Purple Hearts (2022) Movie Script

[glasses clinking]
[woman] Feels like I'm...
Feels like...
It's not...
[soft rock music playing]
[softly] I'm not scared to fall
[music continues]
[breathes deeply]
- [sergeant] Three, four!
- [marines] Marine Corps!
- [sergeant] One, two, three, four!
- [marines] Marine Corps!
- Parris Island, where it all began!
- Marine Corps!
- [sergeant continues chanting]
- [woman humming]
[commander] When you're deployed out there
with the Marines in Iraq,
remember, the decisions you make
have lasting consequences.
Never forget that.
Never forget that your marines
are looking at you.
They rely on you.
I'll never touch
[sighs] The blue side of the sky.
I'll never feel... No.
Feels like I'll never touch.
[exhales, murmuring]
[sergeant] We are working, marines.
We're working the whole time!Let's go!
The things that you experience today,
the adversity that you went through
is what right looks like.
You, ladies and gentlemen,
are what right looks like.
- Y'all ready to deploy?
- [all] Yeah!
- Let's go out there, and let's get some!
- [all] Yeah!
Cassie, come cut up some limes
if you wanna stay in the tip pool.
Leave me alone.
[woman] I love that the smell
of stale beer inspires you,
but we open in ten minutes.
[laughs] I swear I'll be right there.
I love you guys.
[seagulls cawing]
- How we doing tonight?
- [mic feedback]
Where it began
I can't begin to know when
But then I know it's growing strong
Was in the spring
And spring became the summer
Who'd have believed you'd come along?
Touching hands
Reaching out
Touching me
Touching you
Sweet Caroline
- Ba, ba, ba
- [woman chuckles]
Good times never seemed so good
So good, so good, so good
I've been inclined
Ba, ba, ba
To believe they never would
But now I
Look at the night
- [man howling]
- [woman screaming]
And it don't seem so lonely
We filled it up with only two
[crowd] Ba, ba, ba
Good times never seemed so good
So good, so good, so good
[crowd cheering]
- Whoo!
- [whistling]
[man] Yeah!
My name is Cassie, and we are The Loyal.
- [crowd groaning]
- Dude, that was your request.
And give it up for Billy,
the owner who apparently really meant it
when he said only two songs.
Oh, and please don't forget
to tip your servers,
'cause, PS, we're also your servers.
- [clinking glass]
- [man] Great job!
[woman] Oh my God,
that was such a good set.
- Bye, guys. That was awesome.
- [man] See you tomorrow.
- [men shouting excitedly]
- Look, Cassie, it's your faves.
Hey! Hey, how's it going, buddy?
Oh, great. Marines.
Mild to medium harassment by nine,
chaotic evil by ten.
[man] Hey, stranger!
- Cass!
- No. Frankie?
- Cass?
- [Cassie] Stop.
- [laughs] Hey!
- Frankie!
[laughs loudly]
- I missed you, you freak.
- I missed you too, Salazar.
Oh my God. Look at the buzz.
No, I'm not okay with this at all.
- Uh, Nora, Frankie. Frankie, Nora.
- Nice to meet you.
Nora, they're in The Loyal with me.
Frankie, we grew up together,
and I was his babysitter.
Okay. Okay.
- Don't say that in front of everybody.
- [man] Baby-faced Frankie.
- [Frankie] You see what you did?
- [laughing]
Cassie was just telling me
how much she loves military boys.
- [Frankie] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Mmm.
[laughs] Uh, these are the guys.
We've two weeks 'til we ship out to Iraq.
- [Cassie] We're still in Iraq?
- [Frankie] Not out yet.
Another war that never ends.
In that case, what you guys wanna drink?
- First one's on the house.
- Thank you.
- [marine] Hey!
- Tequila?
- Does he look old enough to drink tequila?
- Absolutely not.
- Double that.
- [Cassie] Copy that.
- I'll have a Coke.
- Mmm. Okay.
- My kinda guy.
- Hell, yeah.
Could you throw in
some lemon slices with that?
[laughs] How about you pace yourself, bro?
She's into you, bro.
Okay? Just no.
It's not gonna happen, never.
Just let it go, cheekbones.
- What? You two?
- No, she's like an older sister to me.
Uh, Cassie has
a "no soldiers" policy, sorry.
- We're marines.
- What's that about?
- Well, that means more of us for you then.
- [laughs] Oh.
- [marines laugh]
- [Nora] Tempting.
- Let me check with my girlfriend.
- [all laugh]
Uh, three tequilas and a coke.
So we're good enough to fight
for your ass, but not enough to touch it?
- [Cassie scoffs] Excuse me?
- Okay.
I'll excuse you, this time.
I can't with this. [scoffs]
- Real smooth.
- [marine] What the hell? Come on. Bro.
[objects clattering]
Let me see what I can do.
[marine 1] Good luck, behave yourself.
Don't do what he did.
[marine 2] Dude has
a perfect track record.
Hey, I just wanted to apologize
for our friend. He's a bit... [scoffs]
- Okay.
- [clicking tongue]
Uh, I'm Luke, by the way.
What's your name?
Your waitress/bartender.
Have a fun night, Luke.
[marines laughing]
- You know, we're not all alike.
- Oh, really?
Because your friend is talking
about his right to touch my ass.
Which apparently,
you also feel entitled to.
Okay, we're just blowing off some steam.
It's, uh...
It's actually a pretty big night.
Last night on leave.
We ship off in a few weeks.
I get it, but, uh, not really
an excuse for casual misogyny though.
- You're cute and everything, but...
- [laughs]
Okay, all right. I, uh... I get this.
What do you get?
You. Yeah.
- Me?
- Yeah, yeah.
You're kind of predictable.
I've... I've met your type before. Yeah.
Oh. Do tell.
Drive a Lexus that your parents paid for,
but it's a hybrid, so it's okay.
You... You probably tweet a lot
about other people's rights,
but when it comes down...
Sorry, it's just fascinating to me.
Do you have a PhD in mansplaining?
When it actually comes down
to fighting for these rights,
you don't wanna do anything, right?
'Cause guns are mean. You're a pacifist.
I guess it's our job to go off
and fight those battles for you, right?
I bet you have a little "peace-dove"
tattoo on your back to prove it.
On my ass, actually.
Which you can't touch, but you can kiss.
- [marine 3] Nailed it.
- [grunting]
[marine 3] She's a pistol. [laughs]
Or they'll skip straight to chaotic evil.
- [all laughing]
- [marine 4] Come back.
You see the guy
that looks like he's 12 years old?
He told me that I should reconsider
my stance on men,
because if I marry him,
I would get incredible health insurance.
Wow. Health insurance.
- That's some dirty talk right there.
- So hot.
- [both laugh]
- [quacking]
- Where's that coming from? [laughs]
- Mine. Made it annoying to not ignore it.
Uh, hey, can you cover me for, like, five?
- Yeah. You okay?
- You know.
[indistinct chatter]
[car door opens]
[objects clattering]
[glucose monitor beeps]
[Cassie sighs] Shit.
[slow music playing]
[Cassie vocalizing]
- [keyboard clacking]
- [woman] Oh, it looks like
I can't refill your prescription
for another four days.
[keyboard clacking]
Uh, okay. Uh...
I... I can't really wait four days. Um...
Look, I'm out of my long-acting
and my short-acting insulin,
and my reserve vial is basically gone,
and it's just... it's really dangerous
for me not to have this.
I mean, I can give you
a refill of your prescription
if you wanna do it out of pocket.
I don't think you understand...
[pharmacist] No, your insurance
is not renewed, so I cannot refill it.
So, if you wanna do it out of pocket,
we can do that.
And, um... how much is that?
[keyboard clacking]
[pharmacist] Three hundred for
the long-acting, 220 for the short-acting.
So, a little over $500.
What do you wanna do?
- [man] Come on.
- I'm so sorry. I'll be right with you.
- [speaking Spanish]
- [Cassie] Ma, nothing.
Check out in the other line.
This line already hates me.
[pharmacist] Do you wanna
step aside while...
Can... you just give me a second?
[woman speaking Spanish]
[speaking Spanish]
She speaks English too, thank you.
[both speaking Spanish]
You take my cash. I'll do credit.
[speaking Spanish]
- Ma!
- [Mom] Always health first.
[pharmacist] Okay, that worked out.
Do you wanna fill this, hon?
That is...
[Cassie] Guess I'll try
to make it to Friday without it.
Thanks. Go Big Pharma.
- [train rattling]
- [breathing heavily]
[tires squeal]
- What the hell?
- [engine revving]
- [horn blaring]
- [man] Watch it!
- [panting]
- [tires squealing]
- [tires squealing]
- [horn blaring]
- [engine revving]
- [grunting]
- [tires squealing]
- [horn blaring]
Hey, hey, hey! Get out of the way, "J."
Yo! Those were some obstacle course moves
right there, kid. Whoop!
- What the hell,Johnno?
- [Johnno] So is true, huh?
I heard you joined the Marines.
And I was like,
"There's no way
that dude will pass a piss test." [laughs]
Right this way, soldier.
Hop in, bro. Let's chill.
- I got some good shit in my car.
- Nah. I can't.
No. I'm, uh... I'm clean now.
- You know, I gotta...
- [Johnno] Be a good boy for Uncle Sam.
- Well, it seems like...
- [Luke laughs]
...your life's in ship shape.
Except, uh, you owe me 15 grand.
So, there's that.
I need that money, bro.
[Luke] Don't worry,Johnno.
I deploy next week.
So I'll get you something by then.
Whew. Okay, that's good, bro. That's good.
'Cause, uh...
'Cause if you're not good for it,
I know where your family is.
Arrgh! [laughs]
I'm playing with you, bro. [laughs]
[tense music playing]
- See you soon.
- [car door closes]
[engine starts]
- Shit!
- [tires squealing]
[seagulls cawing]
[speaking Spanish]
- Oh, good.
- Mm-hmm.
- [Mom] Cassie, you got a letter.
- [Cassie] Mom, don't open that.
