Purity Falls (2019) Movie Script

[sweeping, dramatic music]

- all right,
I'm throwing you in.
- No, you're not.
Let me go see
if they're ready to eat.
[indistinct chatter]
- oh, my god,
this looks amazing.
- Yeah? Good.
It's almost ready.
- Burgers are the best.
- Oh.
- Everything all right?
- Yeah, yeah.
Just coming down with something.
- You've been working too hard.
You should go to bed
early tonight.
- No argument here.
- Your children are standing
right here.
- And I'm starving.
- Good, good,
because we got hamburgers.
And for the little lady,
- Thanks, dad.
- You all right, dad?
- Yeah, yeah.
I'm probably just tired.
Something that I--
I don't know.
- Well, go sit down.
I can handle this.
- No, I got it.
I got it, honey.
- Go sit.
- All right.
- Can you grab the platter?
- You...
You too tired
for a little catch, dad?
- Maybe after dinner, buddy.
- All right.
We don't have to.
I know you're not as young
and spry as you used to be.
- Give me the ball.
Just give me that ball.
- Guys, it's time to eat.
- That's all right, hold on.
Let me just teach this kid
some manners.
- I'm sorry, was that it?
- All right, okay,
good throw.
You got that from your old man,
you know.
- We'll see what you got,
old man.
- Better go deep.
- Dad?
- Kyle!
Kyle. We're right here.
You're okay.
- Dad, what's wrong?
- Go get my phone.
Call 911.
- What's happening?
- I don't know. Hurry up!
[dramatic music]
- wow, it's beautiful, mom.
You did good.
- Thanks, honey.
Wait till you see inside.
Hey, hey, this is going
to be good for us.
A fresh start.
We'll make new memories here.
- I like the old memories.
- What are you doing
with that?
- What do you mean?
It's dad's rifle.
Grandpa gave it to him,
and now it's mine.
- I don't care.
It's dangerous.
You shouldn't
have brought it,
and I don't want it
in the house.
- Fine.
- Jay.
I know this hasn't
been easy on him.
- Yeah, well, it hasn't been
easy for me either, mom.
- I know.
Maybe this was a mistake.
- No. I'm sorry.
- Let's get these bags inside
so we can make room
for the moving van.
[dramatic music]

- ow.
Hey. Rough day?
- Sorry. Sorry, man,
I didn't see you.
- That's all right.
No harm done.
You play?
- No.
Not since...
Well, not since
my old school.
- Cool. So you just moved in.
- Yeah. Yeah, we just got here.
- Chad.
- Jason.
- Nice to meet you.
You going to purity falls high?
- Yeah. That I am.
Not exactly by choice.
- Oh. I'm sorry.
Purity falls
isn't so bad.
I'm definitely looking forward
to getting out of here
and moving to college
next week.
- You're lucky.
I'm a senior, so...
- Okay.
- I'm just hoping
I can last the year,
and then I'm out of here too.
- Oh, chad, can you come inside
and help me with something?
- Duty calls.
See you around, jason.
- Yeah, I'm sure you will.
I mean, we're neighbors.
- Oh, no, I don't live here.
[dramatic music]
- okay, great.
Last three boxes.
Thank you so much.
- Hey, mom, can we order
a pizza or something?
- Yeah. That sounds like
a great idea.
- Oh, you're ordering pizza?
- Yeah. Go tell justine
what kind you want.
- Get me one with pineapple.
- Ew.
- Jay, you didn't talk to me
the entire drive here.
I know you're still
that you can't graduate
with shane and zack this year.
- It's not about graduating.
I mean, that was our home.
I mean...
We'd been there
since justine was born.
And you made us leave.
- You know I had
to go back to work.
We're burning
through savings,
and this is a good place
for our family.
- I already hate it here.
I'm 18.
Like, I should have just stayed
with zack and his family.
And I could have finished school
and gone off to college.
- Jason.
[doorbell rings]
- hi, there.
I'm courtney mcqueen.
I'm your neighbor.
I just wanted to welcome you
to the neighborhood.
- Oh, hi.
I'm nicole johnson.
- Oh, it's lovely
to meet you, nicole.
Oh, well,
these are for you.
Just something I whipped up.
I know how exhausting
moving can be,
and the last thing you want
to do is cook dinner, right?
- Thank you.
That is so sweet of you.
Let me take those.
Come on in.
- Thank you.
- Kitchen's right over there.
Please excuse the mess.
[door closes]
- oh, not to worry.
Everything looks good to me.
- This is my daughter,
- Hi, justine.
It's lovely to meet you.
Aren't you just
the prettiest thing.
- Thank you.
- Look, now we don't
have to order pizza.
- Cool. I'll grab us
some plates.
- Courtney, this smells
We love italian food.
- Thank you.
You know what?
I should have brought you guys
some wine too.
- Now you're talking
my mom's language.
- [laughs]
- justine!
- Sounds like a party.
- Courtney, this is my son,
- It's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, jason.
- Do you have any kids?
- No. My late husband and I,
we tried,
but it just didn't happen.
- Oh. I'm so sorry.
We moved here
for my new job.
- Mom's going to be
the new guidance counselor
at purity falls high.
- Hey, congratulations.
I know that they were looking a
long time for the right person.
- Do you work
for the school?
- No, I...I do try
and stay involved
in the community, though.
I actually run a few
home-based businesses.
