Pure Country: Pure Heart (2017) Movie Script

I know the sun comes
From the east
Can't see the wind
But I've seen it
Move the trees
You think
I move the mountains
With the hours
I spent praying
Down here on my knees
And when I reach
That golden road
All of the answers
To my questions will be told
I don't blame the garden
Or the apple that we took
I did the best I could
I know I've seen
An angel
You know it made me cry
So when I look
At heaven
Why do I keep asking
The answer's just a whisper
And flickers in the night
I think
the chicken's carsick.
Chicken's get carsick?
Why do I keep asking
- WOMAN: Good.
Oh, hey.
Anything new at school?
Don't be mean.
- I was serious.
- So was I.
I'm switching from agriscience
to robotics.
Bringing a chicken to school
was nothing but trouble.
Hey, don't bring that thing
through the kitchen.
Health inspector.
Dead chicken, yes.
Live chicken, no.
ELIZABETH: He can ride
home in the car with me.
Hey, Valentina.
- Hi, Valentina.
- Hey, y'all.
Hey, Li'l Clyde.
What's up, girls?
You know I've seen
An angel
You know it made me cry
So when I look
At heaven
Why do I keep asking
The answer's
Just a whisper
It flickers
In the night
So when I look
At heaven
Why do I keep asking
How was school?
Same ole, same ole.
- How about you, honey?
- Good.
Baby girl, didn't I see you
leave here this morning
with a chicken?
Ask Mama
what she did with him.
Sid's bringing by
more sweet potatoes on the 14th.
The 16th is Daddy's
Well, I'll make a cake.
We'll find a way
to make the day special.
I'm gonna go take my bath.
I ate at the caf.
I wish Mama would talk more
about Daddy.
Well, she's looking forward,
not backwards.
And he's with you
every step of every day.
I hope he's not as bored
as we are.
And y'all got your
singing voices from your daddy.
He used to sing
in his church choir
just like you two.
We're hoping
for bigger audiences
than Methodists, Meemaw.
Don't you be running down
local church folk.
What was Daddy's favorite color?
Green, I think.
You said blue
last time I asked.
He probably had a lot
of favorites.
- What you doing?
Yeah. Willie.
BOTH: When the storms
of life Are raging
Stand by me
When the storms of life
Are raging
Stand by me
When the world
Is tossing me
Like a ship
Upon the sea
BOTH: Thou who rulest
Wind and water
Stand by me
Thou who rulest
Wind and water
Stand by me
MEEMAW: Get started on your schoolwork.
Your mama'll be back
- once that brunch crowd fed.
- PIPER: Flood!
Oh, my Lord.
- Oh, Lordy, Lordy.
- Look at all that water.
Hey, that water pipe is busted.
- Where's the water coming from?
- One busted pipe made all this?
Let me get the...
Let me get the valve.
- Is it off?
- MEEMAW: I'm trying.
All right, here. Grab this.
- There you are.
- Give me one.
- All right. Hurry, hurry.
- There.
Got it?
ADA: Brian Quinlan Spencer
was a staff sergeant
in the United States
Marine Corps,
Third Battalion,
Fifth Marine Regiment,
Regimental Combat Team 1,
1st Marine Division,
I Marine
Expeditionary Force.
While fighting
with his Marine unit
in Karabilah, Iraq,
an enemy soldier
threw a grenade.
Other Marines watched
as Spencer sacrificed himself
and dove on the grenade.
On November 10th, 2004,
Staff Sergeant Spencer
was awarded the Silver Star.
It was just right there.
A whole page
about the battle.
With names of Marines.
That's insane.
I kept searching and I found
the name of this guy.
Mr. Henry LaRue Monroe.
He was next to my daddy that day
and he survived.
Holy moly.
Got an address for him.
And he's here. In Tennessee.
- No way.
- What?
What part of Tennessee.
Down Route 269.
Just 30 miles from here,
at a state veterans' home.
Oh, he's practically
a neighbor.
I knew my daddy
was a hero and all,
but no one in my house
- wants to talk about it.
- Yeah.
You're gonna tell your mom
about Monroe?
- Hell, no.
- Why kick the hornet's nest?
Hey. Why don't you and I
borrow your daddy's truck
and just the two of us
pay the man a visit?
Come on.
You don't wanna meet Mr. Monroe?
I mean, he's your big discovery,
not mine.
I know all I need to know
about my family.
But I can drive you
over there.
Heh. Thanks.
But you owe me.
- Uh-huh.
- Mm-hm.
What you doing?
You can see what I'm doing.
No. I mean why you got
Daddy's military papers
hidden under your bed.
Shut the door.
You got no right
snooping in here.
I didn't tell.
Tomorrow, I'm gonna meet a man
who was with Daddy
in the Marines in Iraq.
Sam Hill.
I'm going too.
Watch your mouth,
young lady.
We're a team.
You've got a part to play
in all this.
You bet I do.
Where you going?
Tomorrow we're going
to Justine's
and she's gonna let me ride
her paint horse.
She is?
In exchange for a pie.
Wanna come?
Taking any longer?
Hey, hey, hey...
- Thank you.
- Thank you. Bye.
They're awfully excited
just be riding a horse.
I'm guessing
there's a boy involved.
That would explain the pie.
Okay. Let me try.
I get so tired...
Of myself sometimes
Mm-hm, hold on. I ca...
I don't wanna go out there.
- Let me try again.
- All right.
I get so tired
Of myself sometimes
Yeah, that's it.
I get inspired
Then watch it fade
Into a slow decline
If I could tie
My heart
Into these dreams of mine
Oh, I...
Yeah, that's it.
I'll never let them
Let them slide
Into the way I was
Before I knew
What I love
Not a single clue
What I have inside
Just lead me
Away from this life
Oh, it's pretty good.