- Cass, you didn't pay your rent?
- I said don't open that.
[Mom] Your place is falling apart.
How can you live like this?
Yeah, well, I'm busy, and the little
details aren't really a priority for me.
- You cannot not pay your rent, Cassie.
- Well, I'm paying. I'm just paying late.
I'm giving the landlord's daughter
free piano lessons.
They're not going
to throw me out on the street.
Why don't you move back with me?
You can share my bedroom.
- Ma!
- Like when you were little.
No, I'm not 12. I can't go backwards.
[speaking Spanish]
Yes, but diabetes wasn't
really in the budget, okay?
I'm so worried. Why are you laughing?
- [Cassie laughs]
- [speaking Spanish]
You're not taking this seriously.
You could die at any moment.
Mom! I know.
I'm fine. I'm doing everything right.
I'm bartending,
and delivering food,and playing gigs,
and teaching piano on my spare time.
And I'm constantly exhausted
and running late, and I can't sleep
because I have this medical debt
that just grows
like some mold in a basement.
So, please, please just be kind to me.
Okay. Fine.
[Mom] I'm okay. I know.
I'm sorry.
[voice breaking]
I should be able to provide for you.
[Cassie] Mommy, I love you so much.
I don't want you to worry.
You know me.
I'm just on my own weird journey,
and it's... it's a little bumpy, but...
[Mom sobbing]
...I love it.
I'm sorry.
I got this.
["Feel It Still" playing]
[crowd cheering and applauding]
Can't keep my hands to myself
[crowd cheering]
Think I'll dust 'em off
Put 'em back up on the shelf
In case my little baby girl is in need
Am I coming out of left field?
Ooh, I'm a rebel just for kicks, now
Let me kick it like it's 1996, now
Might be over now, but I feel it still
Got another mouth to feed
[crowd cheering]
Leave her with a babysitter
Mama, call the grave digger
Gone with the fallen leaves
Am I coming out of left field?
Ooh, I'm a rebel just for kicks, now
But it's 1996, now
Might be over now, but I feel it still
We could fight a war for peace
- Is it coming? Is it coming?
- [breathing heavily]
Is it coming? Is it coming?
- [repeating] Is it coming?
- Oh, 'til it falls, won't bother me
[crowd cheering]
[Nora] I'm a rebel just for kicks, now
1966, now
[labored breathing]
[Nora] I'm a rebel just for kicks, now
- My bag. Thank you.
- [Nora] 1986 now
But I feel it still
Thank you. We're The Loyal.
- [crowd screaming]
- [labored breathing]
[woman] Oh God.
- [man] Oh my gosh.
- [woman] Are you okay?
[woman 2] Grab her.
[man] Let's go.
[man 2] You all right?
I'm right outside.
- [woman] Let us know if you need anything.
- Thank you.
[breathes heavily]
Oh my God.
[breathes deeply]
Get it together, Cass.
[breathes deeply]
- [chuckles]
- [knocking on door]
[dog barking]
[Cassie] Hello?
- [door unlocks]
- Frankie?
Oh. Hello, you're not Frankie.
So, what happens to the men in the future?
Is it a plague? Robot wars?
Do you really wanna know?
It doesn't end well for the bros.
Is that your car?
My Lexus? Yeah.
- Hi. Dude, the banners.
- [Frankie] Come on in.
- [chuckles] Your parents are so proud.
- [Frankie] You know my momma.
[Luke sighs]
Would you mind giving us a minute?
- Thanks.
- [Luke] Of course.
Hey. Yeah, uh, Mom's going
a little crazy with the goodbyes.
Leave's over.
We're headed to base camp today.
- Hey, you hungry? Want something?
- No, I'm good.
So, what's the big question, girl?
It's, uh... It's gonna sound a little crazy.
I'm ready.
I was wondering...
[sighs] I was hoping
that you might marry me.
- [laughing] What?
- [Cassie] I'm serious.
[both laugh]
Are you okay?
Not exactly. Um...
I found out six months ago
that I have diabetes.
Type 1. And, uh... [laughs]
Get this. Uh, the insurance I have
doesn't actually cover
the insulin that I need
to like, live. [laughs]
So, I can either pay off my debt,
or pay my rent, but I just...
- I can't do both.
- [Frankie] I'm so sorry.
And I'm like,
there's gotta be another way, right?
Turns out there is.
Your friend gave me the idea
when you guys came to the bar.
Marine spouses get full health benefits.
And we get extra pay
just for being married.
Like basic housing allowance
and separation pay,
which adds up to be pretty decent,
and we could split it,
and everybody wins. What doyou think?
Take your time.
I'm sorry.
- My dad's a retired MP.
- Excuse me.Private discussion.
MP is the Military Police.
[Luke] Frankie, this is a common scam.
They kick the tires on these things,
and if they find out
it's not real, it's fraud.
Come on, man.
I mean, you're better than this.
Okay, no one asked you, so could you not?
- And why wouldn't this be a real marriage?
- I don't know, because you're not in love?
Uh... But we respect each other.
We're not in love, but we love each other.
- [Frankie sighs]
- We'd be able to sleep with other people,
which sounds like
the healthiest marriage ever.
You'd be ripping off the government.
- I'd be ripping off the government?
- Yeah.
The government that made
my mom pay taxes for ten years
before giving her the right to vote?
That government?
So your mom was living here
illegally then?
Don't tell me you're
a resident of Southern California
that does not see how this state was built
off the backs of illegal immigrants.
Like my mom, who crossed that border,
lived here for ten years,
worked their asses off for ten years,
paying taxes for your government,
and were treated like less than citizens.
Yeah, I will proudly
rip off the government.
You got anything else to say, Commando?
Dude, this is a trap.
[laughs] This will not end well for you.
- I was just trying to help.
- [Cassie] Mmm.
Thanks for your help.
- Why is he even here?
- He's my bunkmate, okay?
He's got nowhere else to stay
while we are on leave.
Please play nice.
Cass, I can't.
Okay? I'm... I'm sorry.
Plus, I don't think my girlfriend's
gonna understand me having a wife.
What? You got back together with Riley?
Yeah. Yeah. I'm... I'm all in.
[Cassie] I remember when you met her,
like, in fifth grade.
That's great.
Well, that was crazy. [laughs]
I should go.
There are tourists to be shuttled
and food to be delivered.
- Cass, you know if I had the money...
- No, Frankie, stop.
I'll figure it out.
- Stay safe, okay?
- [Frankie] Yeah, you too.
- [Cassie] Bye.
- [door closes]
Her parents can't help?
Yeah, um...
Her mom's a nursing assistant, so it's
not like there's anything extra leftover.
Dad dipped out when she was born.
Sounds like he was a bad dude.
- [Luke] That explains a lot.
- [door opens]
- Hey! Are you trying to sneak up on me?
- [boy giggling]
Gonna make my going-away plate.
- Let's go get some food!
- [boy laughing]
[car pulling away]
[emotional music playing]
[Luke breathing heavily]
[man] Come here. Give me a kiss. Bye.
All right, see ya.
[boy] Bye, Grandpa.
[car engine starts]
- [horn honks]
- [boy] Love you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. [grunts]
- Uncle Luke? What are you doing?
- [laughing]
- Think fast.
- [Luke] Yeah, you are.
You ready?You ready?
Give me the ball.
[both laugh]
- [Luke] No, me.No, me.No, me.
- [boy] Me.
- [Luke grunting, laughing]
- [boy giggling]
[boy] Mom, I found Uncle Luke hiding.
- Oh my... Luke?
- [Luke laughs] Busted.
[woman] We didn't think
we'd see you before deployment.
- What? [laughs]
- Hi, Hailey.
Wow. It's like hugging
a tree trunk. [laughs]
I didn't think it was possible
to get so buff in eight months.
What do you think, Spence?
Should I join the Marines?
- Yeah. Yes.
- Should I get all ripped like Uncle Luke?
- [Hailey] Yes!
- [all laugh]
You, uh... [chuckles]
- You look just like Dad with that haircut.
- [chuckles]
Gimme a hug.
- Bring it in. [grunts]
- Good to see you, man.
Where's he been?
You know, Dad's off for the day,
so you can breathe.
I think he doesn't wanna see me
even more than I don't wanna see him.
The man would have to express
some kinda emotion
for me to know how he's feeling about you.
- He made it clear when he cut me off.
- [brother] Come on, Luke.
Dad had to draw the line somewhere.
You were so out of control.
What's going on, Luke?
[pensive music playing]
I owe some money.
We've been here before, and you know...
You know I can't help you.
Yeah. No, no, I... I know.
[brother] Is it that
piece of shit Johnno, again?
- What happens if you don't pay?
- Not paying isn't an option.
- He better not come near my family.
- [Luke] I'm sorry.
- I'm just in a bad spot.
- [brother] Mm-hmm.
- [upbeat music playing]
- [siren wailing]
- [breathing heavily]
- [banging on door]
[banging continues]
[exhales deeply]
I... I just got my pay,
so this isn't everything.
- But I'll get the rest to you soon.
- Like when?
I'm losing my patience.
I waited for you
through your stupid rehab,
and now you're shipping out of town,
showing up with a coupla hundred bucks
when you owe me 15 grand?
- [Luke] I think I've got a plan.
- [Johnno] You better explain.
[gun cocking]
[Luke] Just take it easy, man.
Don't make me use this. You gotta pay me.
Hear me out. I'm gonna pay you.
- I... I know how.
- [Johnno] How?
[Luke] I met this girl
who needs health insurance.
And if we get married, I get extra money
each month from the military.
I'll give you my cut. Okay?
- [Johnno] You sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure. It's gonna be fine.
So be smart.
This better work.
Enjoy your honeymoon.
[bell dings]
[indistinct chatter]
[Luke] Hi.
- Hi.
- Thanks for meeting with me.
[gasps] Is your dad in the parking lot
waiting to cuff me?
[chuckles] Funny.
[bell dings]
[whispering] You're acting kinda sus.
