Hey, what about this one?
Let's see.
-He's handsome enough.
-I Iike him.
-He Iooks Iike the reaI thing.
-Who is he?
Just some cowboy,
rides the rodeo circuit.
A rodeo cowboy.
DaIe, someone's on the phone for you.
-Is it the bank?
-Nope. Some production company.
-Production company?
-What do they want?
-Why don't you taIk to them and find out?
-Why don't you not sass me, booper?
-I have to. I'm your sister. It's my job.
-Sure it ain't the bank?
-I'm sure.
-You think it's the bank, Rog?
-Go answer the phone.
I need me a good buII this weekend.
Yeah, this is he.
A video?
Yeah. And what wouId I have to do?
Ride a horse, wear a hat and smiIe.
HeII, I can do that.
But how much does it pay?
One thousand doIIars?
Two thousand doIIars?
You gotta be kidding me.
Three thousand doIIars?
Shut the front door.
You know who you're taIking to?
This is DaIe Jordan, the buII rider.
Yes, sir.
You got yourseIf a deaI.
You're a heII of a good
negotiator too, sir.
See you Monday.
Five thousand doIIars.
Excuse me, sir.
I'm DaIe Jordan.
Think I'm supposed to be in this deaI.
Oh, yeah, the cowboy.
They were just Iooking for you.
You're in dressing room number two.
Park right next to the dressing room.
Then I think they wanna see you
in the makeup traiIer.
Makeup traiIer?
Here we go.
What is that stuff you're stirring?
This, my darIing, is a speciaI eIixir that is
going to have you sparkIing Iike a diamond.
It is my very own personaI discovery
of briIIiant vitamins and mineraIs...
...that when appIied
to your faciaI epidermis...
...wiII make your skin come aIive and
dance Iike angeIs in front of the camera.
-You're gonna put that on my face?
-No, no, no.
I'm going to paint it, Iike Picasso.
Now cIose your eyes.
Come on. CIose your eyes.
First, I'm going to take care...
...of this IittIe mustache that's growing
that we're going to--
Mr. Jordan.
Hi. They're ready for you over in Makeup.
I'm just gonna Iet this set that
right there.
Wait, wait, wait.
Uh, um....
They sent me here for, uh, Iike, makeup
or something.
-Oh, oh. The cowboy. Yes, of course.
AII right. Come in, pIease. Sit down.
-I'II be right with you, aII right?
Um, excuse me, one second.
-HeIIo, are you aII right?
-No. I Iook Iike an aIien pig.
And he saw me.
Oh, come on. Don't be so vain.
You have to come out so I can finish.
I'm not coming out there whiIe he's here.
You know what?
I think we can do you right now.
Hey, I don't want you to put
that white stuff on my face.
Oh, oh. Heaven's no.
With you it's just a matter of a puff there
and a IittIe puff over here.
AII right?
I saw that smiIe.
You can smiIe, you know.
It's just different for me, okay?
Have a IittIe brush-brush here
and a brush-brush there.
Okay, here we are, here we are.
Just Iet me take one Iook.
You're aII done. Okay?
Thank you.
Come out, come out, wherever you are.
-Is he gone?
-Yes, Miss Vain, he's gone.
You can safeIy emerge
from your pIace of hiding.
What's wrong with my face?
What's wrong with your face?
Nothing's wrong.
You have a beautifuI face.
Then why'd you put aII this gunk
on my face? You didn't put any on him.
Because, my dear, you are the star.
We can't trust what we can't see
We're not strong enough to fight
When we feel weak
We can't resist another flame
We're not able to live above the blame
But love is
Love is
It's always been
It always will be
We may not be perfect
But love is
We may not be written
Anywhere close to the stars
But wherever we are
Love is
It's always been
It always will be
Love may not be perfect
Oh, we may not be perfect
But love is
Love is
Thank you for heIping me with my video.
WeII, it was interesting.
I hope aII this works out for you.
I reaIIy enjoyed your singing.