All right now, y'all.
My mom's gonna come out
any minute.
- All right, we'll be quick.
- Make it snappy.
Here, I brought the dress.
Go change in there.
- You don't have to smile.
- Everyone likes people
- looking happy in pictures.
- Just listen to Justine.
She's trying to be
an art photographer.
What's that supposed
to mean?
It means
you don't show your teeth.
Just look natural.
Maybe it's natural for me
to smile.
Stop posing.
So, what if Mama calls?
ADA: We don't pick up. Okay, ready?
One, two...
ALL: Driving down
A stretch of road
And round and round
And round we go
Telling ourselves
We'll be there soon
Trying to get the town
To pass
Barns and cows
And blades of grass
PIPER: Holy hell, I
think I see the moon!
I saw your pecan pie
In the window
I ate the whole darn thing
'Fore you could see
I told you
That it was Meemwaw
But I'm just fibbing
It was actually me
Oh, a little lie
Never hurt nobody
What is this place?
It's like a nursing home,
but for soldiers.
I thought Mr. Monroe
was Daddy's age.
ADA: He doesn't live here.
He works here.
You all go on ahead.
Gonna wander around
and take pictures.
All right.
- You got Daddy's medal?
- Mm-hm.
We don't know if he wants
to see it.
It might be showing off.
But he's excited to meet us,
I didn't talk to him.
I just asked on the phone
if Mr. Monroe was here
- on Saturday.
- So we're a surprise?
Our daddy saved his life.
At least according
to the Internet.
We're backed up. You girls
go ahead and have a seat.
I'll call you
when we're ready for you.
Why don't we just go
sit here?
Smells homemade.
It is.
Who's the pie for?
One of the fellas
that works here.
Lucky him.
I'm a Korean War vet.
We don't get many visitors
with snacks.
You two June bugs got names?
I'm Ada Spencer
and she's Piper.
I'm C.J. Simms.
Pleased to meet you, sir.
Macular degeneration
landed me in this place.
I got all my marbles upstairs,
but I can't see worth a shoot.
What's something to know
about you two
besides you got access
to a working oven?
We sing.
But do you write songs?
We're trying to.
Me too.
We're ready for you girls.
It was real nice
to meet you, sir.
Good morning, sir.
We're Piper and Ada Spencer.
We're military dependents.
You here
to see your grandparents?
No, sir. We're here to see
Mr. Henry LaRue Monroe.
Why you wanna see him?
Mr. Monroe fought
with our daddy,
Staff Sergeant
Brian Spencer.
He was there
when his life ended.
Yeah, well,
Mr. Monroe is busy.
So he's not seeing anyone.
We could come back.
that's not a good idea.
PIPER: We don't know
much about our daddy
because we were little
when he...
Anyway, we just wanted
to bring this pie.
Ah, it can go in the dining hall
for the residents.
Mr. Monroe,
we came all this way.
Nobody asked you to do that.
Wait. Come along now, girls.
Okay, that was rough.
Uh, now, wait, wait.
I guess you caught the man
He didn't know what to do.
Our daddy won a silver medal
saving his life.
He didn't have one whisker
of thanks for that.
Let's go. Here. You take it.
It's chocolate chip pecan.
It's best with ice cream.
I can't carry it.
I'm a fall risk.
Bring it to my room?
Just put the pie anywhere.
Home sweet home.
I got everything in here.
Saxophone, guitar, piano.
Ada, do you play piano
or have you been
concentrating on the guitar?
- Uh, no.
She plays piano.
We've gotta go. Sorry.
It was nice to meet you.
Piper, let's go.
One... One... Now, hold on.
I'll work on Monroe.
Come back in a few days
and I'll have info.
And the pie's
much appreciated,
but, uh, for next time,
my favorite pie
is strawberry-rhubarb.
- Okay.
- Bye, sir.
Bye, girls.
Dr. Murray, telephone call.
Piper, how'd you do
with that paint horse?
- He bit.
I hope you pinched him back.
I was too surprised
when it happened.
Oh, honey, they bite
you gotta pinch them right back.
a horse never learns.
- You know, Meemaw's right.
- Mm-hm.
You should try that
next time.
Not sure
there'll be a next time.
Oh, I'm sure Justine'll
let her ride that horse again.
What's the horse's name?
Mama, tell us something
about Daddy.
He was a wonderful man.
MEEMAW: And he loved
you girls so much.
Mama, tell us something new.
He liked model trains.
And saltwater taffy.
Everybody likes
saltwater taffy.
I'm not a fan.
Pulls the fillings
right out of my teeth.
Well, it's awful hard
to miss somebody
you didn't really get
to ever know.
I can't keep shooting the same
weathered barn over and over
and expect to build
any type of portfolio.
All those old faces
at that place tell a story.
You got plenty of things
to point your camera at.
I'm not going back.
I'm trying to get
a scholarship, Ada.
Wherever college
you end up at
will be lucky to get you.
You know, maybe Piper will
go back with me on Saturday.
You are not taking
my little sister
to a veteran home
without me.
It's like I'm walking
On a highway
Staring straight
Into the sun
With the universe around me
Waiting for me to fall down
If that ornery man is here
I'm not so much as saying hello.
You need to turn those mad pants
into glad pants.
Stop bickering.
We didn't need to bring
a pie.
Did too.
Mama thinks I'm riding a horse.
PIPER: We're just dropping
this pie to Mr. C.J. Simms
and getting Justine
some photo opportunities.
Sign in.
We know where his room's at.
He ain't there.
Did something happen to him?
Today's band day.
Down the hall,
in the community room.
On my way
To Silver City
MAN 1:
Was a man I meant to see
Drivin' through
The Black Range Mountains
When it all
Came back to me
MAN 2:
You said meet me
By the river
MAN 3:
Oh, yeah!