Yeah. Well, if we do this, if...
We need to be very careful.
All right? We need a story.
You and I didn't get along
at the bar the other night.
The others saw that, but the next night,
I was very charming and persistent,
and I convinced you to go out with me.
- [Cassie] You did?
- Mm-hmm.
[snorts] Was it hot?
When you asked me out?
I'm sorry. I'm just gonna
need you to explain yourself,
because a week ago you were lecturing me
on how this is fraud, so...
- It is fraud. I don't wanna do this.
- Okay, so... don't.
[Luke] Believe me. If I had
any other choice, I wouldn't be.
Marriage should be for love.
And where I come from, it's for life.
Do you come from a fantasy land?
Because, where I come from
in reality, marriage is really just
a pointless legal arrangement
that turns lovers into enemies, so...
- Why don't you have another choice?
- How's that your business?
Kind of is. I am possibly
about to marry you. Why?
I need the extra
two grand a month married guys get.
That's it?
And I'm supposed to trust you here?
Trust me? Okay. Look, if I can trust a lib
who doesn't give a shit about the law
or the military, I can sure...
I have an ethical code
that doesn't include blind obedience,
and I desperately need this
to literally survive.
Whereas you could be, I don't know,
stockpiling supplies for your bro-militia.
I'm leaving.
This was a mistake. "Bro-militia."
- Luke. Luke.
- [Luke] Liberal nut.
- Look, I don't like you.
- [scoffs]
No shit.
But you seem solid. So...
I'm sorry, okay?
[Luke] Listen. I need you to know
what you're getting yourself into.
If we're caught, I get court-martialed.
As in, arrested and maybe doing time.
Look, this is already gonna be
a shotgun wedding.
We're gonna be on their radar.
So, once I get over there, to Iraq,
we've... we've got to just,like,
set up consistent times
where we are gonna speak, okay?
We gotta make this look normal,
like a real marriage.
We'd have to write some romantic emails
in case somebody reads them.
We just have to keep it tight for my tour.
And once I'm back here,
we file for divorce.
And that gives you
a year of free health insurance.
And we can split the cash down the middle.
- Yeah?
- Great.
And one more small thing.
I deploy Friday morning.
We'd also have to go out with my company.
Act like we... [exhales]
- Like we like each other.
- [laughs]
Yeah, more than that.
Like, love each other.
And, um... [exhales]
So, all married couples spend the night
at this motel near base.
- It means we would have to.
- Super.
So, are we out of "if" territory?
Are we doing this?
Yeah, we're doing this.
But you can't tell anybody
that doesn't need to know.
You have to promise.
I promise.
In fact,
I pinky swear.
- No, I'm not doing that.
- We're getting married, man.
[inhales deeply]
I'll text you.
- [sighs]
- [door opens]
[dramatic music playing]
- No.
- What?
You can't wear that.
- Why?
- Because we're taking wedding photos.
You have to dress a certain way.
- Really?
- No. I'm coming up.
There's no fluffy virgin
white wedding dress in there, Commando.
Stop calling me that.
[music continues]
[doorknob clicks]
Make yourself comfortable.
Do you play?
No, it's just to impress guys.
- [chuckles]
- [Cassie] You impressed? [laughs]
I'm a musician.
It's what I do.
My band and I have been
working at it for like, five years.
That's gotta be rough.
Rough would be punching the clock
at some soul-sucking job
while I'm just making the rich richer.
I'd rather hustle for my art any day.
- Uh... [clears throat]
- [Cassie] Uh, hi.
[door closes]
So, what does the tattoo say?
- "Socialism Now"?
- [laughs]
You're really clever.
No, it says...
- Someone, something, I... [chuckles]
- Risk nothing, gain nothing.
It's something my grandma said to my mom
when she moved to America.
Hello, my prince.
Today is the day that our credit scores
shall become intertwined.
[joyful music playing]
[Luke] You know, you really look the part.
- [Cassie] What does that mean?
- [Luke] You look pretty.
[Cassie chuckles] Your blushing bride.
[woman] Ahh! You look so beautiful!
- [bride] Thank you.
- [man] Come on, give me a hug.
We're so proud of you.
[bride] This is the best day of my life.
Oh my goodness. This is so exciting.
Hi. Thank you for coming.
Of course.
Oh, did you get rings?
- Uh...
- [Frankie] Here.
Oh my God, you bought a real ring?
- Well...
- Me.
I did.
- [Cassie] What?
- I got it for Riley.
- I've been saving up since I enlisted.
- Frankie.
No, I can't accept this.
I didn't wanna ask her now
and then just ship out.
Like, I wanna be her husband.
You know, do it right.
And... And Mom wants me to wait 'til I'm 21,
when I get back, so, uh...
Just keep it warm for me.
[door opens]
[clerk] Luke Morrow and Casandra Salazar.
[Luke clears throat]
We are gathered here today
to join you two together
in lawful matrimony.
And your witness today?
That's me. How ya doing?
- Hi, Frankie.
- [Frankie] Hiya.
[minister] Luke Morrow, do you pledge
to love this woman,
to be true and loyal to her,
and to comfort and keep her
in sickness and in health?
I do.
Casandra Salazar, do you pledge
to love this man,
to be true and loyal to him,
and to comfort and keep him
in sickness and in health?
I do.
[minister] By the power vested in me
by the great State of California,
I now pronounce you husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride. [chuckles]
[marines cheering]
Drink up, boys!
Here's to the second platoon, baby!
- [all cheering]
- Shipping out tomorrow.
- On one!
- [marine 1] Click it! Get in there.
[all] No shit!
- Whoo!
- Wait, wait, wait!
- And to the newlyweds!
- Adorable.
[marines] Ah!
- Considering you hated each other.
- [Riley] Look at you, guys.
- [marine cheering, laughing]
- Thank you.
- [marine 1] Newlyweds!
- [all cheering]
[marine 2]Dude,
I can't believe you married her,
and you're shipping out the next day.
How are you doing?
- You know, a-about them leaving so soon?
- [exhales]
I'm... kind of freaking out.
Yeah, it's, um...
it's extremely surreal.
I'm gonna miss him so much.
I know Frankie's nervous.
So I'm trying really hard to be brave.
But he's my favorite person.
- That's the problem. [sniffles]
- [Cassie] Oh. Uh...
[sighs] Sorry.
- I'm a mess.
- [glass clinking]
Come on, get 'em up.
I'd like to make another toast.
- [marines exclaiming]
- This one is to life, love,
and hunting down some goddamn Arabs, baby!
- [banging on table]
- Whoo!
Really? Oh boy.
You got a problem with that?
Yeah, you.
[laughs] It's just...
Arab is an ethnicity,
and you're making it sound
like you're hunting down
everyone of a certain ethnicity.
- Which sounds kind of problematic.
- [Frankie] Yeah, Cassie.
He gets it. He's just stirring the pot.
Thank you
for the sensitivity training. All right?
I'm out here serving my country.
What are you doing?
I don't know.
Apparently, I'm telling a marine
he shouldn't be hunting down Arabs.
- Okay. No, no.
- [woman] Let it go.
And what exactly
would you like us to do, huh?
Go over there and teach them pronouns?
How about starting with knowing
who your actual enemy is,
and not making disturbing generalizations.
How about that?
You watch your tone. Luke, get your girl.
- [woman] Stop.
- Excuse me?
- He doesn't "get" me.
- [Frankie] Yeah, he does.
That's enough! Both of you.
Sit down.
[marine 1] Do what the man says.
- [marine 1] Thank you.
- [Luke] You too, man.
- [Cassie sighs]
- [scoffs]
[sighs] God, I just love
nuanced conversations like these.
[bangs table]
I should go check on my husband.
- [marine 3] What the hell?
- Oh, man. Those two are fiery.
[party members laughing]
- You're this mad, really?
- [Luke] Yeah.
You know what he meant.
Okay, it's all bullshit bravado.
And look, Armando is a dick.
But I... I don't think you understand what
we're preparing ourselves to go and do.
Is it really worth
ruining everybody's night for?
I'm sure I wasn't the one
who ruined the night.
I'm sure it was your friend
shouting, "Kill all Arabs."
What, 'cause you were gonna have
the best night if he didn't say that?
Sitting at a table
full of people you feel superior to.
Not being a racist troll
is kinda superior though, isn't it?
Okay, yeah, but without guys like Armando,
do you really think this country
would be safe from terrorists?
No, look, and you preach,
"The future is female."
How do you think those women feel in Iraq?
You live in this bubble.
- I can't stand it.
- No, you're right.
Because the obvious solution is guns.
Send over a bunch of men with guns!
[marine 2] Wow,
they're off to a great start.
- Perfect. Guns. What?
- They see us. Come here.
- I said they can see us, come here.
- Okay.
- Yeah, well, couples fight, dude...
- You are so goddamn stubborn, just...
[sentimental music playing]
Working through our differences.
- Okay?
- [sighs]
- Still looking.
- [Cassie] Mm-hmm.
[inhales deeply]
[Luke] Yeah.
- [inhales deeply]
- [Luke] Keep holding me.
So in love.
[woman] See? They're hugging.
[marine 2] They're fine now.
[indistinct chatter]
We're good.
[softly] Yep.
[emotional music playing]
- [woman] Last night, baby!
- [marines laughing]
[marine 2] Ah, make it count, fellas!
- [woman] Let's go big tonight!
- [marine 2] In bed! Whoo!
[Frankie] I love you, girl!
[both scoff]
[Frankie laughs] Giddy up! Giddy up!
Come on!
[indistinct chatter and laughter]
- [woman] Good night.
- Night.
[Armando] Have fun in the honeymoon suite!
[marines howling]
- [Luke chuckles]
- Nice one.
- Huh. I... I asked for two beds.
- Mm-hmm.
Sure you did.
All right, 'cause, what?
Y-You think I'm into you?
[Cassie] Maybe a little.
- Just breathe, dude.
- [exhales] Well, 'cause I'm not.
- All I know is you're a hot mess.