I sell a line
of organic cosmetics
to all the ladies
in the cul-de-sac,
so you guys will have to come
to my next green lady party.
And I also have
a landscaping business.
- Oh, well,
if you're hiring,
jason used to mow the lawn
at our old house.
- I don't need help
finding a job, mom.
- No, but that's terrific.
I'm always looking for boys
with experience.
- I...I don't know.
Sure. Maybe.
- I think it's a great idea,
And you can finally start
saving up for that car.
- A car.
Well, listen, no pressure.
I mean, the pay's not bad
and the job has its perks.
Well, listen, I'll let you guys
get back to your unpacking.
Don't wash the trays.
I'll come and get them
another time.
- Let me show you out.
- She seems nice.
- Nicole, you're going
to love purity falls.
It's very family friendly.
And I know everyone.
I'll introduce you.
Honey, what's wrong?
- [sobs]
I didn't...
I didn't want
to upset the kids, but...
I lost my husband
last year.
- Oh, poor thing.
I'm so sorry.
is it just the three
of you then?
- Yes.
When you mentioned
your husband, I just...
...I thought
you should know.
- It tears you up,
doesn't it?
You must be so
- [crying]
- [sighs]
you know what you need?
You need a good friend.
that's me.
That's me.
- [sobbing]
[crickets chirping]
- yeah.
Yeah, I got enough
for the deposit.
Well, it's enough for that
apartment that you like.
I know. Yeah, we're going to be
so close to campus we can walk.
Hey, amber, hey,
what did I tell you, all right?
Don't worry,
I'm taking care of us.
I just want you
to be happy.
[loud thump, glass shatters]
I got to go.
Love you.
What the hell?
[ominous music]

Who's out here?
[suspenseful music]

- guys, hurry up.
We need to leave soon.
[female announcer] we join
gary bowers with the details.
- A purity falls high graduate
has died in what appears to be
an accidental drowning.
The body of 18-year-old
chad griffith
was found in his backyard pool
this morning.
Purity falls police
are withholding further comment
until an autopsy
has been performed.
[turns tv off]
- his poor family
must be devastated.
We'll need to set up grief
counseling at school this week.
Where did I
leave my bag?
- I think it's upstairs, mom.
- Oh.
- What's wrong?
- I just talked
to that guy yesterday.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah, he was working
in the neighbor's backyard.
- Well, what did you
talk about?
- Nothing. School.
- Creepy.
- Feeling anxious?
- A little.
- Don't be.
You're going to make
new friends in no time.
- Yeah, because everybody
wants to be friends
with the guidance counselor's
- Oh, my god,
I didn't even think of that.
- Just relax.
You're going to do fine.
- Okay. See you later.
- Oh, I meant to tell you
that football tryouts
are this Wednesday.
- I don't think
I'm going to try out.
I'm just not
really interested.
- Maybe try out
for something else, then.
The school has a lot
of sports.
There's soccer, lacrosse.
- Mom, don't worry about it.
- Have a great day, honey.
- thinking about
trying out?
- Oh.
No. Not really.
- Yeah, our football
team sucks.
Our wrestling team is top
in the state, though, so...
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- I used to wrestle a bit
in my old school.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- I'm daniel.
- Jason.
- Nice to meet you, man.
That is clara.
And she's been to every match.
So how about it?
We start practice
this afternoon.
I'll introduce you
to the coach.
Definitely look like
you're built for it, man.
- sure, yeah, why not?
- What can I say, man?
The purity falls ladies
are in love with us.
- [laughs]
- all right, let's go, daniel.
Wrestle off.
King, you keep time.
[blows whistle]
[both grunt]
[blows whistle]
- hey, what happened, man?
I thought you were
the best in the state.
- I said our team
was the best in the state.
- Right.
- Let's see what you got.
Caleb's a monster, though.
No one can beat him.
- I'll tell you,
after watching you,
I'm suddenly feeling
a lot more confident.
- Good, because
I know someone
who will be disappointed
if you lose.
- Who?
- You want to get pizza
and wings this weekend?
- Yeah, sure.
I'll need a ride, though.
- Man, you need
to get a car.
- Yeah, I need
to get money first.
- Do you...
Do you know
courtney mcqueen?
- My neighbor?
Yeah, I met her last night.
She offered me a job.
- You should take it.
I worked for her.
It was great.
- Mowing lots and stuff?
- [laughs]
she'll take care of you, man.
Trust me.
- jason, caleb, you're up.
[whistle blows]
[spectators gasp]
[both grunting]
[whistle blows]
[cheers and applause]
- dude, you just pinned
caleb miller!
Are you kidding me?
- All right, that's it
for today, hit the showers.
- it's nice to finally
watch someone
that knows how to wrestle.
- Why you got to be put me down
in front of my new friend here?
- Hey. I'm clara.
- Jason.
Sorry, I'm sweaty.
- Oh, speaking of which,
we got to hit the showers.
- Yeah, I'll be there
in a second.
So a few of us...
Were thinking
about getting
pizza and wings
this weekend.
Would you want
to join us?
- I was going
to hang out at abby's house.
- Oh. Bring her.
Yeah, it's my treat.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, sure.
We'll meet you guys there.
- Okay. Cool.
- Okay.
- I know what you've been
- Take it easy.
- Stay away from her.
Don't even think
about coming back.
Because I'll kill you.
What are you looking at?
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- Who was that guy?