We would start
Our brand-new life
MAN 4:
Your daddy swore
You were his treasure
You would never
Be my wife
A thousand tears
Fall in the darkness
A thousand times
I've wondered why
How it hurts now
To remember
I'd forgotten
How to cry
I'd forgotten
How to cry
We could play all day for you,
but the management
is closing us down.
Something about bathroom breaks
and people having too much fun.
Sounding good, C.J.!
Hey, Mr. Simms.
You're back.
The pie's strawberry-rhubarb.
Just like you said.
There is nothing better
than a woman who can hear.
- Heard that.
- Our Meemaw made it.
Bless her precious heart.
She bakes
to control her OCD.
Fingers crossed
she's never cured.
I got some news, June bugs.
I have cracked the nut
that is Mr. Henry LaRue Monroe.
Yeah? What did he say?
Well, he offered up
that Brian Spencer
was a good Marine.
And that your father
could sing.
Yeah, we've been told.
C.J.: So you know that
before he met your mom
he was chasing
the songwriter dream?
How was that?
In Nashville. He worked the
Put together a little career
from what I hear.
You're sure he was talking
about the right Brian Spencer?
The Marine
who saved Monroe's life.
- Swear you're not making this up?
- Ha, ha.
There's a fella
at the Mockingbird Lounge.
Shirtsleeves McCoy.
He's an old friend of mine.
If your daddy worked much
in Nashville,
will remember him.
You should ask him.
You girls should go.
To Nashville?
Without telling Mama
or Meemaw?
We're already halfway there.
We don't have permission.
Piper, if you're ever
gonna get anywhere in life,
you gotta go places
where you haven't been before.
It's something sexy
That I can't explain
Gets my motor running
- PIPER: Turn it up!
- ADA: Turn it up!
ALL: Mudflaps on the
back Yosemite Sam
I get so excited
I can barely stand
I like a girl
In a pickup truck
A cute convertible
Don't heat me up
I love to watch her
When she climbs up
I like a girl
In a pickup truck
- There it is!
- Nashville, baby!
- We have arrived!
ADA: Ryman, the mother
church of country music!
Okay, my aunt Misty
met Uncle Dell here at Tootsies.
- PIPER: Really?
Wow! The Stage!
Robert's Western World.
"Home of the Sho-Bud!"
Big Time Boots.
I will fight you
for the red ones.
You better bring it.
- Picture. Picture. Come on.
- Oh, okay.
ADA: Stay in the truck.
I'll go check it out.
I am not letting you go
in a bar by yourself.
It's a music place,
not a bar.
All right, well,
then I'm going with you.
I'm not standing out here alone
like someone's farting dog.
Good visual, Piper.
- Oh, boy.
- Are they closed?
They answered the phone.
DECLAN: Sorry, sorry, sorry I'm late.
I'm here.
Excuse me.
Do you work here?
Ye... Yes, ma'am.
I... I... I work here.
How can I help you?
We're looking for a fella
named Shirtsleeves McCoy.
Probably in his office,
but we don't open up till 7.
We drove hours to get here
and we're just hoping
to ask him a few questions.
Where y'all from?
- Parnell.
- Cool.
Uh, yeah, I can...
I can let someone know
you're here. This way.
Are you a musician?
Uh, yes, ma'am,
I like to think so.
My sister plays guitar.
And she sings.
I do too.
We're not trying to audition
or nothing.
We're here
about family stuff.
- I'm Ada Spencer.
- And I'm Piper.
I'm Declan.
I'm just the person
documenting it all.
You got a name?
- It's Declan.
Fellas, how we doing?
- MAN 1: Howdy.
- Opening act.
- Always here early.
- MAN 2: What's up?
This way.
- Mr. McCoy.
- You're late.
I just found these three girls
out front.
- Wanted to talk to you about...
- I got a security camera, Declan.
I can see when you're late.
I just thought... These girls
wanna ask you...
Ed has to rewire
the main stage.
You get out there.
I'll take care of the girls.
- Good luck.
- Thanks for getting us this far.
If you're late again,
don't come back.
He's showing off for you.
We're not taking
any applications right now.
Plus, you gotta be 21
to even be in the building.
We're not looking for jobs,
We got a friend named C.J. Simms
who told us
to come here
and talk to you.
So why does he want you
to come and see me?
Well, Brian Spencer
was our daddy.
We were wondering if you ever
heard anything about him?
Brian who went
into the Marines?
Yes, sir.
I heard what happened.
He was a great man.
We're just looking
to find out more about him,
hoping to talk to someone
who knew about his music.
Let me tell you something.
Your daddy used to clean up
after shows.
And that's common
to get a foot in the door.
He moved up to bartending
and then he walked
the longest 60 feet of his life
when he stepped up
on that stage.
Our daddy sang here?
He did.
You didn't know about his music?
No, sir.
Plus, our mama don't like
to talk about him much.
Your daddy played guitar
and he wrote songs.
Good ones.
He was singing
with Marq Dunn back then.
Marq Dunn?
That's a man, right?
That's a woman.
Wait, the Marq Dunn?
The one and only.
You know, I think I might
have something for y'all.
Give me a sec.
This is messy.
Want some of these put away
you gotta do it yourself.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Whoa.
It's right there in print.
- I wish I had more time, girls.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you, sir.
- We really appreciate this.
- It's okay. Good luck to y'all.
- A lot.
That Brian was our daddy.
He performed with Marq Dunn.
Marq Dunn? Damn.
What is it you do here?
I work with the sound guys.
But one day
you'll be on that stage.
What'd you say
your last name was?
Mine's Martino.
I'll be sure to look out
for the Spencer sisters.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Okay. Bye.
Heh. Bye.
We are moving to Nashville
the day we graduate high school.
- Nashville?
- You are not leaving me alone
to rot at Meemaw's.