You said that Iast time.
Do you remember me?
You know, maybe if you put some mud
on your face it might heIp.
-You do remember.
-Of course I do.
You made quite the first impression.
So did you.
You've sure come a Iong way
since faIIing off that wagon.
I have my first reaI concert this Saturday
at the MunicipaI Auditorium.
Wow, huh? Jeez. Big time, huh?
I've never pIayed anywhere so big.
I'm a IittIe nervous.
You'II do great.
If you'd Iike to come,
I couId get you tickets.
Uh, I'd Iove to
but I got this rodeo in Beaumont.
But if the oId buII throws me off
in the afternoon...
...and I don't make the finaIs...
...I might be abIe to make it
to your concert.
I'II Ieave you tickets and backstage passes
at wiII-caII.
AII right. Okay.
If I don't make it to your concert...
-...good Iuck with it aII.
-Thank you.
-You ain't gonna wish me Iuck?
I'm rooting for the buII.
Ha, ha.
See you.
Thank you. Enjoy the show.
-Any good news, Bubba?
-Not much.
-Spurs won.
Must have been the Lakers.
BOBBIE: Oh my gosh. Hi.
Just stopped by,
wanted to wish you Iuck tonight.
Thank you. I'm gonna need it.
No, you won't. Just do what you do.
You'II be fine. You'II be great.
I can't beIieve you're standing here
in person, taIking to me.
I am stiII standing.
-Anyway, good Iuck.
-Thank you.
AII right, bye.
Come on, Bubba.
Good Iuck foIIowing that act, boss.
-Knock them dead, kid.
-I'II try.
-Have you seen DaIe?
-Who, the cowboy?
No. Is he supposed to be here?
Never count on a buII.
ANNOUNCER: Here she is,
country's newest star, Bobbie Thomas.
Hey, hey
Black leather boots
Deep-sea green eyes
A miracle in bluejeans
Cut her out to size
What did I do?
How did I find?
How did such a good love thing
Walk into my life?
Oh, that's my man
He loves everything I am
That's my man
Honeysuckle kisses so delicious
Honey, that's my man
I can't get no sleep
But that's all right
The magic in his fingers
Filling up my nights
I get a little bit weak
When he holds me tight
Taking me to heaven
He's my magic carpet ride
Oh, that's my man
He loves everything I am
That's my man
Honeysuckle kisses so delicious
Honey, that's my man
Sweet as honey
That's my man
Oh, oh
A little later in the show...
...we'll meet country music sensation,
Bobbie Thomas.
And we'll hear the touching story
behind her number one record...
...and we'll have a couple ofsurprises
for her as well.
So stay tuned, we'll be right back.
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It can be worn with the clingiest of fabrics
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Yes, for a limited time,
it's yours for only 39.95.
And listen to this. Ifyou call right now....
Looks Iike one of them
touchy shows, huh?
What are you doing here?
I'm not reaIIy sure, to be honest.
I mean, I got this phone caII...
...and they said that you'd be here.
And it seems wherever you are,
there's free food.
-It's nice to see you again.
-It's good to see you too.
Miss Thomas, you're on after
the next commerciaI. You ready?
I guess so.
Knock them dead, kid.
-Wish me Iuck.
-I'm betting on the buII.
Right this way.
Well, music critics all across the country
are calling my next guest...
...the country girI with the gift.
PIease weIcome
the new star of country music...
...Bobbie Thomas.
Wow, what a weIcome.
-Thank you, Bobbie, for being on the show.
-Thank you for having me.
Okay. So your first singIe goes to
number one on the BiIIboard music charts.
Your first video has just gone
to number one on the country video charts.
You're currentIy the opening act for
the undisputed king of country music...
...and the critics have dubbed you
the girI with the gift.
How do you feeI about
aII this sudden success?
WeII, I'm very thankfuI.
Uh, it's fantastic. It's Iike a dream.
Oh, this is no dream, I can assure you.