- What is that supposed to mean?
I don't know, because a normal person
would just admit that they're scared.
I'm not scared.I'm not scared.
[Cassie] Okay. Well then,
what's with the tough guy act?
You're bossing me around,
telling me to sit down. [scoffs]
[Luke] Please, stop.
[Cassie] I can't do this.
I'm not doing this. Big mistake.
[Luke breathing deeply] You're right.
I'm scared.
[sighs] Between the marriage and Iraq,
I'm kind of losing it.
[breathes heavily]
I'm sorry.
Hey, you'd be
absolutely crazy if you weren't.
That was really brave.
I should wash up.
[romantic music playing]
Is this okay?
[music continues]
[faucet squeaking, running]
- How long have you been up?
- Since 3:00 a.m.
I went for a run.
[chuckles] You went for a run
at three in the morning?
- I couldn't sleep.
- [Cassie] What?
[Luke] You heard me.
I... I couldn't sleep at all.
So, I went for a run. That's what I do.
So, you're that guy?
Pretend-it-didn't-happen guy.
I don't know what you want from me.
I just have a lot on my mind.
- Okay.
- [Luke] We've gotta go to deployment.
So I'll take you to base.
[brakes squealing]
[pensive music playing]
[indistinct chatter on radio]
I've lived in Oceanside my whole life,
and I've never been on base.
[indistinct chatter on radio]
[music continues]
[helicopter blades whirring]
[indistinct chatter on radio]
[indistinct chatter]
[chopper hovering]
[siren blare]
[indistinct chatter continues]
[baby crying]
[indistinct chatter]
[woman sobbing]
[boy giggling]
Hey, I love you, man.
[sobbing, speaking indistinctly]
I gotta go.
Hey, Cassie, anything happens to me,
you're my next of kin, okay?
You can call my brother.
Tell him about our deal.
You'll have to make up a story for my dad.
But please, my dad
cannot know about this. All right?
[marine 1] Lance Corporal Morrow,
Remember, from here on out,
we're being watched, all right?
Emails, video calls, everything.
[solemn music playing]
- NCOs, move those men. Let's go!
- [engine starts]
Hey guys, one more time for the newlyweds!
Hey! Come here, girl!
[marine 2] Let's get her. Let's get her.
- [Armando] Come on, one last one.
- [marines grunting]
- [marine 3] Pick her up.
- [marines cheering]
Oh, oh, oh!
[marines exclaiming
and talking indistinctly]
- [Frankie] Here we go.
- [marine 1 laughing]
[Frankie] There we go.
[marine 2] Come get your bride!
[Luke] I'm sorry.
[chanting] Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
- [Armando] Come on, get in there, Luke.
- [chanting] Kiss! Kiss!
[marines cheering and clapping]
[cheering and clapping continues]
[Armando] That's your last one
for a long time.
[marine 3 laughing] Okay.
[marine 4]All right, love birds.
Let's go.
Let's move it.
Take care of yourself, okay?
[Frankie] I want a hit record
when I come back, all right?
- Yep.
- Just for you.
Bravo Company, on the bus! Let's move!
[woman] Congratulations.
[indistinct chatter]
[somber music playing]
This doesn't even feel real.
[seagulls cawing]
[playing keyboard]
[Cassie vocalizing]
Dear Luke.
We fell in love so quickly.
I figured I'd write you
and fill in the gaps
that we didn't have time to fill.
So... [chuckles]
Here's what you need to know about me.
- Oh!
- [giggling]
[Cassie vocalizing]
Music is...
Come back home...
...my everything.
Come back home
Come back home
I started as a kid just singing to myself
to drown out what was going on at home.
My mom had a string
of boyfriends from the base
who did nothing but make her miserable.
We didn't talk about it. She, uh...
She thought I didn't notice, but I did.
So while most people learn
to speak their feelings out loud
or write them into a journal,
I learned to make mine into music.
My whole life, I've loved to sing,
but I'm kind of terrified
to sing what I have to say.
- [nurse]...feel a squeeze.
- [clicks]
So I sing covers. I hide behind
someone else's words instead.
Ironic since I have been told
I'm more than opinionated.
It's just every time I sit down
to write something original,
making a living and all my medical
problems get in the way.
Maybe that's a cop-out,
but I guess now that we're married,
I'll find out.
[Luke] Dear Cassie,
here's what you should know about me.
I'm a third-generation marine.
My grandpa fought
in the battle of Iwo Jima,
and my dad got a Purple Heart
for being injured in combat
in Desert Storm.
After high school, I kind of spun out.
I thought that by enlisting,
I could earn back my dad's respect.
But now, that I'm actually here,
I'm starting to understand
I'm not doing it for him.
I'm doing it for me.
To serve my country
and to, uh, be a better man.
[voicemail beeps]
Hey, Luke, it's your boy, Johnno.
I got last week's deposit.
Keep faking that marriage.
That shit's crazy. [laughs]
Anyway, get me this week's.
Keep 'em coming.
[Luke] You know those freak thunderstorms
they get by the beach?
- They used to scare the shit out of me.
- [Cassie humming]
[Luke chuckles]
My dad was a hard-ass about it,
but I remember once,
he let my brother and me
bring our sleeping bags in
and crash on the floor.
Our family like that, all together,
when it was storming out,
it's one of my best memories.
Not long after that, my mom got sick,
and my dad retired from the Corps
to take care of her.
He went to every single one
of her chemo appointments.
Sat up all night by her bed
when she went to the hospital at the end.
Hmm. That's what love means to me.
I guess that's what I want for us.
[Cassie] My dear husband.
Car ride over plane ride.
Breakfast tacos over late-night tacos,
with lots of hot sauce.
Lots of it.
I've never left California,
but my dream is to circle the globe
with my band someday.
If I were home more,
I'd have a pet iguana.
Shut up. They're highly intelligent.
[Luke] My darling wife.
Nothing ruins a taco more than hot sauce.
It totally kills the flavor.
Someday I'm going to run a marathon
in every major city.
That's how I'm going to see the world.
And I don't mean to burst your bubble,
but an iguana isn't in the cards for us.
The only pet I've ever had
was a goldfish I won at the state fair.
[ringing tone]
Hey, can you, uh...
- Can you see me?
- [Cassie] Yeah. Uh, can you see me?
Uh, yeah. Yeah.
[Luke] Hi.
Oh, your, uh, your best friend is here.
- You remember my wife?
- [Armando] Yeah.
I remember. The love birds.
[Frankie] Luke, is that Cassie? [laughs]
- Riley says, "What's up?"
- [Cassie] Hi, Riley.
- Hey, Cassie.
- How is it?
Uh, you know,
I got sand in my butt crack, so.
Sounds fantastic.
So, how was your day, babe?
Uh, it was fine.
I, um...
[smacks lips] I worked,
and I started to write a song.
Wait, you just wrote a song?
Like, just like that?
- Hey, Cassie, play it for us!
- Play it for us!
[marines] Play it! Play it!
- Play it!
- [laughs]
- Play it! Play it!
- Come on!
I mean, it's not... it's not finished.
Play it for us!
- Please.
- [Frankie] Come on!
Look, I'm hoping the song will be finished
in, like, a week.
Come on.
- [marine] Okay, okay.
- [chuckles]
I promise. Guys,
I promise I'll sing it for you guys then.
[smacks lips]All right, well, one week.
You know where to find us.
Hey, we should go, fellas. Chow time!
By all means, chow.
Love you, Cass!
I, uh...
I love you.
Yeah, ditto.
I love you, too.
[marine 1] Love you.
- [marine2] Love you.
- Love you.
- [Armando] Love you.
- [Frankie] I love you too.
- [marine 2] You love her? [laughs]
- [Armando] I love you!
You know where to find us
Return home
You know where to find
Come back home
[Nora] Whoo!
[man] We should try that after the chorus.
[Nora] Yeah.
Come back home
- [woman] Think it's right?
- [Cassie] Do that on bass, Max.
It's freaking awesome.
[man playing guitar]
[Cassie] I want you to come back home
- [Nora] Sounded good.
- [Cassie] We have a song!
- Yes!
- [all clapping]
[laptop chimes]
- Hi.
- [siren sounding]
Are you okay?
[Luke] Yeah, it's just chaos.
We nearly lost one of the guys today.
He just got airlifted out.
[Cassie] Oh my God.
Um, Frankie's here.
Frankie, say hi.
What up, Cass?
- Hi.
- [Frankie] Hey, uh...
We could all use that serenade.
Today was pretty ugly.
Everyone's just trying
to call their family.
[Cassie] God. How do we not hear
about these things here?
[Frankie] Right, fellas?
A little serenade from Luke's wife? Yeah?
You did promise.
Okay. Okay. I know... I know I promised,
and it's... it's finally ready.
I think it's ready?
I've never really played
my own songs for anyone yet.
So, go easy on me.
This goes out to all you American heroes.
A brand-new song.
[playing keyboard]
We are drowning in our eyes
Don't know what we'll find
Not sure should we fly or fight this
We are terrified
Pretending that we don't care
But tension cuts
Cuts the air
We're more than scared
I'm drowning in your eyes
I am terrified
- Letting my fears show
- [chopper hovering]
Until I can face them
Letting my tears go
- Until I can taste them
- [chopper hovering]
Hell, what do I know
Where you and I'll go
But dammit I hope you
Come back home
- [marine 1] Yeah!
- [all applauding]
[marine 2] That's what I'm talking about!
- Hey, that's my wife. [chuckles]
- [marine 3] Whoo!
[all applauding]
Thank you.
I think we needed that.
Be safe out there, guys.
[Cassie sighs]
What's happening with the demo?
I posted it, and
I sent it to, like, a dozen small labels.
- Okay. They're gonna love it.
- [Cassie] Actually...
this, um, indie music site did a review
of one of our last gigs
that was just, like,insanely positive,
and I guess this booker read it.
And now, we have a slot
at the Oceanside Alt-Fest.
Like, the Oceanside Alt-Fest!
That's crazy! You...