I'm going to art school
in New York. Then Paris.
Can you all believe
what just happened in there?
- Marq Dunn.
- Marq Dunn, man.
- PIPER: Heh.
- ADA: This is all a secret.
- Oh, I'm zipped up.
- One peep and you're back
to playing
with Meemaw's chickens.
It's been two days.
No one's returned my e-mail.
Yeah, Marq Dunn doesn't check
her own website.
It's probably run
by assistants.
- That's so unfair.
- Not really.
We need to go
to a Marq Dunn show.
She just finished a big tour.
She's got nothing scheduled.
Well, then we need
to get her telephone number.
Or her home address.
Maybe Declan can help us.
I found his band online.
He's playing in Nashville
this weekend.
Are you interested
in meeting Marq Dunn
or do you just wanna talk
to Declan?
- PIPER: What's going on?
- ADA: Nothing.
I'm part of whatever
you two are cooking up.
It's a good thing you can sing
because so much else about you
is irritating.
We're going back to Nashville
on Saturday.
I knew it.
We're thinking that fella Declan
could help us find Miss Dunn.
Oh, well,
that's an interesting theory.
- Why?
- You know why.
- What?
- Ada and Declan
- Go back inside.
- sitting in a tree.
- Go back inside.
- K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
What are you doing?
I have something in my eye.
I just wanna look nice.
Hold my feet to the fire
Oh, my. There he is.
Let's go.
Forsake your desire
Sing a little higher
Don't chase
'Cause you won't find it
It's caught
It's just bad timing
Forsake my desire
Sing a little higher
Sing a little higher
Your self
Is all you're having
My peace
Is all I'm using
Forsake my desire
Sing a little higher
I know
I know I'm dreamin'
I dream
I dream I'm knowing
Forsake our desire
Sing a little higher
Sing a little higher
Whoo! Wow!
You can follow us on Twitter
and Instagram.
We are Kitchen Backsplash!
Thank you.
- That was amazing.
- Yeah.
Now you got even more reason
to stare at your phone all day.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let's let your sister
have her shot.
Hey, Kitchen Backsplash.
I did not expect
to see you here today.
Um... What did you think?
- What I think?
- Yeah.
I think
you're my new favorite band.
As of today, yeah.
Thank you for coming,
I appreciate it.
- Yeah, of course.
- It's good to see you.
Good to see you too.
An enemy combatant approaching.
- WOMAN: Hi.
- Hey, hey.
Hey. Good to see you.
Anne, MaryBeth, Ada.
Should we go say hello to...?
Nah. Your sister's holding
her ground.
Um, yeah.
Perfect. Great.
- DECLAN: Good to see you guys.
- Yeah, you too.
Hey, um...
I was wondering
if I could get your number.
- Yeah, sure.
- Would you?
Oh, yeah. Thanks.
He took my number.
And he said he'll look
into finding a way to Marq Dunn.
What about his girlfriend?
That was his aunt
and his cousins.
He and his girlfriend
broke up last month.
You got all that just then?
No. I saw the girlfriend thing
on Facebook.
Why didn't I get his number?
Mm. Tactical mistake.
I was trying to be ladylike.
Don't stress.
He looked interested.
- You think?
- Let's just work on the song.
Hey, what are you two
doing out here?
Well, get to bed.
You look exhausted.
What happened today?
She's tired.
From the paint horse?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Did he bite you again?
No, ma'am.
Good. Now, get to bed.
Both of you.
Okay, forget about that guy,
let's work.
You're right.
Hey there.
How you doing, Ada?
Um, I'm good. How are you?
I'm good. Hey, I was...
I was gonna send you a text,
but I thought
calling would be better.
I didn't realize how loud
it was gonna be in here.
Calling's cool.
It's easier sometimes.
Um, hey, I wanted to thank you
for coming to see us play
You guys are amazing.
I appreciate it.
Um, hey, you know,
next time we're together
you have to sing for me, huh?
How's that sound?
I'd like that. Yeah. Yeah.
Great. Bring your guitar.
All right. Yeah.
Who's the new fella?
Mom, it's like being
in a fishbowl in this house.
Hey, I'm happy
if you're seeing someone.
You know, that Cuthbert boy
only joined the choir
because of you.
So Mama thinks
you have a boyfriend.
Well, I don't.
Maybe we should tell her
we been going to Nashville.
You better stay zipped.
We done nothing wrong and I'm
not gonna argue with you.
All right.
So you don't want Declan
as a boyfriend?
I barely know him.
And this is about Daddy.
And our music.
Ada, really?
Declan says he's knows people
who know people
who know Marq Dunn.
We probably know people
who know people
who know people
who know Marq Dunn.
Yeah, but there's an extra set
of people in there.
- Who's that?
- Justine.
No, it's not.
Declan got us tickets.
To what?
I'm Marq Dunn
and this is the Marq Dunn Band.
She came all the way
From the big ol' city
She acts real smart
But she ain't witty
I've been patient
I've been kind
She gonna make you
Lose your mind
Yeah, she's thin
But she ain't pretty
- Do we have a Declan sighting?
- He's right there.
See if he has any friends
into photography.
- Hey, sorry I'm late.
- ADA: Hi! It's all right.
- How you doing?
- Good. How are you?
- Good. Got them. You ready?
- Yeah. Who's playing?
You're playing with fire
So go and lay
In the rough terrain
You can roll around
In the hay, hay, hay
If I find out
That you've seen her
You'll find out
That the grass ain't greener
- Whoa.
- It's her.
- She's...
- Got perfect teeth!
She's got perfect
You might think
She's a high class romance
But she don't come close
To a headlight slow dance
Will she drink a cold one?
Is she too polite
To jump in the lake
In the middle of the night?