- I don't know.
Probably just
some crazy old drunk.
- You don't know him?
- Never seen him before
in my life.
- Well, hello there.
It's jason, isn't it?
- Yeah. Yeah, that's right.
- Hmm. What can I do
for you, jason?
- I remember you saying
that you had
a landscaping service,
and that you might
be interested in hiring me
to work for you.
My friend daniel says
that he works for you.
- Yes, daniel's one
of my best employees.
Come on in.
Do you mind
taking off your sandals?
- Oh, sure.
- Thanks.
So can I get you
something to drink?
- No.
I'm fine.
- Please sit.
So, do you have
any landscaping experience?
- Well...
I helped my dad take care
of our lawn.
I mean, I know
what needs to be done.
- Hmm. I bet you do.
Are you sure that I can't
get you some wine?
I won't tell your mom.
- Sure. Why not?
- [sighs]
so--so--so jack's turning
the tiller the wrong way around.
And the instructor yells out,
"hey, you might want
to watch out for that buoy."
you know, and as soon
as he says that, bam.
- [laughs]
- he just runs right into it.
And you know that those things
are made out of metal, right?
- Yeah.
Did it mess up the boat?
- Yes. Completely.
I mean, there was
a whole scratch
straight down
the middle of it.
So the instructor then says,
"I think we'll just pretend
that's the way we found it."
- [laughs]
- and jack, I mean,
he just never lived that down.
- That sounds so fun.
I mean, I would love
to learn how to sail.
- Yeah, you need a lot
of upper body strength for it.
But I could tell that
you'd be really good at it.
- Thanks.
- Do you want
some more wine?
- Yeah, sure.
- Oh! Oh, that's going
to stain.
I am so sorry.
Well, can you
help--help me...?
- Oh, yeah.
- Thanks.
You're my hero.
- No problem.
- Do you know that
ever since I saw you,
I couldn't take
my eyes off you?
- Really?
I felt the same way.
You're beautiful.
- So, you like
older women, then?
[both sigh]
- I...
I wasn't expecting that.
- Yeah. I believe in...
Taking advantage of
an opportunity when it arises.
[both sigh]
so, how are you liking it
here at purity falls?
- Well...
I'm certainly liking it
a lot better now.
- Yeah? You didn't
like it before?
- It's all right,
I guess.
It still feels
kind of weird
not having my dad around.
- You really miss him,
don't you?
You still got your mom.
Your sister.
- Yeah. I guess.
[drawer slides open]
- your first client.
- Oh.
- You still want
the job, right?
- Yeah. Yeah, of course.
- Yeah, because she's
expecting you on Saturday.
- What's this?
- It's an advance.
- I can't--
I can't take this.
- Of course you can.
I know where you live.
- Hey, you mind if I take
a quick shower
before I get out of here?
- If you give me
a kiss first.
There's some fresh towels
on the shelf
as soon as you walk in.
[shower water runs]
[dramatic music]

[camera shutter clicks]
- do you want to join me?
- I'd love to.
- Hello there.
- Hi.
Sorry, I--I didn't mean
to disturb you.
- Oh, don't be silly.
Just enjoying the view.
You're new, aren't you?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I just started working
for courtney yesterday.
- Well, she sure knows
how to pick them.
Can I get you a drink?
Beer? Wine? Cocktail?
- No.
I haven't even started yet.
I'm fine.
- Okay, we can have
a drink after.
There's no rush.
My husband's out of town,
as usual.
- Okay.
- It's awfully hot
out here.
Why don't we go inside?
Oh, did I scare you?
Is this your first time
doing this?
- Doing what?
- Don't worry.
I'll take care of you.
- Sorry...
I--I need to leave.
- I understand, karen.
It won't happen again.
[door opens and closes]
- courtney!
- Ooh, can I call you back,
Thank you so much.
I'm in here!
- Something really
weird happened.
- I just spoke to karen,
who said that you ran out
without finishing the job.
- Yeah. I mean, she...
She came on to me.
Like, she...
She tried to have sex with me.
- I thought that daniel
explained to you
what the job was all about.
- What?
- Did you really think that I
was sending you to trim hedges?
My clients aren't looking
for "yard work."
their husbands
can help them with that.
They're looking for something
that the husbands
can't give them,
like what you gave to me.
- Are you kidding me?
- Look in that drawer
and get the binder.
Have a look through it.
The women who come to me
aren't looking to buy cosmetics
out of a catalogue.
They're looking
to buy fantasies.
That's what I give them.
And I would think that
that would be something
that would interest you
more than mowing lawns.
- No. No way. I'm out.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, absolutely.
That's--that's not for me.
I'm sorry.
- Okay.
Fair enough.
But if you'll excuse me,
I do need to find
somebody else for karen.
I like to keep
my clients happy.
- No hard feelings then?
- Of course not, sweetie.
Goodbye, jason.
- Goodbye.
- Yo, hold up.
- Hey, man.
- Dude, what happened?
- Nothing.
- That guy come back?
- No, just forget about it.
I got to get to class.
- Why didn't you tell me
about courtney?
- Tell you what?
- You know.
- You went to see her.
- Yeah, and she sent me
to some woman's house.
- What happened?
- Nothing happened.
She tried to come on to me
and I bolted.
- You...
Dude, you shouldn't
have done that.
- I'm pretty sure having sex
for money is illegal.
What was I supposed to do?