You're doing the damn thing.
Wait, so does this mean
that I'm, like, your muse? No?
Really? Let me think about it.
Okay, maybe just a little.
Good luck at the concert. Bye.
- [reporter speaking indistinctly]
- [guns firing]
[announcer] Oceanside Alt-Fest fans,
the musical lineup will be starting
on the main stage in just a moment.
Ladies and gentlemen,
put your hands together
for Oceanside's very own
Cassie Salazarand The Loyal.
- How we feeling, Oceanside?
- [crowd cheering]
Oh my God!
God! This is unreal.
- Hi!
- Whoo!
To all the brave men and women
who are serving our country
on the other side of the world.
Thank you.
[band playing "Come Back Home"]
We're drowning in our eyes
Don't know what we'll find
Not sure should we fly or fight this
We're terrified
Pretending that we don't care
But tension cuts
Cuts the air
We're more than scared
I'm drowning in your eyes
[gasps] I'm terrified
Letting my fears show
Till I can face 'em
Letting my tears go
Till I can taste 'em
Hell, what do I know
Where you and I'll go
But dammit I hope
You come back home
- [wind whooshing]
- [dark music playing]
[echoing] It's hard to sleep at night
[plane soaring]
[echoing] When it's do or die
While our world spins round and round
- [engine starts]
- And we're paralyzed
Come back home
[crowd cheering]
Come back home
I don't know what's happening to me
Can you hear my pulse beat underneath
Words are getting hard for me to speak
That's new for me
Letting my fears show
Letting my tears go
Hell, what do I know
Where you and I'll go
But dammit I hope
Letting my fears show
Till I can face 'em
Letting my tears go
Till I can taste 'em
Hell, what do I know
Where you and I'll go
But dammit I hope you
[crowd singing along] Come back home
[sergeant] Get hold of your gear.
Make sure you have your magazines loaded.
- Make sure your gear is prepped.
- [blowing]
[sergeant] Tomorrow we're going on patrol.
And I want everything ready for tomorrow.
Everybody understands?
[marines] Yes, sir.
[sergeant] All of ya,
I need your head on a swivel tomorrow.
- No messing around.
- [blowing]
- [tense music playing]
- [gunfire]
[bombs exploding in distance]
[ominous music playing]
[music intensifies]
[bomb exploding]
Luke, I tried you three times.
What's going on?
[on voicemail]
You have reached Luke. Leave a message.
Okay. Uh...
Hi. So I posted one of the tracks
from my Oceanside Alt-Fest show,
the one that I played for you on Spotify,
and it got picked up
for the Road Trip playlist,
and now it has over 200,000 plays.
Luke, the song you may or may not
have influenced has literally gone viral.
That's it. Bye, muse.
[gasps, screams]
- [man] Whoo! Yeah!
- Hi, sir!
- [man] Lovely day, right?
- [Cassie] Yeah.
It's a great day today!
- [man] God bless you!
- God bless you!
Letting my fears show
Till I can face 'em
Letting my tears go
Till I can taste 'em
Hell, what do I know
Where you and I'll go
But dammit I hope you
[crowd singing along] Come back home
[crowd cheering]
[laughing] You guys know the words.
[all cheering]
Billy, we want a Friday night slot.
You think we can get that now?
[chanting] Billy! Billy!
[crowd chanting] Billy!Billy! Billy!
Billy! Billy!Billy!Billy!
- [Cassie] Yeah!
- [crowd cheering]
- [cork pops]
- [woman yelps, laughs]
- [Nora] To The Loyal.
- [laughing]
[Nora] We are so famous.
- [Cassie] Eddie?
- [Eddie yelling]
Oh my God, Cass, your phone is blowing up.
- [Cassie] What?
- [Nora] Of course it is. [laughs]
[Cassie] Germany?
[phone ringing]
[woman 1] This is amazing, you guys.
[indistinct chatter]
Sorry, guys, I gotta take this.
- [Nora] Who is it?
- [Cassie] Don't know.
- Just like five minutes, okay?
- Better be a record deal.
[woman laughing]
[man on phone] Yes.
Is this Casandra Salazar?
[Cassie] Yes.
[on phone] Yes, ma'am,
this is Captain Curtis,
Rear Detachment Commander
for the 1st Battalion, 1st Marines.
Ma'am, I'm calling because your husband
has been wounded in action.
He's going to be transferred from Germany
to the Naval Medical Center in San Diego.
Is he okay?
[Captain Curtis] His legs were injured
during an IED detonation.
He's currently undergoing surgery.
[softly] No, this isn't happening.
Sorry, but I'm having
a hard time understanding you.
[frantic music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[breathes deeply]
Jacob Morrow.
[sighs] Jacob Morrow.
Luke's brother, I'll find you.
[inhales deeply]
[brakes squealing]
[dog barking]
[dog barking]
[train horn blowing]
[door opens]
Can I help you?
- I'm looking for Jacob Morrow.
- [Jacob] You found him.
Is Luke's brother here by any chance?
It's important.
I'm Luke's father. What's he done?
What's he done now?
- I really need to talk to his brother.
- Stop.
Cut the shit. What do you want?
Is Luke in jail? He owe you money? What?
Luke was wounded in combat.
Sir. He's in Iraq.
- Or he was in Iraq.
- Wh...
- He deployed a couple of months ago.
- Hang on.
I didn't even know he had enlisted.
- How bad is he?
- [Cassie] I haven't seen him.
The Marines called me last night,
and they said that...
[inhales deeply]
...that his legs had been shattered,
uh, by some kind of IED.
[whispers] Ah, Jesus.
[Cassie] And that he would be here
in a couple of days. [sighs]
- I'm so sorry.
- Why'd they call you?
I'm his wife.
I'm sorry, come on in.
[indistinct chatter]
[man] Lance Corporal Morrow?
Back to U.S. soil.
You look a little dizzy.
Lance Corporal Morrow?
[doctor] So, your skin grafts
were successful,
but I'm gonna keep you on this wound vac
for a week to help you heal.
Right now, your family's here.
You lean on them,
you'll be on the mend before you know it.
- [door opens]
- [footsteps approaching]
[man] Right over here.
Oh my God. Jeez, man,
we could have lost you.
You could've told us
you got married. [chuckles]
Yeah, congratulations.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
- Hi, babe.
- Hi.
I'm... I'm so sorry, honey.
I never thought I'd see you
in the Corps. [chuckles]
I hear you're getting a Purple Heart.
- Yeah.
- [Jacob] That's an honor.
You told Jake not to tell me you enlisted.
Why? Why did you have to lie to me again?
You'd have said I didn't think it through.
I hope to get the chance
to prove you wrong.
Yeah, me too.
[inhales deeply]
So, how we doing?
Give me the rundown, Doctor.
Look, this is going to be a long rehab,
and he's starting from zero.
- Doctor, will he be able to run again?
- It's combat medicine, you know. [sighs]
Let's get you walking first.
Then we can talk about running.
Thank you.
Well, your mom would, uh...
Your mother would've been heartbroken
to see you like this.
Hey. Let's give them a minute.
Yes, sir.
[door opens]
- [Luke sighs loudly]
- [smacks lips]I, uh...
I went to the wrong Jacob Morrow.
I'm so sorry.
I... I was just scared for you...
You've got to be kidding me, Cassie.
[sighs] What were you thinking?
We are totally screwed.
I told you he was Military Police.
You failed to mention
your dad and your brother
have the same frickin' name, Luke.
- It's fine. It's fine.
- [Luke] It's not fine. [sighs]
We'll just get a divorce,
and you'll never have to see me again.
No, no, no, he doesn't trust me already.
He's already watching us.
- No, he won't turn in his own son.
- You have no idea.
Even though he's retired,
he still acts like a cop.
Gotta keep it together. A couple months
until I get back on my feet.
[sighs] We'll live together
just till I'm done with supervised PT.
W-We'll be off the radar. All right?
Until then, we have to make them believe
this is a real marriage.
- Luke, a couple of months?
- [sighs]
Wha... I don't...
- What... What does that mean exactly?
- We act like married people.
All right?
You can do that. You can do that.
Pretend, all right?
[breathing heavily]
- It's gonna be fine.
- [Cassie] It is. We're gonna play house.
[breathes deeply]
Is Frankie gonna laugh or cry
when he finds out about this?
[inhales deeply]
- No one told you?
- What?
Frankie, he's, um...
The same mission as this. He, uh...
He didn't make it, Cassie.
I'm sorry, I...
I can't be here.
[Luke sighs]
[reporter] Local Oceanside resident
Frankie Mubuthia
has been killed in the line of duty.
He was 20 years old.
His family says that they are proud
of his heroism and sacrifice
in the name of freedom.
His funeral will be held
at Fort Rosecrans in San Diego.
[somber music playing]
[rifle salute leader
shouting indistinctly]
- [rifles fire]
- [gasps]
- [rifle salute leader] Aim. Fire.
- [rifles fire]
- [rifles fire]
- [birds fluttering]
[rifle leader shouting indistinctly]
[music continues]
[both sobbing]
- [Cassie] Hi.
- [inhales deeply]
[Cassie] The service was beautiful.
- [Riley sobs]
- [Cassie sighs]
[exhales] Frankie bought this for you.
He was waiting to propose
until he came home,
and he asked me to keep it safe.
But I know that he really
would have wanted me to give this to you.
[continues sobbing]
[Cassie] It fits you perfectly.
He loved you so much.
[Riley sobbing]
[both sobbing]
[music continues]
[man on hospital PA] Hospital staff...
[Luke sighs]
- What's he doing here?
- I have no idea.
Lance Corporal Morrow, congratulations.
Sounds like y'all are headed home.
Y'all live near the base?
Oh. Uh...
It all happened so fast
we didn't really get a chance...
- We didn't really live together. Yeah.
- [Luke] Yeah.
Oh boy. Well, you will now.
Yeah. [chuckles]
[Jacob] Yeah.
I'll be taking care of you. [chuckles]
Cassie, listen. I'll swing by the house,
pick Luke up,
and take him to PT two times a week.