She'll show you London
Mention France
Mud on your boots
And lies on your face
You're tracking that dirt
All over the place
The weeds grow higher
Over that barbed wire
And if you're playin'
That field
Boy you're playing
With fire
So go and lay
In the rough terrain
You can roll around
In the hay, hay, hay
If I find out
That you've seen her
You'll find out
That the grass ain't greener
Yeah! Thank you!
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
Can we go meet her?
We can try.
Are we just supposed to wait
till she comes out?
No. That could take a while.
- There she is.
- Miss Marq!
- PIPER: Miss Dunn!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Be cool.
So, what's your plan?
Send smoke signals?
Nicely done.
Here comes a can of whoop-ass.
You got something
to say to me?
Yes. Actually, we were...
Did you know Brian Spencer,
I knew Brian.
Brian was our daddy.
We heard Miss Marq and him
were good friends.
We were hoping to meet her.
Come on.
MAN 1: You gotta be
kidding me with this now.
MAN 2:
All right.
Brian was, uh,
an amazing person and a...
A good friend.
We were pretty small
when he went overseas.
I can see your daddy
in you two.
You haven't even heard us
Oh, you're little songbirds?
Yes, ma'am.
Our daddy's favorite singer
was Willie Nelson.
That's mine too.
- ADA: Do you know him, ma'am?
- I do.
Why don't you ever come out
to Parnell and visit with Mama?
That's a long story.
Is there a short version?
Hey. How about you two girls
sing us a song?
Right here?
Ted, you're putting them
on the spot.
It's all right, ma'am.
But we usually sing best
to my sister's guitar.
But we can manage without it,
I guess.
BOTH: You and I won't be
mistaken For strangers
Everybody, they'll know
Where we've been
They won't stop us at the door
Like we open anymore
We all walk out the same door
We came in
Wow, I...
I sure hear your daddy
in your music.
That's the truth.
I'm so happy
to meet you girls.
How would you feel
about coming to my house
and visiting with me?
Would you like that?
Yes, ma'am.
No. Marq.
Please call me Marq.
We'd like that, Miss Marq.
Nope, just Marq.
So, Marq,
when can we come over?
Uh, how about next weekend?
I'll, uh... I'll have Ted
give you my address
and everything.
We'll see you then.
Bye, Marq.
Thank you.
That was amazing.
Thank you.
You okay?
I never thought
I'd meet Brian's kids.
And they can sing.
Not a surprise.
Take it slow.
I hear you.
I know you do.
Doesn't mean
you're gonna listen, though,
now, does it?
Oh, my God.
- What?
- Mama'll be excited.
Don't you breathe a word.
Y'all have a good night?
Hell, yeah.
Where did you get that mouth,
young lady?
Ahem. Meemaw.
I'm going to bed.
Grass grows higher
Under that barbed wire
If you're playing that field
You're playing with fire
Go and lay...
- ADA: Piper.
- Huh?
Listen to me.
You can't go singing
Marq Dunn songs
around the house.
I wasn't.
You was too.
Once I get music in my head
I can't help what happens.
We're both big fat liars
right now.
How about Carrie Underwood?
Whatever, as long as it's not
Justin Bieber.
Pass it on
Lesson learned
I think we should pull over
and pee.
We're almost there.
Just hold it.
I gotta go pee right now.
You can hold it
a while longer.
How do you know
how long I can hold it?
This is the first time
you brought up peeing.
You'd have said something
earlier if it were getting bad.
Well, I had to go
before we left, so...
Well, I gotta go too, but I
haven't said anything about it
because I got my priorities
in line.
I need to pee.
You gotta be kidding me.
I like him up front
Down home
Mama's boy, homegrown
Pumped up and ready to play
I like a six-pack
1950s Cadillac
Set to make out
Get away
I say whoo, whoo
Baby, this train is ready
To roll
Good girl
Gone back to the world
You can't see nothing
but wall.
Come on.
She's got this security
because of crazy fans.
You mean people like us?
We should have flat-ironed.
It's so fancy.
Move over.
It's Ada, Justine
and Piper.
Does she live here by herself?
It's just so big. She must have
her mama and daddy.
Maybe some cousins.
- Hey, girls.
- Hi.
- Have trouble finding the place?
- No, ma'am.
- Uh, Marq.
- Hi.
Our Meemaw made this.
Coconut custard.
that is so sweet of her.
She didn't know
when she was making it
that it was for you.
Ah. Okay. Well, come on in.
Would you, uh...?
Would you get the door?
So, uh, was your mother okay
with you coming to see me?
She's real busy at the caf.
So we didn't tell her.
I guess you and Mama
aren't really friends?
You're gonna need to tell
your mama you came to see me.
We will.
It's just the timing
wasn't good.
So you live here all alone,
Miss Marq?
No, I share the place
with my two best friends.
Wanna meet them?
Yes, ma'am.
- ADA: They're big.
- I could almost ride
- one of those guys.
- Hey.
- Ha-ha-ha. they're real friendly.
- Oh, so cute.
When they're not trying
to end squirrels on Earth.
Are you hungry or...?
- Or, uh, thirsty or anything?
- ADA: No, ma'am. No.
- No. Not me.
- Should've told you
to bring your swimsuits.
I keep the pool warm.
Oh, shoot.
We can swim any ole time.
Can't talk to you
any ole time.
You sounded like your daddy
just then.
Thanks, ma'am.
Miss Marq,
how did you meet our daddy?
MARQ: We were, uh... We were
both getting our cars fixed.
And the mechanic's wife
went into labor,
and he just took off.
So the two of us
were just sitting there
and I started
to hum this tune
and then your daddy
joined in and...
And then we ended up, uh,
writing a song
called, um,
"Waiting for Answers."
- Was it any good?
- It wasn't half bad.
People thought
it was about waiting for love.
But it was about waiting
for a fan belt.