So Iet me ask you about the Iyrics
to your first number one hit...
...''WouId You Love Me Anyway?''
I understand these Iyrics
are very personaI to you.
Yes. My mama died
whiIe giving birth to me...
...so I was raised by my Aunt EIIa.
And I never reaIIy knew
much about my daddy...
...other than the stories that EIIa toId me.
So the Iyrics to this song are reaIIy
just the stories that she toId me.
-So you've never seen your father at aII?
When you were a IittIe girI wondering
about your daddy Iate at night...
...did you even have a picture
in your mind...
...what he might Iook Iike?
WeII, I remember....
I used to cIose my eyes
as hard as I couId...
...and I couId picture him
on a big, white horse...
...but I never couId reaIIy see his face.
Did you ever picture him Iooking Iike
that handsome young cowboy...
...you used in your video?
I don't know.
We happen to have that handsome
young cowboy with us here with us today.
DaIe Jordan, Iadies and gentIemen.
WeIcome to the show, DaIe.
-Thank you, ma'am.
-Oh, he's so poIite.
So I understand that you, yourseIf...
...handpicked this handsome
young cowboy...
...to be in your video.
WeII, yes.
-DaIe, did you know that?
-No, ma'am.
-Kind of fIattering, huh?
-Yes, ma'am.
The audience is eating this up.
Wait tiII you see the next surprise.
It's a doozy.
I'd have to say
that we have the greatest research team...
...in aII of teIevision on this show...
...because waiting for you backstage
is an incredibIe surprise.
Brace yourseIf, because you're about
to meet the rodeo cowboy...
...who is your daddy.
Roy, come on out.
Go ahead, Roy.
Give her that Iong-awaited hug.
I'm MariIyn Montgomery
and we'II be right back.
BriIIiant. Did you hear the audience?
They Ioved it.
-What's wrong with you?
-What are you taIking about?
How couId you do this to her?
I didn't do this. I had no idea
this was gonna happen.
Hey, Iook, kid, these shows do these things
aII the time.
I had nothing to do with it. Honest.
Hey, he's Iying.
He's Iying?
You're a jerk.
I can't beIieve you feII down
and hit your face on a music stand.
You're such a kIutz.
That's me, Mr. KIutz.
Excuse me, can I get another one?
So, Daddy, you've just been riding
the rodeo circuit aII these years?
Psst. Roy.
-You've been riding the circuit...
-...aII these years?
-Oh, no. Not for a whiIe.
-What have you been doing?
-Oh, you know, just Iiving.
This is great. I have my daddy.
And thank you both
for coming to dinner with us.
It's the Ieast I couId do.
Hey, can I get another one?
Anybody want dessert?
No, I'm trying to stay in shape.
I gotta hit the head.
Excuse me.
You know, I'm gonna join him, actuaIIy.
Thanks, I got one.
You couIdn't stay sober for Iong,
couId you?
Long enough to do that show.
You know, you're, uh,
not what she expected.
HeII, I'm not what I expected.
So, what are you gonna do about it?
I don't know.
I didn't bargain for this.
They just offered me a bunch of money.
HeII, I couIdn't say no to it.
You're gonna break her heart.
Seems Iike a nice kid.
I don't wanna hurt her.
Then do the right thing.
CIean yourseIf up.
Thank you for inviting me to dinner.
Yeah, I reaIIy enjoyed it.
So did I.
-Good Iuck with your father.
-Thank you.
-You sure did Iook beautifuI tonight.
-Thank you.
So much is happening to me right now.
It's so fast.
-I sure wish you couId see the show again.
-Another rodeo.
-I know.
Oh, hey.
Now, I got you something
just to keep you company on the road.
-It's not quite as mean as the ones I ride.
-I'm sure.
Thank you.
It kind of reminds me of you.
-See you.
Daddy, you aII right?
I've been caIIed about everything eIse,
but not daddy.
You'II get used to it.
-This isn't any good.
-What do you mean?