- [scoffs]
- what, you actually
enjoy doing it?
- Sometimes.
I mean, yeah.
It's great if you don't
overthink it.
I get to hook up
with beautiful women
and make some money.
I mean, how many guys
in here would kill
to trade places with me?
You just...
You just got to be careful.
But if it's not for you, man,
it's not for you.
It's better to figure
that out now.
[knock on door]
- yes?
- Hi, I'm amber weston.
You wanted to see me.
- Hi, amber.
I'm nicole johnson.
- Nice to meet you.
- Please, come in
and have a seat.
I've been talking to students
this week
that were friends
with chad griffith.
He was your boyfriend,
wasn't he?
- Yes, he was.
- I'm so sorry, sweetie.
- Chad's parents
won't tell me anything.
- What do you mean?
- About what the police
were saying.
If there are any suspects
or anything.
- Suspects?
I thought he slipped
and hit his head.
- Well, that's what people
are saying, but...
The police asked me
if I knew anyone that...
...That wanted to hurt chad.
- Hurt chad?
- I knew something
was going to happen.
- what do you mean?
- It doesn't matter now.
- Was he doing
something illegal?
You can tell me.
- He told me he was
going to stop
once he made enough money.
He said he was going to stop.
- Amber, you need to tell me
what chad was doing.
- He was...
He was sleeping
with older women...
For money.
- Have you talked to the police
about this?
- Yeah, but...
I don't want to get any
of his friends in trouble.
- Other boys
were doing this too?
- We were going to go
get out of town.
Start over somewhere new.
I was...
I got to get back
to class now, so...
- Amber.
I'll talk to the police
and see what I can find out.
- Thank you.
[door closes]
- hey, mom?
- Hello, jason.
- Courtney.
What are you doing here?
- Hey.
Courtney invited me over
for drinks tonight.
Justine is spending the night
at heather's.
So if you want to order a pizza
or something, go ahead.
- Actually, I was thinking
about going to daniel's.
Can I borrow the car?
- Sure, honey.
- You know, my husband's old
car is still in the garage.
I thought I'd keep it just in
case I needed a spare one day,
but why don't I
give it to jason.
- Really?
- Courtney, that's too much.
- Oh, well, look,
it's no big deal, really.
It's just taking up space.
I mean, you'd be doing me
a favor.
It does need
a tune-up, though,
and the tires need
to be changed soon.
- Well, now that jason
has his new job,
he can take care of all
those grown-up problems.
Jay, what do you think?
- Sure.
That's great.
Thank you, miss mcqueen.
- Don't mention it.
You can pick up the keys
- Good night.
- You too.
Are you expecting
something in return?
- No strings attached.
- [nicole sighs]
I needed this so much.
- I hear you.
How's the new job going?
- I'm relieved to say
that I'm loving it.
- Well, that's great, right?
You didn't think you would?
- I haven't worked full-time
since jason was born.
- Hmm.
- After we lost kyle,
things got tight.
I had some insurance money
in savings,
but that's for the kids'
I was really worried
about going back to work.
But now, I feel more confident
in having a career again.
- That's because
you're a survivor.
Like me.
And I think that
deserves a toast.
To sisters,
doing it for themselves.
- Cheers.
Speaking of,
I hear you're getting
an award.
- Oh, that's nothing.
- The entrepreneurial
spirit award?
Sounds like something to me.
- [laughs]
well, mayor wiley
is presenting the award
to me this weekend,
and I'm having a party here.
You have to promise
that you're going to come.
- I wouldn't miss it.
You're a real
community role model.
- Oh, stop.
- No, really.
You're a successful
giving back
to the community.
And you have amazing taste
in jewelry.
- Well, one has to have
their priorities.
- Cheers to that.
- hi.
- Hi.
- Come on in. I've got
the car keys in the kitchen.
- Look, courtney,
I really appreciate this,
but you know I can't
afford it right now.
- Well, I'm sure your mom
can help out
with the insurance
and the repairs.
- Look, don't tell her
I said anything,
but we've...We've really had
to watch our spending lately.
- Oh, well,
that's not my business.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have suggested it.
- Just, things have...
Things have been tough
since dad died,
and mom's doing her best,
but she's...
I mean, she's not you.
- Jason, I owe you an apology.
I should have told you
more about this job.
You were not prepared,
and that was really
unfair of me.
You know, I used to be
like your mom.
What my mistake was
is that I relied on my husband
for everything.
- It couldn't have been easy
when he passed away.
- It's been a struggle.
I mean, I loved jack to bits,
but he was a dreamer and,
you know,
he had grand ideas,
but they weren't necessarily
that practical.
Before he died,
he ran up a lot of debt
that I didn't know about,
and so by the time
we paid for his funeral,
there was no more money
left in our savings.
And the bank were ready
to take away our house.
- That's...
I'm sorry, that's terrible.
- I'm not proud of it.
If I didn't have
this extra income,
I'd probably be out
in the street.
- [sighs]
well, look,
seeing as I have a car
to take care of now...
Maybe you and I
can help each other.
- Not if you're not
I don't want my boys doing
anything they feel bad about.
- But daniel says
he really likes it, and--
- daniel's very popular
with my clients.
- I just--I know the money
would take some stress off mom,
and I...I want to help
support my family.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah. Yes.
I'm sure.
- [sighs]
jason, thank you so much.
That means so much to me.