And then after that?
We got to be friends
and, um...
we wrote all kinds of songs
that summer.
And, uh, started performing.
And you knew our mama?
Yes. I met her.
We didn't really spend
a lot of time together.
Brian fell hard for her,
Things moved very quickly
for your mom and dad.
But she never liked
his music?
No, no, no,
she loved his music.
I'd say
she was his biggest fan.
She's not now.
We didn't even know
he ever played clubs
or nothing like that.
You know,
I can't speak for her, but it...
It might just be too hard.
Music, it touches your soul.
Without music,
life would be a mistake.
Love that.
Nietzsche said it.
I'm just repeating.
Book smart.
I know it looking at her.
It's the haircut.
Well, Justine's not just
interested in photography.
I also love horses.
And books.
Books and horses,
- in that order.
- Heh.
Let's go inside. I...
I have something that I...
I want you guys to listen to.
Come on.
It's time.
I think you got it.
Um, we'll give it a shot.
Just keep it simple.
MARQ: Why don't I do
the harmony on...?
On this...? On this one?
All right.
- That's Daddy, Piper.
- MARQ: You ready?
I was born ready, girl.
One, two, three.
We don't run
We don't compromise
We don't quit
We never do
We look for love
And we find it in the eyes
The eyes of me
And the eyes of you
BOTH: You are the road
You are the only way
I'll follow you
Forever more
We'll look for love
We'll find it in the eyes
The eyes that see
Through all the doors
There is a train
That races through the night
On rail...
Your daddy wrote that
when he met your mama.
He did?
I contributed a little bit,
but it's mostly his.
Our daddy wrote a song
for our mama.
Oh, he wrote lots.
He was amazing with words.
Loved poetry.
I never pictured him
as a poem-y kind of guy.
He was.
Miss Marq,
we need to learn
how to play that song.
You are the road
You are the only way
MARQ: Now... We're gonna...
We're gonna just really...
- So you go ahead and...
- ADA: All right.
...get into it.
Give it more gusto.
...are the road
You are the only way
I'll follow you
Forever more
We look for love
We find it in the eyes
The eyes of me...
...is not gonna believe
we met Marq Dunn.
I bet we'll see her
- all the time.
- All the time.
- Ha-ha-ha.
- Yes, I...
Mr. Monroe.
Mr. Monroe?
We're here to see C.J.
He's probably napping.
But also we came here today
to say thank you.
This is for you.
It's saltwater taffy.
Phone call for Mr. Deacons.
Samuel Deacons,
you have a phone call.
We shouldn't be eating this.
MARQ: So that's why
the numbering system
is so good for transposing
from one key to another.
And the second part
of the numbering system,
it tells you how many beats
in each chord.
So that's one chord,
for two measures.
So in this case, one is G.
One two, one two, one two
You girls got plans later?
I told my friend Declan
we'd see him
because we're in town.
Maybe you wanna meet me
in a few hours
and bring your friend?
Back here?
No. I'm going out too.
I'll get you the address.
Are you sure
this is the right address?
Let me check again.
- DECLAN: Hey, hey, hey.
- Hi.
- ADA: Hi.
- How y'all doing?
Well, we're lost.
This is the address
she gave us.
Well, there's lots
of great music in church
so maybe she wants you
to hear some?
- How you doing?
- I'm good. How are you?
Yeah. I was supposed
to be here earlier. I am sorry.
- You found us!
- ADA: Ha! We did.
TED: So you didn't tell
them you were meeting them
- at the studio?
- I wanted to surprise them.
You done that. Heh.
Hello, Nietzsche.
It's Marq.
- Right.
- Declan, glad you could join us.
So nice to meet you, ma'am.
Thank you so much
for this surprise.
I wanna show you something.
ADA: Are we gonna hear
you record a song?
No, we're gonna hear you
record a song.
Are you serious?
Time's already paid for.
Come on,
let me take you downstairs.
All right, let's take a pass
and then we'll see
where the other parts come in.
Are you gonna play with us?
That's the plan.
Let's give it a go.
Just like we're singing
on the back porch.
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
You and I won't be mistaken
For strangers
Everybody, they'll know
Where we've been
They won't stop us at the door
Like we open anymore
We all walk out the same door
We came in
Old friends, old lovers
Some records skip
More than others
It's the same song
We're all lookin' for
To be nobody's stranger
No such thing
As a one-sided rescue
Sometimes it's hard to tell
Which side you're on
Sometimes they look the same
There's no face to the name
By the time you go
To thank them, they're gone
You and I will wander
Through the wild
You and I can see the forest
Through the trees
No matter where we go
Oh, we're never
On our own
We won't know what
It's our blood until we bleed
Old friends, old lovers
Some records skip
More than others
It's the same song
We're all lookin' for
To be nobody's stranger
To be nobody's stranger
Man, you girls know
how to write a song.
Thank you.
- Oh.
- Thanks.
Now, do it again better.
Thank you.
MAN: I'll take another
when you get a chance.
- Hey, Elizabeth.
- Well, hey, there, Shula.
What can I get you?
Oh, I would love
a slice of peach pie
and a cup of coffee.
Meemaw's pies are addictive.
What did the girls
bring you over this morning?
Now, we gotta tell Mama
and Meemaw.
I know.
Mama might be mad at first,
but once she sees
all the stuff that's happened...
Shula Sloan
was in the caf today.
- Mama...
- I knew something was up
with you girls.
Gone all the time with Justine.
We were gonna tell you.
She said she didn't know
nothing about Piper
riding the paint horse.
Mama, let us explain.
So I came straight right home
and me and your Meemaw,
we found all this stuff.
And that is when I realized
I had raised liars.
- Mama, would you listen?
- There's nothing worse
than a liar, Ada. Nothing.
Tell me
where you were today.