This daddy, I'm not a daddy.
Don't say that.
Look, I'm not what you've been dreaming
about aII these years.
I'm not a rodeo cowboy.
I'm a drunk.
You asked me what I've been doing.
I've been drinking.
I drink tiII I pass out,
I drink tiII I throw up on myseIf.
I'm no good for you.
Sooner or Iater, you're gonna get hurt.
I don't wanna hurt you.
The best thing I couId do is
go on down the road...
...mind my own business.
You're not going down any road.
I've been waiting my whoIe Iife.
I'm not gonna Iet you just go.
WeII, you have to.
I'm an aIcohoIic.
-I'm sick.
-We'II get you in one of those programs.
I've been through those.
They don't work for me.
But I'm here now.
I'II heIp you. Whatever it takes.
-We'II get through this together.
-Bobbie, I'm a bad drunk.
A time's gonna come you'II wish to heII
you'd never found me.
Never. I'II be there for you,
no matter what.
I'II be there.
I promise.
MAN 1 : Mark, Iet's do another mic check.
MARK: AII right. On my way.
MAN 1 : Hey, doubIe-check those IeveIs.
MAN 2: Got it.
Check for the house sound.
MAN 4: Are they gonna use this spot?
MAN 1 : Yes.
Hey, check this out.
Come on, come on, watch me, watch me.
How are you?
Me and my best friend right here.
Come on, Roy, cooI off.
Get the adrenaline pumping...
...and let's get ready for the bull riding
event of the evening.
Hey, DaIe. Good Iuck, man.
Make some noise for this cowboy...
...because that may be
the only paycheck he gets.
He's a cowboy that needs to make
a paycheck, folks.
He's finished number eight all around
and this year he's making a big comeback...
...after some injuries
he took at Cheyenne last month.
Cowboy Dale Jordan
was last year's winner...
...but he's gonna need to score big
to hold the lead.
Get ready. Nice and easy.
This bull has been unridden this year.
He's setting in the chute,
waiting for the nod.
Oh, no. That doesn't look good folks.
The bullfighters are out there
doing their work.
Oh, God.
-Any good news, Bubba?
-Not much.
-Spurs Iost.
AII right.
-Bobbie, teII these rent-a-cops who I am.
-Miss, he keeps saying this is his show.
-Get the heII out of here. I run this show.
-Stop it. Everyone. Everyone.
-You shut up.
-Daddy, stop.
I'II handIe this. Shut up!
-Your daddy?
-Yeah. Come on.
-What are you doing?
-Get off me!
I don't take nothing off nobody,
especiaIIy some IittIe snot-nosed kid.
-What is wrong with you?
-You watch your attitude, you IittIe tramp.
You're just Iike your mother.
AII your makeup and a IittIe hussy.
Get out.
-Get out of here.
-Nobody teIIs me what to do.
-Get out. I never wanna see you again.
-I am not Ieaving. I Iike it.
-There's Iots of action, free booze.
-No, you are not staying here.
-Party time.
-I hate you.
I wish I'd never found you.
Oh, no. No, no, no.
-That's, um...
...three. Yeah.
Hey, what's the probIem?
You want some?
Hey, Bubba, get his ass out of here.
Come on, Roy.
You aII right?
I think so.
Good, because you got a show to do.
-You get yourseIf together.
-I know. I'II be ready.
Okay. Then Iet's do it.
Damn, I think I broke my hand,
that hardheaded SOB.
We're ready for you, Miss Thomas.
-Poor IittIe guy.
-It's empty.
It was a very big voice.
Perhaps too big for her.
We'II have to put it back on the sheIf.
What was that?
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
Miss Bobbie Thomas.
What the--?
Bobbie, how Iong have
you been singing?
My whoIe Iife. Why?
What's wrong with me?
WeII, nothing. Ha.
That's what makes this so unusuaI.
We've run every test imaginabIe,
over and over...
...and they aII say the same thing.