I'm very discreet,
and so are my clients.
- Good, because I don't want mom
or justine knowing about this.
- About what? You're just doing
a landscaping job.
When you're ready,
she's looking
for somebody special,
and I think that you're exactly
what she needs.
- All right.
Thank you, courtney.
- Oh...
Don't forget your new
used car.
You should be really proud
of what you're doing
for your family.
[door opens and closes]
- hello?
Miss harris?
- Hello, jason.
- The door was open.
- Stop right there.
I want to get a look at you.
Take off your shoes.
Now your shirt.
Take off your pants.
Sit down.
Now it's your turn.
- What do you mean?
- Courtney was right
you are adorable.
Tell me what to do.
- T-take off your shirt.
Now take your pants.
- Now...
Tell me what you like.
What turns you on?
- I don't know.
- You don't have to be afraid
of pleasure, jason.
- Miss harris.
- Oh, honey.
You didn't have to do this.
- Happy birthday, mom.
You deserve it.
It's from the both of us.
- Thank you.
I love you both.
- All right, get that ankle.
Get that ankle.
Jason, you and billy
rotate them in.
Okay, let's go,
20 seconds to get an ankle,
then we switch it up.
[blows whistle]
[blows whistle]
- [gasps and pants]
- courtney been
riding you too hard?
- yeah, something like that.
I've had a client
every night this week.
I'm definitely going
to need a break soon.
- Don't count on it.
You're fresh meat.
At least the money's
not bad, right?
- Yeah. I mean, you can't
complain about that.
I can finally afford
to ask clara out.
[cell phone buzzes]
pizza boy?
- [laughs]
some of the women,
They like role playing.
I was a pool boy last week.
- [laughs]
[school bell ringing]
- you seem distracted, man.
What's wrong?
- I failed my biology test.
I didn't have any time
to study this weekend.
My mom is going
to kill me.
- I can help you study.
- Yeah? You good at biology?
- Oh, yeah.
I got lots of practice.
- I'll catch you later,
all right?
Hey, clara.
I was thinking that maybe
you and me could go see a movie
this weekend or something.
- I'm not going with you.
- Wait, why?
- I know what you and daniel
are doing.
You're disgusting, jason.
Just stay away from me.
- Clara, wait.
[cell phone buzzes]
- you ran away the other day.
Kind of hurt my feelings.
- I am so sorry
about that.
I promise I am
all yours now.
- Well, isn't that lovely.
oh, yes.
what's that?
- I didn't hear anything.
- Karen!
- Oh, my god!
Oh, god,
that's my husband.
He's home early.
- What should I do?
- Get in the closet.
- Karen, where are you?
- Get in the closet.
- Why didn't you answer me?
- Well, I didn't hear you.
- So, whose car is that
parked out in the street?
- Well, I have no idea.
- Karen...
What do you do
while I'm out of town?
- What?
- Never mind.
I don't want to argue
with you anymore.
- I cook, I clean,
pick up your dry cleaning.
And I think about you.
I miss you.
oh, you know I love you.
[moaning continues]
- [sighs]
- where have you been?
- I was out with daniel.
- Do you know what time it is?
- Yeah.
- If you're going
to be out this late,
I'd appreciate a phone call.
- All right.
- I saw mrs. O'neill
at school today.
She told me you failed
your test on Friday.
- Yeah.
It's not a big deal.
I can bring it up.
- This isn't like you.
- I'm sorry, okay?
It was a hard exam.
What do you want me to do?
- I've been your mother
for 18 years,
and I know when you're hiding
something from me.
- Okay.
What are you talking about?
- I thought things
were getting better.
I can only help if you tell me
what's going on.
- Mom...
Everything's fine.
Okay, I'm...
I'm sorry about the exam.
I'm sorry for...
Being out late.
I'm sorry for not calling.
- Honey--
- I'm sorry for everything.
[door closes]
- I didn't get paid
for last night.
- I just spoke to karen.
She told me what happened.
Are you okay?
- Yeah, her husband is crazy.
I saw a gun in his
dresser drawer.
How long has she been
doing this?
- Karen is a very
lucrative client, okay?
That marriage has been over
for years.
Her husband's leaving
on Tuesday.
She wants you
to come back then.
Just get the money
up front this time.
- No. Thank you.
- Excuse me?
- I said no.
Look, I'm taking a break.
I don't need this kind of
stress in my life right now.
- Jason, we have
an arrangement.
- No, we don't have
an arrangement.
I said I would help you out,
and I have been.
But I'm taking a step back.
- I don't think you realize
how good you've got it
with me.
Most people would be
taking advantage of you.
- Feels like right now
the only person
trying to take advantage of me
is you.
- [scoffs]
I can't believe
you just said that.
- Look, I'm sorry--
- take your next client,
and we can forget
about this conversation.
- That is all you care about,
is your clients.
I'm done.
- Jason!
[door closes]
- hey. You okay?
- You should have warned me
about karen's husband.
- Yeah. That guy's a jerk.
- Yeah, a jerk with a gun.
I'm through, man.
I told courtney that I'm done.
- How'd she take that?
- That's not my problem.
- Look, maybe a short break
is okay.
You can't let this take up
your whole life.
I mean, just recharge
your batteries.
Get back into it
when you're ready.
- No, man.
I'm--I'm done for good.
- Just...
Just be careful,
all right, man?
- All right.
Hey, man, you shut
the lights off?