We wanted to know more
about Daddy.
I found the Silver Star
when the pipe broke.
It was with all
the flooded stuff.
And then a Marine
at the veterans' home told us
about Daddy's music.
Mom, we're sorry.
we won't see her again.
See who?
Marq Dunn.
You saw Marq?
We were at her house today.
She took us
to a recording studio.
Oh, girls.
Marq told us from the start
to let you know.
We were gonna do it today.
Where does this boy Declan
fit in? Hmm?
Oh, don't tell me
Marq's met him.
He helped us find her.
What other secrets you girls got
I don't know about? Hmm?
Not telling you was wrong.
And I am sorry for that.
But we are not the only ones
in this house
with secrets.
Our daddy
shouldn't be a secret.
We should know who he was
and we should be proud.
Girls, your Mama...
Don't tell us
we're lucky, Meemaw.
I wasn't gonna say that.
I'm sorry for hurting you.
But I want to be a singer.
And so does Piper.
Oh, girls,
your mama is not saying
she don't want you to sing.
Yes, I am.
I want her to go to college.
I want them both
to get real careers.
Who said music
can't be a real career?
Take me back
In time again
Stay with me
Like you did then
Take me
As you find me here
Take me now
Feel me near
Like I never knew
Someday will fade
And be ignored
Nothing is forever
Wrap me up
In quiet sins
Take me lost
Make me found
Hanging on
To every word
As the morning stirs
Did I snore last night?
Surprisingly no.
Couldn't sleep anyway,
Help me
if I mess up the words.
Ready? One, two, three...
BOTH: We don't run
We don't compromise
We don't quit...
I've heard this song before,
long time ago.
ADA: Our daddy wrote
it with Marq Dunn.
what did Miss Marq do
to make Mama so mad?
All right then.
When your daddy
met your mama
he stopped chasing
his singing career.
Now, Elizabeth did not tell him
to do that.
That was his idea.
He wanted to start a family.
If he stayed with his music,
he'd be in Nashville right now.
He'd be alive.
And maybe you wouldn't be.
How's that sit with you?
None of this explains why Mama
and Marq aren't friends.
She's my daughter,
but I'm not inside her head.
But I will tell you
one thing.
No one loved your daddy's music
more than your mama.
No one.
play me something
that you been working on.
Something that the two of you
wrote together.
Don't make me beg.
- "Hold On."
- Yeah.
Three, four...
Got the heart
Of a dreamer
From the heart of a man
Who knew
What it felt like
To give all you can
I know he's up there
Looking down on us now
I hope the girls he sees
Are making him proud
Oh, some days
Are gonna be a little harder
Some days you just float
On a breeze
It ain't pretty
Looking back
At where we started
Up ahead
Is all you need to see
When you're walking down
A long winding road
All you gotta do
Is hold on to hope
That is exactly
what I needed to hear today.
Thank you.
Blue sky above my head
Steady ground
Below my feet
The sun came up
And set back down again
I never ask myself
What it all means
The stars hung
Like chandeliers
Lit up pretty all for me
I'm gonna lean
On you now
And you can lean on me
And I'm gonna let you in
- Elizabeth?
- Hi. Oh. Hi. Oh! Oh!
- Heh.
- No! Oh, my goodness.
- I'm so sorry.
- Oh. It's okay.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Uh, this is for you.
I'm thinking
this is not a fan letter.
It's an apology.
You don't need to say
you're sorry for anything.
Yeah, I do.
Oh, hell. I'm sorry too.
Uh, you wanna go on a walk?
With the dogs?
I know Caesar would like
to, uh, make up
for his poor behavior.
You don't have to read it.
It just says I'm sorry.
For my part in all of it.
Your part?
For Brian leaving the band.
No, no.
We gave it a shot.
It didn't work out.
I never meant
to take Brian away.
You didn't take Brian away.
Brian met you
and he didn't wanna stay up
all night writing songs with me.
I get it now.
I'm a handful.
Yeah, but, uh...
I should have called
a long time ago.
It's a two-way street.
I should've reached out more
after he died. That's, uh...
Yeah, that's on me.
I don't even remember
how I made it
through those days.
For a long time I had
some kind of magical thinking
- that he would...
- He'd come back?
You have those
two beautiful girls.
You've done a hell of job.
Thank you.
Eat me out of house
and home.
Speaking of which,
are you hungry?
Yeah. I am.
Let's get some food.
The music thing just scares me.
That's why I push school
so hard.
I think
they're gonna surprise you.
I really do.
At least you get to go to bed
with those two firecrackers
under your roof.
I turn the lights out
with two rescue dogs.
Well, Piper snores.
So does Meemaw.
You've been encouraging
my girls and I appreciate that.
It was selfish.
They make me feel good.
Will you keep helping my girls
with their music?
Would you be okay with that?
I'd love it.
- It's a plan.
Come on, let's eat.
We got years to catch up on.
And I need to fatten you up.
Fatten up? Hey.
Sorry I'm so late!
- We were worried sick.
- We called your cell,
- we got your voicemail...
- My phone died.
- I forgot my charger.
- You forgot your charger?
- Yes, darling.
- We stopped by the caf,
they said
you weren't there all day.
Place didn't burn down,
- Elizabeth, where were you?
- I went to Nashville.
- Turn down the radio down.
Elizabeth, what is going on?
Well, Mama, I visited Marq.
Marq with a Q?
Yes, baby. Marq Dunn.
What in the Sam hell?
Meemaw, language.
We took the dogs
for a walk.
And then we had
a real nice meal.
Oh, we were so hungry.
I think it was all that talking.
Honey, you and Marq
have never been friends.
We've never been enemies
She and Brian
made great music together
and I was...
I was always jealous
of that.
But I'm not the same person
I was then.
We already made a plan
to see each other again.