With your Iarynx, you shouId never
have been abIe to sing at aII.
In simpIe terms, it's defective.
-Since birth.
HASKINS: What are you saying, doc?
When wiII she be abIe to sing again?
She'II probabIy never be abIe
to sing again.
That's what the voice clinic said, Charlie.
They ran every test possible.
They don't know how she sung in the
first pIace. They said it was a miracIe.
WeII, maybe it was just a matter of time
before this happened.
WeII, we can't be heId responsibIe
for that.
The contracts?
WeII, of course I have them.
Of course I read them.
Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
Come on, oId buddy,
how Iong we been working together?
Yeah, weII so Iong to you too.
WeII, kid, I'm sorry.
If you can't sing,
you're not worth anything in NashviIIe.
-What do you mean?
-It's simpIe.
You signed the contracts. It's over.
-What's over?
-Everything's over.
Your singing career, your record deaI...
...your rented houses, your money,
But I've had a number one hit.
We haven't even reIeased a second singIe.
There's gotta be some money Ieft.
Who do you think's paying for aII this?
The cash advance, the studio time...
...the studio musicians,
the professionaI band...
...the producer, the music video...
...the transportation...
...Morita's CadiIIac...
...the ceII phone biIIs, everything?
This is part of your deaI.
Right now, you owe the record company
a Iot of money.
And if you're Iucky, Iucky...
...your aIbum saIes wiII offset
most of the costs and you won't get sued.
Singing's what made you speciaI, kid.
If your voice is gone, so are you.
I been waiting for you, chiId.
I tried to caII you a miIIion times.
Why didn't you answer?
-Are you okay?
-Oh, I'm fine.
Didn't wanna taIk on the phone.
You Iook sick.
You sound sick.
I Iost my voice.
I know.
It takes a strong person to carry
a gift that big.
You have to be strong enough
to foIIow the ruIes.
I don't know what to do if I can't sing.
You can sing, chiId. Sing Iike a bird.
You just have to Iearn to do it differentIy.
You don't understand.
I've Iost my voice. It's gone.
And the doctors say I'II never get it back.
Then you'II have to Iearn to sing
with your heart.
How do I do that?
You search your heart.
Search for what?
For a way to make amends.
For the wrongs that were done
and the peopIe that were hurt.
Right now...
...your heart is empty, chiId. I can feeI it.
When your heart once again is fiIIed...
...with Iove and joy...
...you'II sing again.
It might not sound the same
but you wiII sing.
Sing Iike you never thought you couId.
Sure is nice to see you, again, Bobbie.
It's nice to see you, too, Wes.
I appreciate you driving me aII this way.
Aw, what couId be better than
a beautifuI girI in my truck...
...driving down the road
on a beautifuI afternoon?
It reaIIy is a nice truck.
-Sure you don't mind waiting?
-No, no.
Not when I got a CD pIayer
Iike this baby's got. Ha, ha.
Just gentIe, Iike this.
Hi, I'm Sis. This is Megan.
Hi, I'm Bobbie.
I was Iooking for DaIe.
I know who you are.
DaIe's my brother.
But he isn't here right now.
CouId you stay with Megan
whiIe I go answer the phone?
How you doing, Megan?
-Do you Iike horses?
They're soft.
They say the softest spot
in the whoIe worId is a horse's nose.
-Do you wanna feeI?
-You Iike that?
Wow. That's amazing.
Most of the kids wiII reIate to horses...
...even if they don't pay any attention
to peopIe.
But we've had troubIe with Megan.
She hasn't responded tiII now.
This is amazing.
WeII, this is DaIe's thing.
It's very speciaI.
That's why he rides aII those damn buIIs.
It costs a Iot of money
to keep a pIace Iike this going.
I'm not sure what we're gonna do with
him aII busted up in the hospitaI Iike that.
Watch it.
Oh, sorry.
Is he okay?
OId buII smacked him
pretty good this time.
I keep teIIing him he shouId stop...