- Old wires.
This part of the building's
The power used to go out
all the time when I went here.
- Who are you?
- I'm benjamin.
A friend of courtney's.
- I don't know any courtney.
- [chuckles]
yeah, I'm sure some people
go for the dumb,
pretty boy routine,
but I don't.
Your next client,
she wants you
to go tonight.
- I told her that I'm out.
- Yeah.
The thing is...
That's not really
up to you.
I bet the ladies
just love you.
Bet you bring in
all kinds of cash.
Maybe you're tired of giving it
all to courtney.
Maybe you want to keep more
for yourself, is that it?
- No.
- Maybe I don't believe you.
- Fine.
I'll do it.
- What will you do?
- I'll keep working
for courtney.
- Maybe you're smarter
than you look.
Don't think about
backing out again.
I'd hate to have to pay
your little sister a visit.
[doorbell rings]
- nicole, thanks for coming.
- Of course.
I wouldn't miss it.
- come on in.
- This is for you.
- Oh.
- Congratulations.
- You didn't have
to get me anything.
- I wanted to.
You deserve it.
- Stop.
- I mean, really,
how many women
have won that award?
- Well, not enough
as far as I'm concerned.
- Nicole, have you met
mayor wiley?
- I haven't.
- Pleasure, nicole.
Please call me sam.
We are all so very proud
of courtney,
and what she's accomplished
here in purity falls.
- You're going
to make me blush.
- I told you
you were thriving.
- [chuckles]
- refill, anyone?
- Yes, thank you,
young man.
I believe I will
have another.
- Sure thing.
- Well, hi, daniel.
- Hi, miss johnson.
- Thank you.
You must have every boy in the
neighborhood working for you.
- It was a pleasure
meeting you.
- Can I let you in
on a little secret?
- Sure.
- Well...
Landscaping isn't the only
service that the boys provide.
- Oh?
- Yeah.
Well, they bring me
a lot of happiness too.
So I like to think of them
as my own children,
since I can't have
any of my own.
- Courtney, congratulations.
- Oh, tiffany!
I'm so glad you could come.
Nicole, this is judge harris.
- Please, it's just
tiffany here.
- It's nice to meet you.
I think my son jason
works for you.
- He does?
- Yes, he does.
He's your landscaper.
And you're so busy
that you probably
never get a chance
to see him.
- That's right.
I'm very satisfied
with his work.
[glass breaks]
- ooh.
That doesn't sound very good.
Excuse me, ladies.
- I'm sorry.
I'll fix it.
- That's all right,
No harm done.
Why don't we go outside.
I want to have a little chat
with you for a minute.
- Okay.
[door opens and closes]
- okay I'm--I'm--
I'm fine, I'm fine.
What are we doing
out here?
- I thought...
I thought you could use
some fresh air.
- Oh. No, I hate fresh air.
Let's go back in.
I need another drink.
- No, you've had enough
to drink, karen.
- [laughs]
am I embarrassing you?
Am I ruining
your little party?
Good. You deserve it
after what you did to me.
- And what have I done to you?
- Your boy, jason,
was in such a hurry
the other night
that he forgot his belt.
Bill found it
the next morning.
- Oh.
- I tried to convince him that I
bought it for him as a present,
but he...He got very angry.
So now he wants a divorce.
- Well, maybe you should
give him one.
- Really?
I signed a prenup.
Then I'll be left with nothing.
He's away again on one of his
"business trips."
said he expects me to be out of
the house before he gets back.
- So, what are you
going to do?
- Well, I don't know.
It's all his.
The accounts, the house.
It's all in his name.
I'm going to need money.
I need money.
- Well, I can lend you
a bit of money, karen,
but I'm sure that you have other
friends that have money too.
- Oh, no.
You're going to do more
than "loan me a little money."
you're going
to give me money.
After all,
this is all your fault.
- Oh, it's my fault, is it?
- Yes. Putting ideas in my head,
sending your boys over
to tantalize me, to prey on me.
- Karen, you're drunk,
I think you should go home,
lie down for a little bit
and sober up so that you don't
say something you might regret.
- Oh.
Well, I might be drunk,
but you're loaded, courtney.
I want $100,000.
- Are you out of your mind?
- I want $100,000,
or I will tell everybody
about your little business,
miss entrepreneur.
Oh, I know you think
you run the town.
You've got your thumb
on the pulse.
Just wait till they hear
this little story.
I've got a title for it.
"cul-de-sac madame."
- so you're willing to ruin
yourself as well, are you?
- I'm already ruined.
I've got nothing to lose.
- Karen, I want you to leave.
- Okay.
I'll leave.
I want $100,000,
and I expect that cash
tonight, or I'm calling...
- watch your step, karen.
- Watch your back.
[indistinct chatter]
- everything okay?
- Yeah.
Karen and her husband
are getting divorced.
- Oh. That's too bad.
- Yeah, she seems
really stressed.
Speaking of which,
are you okay?
- Oh, yeah, it's just...
Jason's been acting
strange lately.
And this investigation
at school...
- What investigation?
- Do you remember that boy
who drowned a while back?
- Mm, yes.
I-I think I remember
something about that.
- I spoke with
his girlfriend,
and she told me
that he was involved
in illegal activities.
- Really?
- And the police don't think
his drowning was an accident.
- What?
- They think he may
have been murdered.
Isn't that awful?
You just never know
what's going on
in people's lives.