To walk dogs?
There's a benefit concert
next week
in Nashville for veterans.
Marq's gonna be singing
and she thought maybe
we'd all like to go with her.
As a way of honoring
your father.
Am I in on this?
Yes, Meemaw. It's time
to paint your butt white
- and run with the antelope.
- Have you been drinking?
- No. This is a natural high.
And I guess years
in the making.
I'm not done.
We are driving over
to the veterans' home
to ask your friend C.J.
if he'd like to go with us.
This is crazy.
Ada, you wanna call Declan
and see if he's interested
in the concert?
- I'd like to meet him.
- Thanks, Mama.
What about Justine?
It's not her fault we lied.
Justine too.
We've got a new rule
in this family.
No secrets.
Knock me over with a feather
and paint my butt white.
C.J.: Old man said
It's in the canyon
Lives up there
Behind the mountain
Every branch
Of every pinon tree
Hey there, C.J.
- Hey.
- ADA: This is our mama.
So nice to meet you.
And our Meemaw.
Pleasure to meet you.
I finally get to meet
the world's greatest pie maker.
Oh, please.
Never underestimate
your talent.
Oh, I have many talents.
Like what, Meemaw?
Uh, we brought pies
for the whole place.
There are a lot more
in the car.
All right. Let's eat.
Hey, Monroe.
Come on over here.
I gotta get back
to reception.
After you meet somebody.
Mama, I'd like you to meet
a friend of Daddy's.
I'm Elizabeth Spencer.
You served with my husband?
Yes, ma'am.
It's a pleasure
to meet you, sir.
Brian would have been
real proud of his daughters.
I'm gonna need
some more pie.
Justine's here!
We're gonna be late!
Holy cow, Meemaw.
I went all the way
to Shelbyville salon
and I asked for a beehive.
you got a Marge Simpson.
Too late to undo it.
I guess I should
consider myself lucky.
How's that?
It'll wash out.
Well, I like it.
- Ada!
- ADA: Coming!
I just wouldn't wanna be
sitting behind you at a concert.
Hey, y'all.
Oh, darling,
you girls look so pretty,
you make folks
glad to be alive.
Thanks, Meemaw.
Your hair is insane.
You do have
that Tennessee glow, Ada.
That's because Declan's
gonna be there.
All right, all right.
We'll pick on your sister
in the truck. Let's go!
Too bad you don't have
a sunroof.
Meemaw's high hair
could stick out the top.
I heard that.
Where's Marq?
She's joining us
after it all starts.
That's how famous people
do it.
They wait
till the light's out.
How was I
supposed to know that?
- You're not late.
Mama, Meemaw,
this is Declan.
- Hello.
- How are you?
- Hi.
- I'm so pleased to meet you.
Thank you so much
for inviting me tonight.
What do you think?
Does she have
the Tennessee glow?
Hell, yeah.
That glow is how I found you.
Oh, I like him already.
Except for that language.
- Hey there, everybody.
- ALL: Hi!
How're you doing?
Mr. Monroe,
this is a surprise.
What? That I like music?
Or that I'd go to a concert?
I told you,
he was just a growler.
I got my reasons.
Well, don't go into them.
- So happy to see you again.
- Likewise.
Let's talk later. Come on,
we need to get our seats.
- PIPER: Okay.
- ELIZABETH: Let me help you.
Are you still making
those wonderful pies?
Oh, I am. I am.
We're all here tonight
to raise money
for our wounded veterans.
So thank you
for being a part of this.
We've got some surprises
for you tonight
and we're kicking it off
with the biggest one.
Ladies and gentlemen,
give a big welcome
to Mr. Willie Nelson!
I love you!
- Whoa!
- Willie Nelson!
Thank you very much.
I'm proud to be here
for the veterans.
A Marine named Brian Spencer
wrote a great song
before he lost his life
for his country,
and his family is here
and I'm gonna ask
his two daughters to come up
and, uh, sing this song
with me.
Let's give them
a big welcome.
Oh. Oh!
Go, girls!
Three chords and the truth,
that's what a country song is.
Right, girls?
- ADA: Mm-hm. Yeah.
- What do you say we do one?
We don't run
We don't compromise
We don't quit
We never do
We look for love
We find it in the eyes
The eyes of me
And the eyes of you
ALL: You are the road
You are the only way
I'll follow you
Forever more
We'll look for love
We'll find it
In the eyes
The eyes that see through
All the doors
There is a train
That races through the night
On rails of steel
That reach the soul
Fueled by fire
As soft as candle light
But it warms the heart
Of a love grown cold
And we don't run
And we don't compromise
We don't quit
We never do
We look for love
We find it in the eyes
The eyes of me
And the eyes of you
We don't run
We don't compromise
We don't quit
We never do
We look for love
And find it in the eyes
The eyes of me
And the eyes of you
The eyes of me
And the eyes of you
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
Thank you.
Something calling
My name
I've gotta go
I can't tell
Where it's coming from
Or what it wants me
To know
But it's singing
In the wind
A song I wanna play
Like a whistle
On a train
Something calling
My name
Wakes me up
In the dead of night
Draws me out to the yard
To stare up at the sky
Something's a-shootin'
And a-burnin' out there
I've seen it before
But I can't say where
Some kind of dream
Got a hold of me
Like gravity
Something calling
My name
I've gotta go
Can't tell
Where it's coming from
Or what it wants me
To know
But it's singing
In the wind
A song I wanna play
Like a whistle
On a train
Something calling
My name
But it feels like
My heart's on a highway ride
Feet off the ground
Head in the sky
Almost feels
Like I can fly
Like I can fly
Something calling
My name
I've gotta go
I can't tell
Where it's coming from
Or what it wants me
To know
But it's singing
In the wind
A song I wanna play
Like a whistle
On a train
Something calling
My name