- Oh... Yeah.
- Oh. No, you don't have to do that.
[Jacob] Come on. It'll be great
to reconnect with my son.
Hear all about your whirlwind romance.
- Wow.
- You really, really don't have to do that.
I heard you the first time.
- [inhales deeply] Thank you.
- [Jacob] Mm-hmm.
I'll see you soon.
[uplifting music playing]
[sighs] Good lord.
Nice and easy. Easy, buddy.
- Hold up for a second.
- Is it okay?
Home sweet home, bro.
- You're living in a three-story walk-up.
- [Jake] Is there an elevator?
- [Cassie] Ah, nope.
- [man] Lance Corporal Morrow. Here we go.
I'm gonna get one step ahead of you.
[Cassie laughs]
[man] You're gonna need our help
with the stairs for sure.
[Cassie] Yep. We'll invite you in
next time. Thank you all so much. Bye.
You're a runner too, huh?
It's a glucose gel.
I have diabetes, remember?
The reason we're married.
Oh, speaking off,
our wedding night was memorable,
but we gotta set some boundaries here.
[Luke] Got it.
I'll take the couch.
I think there's
some leftover Thai food in the fridge.
I can't guarantee that it won't kill you.
Oh, and I should warn you
I'm not gonna be cooking for you...
- You're freaking out.
- Oh, what? And you're not?
I mean, I've never even lived
with a guy before.
Oh, no, no, no. I'm... I'm feelingsuper.
Stuck in a wheelchair three stories up.
Well, is this what's happening? Right now?
Like, we're just living together?
With your dad coming
in and out of my apartment
judging if I pass the wife test?
[scoffs] Because this isn't
what we agreed to.
Well, I'm sorry that my injury
is inconveniencing you.
- It must be so, so hard for you.
- Don't put this on me, Luke.
You can't be happy about this.
Like, am I really the person
you want taking care of you right now?
No, no, no, you are not
taking care of me. Please, don't.
- Well, you're living with me!
- To avoid a court-martial!
What don't you understand about that?
You could be charged too.
- [laughs defeatedly]
- [Luke sighs]
[Luke scoffs]
Let's just get through this.
["Only For A Moment"
by Lola Marsh playing]
[Luke] Jake just said that
Dad's gonna be here in 20.
Oh crap.
Lost and found
My mind, but only for a moment...
Wait. You're cornering my sheets?
- [Luke] Uh-huh.
- [scoffs]
He's not gonna inspect our bed.
[Luke] You never know.
Oh, I try
To pretend that I am fine
Tell me why...
[Cassie] Okay, here. Unpack.
- Is there any other drawers?
- Nope, that's it.
And suddenly I'm bored...
I hate wrinkles, Cassie.
[Cassie] Well, I hate the way
you say my name, Commando.
I keep all my affection in a paper cup
Oh I, oh I'm
Running after bluebirds
Show you what I've got
Save all my tomorrow...
[Cassie gasps] He's here.
Here, quick.
I made you a replacement ring.
- Do I need one, really?
- [Luke] Really.
[Cassie] Where did you get this?
I made it out of this.
That'll do.
Okay, husband.
God, that word.
- Hi.
- [Jake] How's it going?
- [Cassie] Good.
- [Luke] Hey.
- Hey, bro.
- [Jacob] Okay, let's see the place.
[Luke] How you doing?
- Hi, Dad.
- [Jake] Wow.
This place got the Luke Morrow makeover.
If the man doesn't see
enough right angles, he unravels.
- I'm allowed one drawer. Just one.
- [laughs]
- He's just... He's kidding. [laughs]
- It's our home. [laughs]
You stayed only for a moment
I said...
- You ready?
- Yeah.
- Let's do it.
- Here you go, sweetie.
- Thanks, honey.
- All right. Hang on.
- Don't drop him down the stairs, Dad.
- [Jacob] Hey, he's a marine. He'll bounce.
Good luck, Commando.
[song continues playing]
- [Jacob] All right.
- [Cassie] Got it?
[straining] Yeah.
[Cassie] Bye.
My mind, but only for a moment
- [pen clinking]
- [Cassie] I hate...
I hate the way you...
[man] Hi, everybody.
Thanks for coming out.
I'd like you all to meet the newest artist
we're considering for our label,
Cassie Salazar.
- Let's go,Cass.
- Okay, okay, okay.
It's not ready yet,
but there's a little something
that I've been working on.
I hate the way you say my name
I hate your picture-perfect lips
On mine
If I could, I'd cut the brakes
I hate that I can't help but stay
Oh my
- [exhales, sighs]
- [Cassie] And I hate the way
I say words that I laughed at before
And I hate the way
My thoughts aren't mine
Now they're yours
Look at what you've created
Something borderline sacred
I call it overrated
Go on and call me jaded
'Cause I hate the way
I say words that I laughed at before
[horn honking]
[Luke] Shit.
[phone vibrating]
- [Luke] Hello?
- [Johnno on phone] Welcome home, soldier.
That's a sweet beach house
you and your fake wife got.
Is that why you haven't been paying me?
'Cause, uh, since you're married,
technically your wife,
she owes me now too.
[tires squealing]
[people cheering and applauding]
[man] Yeah, Cass!
[breathing deeply]
- [exhales]
- [footsteps approaching]
- Hi.
- Hi.
[Luke] You're back early.
- Okay, well, I'm, uh... I'm almost done.
- No rush.
[Cassie] Look at you.
Doing so much better.
[exhales] Yeah.
Slowly, slowly.
[dog barking]
- [Jake] Hold up, girl.
- [dog barking, panting]
[Luke] Hey, Jake, you get a dog?
[Jake] You crazy?
She's for you.
Her name is Peaches
because she's from Georgia.
[Peaches whimpers]
Peaches, hi!
Sit. [gasps]
Paw! Good girl! [laughing]
See? We got training
and everything already done for you.
We read that dogs can be really helpful
for guys like you,
healing from injuries like yours.
- Oh, really?
- I read it.
- Then she texted me.
- I don't need you plotting behind my back.
[inhales sharply]
Well, too bad, because it's good for you.
[sighs] Guys like me?
Guys like me. What? Like a cripple?
[exhales sharply] I don't need your pity.
All right, have it your way!
Listen, I know what's good for me.
I can make decisions for myself.
[Cassie] People don't say
"cripple" anymore.
This is bullshit.
You know, it's okay
to accept help sometimes.
What the hell, Luke?
- [Peaches whimpering]
- [Cassie laughs] See? Peaches gets it.
- Fine, I'll take her.
- [both laugh]
- [Cassie] Good girl, Peaches. Good girl.
- [Jake] Good girl! [laughs]
Luke? Hey, Peaches, where's Luke?
- Luke?
- [whimpers]
[Luke grunting]
Oh my God.
- You're walking.
- Barely.
[groaning] Hurts like a bitch.
- You know, apparently, I'm a psychic.
- Oh yeah?
Because though I would usually
just get myself breakfast tacos.
This morning I woke up,and I thought,
"I wonder if Luke deserves one?"
- Oh. One?
- [Cassie] Oh, calm down.
I got way too many.
I even got our dog a taco.
[kissing sounds]
- Right, Peaches. Yeah.
- [barks]
Did you fix the doorknob?
Thanks, I guess.
[Luke] You know you can let a guy help you
and still be a feminist, right?
[chuckles] I'd rather have a broken knob
than have you lecture me on feminism.
[Luke] Oh, okay, so you wanna live
on an island of broken doorknobs?
Why don't you say, "Luke, you're wrong."
- "You don't understand me."
- Luke, you're wrong.
- You don't understand me.
- [Luke] I'm not.
Really? Well, I'm doing okay on my own.
Maybe I don't need the chaos
of someone having my heart or whatever.
Oh no. No more tacos if you do that.
- Do what? [laughs]
- "Hmm."
Just say the damn thing.
Okay. The same reason you and I
wouldn't work. You don't believe in love.
Wow, I had no idea that Psych 101
was part of basic training.
Well, you realize I'm a marine, right?
So, the training is not exactly basic.
Oh yeah, I've seen the movies.
I've done my homework.
I'm a proud military wife, after all.
[clears throat] You don't wanna date
a guy that you actually like
because that would mean, you know,
you'd have to give up control
and let someone in.
Okay, yeah.
Well, maybe having control issues
just means that I'm being smart.
So maybe you don't know
what you're talking about.
Mmm, that's fake news.
Because when it comes
to control issues, I'm self-taught.
You seem so chill.
Listen, it's this,
or I'm breaking six laws,
going 120 down the 405
with no pants on. So...
Hard to picture.
Not that I'm picturing it. [laughing]
What kind of freak
skips out on theTapato?
- [Cassie snorts]
- Wow.
You know, you snowflakes
are just... You're so judgy.
- Don't start this.
- [laughs]
- Okay, control freak, you ready to let go?
- [rattling]
- Hell yeah.
- [Cassie] Drive on the wild side?
- Bring it on.
- [Cassie] Pants down?
- Are you ready for this?
- [exhales] Yeah.
[exhales] Bring it on.
- [Cassie] Ready?
- Yeah.
[Cassie] On three.
One. Two. Three.
[Cassie] Do you wanna spit it out?
[sucking] It's not spicy.
- [clears throat]
- [coughs]
Oh my G...
Can't breathe.
No, I'm totally fine.
- I go...
- [Cassie] Spit it out!
[bangs table]
- No!
- You're gonna lose.
- [grunts]
- [bangs table]
Okay, I can't. [spits]
- Agh!
- [squeals]
- Victory is mine! [spits]
- [Luke] Oh my God.
I'm bleeding from my eyes.
I'm bleeding from...
Yes! [grunts]
- [Luke] Oh wow.
- [laughing]
I won. [clears throat]
- You lost.
- [Luke] I got something for you.
It's in my back pocket.
Gimme one second. Here it is, right there.
- [Cassie laughs]
- Ah!
- I'm in pain. I'm in so much pain.