They can seem perfectly normal
on the outside.
But underneath...
- Excuse me.
Can I steal courtney away
for a second?
I just want to grab some
pictures for the paper.
- Of course.
- Please excuse me, nicole.
- [sighs]
do you know where
the restroom is?
Thank you.
- Oh!
- I'm sorry, I was looking
for the restroom.
- It's right down there.
- Thank you.
- Sorry, I got out
as soon as I could.
- No worries.
- So, what's up?
Did your mom
say something?
- No, mom's still over
at the party.
- Oh.
So, what's--what's the big
- Do you know a guy
named benjamin?
- Yeah. Yeah, I know benjamin.
Did he come by?
Did he say something to you?
- Well, yeah, he--
he was in the locker room
last night after you left.
He gave me my next client,
and then he freaked out on me.
- Dude.
That kid is a psychopath.
You need to stay
away from him.
I think even courtney
is scared of him.
- Why does she
keep him around?
- He kind of got her started.
He needed her contacts,
and I guess she saw
an opportunity.
But he sort of stepped out
on his own now.
Try to get me to work
for him instead.
- Is that who hit you
the other day?
- I told him to go to hell.
I'm not working for a lunatic
like that.
- Dude, we need to go
to the police then.
- How do you think
they've got away with it
all these years?
[cell phone buzzing]
I mean, courtney's probably
paying them off.
Is that your next client?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I should probably go.
- All right, well, I'll head
back to the party, all right?
- All right.
Meet me back here?
- Yeah.
- Hello.
Wasn't expecting you.
- Hello, karen.
It's been a while.
- Yes, it has.
- Courtney asked me
to give this to you.
- Didn't realize
you still worked for her.
- Yeah, from time to time.
I hear you're all alone
- Guess so.
- Would you like
some company?
- Why not?
You were always
my favorite.
It's been a while.
What's this?
Oh! Ah!
[drops gun]
- benjamin.
What happened?
- She shot me.
Karen shot me.
- Well, we got to call you
an ambulance.
- No!
Gunshot wounds get reported
to the police.
When they find karen's body,
they'll figure out
what happened.
- You're right.
- So call your friends.
You must have a client
who's a doctor.
- Are you sure
that karen's dead?
- Of course I'm sure.
- I don't like mistakes.
- I don't make
- You sure about that?
- What's that supposed to mean?
- When you went to see jason
at school,
did you hurt him?
- What? No.
- No?
- I scared him a little bit,
but I didn't hurt him.
- I just wanted you
to talk to him.
- You wanted him
back in line.
I got him back in line.
- You punched daniel after I
sent you to go and talk to him.
- I'm not saying
I'm not going to do it.
I'm just saying--
- he was being difficult,
and now he's not.
Why are you bringing this up
right now?
Please call someone.
- I didn't want him hurt.
I didn't want
any of my boys hurt.
- Sometimes things
get out of line.
Accidents happen.
Will you please
call someone?
- Is that what happened with
chad? Was that an accident?
- What are you talking about?
- Did you kill him?
You did kill him.
- What does it matter?
He wasn't going to work
for you anymore.
- You're out of control.
- And you're too soft.
That's why you pay me.
I clean up after your messes.
- I didn't want you to kill
- God, please...
Can you please call someone?
- I can't believe
this is happening.
I should never have gotten
involved with you.
- We watch out for each other.
Courtney, please,
who else can you trust?
- So you're not working
on the side
recruiting my boys?
Stealing from me?
- Courtney, please.
Just help me, please.
- You're right, benjamin.
I have gotten soft.
- Please, courtney.
[breathing heavily]
- [grunts]
there we go.
[car door opens]
[tires squeal]
[door closes]
- where have you been?
- I just--I had
something to do.
- What exactly do you do
that takes you out
of this house every night?
- Stuff. I don't know.
I--I do stuff.
I have a life.
- Stop lying to me.
- I'm not lying to you.
I answered your damn question.
- Get back here.
- I have a big test
Daniel's coming over
to help me study.
- I don't want you
to see him anymore.
- Why?
- He's a bad influence.
- No, he isn't. That doesn't
even make any sense.
- I saw him do something
- Okay. What does that mean?
- It means you're
not to hang around him.
- You can't tell me who
I can and can't hang out with.
- I can as long
as you live in this house.
- Well, then I won't live
in this house.
I never wanted to live in this
house in the first place.
I didn't want
to come here.
- You know why
we had to do that.
- Yeah, I know the real reason
is because you couldn't stand
being there anymore
without dad.
- This is our home now!
- This will never be our home
without dad!
- [cries]
[dramatic music]

- I could really use
your help here, dad.
[sighs and sniffles]
- Hey, where were you
last night?
- I stayed at the cabin.
Have you seen daniel?
- I thought mom said
he was a bad influence.
- Justine.
- I don't know.
I think I saw him
by his locker earlier.
Does this have something
to do with courtney mcqueen?
It's a small town, jason.
People talk.
- Look, I...
I got in over my head.
But everything's
going to be fine.
- You need to tell mom.
- I can't.
- Well, I love you.
- Listen...
Promise me that you'll
be careful, okay?
Around school.
Around town.
And lock the doors
when you're home.
- Why?
- Just promise me.
- Okay.
- Okay. I got to go.
I love you too.
- [sighs]
[indistinct chatter]
- hey.
- Hey.