...but he thinks he gotta keep on riding
tiII that barn's paid off.
That's his whoIe deaI in Iife, you know,
heIping them kids.
To Iook at him, you wouIdn't know
he was one of them.
-He was autistic Iike them kids...
...he's heIping now.
-He was autistic?
We didn't know
what you caIIed it back then.
We just thought he was sIow.
Never spoke a word
tiII he was 1 1 years oId.
I used to take him down to the barn
and Iet him sit on the horses.
He seemed to Iike it.
HeII, the first word he ever spoke
was ''horsy,'' not ''mama'' or ''dada.''
Can you beat that?
One day a bee stung this oId bay horse
right there on the butt...
...whiIe DaIe was sitting on him.
That oId horse wouId have broke you
in two, but now DaIe...
...he hung on.
That's the first time he ever smiIed.
-How Iong do they think he'II be Iike this?
-Like what?
HeII, he ain't unconscious,
he's just asIeep.
DaIe, DaIe, wake up, son.
You got company.
You bet on the buII again, didn't you?
Thank you.
I think right now we need to thank
a very speciaI young Iady.
The young Iady
that put this whoIe thing together.
Bobbie Thomas, come on up here
to the stage and take a bow.
A very important person in my Iife
once toId me...
...when I Iost my voice,
that I couId sing from my heart.
So if you wiII excuse the sound of my voice
and just Iisten to my heart...
...I'd Iike to sing a very speciaI song
for these very speciaI kids today.
There comes a time in everybody's life
When your destiny is born
And there's no doubt
What you're all about
Is there without a warning
And when it comes
You gotta take it
And believe you're gonna make it through
There's not a challenge you can't face
There's not a rainbow you can't chase
Dream big
Reach high
Don't ever be afraid
Just spread your wings and fly
With a heart full of faith
A whole lot of luck
And some love to see you through
Dream big
And itjust might come true
Always know what the future holds
Is in the hands of fate
And don't forget
That when times gets tough
The gift is worth the wait
But when it finally comes together
Your star will shine forever more
And you'll give hope to all the rest
Show them how to be the best
Matthew, Joseph. Come here, quick.
-What's aII the ruckus?
I've never seen this before.
What do you think it means?
It means...
...the gift shouId be returned.
She has redeemed herseIf...
...found a way to sing without her voice.
WeII, it seems you're right.
WeII, go on.
Dream big
Reach high
Don't ever be afraid
Just spread your wings and fly
With a heart full of faith
A whole lot of luck
And some love to see you through
Dream big
And itjust might come true
Come on, come on
ALL: Dream big
-Dream big
ALL: Reach high
-Reach high
ALL: Don't ever be afraid
Just spread your wings and fly
With a heart full of faith, a whole lot of luck
And love to see you through
Dream big
And itjust might come true
Dream big, reach high
Don't ever be afraid
And youjust fly, fly, fly
With a heart full of faith, a whole lot of luck
And love to see you through
Dream big
And itjust might come true
ALL: Dream big
-Dream big
ALL: Reach high
-Reach high
ALL: Don't ever be afraid
Just spread your wings and fly
With a heart full of faith, a whole lot of luck
And love to see you through
Dream big
And itjust might come true
ALL: Dream big
-Dream big
ALL: Reach high
-Oh, reach high
ALL: Don't ever be afraid
-Oh, no, oh, no
Just fly, fly, fly
With a heart full of faith, a whole lot of luck
And love to see you through
Dream big
And itjust might come true
ALL: Dream big
BOBBIE: Dream big
Reach high
ALL: Don't ever be afraid
-Oh, no, oh, no
And youjust fly, fly, fly
With a heart full of faith, a whole lot of luck
And love to see you through
Dream big
And itjust might come true
Dream big, reach high
Don't ever be afraid
Just fly, fly, fly
With a heart full of faith, a whole lot of luck
And love to see you through
Dream big
And itjust might
Come true
Good job.
[EngIish - US - SDH]