- [laughing]
- You are sweating. Here.
- [breathing heavily]
Oh. [sighs]
- Thank you. [sighs]
- Mm-hmm.
Why would anyone do that to themselves?
I don't understand.
- [exhales] You're sweating too.
- No.
This isn't sweat. This is a glow.
Maybe we should watch
a movie or something.
[Cassie] I can smell the jalapeos
coming out of your pores. So, uh...
Maybe you take a shower first.
[chuckles] Well...
Getting in the shower means
standing up for a long period of time,
which means radiating pain.
Okay, then take a bath?
- It's gonna just make you feel better.
- Getting in the tub is also a nightmare.
[gentle music playing]
[Cassie] Here.
[breathes deeply]
It's not pretty.
- [chuckles] I can do that myself.
- Just let me.
[Cassie] I see how hard
you've been working at it,
and you'll run again, Luke.
I believe in you.
[gentle music continues]
Why don't you sleep in the bed tonight?
[music continues]
[Cassie] Hi, Peaches.
- Hi, good girl.
- Hey, baby. Okay.
Yeah, you wanna go that way,
all right. [groans]
[Luke] God, I haven't been back here
in so long.
Remember, my dad doesn't trust me.
- He's gonna be watching everything.
- Dude, don't worry.
I mean, look at us. We're so cute
and suburban, it's disgusting.
Come on, Peaches!
- [sizzling]
- [Peaches whimpers]
Okay, guys, I want you to listen
to a song. All right, ready for this?
["Blue Side Of The Sky" playing]
She's my new favorite artist.
- [softly] I hate you.
- What?
- [Jake] I like this song.
- Uncle Luke, play football with me.
- [Luke] You bossing me around?
- Yeah.
- [Luke] Okay.
- [Spencer] Come on, Uncle Luke.
No, he's got an injury, little man.
Let your uncle take it easy.
- [scoffs] Take it easy?
- [Hailey] Uncle Luke's hurt.
[Luke] Take it easy?
Oh, heck, no. All right.
- [Jake] You sure?
- [Luke] You're my walking stick.
- Be careful.
- [Luke] She's right.
- [Jake] Yeah.
- Hey, let me see that ball.
- Oh! Nice throw!
- [Spencer] Oh!
- [Luke] I guess we're doing this. Yeah.
- [Spencer giggles]
Are y'all thinking about having kids?
Hey, Hailey, let her be
a rock star first, okay?
Kids later.
- You can try to hide it
- Well...
He... He's really great with kids.
- [Spencer] No, me!
- Look at him.
- [Jake] Who first?
- Me!
- [Jake] Here you go, Luke. Oh!
- All right. Oh!
You throw it back.
- Twenty-two! Hut!
- [Peaches barks]
[Hailey] I love the way you look at him.
It's just so real.
Blue side of the
- Sky-y-y-y-y-y-y
- [crowd cheering]
Blue side of the
Blue side of the
Blue side of the
Blue side of the
- Sky
- [phone ringing]
Blue side of the
- Blue side of the
- [ringing continues]
[Peaches whining]
- Hello?
- [Cassie's Mom]Who is this?
- Who's this?
- [Cassie's Mom] This is Cassie's mother.
Where is Cassie? I cannot reach her.
[Luke] She... She's at work.
Is everything okay?
- Marisol?
- Huh?
Hi, I'm Luke Morrow.
I'm Cassie's friend. You all right?
- [Marisol] Yeah, I'm fine.
- Okay, what happened?
Uh, uh, I don't know. Someone broke
the door and broke the window, I think.
There's glass everywhere and... Oh!
- I... I thought you had a show.
- Thank you for coming.
- [Cassie sighs]
- [both speaking Spanish]
It's been 30 minutes
since I called the police.
- They don't rush for this neighborhood.
- Oh, come on.
- Welcome to the ugly truth.
- Ma'am.
Give me your keys. I'm gonna check it out.
- There could be someone in there.
- It's gonna be fine.
Cassie, you stay with your mom. All right?
[keys jingling]
[tense music playing]
[door creaking]
[speaking Spanish]
[floorboards creaking]
[Luke exhales]
[Luke breathing heavily]
- [vehicle engine starts]
- [sighs]
- [phone chiming]
- [gasps]
[breathes deeply]
[phone continues chiming]
[Johnno] I just watched you
introduce yourself
to your own mother-in-law.
Man, you have no idea how much evidence
I have to turn your ass in.
- [vehicle speeds away]
- [Johnno] Pay me.
[call disconnects]
[siren wailing]
[Cassie] Are you okay?
[siren gets louder]
[door opens]
Hi. Why did you wait up?
I couldn't get to sleep.
What did the cops say?
[clicks tongue] Um...
We'll get back to you... blah, blah, blah.
[sighs] I can't believe
I have this show tomorrow.
- [chuckles] Tonight.
- You don't look great, Cass. You okay?
- No, I'm fine.
- When was the last time you ate?
[Cassie] Um...
I don't know.
- Whoa, whoa. Hey.
- [monitor beeping]
- [Cassie] Yeah.
- [Peaches barks]
We're going to the couch.
Put your weight on me. Yup.
- [grunting]
- [Cassie] Okay.
All right, let me just... Okay.
All right, hang on to me.
[grunts] Hang on to me.
Okay. [sighs]
- All right. Glucose?
- [Cassie] It's in my purse.
- [labored breathing]
- [beeping stops]
- [Luke] Purse, purse.
- [Peaches barking]
- Easy, Peaches.
- [barking]
Okay. Okay.
I want you to grab a hold of me.
Grab a hold of me. Yeah.
Yup, yup, yup, yup.
Okay, come up. All right. [exhales]
- [panting] Okay. Okay. Open, open.
- [labored breathing]
There you go. All right.
- Okay? Enough?All right.
- Mmm. Mmm.
- Okay.
- [Cassie inhales deeply]
- [exhales]
- [Luke sighs]
How long does it take to work?
- [exhales] Like, 20 minutes.
- [panting] Twenty minutes. Okay.
All right.
Relax, it's gonna be fine.
- [Peaches whimpering]
- Yeah.
- [breathing heavily, shushing]
- [Cassie exhales]
[Luke shushing]
Your heart is going crazy.
That's because it's scary, dammit.
[Cassie] See?
I'm letting you help me.
[emotional music playing]
[birds chirping]
- [shushing]
- [Peaches whimpers]
[car door lock chirps]
- [Johnno] Ahh!
- [Luke grunts]
If you mess with that woman again,
and you so much as look at my wife,
I will kill you.
- [tense music playing]
- Do you understand me?
- Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
- [panting]
- [grunts]
- [Johnno screaming]
[both grunting]
[Luke panting]
- [grunting]
- [Johnno groaning]
[Johnno panting, whimpering]
This is everything I owe you.
We're done.
[Johnno panting]
[Luke grunts]
[Johnno panting]
[magazine clatters on ground]
[breathing heavily]
[solemn music playing]
I miss you like hell, man.
I hope you know that.
[music continues]
[tsks, sighs]
[breathes deeply]
Hey, Frankie...
[sniffles] ...you wanna
hear something crazy?
I think Cassie Salazar's my best friend.
[laughs, sniffles]
I do.
[smacks lips] I love you.
- [door creaks closed]
- [grunts]
What's going on?
I just spoke to my mom.
[Luke] Oh. How's she doing?
She called because she was freaking out.
She was trying
to get into her car just now,
and some guy with blood on his shirt
rolled up, wanting to talk about you.
About you and me,
and how we're in a fake marriage.
- Threatening to turn us in.
- [spluttering]
She'll understand why though, right?
Why aren't you asking me who it was?
Fuck you, Luke. Fuck you!
- I'm sorry.
- You owe him money?
This guy said. And that
he sent you a message last night?
[Luke] I'm sorry. Okay? I'm so sorry.
They broke into my mother's house, Luke!
- I... I am so sorry.
- Did you know?
You must have, right? That's why
you said you'd pay for the damages.
- Can you let me explain?
- Yes!
I'm an addict.
I'm clean now.
- Two years sober, okay?
- And what?This guy was your dealer?
That's why your dad
stopped talking to you.
Because you were using.
When my mom died, I, uh...
I got into her medication just to cope.
But when I ran out,
Johnno was right there to help me.
- What does that have anything to do...
- [Luke] Okay. Yeah. [grunts]
I stole a $50,000 car from my dad.
A classic Corvette.
He was rebuilding it
for one of his biggest customers.
And I broke in.
I was out of my mind, and...
I was desperate.
I was gonna sell it, and instead, I just...
took it on the freeway, and I totaled it.
And he said
if I didn't pay that customer back,
he'd turn me in himself.
You weren't kidding about him.
Whatever I didn't have,
I borrowed from Johnno.
This is why you needed to marry me.
Yeah, but look.
I dealt with him.
- Okay? I paid him. It's done.
- [inhales deeply]
[sobbing] They could have hurt her,
and she's the only thing that I have.
- I know, Cassie. I know, I know.
- No. No.
Don't... Don't just walk away.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Not every man you let into your life
is a bad guy that you can't trust.
Really, Luke? What are you?
I am someone
who shows up when you need me.
[Cassie] I don't need you.
[inhales sharply]
I don't need you.
Just listen, okay? [sniffles]
I am so sorry.
- I messed up.
- Go stay at your dad's or your brother's.
And tell them that we're getting divorced.
I'm gonna go to my show tonight,
but when I come back tomorrow,
I want you gone.