Wow, you look rough.
- Was chad working
for courtney?
- Yeah, for a while.
But I heard amber
made him quit.
- Was there a chance
that he was, you know,
working on his own?
Or for benjamin?
- No, way.
Dude, that's too dangerous.
- Dangerous enough to...
Get him killed?
- Yeah.
- Dude, I saw chad's picture
in courtney's binder.
Okay, we need to get
that binder to the police.
- Dude, I told you, man,
they won't listen.
- Yeah, but there's
a big difference
between prostitution
and murder.
Mom said that they've been
asking questions about chad.
You don't think
that's enough evidence
to get courtney arrested?
- Yeah. Maybe.
- [sighs]
I know she keeps
a binder in her nightstand.
I just need to figure out
how to get it.
- Maybe...
Maybe I can get it.
- How?
- I'm going over there tonight
to entertain
a special client.
- Dude, that's perfect.
Do you think
you can pull it off?
- Yeah. Of course.
- Are you sure?
It's pretty dangerous, man,
if you get caught.
- No, it's...
- It's fine. I'll do it.
- What? No, no, no.
Dude, I can do it.
- It's okay, all right?
It's my plan.
Make up an excuse for why
you can't make it tonight.
Tell her that I'm coming
over instead.
Tell her...
Tell her I want
to make things up to her.
- Okay.
I'll call her.
Be careful, man.
- Jason, it's good
to see you again.
- Hey, courtney.
- I'm sorry
about getting upset.
- No worries.
I'm just--
I'm glad I could
help you out tonight.
- You're my adorable hero.
Come on in.
[dramatic music]

[upbeat music playing softly]

- this is for the mayor.
[doorbell rings]
it's show time.
- Evening.
- Hello, sam. Come on in.
- Hello, thank you.
Beautiful. Denise will be
joining us a little later.
She's having one
of her charity dinners tonight
at the house.
- Yes, of course.
- I don't believe
we've met.
- This is jason.
He'll be your server
this evening.
- It's very nice
to meet you, sir.
- Well, you too, jason.
My wife will love you.
- Here's your drink,
mr. Mayor.
- Thank you.
- What time is denise
coming this evening?
- Oh, I'm not sure.
But I see no reason
to wait for her.
[laughs] whoops.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's quite all right.
Jason, you a little nervous?
- He's new.
- Excuse me.
- Oh, I do like new.
You should get more new people.
New constituents.
- Why don't I fix you a drink?
You find jason,
and you two
can get acquainted.
- Oh, I like that.
[suspenseful music]

I got tired of waiting.
What are you doing
with that?
Give me that.
- Give it back.
- [grunting]
- no! No!
- Hold it right there.
- Justine,
I'm going over there.
- Mom, look.
- Police have reported
two deaths
in the town of purity falls.
The bodies of 59-year-old
karen reed
and 21-year-old benjamin carr
were discovered earlier today
by reed's husband.
- Oh, my god.
- Did you know her, mom?
- She was at courtney's party.
They were arguing.
- [grunting]
this is outrageous!
- You need to calm down.
- He broke my damn nose!
I can't be involved
with this.
- Where the hell
are you going?
- This is your mess,
You need to clean this up.
- Go to the garage.
- Look.
- What are you going
to do with me?
- Just shut up.
Shut up.
I need to think.
None of this
was supposed to happen.
I didn't want anybody
to get hurt.
- Yeah, then why
all the threats?
- That was benjamin,
all right?
He was out of hand.
I've taken care of him.
- What'd you do?
- Don't ask questions
that you're scared
of hearing the answers to.
- Come on, honey.
[cell phone buzzes]
- what's that?
does she know you're here?
- No. No, of course not.
Please don't hurt her. Please.
She doesn't know anything
about this. Please!
Please, she doesn't know
anything about any of this!
- Shut up, all right?
- Please don't. Please--
[muffled screams]
- shut up.
- [sobbing] please.
Please! Please!
- I never should have
trusted you, jason.
- [whimpers]
- jason is in danger. I know it.
- Wait, mom, I'll go with you.
- No, you stay here
and lock the door.
- [panting]
[suspenseful music]

[phone line trilling]
- [male operator]
911, what's your emergency?
- [justine gasping]
- hello?
- Mom!
[phone line trilling]
oh, mom.
- [whimpering and panting]
courtney's got the key
in her pocket.
Mom, she's got a gun.
- It's okay.
It's going to be okay.
- She's coming.
She's coming.
[door opens]
[door closes]
- well, let's get
out of here.
- [grunts]
- [both grunting]
- [choked coughs]
- [muffled screams]
- [gasping]
- [screams]
- [gasping and panting]
- [breathing heavily]
- let's get out of here.
Let's go.
- Come on.
- [panting]
I'm so sorry.
I will always be your mother,
and I will always love you,
no matter what.
- [gasping]
- justine.
- Come here.
- [sobbing]
- [sighs]
- I thought you said
you weren't going to cry.
- I'm not.
- This was a great idea.
- I know.
- Should we join the party?
- Let's do it.
- Thank you guys
for this.
- You taught me something.
- Really? What?
- I shouldn't be afraid
of our old memories.
- I'm really excited
to make new ones.
- Your dad would be
so proud of you.
- Dad would be proud
of all of us.
- I love you guys.
- Okay, enough mushy stuff.
Let's have some cake.
- [laughs]
[upbeat music]