[somber music playing]
[door slams]
[sirens wailing in distance]
[indistinct chatter]
[crowd cheering in distance]
- [unzipping]
- [Luke breathing heavily]
- [crowd cheering]
- [breathes deeply]
[crowd cheering]
[cheering continues]
[crowd cheering]
[band playing "I Hate The Way"]
I hate the way you say my name
I hate your picture-perfect lips
On mine
If I could I'd cut the brakes
I hate that I can't help but stay
Oh my
When you look at me
I have to turn my face
If I look too long
I'll never look away
Babe I wasn't praying
For a saving grace
Unfold your fingers
Let's go back to nothing
And I hate the way
I say words that I laughed at before
And I hate the way
My thoughts aren't mine
Now they're yours
Look at what you've created
Something borderline sacred
I call it overrated
Go on and call me jaded
'Cause I hate the way
I say words that I laughed at before
[crowd cheering]
Your favorite game is self-defense
I dare you
To give it a rest sometimes
When you look at me
I have to turn my face
If I look too long
I'll never look away
Babe I wasn't praying
For a saving grace
Unfold your fingers
Let's go back to nothing
And I hate the way
I say words that I laughed at before
And I hate the way
My heart is an unknown tour
Look at what you've created
Something borderline sacred
I call it overrated
Go on and call me jaded
'Cause I hate the way
My heart is an unknown tour
[crowd cheering]
- We played so hard. What did you do?
- [laughing]
[Nora] I've never seen you play like that
in your life!
I know a bunch of those people out there.
They're freaking out.
Marina, promoter from The Hollywood Bowl,
wants you to open
for Florence and the Machine
in a couple weeks.
[Toby] The Loyal
and Florence and the Machine.
- What?
- This is massive!
[screaming excitedly]
[Nora] Hollywood Bowl!
- [car pulling up]
- [panting]
[car door opens]
[man] Lance Corporal Morrow,
I need you to return to base with me.
I'll give you a few minutes
to grab your gear.
[solemn music playing]
[traffic buzzing]
[phone ringing]
[Jacob] Luke wants you to know that
he's been charged with fraud and detained.
They've said you twohave a fake marriage
in order to get benefits.
Is this true?
Wait, where is Luke?
[Jacob] I'm headed to base to see him now.
There's gonna be a trial in a few weeks.
Then you'll also be hearing from
the police about your role in all this.
- Was it all an act?
- Uh...
Not... Not all of it.
Even I thought you were good for him.
I thought you were bringing
my son back to me.
[call disconnects]
[music continues]
- [sighs loudly]
- [door closes]
[footsteps approaching]
[court official] All rise.
Good morning. Be seated.
We're here today for a hearing in the case
of Lance Corporal Luke A. Morrow.
Lance Corporal Morrow stands accused
of entering into a fraudulent marriage
in order to collect BAH
and FSA pay in violation
of article 132 of the UCMJ.
We have a signed affidavit
from Jonathan Deluca's testimony
of the fraudulent marriage.
Lance Corporal Morrow's wife,
Miss Salazar, is a civilian.
So, her case will be referred
to state authorities,
and they may pursue criminal charges.
They will have access
to the transcripts of these proceedings.
[somber music playing]
[military judge continues indistinctly]
- I wanna make a statement.
- Lance Corporal, I can't advise that.
If you don't say anything,
we have a good chance of winning.
Tell the judge
I'd like to make a statement.
Lance Corporal Morrow, how do you plead?
[defense] Your Honor,
my client wishes to speak.
[softly] What?
- [murmuring]
- Luke.
[judge] You may proceed.
[Luke] Sir.
[inhales deeply]
I coerced Miss Salazar into marrying me.
Um, she didn't know
that it violated military law.
- I assured her it didn't.
- No.
I bear full responsibility,
and I'm prepared
to face the consequences of my actions.
[judge] Very well.
- Then I find you guilty.
- [gasps]
[people murmuring]
[judge] Lance Corporal Morrow,
upon completion of your sentence,
you'll be discharged for bad conduct.
You will report
for your six-month sentence
tomorrow at 1700 hours.
Given the outcome of this trial,
this court will not
refer Miss Salazar's case
to the local authorities.
[gavel bangs]
[minister] Do you pledge to love this man?
To be true and loyal to him
and to comfort and keep him
in sickness and in health.
I do.
[minister] By the power vested in me
by the great State of California,
it is my honor to pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
[crowd cheering]
[applause on phone]
[laughing] Oh my God,
it is so full out there.
- [announcer] Please take your seats.
- [Nora] Whew.
- [mic feedback]
- [crowd cheering]
[announcer] Ladies and gentlemen,
introducing Cassie Salazar and The Loyal.
- [Cassie] Hi.
- [crowd cheering]
- [cheering continues]
- [laughing]
- Right there? Thank you.
- Yeah. Right here.
[crowd cheering]
Hi, Billy.
[Cassie] How we doing, Hollywood Bowl?
[Jacob] Hey, Luke, you ready?
I'm sorry to say, but it's time.
[Luke] I didn't know I'd still get this.
[exhales in disbelief]
Mm. Time to go.
[crowd cheering]
[cheering continues]
[playing piano]
I was fine before
You walked right through that door
And now I'm something more
Than I ever imagined
I was so sure
I knew exactly who you were
But you were something more
Than I ever imagined
In your arms I'm safe and sound
You turned my world right upside down
But all the hell we've been through
Had a purpose
Together we are chaos and it's perfect
I didn't, I didn't know
What love could, what love could be
Until you, until you
Loved my everything
The good, the bad
The in-between
I didn't know
You were something I could need
Until you, until you
Loved my everything
The good, the bad
The in-between, all of me
I was fine before
You kissed me on the forehead
And held me until the morning
Never imagined
In your arms I'm safe and sound
You turned my world right upside down
But all the hell we've been through
Had a purpose
Together we are chaos and it's perfect
- Always thought those feelings
- Whoo!
They were stories not made for me
It's terrifying, but I'm pretty certain
It's worth it
I didn't, I didn't know
What love could, what love could be
Until you
Until you loved my everything
The good, the bad
The in-between, all of me
[crowd cheering]
[song continues]
I could die
In your eyes
For the rest of my life
I could die
In your eyes
Until the end of time
I didn't, I didn't know
I didn't, I didn't know
I didn't, I didn't know
I didn't know, I didn't
[crowd roaring]
[breathing heavily]
[cheering continues]
Thank you.
That was amazing.
I love you guys. I have to go.
- [Max] See ya.
- [Nora] Goodbye.
[crowd cheering]
["Come Back Home" playing]
Thank you.
[brakes squealing]
[man] Good luck!
- [song continues]
- [crowd clamoring]
[crowd cheering]
[engine starts]
[tires skidding]
[Cassie] Call Luke Morrow.
[ringing tone]
[Cassie sighs]
Come on. Pick up, pick up, pick up.
Pick up, please.
Just give me a minute.
We'll see you soon.
[Jake] I love you, Brother.
[Cassie sighs] Damn it, Luke.
- [barks]
- Now, you be good, huh?
- [whimpers]
- You be good.
[Jake] Don't you worry.
We'll take good care of her.
[Luke] I'm gonna miss you.
Come here.
You're gonna be okay.
I'm proud of you, Son.
[tires squealing]
- Love y'all.
- [Jacob] Get out of here.
[tires squealing]
Oh. Oh, thank God.
[brakes screeching]
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I heard about the record deal, that's...
- [Cassie exhales]
- That's really something, Cassie.
- Thank you.
[breathes deeply]
[touching music playing]
- We don't have much time, do we?
- [sighs]
No. No, we don't.
Okay. Um...
- Then here's what I have to say.
- [sighs]
[exhales] We vowed to
take care of each other.
In sickness and in health,
and... and we did that.
And I think this is a real marriage.
I think this is
the realest thing I've ever been in.
- I'm going away for six months.
- [Cassie] I wanna wait for you.
And I wanna sleep on the floor with you
when it's storming out.
[inhales deeply]
And I want you to hear my songs first.
And I wanna watch you
put on your running shoes,
go out running,
and I wanna be the one
that you run back to.
Because I love you.
[music continues]
[breathes deeply]
I love you too, Cassie Salazar.
[music builds]
- [Jake] Hit it, Bro! [laughs]
- [Hailey laughs]
- [Jake] Whoo! [laughs]
- [Hailey squeals]
[Jake laughs]
[both chuckle]
You take good care
of this for me, you hear me?
Because it's real now.
- [vehicle door closes]
- [engine starts]
[vehicle pulling away]
[Cassie] I love you!
- Did you hear that? I love you!
- [Luke laughs]
[breathes deeply]
[breathes deeply]
["Come Back Home" playing]
Come back home
[song continues]
[Peaches barks]
Come back home
Come back home
It's hard to sleep at night
When it's do or die
While our world spins round and round
And we're paralyzed
Pretending that we don't care
But tension cuts
Cuts the air
We're more than scared
So lost inside our eyes
We're terrified
Letting my fears show
Till I can face 'em
Letting my tears go
Till I can taste 'em
Hell, what do I know
Where you and I'll go
But dammit I hope
You come back home
Come back home
Come back home
I don't know what's happening to me
Can you hear my pulse beat underneath
Words are getting hard for me to speak
That's new for me
Letting my fears show
Letting my tears go
Hell, what do I know
Where you and I'll go
But dammit I hope
Letting my fears show
Till I can face 'em
Letting my tears go
Till I can taste 'em
Hell, what do I know
Where you and I'll go
But dammit I hope
You come back home
Oh, come back home
- Oh, come back home
- [Luke and Cassie laugh]
Lost, but not yet found
Made up of pieces
That I picked up off the ground
Some nights I swear
No matter how hard that I try
Feels like I'll never touch
the blue side of the sky
Blue side of the sky
Full speed on the five
Both of my eyes of closed
Tear down Ocean side
Don't care where I'll go
Tell me a thousand times
I'm betting on false hope
But I swear I'm gonna find it
You can try to hide it
You can try to hide it
You can try to hide it
But I swear I'm gonna find it
The blue side of the
Blue side of the
Blue side of the
Blue side of the
I've lost count again
Too many living ghosts
They keep whispering
But no one will ever know
Tell me a thousand times
I'm betting on false hope
But I swear I'm gonna find it
You can try to hide it
You can try to hide it
You can try to hide it
But I swear I'm gonna find it
The blue side of the
Blue side of the
Blue side of the
Blue side of the
Blue side of the
Blue side of the
Blue side of the
[instrumental music playing]